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> What is Chapter Master?
A Space Marine Chapter management simulator with mechanics resembling Master of Orion II and with amounts of FUN not unlike Dwarf Fortress. Also aims to be part King of Dragon Pass in the future.

> Where do I download it?
See Obligatory Links below


> Does anyone have the weapon stats?
Since the release of ver. 0.635, all weapons and armours have stats now in the game. After the GRAND UPDATE (0.65), Relics also have their stats shown in the Librarium.

> Where do I find the changelog?
See Obligatory Links below

>Special report:
Duke's attempts to find a replacement coder didn't go that well. It turns out that the reason he needed to hand it off in the first place was that he ran out of money and needed to actually support himself and not starve. Therefore, a new solution has been proposed:


The more money Duke gets, the more time he will be able to dedicate to the project.

Current version: 0.6536 (apparently)

Thought for the day: something something Emperor god does anyone even read this



what that means is to make sure your save file doesn't say ERROR before you close the game. if it does, save it in the next available file.


> Extra Challenge
Post your Custom Chapters and their fluff you made.

OBLIGATORY LINKS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Nzrd1k9qtyj05vwfHV2adh4udouxBCMjMTrxeRPZaWk/edit

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Unfortunately I don't have the new patch notes.

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respond fuckers

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"Small patch. The stuff I have planned will take me a little while to complete, so I figured I'd upload at least something right now. This also gives people time to get a feel for ship controls and give feedback before the next update.


Major Changes:
If your Chapter Master is present in a fleet battle all of your ships become controllable. You can rectangle-box select ships with left click, or select them individually, and then order them to attack or move by right clicking.

Other Changes:
Kings of Space advantage added. Allows control of ships, in a battle, even without the Chapter Master present, in addition to general buffs.
Passwords have been changed for March.
Dreadnoughts in Unit Settings may no longer be assigned all weapons, Gear, or Mobility items."

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I think he meant 'cheat codes'.

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>Thought for the day: something something Emperor god does anyone even read this

Put some effort in OP, the details count

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>None of my Marines are at the muster point for a crusade, take massive diplomacy hit
>This is in spite of the fact that a fuckhuge Ork fleet destroyed the Imperial fleet there and my contribution to the crusade
>Literally the turn before the crusade was due to launch

Does anyone else think that Orks shouldn't build battleships so goddamn fast? They're literally unbeatable in space if you;re not a Fleet-based chapter, and even then it's close. Six battleships and six escorts but no cruisers in about four turns, how does that even work?

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Just downloaded it yesterday ... this is actually some pretty damn fun shit.

Only problem is that I feel like I have such an incredibly small force. I know it can wreck shit, but I'll be damned if it isn't the smallest force out there.

I haven't tried Fleet Based yet, but I'm thinking it may be better in every way at the moment.

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Their spaceships are probably wood and tape held together by the waaagh.
I bet they just have shitty wooden doors for airlocks, and when it's closed(even if there are bulletholes in it) it keeps in atmosphere because orcs have no concept of physics.

If I were in the 40k universe, do you think painting myself gren, talking in an accent, and behaving like a gretchin would fool them into letting me waaagh?
>I perform well enough that I fool them int believing I'm a real Ork
>over time my body is transformed into one by the waaagh
>krump squigs, get teef

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There are cheat codes?

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Yes. Hit P when in the game.

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I never actually knew this. How do people find the passwords anyways?

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Duke provides as a Patreon bonus. I don't really agree with it, but it's the choice he made.

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hehe I love that picture.
Btw the anon who was doing all the artwork two threads ago wouldn't happen to be around would he? I lost my void falcons symbol in the update because I had it as "custom 1" and forgot to back it up before the overwrite. I tried restoring previous version but that didn't give me the beautifully cleaned up one

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Is siege masters worth it? If the enemy is not going to attack me until there are defenders left it means I won't use fortifications that much anyway

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Is there any way to actually destroy the tau? It seems like they immediately make worlds 100% corrupt and endlessly regenerate.

>> No.38450471

You could just bombard the shit out of the planet and kill everyone

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But even with 0 population the planets read "Extreme" for corruption, and tau just magically appear the next turn, even with no tau anywhere else in the system.

>> No.38450538

If the planet has corruption but 0 population, then you need to pick the "selective purge" option to bring it down. Personally I just don't fuck with the tau and I don't plan to until exterminatus is a thing

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ok just dled the chapter customization thing and i can't read russian. how do you change it to english?

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Whenever I clean planets of Tyranids the name of the planet and system remains in pink.
No more 'nids appear, and nothing bad happens. It just pisses me off more than it should.
>Clean system of space bugs
>0 population on all affected planets
>heresy rises for some reason
>"cults appear on Planet x"
>traitor forces spotted on the planet
I laughed it off and let it continue to see what would go down
>more forces appearing at the planet spontaneously
>daemons as well
Truly, the warp is an amazing thing.

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Exterminate the PDF (this is very important), eliminate whatever Tau regular forces are present, and then purge purge purge until the world name turns gray again

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Do I detect a flickering in your resolve, Brother?

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is there any disadvantage to using chaos crap other than the inquisition going nuts if they find out?

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You accidentally all the daemons.

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This, I've literally had a Master of Change come out of a tainted artifact before

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I actually liked it.

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it is, or the first founding chapters. Since a whole chapter can curbstomp pretry much anyrhinf without any or much losses, your biggest weakness is Space combat. Although that may change now with space combat tactics prototype.

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Hey guys finally decided to make a custom image for chapter master but every 144x144 pixel .png image I make does not appear in the game?
How you do it?

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No. You detect no blasphemy.
the Inquisition did though.

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Please inform us of how this battle goes
also how many fucking turns it takes jesus christ

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By not being a faggot.

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If it's anything like the old versions the IG deletes you instantly. The Guardmen don't matter, but their tonks and artillery riperoni your pepperoni

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get a load of this guy

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>riperoni your pepperoni


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No cause in the new versions sometimes they forget that you guys are fighting and the just stand around and get killed. It takes fucking forever

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So ... I just had my chapter crumble. For no god damn apparent reason. The Hive Fleets made two planets lose contact ... and then I tried avoiding said fleets ... and then the "Chapter has crumbled" screen came up. Okay, I'll just accept that everyone just up and went into the warp.

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I feel much more comfortable like this. This is the correct way to play.

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Were that not so heretical I might be slightly bemused at your determination and notify you this raised a small chuckle out of me.

However it is heresy of the highest order so prepare to be purged traitor

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bro eldar helping me against some chaos nerds

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Is this... Khornate? I can never quite tell if my strange-mood-techmarines are crazy or useful.

>> No.38457745

I like your Techmarine.

You could try giving him a Chain Axe and sending him into battle and see if he starts screaming things about blood and letting the galaxy burn.

>> No.38457825

He's actually a mekboy

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I didn't actually finish the battle, it was probably a hundred turns later and they had yet to attack despite taking thousands of losses.
Like >>38456449 said.

Honestly this feature is pretty accurate to the lore, the imperial guard dying in droves without even scratching me.
Sucks that it pretty much wastes my time though, I have to force close the game and reload a save.

