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>"Who dares enter my lair... oh, it's you"
>"You're even more handsome in real life... I mean, er... fee fi fo fum"
>"Wait, that didn't come out right, can we try again?"

Is it a paladins duty to smite non-demonic evil creatures with his rod of lordly might if she's spilling her webbing and clearly wants the D, or does the Paladins purity take presedence over all?

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Is it evil? Then kill it. Fuck this "redemption" bullshit. If they had any genuine desire to repent, it would've changed its wicked ways long before a paladin entered the picture.

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Nice job on the spoilers, OP.

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Unless it's specifically addressed in his code, there's nothing to stop a paladin from banging every chick he meets.

He just can't lie about things, like promising eternal devotion or some shit to get her into bed.

Some paladins may have chastity in their code, but most probably don't.

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In my magical realm, divinity and it's powers is based upon the individual person's own believes, so technically you would be able to do so yes.

>Also mai waifu . You have good taste anon

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the idialized version of Barabarossa and his knights wouldn't be accepted as paladins by /tg/

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If it's non demonic and sapient, a paladin can try to convert it (since assumedly the evil is not part of their inherent nature).
If it refuses, then fuck it, they had their chance.
If they try to beg for their life before the deathstroke, then kill it anyway, because a conversion under duress ain't worth shit.

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Please consider masturbating before posting on /tg/ in the future.

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>If it's non demonic and sapient, a paladin can try to convert it (since assumedly the evil is not part of their inherent nature).
>what are always evil races
>what is the very evil deed of pretending to repent to get the good guys to let their guard down

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>what are always evil races
Metagaming is what they are, unless it's something so obviously fucking evil that legends are spun over what colossal dicks they all are.

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>He thinks monster girls are for fapping instead of tender loving
One cannot masturbate one's heart

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Personally, I would have extended 'demonic' to all 'evil-by-nature' races (ie, the ones that say 'always X-Evil in their stat block). Bit of a nitpick there.

But your other point is totally valid.

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I'm not gonna hold our hope that you get a gf or whatever, so I guess go wild on /d/, seriously stop posting these retarded fucking threads here.

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>thinking this is good
>thinking this is not lawful neutral
>mfw using objective good and evil always leads to idiocy

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>He doesn't smite ALL the evil

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Would you try to redeem a member of ISIS?

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Oh, look, ANOTHER one of THESE threads.

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First, I am not a paladin.
Second, I don`t believe good and evil are real things in the real world.

My answer will be, depends on the individual in question, his deeds and the circumstances of the situation. And I am saying this as someone who hates those Jihadist fuckers.

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>Redeem him
>Not convert him to Catholocism, shave his body, dress him up in a frilly Catholic schoolgirl outfit and tenderly loving him

He had it coming, he dared enter my magical realm!

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That depends; is she a qt girl with a qt headdress? Maybe.
Am I a fierce Peshmerga Paladin, bravely battling to defend my homeland and people? Never.

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>My answer will be, depends on the individual in question, his deeds and the circumstances of the situation.
And in the time it takes you to figure that out, he's already filled you with AK-47 rounds. When you're at war, you shoot first and wonder if you could've been friends if things had gone differently later.

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Good thing I'm not at war with ISIS, and also that ISIS is completely incompetent, sacrificing their public support, and about to collapse. Anyone frightened about ISIS is drowning in their ignorance, they can only exist in power vacuums and too fractured to reach sustainability.

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Pick one and only one, /tg/, and may your heart be true.

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So in other words, you're bringing in an inherently dissimilar situation to prove a point that ignores everything about the initial situation described? Cool story, bruh.

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Purity of mind and body enables a paladin to do his job.

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>deliciously immodest Iranian headscarf

Be still my wicked heart.

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>not at war with all things evil
Try again.

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No Qatar.

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>Comparing a creature actively engaging in dialogue to a guy who is actively shooting at you

No, you try again.

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You're still at war with it. Off with it's head.

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What the fuck don`t you understand about "depends on the circumstances of the situation"? In a combat situation of course you don`t consider redeeming your enemy. This is about what to do with someone who is already defeated.

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Am I the only one who thinks that usually evil races deserve more of a pass than everyone else?

Take drow for instance. Yes, you were a murdering dick but the people you killed were sadistic douches.

I could easily see a drow getting tired of the whole backstabbing thing. Maybe they just need a paladin to go "We are now in an area where ~33% of the people are good aligned and the evil ones are probably just trying to sell you a crappy horse for too much money. No one's going to poison you in your sleep. Now we just need to work on your methods a little bit and we'll have you figuring out what you need to smite in no time

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So by that logic if you have any conflict with something, past or present, theoretical or actual, you have to engage it as aggressively as possible AT ALL TIMES? Man, you're a dumb motherfucker.

