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>> No.38411041

First for Anarcho-Socialism

>> No.38411135


-Background: Commander (500CP) -Don't mind me, just going around. Being by myself as a Faction Heir.
-Imported Faction (300CP) -My old civilization! We are far too early, but we have five hundred years. There will be time.
-Reform, You Spineless Dogs! (Free) -Um... wow. A bit concerning, but okay.
-Trust In Me (100CP) -Niiiiiiice.
-Run, Cowards!/To Me, Brothers! (Free) -Making sure my growing forces are quick about things IS nice.
-On The Run (-300CP) -Sometimes, hiding and running CAN make a difference.
-Black Stallion (Free) -Weird. Either way, I'll release it when I leave.
-Where Do All These Assassins Keep Coming From? (-300CP)
-Excommunicate (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Choice (Medieval War), 18 years old
End Choice: Next Adventure

This is Jump No. 295, so... really, I wouldn't be surprised if I started with a big city, and maybe... ten people? Ten? It's something we can work with somehow.

Fortress of Arrogance will float in the center like some weird black Traveler orb a la Destiny, then build a bunch of robots and begin building/restoring/uncovering the ruins of my Civilization. Naturally, the second any Knight or Peasant sees my shit they're gonna scream that I'm some damn she-devil (an accusation not entirely false) and I'm gonna have Crusades on my ass super quick.

Needless to say, time will be of the essence.

>tfw people see my magitech settlement for the first time

>> No.38411169

So Jumpers and Jumpettes, Return.
Did you pick it up, and if so, where did you go back to?

Me, I have it but I haven't decided exactly where to go. Leading candidates are Pokemon, Harry Potter, Halo and Gundam, for varying reasons.

>> No.38411220

>pic related

So, y'know. Have fun with getting Crusades and Jihads called on you at the same time.

>> No.38411223

Nope. I'm all about moving ahead until I get my spark. At that point I'll worry about revisiting. But until then its new horizons all the way through.

>> No.38411225

I don't really like to pick it up. I make sure to say my goodbyes before I leave each world, there's no reason to go back unless I complete the chain and gain my spark.

>> No.38411303

Needed Stasis Pods
Still want more Pods

>> No.38411344

LLTQ. I spent all that time talking up a storm about my magics, I owe them a show.

>> No.38411345

Waste of CP

>> No.38411349

I might go back to Gundam SEED. My work there is still not done. That place is going to take a lot of work to make right. Especially with all the setting-altering drawbacks I retained from previous jumps. In retrospect, unleashing swarms of utahraptors with Jurassic World might not have been the best idea. But fuck it, I had taken the "Fan-verse" drawback forward with me from Naruto and Evangelion, and the fanfic I picked for SEED was one that had a particularly annoying superscientist OC villain. You want to impress your girlfriend by cloning her a pet dinosaur? Fuck you, the whole world has dinosaurs now, that's nothing special.

>> No.38411350


Star Wars KOTOR - Budget 1000cp

100 Starting Planet: I'll let the waifu pick. I'm guessing Dantooine or Coruscant. :)
free Origin: Drop-in (rolled 5, Age 23). Tourism ho!
free Species: Human. Boldly going where everyone's been before!
free Path: Balance (bonus power: Force Cloak). The middle path!
100 Enhanced Physiology - Look ma, no broken bones!
200 Chosen Ones - Force powers for everyone!
free Lightsaber Training, Pistol Training, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Force Empathy, Force Speed, Farsight, Force Stealth, Force Sight, Mind Trick, Precognition. Looks like we've got some learning to do!
free Lightsaber (single silver-hued blade), I.D. and some essential supplies. That's not a knife!
100 Armored Robes. Gotta look the part!
100 100,000 Credits. Let's go shopping!
50 Datapad. I'm making a list!
50 Medkit. Gotta save them all!
50 Advanced Comlink. Keeping in touch!
250 Dynamic-class Freighter. ... [ *buuuurp* ] ... Oh. I was wondering where Cabby had gotten to, I guess it got hungry waiting for us. I hope you got something good out of it, that was expensive. [ *miaeeowowow* ] Oh, huh? Alright, I guess. We'll go find you an ion cannon. But since you've eaten our ride, you get to take us instead. [ *MIAOW!* ]

^ Cabby is a Cabbit/Treeship hybrid pet/companion from Tenchi Muyo... and I just realised, as it is a companion, that means it gets Force Powers... hmm, what do you think Cabby would get if I loaned it Savage Salvage and it ate a Tower Seed from Ar Tonelico?

