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New Fate thread.

You can talk about Fate here if you feel like it.

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Do you mean the roleplaying game or the chinese cartoon?

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I don't suppose anybody has complete and readable scans of all of the Fate/Ace Royal cards?

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Whats a good systme to run a fate game on? inb4 FATE

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Obviously it's FATAL.
How can you do genuine Fate sex, true to the VN, if you don't even have rolls for anal circumference, I ask you?

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What do you think?

Previous thread: >>38674110

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I know you don't want to hear this, but FATE might actually be a good way to go.

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in after FATE

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I don't know... do you get to control both a master and a servant, or is one of them an NPC? Or maybe a game where you can be one or the other?

I feel like the Grail War is the kind of thing that can be a little tricky to represent in a traditional tabletop fashion, though obviously not impossible. It would definitely be a different kind of game however you run it, I think.

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What could work is having teams of two people- the master and the servant. An online playing zone would be able to allow this better. Make sure each player has their own goals and morals, a big part of the game is the conflict of interest between Master and Servant.

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>I don't know... do you get to control both a master and a servant, or is one of them an NPC? Or maybe a game where you can be one or the other?
Obviously, DND3.x. Everyone is Wizards with the Leadership feat.

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I can? Okay then; I watched Fate/Stay Night after hearing the premise and assuming it would be badass, and found it massive disappointment. Thought CLAMP ruined it by making it a generic-ass coming of age story with superfluous harem comedy elements, seemingly injected for the sole purpose of making a series where Cuchulain, Hercules, and King Arthur fight as far from being as awesome as that sounds as possible.

Put off watching Fate Zero for the longest time, finally got drawn in by the phrase "Vimana vs. F-15 turned Noble Phantasm". Went in braced for disappoint, found a mix of hyperkinetic visuals, intrigue, and lorewank that was pretty much everything I like about animu.

What the shit? How was Stay Night so much worse than it's prequel? It's even a better introduction to the franchise than the first series, they explain terms like Noble Phantasm and Reality Marble better than Tohsaka's lectures ever did.

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>I watched Fate/Stay Night
Well, that's the first mistake you made.

>How was Stay Night so much worse than it's prequel
Are you judging it on the first anime adaptation (which was mediocre at best) vs. the anime adaptation of F/0, or the full VN vs. the full novel?

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I think that would have been helpful.

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>How was Stay Night so much worse than it's prequel?
Different studios. F/SN was handled by DEEN, and was basically a poorly animated mishmash of a story adapted from three different alternative stories in the original visual novel. Fate/Zero was made by Ufotable, done in a visual style they had already experimented with over the production of several movies. Of course there's more to it than that, but basically it just comes down to DEEN simply being a bad studio and Ufotable doing a much better job with the material and resources they had to work with.

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Divvy up an amount of points to both stats and noble Phantasms. Something like 100 points, each physical point is 5, each social is worth 2, each intelligence branch is worth 4. Noble Phantasms are charms, the essence requirement is it's rank, rank determines how many times a charm has to be bought again to use.

Each class gets differing amounts of points and bonuses. Rider gets a free mount and charm for ride or survival, Saber gets the highest amount of points and free magic resistance, Assassin is the only class allowed to purchase stealth.

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That's actually a pretty cool idea. I love asymmetric games like Witch Quest (one player plays the witch, the other the witch's familiar) and Peekaboo (one player plays a child, the other a ghost companion - which incidentally just screams "Persona" to me, but that's for another thread).

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DEEN also tried to adapt the first storyline of F/SN, which is perhaps the most basic out of all of them while trying to keep elements of the others people liked.

It didn't work so well.
I had one person go on and on about his d20 version of Fate, and it seemed to me Exalted'd style of combat (lots of really high dramatic visual superpowered swordfight shit) is the best non-altered game representation.

You even have shiny cool named magical weapons of power that are somewhat oversized in the anime fashion.

Admittedly the least bit is only in Saber's case; the blade width on Excaliber looks nearly as big as her head, because she!/ drawn so tiny. Everyone else has weapons of reasonable size for their physical build.

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>tfw Fastwheels doesn't get to be happy
>tfw Kotomine no Kotomine to pat my head
>tfw Zouken isn't invited

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Man. Waver's fake dad was so bro-tier. I miss that guy.

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>they explain terms like Noble Phantasm and Reality Marble better than Tohsaka's lectures ever did.
The fact that you think there was a reality marble in Zero shows that they didn't.
Also read the fucking VN

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It's not FATE. It's not a god damn acronym, it's Fate.

GURPS is GURPS because it stands for Generic Universal Roleplaying System.

Fate doesn't stand for shit.

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Broskander was a shitload nicer then most Servants seem to be.
What is it WITH Nasu and word text walls?

If Urobuchi's fetish is inflicting horrible emotional and physical tortures on charaters then Nasu's is exposition.

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>>tfw Zouken isn't invited
He's too much of an asshole compared to the rest. Yes, even Kotomine and Team Cool.

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>hating on best grandpa

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I was talking about that old dude that Waver brainwashed except the old guy totally knew what was going on. But Iskander was def kuuru too.

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Waver is so shit it isn't even funny anymore

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Alright, internet pedant, you win this round. I was all set to bitch at you, but it seems you are technically correct; the best kind of correct.

Regardless, I'mma keep writing it in all caps, same way I write FantasyCraft without the space. The red squiggly lines underneath it don't represent a misspelling, they represent my conviction. It's the line I drew in the sand, when I said "No, Firefox, you revise your spelling."

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Whats the best class and why is it Archer?

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Sure as hell ain't because of Gil.

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Because Saber a boring, Lancer has E-rank Luck, Bahsahkah eats too much and everybody else is irrelevant 'cause not the Knight classes.

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Saber of Black.

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Because of Gilgamesh.

Best character

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Lancer's are always best.

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After the war he grows his hair out, puts on some very tight leather pants, and starts wearing a permanent scowling expression on his face.

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Apocrypha has the only decent Archers and even then pic related is light years ahead of Atalanta.

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>good character

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A glorified speed bump.

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How would you, in your opinion, distinguish between a normal spell and something that was Noble Phantasm worthy? While pure overwhelming power is the go to, are there subtle differences that Noble Phantasms would possess that normal magecraft would not?

I don't expect a serious answer because Nasu.

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Chiron was actually useful unlike Atalanta.

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Side Material
>Noble Phantasm.
>The armaments carried by Heroic Spirits, made from humanity's illusions.
>Though they generally come in the form of things like swords, spears, or bows, there are also those Heroic Spirits whose Noble Phantasms are auxiliary armaments like shields, rings, or crowns.
>They are solidified "mysteries", and injecting them with magical energy while calling their true name will unleash their abilities.

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Noble Phantasms don't always have instant effects, often are always more powerful than the typical magecraft, cost less to use and often go into thematics and effects Mage craft cannot, like concepts.

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EVERY series taking place in Type-Moon has at least one guy like Gil it seems like.

Not personality-wise; more in that his power is basically openly stated to be "SUPER S-CLASS BEYOND INFINITY WHO IS DOMINATE", and he could never, EVER be beaten ever in all eternity except in that one exact situation that comes up when he first starts to throw down with the hero and then he dead.
Generally it seems Noble Phantasms are nearly always directly connected to the legend of the Heroic Spirit in question somehow.

The only ones who don't follow this rule are Heroic Spirits who's legend has no such superpowered weapon or skill or whatever to draw on so the author has to pull shit out of his ass.

But from what I can tell the ACTUAL objective is to make every Original Servant Do Not Steal's powers a zillion times more impressive then existing characters because everyone in Japan has compensation issues or something.
This is weirdly amusing.

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I enjoyed Gilgamesh for his personality.

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Zouken's being an asshole is a feature, not a flaw.

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i just want to serve Gilgamesh

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God you're such a fucking asshat, are all tripfags so annoying AND wrong?

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Just because someone is an asshole doesn't mean you can't enjoy his personality.

I enjoyed his arrogance and pride, especially when put in situations such as Gilgamesh VS Shiro in UBW, where his Pride refused to let him draw Ea until he was sure he was going to be killed

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The guy is limited to something like three or four expressions. He's mostly just arrogantly angry, arrogantly amused, arrogantly stoic, or just plain arrogant.

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That's a whole lot of waffle that says nothing.

I should have clarified that I want a mechanical difference.

Useful stuff although Concepts is always a nebulous sort of thingy.

Yes I know that but how is it different from magecraft?

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File: 30 KB, 624x351, -bald-black-sclera-blush-fatestay-night-fatezero-fate-series-gasai-yuno-hands-on-own-cheeks-hands-on-own-face-matou-zouken-mirai-nikki-p-532b42efbd344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Worms are justice. Worms are love. Love the worms.

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He has been afraid, sad, bashful and a few other things.

Although the number of people to witness such emotions can be counted on one hand.

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A VN kind of needs exposition, and the Fate route needed to introduce the reader to the universe. It's considered to be the worst route. Even Nasu said he'd like to redo it because he thinks the romance stuff was poorly done.

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Is it possible that Sauron is a Heroic Spirit? I mean, there's a Heroic Spirit for goddamn fairy tale so why not.

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In theory, yes. You can summon just about anything under the right circumstances. One guy summoned an incarnation of the legend of Jack the Ripper.

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I gotta say, he's probably the best example of the idea of "Blue and Orange Morality" (a permutation of Black and White, Black and Grey, Whit and Grey, and Gray and Grey morality) you can name.

In his actions he doesn't really seem immoral or amoral; he seems to hold to a standard of morality, just a very foreign, very primeval one. One you can't really identify with now, but that gives you the sense it's consistent, for all that. That makes the character interesting.

