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Is the actual element you create with slayer magic the thing that causes so much damage against whatever kind of slayer magic it is, or is it the act of forming it into spells that does the damage?

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Am I not allowed to have opinions?

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The fort may not be able to move much, but the fort is a bastion of defense.

The jump says it'd be extremely difficult to reverse engineer even WITH the powers you have, but also remember that the necrons are the kinds of "slow but steady". It's a fortress capable of laying waste to just about anything that DARES to show up on your doorstep. Sure the C'tan shards you can run around with... but the Necron Fortess immediately gives you home-field advantage no matter what world you're on because it's a fucking technological sphere dedicated to killing ANYTHING THAT ISN'T YOU.

For people who want some breathing room, it is a monumental find. Especially for folks like me who lost the Light of Terra.

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I'm not sure, but I think it's more the act of forming it into a spell.

Not that anon, but I think at a certain point we should just agree to disagree instead of continue repeating the same thing ad nauseum if we can't reason with each other.

What's the deal with it mechanically better anyway? I just think it's a really cool thing to take along for your journey

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what's people's take on going back and altering already-completed jumps when a notable change is wrought?

we have >>38503906 and QS's response in >>38505305 so now I'm debating going back and seeing if there's a 200pt drawback and skill worth grabbing. But that was way early in my chain, and I feel weird going back that far.

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He's gonna continue bitching. There's no point in arguing with him - even if it was a massive hard drive with all of the Necron tech downloaded to each file, he's not gonna be happy.

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You also get to deploy it from storage to the location of your choice instantly once per jump.

I think I left that in the clarifications file.

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Don't worry Babylon, I still think its a neat prize. My lack of 40knowlege really limits what I actually use it for, but I'm happy with the outcome!

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It relies on volatile shields that can blow up in response to temporal energies and kill everyone.

And if you can't reverse engineer it, then it's even shittier because one of the very few justifications for it not sucking is destroyed.

The fact that you can use the powers everywhere, and the fact that they can do more and have more powerful effects than "i shoot laser and it hurted them" with far more versatility makes them far and beyond the shitty fortress.

That's fine, but people are still talking to me on the other side.

It's part of the reason I hate the fort. It combines with all my other reasons, mainly.

Who cares? Worthless in most scifi settings, worthless if you move around at all.

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Sure thing. If a jump's had a significant update or something, it's fine to change your build based on it. I don't think anyone would begrudge you that, especially if it's the drawback limit being changed.

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Are you going to make anymore LoT stuff? The amount of sequels should annoy me but instead I look forward to them. That probably makes me a fan of the work.

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There's never anything wrong with changing your build whenever you want, damn what anyone else says.

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I'm toying with the idea of starting a new jump.

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When jumps get updated, I'll go back and tweak things a bit, if that makes sense... particularly since updates tend to add bonuses and/or reduce costs, letting you buy extra things. I would ordinarily NOT go back to add more drawbacks under most circumstances, because I roll for success, and something like that might retroactively kill me.

That said, I did retroactively take a drawback once, when TES was updated with a proper companion import; I needed to juggle points around to make that make sense. It worked out in that particular case, but I normally wouldn't do that.

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I'm not so much asking permission, as much feeling out how other people feel about doing it to their own jumps. I'm having a hard time justifying it to myself.

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So, did anyone see AA flip out in the CYOA thread last night? It was just like old times.

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Mind if I ask what it is?

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> It moves slower than a slug. Worthless.

Paint it red, and load it up with Orks.

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Not enough orks, or speed.
Also needs more Dakka.

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I don't have any orks. Even if I had chosen Ardat, you know our companion explodes in part 2 right?

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Am I missing anything for Magical Girl jumps?

>Sailor Moon
>Magical Girl Noir
>Card Captor Sakura
>Generic Magical Girl

>> No.38520362


Rise From Erebus, a Civ 4 fantasy mod.

>> No.38520367

Depends on the change. However, like >>38520194 said I find it's okay to change builds if there's a significant update. To the jumper, those changes could have been the deciding factor over an option that would have made, or a direction they were hesitant of even going down. That kind of thing can easily change the direction of one's build.

For me, the major issue is trying to redo the build while trying to keep meta-knowledge of the future jumps out. But that's just how my playstyle is and it's a style I think very few people do. Mainly because of all the "You could buy 'x' because 'y' option is happening in 'z' jump" discussion and it feels more appropriate for my jumper's story if they DON'T know the jumps that are coming ahead of time.

Naturally this makes me a lot less optimized than most jumpers, which is why I need to get creative with my work.

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Can't you grab more Orks in the Day At The Races DLC? Or do you not get to keep your crew?

>> No.38520392


I'm sorry, who? I don't recognise any of y'all.

I can agree with this completely

I've never made a jump so I don't feel qualified to call it either way but I think it's fine to make tweaks as long as they're to better represent the setting, to make the format easier to read or just plain more fun

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I don't think you keep your crew.

>> No.38520444


You can keep your crew and turn any Orks you purchase into companions.

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I can't find much on that, but what I can find sounds pretty cool. I look forward to seeing it.

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Kill la Kill.

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I don't think that counts as magical girl. It doesn't fit that genre, it's just regular shounen with shitty characters and plot.

>> No.38520488

Does KLK count as magical girl?

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>turn any Orks you purchase into companions

I've had enough Orks! I spent ten fucking years fighting the fuckers on my new planet, without any powers, and then I got kidnapped!

No more Orks! I don't want to meet another Ork ever again!

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But anon, this is your destiny

They're just curious about this whole "justice" thing

>> No.38520541

>Justice orks
This amuses me as much as it terrifies me.

>> No.38520574

Justice is not a form of Dakka, Choppa, or Waghhh

>> No.38520592

But how do you capture Crimals or those that are against Justice if you don't got no Dakka or Choppas?
You also misspelt WAAAAAAGH!

>> No.38520617

>You can keep your crew and turn any Orks you purchase into companions.
Also, more Orks is easy to obtain:

1 Take one Ork, chop him a bit, and have him bleed on a planet someplace.
2 Wait
3 More Orks!

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So we'd be essentially ruling our own fantasy civilization? Cool, I'd like to see a perk similar to the Civilization cyoa that includes our nation in other jumps, although maybe for yours it could import our civilization in as a popular book series or mythology?

'shrugs' I say it does, but then of course I don't watch very much anime.

>> No.38520641


The burning resolve of your brothers in arms focused through a tool of justice, to smite the unrighteous


The inner strength to raise arms against a universe that would crush that which is precious to you


Just focus on the power of friendship. CHANNEL the waagh into the pursuit of Justice

>> No.38520673

As much as I would like this I have some problems with this don't we already have a civilization jump. I know my fears are unfounded but I am just worried if it's a good idea?

>> No.38520684

We have jumps of multiple different version of a setting or multiple times in a setting. Look at Avatar and Type Moon stuff.

>> No.38520697

True. I might just be worried for nothing then.

>> No.38520719

So the orks have spiral power?

Also, could I use an army of these things to take on the johj?

>> No.38520721

Thing is, this is a mod based off of civilisation directly, rather then an alternate universe or a jump set in the future. Just saying, might be good to talk to the guy who made Civ about this first. Or at least give him a heads up

>> No.38520732

It's a LOT different, don't worry. Unlike regular Civ where it just goes through the ages, this one might (might) go through the story.


Each of which is a one-man army in and of themselves.

>> No.38520736

Do what I did, which was use them to help win the race. Then run them over, and spray fire on the remains. Orks are pain to work with, so it was for the best.

>> No.38520749

Oh...oh god...that's kinda terrifying when you think about it...spiral power orks

>> No.38520761

Can they be fought with hugs?

>> No.38520778

I... highly doubt it, but there have been more crackpot plans that have worked.

Although I guarantee it won't work on the personification of winter.

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>> No.38520814

Now that song is stuck in my head! Thanks anon

>> No.38520879

Considering that >>38520736 is most emphatically NOT an ally of justice? I think that's a good sign you should totally try to justicefy orks

>> No.38520944

Angelanon. Tripfriend who has an interesting history with the folks who came over from the Magical Realm CYOA. Hadn't seen her trip in awhile, but she suddenly made an appearance and showed that she still lacks the ability to take any form of criticism.

>> No.38520975

Can we stop? I stopped picking on her because I started feeling guilty, and I really don't think drama from another thread should be dragged here too.

>> No.38521047

Wait, seriously? Is it in the archives already? Do you have a link?

>> No.38521066


...JUMPERS! How rich are you, in any given world? Do you like living it up and making mad money on (insert wall street equivalent here) or do you disdain such material possessions for the joys of ADVENTURE!?

>> No.38521071

Nope. Asexual reproduction. So no Spiral Power for the Orks.

>> No.38521072

But I am an ally of justice. Just it's mine that I give out. With an iron fist, and a loyal army backing up my own one man army.

>> No.38521093

Pfft, why bother with money when you're powerful enough to take whatever you want?

>> No.38521106

I don't believe in money. Down with the bourgeoisie scum.

>> No.38521108

Both? I leave my secretary in charge of the whole cash making deal and go and have an ADVENTURE.

>> No.38521119

I do since Heist jump. Steal from whoever I think is Rich and don't deserve it.
Because that would make you alot of enemies.

>> No.38521131

I have a modest income from landlording my monopoly properties Occasionally combined with Working a job that's part of a background, patents on tech several hundred years more advanced than anything else and immense savings from Charging dragons income tax for several thousand years.

>> No.38521132

Alchemy from FMA makes money a laughable concern after that jump's over. The fact that transmuting gold is illegal means it's possible. So why not coal to diamonds or other such things?

>> No.38521143

I took the Heir(ess) perk in Archer, which makes you a billionaire. Since it's a perk and not an item, my assumption is that the money transfers over. So I'm always pretty loaded. Mostly I use it together with the Aggressive Negotiations perk from Anno 2070 to buy the villains organization out from beneath him. Nothing like a mastermind realizing that someone's made a hostile takeover of his company overnight and he can no longer afford his schemes. I mean, they usually have backup plans, so it doesn't actually stop them. But it's funny.

>> No.38521144

AND actually I tend to swing between travelling pauper and high-rolling baller, it depends on the jump.

>> No.38521150

I made all of my money smuggling in KOTOR.

Damn but that warehouse was useful.

>> No.38521155

We're not using DnD alignments, dude. I was referring to the kamen rider sense of justice, by which standards you are absolutely and unambiguously a villain.

>> No.38521174

At the very least he's an antihero second Rider who winds up being redeemed to the power of friendship and honor over the course of the season.

>> No.38521195

I sell prosthetic limbs, bionic eyes, and even carefully monitored full-body rebuilds via nanomachines. Tested that last one on myself at one point, obtained snake tail.

This tends to go well, but when it doesn't, I need to go innawoods, and that tends to be more difficult for me.

>> No.38521197

Whenever I can't be rich, or just don't want to spend the cp on the option, I make sure I'm in a position where I more than enough money to spare. So either upper-middle class or just rich.

>> No.38521203

Really? He's a big fan of, like, dark eldar stuff isn't he? And general unpleasantness. Can't really see him believing in the power of friendship without some sort of all take and no give aspect, to be honest, or remember any genuinely benevolent acts on his part.

>> No.38521223

I don't need money. Not most of the time. I do however invest in ANY auto-refilling food or beverage perk. Can't starve me out.

>> No.38521236

I took the monopoly jump early, capitalizing on my family's lack of alcohol tolerance compared to me, and essentially bought out the board with landlords game before everything went to shit in a drunken blender. In any given jump, I'm making money from enough houses and hotels that I don't really have to worry about buying anything that isn't a high-end supercar or black market nukes - and the money keeps on growing even if i dont spend it.

Funny thing is, I don't even buy too much stuff unless it's gifts for companions or stuff that is too much of a hassle to steal (which admittedly isn't much). I have a metric dickton of money and no real desire to spend it, short of throwing money at nook sometimes. Still, it is one of those safety nets I'm glad to have, since its one of those things I worry so much about in this life that I'd be so relieved to have that monkey off my back for the next several millenia

>> No.38521241

Five days to the end of every jump I use my heist skills to raid the closest equivalent to fort knox.

>> No.38521266

It's archived already.

>> No.38521269

AngelAnon knows exactly what they're doing.

It's just shitposting. They say things that know will annoy a large proportion of people, people respond hostilely (as they were always going to) and then AngelAnon acts all hurt as though they weren't expecting exactly the thing that has happened several times before.

Don't feel bad for them and don't respond to them. It's the same fucking exchange every time when people bite.

>> No.38521289

> But I am an ally of justice. Just it's mine that I give out. With an iron fist, and a loyal army backing up my own one man army.

"So I stopped it. And I did it my way this time. No more negotiating. No more promises. No more second chances. And I did it alone. Because I had to. And it worked."

You are Klaus Wulfenbach.

>> No.38521321

Let's NOT cause thread drama over it. Last thing I want to happen is for a shitstorm we can actually... you know, avoid.

...I'll be honest. I'd probably have moments where I want to be mad rich. Go into the aristocratic societies and make everyone else jealous as shit over me. I'm vain, I'll admit it. And there are some days I'd love to flaunt it. "Oh, you BOUGHT your dress? That's cute, sweetie, but don't break the bank on it." Then show my much more fancy outfit and explain how I made it myself. Thus letting me send that ten thousand dollars to a charity, JUST to prove I'm so rich I can afford to give most of it away AND STILL BE MORE RICH THAN THEM.

>> No.38521395

I have accidentally become mega rich in my jumping. Never paying for food or lodging while dumping massive amounts of cash in the banks for long periods of time is great. Also I grow gold and sell miracles.

>> No.38521433

I have accumulated a lot of business perks, including several magic bank accounts so even when I'm not trying... well I'm a bloody dragon god so... make the forbes list look like plebs cause I got a megacorp wealthy. (It would be worse if I had taken Hades and Hermes for Percy Jackson.)

