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God help me terraformars
Scientist 950
Alternate Original Organism (A.O.O.) Procedure 850
Using the dna of Glaucus atlanticus. The blue sea angel.

Beyond animalia 750
Using dna of the Nerium oleander plant

Tactical free
All From The Wasp, You See 650
Chief 550
Sheer Presence 350
Tech Overhaul 200
M.O. Surgeon 0
Operatives’ Uniform free
Transformative Serum -100
There From The Beginning +500
Airdropped Laboratory 300
Martial 100
Calm 0
Im a deadly as fuck awesome mixture of this little guy and the worlds most toxic plant. I can eat poisons and they just make me more poisonous.

Combined with my control over plants boosting me I plan on doing all I can to save this sorry planet. I will release nanobots into the air to destroy roach dna, I will plant a tree that shal reach the heavens and consume all roaches that come near so that my companions will have a base to survive in. The only way in or out will be portals or walking through walls.

Using my scythe I will kill every last roach on the planet, using my roots and plants I will kill thise below its surface, and that nanobot plague will kill those that fly.

I really hate roaches. And I will save every team.

I will recieve mthe mission accomplished flag and become the blessed of rahab.

Also once a month from inside my fortress I will continue work on my scythe. 20 years worth of upgrades, another 120 doubles.


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OP. Why.

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Um, bro? You gotta get Hereditary Organism in order to stack two.

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I'll be back in a second

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To dodge filters.

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Choose Ownership of Your Adventure

Take the reins, Anon.

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So are we going to start a new thread or just stay here?

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I guess we're staying here?

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>... you can almost certainly learn all about plasmids in the bioshock jump.
Didn't the Plasmids cause horrible disfiguring mutations? And did anyone ever figure out how to fix that, I can't remember.

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Try this again!

God help me terraformars
Scientist 950
Alternate Original Organism (A.O.O.) Procedure 850
Using the dna of Glaucus atlanticus. The blue sea angel.

Beyond animalia 750
Using dna of the Nerium oleander plant

Tactical free
All From The Wasp, You See 650
Chief 550
Sheer Presence 350
Tech Overhaul 200
M.O. Surgeon 0
Operatives’ Uniform free
Transformative Serum -100
There From The Beginning +500
hereditarybase organism 300
Martial 100
Calm 0
Im a deadly as fuck awesome mixture of this little guy and the worlds most toxic plant. I can eat poisons and they just make me more poisonous.

Combined with my control over plants boosting me I plan on doing all I can to save this sorry planet. I will release nanobots into the air to destroy roach dna, I will plant a tree that shal reach the heavens and consume all roaches that come near so that my companions will have a base to survive in. The only way in or out will be portals or walking through walls.

Using my scythe I will kill every last roach on the planet, using my roots and plants I will kill thise below its surface, and that nanobot plague will kill those that fly.

I really hate roaches. And I will save every team.

I will recieve the mission accomplished flag and become the blessed of rahab.

Also once a month from inside my fortress I will continue work on my scythe. 20 years worth of upgrades, another 120 doubles.


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That's because Adam causes horrible disfiguring mutations if you use it wrong, the basis of the plasmids could be applied through other means, Adam is a shortcut. Vigors seem to get around this while doing mostly the same thing, but it would never hurt to spend another few years researching the subject with the people that invented it.

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I thought plasmids and vigors functioned the same but vigors were ingested instead of injected which helped get rid of the crazy?
Would knowing how to make Plasmids really help someone who can already make the Vigors?

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They are basically the same, though the difference between ingested and injected itself would be less an issue of crazy and more an issue of most people don't like to stab needles into themselves if they can help it. As well it seems that Vigors were invented by spying on people inventing plasmids, so having a more complete basis of plasmids should help you to make better vigors, same subject more research material.

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When I went through the Bioshock Infinte jump, I got the perk to make Vigors and took the Buisnessmen background, so I immediately started off knowing a lot about the vigor making process.

After going through the plot I followed Elizibeth to Rapture and strated my own company so I could Vigors there. I also started studying the ADAM slugs so that I could attempt to recreate either them or the substance in later jumps.

I'm hoping that by doing this I was able get people interested in Vigors instead of Plasmids, reduce or eliminate the number of splicers that emerged, and ultimately gain me enough influence to help me prevent that version of Rapture from being destroyed.

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Adding another version of this adorable little death machine.

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I'm currently making a build for the invader zim jump. Does anybody know if the keef drawback is supposed to give you free endless waffles or if endless waffles are a prerequisite for taking the keef drawback?
Also, the piggy item mentions a space-time-object-replacement-machine, but I see no way to buy one in the jump. Are we supposed to be able to make/steal one during our ten years?

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Rapture could actually be saved through just a couple murders, one that would work best through backstabbing the fuck out of Fontaine. Though I actually take Infinite right before regular bioshock(I flipped a coin for which should go first). However my plan in Bioshock is actually to use geneforge stuff to try and make the adam slugs compatible for humans in general rather than just little girls, Everybody gets super parasites! Then I work on vigors and plasmids to create something between the two(you don't get the mutations if you have got enough adam, particularly if you have got a slug), and sell my super plasmids. Around that same time I'm offing Frank in a bizarre, accident where the area he was in suddenly breaks apart and collapses on him, the dead rise, and lightning strikes from the sea floor up into the heavens, though if anyone can find the body they will find a butcher's knife firmly planted through his heart.

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Endless Waffles are a prerequisite for taking the Keef drawback.

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Does the 600cp version of the Friend Perk from Smite, let you pick one the already existing Gods as a companion, or is it an OC?

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if you get into zims base you can totally grab it if you have a way to scan tech

or buy one if your alien.

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OK I'm really confused about this observer ability from blazblue. What exactly does it protect you from? Does willpower or immense knowledge needed to prevent fading? Does it render luck/causality manipulation to fail whenever you observe something? How do I 'observe'? Is it simply looking at something?

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You observe by basically re-affirming that you exist. Observers, in the game, are immune to the memory-fuckery aspect of the time loops. I'd assume in this case that Observer the perk renders you more resistant / immune to time fuckery as a result.

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It prevents people from messing with time around you. Time travel is a thing in Blazblue, so being able to defend against it is actually pretty useful. Basically it lets you lock the past into one configuration. If you see something happen, it happened, doesn't matter what anyone tries to retcon it away. So trying to erase you from existence? Doesn't work.

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Ahh Alright that makes sense.

Another iffy thing that's making building for ps238 difficult, is the miscellanious meta perk. Does it let me choose 3 thematic superpowers per purchase or does it mean purchased up to 3 times with one each? How powerful can these perks get?

Also just realized geneforge has cracked the genetic code but haven't developed anything to store all that information. Not even a magical archive system or organic computer. Looks like I have some 'inventing' to do.

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Three per purchase, but the creator never really gave a good guideline on how powerful it could be. Go with whatever you feel is fair, but remember that it should at least start out weak even if it grows to something powerful. You're likely a child, after all.

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Which jumps offer perks that can improve learning speed? I'm especially looking for magic related ones.

Do you think Speed + Brain in Marvel would work well for that? Not sure how much of an effect it would have.

Also how do you think super speed works in general? Do you experience things super fast too?
Like when the Flash builds a whole house in a few seconds did he just spend months from his point of view or can he zone out and do it in those few seconds? You can't answer that with Speedforce

>> No.38702746

Might as well take Speedforce + that one perk from InfiniCon that allows you to hyperfocus. Done.

>> No.38702749

Oh, he experienced months from his point of view. He experiences years every day.

Speedforce. Not even once.

>> No.38702794

Learning perks that I know of are in NGNL, Fallout, TES, Familiar of Zero, though I know there are more, those are just the jumps I can remember them being in right now. As for Flash and a number of your other super speed heros, yea they experience time differently.

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Newtypes are bullshit autistics.

>> No.38702836

Forgotten Realms also has a good learning perk.

>> No.38702885

So super speed perks are actually pretty shitty? I don't want to spend days of my time running across the land when it's meant to be fast.

If that's how it works then speedsters deserve way more recognition but people assume what they do is easy because of how fast they do it.
I guess it's one of those things you aren't meant to think into too much.

Is there any way to legit gain anything like Speedforce and its bullshit style super speed?

Thanks, I know that RWBY also has one and the Naruto training perk should make sure I don't get bored.

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You get Endless Waffles if you take the drawback.

>> No.38702984


V:TR has the Precocious perk, which is said to cut learning new skills and abilities, even Disciplines in half.

Adaptability from Wuxia is said to let you master a new kung-fu in a matter of days. Could be considered a learning perk.

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Char isn't autistic. Though most Gundam protagonists are autistic even if they aren't newtypes.

>> No.38703071

>Is there any way to legit gain anything like Speedforce and its bullshit style super speed?
PS238, I suppose. FISS is useful like that.

Bayonetta and Touhou give you beautiful time control abilities.

>> No.38703162

Don't forget DMC's quicksilver style.

>> No.38703236

While it would be a useful perk I'll be avoiding V:TR forever as I really don't like the finish requirements.
I'm definitely picking up Adaptability, it's way too good to pass up on especially for alt forms.

I might be able to pick something up in PS238 using the three miscellaneous powers.
Preferably I'd want to be able to still do things effectively in super speed but experience it like everyone else voluntarily.

As for time control abilities I'll be going for them in Percy Jackson as a child of Kronos.

>> No.38703254

Oh shit, you just fucked up big time! The evil guy's evil plan has just come to fruition, and it's now too late to stop the Earth from being destroyed.

What's your escape plan?

>> No.38703258

The best learning/teaching perks that I'm aware of come from Generic Virtual World.

I Know C++ literally lets you download skills into your brain, Matrix-style; you can absorb and comprehend information at computer speeds, and can learn any skill that's been recorded in a written form.

Knowledge is Numbers is the output form of that; in addition to boosting your understanding of information, it lets you easily convert anything you know into a digital format for easy distribution, allowing you to teach others anything that you already know.

Between the two of them, you should be able to scan through the internet, downloading any useful skills any human has written about, then rewrite them as 'skillsoft' type programs that other people can download to learn the skills themselves.

As a side-note, though, Mimic from Legend of Zelda is like a multiversal Sharingan. It lets you learn any technique of any sort that you ever see anywhere ever. Provided that you have the appropriate personal power to use that technique, you are able to do so; whether it's magic, or psychic attacks, or martial arts techniques, if you observe the use of a technique, you know what you need to do to use it yourself, and will be able to train yourself to use it.

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Bitch I can survive in space! Up, up, and AWAAAAY!

>> No.38703302

FISS is speedy, but not Flash speedy. I haven't seen ANYTHING that's Flash speedy.

>> No.38703336

You can go sanic speedy can't you?

It's not the Flash but it should tide you over.

>> No.38703346

Protect Earth even harder

>> No.38703381

Well that's just 'cause that's too fast to see.

>> No.38703422


>While it would be a useful perk I'll be avoiding V:TR forever as I really don't like the finish requirements.

I understand. Honestly I like the finish requirements because as far as I see it more time means more time to learn Disciplines and other stuff. Its best to go after you have a good bit of power and lots of social and organization perks and the like to manage your little kingdom of the dead.

>> No.38703461

If worst comes to worst, I can literally do >>38703274

That said, I'd probably stick around evacuating people until the last moment, since I'm big into local recruiting, and there are people who are counting on me anywhere I go.

If I had any inkling that there was a serious possibility of the world being destroyed, I'd be building colony ships on general principles, and a secure off-planet location is a handy place to keep my second Warehouse portal.

Accordingly, I open the first portal in locations where people are aligned with me, and use superspeed and teleportation to scoop up as many of my followers and allies as I can until the last moment.

Then I portal-dodge myself, seal it behind me, and start again on a new planet; this time taking whatever it was I missed that destroyed the Earth a lot more seriously in my defence plans.

>> No.38703479

I Know C++ sounds like it would work really well with Wired In for the full plugged in experience.
Thanks for the suggestions though, that jump is one I never got round to doing.
I wish that Force Projection didn't cut out after one hit, I think there's a perk in Freelancer that I can use instead.

It's slightly annoying too since it offers some decent skills that I'd like to take early on in a chain, getting a head start on all of those social and political skills would be great.

>> No.38703584

I understand the hesitation.

Personally, I fanwank that if you reject the Vampire transformation, including all Vampiric powers, and enter as a Drop-In, you can play it in Slayer-mode instead, and your win condition is to Remove Leech.

Naturally, as a non-Vampire, this may take awhile; bring your own immunity to aging.

>> No.38703655

More importantly anon, what's his?

>> No.38703953

Evacuate as many civilians and people close to me as I can using extra dimensional spaces and such. Try escape in one of my spaceships hopefully to the moon or some nearby area to regroup. Try terraform an area for the survivors to live. Gather up my gear, regroup with my companions and then we go avenge the earth. If I can not save it I can at least give everything I have to avenge it.

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>> No.38704058


Oh one last skill perk I know of.

Star Wars has a Force perk that lets you drain knowledge in a couple of ways. Darksiders use it the best though.

