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Last Time on Jumpchain:

What do you mean, this planet doesn't have a Chicago? Well, I don't know, drive casual or something.

So. What's your favorite perk for finding the plot when you roll Location and end up in the middle of nowhere, Jumpers?

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Red String from Persona. It literally says "you are the protagonist". The plot will find me.

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>entire main cast spontaneously goes on a road-trip
>middle of nowhere, the Jumper sticking out his/her/its thumb
>they shrug and give the Jumper a lift

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railgun. companion import. what's the difference supposed to be between 100 and 200 cp?

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If you pay 100cp, the companion gets to roll on the Esper Abilities table. If you pay 200cp, you get to choose the Esper Ability that companion gets.

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Generic Fighting game jump
It's Delicious +100 CP
Champion of the Universe + 300
rolled five Brazil
Wrestler -100
Everybody was Kung fu fighting free
Taunt Free
Block Free
Energy Bar Free
Open Bar -100
Get over here -100: stunning slap
Too stronk, please nerf free with wrestler
Suplex -150, discounted with wrestler
Elemental Mastery: fire -600
Passport free

#Well, it looks like I'm locked in a battle to the death with a swarm of extra dimensional insect people offering humans a chance to defend their home by beating them in a lethal martial arts tournament, sounds like fun. I have a great time squishing bugs #

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Are there any good perks to get people to open up to you and start communicating? Not just social enhancers, stuff specifically for getting past barriers in social situations. Because I took Vanyl Isse as my companion in Light of Terra so I could get the Space Marine geneseed implants, and I'd like to eventually get him to actually talk to me.

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Wouldn't matter, since if you took a companion in LoT you didn't break the deadlight and thus have no perks.

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>how can you get around Vancian daily spell limits

1. fanwank that Jump-chan is using the official 3.5E variant rules for pool-based casting.

2. use the Conjoined Conjures perk from Mahou Sensei Negima, Like Riding A Bike from Sword Art Online or some other perk that allows you to use the spells with/in a different Jump's magic system.

3. various in-system exploits, e.g. fast-time pocket planes, that may or may not work in the "real" world.

4. convince someone to do a 3.5E jump that has option #1 as a buyable perk.

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I meant post-jump. I know I won't have my perks during Light of Terra. But I don't want Vanyl to give me the silent treatment for the next fifteen millennia.

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Whst perks let you remove upper limits again?

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Speaking of 40k I agree with the post in the previous thread that i'd like to see an Eldar centric jump.
In the meantime I've a question regarding destiny, can I make my own guardians post jump? (I took the goldenage drawback)

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Soft Cap from Elona and Folded Ten Thousand Times from Obsidian.

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I think anon is referring to after the jump.

Psychologist from Persona
Short and Sweet from Sekirei
Talk no Jutsu from Naruto
Get In Their Heads from Great Detective
Existence Is Not Living from Black Lagoon

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Crap, meant to link to >>38535851 and >>38535806

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Thanks, that helps. Time to get my grumpy Blood Raven to be friendly.

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Anyone else having a hard time posting lately?

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Well, updating was not working for the past month for me. Have to refresh the page to actually see any new posts, including mine.

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It can be a little hard to post during shitstorms, but I haven't noticed any technical problems.

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Why does the State Alchemist Title cost so much in FMA?
What title/name would you want?
I can't think of anything as catchy as Fullmetal.

>> No.38536156

Large amounts of clout, respect, and funding.

'Black alchemist', since I use lots of carbon based alchemy.

>> No.38536176

Snow White?
Blue Sea?
Storm Cloud?
Stone Spike?

>> No.38536249

I like the sound of being the Blue Sea Alchemist or something similar, a shame water based alchemy isn't as versatile as earth/metal. (maybe it is but isn't shown)

It's something I'd hope to get in the setting as I don't really think it's worth 400cp. It'll definitely make me a target for sacrifice though.

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Dick Puncher.

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Morning guys. Heres the finished print of the webmage jump set in the world of kelly mcollough's ravirn series of books. Have fun I have to go to work.

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Oops forgot my name.

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It's way easier to be a cleric and/or druid. They don't actually have to sleep. They just pray for their spells at dawn.
Also, no need to research spells.

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If we exchange the greek pantheon for the norse, does that mean it's Loki who comes over to play card games for the other drawback or is it still Eris?

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Have you guys ever inadvertantly created your own worst adversary? Someone who is a match for you in every single way? That ONE person that you dread running into because you know there's a chance you might not make it out of the fight?

Mine is my Edolas twin. I ended up making him into an "anti-jumper" of sorts, a mirror reflection if you will - he has all of the perks I've ever bought, plus anything he picks up wherever he goes. He became a real threat, though, in Fullmetal Alchemist when he followed the homunculi around and consumed their stones and gained their abilities one by one, even going so far as to consume Father once he was weakened in the final battle. That was a bad fight, and he's only gotten worse over the years.

>> No.38536667

For Primal Talisman, would making a necklace out of meat work? I'm wondering if this skill would combo well with that perk from Carnivores that gives you meat from creatures you've killed.

>> No.38536738

Loki comes over

As long as you take it off a creature you kill. A talisman cant be straight up meat but bone, rawhide, leather, even organs are fine if dried.

>> No.38536778

So yes you can use it with meat but you must dry or otherwise preserve it First

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Nope! I can't say I've ever done that.

Then again, I have a running policy of, "Never create anything you can't put down." And, for that matter, "Never do anything you can't backpedal out of furiously while screaming."

I suppose the exception would be my Shadow from Persona, but I didn't fight that thing. I prettymuch told it straight up, "I can't beat you in a fight." So instead we just had a long-ass philosophical debate about the nature of being that lasted for a few hours and would have probably made any gamer throw the controller down while I desperately avoided saying three words in sequence despite several word traps my doppleganger kept laying down. Then I made some promises I probably shouldn't have and we decided to work together for the duration of the jump.

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>three words

Any variation of "you are me," perhaps?

>> No.38537062

>desperately avoided saying three words in sequence
I, Love and You perhaps?

>> No.38537077

Mfw jerky necklace warrior.

>> No.38537120

> three words

Go fuck yourself, perhaps? I'd be so tempted to say it

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Still think retro-hacker and Attachment should be swapped, personally.

Drawback: Card Games with Eris (1100)

Rolled America

Webmage, Age 18

Webgoblin (Free). Upon immediate exposure, the poor thing is getting a blast of our corruption abilities. Because if we're going to have a familiar that deals with chaos all the time, we're going to make damn sure the little bugger won't go full Warp by imposing our divine Aspect upon its very being, incidentally upgrading it intensely. It shall resemble a DMT machine elf
Retro Hacker (1000). After all, all magic is insufficiently analysed science
Reality Hacker (700). It seems like a good idea to build yet another Ar Tonelico tower here. Because we've finally found a good use for an old trick we learned in Soul Hackers...
Storage CrystalsX2 (600). Time to review some notes taken in FFX re: magical crystal applications. And in combination with our own Geneforge based crystal proficiency, we've a mind to set up our own portable magical Matrix.
Raven house (0). nevermore.exe

We're going to stay out of the action, and focus on using precognition, probability manipulation and fate manipulation abilities to play card games with Eris. It shall be a legendary battle of order against chaos, with escalating bullshit on both sides until we're playing with invisible cards while trying to bluff each other with non-existant poker codexes and metaphysically strangling Fate whenever we get anything short of a full house. Cue the creation of Schrodinger's Joker as we attempt to hack reality itself in order to not have to pay up the tree fiddy we bet Eris.

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Cant say I have. If theres ever a jump where I accidentally create more than one of myself we already know the rules. Work together till the final year then fight to the death highlander style, only one can survive.

Im unsure if this counts as losing the jump though, as "I" would still be the jumper no matter who wins. Then again it hasnt come up yet.

>> No.38537375

The reason they didnt get switched is because someone pointed out you can basically get any supplies you need instantly if you have money and ebay. Or amazon.

>> No.38537440

You mean you're not going to try and freak your shadow out and trick it into saying "you're not me"?

>> No.38537575

>implying it won't get you with the prediction trick

>> No.38537597

>trying to freak out your shadow
>getting caught in an endless loop of simultaneously saying "I know what you're going to say: I know what you're going to say!"

>> No.38537676

And for whatever reason not-a build for the Artemis Fowl jump that was posted a while ago here

Drawback: Grudge Match, Kleptomania (1300)

Warlock, Age 145 (900)

Rolled The Lower Elements

Amiable (Free). Yep, just a cute little imp-looking thing folks. Nothing to worry about.
Magic (Free). Unfortunately, in-universe our very existence will pull a great deal of attention from the LEP so-better cast some illusions, fast
Formulae (600). With Arcane backing us up, the sky's the limit
Mastermind (200). With previous similar perks in Gargoyles/NGNL, we could well end up anonymously corresponding with Artemis to compare notes. Who, interestingly enough, changes from a sociopathic boy genius to a basically decent but megalomaniacal teen over the books. We can relate.
Tech-Head (0). Case in point

In canon, Opal goes on to wreck more havoc after going into a coma for a while. Unfortunately, we have no sense of overkill and will gladly douse her with cosmic fire on sight. Other things on our two-do list include opening a portal to Hybras by ourselves, a a series of daring heists to scan fairy tech and a vacation to watch/take samples from the magnificent kraken as it erupts.

>> No.38537750

It's limited to the size of a shoebox, though. And presumably you're still limited by legality, so it's not like you can order adamantium or whatever online, limiting you to more mundane fare. So you can't really use it to buy whatever you need in bulk without taking a long, long time

And retro hacker seems to have much more overall utility. You could magically hack an ATM, and withdraw all the money. You could hijack a battleship, and have it fire on opponents. Or you could just seize control of data/engines vital to your opponents' plans.

>> No.38537884

Seconding >>38537750, it really doesn't seem worth as much as the retro hacker thing. All it does is transport stuff, when the other thing apparently lets you take over any sort of machinery that can be hacked

>> No.38537897

You mind posting it?

Though if I recall it was dropped due to being... well, not very balanced internally. You had to be a complete idiot to not take Warlock.

>> No.38537984

A shoebox is big enough to fit a few standard size gold ingots into. That's a lot more material than most people give it credit for.

>> No.38538013

Sure thing. And while I do agree that Warlock is an overwhelmingly good choice, everything else seems mostly okay to me at least.

>> No.38538046

I dunno, you could make the argument the magical hacking could let you acquire a similar level of wealth through an electronic interface AND still let you hurt people/machines/people inside mechanical power armor. I get that teleportation on a global scale has crazy good utility, I just think the other thing has more potential for creative usage in a greater number of areas

>> No.38538111


If I recall, the perk when originally suggested was designed for stuff like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2efhrCxI4J0&t=175
Where you would do really corny action hacking sequences with cheesy effects.

Any other ideas?

>> No.38538131

Is there anyone who can balance this jump out? I used to enjoy this series when I was a kid, and I'd like to jump this.

>> No.38538158

It was made by Spacebattles. When someone tried to talk to the maker about the balance problems, they said they weren't going to update it.

>> No.38538195

I'd actually love to do that, as I absolutely adore the series, but it seems wrong. Someone should ask Spacebattles guy if that's okay.

>> No.38538270

A quick Google search shows this was the maker


Ask him, I guess.

>> No.38538271

Sam here, I loved the books as kid, I'd totally jump there in a heartbeat if the jump wasn't such a mess.

Would anyone here have a problem with updating the jump, since spacebattle-dude doesn't want to? Its not like they care about our opinion over there.

>> No.38538334

I'm pretty sure Spacebattles doesn't give a shit about anything we care about. And I'm also pretty sure that 90% of the jumpers here hate Spacebattles. So, sure, someone get on that shit and make it usable for us.

>> No.38538370

I'd be pretty cool with Rising reworking it, if the original guy abandoned it and seems to no longer care about updating it.

>> No.38538376

I don't think anyone here will raise a fuss if you go and re-work the jump so it isn't such a mess. Remember, Spacebattles did a MLP jump knowing full well we were against it, so its not like we're beholden to them or anything.

Re-work away!

>> No.38538378

Didn't they have some people over here at one point? I'm guessing they ran back to their forum screaming incoherently or something

>> No.38538398

While possible it would take a good bit of time, most abilities can be abused if you put your mind to it. Thats half the fun of jumping.

Pretty much. Yeah it can be really useful, but in general you are still limited to one machine at a time. remember that droid in kotor that you make blow up and slam into stuff? yeah it lets you do that.

Its basically lets you turn tech you have into a remote control. Which you can already do if you have nanotech And some imagination.

>> No.38538400

banned for global rule 2

>> No.38538415

Hey uh. While we're on the topic of SpaceBattles and whatnot.

isn't slipstream still around acting as a self-appointed 'link' between 4chan and SpaceBattles? For JumpChain, at least?

>> No.38538421

People read the Artemis Fowl books as kids? I was almost done with secondary school when they came out man.

>> No.38538427

Hasn't been for a while. Merchant is over there sometimes, I think.

