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[Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/y3P3WKud]
[QM Twitter: @SleeplessQM]
[Fate Points: 3]

You are Victor Kane, Sentinel Cadet, Savant, Special Forces and currently, really damned impressed. After finishing Pokemon Battle evaluations of your candidates, you started testing their actual battle capabilities. While most of them are no doubt competent, Ryan Blackburn and Lyn Strom are definitely your forerunners.

Then, you had Ryan demonstrate his archery prowess. He immediately unfolded his bow from the holster on his quiver, drew and knocked an arrow, pointed the bow behind him, and fired it at one of the ranged targets about thirty meters away. Without looking at it. Bullseye.

He then proceeded to put arrows in all six of the targets without looking at them once. He even made a smiley face in the third target.

So, you’re really damn impressed.

“Holy shit.” Darius whispers behind you.

“What the fuck.” You say calmly as Ryan walks back towards you after retrieving his arrows.


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Ryan shrugs. “It’s a talent.”

“What’s your maximum range?”

He shrugs. “Depends on the bow usually. This one” he twirls the black collapsible bow “goes out to about 300 meters. Been working on one with a really complex pulley system that should go out to about 500 but it’s really finicky.”

Damn. You usually don’t get much of a draw beyond 200 meters. Ryan is really, really good.

You nod to Ryan. “Lets see how you do against an opponent then.”
The two combatants stand opposite each other, weapons at the ready. Ryan has discarded his jacket, revealing the leather armor underneath it in full. His bow out and nocked with a dummy arrow. His saxe knives have been replaced by wooden rods. It’s a friendly match after all and you don’t want anyone to die. Darius has actually foregone his maul entirely, instead holding a long wooden staff with both hands. You know for a fact that he’s a master of practically every melee weapon the Academy has access to and competent with most of the ranged ones as well, so his combat effectiveness is not reduced.


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At first, neither of them move so much as a muscle, simply staring each other down. Darius appears relaxed, the muscles under his swarthy skin not tensed at all. But you know from experience that he’s capable of bursting into combat faster than most people can perceive. Ryan on the other hand seems a little taut. He stands on the balls of his feet, poised to jump into action. Ultimately, he makes the first move.

Almost faster than you can see, the arrow is loosed from the bow, heading straight for Darius’s face. Even faster, the staff in Darius’s hand bats the arrow out of the air. But Ryan hasn’t been idle, he’s already shot two more arrows, one after the other. Unfortunately for him, Darius’s defenses are impeccable. With a twirl of his staff, Darius knocks the other two arrows two the ground and immediately charges across the field towards Ryan.

Ryan stands his ground and continues to fire. His hand blurs to the quiver at his side and the string of his bow hums softly as it propels the arrows forward. The staff in Darius’s hand is forms an impenetrable wall that the the arrows continue to bounce off. You don’t see how Ryan would ever be able to land a hit on him.


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So, when an arrow penetrates the bottom of Darius’s left pants leg and pins it to the ground, you’re very surprised. Of course, you’re not nearly as surprised as Darius, who is tripped up ever so slightly as the pinned arrow slows his left leg down while it is pulled out of the ground. It’s a small imbalance that affects his defense’s minutely. But it’s more than enough for Ryan to take advantage of them. Two arrows hit Darius and bounce, one on his upper right arm and the other on his right calf.

On any other person, those would be debilitating injuries, but you know that Darius is more than capable of ignoring them. There’s enough excess muscle in both limbs to allow them to function properly and he is extremely good at ignoring pain. So, his defenses rise once more and his charge continues, and he reaches Ryan without taking any further hits.

And that’s when Ryan surprises you again. He throws his bow to the side and -dives- toward Darius’s feet, hitting the ground with his shoulder and tucking himself into a ball small enough to roll -between- Darius’s legs. He pops up behind the larger man with a rod in each hand.


