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First for butts.

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Since the last thread seems to be malfunctioning, I decided to go ahead and make a new one.

Commorragh, but I'm saving it for after I get my spark. I'm going to lead an Imperium fleet there personally in the Light of Terra, and help them bomb the entire city into galactic dust.

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In the Terra Formars jump: how many of you chose to undergo the Organic Mosaic Procedure, did you roll the 30% chance of survival or fanwank it, and did you survive or die?

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That's not as bad as being sick for over two weeks so you can't get anything done, let alone a jump.

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Whatcha doing?

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What settings have magic that let you create clones of yourself? I've been thinking about how I could perform biological or technological augmentation surgery on myself, and I realized that only person I can trust with something like is myself.

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Naruto has clone techniques in various flavors and Danny phantom ghosts can clone themselves.

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It's done before we arrive, and it automatically succeeds, unless you do it in jump of course.

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Have another chapter


Like no seriously. I spent a good hour looking at that going 'would people actually read this shit?'

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I feel ya. Thirty six perks down, 15 to go and I haven't even touched items and drawbacks yet.

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It's not that bad mate. A bit sugar to be fair, but it's nowhere near Sugar Bowl's level.

Also, shy Seras is adorabubs.

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>TFW you still consider your jump to be in beta, still haven't worked out the details to 100%, and eats at you even when you're working on more important things

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The worst part is that I have to write in character...and the host this time is the formal polite sort. I can already feel myself deviating aughh. Just 13 more perks to go.

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What's the setting?

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Yeah, I wouldn't attempt an in-character jump doc. Not my flavor.

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FF13 by vote. I'm still sorta grumbling that Type-0 was completely ignored :S. Between 13,12 and 0 I liked 0 most.

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I never actually played Type-0. Is it good, or just less bad than 12 and 13? It's a subtle but important distinction that your statement doesn't cover.

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FF has pretty hair and obnoxious teen melodrama; what's not to love?

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Less bad. Same universe as 13, story is convoluted, but much more "realistic" (about as realistic as FF child soldiers can get). It's not a noblebright setting for the most part though, and there's this big ass ANYONE CAN DIE PERMANENTLY label right from the get go.

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Updated version

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A few questions about Naruto:

1.) If we pay points for a canon teacher, do they count as a companion?

2.) Can we have our companions spend the 300 points to get a canon teacher for the team?

3.) Is there anything stopping me from letting my companions sign the same Summoning Contract as me?

4.) If I take the "Hunted" drawback, could I buy off my bounty from the nation that posted it? As in, could I pay them quadruple the listed bountry price to NOT hunt me?

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So for Skullgirls, exactly HOW resistant to damage is Achilles? He doesn't seem to have any offensive ability, unlike the other parasites, so it has to be really good to make up for it, right? And hopefully to make up for being covered in smelly sewer slime 24/7.

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Well, he does have some offensive ability by letting you make heavy bludgeons out of the slime. Given that it's motile it could probably boost your strength, too. The slime can also be fired off like a water cutter, that's pretty good. And it only smells when using said water cutter effect, so it's not that bad, really.

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I don't see it as boosting your strength so much as your weight. Which is a negative for me, since I'm all about speed and he makes you a fat tank blob.

And other than the aesthetic issues of always looking like a booger, the stink comes up whenever the slime leaves the film around your body. Which means any sort of contact or impact should have a resulting stink splash.

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It mentions that he'll try to wrestle you into battle with the slime if he feels his pride's been offended, so it can probably exert enough force to be used like an exoskeleton. As for the "always looking like a booger" bit, you can just have him stop secreting the slime. It's only on when you need it. So it's gross, but conditionally gross.

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1) They're called the Rook Islands
2) Elaboration on what we get from the Tatau
3) More Guns

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I tried to go for a combination of Abridged & Ultimate personalities there, because let's be honest. It makes sense for her personality, even up to the end of the show.

>1.) If we pay points for a canon teacher, do they count as a companion?

I... Believe the answer is yes, considering we've had Orochimaru and others abducted via the perk to go on adventures? I can't say for certain as I wasn't paying attention during the making of Naruto.

>2.) Can we have our companions spend the 300 points to get a canon teacher for the team?

Do not believe so.

>3.) Is there anything stopping me from letting my companions sign the same Summoning Contract as me?

Considering multiple people can learn to summon from one of the tribes? I believe with enough legal haggling you could try to work out fitting more people onto one contract.

>4.) If I take the "Hunted" drawback, could I buy off my bounty from the nation that posted it? As in, could I pay them quadruple the listed bountry price to NOT hunt me?

IT's worth a shot, however expect it to possibly pop back up again later. Drawbacks aren't easy to get rid of.

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Nah man, it says he always manifests as a thin layer of see through blue slime. So you're not always thick and dripping, but you do always have that film all over your body that makes you look like you got sculpted into some jello.

Anyway, I was mainly just wondering about how protective the snot actually is, you know. Like how good it is against attacks compared to armor and such.

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I suspect, since your bounty is a drawback, they'll take your money and put that toward your bounty to outright increase it by that amount. Because they're jerks.

Best option is to go nukenin and erase their village.

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I fixed the name of the islands and added a proper description
The Tatau are difficult to explain
And I don't know how to prince guns, that's my fault

>> No.38644586

This is pretty barebones to be honest. How about some 200cp perks? Some of the items could probably do with a bit more descriptions too

>> No.38644605

I had enough trouble coming up with the perks I did that fit with the themes I was going for for each origin

As for the items? Yeah that's my fault

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It says its undetectable normally, and Achilles can control how much slime he secretes, so presumably that means there's a "no slime" level. It's only when manifesting the powers he gives you that you get slimy. If you choose not to manifest them, no slime. As for the protection it gives you, I'd assume it's fairly good. It sounds like it works like a non-Newtonian fluid, so you'd be vulnerable against blades but everything else should just bounce off. Impacts get dispersed, heat convected and radiated away, poisons and corrosive just bead up and slide off.

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2) Fair Enough
3) I'd suggest a sidearm and a shottie for 50-100, and possibly an RPG and Flamethrower for 150-200

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Funny enough, my build is pretty small for this:

-Background: Drop-In (Free) -For whatever's sake.
-The Tatau (700CP) (Discount) -TATTOOS. FUCK YES.
-Herbalist (500CP) -And of course, learning plants is fine!
-Predatory Drug Formula (0CP) -Let's improve this bad boy.
-Blood Dragon (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Africa, 25 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I guess I just... jump in, start fighting others, and improve the formula. Neat.

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I DO Like Flamethrowers in the Farcry games

>> No.38644636

Keeping it vague might be best, something like:

Shootin' Iron: (50) +any non-unique firearm that appears in the Farcry games, comes with [x] amount of reloads that replenish [x]

Sunday Special: (100) +any unique or customized gun that shows up in the games, can also be a custom creation

>> No.38644650

I think undetectable refers to Achilles himself, since he's an internal parasite instead of a replacement for your limbs.

Non-Newtonian? Anyway, so it should prevent most impacts from causing actual damage as long as they can't break the skin?

>> No.38644673

I'm going vagueish
50 is a Pistol of any kind or a Crossbow, comes with a Silencer
100 is a Shotgun of any-kind, no bonuses
150 is Flamethrower

>> No.38644702

That would be my assumption, yeah. Be careful around sharp edges, but otherwise it should protect against a lot of damage. Obviously there's an upper limit to how much energy it can absorb for a given thickness of slime, but you should be able to handle most attacks.

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Does anyone know any good ways to become immune to sunlight other than to be a White Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail? I'm trying to stay away from shonen for the time being, until I've gotten a bit more power under my belt. But I'm also doing a "vampire arc" of jumps right now (Castlevania, Hellsing, Bloodlines, Requiem and finishing it off with Twilight) and I'd like to just ignore the standard weaknesses. I won't be actually going vampire until Bloodlines, so I only have to worry about sunlight, staking, hunger for blood and the Beast. Staking is covered by my lack of any actual organs, blood by my lack of need to eat, the Beast by all my self-control perks, but I've got nothing for sunlight except for maybe Hamon Mastery. Any ideas?

>> No.38644814

Hellsing and Twilight vamps don't care much about sunlight, but it's a valid concern for the other three.

>> No.38644816

Will post an update in like half an hour
The Rook Islands are more clarified, the Tatau have an additional line, and I added some new guns to spend your CP on.

>> No.38644851

It's done. I chose to make it set 7 years in advance to the plot so I wouldn't be a douche and put you in 13-2 (and so someone else can do that jump if they want to).

The usual rounds - things you see unbalanced, things you see lacking, major errors, major question marks, points that need clarification, things you want removed. Gimme a shout.

>> No.38644854

Yeah, but I'd rather not do Hellsing due to desire to still be able to cross water. And Twilight is...do I really have to explain why I don't want to be a Twilight vampire?

>> No.38644861

But I want to solve the problems of -2 and -3.

>> No.38644874

Hellsing's water weakness fades after the jump.

>> No.38644906

Then somebody can do those Jumps. 13-2 is a bloody time mess, and I'd only consider doing it after like...two weeks of consideration of HOW THE HELL WE DO THIS.

13-3...ughhhh. I'm not touching until I get 12 and 0 done, and hopefully by then somebody else takes it.

I tried my best to take LINEAR GAME and apply quirks, randomness and a variety factor to it. I think I failed. bleh. why is 13 so linear.

>> No.38644908

I know, I'm just worried about during the jump. What if I have to pursue a foe across a river? But perhaps I'm being silly, it's still a lot of power for only some temporary inconvenience. Hell with it, I'll go vamp.

>> No.38644921

I'd still like to see an answer to your question, since it concerns me too.

>> No.38644943

Personal request, can you let us buy our race in 12 (Moogle, Bangaa, Seeq, Vierra, those masked fuzzy tribal guys, any other race I'm forgetting) and maybe let us go to some of the nations mentioned in the game that you don't travel to (like where that lady's man prince came from)?

>> No.38644967

I'll consider it. I need to do the research on 12 first. I only played through the game twice, so there was a lot of background lore I never delved into.

Similarly, I kinda want to leave 12 and Revenant Wings separate in case somebody wants to do RW (no one's said they wanted to do 12 - but if they do by all means)

>> No.38644979

Revenant Wings is within 10 years You couldn't make them separate jumps.

>> No.38644992

Another question: Do discounts stack? Clanborn gives a discount to any 400 and below bloodline after the first, and Senju gives a discount on Wood release with its purchase. Could I stack both to get Wood Release free, or does only one discount count?