>> No.38538443

dude mentioned somewhere that he was 17 and got permabanned

>> No.38538446

Isn't the internet a bit complicated for you gramps?

>> No.38538453



>> No.38538466

Cant you already do that with motherbox, negima staff, data demon, tech from a future setting, AI from halo, kotor hacking, actully just a fuckload of jumps?

>> No.38538482

So /jc/ what is it that you want to reverse-engineer?

For me it's the Gandalf runes from Familiar of Zero. Instant mastery of weapons is amazing.

>> No.38538483

Now you listen here you young whipersnapper!
Git off mah lawn!

>> No.38538504

It'd be even more amazing without the built-in compulsions, so yeah, familliar runes from FoZ is a good thing to reverse-engineer. Some of the other sets are pretty good too - like "instantly understand how to use any magical item".

>> No.38538513

I was unaware those where tech. I just love taking tech from settings and applying it to my new version ragnarok inspired capital ship. Im definately love reverse engineering animals and plants to create minions.

>> No.38538531

The Flesh Alchemist

I use Bio-alchemy to pull shit like Copying Greed's armor, or hulking out, or if I have a Stone I can go full Mercer

>> No.38538534

The other two are pretty shit though. Command animals and suicide bomb. A pity those are the best masters.

>> No.38538537

Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.

>> No.38538546

Metal Gear's synthetic muscle- that shit is ridiculously powerful.

Also, damn near everything in Code Geass- they have so many flavors of energy weapons, FLEIJA bombs, shield systems, and by far the most powerful type of high-frequency weapons in the chain.

>> No.38538554

I liked the series at first, but it just kinda started to go downhill later on. Add in the extremely hamhanded environmentalism message and it just started to get annoying.

Really Colfer? You think that windmills with solar panels for blades will solve the problem of both technologies not producing enough power over their lifetimes just to pay for themselves? And that the problems they cause environmentally NOW won't exist?

>> No.38538560

easier drawback
worse benefits
it's balanced
ten oudda ten

>> No.38538563

True enough, but then there's also the rest of the familiars in the setting, who also all get familiar runes - usually just the compulsions, but there may also be some communication stuff in there. Worth examining in detail at the least.

>> No.38538569

That is why I camped wako mundo the last month of my bleach jump. Turning the vasto lordes into stones. Massive stones.

Im currently wondering what would happen if you used a philosophers stone as a lightsaber crystal.

>> No.38538594



Razzle Dazzle's Don't Try This At Home bans a certain action you've done to everyone who've seen it. It also has a limit of "three per target". Three of what per what target?

>> No.38538606

I'm pretty sure you'd get a blade so red and evil it turned people other than just the weilder into Sith.

>> No.38538609

three bans on any given person I think

>> No.38538615

I don't like using stones, for obvious reasons.
Remember Vasto Lorde, which are monstrously rare FYI the 4 in the Espada might be the only Vasto Lorde around, are still mostly comprised of Innocent souls, and you're gonna use those souls as fuel.

Maybe if I can find beings that are pure Evil, even on the Soul level, I might use Stones.

Also you need a gem aligned to the Force, unless you ensure each and every soul is aligned to the force beforehand it won't work.

>> No.38538632

Hm, that does make sense... Thank you.

>> No.38538650

Dude, I was shitposting back when 4chan was 1 year old.

I've… posted things you people wouldn't believe… Bix nood the pool is closed on Habbo Hotel. I posted gay scat porn with hundreds of /b/tards on the KKK forums. All those… moments… are forever lost in time, because moot fucking hates archiving.

Also, fapping to porn games on Newgrounds.

>> No.38538665

A Philosopher's Stone made from the souls of fallen jedi and sith.

This can only end badly.

>> No.38538687

You wouldn't happen to be proud of all of that, would you?

>> No.38538689

Talking about environmental problems, yesterday there was a French politician talking about how retarded it is that everyone but the French and Scandinavians hates nuclear power.

All those industrial solar cells and windmills are made in China. Where no one cares about the environment.

Meanwhile, all those nuclear power plants are made by European industries, in Europe. Where they must conform to European environmental rules.

>> No.38538706

What do you think?

>that eurphoric feeling the first time I beat orgasm girl on newgrounds

>> No.38538737

Those thorium reactors that are being worked on are some cool shit. Hopefully they can further popularize nuclear power some more.

>> No.38538741

>tfw everyone still scared of Chernobyl, Bikini Atoll, and Fukushima

How many birds have to be fried in mid-flight before we stop cowering in fear of a power we mastered decades ago?

>> No.38538763

Various types of fusion reactors.

>> No.38538773

It gets even better than that.

Coal plants (ie: most of the US) put out more radioactivity than properly maintained nuke plants.

Proper maintenance of nuke plants is nearly impossible, due to laws banning most of the things needed to do the maintenance - laws funded and sponsored by ... you guessed it, the owners of the coal plants.

Research and development of better, cleaner and safer nuke plants? Also banned by laws sponsored (ie: bought) by the Coal industry.

If it wasn't for the ^@#% coal companies, Nuke plants would by now be safer and less damaging to the environment than solar and wind. (Which are mostly damaging in the production of the equipment, not the gathering of the power.)

>> No.38538784


This one's hilarious though, because it wouldn't have been the disaster it was, if it hadn't been for the stuff mentioned here: >>38538773

>> No.38538785


And so it has been decided. For my next Jump, I shall do...Artemis Fowl!
You're free to help if you want. Just hop in IRC and stuff.

>> No.38538787

They didn't actually say that, the creator just ignored all further posts on it.

>> No.38538797

Fukushima is a typical example of how people throw up their arms in fear at nuclear power, while they should be blaming Japanese culture.

>> No.38538802

To be fair, I think the exact same way.

Nuclear power is awesome. Especially since no-shit fusion reactors are only a decade or two away.

>> No.38538811

Have I ever mentioned how much I love you /tg/? Now how do we start spreading the mindset? We live in the Atomic Age, we should ACT like it.

>> No.38538818

Same with Chernobyl.

Chernobyl wouldn't have been a thing if the Sovs weren't clinically retarded.

>> No.38538848

The really great thing about fusion reactors is that they finally get around about 90% of the bullshit regulations that the coal industry has slapped on fission reactors, simply by not using uranium or any other heavy radioactives.

They're going to have to scramble and purchase some serious bullshit legislation if they want to ban fusion from competing with them. (While claiming to be libertarians of course)

>> No.38538866

It's effectively the same, honestly.

>> No.38538875

So uh. Question.

Who would be up for Fantasy Grand Adventure Power Rangers? AKA White Knight Chronicles?

And no, not the chronicles of a white knight defending women's honor over a shitty internet connection.

>> No.38538889

Not Fried, more Fricasseed.

>> No.38538900

If we ever get legit fusion, there isn't a lobby in the world that could block it just because of how amazing it would be.

>> No.38538924

Will there be posing and over the top acting? Because it's not power rangers without posing and over the top acting

>> No.38538930

You underestimate both the wealth of the fossil fuel industry, and the ease of purchasing politicians who will spout whatever insane drivel you pay them to spout.

>> No.38538943

I try to get anything important from SB or SV brought over here. Speaking of which SB is currently attempting to has out a Battlestar Galactica jump. Discussion starts around here:
You forgot Mind of God which while it gets you worst master by default also gets you innate mastery of all magical items and huge insight into Brimiric and Firstborn magic. I got bored and decided to roll runes separate from master to stir things out and got second worst master (Louise) with Mind of God.
Yeah but figured I should clarify.

>> No.38538962

Well there's over the top acting in the WKC video games, so of course there'll be a perk for being bombastic.

I'll see if I can't sneak in posing.

>> No.38539010

Fusion has actually been a thing for a while.
The big issue was that it required a lot more power than it produced (at least as far as I'm aware) so wasn't exactly efficient, plus the facilities required made it much more difficult to actually USE.
As far as I know, the efficiency problem is still there, but General Dynamics (at least I think it was them. Might have been GE or Boeing) announced within the last year that they have to goal of being able to fit reactors on a truck within five years. So at least it's being worked on.

As an aside, despite the adage "born too late to explore the world, too early to explore the stars", I do believe that this is an excellent time to be alive. Many of the far off technologies that are staples in science fiction (aforementioned fusion reactors, lasers, virtual reality, railguns) are becoming mature technologies. And it's great.

>> No.38539023

Oh. And add cybernetic limbs/cyborgs to that as well.

>> No.38539025

> We live in the Atomic Age, we should ACT like it.
Ha! No we don't. We live in the Internet Age.

We are powered by Internet.

>> No.38539026

Alright guys. I need a perk that allows triggers to be put on spells so they activate automatically. Is there anything like that? I think I remember reading one once, but I'm not too sure where. Any help is appreciated, so thanks.

>> No.38539044

Bullshit Harry Potter Magic in general might be able to help.

>> No.38539049

Go for it. Makes me want Dark Cloud jump though

>> No.38539050

Don't forget the sheer terror the general population has over the terms "Radiation" and "Nuclear". I went through an airport a few months ago and a woman refused to go through the millimeter wave scanners not for privacy concerns, but because she was afraid that the radiation would give her cancer. If anything is to change, the quality of education on the subject would need to be drastically increased. At this point, there really isn't any level of information that you'd see in school.

>> No.38539081


Yeah, provided it doesn't drag out for fifty years as psuedo-green* types get "precautionary" laws enshrined. Europe, for example, is really fucked up with their nonsense.

*in that they are actually making things worse for the planet, like the anti-nuclear (therefore coal and pollution) and anti-gm (therefore more starvation, land waste and worse pesticides) crowd.

>> No.38539082

I'd suggest magitech. Having computers cast spells for you based on programmable instructions is the best implementation of spell triggers.

>> No.38539090

I disagree. This is a horrible time to be alive. All of the things you're talking about may be coming about now, but they won't be widespread or truly in their own until we're either dead or too old to enjoy it. It belongs to the next few generations. I absolutely loathe this fact.

>> No.38539091

Contingent spells from D&D can do that. They take a bit of work but let you effectively hang a spell to trigger later under conditions of your choice with no extra effort, bound to you or another being though.

>> No.38539096

Hm... Look into fuinjutsu from Naruto. And into the Towers of Ar Tonelico, and write a script for that.

...I will never get tired of saying how fucking much I love that setting.

>> No.38539098

Cantrips from obsidian and sorcerer's surata scroll (pls forgive spelling) from touhou allow you to do any prep work for a spell, such as chanting incantations beforehand. That's pretty close.

>> No.38539131

I know.

As a green progressive leftie, I'm getting increasingly pissed off by my fellow lefties.

Then again, I can't really jump ship when the rightwingers only care about more coal, more gas, and being friends with Russia.

>> No.38539146


What about nuclear waste? Aren't we supposed to be reducing the amount of that stuff we have to store?

>> No.38539148

...Okay, I'll bite. What's wrong with Russia THIS TIME?

>> No.38539174


I'm usually all for free speech, but I'd like more regulations about those make money by selling fear like that.

They're such scum. They know what they're doing is bullshit and th- fuckers. Fuckers.

>> No.38539190

More options than I thought I'd have. This is great. Would any of them in particular work for abilities too? Like, could a trigger cause a shock wave of ice if I took cryokenisis in Infamous?

>> No.38539233

The problem with such a regulation is that it would be near instantly turned against the general populace based on whatever idea that the politician wanted to favor at the time. It'd actually make such fear easier to make.

>> No.38539242

Honestly the easiest thing to do is just upgrade reflexes and get a source of time stop.

>> No.38539247

Scientists already have made plans for a nuclear plant that uses nuclear waste as fuel. Until eventually, you'd just be left with non-radioactive heavy metals.

>> No.38539259


Well, the nuclear waste problem isn't a big deal - we solved it decades ago.

There isn't much of it, and it's easy to store - that's after the fact that we aleady treat it with far more respect than any other kind of waste (that is actually just as bad), and a lot more than it deserves.

The true problem is NIMBY's who get whipped up into a frenzy and refuse to let it pass through their vicinity. As thought Yucca mountain is going to suddenly explode and piss radiation into their cheerios.


Sadly you're right.

At least give me my "right to slap Dr Oz" law - I'll be happy with that.

>> No.38539324

I can give you a coupon to Denny's and a free punch at a California Senator of your choice.

>> No.38539351


How about we drop the coupon, but I get to keelhaul the senator?

>> No.38539389

Only if I get to repeatedly punch anti-vaxxers in the face.

>> No.38539410


Put on some brass knuckles first and we sir have ourselves a deal!

>> No.38539413

I'll allow a cat-o-nine-tails on the senator, but I could possibly trade it to a ten minute diatribe towards your congressman where they can't respond and all you can eat for a day at IHOP. How's that?

>> No.38539452

That reminds me.

Watched the new Godzilla film recently.

