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Your fleet is on high alert with the recent spotting of the Obsidian Queen’s scouts. Fighters have scattered across your systems and patrol ships keep their drive wings tense, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Your ships scan the distant reaches of your system in search of intruders, drones twitch anxiously as they wait for possible battle.

Lyle just inflicted three wounds on a terasaur. Neither he nor you know what that means, but the group he had been questioning some time earlier claims it is good.

Welcome back to Hive Queen Quest!

>Archives http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hive%20Queen%20Quest
>Twitter https://twitter.com/HiveQueenQuest
>Various pasta http://pastebin.com/u/QuestDrone
>FAQ ask.fm/QuestDrone
>Discussion page http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest_talk:Hive_Queen_Quest

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>Current armory
1169 Thorn Launchers
20 Thorn Cannons
5823 Sting Casters
530 Cyclotrons
345 Rotary Stingers
3 Fire Sprays
95 Plasma Spray
422 Particle Cannons
320 Lightning Guns
120 Lightning Cannons

>Current resource reserves
Nutrients: 3,108,403
Metals: 348,303
Credits: ₡2226
Credits in Lyle’s account: ₡1,177,400

>Hive population and upkeep cost
Hive maintenance – 24325
Queen – 5
Fake Queen (3) – 66
Worker (85005) – 170010
Aquatic Worker (5140) – 20560
Vacuum Worker (5200) – 31200
Radiator Worker (5100) – 20400
Warrior (11209) – 56045
Aquatic Warrior (100) – 700
Thinker (2000) – 6000
Quantum Thinker (1000) – 5000
Speaker – (3) – 12
Digger (200) – 800
Refinery (40) – 280
Sniffer (2) – 8
Small Sniffer (200) – 200
Fly (1050) – 4200
Wasp (1100) – 5500
Haz-mat Workers (20) – 80
Shock Troops (40) – 520
Parasite (30) – 120
Bio-tank (12) – 300
Excavator (1000) – 19000
Colossus (20) – 300
Hovertank (200) – 5000
Harvester (50) – 950
Support Fluttercraft (2) – 272
Ghost Beetle (5) – 135
Heavy Warrior (5) – 95
Chinook (100) – 1800
Advanced Relay (69) – 6900 (set as default method of ship control)
Upkeep: 386,795N

>Hive fleet
Space Pod (10) – 300
Heavy Fleet Fighter (20) – 1340
Shuttle (10) – 250
Mining Corvette (36) – 9900
Patrol Corvette (20) – 10140
Scout Corvette (8) – 1800
Lancer Corvette (2) – 450
Fleet Corvette (44) – 9900
Stealth Frigate (4) – 1952
Vanguard Frigate (100) – 40000
Heavy Cruiser (10) – 12150

>Formed fleets
Small Heavy Defense Fleet (under construction)
Heavy Battle Fleet (queued)

Clone upkeep/special projects and expenses
25 Human captives of the USV Hope – 750
3 Human hybrid clone upkeep – 90
10 Skyl replicant clones – 300
Lyle Rogers – 47

Total upkeep
Nutrient costs: 476,164

Metals: 356,000
Nutrients: 1,951,250
Net: 1,475,086

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Eh? What's Lyle doing?

>> No.38575108

Hive Territory
Asteroid mining base: 5 Excavators, 20 Diggers, +2250M per day (+50 M per digger, +250 per excavator)

*Leeland (capital)
Defensive structures
>Surface to Orbit Missile System (750N)
>Anti-orbital batteries: 35/35 (8750N)
Military structures
>Hangar facilities: Room for 4040 Aero/fighter Drones and 2020 Shuttles (2525N)
>Psionic Shroud (1,000N)
>Prison Outpost
Industrial structures
>Docking Pylon: (50) (2500N)
1969 under construction
[180 Heavy fighters]
[6 Heavy Fleet Cruisers]
[12 Heavy Fleet Frigate]
[2 Heavy Gunboat]
[5,000 Shuttles queued]
[Empty docks:0/200]
Economic Structures
>Mine: 245 Excavators, 180 Diggers, +65750 M per day (+25 M per digger, +250 per excavator)
>Algae Farm: +1,200,000per day, 12,000 Workers (1 worker per 100N)
12,000 farms under construction
>Film harvester dock: +750,000N per day, 1500 Harvesters active (500N per Harvester)

Defensive structures
>Anti-orbital batteries: 35/35 (8750N)
Economic structures
>Bloodroot collectors: A series of pipes and veins running from the roots of several of the nearest Bloodroot trees provide a passive and low maintenance source of nutrient income, +250N per day (5)
>Greenwall pit: 500N
>Temple alter: A place for the Ralighan locals to worship and bring offerings to your hive, built in the likeness of your local fake queen, +500N per day

>Orbital docking pylon: Space for docking and construction of 4 sub capitals or 1 capital ship, (50N)
[4 Heavy Fighters]
[Empty docks: 0/4]
>Mining corvette salvage operations +288000M per day (+8000M per corvette)

Deep space waystation
>100 docking pylons [under construction]

>> No.38575115

Could the spore from that fungus be programmed to make a chimaera of drone and fungus sufficient to act as a neural parasite as described previous thread?

It doesn't need to act quickly since apparently the murder was the important part and the drone controlled zombie a happy side effect for later.

>> No.38575118


>That spoiler

QuestDrone, you really, REALLY enjoy letting our imaginations turn into horrific methods of warfare and then encouraging them so you can write that shit don't you?

>> No.38575120

Questioning RPers for info on Lyle's whereabouts. Apparently he got roped into a session.

>> No.38575140

I love this quest and everyone in it.

>> No.38575143


Aerial view of a fungal planet

>> No.38575154

New Construction Options
Defensive structures
>Anti-orbital battery – A bunker armed with a massive Particle beam capable of attacking ships in orbit from the ground. It includes the power and sensor systems required to operate it. 250N 1500M
>Surface to Orbit Missile System – This massive bunker complex houses a wide range of warheads and a nigh limitless number of missiles within its protective walls, allowing you to launch missiles against approaching invaders from the safety of your hive. The facility uses the ship missile stats and comes equipped with a single Cruise missile silo that can target any detected object within the system, five Stinger missile silos capable of targeting any craft within high orbit, and ten Swarm missile silos specialized in targeting high altitude aircraft and low orbiting targets. The facility itself is a massive complex spread out over several miles, and includes guidance and launch equipment, as well as the means to construct and maintain a stock of warheads and missiles. (1500N 2500M)
Military Structures
>Hangar Expansion – Construct fortified hangar facilities of +40 aero/fighter drone space and +20 shuttle space. 50N 100M
>Psionic Shroud – A single building built around the shattered remains of a Void Shard, the shroud amplifies the unnatural mental silence of the broken crystal within to mask an entire planet from potential detection, preventing outside forces from easily detecting the thoughts of a hive. (2,000N 5,000M)

>> No.38575168

Lee's whereabouts, I think we know where Lyle is at

>> No.38575187

OP could we send some patrols on our planet to search for new potential adaptions?

>> No.38575191

Industrial Structures
>Docking Pylon – A large spire or station that contains space for docking and construction of 4 ships, or a single capital ship if placed in orbit. 100N 300M
>Weather Spire – A networked collection of spires spread across a planet capable of studying and altering a planet’s climate and atmosphere. Construction includes the building of all spires needed to function. (8,000N 20,000M)
Economic Structures
>Orbital solar array – A station placed in orbit of the local star equipped with a membrane of photosynthetic cells several kilometers in diameter capable of producing a steady stream of nutrient income. Provides 1000N per day total (5,000N 50,000M
>Harvester Dock – A large pier built along the shore overlooking the spore-producing ocean film that serves as an unloading area for Harvester drones, and contains pipelines to pump collected raw nutrients to the hive’s awaiting processing facilities, includes a single Harvester which is covered by the cost and upkeep of the dock. Provides 500N per day total (38N 50M)
>Orbital electroponic station – An orbital instillation built near a large source of hydrogen used to fuel a large fusion core, which in turn provides electrical power to a contained algae farm facility. Must be built in orbit of a gas giant. Provides +500N per day and doubles as a gas mining facility, refueling the tritium stores of any ships in the system. (1000M)
>Algae Farm – A carved out space used to utilize Leeland’s natural electrical field to cultivate food. +100N per day, 1 worker to maintain.

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>> No.38575220


I think that's why QD is comfortable with letting us Turtle and Tech Up.

So we can get more technology, and he can write that shit being put to use.

I suspect he creamed himself when Anon posted the Chimera Clones / Creep Bomb / Mobile Kinetic Hive Deployment method of dealing with fortified enemy worlds plan.

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I hate to ask, but did we not attempt to create a formal alliance of any sort with Heretic? I thought most of us voted for it.

>> No.38575310

Many of us did seem to want that.

>> No.38575320

Trade and mutual cooperation are the foundations for alliances. One way or another eventually we will cement our relations with Heretic, no need to demand it now.

>> No.38575363

Speaking of which we really need to meet with the Valen sometime.

>> No.38575454

We will as soon as we send a visit to Deep Song and set up a bank account.

>> No.38575462

You think we could get their biological data from Theseus? I'm sure the someone in the Union has dissected one at some point and posted his findings online.

>> No.38575507

Why do you care so much about the biological data? We could get that when we give them our "gifts."

>> No.38575522

I'm definitely enjoying thinking up new and horrible ways to kill people.

>> No.38575540

So we're not going to ask Theseus for any of the Black Queen corpses he has floating around his space?

>> No.38575568

I'm sure there's plenty to go around.

>> No.38575576

Can you do worse than this?
Well I want to do that to but OP doesn't seem to want to let us.

>> No.38575636

We need their biological data before we can implant them with our 'gifts' successfully. The sooner we get 'gifts' into their spines the sooner we can figure out how their gates operate.

>> No.38575702

We could offer to upgrade their bodies in exchange for their biological data.

>> No.38575730

Speaking of, weren't we gonna do that with the humans we had?