Clan born- discount on two 400 and below bloodlines
Senju (bought)- discount on Wood Release (400) bloodline

Senju dicount + Clanborn discount = free Wood Release?

>> No.38645005

Discounts only stack when they're said to. Toriko is an example of a jump where discounts can stack. Otherwise it's safe to assume they don't.

>> No.38645013

Generally, discounts don't stack unless the jump specifically says they do.

>> No.38645037

Sadly, discounts don't stack in most jumps, unless they explicitly say so. Which sucks twice as hard with Naruto because I want to buy ALL THE THINGS. Instead I feel like ... well, let's just say the pic is related.

>> No.38645053

Naruto heavily encourages you to spread out all the stuff you want among you and your teammates. It's not the same, but it's better'n nothin

>> No.38645054

Discounts don't stack unless explicitly stated.

>> No.38645066

I basically gave everyone a Kekkai Genkai.

>> No.38645087

I managed to get the stuff I really wanted for myself, but I gave my companions the few things I couldn't get. Like Hyuuga eyes.

>> No.38645124

Thanks for the info, looks like I'm going to need to restructure my build altogether. There's just so much stuff to buy!

>> No.38645146

It's too bad my teammates are Nairutor and Saucy.

>> No.38645166


Achilles is resistant enough to damage that normal melee weapons and even small firearms would be completely unable to pierce his film, if they were striking a sufficiently cushioned area. Generally, the more slime you put between you and the film in one place, the better the defense is there because most impacts will just cause the slime to displace. Think like squeezing one of those koosh balls.

However, sufficiently powerful attacks (ie: most attacks involving Parasites, Living weapons, or heavy firearms) will pierce the barrier, meaning his defensive effect is lessened. The barrier reforms quickly, but you'll lose slime in the process.

Also consider that your foe will not be used to the rank stank at all, and use this to your advantage. Spray them in the nose! Muahaha!

>> No.38645182


No. I mean someone who is literally all of the negative traits about a person given physical form. Think characters like Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts.

>> No.38645192

So most attacks from the cast would just slice through him like nothing? Doesn't seem all that useful to me since he doesn't have an offensive element to augment it.

And the smell is why I'm 90% not going to go with him in the end no matter what the answers are.

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>> No.38645215

I'm aiming primarily for a solo build. My team is going to be, uh, well, there's not going to be much of a team because they're going to be dysfunctional as all hell. I plan on forcibly dragging them through the chunin exam, willingly or no, and kicking sufficient ass to get myself promoted. And doing my damnedest to ensure that the invasion fails, the Hokage survives long enough to actually name a successor... that's when the plot starts really getting derailed, really.

Also I will spend the entire jump trying to convince everyone that Naruto is secretly a genius. Of COURSE he wears orange. You've seen the crap he pulls, he wears that to prove that he can hide in plain sight. He's playing life on a higher difficulty.

>> No.38645244

He has proven himself to consistently be the most stealthy member of the cast. Clearly he's doing something right, if that orange doesn't give him away.

>> No.38645269

Also, in nature, things that are dangerous tend to be bright colors. He's following that, as well. When you see him, you KNOW you're going to suffer if you get on his bad side.

Seriously, I'm going to string as much random shit together as I can, just to fuck with everyone in Leaf. And then see if I can get HIM to buy into it, to boot.

>> No.38645280

Not like nothing. The attack's effect will still be dramatically lessened, just not deflected entirely.

also the stink does not happen in day-to-day life, unless you make a habit of tiring yourself out by pouring slime down the drain for no reason

>> No.38645301

Well, I mean, that first one, the metal arms? He can provide shielding and armor too, but at the same time he can turn into swords, spears, and other weapons. What does Achilles do that makes him comparable to that? He doesn't sound better defensively, and he's got no real offense.

And if I'm always covered in slime and any break in the skin causes a stink, I look ugly all the time like I fell into an algae pond and will probably smell awful in combat. Which I'm not keen on.

>> No.38645359

Tentative build.

-Background: Sanctum (Free) -Time to be a soldier.
-Lockdown (Free) -Guardian Corps gooooooooo!
-Assault Manadrive (900CP) (Discount) -TIME TO TINKER.
-Defense Manadrive (800CP) (Discount) -Once more, time to study.
-Bismarck's Blessing (700CP) -Oh am I going to abuse THIS.
-Antimatter Manipulation Principle (500CP) -Learn as much as I can from this world.
-Anti-Gravity Emitter (Free) -Sweeeeeeet.
-Trapezohedron (300CP) -I'll try to see what kind of weapon mutations I can learn. Maybe make more.
-Golden Egg (0CP) -And with that, I am set for this world.
Dice Rolls: Palumpolum, 17 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I hang out with the Guardian Corps, goof off/study until the crew shows up, then SHIT GOES DOWN. I'mma go hang out with Cid, fuck everyone.

>> No.38645374

Whelp. Thanks folks on IRC for proofchecking.
*Rooted Eidolith buffed to have CC effect.
*Trapezo item effects clarified.
*Growth egg changed slightly.
*Clarified some range details on Weather control orb
*Nerfed Grudge a bit to make it fair.

That was it for the changes I think ._.

>> No.38645425

Some of these abilities, like Wings of Vercengetorix or Recuperation or Rapid Response Unit-Cavalry, need a mention of what their cooldown is. How often can they be used?

>> No.38645426

>weather orb has 20 meter radius

Not sure what difference is between "LIGHTNING" and "just thunderstorms" at only 20 meter range. Or is the lightning a whole lot smaller than that produced by natural thunderstorms?

>> No.38645433

Man I fucking hate cooldowns. I make it a point not to take that unreliable shit.

>> No.38645454

Yeah, but without them it raises questions like "what's to stop me from constantly spamming laser airships", or "does unlimited Recuperation mean people just can't die in my presence" or things like that.

>> No.38645462

aaaaaand there's that.

>> No.38645482

It's why I always favored mana pool systems over infinite cast with cooldowns. Not sure if it's applicable here, but spells and abilities are what usually gets saddled with shitty cooldowns.

>> No.38645603

. . . fffffuck. I lost my Forgotten Realms mostly-complete build.

Welp. That's hosed. What classes do you guys suggest, I suppose?

>> No.38645617

Wizard, Cleric, Druid. Don't need nothing else with the three Tier 1s.

>> No.38645633

Psion is a solid add on to those.

>> No.38645645

Magus. Shit wait, that's Pathfinder.

Pick the ones that sound most fun to you, you're not bound by game mechanics. I always liked Soul Knife.

>> No.38645661

Mm, good point. I'd probably swap Druid with Psion, since Divine and Arcane magics are already there. Having psionic would be a good boost.

>> No.38645676

My standard bullshit build is Erudite, Archivist, Wizard, Monk. Tons of versatility there, albeit at the cost of slow progression.

>> No.38645757

Divine magic involves having to pray to, obey, and satisfy a deity. It's too restricting.

>> No.38645769

Add Bard in there and you've got your bases covered.

Take off your fedora and look at the setting. There are plenty of ways to D&D divine magic without becoming a zealot.

>> No.38645790

Actually, no, many divine caster classes are powered by their own faith in an abstract concept rather than getting their power from a god. It's your own inner potential for divinity sparked to life by your dedication to your ideals and philosophy. It's kind of awesome.

>> No.38645799

What? Get off your stupid high horse for a second. I never espoused atheism in FR, nor did I say anything that should arouse your intense fear of some atheist bogeyman. All I'm saying is that it's a pain in the ass, you have to follow their decrees and alignment, which can be very restricting. Pretty sure 3.5 Clerics can't devote themselves just a concept either.

Don't think it's that way for Clerics or Druids, though.

>> No.38645802

All I'm going to say is that if by some slim chance I get stuck in D&D, I'm going to go eat the wall of the faithless and use the gathered soul power to eat the entire fucking pantheon. None of them are worth worshipping.

>> No.38645807

You might want to wait for a Mask of the Betrayer jump for that.

>> No.38645815

Someone actually working on that?

>> No.38645820

I dunno, but MotB would give him a way to literally eat the gods by being a horrifying soul parasite.

>> No.38645829

If there's a Mask of the Betrayer jump coming up, I'll hold off; my roll versus stupidity (because that IS a stupid plan) succeeded, thankfully.

But if I end up doing Mask of the Betrayer... I can't guarantee I will keep my cool. I don't want to be a god there; I've been a god elsewhere. But punishing unaligned souls like that is just stupid. Force them into a reincarnation cycle or something, until they get off the fence.

>> No.38645844

Worst part is that you can get sent to the wall not just for being an atheist, but for not being DEVOUT enough to an individual god. You could spend your entire life keeping Harglebargle's precepts and offering some prayers, but because you did about the same for his wife Turglelurgle and his brother Shaamawham, and because you had other focuses and goals in life, not a single one wants you because they didn't think you were 'grateful' enough and you end up in the wall.

>> No.38645851

>Don't think it's that way for Clerics or Druids, though.
I'm not sure about druids, but I know that clerics explicitly can be clerics of a philosophy rather than a god.

>> No.38645872

>>38645617 >>38645633 >>38645676

I thought about it, and realised that despite the attractiveness of being as BS OP as 3.5 can get, my personality isn't suited to being a Wizard/Cleric/Erudite/Archivist/Monk/whatever.

So I ended up going Sorcerer/FavoredSoul/Wilder/Warlock.

>>38645790 >>38645851 divine casters can devote themselves to a concept
>>38645799 clerics can't devote themselves to a concept

If memory serves, you're all correct. Standard 3.5E, clerics can devote themselves to a concept. Forgotten Realms clerics, however, can't serve a philosophy rather than a god, because the gods are assholes (i.e. they deliberately prevent such connections from forming). So if you want to be a non-deity Cleric you're going to have take a D&D jump other than Forgotten Realms (or I guess you could leave Faerun or wait until the Jump ends and then start advancing as a cleric).

>> No.38645873

In 3.5 yes, but in Forgotten Realms divine magic is exclusively granted by the gods.

>> No.38645875

And this is why I have to say, Mr. Ao, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL.

>> No.38645883

So we just have to kill the gods first then? Or at least stop them from blocking it?

>> No.38645889

It's this really stupid forced fusion of Monotheism and Polytheism. All these gods exist, and there's all these pantheons of aligned gods, but NOPE! Just focus on one above all others or fuck you.