>> No.38521474

Some perks basically are just one-offs. There are a couple of options for transferring money though. Monopoly and Tropico both do it.

>> No.38521530

I know. But I like to think that "is a billionaire" is now part of my identity that I can carry with me, just like perks that make me a respected scholar or a decorated soldier or things like that. It's entertaining. If the jump creator wants to chime in and tell me I'm wrong I'll take their word for it, but barring that I'm going to keep being frighteningly wealthy.

>> No.38521534

That raises a question, the MBI card, good for one jump only? Or is it an effectively unlimited credit card wherever you go? Albeit one watched by a megacorp who is interested in what you purchase and where.

>> No.38521578

One jump only, since it is specifically linked to MBI.

>> No.38521664

She only said one thing that was really offensive to a large number of people and she tried rescinding it. She still gets relentlessly picked on over it whenever she has her trip on.

>> No.38521677

I think we can assume the jumpmaker didn't mean it like that without a ruling. For one thing he also made the Game of Thrones and TES ones and both of them have a noble sort of option that gives you some lands/money and a family name in the Perk sections. None of them really give any indication that they'd carry over.

>> No.38521685

I like money, I tend to have and make a lot of it. While it is not the goal of any jump to amass a fortune I find material wealth is useful. I tend to build my way out of problems and to do that I often need materials which can get quite costly so very often I am either selling valuable materials I picked up, or starting businesses and selling patents for either things I invented or things I learned in other worlds (I don't think patent laws cross dimensions so it's likely alright. Though if Mr Fantastic ever becomes a dim hopper I expect a rather large lawsuit coming my way.)

>> No.38521690

I surprisingly don't go through a lot of money, because I can usually just FIND the resources I need from... places. Sometimes these places are legal (like a junkyard!) and sometimes they aren't (like an I'm sorry I didn't know I was on trial here).
Just the same, I have SHITLOADS of cash. Like, absolute metric assloads. And this is accomplished by, every so often, I make a concerted effort to MAKE MONEY, and then I just collect massive quantities for <x> amount of time, and it all goes into my little ATM in my Warehouse, and then it just sits there forever until I suddenly need money for something completely random, which I usually don't because I'm basically self sufficient and do not require money for anything.
Seriously, I live in my warehouse, which provides me with everything, including safety. I can burn cash like it ain't no thing. I can light my cigarettes with dollar bills.
So, it kindof throws people off when I just abruptly whip out a wad of bills big enough to choke a bull elephant. Funny, too.

Like the time I bought Naruto lunch at Ichiraku's during the Chunin exam. And he at a ton of ramen and ran off. And then the owners were getting all hyped because they were looking forward to being total sadists about the bill.
And I just dumped a wad of bills big enough to buy their little store ten times over and walked away.
Shut THOSE fuckers up, I can tell you.


>> No.38521728

I make mad money, that I then spend on a few trinkets but otherwise save the majority of it for later use.
Either for helping people, or for funding massive projects that will help people in the long run

>> No.38521761

Friendship is fleeting, Loyalty is absolute, and Love is above all.

>> No.38521841

Then I guess she should stop being a special snowflake and go anon. Just like everyone else.

>> No.38521947

>implying she could cope with being subsumed into the collective

Some people simply value their identity too much, but enjoy this place too much to leave.

It's a vicious cycle I've seen too many times.

>> No.38521974

Stop being so dramatic.

>> No.38522015

At first I used to take money perks, now I usually just start a company and sell boomers to everyone.

Which backfired when Ultron stoled some of my shit for a while. But I managed to get a virus in him, thereby winning public opinion on my side and therefore making my civil case against Stark Industries a sure thing. Allowing me to strong arm him into giving me his tech base.

Just as planned.

>> No.38522047

Is there a warmachine/hordes jump in the works?

>> No.38522053

I make it a personal pass time to steal as much gold, silver, and jewels as I can from every world I go to. Don't even care for them. Thought it would be a cool thing to stock up on. Try to keep a low profile the whole way around besides that though.

X-Ray Vision and Teleportation are very handy.

>> No.38522111


>> No.38522123

>strong arm Stark

Good on ya. Dunno about the comics version, but the MCU Stark kinda came across as a prick towards the 3rd movie.

I mean, he started off an alright guy in 1 and I liked his banter with Banner but-he's kind of a massive cunt to anyone who isn't on his level or his personal assistant.

There's a point where sometimes it's really just most convenient to go anon. Never really seen a point to get a name here to be honest; if it's not for immediate content making or storytime purposes it's like being a leper in the dark ages

>> No.38522126

There's a beginning of one, but the anon's disappeared.

That and it's Warmachine, not Hordes specifically. Think Hordes was going to get it's own jump.

>> No.38522192

>Dunno about the comics version, but the MCU Stark kinda came across as a prick towards the 3rd movie.

He's better in MCU.

>> No.38522212

But anon.

What are you going to do about Reed Richards.

>> No.38522250

Is it up for adoption then?

>> No.38522258

Comics Stark only looks like a good guy most of the time because he can point at Hank Pym.

>> No.38522285

Reed Richards is Kill

>> No.38522306

And even Hank Pym is starting to look kind of good next to Reed Richards. Honestly, half the reason I took Cosmic Fact in Marvel was so that universe could have a super-genius who was actually likeable.

>> No.38522308

Poor Hank Pym is the biggest fuckup. He's the Rusty Venture of Marvel.

>> No.38522311

Do not think it is, no.

Let's try bugging Brutus to get it shifted over.

>> No.38522315

>implying Pym isn't the GOAT Marvel scientist

>> No.38522345

I'll leave it alone until it is then. I really don't want to kick off yet another shit storm.

>> No.38522352

To an extent Banner

Too bad Parker never fucking uses his super genius!

>> No.38522385

Doom is likable, but well having your nemesis be the likable one might be where Richards fucked up the most.
He can't because Marvel apparently can't accept him as anything other than a teenager with a kind of messed up life.

>> No.38522424

Okay, yes, I know there are other nice super geniuses. I was being hyperbolic.

>> No.38522447

Doom has made a transition from Villain, to Likeable Villain, to Anti-hero over the years.
To be honest it's getting to the point, and has arguably already gotten there, where Doom is more of a Hero than Richards.

Also, yeah that sucks. Parker is a Genius on the level of some of Marvel's best, but he wastes his time at a fucking newspaper. Why? Because of his ego, he wants Good pictures of Spiderman taken.

>> No.38522455

Yeah comic version can be just as bad if not worse. Though there is usually some weird exuse for it. Like Skrulls or Extermis or something.

I probably should of mentioned this was MCU. Honestly 616 probably be better to just lay off the megacorp angle, far too many tech stealing assholes to worry about. I would probably just slum it on a superteam, though I may change my mind by then.

>> No.38522517

Yeah. I mean, he may have made Ultron and punched his wife (once, it gets blown way out of proportion by later writers), but at least he has the excuse of being mentally ill at the time. What do Richards and Stark have to defend their screw-ups? Stark has "I was drunk", real respectable. And Richards' excuse is..."science is cool", I guess?

>> No.38522544

Hey, guys. How do you think shit would go down if I straight up just spend a whole day with Shinji, and maybe Asuka and Rei, watching the entirety of Gurren Lagann? Would his balls drop on the spot? Would I need to GRIT HIS TEETH!!! every once in a while?

>> No.38522552


You know, you may have just given a reasonable answer as to why Parker rarely ever uses his genius-ness.

>> No.38522580

What the actual fuck

>> No.38522619

Funny thing: In the latest Super Robot Wars game, there actually is a DLC level that consists of Simon and Noriko (from Gainax's first mecha series, Gunbuster, also done by Anno) teaching Shinji, Rei and Asuka how to be hotblooded. It works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdLIXiXs5ew

>> No.38522627

provided they don't respond with "fuck you saving the world isn't that simple", it's certainly a good start
also yeah, wtf is up with the protags in that pic?

>> No.38522638

...yeah you're probably right.

I mean if I started a megacorp there everyone is going to still shit, reprogram my robots into a personal army, and hell Largo would probably show back up out of nowhere and become my ultron....again.

It's probably why Peter slums it.

>> No.38522663

Honestly, I get the feeling that beating the emo out of him with therapy no jutsu is a better use of the day, but watching that after the the sessions might be a good way to cap off the experience

>> No.38522685

Question for Marvel lads and lasses.
Let's say you got the opportunity to bond with a new-born Symbiote.
A spawn of Venom, Carnage, or even Toxin. But it is freshly spawned, it has had no previous hosts. Will you bond with it?

>> No.38522722

Of course. Even Venom is basically a yandere who is ridiculously eager to please and practically begs for Peter's approval, making it a redemption target, and that's an older one. A baby one would be way easier to bend to a positive goal and personality.

>> No.38522727

Yeah, probably. The symbiotes are actually a pretty benevolent species, we've just had the misfortune in the comics of only encountering their most depraved criminals. A newborn could be raised right, to become a force for good.

>> No.38522752

That would be an...interesting experience, to be sure.

I mean, by the time I go to marvel, my biology's already pretty whacked out. Provided it doesn't freak out due to the blacklight virus or the fact I'm probably one or two variations of cyborg on top of it, I think we might be able to get along well, honestly.

>> No.38522764

Toss it into one of my examination chambers and wait for a setting with less DRAMATIC TWISTS and JUST ACCORDING TO KEIKAKUs to unthaw it, explain the situation, study it briefly, and pass it on to a worthy individual

>> No.38522778

I'm more tempted to use prototype to consume one.

>> No.38522792

Symbiotes are fucking awesome, mate. The ones we've seen are the equivalent of maniacs (like Carnage). Starting out fresh with one, a blank slate and being able to teach it?


>> No.38522816

Ehh... Fifth Impact, I guess?

And it's not like they can't pull off crazy crap of comparable levels with courage, Willpower, and good use of AT Fields. Maybe I'll add some Spirit Engines from SRW into the EVAs, and show them what's what.

Oh, and anyone know what the hell this gif is from? It looks pretty hype, but google isn't showing me jack.

>> No.38522818


>> No.38522819

>more Blacklight

And here we see the usual answer for Blacklight.

>> No.38522827

I am sadden by all you talking about Symbiotes when none of you all podded the main man in DC.

>> No.38522838


>> No.38522853

I am talking about Lobo.

>> No.38522862

Looks like one of the Getter series.

>> No.38522871

What, the Fisherman? That hat's a creepy fuck, and I'mma nuke his leopard-spotted, uh, whatever his anatomy is.

>> No.38522913

>I am talking about Lobo.
Ah! Main _MAN_. I misread that as main "one" ... as in some symbiote from DC. And then I couldn't think of one.

>> No.38522930

To be fair Venom killing people is entirely Peter's fault.
It fights criminals because it wants Peter back, and it thinks fighting criminals will impress him
It eats criminals because it grew addicted to how much Adrenaline he produced(They feed on it, and it's not mentioned often in comics but he produces like at much as 10 men)
If he accepted it back it wouldn't kill, unless it was someone Peter well and truly wanted to kill already.

Really? I remember it being that the majority of the species are Parasites that drawn their host to death and move on, but Venom and his brood are Symbiotic for some unknown reason(likely due to them being so close to "the mad generation")

You are almost certain to get along well. They tend to base their personality and morals around those of their original host. See >>38522792 not only is Carnage of "The mad generation", he also bonded to a complete and utter psychopath within minutes of birth.

Fair enough

Eh, they wouldn't provide much that way, at least not to my knowledge.
Personally due to my knowledge of Symbiotes I would bond to one in a heart beat. Teach it JUSTICE, and take it on adventures everywhere.

I mean let's look at the major ones.
Venom-Knew Peter wanted to be more assertive, so he tried to make Peter more assertive. Peter got into X Fight(changes depending on specific continuity) where he well and truly wanted to kill his opponent, but couldn't for moral reasons. Venom tried to help him kill the person because it didn't understand why he shouldn't yet.
Then he got dumped on the asshole who wants to kill Spiderman

Carnage-Bonded to Cletus, and is just like his host in being completely and utterly batshit and wanting nothing more than to butcher and kill. The two have bonded so tightly they no longer refer to themselves as "We" like most other host/symbiote pairs. They say "I", because they consider themselves to be a singular being.

>> No.38522938

That's from the ending scene of one of the more recent Getter series.

>> No.38522950

Uh no, I would capture and study it for a while instead. I'd feed it animals try to communicate with it telepathically, teach it about humanity the world etc. Once I'm sure I can trust it I'll give it a bot more freedom, but I'll only let it bond with someone when it's absolutely necessary, or when I know the host would be able to control the symbiote.

Other than that it's getting stored in my warehouse most of the time, and I'll occasionally prod it for samples to make more biological monstrosities like the super xenomorphs.

>> No.38522986

Getter Robo Armageddon. It's from the very end of the series, when the pilots of Shin Getter Robo and Shin Getter Dragon jointly perform the Shin Shine Spark to travel through a wormhole to Getter Valhalla, where Getter Teams from across the multiverse do battle against evil for eternity, lead by the Getter Team from the manga in the godlike Getter Emperor.

>> No.38523004

RWBY questions

- Color of your soul, is it up to fanwank?
- Aura Booster, how long is temporary? Is there a cooldown?
- Companion Imports are background free and what drawbacks can they take?

>> No.38523005

Lobo? Interesting idea, but no. He might go after my girls.

and finally Toxin-Bonded to an Ex-cop who lost his kids, Toxin....acts like a young child. Even after having been around for years it still acts like a young child. You know, like how its' host lost his kids and wanted a kid again.

Fair enough

>> No.38523025

Found a youtube clip, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Om6TODafY4

>> No.38523029

>They tend to base their personality and morals around those of their original host.

Then yeah, I'd be up for adopting a baby symbiote. It's going to be the most enlightened member of its species.

