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Sup /tg/

What are your thoughts on strictly support characters? i.e. Characters who do no damage of their own, but buff and heal everyone else so that they perform better?

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I won't use one unless one pure support completely outclasses a couple semi supports.

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They should still be able to somewhat defend themselves in a pinch, otherwise they're a burden. Anyone with half a brain would attack them at the first occasion, if they really only can buff others.

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>no damage
You're going to get fucked at some point. You should be able to do enough of both to be useful in both roles.

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PF's Sanctuary is a good one for that (anyone targeting affected character must pass a will save or be unable to attack anyone that turn, ends if target does any offensive action). But yeah. Summon monster is a good choice for classes like this.

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It depends on the system.

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perhaps you could have other classes with the ability to prevent that from happening

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Healsluts were made to be dominated

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A class that is entirely dependant on another class isn't really useful.

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Not a huge fan. Buffing and healing, great, but being able to self-target, even if it's less effective is better in my eyes.

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As PCs, people who play primarily support characters tend to be less involved in the game and much less enthusiastic about combat. As such, I'm not a big fan of them, so when taken to the extreme of "strictly support", I have to keep a wary eye on the player and make sure they feel more involved than just as static bonus the other players ignore.

As NPCs, they're great, because they don't compete with the players for any glory and almost innately inspire people to care about them and want to protect them. Keep the healers alive is an old maxim that players readily follow, and there is a certain feminine charm that goes along with healing magic.

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I agree to a certain extent. If they're gonna be full support characters, they need to be useful in another aspect out of combat, e.g. Diplomacy or item crafting. Pretty much being the voice or the heart of the party.

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Either hideously busted or worthless.

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That doesn't even describe a white mage, really. It's not even bad to have your character prioritize buffing/healing, but without any options for solo play, it's just not a full character.

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If combined performance boost equals or exceeds the utility of another fighter then it's fine.

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It works but requires your game to not be all about hack and slash. Unfortunately this means that like 90% of games are right out.

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4e Lazylord here. All you other lazy support bitches don't compare.

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Whole point of the classic bard class, supporting in fight, shinning outside of it, especially on things Rogues don't, like Diplo.

I'm playing a bard in Rise of the Runelord, i ended up being the chief of the party which is fun when i back away on fight like the pussy i am while shouting orders.

Chef d'oeuvres are awsome

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Well except for MMOs, White Mages aren't expected to go solo there's always an expectation of a party. Also White Mage girls are the cutest.

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>not using mobility/vision debuffs
>not annihilating undead and evil-types by healing them to death
>not sharing the bed of a different party member each night

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Lewdite, please, it's Monday.

Keep your unfunny jokes to yourself.

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Generally speaking, if a character can buff and heal others, then can buff and heal himself, thus having always some kind of offensive potential
In the end, it depends on the potency of the support spells

What the hell, why are the White mages so criminally sexy?

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Well, in "my" system (Shadowrun), even the supportiest of support characters needs a damn gun and some skill with it.

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It's because White Magi are the perfect Waifu material. Thy can take care of you when you're hurt, soothe away all your aches and pains, and they make great Damsel In Distress types, so you can swoop in and make them swoon in the typical "My Hero/ine" way.

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>tfw no FFTA3

Viera are too lewd though, Gria are cuter!

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>>implying white mages can't jump in to save your sorry arse

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Fite me.

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Can a class based around self-buffs be viable?

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Wrong, Knights are the perfect waifu material. White Mages are just going to heal someone else behind your back, but a Knight she will remain loyally by your side and shield you from danger.

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>>Come home early from questing
>>Hear magic coming from bedroom
>>Burst in to see White Mage wife is ressing a man behind your back
>>Divorce her on the spot

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A problem you'll never have with a Knight

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Hi, Grianon. I was wondering if you were still browsing /tg/ after /erpg/ got moved to /soc/.

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/soc/ is too perverted for me, I'd rather stay on /tg/ and post totally non-lewd Gria!

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Now that is fancy. What does that class do?

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mainly buff everyone else, as opposed to WHM's health regen and SCH's damage denial.

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I don't see any problem with it as long as the game was designed to support such a thing.

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Satisfying in digital games where tests of skill are based more on situational awareness and your capability of moving correctly.
Less satisfying in tabletop where due to the fact everything goes off in a turn-based structured order.