Unrelated to that, I found a small Eldar fleet in a random system, not marked on my map but I could attack them. They got dropped like flies and then sent me hate mail. Due to the IG incident I reloaded to before they hate me and am now wondering if they have a base nearby.
Most of the xenos are chill, even the orks aren't awful. I haven't talked to a chaos lord or other chapters yet.
Tau are so boring though.

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Next substantial release when?

>> No.38458421

They're probably just helping you hoping they won't get their Craftworld slaughtered by your captain.

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Post your face when Duke adds chaos worshiping and proto-piracy(jumping from sector to sector stealing things)

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A week and a half or so.

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>yfw he adds a "Wacky galaxy mode" with crazy shit like dread-pocs and termies with bikes and scouts duel wielding force staffs and the game goes full rogue trader mode

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>Rogue Trader mode
I would love it.
What is a dread-poc though?

>> No.38459472

a dreadnaught apocatary.

>> No.38459498

>you might feel a small pinch...

>> No.38459914

That makes me think... How many mechadendrites or servo-arms can you fit on a Dreadnaught?
They could be ultimate techmarines. Especially with their enhanced lifting strength when given powerfists.

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It's not for no reason. When you flee space battles you still can get caught. Usually if forces of enemy are big, but not that big and you flee, your escorts stay to hold off enemy and you still lose ships, but not those precious ones like frigates or battle barges.

On the other hand, Hive Fleets tend to be massive and if you want to escape with only couple of shits, you'll get eaten no matter what.


Maximum Heresy


That's pretty bro, man. So far I played Chapter Master with Ultramarines like 2 times and now Lamenters and even though it's 600 cycle I still didn't encounter Tau or Eldar. Sadz.

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How do I get my hands on those STC fragments? Unloading marines on the ground and nothing happens

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How many marines can be sent to destroy a necron tomb world before it wakes up?

>> No.38461482

Not many, 10 maxilul if it's not awoken. Give them the best gear and a plasma bomb when the =][= asks you to do it and there you go.

>> No.38461493

Do I have to always wait for the big I to tell me, or can I go around destroying dormant tombs I find by myself?

>> No.38461549

They and Techmarine Dreadnoughts would be a thing if they had a shitload of mechadendrites.

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Reported for advertising.

>> No.38461644

That's not advertising dipshit.

>> No.38461753

Is there a way to get new company banners?

>> No.38461908

So, I picked the "Doomed" mutation. It says I need to do a certain amount of research in order to not lose my tiny chapter.
How do I "do a certain amount of research"?

>> No.38462025

Nope. Ya must keep these that you have.

Never got that, so cannot help ya here.

>> No.38462032

>10th company command squad gets destroyed along with the only escort I lose in a battle

Thanks Obamius

>> No.38462081

I think you have to wait for Big I.

>> No.38462101

I'm not the only one that can't stop generating these guys, am I? I fucking love this thing.

>> No.38462145

I thought I read Ravewing.

>> No.38462163

The Emperor's Children probably have a Ravewing.

>> No.38462235

Chaos Rave Rider.

A Chaos Land Raider with a shitload of Sonic Weaponry.

>> No.38462255

I'm here, was this one yours?

>> No.38462272

Fund it.

>> No.38462470

Nees to fin that conversion of a slaneeshi land raider with a shitload of marines chained to it and some sort of pink stuff on top.

>> No.38462646

That's the thing. I only had 2 ships within contact. Not my entire damn chapter. Two ships with two chapters worth. The other chapters were split across the sector.

>> No.38462662

Companies, my bad.

>> No.38462742

At least those are the disposable ones. Scout armor is cheap. The only real loss is the geneseed.

>> No.38462914

I just started playing this. Two questions:

How am I supposed to remove the greenskins from a planet? I can only attack twice, and after every turn they are back to full strengh. Only bombarding seems to do the trick. But even then, they're back to "moderate" strengh only a turn later. I just liberated Ghorstangrad, it now has a green exlamation point next to it, but the Orks are already back...

Other question, how do I leave the sector? Or is there no way to leave your base sector currently? I'm in sector dasha, and I've seen screenshots of other sectors.

>> No.38462931

Your problem with the greenskins is probably that the rest of the system is heavily ork-infested as well, so other nearby orks just keep crashing onto it. You've got to purge the each planet in the system equally over time.

>> No.38463020

So the Inquisition has asked me to capture a termagant. They've given me a couple 'webbers' for this purpose. But if I put those on tac marines and attack the nids, they don't seem to use them. Do i need to unload troops instead? Isn't that suicide on any planet tyranid-y enough to have gants instead of just genestealer cults?

>> No.38463025

Oh that makes sense. Yeah the second system is heavily infested by Orks as well, and I just wanted to move from one planet to another.

Thanks. Any advice on the sector thing?

>> No.38463054

You can't leave your sector willingly. The only thing related is going on a crusade when you're assigned one, but that's done offscreen and a lot of your men aren't coming back.

>> No.38463136

Okay, yeah. Even unloading them onto the planet just makes them fight, but they still don't use the webbers. Is this just not implemented yet?

>> No.38463143

I see, thanks.

>> No.38463156

>Imperial Fists still not implemented

>> No.38463188

>Major Changes:
>If your Chapter Master is present in a fleet battle all of your ships become controllable. You can rectangle-box select ships with left click, or select them individually, and then order them to attack or move by right clicking.

When i suggested this, everyone in this thread called me stupid and said that this will mean an overhaul of entire system. All my other suggestions were discarded as trash. I have stopped throwing ideas for this game ever since. I am also a game dev. Nice to see everyone was wrong that day, except me. I am still not going to contribute any more.

>> No.38463194

Not like you can't make a custom chapter that is them.

The Blood Magpies still aren't in either.

>> No.38463242

I think the way the gene-seed tithe works needs adjusting. It's destroying my loyalty, but I want to be able to contribute. I'm doing a Lamenters run, so I start with 0 gene seed, and the only way to get more is to obviously lose marines. Now being the Lamenters you'd think this would happen pretty quickly, but outside of losing my entire fourth company I've taken no losses. It seems really stupid to have to wait for marines to die while on my penitent crusade to get the tithe necessary to keep my loyalty from going down.

Maybe if you have no gene seed available you pay X amount of req instead? And if you have a full-size chapter as determined by the Inquisition THEN your loyalty goes down because they assume you're hiding gene seed somewhere?

>> No.38463250

That's just the shit a dev has to put up with anon. It's already bad on other places in the internet, it's only natural that people talk more shit around these parts. Don't let the faggots discourage you.

>Not like you can't make a custom chapter that is them.
It's not the same anon, just not the same...

>> No.38463289

you want to be lamenter WITH high morale? nigga, what did you FUCKING THINK being lamenter is like? Do you see lamenters running around screaming "Imperium, fuck yeah!"?bitch please, they are bussy DYING for things and people, that imperium has ABBANDONED and forgotten a long time ago. You are a doomed chapter who is fighting for things that only YOU care about, now act like it, you depressed piece of shit.

>> No.38463290

do you want us to feel sorry for you or something?

>> No.38463297

>the only way to get more is to obviously lose marines.
Don't worry, half the time the apothecaries just sorta forget to collect the seeds anyway. You're pretty much boned regardless.