When that Yucca Mountain scene happened... OH SHIT NIGGA, SHIT WENT REAL REAL FAST

>> No.38539535

Please refrain from confusing SB, with SV. SV is the collection of faggits from which this jump originated, while SB is responsible for the anons doing the Gundam Seed, Dynasty Warriors, Blacklist, and nBSG jumps. Admittedly all the latter are still under work

>> No.38539563

Please stop lying. All of those jumps were made and posted here, not on SB. SB is only responsible for MLP.

>> No.38539595

Mal did MLP, which as everyone agrees was a bad idea.

Walkir, and Pax are doing nBSG, and Pax did Gundam Seed, and Dynasty Warriors, and I think he's doing blacklist, and End War.

>> No.38539612

They were made and posted here. Your claim is the same as saying that SB did Jumpchain because QS has an account there. So fuck off back to your horsefucker site.

>> No.38539657

>Hey, why don't you and I go over to the next room so you can go fuck yourself.
>Real clas... Wait, are you hitting on me?

>> No.38539692

>White Knight Chronicles

On one condition.

Either I get the Dragon Knight before Mr. Dreadlocks does, or we get a Jumper Knight.

>> No.38539916

Only make it the first Dark Cloud, which was good fantasy for kids and made of win, not the other one that is made of fail.

>> No.38539926

Bullshit, Dark Cloud 2 is better than Dark Cloud 1 in almost every respect.

>> No.38540001

Tell me mor? I would really like to know the fuck you are talking about?

>> No.38540062

It's an RPG with an invention system based on photographs, weapon forging and upgrading system, your own silly mech, dungeon crawling, and that lets you build and customize towns.

>> No.38540137

> Wait, are you hitting on me?
So would that be incest or masturbation?

>> No.38540149

Looking at Warhammer endjump... Do you actually get LESS CP the longer you jumped?

>> No.38540171

It's because those who've jumped longer have more built up power, skill, and knowledge already, and are considered to need less of a 'boost'

>> No.38540274

You are mistaken. This can only end hilariously.

Its like making a weapon out of the warp.

>> No.38540302

>I present you to, "The Touch of Slaanesh", it's a masterpiece, no?

>> No.38540305

Congrats, you fail at this forever.
I said it was better fantasy made for kids, I was not in fact comparing the bells, whistles and game mechanics, also DC1 had weapon upgrading, dungeon crawling, building towns and lulzy companions.

>> No.38540320

Use a Stone made from the souls of all the Johj of mars. Channeling plasma through that should have quite the effect, yes?

>> No.38540327

I'm assuming you mean 40k?
Yes, and >>38540171 is right about the reasoning.
Considering the power levels that can be thrown around in later jumps, I have no intent on changing that.
An early jumper will get enough points that stronger enemies will not be that common, and can therefore be avoided for 10 years.
A 100+ jumper should be able to handle armies, and therefore will have unavoidable conflict from drawbacks.

>> No.38540340

You can make them from blood too but it takes a lot of blood. Well normal human blood that is, kaiju blood, alien blood, undead or demon blood, this new chaos blood.

I never realised how many blood perks there are. Wonder if you could make something superior to a philo stone with it. Also what if you use the okami demon blood perk that makes demons when you bleed? Can you turn an army of them into a stone?

>> No.38540368

>Better fantasy for kids.
Is this your only criteria for game quality? And I'd argue that the story of DC2 was better.

And all those mechanics were improved in DC2, is the thing. As for the companion line, that's one of those things I had in mind when I said 'in ALMOST all respects', because I was acknowledging that some people would prefer that to just having Max and Monica.

Also, it's pretty low to masquerade as a new poster to try and get material for a post as 'you'.

>> No.38540483

I'd like to see it.

>> No.38540524

We are talking here about which game would be better for making a jump.
Also not masqurading anything, just FEELing strongly about DC1>DC2.

>> No.38540553

My other post was made under the impression it was someone else that wanted to know about Dark Cloud.

Also, how is your opinion that "DC1 is a better fantasy for kids." make it a better jump?

>> No.38540556

I need moar sleep.

>> No.38540617

Well, it's my opinion, you are free to disagree with me here.
I am too fucking sleepy to argue right now.

>> No.38540643

All these Hunger Games simulator posts all over 4chan make me want a Hungry Games jump.

You start out just before the 74th Hunger Game, location roll is for district.

The origins are:
Perks are themed around inciting and leading rebellions.

Perks are themed around being really good at what your district does and surviving in a dystopian world.

Perks are themed around surviving in deadly environments and killing children.

>Whatever the term for the guys who control the games is
They get science perks and deathtrap design.

I think it'd be a good idea but someone besides me should do it because I haven't read the books or seen the movies.

>> No.38540834

I'd like to do something similar as a Homunculus but I really wouldn't be able to deal with having that torrent of tortured souls inside my head.
If I didn't have to deal with that then I'd go Homunculus in a heartbeat and use soultrap on enemies whenever possible.

Would stronger enemies have stronger souls or provide more energy to a stone or is every soul worth the same amount no matter what?

As for the name it works well in setting.
I would want something that I could be called on its own like how people sometime call Ed just Fullmetal.
I considered going for something gold related but it would go against one of the main rules for alchemy so it doesn't fit very well.

>> No.38540852

> Wonder if you could make something superior to a philo stone with it.
If you think about it, a Philosopher's Stone, Sanguine Star, and even a common Red Stone are just a repository of pre-made sacrifices (of souls, blood, or alchemic formulae) for the use of future transmutations. You're not "breaking equivalency". What you're doing is cramming a shitload of high value raw materials into a little red orb and saying "I'm going to use this later to pay for my transmutations", and the equivalency formula is all like, "Sounds cool, bro." The stones even eventually run out of juice, because you're still paying a cost, and the only thing you're doing is trading for convenience.

With that in mind, I've been doing all KINDS of crazyass experiments with Red Stones, layering enchantments and testing alternate formulae on them to see if there's an increased yield or alternate route of sacrifices. If it's renewable, I guarantee I've shoved it in a stone.
And even some things that AREN'T renewable. Oh man, all those Mako Reactors have to be used for something, y'know?

Sometimes these are dead ends, but if you shove enough magic into something, eventually you stumble across something that can blow a hole in Germany.

So yes, I would say the answer is yes.

Philosopher's Stones are small time.

>> No.38540952

If blood demons could be made into stones you'd basically bypass any ethical concerns about philosopher stones.

>> No.38540996

Speaking of my Blacklist Jump is there anything anyone wants to see in it?

>> No.38541019

Sure whatever

>> No.38541026

I have no idea what that is.

>> No.38541047

Also, just to clarify, I think DC1 has a better story.
Its fantasy made mosty for older kids, i do not think that you would argue with that. (It has some pretty dark moments, but actual fairytales that are supposed to be for kids have those as well) It sets the atmosphere of the game as a whole and is actualy wery well done, so when you look at DC2 you expect something similar, and I have to tell you I was disappointed.

>> No.38541066

Sure. Blacklist is one the better NBC shows.

>> No.38541074

It was probably nostalgia on your part.

>> No.38541075

You are talking about the "James Spader Humorous Anecdote Hour" Blacklist, right?

If so you best include a true ending that lets us take Red as a companion.

>> No.38541123

The Blacklist is an NBC show.
I was asking whether there was anything in particular people wanted to see in it. I'm thinking 'cleaning lady' perk for criminals... (ala mr. Kaplan)

of course that depends on whether Criminal or Drop in ends up being the Raymond style Tree.

>> No.38541127

Part of it, yes. My point stands though.

>> No.38541150

You can just use blood? I don't remember that in the series but I still need to watch the film. (doing that now)

Does looking through the gate give extra knowledge about alchemy? Do you think it would show me how to use alternate things for a philosophers stone?
Ideally I'd want to have it drain my own magical power into the stone but I'd accept most things that aren't souls. It's all energy right? Unless souls are super special for some reason.

>> No.38541176

>Whatever the term for the guys who control the games is
Gamemaker. And I think anyone who went to the Hunger Games verse would just destroy the capital and lot the ruins for any useful tech.

This is the jump you were saying would land us in modern day earth right? Why not include a mention of whether or not we can encounter ourself or someone we know?

What's the series about anyway?

>> No.38541230

>being able to encounter yourself
>being able to pod yourself
>having crazy adventures with yourself
>being your own adopted crazy uncle

>> No.38541294

The Blacklist is an NBC Action/Crime Drama revolving around a list of extremely dangerous criminals who provide various services. THe list in question is provided by a former naval intelligence officer who's been on the FBI's most wanted list since the 90s who is manipulating the FBI into doing his work for him

lots of serial killers, money launderers, smugglers, and terrorism

>> No.38541354


Latest update to SS13 Jump. Added in a number of perks, items, and a companion. Still pretty far from finished, and I'm not even concerned with balance yet- just getting ideas on paper.

Comments? Suggestions?

>> No.38541358

Sounds cool. I'm just wondering what this jump would bring that a generic crime show jump wouldn't. I'm not familiar with the original material, so I have no idea.

>> No.38541444

This is significantly more spy drama gun fight, terrorist killing than GCD, expect blacksites, and mercenaries running around, also hellfire missiles for sale.

>> No.38541481


Add either the ability to make or purchase strange bread.

>> No.38541516

Frankly there's no reason NOT to destroy the Capital with overwhelming force and loot it. No god to stop you, no overwhelming military force to face you, they don't even have magic.

Hell even a pokemon with Earthquake could probably destroy the place before anyone could do anything.

>> No.38541523


1200 CP for 1 loaf of strangelet bread.

>> No.38541535


>> No.38541626

10 jumps with a proper build is op as fuck no matter what anyone says abot such silly things as balance.
20 Jumps with a proper build is ALMOST unstopable.
40 jumps? The ONLY way to hurt the jumper is EXTERMINATUS. Or a Vortex weapon, which the jumper would have counters for.

What you are doing is going NO FUN ALLOWED route. 40K is not that high on the power scale, unless you fuck with either Chaos Gods or C'Tan.. Or piss off ALL the Necron dynasties or whatecer it is that they have, or deliberately aggravate Imperium until it concentrates EVERYTHING it has on you.

It is actually VERY EASY to win 40K jump, changing the universe for the better or worse is what is HARD.

Just .go
If Jumps <=10 you get 1000CP
If Jumps >10 you get 0 initial CP

>> No.38541627

Exactly, and don't forget about District 13 either.

>> No.38541633

Yes, because Killing Everyone is always the best method in any situation where you cannot be opposed.

>> No.38541679

Hey so uh. Discussion recently has sparked an idea. In advance to Konata-Anon / Blue, sorry for cribbing off one of your ideas.

With the Sanguine Star being basically a Philo Stone powered by blood instead of souls, could I feed it with the blood drained from infinite meat from Carnivores and the restocking blood packs from the Fridges from Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines?

>> No.38541681

In a situation where society is Lawful Evil, destroying the big nest of Lawful Evil people is a good thing.

>> No.38541694

Please consider this >>38541523 idea. This strange bread intrigues and fascinates me

>> No.38541711

Not gonna lie.
I'd probably spend my ten years dicking around with strange fashions.
Or else watching people run around like headless chickens when all the tributes disappear at the start of the games.

>> No.38541721

Add strange bread bakery or recipe please.

>> No.38541741

Strange bread would be nice

>> No.38541747

I don't want to waste time trying to reason with humans who don't want to change. They want the system to continue. They want to revel in stagnation. They enjoy oppressing the weak and suppressing change.

It's time for Change to bitch slap them into the ground.

>> No.38541755

Dude, if you read the books you'd know that the capital is almost impossible to fix. They thought the best way to maintain order and control after a civil war was to implement death games for fucks sake!

>> No.38541790


>>38541354 here
I played maily /vg/station, and haven't been on in a little while. Mind filling me in on what strange breat is

>> No.38541802

Mass Murder should not be the conclusion you jump to first. You could, instead, overthrow the government and start a new one. You could work from within the system to eliminate the Games and make life better for those within the Districts. You could instill a societal change for the better.

Making mass assumptions on an entire people like shoehorning them into a D&D alignment means it's easy to think of them as vermin to be erased.

>> No.38541809

Hunger Games strikes me as a setting that basically needs to be a gauntlet. Yeah, people don't like gauntlets, and there's generally good reason for that, but entering the Hungerverse with superpowers means that you're not really in the universe of the Hunger Games, you're in the universe of "Overpowered self-insert character casually wins at life, the universe, and everything, then has lunch".

Probably the best way to implement the setting as a jump while being at all faithful to said setting would be to seal all outright superpowers or physical boosts, but permit full access to intelligence, memory, and skill-based perks. Also, you get item drops at various points in the games, with the option to purchase an item drop from your Warehouse a week in. That puts you in a position where it's possible to lose, and thus actually preserves appropriately dramatic tension and the need for planning.

Naturally, you get all your powers and such back after the games, at which point you may optionally stick around for the full ten years to enjoy whatever sort of revenge you care to have.

>> No.38541823

I'll allow them the option to surrender first. :D

>> No.38541847

Gauntlets are trash and it might as well not exist if it's a gauntlet.

>> No.38541864

And then what?