I think I'll call him Mr. Squiggles

>> No.38523055

Yeah, Venom's issues are mainly about abandonment, and even though Peter refuses to acknowledge or take responsibility, it's really all his fault.

>> No.38523097

Sweet, thanks.

>> No.38523098

I'm honestly surprised Symbiote wasn't up for purchase.

>> No.38523139

Not sure what I would name mine. Bad with names as I've said before.

I honestly believe that if Peter said he wanted Venom back Venom would abandon its' current host, no matter who it is, and come running.

>> No.38523157

I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do in Eva.

Chances are I'm going to take transformers first and use Metaphysical Biology to learn how to use a Spark to power an AT -Field, then make a team of transformers to save the day (and troll Gendo).

I just haven't written up my char yet.

>> No.38523169

> Baby Symbiotes base their personality and morals around those of their original host.
So... if I got a baby symbiote, I could seriously end up making a super powerful parasite whose entire motivation in life was, "Science is awesome"?

... I don't know whether to find that fascinating or terrifying.

>> No.38523205

I think you can technically get a symbiote in the marvel jump by combining something like 900cp worth of things. lemme see if i can duplicate it

Unstable molecule uniform + body + shapeshifting + regeneration + brains + toughness + elasticity or some combo like that, i believe.

>> No.38523213

Venom already tried that a couple times, like once when Eddie was injured and so was Peter, Peter pretended to beg for Venom to come back and it just unbonded from Eddie right then and there and tried to come back to Peter. Of course, it was just a trick by Peter. Which probably contributes to the poor thing's mental issues.

>> No.38523279

Honestly, it was a joke name. I'm not entirely sure what I'd name a symbiote if I got one. Like most of my companions, it'd be one i'd have to contribute some serious thought to. I may have to get back to you on that...

>> No.38523288

E, it's more like they'll take on a personality that helps you.
Once again, Peter wanted to be more assertive, so Venom was trying to help him be more assertive

That one ex-cop wanted a kid again, Toxin has the personality of a young child.

But yes, your will likely love science.

Not the same, a Symbiote would likely be a Companion

God damn Peter can be an asshole sometimes

>> No.38523345

Eventually I made several precious stone and precious metal trees- they tend to have value no matter the time period or location a jump takes place.

The Golden Shovel coupled with Wood Elementalism, Sim Fairy magic, and Harvest Moon perks makes for a potent combination.

>> No.38523359

It's not so much that he's an asshole as that he doesn't see Venom as a person. It'll only ever be "that weird alien goop that tried to mind-control me" to him.

>> No.38523381

Which makes him an asshole, I think.

>> No.38523390

My plan for EVA is to be a pilot, and that drawback that literally makes me into Shinji's brother helps my cause a lot. I'll be their Kamina, inspire the pilots to be the hero the world needs them to be, and help Shinji finally get best girl.

>> No.38523402

But you got to have the right mindset. Or else you end up causing it go go crazy and you to go crazy, and it ends with you being nommed.

>> No.38523407

Way too expensive for a companion, and at the cost of having no powers on your own.

>> No.38523475

If I didn't go full specialist to make transformer evas, I was going to do secret Angel school teacher and pull a Kamina for Shinji that way.

>> No.38523551

What /tg/ setting do you really want as a jump?

I vote Eclipse Phase.

>> No.38523605

I don't think we can assume that at all.

>> No.38523626

Dead Kings Quest. I fucking loved that setting while it lasted. Pity it doesn't have much to make a jump out of.

>> No.38523629

Cthultech honestly is what I'm jonesing for


>> No.38523652

That setting with a rollable rape table?

>> No.38523687

I don't think so.

>> No.38523691

Farcry. I say this every single time the question comes up. And I want Feral/Tattoo/Weird spiritual shit powers.
Saints Row, see above
Batman The Brave and The Bold
Jade Empire
Neverwinter Nights/2
Dawn of War
Divinity 2
Endless Space
Sins of a Solar Empire

>> No.38523716

>What /tg/ setting
Might be best to read the post fully man.

>> No.38523719

Jade Empire's already been done mate

>> No.38523742

Oh fuck. I missed that

Then Exalted


>> No.38523748

The Fall.

>> No.38523791

I made a build for it, I'd even show you if I wasn't on a new system

>> No.38523816

Strike Witch Quest, sweet blubbering christ.

>> No.38523824

It would have to be an end-jump.

>> No.38523838

Yup. I finished it a while back, take a look.

>> No.38523892

Yup. Jade Empire's been done. Enjoy.

>> No.38523895

Well, limiting myself to just /tg/ appropriate content:

If we mean "created by/on /tg/" then Eclipsed Moon Quest (if we can have a MGNQ jump, then there's room for an eclipsed moon quest too)

The other jumps I'm hoping for:
Rick and Morty (Preferrably done by stupid_dog, it'd be perfect)
Gravity Falls (Also feels like this would be right in sd's wheelhouse)
No Nerfs Gurren Lagann
Gunsmith Cats
Those Who Hunt Elves
Dragonriders of Pern
Yu Yu Hakusho

>> No.38523911

>inb4 Wal-Mart Apocalypse

>> No.38524055

>Don't believe everything you read at rpg.net.

>> No.38524091

that'd be FATAL.

and maybe changeling...

>> No.38524109

After I am done with Shadow Ops I'm thinking of doing a Pathfinder jump. Probably a 3rd party setting like Thunderscape or Midgard though.

>> No.38524114

>Don't believe everything you read on other 4chan threads

>> No.38524122

You guys know what jump I wanna see?
It'd have a butt-ton of companionship/camraderie perks, and a few options to have your own Face Mechon for a mech, or manifesting your very own Monado if you complete some special requirement.

And maybe, just maybe, if you do some crazy special stuff with, like, a Dante Must Die-tier drawback, you'd get the Mechonis itself, to be used as your own Mecha.
It'd do it myself, but I've got a lot of stuff in my hands at the moment. Maybe I'll help if someone else starts it, or pick it up at a later date. Think about it, yeah?

>> No.38524152

I may or may not be feeling it.

>> No.38524155

So whats a good power source jump for my warehouse? Does Minecraft power sources work after the jump or does it all stop working?

>> No.38524158

Can't have a full power Monado though, that thing makes and remakes universes. Everything else would work.

>> No.38524188

I've gotta say, I'm really feeling it.

>> No.38524215


>> No.38524251

This setting is Based on Kelly Mcollough's Ravirn series. It is an extremely dangerous setting, the greek gods are assholes with lots of power. They also dont like competition.

>> No.38524256

The dead souls of creepers.

>> No.38524269

True, true. Maybe just a big-ass Sword whose power is dependent on how much willpower you have, but not quite Universe-bending.

And while we're on the subject- Gimme a show of hands, kids! How many of you here know about Xenoblade because of Chugga's playthrough.

>> No.38524278

>Race choices
>Human (Free)
>Free Mechanoid or whatever they were (100)
>Wing headed things (100)
>Were there other races? Put them here.
>Nopon (1600)

>> No.38524333

SRW and Full Metal Panic have engines which literally run on your Willpower. It rocks the world, and I use that shit every day. Also, Asura's Wrath has Mantra, which is condensed emotions/prayers turned into energy.

>> No.38524377

A power source I picked up recently that I'm fond of is Droid With Lightsabers from the Clone Wars jump. Combine the ability to fuel things with the energy of the Force combined with being a conduit to the Force (the bonus you get for doing both Star Wars jumps in order) and you get unlimited power for anything you want.

>> No.38524423

Again, here.

>> No.38524448


Yeah I'm planning on setting up a energon converter so I can feed transformers I make in future jumps. The process is said to be "inefficient" so I'm going to need something with omph.

>> No.38524465


The beginnings of a Space Station 13 jump.

Suggestions? Comments?

>> No.38524506

>High Entia (Elves with head wings)
>No other races

There'd be a 600-800 cp perk which gives you a race-specific thing. Like being a huge badass like Dunban for Homs, ...Something for Machina, maybe powers just like Seven's, Telethia mind-reading/Ether powers for High Entia, and being a HEROPON! like Riki for Nopons.
...Y'know what? I take it back, I'm doing this thing myself. Feel free to give some input if you're feeling it!

>> No.38524507

Star Wars: Clone Wars. Steal the Death Star plans and install a miniaturized version of it's main reactor in your warehouse.

>> No.38524528


>> No.38524596

not much to go on, but you have my interest

>> No.38524848

Marvel Cinematic Universe can get you an Ark Reactor added onto the Warehouse.

Invader Zim can get you the plans to make a perpetual energy generator. Will need 007 miniaturization tech to let it fit though.

And Ar Tonelico as an infinite energy generator the size of a music box.

>> No.38524890

If I need money, but not in a great hurry, the mass converter from Tenchi Muyo. Everybody else's garbage is my complete domination of the minerals market.

>> No.38524936

I raise.

>> No.38524969

Which servers are you going to take inspiration from? Because each server has a ton of content exclusive to it. Hell, there's even a WH40K server. Might be a good idea to grab ideas from all the servers at the same time. Maybe even make them a sort of origin/race-like option.

600CP drawback that makes it so that you need to play your "role" in the station perfectly without doing anything to "break immersion" or else you're banned/instantly gib.

>> No.38524986

I'm really feeling something different https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBNTxw-kLVE

>> No.38525041

I'm largely basing it off of vgstation and tgstation, as those are what I have the most experience on.

I like it

>> No.38525050

Speaking of, is anyone working on the Skullgirls Jump, or is it finally done?

>> No.38525071

abandoned, unfortunately

>> No.38525089

On standard I'm probably upper middle class.
I don't have to pay any bills thanks to Sims, and I get $25,000 of local currency every three months thanks to Mystery Science Theater. And anything I need I can build.

However, in some jumps I use my immense business knowledge to become immensely reach so as to buy out or destroy (economically) companies I don't like, gain greater influence with local governments, and use it as a front to hide the massive armies I am building in secret.

>> No.38525100

Brows right now is working on it.

Parasites are hard to come up with, so I've been trying to help where necessary.

>> No.38525106

FUCK THAT! Even if she isn't a character in Skullgirls I would kill her myself before she even gets 10 feet to the skull!

>> No.38525111

8k a month with no bills and no tax (you're not a registered citizen) is probably already upper class.


>> No.38525217

On a scale of "it's not TOO bad even though I just learned about this and can't yet fathom the depths of what would happen" to "pic related becomes omnipotent and usurps Jump-Chan," how scared should I be of this outcome?

>> No.38525276

The results of that outcome can only be posted about and discussed in /d/.

>> No.38525283

Latter times 10.

>> No.38525290

Yes. Hora Hora for everything.

>> No.38525295

That bad, huh?

>> No.38525359

I mean it. There is literally nothing that can come of that event that would be allowed in any other board.

Captcha knows - it says "xcessive"

>> No.38525360

A warhammer variant focusing on the Eldar.

>> No.38525405

>even captcha agrees

It's confirmed then. Now excuse me while I scream externally.

>> No.38525456

Toon (I don't know why I want this but I do)
Tomb of Horrors gauntlet

>> No.38525500

>Tomb of Horrors


Pic related on both accounts.

>> No.38525566

Horus Heresy.
Spell Jammer.
Delta Green.
Blood Bowl.
Battletech's also cool.

>> No.38525576

Runequest/HeroQuest/King of Dragon Pass

>> No.38525619

>Blood Bowl.
I don't know how you would do it but I would jump it.

>> No.38525647

>Horus Heresy
Only if we can be one of the missing Primarchs

>> No.38525659

Drop-in is a fan with football hooligan related perks.
Other options are manager, player, and cheerleader.
Of course, then you would need races and differences and there comes the problem and you end up with sixty pages of writing.

>> No.38525696

Who is that?

>> No.38525715


>> No.38525759

Zone-tan, the avatar of a well known Hentai-Flash maker

>> No.38525777

Zone-tan, she's the mascot of some pornographic flash games mostly involving tentacles, in fact I don't think there are any of the Zone Games that don't involve tentacles.

>> No.38525788


>> No.38525801

You had one job, Justice.

>> No.38525809

Is there enough content for that to even be considered a jump?

>> No.38525840

It was a reverse-google image search away

>> No.38525853

No, but it's fun to imagine.

>> No.38525911


>> No.38526137

My current run varies heavily from jump to jump. Soul Eater I got hired as a consultant by Shibushen after explaining to them about who precisely their school nurse was. After that was Familiar of Zero where I mooched off of Louise's estate before get branded an arch-heretic. Jojo I'm probably going to be second in the Steel Ball Run and retire off of that. Then there's One Piece which has me as a Pirate with the good will of Whitebeard for hooking him and his division commanders up with Stands. Worm probably has me working as a hero for the Protectorate or stealing banks (haven't decided which) in between being Cauldron's greatest aid and biggest headache. Beyond that it's uncertain.

As for my previous run early capitalist Tropico plus absurd abilities in the field of crafting meant I could live like a king on the interest of my Swiss Bank Account.

>> No.38526142

Warrior/Hero of Legend line has the best design

>> No.38526166

I disagree, the final one has titty plate. Which is extremely retarded.

>> No.38526196

The only correct answer to the Tomb of Horrors is sustained orbital bombardment through mass produced sanctified holy F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads.

You mean if you didn't take Electricity? Granted, electrical power sockets only have so much output, so maybe you're just interested in MORE POWER. Anyway, I personally use The Great Legacy, a solar fusion engine from Mysterious Cities of Gold. Also fairly compact. Fulfills all my power needs, until such time as I became capable of reverse engineering it, afterwhich it REALLY filled all my power needs.
Of course, it became somewhat obsolete when I figured out how to create the Orgel of Origins from Ar Tonelico, but still. Combining that with 007's miniaturization tech to cram a calculator-sized miniaturized mechanical recreation of the energy of the sun into a robot has its own sort of coolness factor. Also, somewhat easier to produce than an Orgel. Those things are finicky.