>> No.38704077

To those that picked Miscellaneous Meta in PS238 what theme and powers did you go for?

I want to go for things that will complement super speed but I haven't really come up with anything yet.
The best I have is something similar to the montage perk in heists except it just speeds things up instead of skipping into a montage.

>> No.38704087

Well it IS just a jump to the left

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I didn't take it myself, but I created a companion that can knock people unconscious, generate forceful gusts of air, and create large gouts of flame by farting. She is named White Stripe.

>> No.38704214

He's not autistic. He's just a dumbass with no knowledge of good cover names.

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>> No.38704261

You probably should also give her Johnny Test mutant powers.

How does fart fireballs stack?

>> No.38704425

If they ever made a south park stick of truth jump she would become absurdly powerful and versitile.

>> No.38704455

Assuming that there's absolutely nothing I can do otherwise?

First, if everyone doesn't know this already, broadcast on all available channels, from lightspeed communications to smoke signals the nature of the disaster and locations of various evacuation points.

Then, herd as many people as possible into the warehouse, and have my various starships land at strategic points across population centres to load folks on. Those that are too large to do such will launch all their shuttles to get as many up to them. We'll use all our portal magics to get people and things to the big ones, and to any outlying stellar bases I have. All of this being aided and guarded by a combination of power-armoured clones, androids, and locally-recruited militia.

If I don't have any extra-terrestrial bases yet, I start churning out construction bots and overseer clones to make a mars base, or whatever the closest equivilant is in this jump.

While this is all happening, my companions & trusted few that aren't tied up helping evacuation will lead elite task forces across the globe to rescue as much art, music, history, museum pieces, etc., using magic to port them deep into the hulls of various transport ships. Simultaneously, infiltrators will rescue many prominent scientists, artists, writers, politicians and leaders that aren't dead yet.

I, personally, will be working to delay the evil guy as much as possible to give everyone time to grab whatever they can and evacuate

I won't be able to save everyone or everything, but I'll have done my best.

>> No.38704525

While I *CAN* survive in space, and have a couple of ships on call, it's extremely painful to do so.

Pic exaggerated.

>> No.38705084

In the event that I have fucked up that badly? My survival is guaranteed. I can escape to space, I can even survive in it quite comfortably. I have a cabbit that can turn into a ship extremely easily, and if need be the Fortress of Arrogance makes for a superb bunker.

The primary issue is the populace. Which... I'll be frank. I don't know. I'd like to think I have plans for the inevitability, but rarely I find we plan around failure. The more power we get, the more we feel defeat is unlikely. I try not to do that by assuming I ALWAYS have a chance to fail regardless of the situation, and I would like to hope I'd have a plan for evacuation... but I am just one person. One person can only do so much and save so many.

The only thing I could do is try to save as many people as I could and try to find a way to let them rebuild before leaving. Either way I think I would have a lot of guilt.

In other news, WORM BUILD.

-Background: Rogue (900CP) -I'm just gonna stay out of the way. Yes.
-Outside Context Problem (Free) -This will help me out.
-Munchkin (800CP) -I could USE this. Oh yes.
-Opportunist (Free) -Awareness is key, because being aware means being alert.
-Leave Me Alone (Free) -This will help me considerably.
-Always a Market (650CP) (Discount) -Oh I am going to ABUSE THIS SO HARD.
-Enlightened Self-Interest (350CP) (Discount) -Oh my word this is GORGEOUS.
-Worm (300CP) -Brush up on things before trying to do anything.
-Funds (Free) -Some extra money never hurts.
-Costume (Free) -Not sure why I'd do this, but okay.
-Little Black Book (Free) -USEFUL. VERY USEFUL.
-Business (Free) -Welcome to Red's Body Emporium!
-Tinker-Tech Cache (Free) -Everything I need to get to work on efficiency.
-Tinker Data Core (0CP) (Discount) -Oh sweet mercy. Yes.
-Parahuman Power: Tinker/Miniaturization and Efficiency (Rolled) -Wait. Did my last name become Hamada or something?
Dice Rolls: China, 20 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Time to set up shop.

>> No.38705228

Is Worm done or does Worm anon have a pasteitbin you could post please?

>> No.38705262

Latest bin's right here, as far as I know. Personally I'm holding back on a build until Stellar Fusion gets a description


>> No.38705270


Not done yet, but done enough to make a build.

>> No.38705341

Worm Universe-
Rolled for Africa, paid for Brockton Bay
Rolled for 23
Free What I Fight For
Free No Such Thing as Collateral
Discount You Are Not Alone
Discount You Can Be More
Discount We Stand Together
Meh I can Take You
Free Costume
Free Weapons
Free Containment Foam
Full Line Up
Paid for Mover, rolled for Blink. Fuck yeah

Everything Gets Worse+800

All of my Companions are Heros, and I'll roll for their Powers later

>> No.38705376

Current pastebin we have: http://pastebin.com/uijSe6uq

Honestly, my plan is just to make a shop somewhere, plop my butt down, and do business. You want cybernetics, no problem. You need your tech shrunk down, no problem! There would be special deals if you want a generic 'superhuman' package to just be smarter/stronger or pretty or something, but overall I'd just wanna help make people better. HOPEFULLY Cauldron doesn't find out I can give people superpowers like, ridiculously easy... but who knows. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

>> No.38705546

> Roll for powers.
> Huh, alright.
> God I always hate this.
> Roll a 10 for Tinker.
> Roll a 5 for Medical and Biological Science.
I... huh. ...

... huh.

I guess I won't have any trouble turning myself into Perfect Cell in DBZ...?

>> No.38705730

>I guess I won't have any trouble turning myself into Perfect Cell in DBZ...?

>mfw we had the exact same plan for DBZ

Aaaaaaaaaah HELL.

>> No.38705742

Make Biological robots like Cell on your own
Or Cyborgs

>> No.38705766


>> No.38705787

And so it begins...again

>> No.38705801

Jump in the Warehouse. I have Portal + Force Wall so I'll be ok.

This was in my last chain that I never finished.
Self-Molecular Manipulation
1.Organic Constructs
2.Density Manipulation

I wanted ultimate shapeshifting powers, and this is the best I could come up with.

>> No.38705901

I'm fairly certain that the ZnT jump in the drive is out of date. Because I distinctly remember the price for elf magic being 600, not 300. Unless the price was lowered and I missed it?

>> No.38705931

I haven't exactly made my plans for DBZ a secret. I'm going to hang with Dr Gero. Become his apprentice. It'll be just a little bit different from my usual apprenticeships, however, because I have absolutely no respect for the man. But by an endgame jump I can probably fake it.

I'm basically going to wait for him to collect all the samples and learn how to make his energy absorption diodes, and then use those as a springboard for my own lazy power grab. It'll take a bit longer than doing it myself but I'm pretty sure I can manage.
Then around the time Gero gets off'd by the androids and/or 17 gets absorbed, I'll just switch sides.

I'm somewhat curious about whether or not I could get Gohan or someone to just fire ki blasts at me to absorb, but it's not really important either way.

>> No.38705996

Oh that 1 power limit hurts so bad, I doubt I'll risk rolling for it like that.
The Tinker powers are just so good but the Blink teleportation is something I'd really want. Change my momentum to anything my body can handle? Sounds like I can instantly hit mach 4.

I'd also consider going for Boogie Manimal but it doesn't come with the increased multitasking that Queen Administrator does which turns me off it a bit.

>> No.38706196

Okay yeah, that's way different than my plan since we're essentially plotbound for the end-jump.

I was just gonna immediately befriend Goku and help train him. Take a blood sample when he gets injured and I heal him up, then get some blood from when he fights Piccolo... THEN get a sample from Vegeta when he showed up,then go to Namek with the others and get Frieza's tail when it was cut off, THEN get a sample from King Cold's blood. ...and I dunno, maybe something from Gohan or other beings, the manga said 'numerous other life forms' as well.

And to sweeten the deal? Wait until Gero gets killed and everyone absconds, then quickly head to the basement and get a sample of Cell while he's in his tube. By that point, I'll have doubled up and REALLY made sure of shit, and then I can just modify myself as I see fit. It won't make me anywhere near invincible... but it'll at least let me survive until Beerus shows up. And really, that's all I could ask for. I don't mind afterwards if he guts me like a fish, there's ALWAYS someone stronger. But I'd just wanna have one conversation with him before I got killed.

>> No.38706231

>I'd also consider going for Boogie Manimal but it doesn't come with the increased multitasking that Queen Administrator does which turns me off it a bit.

I've been brainstorming boogie manimal for a while actually and I can see a lot of uses for it.

One thing in particular is the idea of putting devices in it that are activated by physical touch, at best you only need a inner finger of some kind made at the activation button.

Suddenly your Boogies are using force fields, firing laser blasts, and heck could even be used as poor mans power armor.

>> No.38706266

How do you guys think Assimilation would compare to Savage Salvage+Techno-organic?

>> No.38706391

>could even be used as poor mans power armor.
Like wrapping it around someone? This power appears in the web novel, and it appears to kill everything that isn't it's controller on contact. Or things tough enough to resist.

>> No.38706450

I was thinking of using it to make humans out of the fog to have my own mini army of warriors or spies.
I'm not sure what kind of abilities that they can have so I can't really plan anything major out with them.

Which jumps have the best multitasking perks other than the Worm one? The more multitasking I can do the better Boogie Manimal is.

Also I think I've been picturing the ability all wrong in my head, do the creatures it makes look lifelike or do they still just look like black fog?

>> No.38706463

Hey Konata. If someone made a Lucky Star Jump would you Jump it.

>> No.38706496

She returns home!

>> No.38706535

Pretty sure this is a different one. The Worm jump that Somefaggit made (viewable on the drive) had it under the same title as an available power and neither version does that.

>> No.38706624

I meant for the controller anyway.

Good to know though. Who has this power in the novel?

>> No.38706666

> we're essentially plotbound for the end-jump.
Yeah, I know. Actually, it causes me some amount of worry, since I'm like... am I ALLOWED to just follow Gero around? What happens if I try to do that? Do badguys just randomly find me and pick fights? Do I have to protect Dr Gero...?

Gero doesn't go to Namek. I have no desire to go to Namek. Namek is pretty boring. I mean there's the Ginyu Force, but they all die. The only thing I was really interested about Namek was, "I wonder if they'd be willing to give me their autographs before they tried to kill me?"
Frieza isn't really all that interesting unless we're doing Abridged where he's darkly hilarious and still not someone I want to hang around. And Abridged is apparently going to cost points...? Which means I have to take drawbacks...?

I wouldn't mind following Goku around in the beginning, because Goku's nice enough... and after Namek I can "link up" with the plot again... but there appears to be a period in between there where reality may very well try to fuck me just because I wanted to follow an old man around.

It's a weird feeling, when QS pops in the thread and say I can never be Beerus... when the only thing I ever WANTED to be... is Bulma.

I guess I always just tell myself I'll pester QS about the exact perimeters when the jump gets made, and figure it out from there.

I... don't see why not? I have a hard time seeing how someone would turn that into a jump, though.

>> No.38706727

>I could make out a station with a woman, black, accompanied by a massive shadow of a monster with an auroch’s skull for a head. The woman’s head hung, her hair braided or bound into dreads, I couldn’t be sure. I moved my bugs closer to check to see if she had any weapons, and her pet shadow reached out to block the swarm. They died so quickly it was almost as though the shadow had killed before it made contact.

>I decided to leave her alone.

That sounds like it to me. I guess we'll have to ask worm_anon.
Moord Nag, African warlord. In worm Africa collapsed as every country was overwhelmed by superpowered conquers sprung up and outside support was cut off. The country she carved out has been standing for years.

>> No.38706734

>I was thinking of using it to make humans out of the fog to have my own mini army of warriors or spies.

Totally awesome anon.

>> No.38706740

Low powered setting. Objective: Graduate in high school and be the straight man to everyone. Get a job. Get a Konata.

>> No.38706835

That's not the same power actually, she only had the one shadow, and it got more powerful the more people it killed.

>3 & 4: Boogie Manimal - You are able to produce a strange black fog like substance which you can then shape into creatures, their natures being limited only by your imagination and how you craft them. These are under your mental control, and you can sense everything they do. The more of the fog you invest into a creature, and the longer you take in its creation, the stronger and more powerful it will be. Creatures may have certain abilities of their own based on how you've made them, and at any time you may invest more fog into them to strengthen them further, with no (in theory if maybe not so much in practice) upper limit.

Visually similar, but doesn't sound the same.

>> No.38706917

She was able to split the shadow into three without trouble. I forgot that BM didn't need corpses though, good point.

>> No.38706950

Pretty much like that, if I wasn't limited to one power I'd be kitting them out with Tinker level power armour.

I wonder if it would be possible to create Kaiju sized monsters and if it is then how long it would take to make it.
There's a bunch of other stuff I'd like to know too like if there's a range limit or if creatures can turn back into fog to be re purposed and how much fog I can create in a day.

Being able to make several smaller fog creatures meld together into one larger one is such a cliche villain move that I'd have to try it.

>> No.38707403

>Pretty much like that, if I wasn't limited to one power I'd be kitting them out with Tinker level power armour.