>> No.38645895

Aight, knew I wasn't wrong.

And while Druids don't have to devote themselves to a god, they do have to devote themselves to nature and put up with that stupid restriction on metal.

>> No.38645941

And I like metal way too much to deal with that. If I have to do something in nature I'll just abuse the fuck out of earthbending, I think. And the basic ecomancy that I've gained up to this point.

Archivist, erudite, factotum, psion, spellthief and warlock. Should work nicely, even if I will potentially be levelling for decades if not centuries.

>> No.38645945


Oh, the Wall. Don't get me started on the Wall. It's a stupid, stupid, stupid Jerk-Your-Chain-MacGuffin that only exists because The DM Is An Ass.

>> No.38645952

I like Sorcerer better'n Warlock personally, but you go if that's you.

>> No.38645967

I am honestly not a fan of the magic system here. Divine spells have effects that I can't really reproduce or that have a lot of utility, but honestly if I need something it'll be of very limited utility in the long run and I can find another solution.

>> No.38645977

Someone explain to me why the writers thought it was a good idea.

>> No.38645998

Personally, from everything I had the misfortune to read about, I suspect it was a case of Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth mixed with We're Keeping It Because You Hate It.

>> No.38646002

Can you explain your ideas instead of talking in tropes?

>> No.38646009

Because fedora-tipping m'ladies play D&D too.

>> No.38646018

Can we stop with the 'lol atheists AM I RIGHT GUYS!?' bullshit while we're talking in polite company? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that part of the lore wasn't written by them, considering FR is really big on pushing their gods as oh so great and divine.

>> No.38646041

Okay, then I'll rephrase: because players like to flip the bird to established settings no matter how intrinsic certain aspects are to them. I'm sure we'd have some jumpers who try to go up and strike up a conversation with the Lady of Pain, for example, even when the jump explicitly says that if she decides to kill you, you die, no saving throws, your chain ends right then and there.

>> No.38646054

Do we have to take companions we gain through origins with us, or can we leave them in their original universe?

I'm at Naruto right now, and I'm trying to decide who I want as my teacher- Tsunade has a whole bunch of techniques and stuff I'd love to learn, but I can't see myself taking her out of the Naruto Universe, for one thing, she'd refuse outright if I offered the chance to leave.

Can we dismiss companions back to their home dimension? I want to learn what Tsunade has to teach, but I don't want to drag her across the multiverse against her will.

>> No.38646059

Yeah, but if your whole goal was to spite people for making Atheist characters (which not even most real life ones would do in a setting where gods are active and real), you shouldn't do it in a way that makes your gods look evil as hell and make people dislike them more.

>> No.38646068

You can leave them sure.

>> No.38646111

Are you forgetting how utterly anti-player some DMs are? Or have you never seen the Tomb of Horrors?

>> No.38646113

Yeah, sure, you never have to take companions with you.

>> No.38646117

Tomb of Horrors was Gygax, FR was written by Greenwood. Wouldn't be surprised if Greenwood was as much of a dick, though.

>> No.38646159

Sure, but I'm still going to summarise a lot. Righto. In the Forgotten Realms, Gods have Portfolios. God of Peace, God of War, God of Death, etc. It's not just what they can do, it's their job. So the God of Death? Its job is to house any souls the other Gods don't want, so that the devils and demons can't steal them.

Problem is, the job of being Death got acquired by a God who was an utter evil SOB. He built the Wall of the Faithless and the False, and any dead soul that didn't get claimed by another God and subsequently failed to stay on his tiny sliver of a non-Evil side? Got shoved in the Wall. The Good Gods didn't like this, but the Evil Gods backed him up because they saw it would piss the Good Gods off. The Good Gods complained to Ao, but Ao only seems to give a shit about The Balance and told the Good Gods tough bikkies.

So. Eventually, the God of Death gets whacked, and a new God of Death gets instated. He's portrayed as this decent good being who starts making purgatory a nicer place, or at least tolerable. But for reasons that are never properly explained, the Wall stays, and from everything I've read I strongly suspect it was a case of the company not wanting to change the almighty status quo and/or wanting a plot hook for future high-level campaigns/stories.

>> No.38646180

What I've read is that the good gods pressured Kelemvor to keep the wall around or they'd tattle on him/kick him out.

>> No.38646192

The _good_ gods?

>> No.38646200

The ones that are counted as good in DnD cosmology where it's an actual spiritual force and not just an opinion. Despite not acting good at all.

>> No.38646214

Yeah, then like I said, the company not wanting to change something despite it making no sense and butchering internal consistency to keep it.

>> No.38646339

One last Naruto question- If I import a non-sentient pet as my nin-animal, does that raise them to full sentience and make them a proper companion?

I'm debating between my Shibboleth fom Gears of War or my Leonopteryx from J.C. Avatar.

>> No.38646456

I believe so. the only nin animals it's vague with are the dogs.

>> No.38646734

Okie Dokie, at Ruki's request, I pdf'd the Carnival Phantasm jump.

>> No.38646743

Confirming this request.

>> No.38646778

What should I expect?

>> No.38646805

Er, the same jump. Just pdf'd it and bolded some words.

>> No.38646824

From Carnival Phantasy.

>> No.38646831

Well, think a comedy crossover of various type moon works. Nothing serious really goes on.

>> No.38646842

Was told that even the drawbacks look like they'd be interesting to take just to add spice to things. Considering it's essentially a vacation jump in comedic Type Moon, that's what I was aiming for.

>> No.38646852

From what I read was Kelemvor was the ones who were good/just and faithless were treated with kid gloves compared to if you weren't. So combined with new Mystra it shifted the balance of good & evil.

Seeing this he restructured everything. Those that aren't put in the wall, were allowed to roam about a grey grey world. Where the light wasn't bright nor dark. He also got rid of any compassion and his former appearance.

All because the evil gods were being robbed of followers due the fear when they die, Kelemvor will punish them. Kinda werid in that way.

>> No.38646956


Drawback: Ferals, Madman's Attention, Blood Dragon (1200). We'd be mad too, if we were an ordinary human and met ourself in all our glory. And-does this mean we meet the official BBEG or the implicitly evil scientist lady?

Native Blood, Age 32 (1100)

Good With Animals (Free). Suddenly, dozens of blood dragons from nowhere, storming the outposts. Some of which have mantra augmentations.
Vision Quest (900). The spirit realm is scared proper shitless of us at this point so-we imagine lots of these "lessons" will boil down to "OH GOD PLEASE JUST TAKE YOUR SKILLS AND GO THE FUCK AWAY"
Spirit Powers (600). Enlightenment superpowers or the madness of a god-shaped husk impressing themselves on reality? You be the judge
The Tattooa (0). At this point ours looks like something out of Hermaeus Mora's black books

Drawbacks: First Ark, The Primarch plots, A Bright and Sunny Day (1600). We have a BRILLIANT PLAN: Use one drawback to solve the other! Specifically-magically track Sanctum's location, open portals to direct the first Ark in his general direction, drop the fucker on his office and teleport away.

Drop In, Age 13

Paradigm System: Saboteur (Free).
Antimatter Manipulation Principle (1400). SCIENCE HO
Ultimate Grudge (1000). Oh shit-works on insults too? We can instant-win any rap battle, as long as we go second. This is a great perk.
Wings of Vercingetorix (600). That is some whacky whirling we got going on
7th Ark (200). Multiple, simultaneous deep strikes...with mantra powered cactus people
Desparate Struggle (0). We guess you could say this world has...no more heroes

Welp, guess it's up to us to pick up Lightning's slack and take out the Omnicidal Maniac of the Week. Gonna speed up the party recruitment process by using prognostication and deep striking cyborg cacti to issue cordial invites to all party members.

>> No.38646983

Reposting build

Drawbacks: I Am The Rules, Difficult Human Rules, Familiar Faces (1400). So-90% of our problems in this jump originate because Gil is still salty about a certain cup we nicked from him. Which is awkward to deal with since we're an anomaly of space-time blundering through these puny human cities like a bull in a china shop. Fuck.

Upper Class, Age 24.

Ominous Behaviour (Free). Belying the beginning of the greatest prank war to ever grace the Type-Moon universe
Badump! Date Super Plan (1000). Yessssssssss...
Loli Reversion Tea (700). "Hey king of kings, we heard only a true monarch can fully appreciate this savory tea. We certainly can't, wanna give it a shot?"
Caster's Charm (400). "Hey king of kings, are you a betting man?"
Ahnenerbe Cafe (100). "Oh, don't mind me king of kings-just chillaxing with the Root and this chick who can see all the death. How was the tea?"
Fluffy Futons (0). A fascinating memetic property; this definitely merits reverse engineering.

So...there's going to be some mixed reactions all round. On the one hand Kerry and Saber are probably going to be chill, but Kotomine may or may not hold a grudge about the whole "shot you before you could enact your keikaku" thing. Then there's a few KNK villains who MIGHT hold a grudge. At least the Tsukihime crew have our back.

But yeah-other than that, we guess-it's time to have fun? Let's see if some of the Ultimate Ones are interested in starting a rock band.

>> No.38647325

If the creator from Persona is around, could you give some examples of the largest scale changes you could inflict on reality with Rumormonger?

>> No.38647438

I took impressive specimen from obsidian tower trilogy and it says it applies to any future racial choices. Assuming that it would stack with other functionally similar perks. Would it push me past the peak limit of a races potential?

>> No.38647462

Would depend on precisely what other similar perks you got, but I'd say it's a reasonable assumption

>> No.38647819

Do you think Coulson in MCU has the spirit to survive being scratched by a JoJo Arrowhead?
If so what type of Stand do you think he would get?

Right now I'm thinking it would help bring enemies down to his level rather than make him better since he keeps fighting things out of his league.
An alternative could be something more teamwork focuses but I'm not sure.

>> No.38647845

Oh, he'd definitely survive the Arrowhead. Probably he'd get something fitting to his love of memorabilia and the golden age of spycraft.

>> No.38647888

That would fit well, a Stand based around old school spy stuff? I'm not sure how it would work but I like the idea.

The Stand would have to look at least a bit like a kangaroo since he loves them.

>> No.38647892

bleh. I acquiesced to adding cooldowns on some of the capstones - now comes the most awkward part of balancing.

Somebody mentioned thunderstorms. Most thunderstorms aren't more than 15 miles (25 km) in diameter. The one the orb makes is roughly 35 miles in diameter. Besides, it's not meant to be some sort of "I CAN CHANGE WORLD WEATHER" item.