>> No.38564498


Darius’s response is blindingly fast. He spins around and lashes out with a low sweeping blow from his staff. But as the end of the weapon approaches Ryan’s legs, he jumps up and toward Darius, lashing out with his left foot. It’s a daring attack that fails when the other end of Darius’s staff whirls around to catch Ryan in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. Ryan tries to get up, but Darius simply steps forward and holds an end of the staff to Ryan’s throat.

“... I yield.” Ryan wheezes after a moment, catching his breath after being slammed to the ground.

“You fight well.” Darius says as he moves his staff away and offers a hand to help Ryan up.

Ryan accepts the hand help and gets to his feet. “Thanks. You’re a lot faster than I would have thought.”

Darius lets out a rumbling laugh. “I know. I capitalize on that.”

Ryan retrieves his bow and, together, the two combatants walk back to the sidelines, where the rest of the group waits.

>Do you say anything?

>Next Match is Katherine vs. Ivy.

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Very impressive, well done

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Comment on Ryan's speed and ask why he was so reckless in close combat.

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>>Do you say anything?
>Aww Yiss, mutha fukin Sentinel Quest

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naw dog. let's advance the plot.

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Whistle appreciatively comment on how wild attacks against a fighter generally won't work but the speed was very impressive.

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>still doing team tryouts
This is the slowest moving quest I've ever seen

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I know. I'm sorry. ;_;

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Hey man, have you SEEN Strike Witches Quest?

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to be fair, he had to cancel a lot of threads due to IRL shenanigans.

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“Very impressive you two.” You say. “That was very well done. You’re pretty damn fast yourself Ryan but Darius is probably one of the best combatants in the entire Academy. Why’d you dive toward his feet at the end?”

Ryan crosses his arms. “I had two options: keep dodging and try to wear him down or dodge and try to get a strike in. I’m not nearly as fast or strong as he is and I doubt I’d be able to outlast him in close quarters. So, I took a risk and decided to go with a reckless maneuver that nearly paid off. I didn’t account for just -how- fast Darius is.”

You nod, satisfied with his explanation, before turning to the remaining candidates next to you. “Ivy! Katherine! You’re up!”
Once again, two opponents stand on the field, carefully watching each other. Ivy stands slightly crouched, with a wooden short sword held lightly in her right hand and her left held out to the side. She’s left her medical kit on the sidelines, likely to increase her agility, and her face is surprisingly calm. But that same fire from before burns in her eyes.


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Katherine stands ready on the other side of the pitch, her customized staff held diagonally across her body and her left foot forward. She’d dropped her jacket entirely and there’s a look of deep determination on her face.

When the match starts, neither of them spend any time sizing each other up. They both immediately charge across the field and begin trading blows in close-combat. Katherine has the advantage in reach, but Ivy more than makes up for it with speed and ferocity. She slashes and stabs with excellent speed and precision. Katherine, to her credit, manages to block every attack and remains uninjured. Exertion is evident in both the women’s faces.

The machinist is forced to fight defensively, her staff blocking the flurry of blows that rain from the medic. Slowly, Katherine takes one step back, then another. Soon enough, she’s almost back where she started. You can sense the elation that suffuses Ivy. She’s happy that she’s about to win.

That’s when Katherine makes her move. One of Ivy’s strikes hits the metal staff somewhere near the center and the weapon -bends- before splitting into two halves. For a moment, you think that it’s broken, but then you see the thin, metallic cord strung between the two rods that Katherine now holds in her hands. A cord that Ivy’s blade is now caught on. You can -feel- Ivy’s shock and see her freeze up.


>> No.38565702


The mechanic immediately switches her rods to the opposite hands, tossing and catching them in a remarkable display of dexterity. That flip also serves to wrap the cord between the rods around Ivy’s blade, fully snaring it. Katherine then twists her torso to the left while jerking her hands away from each other. The wooden sword is twisted and yanked out of Ivy’s hands. It lands behind Katherine, outside the pitch.

Next to you, Ryan whistles softly and Lyn gasps.