Plenty of other places to get your mad science going anon.

By the time I reach Worm I intend to basically fake being several other capes and villains anyway.

>> No.38707464

No. It's not ready. But there's a bit too much content so instead of releasing it in an overwhelming wave, here's what I have on 12 so far. Should be done writing everything up later on today.

Comments and stuff as usual (It's a long read). Especially on the companions section, feedback would be nice.

>> No.38707610

> Just yesterday I was talking about how much I loved FF12.
No but seriously thank you.

>> No.38707710

>Go to worm
>Be a member of an established group of nine heros
>We are otherwise unaffiliated since I know nothing of worm.
>We have a Psychic of monstrous power plus whatever power she gets in jump
>A trickster who can manipulate fire
>A powerhouse of metal and flesh
>An extremely physically powerful woman who swings around a hammer
>Someone who an insane level of control over Ice
>And more
>And I can infinitely clone myself
>And produce armies with Geneforge power

It is time. Time to go full "FUCK YOUR DARK BULLSHIT!" and go full Hero of Justice on this world's ass.

I only know a little of the setting, but I do know it's in dire need of a boot in the ass and a massive helping of JUSTICE.

>> No.38707716

There's way too much background content in 12 compared to 13 - reflected by the amount of perks nearly tripling.

I'm *almost* tempted to raise it to a 900 CP drawback limit.

>> No.38707794

True but the miniaturisation and efficiency tinker power is just perfection for me, sleek and efficient suits of power armour are just what I want but it isn't as fun or creative as some of the other powers.

If it works how I think it does then Blink + other super speed perks would be amazing, each time I teleport I could choose how fast I come out.

Does anyone know how fast the Flash Step in Bleach is? Anime has a habit of not giving solid numbers for these things so a lot of it seems to be guesswork, I've seen people say subsonic all the way up to hypersonic.

I never really played the game much because I was only young when it came out and that meant change was bad! (combat system)
Was the game actually any good? If it means anything I liked 7,8, 10 and 10-2.

>> No.38707842

Dunno about the merchant's numerology skill, seems a bit too meta. It kinda assumes your playing along with the jump and rolling for it, which a lot of people don't do.
The Jagd thing also seems pretty extreme. 100 kilometers per day with no limit on size?
Other then those it all seems really good.

>> No.38707854

I wish there was a lesser version of OH SHIT! that makes people start triggering with your jumpers powers, but still lets you keep them.

>> No.38707888

Music was good. The story was rushed. The characters were stock quality and narrow minded. The art was spectacular at points. The background lore was IMMENSE, but no one paid much attention to it because it had no major effect on the story.

The fact that I literally put in side quests for companions is only testament to how much "off the beaten path" stuff there was. There were so many locations that were constrained down and you couldn't explore it, so much of the world that was just -shown but not experienced, or even hinted but not shown-

It's an experience in itself. I liked 10 for its more cohesive story, but I liked 12 for the overall ambiance.

>> No.38707897

This, pretty much. I mean I'm at Jump No. 315 with Worm, so I more or less do everything that the other Tinkers do. The miniaturization/efficiency one was admittedly a MAJOR boost for me but still. I kind of wanted to be a cartoon though, I'd love the shit I could do with it.

Excellent quads, Konota-devil.

But yeah, that's the thing. I really don't know, and even then, you could probably just take samples of things on Namek and bring it with you to Gero's place afterwards. Bribe him with it and spend your time there, no one has to know you showed up. Plenty of ways you could go about things.

>> No.38707959

I had...the toughest time converting Numerology (which pretty much has the same effect in game). The Jagd thing is basically magical desertification. I *could* narrow down the effects...but it's really one of those "extremist" perks. I'll consider it a bit and see.

>> No.38707998

Just put a limit on the extent of the Jagd. 100 kilometers is already an insane distance.

>> No.38708010

Good luck with the endbringers. For the record, one of them subtly manipulates everyone in its presence into working on her "plans", and another is covered in a kill-zone of natural disasters that disintegrates anyone who isn't a high-level Brute. All of them have muscles that are literally denser than what is physically possible for any sort of material.

And right now there's 3. You kill one, two more show up. The only way to get it to stop is to either kill Eidolon, one of the biggest potential assets in the fight against Zion, a physical god who'll certainly go ballistic because of Everything Gets Worse, or get him therapy, which will definitely NOT go over well because of Everything Gets Worse.

You're fucked, mate. Your best bet is to just evacuate to one of the alternate Earths.

>> No.38708030

I wish I still had my ps2 around so I could give it another go, younger me just couldn't get over the combat system.
I can't believe it came out so long ago as well, I don't even remember it being on the ps2.

I do remember not liking Vaan at all, was he as bad as I thought he was?

>> No.38708055

b-b-but I wanted to make Mexico a Jagd! (I actually divided the land mass of Mexico by 3650 days and further divided a little bit)

Nah I'll put a cap on it.

>> No.38708127

Vaan was your typical young adventurer protected by a plot. If you hadn't expected him to be the main character, he would have been fine, but most people thought he was the main character - so the half assed plot they put in for him (REVENGE, SKY PIRACY) made people feel he had very lackluster growth.

The problem is that Vaan was meant to be the spectator - the person who you watch the events of FF12 unfold through. (A lot of people think this is Ondore, but Ondore is a terrible Narrator) He's like the Silent Protagonist of Persona games - except with a slapped on personality.

FF12 had the best array of Monsters and Monster lore out of almost any FF. Each Monster had background lore, and allusions to other games were everywhere. That was why I put in so many companion perks.

>> No.38708128

I can try to take it
And if I fail I fail, but I'll save as many people as possible and try to bring a little light into the word

>> No.38708235

See: >>38707888
With some variance depending on personal preference.

I personally thought the scenery was extremely pretty and fun to look at. The lore is extremely detailed, but almost totally superfluous. The worldbuilding is pretty incredible. Most of the characters are pretty boring, with one or two standouts.

The PLOT is actually pretty cool, if you pay attention to it, although the protagonists' role in it is pretty stupid. Basically the gods are dicks and control the course of history, and the antagonists decide to fuck with all that and declare that humanity will decide its own course, and take giant steps to do so, which steps on some toes. Some of those toes include your characters, who basically charge in and kick everyone's asses while ignoring absolutely everything about what's going on and saying to hell with everything.
It's more complicated than that, but that's basically the abridged version.

I loved Dr Cid (seriously, go look him up on Youtube), and he is my favorite character, and I aspire to be him anytime I uplift a society. Also, the moogles are god damn adorable, and I remember finding one in the starting city and just staring at it for... I don't know how long. Long enough to be embarrassing.

I loved it, but it's a very different Final Fantasy and has different gameplay and has flaws and is not for everyone. But I feel like there was some good elements in there that're worth taking on their own merits.
Take it as you will.

>> No.38708411

So! Jumpers, do you have anything you collect over your adventures?
Not things that grant you power or anything, but something you just feel like collecting,

I collect hats, hats and helmets. Anything I like the design of, it helps if it's one of a kind or very rare.

>> No.38708465

Jewellery, or gold or any sort of shiny thing. Both to wear and to use as a massive pile to sleep on.

>> No.38708517

Books. I procure, purchase, and/or steal books from every world I come across and read them in my downtime when I don't have anything else going on (no pressing projects, already meditated, companions are doing their own thing, and so on). Until I came across the hammerspace bookshelf from unholy heights, a substantial chunk of my warehouse was probably wall-to-wall bookshelves in spatially compressed bigger-on-the-inside rooms that I constructed. Pic pretty much related.

Also have a substantial vidya collection, but considering the shit I can LIVE at this point, going to videogames for power fantasies and wish fulfillment seems somewhat redundant

>> No.38708530

Depends on the place - but usually things that remind me of the good times.

There are, obviously, holes in the collection, and sometimes I wake up and spot things I don't remember collecting, even with Savant.

Hopefully, none of those things were once people.

>> No.38708579

>The more power we get, the more we feel defeat is unlikely.
Remember this day. Mark it and remember it well.

Today is the day Red began using the Royal We.

>> No.38708585

>Which jumps have the best multitasking perks other than the Worm one? The more multitasking I can do the better Boogie Manimal is.

No game no life has plenty of mental perks including one that lets you multitask. The main chars could play four characters on four different screens one with each limb.

>> No.38708616

Hypothetically, If one was to take both 'Encroaching Mist' and 'A Legend Bids Farewell' would the Hell Wyrms and Yiazmat come back as undead if defeated?

>> No.38708668

Photos which is sad because I have absolutely no talent for photography what so ever. So I collect really bad photos. Also I seem to collect employers. Two people I have worked for have become my companions. Three if you count companions who were already companions at the time.

>> No.38708673

Looking up the Espers to see if there are any I would want as a companion and they look pretty cool compared to the usuals that show up like Ifrit and Shiva.
I think I'm going to go for this guy, is there much of a difference between a level 1 and 2? I'm mostly picking him for aesthetic reasons but I'm hoping he isn't weak compared to the level 2 espers.

If I pick Firemane is its strength just physical strength or is it general like how strong its magic is and such? Does it continue to scale with me in future jumps or is the 1/4 strength just this time?
For example if I went in with 60 tons of strength it would have 15, then in the next jump mine is raised to 100 does that make Firemanes 25 or is it still 15?

>> No.38708690

Twenty says she starts building statues of herself by the end of the week.

>> No.38708766

Now that I think about it, money. I make sure I have cash in every world I go to, and I'm almost certain to have plenty left over once I leave. So yeah, I probably have several random cases full of cash and coins from every world I've been too.

>> No.38708774

Hentai. But not for the reason you're thinking. No, I collect it so that if I ever wind up in any of the worlds said hentai is parodying, I can completely derail any conversation with the main characters. All going on about how my ideals are wrong and I'm going to hurt more people than I help and blah blah blah...and then I hand them a comic where they're having gay sex with each other. Shuts them right up, keeps them distracted long enough for me to get back to work.

>> No.38708820

Ahaha, best plan.

>> No.38708847

That's a pretty viable strategy now that you mention.

Clearly I didn't see enough hentai to know where this was going

>> No.38708876

I approve
Do the same with fanfiction, just hand them some papers

>> No.38708880

Whenever I wind up in an Earth copy I try to see if there's any artworks that I actually enjoy for sale. Norman Rockwell or some of the Chihuly glass sculptures. This is only after I get some actual money to go around. I also collect Roman coins and armaments from history, to be stored in a museum.

>> No.38708904

First it's statues, those are easy enough. People love statutes right? Then it's palaces, somewhere comfortable to hold meetings. Have to keep your people comfortable right? That's just being a good host.

A month after that construction on her first temple begins.

Mark the anons words: a Dark Mistress is born today.

>> No.38708938

At least the primary tenants are "Be excellent to one another" and "No Manlets".

>> No.38708982


Aw, c'mon, you guys! I'm sure it's nothing!

>> No.38708996

Yes. Good luck.
No, the difference in levels was really a matter of when you obtained them.
All strength scales to you here in 12, but that's to set a beginning level. The Companions grow naturally afterwards. (Except Zodiark and the 5 Mandragora who have the equivalent of soft cap)

Flame horsey is more meant to be a movement companion.

>> No.38709061

>Reds dark ascension
>Kent Brockman intensifies
I, for one, welcome my sexy asexual overlady.

>> No.38709122

Question are you doing all the Final Fantasy games seeing as you've made a lot of FF jumps so far.

>> No.38709124

Swim away, sweet seacow, swim while you still can!

Not like this... Not like this...

>> No.38709138

Part of the problem is that Ashe, the real main character, feels so impersonal and cold most of the time. We don't feel close to the character or have much empathy inspired.

>> No.38709178

>sweet seacow
So Manatee?

>> No.38709179

Oh, definitely, but that takes longer to absorb. Pictures have a much more immediate effect. Doujins to stun them, fanfic to keep them that way.

>> No.38709193

>Get to fight Yiazmat TWICE
Fuck yeah.

>> No.38709240

For months she denied her divinity as she walked among us, teaching us, laughing with us, fighting for us.

But we were all of us deceived.

>> No.38709279

Eh, more curvy water wench, but I can see why you went there.

>> No.38709304

You have to be smart to stop the Endbringers anon is not kidding about how comic book munchkin they are.

As far as killing them goes it is theoretically possibly with Jumper stuff but we are talking like Ragna Blade from Slayers or maybe something like the dimensional cannon from tenchi. I don't have to tell people how bad using those on Earth would be.

However the problem for endbringers is that they are extradimensional shards piloting physical bodies from another dimension...In effect exactly like DnD summons. So its entirelly possible DnD magic dealing with summons will screw them over.

In a canon way to do it is actually two parahumans...Uber and Leet. Well...more Uber, he has the ability to make any device he chooses, in canon, he used this to take over the MC's control of insects.

As far as we know the Endbringers are controlled by Eidolon subconsciously. Which means in a similar way to how Shard communicate. Uber in theory can make a Tinker device to usurp that control.