>> No.38463311

>blood magpies
Who'd want to play as them. I want to play as the Minotaurs

Actually if duke ever finishes "chapter master" he can make a sequel where you are warboss, or dark eldar raider. How fun would that be?

>> No.38463328

>a sequel where you are warboss
Yeah, i was thinking about doing that. I'm the guy up there wot replaced all the names with orky ones.

But uh. Despite the fact that I'm a programmer, game dev is hard. And I'm a lazy fuck.

So hopefully someone else'll do it eventually.

>> No.38463356

When i spend my free time thinking of game designs and how to improve them by simply adding things that are already inside the code, i want to at least be thanked for it. None of faggots who go "oh lets design an invetory" even thinks about how to do it, he only thinks about god damn result, no matter how alien it looks to existing design. There was once a guy who wanted to create 4 seperate combat systems for a single object, depending on his gear, instead of creating one system that would work in every situation. I did point out the negative sides of their ideas, kindly, without any implication of abuse. the reply was along the lines of "some game from 20 years ago did the same thing and my nostalgia glasses view it as the greatest thing ever, so we are doing it"

Except that his thing doesnt even represent 40k well nor it is fitting the current game engine.

Sorry, i had to vent myself, now that my words are worth at least 2 cents.

>> No.38463394

>Actually if duke ever finishes "chapter master"
Why is he still working on this thing on his own? There should be enough anons around being capable of helping out.

>> No.38463422

This idea is crap. Space Marine ships are commanded by Astartes officers and manned by Chapter Serfs. We could just go full Master of Orion and add turn based space battles.

>> No.38463432

turn based would actually my prefered battle as well.

>> No.38463447

I'm not talking about making the game any easier, and I'm just using the Lamenters as an example. This applies to any chapter that would be understrength and lacking gene-seed. As it stands it's too easy for your loyalty to just slowly go down since there's no other way to get gene-seed besides hoping that your marines start kicking the bucket. And even then, >>38463297

Besides, my Lamenters already got declared heretics for not crusading hard enough with their one company's worth of marines and I nobly held the line against the WAAAAGH until the Tyranid hive fleet nommed my battle barge. My men died fighting for what they believed as good Lamenters

>> No.38463494

I'm sure that someone can help him out but not many of us are very talented. /tg/ is a limited board, we have quality but not much quantity.

In addition you are looking for trustworthyness and someone to work altruisticly. Its fucking hard.

Coding is a very time consuming process and you need the right people. When coders butt heads its not pretty and sometimes a whole project goes down the tubes. Its like herding cats.

TLDR Not many people can do it, and even with enough people "too many head chefs spoil a meal".

>> No.38463614

>herding cats.
Oh laaawd.

>> No.38463627

I think I was one of the people who said it would need a full overhaul. My bad. I hope at least I wasn't one of the people who said it was crap.

>> No.38463745

The webbers have shorter range than most weapons it seems.

I captured like 10 with a single webber by having one guy with the webber and a bunch of guys with only close combat weapons

>> No.38463839


Being Lamenters is suffering, just deal with it.
And yeah, you will lose some Lamenters, but you can grow more geneseed.

Actually losing loyalty because of geneseed is non-issue. Really. Bigger issue is that after 600 cycles of non-stop killing things I land on 15% penitent with 160 marines. Half of brothers have nightmares because Black Rage came back. 13 systems in a sector are ravaged by Hive Fleet, Ork Waagaah even though contained still spawns ships, Necron tombs are waking up in unaccessible sectors and I have 3 demon planets, no possibility to call exterminatus and heresies popping-up everywhere. I can't even purge them because with that strength of a chapter I purge like max 5% of heresy per cycle.

Welcome to suffering.

>> No.38463883

But what they do is worth suffering and dying.

>> No.38463888

What is the name of your recovered ancient battleship? I repaired one and she turned out to be a Slaughtersong.

>> No.38463937

Good thing it's not KILLFRENZY.

>> No.38463948

You're really hung up on the fact I mentioned the Lamenters when really that's inconsequential information. Would it help you if I said the same exact thing but used a custom chapter name instead?

>> No.38464018

True, there are some absolutely retarded names such as Speed of stone, no, really, but also some good ones. Slaughtersong is the name of a DAoT ship from Deamon world by Ben Caunter.

>> No.38464086

Duke probably named all the super Battle Barges after Daemon ships...it'd feel stupid if one got the Planet Killer.

>> No.38464152

Lamenters are like Mario who never gets his kiss from Peach. They are like every white knight who never gets any sugar from the bitches.

They are truly some of the last heroes left, fighting for a system and a race that does not love them the way that they love them back.

They carry a noblebright lantern, but their fuel is running low in a grim and dark place.

Never look easy upon their suffering. They suffer so that you don't have too.

The Emperor Protects.

>> No.38464178

Actually no, she isn't a daemon ship, just very advanced. And was commanded by loyalist Word bearer.

>> No.38464671

>Sweet! New update for CM
>Cruisin along as Iron Hands to try out some requisition maximising shenanigans and see how to build a big fleet in anticipation of eventual flood of nids
>Still, having a merry time patrolling sector purging xenos and keeping the peace
>Get orders to blow a tomb
>Sure, why not?
>Unload dude with bomb and plant it
>Doesn't blow, Inquisition pissed again
>Reload game and plant it again, and again and again
>Hmm, bombs just wont bomb now
>Fuck it, I'll just take the Imperium hit and work with Magos BFF and Lord General while saving money.
>Nope. Impossible to finalize trades, 'accept' button wont work
>Still getting demands to kill renegades on a planet that's not even in the sector, fail missions left and right
>Guys won't change equipment, 'equip' button wont work
>sigh. I'll just ride this out and see how long it lasts

Other than those new bugs, still fun. Expect it to get funner. Also, Iron Hands are friggin hardcore I now realize. Even the scouts are mean as hell and rivaling other company's XP. Gettin hard to promote and distribute personnel equally, there's not enough room on the ships because these bionic monsters won't die. Fighting rampant woken necron infestations for sport almost: at wost, I lose a few assault marines.

>> No.38464871

Spyrer still causes infinite loading?

>> No.38465280

I guess not. Although all those problems I listed just came out of nowhere mid-game, so who knows.

Come to think of it there was another funny time where hitting enter too fast during battle caused all my guys to die. Except for the Librarian, who healed himself and continued fighting a warboss and a hundred of his leftovers. Cue epic last stand of the entire Chapter run solely by a pissed off and medically aware Librarian. I decided to turn the game off after about 200 turns, warboss was invincible too.

>> No.38466140

My bearded recruitment chef says that I need to speak to planetary governors to get some recruitment planets going. How do I do that?

>> No.38466471

No I had the shield with the Falcon on it in Blue and yellow if you're still around artfriend

>> No.38466554

Which psychic school is better? What are the differences?

>> No.38466726

You can buy a recruiting world from Imperium fellow in Diplomacy. After you buy it, you click a planet as if you were going to raid/bombard it, but pick the new option to start recruiting.

You need one recruitment permit per planet you want to set-up shop on.