Ivy immediately backs away before Katherine can retaliate, putting quite a bit of distance between the two of them. Katherine chooses to reattach the two ends of her staff before pursuing her opponent. Her attacks sweep and cover large stretches of space in an attempt to hit the quickly moving Ivy. Ivy, to her credit, proves herself to be an extremely agile fighter, successfully dodging all the attacks that come her way. But she’s tiring and her dodges become slower and slower. And then she trips, falling to the ground.

Katherine moves in for the kill, trying to pin Ivy with her staff. That’s when you feel the burst of triumph from Ivy. It’s a TRAP, you realize. Ivy’s left hand shoots up towards Katherine’s face, releasing the fistful of dirt and sand clutched within it. Bullseye. The electric trainer reels back, taking one hand off her weapon to paw at her eyes.


>> No.38565738


Ivy leaps from the ground and tackles Katherine around the midriff, causing her to drop her staff entirely and knocking her to the ground. From there, the Savant easily puts the half-blind mechanic into a chokehold. The match is over.

After helping Katherine clean her face off, the two combatants return to the sidelines once more.

>Anything to say to them?

>Last Match: You versus Lyn.

>Which weapons do you bring?

>Wooden Sword
>Bow and dummy arrows

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Good match, Kat that was a brilliant trick, but just because an opponent is disarmed doesn't mean they're harmless. ivy way to think on your feet.

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>> No.38565816

>Wooden Sword

>> No.38565845

>just because an opponent is disarmed doesn't mean they're harmless

let's not patronize anyone.

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>>Anything to say to them?
"Excellent job both of you. Ivy, you reacted well to an opponent with a wider variety of options to engage you and worked a solid strategy on the fly to compensate when the tables turned. But you got overconfident and that lead to mistakes. Katherine, you held back enough to gauge your opponents rhythm and waited til the opportune moment to strike and follow thru. Still you've let yourself slack from easy wins and that opened you to surprise tactics."
if Lyn charges open with sword, if she holds back then test her defenses with arrows

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"Excellent job both of you.” You tell them. “Ivy, you reacted well to an opponent with a wider variety of options to engage you with and worked a solid strategy on the fly to compensate when the tables turned.”

The dark-haired girl smiles as your praise.

“But,” You continue, and her smile fades. “You got overconfident and that lead to mistakes.” Ivy nods, brows furrowed. She’ll definitely be taking your advice to heart.

“Katherine.” You say as you turn to address the mechanic, who frowns.”You held back enough to gauge your opponent’s rhythm and waited till the opportune moment to strike and follow through.”

She nods, waiting for you to continue.

“Still, from what I’ve heard, you've let yourself slack off from easy wins and that opened you to surprise tactics.” You finish. Katherine nods, looking pensive.

“You’re both excellent fighters.” You say. “You just need to iron out a few kinks. Lyn!”

The blonde electrokinetic perks up.

“It’s me and you now.”

It’s your turn on the battlefield. Your bow is drawn and an arrow nocked, the familiar weight of your weapon reassuring you. On your back, a practice sword of about the same length and weight of your real blade rests in a scabbard. You’re ready for this.


>> No.38566196


Across from you, Lyn stands ready, a smirk on her lips and a wooden rod in her right hand. In her left, a metallic wire is spooled multiple times around her palm. You can see faint blue sparks of electricity dancing along the wire.

“I’m not going to go easy on you!” Lyn calls.


>Keep moving around the field while keeping as much distance between you and Lyn as possible
>Stay in place and let Lyn come to you
>Take her off guard, you know how to use your bow in close-combat after all.

>Please roll a 1d20 with your votes please. Creative options get bonuses.

>> No.38566230

Rolled 20 (1d20)

>>Keep moving around the field while keeping as much distance between you and Lyn as possible
Shoot at her.