>> No.38541867

Welcome to JumpChain. It seems like 9 times out of 10, some Jumpers just lose anything resembling a conscience or humanity and start treating souls & lives like spare parts or change. I can't help but wonder if they could put their money where their mouth is and justify it under any circumstance.

>> No.38541874

>Kidnap all the tributes before the games start
>Replace them with Shadow Clones/Robot Duplicates

That could provide an opportunity for humorous escapades.

Or, if you want to be a bit edgier,

>Enter the Hunger Games
>Step off the platform before the game actually starts
>Watch everyone's reactions when the mines don't even slow you down

>> No.38541920

Why would anyone even willing enter themselves in a deathmatch to kill humans when there are plenty of universes to do that in? Is this some sort of sick bloodsport fantasy? Even worse, for a lot of high end jumpers, by the time you've gotten to Hunger Games (in jump 100 or wherever), you've probably gotten completely numb to the act of killing. There's no hesitation whatsoever, just method and application.

Those kids will be butchered irregardless.

>> No.38541940

>become sponsor
>Pick the weakest tribute
>Give them a gun

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

>> No.38541952



>> No.38541963

As a person with so many durability and reneration perks this sounds fun.

I also just realized with my current god powersets I could make literal sapient burning bushes.

>> No.38541986


Strangelet bread is DEATH.

If cooked right, it will hunt down every player and then destroy a station.

>> No.38541999

>pick the weakest tribute
>give them an innocuous knife
>as soon as they touch it their body is flooded with enhancing nanomachines

>> No.38542006

>a gun
Goddamn that's mundane.

Seriously, pick your favorite and give them a bio-organic techno warp nanite sword wand glove that shoots lightning.
Then, when there's only one other person left, give that person a BETTER one.

>> No.38542025

There are good and shitty implementations of the concept, true. There's a big difference between shitty no-risk freebies like Monopoly and stuff like Light of Terra, but some settings do benefit from power suppression, and Hunger Games is definitely one of them.

I don't believe that you're choosing which jumps you visit in-character. The implication, then, would be that Jump-Chan wants to see how you react to the situation (there's some disagreement on this topic, of course, depending on your interpretation of the chain).
The real lesson of Hunger Games, of course, is that the other Tributes aren't really the enemy, it's the Capitol. Winning on their terms is easy enough; the real challenge is winning on your terms (barring, again, enough superpowers to trivialize everything they can possibly throw at you).

>> No.38542026

What can I say, I'm a pretty mundane guy.

>> No.38542049

I wish there was a way to play Space Station 13 singleplayer.

>> No.38542063


Does everyone literally only use souls?

>> No.38542077


I'd kill a man for that.

>> No.38542085

I'm never really a fan of forced depowerment, it's perfectly fine to have as a drawback though.
Some of us wouldn't want to go into Hunger Games for an authentic, painful experience and would rather do things the super way.

>> No.38542097

I dont use a philosopher stone, and dont know how the other one works.

>> No.38542101

If there's one lesson to be learned from jumpchain, it's that power corrupts. In the first couple of jumps, a jumper tends to be less concerned with the bigger scope of things, but a couple dozen jumps in and they've changed to heartless beings who will do anything to shape the world to their image, whether it's introducing a virus that shifts the biological makeup of the inhabitants to mass genocide.

>> No.38542106

No. No settings do.

>> No.38542110

Are you going to allow us to become various flavors of antagonists from the start, or will that stay strictly a "do that during the jump" thing? The syndicate has some very nice toys if like to get my hands on, not to mention the mysteries of space wizards and changelings.

>> No.38542139

It depends. I may make it an optional 0cp drawback to be some antag types, or simply say that you can get recruited by them during the jump.

>> No.38542157

Boot up a private server, give yourself host, then varedit the engineering SMES to have infinite charge.

Unless you want to play goon, then you're shit out of luck.

>> No.38542164

We're not heartless, it's simply that morality is different for an immortal.

>> No.38542189

After looking it up it doesn't seem like there would be a problem using blood packs, the meat from Carnivores wouldn't really come with blood would it?

I'd rather go for high regen and offer my own blood as I could supply it quicker than several people at once. There are also perks that make you bleed more blood safely too I think.

>> No.38542191

>Boot up a private server, give yourself host, then varedit the engineering SMES to have infinite charge.
I don't understand half those words.

>> No.38542192

Do it to save them? Use nanomachines and gene manipulation to give them all kryptonian durability?

>> No.38542195

Oh don't give that crap out like candy. When you view individual lives like flies and sacrifice souls like it was going out of style, you've lost any semblance of a heart.

>> No.38542210

in place of forced depowerment, I'd love to see Jump-chan test the jumper's self control.

No powers are taken away, but if Jumper can complete X without relying on anything but his pre-jump ability he gets (FANTASTIC PRIZE)

If Jumper completes the goal only using mundane abilities and skill earned along the way (things that could be obtained realistically without her) Jumper gets (WORTHWHILE PRIZE)

If Jumper completes the goal with subtle use of their powers, they get (CONSOLATION PRIZE)

If Jumper goes nuts and uses their full high power set, they get (The Satsifaction of Using Their Powers and nothing else)

>> No.38542213

1.Are you the same soldier anon who started this discussion before?
2.It's extremely easy to think of murderous and genocidal acts when your talking about a fictional scenario. I will admit that I've gone crazy and acted like a psychopath while playing videogames but I would NEVER do anything like that if the situation were real.
Also, when I'm actually sitting down and writing out my jumps, I try create a scenario where I have to kill as few people as possible.

>> No.38542221

Humans have such silly, narrow definitions and concepts, don't they?

>> No.38542225

The Virus doesn't actually get released in my jumprun anymore unless the circumstances mean the world is fucked if it doesn't see use.

>> No.38542245

The biggest problem with doing the jump that way, I feel, is that in spite of all the edginess people post about we haven't actually reached the point where we'd be willing to directly kill children. If entering the games is the only way you can do things, I don't think anyone's going to take the jump. However, if you're dropped in early enough that you can avoid the games and instead start trying to do crazy rebellion stuff, a lot of people would probably do that.

Of course, that doesn't solve the issue with people not want to be depowered. Maybe something like giving a special bonus reward if you win the Hunger Game without your powers would make people want to do it.

>> No.38542246

That soldier probably needs to see a psychologist and stop getting mad on the internet.

You don't need to justify yourself to him.

>> No.38542250

That actually sounds amazing. A good test of skill and self control.

>> No.38542278

Well, unless it was drained and stored I would assume that, as it's meat, it would have blood. But I see your point.

Still, seems like a better option than sacrificing souls. Then again, it's obviously less 'optimal.'

>> No.38542280

If you can make it from just blood, and not souls, then shit I can make a ton of them
I have a massive number of regeneration perks, I can make that blood myself.

Also, the fuck is a Sanguine Star and where does it come from?

>> No.38542282

I suppose your frame of reference changes. Lives matter less because you've seen so many lives come and go. That being said, for those who own those lives, it's another story entirely.

>> No.38542301

You've got people sacrificing planets to make philo stones. Killing children is part of the package.

>> No.38542321

Its an alternate way to make a philo stone using blood. Fma movie had it.

>> No.38542322

Sanguine Star is an idea that came up in one of the Fullmetal Alchemist movies, 'Sanguine Star of Milos.'

It's basically like a Philosopher Stone, made of blood instead of souls.

>> No.38542329

I absolutely do. I absolutely feel as if the use of the virus makes him a horrible excuse for a human being. It fucked him over HARD in Persona and it continues to be the worst thing he considers himself to have done within the chain.

>> No.38542332

Right? Part of why I hate depowerment jumps is that they usually take away my mundane powers along with my godhood. What good is all that time I spent training under Sterling Archer, James Bond and Brock Samson, if I can't use those abilities when my magic and psionics give out?

I'd also like to see themed depowerments. "lose all unnatural powers not related to X theme" where X is something like "spellcasting" or "shapeshifting" or "Superheroes" or "Magical Girls" so that we're given an interesting challenge, but not stripped completely nude either.

>> No.38542334

Grab the source code from your favorite server and host it. There should be guides to doing so on the server's wiki.

Add yourself to the admins.txt file as a host. The guides should also explain this.

Observe via the toggle-observe verb and go to the engineering SMES. Right click, select edit variables.

Edit the max charge and current charge variable to be an absurd number.

Repeat for all SMES.

Play single player without worrying about the power.

>> No.38542364

I don't use any philo stones, BUT using the blood from infinite meat would be very very inefficient due to the amount of blood in that meat ANYWAY. The fridges from Vampire may help, but they're a drop in the bucket all things considered.

If you're not squeamish, you could take blood-making perks from Deadman Wonderland, Horror Jump, and other similar things in order to just cut yourself and drain a metric shitton of blood on a weekly or even daily basis. Eventually you'll be able to make a Sanguine Star from your own blood, and if it's infused with all kinds of energy or magic, even better.

Eh... I've never been on board with the whole "mass murder" thing, but that's just me. It makes zero sense to start viewing people as resources, or to just slaughter everyone because... well, sure it "solves the problem", but then what? Without people around to learn from or talk to or anything of the sort, then you're just stagnating because you're on you're own. You have no social life because you're too busy murdering everyone. Power? What fucking good is power if you just use it to kill? "Oh but I'm the strongest!", yeah that only goes so far. Strength doesn't help make crops, or explore science, or design cities.


Regardless of what a jumper becomes, they STARTED human. Even if there was the whole "I'm only becoming who I should have been", the fact remains that you started this journey with a human body and a human perspective of things. By choosing to slaughter and trap and treat others as "ants" or "crops" to use as you see fit, you yourself are choosing to commit acts of evil. Becoming a god is no excuse for things. In most stories you see, even a God of Death has responsibilities and morals they must follow, they're not nearly the mass-genodicing assholes you'd think they'd be.

So really, going that route is only you unleashing your inner asshole.

>> No.38542389

>without relying on anything but his memories and body-mod upgrades.
FTFY. Seriously, I think over half of us would immediately give up if we ever got our body-mod body taken away from us in addition to our powers and abilities.

Other than that though this sounds like a really good idea.

>> No.38542403

Minecraft chan already said: No abilities. That was the premise he proposed, that's the premise I'll go by until somebody makes the Jump.

>> No.38542422

If I was going to make the jump (not currently planning on it), I'd probably start you at some point before the games, perhaps while you're headed to the Capitol on a train.

If you're clever enough to figure out a way out of that mess, and can finesse your way into taking down the Capitol without your full powers or equipment while they're actively looking for you, then you're pursuing the Best End (good luck!)

Point; there's a reason why my suggestion was just 'no powers or physical boosts' not 'no outside perks whatsoever'. Your skills should remain fully intact.

>> No.38542448

Fair enough. Then I'll make my Sanguine Star, to fuel that crazy crazy bio alchemy

>> No.38542472

Fair enough. The virus is fun as an idea, but it's actual implications are more ethically questionable. Maybe I'm just forgetting jumpchain should be about fun, and shouldn't be taken as seriously as I am right now.

The whole concept behind jumpchain suggests these worlds is just one big playground. We gain powers, and then we get to screw around for ten years. Our actions aren't really permanent, but are erased after a decade. I think, if anything, the choice we make are more telling about us as individuals and what happens when we are given almost infinite power and told there are few consequences to our actions.

>> No.38542473

Most Jumpers would die if they went into some worlds with absolutely nothing, just as a mundane human. Hunger Games included (since the kids have plot protection and you don't.)

It's like fighting a Jojo BBEG on a dumbed down scale.

>> No.38542492

I'lol be honest this is the first jump I want to live in. As a side note need more companions/meta gaming favoritism. Maybe one from each department? Also how does cloning work in the jump? Will there be any other space locations?

>> No.38542502

>forgetting jumpchain should be about fun

JumpChain is about ridiculous dickwaving.

>> No.38542528

>Our actions aren't really permanent, but are erased after a decade
Wait, what? This has never been a thing. When was this?

>> No.38542547

I think he just means effectively erased, that you don't have to face the consequences of them.

>> No.38542551

Personal fanwank. Helps to repair some of the damage I may've done.

I know it's not like that for all Jumpers.

>> No.38542554

>are erased after a decade
That's even worse then. So Jumper takes all that effort to make Hunger Games a noblebright with balanced society and hyperadvanced technology.

Then Jumper leaves and suddenly HUNGER GAMES ROUND 94 COMMENCING!

>> No.38542559

I thought our actions were still there mainly because the places we left are frozen not so much that our actions were erased.

>> No.38542566

Hey I dont even know the setting, so it doesnt bother me either way.

>> No.38542587

Meant this >>38542547

>> No.38542589

Still this anon.
Ah I see I thought that was a bit confusing.

>> No.38542601

Oh look. An otherkin.

>> No.38542618

You started as a sperm. I guess you must now spend all of your time seeking an egg to shove your head into.

>> No.38542633

Hell I wouldn't take the Jump at all since it's got nothing of worth, but the whole deal with enlightening their society is pointless, because it's not their technology that's the problem.