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The problem with the Drow example is that their culture of dickishness is so ingrained in them that if you took them into a situation with a lower rate of dickery... they'd probably realize that they could get rich/powerful/laid quickly by taking advantage of how everyone around them isn't used to Drow-tier dickery.

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Here's the question: Would an ISIS member ping under Detect Evil? It was my understanding that you don't detect as Evil unless you've got some genuinely nasty energies floating around you (necormancers, devils, cultists to evil gods,, shit like that) and a Paladin's job isn't to be supercop, but to be a slayer of Evil Things.

So, IF one of these fundamentalist shitlords actually pinged as evil, it would imply that they are a worshipper of an evil god, in which case yes, smite that fucker, because fuck cultists.

However, I am of the opinion that while those guys are dicks, throwing a grenade at someone does not shift your soul's position in the cosmos enough to be detected as evil by a paladin. If that were the case, the party Alchemist would be in a bit of trouble.

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>already defeated
Chances are they're already dead if they've been defeated. If they somehow survive their defeat, then letting them live is more likely to bite me in the ass than anything else unless the other side is willing to exchange prisoners of war or they know important information.

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Pretty sure callously enslaving and abusing innocents is an Evil Act, homeboy.

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ISIS is roughly Hobgoblin-tier Lawful Evil at this point.

Do you think Hobgoblin fanatics, champions, and slavers should register as Evil? There's your litmus.

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True, but then they'd only act like typical businessmen instead of, you know, sadistic misandrists.

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> It was my understanding that you don't detect as Evil unless you've got some genuinely nasty energies floating around you (necormancers, devils, cultists to evil gods,, shit like that)

I'd say evil acts build the energies too(obviously not at the rate of your examples) but lets say you have your paladin cast his detect on the guys who behead people in propaganda films.

Yeah, we are go to start smiting. The guys who are in deep in ISIS are pretty fucking vile.

But if you meet some dipshit middle east teenage boy who just wants to shoot people and take their shit maybe you can redeem him before he becomes too entrenched.

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Believe me, I definitely wasn't suggesting you turn your new disciple loose on the surface. Definitely keep an eye on them.

As for the rest, re-purposing drow dickery towards heroism is the way to go.

Wanna be rich? Be an adventurer
Wanna be powerful? Be an adventurer
Wanna get laid? You're rich, buy 20 whores.

Alternately I suppose they could work as a dominatrix, which is presumably a profitable venture in anywhere that has at least a few weird nobles with lots of money and I'm pretty sure that beating people who paid you to do so isn't an evil act.

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What sort of ass-hat logic is that boy? As Paladins, we represent a change for good in this world, and if that means helping 'evil' beings, mortal or immortal, to redeem themselves, then so be it. Now this 'rod of lordly might' business is coming from the Saint Connery school of thought, and while I don't necessarily agree with the procedure, the results are absolutely astonishing.

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Dudes... Detect evil detects ALL evil. You basically get a scale of evil to go with it. Evil creatures with a lot higher HD than you, clerics of evil gods, and evil outsiders all raise the "Evil rating"

If the evil rating is ever too high you are actually staggered for a second when you detect it.

That being said, members of ISIS are evil by the usual DnD alignment. They probably aren't very high level so anyone who's learned to detect evil is probably at least the same level as them.

They'd show up as evil but just based on how the spell works they wouldn't show up as being all that evil.

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Does that mean that, if a local executioner in your D&D campaign accidentally beheads a man who was wrongly accused, he pings as evil now because he killed a man who didn't deserve it?

I feel obligated to mention that I in no way condone or support that actions of ISIS, they were just the example of real world evil shitheads that came up in a super hamfisted argument against paladins attempting to redeem their foes wow what a fucking chose that guy is and I just wanted to discuss the nature of Detect Evil and its repercussions in a real-world scenario.

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>? As Paladins, we represent a change for good in this world, and if that means helping 'evil' beings, mortal or immortal, to redeem themselves
>immortal evil beings
Incubus infiltrator detected. Are you going to lie down and let yourself be cleanly executed like a good little bitch, or am I going to have to smite you the HARD way?

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As I understand it, you can't accidentally be Evil like that, Anon. Maybe if the executioner reasonably should have known but didn't, he might be negligent enough to constitute a mildly to moderately Evil act, depending on how negligent we're talking.

If he had no reason to believe anything was amiss, I don't see how that's an alignment knock.

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Now, that being said, this guy almost certainly pings as Very Lawful on account of these executions. That's some high-tier Lawful conduct, killing a dude like that.

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Spider girl and Fish girl are shit, it was around that time that the house became overstocked.

How manym ore girls have been added? Some forgettable headless horsewoman?

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You can hook up a cow's heart to a battery and fuck it.

>> No.38536064

Evil actions generally require some knowledge that what you're doing is bad, or at least the understanding that lots of people will think its bad (think Drow or ISIS, in which this is normal behavior for them but they know that TONS of people think it's evil)

There is no way that accidentally beheading a wrongly accused man is an evil action.