>> No.38566307

>>Take her off guard, you know how to use your bow in close-combat after all.
start off with a couple shots to test her range and see how she reacts, if we can go for a shot with 2-3 arrows. her electrokinesis will probably let her manipulate the wire to an extent and/or zap us so try to get her to focus on using her staff so she can't pull any tricks
well that happened

>> No.38566329

Rolled 3 (1d20)


don't say a word. just focus.

>Keep moving around the field while keeping as much distance between you and Lyn as possible

but not too much. don't be a retard and switch to sword if you must.

>> No.38566438

Rolled 20 (1d20)


>Keep moving around the field while keeping as much distance between you and Lyn as possible

If she gets too close, drop the bow and switch to sword.

>> No.38566462

"If you didn't I'd be shocked. What? Just trying to lightning the mood"
time for puns

>> No.38566520

Rolled 12 (1d20)




>> No.38566634

Lyn just can't handle Victor

>> No.38566759


>> No.38566923

Wow. Two twenties. Maybe he'll even get a small permanent bonus for this?

>> No.38567991

Rolled 19 (1d20)


“If you didn’t, I’d be shocked.” You reply with a grin.

There’s a moment of silence as everyone in earshot gives you a look of incredulity. Lyn actually seems offended.

Your grin grows wider. “What? Just lightning the mood.”

Lyn points her rod at you. “I am going to hurt you if you keep talking.”

Guess it’s time to cut the chatter. You pull back the drawstring of your bow, feeling the tension in the muscles of your back. Keeping as much distance between the two of you as possible is the best strategy at the moment. The bow is best at range after all.

Lyn takes your actions as confirmation of the beginning of the match. The wire in her left hand unspools to about six feet in length and twists and coils through the air at her side. In her other hand, the wooden rod is held in a backwards grip.

The two of you stare each other down, gauging each other’s actions. You can tell that she’s building up a greater and greater charge within her body, judging from some of her muscle twitching. She must be speeding up her nerves.


>> No.38568015


Finally, you both explode into motion. An arrow is released and another nocked scant seconds later. Lyn dodges the projectile and charges across the field to you, her movements incredibly fast. You let loose the second arrow and begin to sprint to the left along the edge of the pitch, trying to distance yourself from the electrokinetic. She dodges the second shot as well, twisting around it in a decidedly sinuous fashion. Her right hand lashes out towards the ground, digging the held rod into the dirt and serving as a pivot point for Lyn to turn and follow you, her charged wire sparking and crackling through the air behind her.

You nock another arrow on the go and jump up and twist in midair, bringing your bow to bear behind you. The arrow shoots forward but the Lyn, once again, manages to avoid it. You land back on the ground, still facing the girl, and push off to propel yourself backwards.

Lyn’s getting too close now, so you drop your bow before you touch the ground again and have your practice sword out by the time she reaches you. Her wire lashes out with a flick of her wrist, and you drop low to avoid the electrical weapon.


>> No.38568035


Suddenly, she executes a shockingly fast spin that serves to draw the wire back towards her and provide it with extra momentum for another strike, this one vertical. You manage to dodge that one as well, spinning to the side, but it’s a close thing.

She’s too damn fast. At this rate you’ll never get an attack of your own in. If you could predict what she was going to do, you’d be able to match her.

And then, suddenly, you KNOW. The next attack will be a top to bottom diagonal slash but the whip will curl back at the last second to snare your left ankle.

>Ability Unlocked!
>Swift Precognition: You can concentrate and make a roll to discern events that will occur in the next few seconds and act before they go into motion.

The slash comes down, as predicted, but when the wire tries to snare you, it finds itself caught underneath your boot. The look on Lyn’s face is priceless when her momentum is completely halted. You take a step forward with your other foot and pin more of the wire to the ground, yanking Lyn forward and off balance at the same time. There’s nothing she can do when you place the edge of your blade on her throat.

Her amber eyes glitter as she says “I yield.”


>> No.38568208

Retract blade, Good fight, you're very fast. Offer handshake.

