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I need art of some spiffy, proper-looking gents.

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How spiffy we talking here?

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Monocle, cane, suit, gold-trimmed shoulder patches, top hat, sensible facial hair. The whole deal.

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>shoulder patches

I'm afraid you've lost me

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Is that Alec Baldwin?

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That gentleman's robotic arm has got me thinking about cybernetics. Who here would replace their body parts with bionics? I'm talking about like the Fallout bionics you get in the Old World Blues DLC.

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Are you kidding? I'm going full cybernetic the second I can do so.

Have another cybernetic gentleman.

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Thanks for the picture. I'd just do the brain swap and the back, and maybe the heart replacement if they ever get something like the Fallout ones. And definitely eyes. That would make me a very happy fa/tg/uy. But if that sort of stuff was real would be looking at a real life Dues Ex Human Revolution?

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I don't know, it's a very permanent thing

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Well I'd probably creep people out with my eyes assuming we don't go complete uncanny valley here. And worse outcome is my brain replacement would catch on fire and then I can say that my brain is literally on fire. Best outcome?

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Honestly? I haven't thought much about that. It could happen, but I'm not quite sure.

I just think being a full machine would be cool.

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But then you'd have kids trying to put magnets on you.

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My robotic brain would lack the capacity to feel annoyed, or anything at all for that matter.

Kids causing trouble? I'd just blast them with my lasers.

I just have a machine fetish and really want to be turned into something far from human, okay?

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It's okay Anon. You're a tech priest trapped in a human body before the existence of the Adeptus Mechanius. There is no shame in that.

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Biomedical engifag here. Get the second generation technology. First gen is probably going to have bugs. You don't want bugs in your eye, do you?

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>Winning hand
>Wilhelm had a promising empire with a booming economy poised to become number one in industry
>He was related to fucking half of Europe's royalty
>Somehow he manages to fuck everything up harder than Charles VI, who was literally insane


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not so much the mechanical, but the non-human gets me. what would it be like? beyond comprehension.

life as an uploaded brain or preserved/mechanical brain?

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My hero.

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>That one guy casually lying on his side in the presence of the emperor

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Whelp. I now know I am machinekin. Time to start a "This is Organickin Privilege" Tumblr whining about minor slights against me, saying things like "Organickin privilege is being able to check the "I'm not a robot" box without guilt or doubt"

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>chopping up perfectly good bodyparts
The fuck?

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No sirree. But how long would it take for second gen tech to come out. Maybe if I plan on becoming famous and if I had first gen tech in me, when I die it'd become some priceless collectable. I'd actually had an idea.
>The macguffin is fist generation cybernetics
>BBEG wants it
>Party finds out that the original owner had foreseen this happening and put a fail safe in it
>Party uses the fail safe to kill the BBEG
What have I started? I think it'd be hilarious if you did that. I think even tumblr is tired of that. Let me find the picture that goes with that.

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the flesh is weak, anon

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It's not that you're chopping them up. It's like replacing a bad light bulb.
>Liver cancer
Get a cybernetic liver.
>Captcha: Creck

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not exactly spiffy but look at this motherfucker


an absolute shining symbol of a gentleman

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Does my picture count?

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>not forsaking the weakness of flesh and becoming a pure and perfect mechanical being
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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Well let us hope that the Anons wouldn't go on a bio mechanical rampage.

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>not forsaking the weakness of flesh and becoming a pure and perfect mechanical being
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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Actually just found a pretty spiffy picture of him.

Roosevelt is more prim than spiffy, but I guess it works.

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He counts as spiffy then.

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>you will never experience life as a non-human
>you will never undergo a gruesome transformation into a hideous, alien monstrosity, barely recognizable as a living being
>you will never live as a disturbing horror for so long, you forget everything about your human life and humanity in general
>you will never have a qt formerly-human monstrous waifu
Can't handle this feel.

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I swear, /tg/ gets weirder every day.

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Anon, one thread here I was in had the Swarmlord admitting that a swarm of Nids looked like something a Guardsman was masturbating too before Deathleaper at his brain. Is that strange compared to what you think is strange?

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I'm looking for some cool fish-man art, I wanna make a swamp-fish/mudskipper character.

this counts as a character art thread, right?

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How I see myself in Only War.

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posting what ive got already, btw

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They probably mean epaulettes.

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Yeah, I forgot the word for it. Those things are Grade-A spiffy

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>>Somehow he manages to fuck everything up harder than Charles VI, who was literally insane

The current best explanation is that Wilhelm II suffered brain damage during delivery.

He was a breech birth, Vicky had a long & horrific labor, and they eventually had to use forceps to pull him out. Vicky was in such bad shape by then that the doctors & midwives focused on stabilizing her before checking on the baby. They realized far to late that they'd crushed his left arm, although in 1859 there wouldn't have been much they could do for it anyway.

So, he most likely suffered from some amount of oxygen deprivation during delivery and ended up with a withered arm too which would further effected his emotional development.

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Might have something to do with being related to half of Europe's royalty.

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Chaos. The unpredictable variable delivered in the form of a lunatic peasant with a grudge who shot just the right domino

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To put it simply, despite having a promising nation that was well on its way to becoming THE major power there were a number of problems. First of Wilhelm was an intelligent but erratic man, he had deep personal insecurities, was impulsive and had a long standing enmity towards England. This induced him to follow several policies to compete with England but frequently without the infrastructure or planning generally required to do so, for example in his desire to build a naval fleet that would rival Englands; a fundamentally short sighted endeavor as Germany had no major external colonies and a poor naval track record whilst England was enforced to maintain a large fleet to defend its many (profitable) colonies and England. This led to the anglo-german arms race and rising tensions between the two countries.

Furthermore, the democratic pressures of the countries poor and middle classes were finally starting to have an effect. The old aristocracy of German had already started to see a decline and replacement by the skilled craftsmen and business owners of Germany's relatively early industrialisation at the end of the 19th century. Despite autocratic tendencies, Germany was slowly but surely becoming a democracy as the power of the Reichstag waxed. This was disastrous for the German army and Generals who, at the time, were under the authority of the Emperor only and they ceaselessly urged him to raise tensions in an attempt to conquer more land and gain some glory. For them it was only a matter of time before they were leashed to the reichstag, it already dictated their budget and at the time were facing demands that more powers be signed over.

Add to this that the international diplomacy was notably poor, Germany had a deep dislike of France at the time due in part to the Paris commune (Grrr socialism) and the after effects of the Franco-Prussian war whilst maintaining a good set of relations with Austria-Hungry who had a number of disputes with Russia.

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How about a proper-looking fish man ...

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Why do they look so alike are they related?

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everybody was - Nikolaus, Willhelm, George, they were all cousins.

Fun fact: George V was the first british monarch since 1714 that didn't have a geman accent.

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It's 9 kings, fuck your royal flush

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>top hat, sensible facial hair
I'm afraid these two are mutually exclusive.

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