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One of the pre-reqs for being a Heroic Spirit is being a human or at least close enough that Akasha decides that you count. While the rules on that are... vague at best, Sauron is a maya and Divine Spirits like Angels are one of the few races that are specifically noted to be incapable of ascending to heroic spirit status.

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>EVERY series taking place in Type-Moon has at least one guy like Gil it seems like.
Not Kara no Kyoukai.

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As was stated in the last thread, Gil's morals are to human morals as human morals are to ant morals.

When you are a human, you don't think like an ant; when you are a god, you don't think like a human.

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SHE is the Gilgamesh in that series.

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Piss off, Zouken. Don't you have adopted grandchildren to rape and daughters-in-law to turn into fertilizer?

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If we had a list of weird Heroic Spirits that were summoned, it would include:

Aforementioned two lovely Ladies.
King Arthur who isn't quite dead yet (I think. I don't remember the details). The fact King Arthur is female isn't weird since it seem a noticeable portion of all historical figures were female.
Avenger, who fucked everything up.
An Assassin summoned by a servant.
A person from the future, who isn't even a Heroic Spirit as of when he was summoned.

What else?

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Not really. Like, the very first episode has her losing an arm. And then she practically gets killed in episode 7. And Mikiya is her psychological weakness.

Compare Gil, who is basically invincible until Shirou UBWs him.

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No point in listing them all, every war has at least one or two oddballs.

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1 of the 4 horsemen
Japanese peasant (Oh wait you mentioned him)

>> No.38686485

Prism Illya is the only good thing to come out of this series.

>> No.38686487

Wait, aren't CG Heroic Spirits too?
Sure, they don't require actually being known but I thought it was more of a shortcut than an outright break of the rules. Like a relative putting a word for you at your new job.

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Since spirits can come from the past, present and future, I'm wondering if a heroic spirit would be a transhuman from the future who wields a plasma gun as a noble phantasm.

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>all these katana Ryougis
It's funny, because she only ever uses a katana for ONE fight, and to get the katana in the first place she had to go through her family's Yakuza contacts.

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Sure, if you're a pedophile.

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You could try summon Gun God but Nasu doesn't really count people from the future.

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File: 1.33 MB, 1280x720, [UTW]_Fate_Kaleid_Liner_Prisma_Ilya_-_02_[h264-720p][3874DE96].mkv_snapshot_08.49_[2013.07.25_09.28.21].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Doesn't Throne of Heroes have a dress code that says "no guns"?
Also, he would have to be either a CG or really-really weird.

>> No.38686551

Probably not, at least not in Fuyuki's wars, stay night, zero, hollow ataraxia. He's too divine, angels, gods, and other beings like that can't be summoned.

If it's Extra/Extra CCC's moon cell war, probably. I haven't played CCC because it will never get translated, but I think gods and divine stuff like them were summoned in CCC

>> No.38686552

Buddha, the four horsemen, and concepts are close enough; I take it ex-divine beings are too.

>> No.38686575

I tried putting together a Servant sheet for Gun God Godo once.

Though I guess he's nothing like what you said other than being from the future, sinc3 he's kind of the opposite of transhuman.

...Someone should try to stat Ado Edem. Him facing Gil would be amazing. Coming from opposite ends of the timeline, with each entitled to claim the name of history's greatest hero...

>> No.38686603

>Ado Edem

>> No.38686637

Well if you ask the Nasufags about it, it's impossible for anyone after 1800 to become a Heroic Spirit the normal way, so no. Being able to summon them from any point in time means precisely jack all when the only ones you can summon are from the past anyway.

Counter Guardians CAN be from the future, but that's a no-go too since apparently, they aren't proper heroic spirits and thus can only be summoned if you have a specific catalyst, meaning you'd have to know enough about someone who doesn't exist yet that you were able to look for something like that in the first place.

>> No.38686648


A dude who wields a special sword named Slash Emperor, which has similar bullshit OP pls nerf power like Ea.

>> No.38686651

>Something something guns are easier than swords blah blah blah DISHONORABRU.

Guess Audy Murphy, Napoleon, and Chesty Puller are disqualified, even though there's an entire class dedicated to rangedd combat.

Or does have to do with Gilgamesh never having thought of a gun, let alone owning the prototype to legendary guns?

>> No.38686674

Napoleon would be a pretty cool Heroic Spirit. Artillery everywhere.

>> No.38686684

Read Noted, it's a short story by Nasu, one if his earlier works. It's about the planet being dead, and a number of monstrous beings being called to wipe out the remaining life on earth

It's really short, maybe 10-20 minutes to finish it

>> No.38686695

I would want to see Patton.


>> No.38686696

Says you. I *liked* watching depressed Bullet-time Spike Spiegel fight Alexander Anderson with ahedonia.

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File: 223 KB, 367x515, Ado_Edem_Slash_Emperor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A character from Angel Notes, one of Nasu's earliest works which is confirmed to take place in the current Nasuverse's distant future.

Edem himself doesn't show up on-screen, but he's noted as humanity's greatest hero who's able to one-shot types with "Slash Emperor," a sword literally made from humanity's desire to survive. Note that ORT, one of the only TYPEs we know anything about, has been stated by Nasu to be stronger than Gilgamesh.

>> No.38686705

Oops, Notes

>> No.38686719

Notes. (I'm assuming you made a typo.)

>a number of monstrous beings being called to wipe out the remaining life on earth
To be fair, those monsters were summoned by the planet itself, not wanting humans to live on the planet past its death.

>> No.38686723

Actually me too.
It's pretty fucking hilarious how he talks to absolutely everybody.
It's the arrogant part that's so hilarious to me.

I mean, he's like up there with, I dunno, Doctor Doom or something in the absurd levels of self-regard he has. Sure it's technically all justified but to hear him troll everyone about it constantly is pretty amusing.
>Yes I know that but how is it different from magecraft?
You got me.
>A VN kind of needs exposition, and the Fate route needed to introduce the reader to the universe.
That's a fair point.
>Even Nasu said he'd like to redo it because he thinks the romance stuff was poorly done.
I'm almost convinced that sometimes Nasu does romance and sex scenes largely because he's supposed to because LOTS of VN's use that as their whole selling point. Waifus sell in Japan after all.

Not entirely convinced, but almost. I don't know enough about the guy.
I like to put it as his worldview is based completely around himself because once upon a time the entire world DID revolve around him as far as he tells it.
It's SHE sorta like the Gil in-
Oh, someone said it.
So does Nvqs...Nurq...the Chaos guy made out of animals and shit from Tsukihime.

Nasu has stated that the nature of his body would make it nearly impossible for Arcuied to kill him even at full power and she is still pretty much the strongest heroine in the setting.

But Shiki has the one thing that totally screws his power, and he kicks it relatively early on in the plot.

Gil has a LOT better showing then Keyboardbuttonmash Chaos though, because he's had two VN's where he pretty much DOES walk his talk.

>> No.38686731

There are Heroic Spirits straight up to about 1920ish but they get very thin in number.

It is theoretically possible to summon someone from the future with the right catalyst. Gaia doesn't turn anyone into a CG, you need to be really special and awesome. So, in theory, if you grabbed something off every crazy awesome person in the world right now then you MIGHT summon their future self.

Good luck with that.

Napoleon could definitely get in although the other two might have some problems. I know Nasu says guns=no but that's more in the sense 'if you ONLY get in by virtue of gun then you don't get in'.

>> No.38686740

Well when you put it that way!

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>distant future
Wasn't that "distant, alternate future where Tsukihime didn't happen", or was that Tsuki no Sango?

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Any dress code that excludes Doc Holliday is a shitty dress code, you ask me.

>> No.38686791

Eh, most of the ones I've talked to use 1800 as the cutoff point for some reason. I've learned to stop arguing it.

Though keep in mind that the Servants from EXTRA weren't summoned from the throne, if you're using that for reference.

>> No.38686800

I personally think it's more to do with magic becoming weaker and myths no longer forming.
Basically, magic deteriorated so much only Alaya has enough power to pull somebody in the Throne of Heroes anymore.
I cling to that interpretation because the one about guns being easy to use is stupid and could possibly be justified as more of "magecraft logic" than something we are supposed to buy.

>> No.38686801

Honestly, Chesty Puller preferred bayonets anyway.

>> No.38686807


Can I summon Shiki Ryogi if I got ahold of that hunting knife?

>> No.38686826

Strangefake Rider isn't the Horseman, just the concept of disease justified by the fact that disease technically "rides" the infected. And that was only possible because that whole war is even more wonky than the rest what with the previously mentioned disease spirit who infests dreamworlds, Saber class being replaced with temp spirits, the concept of Jack the Ripper and the NP-wielding cops.

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File: 1.08 MB, 2893x4102, 0b468e6294bd40e6f63e8e69eb92aa13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So does Nvqs...Nurq...the Chaos guy made out of animals and shit from Tsukihime.
My point being that Ryougi Shiki is decidedly mortal (unlike Gil) and actually pretty easy to kill if people didn't keep trying to engage her in a close-quarters knife fight which is kind of Her Thing.

Like, Fujinon almost manages to gank Ryougi, except for the part where Fujinon doesn't have the same level of combat experience that Ryougi does.

>> No.38686863

We've had a gun wielding servant, you just have to be famous for something that doesn't involve guns. Simo Hayha? Not getting in. Some great military tactician or naval captain could, even if he was around when guns were widely used

>> No.38686880

No, Melty Blood (The sequel to Tsukihime) makes no sense if that's true -- a major plot point is that one of the villains saw that particular future, decided that it meant humanity was doomed, and decided that that meant they needed to slaughter humanity before that happened in such a way that they would actually have an impact on the universe after they were gone instead of just withering away.

So... I guess it might be an alternate future where Melty Blood didn't happen? I don't recall anything happening in Melty Blood to avert it, kinda the opposite really.