It's the fact that the people in charge in their society enjoys grinding the weak into the dust. You give the outer districts good tech, you're instigating a war. Unless you take it to an extreme and try to create The Culture. In which case, you're destroying their culture. Sure, it's a prejudiced and hateful culture, but it's their culture - so are you really right to change it?

>> No.38542670

In spite of what everyone may believe I have never actually used my philo stone. I made it in case I needed it in the future and I made it out of hollows.

Now if there was a way to release them (which I will do now since I can make a star to replace it) Im not sure what to do with the souls. I would give them bodies but theres a literal fucktonne of them in there. I could use pagan god to make them bodies but that requires a lot of energy. Is there a way to put them into an afterlife?

>> No.38542692

Well let's say that you create a system that seems to produce a utopia. Everything is fine and dandy, but once you leave, everything begins to fall apart, and in a few years after your departure, society has collapsed entirely. You don't know whether or not this actually happened, so does anything that happens after you leave matter to you? That universe might as well not exist if you're never coming back.

>> No.38542699

Do you think just freeing them in an setting that has an afterlife would be enough?

>> No.38542703

That. Just. What?

That has no basis or any sort of retort to that argument. That's like... Dude, what?

>> No.38542706

Could you just toss it into the Lifestream? (FF7 - and fuck up Midgard potentially with the passive influx of souls.) Too bad we don't have FF9. The Tree might work.

>> No.38542722

Yes? You're completely justified in ending inhuman suffering inflicted by people on each other. Please get your head out of your own relativist asshole.

>> No.38542731

Are you retarded?

>> No.38542746

What you started as has no bearing on what you become, or what your motivations and actions should be once you've changed.

>> No.38542755

Cloning will NOT work for you, and if used on any friends/companions will spit them out as a baseline human, bar any innate abilites they've gained through jumping- no cybernetics, no implants, no artefacts, no powers you've given them over the years.

Other space locations to be featured: Nanotrasen HQ, the Asteroid, Away Missions, the abandoned station, the pirate ship (if you fix it up, you get it for keepsies)

>> No.38542779

If it didn't matter though, I don't think people would be very motivated to do it in the first place. They build up these utopias in hopes that they last.

Then you return post spark and it all falls to shit? It's the damning knell that tells you - for all of your power, for all of your intellect, you couldn't put in a sustainable solution to fix human greed.

But if you were hyper-intelligent, chances are you've already come across this notion at least once. So what happens? Do you avoid going back to this world post spark because you're afraid to confirm your fears? Do you deny their existence, as if they were insignificant beings to you?

>> No.38542780

So, just because you are human doesn't mean that you shouldn't slaughter humans left and right to further your own interests, because FUCK any other life other than yours, right?

Fuck. Run for Congress. You're fucking perfect for that load of clowns.

>> No.38542789

> In which case, you're destroying their culture. Sure, it's a prejudiced and hateful culture, but it's their culture - so are you really right to change it?
That's a question any Jumper who wants to implement meaningful change needs to ask themselves. Personally, I reject cultural relativism. Individuals get as much leniency as I can spare, if I can prevent them from doing any more harm... but societies will be judged commensurate with their actions.

>> No.38542807

Last question do prayers work?

>> No.38542820

But who gives you the position to judge? Is it just because you have immense power? Does might make right?

>> No.38542838

Nope, admins in this universe are cold and distant gods.

though if you're particularly polite you get a cookie.

>> No.38542849

Could it be a chocolate chip cookie?

>> No.38542866

Just be aware: It takes a SHITLOAD of blood. Like holy fucking assloads. The Sanguine Star of the movie was produced using basically the collected blood of an entire nation of people.
So, doing it without shortcuts is likely to take a long, long time. But hey! It's still a pretty awesome thing, all things considered, and far better than burning souls for energy.
I mean, it's not like Jumpers don't have shitloads of time on their hands anyway. And there are ways to speed it up.

It's pretty neat to see people finally taking notice of this, though. I thought I was literally the only person doing it.
I may not be an ally of JUSTICE!, but I like to think my SCIENCE! is at least pretty accessibly neutral on the alignment scale. Suitable for people of all walks of life.

Except the Mako Reactors. I don't share those with people. Those are purely an "Asshole Konata" commodity.

I'm not sure if the influx would actually hurt anything. It would just spread more life to the planet, wouldn't it? Although you might get a bunch of people reincarnating as a tree. So there's that.
It's a far nicer fate than burning them to fuel a one-off transmutation, though.

>> No.38542868

That's pretty much what I was hoping for so score!

>> No.38542871

Drop-In should be Raymond, however I think criminal would work better. He has a rich history of all the criminals. Drop-In is tough, but I think having it be more like the husband to the MC Agent.

I have trouble remembering names.

>> No.38542879

I don't necessarily play into your fear mongering, your personal insecurities, and your over-exaggerations by advocating genocide in my argument. Instead, I simply state that once being human does not need to shackle what you can become or do.

>> No.38542911

All men have the right to judge for themselves. Are you a man? Or are you a follower and a slave?

>> No.38542924

>Suddenly tree grows in Konata's washroom.

>> No.38542961

I have the position to judge because of power, yeah. It's not that might makes right, it's that you can't set wrongs to right without might.

As a Jumper, I've basically decided that Utilitarianism is right, and to judge people and societies by that standard. That gives me a metric for good and evil, and I act in accordance with that metric, where and as I can.

>> No.38542976

Why hello Andrew Ryan.

>> No.38542985

Here's the thing
I can make infinite clones of myself
I Have tons of regen perks to bleed more safely
I'd be willing to train myself dry if it meant getting an object that could save more people.

>> No.38543006

Society is founded on collective judgement and agreement. That you are incapable of it means simply that you would die out in the cold because of your innability to act. What gives you the right to say the life of that animal or plant is worth less than yours?

I'm not an objectivist, but all working adults need the capacity to think and to act on their own.

>> No.38543022

There's no need to make it a Gauntlet frankly.
You'd have enough problems trying to balance out their economic issues, plotting out their population growth trends, determining proper resource allocation, determining how to ease their individual cultures to homogenize so that there's no future strife.

Yeah you'd be turning Hunger Games into Civ:The Districts, but destroying the capitol from the get-go ain't too bad.

I think it's still a preferable choice over letting kids instigate a war. Dunno how the hell I would be able to fight a plot armored Katniss either...what, do I need to NTR her?

>> No.38543088

That would do it. See? It's not so hard to speed things up a tad.

Also, while I'm at it... I would trade 3% of my cuteness for an FF9 jump. That was my favorite Final Fantasy. God, the nostalgia. The blackmages. The hugeass clouds of mist. Hnnngh. HNNNNNNGH.

>> No.38543118

But why Utilitarianism? You might believe that something is wrong, but not everyone agrees with you. So do you just say "I am the strongest, so I make the rules"?

>> No.38543122

>Pick the weakest tribute
>Give him a fissile loaf

>> No.38543141

Speaking of humanity. I've got a quick update regarding the Guren Lagann jump.

I've decided to just make it into a straight end jump, not because of the fucking spiral power, but because of the one thing that makes part 1 almost as OP as part 2. Lagann.

Simon's mech can combine with other machines to make itself more powerful, and while we didn't see the full potential of this till part 2, he was still able to use it to take over an entire walking fortress! Imagine what you could do with Lagann, the Light of Terra, and little fanwanking.

So, Gurren Lagann is going to be an end jump. right now I'm planning on having the player start two years before the end of the 1st part as a human in one of the three villages we saw. (Beastman and Anti-spiral routes are still being considered.)

You'll receive a Lagann type mech and your goals will be to defeat Lord Genome, help rebuild human civilization, and of course defeat the anit-spirals.


>> No.38543167

Someone has to. Will you ignore this fact to never have anything done? For nothing to change? If you're incapable of making decisions, of acting, then you're no good as anything but a slave to others.

>> No.38543197

Well, there goes that jump. It's been shit all over and destroyed. Thanks for nothing. End jumps are fucking cancer.

>> No.38543206

Neat. Though adding the Lagann to my already overpowered super robot is just not going to be fair. It's a good thing this is an end jump, otherwise I'd be completely unstoppable afterwards.

>> No.38543227

It's shit and will be ignored like all other endjumps are.

>> No.38543241

LoT is supposed to be an end jump IF B5 EVER STOPS FUCKING AROUND AND FINISHES IT

>> No.38543248

Oh jeez, not you fuckers again.

>> No.38543254

>LoT is supposed to be an end jump
It's supposed to give you a choice on whether it's an end jump or not. Like Tenchi.

>> No.38543268

You know, when QS said DBZ was going to be an endjump - I thought "Hmmm that's strange, DBZ isn't exactly the highest power setting out there."

When LoT came out, it sort of set of a standard for End Jump. But now I really dunno how DBZ can match it. If we throw TTGL into the mix...then I really don't know how DBZ could ever match it.

I dunno, am I wrong in thinking that? Some major thought process hiccup somewhere?

>> No.38543282

Tenchi gives you an Option?

I must have missed that.

>> No.38543290

Look, how about instead of whining you try to convince the guy by explaining how the reasoning he posted ISN'T a gamebreaker? Because I have to admit, right now his reasoning is kinda sound. I don't like it, but I have to admit there's sensible thought here. I mean, I can't think of a reasonable counterargument to that.

>> No.38543297

Hell fucking yes!

>> No.38543317

Yeah. You get to do it once as Slice of Life, once as Space Opera, and after that you unlock an optional Endgame mode.

>> No.38543324

I have tried to talk to and convince KOTOR at every step of the way over this jump. Giving him advice. Sometimes most people agreed with me, sometimes they didn't, but in the end? He always completely threw it out, went quiet, and then came back with another idea that had no basis in what ANYONE ELSE said.

>> No.38543326

DBZ can get pretty up there if you train hard enough. Cell could blow up a solar system, Majin Buu could destroy the afterlife (at the height of their powers) and apparently Beerus is stronger than both of them, without going at 100% power. And there's stronger things than him out there, allegedly.

>> No.38543364

I don't quite know what to do in these situations, and I'm trying to figure it out. I'd rather think about what is the best thing to do then to charge in blindly. If that makes me a slave, then so be it.

>> No.38543373

A reminder that you can keep Bills usually content by giving him delicious pudding and food.
Also don't insult him in anyway be it casually or listening to him.

>> No.38543376

I shrug.

There'll be room for civil disagreements about that kind of thing when people aren't being casually murdered by their own governments as entertainment, when children aren't starving to death in the streets, and when easily treatable diseases are being controlled and eradicated instead of being permitted to claim the weak. I feel justified in disregarding the opinions of those who claim that these things ought not to be done.

>> No.38543393

>I don't quite know what to do in these situations, and I'm trying to figure it out.
You're indecisive. But you will have to make a choice eventually, or you will never do anything.

>> No.38543397

But I guess the only way that it would be difficult is if you were Goku. I mean TTGL were talking about universes like dice. You can't even compare Majin Buu to that.

...I wonder what happens if a Jumper contributes to Goku's spirit bomb...

>> No.38543405

Lawful Evil is still lawful. They have rules in place, just that if you can get away with it, you will. I imagine a system like English Common Law. You have a judge & jury, just the jury pool isn't made of your piers but of noblemen/women or other rich citizens.

The poor would still be taken care of, but only way to gain citizenship and right to vote is to join the military. Residence but non-citizens would enjoy the basic rights, freedom of speech & etc. However maybe something's are missing like freedom of religion, or marriage to non-citizens.

There could also be slavery, but what makes slavery different in LE societies is that there's a regulation. Residents can se themselves or their children into slavery. Citizens can't be made into slaves. Slaves are expected to be treated directly and harshly, but never lay a hand on a slave that causes permenant damage. Killing a slave would be punished but not as greatly as killing a resident or as harshly as killing a citizen.

Lawful Evil societies don't have to be "evil" in true sense the way. Like butchering babies and having unprotected sex with someone else's wife and giving her SDIs on purpose. There's laws in place, and there's usually a class difference.

However just because they're LE doesn't mean they should be exterminated. Hunger Games is like modern day French Revolution but with Joan of Arc.
The games themselves were a way to lord over the rebel territories, "look what we can do, we can force your half starved children to die for our entertainment". To me that's wasteful, I would have the rebels dealt with by killing them directly, taking their children and raising them as one our own. That way I can send them back to their area. Then clean out the residence that were there & were Rebel supporters, and encourage settlement from other areas. Dilute their culture with the others, by a few generations they'll have a new loyal identity.

>> No.38543408

I would say Gurren is arguably safer than DBZ. The Beastmen would be pretty worthless against a seasoned endgame jumper. Only Lord Genome and the Antispirals would be considered threats. And they mostly fail to kill anyone who didn't specifically sacrifice themselves in some manner.

Kamina died from getting caught off guard, and everyone else had some manner of heroic sacrifice. Further, you could probably avoid getting placed into a situation requiring a heroic sacrifice, even going along to fight the AntiSpiral, just by never stepping off DaiGurren. That thing survives the whole way through.