Gravity Falls.
Nier. Drakengard 2.
Moar Final Fantasies.
Dragon Quest.
Various Disney Franchises, including but not limited to many of their syndicated cartoons.

I'd say Steven Universe but there's not really enough content for that.

>> No.38526247

Double Best Emperor Greatmage is still the best name.
That's not titty plate, it's just a large plate for the upper torso, it doesn't even protrude as much as the Knight's plate, and there is no definition to it.

>> No.38526271

It's a huge heart shaped monoboob.

>> No.38526320

Just a few more days, then you can beat Nowe's face in all day long, if you want.

>> No.38526350

You DO know why people think boobplate is a bad idea right?
It's because the shape "sends the blow directly to the sternum"
Which this armor doesn't do.

>> No.38526397

Blades coming to the side will impact in the crease, chopping her chest off.

It's no doubt a separate piece, which is probably secured by leather and weakens the overall armor in two ways.

Third it looks stupid.

>> No.38526405

It's not huge, it's slimmer than the Knight's armor, and the woman's is slimmer and less defined than the man's. You're just oversensitive to the concept.
It doesn't matter if it sends it to the sternum anyway, if you could direct blows to a part of the armor you could make that part of the armor thicker to handle them better. This sort of thing was a goal of armor smiths to direct blows to a place they could armor better so that they could use less metal overall.

>> No.38526443

Making the metal thicker in the sternum would remove the individual breast definition. Not an issue with this instance, but an argument against some designs.

>> No.38526495

I can hardly wait!

I'm gonna build a robot whose WHOLE JOB is to punch Nowe in the face! EVERY DAY!
Then when we finally meet, I'll punch him in the face in just the exact same way! And he'll be all like, "YOUUUU!!"
And then I'll punch him in the face!

>> No.38526548

You seem to be under the impression that metal armor is in any way thicker than a few millimeters, that's a worse offence to armor than armor with nipples. Everything else is a design to support the function of the armor.

>> No.38526594

How about the way curves are often thinner than flattened surfaces? Or the fact that caved or damaged armor would be far worse for the user in cases where there's a molded chest?

>> No.38526679

Don't forget to punch Mannah, too. She's just as responsible for the shit that happens in Drakengard 2. Caim had the right idea when he decided to take her on a tour of the world so people could express their hate for her for the things she had done. Though I'm not sure how he told people she was the one responsible, he's mute. Did he have a sign? Something like "This little shit nearly killed the world. Throw rocks at her.", maybe?

>> No.38526700

>punch Mannah
She needs to KILL Mannah after what she did in the first game.

>> No.38526735

Sure, eventually. But you need to get some good revenge-punches in first, otherwise it's not as satisfying.

>> No.38526785

>Age is 1d8+30
Weird, the impression I got from reading this jump made me think the main characters would have been teenagers.

Looks good so far, but two questions:
Chaos Touched says you get energy from Chaos, does that do anything besides give you funky eyes and remove the need to sleep?

For Primal Talisman, could we get some, possibly costly or time consuming if balance is an issue, method to obtain parts from monsters we've killed but don't exist in the current world?

>> No.38526885

He obviously fucked it up at some point, though, since she apparently blocked out all those memories. As it is, she's stupidly destroying the world because she's being manipulated by the Watchers AGAIN but this time she doesn't realize it and thinks she's doing a nice thing and saving people cuz she's dumb.
I'd probably just try to unlock those memories. She prettymuch had a breakdown when it happened ingame, anyway. Seems punishment enough. Especially if I'm standing right there to call her a fucking idiot the whole time.

Woah! Hey! Calm down there, Mister Stabby. I'm not really into killing people who think they're doing good things unless there's no other alternative. I mean, if I killed every idiot who nearly destroyed the world while swearing that they were trying to make it better, what would I expect people to do to me? Also, that's a really good way to piss off the Watchers, and fuck if I'm going to piss off a bunch of giant doom babies.
Mannah's not really that huge of a threat by herself. I can probably just cripple her powers or something and then smack her around a little.
Might have to make an exception for Nowe, though. He's got retarded demigod plot powers. I don't know if I can just "depower" that shit.

>> No.38526953

Curves are only thinner if either the smith was inept or you pressed the armor from a sheet in a single pressing, even a multistage pressing allows for control over the thickness through curves. If you are forging the metal you can control the thickness, because you are not stretching the armor to make your curves, unless you want to. As far as the caved or damaged molded chest, we don't see how exactly molded the chest is there, however ribbing and more irregular design in armor strengthens it to such effects, making it much harder to cave it in. As for this flaw in other boob plate, the issue isn't with the boobs, it's with the fact that the armor is being represented without padding underneath, which itself is a far bigger issue than any plate shape.

Besides as far as the molding on the armor there the Abs are apparently closer to the body, thus far worse than the chest and it's using scales or chain in some places for, I suppose, more mobility, having segmented armor also helps to prevent the armor from deforming because the the armor can compress more before it has to deform.

>> No.38526979

>Make the world better.
She didn't, she knew it was going to ruin everything and didn't care.

>> No.38527015

You really an autistic pervert freak extremely obsessed with defending your pathetic fetish.

>> No.38527056

Aaand you're being pathetic for insulting somebody over the internet because you can't come up with a decent counter-argument, anon.

>> No.38527080

That's not even my fetish, besides this started we me saying that the image in question isn't even boob plate.

>> No.38527095

I'm not even going to try to, because I'm sick of it, involved in several arguments, and extremely disgusted people like you even exist.

>> No.38527116

So you're gonna keep being a pathetic little shit and insult people over the internet.

Glad to know Mom raised such a winner, huh?

>> No.38527151

Dude. It's fucking -armor-.

What kind of life do you have that you can afford to have this big of a tit-fit over /armor/?

>> No.38527169



>> No.38527223



>> No.38527226


>> No.38527231

Justice question are you sure that having Ranger Orks isn't the best thing you have ever thought about?

>> No.38527236


Not necessarily justice, but everyone has limits.

>> No.38527312

More sarcasm than passive-aggressiveness, but that's semantics.

Yes. I'm completely sure. After 10+ years of dealing with Orks with none of my powers I'm done with Orks. If I never saw one again it would be too soon.

Point taken

>> No.38527436

Is IRC going to be talking about boobs tonight?

>> No.38527453

>You mean if you didn't take Electricity? Granted, electrical power sockets only have so much output, so maybe you're just interested in MORE POWER. Anyway, I personally use The Great Legacy, a solar fusion engine from Mysterious Cities of Gold. Also fairly compact. Fulfills all my power needs, until such time as I became capable of reverse engineering it, afterwhich it REALLY filled all my power needs.
>Of course, it became somewhat obsolete when I figured out how to create the Orgel of Origins from Ar Tonelico, but still. Combining that with 007's miniaturization tech to cram a calculator-sized miniaturized mechanical recreation of the energy of the sun into a robot has its own sort of coolness factor. Also, somewhat easier to produce than an Orgel. Those things are finicky.

Actaully its becuase in order to make transformers in other jumps I need energon, it only gives you one cube a day and it says converting other sources into energon is "inefficient". So I probably need some source of power for a energon converter.

These is great stuff so thank you.

>> No.38527455

Hang on this is not in fact the final draft, I screwed up my upload.

The mcs are actually over 100 years old

>> No.38527471

Fucked if I know, I might namefag but I don't go on the IRC

>> No.38527506

With how off topic IRC gets, boobs will almost certainly come up at some point

>> No.38527508

>Boobs lewd not Hips and Asses

>> No.38527533

And I forgot my name, figures

>> No.38527537

>implying I'm lewd

>> No.38527560

I never said your name did I wakfu.

>> No.38527578

You could also use Droids With Lightsabers from the Clone Wars jump combined with Force Conduit (the bonus you get for doing both Star Wars jumps in order). That gives you an unlimited energy supply for any machine you build. Set the power draw for the energon converter as high as the materials will handle, then link it to the Force. You'll get as much energon as you want.

>> No.38527592

Technically I have to accept that.

>> No.38527602

>Looks good so far, but two questions:
>Chaos Touched says you get energy from Chaos, does that do anything besides give you funky eyes and remove the need to sleep?

Well at that point your insides are basically made of antimatter so if you where to die you would probably destroy everything around you. For what thats worth.

>For Primal Talisman, could we get some, possibly costly or time consuming if balance is an issue, method to obtain parts from monsters we've killed but don't exist in the current world?

What did you have in mind? Its a pretty powerful ability as is.

Is anyone else having a hard time posting tonight?

>> No.38527667

Kind of late to all this but it was recently revealed that Symbiotes are actually swell guys and want to help people out and the ones that like to kill their hosts were an offshoot faction and that faction kicked out Venom for not being enough of a dick.

>> No.38527688

Yeah I saw that one as well. I'll probably go for the fusion generator first then get the Force one after I complete the SW jumps.

>> No.38527708

Oh shit really?
That's interesting

>> No.38527736

With Dresden Files magic is it possible to fuel the magic with alternate power sources?
I remember him using a lightning storm before but I don't know if natural lightning would be different to manufactured energy.

>> No.38527846

Yeah, they're called the Klyntar now and like to beat up space criminals. I think they made Venom non-murdery now or at least less crazy.
The problem is that they need the perfect host or else they go wacko like Carnage did.

I made a build a little while ago focused on getting to their planet and podding one of them and wearing it all the time.
Importing is basically importing yourself isn't it since you'd be pretty much sharing the powers.

>> No.38527877

Dresden magic doesn't get along with technology, so while you might be able to get a charge out of a generator, you'd probably kill it in the process.

Magical power drawn from Storms isn't just the lightning, it's the wind, the rain, the thunder, and the general chaotic and nigh-unstoppable nature of the thing that is the source of power.

>> No.38527925

>The problem is that they need the perfect host
That sounds stupid, I liked the idea that there is something wrong with them every o so many generations, Carnage being that generation combined with his batshit crazy host made it what it is.

But new-canon is new canon.

But it's comics and the canon changes so often I can ignore shit I don't like.

>> No.38527938


Orion Thrax
Gender - Male
Age - 17

- Menagerie

- Drop-In

- I Should Be Dead by Now (700)

- Jam (400)

- Variable Weapon (350)
-- Import (Hellglaive) (325)
-- Alt-Alt Mode (300)
-- Aura Focus (200)

- Iconic Outfit
- Iconic Theme
- Aura Booster (-100)

- Nice, Quirky Girl x 2 (-400)

- Evolved (-200)
- Cinder's List (0)

----ALEX (Companion)

- Student
- Fanus (500)

- Intellectual
- Tinkerer (350)

- Represent

- Iconic Outfit
- Iconic Theme
- Bigger on Inside (250)
- Dust for dummies pro
- Aura for everybody (150)
- Dust Kit (100)
- A bar of Aurorium (0)
- Catalytic Converter (-300)

- White Fang Woes
- Marked (-200)
- Cinder's List (0)

---- Hooligan Tuesday (Companion)

- Military
- Fanus (500)

- Abs

- Payback

- Iconic Outfit
- Iconic Theme
- A Guide to Grimm
- Xanthine (0)
- Prototype Bullhead (-300)

- White Fang Woes
- Marked (-200)
- Cinder's List (0)

>> No.38527992

Orion Thrax? You should use that name in the Transformers jump too, just to mess with Optimus. His name before he became the Prime was Orion Pax, he'll feel weird calling you that.

>> No.38528008

You know I didn't even think of that. Good catch!

>> No.38528046

Energon, huh? Well, a couple people I know went to Bayformers to steal the Allspark, which apparently creates shitloads of free Energon by absorbing sunlight.
Not being super well-versed in Transformers lore or even having seen those movies, I'm not sure if that's only a trait of the Bayformer's version or not, but I DO know that some retard destroys it in the movie, so it doesn't even matter if you run off with it.

Personally, I went for a less "single point of failure" method, and instead went to Animated to become a Technorganic. Once there, I reverse engineered my own biology so that I'd be able to create bioforms that could shit out energon in exchange for resources. Given the way Technorganic biology works (food becomes energon which is sufficient to fuel the body), I'm to believe it's somewhat more efficient than the standard method, although it takes more setup.
I then proceeded to use this ability for absolutely nothing, because I don't actually need energon for anything. But hey. SCIENCE! isn't about being practical.

Are you sure? Because I distinctly remember her having this giant holy shit freak out once she realized that she had just destroyed the world and doomed it to elder gods. And then Nowe had to, like, fight off her personal demons in a stupidly literal fashion, and then they ran off together to ACTUALLY save the world in a stupidly anime fashion.
So I think she was just confused and retarded and refused to question her own stupid.

>> No.38528071

I thought the technology thing went away after the jump?
So it's more about drawing from the power of nature than just a general energy source? I was hoping to draw from the power of my mini arc-reactor to overcharge some spells.

I think that might still be in effect, I'm not really sure.
I always thought that Carnage was crazy because its host was crazy rather than it being predetermined.

What's the closest thing we have to Ghostrider perks?
Right now I'm thinking of Marvel and using Body+Energy+Hellfire Kinesis+ Vehicle to give the fire and transformation parts.

>> No.38528103

IT's less that it goes away after a jump, and more you gain it as a spell to direct it at tech you're looking to shut down.

>> No.38528131

With Carnage it was always both. It was going to be Crazy anyway, though not as bad
But it also got a crazy host, which made the problem much much worse

>> No.38528290

Allspark is DEUS EX MACHINA in Bayformers. It's probably only useful thing there, that's assuming you can deal with Bayformers itself. Which offers nothing really.

Technorganic is nice, but I don't think shitting out Energon is the way to go. There is Artificial Energon, but depending on the setting it does OK job or it makes you batshit crazy.