>> No.38575731

Your mental image appears across the table from Lyle and you give him a stern gaze. There are small figures placed across the table and Lyle looks at it all with a look of slight confusion.
"So you're telling me that this little guy with a big-ass wrench just killed a... what the fuck is that a t-rex with a turtle shell? How does that even work, exactly?"

One of the group members responds, unable to see you cross your gossamer arms behind him. "It's a commander, it uses power armor."

"I've used power armor, plenty of times actually, in over a dozen deployments. Trying to club something like that abomination is still a bad idea."

"Do seem to speak from experience." You say. He catches himself short of snapping at what he realizes is an empty space to everyone else.

"Well," another one of the group continues, "it's especially strong against artillery, so you need to get in close."

"What kind of organic shell is strong enough to stop-" You clear your illusory throat with a light cough. "You know what, never mind. I think I need to get going."

Lyle turns to walk to the door when the ceph hanging from the side of the table lets out a harsh beep from its synthetic voice box. "Before you go, there something I think you should have." It says in monotone, its skin almost translucent. It reaches a tentacle into a small nap sack strapped across its shell, an obvious artificial design, which your parasite can detect no psionic signal from, and pulls out a small disc.
"However," it continues, "this means you forfeit, which means I win." The voice shows no variation in tone, but the jiggling of its water jet glands is an obvious enough display of its gloating.

Yes, you have started a mutual research agreement, essentially, and with your ongoing order for more Skyl clones being fulfilled things will only improve. I think it's safe to assume you could be called proper allies at this point, as well as with Theseus.

>> No.38575741

I don't know if they'd accept a deal like that, and in any case that would blow our cover to the Union as a stone smasher species.

>> No.38575744

Or we just take it, the same way we took Taidaren biology.

We just get a DNA sample and observe them closely for a while, all in secret.

>> No.38575775

>"What kind of organic shell is strong enough to stop-" You clear your illusory throat with a light cough.
Double cheeky

>> No.38575790

The cheekiest.

>> No.38575794


queenie is great
so is lyle

>> No.38575804

Well, hey. Looks like that might've paid off. Also, I forget- what is our illusion form supposed to look like?

>> No.38575816


>Red Queen is so fucking cheeky

Damn, if only Red Queen / Other Color Daughter Queen incest anon was here, he could tell us the things we actually want to know about how cheeky Red is.

>> No.38575823

You realize they'll play by our rules. At least as long as we can keep them in debt.

>> No.38575873

Something like this, only more regal.

>> No.38575877

Also the Valen hate humans anyways.

>> No.38575905

No they don't, not anymore than each other. They voluntarily allowed themselves to be taken over by the Union.

>> No.38575948

Yes, good goy, Valen may control the banks, but you control the Valen of course.

>> No.38575965

At least try to read before you spout bullshit.
>To humans, they can occasionally come off as abrasive or fickle, and to a human moral compass that would be accurate, but to a Valen humans are often seen as dim witted and rude creatures upon which hospitality is wasted and a proper concept of debt is unheard of.
>They voluntarily allowed themselves to be taken over by the Union.
>implying they don't have economic control over Union.

>> No.38576050

Lyle looks at the disc briefly before pocketing it and making for the door. It is labeled with a marker "Shi de miru" in Lee's handwriting. You're not sure what it means. Lyle can't read it, but recognizes it as one of many human languages common in the Union.

elsewhere your fly sits atop a streetlight watching Jackob sit in a rental truck bellow. He has been staking out the same club for a long time now, and only now does it apparently pay off. The skinny tattooed man can be seen in the distance. He quickly looks around him before ducking into an alley.

>Have your single fly pursue
>Keep your fly near Jackob

>> No.38576073

I didn't say there aren't cultural differences, but that's a big fucking difference from deep seated species wide hate you're trying to make it out to be. The Valen at worst ambivalent to their human business partners, to say they loathe them or implying they would support a galaxy wide campaign against them for the lulz is sprouting bullshit.

>> No.38576090

>Lyle can't read it, but recognizes it as one of many human languages common in the Union.

That hacker who grew up on Path. Can he read it? is it Lee's Space Chinese cartoons?

>> No.38576091

>Have your single fly pursue

>> No.38576092

>>Have your single fly pursue at a distance

>> No.38576100

>Have your single fly pursue

>> No.38576114

>Keep your fly near Jackob

>> No.38576120

>>Have your single fly pursue

Prepare for praising.

>> No.38576121

Pursue that nigga.

>> No.38576205

>single fly
Good thing we can turn one of those flies into a small egglayer to make more flies, now.

That is such a logistical crystalsend, I tell ya what.

>> No.38576239

You quickly tap into the memories of your captives. The Pathian crew member jerks in his sleep from the sudden impulse. As you look at it through the lens of experience, you realize that it looks like someone poorly ran a sentence through a free language translator. It says something along the lines of "watch in the event of death," but everything about the translation is mediocre at best.

Mildly annoyed by proxy, you return you attention to your lone fly and send it after the man in the ally.

Please roll 1d100, best of 3 for stealth.

>> No.38576254

Rolled 55 (1d100)


>> No.38576265

Rolled 62 (1d100)


>> No.38576272

Rolled 53 (1d100)


>> No.38576275

Rolled 16 (1d100)

>it looks like someone poorly ran a sentence through a free language translator.

Goddamn Leeaboo.

>> No.38576276


>> No.38576279

Rolled 52 (1d100)


>> No.38576288


>> No.38576353

The things we have in the works is scary as hell, man.

I'm wondering if we can mix the cordyceps we have on our planet with our own biology and drop it on population centers to essentially create 'The Last of Us' clickers or something.

>> No.38576377

By the by, I know we're already sorta doing it, but I feel the need to state that we need to absolutely consolidate our power base and make sure that we know where everyone stands for certain on our decisions re: OB and this whole humanity takeover thing and anything else. We don't want loose ends mucking about when OB decides to just try and fuck our shit up.

>> No.38576404

I mean, I'd personally not prefer to just go straight 'FUCK THE UNION AND EVERYONE THERE KILL THEM ALL' but that seems to be the popular stance (unless I'm reading things wrong), so I'm not trying to fight it, just prepare for possibilities.

>> No.38576464

Nah that's just the warmongers. At least I hope so. I prefer that we tell the Union to keep the fuck out of our yard for the time being while we focus our efforts on the Obsidian Queen and whatever those space bandit things are.

>> No.38576515

I want infiltrators in every Union city ready to rip the infrastructure apart should they become an issue.
I'd rather not get fucking caught with our pants down dealing with the Obsidian Queen when the Union suddenly decides it wants a piece of us too.

>> No.38576534


Yeah, that'd be fine for me. I don't necessarily LIKE everyone in the Union, but I don't want to murder them or hive bomb them exactly.

Well, not yet anywho.

>> No.38576535

>humanity takeover thing
It might be fun, but we won't kill them all until they start something. And they won't start something until we say hi. And we won't say hi for a while still. Probably a few days.

>> No.38576561

I totally agree, we can only negotiate from a position of strength. Though I don't really agree that the overall opinion is to totally slaughter the Union and enslave humanity. That strikes me as the opinion of a very vocal minority of anons still buttmad about having nukes in orbit over Leeland. Once we're in an equal or stronger position with the Union I think most will vote for a more sensible course with them.

>> No.38576576

I know I'm trying to brainstorm up with devious ideas of how to introduce parasites, and thus hybrids, into the population bit by bit without anything unusual being noted.

>> No.38576581

>enslave humanity
Who said anything about enslaving?

Wiping out and using them as nutrients would be more beneficial.

>> No.38576592

Chalk me up as another anon that doesn't have much problem with the Union. They're just behaving like a government. Not even one that's all on the same page as itself.

We really need to have a conversation with a sane and influential leader in the Union's ranks. That chick with the lady boner for the military might be a good choice.

>> No.38576619

>Galactic murderhobo

>> No.38576628

Unity would turn on us in seconds if they found us doing that.

>> No.38576656

Ugh. God no.

You heard Theseus. The whole thing's too entrenched. Just burn it down and rebuild something on the ashes.

Infiltration makes both extermination and domination more viable, but either way. As long as they're removed from power and getting in our antennae.

>> No.38576657

Unity is neutral towards humans. Doesn't give a fuck about them until they mess with his research, yes?

>> No.38576663

Honestly, the hilarious part about this is that 90% of the stuff they mandate is to try and stop just about EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE PLANNING. We just managed to get one or two steps ahead of them. They're not INCORRECT about their paranoia, perse...although it was kinda a self-fulfilling prophecy, so I dunno.

>> No.38576668

Why wipe them out? We can assimilate them into our hive.

>> No.38576669

>never ending diplomancer

>> No.38576678

>Doesn't give a fuck about them until they mess with his research, yes?
Theseus was created to control humanity and he can't do that if we wipe them out.

>> No.38576681

Hey guys, now that we have genetic tapestry can we make those screaming skeletons filled with parasites now?

>> No.38576687

For what purpose? What use would they have? Their planets are more useful to us than themselves, just wipe them off their planets and grow hives.

>> No.38576689

Only if you haven't been reading the thread. Theseus actively attempts to benefit humanity as a whole. Theseus also spends a lot of time trying to foster sympathetic attitudes towards AIs in the Union's population.

He's not neutral towards humanity. He's just pragmatic.

>> No.38576694

>assimilate them into our hive

>> No.38576722

Why assimilate them into our hive? We can ignore them.

>> No.38576727

I don't think that's quite necessary.

...QD, just how many parasites can fit inside a hybrid clone's stomach?

>> No.38576757

Look, if it came down to it, Theseus would object to us completely wiping humanity out.

What he would NOT object to, is us removing them from every planet bar one, assuming they struck first, he wouldn't like it, but he respects and likes us enough to let it stay our business unless we actively engineer the death of them as a species.

>> No.38576763

Never underestimate humanity when they are pressed into a tough spot.
Truth be told, I would rather do just that first. Diplomance second, show of force 3rd, and consume them the last option.

>> No.38576773

We don't need their stomach, just their skeleton.