Meanwhile, DBZ has high powered laser blasts flying all over the place, and guys just chomping at the bit to kill people for shits and giggles. The badguys in DBZ aren't exactly known for being three dimensional. If you run into someone who outclasses you, you could be proper fucked.

>> No.38543411

A few things with that.

-The dragonballs can't revive you; you die and that's it
-The villains climb in power DRAMATICALLY, so the point where you have planet busters like Frieza and then system destroyers like Buu and Cell... then a GOD of destruction like Beerus. Most jumpers are going to be outclassed in a hurry.
-QS has said that the power levels WILL climb to accommodate you if you say you can beat everyone. So immediately the danger climbs to horrific bullshit because ki in that setting can do damn near anything.
-There's multiple powers in that world which have no means to resist it. None. In Dragonball ALONE there's a guy who can turn you into a time bomb if you have a single negative thought. A single one. If you have even one, he can insta-gib you.

Everything >>38543326 said is true too.

It goes on and on. The danger is THERE, it's just cleverly hidden under a lot of "Goku saves the day".

>> No.38543433

In all honesty? You're the last person I want to argue morality with.

>> No.38543449

>the jury pool isn't made of your piers
You're right, they're made of boats.

>> No.38543458

peers* I was typing on iPhone. So auto correct.

>> No.38543481

That is true. A lot of people seem to favor DBZ over 40K simply because the heavyweights are much nicer people.

Technically, 'twas only the Super Spiral Space that was blown up-though I realise it's difficult to judge scale in a subdimension where reason is kicked to the curb. SSTGL is described as being the size of 1% of the visible universe. So-galaxies, not universes.

I swear Toriyama is trolling on some level. Like the fact he explains the new Frieza movie having Frieza able to catch up to Goku JUST BY TRAINING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE just smacks of. I dunno.

Maybe I should just take animus less seriously

>> No.38543485

Devilman? His power is to expand the evil in your heart until it explodes. If you can survive being heartless you should be good.

>> No.38543497

Ah, I didn't consider the Ultimate bit an endgame.

>> No.38543498

Mmkay. Since QS said so, we won't concern ourselves with it until it comes up.

Gonna be a wicked time using D4C there.

>> No.38543513

Or you could just dodge the beam. I think that would work.

>> No.38543514


That would result in a lot of Jumpers having their hearts try to expand to the size of the observable universe.

And a lot more Jumpers having the Philosopher's Stones they replace their hearts with implode due to an overflow error.

>> No.38543529

Oh no, not you're starting this junk too.

>> No.38543530

Because end of the day DBZ wasn't about being grimdark like 40K is.

>> No.38543556

You mean the old plan to just split the jump in two like Tenchi Muyo? Yeah, that just can't work, it would require a limit to be placed on how much spiral power you could obtain, which as we all know would cause another massive shi-strom about balance and power levels.

Plus, even with the limitor you could still just reverse-engineer the beast-men, Viral's immortality, and the Gunmen. Gurren Lagann is just too OP to be made into anything except and end-jump.

>> No.38543561

Couldn't I just go into SRW and get that mech combine ability? Or has it changed since I last saw it?
I'm not a fan of end jumps as that basically locks me out of going to that setting.

>> No.38543577


No, I'm just making a joke.

I don't care about moral arguments - I always suspect I would lose.

>> No.38543578

>t would require a limit to be placed on how much spiral power you could obtain, which as we all know would cause another massive shi-strom about balance and power levels.
This is blatantly fucking false because every time before where we've discussed this there has been a grand total of ONE anon who was against this. Everyone else agreed it was okay.

>reverse-engineer the beast-men, Viral's immortality, and the Gunmen
I don't need Gurren Laggan to build furries and low-level super robots. And immortality is super fucking cheap in the chain.

>> No.38543583

Oh god I just realized Warhammer Fantasy is 120 pages+ long.

>> No.38543614

Welcome to hell. You will have a tougher time choosing once you finish reading it.

>> No.38543627

Too much ork and ogre nonsense comrade.

>> No.38543659

I didn't realize there was more to Ork than DAKKA.
Gotta nope out of that jump for now. There's no way I can keep track of all of these things without writing it down to sort it out.

>> No.38543668

I thought people liked the idea of it being a split jump?
None of the things you mentioned are that strong. Immortality is meaningless in the chain, the beast men are nothing special at all and the Gunmen aren't even that good mech wise.

>> No.38543684

Why not type it up on a notepad? That might help keeping track of things.

>> No.38543694


Hop into IRC and ask questions if you need to, happy to answer or help out.

>> No.38543702

Throwing my hat in with making this a split jump, for the below reasons.

>> No.38543711

It's not that complex, it just has a lot of options. CTRL F is your friend.

>> No.38543726

>below reasons
directions? what are those?
I'm clearly predicting future posts due to my joestar heritage

>> No.38543745

Why can't he ask questions in the thread?

>> No.38543746

nah. IRC and my internet connection weren't getting along very well. I'm off it for now.

Should be working on FF10 anyhoo.

>> No.38543750

Alright, seriously.

What the fuck is it with everyone being so argumentative lately. What bloody holiday popped up?

Chill pill. Seriously.

>> No.38543785

National Cereal Day. We're all cranky because we're hopped up on sugar. Damn you, Captain Crunch!

>> No.38543789

You don't have to wait a minute between questions on the IRC. And the IRC doesn't start autosaging after 300 posts.

>> No.38543790

Easier and quicker to use IRC and it doesn't clog the thread with a bunch of posts between two people.

>> No.38543793

There better be a drawback for a horrible laugh and for FF X-2.

>> No.38543812

It's the weekend, because it's the weekend more people have more free time
The more people who are in the thread the more likely it is people will fight

>> No.38543815

I had three bowls of French Toast Crunch. I am probably going to go into maple coma soon.

>> No.38543819

>Captain Crunch
>Not Cheeros

>> No.38543842

Cheerios are best on their own, or in a bag of trail mix with some raisins, peanut MMs, and maybe some sunflower seeds.

>> No.38543874

Now I have the desire to do this right after raildex and keep the accelerator laugh instead

>> No.38543878

It'll include X-2. Though I'm tempted to make X-2 into a "special drawback mode"

>> No.38543894

Anon confirmed for knowing how to make a good snack.

>> No.38543906

The thread lasts hours. Autosage means nothing.
The thread NEEDS discussion. What the fuck is it if you're stealing all of it?

>> No.38543933

Get a bag of that stuff if you ever go skiing. It will keep you fed over a 6 hour period, even if you have it mostly made of Cheerios.

>> No.38543956

Don't worry, you'll realize it's not so bad once you start reading it. Like >>38543627 it's mainly just the lore descriptions that take up so much space.

No idea.

>I thought people liked the idea of it being a split jump?
They did, and so did I. But I can't work out the correct time to place each part.

It'd have to be like, P.1: You arrive two years before the beginning of the series and you have to survive ten years like normal. after that you leave right before the arrival of the anti-spirals.

P.2:You continue right from where you left off and your goal is to defeat the anti-spirals. (which only took the protagonists about two weeks.)

Now, for this to work you'd have to have your spiral energy levels capped to be no higher than Simon's during part 1. However In Part 2 the cap would be removed since it's an end jump.

I don't like this idea because it makes part two ultra easy mode end jump. You get ten years to prepare the world for the anti-spiral invasion, then you can just leave, do the rest of your jumpchain, then come back and defeat the big bad with both 1000+ years of abilities, and your uncapped spiral power.

>> No.38543981

You realize that this issue stays no matter fucking what right?

>> No.38544027

You're ignoring that if we had ALL the talk of the IRC placed here we'd probably be flooded with off-topic bullshit and constant complaining, right?

And yet you want to put all that off-topic shit here.

>> No.38544035

>>38543793 >>38543878
> Drawback for FFX-2
> The same game that possesses the Vegnagun, a machina capable of destroying entire planets in a single catastrophic blast.

Oh dear. I think my insanity is taking hold again.
Yep. Yeeeep.
Here comes the laughing.

>> No.38544069

>Off-topic bullshit
Oh you mean that garbage about cereal above? Which is something that should go into the damned IRC while discussion about jumps should actually be in the fucking thread instead of you trying to steal it.
>Constant complaining
You mean like now?

>> No.38544079

Yeah, you are complaining quite a bit aren't you?

>> No.38544094

This, pretty much.

I lurk IRC more often than I actively participate there. In my experience, 90% of what goes on there is just random chatroom bullshit.

>> No.38544098

Aren't you clever, anon. Pretending we don't complain and argue here all the time, like you claim we would if people posted about jumps here instead of discussion being stolen by your IRC.

>> No.38544120

Adorable aren't you. Grow the fuck up and either get on IRC yourself or stop complaining that everyone doesn't bow to your every whim.

>> No.38544141

Or why don't you try and shut the fuck up instead of actively encouraging discussion NOT to happen here just so you bastards can steal it and kill the community here?

>> No.38544160


>> No.38544192

Err, you do realise very little jump making actually goes on there? Like, most people either make it on their own or in PMs with their partners if they have them. The most that usually happens is someone posting a pastebin to check for any errors before posting it here. It's not exactly solely devoted to jump making like you seem to think.

>> No.38544194

Ok thread I am wondering I counted all the companions I could take with me on my adventures reasonably. I've got around 40 to 50 companions do I have too many companions? What about you guys how many companions do you anons have?

>> No.38544196

>a horrible laugh

>> No.38544204

>kill the community here

It's literally the same people here and there.

>> No.38544220


>> No.38544225

You do realize this line of discussion sprung up because someone actively encouraged jump discussion not to take place in this thread?

Bullshit. Most of them hide in their hole, barely post here, and then act like goddamn outsiders with commentary about how much they hate this place.

>> No.38544245

8.589.934.592+ around a hundred.

>> No.38544289

Yeah no, you're acting like a whiny moron now. The majority of people there do post in this thread, in fact I sure as hell think of most of them as more a part of the community then whiny assholes like you who start shit for the sake of it. At least their posts are fun to read.

>> No.38544298

I'll work it in and make it make sense...

>> No.38544305


I don't remember anyone coming into thread and yelling ME IRC, THREAD IS SUCK. What I do remember are a bunch of contributions, like that MCU jump.

>> No.38544309

Too many
Some from Companion options, some from Pods(though I switch out pods after a certain amount of time)

He's crazy, leave him alone

>> No.38544323

Barely, and even then they maintain their little show of disassociation and commentary in their hole.

And I've been here as long as the majority of them have or longer.

See >>38543694

>> No.38544338

Maybe these are dumb ideas but I have a couple ideas that may help.
First thee is something called In vitro meat, which is lab grown meat. With the absurd tech available to most jumpers shouldn't it be possible to grow blood?
Speaking of growing blood, there are fruits in Sims called Plasma fruit. They are like blood packs the grow on trees.
They are both probably only drops in the bucket but with the right perks and skills you might be able to make either one more viable or if you have enough money and time you can do them on a large enough scale to be viable.

>> No.38544350

Wow, you are seriously touchy aren't you? Are you forgetting that the majority of the content you like so much was made by them for free? Try being a little more grateful you little shit.

>> No.38544353

When I went through FR. I realized that 16 was already too many to manage (quickly). It took me a good three days to go through a full 38 companions, fleshing out classes and deciding level growths and progression.

Once I get to Obsidian Tower and get Folded 1000 times, I figure I'm going to need to keep track of my companion's growth like I do with my MC (Since Elf Companion import can get folded 1000 times)

8 is a very good limit if only because of the time it takes to manage them all.

>> No.38544379

And your entire argument is that, because some of the people there made some of the shit here, they're entitled to being able to kill this place and steal all actual jump discussion from it.

>> No.38544390

What, that guy who made A Day At The Races? And Heathan Trail? Along with the entire Light of Terra thing?

Light of Terra was awesome! What's your beef, man? Okay, so he thinks IRC is more convenient or whatever. What's the big deal? I don't see any disassociation or commentary on their part, just trying to be more convenient is all.

>> No.38544396

You're mad because he offered to ask questions in a quick format?

>> No.38544411

>I don't see any disassociation or commentary on their part
You would if you ever actually watched them.

And he's trying to steal discussion from the thread. If jump discussion doesn't happen here, we have nothing at all and it dies.

>> No.38544430

Yes he is. And he seems to hate everyone that goes there.

Even though, y'know, quite a few of 'em get critique in the threads just as easily in the IRC. I guess folks like Babylon, stupid_dog, and OAA are shitty people in his eyes.

>> No.38544433

Dude, they can't kill this place if they made lots of good jumps which spark discussion in the first place.

Yer contradicting yourself.

>> No.38544441

We're on thread 267 and have survived the major winter holidays. The IRC has been here since near the beginning. I doubt that it's suddenly going to kill the thread now.

>> No.38544447

Nope .All I've said is that you're an ungrateful little prick whose overreacting to things. You're entire argument is based of ridiculous bullshit you throw out with little to no proof, and what proof you have has already been explained. It's not exactly hard to get on IRC if you have such a problem with it, and they are the same community, whether you like it or not.