Think of natural energon as like a raw beef, it's inedible in it's raw state. Processed energon is like a nice juicy steak. Artificial energon is like a gas station hot dog, it'll do in a pinch but you'd really want that juicy steak.

>> No.38528374

Allspark exists in Animated, too, much less awful to deal with than Bayformers.

>> No.38528379

>I thought the technology thing went away after the jump?
You can use tech fine after the jump - during the jump, just going near a generator would probably make it explode. Post-jump, you could sit on it and cast spells all day without an issue, but actually trying to use the Dresden magic to pull energy out of the thing? Probably not a good idea. (Especially if you're still sitting on it)

>> No.38528385

There didn't seem to be any problems with g1 artificial energon, in fact in that show all energon was artificial.

>> No.38528432

>There is Artificial Energon, but depending on the setting it does OK job or it makes you batshit crazy.

You're probably thinking of Prime and in that its something else actually. Wheeljack made some sort of energon steroid basically. It amped your systems but made you a rage machine.

>> No.38528478

Since when could imported companions take drawbacks? Is this one of those silent assumptions.

>> No.38528492

G1 artificial energon was super easy to make too - just get the empty cubes from Soundwave (he pulled them out of his chest, apparently because it was a rectangle), and stick an energy source to them.
Electrical wires? Sure.
Heavy radioactives? Totes.
The end of a hose spouting crude oil? Why not?

It may not have been a 100% efficient process, but it sure was easy.

>> No.38528496

I dont think they can.

>> No.38528532

That was Ratchet who made that stuff, and it was because he screwed up the formula. Shockwave figured out how to fix it later.

>> No.38528548

Unless the jump specifically says "companions can't take drawbacks", I work under the assumption that they can. There's no rule against it, I think.

>> No.38528598

I think people started thinking they could because some of the jumps (usually the ones that also give points to companions to spend) explicitly said you couldn't have them take drawbacks, and if other jumps didn't say anything, then ...

Doesn't make any sense for them to do it though. I've always figured, whatever drawbacks I take are going to affect them already anyways, so why make their lives even worse?

>> No.38528602

I never intended for companions to be capable of taking drawbacks.

>> No.38528603

> It's probably only useful thing there, that's assuming you can deal with Bayformers itself. Which offers nothing really.

>what is Transformium
>what is a Cyber Seed
>what are space bridge pylons
>what are Cybertronian warships

>nothing in the verse worth anything
Dude. If you can stomach the Bayverse, then there is a fucking TREASURE TROVE of items to grab and stash. It is a freaking gold mine.

>> No.38528618

They can't unless it says so in the actual jump isn't it?

>> No.38528656

>>Nice, Quirky Girl/Tall, Dark and Scraggly (100/200/300CP): You soon meet a Companion of your chosen age, sex, and (non-drop-in) background and hit it off well. They decide to join you for your misadventures. They gain
200CP to spend here per 100CP spent (with appropriate price adjustments). For an extra 50CP you can import a previous companion. Can be bought three times. They cannot take drawbacks or future backgrounds (unless

I think implies they can take drawbacks if you import them.


Most that you can get elsewhere.

>> No.38528665

It's actually the exact opposite. Unless it says a companion can take drawbacks (like in the Naruto jump), they can't take drawbacks.

>> No.38528686

I argue that could mean they can only buy those things if they're imported and the jump importing them specifically allows them to purchase origins or take drawbacks, not a blanket pass to take them in any other jump.

>> No.38528690

It also says in the notes that they specifically can't benefit from drawbacks.

>> No.38528695

Typically it's been 'not unless explicitly stated.'

Then again, good luck getting this lot to agree to anything.

>> No.38528721

I believe that refers to importing them in future jumps manyfist, sot hat you can't just supplement that free 100cp with drawbacks in any jump

>> No.38528749

> Technorganic is nice, but I don't think shitting out Energon is the way to go.
Well, there's also the fact that I'm not interested in subjecting myself to Bayformers. I'm not enough of a Transformer's fan, unfortunately. I am, like... proto-casual. I enjoy a couple of the settings and am either completely indifferent or even hostile to others, and I don't even know most of the lore.

I mean, I actually rolled Bayformers. I totally got a free pass to just basically hand myself the AllSpark, and I chose to spend points to get out of it because there are only like maybe three settings in the series that I actually like AND know anything about. I'm really not the target audience for this sort of thing, I'm afraid.

Anyway, I can always tweak the genes to be more efficient. Genes are cool like that. Mess them enough and they get crazy.
If I actually wanted Energon for anything other than a curiosity, that would be pretty useful, maybe.

But, anyway, I guess anyone who really wants to go all in with the Transformers tech can go full plundering mode in that way.
Red did that. She's a stronger amazon than I.

>> No.38528776

Fuck. That totally kills my build now.

I see. It seems kinda out of place to put that in.

>> No.38528811

I'm on the Magi jump, and I have some questions:

Who are the major movers an shakers in this universe, asides from the protagonists? Who should I try to avoid/actively seek out?

If I kill someone with a Dijin, do I get to keep them, or does the Dijin dispel or something?

If I go Fanalis, how can I switch to my "true form" permanently?

Finally, is there any advice you can give for this jump? I'm not really familiar with it- a cursory glance at the wiki only does so much.

>> No.38528873

>Most that you can get elsewhere.
Yeah, but how many of them will be dropped right in your damn lap?

ALL of the movies happen within 10 years.
ALL of them happen on Earth or the moon.
ALL of them are easily within reach and will work for any cybertronian (especially one as smart as I).

As it stands? I just have to wait before plundering the shit out of everything.

>Red did that. She's a stronger amazon than I.
And they say Red's ego grew three sizes that day. :D

>> No.38528959

War of Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron gives you them pretty much within start. Seeing how it's part their war. Also you can salvage the metal from fallen enemies, it's a bit unethical but hey worse things have happened.

Beast Wars has a lot of technology that's inherit in the setting, thanks to it being a few years after G1.

>> No.38528976

>Who are the major movers an shakers in this universe, asides from the protagonists? Who should I try to avoid/actively seek out?

Anyone with a god damn Djinn is a mover and shaker of the universe. In particular? The fucker known as Sinbad, king of Sindria. That guy is massive OP on a monumental scale.

>If I kill someone with a Dijin, do I get to keep them, or does the Dijin dispel or something?

Unsure of what occurs, really. Nothing like that's popped up yet. However I'd assume that the Djinn would not willingly go with you, the person who killed it's king.

>If I go Fanalis, how can I switch to my "true form" permanently?

I believe going to the Dark Continent and finishing the chain there would let you obtain the Red Lion form. However, as the jump-maker has disappeared from our fair shore I cannot say for certain.

>Finally, is there any advice you can give for this jump?

Hunt down the Dungeons. The Djinn are a powerful, versatile tool that give you:

A strong library of spells associated with that Djinn.
A wise, long-lived advisor that can be called upon at will.
A king with Djinn is taken more seriously than a king who lacks. At least in-universe.

>> No.38529054

>last answer

There's more to it than that. You also gain:

All of the treasure within that dungeon, which includes metric tonnes of gold and other magic items.

The Djinn Equip, an alt-mode / summonable armor set that MASSIVELY boosts your physical and magical might.

A connection with the Rukh - the souls embodied by white butterflies that will follow you post-jump.

>> No.38529129

As far as Mannah goes, I was talking about how she acted in the first game, the first time she worked with the Watchers. She accepted them and their desires because of how much she hated her brother and mother for her treatment.

>> No.38529205

Well I'm hoping there'll be something out there that I can pull energy from reliably, maybe Percy Jackson could help with that by picking something from the Legendary Implements so that it's more magical in nature.

>> No.38529216

There are plenty of idiots to kill early on before they get powerful.

Anybody with Kouen as part of their name.
Open season on all of them, they're all idiots.

>> No.38529238

Oh. Well, yeah, but I'm willing to forgive her for that, on account of she got her ass kicked by Caim and then trotted around with a big sign on her neck that said, "I tried to kill the world with babies."
I mean, Caim decided not to kill her, and I'm pretty sure I can be at least as merciful as CAIM.

Speaking of Caim, I'm probably going to have to straight up murder him, like, without even the pretense of trying to reason with him, because he's motherfucking Caim, and he's trying to crack the world open so that he can save his dragon friend. And I am generally against cracking the world open.
So I've already got Nowe and Caim on my plate, I don't need to piss off the space babies, too.

>> No.38529329

Vanity might be the Devil's favorite sin, but self-righteousness will always be mine.

>> No.38529333

Regarding Dungeons: Is there some sort of indicator about what kind of Dijin inhabits one?

What happens if I enter a Dungeon and don't like the Dijin at the end, can I just nope out of there, or am I bound to keeping them?

How hard are Dungeons to clear, and what are some common threats you can find within?

If you enter a Dungeon, can you escape using skills brought in from other jumps, like teleportation, or are you magically plot bound to finish one once you start?

Also, thanks for the info!

>> No.38529354

You can't kill Caim without his dragon girlfriend, Angel, dying. That's the thing about pact partners. So unless you want the Watchers to win, you better replace Angel as the Goddess or have some other method of sealing the Watchers away for good.

Caim won't mind dying though, as long as you free Angel from her suffering. That's all he wants.

Also kill that bald priest fucker, it's his fault that this is happening. Out of his hate of dragons and his paranoia, he made the bindings on Angel, which would already be painful for her because the pain of it is dependent on the strength of the one being used as a seal, intentionally more powerful and MUCH more painful because he's a fucker. He deserves being offed.

>> No.38529379

My bad.

>> No.38529416

Caim actually already killed Verdelet. He got to him way before the second game even starts. Possibly the moment he heard what happened to Angel through their link, in fact. He was already kicking the guy in the head back when they were on the same side, it's not like there's much holding him back.

>> No.38529433

It's in there in the CYOA. The element of the dungeon's traps and monsters corresponds with the element of the Djinn at the end.

It's less if you don't like the Djinn, more if the Djinn doesn't like you. We had one deny a powerful king because he already had two and was a "playboy."

Dungeons are basically fucking overly powerful and ridiculously hard challenges. YOU WILL BE PUT TO THE TEST TO EARN YOUR FUCKING REWARD.

There is no escaping a Dungeon. Once you start that journey, the only way to escape it is either DEATH, or VICTORY.

>> No.38529439

Well good.

>> No.38529473


As for common threats... Really, there's no commonality or anything. Each dungeon is it's own self-contained, unique gauntlet of OH GOD MY FACE.

And re-iterating on the second question: It does require that you enter a pact with said Djinn. IF you don't want to, hey. You got companions, they can prolly mesh with a Djinn decently.

>> No.38529474

> So unless you want the Watchers to win, you better replace Angel as the Goddess
Fuck no I'm not replacing her. I will however find someone ELSE to replace her.
The amount of crippling pain scales up to power. I'm pretty sure I don't want to go through that as a jumper, no matter how many pain resistance perks I have.

But yeah, that was basically the plan for "Save this fucking broken ass world." I'm gonna make a shitload more seals, and find a new keystone, and all I need is for everyone to Stop Fucking Breaking The Seals You Shitfucks while I'm working on it.

> Also kill that bald priest fucker
As of Drakengard 2, he's already dead. Killed by Caim himself, actually.

>> No.38529495

New and updated, also corrected, version of webmage. Everything should be ironed out in this version. Ages roll changed, webmage 200 tier changed to be corrected seperate perk, fixed a error on faerie rings duration

>> No.38529526

In terms of plot devices you probably can't beat g1. About the only things you can't get are transformium and cyber seeds, and honestly the g1 had no problem converting metal into their futuristic stuff.

>> No.38529541

For those who are so inclined, there's a solid kitsunemimi thread on /h/.

Much fluffy and much lewd.

>> No.38529555

>Fuck no I'm not replacing her. I will however find someone ELSE to replace her.
That's what I meant.

>> No.38529625


Orion Thrax
Gender - Male
Age - 17

- Kingdom of Vale

- Drop-In

- I Should Be Dead by Now (700)

- Jam (400)

- Variable Weapon (350)
-- Import (Hellglaive) (Hellglaive <-> Gauntlets) (325)
-- Heavy (300)
-- Aura Focus (200)

- Iconic Outfit
- Iconic Theme
- Aura for everybody (-100)

- Nice, Quirky Girl x 2 (-400)

- Evolved (-200)
- Cinder's List (0)

>>Alexandria Thrax (Companion)

- Student

- Intellectual
- Tinkerer (350)

- Represent

- Iconic Outfit
- Iconic Theme
- Bigger on Inside (250)
- Dust for dummies pro
- Dust Kit (200)
- A bar of Aurorium (0)

- Variable Weapon (Claymore <-> Rifle)

>>Hooligan Tuesday (Companion)

- Military

- Abs

- Represent

- Iconic Outfit
- Iconic Theme
- A Guide to Grimm
- Prototype Bullhead (100)
- Bigger on inside (0)

So, we arrive in some weird ass place where everyone's soul is shining brightly & that there's cute animal people roaming around but for some reason, everyone is racist against them. There's not much to say here, b/c there's not much to do. Apparently I'm targeted by some stupid criminals, they never learn do they? I don't play around with criminals, & I leave a string of dead bodies around. There's these enemies that everyone fears or something called Grimms, but they still fall pretty quick to my blades. Speaking of which I'm able to transform my oversized hellglaive into gauntlets with blades on them. I think it's pretty cool, because now I can punch for when I get bored & with the blades at the end still as sharp, it's like having two swords. At same time I can still combine them together for the reach and for the splinter rifle function. These Grimms are abnormally growing in strength or so I'm told. However my aura is pretty strong in defeating them, it's color is Blue. After 10 years here we split.