>> No.38568219

>Her amber eyes glitter

d'aww. she's gonna think she sucks now. admit you cheated.

>> No.38568239

>"Nice match" offer your hand to her, explain the situation
I supposed that swift precog is from cobalt?

>> No.38568276

extend a hand to her and help her up
"Good job, your style and use of your unique abilities to try and counter my range was well thought out and you know how to handle yourself in close range fairly well. If I had to say something was wrong, it was that you're to used to fighting in set motions and techniques. They can easily overpower a weaker or less experienced but like you saw if those motions are interrupted you can lose your momentum and not know how to compensate."

>> No.38568379

>>Ability Unlocked!
>>Swift Precognition: You can concentrate and make a roll to discern events that will occur in the next few seconds and act before they go into motion.
Victor learned Foresight

>> No.38569061

> that metagross ability
goddamn about time.

congratulate her on an excellent job. onto CTF!

>> No.38569106


You take the practice blade away from Lyn’s throat and step off of her wire, allowing her to straighten up. She takes the opportunity to rewrap her wire around her hand and stick her rod through her belt. You hold out your hand and she shakes it.

“Good job,” You begin. “Your style and use of your abilities to try and counter my range was well thought out and you know how to handle yourself in close range fairly well.”

Lyn snorts. “Thanks. Now for the bad part.”

“ If I had to say something was wrong,” You continue. “It was that you're too used to fighting in set motions and techniques. But, like you saw, if those motions are interrupted you can lose your momentum and not know how to compensate."

“Well,” Lyn says. “I’ve never EVER had one of my trip snares blocked the very first time I used them on an opponent. How in Arceus’s name did you do that?”


>Next Event: CTF

>> No.38569150


tell her the truth.

>> No.38569159

"Just a gut feeling."

>> No.38569163

So, if the Legendary Birds are worshiped as Gods in the Orange Islands, what about the other Legendaries?

What's up with Ho-oh and Lugia? What do the Legendary dogs do?

>> No.38569168

"I just went with the flow of the battle, or maybe I had a SPARK of intuition"

>> No.38569199

I have very good foresight, I saw it coming.

>> No.38569215

I'm p sure Ho-oh and the dogs are still worshipped by the people of Ecruteak, but Sleepless would have to weigh in on that.

As for Lugia, probably a similar status to the bird in the OI. Maybe somewhat of a forgotten legend?

>> No.38569283

Tell her the truth, you are jesus.

>> No.38569317

Let's say we'll tell her in "private" later. Lmao.

>> No.38569364

"Truth be told I wasn't completely sure what you planned to do until just before it happened, but given your knack with electricity it was obvious whatever finishing move you had planned would use your wire. Then again it was half experience and maybe a little more than half luck"

>> No.38569403

Not again with the waifuing shit. Geeze we barely know her right now. (yes I apply that to all the girls.)

>> No.38569531

I doubt we know that Clair exists at all, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to [spoiler[impregnate[/spoiler] her.

>> No.38569625

This, I was the guy who liked the ninja girl who is out of the game for being a fucking cunt. We need to wait and get to know the girls better.

>> No.38569715


I'm glad you asked!

As >>38569215 said, Ho-oh and the Dogs are worshiped primarily in Ecruteak and, by extension, a good portion of Johto.

Lugia on the other hand is... obscure. It's literally been millennia since Lugia was sighted and its legend fell by the wayside. Comparatively, the Orange Islands have had periodic sightings of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres every few years and Ho-oh is still sighted around the world at least once a century. Lugia's legend is primarily found in old scrolls kept in Temples in the Orange Islands. Luckily for you, the Sentinel Corps happened to scan a copy for their records.

Other Legendaries have a primarily semi-mythical status. Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza have extensive myths in Hoenn. Uxie, Azelf and Mespirit are worshiped in Sinnoh. The Regis have a scattering of myths in both regions. The majority of info on Arceus is found in Sinnoh, on Spear Pillar specifically, along with Dialga and Palkia.