>> No.38686886

Maybe, but Enuma Elish is still a bullshit infinite damage attack, even if Ado is stronger than Gil.

Might be fun to see it collide with Slash Emperor.

>> No.38686907

If you mean Drake, the Servants in EXTRA aren't summoned from the throne of heroes. She's not a Heroic Spirit.

>> No.38686908

Jack the Ripper is 1888.

Oh he's not the horseman? Seemed like it. The other guy was asking for crazy nonsensical Heroes, I gave it to him.

>> No.38686932

Exactly my point. It's unclear who would win, but it *is* clear that both sides are really fucking strong.

It doesn't really matter who would win, either way it would be epic.

>> No.38686963

>Melty Blood
I thought Melty Blood was a fanwork and wasn't canonical?

>> No.38686987

Nope, it's an official Type-Moon work.

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What about this then?
>Q: The concept of Tsuki no Sango is the "degenerated what if scenario" of Tsukihime 3000, but is Tsuki no Sango a potential future of Tsukihime universe?
>A: Tsuki no Sango is a world where the event of Tsukihime did not occur. Different from EXTRA's "what if" scenario, the one of Tsuki no Sango is "a degenerated world where magecraft yet lingers". Tsuki no Sango has a Land of Steel type of world.
It is possible that either Melty Blood timeline =/= Tsukihime timeline, or that she can saw the events from some completely unrelated timeline instead just because her power allows for that. I dunno, I didn't play Melty Blood yet.
Or are we going full picrelated mode?

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>Don't you have adopted grandchildren to rape

>> No.38687020

Sorry for the wall of questions.

The way I understand it is that you can summon the actual historical person from legend or a manifestation of the legend behind that person, like how Jack The Ripper isn't the actual killer but the idea behind the killer.

Is this because the person was never known so an approximation is created?

Presumably since Arthur is running around, does that mean I could summon Merlin as a Mage? Would they recognize one another?

How long does it take someone to become legendary? What if it's regional? Could I summon George Washington?

What about near divine beings? Can I summon Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad, real mortals who took on divine aspects?

What class would people be if they weren't known for their fighting ability, but rather their intelligence or wisdom? What would I get if I tried to summon Sherlock Holmes or Solomon? Would Hiram Abiff be a proper servant?

Could I summon my waifu?

>> No.38687024

Oh, it would be badass to see him up against the tacticians and strategists of antiquity.

>Clausewitz... You magnificent bastard. I read your book!

>> No.38687052

Reading through these threads alwayd reminds me how fucking murky everything about the Nasuverse is. Every discussion boils down to "We think it maybe possibly kinda works a little bit like this". And I can't bring myself to stop enjoying it.

>> No.38687055

I much prefer this one.

>> No.38687057

Well that's more logical.
Hayha killed five hundred men, survived artillery strikes and countersnipers, hid in snow in sub-zero weather, and became the Russians' greatest fear. I think his reputation is sufficient even if it was earned with a gun. He could be one of those we-know-it's-supposed-to-only-be-this-particular-group-of-guys-but-it's-a-class-that-defies-explanation-anyway-type assassins.

>> No.38687058

Oh, I wasn't arguing that the Gil-character was always the same level as power as Gil is, just that it's a really common plot device.

Honestly though, it's not even something Nasu is personally guilty of as a writer; a LOT of Japanese works have a guy introduced like that as the baddest guy ever just so he can get tossed around by the next baddest guy ever who is the guy they fight next without showing how dangerous the last guy was.

And Nasu's better at genuinely showing how goddamn hard those characters are to kill at least compared to some of those authors with the possible exception of Kayneth, who's supposed to be one of the more powerful guys in the 4th HGW but suffers the most in it.

Though that's largely because Eritsugu is super awesome at exploiting arrogance and cheating like a motherfucker.
Does Gil use it on Shirou and it like..misses?

I had to read the VN in Japanese and mine is not the best admittedly, but it seemed like he whipped it out and Shirou dodged and killed him.

Did he not get a chance to pull it off or does it just need to hit before it Instakills?

>> No.38687060

The Servants aren't summoned from the Throne but that doesn't mean the same Servant isn't also a Heroic Spirit.

Of course, there is no evidence that says they ARE one either.

>> No.38687083

>Patton vs Caesar

>> No.38687086
File: 264 KB, 1426x1991, ef17fe3b0afd8fd122ca2ec8dadcc22e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What about near divine beings? Can I summon Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad, real mortals who took on divine aspects?
You explicitly cannot summon divinities into a Grail War.

>> No.38687098

Why not read it in English?

Archer used Rho Aias.

>> No.38687110

He doesn't actually use Enuma Elish.

Hell, that attack doesn't even need to hit. It just destroys everything that Gil intends to destroy with it. The concept of space is totally meaningless to an attack which literally returns reality to the Big Bang.

>> No.38687114

Same people.

>> No.38687120

No, he's still alive somehow. True Magic is op and he pissed off some fairies

>> No.38687121

Also, let's note that if it is the truth, apparently for some reason Tsukihime events are very important so that the world doesn't suck, despite how small scale they are. Or maybe Tsukihime events can't happen if the event that allows for Tsuki no Sango happens? But in that case it's expressed really weird; looking at how he says it, it really gives the impression that it's all a direct consequence of Tsukihime not happening.

>> No.38687165
File: 522 KB, 1189x678, screen-shot-2011-10-05-at-7-17-13-pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'd do well to remember that she's probably up to her chest in dead or dying puppies.

>> No.38687168

That's the joke. Since Patton was so obsessed with Caesar, it'd be interesting.

>> No.38687192
File: 239 KB, 1280x800, animepaperwallpapers_kara-no-kyoukai_luches16_1280x800_91676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a LOT of Japanese works have a guy introduced like that as the baddest guy ever just so he can get tossed around by the next baddest guy ever who is the guy they fight next without showing how dangerous the last guy was.
And that isn't Ryougi Shiki. The closest thing KnK has to that archetype is either Touko or Araya Souren, and Touko doesn't even really fight all that much (she has the two scenes in Paradox Spiral, and we all know how one of them ends). Araya Souren is basically the explicit plot's main villain (the subplot being about Ryougi's psychological issues, which doesn't have a "main villain" in the conventional sense) and also didn't get his ass kicked because of One Weird Trick Buddhist Monks Don't Want You To Know About!.

I mean, dude was in his own domain, practically, and only lost because he chose to.

>> No.38687207

Because when I read it it WASN'T in English anywhere yet.

My girlfriend at the time introduced me to the series through it and she had an untranslated version she got somewhere online.

Gilgamesh's dialogue is really fucking hard to understand by the way if you're just reading it. His method of speaking is rather strange, extremely old-fashioned.
Oh, so he just pulled it out then and got wacked before he could do it?
That makes more sense. How he used it in Zero made me think he doesn't even need to AIM it, which didn't jive with my original reading at the time.

>> No.38687234

I know. Ruining jokes is my fetish.
So would Patton be an Archer or Rider?

>> No.38687252

There are 2 Jacks. Strange Fake is the concept of Jack, Apocrypha is more an embodiment of the sorrows of London's prostitute-orphaned children.

Washington is in the upcoming mobile game (I think). And region matters to an extent. Servants get stronger in their home territory. Apocrypha takes place in Vlad the Impaler's homeland so he's super juiced.

Divine characters are generally barred from becoming Servants. Though spirits do have a Divinity raking that comes into play for certain abilities.

Many servants qualify for more than one class. Like F/SN/0 Saber also qualifies for the Rider class. Beyond that, people like Shakespeare have been summoned as Caster. It all really depends on the legends and legacies.

Depends on who your waifu is.

>> No.38687258

>Is this because the person was never known so an approximation is created?
It depends, but it's almost always not that.

Summoning only the idea behind the person CAN happen, but usually it's because the person in question didn't actually exist, and it was only the idea behind that person that ascended to the throne. It can also happen if something's wrong about the summon, such as the fake Jack being summoned by a fake grail using a fake knife as a catalyst; the Jack summoned in Apocrypha was the real deal.
>Presumably since Arthur is running around, does that mean I could summon Merlin as a Mage? Would they recognize one another?
Yes and yes. This actually happened in zero, though it was Lancelot rather than Merlin.
>How long does it take someone to become legendary?
Technically this doesn't matter, since the throne exists outside of time. Once they ascend, they were always there.
> What if it's regional?
Heroic Spirits are stronger in regions where their legends are better known. For example, Vlad Tepes in Apocrypha was practically invincible due to being summoned in his native country.
>Could I summon George Washington?
Possibly. It depends more on whether or not he qualifies than it does on how long it's been, and the former is debatable.
>What about near divine beings? Can I summon Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad, real mortals who took on divine aspects?
Yep. They would have ranks in Divinity, but ascending to godhood later on doesn't effect qualifications for being a Heroic Spirit. The Herakles in canon was explicitly noted to have ascended to godhood after his death, and if I remember right he got an increased rank in Divinity out of it.
>What class would people be if they weren't known for their fighting ability, but rather their intelligence or wisdom?
Caster, most likely.
>What would I get if I tried to summon Sherlock Holmes or Solomon?
Solomon is the sort of person the Caster class was made for, you could definitely get him.

>> No.38687267

>Gilgamesh's dialogue is really fucking hard to understand

I've heard that even native Japanese readers have the same problem with his dialogue

>> No.38687270

>Oh, so he just pulled it out then and got wacked before he could do it?

Yep. Gil's constant theme is that he'll only ever fight with the strength he believes he needs to win, and so he underestimates his opponents and completely jobs all his important battles.

If he actually feels threatened, then he tries to use Ea, and if he actually gets Enuma Elish off, you lose. It's an unavoidable infinite damage attack. Trick is for him to actually get to that point in the first place and still have the time to use it.