>> No.38466778

>librarians going down like flies to perils of the warp
And the ones with psychic hoods go even faster
>chief librarian just disappeared

>> No.38466915

They seem pretty suited to play style, I've had the best luck with Biomancy, in that they heal and do pretty hefty damage to everything, but I also focus more on ranged weapons than melee.

Pyros and Rune I found pretty underwhelming. Pyro was just not dishing out damage comparable to anything like the Bio was (and they only do damage) while my Rune Librarians just wanted to buff the shit out of themselves all day (which the flavour text seemed to make it out to be that they buffed their melee, which could be why they seemed underwhelming to me) and rarely actually attack, though when they did, they would shoot lighting and wind storms and did about the same damage to enemy forces as a bio did, just much less frequently.

I've not played extensively with the regular or telekinetic psykers though, so can't really comment on their strength compared to the others. From what I understand, both of them are similar in that they have damage aspects, but also do support like Bio does - just the telekinetic and regular support in the forms of preemptive defence rather than reactive.

>> No.38466918


>> No.38467152

I think it REALLY depends on your chapter setup, Master's profile and how you want to fight, maybe heraldry too. Differences? I'm guessing a lot but I'm not well versed there.

I'm focusing on tailoring equipment loadouts for different threats and what works well before I start messing around with obtuse game mechanics. I'm gonna get obliterated by something, either some mechanic I don't know about or a glitch. I'm just trying to get control over what I can.

>> No.38467239

>librarian withstands all terrors from the warp
Feels good man.

>> No.38467275

Be strong brother.

The problem with implementing them would be how you try to recruit when there is no way to go to Terra?

Also the Phalanx...

Master of Orion is sweet. Master of Orion 2 even more.

Master of Orion 3...fail and wasted potential. If you want to play it, then don't without a lot of mods.

>> No.38467288

>If I were a girl I'd be pregnant a lot.

>> No.38467387

As far as I can tell it almost doesn't matter because they never cast spells anyway.

>> No.38467486

This one then

>> No.38467511

indeed that is it. Thank you again friend

>> No.38467674

Do you have the updated Steel Warlords emblem?

Asked a couple of threads if part of the plating could be added to the top?

>> No.38467983

here you go

>> No.38468063

SWEET...ekhm. Most appreciated brother. Manus and Emperor be praised.

>> No.38468812

Take 3 or 4 per company with hoods and they will prove to be useful.

>> No.38468928

Also, I think that biomancy would look good on BA. Considering their "Space Vampies" aesthetic, lifeforce manipulation and hemomancy would be rather fitting.

>> No.38469981

>I am still not going to contribute any more

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.38471595

I split those fuckers up to like 3-4 per company every time.

They cast shit once every 10 battles, and then it's some random bullshit that kills a single Ork Boy. Great.

>> No.38472208

And it's always with those big descriptions.

"Librarion JimBob draws forth the epic power of the warp, coruscating flames envelop the battlefield, killing 1 sluggaz."

>> No.38472248

That shit bothers me to.
The only one who is useful is the Chief Librarian with his vortex of doom.

>> No.38472807

Great, I can't fight traitor forces or spyrers again. Where should I post crash log for Duke?

>> No.38473002

Ded game. Duke's a faggot with no passion whatsoever for the project. And faggots like this >>38469981 prevent anyone else from picking it up. It was nice while it lasted, but I expect one or two shitty updates that fix some bugs, and that's it.

>> No.38473039

There was an update literally yesterday. Are you retarded?

>> No.38473051

What does the "Heresy" option do? And how does corruption from artifacts, like Chaos Bolters actually affect my troops?

Both, the FAQ and the manual say nothing about it. Same with loyalty, it's down to 98 and I have no idea what it does.

>> No.38473074

>I have absolutely no reading comprehension
This is you.

>> No.38473075


>> No.38473078

You are too jaded for ideaman.

>> No.38473098

>i'm horribly asspained because someone called me out on the fact that I never produce anything

>> No.38473265

>got called out on being a retard with no reading comprehension, better make something up that never happened as rebuttal.

>> No.38473287

pls respond

>> No.38473297

Shh, it's okay. I'm sure your ideas won't get disregarded somewhere else. How about you try leaving 4chan?

>> No.38473329

"Heresy" allows you to go over Codex numbers.

>> No.38473390

You can go over codex numbers without checking "Heresy". People have done it many times already.

>> No.38473446

>being so mad that you not only use a strawman but also the good 'ol "pls leave" meme.

>> No.38473479

I'm sorry but this is my first day playing the game. Codex numbers? And what about that loyalty number and corruption?

>> No.38473603

I'm sorry for asking so much, but the manual and FAQ just the cover the self-explanatory stuff.

>> No.38473733


>> No.38473805

>blood ravens
Literally heresy. Also the faction that killed all the potential DoW had.

>> No.38473877


>> No.38474931

>Codex numbers?
You're allowed 1000 marines. Going over that number violates the codex.

>> No.38474959

No they didn't. The franchise was fun because of them. Better them than some fucking generic Ultramarines like 90% of the time.

>> No.38474997

Why do you say he has no reading comprehension? He is right, the game is not dead, and Duke says almost everytime he comes here that he loves working on CM.

>> No.38475450

>Better them than some fucking generic Ultramarines like 90% of the time.
kek Blood Ravens are the most generic Space Marines you can possibly think of. Also, there a more than enough non generic chapters to choose from. Shoehorning their own donutsteel chapter into the story only made the game worse.

Without the Blood Ravens the games would've not only sold better, but they also had the chance to make a better campaign for DoW2, which much like DC's campaign could've been player driven, instead of "muh donotsteel chapter lore"

>> No.38475509

I really don't see how having Blood Ravens damaged the game at all. Having a generico chapter is better for player-driven narrative. I don't really see them as donut steel at all.

>> No.38475968

I don't really see how you could consider them generic. Sure you could have taken total non-codex compliants like BT or SW but still, they have lots and lots of defining elements, compared to the litteral dozens of Ultra succesors that are generic. Although I do agree with you, the campaign coucod have been better, if we were given a tiny bit more freedom.
Also, I kinda get what a steeldonut is in this context, but could you please define its general definition please.

>> No.38476797


Here is my oc plz dont stael

>> No.38477078


>> No.38477198

Fuck you dad you can't tell me wha tto do

>> No.38479042

>Chapter comprised gypsy maybe!Thousand Sons successor who canonically steal from the fucking Custodes


>> No.38479731

when does the fun stuff start? im 412 turns in and only had one WAAGH and the warboss died like a faggot to Imperial Guard ships, when do the chaos, tau, invasions start? And can I ever interact with other chapters? Ive yet to meet any

>> No.38479773

Well uh.

Waaghs usually happen pretty early, but also i think rely on a number of worlds falling to orks first.

Nids and Tau are pseudo-random. I've never had the tau go too nuts until i attacked them enough that they hated me. If there are no tau on your map, no tau for you ever.

Chaos happens randomly, also if you gift a chaos/demon artifact to the Sector Commander shit goes real heretical real fast.

There are no other chapters to interact with so far as I've seen.