>> No.38647910

Well thanks for making them shit, it makes picking an origin easier, since now it's about avoiding the fucking cooldowns.

Who the fuck thinks flying deserves a cooldown.

>> No.38647945

Like I said...it's going to come down to become the most awkward part of balancing. If I leave it at no cooldown, people will pull one way and point out imbalances, if I slap on cooldowns, people will start getting angry.

>> No.38647951

Ok guys working on doing jojo and for my song Im choosing, nanny ogs the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

Gonna have to get help atatting this baby though.

>> No.38647972

The hell? What's wrong with cooldowns? I don't think 1 hour between catbombs is too bad, or spontaneous parade summoning twice a day. Hell, Stagger and Rapid Response don't have any.

That said, I don't think Divided Focus merits a cooldown.

As for Wings of Vercingetorix-well, complete blasting of all equipment does sound pretty damn powerful. Does this extend to cybernetics, or-I dunno Chaos Daemon armour?

How powerful are Wings of Vercingetorix anyway?

>> No.38647975

Thinking great defense, immunity to unwanted advances, sucky attack unless someone else hits me. I AM BECOME HEDGEHOG MAN HE WHO PISSES OFF D-ART.

>> No.38647994

Not that anon, but mainly I think I'd like to know a little more about what wings of Vercingetorix are actually capable of beyond flight and apparently rending any type of armor before I can decide whether it merits a cooldown or not. Apart from that and Divided Focus the other cooldowns seem fairly reasonable to me at least.

>> No.38647999

>What's wrong with cooldowns.
Unreliable. You can't use them if you already used them. That makes them inflexible and unreliable.

Artificial. It doesn't feel natural at all.

>> No.38648007

I've got to agree here, I prefer it when things run off stamina or some sort of energy rather than an arbitrary cooldown.

>> No.38648013

>orb storms roughly thirty five miles in diameter

Um. I commented about that because the PDF said "meters" rather than miles or kilometres. This update also still says "meters". Is an autocorrect nomming your words?

>> No.38648014

Vercingetorix is a superboss with only one notable attack (Wicked Whirl).

Are his wings powerful? Not in the conventional sense. I'm removing the bloody cooldown and strapping on a root condition when you use the whirl (no movement no attacks). Equipment strip remains (if it's physically attached to your body like fused on, it'll stay on)

I'll rework the capstones a bit to make them max energy based rather than cd - but I can already smell a lot of balance issues from that coming.

I slapped a CD onto RRU - I'm tempted to have it be a maintained energy cost instead

>> No.38648022

To be honest, having a cooldown makes it easy to plan, since you know exactly when it can b used. I'd say mana stuff is much more unreliable, especially since there are a lot more things that negatively effect energy then do countdown abilities. The cooldown also helps balance out any perk that might otherwise need to be reduced in power if it could be use repeatedly in a short period of time.

>> No.38648023

>run off stamina or some sort of energy

Y'know, that makes sense. Hey >>38647892 would you be open to rewording the cooldowns to work off what other anon said instead of hard and fast limits?

>> No.38648030

I'd say it should be kept as countdowns. Those are some pretty powerful abilities, and making it possible to use stuff like Grudge more then once is pretty broken.

>> No.38648041

If you know theres gonna be balance issues, just leave it. You'll get a lot more bitching from people yelling about nerfs then you will about countdowns.

>> No.38648045

Damn, I see I should've have taken those wings. I'm fairly optimistic about max energy instead of strict time limits, to be honest. Would rather have the maintained energy cost, to be honest.

Way I see it is-if you work damn hard, you can extend a mana-dependant ability right? Like-it works at full strength for an initial time period, and then it gets weaker and weaker until it fizzles out BUT you can recharge it with some power source you have on hand? But a cooldown which works on jump fiat just limits your flexibility with harnessing a given power; you might have trouble keeping track of all your powers' cooldown rates in the middle of pitched combat after all

>> No.38648048

Some things will be kept with cooldowns (Highly abusable abilities like endurance build Grudges) - folks that plan meticulously would probably prefer that.

Capstones I'm reworking depending on effect and strength. The fundamental idea doesn't change, the specification and energy cost pattern will.

And....depending on how it all falls together I might modify Wings a bit.

>> No.38648049

Fuck cooldowns. Unless you're abusing a precog you don't know everything you're facing that day. Mana can be rationed, recovered, and adapted.

>> No.38648054

Except a lot of powers become much more powerful if you remove this cooldown, and a lot of these abilities are going to need to be changed if he wants any semblance of balance.

>> No.38648062

Mana can also be drained or suppressed. In fact,there are rather a lot of things that can do so.

>> No.38648068

The problem is that FF13 is a relatively high power setting (Cause of technology and overall the way the game combat flows). It favors a very aggressive style with lots of flashy skills. Prior to this both FFX and RO were nice, medium power settings at best.

The balance issues I could work out fine with those two. FF13 will take a bit of finetuning - but I expected as much. It's most likely that 12 will be the same if I choose to involve Yiazmat.

>> No.38648069

Dude, what the hell? The whole point of thread is precisely to be able to discuss the issue and provide constructive criticism. Let other people yell about things; just give appropriate reasoning so's the jumpmaker has at least some input.

I guess I'm okay with Grudge having a cooldown, actually. It's the RRU constructs which i think should have the option of running off some other energy

>> No.38648078

More powerful than other caps? That's what you should be asking.

And those effects can be resisted and countered. Mana is also a single resource, not a million different meters.

If it's high power, it's high power. Worry about things being balanced relative to each other within the cyoa above anything else.

>> No.38648079

High power? No, not really, no more so then FFX is. It's just a lot more visually detailed then other FF games, rather then any difference in style.

>> No.38648080

See now-that's making the assumption you're fighting a magic user canny enough to suppress or drain THE PARTICULAR BRAND of magic you're using to empower the ability.

Whereas cooldowns can end with you being tapped dry even fighting against an army of muggles or something.

>> No.38648095

Magic is as magic is. If an effect can drain magic, it drains your magic. Unless you keep all of your magic perks seperate and not influencing each other.

>> No.38648104

And there are things that can block this. Face it. Magic is fore more versatile than thoughtless 'I can only use it once ever in this one way!'

>> No.38648114

It's pacing and the difference between the ATB and CSB systems. A fight against Vercingetorix is fast, and when you rely on things like ATB Cancels, everything needs to move fast. A fight against Penance is just...slow in comparison. There's a general difference in pace altogether. I tried to be a little bit faithful with the abilities to illustrate that difference in pacing.

I also call it high power because everything is due to direct Fal'Cie influence. Yu Yevon in FFX didn't bother to interfere for the most part - most of the plotting actually came from more human elements. Nearly everything in 13 is FAL'CIE BASTARDS.

>> No.38648126

The fundamental metaphysics between different settings' magic systems can wildly differ; compare and contrast Dresden Files' emotion based evocations with Type Moon's magic circuits and convoluted conceptual weapon stuff. I can accept some systems of magic are similar enough to be affected by similar effects e.g. Imagine Breaker, but I do think that's a big generalisation.

Besides-my point about cooldowns leaving you vuleerable to running dry fighting muggles and not fighting magic users all the time still stands.

>> No.38648127

>I can only use it once ever in this one way
What the hell are you on about? These are abilities that have a single way they can be used, not entire magical systems. Having them run off stamina won't change that fact.

>> No.38648137

Well I suppose I could use Vercingetorix's Wings to do lewd things....

N-not that I would...of course.

>> No.38648138

I think he's referring to methods and workarounds involving FUELLING the abilities with magic/stamina/materia/ki/the power of friendship or what have you, or increase your pool of said energy to sustain it for longer. As opposed to patiently waiting for an arbitrary unit of time to pass before you can do your thing

>> No.38648145

Pssh, you want lewd? Just teleport away clothes with esper teleportation, unless knocking people on their backs is your fetish.

>> No.38648179

Stripping clothing + stripping resistance.

You should be glad I didn't add more of his abilities to the wings (disabling people and whatnot)

I'm aiming for internal balance first before even fully considering external balance. I'd at least want to make sure that each capstone has its own niche and work out from there so there isn't one that's "obviously useless"

>> No.38648183

So about FF12, which liberty board system will you use? FF12 has the one big board, and the zodiac job board. Are you gonna incorperate those at all? What about quickenings? Will nethicite be a thing? Just curious is all. Fucking love FF12.

>> No.38648190

Okami Jump

7. Wep'Keer
brush God: cat: rebellion-200
Dextrous Oral Telekinetic Acrobatics free with brush God
brush technique -200
natural nature -300
companions -400
ink bullet -100
magic ink pot X2 -100
reflector -100

Drop In (Free)
Demon Blood -300, discounted with drop in
Space Invader free with drop in
Cursed Land -100

Priestly Wisdom free
godhood -300

drop in
space invader free
cursed land -100
moon tech -200

Swordsman free
Flowing Swordplay-100
Divine Interference-300

Swordsman free
Flowing Swordplay-100
Dextrous Oral Telekinetic Acrobatics -200

Tyrion Lannister
Swordsman free
Flowing Swordplay-100
priestly wisdom -100

Waddle Dee retainers
priestly wisdom
prayer slips -100
miracle clumsiness -200

mother box
priestly wisdom free
brush up -300

The plan:we are mostly going to stay out of the plot and instead have our own story, it's a combination of my girlfriend is a nine tailed Fox, Inuyasha and Nanaka 6/17. Everybody scrambling to prove to me. I'm some all power being and not just a very clever cat. At least my wife does manage to prove to me that we are married. Which is good since Tina is now expecting.*

>> No.38648193

The problem is that cooldowns make them far too narrow in use and annoying to keep track of, and as well as the arbitrary issue.

>> No.38648203

Alright, fair enough. Actually, as someone who took the wings I kinda find them to be a bit inflexible when all they do is let you fly and disarm people completely; I mean, that's a neat trick but it ain't worth 600 CP undiscounted for me. Would you consider adding in all the canon boss's abilities? I'd be more than happy to accept manifesting the wings is gonna take a shitton of stamina or whatever

>> No.38648204

Quickenings - Yes.
International/NA board is going to be a bitch to implement, but it's in Drop In line. It'll be a long write up. (I always use the Drop In line for meta stuff)

Don't expect it to literally be the Job board though, because it won't fit with Jump schema.