>> No.38530084

I've got absurd amounts of money. Part of my SOP in any modern+ world is to start a megacorp, a process which is one part stock market manipulation, one part hostile takeovers, one part buying politicians, two parts implementing super-efficient robotic factories, and three parts introducing a giant pile of tech to churn out of the things. I've been looting the economies of each world I pass through for over 50 jumps now, and leaving behind wealthier civilizations in my wake.

I take my moneymaking fairly seriously, and it's basically a thing that I do always in every circumstance where it's semi-possible. I think that probably makes me Richest Jumper. Not because no one else could beat me at it, but because I put more effort into it than anyone else cares to.

Pic related. I don't actually do this, but I totally could, and it wouldn't even constitute a major expense. Due to my regular strip-mining of Ages, gold, in particular, is something I have economy-wrecking amounts of.

>> No.38530116

>Only 50 posters.
I wish we were more popular.

>> No.38530148

Aaaaagghh! It's not a liquid! It's a great many pieces of solid matter that form a hard floor-like surface! Aaaaaaagh!

>> No.38530167

This is actually a plot point in one issue of the comic.

Apparently he had to LEARN how to do that somewhere.

>> No.38530239

Why? What on earth could more people do? All it'd do is create many more arguments.

>> No.38530290

Now I sort of want a ducktales jump.

>> No.38530304

Err, sorry to have to say this KOTOR, but that kinda comes off as kinda whiny and needy

>> No.38530334

What kind of challenges are we going up against? If a little kid and his buddies can clear one, I'm not feeling the threat.

For a better reference- I'm 150 odd jumps into my chain. How hard to complete will these Dungeons be for a jumper with that much accumulated power?

>> No.38530384

As a jumper, I am in fact strong and tough enough to 'swim' through a pile of gold coins. It's just not at all comfortable, and it's the kind of thing that's only really funny once. It's on my potential pranks list, though, to be used at some point when a rich asshole is annoying me.

>> No.38530419

You're gauging average success off a Main Character. There are a few things wrong with that.

Mostly as said Main Character is pretty much linked to fate so it'd be easy for the little rascal to clear any of the dungeons. Meanwhile, you'll note that the bodyguard and princeling died that arc.

Also, at 150 you might be good for clearing them. Just don't take the drawback where the dungeons are brought to your level. It becomes fucking impossible because of how much it throws at you then.

>> No.38530420

It's just starting to feel like the cyoa general threads in here. We talk about the same stuff over and over again, there's only a small trickle of content, and pointless arguments are becoming more common.

>> No.38530433

>I wish we were more popular.

>> No.38530462

> Dive into a pile of money.
> Swim through it like water.
> Wave.
> "Come on in! It's great!"
> They dive in after you.
> They break every bone in their body.
> "Haha you stupid asshole."

>> No.38530471

You do realize its Friday night, right?

>> No.38530508

The hell are you on about? There's a new jump every thread or two, arguments have ALWAYS been common and much worse then the ones in general, and people are always talking about new builds. If we were to become more popular, we'd have people talking about old jumps everyone has already done. You're just bitching about it 'cause of nostalgia goggles.

>> No.38530544

Whelp, guess I'm going to have to watch the show to get a better idea of what I'm in for.

Figuring out how to stay a lizard-wolf-beast as a Fanalis will definitely be a goal- iron skin is far better than squishy flesh.

Thanks for the info!

>> No.38530550

Meh. Obvious troll is obvious. KOTOR has issues, but he isn't as whiny a git as you are. Take another swing at it, m80.

>> No.38530558

No problem. IT's actually a pretty swell show.

>> No.38530623

Dude, people have lives you know? They can't always be creating content at every moment. There are tons of WIPs, hell, I have 4 jumps in progress right now, and I know there are plenty of others who are the same.

>> No.38530645

>The 1st 15 seconds of that song
Whoever though that echo would be a good idea should be shot.

The last several threads have all hovered around 50 posters.

>> No.38530684

That just means we have a lot of regulars, who like JC and want to see good content. You do know how much the quality of these threads would lwoer if we jsut had dozens of people casually popping in all the time?

>> No.38530754

>Not appreciating Nada Surf
Holy fuck, are you 12? I used to think you were a grown up, or someone with taste at least.

>> No.38530789

>4 jumps in progress. 4.
Val, you a champ.

In other news...
I'm still slugging through FR jump.
Done 10/16 characters.
So have I have a MC on guitar, two vocalists, Asura keyboardist, Elona Chess King as Harpist, Meowstic on Bells, Exploud on Drums, a guy on guqin, a moogle on synth, a cat on xylophone.

What instruments are left as MUST HAVEs? (Yes, all 16 characters have taken Bard levels to varying degrees)

>> No.38530896

If you want to hear someone talk though a song correctly.


>> No.38530908

Perform (striptease) is always a fun one too. For actual instruments accordion, one man band, and trombone are always fun.

>> No.38530922

>Not posting the superior Shatner Rock

>> No.38530951

>No mention of bagpipes
>No mention of turntables
>No mention of didgeridoo
>No mention of accordion

Do you even ultimatum music?

>> No.38530967

Perhaps some of us just like to lurk, at least until we have something interesting to say (instead of saying anything at all). If you will take the time to glance at the poster count, you'll find that it has now risen by one at the very moment this was posted. I wonder...

>> No.38531062


>> No.38531121

I've never seen a turntable used in an ensemble lol. Same with didgeridoo.

But bagpipes, accordion and trombone are good.

>> No.38531209

Just because you've never seen them used together doesn't mean you can't be a pioneer and INVENT the style! Do slaanesh proud and create an unholy symphony of techno bagpipe polka!

>> No.38531222

>Gold telling someone to do Slaanesh proud

>> No.38531249

>Gold encouraging someone to do Slaanesh proud
What is this heresy.

>> No.38531263

Destroying worlds by invoking Slaanesh with techno bagpipe polka.

>> No.38531291

I have a question about the "Moloch's Razor" perk from the Girl Genius jump. Does it work just on Sparky mad science, or can I use it to call bullshit on any technobabble? Also, how far-reaching is it? If I got to an inventor as he was developing something and hit him with it, could I prevent him from ever being able to produce a certain piece of technology? Because there's part of my "spend fifteen millennia preparing to ruin the life of a single OC villain in a fanfic" plan that would really benefit by being able to point out how impossible his "quantum crystal" weaponry is. It wouldn't actually set him back much, they could easily be replaced in the plot with something more plausible with no real change. I just hate them on a conceptual level. Violating several fundamental laws of physics just so you can make sharper knives is bullshit. If you're going to break material science over your knee, at least do something interesting with the result.

>> No.38531292

I meant more in the sense of making a wonderously clusterfucked musical monstrosity that is rapturous and destructive at the same time, but yeah, slaanesh was the closest I could think of. Am I missing a different deity of volumetric excess and horrible music decisions?

No, skrillex doesn't count

>> No.38531329

Dungeons scale with you, the Dijin within is pretty much an absolute god of the Dungeon and scales the challenge to the people inside. It is always possible if you are a decently intelligent and strong person, if you are above that it will scale with you to require you to work hard. The thing is that they scale to require you to use your abilities at or near the top end of your ability, if you do that you'll win. Though it will require you are clever and have a wide array of knowledge.

>> No.38531380

That changes post-jump if you took the Dungeon Creator ability, though. I asked the creator and they said that without a Djinn to be the master of a Dungeon, you can scale their difficulty level as you personally want. The less challenging the Dungeon the worse the reward, however. So no cheating your way to riches.

>> No.38531408

It's not specified, but I don't get the impression that it's an especially long-lasting effect. You're not permanently crippling a Mad Scientist, you're just messing with whatever madness field powers his devises. Think of it like the Mad Science equivalent of Dispel Magic.

>> No.38531424

>Gold telling someone to do Slaanesh proud

>> No.38531441

Damn. I'll have to find another way, then.

>> No.38531495

Slaanesh was the only god of horrible music I could think of. I know better now - next time, i'll tell people to do kanye west proud.

also, I found a song horrible enough to qualify as an example of what kind of musical monstrosity you can make with techno and a didgeridoo


Please don't ask where i found this

>> No.38531533

Where did you find it?

>> No.38531543

>Slaanesh was the only god of horrible music I could think of.

>> No.38531557

No, sheogorath is the god of dairy products. Get your facts straight, man!

>> No.38531566

It's still certainly useful... indeed, poorly-defined "quantum" effects might literally disappear in a pull of logic when exposed to Moloch's Razor (ie: "Shouldn't observing your weapon collapse its waveform?")

It just won't prevent a mad scientist from making more, because madness. They are explicitly rejecting reality and substituting their own, so telling them that they're wrong nets a shrug. You might shake their confidence in their abilities and/or theories if you KEEP wrecking their stuff, though, and that would actually weaken their powers and/or help you break them.

>> No.38531605

He invented music in TES.

>In the earliest of days, in a time when the world was still raw, Sheogorath decided to walk amongst the mortals. He donned his guise of Gentleman With a Cane, and moved from place to place without being recognized. After eleven days and eleven nights, Sheogorath decided that life among mortals was even more boring than his otherworldly existence.

>"What can I do to make their lives more interesting?" he said to himself. At that same moment, a young woman nearby commented wistfully to herself, "The sounds of the birds are so beautiful."

>Sheogorath silently agreed with her. Mortals could not make the beautiful and inspired calls of birds. Their voices were wretched and mundane. He could not change the nature of mortals, for that was the purview of other Daedric Princes. However, he could give them tools to make beautiful sounds.

>Sheogorath took hold of the petulant woman and ripped her asunder. From her tendons he made lutes. From her skull and arm bones he made a drum. From her bones he made flutes. He presented these gifts to the mortals, and thus Music was born.

>> No.38531611

Dairy products make horrible music if fed to someone who is lactose intolerant
So he IS a god of horrible music

>> No.38531634

Belatedly: I can already do this.

At the end of Clone Wars, I got a scan of the Death Star superlaser prototype and I've been working on it ever since, building it into the Light of Terra as a spinal weapon.

Tell me that isn't truly a planetary-level killing curse.

>> No.38531638

The problem is that in-character he's not a Spark-type mad scientist, he's just several generations ahead of the curve. Everything he makes can be reverse-engineered by other people, he's not violating the physics of his world. So shaking his confidence wouldn't stop it from working. I guess what I really want is the ability to tell the universe that the quantum crystals make no sense, and have it listen. That's probably beyond the scope of a 600CP perk, though. I'm sure I can figure out a combo to prevent them, though. Just haven't hit upon one yet.

>> No.38531658

It isn't. Killing Curse just shuts your body down without damage. A superlaser kills by thermal and mechanical effects. Entirely different mechanism by which it kills you. No, what you need is some sort of areas of effect killing curse, which you then amp up to ridiculous levels through various enhancing technologies (the magic reactor from Super Robot Wars would be a good place to start, I think).

>> No.38531662

Huh...my TES lore knowledge is worse than I remember. I dont recall that bit of his biography, but still...
I...technically have to accept that.


>> No.38531686

Well, I have to admit, you make a spectacular technical arguAVADA KEDAVRA.

>> No.38531706

Hey so uh. I've heard the mantra 'no multiplayer' and the like.

But for real. Why /is/ that a thing?

>> No.38531718

Have you read the multiplayer suppliment? No one survives that shit.

>> No.38531719

Power level arguments.

>> No.38531728

Because anything on /tg/ that has been like this that has had multiplayer has descended rapidly into nothing but shit-flinging. Look at the griping people do about others' builds, and imagine that cranked up to 13.

>> No.38531729

Because a previous CYOA had things turn out terribly due to a multiplayer function. Basically everything ends up with various people saying they could kill other people and take their stuff.

>> No.38531732

Because the second you throw in multiplayer, everything gets fucked to hell - we get bitching about who's powergaming the system, anti-jumper builds, 'NO FUN ALLOWED' shit flinging, and in general just causes everything to devolve to the level of magical realm.

>> No.38531739

Two reasons >>38531719
And because we don't want things to go the way of Magical Realm, where you get assholes who go out of their way to exploit weaknesses in other jumpers just to ruin their day

>> No.38531744



>> No.38531746

Go back and read the Magical Realm thread archives. It started out awesome and quickly turned into shit once multiplayer became a thing.

We won't go out that way.

>> No.38531750

Multiplayer is what killed many a CYOA in the past.

I would tell you the tale of the Realms of Magic, but I'm sure other people know it better than I do.

>> No.38531757

Gotcha, Dungeons are always challenging to those that enter. In relation to that, here's my build:


POINTS: 1400

Start: Qishan (rolled) +protag starting point, unable to enter Amon Dungeon
Age: 31 (rolled) [F]
Status: Fanalis (200) +dark red hair and eyes, superhuman strength

Skills: Assassin +killer instinct, lightning speed, acrobatic ability
Magical Aptitude (300) +close to level of Four Magi, can influence natural events with Rukh
Deep Reservoir (600) +pool of magoi exponentially increased
Magoi Manipulation (300) +infuse strikes with power of Fate- cause horrendous damage, Djinn Equip comes easier

Magic Element: Strength

Dijin: Berith, Djinn of Oath and Lies [F]
-Focus: Ranged Combat
-Elemental School: Strength- specifically, Gravity Manipulation (a sub-type)

Gear: Leather Armor with metal studs
Rucksack fo provisions
Metallic Cestus

Drawbacks: Hunted (200) +slavers after me
Scooped up in Politics (200) +involved in conflict between 7-seas Alliance and Kou, must choose a side and help

I'm taking this after MCU, so I'm figuring Berith's Djin Equip is going to look something like pic related. I'm not sure who I'm going to help win the war, but I know I'm going to try and have my companions hunt for Djinn of their own. My Noivern will be particularly interested in getting a Sound Elemental Djinn, and my Volcarona a Fire Djinn.

How will a Fanalis that can wield magic very well be treated and viewed? How will Magoi Manipulation interact with magic use?

>> No.38531771

Ah yes. The Realms of Magic.