>> No.38411359


Not sure when to go back to places exactly, but having the option is nice.

>> No.38411363


Return was too limited, and portals and shields too useful.

>> No.38411364

No, I did not pick it up because I needed other things.
I would go to JJBA or Gundam if I picked return. Correct Century's awesome, and I'd love to go on adventures with Jotaro and Joseph against Dio.

>> No.38411421

I wanted to take it just because certain words needed more than just 10 short years for you to do what needs to be done. Besides, if you ever fail to accomplish a specific goal within ten years, Return is a safety net to assure that you can always get back to it later.

But the reason I didn't take it is because of how much it kills drama and storytelling, even more so than if I'd have bought Save State. It's the same reason why I made it so I couldn't stay in any world nor could I go back home, and that losing Jumpchain will kill me.

"Oh, you didn't really have to save me, if if 'die', I'll just go back home without a scratch. Sorry you scarified your life so I can go on an adventure."

"Guess it's goodbye until the end, huh? But no, not really, I can come back whenever I feel like it for 10 years more. See you whenever I feel like seeing you guys again, then!"

"Oh, don't worry about it! If we die, I'll just reload a save and redo the whole thing differently until through trial and error, we get what we want. Cool, huh?"

Yeah, nah.

>> No.38411430

Let's be honest. It was going to happen one way or another. I may as well get the points for it.

I'm a demon who's base height is 19'7" WITHOUT 'Unusual Size' making me get even bigger, I've got the knowledge and the building skills to construct a small town within a week, I can convert things into different items on a WHIM... along with so much magic and technology that it may as well be fucking demon-spawned blasphemy. AND I can essentially 'uplift' anyone within a day to become all kinds of creatures or beings, depending on what they wanted. Of COURSE they're gonna see me as evil.

>> No.38411450

1000 points
Age 24
Rolled 6- pandemonium
Mage- 900
Asmodean- free
Ascendant wings-free kickass wings
Aetheric bond- free
Advanced job summoner -800
Aether tap- 600
Titan summoning- 300
Clothing skinner- 200
Armsfusion crafter- -300
Miracle- -900
Till the end- -300
Amnesia- 0.

Ok so Im on the asmodean side, my plan is to eventually put myself into a position where I can pop an ar tonelico tower in the center of the broken tower. Grow it out of the same crystal. Set it to start producing aether again and then using the volcano titan start buildind the world back into a sphere. I also plan on looking into how those abyss portals work, even if each jump has its own version of the abyss it could open up useful possibilities, or maybe it causes a weird version of the warp to spill out. I also have plans for the space whales that live in the abyss, maybe hook a few of them up to a space chariot and ride them.

I wonder what the chaos powers would think of the place?

Lastly I since I grabbed the wing maker, I think some phoenix wings would be awesome. I have feathers from my pet in harry potter.

What do you plan on using for wings guys and gals?

>> No.38411452

What was the deal with warehouse anyways? Do we get 100cp per jump, or was it a one time thing? Cause I guess this limits us to 5 pods max?

>> No.38411497

The problem is its too expensive for single use, if you can use it more than once then its great wven if you dont get to rechoose cp and perks.

>> No.38411535

One time thing
And QS upped it 150cp, but never updated the PDF itself

>> No.38411548

I didn't go anywhere.

It's an emergency "Fuck this shit, I'm out" button. That, or an emergency "Failed the chain, but I'm not going home...!" button, if that's allowed.
Which, I mean, I paid points for it, I don't see why it wouldn't be.
Point is, in the jumper's narrative I'm crafting, it's never actually used for anything. But I'm happier just knowing it would be there.

>> No.38411554

Dang :/. Then Return is definitely way too expensive. Even if it was for say a 12000 year return trip to Civ for extra level grinding or something.

>> No.38411568

Fair enough points all around.

>> No.38411606

No It's a waste of points, I'm usually able to accomplish everything I need to in ten years and I go through the entire chain with only 6 pokemon.

Plus, like a bunch of other anons are saying, it's too limited.

>> No.38411637

Speaking of which, is the Housing Complex supp. supposed to override the Housing System supp. or do we get two houses.