Nethicite yes of course.
But...I'd like to finish balancing 13 before even starting 12. So frankly if somebody else wants to do 12 just let the folks here know?

>> No.38648233

Yes, I've acknowledged that much and that's what I'm trying to address. Some cds *will* remain, because some skills are definitely OP without strict limitation. But I'll review each skill with a playtest as usual.
So far in terms of balancing, Verci's Wings *are* actually on the weaker side for a Capstone perk. It's a pity, since I originally had this in a Drop-In 2nd line rather than general. I went with a 4 background 2 focus per line design...and in the end decided to drop drop in's 2nd line. That left poor Verci hanging. I'll see what I can do.

>> No.38648269

Oh boy I can't wait. Gonna be going on a FFJump train.

Aren't there a number of skills that let you easily keep track of it? PMD gives you combat diagnostics for free. Not to mention all the MMO, and vidya jumps.

>> No.38648271

Well, I can definitely see where you're coming from re: Ultimate Grude so I'm okay with that at least. Would like the called in fleet to have an option for alternate energy though.

As for Verci's Wings-I'm personally in favor of them either being the real deal and I don't think they should have a cooldown OR having their cost lowered, though I'd accept they'd be really tiring to sustain and I'd be fine with the you have to be still while twirling properly thing to be kept in if you added the other abilities too

>> No.38648321

I wanted to have a FF Jump train :x So I started with 10 and am working my way through. I might end with 9, but for sure I have stuff down for 12 and type 0.
Current Revision has the RRU weaken on repeated usage within a day. Laser batteries wouldn't last forever.

I'm working on Verci's Wings to follow a tier CP system. Only way to do it justice besides a static cost nerf/effect buff.

So far Adamantoise companion is the only capstone I haven't had to change. I figure it's cause no one actually wants a massive bipedal land walker that is just a bit awkward.

>> No.38648396

>weaken on repeated usage within a day

That makes sense.

>Verci's Wings

Happy with that idea too.


Preeetty much. I suspect others, like myself, have get their HUEG LAND ANIMAL fix from Pacific Rim's strange notes

>> No.38648453

Anyhoo, off to work, so changes.
Verci's Wings have been remade into a tier system.
RRU's cap is changed.
Pompa Sancta's cap is changed.
Divided Focus runs off of your companion's energy.

Comments at will. I'll check on them when I'm done with work.

>> No.38648502

What's your brush tech?

>> No.38648781

So is touhou supposed to be an end jump? Cause I really want a few things there. Just gonna sacrifice small things and stack big ones.

>> No.38648808

I don't think so? There's no indication in there about it being an end jump.

>> No.38648820

It's a regular jump.

>> No.38648836

Just ask cause its in a folder and the powers are so great. Wasnt sure.

Good thanks.

>> No.38649670

not enough dragon quest

>> No.38649805

I'm aware this has been a long time coming, and it's still not done.
But with the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett this morning, I felt I needed to go ahead and get this out there.
So, for anyone interested, here's the .09 edit of the Discworld Jump. It will be finished, but it's at least mostly playable now; after this does get done I'm getting to work on Posleen Wars and Treasure Planet.

>> No.38649856

>But with the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett
That's some sad news.

>> No.38649915

Thank you, Marvel.

I can't do much except drink in his passing at the moment and will gladly add the Jump to my Chain.

>> No.38649953

True. If I knew anything about the rest of the series I would have done more than just monsters.


>> No.38650134

Also I think someone was using Terraformars to get starfish DNA and make full power clones of himself.

With Mental Out from Index Railgun you could probably mind link them all.

>> No.38650186

Thanks man. Feels weird trying to express sincere melancholy over the internet, but. Ouch.

I assume drawbacks are limited to a maximum of the traditional 600 CP?

What would be your take on what would happen if you imbibed scumble, dried frog pills and Klatchian coffee...at the same time?

>> No.38650297

Yeah, it sucks. It's what he wanted, but... still horrible.

Yes, drawbacks are limited to 600; As you can see, there are a couple more I've thought of but haven't written (an Elf invasion focused on you for 200, Vetinari hating you for 2-300, having yourself be a relation of Nobby Nobbs (and having him follow you around and nick your stuff) for 100, but with the chance of getting him as a Companion, and some sort of "too noble to care/be intelligent" thing for 1-200.

Honestly, I'd assume you'd explode. Or reach such a higher plane of being you'd have basically the same effect.

>> No.38650323


-Background: Middle Class (900CP) -Not too much, but not too little.
-Way of the World (Free) -Knowing my way around stuff is ridiculously useful.
-Wizard (500CP) -MAGICS! I know all of them!
-Witch (300CP) (Discount) -Leeeet's add more magic to help out.
-Pocket Dis-Organizer (Free) -Well this... um.. I don't even know.
-Octiron (200CP) -Ooooooh I'm gonna LOVE THIS.
-Necrotelicomnicon (-200CP) -The THINGS I will learn from this thing alone...
-Psychotrophic Weather (-100CP)
-Yennork (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Counterweight Continent, ? (rolled a 4)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm going to be slightly busy here.

First order of business is to mine more Octiron in order to accumulate it. I want to lace my Gardens with them in order to see what happens when I raise the ambient magic levels. Second order of business is to find Pearwood, and get a small sample of THAT. It's going to be spliced into the trees, and hopefully make them stronger with the ability to channel magic. There will need to be caution to make sure they don't go bugfuck insane on me.

All this while keeping a stable mind, and dealing with the fact that I have a very dangerous book.

WELL this will be interesting.

>> No.38650358

Any way to join the night guard?

>> No.38650392

Read the Jump.

Watch Badge: 100 CP, Free Destitute
You’ve been admitted, recruited, or press-ganged into serving in the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch, and have the badge to prove it. Along with a set of armor, sword, boots, nightstick, and an official
bell (for ringing “all’s well”) you have the opportunity to be a force for law, order, and lining your own pockets (so long as the graft isn’t too terrible). You have the opportunity to pick up some good training in policing, and can safely call Sam “Stoneface” Vimes Mister Vimes. In other worlds, you similarly have a connection with local law enforcement, no matter who they might be.

>> No.38650494




Here are the first two episodes- have fun!

>> No.38650511

Next question, does Heredity Work retroactively?

>> No.38650517

Red....Wizards have to be Male and Witches have to be Female. Sorry to ruin your plans for all the magic.

>> No.38650543

Actually There is an entire book about how that is simply a societal thing, so no red can be as much of a wizard as She wants.

>> No.38650563

You can be a female Wizard or a male Witch; such things have happened. You simply don't get the discount for the one that doesn't "fit." Red spent 600 CP, so it works out right.


>> No.38650582

Carry on then.

>> No.38650603

>female wizard

Eskarina Smith

...be interesting to see how a male witch would work though; I'm probably wrong but I think there might have been offhanded mentions of Howondaland shamans working like that.

>> No.38650720

You could not pay me to go Witch over Wizard, I swear. Discount or not it's not as good.

>> No.38650723


And Marchesa from Colour of Magic - that book implies that Kull has a lot of female wizards.

>> No.38650807

While I'm not aware of any official wording stating it explicity, Pratchett made it fairly clear in a few interviews that he wasn't particularly proud of the Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic, and that he didn't really consider them entirely part of the setting anymore. This is why much of it (like Kull, and that upsidedown dragon mountain) is never really mentioned again.

>> No.38650981

I can tell you have not read a single book before coming to this conclusion; I don't say this as a criticism, but as an invitation to enjoy this man's writing.

The short and long of it is: Wizard /throw around/ more raw power but it has a tendency to be more trouble than it's worth and Witches /get shit done/ with far less. The ones that put the work into witching can do things that would take wizards far more resources and prep time, with a bundle of odds and ends and string.

>> No.38651009

It's more likely that this is a case of favoritism towards them in their portrayal, considering the wizard is better by what is written.

>> No.38651160


Witches are /not/ portrayed as perfect or all-knowing and for what it's worth wizard DO perform a lot more actual magic.

Let's see-witch feats include delaying the effect of a wound, possession with sufficient precision to control an entire swarm of bees, time control basically using nothing but a cauldron, infecting vampires with human weaknesses. Tiffany Aching really flexes witchcraft's capabilities though-thrashing an immortal reality-warping elf queen in her own domain, allowing an intangible disembodied mind with no concept of death to die, melting the avatar of winter through a complex balancing act wherein it's implied she transferred the metaphysical essence of summer into the guy's lips, and transferring pain a manipulatable spiritual mass.

Wizards on the other hand have to hide their powerlevel to prevent nuclear war. Sure, they can blow up buildings and turn people into frogs-but their magic is all about raw power-so yeah, if power is all you care about instead of the precision to wield it in ways that can sustainably help you, go wizard I guess.

>> No.38651212

I just don't care about healing or animal control and already have Our Monsters Are the Same. I imagine the Wizards are just shown to be dumb brutes, there's no reason they can't be more careful with their magic.

Though I might skip both since it wants to imply that I'm going to die. Not happening.

>> No.38651223

So what happens if you get both?

>> No.38651259

Well ... If they are compatible, which they might not be because they are very different things. Power and finesse to wield it,Technical knowledge and wisdom About where to apply it.

>> No.38651298

Just checking to see if you're absolutely being an idiot here;
You're claiming that when the jump and the setting clash about the way they're describing something, it's obviously the setting that's wrong?

>> No.38651303

Dont you get super mage eskarin

>> No.38651319

I don't have anything to go off but the jump, and the perks in the jump work the way the author says no?

>> No.38651375

Then you're Esk, basically.
More simply, it's necessary to remember that witch magic and wizard magic are fundamentally different; having both would let you use tools out of both toolboxes, but not too much more than that.

That is a failure of my descriptive ability, then. Trust me, they are pretty damn even. Amongst other things, all magic functions on some sort of equivalent exchange; in order to levitate to the top of a building, a few bricks fall from the top to the bottom, and to teleport something from X to Y, you've also got to teleport something from Y to X. Handling that kind of exchange without killing or destroying the user is something Witch magic is much better at than Wizard magic.

>> No.38651388

>> What did you think I was just describing?

>> No.38652544

Are you most active day or night jumplins?

>> No.38652708

All night all day anon, I have only ten years to completely experiment on/destroy/repair a universe, I need all the time I can get.

>> No.38652968

More specifically, I seem to find myself working mainly during the day, even though I prefer the night.

>> No.38653025

Night is when I'm most active, mostly because I find sunlight very soothing.