>> No.38687285

That car crash was an example of Rank E luck.

>> No.38687296

>Jack the Ripper
This war is weird. You can do that, but overall the "proper" war should have only goodie-two-shoes Heroic Spirits who all at least kinda existed and are all famous.
Of course, there is no such thing as the "proper" Holy Grail War, and if there was, it would be boring, so go wild on that one.
He still hasn't died so no. Well, Shirou didn't die when Aacha was summoned either, but Merlin is specifically mentioned to be off-limits.
>how long until legend
Somewhere around 1900-1920 is the cutoff point; after that it's almost impossible to become a Heroic Spirit, barring Counter Guardians who get a loophole but are pretty dificult to summon without a proper catalyst.
Out of the question, unless you're working under EXTRA rules. Divine Spirits are their own category.
>intelligence and wisdom
Have no idea, probably Caster?
i doubt about that one.

>> No.38687310
File: 5.25 MB, 2425x4500, b7841be6606a46eb4c1f3231ec7468e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Depends on who your waifu is.
I think anon meant the concept of "my waifu".

Goddamnit, I don't have that image of the most moe character to exist... have a 東方美人 instead.

>> No.38687348

Well, if he does die he'll probably ascend right away, and the throne is outside of time...

Interestingly, Scathach is apparently still alive too, according to Nasu.
Only divinities that were never Mortal. Near-divine beings, such as all of the ones he mentioned, are different.

Hell, Nasu-verse Medusa is technically a god, albeit one who qualifies as mortal due to a loophole.

>> No.38687355

>Gilgamesh's dialogue is really fucking hard to understand by the way if you're just reading it.

Very much intentional. He's supposed to come off as somebody with an extremely alien mindset that is nonetheless still based in humanity.

>> No.38687368
File: 41 KB, 350x596, 1259518016711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shirou didn't die when Aacha was summoned either
EMIYA is a Counter Guardian and not "really" a Heroic Spirit (or rather, he *is* a Heroic Spirit, but executes the duties of a Counter Guardian). Also, from the future. Also, he wasn't intentionally summoned. Also, it was just as keikaku.

>> No.38687370

>Implying his luck wasn't good enough to keep him alive the previous sixty years

>> No.38687375

>Doesn't Throne of Heroes have a dress code that says "no guns"?
Heroic Spirits that used guns are fine, so long as being really good at shooting people isn't all they're known for.

"Francis Drake" (heavily implied to actually be Queen Elizabeth I) uses guns in Extra.

>> No.38687391

>implying it wasn't all skill

>> No.38687397

The concept of "my waifu" would be terribly disturbing. Probably some massive, Lovecraftian blob trying to encompass everyone's waifus at once. Loli features clashing with MILF features, animu eyes and real gril eyes dot its flesh, tits of all shapes and cup sizes jiggle relentlessly. Terrifying indeed.

>> No.38687402
File: 5.15 MB, 2552x3698, Caster_(Fate_Extra).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Francis Drake" (heavily implied to actually be Queen Elizabeth I) uses guns in Extra.
Extra is Moon Cell, not Throne of Heroes. As explicitly stated elsewhere in this thread, Moon Cell uses different rules than the real world (since it's basically Japanese Matrix, ON THE MOOOOOOOON!).

>> No.38687411


>> No.38687424

It's like reading Beowulf untranslated.
That's the closest approximation I can think of.

He speaks in Ye Olde Japanese, with reallt archaic pronouns and and syntax that makes it hard to understand.

When he actually SPEAKS it's a lot easier, but reading it is really weird. I don't think I've ever seen anything else talk like he does in any Japanese thing I've read.
On an unrelated note; in that skit comedy series with Fate and Tsukihime characters (Carnival Phantasm I think?) he's pretty much the funniest character there, because his trolling is even worse then in the main series.
>Of course, there is no such thing as the "proper" Holy Grail War, and if there was, it would be boring, so go wild on that one.

The Holy Grail War has rules that almost never got followed, really.
It's not that though.
It's literally his method of speech I'm talking about. He's easier to understand verbally but when it's written out it's just...ugh.

I had to go over his lines like three times each to figure out what the fuck he was saying.

>> No.38687428

That doesn't preclude Drake from being a REAL Heroic Spirit.

>> No.38687444

Once again, Extra spirits don't come from the Throne but from the Moon Cell's data. They're playing by a different set of criteria.

>> No.38687446

Doesn't matter. According to Nasu, using a gun means he doesn't and can't ever qualify, no matter how heroic he was.

He's referring to before that, when Gil uses it on Shirou with it's lowest possible setting (The amount of power level it can hit with is dependent on how long he spins it for before firing, and in this case he didn't spin it at all. Max power is 4000 by the stats Nasu provided; Excalibur is 150, for comparison). Shirou puts up Rho Aias and almost dies, but it's also heavily implied (And confirmed by Nasu in an interview) that Archer was already hanging around by that point and did something that let Shirou survive, though what exactly he did is never clarified.

>> No.38687459

>What class would people be if they weren't known for their fighting ability, but rather their intelligence or wisdom? What would I get if I tried to summon Sherlock Holmes...?
If you don't know Sherlock for his fighting ability, you don't really know Sherlock. The guy was a master of the fictional martial art Bartitsu whose regiment of isometric exercise made him easily the equal of men thrice his weight for raw power.

He'd kinda be like Hercules, really. Any class but Berserker would let him dominate, and even as a berserker he'd be dangerous as hell.

>> No.38687464
File: 677 KB, 2386x1200, ideal moe character.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found it. Shitty cut-up version that's read left-to-right pagewise, though.

>> No.38687473 [DELETED] 

hurr durr im gay

>> No.38687474

But it does mean you can't use her as evidence for the existence of gun-using Heroic Spirits, since the one from Extra is not in fact an example of such.

>> No.38687519

I just want to hug her and tell her everything will be fine.

>> No.38687525

Fair enough.

>> No.38687535

Well, he wasn't known for a sword or a spear, so Saber and Lancer are out. Same for Rider and Caster. Archer could be argued but he's not exactly famous for it. Assassin might work if it weren't for the whole "Only Hassans can be summoned," but I suppose he might turn up if someone glitched the summons. Or if you just ignore that rule because it's fucking stupid.

Yes he never actually assassinated anyone, but his skillset is actually fairly similar and there's some arguments you could make. I'd say it's the most suitable class in terms of stats and skills, at least.

>> No.38687537

He mostly did it off-panel.
Like, it's mentioned he did some boxing when this other character mentions that "did I fight you once?" and Sherlock recalls him perfectly and remembers the date and time.

The dude then basically goes "damn dude, I remember that punch, you should've been a boxer".

Holmes was basically Batman; he had any and all skills needed to solve and fight crime and excelled at all of them.

>> No.38687553
File: 178 KB, 800x600, hvUWFdL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You would be lying to the poor child. This shit will not be fine.

>> No.38687574

Just chuck him in as a Caster and call it a day. We have two great writers in there who never wielded an ounce of magic; he'll fit right in.

>> No.38687609

More than two, actually.

Shakespeare, Alexander Dumas, and Hans Christian Anderson come to mind. I get the feeling that I'm missing one though.

If you're fudging it that much though, I still say that he would work better as an Assassin.

>> No.38687613

Well, you could tell her that there are SOME worlds where Shirou ends up with her, after lots of problems, near-death experiences and torture...
Ironically, she would probably be psyched to hear about it. The possibility is all she needs to keep sane.

>> No.38687624

>"Only Hassans can be summoned,"
That was only a rule in the Fubuki War.

>> No.38687628

>fictional martial art Bartitsu
u fukn [email protected] m8


>Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years 1898–1902

Unless you're referring to what Doyle *actually* wrote, "baritsu", which pretty much everyone agrees was a typo on his part and he was really referring to Bartitsu.

>> No.38687670

Yeah, I think the original rule was that it was just "no non-Hassans period" regardless of the war in question, and that Strange Fake was an exception due to being glitched to hell and back and summoning servants into classes they technically couldn't be summoned into.

Then Apocrypha ditched the rule because it was too much of a limiting factor, which is just fine in my books.

>> No.38687683

Okay, now you're just powergaming. If Simo goddamn Hayha sees fit to participate in the Holy Grail wars, he's more than deadly enough as a master. Hell, he's a credible threat as "a guy who's tired of these weaboo ghosts' bullshit who decided to load up his old service rifle". If you want to start stacking magical powers on top of that, you're just trying to break the game.

>but muh "dead for decades"!

The White Death never died, he just laid low. He's only waiting for a clear shot at Putin.

>> No.38687730

>dead for decades
Simo Hayha died of old age not even 13 years ago. He qualifies for, at most, "decade", singular.

>> No.38687741
File: 184 KB, 1024x768, MCgANa3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously, dude. One lifetime is not enough to let this go.

>> No.38687742

My personal headcanon for this is that the name of the class acts as a catalyst.

Because the actual explanation for it ("If anyone knows who you are you aren't an assassin, regardless of how famous you are for assassinating people!") is so fucking stupid that I can't bring myself to use it.

>> No.38687862

I don't think Ado would give him time, Slash Emperor's feature is that its length is variable. It is as long as he needs it to be.

Gil didn't have time to use Enuma Elish. He pulled out Ea, which uses that attack, and Shirou just NOPEd his arm right off. Guess he should have taken the Quickdraw feat.

>> No.38687890

Well the Heroic Spirits are summoned from the Throne of Heroes, so Jesus is definitely out because he's already at his own throne.