>> No.38411639


... other than the more fanatical/pious, I don't think the populace will see you as evil. I think they'll see you as whatever you want them to see you as.

Pious fanatic: We can take her!
Red: *turns pious fanatic's lower body into a potted plant with a snap of her fingers*
Crowd: ... screw that. Hail Red! Hail Red! (can we go home now please?)

>> No.38411686

Eh, neither is official so it's an individual jumpers call.

>> No.38411709

Both were made by someone other than QS
Like many of the non-QS supplements a lot of people see it as cheating

I didn't take either, and don't care if someone does. But neither are offical, so fanwank

>> No.38411746

It would be great if you could use it like every second jump to return to a previous one, no extra cp, you cant change your character. At least then you could go back if something gets updated and watnot.

Like if faerie tail suddenly found a bigass magic supercomputer it would be nice to get the chance to go copy it.

>> No.38411913

Well, I did some thinking, and came to the conclusion that I am never going to finish the Spaceballs jump. I am officially putting it up for adoption if anyone wants to do stuff with it and PDF it.


It's a pretty decent bit along, and I don't think anything important has changed since I last posted it however long ago.

>> No.38411915

Guys I just got a ragnarok from ff8, but I just realized I have an anno 2070 ship. Where do I put this stuff?

>> No.38411936

>taken the "Fan-verse" drawback forward with me from Naruto and Evangelion, and the fanfic I picked for SEED was one that had a particularly annoying superscientist OC villain. You want to impress your girlfriend by cloning her a pet dinosaur? Fuck yo
Have you done the Gundam Seed Jump I made?

>> No.38411959

Harry Potter shrinking spell. Miniaturize it and have them as model ships until you need to use them.

>> No.38411986

Have you done Tenchi?
Or Babylon 5?
cause Spacedock is poorly written and needs to be redone so its not completely useless so I just kind of fanwank that ships that were rewards from Jumps just kind of float somewhere in space until I go to them (and keep stuff stored on them)

>> No.38411989

I did. I was one of the people who pitched ideas for it, I was quite happy to see it made. You did a good job, there.

>> No.38412013


>> No.38412020

I have done neither.

I should do this. Then maybe copy them for military uses.

>> No.38412022

Thank you. I've made minor tweaks to it, and still occassionally have made additions since then, (really need to do more items though)
this is the current version I'm working on.

>> No.38412088

With the ability to ignite my soul and feed my magick, I grew stronger. The Red Court would not feed on any innocents while I watched. And then my favor was called in.

I needed to settle a debt with the Fae, the Scarecrow. Back when I, looking back at my memories, first discovered my attempts at wielding magic. It was such a fleeting want. The memories said I wanted a rival to suffer, so that I could claim a girl for my own.

As we can see, I am still single.

Laugh it up, Lady.

>Pacific Rim
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 27-years-old
Drawbacks: Jumper Alpha vs The World (+600)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Origin: Experimental Human/Kaiju Hybrid

Skills & Abilities:
-Djawadi's Favor (Free)
-Kaiju Behavioral Studies (Free)
-Kwoon Training
-Quality Assurance

Items & Gear:
-Strange Notes
-Kaiju Medkit (Free)
Kaiju Adaptations:
-Might (Free)
-Speed (Free)
-Toughness (Free)
-Multiple Tails (Free)
-Carapace (Free)
-Sonic Wave (Free)
-Organic Railgun

Humanity struggles to survive the war. Their jaeger have been brought low. And the world's end seems nigh.
Between humanity and extinction, stands one scientist's hope.
One. Lone. Kaiju.

Are you ready...

>> No.38412113

If you have serious space issues and are willing to use the Minecraft jump specifically for logistic purposes: a Builder focused line with Universal Energy and Applied Energistics allows you to store physical matter by converting it into digital space - circumventing the boundary limits of the warehouse (but adding energy costs which the very same jump can solve)

>> No.38412128

Total War time...

Timeline: Shogun Total War
Background: Commander (100) what can I say I'm a cheapskate

*Reform you spineless dogs (Free)
*Run Cowards!/To Me My Brothers! (200)
*Retinue (400) This is going to be useful... maybe not here but it will be useful.
*Specialization: Intrigue (100)
*Who Me? (800) While I don't tend to pass the blame on to others, it's a nice option to have.