>> No.38709339

Ah thanks, with the Esper companion is it possible to get more than one? Is it possible to import a companion as the Esper?
I'm reluctant to add more companions to the mix than I already have. (I like small groups)

In general how strong are the Espers? Destroying armies level? higher? lower?

>> No.38709365

SauRed the Deceiver

>> No.38709383

That is goddamn brilliant.

>> No.38709499

>mfw this whole thing happened because I said 'we' as in a fair amount of jumpers I've seen in thread
>mfw people thought it was the royal 'we'

...ooooooh, that was a very very poor choice of words. I meant more that I see a lot of people in thread not really planning around the possibility of defeat... and why WOULD people? It's making our own story and no one likes to lose, so it's understandable. It's why I keep low-grade a lot of times and try not to lose my sanity or grounding, because otherwise I do something stupid and risk losing. ALWAYS assume there's something stronger and ALWAYS assume a chance at failure.

... ...though damn it, now you all have me thinking of what a CYOA would look like where you have to make your own cult. The problem with thought exercises...

>> No.38709501

Leet's the one who's the tinker. Also WoG is that the fanon of him making ANYTHING once is completely overselling him. It's more that he's got a versatile techbase that he loses huge chunks of each time he makes something.

>> No.38709558

Red. For all intents and purposes, you should expect people to go batshit insane.

>> No.38709604

Lycoris is going to do 6 I believe. I only did 10,13 and now 12. Aion did 11, two other anons did 7 and 8 (Shoutouts to everyone for doing good jobs at their jumps.)

If there are no objections (people already having plans for a FF jump) - I will continue first with Type-0. Then I'll decide between 9 and Revenant Wings, before *maybe* taking on 13-3.

Our plan (the group) is to make it so that a FF Jump Series is possible.

Balthier Leading Man.

Undead Yiazmat won't *just* die, 'ey? Hell I think you'd need the Bahamut to do long distance destruction.

Zodiark is a companion, albeit a very restrictive one. I'm considering letting you have up to 2 Espers as companions - 1 from L2 and 1 from L1. Currently, no, I have no plans to import a companion as an Esper but that's mostly because of the lore behind Espers (They're God cursed rebels that have been "doomed" to Ivalice - in ancient lore, Ivalice is basically hell)

L3s can destroy armies yes. Zodiark is strong enough to make gods fear him (hence why they sealed him). Ultima's ultimate skill has her glassing the planet.

L2s and L1s could probably contend pretty well as companions.

There's one thing to keep in mind, and that's I designed FF12 with a "variable difficulty" in mind. Basically even if you *only* took companions, I made sure that victory still wasn't completely out of the question.

If you do take the Yiazmat Undead drawbacks though, god bless you. If somebody out there is crazy enough to take the Undead Songstress Yiazmat, well uhh...ahahaha.

>> No.38709633

Balthier wasn't the main character in the final draft of the plot, though he was earlier on. He's still the best member of the playable cast, though.

>> No.38709649

>damn it, now you all have me thinking of what a CYOA would look like where you have to make your own cult.
You're welcome.

>> No.38709668

Oops, my bad. Yeah Uber is the one that can do any skill.

True, though in this case this is something well inside his capabilities, at least before he actually used the device to take over Skitter's power.

Though the way that she communicates with insects might not be anything like Shard to Shard, so its possible its so different he could still do it.

>> No.38709683

Nah I know, just that line he always says. Sadly enough it practically becomes true given HIS presence in the story.

>> No.38709695

You... don't expect this kind of behavior from us by now?

Shit. Thank you for the faith in us, but know it's slightly misplaced.

>> No.38709731

A true hero of Jumpchain, one whose valuable lessons shall help jumpers for aeons.

>> No.38709733

Companion imports can have weird backgrounds.

>> No.38709806

We are amused.

>> No.38709810

>Undead Yiazmat won't *just* die
Don't worry I'll figure something out. That's what makes it a challenge.

>> No.38709891

I know they can have weird backgrounds. I made the stylistic choice not to permit them here. The Espers are literally sealed away in torment for the most part (Zalera and his dead hostage come to mind) - if you import a companion as the Esper, the companion basically gets sealed until you eventually find them.

Or worse yet, they get bound to Ashe.

If it was to "add to the pantheon", then you need a new set of Constellations, because the Light Espers already occupy the second half of the Zodiac whereas the Espers in 12 occupy the Dark Half. They even forced Zodiark into Serpentarius.

If people seriously are insisting on it - I'll consider it, but lore wise you can expect to disrupt the entire chain of events.

>> No.38709908

Does anyone use this perk from the housing system?

>Choice for you(Free): If an import option is not present in the jump, you can use your CP

to buy perks/items for one of your companion, you cannot use more than 500 CP and the companion don’t get any discount, and cannot improve the same companion twice in a row with this option.

>> No.38709936

I'm fanwanking my aeon being the esper whether it's approved or not, to be honest.

>> No.38710016

That's fine by me. I don't really care about people fanwanking that sort of thing. I'm only concerned when it involves making it an actual option and deciding whether I need to attach CP to it or not.

Whenever a companion import option doesn't have CP in my jump designs, I always try to balance it out by giving them other perks so they don't fall short. Espers are...a tad sensitive.

>> No.38710288

Would picking Keeper of Precepts mean they're not sealed away for torment?
I can't decide if I'm taking that option because while an Esper would make for a strong companion I don't really want any additional companions.
Is there anything stopping each Esper from releasing another by buying the perk with its cp? Not that I'd do it.

>> No.38710328

Well considering they're espers(and the shit they go through) and knowing the plot you might have to beat the protagonists to the punch. Fail and you have to find a way to get them back? I personally think with a couple of freebies for them could make it worth it.

>> No.38710410

PS238 does have speedsters. 84 races one in school, and the speedster complains to the teacher that 84 only (barely) won because she didn't have to go around all the buildings like the speedster had to.

>> No.38710456

Is anyone working on a hellgate: london jump?

>> No.38710462

1) Yes to first question.
2) Technically, no, but the limiting factor is that only 1 person can be joined to an Esper at a time. It means that if you have all 11, nobody else can have them.

Furthermore, as Spyro says, the protagonists following the storyline *will* get a large gathering of them. You'd have to kill them technically to free them.

The ones in the Zodiark quest are Simulacrums, dummies at best, so they're not "bondable to".

I'unno Spyro. I might consider it, but I have a huge amount of companion options already.

>> No.38710494

I tend to plan for escalating levels of "oh shit". It also helps that I have companions to help shore up any flaws in plans and to point out options I might have overlooked or outright forgotten.

It's one of the bonuses to having competent companions- eight heads are better than one, after all.

A tangent: How bad of an idea is it to make Karasuba into a pseudo-jinchuriki, give her "You Have Reserves", and get her a Samehada clone?

>> No.38710511

Ruki was, I think. It's been months though.

>> No.38710552

Was it Reploid? I think he was talking about it with someone, dunno who the other people were.

>> No.38710587

Nah, Reploid is doing ZX and Spiral Knights I think.

>> No.38710645

Yes, we're still having trouble with Spiral Knights.


>> No.38710655

On a scale of 1 to 10?
About a 12

>> No.38710664

Does the Touhou Jump have a drawback limit?

>> No.38710692

At this point I'm expecting it to come out when AvP does so I can have a celebration and spend all night agonizing over builds.

No. Taking more than one big drawback is asking to die though.

>> No.38710715


>> No.38710738

>A tangent: How bad of an idea is it to make Karasuba into a pseudo-jinchuriki, give her "You Have Reserves", and get her a Samehada clone?

That depends. Do you plan to be on the same planet as her when you do this, and are there any people and/or things on that planet you like?

>> No.38710747

Oh I didn't plan on the grabbing the big ones I'm not that much an idiot.

>> No.38711351

It gets better, she also has the chainaxe Golden Weapons from Magical Girl Noir- she challenged Kharn to a duel for them and won. The spirit inhabiting the chainaxe (one of its previous wielders) is the MGN version of Risa Schrodinger- the protagonist from Hollow Quest. Her goal she sets for her wielders is to attain the "high score"- that means getting 1,000,000 points, and each kill counts for a certain number of them. Mundane people are 1 point and stronger opponents vary on pricing. (cute things and animals penalize points, she's not a total monster after all) Did I mention that Golden Weapons are forged from the soul shards of a godess who has since gone insane? Or that melding together enters a state described as "Flesh of Fallen Angels"?

I'm trying to wrap my head around what it will be like when Karasuba fuses with Samehada, Risa, and dons her Jinchuriki cloak.

>> No.38711421


More heresy was committed in the name of plot development today.

Do let me know if there are any typos I may've missed like a complete dumbass.

>> No.38711869 [SPOILER] 

> Seras

>> No.38711896

God dammit anon my sides hurt.

Needed that laugh, thank you.

>> No.38712081

>Red becomes a secondary character

>> No.38712349


>> No.38712435

>Changelog: v. 0.91
>Added - Elf Starting Location
>Added - Elf Origin Cost
>Added - Base Stats for all origins
>Added - Notes on Base Stats
>Added - Notes on gender selection

Made a few updates based off of feedback from that last thread. Glad people seem to be enjoying this so far.

Question: for Tower of the Multiverse do you want RNG’d options for what you fight on the top floor or just keep it the same?

Question: I saw a few complaints that Amazon seemed underpowered, do you want to see this class buffed or is it fine as is?

As always, thanks /jc/.

>> No.38712501

Ha! I love how awkward Seras is. Hope you have a plan to deal with Milleniums attack on the Hellsing Manner during the burning of London.

I'd recommend a small battalion of SPAAG tanks, Russia should have quite a few surplus ZSU-23-4's on the market. 4 radar guided 23mm auto-cannons is nothing to scoff at!

>> No.38712517

>Some classes have higher stat totals than others.

>> No.38712527

Here ya go OAA.

>> No.38712777

>The Cult of Red
>The Red Cult
>The Red God
>Red is Rhllor Confirmed

>> No.38712798

I like my Heresy 65% Dark

>> No.38712811

So you like it bitter and tasteless.

>> No.38712826

Uuugh, the Hellsing Manor's gonna be a tough one. On one hand, that's where a majority of Seras' character development takes place when she fully becomes a Draculina.

On the other hand, with how the plot is now, that might already be fucked. Pip might not get eaten and she won't be able to whoop scythe-lady's ass.

Rest assured though, at least my companions are going to be at the manor.


A Tale of Two- No not even gonna finish that idea.

Thank you anon.

>> No.38712830

By RNG'd, do you mean something similar to the to that one Drawback from Dragon's Dogma where their is a RANDOM chance you can straight up lose Jumpchain? Cause if so, please don't do that. I am happy with it the way it is now.

>> No.38712910

>disliking dark chocolate
Now THAT is heresy.

I'm just going off of the published stats for those characters. Is it balanced? No. But those stats allow those characters to function within their classes. That mitigates the problem of someone not being able to lift a giant ass sword because they take this jump early.

Was more thinking, or asking, if you wanted to roll for what you fought, ie roll 1d8 and that determines what caps off the Tower.

>> No.38712933

well, for cooking or drinking anyways, or with other flavors such as orange or mint.
For raw bars 40-50% is still perfectly fine.

>> No.38713091


Dragon's Crown
> Origin: Wizard [-100CP]
> Age: 22 [Rolled2]
> Gender: Female (Still) [-50CP]
> Epic Proportions? [Get a Freebie!]
> Palette Swap [Get a Freebie!]
> Soundtrack [Get a Freebie!]
> Narrator [Temporary?]
> Basic Attack [Get a Freebie!]
> Vitality Boost [-100CP]
> Create Food [-100CP]
> Extract [Get a Freebie!]
> Slow [-100CP]
> Meteor Swarm [-300CP]
> Concentrate [-50CP]
> Ammunition Opportunism [-100CP]
> If It Ain’t Broke [-100CP]
> Cheating Ass Magic Users (Teleport) [-100CP]
> Magic Resistance [-200CP]
> Fantasy Kitchen Sink [Get a Freebie!]
> Single Player [+200CP]
> Restless [+100CP]

Some mild changes in addition to the requisite gender change. Yes, I AM a wizard. Yes, I am a girl. Still. Fuck you, girls can be wizards.
I am also extremely hyperactive in such a way as to drive potential companions away. Forget you! I don't need friends! I can BUILD friends! As long as they're non-sentient they'll hang out with me!

Meteo is the best spell and I will surely train it to be super strong. I don't care if it's useless in functunality. I can drop meteors and it doesn't even kill me because I'm not an old fart.
I am a gigantic nerd.
Anyway, I can always use it to bust open doors.

I imagine that when I get really, really tired as a result of my own hyperactivity, I end up drinking until I pass out. Or otherwise using mind altering substances in such a way.

Anyway, I mostly spend the jump looking for treasure. Gotta pay Nook off somehow...

>> No.38713126

Oh, that would be neat. No problems here than.

>> No.38713423

Oh damn, that JS Vita is the absolute most tempting vanity (as in, something that's not 'useful') device I have ever seen.