>> No.38480065

Honestly I just like playing the Ultramarines. They feel a bit OP compared to everyone else, all the Imperial factions love them, nice homeworld, battle barge too, everything about them is A+.

>> No.38481280

Try Dark Angels. You'll have 90 terminators from start.

>> No.38481695

anybody got that one image with the little kid wearing the space marine helmet.

he doesn't want to go to bed. he wants to purge xenos/mutants/heretics for the Emperor.

then he sees space marines shooting and he says, "yeah like that"

I'd appreciate it. I haven't been able to find it for a while.

>> No.38482179

The game could use a little more spice so I went ahead and made a suggestions document for random events and missions.

You're all more than welcome to add to it, and there's a very good chance I'll add some of them for the upcoming patch.


>> No.38483519

That became a huge wall of text. Gla to see people still love an enjoy the game

>> No.38484418

This shit is huge. I always plan to read it, but I'm afraid of cringing too hard at some suggestions. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that most of the necessary suggestions have already been made.

If not: more events and options. Spreadsheet simulators like this are all about events popping up and possibilities to click shit.

>> No.38484468

Depicted: the worst people

>> No.38484524

Playing as the Salamanders currently.
I already dun goof'd when I sent a small delegation into ancient ruins and forgot to bring an apothecary. 20 Seeds lost. And no one ever dies in regular battle. I've been on 0 seeds forever now. Those fucking test tubes still take forever to finish.

The Salamanders are slowly dying. And only because of the incompetence of the chapter master.

>> No.38484554

I've just started playing this yesterday and I'd like to suggest that someone with more time on his hands than you (i.e. a generous anon) maybe updates the FAQ or Manual. Because they did absolutely nothing for me, since they only covered the self explanatory stuff. But things like the Loyalty in the ressource bar, or corruption through artifacts is not even mentioned.

Now I'd just lurk more and wait for the inevitable to happen, meaning that someone mentions the stuff, sparking a conversation that explains those things. But I'm currently playing the game, my loyalty is down to 98 and I've got some Chaos artifacts. And not knowing what this stuff does is driving me crazy.

>> No.38484581

As far as I've been able to tell, the only thing loyalty effects is a game over at or under 0 loyalty. There may be stat modifications in combat for lower loyalty, but I've not been able to tell.

>> No.38484720

Its assumed knowledge that chaos/daemon artifacts are dangerous and the =][= brand you a heretic if you are found holding it. You can do 3 things with them.
-Gift it to another faction (SoB accepts chaos but not daemonic while =][= accepts both)
Try giving it to the Sector Governor
-Use it
-Hide it
They currently just act like normal artifacts when equipped. Duke is probably going to add some features in at a later stage for such artifacts.

>> No.38485373

Thanks a lot. So there's currently no corruption going on with my marines, if I "award" one of them a Chaos bolter?

I've had the =][= inspect my home planet, but of course nothing there because that shit is on my ships. Do they inspect the ships away from the hq as well?

>> No.38485488

>Do they inspect the ships away from the hq as well?
Yep. You'll see a fleet heading toward yours, and get the message in the upper left "Inquisitor Jim wants to inspect your fleet at System". Then he'll follow it around until he catches up.

Yes, they flip their shit if you're carrying demon weapons.

Also if you've hired orks. Which you can do, but there's no real reason to.

>> No.38485614

Is there no reason at all to bother with space hulks? I know that the resistance scales with your force, but even sending just a few terminators and apothecaries means i lose a dozen marines, and half the time don't even get anything.

>> No.38485662


You can also destroy chaos/daemonic artifacts. Remember about it, it will save your ass when you'll be playing Lamenters and get sudden inspection incoming at the same cycle to the planet you are warp travelling to.

>> No.38485673


I explored it with 150 marines, veterans etc. and it was a piece of cake, just took longer. I got requisition after exploring it to the end.

>> No.38485743

Well if you're just going to destroy it, you may as well gift it to the inquisition. They like demony shit.

>> No.38485780

So if I put a Marine that was "behaving strangely" in prison, is there no way to interact with him? Can't even click on him in chapter management anymore

>> No.38486110


In some cases you can't. I had something like that - Inquisition didn't appear in diplomacy, but their ship suddenly popped-out of nowhere and schedule some investigation.

>> No.38486497

You don't always get stuff, but sometimes you get an STC/Artificact/Req

A couple marines on your front line with 75% damage resistance should be able to eat Genestealer Claws without any losses


Click whatever the Chaplain tab is called. I don't remember off the top of my head

>> No.38487088

Anon with more time on his hands here, I do love me some chapter master but seeing the same questions endlessly filling threads makes me sad. SO I will make a basic tutorial (for the game as it stands) when I get home from work tonight and try to have a FAQ for all this stuff.
I am considering making a googledoc for you guys to post what you see people asking or want to know yourselves, and other folks can write in answers in case I don't know them.

>> No.38487212

Go nuts. I'm off to work.

>> No.38487313

Anyone know if Duke ever figured out what was causing the infinite loading when trying to complete a Spyrer mission?

It isn't completely game breaking, but it does make people mad because you have to skip those missions if your game acquires the bug

>> No.38488131

Praised to you anon. Your work is appreciated. Here, have a dreadnought.

>> No.38488500

I was going to add the basics from my phone while on the bus, but its not letting me edit the page. So it really will have to wait until I am off of work. Thanks for the gif though, it is radical.

>> No.38488606

I had the same infinite loading bug when traitors attacked my ground forces. When I tried to attack them first, game crashed.

>> No.38488882

Is there any way to collect more stc-fragments through events or something? I only got a few by sending the techmarines down on the planets, however i did'nt get enough to enable to real cool stuff so far =/

>> No.38488922

You can get additional STC pieces from Space Hulks.

>> No.38488941

Space Hulks, anon. But it's in Randomville, so it's a long drive.

Other than that, we have to wait for the game to develop more. There might come other ways to get more in due, but right now you must have patience.

>> No.38489319

Or we could simply expand on the wiki pages. There's literally no content there.

>> No.38489437

Will be ever be able to designate and name "sub fleets"? I'm an organized fellow and I'd like to have it organized. All ships merging into one big fleet again, once their on the same planet is (still) annoying.

Also, when will the chapter management screen finally show the designated ships under the company signs? Not to discredit Duke, he's doing a great job, but I'm tired or playing the memory game. I'm just asking questions.

>> No.38489618

No worries,we ain't gonna eat you, unlike the nids.

>> No.38490662

soo, how would one go about acquiring MK4 Armour? I'm not above using the foul powers of the warp, any way would be nice!

>> No.38491047

I noticed that once a planet has been taken over by the Tau, the defense force changes to "Gue'vesa" force. That doesn't mean that the general population is now Tau as well does it? Populations are ALWAYS human if I remember correctly. But I want to be sure before I bomb the shit out of them.

>> No.38491116

I have yet to acquire it, and I've played a decent bit of this lately

Seems like it's either a rare find from ruins/etc. or not implemented

>> No.38491227

More like rare. MK.IV is supposed to be barely produced these days.

>> No.38491251

The justification is that if the faithful citizen of the Imperium DO NOT do anything to oppress the foul xeno, then they are, by Inquisitorial mandate, damned and guilty of heresy and consorting with xeno force.