>> No.38576779

This is acceptable.

>> No.38576817

>Still a better roleplayer than murderhobo

>> No.38576828

I doubt that. What he would -actually- not object to would be us retaliating against their military installations if they attacked us. Uprooting/exterminating civilian populations without significant military infrastructure plays no reasonable role in defensive disarmament of an aggressive Union.

>> No.38576834


The Union is the type of Government that wouldn't let us ignore them, they would look at the timeline, assume we are weak, then TRY to invade and subjugate us to steal our technology and research methods to steal us as a species, possibly force the Queen to continuously give birth to cheap and expendable highly adaptive and highly effective organic tools like they were fucking Weyland Yutani or some shit.

At which point we Creep / Hive bomb and Chimera-Virus the ever loving FUCK out of them as a nation, send a Diplomat to the rival Human faction informing them that we don't give a fuck what they do as long as it doesn't involve us and we have no plans to interfere with their business, and inform Theseus that we are punishing the fuck out of them for their gall but aren't planning to out-right drive them to extinction.

Hell, he would probably ask for Data on how the different Chimera variations and adaptations we come up with during the conflict work.

>> No.38576842

Yeah, we're not wiping them out, we just need to concentrate their population. Keep them happy campers.

That depends on what character you're playing, doesn't it.

>> No.38576845

With the shit we got, we're literally made for extermination.

>> No.38576857

I don't think they're going to be much of a challenge when we can terraform a planet to do shit like this in an afternoon.

>> No.38576858

...Oh yeah. Speaking of humans, what about Elizabeth? Weren't we gonna give her a small detachment of workers/thinkers to use personally? And a couple other things I forget.

>> No.38576873

Why is everyone acting like the Union is all of humanity?

What about, what was it... the Commonwealth? How many billions of humans belong to that?

>> No.38576874


There is another human faction besides the Union, if we exterminated the Union as a political, economic, and military entity then Theseus still has another faction of humans to observe, a faction that will MORE THAN LIKELY splinter under it's own weight without the foil that is the Union to both pit itself against and prop itself upon.

>> No.38576882

No, that was an extremely silly idle thought.

>> No.38576900

That scenario makes no sense. That's not how space works. They also have no real clue of any relevant timeline because they have no idea how much space we control.

Anyone with nukes and a bit of patience is.

>> No.38576908

Aw. Dang. I kinda supported that idea. I like Elizabeth. Okay, then.

>> No.38576922


The "Timeline" would be between "First Contact" and "Now"

>> No.38576923

We already basically do. She runs things in her personal lab, and the drones are instructed by us to follow her instructions.

>> No.38576941

>Anyone with nukes and a bit of patience is.
If you're confined to one planet, maybe.

>> No.38576954

We were discussing the idea of giving Elizabeth EXTREMELY basic workers.

I don't really see what the point of it is, all the things she needs to do she's perfectly capable of doing herself.

>> No.38576971

Tech currently have is prefect for assimilation.

>> No.38576979

Theseus goes out of his way to prevent the human factions from engaging in war with one another. Logically, humanity being completely wiped out by a civil war between two star-spanning factions is near-impossible. Therefore, given his behaviour in preventing such a conflict, it is reasonable to conclude that his interest in the welfare of humanity does not extend to -only- its continuing.

General welfare is clearly a factor given available data.

>> No.38576989


No, it isn't.

Unless you are talking about putting a control bug in literally EVERYONE or going Big Brother on them.

>> No.38576996

>I like Elizabeth
>So we should give her personal drones to command
>Because I like her
The face of pro-human voters.
I bet you were one of the guys talking about making her a queen weren't you?

>> No.38577024

You recognize the man as Pete. Near the end of the ally is a small compact air car, unassuming and entirely average looking. Standing beside it is a middle aged man in a business suit. His right eye gazes off to the side, and his face is gaunt and pale.

"You are late." He says, almost a whisper. He looks at his watch, an antique in both function and fashion. "By six minuets. You are aware of the delicate position you put me in, correct?"

"Man look, this guy's been asking questions. I lost contact with my guys, and they were good guys."

"But you handled it, correct? My department will not tolerate loose ends. You were hired to do a simple task." The man stands stiff as a board, his hands resting on an ornate walking cane.

"I knew the guy that came asking around. Name's Jackob Eisner, some shitter usually just runs security for deals, but I think he had help. My guys turned up dead at that apartment around the same time Eisner was poking around, and I don't like the way any of this smells."

The man with the lazy eye lets out a sigh, then turns around with some effort to reach into his car. "I see. Loose ends are never good. I will take things from here, Mr. Davidson." He leans back from the window with something in his hand, and he seems to freeze, his lazy eye staring into the mirror of his car, and to where your fly is hiding.

"are you certain you were not followed?" He asks coldly.

"No man, of course not."

"Really?" He says. He raises a weapon and discharges it into Pete's chest several times with a muffled pop. He quickly turns to your fly. "And just what the devil are you?"

>Detonate your fly on the human
>Attempt to flee

>> No.38577029

We can transform people into hybrids anon. That's full on assimilation.

>> No.38577056

Act like a fly.

>> No.38577062

>>Detonate your fly on the human
Right in front of his eyes.

>> No.38577063

>Detonate your fly on the human

>> No.38577066

It's not as different as you might think. Space supremacy ultimately decides who is last standing in a war of extermination. Our faction traits give us an advantage in general supremacy, do to our absurd industrial edge over most other factions, but nothing about the Hive gives a substantial edge over any nuclear-capable faction in terms of raw extermination ability in particular.

We have an edge generally, not simply for exterminating our enemies. It's a false narrowing of our potential.

>> No.38577082

>>Detonate your fly on the human
Try to get his brain partially intact

>> No.38577087

>And just what the devil are you?

A party gift.
>Detonate your fly on the human

>> No.38577095

Tell Lyle to radio Jakob to come and plug this guy.

>> No.38577112

Act like a bug.

>> No.38577119

I waffled on it. Wasn't sure if I wanted to go that far or not.

>> No.38577126

Act like a fly

>> No.38577132

Hopefully we can capture and parasite this guy with one Fly either pupating into a parasite,

Or turning into a small egglayer that produces one.

It'll take a day or more but this guy is actually something.

>> No.38577138

>"And just what the devil are you?"
Happy to see you.

>Detonate your fly on the human

>> No.38577142

I thought of something funny. How about we open communications with both human factions (eventually of course, not right now) and tell Theseus that if they attack us we will crush them. Then watch as Theseus makes a mad scramble to prevent the two human nations joining forces They were only hostile to excuse having a heavy handed government and military to attack us. If Theseus succeeds then great, the humans pissing off while we expand is great. If it doesn't work then we send all the horrors of the old ones to say hey.

>> No.38577147

This amuses me. Supporting it.

This too

>> No.38577158

>Attempt to flee
We need intel on this guy. More then just a fake name and a cane.

>> No.38577161

>Detonate your fly on the human

>> No.38577175


How about the general ability to completely bypass the main reason nuclear weapons are used for purging to begin with?

I am talking of course, about our ludicrous ability to dick around with our and other things' genetics.

Humans nuke our worlds, too bad for them because we made all of our drones stupidly resistant to heat and radiation and put them all in ridiculously hardened bunkers, most of our tech is Biotech so the EMP from a nuke wouldn't do all that much damage, the infrastructure has a minor ability to heal itself with minimal assistance.

Oh, and we go to war with nothing but power and efficiency in mind, if Politics becomes a concern with us with Theseus it will minor in both duration and scope, and our tech base is, as of this moment, generally superior.

Humans ain't got fuck on us.

>> No.38577179


Concurring with 'Act like a fly.'

>> No.38577183

Calling it here. He's just like John Smith.

>> No.38577198


>> No.38577205

Act like a fly.

Step step step, rub front legs together, rotate 3/4, step, rotate front legs together

call Lyle to call to plug this guy

>> No.38577210

It's obvious yeah.

His eyesight is superhuman. Cybernetics out the ass.

...Actually if he's all metal in there he's not really parasitable is he.

>> No.38577249


...actually, yeah, I just thought of that. changing >>38577179
to 'call Lyle, then boom in the face.' Or something.

>> No.38577274

In which case attacking him with acid will do jack nothing.

Definitely don't do that.

...I wonder, if we capture a full-mod cyborg like him, who is basically just a brain in a jar with skin on a skeleton.

Can we make a hybrid clone to replace the tiny amounts of flesh and take over his skeleton? Since his superiors would be expecting him to be full of metal.

>> No.38577278

We have to try to find out, Anon.

>> No.38577281

Can we get one of the drones with Lyle to mutate to lay more fly eggs?

>> No.38577284

Again, those are general supremacy things. Being highly resistant to planetary bombardment and immune to internal strife make us awesome. We're awesome. But those things don't make us particularly well suited to -extermination-. We're just well-suited. In general. To things. Because we're awesome. What we are not is confined to a single avenue of success, which is all I've argued against.

>> No.38577304

Supporting this. Having Jakob pick him up for interrogation would be ideal.

>> No.38577316


Ah, so you were saying that because we can be ludicrously good at extermination, it's not what we are made for, we are just extreme at everything.

Sorry anon.

>> No.38577325

>Jakob pick him up for interrogation
Jakob won't be able to handle this guy.

>> No.38577337

>pick him up for interrogation
That's... gonna be a challenge. Hope nobody was too attached to Jakob.

I mean Jakob was already on the way shadowing this guy, but Lyle can tell him to hurry.

>> No.38577359

Alternatively, act like a cockroach. Skittering to hide in the refuse in the alleyway.

>> No.38577360

If we can successfully blind this guy he'll be a lot easier to handle.

>> No.38577362

I'll be honest. I mostly want Lyle to radio Jakob because it'll make him spooky.

>> No.38577385

That sounds great.

>> No.38577402


Cyborgs and Converted people don't have to rely on eyes see.

Fucker probably has an echo-location type thing built in, or a sensor suite.

>> No.38577416

People with wonky eyes sure are spooky...