>> No.38713537

>JS Vita
Well originally I had it set to 600CP, but it was pointed out to me that that was too expensive. So at the suggestion of my reader I dropped the price to 300. You can thank her for making it more affordable.

I hope people like it, though. It seemed an appropriate meta item for the jump.

>> No.38714384 [SPOILER] 

>mfw no mention of FFTA
>mfw no face

>> No.38714432

I love your jump, don't feel bad.

>> No.38714503

Nope. Tonight's menu is self-loathing and woe. Also possibly a cucumber because they're wonderfully crunchy.

>> No.38714514


>> No.38714594

>Tonight's menu is self-loathing and woe.
But... but... That's what I eat every night.

>> No.38714750

A question about Hellsing Werewolves- since they're still "living", does that mean they age until they hit their "prime" then stop? Seems to be the mechanism that makes the most sense for an immortal biological entity.

If you're stuck as whatever age you roll permanently, then in some jumps you'll never grow past adolescence, which can cause a whole slew of problems.

So how do you anons interpenetrate this aspect of Hellsing Werewolves?

>> No.38714761

I would imagine they hit their prime then stop aging

>> No.38714769

We've had FFTA since the beginning...I thought people would have just known :X. Muh bad.

With that said...A 2nd run.
*All perks now in place. All items now in place. All drawbacks clarified.
*Added an item to include yet another in game reference.
*Added another item because I like cute things.
*Clarified Jagd expansion so you can't contaminate the whole world.
*Removed Numerology cause numbers are a pain, and replaced the 100 with the old 600 while putting in a new 600.
*Still undecided on the whole Esper import option.
*Last thing to do is flavor text and clarification of time details.
*No there is no RW here. That's also why Zodiark is the quest companion and not Ultima.
*Yes most of the drawbacks are references to the OST.
*Yes the singer is a veiled reference to Angela Aki. No, I actually like her singing.
*License Grid was a pain to do as I expected. I gave up in the end on implementing the Light Pantheon due to NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE.


Questions. Concerns. Comments. Things too OP. Perks you think should have their places swapped. Let me know.

>> No.38714891

So, I've been meaning to ask you. In these jumps, there are perks that seem more like items. Such as Vesper Shard. Does it just hand you the shard and that's the end of it? If you lose it, do you effectively lose the perk? Can you build more Bishop units?
Is there any particular reason these perks aren't listed under items?

>> No.38714892

I think they plateau at a certain point, yeah. Least, it's what makes sense. Pic related there hasn't aged a bit since Walter last saw him.

Lewd. (and hilarious).

>> No.38714957

... like you'd know?

>> No.38714983

Goddamit it didn't post it.



>> No.38714985

He does now thanks to Police Girl

>> No.38714995

Nope. The Vesper Shard sticks to you like glue. I jest.

It gives you the ability to recreate it rather. So even if you did lose it, you could just create another one. An item would just be a one off thing - you could technically mass produce a Vesper Shard.

Similarly, you can create as many Bishop units as you want - just fielding them has a limit.

I'll clarify that in the jump.

>> No.38715021

Not quite, see >>38714957. Ask OAA if you need clarification.

>> No.38715297

No clarification necessary. You know what you did.

>> No.38715462

I don't know what he did though. What did he do?

>> No.38715512

Very lewd, very suggestive, and very detailed suggestions involving leverage.

>> No.38715515

He tried to give OAA sex advice due to the fact OAA only has one arm
He also called him a lazy lover

>> No.38715527

He did what he did.

>> No.38715556

Thank you good sir.
I will now laugh at your expense good sir.

>> No.38715563


On this note. Don't you have that perk in Jurassic Park that allows you to genderswap?

>> No.38715581

>Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth
Git gud

>> No.38715627

Stop being gross.

>> No.38715657

Stop being so sensitive.

>> No.38715679

> Take "Gilgamesh Arrives!" in FFX.
> Go to FFXII.
> Make a concerted effort to track down Gilgamesh.

>> No.38715680

So, topic of the hour.

Which protagonists have you replaced and why?

>> No.38715693

Lewdfags really will go to any ends to defend being sick.

>> No.38715717

Naruto, for the lulz mostly
Minato, because while he is decent in his handling of the Sekirei Game I think I can handle it better
Jim Raynor, mostly because I wanted to waifu Kerrigan and that was a side effect
I'm certain it's happened other times just none come to mind immediately
OH! I took The Chief's place in the Halo Gauntlet, because I took the drawback where he didn't exist

>> No.38715718

Oh god, here comes the immature little brat who can't handle anything slightly 'impure'. Just ignore them if you dislike it.

>> No.38715732

Sick? Really?

>> No.38715734

Konata with a vengeance.

>> No.38715742

Prudefags will go to any ends to lambaste what they deem 'impure'.

>> No.38715749

Because it's very mature and not like a middle-schooler at all to slap your uncontrollable boner into everyone's face.

>> No.38715760

That's not what happened though. Unless you be trollin'?

>> No.38715778

>That's not what happened.
Only if you ignore the talk about sex advice and leverage above.

>> No.38715785

My answer: Reed Richards

I used the INT smashing ability of the Soul Knife from FR to finish him off. After replacing him, and blaming his death and degenerative mental state on a made up Macguffin, I more or less encouraged cooperation between members of the Marvel science community.

This was after I took LoL and made myself a patron of the arts and sciences.

>> No.38715797

This must be what drives people to make lewd jumps. To troll people this over sensitive.

>> No.38715798

I replaced the Starks by fortifying the North early and killing all the Lannisters that weren't the infant, the dwarf, or the little girl.

>> No.38715809

People driven to shitpost will shitpost. Much as you're doing now.

>> No.38715860

Every single one I can. It would be easier to list the ones I don't replace than the ones I do, at this point. I've got some weird inferiority complex that compels me to steal the lead role. And honestly, past a certain point there are very few scenarios in which a jumper will do a worse job than the canon protagonist would. So I went to Far Cry, took the drawback "Let's Go Shoot Some Fucking Guns", and kept it active for almost every jump. There are some jumps I turn it off for, when it's an ensemble cast with no clear main protagonist, or if I actually like the lead enough to work alongside them rather than replace them, or if I plan to derail the plot completely so being the protagonist would hold me back. But for the most part, I steal the show every chance I get.

>> No.38715865

That's pretty solid. I mainly chilled out in Braavos and tried to set up the beginnings of industry by fast tracking clean renewable energy.

>> No.38715902

I also started the beginnings of industrial revolution, put the King on a diet, and stopped that stupid assassination attempt on Daenyris (or however it's spelled). It seemed like the next step.

>> No.38715957

>Someone uses one of my drawbacks for every jump

>> No.38715997

>clean renewable energy
correct me if I'm wrong, but the only alternative fuel source I could imagine being viable in widespread use for a society in industrial revolution, let alone pre-industrial, would be biofuel
and unless there's something I don't know about braavos, they probably need the food more

>> No.38716052

None, so far. However I don't plan on doing so to any of them since it's much more fun to hang out with the protagonist.

>> No.38716108

The idea is that if some forms of magic are truly teachable, then you teach them the basics that would allow for the creation of magitech energy creation. From there you slowly start to branch out, cherry picking which technologies you introduce.

>> No.38716119

Hey, it's an awesome drawback. I didn't take it immediately, because I wanted to get some power under my belt before I started taking protagonist roles. Far Cry was actually my 89th jump. But after that, yeah, I'm using it all the time. Instead of being there to slap the protagonist upside the head for being so stupid an set him on the right path, I can instead just be the protagonist and never do the stupid thing to begin with. It is the best thing. Though it interacts strangely if you assume that backgrounds and perks that change my status or nature still apply. I interpret it as being sort of an alternate universe thing, so it can lead to some weird scenarios. Fun scenarios, though.

>> No.38716135

oh, well tha's a cool idea
I'm taking ASOIF too early for that, but more power to ya

>> No.38716149

Minato of sekirei, he wasnt saving the world fast enough. My methods and possibilities were clearly more efficient.
Atreides of Dune.Raised my own house to replaced House Corino as the padisvah emperor via a war of assassins.
JC's Avatar, blew everything up really.
Painfully , Muv-Luv. Nuff ,said.
Harry potter, Voldemort's Head and the Deathly Hollows will be my trophies no matter what.

So you killed karstarks victims as well?

Dragon Power plants?

>> No.38716169

I don't remember the Karstarks stuff. Would my work have done it?

>> No.38716213

That place does need some serious house cleaning AND I took the 108 drawback.

>Dragon Power plants
Not quite. More bioengineering and creating fauna that generate energy. ASOIF is mid-late for me, so I've taken a good amount of crafting, shaping and general sciencey perks by then.

>> No.38716322

Generally none, actually. I'm not big on replacing the protagonists when they do an adequate job of solving the plot themselves.

I did totally gimp Harry Potter, though. I just ran around solving all the problems way ahead of time because it was easier and I got stuff for it. Stole the Mirror of Erised (Warehouse). Killed the Basilisk. Followed Pete and the murdered Voldemort WAY ahead of time...
I. uh. Kindof turned Voldemort into a Philosopher's Stone.

I mean, it's cute and all that he can move his soul between bodies as a fragment or whatever... but I can just destroy that fragment. And then I just sortof made a point to get Horcruxes and destroy them with my Basilisk fang (thanks, Take Over Beast Soul!).
So now there's a drawer in my desk in my warehouse that has a tiny test tube in it with a tiny little red sand grain and that test tube has a label on it that says "Voldemort". I... haven't decided if I'm using it for anything.

And, I mean, it saved a bunch of lives, so yeah.
Harry kindof got to be a normal kid.

Anyway, I'm really considering taking the drawback that causes me to replace Ashe in FFXII, but that's because I'm of the opinion that she sortof cocks things up a bunch and the empire had the right idea.
But I also really want to take clone!Cid as a companion, and that would piss the empire off, like, a lot. And nobody but me would be willing to fight them.
So I'm in the process of weighing my options here.

>> No.38716338

I feel like Gemini is pretty useless. You summon a ghoul that can't do anything since it has no abilities or powers.

>> No.38716439

My issue is that Death related powers tend to spiral quickly out of control.

My first rendition of Gemini was
a) For every person killed within the last hour, spawn 5 undead equivalents.
I considered that and reached the "shit someone might necromancer army with this"
I nerfed it to:
b) Marks a point where the boundary between death and life is unsteady, and ghosts/demons will start appearing wildly.
But that felt vague.
So this is my current fallback.

Yeah this Zodiac was a pain in the ass.

>> No.38716466

The problem with necromancers is more often that people overestimate and fear the abilities they have more than is warranted and therefore render them comparatively useless.

I'm used to Gemini sucking in everything everywhere but I still point it out when I see it.

>> No.38716488

>I considered that and reached the "shit someone might necromancer army with this"
What's the problem?

>> No.38716491

I'll take a look back at option b) and see what I can do. FF12 is definitely the most "option filled" Jump I've tried to put together, but I'd still like to work on balancing it.

>> No.38716741


...so I haven't been paying attention to Jumpchain since it first appeared in the CYOA threads, and now...wow.

anyways, 'additional rules' answered some of my questions, but I was wondering - how do items from one universe interact with others? If I take a book from monster hunter or castlevania that fills up with information as I defeat monsters, will it still work when I start shooting romulans in Star Trek?

2nd, with a stasis pod, you can grab anyone and toss them in, without paying for a companion option? And in the next jump, companions (defined as anyone that was paid for/decided to come with you?) can leave the warehouse and do whatever? Do they get to grow up in the jump with a new set of memories and a new body, or can they only do so if you pay for whatever option that turns them into sidekicks or robot masters or whatever?

The companion mechanics in particular are confusing me.

>> No.38716773

Just Fanwank something Anon. That's what I do.

>> No.38716789

>If I take a book from monster hunter or castlevania that fills up with information as I defeat monsters, will it still work when I start shooting romulans in Star Trek?
If it doesn't say it won't, it should continue to fill up with info.

>And in the next jump, companions (defined as anyone that was paid for/decided to come with you?) can leave the warehouse and do whatever?
People can only come with you if purchased or if put in a pod. You can only have 8 purchased companions out at once, but pod people don't have a limit and can exceed this.

> Do they get to grow up in the jump with a new set of memories and a new body, or can they only do so if you pay for whatever option that turns them into sidekicks or robot masters or whatever?

Only if you purchased an import. They might still age, depending on if they're capable of it.

Ignore this person.

>> No.38716802

Some items in jumps will have specified effects when taken out of Jump, usually that's the author defining a boundary. Where no boundary is declared, go by common sense.

Companions. Pokemon (1st Jump) will usually give you six. Some Jumps may give you no option to get any more companions, or they may give you a restricted companion. Say you want a companion that isn't listed. That's what the pod is for.

Your second question is with regards to import mechanics. Some Jumps will specifically mention import mechanics - other jumps will not. Jumps that don't have import mechanics - you basically are allowed eight companions, but they cannot take any perks (they may have natural skills that grow)

>> No.38716812

Welcome to /jc/, you're here forever.

>> No.38716837

>how do items from one universe interact with others? If I take a book from monster hunter or castlevania that fills up with information as I defeat monsters, will it still work when I start shooting romulans in Star Trek?