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>As PCs, people who play primarily support characters tend to be less involved in the game and much less enthusiastic about combat.
It's pretty hard to build a character who does nothing but buff and heal, at least in the games my group plays. If it's really a problem, maybe just target the healers more and/or try to encourage roleplay in combat.

>As NPCs, they're great, because they don't compete with the players for any glory
This is actually part of why I love playing them. We play PF, so casters tend to be pretty strong, but I generally prioritize spells that fit my character's theme and save the big guns for situations where shit goes way south. I'd rather have my memorable moments be saving the party's ass a few times than one-shotting the BBEG and laughing in the DM's face.

>and almost innately inspire people to care about them and want to protect them
This is the other reason I play them. It's good to feel loved.

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Does a character who can debilitate foes but not actually injure them count? My "pacifist" cleric loaded down with divine curses in 4e was pretty cool.

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Well if no one else is going to post it then I guess I'll have to.

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>troll resto shammy in beta
>nelf shadow priest but ended up healing through vanilla and BC
>solo healed UBRS and scholomance back when they were 15 and 10 man raids respectively
>respecced to healing specs after giving up on damaging and just levelling entirely by face rolling through instances
>did absolute minimum of quests from WotLK through kung-fu panda
>/danced while DPS fruitlessly tried to punch though a ton of shields and hots before someone else came by and killed them
>spawn camped enemy team with fewer numbers because we had a healer and they didn't
>stood still and spammed AoE heals through 80 man shitfest in AV and found myself in the middle of the enemy raid group for a couple of minutes until my team gained ground and still didn't die
>ended up playing supports in LoL because I never call roles
>enemy team rages in all chat at soraka
>started taking twisted pleasure in ruining the enemy team's fun as i support my team with a massive shit eating grin while punishing the enemy for getting kill greedy and making stupid fruitless dives

>these are my people

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They're worthless and I thoroughly despise them. I mean, even buffers and healers should be able to kick their fair share of ass in a pinch.

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>White Mage girls are the cutest.
>why are the White mages so criminally sexy?
>White Magi are the perfect Waifu material.

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I like support characters if they can give their allies a significant boost in power. Dungeon Fighter Online's Crusader is the most ridiculous support class I have ever played. They allow a group to almost faceroll normal dungeons.

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So a magus? Technically it self buffs with touch attacks.

Bloodrager is a self-buffer

Technically a Monk/Druid is a self buffer too.

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>Dungeon Fighter Online
Beta testing opens next Tuesday, anon. It's so great.

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What's shitty is when alchemists and artificers and they think they can just invent new stuff out of thin air.
That said, I think I'd enjoy a ttrpg with a good crafting system.

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Good to see you're back! I was just thinking about "Hmm, I wonder if they're still around", turns out you are!

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Play Fantasy Craft OP.

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You would need either a very large party, players using multiple characters at once, or switch them to a primarily support, not strictly support (unless you were speaking tactically).

If you can manage four players running three characters each, then its really not that bad. And yes, that's possible. Its not necessarily a good idea, but its possible.

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Gria can be lewd too.

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>What are your thoughts on strictly support characters? i.e. Characters who do no damage of their own, but buff and heal everyone else so that they perform better?

You mean a wife?

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Planning on playing a pure support character in Pathfinder. A Bard that just runs around playing his music and casting support spells. Run away from anyone trying to hurt him, and never attacking or dealing any damage.

I don't care that it makes him less useful, and will end up with turns of combat going "I just run around sporadically and hide." It seems like a fun character to roleplay.

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The funny part is "support caster" is probably the most flat out broken and over powered role in Pathfinder. You'll be fine.

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Im so pissed off. Their weapon in XIV was GOING to be a duel disk, but then they changed it to a 'starglobe'


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Came to post this, glad someone already did.
>not being a fag
I shiggydiggy

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I played a vivisectionist who was mostly buffer/healer, delivering doses via his cancer familiar. He was bit of a coward and a nerd, had a passion for studying biology of various creatures in hopes of finding way of immortality.

He did occasionally sneak attack and use poisons though, so he wasn't completely pure backup.

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Why does that nigger have a laser?

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>no FFTA3
thank god for that. Why would anyone want shit?

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It really depends what you mean by that.