1. It was an accident. If you accidentally behead someone who's not even accused it's still not evil. Not that I really know how you accidentally behead someone.
2. Killing someone you believe to be evil is generally not an evil action.

Admittedly, both of these reasons do sort of have a "don't do it often" clause to whether or not they're evil. If you are accidentally killing people a lot then you know what you're doing and should knock it the fuck off or else you're evil. If you kill everyone who's a dick to you then you're evil.

This all being said, people commit evil acts all the time. The trick to not swaying into evil alignment is not doing them often, balancing them with good acts, and not being an objectively evil outsider.

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Spider is GOAT though, second best girl right after Snake.

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If you're a beta cuck she is.

Anyone who describes themselves as 'a sub' should be purged.

>> No.38536084

>implying subbing and being cucked are the same thing

Nigga do you even read what you post?

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See, I've never been in a party where the DM fluffed it like that, and I think there's a good reason for that.

If you get a "SMITE ALL THE EVIL PALADIN" who can detect ALL evil, from cultists to pickpockets, the party will never have time to do anything else.

Every campaign I've ever been a part of ruled that, unless you're doing some really awful shit, like rape/murder/slavery and shit, on a constant, unrepentant basis, then you don't ping as evil. People who have performed evil acts a lot, over a long period of time, or people who are actually in cahoots with devils and shit, actually develop an aura of evil, and that's that the Paladin picks up on. Just because you killed a couple farmers when you went to war a few years ago, doesn't mean you ping as evil on a cosmic scale.

It's (usually) the fucking fantasy middle ages. Bad shit happens all the goddamn time, even before you throw owlbears into the equation. If a Paladin can see every person who's done bad shit, then he's never going to NOT see people who've done bad shit, and in a world where there are Paladins, plural, that spells trouble for the setting at large, to say nothing of the campaign.

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He doesn't want to be held and loved tenderly
Why do you even read this?

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Man I like her, but I just can't deal with the eh lower half even as perfect 2d. Something just focus with my brain when I see her drawn.

>> No.38536108

I just think she's kind of a bitch and her depressing sobstory backstory did nothing for me, not to mention japanese rope bondage is a shit-tier fetish so its a lam character quirk.

The real issue is that there are too many girls forces into the MC's abode, harem is the worst genre.

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Son, I'm an Aasimar. I kind-of know the will of the Gods more than you do. So would you kindly put down your cleave-n-smite and pull the stick out of your ass?

>> No.38536134

>not wanting to dominate the dom

Wow, what a beta faggot. He can't imagine himself in any other role with this character but the submissive bitch.

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Oh, and now the gaia-online tier roleplaying has begun. What a wonderful thread this is.

>> No.38536175

Lebanese > Emirati > Saudi > Azerbaijan > Iraqi

Anything else is pleb tier.

>> No.38536182

>mfw I had forgotten Gaia Online even existed for maybe 6 years now

Thank you so much for reminding me, asshole.

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Hmm qt monstergirl who's honestly not bad being "evil" in the most generic sense (jumps out and roars at passing people or steals animal from farms but then sends money) just to get the attention of the local celebrity paladin like a sqeeling fangirl.

>> No.38536191

Ahh. See, I've always followed the standard definition of the spell and I think that doing so actually prevents the "smite all evil" paladin.

You basically have to realize that the world has some evil people in it and that on the whole, no one cares. Take the used horse salesman for instance. Dude's a dick, has screwed over other merchants and every customer he's ever met. He's an evil bastard. But what he's doing is not a crime and while he detects as evil it's a very faint trace.

One of the reasons I think this works so well is that the faint traces basically give a "watch out for this guy" warning and the stuff that actually ranks high on the evil scale has a damn good reason to be "smite on sight."

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You're supposed to MAKE something have a genuine desire to repent. Show it the error of it's wicked ways.

Do you even Sarenrae, bro?

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>I hate fun.

>> No.38536254

>I am a fag

>> No.38536277

>>Second, I don`t believe good and evil are real things in the real world.
This is because you're dumb.

>> No.38536294

Trashcanistan all the way

>> No.38536325

>picking anyone with a headscarf over someone that actually advertises their youth, health and fertility by showing off their hair
Do you even evolution?

>> No.38536405

>Chopping up a kid and feeding it to his mother then laughing at her about it
I'd say CE

>> No.38536413

The hair is erotic- it must be hidden to prevent men from lusting after women! It is so with men's beards- their virility should be exposed to encourage the women to desire him!

>> No.38536465

>what are always evil races
Logically speaking, you cannot reconcile always evil with sapient. Unless there's a way around it like having them turn into another species upon becoming non-evil.