Typically it depends on the author and the item in question. Typically though, if it doesn't state explicitly that it's locked to only things from that world? It should work later on.

>Stasis pod question

Yes. A stasis pod allows you to grab anyone from anywhere (like how OAA grabbed Seras Victoria). 8 Official Companions (typically purchased from within a CYOA) are the limit to how many you can have out and about with you at a given time, but Pod People can be out and about regardless of that limit.

>other companion question
If you Import them to give them a new body and memories, yes. Otherwise you can just bring them out with you as well. Imports are usually only for new bodies, memories, and skillsets (like with your mentioned Robot Masters).

And welcome aboard. You're here with us forever.

>> No.38717376


Distinctly less heresy in Part 2 of the Valentine Brothers Invasion.

>> No.38717387

>Worm "Fucking Jumpers" drawback, the Protectorate gets "a full rundown on all of your capabilities, complete history, favored tactics, and psyche profile included".
>... "Hopefully it paints you in a decent enough light."

/me pauses a few seconds to consider some of the more (in)famous Jumpers in this group...

*pic related*

>> No.38717399

Oh dear. I'd love to be there when they got the report. It'd certainly give me a giggle.

>> No.38717460

Is moe's favored tactic going to include eating people.

>> No.38717473

Nah, that's actually listed in his psyche profile under "hobbies".

>> No.38717475

They would just love my report, especially when they get to the part about how I can break space and time
With sheer speed

The IRC has also told me every single group in said universe is going to want me to be a member, because apparently the ability to clone yourself is extremely highly valued

I didn't take that drawback, but everyone's gonna find out about the cloning thing since I'm gonna be doing it to help save the Worm universe

>> No.38717602

Reverse seems...really, really OP. As written you could use it to fully heal yourself by tanking a nuke or something

>> No.38717631

Lasts two minutes.

Also you're overblowing this whole 'nuke' thing. Other that nukes not having enough of a blast force to be a super big deal, and because the blast force is not the only threat or even the major long term threat of them. On top of that, there's no reason that nukes should be considered some unassailable upper limit of force, especially not in a high power setting where that level of force can be generated with your magic.

>> No.38717644

0/10, not enough violently vulgar Yan

Nah, is good. MOAR.

>> No.38717645

Solved by indicating "if it was gonna kill ya in one shot before, it'll leave you barely hangin' now."

>> No.38717650

I don't think that's necessary at all.

>> No.38717677

In any case, the fact remains that it essentially lets you no sell anything for up to 2 minutes. Do you think a supernova is a bit more impressive?

>> No.38717689

Do you think the intense energy of a supernova evaporates after two minutes? No, even outside of the radiation, highly agitated and superheated particles will bathe the area for many years to come.

>> No.38717716

See...I can't help but feel your argument is somewhat undermined by playing nukes as a minor threat

I'm just not sure whether it's a good idea to have a perk that just trivialises all threats outside of things that can reliably harm you for longer than 2 minutes

I mean shit, 2 minutes is forever in combat time

>> No.38717735

The other anon's entire argument is trivialized by how he thinks nukes should be some unassailable upper limit of power in a setting where you can grab a big chunk of nethicite and blow up a bunch of cities far more completely than a nuke every could.

>> No.38717743

Er, isn't that even worse? Cause the perk would still let you no sell those things.

>> No.38717759

Er, no? Because it shows you that this is a goddamned high power setting. In a setting where you can generate blasts of force far stronger than a fucking nuke there's nothing wrong with generating a shield to counter them.

>> No.38717776


They say that virtue is its own reward, but sometimes, it gets incentivized.

Making the Jumper announcement is a part of my SOP. It's not usually the first thing I do, since I like to get my operations set up first, but I don't especially mind. More to the point, having my complete personal history on display for the world to see? I've got nothing to be ashamed of there; just centuries of going in and fixing problems, leaving the worlds behind my in a lot better shape than they were when I got to them.

Of course, that means that I'm probably going to be seen in about the same light as Scion, with corresponding expectations. But those are, in fact, the kind of expectations I try to meet anyways, so it works out.

>> No.38717786

Except this has literally no limit on it. It's just converts ALL damage to health, regardless of how strong it is. Just having that amount of force exist in a setting does not mean an equivalent shield must exist, nor does it excuse it.

>> No.38717803

>this has literally no limit on it
Two minutes.

>Just having that amount of force exist in a setting does not mean an equivalent shield must exist, nor does it excuse it.
It does, actually. Because it shows you the level of power here. There is nothing wrong with a fucking magic shield being on the same level as the magic attacks in a setting, you're simply a fear monger who knows nothing about this game or setting pulling shit out of your own ass in a desperate attempt to nerf something you don't like.

>> No.38717830

Is there any limit on what race you can buy in Forgotten Realms jump? Like, can I get something crazy like a Prismatic Dragon if I'm willing to pay the fuckhuge cp cost?

>> No.38717833

That's the long and short of it.

>> No.38717835

The limit I am referring to is the damage limit, which you are arguing should be unlimited, which is utterly moronic.

And no, these aren't magic attacks. The example you are using needs a large chunk of a rare substance. It isn't something they can just pull out of their ass. If it were a common thing? Sure, but it isn't. Even the perk that offers it only allows manipulation, not creation.

>> No.38717852

:> There is a perk for synthesis, but it takes a bloody long time and can't be quickened.

>> No.38717855

The limit you want is explicitly under the power of the magical attacks in the setting because you hate the very idea. Because you're a moron who knows nothing about this game and rage against things you don't like out of ignorance and entitlement.

>It isn't something they can just pull out of their ass
They can make nethicite. They were getting ready to mass produce it.

>> No.38717858

This, pretty much.

Compare the Invincibility Star from Mario. This lasts longer, isn't a one-shot, and covers your companions as well. The healing is pretty much superfluous; Jumpers can be expected to full-heal by regen, technique, or item inside of two minutes... but that two minutes is just wildly beyond basically every other defence in existence. There's not even a limit on how often it can be applied.

It's pretty much a bullshit "I Win" button, that trivializes basically any threat anywhere. If you can't beat it by any means within a two minute window in which you are completely invulnerable to absolutely everything, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.38717864

So is there any evidence of someone blocking this immensely powerful bomb? Is there any justification for this Reverse perk being unlimited in scope?

>> No.38717878

>This pretty much.
Oh my, here comes MC to spew another of his ignorant, self-entitled, and sweeping opinions proclaimed like word of law! Like he does in every goddamned argument. Even in those where he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about and knows nothing about the setting. Don't speak of things you don't understand.

Is there any justification for you to bitch and moan that a setting where you can make magic nukes can let you block magic nukes? What are you so afraid of, you control freak?

>> No.38717879

What are the capabilities of nethicite anyway? I find it difficult to believe that COMPLETE INVULNERABILITY is literally the only way to deal with this stuff

>> No.38717890

Absorbs mist, can expel it as explosive force. Has been used to conquer the continent before. In one instance in background, it blew up in an accident and completely wiped a city off of the map and polluted it for hundreds of years to come.

>> No.38717891

Jesus christ are you a whiny bitch, Get over yourself already. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinions here, and everyone else is being a damn sight more logical then you, since all you seem to be doing is attacking and accusing others in lieu of an actual argument.

>> No.38717895

It occurs to me that the effect is impervious only to damage. It's a bit like D&D's Wall Of Force spell. Which immediately makes wonder if Cancellation or Disjunction are things the dude going "haha now I am invincible!" should still be worried out.

"I cast Reverse to tank the enemy nuke." "I cast Cancel on his Reverse." "I hate you."

>> No.38717900

Well, instead of complaining about other people speaking out of ignorance why don't you provide some feats that justify complete invulnerability? Freaking Asura's Wrath has people who can punched continent sized threats and even they don't have complete invulnerability

I will say this: Though I do think it needs work, it does kinda help that it specifies the spell can't work under combat situations

>> No.38717901

You're calling me a whiny bitch when there is an anon currently throwing a bitch fit about a perk he doesn't like.

And no, people who speak of things they don't understand lead to things like the anti-vaccine movement. Because idiots think they're entitled to an opinion about things they don't understand.

>> No.38717916

Are you seriously comparing yourself and this perk to the anti-vaccination argument? Jeeze, you just threw all credibility out the window there mate.

>> No.38717925

Are you a moron or do you not get what an example is? Trying to espouse an opinion about something you don't understand is universally stupid, regardless of how serious it is.

>> No.38717926

>absorbs miss and explodes it

...okay? That's cool, not sure how it justifies a 2 minute long invincibility frame

>blew up in an accident

To clarify: Was this a relatively small concentration, or a large amount i.e. an equivalent amount of materials comparable to that of a nuke? Because you don't really need an invincibility frame to dodge a nuke-sized missille imo

>> No.38717931

Reverse, like any buff can be stripped, yes. Similarly, like most magic, an anti-magic field will dispel it.

That said, since I've finished the basic skeleton of the Jump with each section filled now, I'm doing the fourth round of balance check and language updating. I'll take a look at Reverse.

>> No.38717936

Yeah no. How about you give us an example of someone using this perk to block your oh so precious magic nukes?

>> No.38717953

You're working from the wrong angle. You're somehow trying to conflate what nethicite does to the amount of force it creates.

And nethicite doesn't shoot missiles. the Mist explodes outwards from it, as an area of effect explosion.

What do you think I'm researching while I talk to you, you ignorant shitposting buffoon?

>> No.38717968

Wow, so you didn't even have any evidence supporting your opinion? What was that you said about people not knowing what they're talking about?

>> No.38717969

Oh, alright-so it's a VERY big mist blast. Got it.

So-how much nethicite did they need to blow up a city again? And how portable is the stuff?

>> No.38717977

...firstly, could you stop with the insults? We're trying to have a discussion here, and you're not so much contributing as ranting. Please stop.

Secondly, Jumpchain is a story. My position, shared by others in the thread, is that an "I Win" button detracts from that story. Sure, perhaps there are powerful attacks out there, but there's probably a better way to block them than by becoming absolutely invulnerable to everything. This is a literally infinite amount of defensive power, and it's the general consensus that infinite powers are not to be given out pre-spark.

Common access to dispel effects, and the effects of Reverse being easy to dispel, constitute weaknesses to the defence that should be stressed. Putting stuff like that out there constitutes an actual argument.

>> No.38717991

MY entire argument is that 1) A nuke isn't an unassailable upper limit of power. and 2) This setting is high powered and magical attacks can exceed nuke power.

From there, I've been reading to find specific examples so I can actually use them, however, because you're a jackass shitposter, you won't shut up to let someone research while you bray.

It's hand sized to head sized, at least the chunks that get used.

>I win button
Completely ignoring the limits it has imposed on it, are we? God you're intentionally pushing your shitty little agenda now.

>> No.38718023

To be fair, 2 minutes outside of combat is a pretty easy limit to work around considering the spell would let you heal yourself and your companions completely by casting Avada Kedavras on each other while it's active.

To clarify-the head sized chunks are the ones that blew up an entire city?

>> No.38718101

Like I said earlier, '2 minutes' isn't a meaningful limitation. Particularly not when you're a Jumper with a Force Screen on his Warehouse, who can portal-dodge to disengage from combat and thereby renew the buff whenever.

I'm saying there needs to be more limits discussed for that reason... like cooldown, and the vulnerability of the effect to dispels. Which is in fact a thing that is happening.

Also, is there any particular reason why you can't hold a civilized discussion about this particular topic? Seriously, you're mostly just being rude. What do you think you're gaining by doing so? Do you think anyone is impressed by your angry ranting? Do you think you'll convince anyone that you're right by calling them names?

>> No.38718104

Closest example I can find is when Cid Reddas destroys the sun-cryst. Nobody is using a shield and everyone else survives it, but the thing hadn't gone completely nuclear yet, it was in the process of shooting out destructive mist.

To clarify, since there's finally a lull in the conversation and I can think, I don't care about upper limits and other shit like that, but I do have a problem with using nuke as a benchmark over more common sense and appropriate limits (IE, how much magic you can put into your shield).

Nope, a hand sized chunk. This was the god-made stuff that's probably purer than the manufactured kind, but they're comparable.

>> No.38718119

For another, I hate you personally. You get involved in every argument and have an opinion on everything, even if you don't know anything about the setting. I very much despise you as a poster.

To target specific parts of your post, the cool down is that you can't use it in battle. Makes it one time use. Opening portals to get away is something you don't even need a shield for. Dispels? I'd think that'd be something you'd understand it's vulnerable too without it needing to be stated, though I don't care if it is.

>> No.38718134

I'm in agreement that a note in the jump stating the shield's potency is based off your magic would greatly help, to avoid problems like what happens if a 10,000 foot tall kaiju steps on you while it's active.

Eh, I see your point about benchmarks but I think a nuke is generally used because of its relative strength to a baseline human, as an analogy of sorts for overwhelming destructive non-magical power in general

And-huh. Those nethicite things don't sound portable, so I can't imagine someone could just sort of lob 'em at you. They seem more like the sorta thing that stays in the BBEG's doomsday machine, not the sort of thing that 2 minutes of non-combative invincibility would help against

>> No.38718135

Also, some of the shit you've said in the past is far more insulting than even what I'm saying to you now, so you're a hypocrite.