The Lunar and Eon Duos aren't very well known outside their respective regions.

There's actually a large amount of Mythology on both the Dogs and Ho-oh in Orre, along with a Pokemon known as Celebi.

>> No.38569748


Oh and the Unown are unknown.

>> No.38569861

So, I can definitely support taking Ryan but I'm leaning towards Lyn over Katherine. She's overall just... better.

>> No.38569875

How? He was man-made with cloning tech?

>> No.38569908

Yeah, definitely Lyn over Katherine.
I think you mean
> Deoxys

>> No.38569918


Just ignore the bottom two.

Or replace them with Xernias and Yveltal.

>> No.38569925

Yup. Agreed, Katherine seems like she'd be better in a lab.

>> No.38569932

>I'm leaning towards Lyn over Katherine.
>She's overall just... better.
more she's out of her element, from what we've seen she focused almost solely on her work and put everything else second. I honestly don't think she realized what was being asked of her when offered Special Forces status

>> No.38569963

>> Deoxys
>from space

>> No.38569993

It was literally a virus from space that mutated from getting hit by a laser.

>> No.38570043

still doesn't mean it doesn't exist naturally in th wilds of space

>> No.38570067

> deoxys as a pokemon mutated from a virus hit by lasers

anon pls

>> No.38570086


Canonically Deoxys is an Alien.

Of course, no one on Earth knows of its existence.

>> No.38570094

it naturally evolved from a space virus, nothing says that man made it evolve

>> No.38570150

so is Tyranitar still tsudo-Legendary?

>> No.38570163

Literally the Ruby and Emerald dex entries.

>> No.38570208


Pseudo-Legendaries aren't "Legendary" in the sense that they are forces of nature. They're just pretty Rare and Powerful.

>> No.38570254

>2 out of +/- 20 dex entries mention lasers
>dex entries that chance each game
>must have been lasers

>> No.38570310

if there are space pokemon, why not space lasers?
>Pseudo-Legendaries aren't "Legendary" in the sense that they are forces of nature
clearly they've never seen a Tyranitar in action

>> No.38570346


Lets put it this way: even Shaymin can defeat a fully grown Tyranitar.

>> No.38570398

there's still a bunch of legendaries not accounted for. I know Giratina may never have crossed over and that Jirachi sleeps for millenia at a time, but I don't know much lore-wise about:

Mew, Manaphy, Heatran, Shaymin, Victini, Meloetta, Genesect, the cloud trio and the musketeers (because they're kinda stupid). I'm also in the dark about the ones that require me to own a 3DS because it has no emulators.

and the B/W trio weren't at all mentioned.

>> No.38570442

Genesect is a teched up ancient mon.

>> No.38570718


Honestly, I'm ignoring most of the B/W Legendaries. The Tao Trio is kinda interesting but they don't have the same power levels as the other Legendaries and Swords of Justice are just plain dumb. Only the Forces of Nature are really comparable. Victini and Meloetta are both really trivial for Legendaries so I'm not including them.

Manaphy isn't really necessary considering the existence of Lugia.

>> No.38570741

Deoxys shoot lasers from the crystal in chest.
Laser from a Deoxys could have caused the mutation.
But then where did the first Deoxys come from?
The answer? see pic

>> No.38570764

I want to penetrate Sabrina.

>> No.38570809

>Victini and Meloetta are both really trivial for Legendaries
>calling Victory and Music trivial
that's kinda sad

>> No.38570874


Both are excellent concepts, but they're represented by very weak Pokemon.

>> No.38570888 [SPOILER] 

early gen Sabrina, not so much
later gen Sabrina does it for me

>> No.38570933


Sorry, but this is Early-Gen Sabrina.