>> No.38536495

Kill the fucking thing for fucks sake. If she has a fucking paladin after her she probably left behind a line of corpses in her wake.

>> No.38536517

Either that, or the Paladin took a sidequest from a bunch of villagers.

>> No.38536523

Same difference.

>> No.38536538

If they're genuinely evil and are murdering or robbing or raping people or whatever, then the paladin should be smiting or subduing and arresting the creature, yeah. If they're just acting fake-evil because of societal pressures or something then the paladin can do whatever they think is appropriate to the situation, ideally trying to turn them to good somehow.

>> No.38536545


>> No.38536553

>Chopping up a kid and feeding it to his mother then laughing at her about it
ISIS are Eric Cartman?

>> No.38536574

Man, it has been so long since I've seen anyone post that.

>> No.38536605

That actually sounds like a hilarious campaign hook

>> No.38536608

Declaring no quarter for your enemies is in itself a war crime.

>> No.38536643

Isn't "being the first person to officially declare war without UN backing" also a war crime under those rules?

>> No.38536676

Well, not if you're America.

Seriously though, people tend to forget that there was such a thing as honorable parole in olden times. If you were defeated in battle and you weren't some fucking farmer with a spear you would be kept as a prisoner, usually under not-so-horrible conditions, and then ransomed back to your home country.

>> No.38536700

Know what 4th ed was good for?
Anti-morale bullshit.

As a 4e Paladin. I do Whatever the FUCK I want. done. Thanks for coming out.

>> No.38536706

That's pretty true. Personally, I think an ISIS fighter would fall under "farmer with a spear" in most settings, and a monstergirl in any "medieval" setting where they aren't the majority would ping as "KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS, [humanoid-favoring deity goes here] BE PRAISED"

But that's just me.

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>> No.38536745

I think that one is not a war crime but a crime against peace.

>> No.38536761

Pretty sure the paladin in my game populated half the country over the course of the game

>> No.38536776

>monstergirl in any "medieval" setting where they aren't the majority would ping as "KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS, [humanoid-favoring deity goes here] BE PRAISED"
I think that one is a crime against huminty though you would have to stretch the meaning of the word humanity for it.

>> No.38536787

>though you would have to stretch the meaning of the word humanity for it.
And no one feels like stretching it. Problem solved.

>> No.38536796

>Taking sidequest from villagers when there are demons out and about.

>> No.38536798

I agree. To be honest, I'm not even referring to ISIS anymore. It was a stupid subject to begin with which ruined a perfectly good Monster Girl and/or Kill all Monster Girls Palor be Praised thread so I'm just throwing around general ideas.

This is actually a pretty good reference for a campaign I'm planning. I have an arc planned where the party needs to go to a desert in search of some pre-elven ruins, and to find them I intend to have them stumble upon a race of desert-dwelling elves called the Dry Elves. They basically came about as a result of my reading Otoyomegatari and Dune. So, a family oriented people with strong community ties, who are insane survivalists with a penchant for taming the untamable desert wildlife. Might be cool.

>> No.38536804


It's not human, people could be argued, but not human.

>> No.38536809

>there are demons out and about.

>> No.38536831

Since the laws on these matters have already been set up ex post facto I wouldn't be to sure about that. Especially since that kind of legal interpretation is basically asking for a military intervention by the combined forces of orcs, elves and dwarves. Also the halflings, but nobody cares, kinda like Canada.

>> No.38536844


>> No.38536857

In that case, any case of Peasants talking about a monster should be investigated, do you not agree?

>> No.38536870

Has it killed anyone?

>> No.38536884

>not including the two-armed, two-legged, civilized Small and Medium races

Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings are all humanoid.

>> No.38536897

>orcs ever working together with elves and/or dwarves
What drugs did your mom take in order to give birth to someone as cripplingly stupid as you?

>> No.38536905

Fuck if I know, I don't see any bodies but it must have had some kind of run-in with the Peasants if they're calling for a Paladin.
Of course, this could be a red herring and the Peasants are the Demons.

>> No.38536907

I think those terms were coined in a world where political correctness isn't really concerned with the plight of the hard working dwarves in our community. Presumably because thre aren't any, but I think that wouldn't stop the SJWs so I will assume that more nefarious machinations are at work.

>> No.38536926

That's not how you spell "gnomes".

>> No.38536929

Are there any magical effects that the peasants or any magic users that the Paladin would bring along could sense?
Fuck is there even an incident report for this?

>> No.38536949

>100+ replies
never change, sexless virgins

>> No.38536973

No, that would be the Shia militias. ISIS fighters are more like "somewhat seasoned to veteran bandit".

>> No.38537008

People have died that way.

Zombie girl best girl. Bird second. Goo, third, Spider fourth. All others a shit.

>> No.38537054

But that's bullshit Anon. ISIS uses the same tactics as the USSR.