Bomb them. All of them.

>> No.38491374

Emperor damnit, I just want my Pimping looking Marines fucking up everything oldschool style. You get a few suits of Mk3 Armour with the "Crafters" Trait, but no Mk4 sadly...

>> No.38491424

Just spam Tartarus armor instead. That's old school

>> No.38491532

Is it coincidence that in my custom chapter game, nothing is ever happening? When I played with smurfs and salamanders before, there were always xenos to kill. But this time the sector is pretty much dead after I killed the initial xenos infestation. Once in a while there are some heretics popping up or the inquisition wanting me to purge a planet, but xenos wise it's been dead for like 50 turns now.

>> No.38491534

yeah but... dat Faceplate. Dat Chest Armour... hnng

>> No.38491827

Tartaros Armours are to Indomitus like MK.IV are to MK.V, VII and VIII.

Also these armours have the same DAoT goodies as MK.IVs.

>> No.38493022


It depends on random generator. I played Ultramarines and had easy start and then destroying Waagaah, then looong period of just purging heresies, but when shit hit, it hit - there were chaotic fleets suddenly, Waaagah was reborn, necron tombs awakened and nids attacked all in something like 5 rounds.

On the other hand, with Lamenters I had just too much shit happening from the beginning, only now, after around 600-700 cycles things settled down.

>> No.38494364

The following is why this idea will not work. Ever.

>As far as I've been able to tell, ...

No one knows how things ACTUALLY work. Not even the programmer as there are many bugs. They have to guess. The programmer knows what was intended and how he programmed it, but apparently no one else does. As such and FAQ or manual is basically player/testers guessing.

>> No.38494525

I think some of the basic mechanics and what people know are bugs would be useful for the FAQ more than in-depth analysis of mechanics like you said. So people know what infinite bugs are, where corrupt/daemonic items can go to avoid the Big I's wrath, how to get recruiting on other planets and so on.

The current FAQ that is in the useful links is pretty unreadable due to bad formatting and word-choice, so a new one certainly can't hurt.

>> No.38494867

Incorrect information that people trust to be true and accurate can hurt. Misconceptions are the best way to empower foolish fa/tg/uys to think they KNOW something when in fact they are morons that have no basis for their knowledge other then what amount to hearsay.

It's like trusting high school rumor pools... anyone with half a brain shouldn't do it.

The stupidity of the human race is thought to be perhaps the only infinite thing in actual existence. Well that and space. But many wiser men then I are not sure about space.

>> No.38495229

FAQ Isn't Factually Answered Questions, but I (sorta) get where you're coming from.

I think what the requester had in mind was somewhere people could look before they had to post a likely asinine question, that wasn't extremely difficult to read.

Things like what you can do with corrupted items (especially if you've not got Big I on your diplomacy list and they're coming to inspect you) or how to get recruiting planets or terminators are pretty damn easy to explain to people without room for error.

>> No.38495371

Don't get me wrong. Some basic stuff might be helpful, in a very general, could be complete bullshit in 2 to 3 updates, kind of way. It was to me. But since I have played it quite a bit and still realize that most people who comment, don't know how the engine is working. Under the hood. They are guessing and often poorly, myself included.

Without the designer, or someone who can question the designer at will, to actually make the manual though, it will become or be very inaccurate. Not something to be trusted as anything other then a generic guide.

Pretty much what the current one is used for.

>> No.38495608

The original .pdf manual that one anon made was pretty helpful for many anons.

>> No.38495726

And that is pretty much my point. The one that exists, while not accurate on many little subsystems, is functional enough for people to dive in and learn for themselves. It is what everyone else is doing.

Now, if people want to make a "conjecture" file for others to kibitz about what they think works and is happening, that is fine. Just don't make out like it is anything other then that.

>> No.38495968

What about basic shit like "What does a Forgeworld do and why do I want one"? Or the loyalty thing that anon asked for. Those are examples of stuff that needs to be covered. I mean it's a fucking number in the top bar, and no one really knows what it does.

>> No.38496027

If you're talking about the manual in the wiki, it's shit. Not only that it's outdated but it only features the most obvious stuff you figure out by clicking once on it.

May have been helpful when that version was up to date to some new players, but by now the FAQ covers what a manual should cover. And the FAQ is shit as well.

>> No.38496086

How do you suggest preventing 'How does I move ships?' sorts of questions if you do not approve of manuals or FAQ's?

>> No.38496173

No one but the developer. I'm pretty sure it's bad if it goes down, but other then that, I'm not sure. I have no idea if there are threshold that cause effects to happen or where those thresholds are. I have no idea what affects it, other then tithe of geneseed, and that I have conjecture, not actual evidence.

No one seems to know if a Forgeworld is good for anything other then if one is very close you get a bonus to requisition. But there could be many behind the scenes effects like increased corruption in neophytes recruited from such a place or even a greater likelihood of such a character becoming a techmarine. Or it could even affect you maximum number of techmarines you can support by your chapter, if it is your monastery world.

No one seems to know but the developer.

>> No.38496228

If loyalty reaches 0 the chapter crumbles. it's the loyalty of your marines to you, the chapter master, I believe. Things that I have found decrease it are
- not hunting fallen marines (-30 for each that gets away)
- being over codex size (-12 one-time hit)
- running away from an inspection (-5 for each time)
Forge Worlds do the following:
-Ships are built there and appear over one after the designated number of turns
-Cannot take artifacts from them without negotiating with the mechanicus
-if a battle barge is in orbit around one it increases the amount of req per turn

>> No.38496256

Where do you get that I don't approve of them? I do approve of them, but they need to be updated to be of any use. What they're now is nothing but a quickly thrown together answer to repeated questions in previous threads regarding older versions.

Just look at this thread, it's filled with questions that no one can really answer, because no one knows. 80% play this game on a trial and error basis.
>Huh, what's that? Why can't I transfer these marines to another company? Oh well, forget it then...
And lurking doesn't help either because no one really talks about the shit that no one knows.

>> No.38496340

See? This is the shit I'm talking about. One guy has the answers and the other guy right above him >>38496173 has no clue. FAQ/Manual/Wiki/whatever I don't care, but there needs to be at least one ressource of information that isn't lurking and hoping that today an anon shows up that knows what's going on.

>If loyalty reaches 0 the chapter crumbles. it's the loyalty of your marines to you, the chapter master, I believe
>I believe
So this is information based on personal playtesting? There's no word from Duke what it represents exactly?

>> No.38496371

Pretty much. No one knows what is actually affecting what. Other then the developer.

I know that having a Forgeworld nearby gives a bonus to requisition. That I know. Because I hovered my mouse over the requisition counter once and it had it listed as a modifier. Other then that, I have no fucking clue what else a Forgeworld affects. Does it increase likelihood of techmarine recruits? Does it cause and increase in the likelihood of techheresy or decrease it? Does techheresy exist in any form in the game? Who the fuck knows?

The developer. To my knowledge, that is the only person who knows. Everyone else is guessing.