>> No.38577445

>Act like an insect

Your drone is much larger then an actual fly, but it begins vigorously cleaning its antennae while rubbing its claws together. A literal take on the human phrase 'act natural' that you hope is rather convincing. The images it sees are sent to Lyle as he leaves the store. He clicks his radio in a hurry.

"I think your guy is about to get away."

"How in the hell do you-"

"It doesn't matter just hurry up."

Please roll 1d100, best of 3.

>> No.38577461

I really want to do that now.

>> No.38577469

Rolled 25 (1d100)


>> No.38577471

Rolled 14 (1d100)


>> No.38577472

Oh my god yes. This is perfect.

>> No.38577474

Rolled 57 (1d100)

>"I think your guy is about to get away."

>"How in the hell do you-"

>"It doesn't matter just hurry up."

Dice don't fail me now.

>> No.38577478

Rolled 45 (1d100)


>> No.38577480

Rolled 97 (1d100)


>> No.38577495



>> No.38577502

>Rolled 57 (1d100)
Least convincing insect ever.

Never gonna win that Space Emmy award with a performance like that, drone.

>> No.38577507

Not natural enough.

>> No.38577509


>> No.38577524

You just had to add a picture didn't you?

>> No.38577535

Well looks like I was late again...

>> No.38577542

What is this?

A reaction image for ants?

...Quest-appropriate, but still anon.

>> No.38577547

Everyone get out your wallets. I refuse to see that brave flies performance fail and we need to bribe the judges (QD) to make this emmy nomination happen

>> No.38577560

>the guy just stares at our fly rolling around looking like it's having a seizure

>> No.38577644

Quick! Start foaming at the mouth, that's what flies do right?

>> No.38577752

I'm really hoping QD gives us a break on the roll since that one anon suggested how to behave like a fly.

>> No.38577767

same here anon.

>> No.38577777

With our luck he was an entomologist before his current shadow government job and knows the thing doesn't match any species native to this planet.

>> No.38577781


>> No.38577801

These quints don't lie. Better hope Lyle gets there in time.

>> No.38577802

Quints confirm

>> No.38577806

Don't worry, he's probably watching Patlabor right now instead of the rolls.

>> No.38577866

"No, no that can't be right..." he hesitates with his weapon for a moment. "That's not... my god." He brings his weapon back up and quickly aims at your fly just as it takes to the air. There is a click from down the ally as Jackob hits the safety on his shredder. The man adjusts his aim and fires. The first shot glances his armor, the second lands in his arm. He fires his shredder with the sound of a metal cable snapping against chicken wire and the spinning bolt lands in the man's arm. There is a brief sound like a dentist drill and then a wet snapping sound as the dart shatters against bone and the arm jerks, sending shredded muscle flailing about like a basket of pork. The man gasps as he falls back into his car, sucking in air as if trying to find enough breath to shout in pain. He fires his weapon several more times and metal slugs ricochet off the ally walls.

Jackob jerks away from the ally to take cover from the incoming fire, his hand pressed against the wound in his arm. The man pulls himself into his car, blood covering the dashboard as he struggles to start it. It lurches forward, and he empties the last few rounds from his gun as he plows through a pile of trash and drives over the body of Pete. Jackob dives out of the way, taking several shots at the car as it leaves. The shredder darts disintegrate against the car and leave a crack across the rear window.

>Keep an eye on Jackob while your other flies move in
>Attempt to follow the air car
>Other (write in)

>> No.38577891

>Attempt to follow the air car

It can't be too hard to keep track of, it's back is melted to fuck.

>> No.38577893



>Attempt to follow the air car

>> No.38577897

>Current Armory
2130 Infestation Pod Cannons
6820 Virus Stingers
250 Cyclotrons
486 Cnidocyst Turrets
43826 Swarm Pustules
2 Strike Mandibles

>Current Resources
Nutrients: 48,293,026
Metals: 512,203
Gel: 6,563 kL

1 Mandala, 3rd Iteration
4 Mandalas, 2nd Iteration
16 Mandalas, 1st Iteration

>> No.38577906


>> No.38577912

>>Attempt to follow the air car

>> No.38577913

>>Attempt to follow the air car

>> No.38577915

>>Attempt to follow the air car

>> No.38577922

None of this makes a lick of sense.

>> No.38577925

He either has that knowledge, or he thinks we're just some mutant bugs, rather than THE mutant bugs.

>> No.38577930


>> No.38577935



>> No.38577946


He's gonna be the first try of our new malleable genetics power.

Pete too, ideally.

>> No.38577949

That's a bit... Excessive.

>> No.38577955

Whatever we do Lyle needs updated. Hopefully he's already moving.

>> No.38577956


>> No.38577957

Well Pete can't really say no, can he...

>> No.38577975

It is kinda neat that a fly can turn into a parasite that can turn a human into a horrible monstrosity that can lay eggs.

>> No.38577978

I'm going to eat lunch, don't do anything retarded while I'm gone.

>> No.38577987

We really just need to create a couple thousand of them and release them on a military installation for testing purposes.

>> No.38577991

>Attempt to follow the air car.

Your fly leaves Jackob behind as he makes his way back to his own truck, but it's no air car.

Please roll 1d100, best of 3.

>> No.38577997

We make no promises.

>> No.38577999

Rolled 4 (1d100)


>> No.38578001

when the seeds hit your soil, your world will be ours.

By the time you mobilize against us, it will be too late.

Your skies will flow pink with manna and your foodflesh shall worship us as GODS.

>> No.38578005

Rolled 32 (1d100)


>> No.38578006

Rolled 19 (1d100)


>> No.38578007

Rolled 5 (1d100)


>> No.38578010

No promises.

>> No.38578015


>> No.38578030

And another fly can turn into an egglayer that lays more flies and parasites.


Lyle, please pick up the slack dear.

>> No.38578031


>> No.38578033



>> No.38578034

Why is the only parts that we routinely suck at, are the parts that involve Lyle / Lee?

Because humans a shit, the only exception is Elizabeth.

>> No.38578035




this moment could lead to our discovery by the union
knowing we have our drones on another planet will undoubtedly be cause for military investigation

>> No.38578050

it is only a matter of time.

>> No.38578053

>those failures at the Raligha cave
No, Elizabeth too.

>> No.38578064

Ok we need to do some rapid damage control here. Get Lyle to call his cop friend and run a search for the vehicle this guy is driving. Get Lyle and the clones to split up and in an air car pronto to start searching for this guy. Maybe even contact Theseus and see if he can identify him. The only way we're going to keep our hive a secret is if this guy and anyone he's talking to is dead before end of the night.

>> No.38578065

I remember one real good roll when chasing them down the tunnels.

>> No.38578154

No, we sucked at that role which was in Elizabeth's favor.

>> No.38578192

Fucks sake! You manage to lose a vehicle that has a giant fucking slash on its asshole!?

Shouldn't have gone to lunch thinking I could trust you.

>> No.38578206

I'm sorry anon I said I was sorry

>> No.38578223

You just had to jinx it by entrusting /tg/ to make sure nothing bad happened.

>> No.38578242

You better be, you made an already shitty lunch taste even shitter.

>> No.38578246

we still have Lyle and a bloodtrail

>> No.38578319

If we had sent the sniffers this never would have happened.

>> No.38578341

Sniffers don't stealth in an urban environment anon.

>> No.38578356


If we had Chimera Hive Bombed them we wouldn't be in this situation.

Speaking of Hive bombing, should we design a ship specifically for that?

Like, stupidly strong core, lots of point defense / turrets, heavily armored front for the ramming, and large staging areas inside it?

It would basically be the Combine Citadel.

>> No.38578357

Doesn't matter with all the upper 90s they get.
And we have small variants.

>> No.38578363

So what you're saying is we need a new drone design for urban deployment?

>> No.38578382

As much as I like the idea, I don't think it's going to be happening any time soon, anon.

I think it can wait until were in clusterfuck territory.

>> No.38578399

When motionless, adaptive camouflage should have rendered the fly indistinguishable from its surroundings, replicating its texture and everything.

So this guy must have an unnaturally good eye. But at least his arm was meat, anyway. So not a full mod.

>> No.38578431

Having a "Staging Point" type mobile base like this would be great if we entered a state of war where rapid mobilization and entrenchment of troops is necessary...which could be soon, so this might be a good idea when we're churning out swarms like they're dollar bills.

>> No.38578443

He wasn't staying still, we were rubbing our antennae and doing bug things. That's a lot of motion, Anon.

>> No.38578450

Lyle clicks his radio. "Dillon, there's a problem. I need you to run a check on a license plate." Lyle is already aboard a metro, but he is several districts away.

Your fly is gaining on the car, and you can see the man inside work the controls frantically. He adjusts several dials and then leans back, holding his shredded arm as his face contorts in the rear view mirror. He lets go of the controls and the wheel pulls itself into the dash. A gust of wing erupts from the underside of the car as it turns down an up-ramp and several stabilizers unfold from its sides. Your drone is inches away from the vehicle when the micro-jets fire and the air car rockets forward, quickly climbing the incline of the up-ramp until it leaves the road behind.

Your fly makes it back to the rental truck. Blood seeps from under the door. Lyle has arrived as your drone lands on the roof of the truck just out of sight and he opens the door, stripping the lock. Jackob has several bandages wrapped around his arm in an effort to stop the bleeding.

"Lyle," Dillon speaks over the radio, "I think I got a hit on that plate you wanted, but you're not gonna like it."

"Not now, dammit." He says. He unsheathes one of his arm blades by several inches and with a quick jerk, slices a patch of skin from his arm. The ooze of your drone's medical paste is already filling the wound like gray blood, and he scrapes it from the surface of his arm's exoskeleton beneath the fake skin. Your fly watches as he rubs the gray paste into the deep wound, and the flesh visibly begins to mend, growing into a thick foam.

"You good?" He asks Jackob. He replies with a shaky thumbs up.

"You still up for that beer?" He says.

Lyle holds the patch of torn skin back to his arm and it begins to fuse with a faint sizzle as the medical paste seals the wound. "Yea, sure thing, mate."