If you throw troops into the meatgrinder for long enough, you'll end up with an army of veterans just through sheer loss of forces.

>> No.38537063

>implying the thread hasn't derailed

>> No.38537093

That terminology is travesty all by itself. Where are all the proud humynoid womyn at?
Also if we are stretching the meaning of humanity far enough to include elves but not far enough for monster girls we are pssing of the dragons. Do you want to piss off the dragons, anon?


It's probably a kingdom of chaotic good dark elf rebels allied with a lawful good kingdom of shaministic granola orcs.

>> No.38537103

>Zombie girl best girl.
>inb4: that's not how rigor mortis works

>> No.38537127

That's the point. Go back and look at the original context.

>> No.38537139

Can this be used to accurately determine the ancestry of arabic women everywhere?

>> No.38537198

>implying the dragons even care

>> No.38537244

>ISIS uses the same tactics as the USSR.
But that's bullshit Anon.

>> No.38537261

It would accurately determine the ancestry of her head scarf. That ancestry might be related to her own, or just to the fact the local store cannot be bothered to carry every variety of head scarf known to man.
I assume that there are at least some women out there with a "fuck it that'll do"-attitude to head scarfs.

>> No.38537290

but they're ideologically hard-as-fuck, Anon. Like, they're so principled (with Evil principles) that they just straight up wage war on every motherfucker that opposes said principles. They've even got a concrete body of Evil Law to uphold and crusade in the name of.

ISIS is a great example of Lawful Evil (you can contrast them with Neutral Evils like Al Qaeda for maximum alignment lessons. Might help new players.)

>> No.38537307

>dry elves

10/10 would wed

>> No.38537324

What's the big difference between ISIS and Al Qaeda? To me, the layman observer, they both appear to be people who want to establish Islamic law. The only difference as far as I know (and I admittedly know very little) is that ISIS somehow attracts a lot of "European" Muslims while Al Qaeda doesn't.

>> No.38537377

As I understand it, ISIS is actually actively trying to provoke a military response from the West as part of some good-versus-evil apocalyptic battle that'll usher in the new Calpihate. Al Qaeda is just your garden variety paramilitary power trying to establish itself as a civil authority.

>> No.38537731

Their bodies are uniquely adapted to retain water. They tend not to live as long as other breeds of elf, at most 150 years, but it's pretty much impossible for them to bleed to death, because their blood is as thick as molasses, and their skin is basically leather.

Cross-breeding is possible, but you'll want to bring lube. Also, the campaign setting is following the Rule of Mule, in that cross-breeds exist, but are sterile.

>> No.38537738

>inb4: that's not how rigor mortis work
that's not how rigor mortis works

>> No.38537794

I mean, maybe? Archer seems mentally retarded and selfish, but he does show occasional signs of empathy. I'd at least try

>> No.38537836


As a US veteran this post made me realize I'm not fit to play then paladins I love so much. What class would fit a holy crusader in plate, but without the redeeming?

>> No.38537854

Please expound on this.

>> No.38537857

>without redeeming

Pick one. Alternatively, blackguard. You're on a mission from god, sure, and mercy, goodness, and humanity have nothing to do with it.

>> No.38537863

We're not talking about Hitler here.

There are different kinds of evil, anon. Destructive evil based on fanatical hatred is not redeemable.

>> No.38537977

PF has the cavalier. Different Orders give you different things you're all about, but whichever you pick you're generally an armor-clad cavalry badass who's all about challenging assholes to duels and championing what you stand for.

You know, as long as you don't play with an optimized caster, but no player worth keeping at your table will do intentionally do that in a group that isn't going full burn on the crunch.

>> No.38537994

>will do intentionally do that
I haven''t been drinking, officer, I swear.

>> No.38538033

>Saint Connery


>> No.38538039

I wouldn't kill her, but I won't just fuck her then and there, that comes after she converts and pings as good/neutral.

If she's this into me she'll be even more into me after she converts.

>> No.38538130

If you're playing Pathfinder, Inquisitor is all about that shit. I once had a buddy ask me to explain the point of the Inquisitor to him, because he didn't quite get it. I showed him this clip of a trio of them in action.
But on a more serious note, they're right that there are varying levels of evil. ISIS easily land themselves as irredeemably monstrous bastards who should all be shot on sight because people like that are beyond salvation. When someone has ACTUALLY DONE the Scott Tenorman Must Die bit with making someone eat their own family members and laughing at them about it, they have moved themselves firmly into the "put it down like a rabid fucking dog because it has abandoned all pretense of civilization and humanity in favor of pure fucking evil" territory.
I'll admit that I play Detect Evil based on the old /tg/ copypasta about it being like a smell, and those fucks? They would probably make a Paladin actually have to make a save not to bend down and puke his fucking guts out all over the ground if he checked them with his Evildar.

>> No.38538151


>let's get medieval
>not "enemy raven detected."