>> No.38687906

Talking about before that -- before Shirou pulls out UBW, even. The scene was cut from the movie and doesn't get much attention from the novel itself -- it's basically there to show off EA for the people who got there without seeing Fate route and thus would have no context for what it is -- but it does happen. Shirou manages to survive via Rho Aias and something that's heavily implied by the novel (And explicitly stated by Nasu) to be Archer intervening... somehow.

>> No.38687916

I'd figure that instead, Assassins should be the most effective at exploiting the Grail War's meta. If you summon one, opponents that figure out its name will have a hard time researching them because they tried to cover up themselves as much as possible. Especially dangerous for assassins who were never caught and are only ever referred to with an alias.

>> No.38687970

I once used a servant generator and got Ivan the Terrible. I figure that his special ability would be something like mercury poisoning that skyrockets his attack and defense but makes it impossible to command him.

What would his alignment be? I'm thinking either Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Stupid or Stupid Evil (again, due to the mercury poisoning).

>> No.38688002

>Sherlock Holmes

I talk to my group about making a game sometimes, and we shoot around ideas for Heroic Spirits, and something like Holmes comes up, and several of them find it interesting, and I just ask-
>What's he gonna do?
What is Sherlock Holmes' Noble Phantasm? What is his combat prowess? Bartitsu? Half of the things they come up with, they end up just giving a power like F/Z Rider's reality marble. No creativity.

>> No.38688018

Yes. That scene is what I meant.

>> No.38688025
File: 6.75 MB, 300x168, 1406321119045.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Gil used Ea, but he didn't use Enuma Elish.

Because if he had used Enuma Elish, Shirou would have died.

>> No.38688039
File: 61 KB, 800x600, Shirou is hit by EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38688065

Probably a pipe that when smoked, tells him information about something that's happened at a place nearby. Utterly useless in combat but good for exploiting the Grail War's meta. What would be his class by the way? I'm thinking Berserker with a special ability that grants him more self-control than a typical Berserker.

>> No.38688076
File: 341 KB, 1200x877, REPIN_Ivan_Terrible&Ivan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When he came to power, Ivan the Terrible used an old and not entirely true treaty to demand tons of money in fealty from the Teutonic Knights of the Livonian Order. When the emissaries from Livonia tried to back-pedal and tell him they couldn't come up with the money, he stormed their embassy and, finding they didn't have any of the money they promised at all, declared war. After a devastating campaign the Livonians managed to raise the money to pay him off. Ivan sent it back so that he could continue killing them.

He's Chaotic Evil.

>> No.38688080

So a Berserker.

>> No.38688100

That's the other thing I ask, and they usually say Caster, since he's not very fighty. The first time it was floated was after learning that Bill Shakespeare was in Apocrypha, but still.

>> No.38688101

We gotta clarify with 'inside/during UBW' and 'prior/outside UBW'.

>> No.38688146

Well taking a look at it, the scene shows the animation used for Enuma Elish... But Gil never actually says the words. He pulls out Ea, says some threatening words, the animation and sound usually used for Enuma Elish play, and Shirou almost dies. But what Gil did isn't given any description beyond what basically amounts to "Gil's sword caused that to happen, somehow."

Not sure what Gil could do with Ea other than Enuma Elish that would look like that, though.

>> No.38688147

Did that happen before or after he started poisoning himself? Poisoning yourself with mercury would probably cause someone to shift to one of the stupid alignments. Though hearing and act of maliciousness like that has allowed me to narrow it down to either Chaotic Evil or Stupid Evil.

>> No.38688185

I'm not sure, the book was about the Knights, not Ivan.

>> No.38688206

The first part of the scene in question can be found here:

WIth the aftermath at the start of the page here:

>> No.38688232

And Gilles proves that one's alignment when summoned depends on what version you're getting -- Gilles as Lancer probably wouldn't be Chaotic Evil.

>> No.38688281

Enuma Elish has multiple settings. Gil used one of the extremely weak ones. You are right in that if he used it at full power it would have destroyed Shirou, but he didn't really have time to charge it.

>> No.38688297

It seems they have trouble sometimes with Caster because there's not really a lot of historical folks who's notable legend includes them being a fuckin' wizard.

I'm surprised they never did King Solomon; he was not not only supposedly a sorcerer of power (there's legends involving him building a temple in a single night using an army of sorcerously enslaved demons) but he has stuff that could qualify as a Noble Phantasm (his Nine Rings) and he more or less is reputed to have INVENTED magic as a lot of western-style hermetic stuff is based off of the Nine Keyes of Solomon and other works supposedly attributed to him.

>> No.38688307

I'm guessing the version of Gilgamesh shown in the typical story is before Gilgamesh went through character development in the original epic and the one in prototype is after.

>> No.38688316

And it still required double Rho Aias for him to just barely survive.

While I don't recall what power the lowest level is, Nasu stated that it caps out at 4000.

For comparison, Excalibur's sword beams are 150 on that same scale.

>> No.38688366

I don't think so; he mentions "only ever having one friend" to Iskander, which is obviously a reference to Enki, which seems to suggest he's dead as per the story.

I think Nasu's Gilgamesh is just different from the myth, much as his Arthur is.

>> No.38688374

And there's a lot of heroes who qualify as caster but will never see the light of day as such because the myths that involve killing shit are the only ones that people know about.

There was a fucking amazing writeup of Diomedes as Caster, but you'll never see him as anything other than Lancer because almost nobody remembers that he ever did anything other than stabbing a couple of gods.

>> No.38688491

I wonder what Beowulf would be?
Saber? He had Hrunting, but that was borrowed and broke when he used it.

>> No.38688535

Gilles wasn't even supposed to be possible to summon as the insane murderer he was in Zero. It only happened because the Grail had been tainted in the previous war.

>> No.38688583

>What is Sherlock Holmes' Noble Phantasm?

>> No.38688608

He's still famous for using it, and to my knowledge no other hero is. Hell, Hrunting gets a writeup in the novel (Well, Archer's version of it does), which I believe refers to it as Beowulf's Phantasm. So I'd say it qualifies.

>> No.38688614

>Noble Phantasm: The Esteemed Doctor

>Watson appears. Everything Holmes does becomes exponentially more awesome because Watson is there to see it.

>> No.38688627

Here is the Servants that /tg/ made if anyone is interested.

That, and because there wasn't any time to properly summon anything else.

In Fate/School Life, Sherlock Holmes' NPs are Absolute Reasoning and Bartitsu.

>> No.38688630
File: 267 KB, 360x880, latest?cb=20100806012253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Say that to my face bitch.

>> No.38688649

Nah. It becomes immutable because Watson records it. What Sherlock does is done, and cannot be undone, under the auspices of The Esteemed Doctor.

>> No.38688663

>This war is weird. You can do that, but overall the "proper" war should have only goodie-two-shoes Heroic Spirits who all at least kinda existed and are all famous.
Phft...please, the only reason the rules as a framework exist is to be broken. This servant wasn't actually dead before she ascended to the throne, this servant has two Noble Phantasms (How come your mom lets you have two Noble Phantasms?), this servant is actually 70-odd individuals in one, this servant was a fictional character...and so on in that fashion.

>> No.38688680

Hrunting is unique to Beowulf, yeah.
It'd be funny if he had two; Hrunting (which he uses all the time) and the giant's sword he actually USED to kill Grendel's mother when Hrunting broke (which is his GEHT SERIAHS weapon).

>> No.38688688

In my experience, Fate has great ideas and terrible execution. Usually.

The exception is Zero, which is awesome.

>> No.38688754

I could see that.

Hrunting is kind of underwhelming as an ultimate weapon anyway, and having something like that as an ace is exactly the sort of unexpected turn that Servants tend to pull off.

>> No.38688792

Yes, thank you, Baritsu. Got Doyle's term mixed up with what was actually the correction of Doyle's typo in the Batman/Sherlock Holmes crossover, of all things. Yay, media.

Regardless, point stands, Holmes was a martial artist on the same level as Doc Savage, the one of "exactly as good as needed to advance the plot". If any given villain's brains aren't smeared across his knuckles, it's because Holmes does not want them there, not because he can't put them there.

>> No.38688819

>watching fate/stay night
>not watching unlimited budget works

That was your first mistake

>> No.38688827

>Perfect Wrestling, Perfect Boxing
Since when is Plato supposed to be a wrestler?
Wait, forget what I said. This version is immensely better than the one in our world.

>> No.38688838

So how tight was Saber's puss?

>> No.38688861

Plato was supposedly a good wrestler. Or was that Socrates?

>> No.38688885

Look, nigga, I don't pretend to know how many times Simo has faked death or coma or for how long, I just know I ain't buying it.

>> No.38688892
File: 3.02 MB, 1439x3745, Servant 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprisingly tight.

>> No.38688926

He was?
I didn't know that one.

>> No.38688937

Of course he'd only ever use it on the mightiest of foes; Beowulf's thing in Heorot was that he fought Grendel stark nude because if Grendel had no arms and armor, nor would he.

It might if just been him showing off though; he flyted like a motherfucker.

>> No.38689000

As I recall, either Plato or Socrates had an esteemed military record, and such would have been well trained in whatever they called Pankration back when it was legit.

Cannot for the life of me remember which one, though.

>> No.38689012
File: 122 KB, 450x600, 37053433_big_p13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nrvnqsr, anon, is that so hard?

>> No.38689092

Yeah Plato was trained in wrestling.
In fact, one of the supposed origins of his name comes from his wrestling coach, who supposedly called him that on account of his broad figure.

>> No.38689127
File: 19 KB, 500x367, damnmexican.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you could say his build was Platonic solid?

>> No.38689147

That's pronounced "Nero", right?

>> No.38689153

I have a question, teeg, how would yall characterize Baba Yaga as a servant? Have her be a magical girl or be a nice old lady with a dash of Scarface mixed in?

>> No.38689194


His real name is Fabro Rowan, by the way.