>> No.38578457


We could have the Chimera units be our Overwatch forces.

Overwatch Chimera.

>> No.38578464

>"Lyle," Dillon speaks over the radio, "I think I got a hit on that plate you wanted, but you're not gonna like it."
Oh boy.

>> No.38578473

Can someone edit the queen's face over Star Platinum's face? I'd do it, but paint tool Sai is fucking up for me.

>> No.38578485

Go all City 17 on the humans, but with more amenities and less horrible awful body horror (not that there still wouldn't be a /little/ body horror) involved?

Can't believe no one's said this yet. Pool's open!

>> No.38578488

>He unsheathes one of his arm blades by several inches and with a quick jerk, slices a patch of skin from his arm. The ooze of your drone's medical paste is already filling the wound like gray blood, and he scrapes it from the surface of his arm's exoskeleton beneath the fake skin. Your fly watches as he rubs the gray paste into the deep wound, and the flesh visibly begins to mend, growing into a thick foam.
>"You good?" He asks Jackob. He replies with a shaky thumbs up.
Holy shit

>> No.38578524

>and less horrible awful body horror

I don't think you understand how good genetic tapestry is, we can turn entire planets into meat battleships if we want.

>> No.38578532

You gotta admit, that's pretty cool.

>> No.38578541

That sounds like fun.

I now want to turn of the Union's moons into a giant eye, then when night comes turn it around to face the megacities on the planet.

>> No.38578547

>less horrible awful body horror

You are funny man.

>> No.38578563

And we do want.

>> No.38578565

>we can turn entire planets into meat battleships if we want.

>> No.38578570

That's no moon, that's Hellstar Remina.

>> No.38578590

omg, that manga opened a whole new category of fear for me

>> No.38578625

Holy shit, I just googled that and that's some fucked up shit.

>> No.38578632

Junji Ito is a pretty fucking metal manga artist, he doesn't fuck around.

And he's going to be the lead designer of the meat battleship.

>> No.38578647

An unidentified object crashed into a cornfield and then vanished from the crater like a day or two ago.

Right before all this shit went down.

So that's another data point this guy knows.

>> No.38578739

We now have to model some of our drones after the horrors in this.

>> No.38578788

We can't make drones like this. But we do have Hive creep, weather spires and complete mastery of all DNA, so I think we can work something out...

>> No.38578812


this quest needs to acquire ALL the drawfags for the horrors we will unleash

>> No.38578815

No we have to make our PLANETS like this. How do we go about doing that?

>> No.38578863

"As I was saying before," Dillon says as they settle into the safe house apartment, he had been waiting for Lyle and Jackob by the time they had entered, "I got a ping on that plate you wanted." He hands Jackob a beer. He opens it with his teeth and promptly chugs it as he settles into the moldy couch, his arm wrapped in a sling.

"So what's the bad news then?" Lyle asks.

"It's a government plate."

"Didn't look like one." Lyle says.

"That's because it's from a pool of plates typically used by Foreign Intelligence, which doesn't make much sense, since they're not supposed to run operations without going through SecCom. This is supposed to be our court, they don't get to play ball unless they ask nicely, but I couldn't find anything about this operation on the books."

"So he's running off the books, that's nothing new." Lyle says with a shrug.

"No, SecCom's books don't get cooked. It cooks you. We've got intel on just about every terror cell, rebel agent, Unity infection and Taidaren shanty this side of the Wall, you don't do shit on domestic soil without the ok from our division."

"So you lost the trail then?"

"I didn't say that you piece of shit." Dillon snaps. "I'll find that little shit and I'm gonna figure out why the hell the BFI is going over my division's head. You got lucky, because now I have to help you, this is officially a SecCom investigation now. I don't give a shit who hired you or why, and I'll be sure to leave it out of my report, but otherwise I'm calling in the cavalry."

Jackob tosses an empty bottle. "Oh will you shut up and pass me another beer?"

Lyle steps out to the hallway and lights a cigar. "He means it, by the way, his division doesn't give a damn about external influences. They just weed out corruption, rebellion, things like that." He lets out a chuckle, "shit, this is starting to look like a wet dream of his, BFI sneaking around on native soil, hiring mercs, he's prob'ly happier then a fly in shit."

>> No.38578885

>"It's a government plate."
Knew it mang.

Now the government knows about us, prepare your anuses for a fleet.

>> No.38578887

We do have that guy who made the Queen research drawings and the Theseus Armstrong edits.

He hasn't posted anything in a while so I'm not sure if he's still around...

>> No.38578894

>He lets out a chuckle, "shit, this is starting to look like a wet dream of his, BFI sneaking around on native soil, hiring mercs, he's prob'ly happier then a fly in shit."

God, I love Lyle.

>> No.38578901

Lyle is pretty great.

>> No.38578915

I think a meat dyson sphere would be way more cool. Imagine a battleship the size of a solarsystem. By the way, what's the size limit on the things we can transport with our tachyon tech?

>> No.38578919

We may have to parasite Dillon, if only to backup everything he knows and ensure he can heal from fatal wounds.

He's too valuable to lose, and he seems in over his head. But I can't see a way to implant him.

>> No.38578921


Shame he was born human instead of Hiver.

I mean, he could have been that one daughter of ours that thinks she a guy and never lays any eggs and changed her own structure to be manly and the one we never talk about in polite company, but still.

>> No.38578943

I'm still here. SAI's just being a little cunt for me so I can't do anything at the moment. Although the thought of drawing all that meat planet with chitin strewn across it is getting me awfully excited.

>> No.38578946


>> No.38578968


Well I mean, he would be so much better if he was pure Hiver stock!

Of course we would have loved him as our son!

Don't look at me so strangely anon...

>> No.38578974

That's a little too big, we want them to have time to savoir their meaty, impending doom.

>> No.38578976


Ok one of the flies on the planet has to turn into a small egglayer and produce a lot more flies.

And parasites.

We clearly need more eyes on the ground.

>> No.38578994


I suppose this is turning into our first infestation of a human planet, huh?

>> No.38578995

>eyes on the ground.
Like that?

>> No.38579008

You decide to leave Lyle to his own devices for now as he and his friends make their plans.

You turn your attention to your hybrids. They have found a small cheap motel nearby, and have sent Lyle a mental ping of its location.

You are slowly running out of drones, and you can feel that you may soon need more, but landing on the capital of the Union is incredibly risky, fortunately, you have an alternative

>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer
>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become (write in)
>Leave your drones as is for now

>> No.38579027

>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer

>> No.38579028

>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer
Blessed research.

Also, we can have Theseus find that license plate, can't we?

He's in the traffic surveillance system by now, surely.

>> No.38579030

>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer

>> No.38579031

but bigger is always better, right? besides, an alien bug ship the size of a solar sytem careening towards your capital planet is a lot scarier than one the size of a planet. Although admittedly both spell certain death.

>> No.38579034

>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become (write in)

Have it become a parasite skeleton with a small egglayer in its mouth so it can scream flies into peoples faces.

>> No.38579035

Locate a secure, isolated site before implementing
>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer
Maybe tap into Lyle's credit account to secure stable nutrient source

>> No.38579036

>>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer.

>> No.38579051

We may need to think about landing a larger egglayer on this planet sometime in the future for longer operations.

>> No.38579058

>>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer

>> No.38579060

>>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer

>> No.38579061

has to be same size unfortunately
>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer.

>> No.38579068

>Maybe tap into Lyle's credit account to secure stable nutrient source
They can just buy some happy meals every time they need to start laying.

And we just need one of their shadowy safehouses with a secure safe in which to store the 'queen'. The safe only gets opened to restore its food stocks, and to let the hatched drones out.

"No, SecCom's books don't get cooked. It cooks you. We've got intel on just about every terror cell, rebel agent, Unity infection and Taidaren shanty this side of the Wall,

>intel on just about every Unity infection
laughing space 4chan.webm

Does Theseus make a few "obvious" infections on purpose to let the humans catch them, and thus believe they've caught all of them?

>> No.38579078

>>Have one of your flies on Gemini cocoon itself to become a small egg layer

>> No.38579084

I just think a planet sized meat battleship is a more personal "Fuck you" Because it's just big enough to destroy and eat your planet, while small enough to not seem like it's just wandering around eating whatever.

With planet size you know it was sent to fuck up YOUR planet specifically, not just "You happened to be in the way, too bad I guess"

You feel me?

>> No.38579127


We must search for Oceanic Megafauna, because genetic tapestry is broken.

Space Leviathans becomes a legitimate fucking option, like those Sun-Lizard dinosaur things whose' name I don't feel like looking up.

They will be the krill to our Whale.

>> No.38579139

that would be AMAZING

>> No.38579145

Wait, isn't that essentially our hive ships?

>> No.38579155


Nah brah, our Hiveships are the result of SCIENCE and construction.

Nature almost always kicks the ever-loving shit out of both of those when left alone.

>> No.38579167

>Space Leviathans
You mean fucking spaceships.

Which we. You know. Have.

Time to ask Theseus about tracking down this BFI agent.

>> No.38579168

we ARE nature

>> No.38579191

aww yeah

>> No.38579192

wait, what if we send little parasite layers to enemy worlds, and instead of having them infect the citizens of our enemys, we have them infect the local fauna, and then use genetic tapestry to turn them into monsters built to hunt down our enemys, literally turning their own world against them? We might be able to turn it into a big religious thing if we send clones in as prophets, telling them that their sins against the beautiful bug mother are why their planet is literally trying to kill them.

>> No.38579194

He means bigger ones. Well, bigger than anything we currently could make, much bigger.

>> No.38579205

>Time to ask Theseus about tracking down this BFI agent.
Seconded so hard. Let's get the nigh digitally omniscient AI to help keep our cover.

>> No.38579209

you mean the hive death star?

>> No.38579223

Ok, how about we not go full bug messiah. I think that would be a bit of a stretch even for us.

Using hive creep to turn local fauna into super predators though? I could get behind that.