>> No.38571012

maybe for you, in the old gameboy gen I and II she was pretty frumpy and bland

>> No.38571054

I love them both,

>> No.38571076


pshaw, Jasmine is still master race

>> No.38571136

>but they're represented by very weak Pokemon
>Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Ho-oh, and Lugia could be steamrolled by a Rock type
>Uxie ,Mesprit, and Azelf stand no chance against a strong Dark type
>All of Vance's dragons are Ice chow regardless of how strong they are
strong and weak is relative if you ask me, but run it how you think plays best
that's probably the first pic of early gen Sabrina that actually did it for me

>> No.38571152

Many of them are great, still:
Whitney > Jasmine

>> No.38571203

>not the clearly Hottest Gym Leader

>> No.38571223


>> No.38571291


I mean strong according to their Legends. Legendaries have a step up on the power level. No Rock-type (save for maybe Regirock, which is also a Legendary) would survive for more than a few seconds against a Legendary Bird.

And Lance has faced powerful Ice Pokemon before with his Dragons. He's never lost one.

>> No.38571314

my nigga

>> No.38571352

>And Lance has faced powerful Ice Pokemon before with his Dragons. He's never lost one YET.
time to find and Ice type

>> No.38571388

We have two slots left better make sure it won't be type redundant, we also need flying, fighting, fire and dragon.

>> No.38571435


You shrug, not really willing to reveal your newest ability just yet. “Truth be told I wasn't completely sure what you planned to do until just before it happened, but given your knack with electricity it was obvious whatever finishing move you had planned would use your wire. So, I disabled it. It was half experience and a lot of luck"

Lyn raises an eyebrow and remarks dryly, “You’re a very lucky guy.”

“That’s what they tell me.” You say as the two of you walk back to the sidelines.

You gather everyone up. “Alright, the final event is Capture the Flag. We managed to reserve the Park for this. The rules are simple. Me and Darius will be guarding a flag and two teams-”

You’re cut off by Lyn crying out, “I take Ivy!”

Ivy seems surprised by the attention. “Uh, sure?”

“Yes!” Lyn fist-pumps.

“Ahem.” You clear your throat, calling attention back to yourself. “As I was saying, two teams will have to take the flag from us. You are allowed to use one Pokemon for this competition but only a human can take the Flag. The exercise ends when the flag is taken or after three hours, whichever comes first. And as Lyn is so eager to make teams herself, does anyone have an objection to her choice?”

Ryan and Katherine exchange looks, before shrugging.

“I’m good.” “Not a problem.”

“Then lets begin.”


>> No.38571447

like I said, run it how you think plays best. yes in "real" poke world they are basically demi gods but in actual pokemon not so much

>> No.38571460


You lead the group to the Park and check on the Simulator’s internal conditions. It looks like the map has completely finished generating.

“Alright then.” You say, turning to face the group again. “This is the map of the area in which you will be fighting. It’s ten kilometers by ten kilometers and covers multiple environs. The flag will be placed here.” You indicate the slope of the mountain. “There are two starting points. “ You indicate the lower left corner of the map and the upper right.

Ryan speaks up. “We’ll take the upper right.”

“Hey!” Lyn objects.

“You got first pick for your team.” Ryan replies.
“... Fine.” Lyn huffs.

You press a few buttons on the console. You know for a fact that it’s possible to be transported to any point on the map from the main door. You’re not entirely sure how it works.

“Alright. Ryan, Katherine, you two just need to step through the door and you’ll be at your starting point. Ivy, Lyn, you’ll go through after them. Both teams will wait ten minutes before proceeding towards the flag.”

The team members all nod and proceed towards the door. Dropping them off is surprisingly trivial, not much more than clicking on where to place them on the map.


>> No.38571487


Darius picks up the flag from a corner of the Control room. It’s a simple grey cloth mounted on a stick.

“Ready Victor?” He asks.

You open the door to the slope of the mountain. “Of course.”

Standing on the rocky surface of the mount, you can see practically the entire map. It’ll be a while before the teams reach you, you realize.

>Time Skip Options

>Stay With Victor
>See what ____ is doing.

>> No.38571519

>See what Cyril is doing.