>> No.38718136

Christ man, you realise how little people care about your opinion if you include a personal attack on someone in every one of your posts? Go have some tea or something and come back when you can post without being a colossal arse to the rest of the thread.

>> No.38718152

Here's the thing. I'm debating it with pretty much everyone else. The only time I'm only doing insults is towards Minecraft.

The nuke thing just stops working in settings where nuke isn't the upper limit of power, like here. That's my problem with it.

Nethicite is very portable. You carry one around, other people do, during the game. They're not rapid fire, though. They need to charge.

>> No.38718154

No, you've been insulting to nearly everyone who is responding to you, don;t try to shift the blame.

>> No.38718163

Two points. One? I'm being insulting to that guy who is also being an asshole. Appropriate response. Two? I said 'only'. I'm only doing replies with no debate in them towards Minecraft. Even other posts where I'm being a dick I'm at least making a point.

>> No.38718175

So yup...ignoring the open warfare going on in here. This is the Jump, before I begin linguistic edits and ability modifications. Highlights in yellow will have their abilities tweaked. Highlights in purple are linguistic edits.

Also. I'm tempted to run 900 CP Drawback maximum. Input on this is appreciated.

>> No.38718192

I'd be a bit wary of relying on Reverse to turn AKs into healing, just in case AK works by conceptually flipping your status from "alive" to "dead" rather than dealing damage.

>> No.38718195

Minecraft is being perfectly reasonable. You're the asshole attacking people here. And no, making a point does not justify being a dick to everyone. You could do so just as easily in a polite manner, and you'd get a much better response from everyone else.

>> No.38718216

It's sort of hard to talk about that stuff when there's no thought process outlined behind what's being changed. All we can say is "Okay?"

I admitted I had a grudge against Minecraft. He isn't being reasonable just because he has a calmer tone, though. He's unnarmed for this debate but still thinks his opinion has value.
You're lying through your teeth. You can scroll up yourself and see plenty of replies where I didn't insult everyone, and plenty of replies where I'm talking to someone who is insulting ME. Don't pretend I'm the only one who isn't innocent.

>> No.38718223

I shrug. Welcome to 4chan. People exist and will respond to discussions. It's a thing. Don't take it personally.

My point about the portal-dodge was that it negates in-battle cooldown, since Jumpers can freely disengage before the buff expires, reapply the buff, and immediately reengage. That is a thing that should be patched, and indeed, is actually being patched.

Cooldown is implicitly a part of the workings of many of these abilities, as demonstrated by [CT0]. Specifically indicating the cooldown of certain powerful abilities, like Reverse, would probably help with the balancing aspect.

>> No.38718246

As someone who's been trying to look at the issue objectively, it doesn't make debate coupled with insults any less insulting.

But I digress. Now we've established that nethicite is portable but not rapid firing I'm frankly in favor of Reverse being tweaked. For one thing, as written you could heal yourself by having your companions stab you in the face.

Personally I also think Soul Purge merits tweaking. Up to 90% magic draining is...overly puissant. I find it hard to imagine anything in-setting withstanding that degree of drainage.

Also can we all take a minute to marvel at how powerful that horse would be in some Jumpers' hands?

>> No.38718247

The thing about the portals is that you can do it without a shield. Jump into portal while attack is heading your way, now you're perfectly safe. Shield or not that no sells everything.

Cooldown is meant to be battle related, in that you can't use it again until the battle is over. The most common sense counter to "I apply it in the warehouse" is that battle doesn't end because the enemy is still hostile and aware of you.

>> No.38718252

And here you are acting like the victim. When I scroll up I see plenty of responses where you act like a cunt to everyone. Not to mention how pathetic it is for you to carry out your grudge and try to use it as justification.

>> No.38718284

I don't have an issue with being healed from getting stabbed. Though worth noting, it says your own attacks and magic aren't effected, so I think the intent was that your own and your own allies' stuff wouldn't ever effect it.

Also, with Soul Purge? It outright states it takes more magic the more magic the enemy has. So if the enemy has a ton of magic you're draining all of yours too.

Putting words into my mouth. If I was acting like the victim, I would claim I hold no blame. If you actually read my post, you would see that I accepted that I do hold some. I'm just also saying that others do as well.

>> No.38718302

That's not unreasonable. The problem here is being able to trivially reapply the buff all the time to become immune to all attacks. A better definition of 'not under attack' is in the category of things that would also fix the problem.

>> No.38718335

So is the problem this time intentionally skewing the interpretation slightly? Not under attack being 'I don't currently have a sword coming at me but we're fighting". Which is against intent, so I spit in its face, and don't mind it being guarded against.

>> No.38718346

Soul Purge is one of those perks that I'm reworking language to make it have more "common sense" rather than "gaming sense", but yes, the drain is proportional (so you need to expend more magic to drain more).

Part of the reason why I wrote everything in gaming sense was to prod at the limitations of "WHAT IS OP?" It's working so far anyways.

>> No.38718361

I hope you're reading the stuff we're talking about now, most of the shit flinging is gone and it's pretty much just what we think could be restated or limited and in what ways. But yeah.

>> No.38718364

I shrug. It's an early version, the wording isn't super-clear, the intent could use clarification. That kind of thing is explicitly the entire point of this discussion.

>> No.38718369

I think this is where a lot of this argument is coming from, really. People being uncertain as to whether to apply gaming sense or common sense to the perks.

>> No.38718382

I'm actually agreeing with you, sort of. My wording is strange, but I'm saying I don't care if it's reworded in that way because anyone doing that is going against intent anyway. "Under attack." should mean "In battle." not "Sword in my face otherwise I can cast it."

That could partially be the issue.

>> No.38718396

Well the awkward part was that from the get-go I had already had I was going to put a "logical sense cap" on it. Then the argument kinda deviated from "Why Reverse is OP" to "Why Reverse shouldn't be nerfed" to "FF12 is high powered."

Which I have no problem with...just that in the meantime I'm working on the language checks.

>> No.38718425

Not a problem, but if you want people to abide by your intent, it helps to clarify your intent. "Under attack" is less clear than "In battle", after all, so if you mean "In battle", you should say "In battle".

>> No.38718442

This is part of why you frustrate me, I'm not even disagreeing with rewording that to make it clearer and supported it, yet you're debating me.

>> No.38718477

Sorry about that; tone is hard to convey over the internet. I'm trying to offer helpful suggestions, and have no specific interest in debating anything in particular. This just happens to be the topic-at-hand, so I'm weighing in on it.

>> No.38718485

So, question, how do espers like Mateus and Zalera work as companions? They're technically two beings, one of them the actual esper, the other a goddess or priestess they've taken hostage that they've since fused with. They're functionally the same unit in battles, and some of their powers derive of them, but does the woman come with them post-jump? If so, how does that work with imports that would give a human body?

>> No.38718505

Their hostages come with them. Whether you want to say they're two people is up to you, but they're bound together. Consider them as a single entity for CP purposes perhaps?

I'm not in the habit of writing end notes - especially for long pdfs, so I'll probably add a note in the skill itself to mention cases like this

>> No.38718523

Then I'm curious as to how it works with the import body. Are we talking conjoined twins or would they get their own separate body with a mental link of some kind?

Branching off of that, I'm wondering if it's possible to separate them. Zalera's arm candy seems to be all over him at this point, and Mateus seems to have full control over his, but I do wonder if either, when an opportunity is presented, would still like to be freed from this control.

>> No.38718562

Since it's the jump of other people - I'd have to say ask for public opinion. But I'll use a pair of my own just for sake of example.

Zalera and his slave are a single entity. If they separate, they are thereby two distinct entities, but both are weakened. Would they really want to separate? Maybe not - after all, they've been together for thousands of years. If they do separate? Well I reckon they'll never come back together again.

I have no issues with Mateus/Zalera giving "two companions" - but only one will get the CP for being an Esper.

>> No.38718825

So let me get this straight - the most Bonus Points I can have is 1400, correct?

>> No.38718882

Standard is 1600 (1000 base plus up to 600 in drawbacks), but some Jumps place different restrictions on the drawbacks (e.g. limiting the number rather than the points gained).

Crown's restriction (as of v0.91) is that you only get points from at most two of the drawbacks you've chosen, but you can choose more.

>> No.38718918

There are two bonus dungeons - giving 600 and 800 points respectively. What I am asking is if they count as drawbacks, denying me points from the actual, non dungeon drawbacks.

>> No.38718932


I think I paid 2500 CP for a Neutronium Golem race in that one.

>> No.38718957

Hot damn. And I thought I was cheesy for picking uber dragon.

>> No.38718959

... er, what? If they count as drawbacks, they'd give you _more_ points than you could get from the non-dungeon ones.

>> No.38718969

>Neutronium Golem

Wait... this thing? Seriously?

>> No.38718983

You do realise the 25 CR version is a homebrew one right? The real one has a CR of over 9000.

>> No.38718988


I found a slightly less insane cr 25 version that I used.

>> No.38718992

...Not sure what you mean here.

My question is simple here - do I cap out at getting 1400 points or not?

>> No.38718993

What? But that's impossible!

>> No.38719000

The version that basically just reduces the stats and keep most of the abilities? Seems pretty shifty man.

>> No.38719007

If it calculates to CR 25 it calcs to CR 25.

>> No.38719011

No, you don't. Pick your drawbacks, add the two most expensive together, that's how much you get from your drawbacks.

>> No.38719023

Got a link? I wanna take a look at this monstrosity

>> No.38719026

Right, and you trust something someones home made to be accurate? Considering the homebrew one gives you light speed flight, makes you essentially immortal unless you have a reality warper against you and is immune to damage? I think I'd say it isn't 25 CR

>> No.38719035

Immune to magic or supernatural effects*
Not damage, it's just nigh immune.

>> No.38719038

>one gives you light speed flight
Pff, I got that shit.

And really? You're just looking for excuses to get butthurt about everything. This is clearly a case of someone mocking the cyoa by intentionally breaking it, not a serious build.

>> No.38719049

I seriously doubt the maker had people using fna made stuff to break the setting in mind.
Or do you actually think this http://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Neutronium_Golem_%283.5e_Monster%29 shit is CR 25?

>> No.38719056

Oh for fu-

...Let's try that again.

The two most expensive drawbacks are 800 and 600. But, both are Bonus Dungeons. My question was - do they count for purpose of "two drawbacks", being the Bonus Dungeons?

>> No.38719066

>I seriously doubt the maker had people using fna made stuff to break the setting in mind.
Yeah that's kind of the point, jesus. There's a hole and it got poked.

>> No.38719081

Then perhaps he should make that clear, instead of just saying he grabbed that form eh?

>> No.38719089

Anon please, I think you're the only person who cares enough to go on this ridiculous crusade against every post and thought you disagree with. I don't think you have many friends.

>> No.38719099

You realise personally insulting him is just gonna make the troll more angry right? Just stop feeding him and he'll hopefully go away.

>> No.38719110

Yes, they do. If you're taking both, though, may Jump-chan have mercy on your soul. Assuming something doesn't eat it first.

>> No.38719111

Oh, neat, someone else recognized it. I always feel alone in seeing it. Now I feel a lot better, I'll just ignore him like you say then.

>> No.38719112

In all fairness, this is 4chan. I don't have many friends either

But I digress. Personally I just got the crafting feats perk, a lot of classes and a little something extra for my companions so's I can start working on figuring out how the basics of how Neutronium crafting works later on (not real familiar with DnD)

>> No.38719152

Why was this thing even made?

>> No.38719158

As a bit of a heads up. The Neutronium golem thing is kinda unofficial. In that the book they were originally from was never fully finished and that it was released under the OGL. It likely doesn't even exist in DnD.

>> No.38719165

It's from the Immortal's Handbook. Which is full of utterly ridiculous stuff. Hell, it has rules for being omnipotent. The bestiary is full of things with thousands of levels. It's generally considered to be the result of someone having literally no oversight.

>> No.38719170

Elona's No Cap will get me through the first dungeon. Both I AND monsters will continue growing in power.

The multiverse... Will be fun.

>> No.38719177

>I can start working on figuring out how the basics of how Neutronium crafting works later on

It actually doesn't work. There does not exist any version of the Neutronium Golem which is at all official; invoking it at all is explicitly saying "and now, I'm going to use this random homebrew material". It's the epitome of "fanwank something"; you've gone off the rails, so now you're the one who gets to decide how everything works, since you're writing your own rules.

It's an Immortals Handbook thing. It was a fan attempt to make material for "epic" D&D settings, that wound up going the self-publishing route, unsuccessfully. The project wasn't actually finished, for lack of coherent implementation of some of the concepts they were using.

>> No.38719187

Here's a pretty amusing overlook of the Immortal's Bestiary, where this guy comes from http://www.somethingawful.com/dungeons-and-dragons/epic-level-insanity/1/

>> No.38719212

> Hey, Craig Cochrane: burn in hell. This is the worst font I have ever seen and I have seen a font made out of ninjas and one made out of weed leaves. This is some font bullshit.