>> No.38496494

Yeah. That stuff is based on my playtesting. The numbers included.
I know for a fact that chapter crumbles if loyalty reaches 0. It's happened to me many times. The numbers I included I'm also almost certain about

>> No.38496523

To be more clear, Gue'Vesa means "human helpers" in Tau(ish?). They are humans aiding Tau forces, either willingly, or passively.

>> No.38496628


Had one game where I lost due to -20 loyalty when I got multiple Fallen Marine events all popping at once. So yes, a lot of this information can be given with some factual basis being that you can easily see this happen in game and explain it to someone who has not.

I dunno why anyone is up in arms over people setting up a google doc for a new FAQ. Docs are able to be updated as new releases come out by more than just the main-poster and it isn't restricted to text-only like pastebin - so if something needs an image for information, you literally drag it in. The bulk of the thread seems to be on the Drive platform as it is.

>> No.38496634

Yes, but I was referring to the general populace. If tens of billions of people don't want to help stop the xeno, then the sentence of guilt has already been given.

>> No.38496733

-30 for a fallen getting away. My chapters are always at 58 loyalty. -30 for the fallen and -12 for over codex

>> No.38496847

>Does it increase likelihood of techmarine recruits?
>Does it cause and increase in the likelihood of techheresy or decrease it?
>Does techheresy exist in any form in the game? Who the fuck knows?
Kind of. Strange mood marines can create tech heresy, but it's not a major feature

>> No.38496900

Yeah, I had something like 4-5 of the Fallen Marine events at within turns of each other and got 'failed quests' on them as I was in warp across the map.

>> No.38497045

That's a little extreme. Most I've ever gotten was 3 at once. Try splitting your chapter up. My best game is ~2000 turns in and I've saved up and made sure I have 3 fleets basically.
1 battlebarge, 3 strike cruisers, 4-5 escorts for each fleet.
3 companies of marines is enough for almost any ground-based threat (with the exception of MOTHERFUCKING NECRONS) and deploying each fleet in a different area of the sector to respond to stuff as it comes up also generally helps

>> No.38497189

As an added note to all anons:
for an =]|[= mission: 1 company will suffice. Always.
For Tiny-moderate ground forces: 1 company will suffice with no casualties (attack or raid doesn't matter)
For Heavy ground forces: 1 company Attack = minimal casualties, 2+ companies = anything with no casualties
Extreme/Rampant Forces: 3-5 companies will take minimal casualties in attack and medium casualties in a raid, 5+ companies should suffice for no casualties

>> No.38497237

This of course assumes full 104-man companies. The Company number doesnt matter other than scouts will drop like flies during heavier deployments, and assault marines and devastators are the first things Necrons target

>> No.38497386

Here, off of work and headed home. The content on the Google doc looks good to me so far, contributors have my gratitude. I also intend to mock up a short controls tutorial to go with the FAQ and hopefully expand on both of those over the weekend, as well as see if duke will give me some info on what's not implemented and or affects nothing mechanically.

>> No.38497440

This is definitely going into the gameplay section of the FAQ

>> No.38497506

Compile a list of stuff/questions that you could use clarifications on, specifically for me, and I'll get around to answering it.

>> No.38497616

I will, thanks. I won't really know what to ask for a while yet, though. Gonna make a custom test chapter and investigate things.

>> No.38497630

You got back at full strength?

>> No.38498635

Goddamn this game sometime. I love that it exists, but the continuing problems with fleet, the the suddenly lost space that nothing can tell me what is occupying it or how to chuck it out a fucking airlock...

>> No.38498720

I know them feels

>> No.38498876

I'm fucking leaving random marines behind on planets because I packed my ships right, and now all the sudden there isn't enough room for everyone to get back aboard, since I took no casualties...


>> No.38499672

Chapter master kills list again! pleeease?

>> No.38499700

And a new bug for me. Anyone else get this?

Equip a Dread with Lascannons on both arms. Now I cannot re-equip them with anything else. They were in my 5th company, 1 had gained xp, the other hadn't. Don't think there is anything else that should affect.

>> No.38501144


no, thats heresy

>> No.38501199

He already answered this one a couple threads back. Duke says that because the game has changed so much and a bunch of new enemies have been added that it's a lot of extra work for a relatively small feature. According to his excellency it's on the list but fairly low down there

>> No.38501507

>not buying extra cruisers

>> No.38502022

All right, I've got some basics in the new FAQ doc, but I will need more questions from you guys. Especially stupid noob questions and things everyone already knows.

>> No.38502529

>being Starcraft faggot in W40k
>turn ~26 find a ruin
>take 1 entire company and search it
>enemies pour out of ruin
>sees enemies
>thinks 40k does not like Terrans

>> No.38502817


>> No.38502976

I have never seen that kind of defense in a ruin. Weird.

>> No.38503123


You forgot to post the link that contains the links to the patch notes and the actual game. Here it is for you.

>> No.38503196

Thats hot... Hnnng

>> No.38503514

Who was the person who made the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-themed chapter with Dio as the chapter master. What was the chapter's name? If the person who made that chapter is in here: what were the names and equipment you gave everything?

>> No.38503669

Yes. Cheat codes are actually a good thing when you are testing an alpha because it allows you to encounter bugs that you wouldn't normally run into if you were playing normally, allowing the developer to catch the bugs early, so that they don't have to undo shit tons of progress to fix it.

>> No.38503722

I added a few suggestions to chapter master events page, Hopefully duke won't hate them.

>> No.38503923

What is your Chapters theme?
Mine: http://youtu.be/ubfu2aTXqCE
And, if I was running Rogue Trader: http://youtu.be/8m5CIcbytfM

>> No.38504225

Send apothecaries with them or that geneseed isn't coming back either.

>> No.38504283

>takes this yawning abattoir of retards seriously and gets anally devastate him.
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>> No.38504349

Most anons are either electronically illiterate, lazy, or delicate snowflakes who can't handle the bantz.

>> No.38504417

Are you telling me you got a silver ship from the DAOT?

>> No.38504521

Those bolters are literally the size of 2 Xbox Ones (Kinect included) glued together.

>> No.38504623

So wait, how does he support himself on 370 bucks a month?
Does he live in some third world country where a single dollar can feed a village or something? How does this motherfucker not starve to death?

>> No.38504850

I am always baffled how they took a faction based on the goddamn Romans, and made it the most generic piece of shit ever. Meanwhile, the space wolves piss Vikings and shit Wolves every day.

>> No.38504900

How do I steal planets without the Inquisition being up my ass?

I once did it with the Never Forgive trait, it gave me a different prompt involving the Fallen when I got my chapter serf in. I don't know how to recreate it

>> No.38504942

God bless you and keep you, anon.

>> No.38505059

>They feel a bit OP compared to everyone else
Yeah, but their sectors always start out completely fucked with Tau, Orks, and Tyranids.

>> No.38505135

He doesn't. The guy does normal work on top of Chaptermaster. If Duke get's enough money he'll focus on the later.

>> No.38505927

So what type of trade deal each of Xeno race offers? I know you have to buy some "Test" from Tau first which I don't feel to do it.

>> No.38505939

I just finished defeating a hive fleet completely.

My victory is short lived, as a daemon uprising happened during the combat.