Where a few people, who made their realms, decided to shit upon the fun of others. And as a resulted, twisted the fun adventures into a goddamn nightmare.

>> No.38531785

> he's not violating the physics of his world
> what I really want is the ability to tell the universe that the quantum crystals make no sense, and have it listen

Ah. You don't want to counter his ability to reject your reality and substitute his own, you want to reject HIS reality and substitute YOUR own. Try reality warping?

Personally, if there was weird poorly-explained tech running around for which the existing theories that explain it are patent nonsense, I'd start from the assumption that the theorist is clearly wrong about how the thing works, and puzzle out the real underlying principles myself. Then (particularly if, as seems likely, the tech is being underutilized), I'd make something better with it and outcompete/defeat the original scientist with the result.

>> No.38531816

And those who didn't engage in bullshit, ala shitposting about their invasions, wallowed in autism and shitty ideologies.

See: AngelAnon.

>> No.38531820


They all said it better than I did.

Let us just leave it that a few individuals, one in particular who built his realm in such a way as to be able to invade other realms and take them easily, fucked everything else up. As much as I'd love to hang out with some of you folks?

We'd wind up with more rapestate, murderstate, jumper-killer, fun-hater anons than you could say 'WHOOPSIE.'

>> No.38531843

Oh, I know I can do that. I just don't want that tech to exist in the first place. It has several implications for the field of material science that bug me. Why bother coming up with new materials if you've got something that's nearly indestructible and can be worked so finely as to hold a picometer-thick edge? It feels like you might as well give up on that front, makes it kind of boring.

>> No.38531847

See, I was more meaning Legion.

>> No.38531850

Sit, fellow anon, and allow me to explain.

There was once a CYOA called 'Magical Realm'. It was not meant to be multiplayer, but there was so much discussion and friendly talks between multiple builders that it was shrugged and allowed. It was all fine and dandy... but then you had people who turned their builds into ones specifically meant to kill other people and harvest their power. You had people who made builds specifically to assimilate and mind-rape anyone they dragged into their world. Now without any rules, how could you stop it without it being a dick waving contest? All it could come down to is people screaming at each other that their way is the best way. Eventually the CYOA owner made a supplement which ENCOURAGED it, and as such it caused the CYOA to devolve into a steaming pile of dickshit as we became awash in a sea of murderhobos, any sense of camaraderie destroyed by the Highlander situation.

It is that experience which makes for no multiplayer here. It would immediately delve into jumper-killer builds and "I minmaxed better than you" and so forth. There would be no adventure or excitement or achievement, only the dick-waving of those who want to kill all, and those scared to even go on the journey for fear of getting ambushed and killed. It would be a massive 'Hunger Games' esque situation, only with much more shit and much more cockflinging.

A lot of us really want to avoid that. It's all fun and games until someone goes "well you suck so I win" and turns it all into shit.

>> No.38531885


>> No.38531890

Do you WANT MoeAnon to start wanking more about how he ate X jumper and obtained everything from them including their Warehouse key / Portal?

>> No.38531915

After One Piece falling into water just stops you from using that fruit doesn't it?
Imagine how annoying it would be to have that happen after eating the Human-Human fruit, "Oh shit I'm dumb again!".

>> No.38531962

It prevents fruit abilities from activating while submerged, yes. In the case of zoans, you can't transform into your zoan/hybrid form. in the case of a human who ate the human human fruit though, I'd say it doesn't really do much, as you don't HAVE a form to shift into. Whether it affects your intelligence or not...well, i'll leave that to your imagination, but just as a general rule of thumb, you don't want to stay in water for long if you're wanting to use a fruit ability out-of-world.

>> No.38531994


OKAY. Okay. I get it. Thank you for the reasonable responses instead of telling me to fuck right off.

>> No.38532022

Hey /jc/ is reasonable sometimes. Nothing wrong with asking questions.

>> No.38532024

Now if only we could do something about people's rampant desire to nerf a single player game.

>> No.38532026

Normally I'd bitch at you about having a grudge, but I can't deny that it's the sort of thing he'd do.

He'd probably kill QS first because of his irrational hatred of low-powered jumpers.

>> No.38532041

Oh look, the Red hater is back.

>> No.38532045

Oh fuck off already

>> No.38532059

Your vacation over already? Give it a minute and you'll say something retarded enough to earn another one.

>> No.38532063


>> No.38532079


Damnit people, we almost did it! We almost looked cool and reasonable and responsible for a second there!

>> No.38532082


>> No.38532091

nah, I'm indifferent to Red.

Never been banned. I'm not whoever you think I am.

Be glad to, soon as the reflexive nerfing stops.

>> No.38532094

Listen to this anon.
So question for those awake and have companions or just friends in a jump do any of you teach any of your powers to them? Or people you can trust?

>> No.38532104

Hey! I resent that. We looked cool and responsible for like, thirty seconds or something. Stop belittling our achievements!

>> No.38532115

>Be glad to, soon as the reflexive nerfing stops.
If you're so pissed off about it, just ignore the nerfs and don't tell us. Is that really so hard?

>> No.38532130


Yeah, true. . .I guess. We did good for a moment there. . .

>> No.38532131

Yeah, its pretty much a cornerstone of my build. 99% of my companions are my pokemon, and they get the benefit of everything i could conceivably bestow upon them that they desire, from biological/cybernetic augmentation, magic, psionics, and everything in between.

>> No.38532147

Damn, there's always one asshole with an opinion to ruin it for the rest of us. Better luck next time I guess.

>> No.38532158


Yup, companion builds have a ton of tools to work with, and Stasis Pods allow you to turn anyone into a companion. It's great. Psychonauts, Naruto and Forgotten Realms have really great imports that age really well the earlier you take them in a run.

>> No.38532193

>Is that really so hard?
Yes actually, since most of the time the nerfs involve rewriting parts of the jumps entirely, and I don't necessarily have a copy of the pre-nerf version of the jump, and in some cases, shit gets nerfed before the jump is even published. nor will I always know when it has happened. no, it's not possible to just ignore the nerfs.

>> No.38532202

Every single companion is a multiclasser. Actually I have a cat that summons enough minions to make an encounter seem like a boss fight.

>> No.38532206

> Companions
Uh, yeah; I totally teach powers and such to my Companions. They're the ones who follow you around, you'd better trust them! I import my Companions whenever possible, and teach them what I can of non-importable powers when that's a thing that can happen.

Possible exception being pic related; my relationship with him has its ups and downs, and he's possibly a treacherous demon that's just using me to gain power.

Also, I tend to distribute power in other ways, so any world I pass through tends to wind up with a bunch of other empowered individuals who aren't me. Firstly, that's because I interpret GMG's Extra Allies as 'empower X individuals' instead of Pink Tide, and I've been doing that since jump one. Beyond that, I have since gained a number of other good empower-arbitrary-people abilities (RWBY's Aura is probably the most notable of these); accordingly, I habitually set up a number of schemes to entrust suitably moral individuals with superpowers.

>> No.38532213

If it gets nerfed before you even see it, is it really a nerf? Not being philosophical, genuinely asking.

>> No.38532219

Yeah, it kinda is. Just ask for the previous version then, or just look for it in the archives or get someone to tell you the difference. Of course, it seems you'd just rather us all bow to your every whim, so there's not much point discussing this eh?

>> No.38532262

I've said it before, and the dumb fucks will probably make me say it again, but if you have such a massive problem with the 4chan JC community, SpaceBattles is accepting applications.

>> No.38532272

It's the attitude players have, that I object to. Builds in progress will be discussed in the thread, and people will talk the jump-makers out of some potentially really cool shit, just because they feel it unbalances things.

>> No.38532279

>summoner cat

Dear Jump-Chan in meta, how horrifying. What does it usually summon?

>inb4 more cats
>inb4 you're Dwarf Fortress in disguise

>> No.38532313

FR...god FR. I've still got 6 more companions to flesh out and find a level 10 build for. (I had 36 in total)

>> No.38532358

Question about the harvest moon jump. The Blue Feather only works if they agree to marry you. What happens if they don't agree to? Can you re-use the feather on someone else, or is it wasted?

>> No.38532388

You can re-use the feather on someone else.

>> No.38532397

It seems to only work on those you have fallen in love with so you can use it one someone else if they don't marry you.

>> No.38532402

When I eventually return home to earth will my actions actually effect media here?
Would I be in FMA alongside Ed in the manga? Hanging out with Cyclops in the X-men comics?

If so I bet I could freak out a lot of people by showing how I'm in every god damn series ever.

>> No.38532406

Like momma always used to say, if she don't take your hand, take the ring.

>> No.38532411

Balance isn't solely about nerfs, anon. Sometimes, there are buffs.

Personally, I maintain that the point of balancing shouldn't be "inter-jump balance" (which is a joke), it should be internal balance. In a well-written jump, all abilities of equal CP value should be equally worth taking. Sometimes, that means restraining some initial overzealousness in ability descriptions; ideally, this should be done before a jump is released at all. That's not so much a 'nerf' as it is a part of the jumpmaking process; a writer editing their own work to make sure they present compelling options.

I tend to agree, actually. I've been criticized in both the thread and the IRC for not nerfing Cheat Mode in response to the existence of Unholy Heights, but that's not something I'm ever planning on doing. In matters of inter-jump balance, all I'll do is state my opinion on how a combination works; I'm not going to change things after the fact because an interaction is 'too powerful'.

I'm not in the majority here, though.

>> No.38532413

Was the Elona black cat, so it came naturally with a magic dart, eye of insanity, and drain blood spell.
After FR, it could summon a Triceratops,a Manticore,Wights,Rhinoceros,Blink Dogs (Teleporting Dogs), Lilend Azatas(Snake elves),Vulpinal Agathions (Magic Fox humans),Wolverines (the animal), Small fire elementals,Dogs, Eagles, Giants. It also had an Ent companion.

It also learned spells to drop antimagic fields selectively, haste the group (The cat's own group), drop mass invisibility spells, and produce mirror images.

It's now become MAIN SUMMONER.

>> No.38532429

FR Jump needs be renamed to D&D 3.5 Jump. What I would do is rework the drawbacks. They don't even fit 3.5. Get rid of any FR reference (There's only a few) and set it in Greyhawk (Default DND World) or just keep it setting neutral. "big city" "small city" type deal. Give little more details on the classes wouldn't hurt.

It needs some fine tuning. The guy literally made it in one night, and some change. I mean what's with the pig?

>> No.38532437

Eh, I do agree with you abotu Inter jump balance. People shouldn't think of specific jumps in regards to buffs or nerfs. They should keep in mind that other jumps exist though, and they are a part of the community, which is something I beleive some makes forget.

>> No.38532491

I seriously don't understand the pig reference. When I went through the jump I didn't even bother with the Pig and Archdemon drawbacks. Just went ponderous spellcaster (I thought 3.5 already limited spells per day?) and inattentive.

Having 16+ companions around really negated the effects of inattentive.

The choice of classes was also really bizarre. Like I couldn't find any info on the Dragon Compendium Savant online.

>> No.38532526

But frankly, the existence of one jump should not mean a previously existing jump should be changed. It just sets a precedent for retroactive nerfing. That'll probably destroy most people's builds.

>> No.38532553

Yeah, while I can understand /why/ some people might be annoyed with that particular combo, this anon makes a damn good point about precedence.

>> No.38532577

>but that's not something I'm ever planning on doing.

You, sir, have my respect.

>> No.38532584

Cheat Mode's fucking retarded to begin with anyhow. But asking to nerf it in response to other jumps is stupid.

>> No.38532615

Well, Cheatmode is pretty easy to exploit; I would use it on the items I spend CP on. But it's also 1200-1300 CP. Meh, I dunno.

>> No.38532622

Sure. Other jumps exist, and there are 'standards', and so on. Jumps generally give choice of backgrounds, and a list of locations you roll on, and so on. As for power level, it's generally agreed that certain kinds of abilities are off the table; for instance, you can't grant arbitrary interdimensional transport (that defeats the point of Jumpchain). Also, it's increasingly becoming good form to adhere to other sorts of conventions, like offering companion imports and such to give companion-havers a chance to play around. A lot of that convention isn't necessary, certainly, but adhering to community standards is the classy thing to do.

>> No.38532700

You know I think it's only 8 active companions. Even if you have more. All you're doing is paying for inactives to have same opportunities as active ones.

Spell limits per day were so easy to get around. As for classes, he stuck like every class he could find in there. Yet there's little if anything on the class except for short description. Limiting it to SRD would've been more ideal. Especially those ignorant of DND would think a Samurai would be a good class. Despite it being a Fighter that is pigeonholed into one build. Complete Warrior suffered a lot from early 3.5its in that they really didn't want give Melee any good options. Gish classes were too "OP" so they were hit with nerf bat.

Later on they decided to hell with it and gave players options that totally would break the average game. They tried to balance things in 4e, but ended up turning it into something else.

5e I think strikes a decent balance, It felt deadlier that's for sure. Yet the Jump is 3.5 and I just think that it needs more attention given to it. Also a rename so that someone who wishes to do a FR Jump in a more traditional Jump way, could do so.

>> No.38532740

>Spell limits per day were so easy to get around.
Out of curiosity, how do YOU get around Vancian daily spell limits?

>> No.38532758

Couldn't you flub it with time magic from another jump? Not the anon you're back and forthing with, but I've been wondering if that'd work.

>> No.38532783

Blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch why didn't this anon do a jump MY way?

>> No.38532809

The wording is so vague that I have no clue (I just went with fanwanking) - and by that point my top 8 companions were strong enough to fight even with most things in FR solo.

I asked around on how many levels one could expect to gain in a 10 year span and got a wide variety of answers, so I just ended up giving everybody ten levels. Could've fanwanked 20 levels, but didn't see the point.

Never realized Archivist could be such an OP class.