>> No.38571538

Noibat or Dragonite covers Dragon and Flying, or a Hawlucha for Fighting and Flying, Flechling is a solid Fire/Flying, and Chespin could cover Fighting and our lack of Grass type

>> No.38571569

Remember we're in Kanto, not a lot of those mons will be obtainable any time soon.

>> No.38571613

>not a lot of those mons will be obtainable yet.
fixed that, I can wait as long as it takes to find them

>> No.38571680

>See what Lyn is doing

>> No.38571712

pretty sure Dratini at least could be found in Kanto

>> No.38571758

Yeah but it's rarer than hen's teeth in any region. also dragon flying kills us in typing overlap.

Point is we might be getting mons sooner than later.

>> No.38571791

Rolled 2 (1d6)

>>See what ____ is doing.
1 Ivy
2 Ryan
3 Lyn
4 Katherine
5 Cyril
6 Secret Option Joeseph

>> No.38571826

7 Secret secret option Ninja girl

>> No.38571850

>Point is we might be getting mons sooner than later
not if people can be patient and resist jumping at the first thing we run into in the tall grass

>> No.38571883

Rolled 3 (1d7)

shoot, you're right
1 Ivy
2 Ryan
3 Lyn
4 Katherine
5 Cyril
6 Secret Option Joeseph
7 Super Secret Option Katrina

>> No.38571953

>perspective change to Katrina
>she's been stalking/following Victor since yesterday and is totally not trying to figure out how to ask him to reconsider her for a squad position without seeming desperate/like a cunt

>> No.38571954

Lyn it is!

>> No.38571998

honestly I'd love a Hawlucha, and Fire/Dragon is easier to find and better than Dragon/Flying

>> No.38572002


>> No.38572017

Wrong Dragon flying is piss easy to find, most dragon types end up that way.

>> No.38572160

not if we find a Charmader and figure out Mega Evolution, then we'd have best Dragon

>> No.38572266

Yeah, we can even buy a mander from a breeder. Charizard X is awesome.

>> No.38572328

Urgh, getting kicked off the computer. I wanted to finish up the CTF challenge at least.

If the thread is alive tomorrow I'll see if I can't get Lyn's piece up. Otherwise, I'll run on Friday.

>> No.38572356

>dragon flying kills us in typing overlap
what are you talking about

>> No.38572387

Finding other dual type mons with typing that doesn't overlap is a bitch if we have one mon take both flying and Dragon.

Thanks for running.

>> No.38572465

>other dual type mons
>with typing that doesn't overlap

On our team, we could get a Chimchar, a Torchic, or a... whatever the fuck that Gen V starter was. The point is, there's like two Fire/Dragon, pokemon, one of which is a mega-evolution, and another which is a legendary.

>> No.38572466

Huh, Gyarados is a viable Dragon Pokemon according to this: http://pastebin.com/Ynu6RK1s

>> No.38572496

alright, thanks for running
>Ivy- I'm gonna make Victor sempai proud
>Ryan- I'm gonna prove myself worthy
>Lyn- I'm gonna show that cutie what I can really do
>Katherine- I'm gonna prove I'm more than a grease monkey
>Darius- I'm gonna keep being based
>Katrine- I'm gonna show Victor I can not be a raging cunt otherwise running recon in his room last night will have been for nothing

>> No.38572539

Only in Mega and we have water already.

Like is aid it takes some effort.

Pretty sure Ivy wants us as much and Lyn does. Also Kek and Ninja cunt.

>> No.38572595

I'm pretty sure that if it was only in mega, Sleepless would have written Mega Gyarados, like he did with Charizard.

>> No.38572655

He usually goes by straight typing, so we'll need to ask him about it. Also we have a water mon already.

>> No.38572831

I think that Katrina is kind of tsundere.

>> No.38574543


He did remove a bunch of dragons from the list and made Zoroark Dark/Poison.

I'm guessing he made it Water/Dragon.

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