>> No.38505959

>forget pic

>> No.38506023

>Lexicanum Espen in charge of worst possible timing to get possessed

>> No.38506027

don't worry anon

>> No.38506062

Do daemon worlds not get decreased from rampant? This is my first one

>> No.38506088

Why would they? Fresh daemons can just pop in as needed.

You need Exterminatus, brah.

>> No.38506102

You need to trade with the Inquisition for an exterminatus beacon and equip it to a marine you know's gonna live before fighting.

>> No.38506148

B-b-but Inquisitor pls

>> No.38506189



Exterminatus are kinda wonky right now so dont go picking one up and using it with out saving because it will crash your game

>> No.38506202

Can I do a same thing on awaked Tomb World?

>> No.38506224

It'd sure be nice if I got a crash report to fix that.

>> No.38506682

>A Harliquen has been spoted on planet X.
Obviously eldar but what does this mean gameplay wise? landed 10 marines on the planet and nothing has happened in 3 turns.

>> No.38506755

Can anyone else buy Meltaguns? Everytime I buy them, they reset the number to zero even though I'm still down the requisition. It happens after I buy and switch screens. Automatically set to 0 so that I can't equip my marines with them before they go away.

>> No.38506797

You know since ive never actually had the chance to use exterminatus

How do i exterminatus because equipping marines with it then dropping them on worlds doesnt seem to do anything

>> No.38506816

So when will we have multiplayer?
I want my cool marysue chapter to fight your gay marysue chapter.
My chapter master can kick your chapter masters ass

>> No.38506888

I fucking hate this goddamn fleet system...

>> No.38506913


>The stuff found in the game is not a representation of the final product

Dont worry anon it will get better

>> No.38506983


>> No.38507099

It is basic data storage and recovery. Nothing complex. Just list an object with a certain type of data tag. Simple. Basic database construction and query returns.

Don't get me wrong, I love the graphics and the direction it is going. But the data handling is really subpar on the fleet side. The individual marines are handled great. Their interface is a bit clunky but no big deal there. This isn't a game for the mass market and so a little difficulty or repetition in manipulating the marines, no biggie. The data, is pretty much flawless on that side, that I can tell. Marines are tracked well and don't get lost or repeated in lists. The vehicles get shadows at the bottom of the lists, and the ships just are not there some times. And when they are, they have phantom marines running about in them that are not allowing the living marines the space to sleep in transit...

>> No.38507645

Tried Penitent today.

While I do miss my homeworld. I believe Penitent fits a Templar Successor much better.

>> No.38507682

Turn 2, nids invade a planet. How fucked am I? Did I just spend more time designing my chapter than I will be playing?

>> No.38507703

This is God-Emprah-Mode Brother.

Never Falter.

>> No.38507765

Your right of course. All companies forward.

>> No.38507799

>Contact has been lost with Chap- *Bell of Lost Souls Ringing in the Background*

>> No.38507924

>Nids swarm over sector devouring everything
>Single Ultrasmurf kills Nid fleet
>Anon is confused with his game
>Anon runs Aw_Fuck_Nah.exe
>Aw_Fuck_Nah.exe runs Exterminatus.exe target: Matt_Ward.exe
>Chapter Master thanks Anon for saving it by fixing all the bugs in CM while Duke is sleep

>> No.38508104


>> No.38508292

I can't stop them all. They just keep coming...

>> No.38508746

Do it incrementally and be prepared for the sector commander to get his jimmies rustled. =][= gets grumpy when you go out on an empire-building rampage.

>> No.38508775

Space Wolves are absolutely cancerous.

>> No.38508808

They are generic on the field maybe, their iconography is pretty cool, and do remember that most of their strong points and characterization are far from the lines (spiritual liege wank notwithstanding)

They engage in politics, are good at logistics and management, their diplomatic ties are strong and numerous...of course a lot of this can be said for most chapters, even space wolves had friend in the inquisition (big I is not a hivemind, a lot of people forget this) but Ultramarines are the best at that.

I don't even like them now that they get wanked over but damn, they are cool in their own right

>> No.38509162

How do I become a heretic, and what are my chances of survival? I figure that all the imperial fleets will turn on me instantly. Will existing chaos forces be allied then?

>> No.38509182

Space wolves shot down inquisition ship that was going to inspect them
Tolerant is not the word you are loooking for

>> No.38509194

>How do I become a heretic
Quickest way is by engaging Imperial forces in combat.

>what are my chances of survival?
Tha fuck is a survival? Unless you are on turn 600+ with your fleet maxed and like 3,000 space marines laying around your fucked.

>I figure that all the imperial fleets will turn on me instantly.
They will hunt you down and subjugate your chapter to Exterminatus faster than Commisar Fucklaw can say Double Heretics Everywhere.

>Will existing chaos forces be allied then?
They will pull up a chair and watch as you get killed by your former allies while eating popcorn and laughing as if this where a Saturday night live comedy act.

>> No.38509245

ara ara~

>> No.38509323

You are the only one who used that word in the whole thread

>> No.38509347

Ask yourself this anon: How did Horus turn heretic? How did turning heretic work out for him (protip: Horus had ten legions, half the mechanicum, half the army and half the fleet. you have one chapter... also you're not a primarch

>> No.38509461

Blame Erebus and Kor Phaeron.

>> No.38509824

If you haven't met them you can't talk to them.

>> No.38509891

srsly it should be called the Lorgar heresy

>> No.38509990

Yeah, but nobody knows that it was lLorgar who got edgy first.

>> No.38509996

>So what type of trade deal each of Xeno race offers?
You can hire Ork boys. But they're useless, and the inquisition will excommunicate you on the spot if they find them

>> No.38510336

Alright, welp
>phantom marines on ships
>can't trade in diplomacy
>frigate holding a company disappears in the warp and apparently reappears over a system, can unload company but ship not on map, can still reload marines

This is pretty entertaining though and decently addictive. with more features and playability it could be legitimate fun and I probably would never stop playing it.

>> No.38510723

What the hell is up with Tau? They shoot my marines straight to shit in combat. Is the only way to clear them without losing most of my company just to bombard them endlessly?

>> No.38510911

Is there any word about playing as a Chaos chapter? I don't mean simply going heretic, like you can do now. But playing in a Chaos controlled sector where you fend off imperials and marines, while you drop of cultists or chaos priests to slowly convert planets to chaos or even cause uprisings.

>> No.38510963

What a coincidence you just posted as I was finishing up renaming everything for my silly custom chapter.

>> No.38511023

So there was an option to have your marines actively move towards the enemy if you wanted to engage in melee instead of standing still and shooting, was that removed with the new UI?

>> No.38511033

>1st Company Captain Solidus

>> No.38511120

Technically you play as Space Nazi. Why would you want to play as Space satanist?

>> No.38511224

>Blatant heretical chapter
>High Chaplain Fuklaw

>> No.38511253

Not any time soon.

>> No.38511360

They are plainly loyal, they're the Loyal Loyalists.

>> No.38511515

Your lies and false promises will not work on me, Heretic!

>> No.38511645

Haha holy shit demon worlds. Thousands and thousands of them, all over the place, my psykers going batshit constantly, bombarding and attacking have no effect.

I'm ten kinds of fucked, aren't I?

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