>> No.38544479

Well, I don't like what you're discussing either. You're just complaining about an issue I dont even think is a big deal when we have plenty of on-topic discussions at other times. So if you want good discussion here, maybe you should start some yourself instead of complaining about other people not doing it for you.

Jumpers-do you do agriculture? Do you plant, sow, till the land at all? What sort of plants do you grow, or do you simply automate the process with robots?

>> No.38544481

This, pretty much.

There's been whining to the tune of "Oh noes, the evil IRC conspiracy will ruin the everythings" for about as long as the IRC has existed. It remains just as stupid and baseless now as it's ever been.

>> No.38544497

They can if they remove jump discussion from here. Then this place is nothing.

And things take time. The more you see people like Babylon encourage the discussion to leave the thread, the less activity you'll have here.

>Same community.
>Constantly talk about how much they hate the thread, how it's irrational, how they shouldn't post things here, how they have no faith in it, how they hate people here (they shit on you justice, minecraft, and gold, occasionally), don't like how people here build, bitch and whine about every discussion and opinion posted here.

>> No.38544516

Ahhh, so you've been reduced to flat out lying at this point. Gotten desperate eh?

>> No.38544518

Keep sucking up to your abusive husband, sweety.

>> No.38544527

You ungrateful little shit.

It's not enough that people make stuff for you for FREE. For no money, taking their free time out to make things they don't have to make. No, they have to make everything laid out bare, show you everything in detail, sign the deed with your dick as a pen, and jerk you off afterwards because it's their DUTY to cater to you specifically?

Yeah, nah. That's fucking retarded and you're retarded. You're the reason discussion doesn't happen, because instead of actually talking about things you're whining that people aren't doing everything for you. You're the cancer for complaining day in and day out. Why WOULD people discuss things if you're gonna throw shit at them all day?

>> No.38544537

I don't
I make plants via Geneforge magic that plant and sow themselves.

>> No.38544550

You are the one that lies. I've seen all of that with my own eyes.

>This person made something, that means they can shit on you and kill your community!
I bet EA is your favorite game dev.

>> No.38544560

Good lord, you're just whining for the sake of it aren't you?

>> No.38544563

I use the Golden Shovel to make car plants

>> No.38544575

No, I'm pointing out a problem. A problem caused by you trying to steal discussion from the thread.

>> No.38544577

Okay can everybody just calm down for one in their lives?

Do you people have literally nothing better to do than yell at each other about "muh genocide," "sekrit clubs," and "arguing over whether endjumps should even be a thing is fun!"

There is no organized conspiracy against you or the people you are arguing with. Every single one of you, on both sides of each of these issues, is just exceedingly angry for no.



Try throwing your 5-year-old tantrums BEFORE getting on /tg/ next time.

>> No.38544585

But he didn't. He said he'd be happy to help out with any questions. Just because you're in an IRC doesn't mean you can't be having a private conversation with him. Heck, he could have just given him an AIM screenname (if that still even works) and it would accomplish the same thing.
You do realize that if they wanted to kill the community, they'd just not make any new jumps?

>> No.38544591

Wouldn't plants that sow themselves count as animals, a race or still be plants I am just curious.

>> No.38544604

In the IRC. Which means he encouraged jump discussion to leave here.

They make the jumps as much out of habit and for their friends as anything else, if they even still bother. Their shear hate for this place is disgusting up close.

>> No.38544614

Yes. Not so much personally, as it's a side project I have running in Ages. It's less important now than it was, since I can feed my Waddle Dees data instead of actual food, but it's still a low-effort process I can just implement and keep running alongside my Quarry operations.

Eh, I catch way more flames from random anons than from namefags (case in point, you). Also, the namefags are generally more polite about it.

>> No.38544639

That's some real Stockholm Syndrome.

>> No.38544644

Now you're claiming to speak for the IRC as well? Jeeze man, this hole you're digging can't get much deeper y'know?

>> No.38544650

Ah yes, I love the smell of shitstorm in the evening! It smells like...faggotry.

>> No.38544655

>Jumpers-do you do agriculture? Do you plant, sow, till the land at all? What sort of plants do you grow, or do you simply automate the process with robots?

I have plant and earth god powers, and watercan, and genemod powers, all to make a garden full of legendary trees in my flagship.

I have over 480 golden shovels. I plan on making enough red robes of death to cover my flagship.

>> No.38544660

Possibly just really fast growing, budding ones? Fungi and animals are their own thing imo; I was envisioning some sort of weird crawling kudzu thing that wriggles around like a starfish

>> No.38544678

No, but I've seen it.

>> No.38544680

That's some real Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome you've got there.

>> No.38544686






>> No.38544697

Oooh? You 'seen it"? Tell us then oh mighty hero, of the horrors you saw in that dreaded cave named 'IRC'.

>> No.38544704

I'm not using him for sympathy, but remarking at how he defends those that hate him.

>> No.38544728

I posted it here >>38544497 did I not?

>> No.38544741

So I guess we can't have Jumpchain because people like Marvel, OAA, WakfuAnon, Red, Cool cats, stupid_dog, and B5 don't care for anyone at all. No, according to you they all focus on each other and never want do anything.

No, you're the cancer. You're the reason people leave Jumpchain, because who the fuck wants to stick around when they have people like you shitting on them? No, really. Why should anyone bother to make jumps if you're not gonna do a damn thing for them?

>> No.38544759

....sorry, where? I'm having trouble seeing anything but baseless accusations. Perhaps getting your head out of your arse might make your words clearer?

>> No.38544773

I think he wants screenshots, in the vein of the old "pics or it didn't happen" meme.

None of that changes the fact that this entire argument is completely pointless, has driven off Jump-makers before, and is likely to get /jc/ itself banned if a janitor walks in, right?

>> No.38544777

All this bloody bickering. I'm starting to see why JoJo left. Probably a good thing they did.

>> No.38544804

I saw it. Don't believe me if you don't want to.

If they continue to try and steal conversation from here this place will die.

I don't have logs and had no reason to take screenshots.

>> No.38544808

>Apocalypse Jump when? Now?

>> No.38544831

Why do you come here if you bitch about it so vehemently?

>> No.38544836

So you're just a mindless doomsayer then? Great to know, I'm sure we'll all regret our folly once this thread dies, though it's likely to be at the hands of people like rather then those who make the content.

>> No.38544837

>I saw it. Don't believe me if you don't want to.
>I don't have logs and had no reason to take screenshots.

You don't see the reason why nobody believes you?

>> No.38544841

Because no one would believe such accusations without proof and having no proof makes you look like a damn idiot for such accusations.

>> No.38544846

The burden of proof lies on the accuser. As you have no proof, your assertions have no merit. You're just someone jumping at shadows and the "IRC bogeyman".

>> No.38544848

Technically he's bitching about the one anon.

>> No.38544852

This isn't even the worst it's been.

You weren't there for the MGE thread-split, were you?

>> No.38544882

Was actually. That was one of the worst bits of bullshit.

Just saying though. Sometimes, I understand why folks leave.

>> No.38544890

How unfortunate that all of you latch onto this to denounce good sense. I guess it's your only defense at this point, and it allows you to plug your ears and scream it all away.

>> No.38544894

>I don't have logs and had no reason to take screenshots.
Then this entire shitstorm is because you want to keep whining and complaining that we're not treating you as high god emperor. Wow. What kind of idiot are you that you want to say shit then go "nah, I didn't feel like getting proof"?

Fuck right off.

>> No.38544914

I came in immediately following that bullshit. I'm guessing it was extremely painful to watch?

>> No.38544920

Well, nothing's stopping you from leaving if you can't stand this place.

>> No.38544932

I love how mundane my agriculture is compared to everybody else's.

I just grow the vending machine from Railgun and seed them in worlds wherever I go.
>Main Objective: Undermining Coca Cola

>> No.38544934

>getting proof
You want me to use my time machine?

But I like this place, I just don't like when people try to steal from you.

>> No.38544945


Educate yourself.

>> No.38544954

No, I want you to actually provide some fucking proof before you call shit. You're a retard.

You may like this place, but we don't like you. Actually, no. I bet you're lying about liking this place as well.

>> No.38544955

>Throwing a shit-storm about how IRC hates us
>Pop into IRC for the first time in over a month
>Some people figuring out how to make Shadow Clone Training Hax
>Other people talking about how powerful Dresden magic is

Yeah, they totally hate us

>> No.38544966

It was, aye.

>> No.38544967

>Undermining Coca Cola
>Not Pepsi
Anon you have the power you can do it!

>> No.38545003

One step at a time...one step at a time....UNTIL TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. POP DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!

>> No.38545025

Total world domination or total soda domination?

>> No.38545031

total soda world domination

>> No.38545054


Right now we're talking about fluffy tails.

We're just a regular hive of scum and villainy.

>> No.38545074

Well, you're ruining it by throwing around baseless accusations and trying to get people to agree with you unconditionally.

So yeah, I for one wish you'd leave or at least stop whining if you're going to repeat the same point ad nauseum

>> No.38545076

I'm aware, I'm Claude

>> No.38545093

Just missed me being a terrible, terrible person.

Like keeping an eye on Terra Formars to see if it could possibly need an update (because Killing Bites is stuck in it's current arc and I dunno if it'll ever get off that fucking island. We just need a Smoke Monster and it'll be exactly like Lost).

>> No.38545100

Jesus Christ how horrifying.
Does trying to experiment on making Trees that bloom the perfect ham/cheeseburger count for agriculture?

>> No.38545159

Okay, so for OOTS jump.

I've been stuck on the Drop-In capstone for a week. I can't think of any of the meta-jokes from the series that could be worth 600, homebrew isn't working out, and Snarl-related things are something of a no-no considering what that thing does - it'd make Drop-In the only background worth taking even if I restricted it to Warden of the Wild Ride levels.

So now I'm just gonna ask you guys and hope this goes well.

Wat do?

>> No.38545178

>this whole fucking argument

I do some agriculture! I tend to take care of tiny gardens in my warehouse and grow different stuff. Mushrooms, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, plenty of stuff. I like some variety in things, and I gotta feed my cabbit too!

...then there's the Garden of Eternity I have, and I don't know WHAT the fuck I grow in there besides trees and fruit.

>> No.38545179

If growing vending machines counts as agriculture, cheeseburgers does too.

Do you want to partner up? I think we can take on McD next.

>> No.38545224

The power to bounce.

>> No.38545228

If only.
I made those trees because I wanted to have a freshly picked cheeseburger every morning.

>> No.38545271

Not enough to talk about.

I mean, what's one garden next to a tiny pen/stable in a corner of your base of operations?

>> No.38545277

Maybe a luck based perk? A lot of d20 system is left up to that after all.

>> No.38545279

I absolutely concur.

>> No.38545283

>In absence of Blame! Jump I'll need to start making my own Graviton Beam Emitter.
>Showing up in a HK style movie shootout with a GBE.
>Gun-fu with a GBE.

So, what firearms do you Jumpers fall back on?

>> No.38545302

What abilities does Drop In already have? Maybe we can think of a theme.
Oh that's a good one.

>> No.38545315

>"The Colt Single Action Army, the greatest hand gun ever made. Six shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves!"

>> No.38545316

>Garden of Eternity
Whats that from?

>> No.38545345

Sortof. Not really.
I do have a ton of agricultural perks. I know a lot about farming. I can set up ecosystems that are almost self-sufficient.
I tend to just wave my arm, though, and go, "GREEN MAGIC BITCHES", because Green Magic is the best fucking thing.
If you hand me a plant in any jump, you are basically handing me infinite numbers of that plant.

I don't really go for any of that wonky "sword plant" stuff, though. I'm more into general greenery.
I have been known to crank out random huge enchanted forests in the middle of fucking nowhere, though.
Ever since I figured out Cyber Elves, I can even fill them with magical fairies!

>> No.38545379

Well, they can talk effortlessly in game lingo and be taken seriously (as a bonus, never misunderstand game rules (or setting-specific jargon) ever again!), read speech bubbles to see if they're of a different color, and probably do Elan's "dun dun DUNH" thing as a form of precog.

>> No.38545392

I've got a mix of plasma and conventionals, though the primary weapon is a 25mm rifle from Starcraft.

>> No.38545407

Oh I did WF ages ago, and I liked the jump its just some of the options were IMO unnecessary (ogres in particular)

on the other hand Elite carries on post jump and that makes it awesome
Lol Special snowflake syndrome

>> No.38545413

>do Elan's "dun dun DUNH" thing
This needs to be a thing
Because it makes me smile

>> No.38545433

Maybe some sort of Verbal Patronization? The more they take the wind out of someones sails with belittlement and pointing out flaws in their plans or ideals, the weaker they get?

That's when you hit them with a brick.

>> No.38545436

Somethingsomething... Banjo?

>> No.38545455

I engineer the perfect soy for the perfect fried tofu.