>> No.38538174

ISIS goes full-on territorial caliphate and shit. Whole-hog on the ideology so hard they've alienated most Muslims just flat-out in only a few years.

Conversely, Al Qaeda fags around in caves doing gay shit.

Thus, ISIS = Lawful, Al Qaeda = Neutral

>> No.38538186

Any sufficiently militant cleric would fit that.

There is plenty of gods that are less forgiving than Jesus. You don't need to jump directly onto an evil outsider as a patron.

Weirdly enough that was exactly what I was thinking when I saw that picture. I mean we are talking about a zombie with formaldehyd for blood, but the rigor mortis for some reason is still the part that irks me.

>> No.38538229

>no-one complains

>> No.38538254

Crusader or Fighter

>> No.38538268

Because most of /tg/ is capable of ignoring things they don't like, unlike you.

I find it harder to ignore the horror elements of her character. Where is she getting this extra skin from for instance?

>> No.38538341

>If I ignore it, maybe it'll go away

>> No.38538439

Is this a problem because of the word shitlord or because it's applied to ISIS? I am afraid I don't speak /pol/ as fluently as I probably should.

>I find it harder to ignore the horror elements of her character.
I meant the biggest problem with willingly suspending my disbelief, not my biggest problem with dating her. That would be that she isn't real.

>> No.38538556

Underrated post.

>> No.38538617

Don't worry anon, the Occulus Rift and SteamVR will help you solve that problem.

>> No.38538697

While that's still not the the same, one of the things missing is the smell, which in this case is a definite plus.

>> No.38538896

>Talk of best girl
>No Dullahan

Only girl who isn't always all over his shit, because she knows man, she knows.

She's fated to win, motherfuckers.

>> No.38539008

It was coined by PC individuals who claim "faggot" is too offensive for the internet.

>> No.38539051

>Is this a problem because of the word shitlord or because it's applied to ISIS? I am afraid I don't speak /pol/ as fluently as I probably should.

The word "Shitlord" has it's origins in what was essentially a PC Council of Nikaea, where they sat down and discussed what words are worth keeping and what words need to be revised.

Shitlord is, for all intents and purposes, the word "faggot," however as faggot upsets their delicate powdered baby booties, it was agreed that "shitlord" does not trigger anyone.

It was also at this Council that Colored People was changed to People of Color, as changing the word from active to passive is less threatening.

>> No.38539118

I'm mixed race and have been called a "brown poopie" once in elementary school, and that gave me PTSD. "Shitlord" triggers me and I demand that everyone in the world finds another word that means the same thing but doesn't trigger me.

>> No.38539193

K crapolalord.

>> No.38539196

Iraq a cute

>> No.38539231


>Mixed race

That triggers me, anon.

>> No.38539382

As I understand it, though, "shitlord" is just a campier, more humorous way of saying "asshole". See, being a faggot and being an asshole are completely different, whereas being an asshole and being a shitlord are quite similar.

>> No.38539468 [SPOILER] 

That's really weird, because I've been using it for a while and I've never even considered it as a phrase denoting race or sexual preference.

I've always used it in the context of "This guy is the Lord of Shit,"

I guess I just don't give a fuck what a bunch of PC sissies think a word means, or where they want a word used in place of another. If I think someone's being a faggot, I'll call them a faggot. If they're being a shitlord, I'll call them a shitlord.

Pic related it's all you shitlord faggots being triggered by an anti-trigger word apparently developed to prevent triggering. What are you even doing.

>> No.38539512

Are you sure they weren't a Bard? Because I have made that same mistake before too.

>> No.38539709

I think it's because Paladins also benefit from Charisma. That and redemption by lawful good dickings. I also had that sort of Paladin in my group, it was fun.

>PC Council of Nikaea
You are making that sound way cooler than it was.

>> No.38539795

I have to wonder what kind of woman becomes Good simply by fucking a Paladin once.

>> No.38539809

That kills nearly everyone who has ever done it. It's like the sick-fuck-removal system of the cosmos.

>> No.38539819

>Monstergirl thread
>No harpy
You people disgust me.

>> No.38539841


>> No.38539853

There's a reason it's called Lawful Hot DickingS.

>> No.38539896

What pisses me off about the concept of inter-species interaction is that humans, to monstergirls and the like, are regarded as ordinary rather than weird for their race, and that they're just humans with some weird traits instead of completely different physiques.
From their perspective, why would an insectoid sentient want to fuck a naked monkey?
Obviously, the answer lies in the same realm for why some humans want to fuck these sorts of people, but wouldn't that be considered 'deviant' in their own culture?

>> No.38539906

>Memory lasts 3 steps
>Having the hots for a girl that's literally retarded

>> No.38539925 [SPOILER] 


>> No.38539935

h4lfchan truly is tumblr

>> No.38539937

shh... don't question the logic.
It's because reverse corruption is my fetish.