Am I just a white mage from final fantasy dishing out healing, antidote, and shield effects?

Or do I get to be a goddamn kineticist from city of heroes, giving my teammates extra turns per turn, draining enemy speed into my own form, and severely fucking everyone in a radius of me with insane damage buffs/debuffs?

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The setting is going to cut out a lot of magic. A lot of it. It's going for a more subtle approach to magic. So I won't have access to a lot of those awesome overpowered spells.

If you're thinking that I may not be having as much fun, don't worry. He will have Leadership so that he can have a mook, so as a player I can have some form of dealing damage. Don't worry I will be "optimizing" and "cheesing" the fuck out of him to be doing insane amounts of damage despite being 2 levels lower. Small sized, no armor, no weapons, only knows how to punch and nothing else. Defensive focused feats.

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Source? Google reveals nothing, and several paheals are down right now.

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Why don't they deal any damage? Even FF White Mages get Holy (which does sick damage, especially in the games with element-strengthening equipment), and the Reflect spell is essentially them doing damage to the enemy with that enemy's own magic. Undead melt in the presence of one, especially in the earlier games in the series.

It also depends on the buffs. A D&D-esque '+2 to saving throws for 1 round/level' is not the same as Aeris making everyone fucking immortal for the rest of the fight, or a Protect spell cutting all damage received by the target in half.

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Dowman Sayman. It's a Final Fantasy Tactics A2 doujin, and it's pretty cute.

>> No.38754729

That was super cute. Now I want to run a game set in Ivalice even more.

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You have no idea how happy thetsuuyaku was when I was finally able to get my hands on that and scan it.

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They better have good out of combat utility as well.

>> No.38758639

They have their place in most games. In fact, I like playing them. A lot.

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I can't into sad panda. What's the actual title?

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(COMIC12) [Kiheitai (Dowman Sayman)] Rabbit's Foot (Final Fantasy Tactics) [English] {thetsuuyaku}

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Thank you.

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Tracer shots, although that scene has an over abundance of them it makes sense for the first few rounds.

>> No.38761253

didn't they make every 4th round a tracer?

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Screw it, this is now a white mage thread.

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was FFTA2 any good? i played the original way way way back when and spent months playing it

>> No.38761452

It doesn't have shit on the original. It's not bad, but there's a bunch of downright bizarre design choices. If you're really desperate for more FFTA it might be worth a shot, but don't get your hopes up too much

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>not one
>just one white mage, not even a wizard
>with a thousand-yard stare and Mjollnir in one hand and Masamune in the other



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depends on a lot of factors

if the campaign has a lot of non-combat stuff to do and group up for that it is pretty fun to play a supporting character

if the group wants to sideline the support in combat or treat them as a heal/buff bot then no thank you

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In 3.5, the best example of that would be a healer. I like them, and would play one in the right game. You're going to be better off with a cleric pretty much everytime, but in a T3 or lower game, I think it would be fun to do.

I don't see anything inherently bad about pure-support characters, as long as the player understands.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it. Plot wasn't nearly as well-done as the original's, but the mechanics felt far more polished to me.

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I played a warforged healer/combat medic in a 3.5 game years ago. He was built not to harm others, but he Was quite frustrated by it. ended up being my most memorable character played. He was seeking a way to remove his flaw, but died in an explosion saving the life of his party. Complained as his final words. Was basically playing marvin.

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No problem with them. Unless the game it's all combat. Then they're pretty fucked.

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The fact that he set that shit up at the beginning made the ending perfect

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I think I know you, griaanon.

Tell me, how do you feel about bullying

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I always liked red mages, myself.

Sure, specialists are nice, but how do you feel about AN ARMY OF GENERALISTS

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Man I have no idea what the hell you're talking about other than the fact that both those games aren't /tg/ related.

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He's just whining that people have free will and aren't literally exactly like him.

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No he's not ?
It is unrelated to thread, but it mostly nostalgia post.

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If you take time to look at the real world, you'll probably get a lot of inspiration. Consider that a logistics train or a more strategically-minded officer is also a "strictly support character." Or perhaps family, friends, or just civilians in general who do not participate in the act of killing others professionally. Hell, our Commander-in-Chief is a great example of a strictly support role.

Try to avoid representing your world in terms of game mechanics, unless if you prefer your players to give your world very little respect.

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