I am laughing so hard right now.

>> No.38719227

DnD just really doesn't work for this level of stuff. It could work, conceivably, but it'd have to have its own system built.

>> No.38719238

Just imagine how hellishly long even one turn would be at this level? Even with a digital dice roller, you be taking like an hour per turn just to remember all the shit you can do.

>> No.38719252

This, basically. Some systems just aren't designed for some capabilities, and D&D isn't designed to simulate gods. If you want to be the manifestation of the power of an abstract concept, you want to be playing Nobilis or something, instead of D&D.

>> No.38719337



>> No.38719339

There's a quicker thinking thing in Mount and Blade.

>> No.38719387

There's consequences of that. At the end of the series the wizarding world is better off for all the stuff that happened.

You're leaving it with Dementors in Azkaban, Dobby as a slave to the Malfoys and a complacent/evil Ministry.

>> No.38719392

She may have plans for that as well.

>> No.38719407

Eh, depends on how serious Konata is about solving ALL the problems. It's out of character for her to care that much, though, so there's probably quite a few loose ends of that sort left lying around.

>> No.38719416

Well. First round of language edits has been done. Might go for a second round of exhaustive language edits later.

All that's left for now is the 2nd line of Licenser to be rewritten completely.

Reverse has been balanced. Some will scream that it's a severe nerf. Some will be happy it got changed. There are now plenty of clarified ways to strip Reverse. Naturally, all of these apply to the Jumper as well.

*Engage the caster in combat before he drops the spell (The moment you get in range, his casting fails. 100%)
*Dispel them. They can't recast until everyone except companions dies.
*Deal enough damage to normally kill them, Reverse wears off.
*Deal enough damage in one shot to overkill them. They die if the difference is too great.
*Reflect their own spells back on them.
*Cast Death spells.
*Use Status effects to kill you.

If this isn't enough, I can certainly think of more ways to balance this (10 second duration, shield weakens progressively, magic damage pierces Reverse, etc. etc.)

But for now, I think it's moderately ok.

>> No.38719443

Meh, bit extreme but I'd still buy it.

>> No.38719450

Looks like enough to me. Really, the most problematic bit was being unlimited in terms of damage absorbed. Since that's being fixed, none of the rest of is a problem.

I'd totally buy it at that price as well.

>> No.38719485

Sweet I cant wait.

I wonder if justice made that tonberry sword or not???

>> No.38719612

It just plain doesn't work like that. First of all you can't keep a drawback if it give you an advantage. Secondly the drawback doesn't change to match the setting, Jack's closet still has you waking up in an alternate version of Jack's closet instead of the protagonist's closet for instance. Thirdly you can't toggle drawbacks, if you relinquish one it's gone permanently.

>> No.38719678

And with that, 2nd line of Licenser is complete. Should be no more major changes. Somebody's comment about 4th line Gemini was taken into consideration - though I rewrote half of the Licenser line to stop it from being too much number crunching anyways. I left the 1st line alone - since it relates classes mostly.

If there's something major, let me know - as usual.

>> No.38719690

1. Taking the protagonist's place doesn't technically give you an advantage.

2. The Drawback doesn't specify "you take THIS GUY'S place". It says "of whatever protagonist's". So there.

3. Now that's just you spouting your own rules at people. Please don't

>> No.38719758

I'll check it out once my computer stops flipping tits.

>> No.38719814

Well I made a hellgate london jump. Here you go guys. Im going afk for a bit tell me what you think.

>> No.38719818

Is it possible to modify the invisible bow like it is with the sword?
Also why does it feel like the Naturalist background is kind of evil with its corruption based perks?

>> No.38719823

>tfw no Girls und Panzer jump

>> No.38719860

You could write it. That's what happened with the Strike Witches jump. Anon comes in, decides to take it into his own hand, makes a fun jump. Then people lamented no girls und panzer to pair with it, yet no anon stepped up.

>> No.38719882

No that's me spouting the actual rules on keeping drawbacks at people. And taking the place of the protagonist gets you many very clear advantages in available training and such.

>> No.38719886

...I dunno man, this just seems unappealing. Was their really nothing else to use for the perks? Even the capstones just seem to be lacking any charm. There's a whole bunch of spelling/grammar mistakes too.

>> No.38719894

Anon, just ignore him. He picks fights and tries to enforce his head canon/rules on everyone. Dude just looks for fights, please ignore him.

>> No.38719974

I am not completely done yet, I still need to edit the grammar and spelling, I just like to post up what I got for discussion. Also if I dont people will bitch that I didnt include the thread.

Im open to perk change suggestions but on the whole its surprisingly low powered for a demon apocalypse setting.

>> No.38719983

1. Yes it does. Advantage can be pretty loosely defined and taking the protagonist can give you advantages in a lot of ways.

If someone fanwanks hard enough to give themselves a drawback in every jump that does give them a clear advantage (i.e. puts them in a position to effect change easily/pick up whatever plot devices the protagonist normally would) then you can expect somebody with some sense to tell them that that's not how it works. Honestly you people whining about people starting fights are totally insufferable, sometimes people have arguments on the internet it doesn't always have to turn into a shitstorm and when people are full of shit they should be called out on it.

>> No.38719992

Our shitposter is really persistent, huh?

>> No.38720000

You're the shitposter here mate. How about you post a good argument instead of whining as usual?

>> No.38720006

Well, you know what they say about shitposters. Do not quote. Do not reply. Let him rot.

>> No.38720009

Yeah pretty much. So how're things going for you, Crux? What's the next jump you're building for? I liked Dune, you planning on making another jump?

>> No.38720017

Looks really neat.

I've got a question for the thread though, in order to support Gilgamesh's Mark, what perks let me quickly realize a weapon's capabilities?

>> No.38720023

Shit, I know there's one that basically says that outright but I can't remember the name.

>> No.38720033

I THINK Elona has something good for that.

Zero no Tsukaima's Gandalfr and Myotzbitchnirn are also useful.

>> No.38720036

Right now I don't have anything in the works, I fear. I'm going to have to figure something out, but I want to pick a good jump where I can ensure that the signal-to-noise ratio ... is ...

holy shit I just came up with an idea while sitting here listening to music and I can guarantee that nobody else will do it, let alone pull it off separately while I've got it 75% complete. (granted, when that happened, I'd made no progress for two weeks and their version was vastly superior.)

This should be good. Maybe I'll have something soon. Well, more like a week... I still haven't slept since yesterday night.

>> No.38720049

Oh? What jump would this be?

>> No.38720072

Evangelion. Seriously, I hit a wall with that and I was very dissatisfied with what I was coming up with, but I hadn't commented about it and had been busy with life and ex-roommate trouble.

>> No.38720081

Clarification: that was the one I ended up scrapping, and a vastly superior version was released by someone else entirely.

>> No.38720083


>>38719612 and >>38719882 were me. >>38719983 was another anon who also actually cares about and remembers the rules on this as opposed to deciding that taking the place of every protagonist that he doesn't like isn't an advantage. Seriously that gives major advantages and opportunities for plot coupons in pretty much any jump you could use it in.

>> No.38720128


So jumpers, this is going to be hard to phrase right, but what's your symbolic stone? Not like your birth stone, but the gem, rock, or mineral that you think fits you the best and that you might use a lot in your decorating?

>> No.38720140

I am a horrible monstrosity from beyond space and time.

>> No.38720141

It's awfully cliche, but gold is loved for a reason. Having tons of gold jewellery, golden weapons or even a golden palace! That'd be immensely satisfying for my greed.

>> No.38720148


>> No.38720187

Black marble, mostly. I find that when I tend to make structures out of a given material, that works well. Especially if it's gilded.

>> No.38720188


>> No.38720204

Drawbacks: Encroaching Mist, State of Emergency (1800)

Free pic-let's start in Bhujerba

Naturalist-Explorer, Hume

Surveyor (Free). Our trap proficiency grows ever stronger
Weather Soul (1700). We'll have to experiment with this to see if this is ANY weather we want, or whatever weather is in the area-but this has potential!
Creeping Jagd (1500). We shall study these zones-and tweak their properties. See if they can NOPE away other energy sources apart from magic
Nexus of Giruvegan (1200). Took us 316 jumps, but FINALLY: Our own multidimensional labyrinth!
Magicite Bloom (800). Another thing to experiment with/study/add in our morning coffee
Nethicite Synthesis (700). See above-but even harder; the possibilities of a substance that stores AND negates magic are /very/ intriguing.
Nethicite Infusion (100). And this is just a mean spirited FUCK YOU to anyone we don't like, especially when we finish certain modifications to our nethicite store...
Channelling (0). Equal opportunities and all that jazz.

SO. Looks like SOMEWHERE is in dire need of constant bombardment with Exile Cannon and Aeonic Orb, and a quarantine via time-stasis fields, before a constant deluge of cosmic fire via portals. Perhaps it's also a good time to start planting some Jagd to see its effects first hand.

Other than that-like most Final Fantasy settings, we've not a clue what the heck is going on. So-we're going to ask the Occuria! Once we wrap things up we're, we're going to open some portals to their native plane and interview them about stuff and things

Other than that, plans include starting an underground tonberry fighting ring

>> No.38720263

Labradorite. I wouldn't want an entire palace out of the stuff, but having few particularly lovely specimens would make me happy.

>> No.38720383

>summon horned reaper

The fuck? I thought that was from Dungeon Keeper

Regarding Condemn-can you work it into a metal solo and defeat the demons with a rockoff?

Shouldn't the Spear of Destiny be intensly powerful against a LOT more targets if it really is the thing that pierced Jesus?

Also seconding >>38719886

>> No.38720408

Exactly how great is the mana store allocated by the silver hand? It's a shame none of the items are discounted; frankly they look more appealling than most of the perks

>> No.38720650

Im going by the books and game lore spear of destiny. The reaper ability is from the game, its the one shown eating the witch near the end of this video


Guess I need to change some perks too.

Silver hand mana reserves regenerates pretty quickly. Its a massive store too, you could probably use it to hurl a pickup truck a good distance without getting tired, but you couldnt level a building with one sweep. I was considering offering discounts on the items.

Like I said its not completely finished, if you guys have ideas Im more than willing to take suggestions.

>> No.38720659

Well here it is. Opinions would be liked. Thanks to Quicksilver and Red for helping a lot.

>> No.38720677

If I've been dishonored, how should I get my honor back?

>> No.38720716

Large amounts of murder.

>> No.38720741

Oh, I like this. The banter between Jump-chan and the Outsider after getting his mark is hilarious. And the perks are pretty awesome, I especially like the Whaler-discounted ones. Nice job.

>> No.38720793

Fun. Although, the Whaler's capstone seems kind of... Lackluster? I mean, it seems like something I'd be able to do anyway.

Have you thought of making it a subverting perk? As in, where Loyalty makes people more loyal to you, Whaler's capstone would make you more capable of subverting others to your side?

>> No.38720809

I'm confused about the tiers. If I wanted, say, Agility II, do I pay 3 or 5 thingies?

>> No.38720822


>> No.38720829

I was thinking of adding something where you find it easier to get more information on whatever you need such as taking people alive or making it easier to kill someone and make it look like an accident.

You would have to pay 3 to get tier one then 5 to get tier two.

>> No.38720842

so 8 total?

>> No.38720846

And I messed up the numbers it's 2 then 3.

>> No.38721147

Is there a cap on drawbacks, by the way? Same old 600 CP or more?

>> No.38721184

Same 600 CP. Will mention that next update.

>> No.38721235

I just thought of a nasty exploit of a cheap ability. It's nothing particularly powerful, just entertaining. Show Your Work from the Investigation jump makes it so that "after you've solved a mystery, the supporting evidence, steps and logic rapidly make themselves known". Consider that, by virtue of meta-knowledge, it will often be the case that we enter jumps already knowing the solution to mysteries. That means our very presence causes conspiracies and schemes to be discovered. That's got some major plot-unraveling potential.

>> No.38721280

You probably have to actively solve a mystery, in the sense a detective would. Just knowing the answers is unlikely to do anything, If you know the answers and then take part in some investigation that'd probs work.

>> No.38721283

I don't think it quite works like that- just showing up knowing the answers isn't going to cut it. You need to do the legwork and somehow physically solve the "mystery" in some way.

Just appearing isn't going to solve all the problems with a particular setting, I'd assume you have to actually do some sort of work.

>> No.38721315

The perk is explicitly meant to provide supporting evidence when you didn't actually do an investigation and just cheated using your powers, so that you can present it to others in a way they'll accept. I think meta-knowledge should fall under "cheat using your powers". It's the same basic principle, that you're skipping the legwork and just using your nature as a jumper to solve the mystery. And I'm not saying it would solve the problem, just that it would expose mysteries. In many cases, that's actually going to cause more problems.

>> No.38721349

Sure it would. I'm saying you'd have to take part in an investigation for it to work, even if it is only to point out the actual truth. Just entering a world won't unravel every mystery you're involved in.

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