>> No.38653046

I like to bask in the morning sun.

... might be a dragon thing...

>> No.38653060

It really depends on which part of the day is more active when it comes to the settings. The best part about having a 4 hour sleep schedule and the ability to decide when I sleep is that I have a lot of variety.

It also helps that I have plenty of powers that work with the sun and the moon, so day or night I still have possibilities. The sun has Hamon and other sun-powered abilities/technology that I can utilize, while the moon... gods damn it, I picked up a shitton of abilities that mean my physical and magical potential climbs SKY HIGH with the moonlight, mainly because I love the look of a full moon and how the landscape looks with it, and I figured I may as well get a boost from it. A light I can generate and control at will. I'm lucky as hell we don't have a perk that lets me treat the two as the same.

>> No.38653070

Like the anon here said >>38652708

Use every damn hour you can.

>> No.38653112

Use every hour, every minute, every bloody second I can.

Although considering I can't seem to muster the imagination to make world-breaker weaponry or ultimate magic conversion tech or infinite explosion spells, sometimes it gets a bit difficult. Shit, the only thing I've made that's of note so far is a friggin' necklace with two Stardusts from Nintendogs.

>> No.38653208

After X*10 years that's got to wear on you.

On a completely different topic, I have a (probably) stupid idea which involves making braindead/soulless bodies and transplanting an extracted soul in them, and I have no idea how to go about that route. Anyone have any ideas?

>> No.38653276


Lord of Light's Lifeweaving tanks lets you make a soulless body, you can throw in some Geneforge stuff to work with it.

Evangelion's Metaphysical Biology along with Nechronica's drop-in perks has stuff that lets you study, modify, and even transplant actual souls from one place to another.

Pretty easy, anon.

>> No.38653281

Geneforge maybe or FMA? The real problem would be getting the soul to 'stick'

>> No.38653361

Well shit it's always easier than I think it is, thanks

>> No.38653490

Hey. Don't let other's projects drag you down. It's single-player.

>> No.38653502

With Metaphysical biology you could in theory make a soul from scratch. Me and other Anon were discussing this a thread ago.

He wanted to use life force or Ki as the basic resource, I was going to use Transformer Sparks, as they can actually go into biological bodies.

>> No.38653570

That's an interesting way of going about it, I was just going to use it as a medical final solution of "Yep this patient's body is beyond fucked on multiple levels, let's get a new body in instead of trying to purge/clean the old one"

>> No.38653884

Does if I'm looking to absorb a ninja bloodline from Naruto, could I use Savage Salvage, or would I need a Prototype's "Consuming" ability?

Alternatively, how much work would it be to scientifically graft the ability I want into me using a process of trial and error? I'd be using cloned body parts in this instance. By this time I have several hundred years of practice in Resident Evil, Geneforge, and Franken Fran style science, so I figure that should go a long way in making the whole process easier.

So, is there an easy way to integrate a bloodline, or am I in for some heavy research and testing?

Pic related is what I want, specifically his ability to passively absorb Natural Energy, not the shapeshifting bit.

>> No.38653939

Most likely the latter unless you want to become Kaguya like Red did.

>> No.38653951

Wait, someone actually bought the Stardust?

What was the final result of that project, if I may ask?

>> No.38653976

Effectively, "you can't."

"Unfortunately your body can only handle the Bloodline-Limits that you buy here, after entering the world your body will not be able to handle gaining the necessary genetic tampering to receive anymore. Manipulating others genes thoroughly enough to grant them bloodline-limits is also going to have a one percent survival and if they do survive it will only have a one percent success rate, and that is if you're an excellent geneticist and doctor."

>> No.38653998


Also you could do that easily with that background, several major characters grafted abilities to themselves

Though a grafted ability is significantly less efficient than the "natural" option

>> No.38654019

Oh shit I forgot that part

Seems overly limiting but I can see why they did it.

>> No.38654051

>1.) If we pay points for a canon teacher, do they count as a companion?
>2.) Can we have our companions spend the 300 points to get a canon teacher for the team?
>3.) Is there anything stopping me from letting my companions sign the same Summoning Contract as me?
>4.) If I take the "Hunted" drawback, could I buy off my bounty from the nation that posted it? As in, could I pay them quadruple the listed bountry price to NOT hunt me?

1) Yep. Your starting team are always considered companions.

2) Why not?

3) Nope. They'll have to work to earn their summons respect, but they can sign it. They same goes in reverse.

4) No.
Discounts don't stack. I think I put that in the file somewhere...

In other news looking over the Naruto jump is annoying me. It's poorly organised, and I thought of a few things I want to add in. I might be reworking it a bit. Maybe remove or increase the drawback cap, as it seems that happens a bit more frequently these days. I was just so damn busy in real life it seemed like extra work towards the end and I rushed finish the thing. I'm still pretty busy, but it's not nearly as bad.
That sounds freaking hilarious.

>> No.38654174

Is there any perks we can take to help building stuff? Like worker droids or constructor nanites or anything?

>> No.38654199

Star wars clone wars jump you can possibly make robots out of scrap that can use the force if I recall.

>> No.38654203

Minecraft has a ton of building related perks.

>> No.38654218

I asked this a while ago. There's not as many as you'd think. Most of it needs to be fanwanked.

Ar Tolenico and Anno 2070 were mentioned when I asked. Didn't seem to be quite what I wanted though. Age of Mythology has a builder perk too.

>> No.38654229

Well... as >>38653939 and >>38653976 implied also not Kaguya damn it, you're better off doing some heavy work via trial and error. I personally went with cloned body parts, Assassin's Creed's 'Legacy' blood ability, along with a very very VERY detailed Geneforge. Most times the Geneforge is "let's stuff magic into it until it works", but for something like this you want some seriously detailed stuff. Orochimaru and Kabuto both tend to seriously know their shit, but they also did some really heinous stuff and it tends to leave a lot to be desired due to all the snake stuff.

Either way, expect a metric shitton of trial and error stuff, and the more genetics perks/equipment you can grab, the better. Even then, expect it to not bear any fruit for quite some time as any jump can alter your genetics JUST enough where any prior results become automatically moot. So a place like Civilization may be the best place for you to settle it down and do some heavy work.

Though if >>38654051 could chip in on this, it'd be wonderful so we know if we're just talking hyperbole or not.

>> No.38654294

Thanks for the info! I too would like to know if its possible to gain another bloodline in the way that Red described: >>38654229

>> No.38654311

One of the Red Alert jumps has warehouse construction bot upgrades.

>> No.38654402

I thought all of that turned off after you leave minecraft?

>> No.38654420

>Not Spoiler
But if I recall you put alot of bloodlines into yourself didn't you?
So in a way your kaguya minus eating some evil fruit or whatever her backstory is.

>> No.38654515

>largest scale changes you could inflict on reality with Rumormonger?
Well, the grandest change seen in canon is pseudo-resurrecting Hitler and the Last Batalion. You could presumably reshape a society if you're smart enough about the rumor.

>> No.38654528

Here's the latest for WoW Jump (WIP)


>> No.38654572

The five bloodlines, yes.

I bought Senju/Uzumaki to start out, then thanks to Companions being totally fucking borked I made one teammate an Uchiha, another teammate that one bone bloodline, and the teacher to be a Hyuga. Just take blood samples from all three and begin the experiments.

Proceed to fuck off from the plot and just do whatever, and if you find a way to splice all five in, boom. You got the bloodlines of Kaguya. Thing is, that Ten Tails that came from the fruit is... let's just say I thought it was a VERY BAD IDEA if I ever did anything with it

>> No.38654612

>pseudo-resurrecting Hitler

Isn't Hitler Nyarlathotep in Persona? Jesus, that's some crazyass magical mojo

>> No.38654679

It can technically work, particularly if you don't have other blood lines and have some regen and durabilty perks to go along with all the genetic manipulating ones. Some bloodlines are going use the same sequences, so just trying mash more into your body may well weaken or destroy the ones you do have. Organ failure is also a very real concern. The bloodlines you receive this way will also not be as strong as if you bought the perk- compare Yamato to Hashirama for an example. And you'd pretty much have to restart from scratch every time you wanted to fiddle around with the genes. Any way you do it, you're going to fuck up a lot- I wouldn't recommend trying this on anyone you actually care about. Full body clones would likely be the best test subjects.

Tl;dr it's technically possible, but it has a fuck ton of problems and won't be as strong as if you bought the perk.

Kabuto's splicing work was an ass pull of epic proportions.

>> No.38654752

Damn. I just use it to spread rumors that Im a much more powerful god than I really am, and that all my followers are rewarded if they uphold my values.

>> No.38654886

Resurrecting Hitler's nothing. Remember the time that rumors lead to the creation of a giant alien spaceship that lifted a city into the sky? Rumormonger is OP as fuck.

>> No.38654984

Alright, good to know. Getting Jugo's bloodline was the easy way out; guess I'm going to have to manufacture a sealing array that can store Natural Energy or passively absorb it.

Actually, I have a question about Fuinjutsu Prodigy: Is it simply a "leg up" in learning Sealing, or does it allow you to reverse engineer/scratch build unique things like the Hiraishin? (with lots of research of course)

What I'm trying to ask is, does the perk give us a head start, or does it unlock the ability to use seals we wouldn't be able to do otherwise?

>> No.38655002

Fuck, now I have to take max drawbacks to buy three capstones in persona.

>> No.38655078

If there is one thing I learned about Naruto, it that only talented people can get shit done. The cap without that perk is around Kakashi's level- with it you can hang around with second and fourth hokage. If you work at it like and angry bastard that is.
So yeah, it unlocks things.

>> No.38655123

>it that only talented people can get shit done.

Until we get to the climax where we learn that BLOODLINE AND HERITAGE ARE ALL THAT MATTERS.


>> No.38655148

What if we already have a bunch of genius-boosting perks? Would that let us work on the awesome stuff?

>> No.38655152

I know right? It's all predetermined at birth. I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED. NO I AM STILL FUCKING PISSED.

>> No.38655182

It'd be the wrong kinda genius. Kakashi level cap.

>> No.38655202


Ty for replying.

The Tower Seed and Arc are kinda well big and noticeable if I wanted to be slow in it but on the other hand...A mega-structure I can use as my headquarters in my jumps? YES PLEASE!

All together it can work though, I can use the minecraft perks and the warehouse robots to start my tech base, and when I'm ready to reveal Genom's glory to everyone I can make a Tower and use an Ark.