>> No.38579224



>> No.38579226

Or ,you know, sins against nature and

>> No.38579228

"These are not the drones you're looking for."

>> No.38579237

No, he means hive star Remina. Terrify the shit out of your opponents before you eat their entire fucking world.

>> No.38579241

The hive meat battleship, you mean?

>> No.38579260

I see people have found the latest dumb idea that they never shut up about.

>> No.38579263

>Have a fly become an egg layer

One of your drones flies away. You can't help but find it rather humorous how easy it is to find nutrients within the city. Your fly dives into the first dumpster it sees and discovers a bounty of half-consumed refuse likely deemed inedible to humans. Your drones are not nearly as picky.

Once again you are left with a brief moment of respite, something you rarely can enjoy as the mother of an empire.

>Speak with Theseus (write in)
>Speak with Elizabeth (write in)
>Other (write in)

So what you're saying is that you want to make a Lexx?

>> No.38579265

The hive death meat battleship star, yes

>> No.38579273


>> No.38579275

>Speak with Theseus
Ask him if he is able to track someone for us.

>> No.38579277

>Speak with Theseus (write in)
>Speak with Elizabeth (write in)



>> No.38579278

I was just thinking that having all of the animals on your planet, even the normally peacful herbivores, suddenly specifically seeking out your people to hunt and kill would terrify the shit out of them, and they would turn to religion to explain why. We could also use clones to try and blame their government for it, causing a civil war while we are fighting them. it's just that "praise the bug mother" was the first think to come to mind.

>> No.38579284

nailed it

>> No.38579294

>>Speak with Theseus (write in)
Does he have any assets in place that can help us here?

>Speak with Elizabeth (write in)
What's her experience with the BFI? How's the research on the other whit crystals or whatever she's doing right now?

>> No.38579302

okay, i looked up lexx on google, and saw a bug spaceship that looks like a cock and balls. So yes, that would be perfect.

>> No.38579307

>Speak with Theseus (write in)
"So, this BFI... uh... what does it stand for?

Seriously I can't tell what the B stands for.

>> No.38579311

>Speak with Theseus
>Speak with Elizabeth
Speak to them both about the new Sentient Alien life we've discovered.

>> No.38579315

>>Speak with Theseus (write in)
Ask him to track someone for us

>>Speak with both
Ask them what they think the socio-political implications will be of the hive's development of a gene therapy regime capable of making humans biologically immortal.

Really this is a huge card we can play to influence human society, I'd like their opinion on what the likely impact will be of distributing it.

>> No.38579317

>Other (write in)

Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina!

>> No.38579320

>Speak with Theseus (write in)
"How much of the Union's traffic cameras are you inside? The hive has taken interest in a very particular license plate on Gemini."

>> No.38579329

Yeah. It'll pass.

>> No.38579340

It's beautiful.

>> No.38579344

This has my vote! Hive-death-meat-battle-star-ship!

>> No.38579347

Bureau of Foreign Intelligence?

>> No.38579348


>> No.38579367

>Speak with Theseus (write in)

And guys. hive ships are already ill-equipped for battle at their cumbersome size. Bigger is not better.

Except when it comes to bigger swarms to blot out the skies.

>> No.38579369

>Other (write in)

Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina!

>> No.38579370


>> No.38579380

Bigger is better! And we'll make it red, so it goes fasta!

>> No.38579382

>might be exposed cuz of one meddling BFI agent

...The things we do for Lee.

>> No.38579387

>>Other (write in)
Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina!

>> No.38579394

Sorry for having fun

>> No.38579400

It was going to happen sooner or later. But not like this. Well if they ever make an issue out of it. Let's say that we were trying to find a friend of the Hive and that the Union aimed nukes at us.

>> No.38579401

All because of one bad roll, too.

>> No.38579402

Don't you have school in the morning? Go sleep and quit shitposting.

>> No.38579403

>>Other (write in)

>Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina! Hivestar Remina!

>> No.38579413

he better proposes to the queen when this is all over

>> No.38579423

If you were serious about it you would try and make it work instead of waiting till the closest vote and try to derail everything to push through something that can't possibly work with our current resources.

>> No.38579427

we got it, you can stop now, no reason to repeat yourself.
I'd prefer LEXX also

>> No.38579435

Well of course you'd like cock...

>> No.38579436

>Speak with Theseus (Ask him what's good, nigga?)

>> No.38579442

I've read the words, but they make no coherent reply to my post. Did you even read what I wrote?


>> No.38579453

How did this get overlooked? Seconding.

>> No.38579468

Because we have nothing interesting to talk about until we read its mind. Later.

>> No.38579473

I completely understand your words, don't know why your having so much trouble with mine. Maybe refrain from the drinks anon.

>> No.38579493


Man, you guys have completely killed any desire I have ever possessed for a planet-sized vessel.

All for your shitposting and arguments.

>> No.38579494

I assumed we would be taking about the BFI.

>> No.38579507

I think we can do better.

Can we send in parasites, infect wildlife and turn them into HUMAN hybrid clones? We'll need some smuggling operation to get them gear and supplies, but a growing number of clones around is noice.

>> No.38579511

Hasn't killed mine yet. But we're still quite a ways from being able to economically build and support one, so idk why they're even talking about it still

>> No.38579525

That's what we eshould be talking about.

Not what that other anon was seconding talking about, which is pointless and not urgent at all.

>> No.38579536

>Speak with Theseus about tracking the BFI agent

You quickly assemble a data packet containing relevant information and transmit it to Theseus. He responds shortly afterwards.
"An agent of the Union should not have the clearance to perform these actions. This indicates an interesting level of internal strife slightly above previous estimates." He says as he sends the packet to Zero One. It takes slightly longer to get a response still, despite most of the repairs well underway across the server city.

"Resources across Gemini will be made aware of your search efforts, and you will be alerted to the agent's location when it is available." He says.

>Mention the newly found alien
>Wait until you know more about them

Bureau of Foreign Intelligence, they serve a similar role to CIA.

>> No.38579537

Don't lose hope! All we have to do is fuck over a few habitated worlds until we get it right.

All the mistakes we make can be ignored, I'm sure they'll sort themselves out eventually.

>> No.38579538

Clearly it's all false flagging. There aren't people in the quest who pick up on things and repeat them till the joke or idea is unbearable. No way.

>> No.38579545

rly? this was nothing.
More of a dragonfly imo, but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.38579548

>Mention the newly found alien
We lose nothing and we already have their DNA.

>> No.38579552

>"Resources across Gemini will be made aware of your search efforts, and you will be alerted to the agent's location when it is available." He says.

>Wait until you know more about them
There's no point in telling him about them if there's nothing to give other than 'they exist.'

>> No.38579557

>>Mention the newly found alien

>> No.38579561

>>Mention the newly found alien

>> No.38579562

>Mention the newly found alien

Tell him not to fall for any offers of discount couches, they're lying sacks of shit.

>> No.38579564


I know man, it's just, constantly talking about it and making stupid fucking jokes kills it for me ya'know?

Have this thing, I guess, I was saving it for if we ever did get to that stage and needed a general idea if not actual size.

>> No.38579565

>Mention the newly found alien
Are they always hostile? If so, no issue with us absolutely destroying them?

>> No.38579574

>Mention the newly found alien
yeah they are assholes others should be warned aboot them

>> No.38579575

>Mention the new alien
Well we decided to trust him with more important things. Might as well see what he has to add. We did send a pod their way right? QD told us where their planet was. Or at least where a base of theirs is.

>> No.38579578

You're a sad man.

>> No.38579579

>Mention the newly found alien

well, more like a mosquito than a dragonfly. But its resemblance to a penis is striking.

>> No.38579582

>Mention the newly found alien

>> No.38579585


Life is sad.

>> No.38579591

Well, from what few eyes we've seen in Commonwealth space, the commies apparently are ramping up military activity in response to something, and since commonwealth space borders near where we found the bandits, it's reasonable that they would be responsible for the buildup.

>> No.38579595

>Are they always hostile?
Why are you asking a question when we're the ones who know the most out of everyone here?

>> No.38579599

>Not a mass of meaty flesh with a few spots of chitin strewn across the surface

It's like you missed the point of Junji Ito being posted this thread.

>> No.38579602

>>Mention the newly found alien
>>But ask him not to attempt contact with them until we know more about them.

>> No.38579621


It just doesn't fit man.

The Hive is about efficiency and adaptation with an insect base.

Giant raw flesh monsters don't really fit.

>> No.38579630

That would be a given if we inform him of their attack.

>> No.38579631

This is basically the same with the couch thing. It was funny at first but then you all have to run it into the ground within the span of a single session.

>> No.38579634

>>Mention the newly found alien
Do mention, but also say that you're researching the issue and may get more information later.

>> No.38579639

It's one faggot, man.

>> No.38579647

The couch thing was better than this.

>> No.38579649

we don't have to make a 1:1 copy of that fucking manga of course

>> No.38579664

It's probably one ass plasted autist upset over something who took it upon himself to shitpost wheverer things step out of what he imagines the hive should look like.

>> No.38579671

Couch was funny for the first 5 posts and Questdrones reference.

>> No.38579675

The thing is that this one faggot is spamming for exactly being 1:1 copy. Like see right here >>38579599

>> No.38579677

I got i guys:
How about a giant, fuckhuge, worldeating couch?

>> No.38579684

He may be a gross stupid soulless abomination to all life, but he would probably be able to learn from his mistakes.

>> No.38579690

"In addition," you say, "The hive has encountered a new sapient form of life. They are hostile, under no circumstances should you attempt trade with them."
You send a collection of data from your encounter with them. Theseus acknowledges it with a ping.

Meanwhile, deep within the bowels of your hive the humans of Earth and the recovered artifact await your attention.

>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
>Open the recovered canister

>> No.38579703


>> No.38579705

Both, and inform Elizabeth about it.

>> No.38579707

All that free biomass. Think it's time we infest that planet with a couple thousand aquatic parasites.