>> No.38689208

I'd go with hellboys Baba Yaga as a base

>> No.38689215

Debatable. That definitely WAS his name, but he claims the alchemist Fabro Rowan is dead, and all that remains is Chaos.

>> No.38689235

Both; she's actually the hag but changes into the girl a lot with magic.

Just to fuck with people.

>> No.38689324

Oh hey, is that a thing we do? Post Servants?

I have a few of those.

>> No.38689468

Yeah, and iirc it adds up to 666 in gematria

>> No.38689517

I remember the "sacred hospitality" rule being VERY important for her.
Like, literally, in fairy tales she often almost eats the hero until he introduces chides her for lack of hospitality... and after that she often does a complete 180, feeding him, letting him sleep in her house, giving him very good advice and often even borrowing her artifacts to him.
Also, her being good or evil differs on the source. Before Chirstianity spread in Russia she was kind of "patriotic" spirit, protector and all that, but Christianity predictably demonised her and made her completely evil, but it wasn't as complete as with other spiritis. The entire thing pretty much depends on the source. Sometimes she's evil and the cause of the problem, sometimes she's helpful and helps the hero for no reward and sometimes she's just fickle and kinda vicious but doesn't particularly care if the hero proves him or herself (I'm talking about Vasilisa the Beatiful here).
I also remember her actually holding outright councils of animals if the hero needs some information she doesn't know. Like, every single animal in the vicinity comes to her and she asks them if they know anything, and usually the last one, appearing late, will turn out to have just the needed intel.
Undoubtedly a caster. I think Medea has more than a few things in common with her, actually.
I would go for the old lady interpretation, unless I were trying to make her a waifu.

>> No.38689542

There were some more recent threads, but I can't find them in the archives.

Post yours if you want.

>> No.38689603

This is nasu, so by old lady you mean early middle age with huge tits.

>> No.38689637

>implying that's emblematic of Nasu
>not implying that's emblematic of Japan as a whole

>> No.38689661

Then I would actually go for a magical girl.
If she can't be a genuine hag, I think it would fit better. I can hardly imagine her as a middle-aged lady.

>> No.38689867

I actually ran a short-lived Fate-themed game once for my table because they demanded it (throwing most of canon out the window of course).

My favorite part was that after all made their character (they were ALL Masters, since that way the Master-Servant conflict was highlighted) they could their Servant's class, but who they summoned was based off a catalyst that none of them knew who or what it was attached to, each with three choices of catalyst for each class.

Saber had;
>A piece of broken wood, looking like part of a long handle or something.
>A scrap of faded blue cloth.
>A broken silvered sword tip

Archer had;
>A golden sun symbol
>A bronze-headed arrow with the shaft bleached by sunlight
>A bloody knife, sort of like like a tanto

Lancer had
>A spear with a silver dragon coiled around it
>An antler, broken in half
>A trident

Rider had
>A piece of steel, bloodstained and cold to the touch
>A slightly curved short sword
>An arrowhead, bend slightly from impact

Berserker had
>A bent scalpal
>A stone, slightly deformed on one side
>A piece of preserved meat, type unknown

Caster had
>A golden ring
>A small wooden doll of a bull
>A Japanese ofuda charm

Assassin had
>An axehead
>A kunai throwing knife
>A torn piece of footwear, probably Chinese

It was pretty fun watching them try to figure out who they could've belonged to, but eventually everyone was totally happy with what they got and we had fun while it lasted.

>> No.38689944

And? Who were the heroes summoned by these catalysts supposed to be?
Or are we supposed to solve it, or something?

>> No.38689946

Wow, that Arjuna is weak as fuck.

>> No.38690029

I did the same thing too, used the Fate/Apocrypha idea for a 7vs7 war because screw having 7 players try and hide things from each other in the same table.
I ran a small one of with each of them as they explored Paris and its museums for a catalyst.

We're still doing it, I just haven't had time to run it again because of school.

>> No.38690043

>A bronze-headed arrow with the shaft bleached by sunlight
Yi, the archer who slew 9 of the original 10 suns in chinese myth.
>A spear with a silver dragon coiled around it
Dragon motif makes me think of Zhao Yun.
>An antler, broken in half
Honda Tadakatsu was famous for his antler helmet, and his absurdly sharp spear.
>A Japanese ofuda charm
That has to be Abe no Seimei.
>A kunai throwing knife
Hanzo maybe?

>> No.38690107

Alright, sure.

Name: Romulus
Class: Saber

Strength: B
Agility: C
Endurance: C
Mana: C
Luck: A

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: C
Riding: A

Personal Skills:

Divinity: C (Descendent of Venus, deified after death)
Charisma: A
Animal Dialogue: D

Noble Phantasms:

The Emperor's Ground (Support): B. Romulus may indicate a specific location as his "Territory." this Territory starts out small and slowly expands as the war progresses. Any Servant entering this territory will notice immediately, and the grail will provide them with the knowledge that "This ground has been claimed by Saber." While fighting inside this Territory, Saber's physical parameters are increased by one Rank each. Further, the Noble Phantasm "Celer" has its power increased by One Rank.

Celer (Anti-Army): C. This sword is representative of the Celeres, the 500 horsemen who enforced Romulus' rule. When invoked and swung, energy taking the form of those 500 horsemen comes forth. These horsemen deal damage in the form of a physical impact, as if being trampled by a real horseman; however, they are not actual entities. These Horseman can be sent forth at up to A-Rank speeds, and Saber may control each horseman individually.

Rome (Support): A. A great sword representing the empire that Romulus set in motion. When wielded, it enforces the idea of Rome's destiny to conquer all. When in battle, fate will conspire to help Romulus win, as if his opponent's Luck stat was adjusted to E- and Romulus' adjusted to EX. This will have no effect on any Servant who died before Rome's founding or survived past its fall, nor will it effect a Servant who successfully resisted Rome during their lifetime.

So many times, I see people make sheets of Romulus and Remus summoned together and counting as a singular servant. I think that's seriously doing them a disservice.

>> No.38690119

>An arrowhead, bend slightly from impact
makes me think of Lu Bu and the time he shot off the tassel of his halberd at like a hundred paces to secure a truce between Liu Bei and Yuan Shu.

>> No.38690151

Another one, a bit lacking on the skills front.

Name: Agilaz (A Nordic Hero who William Tell is based off of)
Class: Archer

Strength: B (A)
Agility: D (C)
Endurance: D (C)
Mana: C (A+)

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: C

Independent Action (Special): E. When Agilaz acts under Independent Action, his stats change to the Ranks listed in parentheses above, and all "Special Modifiers" for his Noble Phantasms are lifted.

Personal Skills:

Guardian Knight: C. Agilaz's Strength increases by one Rank when defending a person.

(Noble Phantasms in next post)

>> No.38690170

Noble Phantasm:

All of Agilaz's Noble Phantasms possess a Special Modifier that prevents him from having more than one Invoked at a given time.

Volund's Arrow (Anti-Unit): C: A Noble Phantasm representing two myths, when Agilaz shot an arrow at his son and later at Volund. Agilaz selects an arrow, from his quiver or elsewhere, and then invokes the name of this Noble Phantasm; when he does, the arrow held becomes Volund's Arrow until it has struck a target. When fired, so long as Agilaz can picture his target's location in his mind and there is a non-zero chance of his arrow striking that target, he will hit with perfect accuracy. However, this Noble Phantasm may not be used for a killing blow. If it is aimed at a place that would be fatal, it will only hit with enough force to cause a non-fatal wound (A shot to the throat for example would hit just hard enough to draw a tiny amount of blood). It excels at striking non-living targets though. When under Independent Action, Agilaz may make fatal blows with this Phantasm.

Honor of Aliruna (Anti-Army): D: From the myth where Agilaz and his wife Aliruna defended a Holy Keep against an entire army. This Noble Phantasm bears a Special Modifier that allows him to use it only when defending something that can be classified as a "Keep," or while opposing an Anti-Fortress Phantasm. In addition, the modifier states that it may only be used against multiple targets. Agilaz holds his bow and then invokes the name of this Noble Phantasm; when he does, the bow becomes "Honor of Aliruna." While invoked, any arrow fired will split into forty, and each arrow will act as if it was fired at a different enemy by Agilaz. If there are less than forty enemies, the paths of the arrows will be divided evenly between those present.

Last Phantasm caused it to exceed the character limit, next post)

>> No.38690189

Nidung's Arrow (Anti-Fortress): B: This Noble Phantasm may only be used when Agilaz has no Master. When Agilaz was forced to fire an arrow at his own son, he set one arrow aside to kill King Nidung should his son die. Agilaz invokes the name of this Noble Phantasm; when he does, all arrow's he fires become Nidung's Arrow. This Noble Phantasm causes all arrows fired to act as if they are a C-Rank Noble Phantasm that has been broken. Once this Noble Phantasm has been invoked, Agilaz may no longer accept Prana to maintain his existence in this world, and will die without fail when his Independent Action runs out.

>> No.38690190

In order;

Miyamoto Musashi (the handle of an oar)
D'Artiganion (his tabard)
El Cid (part of his sword Tizona)

Karna (he was a child of a sun god)
Arash the Archer (the arrow he fired at the sun)
Minamoto no Tamemono (the knife he committed suicide with)

Zhao Yun (his spear)
Tadakatsu Honda (part of his famous helmet)
Temujin (the arrow that killed him)

Jack the Ripper (hadn't known there was one at the time)
Goliath (the stone that killed him)
Ulf the Quarrelsome (part of the guts leftover when he disemboweles the guy)

King Solomon (one of his rings)
Zhuge Liang (after his "wooden Ox" invention)
Abe no Seimei (one of the ofuda he used)

Hattori Hanzo (apparently he favored an axe in battle)
Sasuke (killed Hanzo with the knife)
Wong Fei Hung (one of his shoes and a reference to his No-Shadow Kick)

>> No.38690210

>This will have no effect on any Servant who died before Rome's founding or survived past its fall, nor will it effect a Servant who successfully resisted Rome during their lifetime.