Is that really a thing?

>> No.38539940

>From their perspective, why would an insectoid sentient want to fuck a naked monkey?
In the Monmusume canon some species, like lamia, are exclusively female. Some species simply need human men to continue existing.

>> No.38539988 [SPOILER] 

Or do you want more, you dirty boy?

>> No.38540465

Some guy recently did it and he died while it was on so the house burned down.

>> No.38540481

Depending on the god, you might be expected to marry the girl afterwards, but there might not be an upper limit on that either. And honestly, so long as you're doing goodly works and leaving people with a good impression of your god (so no leaving a swath of broken hearts and ruined maidens in your wake), I doubt he is going to revoke your Paladin's Badge or anything.

That said, OP is a massive faggot for making yet another fetish thread. I thought you smutfags said you wouldn't leave your shitty WST ghetto.

>> No.38540526

Not anymore, and thank fucking god for it.

D i v i n e S e n s e
The presence o f strong evil registers on your senses like
a noxious odor, and powerful good rings like heavenly
music in your ears. As an action, you can open your
awareness to detect such forces. Until the end o f your
next turn, you know the location o f any celestial, fiend,
or undead within 60 feet o f you that is not behind total
cover. You know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) o f
any being w hose presence you sense, but not its identity
(the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich, for instance).
Within the same radius, you also detect the presence
o f any place or object that has been consecrated or
desecrated, as with the hallow spell.

>> No.38540531

>It's because reverse corruption is my fetish.
That's called redemption.

>> No.38540538

She's actually one of the only ones who actually thinks about Darling's well being and tries to stop the other girls from endangering his life so much.
It's also revealed in a later chapter that her bondage deal is just as much of a reflex when she's embarrassed/shy as it is a domination thing.
Mia still a best, though.

>> No.38540602

In fact, pretty much all of them who have had a monstermilf appear do to some degree.

Harpies and Lamias are basically like asari without the whole reproductive lesbians thing and Centaurs need human prettyboys to act as fluffers since centaur males look fucking horrifying and centaur girls don't like that look anymore.

>> No.38540620

Wait this is a trend? I thought it was just that one guy.

>> No.38540783

Damnit, I knew there was a better word for that.
It's doesn't quite catch what I mean. I also like the part where their feelings turn from just horny to genuine loveThough the word seriously eluded my tired brain.

>> No.38540823

According to snopes it's a myth.

>> No.38540891


>> No.38540955


>> No.38540978

If it wasn't for the all the incest in literally everything, Jab would be my favorite smut comics

>> No.38540993

nostalgia boner
Gotta load up that shit on sadpanda.

>> No.38541011

His way of starting conflict with the mothers in the manga by having weird breeding habits that turn out to not be necessary and are being dismissed is getting kind of boring

It's just
>Miia is inherently a slut!
>Papi is inherently a slut!
>Centorea is inherently a slut!
Over and over

If Arachne get's parents or a sibling wandering in I want her race to randomly be super romantic and cutesy about her relationship with the MC. It would be funny.

>> No.38541020

indonesian...i have a fondness for a lot of color

>> No.38541078

>varying degrees of haram.jpg

>> No.38541095

But that's the best part.

>> No.38541131

>Smith talking about how Teasers work
>Arachne: "That's some cuckoldry even I can't get behind"

Oh, look at that, Spider Slut confirming her spot of worst girl. that's nice.

>> No.38541132

Mama Miia is best MILF though, but you're right. It was funny with Mama Miia, but after that it was just a slightly refluffed repeat.

Then again, we did get to see Cerea act knightly and jousting so I'm okay with that.

>> No.38541194

I don't even know what I expected, coming back. full /tg/ still catching up to the volume of posts I'm accustomed to, though

>> No.38541205

Wow, holy shit you got pretty much every single one of those chapters wrong.
>>Miia is inherently a slut!
Miia was never once stated to be inherently a slut. Her village sent her to go find some guy to become the village bicycle, but from the very start she was against it since she wanted a proper human romance. The whole chapter was about her internal conflict between her personal desires and doing what's necessary for her society and her mom letting her off the hook since they sent out other lamias to go nab men to gangbang.
>>Papi is inherently a slut!
This is pretty much the only one you actually got right. Even then, it was a pretty depressing look into the inner thoughts of a harpy since they can literally forget their own parents if they get bored and follow a truck one day.
>>Centorea is inherently a slut!
Again, this was more about Centorea trying to be honorabru when her mom was telling her to hurry on home or at least find some prettyboy to NTR, only to learn it was all just a gambit since Centorea was a dirty halfbreed herself and all that.

They were repetitive chapters, absolutely, but at least get your info straight.