>> No.38532816

TO be honest, it's pretty poor quality, and a lot of the stuff is just pasted from a wiki or book. It's not unfair of him to at least ask for some effort to be put into the jump.

>> No.38532847

See that was the feedback I wanted to get when I posted the RO Jump...whether the actual content was of an acceptable quality or not. Probably should just ask outright for the next jump in the assembly line.

It's one thing to have a balanced Jump, it's another to have a high quality, well worded balanced Jump.

>> No.38532854

Time magic is helpful, as the hard limits on spell preparation are all time-based:

>To prepare her daily spells, a wizard must first sleep for 8 hours. The wizard does not have to slumber for every minute of the time, but she must refrain from movement, combat, spellcasting, skill use, conversation, or any other fairly demanding physical or mental task during the rest period. If her rest is interrupted, each interruption adds 1 hour to the total amount of time she has to rest in order to clear her mind, and she must have at least 1 hour of uninterrupted rest immediately prior to preparing her spells. If the character does not need to sleep for some reason, she still must have 8 hours of restful calm before preparing any spells.

>Recent Casting Limit/Rest Interruptions
>If a wizard has cast spells recently, the drain on her resources reduces her capacity to prepare new spells. When she prepares spells for the coming day, all the spells she has cast within the last 8 hours count against her daily limit.

>Spell Preparation Time
>After resting, a wizard must study her spellbook to prepare any spells that day. If she wants to prepare all her spells, the process takes 1 hour. Preparing some smaller portion of her daily capacity takes a proportionally smaller amount of time, but always at least 15 minutes, the minimum time required to achieve the proper mental state.

3.5's usual trick involves The Suspiciously Convenient Demiplane Where Time Passes Faster.

>> No.38532860

At higher levels, going to or making time accelerated planes or certain magic exploits. There's also a sleeping bag that restores your slots in an hour, but you can only use any version of it once every 48 hours.

At lower levels, there's a variety of neat items and spells that let you switch out your prepared spells (Spell Engine?), spontaneously cast other spells (Runestaves in particular, but also things like Spontaneous Divination and CD Dweomerkeeper), and some nastier combos by exploiting dips and broken feats (involving shadowcraft mage, persistomancer, etc), along with the storing of spells (Greater Shadow Conjuration of Shalantha's Disc is an old favorite, but there are probably some alternatives that restore your slots).

Oh, and the best one of all: magic item crafting. There are so many books that you can probably find an item that does what a spell does, but better and permanently, and if not, you can just drag out the custom item rules.

>> No.38532884

It's constructive criticism. I'm pointing out that it's so hastily made that it needs some work. I'm not asking for the entire thing to be remade, just that cutting out the current drawbacks. Put one that's more related to D&D (more Elder Evils less Pig). Cut out FR references would make it what it really is, a 3.5 Jump.

RO Jump is fine, I quite like it. I honestly don't know enough of the game to give any help. However I do know D&D.

>> No.38532916

You say that last part because you want to make a 5e (or god forbid) 4e FR jump because of your hateboner.

>> No.38533022

For some reason this DnD talk is making me want a pathfinder jump. Which is strange because I have never even played in the core pathfinder world (Glorion or whatever it is... heck if I know) Anyways if generic 3.5 gets a jump I would like a pathfinder jump. Though does anyone know if their campaign setting has enough stuff to be it's own jump?

>> No.38533034

Finally, after ten thousand years in civ, I'm free! Time to conquer... wait, I did that already.

>> No.38533043

Eh, I don't want to make a FR Jump. I will however be doing the FR Games (Baldur's Gate, NWN, and IWD).

>> No.38533045

>I'm not saying to completely re-do it, just re-do the entire drawback section, change the setting, change all the fluff, oh, and stop calling it Forgotten Realms so I can make it.

>> No.38533047

....dude, those are FR jumps.

>> No.38533063

My current run probably has me as the worst in my team at dispensing powers. The only one that's really me instead of an item I picked up or imports is me tutoring them in Haki and the occasional prototype Demon Tool. Meanwhile Louise is technically responsible for my innate understanding of magic, Tinker McNotfranky is going full on supertech with his stuff as of worm and is distributing it to the rest of us freely, and Babbage could do a decent impression of Commander Shepard Paragon version (admittedly he doesn't actually give out powers but leadership plus Number Man means he's absurdly good for coordination). Captain Fishface is probably the only one not giving out stuff (aside from Pacifista blueprints to McNotfranky thanks to McNotfranky's Tinker specialty). Also I've got the Arrow and apply it liberally to those I feel would do well with it (Whitebeard and Legend both got Stands for instance).

>> No.38533071

Eh, there's a difference between a jump based off the 3.X Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and one based off a CRPG set in the Forgotten Realms. Admittedly, it's a subtle difference.

>> No.38533082

FR Jumps but not FR Setting Jump. There's a difference, it's mostly going to focus around the storyline rather than world as a whole.

What fluff? Literally the only thing that's FR related is the roll locations & Drizz't. Everything else seems to be generic D&D 3.5.

It's a difference, like you could have a Planescape Torment Jump at the same time a Planescape Jump or Spelljammers Jump.

>> No.38533103

Given that we have both Madoka and MGN, Marvel and Marvel Cinematic Universe, I don't see any reason not to make those game jumps

>> No.38533105

If I didn't trust them enough to teach them my skills they wouldn't be traveling with me. They are family, even the ones who are kind of jerks. Unless it is something that could inherently dangerous or has a high chance of causing corruption sure. I am taking them in to some terrible places they need to be armed to defend themselves.

>> No.38533107

The Drizzt drawback was hilarious. The chance of you getting the Legendary Drow to turn good if he didn't have his plot protection is pretty much nil. Hell you'd probably have a hard enough time getting to him.

>> No.38533145

There are some very useful spells for "helping him realize his true calling". Admittedly they tend to be the really high level stuff but it's fairly simple to do. If you've got Ediect Memory and ever read the novels you can even make him think the same stuff happened. Or you can just use out of jump psionics to do it.

>> No.38533204

Frankly I'm with Many on this one. The only bits really tied to the Realms in particular are a couple drawbacks and the location roll. Other than that it's more of a generic 3.5 jump than a Faerun jump. Maybe instead of going Greyhawk have it be that setting is determined by location roll.

I'm not saying it's a bad jump, just that it would work better with some tweaks.

Would it help if I mentioned stupid_dog has an ~80% done Forgotten Realms jump he's currently shelved due to getting pre empted?

>> No.38533215

Oh. I interpreted it differently and thought the drawback made Drizzt "Drow #92156 of House Unknown" so he wouldn't have any social status or skill from birth.

Would have thought that the Drow would have just looked at him and went "A male? I don't want a male. Toss him out to die." and killed him off.

Admittedly with a high power Jumper I guess you could just directly mind control half the place or massacre enough Drow until you stamp them into submission...

>> No.38533223

No, it wouldn't. Stop trying to retcon jumps for your sake.

>> No.38533263

It helps alittle. Though i'd rather stupid_dog just finish his and then have them both for people to decide what one they want to use.

>> No.38533274

> dat spoiler
Yes. Yes that would indeed help. All hail stupid_dog. He's earned the right to do whatever he likes.

>> No.38533283

No, this jump is already done. Leave it be.
>stupid_dog has earned the right to shit all over everyone.
No, this is a stupid standard.

>> No.38533286

Because stating that there are issues with a jump is being a selfish prick.

FR jump is a rush job that the maker's left hung out to dry.

>> No.38533295

Stating there's are problems isn't.

Starting a campaign to try and destroy it and replace it with your personally approved version after it's already done? Fucked up.

>> No.38533303

While I do agree the FR jump is crap, we also should not be doing any sort of replacement like this. It sets a very bad precedent.

>> No.38533321

Thank you, we finally agree on something. It's horrible from the perspective of creator's rights to try and dash their work apart and throw it out for personal reasons just so your friend can replace it. Things would rapidly go downhill for us if it started happening, and fewer people would want to write for you if they knew you'd do this to them.

>> No.38533326

All this arguing about the FR jump, when we have two friggin' Metalocalypses.

How come nobody has bitched out Alera or FFTA about them?

>> No.38533351

Because that was a mistake, and one that, as sad as it is to say, got let past because most people didn't care that much about those jumps.

>> No.38533352

That was an accident, not on purpose.

>> No.38533402


Okay, well. Are we gonna have a double standard?

Which one should be removed?

>> No.38533422

>Double standard.
There is no double standard because this isn't the same situation.

In one, two people knew nothing about each other and released the jumps nearly at the same time.

In this, one jump was finished and released weeks ago, now some people are trying to campaign that it's okay to spit into a jump maker's eye and throw their work out so their friend cane make their own version to replace it. This second jump is not even finished.

>> No.38533432

It was considered fine because both were reasonable people and the jumps were very different, and the fact that neither maker knew that the other was done. However, if we did allow this, eventually we'd have people altering other jumps or making versions that give powers that suit specifically them. It's best to just move past it

>> No.38533464

How is it throwing someone's work out by making a jump for the same world that another jump maker has done? What is the problem with multiple jumps for the same world?

>> No.38533467

Because this is billed as a replacement and because they occupy the same place, setting, and time.

>> No.38533476

I'm not saying overwrite it. I'm hoping the creator is still around and willing to consider my points. Otherwise there's always the possibility of doing subsetting jumps.

>> No.38533514

Because it was a "Whoops" moment and we both decided it wasn't worth working a fuss up about who started it first and who made a better jump, as well as us not minding sharing the same setting.

>> No.38533515

Eh. When he dropped it, he said it was staying as is. He was done working on it after a night rush job.

>> No.38533537

Whatever you're saying, what you posted and suggest has annoyingly created a small push for that.

>> No.38533541

He actually updated it a few times.

>> No.38533548

Well, that and a week long refinement process that you're conveniently forgetting.

>> No.38533550

I have no problem with there being subsetting jumps. The only niche that the current FR jump has is in unlimited companion import. I chose to ignore the "top 1%" perks, because frankly, for those things to be consistent across Jumps would just skew things.

I also didn't realize, coming in with no 3.5 understanding, that Master Craftsman was a General Feat. At which point I didn't know if the 300 CP perk was supposed to overlap that, or if it was something entirely different.

If OP is around on this, is there any clarification?

>> No.38533625

Only thing I'm turning up by that name is a homebrew feat, or Pathfinder, and the Pathfinder one wouldn't even compare as its a plus 2 bonus and allowing you to enchant at a higher level.

>> No.38533640

Well clearly it shouldn't be a replacement.However I can't really see anything wrong with two jump makers making the same jump. You can choose the one you like best.

>> No.38533654

Sure anon, and what happens when someone takes a jump and alters it cause they don't like something? We'd have shitstorms of epic proportions, like we did a while back.

>> No.38533655

How about you read the posts Valeria and I have made about the subject?

>> No.38533687

You're not on here much are you. There are a few jumps that were supposed to be like that to begin with, but people bitched and cried fanwank until the jump-maker capitulated.

>> No.38533804

I'm trying to figure out what's different about RWBY 4a and 4b. Is it just a really subtle change or...?

>> No.38533812

One version gives the relevant Companions CP in each subsequent jump. It's the same ability as the Assistant, found in only those two jumps.

The idea is... divisive, to put it mildly.

>> No.38533841

....Oh great....I keep finding landmines like these everywhere I go.

>> No.38533859

Count yourself lucky they haven't gone off then.

>> No.38533891

Yeah, it's best to just move on quietly. No need to wake the dragon.

>> No.38533907

Of course, it's much better to attack when it is asleep.

>> No.38533979

Sorry life keeps pulling me away from the computer so I missed a few posts.

You see /tg/ this is why we can't have nice things. I want to say that there won't be any plagiarism or bitching but there has been both already... So I guess your right.

>> No.38534051


And that, is why y'all fuckers don't have a Bastion jump.

...But seriously. If a jump is obviously better AND the author agrees, isn't it alright to replace the damn thing? We lost, like, several settings this way already. It's the same argument as with making end-jumps - settings are lost forever.

And I sure as fuck am not seeing anyone bitch about the upcoming Worm jump. Hypocrites.

>> No.38534061

That's cause worm anon is making it moron.

>> No.38534070

There has been a lot of bitching about worm in the past.

>> No.38534078

Firstly, no one was arguing against it if the authro gave permission. The author has not given permission in the case of FR and is unlikely to. We certainly haven't lost settings either, unless you're referring to quality in which case it's mostly a matter of opinion.

>> No.38534104

I thought the reason we don't have a Bastion jump is because I'm a lazy fucker who never completes any of the projects he starts. Are you telling me someone else started one and never finished? I don't know how to feel about that.

>> No.38534113

I think there are two other people that have started and not finished a Bastion jump, for various reasons.

>> No.38534126

Wow. We kind of suck, don't we? I feel bad now.

>> No.38534152

Eh, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated sometimes, especially with how riled people get in /jc/. I think it's fine if someone isn't able to finish a jump, nothing wrong with acknowledging your limits.

>> No.38534156

Worm was initially beig made by Worm-Anon, the one on the drive was Somefaggit's made during a period of inactivity from Worm-Anon. The new one currently in pastebin is them collaborating, admittedly with Worm Anon taking the fore.

>> No.38534187

Yeah, but I've never finished any of the jumps I've started on. And I've started on a LOT. Fuck it. This weekend, I'm making a complete jump come hell or high water. I don't know what it will be, it might wind up being something so niche no one understands it, but I'm going to make one.

>> No.38534414

For what it's worth-I find it hard to imagine anything being more incomprehensible than Problem Sleuth

>> No.38534837

Do any jumps provide selective invisibility? That let's you choose who sees?

>> No.38534860

if you go to Doctor who you might be able to pick up a perception filter, that basically does that.

>> No.38534866

I think Mark of the NInja jump's secret origin has something like that actually

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