Drawback: You.
*Strahd Von Zarovitch
*Pennywise the clown.

So how badly did I screw myself here? I think I might be able to take Strahd as I have 100 jumps under my belt and can whip my army in to a formidable force rather easily.
Pennywise... I have no clue... any monster powered by belief and mindfuck is not going to be fun... also I hate spiders... ugh..

>> No.38412216

Note that Applied Energistics works on an Item basis, so it can't handle big things. Anything that wouldn't go in your inventory is not digitizable.

It's totally awesome for storing resources, though, and any tools or parts you need can be similarly stored. If you want ships, on the level of 'stuff you know how to build' instead of 'unique artifacts', and you don't have room in the Warehouse for them, even with a LOT of space freed up by the use of digital storage, it should be relatively straightforward to dismantle them, then reassemble them later.

>> No.38412256

>Jumper Alpha vs The World

A braver Jumper than I, OAA.

>> No.38412321

I suppose if HP's shrinking magic worked so that the integrity of onboard systems and whatnot remained intact regardless of size, you could make a ship into artifact size.

>> No.38412381

Doesnt the computer system in pokemon store stuff too? Ive been using the Pokeballs with computer to put stuff into storage.

Although I also have an ar tower, it has space for storage.

>> No.38412404


Oh, you poor soul. At least you didn't take Forgetting Someone.

>> No.38412441

>those lyrics
>that build

>> No.38412464

It's not too bad, provided you have a companion or ten.
Or bring in other world tech.

Beam sabers > kaiju.

>> No.38412469

> I had taken the "Fan-verse" drawback forward with me from Naruto and Evangelion
Fuck. Why didn't I think about that?
I might go to Methods of Rationality for Harry Potter if I did that.

>> No.38412492

Yep, but that's also an item-based paradigm, and it's generally a lot clunkier than AE (which can be automated and do wireless transmissions and seamlessly interface with non-digital containers and all kinds of other cool stuff).

>> No.38412509


>> No.38412522

Yeah, I went through a lot of mental gymnastics figuring out a way to get to fan-verses using magic or some such before I realized I could just do that. Makes some jumps a lot more fun.

>> No.38412549

Eh. I guess.

Still, one person vs the Kaiju. Definitely requires some backup.

Although if OAA seriously manages to one-man it I will writefag. Right now.

>> No.38412578

I agree, I took cheatmode though, it seemed more useful at the time, hindsight and all I may not have.

>> No.38412600

> MoR
Interesting plan.

That probably dooms the universe, of course, since terrifyingly overpowered Voldemort will arrange some clever scheme to steal useful things from you as of six hours before the moment it becomes possible to guess that you exist.

>> No.38412606

I'unno. I'd imagine if you had a Lightsaber it would be like Shadow of the Collossus sort of. At point blank range the Kaiju really have...nothing since they're so big. If you were human sized and managed to get that close, you could stay in their blind spot pretty effectively.

>> No.38412650

I wish there was a way to forcibly apply physics from one jump onto another. I would build monster hunter world in pacific rim.

>> No.38412684

I kindof like his Voldemort and Dumbledore quite a bit, actually. And there are some interesting war games for a stealth jumper. AND, it's a great magitek primer.
Also, I'd like to pop his Harry once in the mouth.
> "Do you ever say something that isn't quoted from someone smarter than you?"

Yeah, I think... I'd have to be way more careful. It might be better to just go to canonverse and just run rampant over absolutely everyone, even while "stealth'd". I could fake being a ridiculous child prodigy easy.
But Methods would be really fun for entirely different reasons. I'm honestly torn.

>> No.38412696

Whenever a Companion Import option gives an origin for free, do you assume the origins give there freebies as well, even if it doesn't explicitly state that they do?

>> No.38412703

Nevermind, disgust retracted. You're a cool dude.

>> No.38412706

Man I wouldn't want to be around if anyone applied ragdoll physics to PacRim.

"What happened to Hong Kong?!"
"Oh One-Armed punched the Kaiju"
"Yeah, it kinda split open...and the parts just kinda flailed about...and hey the Kaiju's dead!"

>> No.38412810

"Why the hell are we missing a mountain range?"

"Oh, Anon punched it. And it got snagged on the terrain. And then for some reason said terrain made it rubberband REALLY damn far."