>> No.38579709

>>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
>Open the recovered canister

>> No.38579712

>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
>Open the recovered canister

>> No.38579716

I really feel like we should postpone this whole discussion until we actually are about to build something of that powerlevel, for now we should maybe stick to a single hive ship as goal

>> No.38579719

>>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
>>Open the recovered canister
>>Inform Theseus that we are about to open it and he should tell us what he thinks is inside so we don't get blindsided by anything horrible.

>> No.38579730

Oh yeah, huh, that is a good idea.

>> No.38579735

>>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
>>Open the recovered canister

>> No.38579738

I mean it's not like we are just going to not infect them or not open the thing.
the real question is if we are going to fuck with the humans genetic make-up. And my answer is yes, turn the two into hybrids.

>> No.38579741

>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
>Open the recovered canister

>> No.38579745

>Build a VERY secure containment area around the canister before opening it

Guys, please do this. Bad things WILL happen if you don't, trust me on this.

>> No.38579755

>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first

let's see if they worship it or something first.

>> No.38579759


>> No.38579768


Actually, I think he means things like organisms developed for space travel that flock around our ships like seagulls to a whale.

And then they attack enemies and get inside their ships and all hell is let loose.

In short: Imagine that scene with the baby Kaiju from pacific Rim, but inside a space ship, and there are thousands of the fucking things.

>> No.38579785

that's literally a normal hive fleet, only in gay and needlessly complicated

>> No.38579787


>> No.38579789

Well, it was two options because it was a question of which you wanted to do first. You will need to lay new parasites to implant the two humans, which will take some time, or you could just pop open the canister now and see what happens.

>> No.38579790

So smaller ships?

>> No.38579799

My feelings exactly.

>> No.38579800

I just think it would be significantly cheaper to produce parasites than fleets. we could farm ocean leviathans and just implant a few parasites in them every now and then.

>> No.38579801

But the actual opening the canister thing won't be delayed by the laying?

>> No.38579802

Yeah. Hell, we are still yet to climb through capital ships at all, much less getting up to a whole Hive Ship.

>> No.38579807

We don't have any parasite s lying around? I guess we might as well wait then?

>> No.38579814

>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first

>> No.38579821

>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first

>Open the recovered canister

>> No.38579823

Are there exactly 2 parasites spare left?

24 are in the prisoners, 1 is in Lyle, 3 are in Coil and the twins. that's 28 out of 30. Where are the last two?

>> No.38579827

>Open the recovered canister
>In a safe, contained area far from crucial hive infrastructure.

>> No.38579832

Lay the parasites first, and inform Theseus. Why did he want to recover this?

>> No.38579836

Don't open it, it's a trick.

>> No.38579837

Okay, then I change one of the both vote to just:
>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first.
Might want to see if they know anything about what we might be unleashing.

>> No.38579840

I phrased the options poorly. Choosing to implant the prisoners first will delay the canister until after you gather memory data from the humans, or you can just open it now.

>> No.38579849

Seconding telling Theseus about our excavations progress and what we recovered.

Did we tell him about what we learned about the Moon from Seiner?

>> No.38579852

Exactly, which is just being retarded, there is no distinction between our living ships right now, which come in all sizes, and that.

>> No.38579859

nooooooo, whatever that thing is, it was part of what blew up earth's moon!

>> No.38579861

better safe than sorry
>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
the cannister can wait

>> No.38579862

Yeah, okay let's go with that.

>> No.38579864

Better yet just open it in another starsystem. We don't actually have to be anywhere near.

>> No.38579866

Don't listen to QD, There's some shit in there.

>> No.38579872

>>Lay two additional parasites to implant the new prisoners first
I feel as if you're doing this because there is something in the prim's local folklore pertaining to the crashed satellite

>> No.38579875

Changing my vote to NOT open it. Can't delete posts in my phone.

>> No.38579880

Ocean leviathans aren't SPACE leviathans.

>> No.38579882

I don't think we did. I wouldn't be against it.

>> No.38579889

ah, right, I'm being dumb again in the wee hours of the morning. My mistake, sorry.

Still, I guess the question is which you want to do first, no need to wait after all.

>> No.38579896

We can rebuild them,we have the technology

>> No.38579899

Yeah, lets wait until we've done our research.

Also, we recovered moonlab equipment and you said we had a chance to get data about the canister if we research those, so lets do that too.

>> No.38579901

Just implant them first and see if they have anything useful.

>> No.38579916

Implant first

>> No.38579919

Then just make goddamn ships that were explicitly evolved for space flight and maximum efficiency.

>> No.38579922

>Open the recovered canister

Take it to a moon and open it once we build a lab there.

Less chance of QD's plan having too bad an impact that way.

>> No.38579923

I can't go on any longer

I need sleep

>> No.38579931

aka gather them for nutrients and just build some friggin spaceships

>> No.38579938

Where is the fun in that?
Also while our ships are grown to work in space it doesn't mean they are perfect.

>> No.38579951

Better than trying to slap a drive and a hull on a random whale we found under the sea.

>> No.38579953

Quick, he's gone! Let's vote to marry Lee!

>> No.38579959

This goes against the Hive's efficiency policies, your argument is invalid.

>> No.38579964

>Also while our ships are grown to work in space it doesn't mean they are perfect.
>Purpose-made spaceships aren't perfect for space travel
And Leviathans are?

>> No.38579969

Frigging random WHALES are a step backwards from perfect anon.

>> No.38579975

He just wants to see space whales I think. Regardless of what is best.

>> No.38579980

This whole argument honestly gave me a good chuckle

>> No.38579983

He's free to start Space Whale Quest at any time.

>> No.38579998

We can make space whales when we find somewhere we don't really care about. Then we can just dump all the projects we made for fun that have no real use for in that system.

>> No.38580001

Fuck me, I'd give it a look.

>> No.38580012

I'd play it.

>> No.38580013

>solar system sized moth couches in the shape of a lighter that are all very lewd

Jesus christ

>> No.38580029

Thank you but one Quest is more than enough for me to run right now. Might add some Space whales for fluff though.

>> No.38580081

Fund it.

>> No.38580089

It's like a solar system devoted to all the inane shit we come up with when we're all addled by sleep deprivation and caffeine.

That's a fucking wonderful idea if I've ever heard one.

>> No.38580101

just imagine the reactions of explorers who accidentally stumble upon the system

>> No.38580102

Can you imagine the face of some explorer entering that system?

>> No.38580103

Right well I'm off to sleep. my brain is telling me my phone is bending at a 20 degree angle. Thanks QD and autism anon.

>> No.38580109


...Maybe that's why the cradle exists in the first place?

I mean, that nebula has to hide some gnarly shit that people just shoot into and forget about.

>> No.38580116

We're all autism anons.

>> No.38580123

That's deep man.

>> No.38580159

At least one of them would conclude that the system was designed deliberately to fuck with them. And immediately be labeled as insane by everyone else.

>> No.38580163

>Implant the humans first.

Your last two parasites are brought to the medical pods. Your drones move into their positions and connect with the nerve tissue of the spine with ease.

You sift through the memories as they slide past your mind like an avalanche. You watch as the sound of thunder puts a halt to a hunt, and the people look to the sky as the metal chunk falls from the heavens. It is a usual sight, and one that typically precedes a pilgrimage to recover the mystical materials that periodically fall from the broken sky, but not this time. Today the chunk of metal can fly! It turns in the air with a strange and alien grace before disappearing in the thick forest of the sacred swamp.

It is a curse! The hunting party is quick to return to the village and warn the others.

The village is small, a motley collection of shelters dug out from the remains of basements and storm shelters to protect from the metal rain. Near the center of the village is a large square building, a warehouse whose use has been long forgotten. The people gather around it, and eventually a man comes out covered in sheets of tin and plates of crumpled metal. He demands only those who witnessed the flying metal to enter.

The building is poorly lit, the rusted shelves warped into decorative shapes and covered in collections of objects recovered from the metal rain. There is a large throne of scrap near the center, beyond layers of scrap heaps and rusted statues, and sitting on it is a slender looking man, his face covered in a golden mask. Your view gets closer, and you can make out the rusted servos and malfunctioned motors along the arms, its fingers and arms fused to the armrests with rust. A pair of lenses, one cracked, the other misshapen, pivot with a whirl from within the hollow eye sockets of the mask and center on the decorated human.

>> No.38580186

It's neckbeards who worship a shitty version of the Emperor. I'm calling it now.

>> No.38580193

More like wastelander hicks who worship a junkjard king doubling as a AI.

>> No.38580209

That's what I meant by shitty version of the Emperor.

>> No.38580248

>rusted servos and malfunctioned motors along the arms,
Fucking steampunk cosplayers.

>> No.38580257

Gotta admire them for their dedication to the role, if nothing else.

>> No.38580356

Why has no one in the Union or Commonwealth noticed that Earth is not a radioactive wasteland? Has no one else done a near orbit scan of the planet? What's preventing some John Doe from flying by and seeing it's still habitable?

>> No.38580373

The government probably doesn't want them to. You also gotta remember by this point it's been a couple generations since anyone outside of earth has been an earthling, so common people are probably not to interested in it anymore

>> No.38580385

The human drops to his knees. "These two witnessed the dark omen! Metal that flew instead of fell, and landed in the sacred swamp." He says, panic in his voice.

The masked head looks down at the human as he speaks, its neck making a faint whine with every movement.
"It is a space ship." It says, in English, its voice crackling like an old radio. The humans whose memories you probe do not understand the language, but your are well versed in English from your knowledge of Lyle's own past. "The people within likely seek the artifact. They must not recover it."

The human's face goes pale.

"Send a hunting party to determine their strength, and return to report."

The human covered in metallic decorations leaps to his feat and turns to the others. He begins shouting in the strange hodgepodge language of the natives. The best weapons are taken from the warehouse, and volunteers are assembled. In less then an hour they are moving through the swamp at a surprising pace, weaving through the thick roots and dense vegetation with grace.