That seems absurdly limited.

>> No.38690237

And who did they choose?

>> No.38690276

And one last one for now I guess.

I made this one for an RP, so I went into a lot more detail on the Phantasms; the descriptions for them are incredibly long.

Name: Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalahimah
Class: Rider

Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: D
Magic: C
Luck: D
NP: B+

Riding: E
Bravery: C
Charisma: B
Projectiles (Knives): C
Battlefield Preparation: C+. The skill to create a terrain that is advantageous to a warrior in battle.Rahmah may create defenses and defensive emplacements using available materials, but if no materials are available he may materialize them at a high Prana cost. This skill receives a + modifier if used on a Location or a recreation of a Location that Rahmah was familiar with in life; at present, only his ship Al-Manowar qualifies. If it is used on a Location that cannot be considered a "Headquarters," such as a battlefield, it will receive a - modifier instead. Full preparation requires a full day of work, but Al-Jalahimah may be used to hasten the process.

Noble Phantasm:

~ Al-Manowar - The Great Ship of Mercy :: Fortress :: C+
The incarnation of every flagship that Rahmah used. One of its advantages is its size, being slightly smaller than a football field. In keeping with his philosophies about defense, this ship can be compared to a Fortress in terms of defensive measures. In order to fully penetrate its hull, an attack must either be A-Rank or higher, or be Anti-Fortress. Lower-Ranked attacks will still damage the ship, but the attacker must put in great effort in order to punch a hole in the ship.

>Cont'd next post

>> No.38690287

Musashi, Tamemono, Zhao Yun, Saucy Jack, Zhuge Liang, Hanzo.

Everyone they DIDN'T pick they actually ended up fighting; the rules for this version of the HGW said multiple people could pick more then one type.

>> No.38690296

Also, you forgot about Rider.

>> No.38690308

Rome lasted a very long time, and it all but guarantees victory in straight combat with anyone who was born or died in that multi-millenia long span.

Though it should say that the effect is reduced against those who resisted Rome, rather than negated.


When the ship materializes, Rahmah may select people within its area to be taken into the ship with him; the ship will materialize around those people, the ship appearing with them inside it. Those not selected will be pushed aside as the ship forms, so that they are located outside of it. This latter phenomenon is not strong enough to harm a person, but inanimate and immobile structures will most likely break. When the ship forms, the captain’s cabin will be located at Rahmah’s position, with the rest of the ship forming around that point.

When called forth by itself, the ship is incapable of movement or attacking, but utilizes little Prana while in that state. It is only when used in conjunction with Al Jalahimah that it's true power comes into play.

When its sails are manned (See below), it is capable of treating a "nation" as an "ocean," sailing upon streets and buildings as if they were the surface of the sea.

When called, the ship is treated as if Rahmah had already spent 1 day using his Battlefield Preparation Skill to prepare it. Each time it is called, its defenses are in a different configuration, and the ship's entire layout changes. The layout does not have to make sense.

While in the Captain’s Cabin, Rahmah has full awareness of the ship’s status. He immediately detects any damage to the ship and its nature. Furthermore, anyone traversing through the ship while walking upon the wood will be detected if they do not take care to tread lightly, as Rahmah will “feel” their footsteps.

When dismissed, any damage done to this ship will remain, even when it is called again.

>Cont'd next post

>> No.38690336


~Al Jalahimah - the Servants of Mercy ::Support:: C
The 2000 Servants of the Al Jalahimah family, who followed Rahmah throughout his various exiles. Having followed him in life, he can call them forth, but they remain "Serving Staff" rather than "Fighters." As they are not Fighters, they cannot be used for Combat -- the only exception being if they are manning a defensive post created by Rahmah's Battlefield Preparation. Instead, they are mostly used for construction or heavy lifting.

Under ordinary conditions, Rahmah may only call forth a maximum of 2 of these servants at a time. However, while Al-Manowar is existent, he may call forth as many as 350, but they will be unable to leave the ship. If one is killed, this permanently decreases their number (Subtracting them from the pool of 2000)

While on the ship, the Servants may either man defensive posts, man the sails, man the cannons, or make repairs. Each of the ship's 30 cannons requires two Servants present for it to fire. Each individual cannon fires a D Rank attack; if five Servants man a single cannon, this attack is upgraded to C Rank. Up to 100 Servants may man the Sails; each additional Servant increases Al-Manowar's speed of movement, with eight being the bare minimum required for the ship to move at all. The number of servants that can man defensive stations differs depending on the ship's current layout. At least 100 must be assigned to repairs in order for the speed of repairs to be at all useful during combat.

The Prana cost of maintaining this Noble Phantasm is what makes Al-Manowar expensive to use. However, so long as he has ten or less Servants materialized, the Prana cost is low enough that Rahmah may keep Al-Manowar in the world for hours on end. It is only when larger numbers are used that his reserves become strained.

>Final Phantasm in next post

>> No.38690349

Oops. They were Guan Yu, Perseus, and Temujin.

The player picked Perseus, but she left early.

>> No.38690357


Al-Ghatroushah - the Death of Mercy :: Anti-Army::B+
A recreation of Rahmah's death, where he blew up his own ship to kill his attackers. Technically not a separate Noble Phantasm, but more akin to using Al-Manowar as a Broken Phantasm. When Rahmah is aboard his ship, he may activate this Phantasm. Rahmah will immediately die, and his ship will detonate. The + Modifier applies to those the attack hits that are actually inside the ship; those outside but within range will be hit by an B-Rank attack instead.

>> No.38690376

Dammit. Having successful Shinji as a Servant sounds interesting, especially as a Rider.

>> No.38690440

The "main" villains were Goliath (basically Hercules; they thought he WAS Hercules awhile) and Solomon.

Solomon was personality wise something in between Medea and Gil; incredibly arrogant almighty wizard who literally told God to fuck off.
I'm afraid I don't get the reference.

>> No.38690462

FHA. Medusa tells how she was killed and describes Perseus as "a succesful Shinji".

>> No.38690548


Yeah, Perseus in our game was a mildly conceited bishounen guy who seemed like he never took anything seriously but was quietly DESPERATE to win to get the woman he loved back, to the point of making some morally shifting decisions.

Out of the PC's Servants he was kinda the most powerful, in that he just had a shitload of Noble Phantasms and was half-god.

He also didn't ride the horse; instead he literally just ran everywhere at supersonic speeds with the talaria.

Less "Rider" more "Runner".

>> No.38690591


I actually started making up a custom system for fate roleplays, and I used fudge dice for them before finding out that there was a fudge dice based roleplaying system called fate.

I'm still working on it, because I think it will be fun.

>> No.38690601

Also, who was the Trident guy? The only suspects I can think of are Lu Bu (his weapon was called the Trident Halberd) and Dian Wei (he used two hand-tridents, which were essentially shortened halberds).

>> No.38690638

An Indian myth hero, Durga the Invincible.
He used a "trishula", which is a trident.

>> No.38690676

I guess I'll post the Caster that one of my players (>>38690029) picked. Based on a folk tale that I heard in my home country.

Name: Sihuehuet
Class: Caster
Possible Classes: Assassin, Berserker.


Territory Creation: B
Item Construction: B

Witchcraft: A
Shapeshift: D+
Sihuehuet can change her appearance, but could also hide her status as a Servant to an extent.
Mystic Face: B+
Similar to F/Z Lancer's, but affects male targets instead. The effects increase in potency depending on how high their social standing was in life. Heroes with high-enough magic protection, low standing in life or with skills like Discernment of the Poor may resist the charm effects.


>> No.38690722
File: 98 KB, 431x633, TrishulaDragonoftheIceBarrier-HA04-EN-ScR-1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always wondered what this thing's namesake was like. Brionac and Gungnir, though, I was familiar with.

>> No.38690746

Name: Saint Longinus
Class: Lancer

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Magic: D
Luck: E

Battle Continuation: A+
Magic Resistance: B
Divinity: B+
Saint: C


Blood of Christ: EX
After sustaining lethal damage enough to kill Saint Longinus, his body will crumble into dust until the next morning. At sunrise on the next morning, Saint Longinus is restored to his condition before sustaining his lethal injuries by his master. Does not work if his master gets killed.

Lance of Longinus: A+
Short spear that curses anyone it stabs. After being stabbed, the Servant/Master/whoever has until sunrise the next day to kill Longinus or they perish. As long as anyone is affected by this curse, Blood of Christ does not activate and leaves Saint Longinus vulnerable.

The actual lance would only be used in tight situations, and Lancer would have other weapons and use those instead of the spear

>> No.38690753

Isn't she a goddess?

>> No.38690799

What's funny is Musashi's player (who was the only one who correctly guessed who he was summoning) was constantly trying to figure out WHAT his Servant's NP was.

It appeared to be a lesser version of what Berserker has (anything he grabs becomes his Phantasm), reflecting Musashi's tactical philosiphy of "whatever works".

In actuality it ended up being Ninten-ichi Ryu, his famous sword technique where he used both swords at once.

It's what Kojirou does, only it's just two strikes with one sword in EACH HAND.

>> No.38690825

[Topiltzin Yeisun – Affair with the Witch]
(Rank D, Anti-Army, Range 1-10, Max 100 targets)
Caster's most powerful potion. Stored in a small glass bottle, and never seems to run out even when held upside down.
Those that drink turn into savage, twisted versions of themselves. Should a Servant drink this, they are essentially transformed into truly indescribable horrors; walking nightmares whose sole purpose is destruction.
Protection against curses can protect against the transformation effects, but the potion is still incredibly poisonous.
The horrors feed off of Caster's prana and can consume humans if need be. Those without prana melt in place.