>> No.38541293

>But on a more serious note, they're right that there are varying levels of evil. ISIS easily land themselves as irredeemably monstrous bastards who should all be shot on sight because people like that are beyond salvation. When someone has ACTUALLY DONE the Scott Tenorman Must Die bit with making someone eat their own family members and laughing at them about it, they have moved themselves firmly into the "put it down like a rabid fucking dog because it has abandoned all pretense of civilization and humanity in favor of pure fucking evil" territory.

Compare and contrast

>> No.38541321 [DELETED] 


but will she molest girls to protect you?

>> No.38541348

It's his habit of putting creepy old dudes in literally everything that's pissing me off.

>> No.38541360


Just like the american terrorists who tarred and feathered innocents to death to secure some land for themselves because taxes were too high.

History is always written by the victors.

>> No.38541385

Fucking vets. Why don't you just stay here a while? I've missed talking to veterans ever since I enlisted.

>> No.38541409

People died from that?

>> No.38541440

No, pine tar is sticky at like room temperature.

>> No.38541443


Nobody cares that you decided to pave your way to a better future on the bodies of others, including your own men.

Enjoy the fireworks every year.

>> No.38541445


>> No.38541459


They boiled it.


A beheading would have been a blessing to them.

>> No.38541460


People don't die from being tarred and feathered.

What is pine tar, not petrol.

>> No.38541468

Paladin of Vengeance

>> No.38541470


Hey, hot tar is not joke. Also, try getting that stuff off.

>> No.38541471

>Just like
>forced cannibalism of your relatives
>Just like
Nah m8. The American Revolution was notable primarily because of the comparative *lack* of atrocities on both sides. Especially compared to wars taking place on the European continent during the same time period.
This is why the British and Americans so easily became de facto allies after the 1850s and why I find Roland Emmerich shoving Nazi atrocities into The Patriot so fucking offensive. There wasn't really a legacy of "these people did horrible, evil things to us so we should never trust them"

>> No.38541478

They did not.

>> No.38541486

That doesn't work you dumb fuck

>> No.38541488


It would take like ten minutes to pour room temp tar onto a person because of how viscous it is. They had it boiling because they used it to seal ship hulls and other things.

>> No.38541533


The Birtish Empire - as a rule - treated people a lot better than others. It is (marginally) why the Indians tolerated British rule - the alternatives were worse.

Hell to a degree (history is...complicated) the British Empire controlled more people more fairly than any empire before it.

(though the romans still hold the title for longest empire...ish, the British ruled more of the planet's surface than anyone ever).

>> No.38541537

"Clearly this would not have been possible with asphalt. But rope, unlike roads, must remain flexible, so the tar used had to be softer (closer to liquid) at lower temperatures. The melting point of pine tar is 55 to 60 °C (130 to 140 °F)"

That is not the boiling point of tar. When they sealed ship hulls with it, you just stuck your hand in the jar of hot tar and started smearing.

>> No.38541538

>What class would fit a holy crusader in plate, but without the redeeming?
Whatever class the ISIS guy is playing.

>> No.38541596

It has... pants?

>> No.38541612

so is there anything after ch 30?

>> No.38541620


So it was a form of torture that everyone thought was hilarious?

Great men?

>> No.38541650

That's clearly a fanny pack.

>> No.38541652

Wait, wouldn't Papi be the only one who ISN'T inherently a slut? Centaur's chicks get raped by random male centaurs whenever and Lamia's are all about gangbanging who they catch, but Harpies are the ones who apparently had a rule to fuck whoever, that they all ignore and forget and end up staying faithful to a single husband because they're "lovebirds".

>> No.38541665

It was more like bullying. They ruined your clothes and at worst you were sticky for a week. Of course there was probably a lot of public shame involved but that's another thing.

>> No.38541713

That's where the "psyche!" comes in. Papi is the only one who was presented as being from a species of sluts, only for the TWEEST to be that they're all monogamous lovebirds.

Miia and Centorea are still very much the odd ones out in a species of sluts/cuckolds, Miia moreso than Centorea.

>> No.38541735

What. Why a cow heart? Why the battery?

>> No.38541738


Except taking the tar off took skin with it, causing immense pain and the very likely chance of death from infection.

>> No.38541815


>applying modern ethics and morality to people from 200+ years in the past

Literally high school level mistake, m8. As an FYI, the British did the same thing, and plenty besides - you're talking about the 1700s. For reference: the average life expectancy of a British male did not exceed fifty years until AFTER 1900.

>> No.38541821

But the first Anon didn't say Centaurs or Lamia, he specified the actual characters, Centorea was supposed to find a man to NTR and Miia a sex slave, but PSYCHE they came for more romantic reasons.

Actually Papi's story was different that it used the confusion of the beggining to make it seem like like she and all harpies were sluts but PSYCHE the entire race including Papi is lovey dovey. So that one was a "She's a slut PSYCHE" too I guess.

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