>> No.38655251

Forever pissed?

Same here.

>> No.38655281

What about with Softcap? Can I bypass the limit then? Because I'm working on a "Sue-crusher" build where I intentionally go to one of the shitty fanfics and surpass the self-insert Sue version of Naruto there so as to make him miserable and expose him for the entitled brat that those fics like to portray Sasuke as. And I just don't have the points to get Fuinjutsu Prodigy so as to beat the inexplicable skill with sealing those Narutos tend to show.

>> No.38655449

Eventually then. No way in hell you get to it within anything even resembling a decade though. But- that mary sue that you're trying to out do? It's not gonna work, at least if it's the generic one offered by the drawback. Whatever you're planning, they'll just no sell it or reveal that they had a brilliant plan all along which you just played into. Or some shit. The only reason that it's only 100 cp is that you're not really in any danger. Just miserable. 'You shall endure pain everlasting' indeed.

>> No.38655500

And that is why I picked the "Fanfic" drawback and picked my own where there were no tailed beast and god bullshit. Made everything better.

>> No.38655514

No, I'm using the 0CP version of the drawback to go to a SPECIFIC Mary Sue, so they won't have drawback-given plot armor. And I'm fine with it taking more than a decade to reach that level of skill, I have time dilation. Plus I don't sleep, need food or water, or tire. And I can put myself into a state of focus where I do not get bored, at all. I can afford to spend a few decades straight practicing before jumping back into the normal timestream.

>> No.38655601

Eh, I figured that it wouldn't be as strong by splicing it. But that's what practicing and working on things is for. It's not always about power, sometimes it's all about getting your foot in the door.

Thank you kindly, Anon!

>> No.38655657

Good luck. I want to say bro, but I guess sis would be more appropriate?

>> No.38655658

This makes me so damn happy! I was waffling between getting Wood Release or Fuinjutsu Prodigy, but now that I know I can get the upper tier sealing techniques, there's no contest. I'm going to put my "learn faster" perks to good use, that's for sure!

Here's a question about summons: can we have our summon clan be an animal type from a previous jump? I was thinking either the Leonopteryx from J.C.'s Avatar, Shibboleth from Gears of War (minus the cybernetics), or Brachydios from Monster Hunter.

Would any of those animals be OK as a summon?

>> No.38655685

My latest LoSS update grants architects eye. Letting you build anywhere.

>> No.38655713

Which one is it?
Why not? They'd be just about as strong as the summons in canon though.

>> No.38655754

>Which one is it?
I'm not quite decided, yet, there are a lot of bad fanfics to go to. But I'm thinking Naruto: One Man Team, that one has a Naruto who would be absolutely hilarious to shut down.

>> No.38655917

Daytime - the better to Ripple with!

>> No.38655950

Actually there is an better method.

One of the things I intend to make is a symbiote that grants super powers to their hosts.

Gene forge helps, but also we will need Skullgirl's artificial parasite and perks, RE virology, Sufficiently Analyzed Magic, Lords of Light, and really as many genetic perks you can get.

Then I would simply gather samples of bloodlines and bloodline abilities and basically make symbiots that give those abilities to their hosts.

I intend to make them anyway, so it shouldn't be too difficult at that point to make them. Even if we assume that they still have a 1% of being viable because of jump shenanigans just clone bred them till you get working symbiotes.

>> No.38655988

Oh terraformars genesplicing it essential too.

>> No.38656072

So, Jumpers who have led armies, battles, and nations; What sort of war cries, battle hymns, etc. did you have?

>> No.38656074

Oh. Now that IS an idea isn't it? Clever work around.

>> No.38656125

Getting my platoon squad to chant uptown funk as they charge the Germans.

>> No.38656130


>> No.38656149

Fuck off mate!

But seriously, I tend to form a speech or song that suits the specific occasion as opposed to just using generic lines over and over

>> No.38656216

To be fair I already came up with the idea, just adapting it to bloodlines is actually amazing. I was wondering about what genetically based stuff to add in for the actual superpowers...And chakra/bloodline stuff is tailored made for it.

I also plan on using Vitae as well as the base. Which probably means I'm spending the last couple of years of that trying to keep ahead of clans I've taken samples from.

>> No.38656245

Just for kicks I let my military in the Civilization jump listen to some Death Grips before our first major battle in the classical Era.

I kinda regretted it, because thousands of years later the infantry still shouted "OH SHIT I'M FEELING IT" and "I'VE SEEN FOOTAGE" as they came down the valley, and various units had adopted lyrics as their battlecries.

Turns out raw aggression really appeals to bronze-age militaries, who knew?

>> No.38656319

I see nothing wrong with this.

>> No.38656342 [SPOILER] 

I basically make speeches ether before a great battle or when I begin an attack on our enemies.
"My people... Sons and Daughters of ______... For many years, we've been a broken nation: Shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape.
Ten years ago asked for time, and that time was granted by you. You: the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams... Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind. An exodus for freedom, ______ became that freedom.
In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride! Our enemies at home have been re-educated; we have given them new insights into our cause.
On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE! Defenders of the ______ dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!"

>> No.38656441

Does the "Lets Give It a Boost" perk in Unholy Heights stack? It doesn't state it within the actual perk.

>> No.38656445

>DG Vinyl - $25
>Travelling the multiverse - Thousands of years of your life and possibly your soul
>Watching the half a kilometre of riflemen ripple with musket fire as the drummer pauses and the standard bearer cries 'SPREAD EAGLE CROSS THE BLOCK"

>> No.38656602

I can't help but honor my roots.

>> No.38656820

Question about the Moonstone from Lone Wolf-how big is the boost it gives to abjuration and portal magic?

>> No.38657440

>Take the Great Magic drawback
>Have Ensoul from the Cardcaptor Sakura jump, which lets you give spells a body

Something is telling me that this combo is an exceedingly bad idea, but at the same time I kind of want to see what would happen.

By the way, would keeping the Great Magic after the jump be worth it, or should I be glad that it's gone?

>> No.38657444

If I use a large animal for a summon, like an elephant, and have them humanoid, do they retain their size?

>> No.38657494

If you like to use magic AT ALL, you should be exceedingly glad it's gone. If you don't use magic at all... it's 50/50.

Also, that is a very inventive combo. I'd bet on it creating an eldritch abomination before anything else, to be honest.

>> No.38657564

They might be larger than a normal human, but not by much. Probably only by a margin of 40-60 cm or so.

>> No.38657573

Have you decided which jump to start on next? I would humbly like to request Treasure Planet.

>> No.38657605

What sort of things could a Humanoid summon teach us that a Huge summon could not?

>> No.38657660

Well, I've got to finish Discworld first; like I said when I posted it, it's not DONE, but I felt it needed to exist given current events.

After that, I'm doing Posleen Wars and Treasure Planet. I've been kinda planning Posleen Wars for some 7 months now, and teasing it for that long, so... I should get it out of the way.

On a Treasure Planet note, though, I'm not having much luck with Backgrounds: Drop-In, Pirate, and Navy are all I've got. I've toyed with Procyon as an option, but don't think there's enough there. Would I be a horrible person if I only had three backgrounds, or does anyone have a good idea for a fourth?

>> No.38657709

Jumpers who took love interests with you.
How has it been? Do you have to save them often? Because I have two scientist husbands and I have to save their asses on a constant basis and it's irritating as fuq

>> No.38657722

That depends largely on what you pick, but basically the humanoid summons have humanish bodies. Due to that the martial arts and ninja abilities that they have can also be used by humans.

>> No.38657731

Procyon? Like the scientific name for raccoons? Huh?

>> No.38657787

I did at first, but they can kick some major ass these days. Between that and the amazing GTFO and protective items I've given them they're pretty much good.

>> No.38657815

The Procyon Empire is the main antagonist of one of the games (Titled, imaginatively, Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon). Yes, they're raccoon people. And the game is highly enjoyable, especially for 2002; it's a fun naval combat thing, that actually kinda reminds me now of BFG.

>> No.38657825

I save my companions a lot, including love interests. Honestly, I mostly keep idiots and jerks with me because they're entertaining, so they get in trouble a lot, and bail them out a lot. Saves time and effort in creating entertainment for Jump-chan, at least.

>> No.38657864 [SPOILER] 

Not just pic related but part of this chain was making sure that all of my companions were capable of kicking ass. No need to save them from anyone - because lemme tell ya, when Nazi Vampires are freaked the fuck out? I don't even need to worry.

Especially when one of them's capable of shattering a cliffside on her own.

>> No.38657883

Nah, I've been powergaming mine. They're not as strong as me, if only because I started jumping much earlier than they did, but I've given them a fair bit of power. They can keep up with my adventures without fear of them getting hurt.

>> No.38657901

I kept most of my pokemon with me but I have them keep one of their pokemon to defend themselves and they STILL, STILL get into fucking shit. like okay you have a goddamn dragon why do you keep getting involved in shit????????????????????????? dont touch things you don't know very well??????? We've established rules for us to follow and you're like "Oh it's okay it looks harmless and cute so I'll pet it" AND THEN HE GETS HORRIBLY FUCKING INJURED and makes me worry a lot :( I don't like it when my husbands get hurt. I care for them a lot, why do they have to do this shit.

>> No.38657930

Not much of a problem, have my main companion on relatively equal ground as myself.

>> No.38657951

Several of them
It differs, but some have been with more for more than 12000 years
And it depends entirely on the jump
Sometimes I'm saving them
Sometimes They're saving me
Sometimes we're fighting side by side

>> No.38657961


I had to save Minette but otherwise I gave her a stand and I've been doing my best to train her. Thank god she took to it well, at least the Stand part.

I still have no idea what Nadia's does...In any case, someone tossed me at Magi so..!

JUMP 14 – MAGI – 1000/1000
Starting in Kou
Magoi Manipulation(300)
Fanalis bro(100)
Thief Bro(50)
Magic Camel(50)
Magical Aptitude(300)

Berith, Djinn of Oaths and Lies
-Male, Ranged Combat, Wind Magic

Plan: Stay. Da Fuck. Away from Sinbad. That's all I got out of the IRC's warnings, and even if he's an okay guy I'd rather not get roped in with a protagonist like that. Anyhow, I figure the most interesting thing to do is to troll Kou at every opportunity after I nab Berith out from under their noses. Then, continually troll them via making life as difficult as possible for the kingdom any way I can. Worm's insect manipulation power(which I got by sheer luck) makes it easy for me to go biblical on them. I rolled a bit and with the help of another helpful anon (thanks, One!) determined I got a Heat-using Djinn named Oris and a Sound-user name d Amdusias. Fanalis bro and I should be enough to handle most threats!