>> No.38545465

Banjo's various brothers are a 50 CP Item.

That... could work. Then again, that could also go with the Team Evil origin.

>> No.38545479

tofu a shit

>> No.38545517

>some of the options were IMO unnecessary (ogres in particular)

Why the ogre hate?
(Legit question, I'm always curious about how people view my jumps)

>> No.38545528

It does work well, what with the verbal beatdown that One Eye gave Miko.

>> No.38545557

Your jumps are elegant and perfect, they outdo everything I have done despite how popular at least one is. Teach me everything you know, I need to finish redoing Half Life.

>> No.38545582

Oh, it's... something I made over the jumps.

Tenchi has the 1st Gen trees, Avatar has the Eywa trees, and I thought it'd be awesome to splice them together! Make amazing trees, four of them in total. That way I'd have a quartet of supercomputer superdimensional trees pooling together.

Then I thought, WHY STOP THERE. There's the River of the Heavens in Okami, get a pool of that stuff. Then Evangelion had LCL, get a pool of THAT. Then Shadow of Colossus had the health-increasing fruits, so why not splice them into the trees and grow fruit?

I was gonna throw in Sapient Pearwood wood from the coming up Discworld jump, and then culminate it by putting a pool around the trees to feed off of when Manyfist gets done with WoW... the two vials from Kael'thas and one vial from the Sunwell, to make my own Well of Eternity inside the warehouse for the trees to feed off of. Throw in some Chi from Legend of Chima to turn it into a font. I'd have a separate section of Moonwell (using a sample of water from each moonwell in WoW), and a Felwell (vial from under the Black Temple along with a few vials from the Well of Eternity instance). The idea of having this horrifying garden filled with pools of different things sounded really awesome to me and it makes me wonder what fruit and veggies I can grow from them.

I think honestly it's one of those things Konota would yell at me for. Like, the "Even I would be this stupid" yelling.

>> No.38545607

Bitch fight me.

>> No.38545621

Yeah, but he embraces the Kitsune imagery pretty hard. And they LOVE fried tofu.

>> No.38545653


>> No.38545695

It's probably best that you're using multiple pools You can't just mix things together limitlessly, there's a point where their individual chemical makeups are interfering with each other. This way you can prevent some sort of awful cross-contamination producing hideous monsters. Or worse.

>> No.38545760

See: >>38536811

>> No.38545761

Well that and I really, REALLY don't want to know what happens if the 4 trees that are bonded to me gets hit with Fel energy before I'm ready.

Or worse, see what happens if the waters mix with the LCL.

>> No.38545817

Yes, that would fall under "or worse". There are some seriously bad things that could happen from messing with this stuff. But such is the life of a science wizard. If you aren't doing something irresponsible, you might as well just retire.

>> No.38545916

I do agriculture because there are so many magical plants in the various worlds that I want to bring with me. The plants from pokemon, Sims, and Torriko alone to make it well worth taking up as a hobby. I do part of it by hand but leave most of the maintenance to robot drones. It can be calming when everything else has gone to hell to just go work on planting stuff but I tend to get busy and forgetful somehow even with an eidetic memory and it's just better to have some robots to cover for me.

>> No.38545921

...wait, you point to your policy for it? The person who's shackled gods and made materia out of them?

Here I thought you would have gone on about risk rather than the insanity of it all.

I can still be responsible, damn it!

>> No.38545979

>Jumper's view of a relaxing weekend: planting crops in your pocket realm with your fellow companions, then drinking that LCLemonade afterwards in the shade of your Tree Ship.

>> No.38546002

What super plants are available from jumps guys? I need this for reasons

>> No.38546036

>drinking LCL
...anon... you know that's period blood, right?

>> No.38546048

I was under the impression we were supposed to be mercs and or warlords the ogre bits seemed (while complete) rather over the top given the total length of the document in question

(I ran Asrai for the record, though Tomb King was very tempting)

Truthfully WF probably would have benfitted from being divided up like LoT ended up.

>> No.38546049

It's people. It's technically that, but it's also technically everything else.

>> No.38546062


>> No.38546069

Damn Im out of the loop what is lcl?

>> No.38546080

I think the anon's issue is that he doesn't like Ogres, which is a pretty dumb complaint.

>> No.38546083

Who else was crazy enough to take Earth 3 as their DC Jump?

>> No.38546084


Because why not, there's three of the nine civ options in my next jump.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

>> No.38546137

LCL (often claimed to stand for "Link Connect Liquid", though that's actually a fan name and not official) is the fluid used in Evangelion cockpits as an acceleration buffer and synchronization enhancer. It's made from the substance that bleeds from the wounds of the captured Seed of Life, Lilith. Also, if you get your soul ripped out, your corpse disintegrates into it

>> No.38546141

Earth 3 is why I call myself Justice Lord

Just to get on the nerves of the League

It IS Earth 3 where the league is called the Justice Lords right?

>> No.38546153

That IS the risk, you doofus. "Don't make anything you can't put down." Because if you can't, and you have to, then, well, you're just fucked, aren't you?

If I have to TELL you all the different things it could do if it went out of control, then you obviously don't know what it's capable of, in which case why are you messing with it, you freaking loony?

Making something that could go out of control and you have no way of stopping? That's like "swallowing a power source bigger than your head", or, "turning into a giant snake for the final battle". Nothing good can come of that, Red! NOTHING GOOD.


>> No.38546164


So, should there be a free perk to toggle the art style for more realism, or is "everything really is stick figures" a +0 Drawback?

>> No.38546194

I think so. Earth 1 is canon, Earth 2 is the Golden Age universe, Earth 3 is the evil mirror universe.

>> No.38546196

Is it wrong that I sort of want this?
Cause I do sort of want this even if WF is complete.

>> No.38546201

Everything is stick figures I'd count as a +50 drawback. Aesthetics are everything in life.

>> No.38546213


No. Earth 3 is the reversed morality universe. Good is bad and bad is good. There is no Justice League. In it's place is the Crime Syndicate, comprised of evil counterparts to members of the Justice League who rule Earth 3 with an iron fist.

>> No.38546217

Keep it as a 0pt drawback. Having it as a perk means it can affect other worlds which seems a little weird, even with the minor effect it has.

>> No.38546221

>that spoiler
...there's a reason I keep the majority of things separated. The trees come with loyalty, but... ...YES I KNOW DAMN IT. I'M GONNA BE CAREFUL WITH IT. Low blow, Konota. Low blow.

>> No.38546232

No, I actually don't mind the Ogres per se simply they're the easiest bit to zero in on the issue

The jump is 126 pages, and Ogres as it points out are from the Far East of the Old World I also think that Chaos Dwarves and Lizardmen could have been left out as player options in order to reduce the bulk of the reading.

>> No.38546233


>> No.38546260

What happened in the Halo Gauntlet?

>> No.38546272

With chaos dwarves you might have a small point, but both lizardmen and ogres are current armies in WHFB and it'd be weirder to leave them out.

>> No.38546280


>> No.38546311

>Things should be left out because I'm not interested.
Fuck no. I ultimately decided against it, but I wanted to go lizard for a while. NO faction should be cut out, they're all interesting and worthwhile. Not just because you think there's an arbitrary length restriction and because you don't like them.

>> No.38546324

So, what would the effect of trying to make a sanguine star out of LCL be?

>> No.38546352

Continuing my jumping because I can't fucking writefag my brawl with the Shadow. Uuuugh. I am the worst.

Age: 28-years-old
Location: Mojave Wasteland
Drawbacks: Wild Wasteland (+0), One Hander (+200), Fast Metabolism (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Origin: Vault Dweller

Skill Tags:
-Educated (Free)
-Jury Rigging
-Certified Tech
-Rad Child
-Fortune Finder
-Lead Belly

-Food Purifier
-Pip-Boy 3000

>> No.38546363


I kind of released Lord of Light technology to ONI. Wanted to get them an edge and win the war faster without the massive causalities. But then the Covenant go ahold of it and EVERYTHING WENT TO SHIT because they took it as proof that the humans really WERE heathens and devils tainting their holy work. Entire planets disappeared (including Earth), trillions more died. Both sides were on the verge of extinction and only made a truce because no one wanted to fight anymore. Even the covvies were tired of all the bloodshed, and I left that world knowing my attempts to uplift Humanity ended in the worst way possible.

It's why I've been extremely hesitant to just virus people or uplift species or take over civilizations, because that proved to me that sometimes helping is the worst thing you can do. I try not to make waves anymore for fear of a repeat.

>> No.38546380

My point was less about whats current, and more about what would reduce the reading load for the jump, and indeed what fit thematically with the idea of 'we're dogs of war'

not that it ultimately matters as the jump is done.

Pull the stick out of your ass, I'm not suggesting they be removed now. The point is more that it is a long ass document that really needed to be subdivided into separate faction sets.

>> No.38546404

People do have a point that you sound like a dick for trying to cut stuff to reduce reading time. You're not exactly on a deadline here man.

>> No.38546428

Don't read factions that don't interest you. There, saved you time.

>> No.38546440

So after my latest bit of jump-making, I decided to go back and try to fix the pretty much broken Half Life jump I attempted to make. It's got the framework for a good jump, but I just didn't do it right. So, here's a pdf with what's in there already, and a few color notations on things that are being changed (colors WILL be removed at the end, it's just easier to note things that need changing this way). Below are some notes that I'm making regarding a complete rebuild of the Origins, and a possible additional origin. I'm hoping to get some advice from ya'll on this one, since it was looked forward to but fell far short.

Drop In
• Puzzles and doors?

• Theory of tech (dark matter SMG, Tau Cannon, Grav Gun? Grav Gun and Tau would be pointless as an item though if you know how to build them.)

• Fighting Skills
o Gun
o Melee
o Security Systems? Maybe give a hacking boost? Not likely, but keep the idea flowing.
• Security Clearance maybe? But how would that transfer between universes?

• This is a MAYBE option
• If it does happen, it’ll be the only one to get a discount on companions
• Maybe multiple types? Nah.
• Vortessence free, but no other discounts?

>> No.38546465

And I forgot to attach the pdf. Hilarious.

>> No.38546470

What about that bug weapon in black mesa?

>> No.38546477

You could likely make something out of it if you had enough but it wouldn't be a sanguine star exactly. Also NGE is a weird world and I think somehow using it would greatly enhance your chances of getting a Gainex ending in whatever world you use it in.

>> No.38546514

The gauntlet that could chew things?

>> No.38546545

Both of you are wrong.

Gundam Seed, Traveller, and nBSG were written nearly entirely on SB. I say this because I wrote Gundam Seed, and am collaborating on nBSG. Yes Gundam Seed was posted here, yes it received input, but that was when it was basically complete.

So no this isn't the same as saying SB did jumpchain because Quick has an account there.

On the other hand Dynasty Warriors is almost entirely the result of 4chan input so there is that.

>> No.38546553

I think so. I can't remember it's name

>> No.38546614

Neither can I. It might be the Barnacle Grapple, but I don't know anything about it since I never played Opposing Force.

>> No.38546633

As long as they're descent quality, I don't see where a jump came from should matter.Or is their some kind of rivalry going on I'm unaware of?

>> No.38546634

> I never played Opposing Force.

>> No.38546638

I was the Snark that is what I was talking about.

>> No.38546715

I looked it up, it's adorable and I'll see about putting some alien wepon in there.
I'll commit honorabre sudoku later, I want to finish the jump and the latest chinese cartoon I picked up.

>> No.38546830

I've never played blueshift

>> No.38546898

I just happened to be rereading the thread and happened to see the two posts, probably should have just let it lie there. I don't personally give a shit as long Dynasty Warriors eventually gets done I don't care who chimes in on a jump.

>> No.38546937

Yeah where is the anon who is making the Dynasty warriors jump? I haven't seen him update for a while.

>> No.38547109

> I'll commit honorabre sudoku later,
You better m8.


>> No.38547132

can I at least finish Red Faction jump first

>> No.38547135

That man fails at committing sudoku, there are two 2's in one row

>> No.38547209

Thats me. I'm kind of stuck in a rut (which I blame on playing Samurai warriors instead of Dynasty Warriors) with regards to items.

>> No.38547258

No problem as long as you get it done eventually.
What about a steamed bun item?

>> No.38547277

That's why he's dead.

>> No.38547350

Food items thats a good idea.

>> No.38547366

On another note, Cardfight!! doesn't have nearly as much worthy of an items section as Yu-Gi-Oh has. I dunno what to give you guys besides card games and card game accessories.

Is there any way to salvage that, or will it end up being the barest items section in /jc/ history?

I really don't wanna have to just make stuff up. Had to do that for a LOT of Mysterious Cities of Gold (because Muans got all the cool stuff in the show) and I still feel kinda dirty about it, especially with regards to the Amazon background.

>> No.38547445

A paper shredder we can toss enemy cards into once we beat them up.

>> No.38547461

Don't worry too much, there are some jumps that don't even have an item section, and plenty that just offer generic stuff.

>> No.38547475

Cray equipment in real life

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