Not far from the resting place of the artifact the intruders are spotted. Horrid, nightmarish creatures leap through the air, and behind them a bestial looking man with metallic skin. They are quick to engage, and the horrid beasts charge with unholy speed. Someone screams that they must be demons as the metallic man leaps from nowhere and charges in, breaking bones like twigs. You can see the others begin to run. There is a loud crack, and then darkness.

You try to find some memory that would shed light on the artifact they seem to desperate to defend. According to their legend, it was once a part of the sky, but fell when the sky was shattered and was buried in the lake in the center of the swamp. You can't help but wonder what the device is, but you can certainly guess.

I think now is a good time to stop, since I think we lost most people to sleep deprivation, and I'm about to go myself.
I'll try to stick around until we 404.

>> No.38580391

Well they, as you might assume, had no regard for the "health" of their planet they probably emptied it on all useable resources. And then why would they try to reinhabit a radioactive wasteland, when they could just settle on another planet with both decent living conditions and valuable minerals/metals

>> No.38580395

Well it's surface is obscured from orbit by a cloud of irradiated debris that was once the moon. And the government itself may very well be aware of its habitability, but don't want people going down there for the same reason they've destroyed all the records of the test firing of their psionic cannon.

>> No.38580404


Later QD

Nice to see that you didn't forget us.

Also: Are the theories about you letting us Turtle and TECH THE FUCK UP so when we DO decide to fight stuff you can write cool shit like the Kinetic Kill Chimera Command Fortification Hive scenario?

Also to fuel your tech and research fetish, you deviant.

>> No.38580408

First, how many parasites can a hybrid fit inside their stomach? Are they small enough to regurgitate them as needed?

And hybrids can only be cocooned into becoming chimerae if they have a parasite implanted?

>> No.38580428

QD, have you ever considered running a partial version of the quest on other days of the week? It's just that we have a huge list of things to get done at any point, and it's exceedingly difficult to complete any one of them in a single all night marathon session. Would ever consider running the quest for just a few hours to take care of things like Lyle's tracking of Lee, or an excavation off world. We don't neccesarily have to deal with things like drone design or micromanaging hive infrastructure or research to do things like that, which seems to be where a considerable amount of time and effort are directed towards in most threads.

>> No.38580431

A mixture of what >>38580373 said and the power of tinfoil hats. There are plenty of people who claim Earth is perfectly habitable, but they are frequently piled in the kind of people who think lizardmen control the world economy (which, depending on how you look at it, could be considered true, but that's beside the point.)

As for why it can't be determined from a simple fly-by, Earth orbit is filled with highly radioactive dust and debris, even though the surface itself is not nearly as toxic. The frequent bombardment from space debris does pose quite a hazard for anyone wanting to live there, though.

It is also a felony to move within three light seconds of Earth.

Non-hive life requires a parasite to trigger a metamorphosis, correct. As for your other question, well, I suppose for a size comparison, they would be somewhat comparable to a Goa'uld, only shorter, with similar dimensions as pic related.

>> No.38580448

I was more shooting for a question of how feasible it is to smuggle parasites by having hybrids swallow them.

>> No.38580450

is there a size limit to what can be moved with ftl tech? and if so, which ftl tech has the highest upper limit?

>> No.38580467

Have the Hybrid grow a egg sack and then lay as many as you want.

>> No.38580469

I have, although most of my days are spent between GMing various campaigns, working, and, more recently, fishing baby squirrels out from between the walls. I usually can't find other than Sunday where I have free time to run, but I will try to keep your idea in mind.

>> No.38580478

I was concidering running a tech related Hive queen thread to decide on drone design and research and throw in sane ideas around

>> No.38580481

That takes a day.

Regurgitation is instant for on the field deployment.

>> No.38580484

wait, wrong clone. Have them turn into the clone version that can grow a pod and then lay as many as you want.

>> No.38580493

Do it anon, I beg of you. The more tech related ideas we can discuss and meet out the more straight up questing we can do in the actual quest.

>> No.38580498

I was thinking about that as well. It would be nice to have a few hours a couple times a month for every one to brainstorm that sort of shit together, instead of just at the end of some threads.

>> No.38580501

So did this >>38571386 project officially start a day or two ago?

Should it be considered to have included the necessary bio-tanks for it?

>> No.38580509

Thanks QD, much appreciated. Oh, and baby squirrels love going after peanut butter and (so I am told) watermelon, if you want to try drawing them out of the walls.

>> No.38580517

I was also thinking about something like that. A quest where we take the role of thinker drones trying to come up with ideas for mother. Great minds think alike, huh?

>> No.38580518

Although, maybe instead, we could have the spare parasites implanted extremely shallowly, just below the skin, so they can just break out really easily without damaging any organs.

And the implanted, deeper parasite can just heal the wound with medical paste.

>> No.38580523

What would a normal person remember if turned into a Hybrid, then into a Chimera with an egg sack which they then used to birthing several drones and then went through the above transformation in reverse?

>> No.38580525

What about...specialized ammo for thorn launchers that had parasites in them? We could shoot parasites into people!

>> No.38580544

We're trying to have subtle delivery mechanisms, here. Hybrids cornering and drugging people subtle.

>> No.38580550

Like a Larva that attaches to the host's digestive system and then begins to feed enough to allow it to cocoon itself and then turns into a full blown Parasite?

>> No.38580561

With the hybrid and chimera stage, we'd have complete control of their brain and memories, in a way we can't with just parasites.

So they'd remember whatever the hell we wanted them to remember.

>> No.38580563

Could be useful to infect creatures in the wild. I mean why kill a beast when you can hijack it's body and have it come to you willingly?

>> No.38580565

That's not a thing.

>> No.38580569

I thought QD had said there were going to be no multi stage drones, but it seems like this tech is pretty much nullifying that. A super small drone that can somehow invade the body unnoticed and then metamorphose into a parasite would be perfect. we could call them body snatchers.

>> No.38580575

Make it?

>> No.38580577

>A super small drone that
Parasites are already the smallest size possible for a drone, 4 centimeters, there is literally nothing to be gained here.

>> No.38580581

It is used as a catch all for a organism that serves no other purpose than changing into another

>> No.38580583

I once suggested that, putting parasites in the wildlife around our hive as a hidden secondary defense. Now that we can also mutate them, this seems like an even better idea.

>> No.38580590

Just use the wiki talk page. Don't torment /tg/ with meta-quest-threads.

They already banned /qtg/.

>> No.38580598

not a thing as in QD said it's not a thing, and not gonna be a thing. For organization purposes or something.

I meant something that was more specialized for mobility and invading a body unnoticed, rather than staying unnoticed and manipulating it's host.

>> No.38580599

I suggested making hybrid clones of the big apex predator in the jungle, too. Though this is even better.

>QD is kill

>> No.38580604

Totally forgot that for a moment. We could have the slimmed down version so if the shot misses we don't waste nutrients. Unless you think the Parasite can live through hitting whatever the missed shot hits.

>> No.38580607

Specialized how.

There is no special adaptation for that. It can already move around just fine with its sprint legs, and it can't get any smaller.

>> No.38580619

The wiki talk page is unwieldy as fuck though, its next to impossible to figure out which topics are active at any time and who is responding to who.

In any case, given the popularity of this quest in particular, I'd be surprised if anyone took great issue with a thinker drone quest. I mean, really one thread a week, and only at specific points, really isn't enough for us to fully discuss all the tech stuff we want or need to.

>> No.38580639

Speaking of, two approaches, both requires us having loadsamoney already from some business or other.

An excuse to get people unconscious and implanted.

One, a charitable free medical care organization. Preying on the poor and disenfranchised who can't afford health insurance. Their medical checkup involves parasite implantation, obviously, or even hybridization, but that would take a day.

Eridani, in particular, would benefit from such generous charity.

Which brings to second idea. Buying fusion-powered FTL ships and using them as a no-frills spaceline. As a temporary promotion, which we'll keep putting off the end of, first-time passengers get 75% off.

Now because it lacks a quantum power tap, it takes days instead of hours to travel between stars.

More than enough time to drug people in their sleep, implant them with parasites, and turn them into hybrids.

>> No.38580642

The ability to transform are drones kind makes it a thing.

>> No.38580652

Devious, very very devious. I like the charity on Eridani for one. It's in the same system as Huron, so it's a quick commute, and it will allow us to build a well liked front for our operations.

>> No.38580658

The primary charity the Eridanians need is "being able to afford getting the fuck off Eridani."

So the two dovetail pretty well. We help the Eridanians emigrate throughout human space. As our hybrid agents.

>> No.38580680

I kinda like the idea of using project Genesis to turn Eridani into a paradise world as a show of good will to the Union, if we ever open up diplomatic contact.

>> No.38580746

Oh! Dammit why did QD have to fall asleep already.

We should use the bio-tanks on Huron to surgery one of the workers into an egglayer.

That way that'll be done in 1 day, which is the same time the Very Fast dissection research will be done. And that'll be just in time to start laying very fast underwater drones.

We could have the warriors get cocooned into such too, but this way we can have more of them.

>> No.38580770

Actually, I think with genetic manipulation unlocked, we don't even need a bio tank to turn any medium drone into an egglayer.

>> No.38580779

Yeah but it doesn't double upkeep that way.

>> No.38580788

>Cities in protective wind domes create a thin ring of civilization amid the wasteland, which is each home to strange and terrifying creatures that seem too different to be from the same planet.

>terrifying creatures
Oh wait we have to send some radiator-equipped drones to Corbin sometime to hunt the beasts on the hot side of the moon. Cold side too, if we can even handle cold. We still need to explore Leeland's arctic.

>> No.38580918

Add it to our ever expanding to do list, anon. There's a reason I wanted to go to Huron aside from the aquatic adaptations we would find. It's also in an excellent neighborhood for further scouting.

>> No.38581000

That doesn't make any sense.

We can blink to the system at any time anyway. Whether we have a base in the system isn't really important.

And it's probably a bad idea to go entering and leaving the planet's atmosphere more than just the one time. Even that first time got noticed:

>“A brief meteor shower caused a hold for several shuttle flights over Huron this evening, however the local weather service-”

Repeats would be too suspicious.

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