>> No.38657989

You sound kind of spastic. And yeah, companions have minds of their own. Just pick up healing, and from the sound of it, a rezzing ability. Aion has some good ones.

>> No.38658111

Got it.I just. Okay Colress is okay, he doesn't get into trouble as much now that I think about it??? But Sycamore is definably a problem. I think it's because he's really goddamn dense and can't seem to understand just to stick to me and Colress.

I'm a new jumper, but I'll consider that. I need to have more powers, frankly. I have some magic skills but that's about it and they're not as powerful as some other jumper's powers.

I wish I could be a massive troll but I can't :(

>> No.38658295

How goes the café scene?

>> No.38658415

Posting my current plant perk build. Still need wakfu sadidas shoe.

Pagan earth god *supernatural
Demigod of chronos *percy jackson
Minor blessing talk to plants *percy jackson
Divine Child chronos *percy jackson
Glory to... me chronos *percy jackson
Sorcerress of plants *ff8
Let it grow *pooh bear
Secrets of nature *pikmin
Who Needs Water? *Harvest moon
Blessing of the Goddess *harvest moon
Greenthumb *harvest moon
Plant theme *smite
Attribute Induction plants *lords of light
Aspect Cultivation plants *lords of light

~Legendary Implement~ •scythe• ~percy jackson~
Concealable free turns into a bracelet
Unique ability ensure a bountiful harvest
Unique ability minor slow or speed up time
Unique ability unnatural gardening skill
Unique ability plants touched by this can be granted immunity to fire

~smite~Artifact- this Watering can greatly increases the growth speed of all plants waterred by it
Secondary abilities that may help

Lunar dial *touhou.
To quickgrow plants
Gift of chao *negima
to merge plants with tech
Gift of thousand master *negima.
To increase plant related spells
Nanotech *deus ex
Helps heal plants
Golden pail *animal crossing
double plant growth
Yuuka’s Parasol *touhou
Flower control and pocket dimension.
And a steadily growing list of plants. I plant on ensouling most of my abilities into my scythe.

>> No.38658985

All my companions are more than capable of taking care of themselves, however they're still not to far above peak human levels, and I'm only slightly stronger myself, so I'd say that we all look out for each other.

However, I do rely on my companions alto for emotional support, especially after Commorragh.

>> No.38659226

Rolled 5 (1d8)

Fairy Tail is up next, rolling for location. Also my companions are starting to scare me.

>> No.38659327

Since I'm here, I have a question about the Psioncs from d&d/Dark Sun. How long should it take to level up? I know the jump mentioned that using your psionics regularly would improve them, but what's the general timeframe for advancement?

>> No.38659529

I gain a character level once every 5 Jumps - once every 3 Jumps with Soft Cap x2.

>> No.38659585

Fairy Tail
Rolled Hargeon
Citizen (900) Nothing out of the ordinary here, nosirre
Take Over: Beast Soul (300) My selection is somewhat limited right now. On the plus side thanks to Sheffeild being Windalfr I should have a nice set of ridiculously dangerous Halkegenian wildlife usable.
Enchantment (100) Even for just the utility effects it's quite useful.
Pragmatism (-50)
Magic Training Dummy (-100)
Because I have my Friends (-400)
Franservice (-300) What can I say, I'm far more durable than my clothes, wouldn't want to destroy my good uniforms in a fight
Bounty (0) Whoops

Celestial Spirit Magic (free)
Silver Key: Monoceros (free)
Silver Key: Aquilla (free)
Silver Key: Noctuna (free)
Silver Key: Apes (350)
Blank Key (100)
Silver Key: Lacerta (50)
Silver Key: Telescopium (0)
All in all this gets her a good deal of utility and some meatshields to help protect her while she's casting if I'm not around.

Tinker McNotfranky
Guns Magic (free)
Requip (0)
So yeah. The cyborg with ridiculous Tinkertech skills is now requipping entire chasis as he sees fit.

Captain Fishface
Strength (300)
Sand Magic (0)
Combos well with his Stand that I'm working on (basically an Oasis rip off).

Archive (free)
Heaven's Eye (100)
Agility (0)
This with Mathematical Calculation from Worm means he's downright absurd as a field commander or any number of other jobs.

So yeah my companions are starting to terrify me. It's 6 jumps in and they're all ridiculously hard to beat.

>> No.38659629

Commorragh? What happened there?

>> No.38659644

Commorragh is the jump where you have to torture people to survive.

>> No.38659653

>All of those Keys
Wow, that's a lot of allies

>> No.38659695

Technically, you don't have to. But if you don't want to you need to escape a hell-dimension before your soul gets eaten, so it's still not a fun experience.

>> No.38659767

50 years per character level sounds crazy slow to me.

Actually I should start looking for learning perks.

>> No.38659771


>> No.38659803

Actually being in the webway itself helps you last longer than just being in the galaxy at large, which is part of why the dark eldar live there in the first place. You either need a soul stone or to torture people, though you can inflict enough pain through just fighting people if you do it enough.
Well you could technically choose not to be a dark eldar by not picking the free perk, but then you still show up in Commorragh, and not being a dark eldar there is a bad idea.

>> No.38659857

Oh, I don't mean the webway when I talk about the hell dimension. I mean Shaa-Dom, if you start there you get a free soul stone. But it's not a nice place to go.

>> No.38659916

Nah I self nerfed on purpose (and because I have a total of 40+ companions to manage, half of whom have the folded 1k times - I can't deal with leveling everyone up after each Jump T_T)

>> No.38659966

>half of whom have the folded 1k times
So are your friends actually swords in this case?

>> No.38659967

Yup, some are just utility but it gets her a nice range of useful effects. Also BEEES. Because Apes is best celestial spirit.

>> No.38660010

A daily reminder that One-Armed Anon is best waifu.

>> No.38660025

>character level once every 5 Jumps
That's, very specific. Did I miss something in the jump or is this word of god?

>Commorragh: 1000CP
Low Commorragh-(Rolled)


>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)

>Skills and Abilities
1.Dark Eldar Physiology-(Free)
2.Power from Pain-(Free)
3.Warrior Instincts-(Free)
4.Just Another Day in the Life-(100cp)
6.Warrior of Legend-(300cp)

1.Kabalite Armour-(Free)
2.Splinter Rifle-(Free)
4.Incubi Armor-(Free)
5.Tormenter Helm-(Free)



At first I was planning on jumping a raid ship and then heading out to the wider 40k universe, but then I decided that if I had to kill people, It may as well be other dark eldar.

So after learning about the Incubi, I grabbed my sword & power armor, sealed my companions in the warehouse, and spent the next years as a bodyguard/torturer/slaver/adviser/assassin, then I ended the jump with a bang by killing my employer and blowing up his palace.

Commorragh was the 10th jump in my current chain, and nothing else leading up to it had been anywhere near as bad. Overall, it was a very traumatizing experience

>> No.38660032


He's got one.

Now let's put the CYOA Creator Waifu CYOA shit to rest.

>> No.38660065

So, I'm not familiar with Kara No Kyoukai: How dangerous would Meruka Kuramitsu be if I had immunity to precognition? It says he has perfect precognition, does that let him penetrate other peoples' immunity to having their fate determined? It's Nasuverse, I don't want to make assumptions on what "perfect" means.

>> No.38660071


Like seriously let's put it to rest.

And never discuss it again.

>> No.38660085

Nope. I just made it that specific because I wanted to grow a bit slower and make things a challenge sorta. (read: I'm too lazy to manage my party - full of Level 16/17 multiclassers.)

>> No.38660125

Alrighty then

>> No.38660165

Meruka is defeated by having his ability stripped (the concept is destroyed to an extent) - that's a slight indication that if he had his ability, he would probably be very tough to defeat.

You could of course have an "unavoidable precognition" - something that is snowballed too high that he can't stop it. For instance he can't run away in time if you nuke the planet in an instant...but that's a very extreme example.

>> No.38660209

I guess I won't take that drawback, then. Thanks.

>> No.38661042

No Pre-Fall Tech?

>> No.38661122

I was tempted, but I needed the weapons and fighting skills more. Plus there are plenty of other jumps that offer super-science, and Pre-fall tech seemed like a long term investment, something I couldn't really afford at the time.

>> No.38662034

Who are you inside?

>> No.38662132

So here is my tentative jump list the only one in real order is Gi Joe.

-Gi Joe
-Xcrawl for pathfinder
-Cerulean Shores
-Midgard for pathfinder

Sounds good?

>> No.38662187

Yeah, looks cool. What's Visionaries, though? The only IP I know of that name is a cartoon from the 80s. Is it that Visionaries?

>> No.38662258


>> No.38662315

More people than Justice, but not as many people as One-Arm or The Anon Formerly Known As Anti-Spiral.

>> No.38662428

Well one person once said "Light of Terra jump shows you who you really are inside"
So I'm apparently someone who is utterly terrified that my every action is going to make things worse for everyone around me.

>> No.38662467

If I were a Buddhist, I would say that the self is an illusion, and so I am inseperable from that around me.

Of course, I'm not a Buddhist, I'm a guy too greedy and bored to turn down the opportunity for cosmic adventures and power.

>> No.38662504

I just realized that sin, and the aeons, and the fiends from ffx, Are all hollows. Big freaking hollows.

>> No.38662521

If that's true then I'm still fun loving but brutal in a fight and far too forgiving to crazy ladies.

>> No.38662536

Pretty much. The aeons willingly became soul-conglomerates, though, so they're a bit different.

>> No.38662546

>If I were a Buddhist, I would say that the self is an illusion, and so I am inseperable from that around me.
>Of course, I'm not a Buddhist, I'm a guy too greedy and bored to turn down the opportunity for cosmic adventures and power.

True understanding of ones self is the first, and most difficult step on the path to enlightenment. You are well on your way.

>> No.38662566

wonder what would happen if an ffx summoner performed a sending in hueco mundo.

>> No.38662584

I don't know, but now I'm glad that I haven't done either jump yet. Means I can pencil that in for a future experiment.

>> No.38662605


There are some others, but its all up in the air.

>> No.38662615

Alas, I could never abandon my cravings, and such will never end my suffering.

Besides, I subscribe more to Sartre myself

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