One more after this.

>> No.38690899

>Niten Ichi-Ryu
>not Go Rin No Sho

>> No.38690980

I can sorta see what most of their NPs were like, but what was Zhuge Liang's? Did he perfectly predict the actions of an enemy? Call forth a gust of wind that amplified fire attacks?

>> No.38690985


It never implied she was Queen Elizabeth.

>> No.38690987

That seems a lot stronger than the Saint Longinus in the campaign I'm in that hasn't actually had a session in like a month, unfortunately.


Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: C
Battle Continuation: B

Personal Skills
Saint: A -- Grants expertise with holy sacraments.

Soul of a Martyr: A -- Ignores mind altering magic that would convince Lancer to go against God.

Sight of the Blessed: A – Once a blind centurion, Lancer’s exposure to the blood of Christ cured his vision, beyond even what it had been before. Lancer can see telescopically for miles due to the powerful magic that healed his eyes, on par with or even surpassing the sight found in the Archer class

Military Tactics: E – As a career soldier, Lancer is knowledgeable with the basics of military tactics, however having never been in a command position, he is only passingly familiar with such things.
Noble Phantasms:
Lancer wears the shroud that clothed Jesus Christ in death, before his resurrection. As such, he is constantly carrying the blessing of Christ, granting him additional magical resistance to anything that could be considered a "Dark Art" such as curses, black magic, witchcraft, and other evil practices.

Lancea Longini - Spear of Destiny: C++
Lancer has the unique privilege of being the human being who delivered the final death blow to Jesus Christ. As such, his weapon, not only coated in the blood of Christ but also responsible for taking his life, is a powerful artifact indeed. Passively, “Lancea Longini” gives Lancer an immense boost to attack power that scales proportionally to an entity’s Divinity. Additionally, when activated, Lancer may immediately perform a “coup de grace” on opponents who may be considered helpless, resulting in a guaranteed kill.

>> No.38690997

I actually thought about it, but instead I named it after his famous technique.
It being similar to Kojirou's Tsubame Gaeshi comes from the idea that Musashi killed him in a duel, so he had to beat him SOMEHOW.

After he used it in game Musashi complained that;

>"I could never do three with ONE sword, just two with two. Pisses me off."

>> No.38691004

[La Siguanaba – Tlaloc’s Curse Against the Unfaithful]
(Rank B, Anti-Populace, Range 2-50, Max 100 targets)
By drinking her own potion, Caster can recreate the curse placed upon her, and be transformed into the hideous monster known as la Siguanaba.
Essentially, Sihuanaba is Caster's Berserker form, appearing like a deformed, anorexic woman with a horse's face.
Caster receives a great increase in power, around Phantasmal Beast level, thanks to the Mad Enhancement and Monstrous Strength skills, but loses all other skills save for Shapeshift (which is reduced to D).
Caster's appearance also inflicts fear in those who look at her. Those with resistance to mental influence are unaffected, but those that aren't suffer a one-rank penalty to all parameters as fear inhibits their actions.

I think she turned out okay.

>> No.38691015

It implies she is some female noble who has run away from her responsibilities.

>> No.38691032



>> No.38691060

Blurb of text in an image somewhere. It was posted in another of these threads a long time ago.

>> No.38691089


Normally a Noble Phantasm is an object or a specific attack/effect granted by legend that solidifies the Servant's status as a Heroic Spirit.

Now as for what this can mean mechanically when compared to Magecraft..

1) Normal modern Magecraft cannot reach the effects of True Magic by definition save possible exceptions. A Noble Phantasm is only limited by the scale of the legend, and mostly come from an age where magic and mysteries are at their peak. The mark of the myths and legend takes priority over 'this effect is so ridiculous it has to be nearly impossible to replicate'. (note that magecraft that stem from Reality Marbles/Origins are hardly normal.)

2) A Noble Phantasm carries with it a greater mystery and thus when colliding with an identical scale and effect modern magecraft, it takes priority. Consider it that as an artifact and mystical phenomenon, it is higher ranked.

3) A Noble Phantasm is given allowance by the forces that govern the world. This means Archer's UBW is always under less pressure to collapse than Shirou's.

4) Given that a Noble Phantasm is something attached to a Servant, which is a spirit-body... it likely has all the advantages of that over a magical artifact made with magecraft. (can go immaterial but probably only in the hands of the owner, etc.)

Might be more, but this is what's off the top of my head right now.

>> No.38691090

I thought Drake was summoned as a woman because of some glitch or something.

I forgot where I read this though.

>> No.38691193

He fought with Daoist sorcery, but his NP was "The Thirty-Six Stratagems" (after his book), which at first seemed like he could flat-out see the future (which he actually nearly could normally thanks to his intelligence).

What it actually was was a subtle reality altering power that basically allowed him to dictate EXACTLY what happened in any event he was at least vaguely aware of it happening somewhere and if it was at all possible for it to happen on that occasion.

Basically, he couldn't make the wind blow, but he COULD make the wind blow on that day because he know there was at least a possibility of it happen, as well as causing all those other unlikely things to happen that DID happen in the Battle of Chi Bi, all because there was at least a POSSIBILITY of it happening.

However it was extremely draining to use, and the larger of an area he used it on the more energy it drained out of him, and he couldn't control or influence outcomes he had no possible way of knowing were happening and/or could not possibly happen.

>> No.38691221

>Nasu does romance and sex scenes largely because he's supposed to because LOTS of VN's use that as their whole selling point
Uh... but he does? Nasu himself dislikes sex scenes and only ever wrote him because Takeuchi kept bitching about it being the only way to become a success on the adult VN market.
There's a reason why Mahoyo didn't have any sex - the company had grown enough to not be reliant on it for marketing.

>> No.38691278

Well it was a good guess on my part then. I had no idea that was the case personally.
I never read any interview of him or anything.

>the only way to become a success on the adult VN market

Sadly he's probably correct.
The writing Type-Moon does is good on it's own, but if nobody's fucking I'm guessing it'd be hard to get your foot in the door.

>> No.38691296


I don't really consider it canon then.

What was really fucked up was that Shinji, the giant asshole, was an eight year old IRL. It totally explained why he was an asshole.

>> No.38691298

I can't tell what Nasu wants. Sure Mahoyo was pretty tame but have you seen CCC? Good lord!

>> No.38691340

Did he write that one personally? I thought he just did oversight or something.

Also, you've got to admit that Gil flashing Bathory was pretty damn funny.

>> No.38691360

Nope. Once you get all the info a Drake in Extra, you get a blurb of text mentioning the rumors of Elizabeth abandoning away from her position and taking on Drake's role after her face got scarred.
It's not directly stated, but it's obvious enough.

>> No.38691374

He oversighted Extra but he wrote CCC.

You'd love the story about that scene during production. I'll see if I can find the relevant quote.

>> No.38691438

>AUO Cast-Off [Other]
>A thing of supreme beauty Gilgamesh exposes in the fifth chapter.

>We went and made the “cast off” happen for fun during scenario production, and the staff added the comment, “we’ll use Gil’s swimsuit for this. We’ll just cheat a bit and keep the camera up and reveal only a bit of skin.” The reply to which, as if the writer were completely oblivious to the context, was “huh? It’s a nude of Gil, right? We have that.” I don’t know why.

>After that, not only Gil’s nude, but the female protagonist’s swimsuit, gym uniform, and even tights were discovered by the staff, made “off the clock, spontaneously,” and were accepted without further question. Thank you very much to Kunimitsu-san from the modeling team. Thanks to you our protagonist is undoubtably a pervert from the second week on.

>> No.38691460

>"huh? It’s a nude of Gil, right? We have that.” I don’t know why.

For some reason this is hilarious to me.

>> No.38691585


Perhaps because him doing something like that just to mess with people is kinda in-character for him.

>> No.38691601



"Ionioi Hetairoi: Army of the King ( 王の軍勢アイオニオン・ヘタイロイ , Ou no Gunzei (aionion hetairoi)?) ("Companions" in Ionian) is the ultimate Noble Phantasm of Rider. It is a Reality Marble that embodies Alexander the Great's dreams and philosophies as a king and the bond formed with his subjects, his life sublimated as a Noble Phantasm."

>> No.38693845

Noble Phantasm would have to involve her Chicken Hut.

And I would have her change forms. Loli Magical Girl most of the time and when using just a little magic, Middle-Aged MILF when fighting and using moderate magic and Old Hag when she's fighting seriously or using ritual magic. Ties into the Maiden-Mother-Crone aspect of feminine triune worship.

Very knowledgeable and powerful, but only helps those who can help themselves first, offers advice more than direct action.

>> No.38693931

Baba Yaga pretty much inspired all of the 'old witch in the woods' myths and stories.

She could have something related to gingerbread houses, poison apples or any of those witch fables.
Her hut would never stop spinning unless you called it with a magical rhyme. Could that be a reality marble of some kind? Trapping someone in her hut with her?

Keep in mind her Riders, My Bright Morning, My Red Dawn, My Dark Night.

>> No.38697810

>A piece of broken wood

>A golden sun symbol

>A bloody knife

>A slightly curved short sword
Saladin? Sinbad? Some other Arabian or possibly Greek?

>A golden ring

>A Japanese ofuda charm
Abe no Seimei

>> No.38697978

He already answered that one. Look through the the answer to the post.

>> No.38698007


It's a Noble Phantasm, but it is not a true Reality Marble. Don't trust the wiki. It does not represent Alexander's inner world, but a shared dream between him and his army. Alexander's inner world would not take such an appearance.

>> No.38699194

She has Riders?

>> No.38701644


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