"Seriously you think the mountain being gone is odd? You should see the ditch!"

>> No.38412833

>applying Goat Simulator physics to Pacific Rim

Oh... Oh dear.

>> No.38412839

Speaking of monster hunter, I have all that stuff from it in the boxes, including combo books, potions, even bugs.

Ancient potion healsa person to full health, could I cure all disease with it?

Could I use combo books to make sure my alchemy never fails?

Could I clone thunderbug swarms for infinite green energy?

>> No.38412891

I want this to be a thing now, what setting would need to be written for this to be a thing?

>> No.38412910


Question for Aion Anon.

The wings. Could I manifest them in other forms, or are they fairly restricted to asmodean / balaur / elysian form?

Thanks in advance.

>> No.38412941

We need a 'perfected form' perk... but I have nodiea what jump would allow us to combine everything previous into an idealized body

>> No.38412982

The wings are an extension of your will, and in game even when transformed you can summon them.

Go nuts you can call them up whenever you want.

>> No.38412991

SAO has an form combining perk, depending on your tastes that could do it. FMA has Envy shape shifting, which can be tweaked as much as you like.

>> No.38413004

Sword art has final form that lets you turn all your altforms into a perfect form.

>> No.38413023

Is that all alt forms or just monsters?

>> No.38413037

Thank you. You just saved a ton of agonizing.


>> No.38413053

600 This Is, In Fact, My Final Form : You gain a giant and monstrous alt form, drawn from mythology. It is extremely well suited to fighting a large group (read: raid) simultaneously. Further, any alt forms you have may now be freely combined; access any of your powers or traits from any form.

>> No.38413075

>Methods of Rationality

The world being destroyed by Harry Potter counts as a loss.

>> No.38413107

Yep, heres a picture of a person flying while turned into a penguin. Sorry if its small.

>> No.38413145

>What do you mean Penguins can't fly?

>> No.38413161

...it's beautiful.

>> No.38413182

Do wings always scale to our atforms?

>> No.38413237

>Do imported companions with origin get their freebies?
I assume they do, aye. I usually assume they get discounts on their origin's perks too, even if it's not stated. Of course, if a jump explicitly says they don't get those bonuses I won't give them to my companions. Feel free to take those freebies/discounts with your companions in any of the jumps I've made.

>> No.38413275

Yes, unless you dont want them to. There are wings in game which are downright tiny. Whatever the size however you can still use them to fly.

>> No.38413382

There are also massive wings, for instance these are what I plan on sporting myself.

>> No.38413415

Hot damn those are sexy. Is there a gallery of wings anywhere, as to see some options?

>> No.38413458


>> No.38413461

Welp night all its late and I have work in the morning, if there are any more questions ask and I will answer before I leave for work.

Google aion wings, pretty much the only way I have found. The wings where a big reason for me making the jump.

>> No.38413572

Goat Simulator has a Mayhem Goat perk that basically applies Goat Physics for one hour a day apparently. Not sure how far this goes.

>> No.38413700

They apply to the goat itself, and the Mayhem Goat is a Companion.

>> No.38413819

That dragon has fabulous hair.

>> No.38413823

So...potentially the Goat can pinball all over the place and destroy half the city? (Leaving the Kaiju relatively intact if not rather confused)

>> No.38413832

When I get to Pacific Rim I plan on either adding evenglion tech to my Jeager or adding Kaiju to my Angel form, I have yet to decide if I want to be a scientist in eva or a angel hybrid.

>> No.38413872


>> No.38413882

Go angel hybrid. You might be able to replicate scientific skills and achievements down the line if you play your cards right, but what other jump are you going to get A.T. Field shenanigans?

>> No.38413898


>> No.38413914

... All of them, if he can learn to artificially produce AT fields?

>> No.38414019

Fair point I suppose.

>> No.38414187

Yes but just the once to Pokemon.
I couldn't get Lugia the first time but coming back better in every way I should definitely be able to.

>> No.38414200

This doesn't have very many pictures that I can see, the wings have their own pages sometimes but unless you know the name you don't know what to search for.

This site seems to host them, though.

>> No.38414214

Yeah, my bad. Grabbed the wrong link and only just now realized it.


>> No.38414226

It's okay, you're still my favorite.

>> No.38414239

I made a thing! Hope you all enjoy it!

>> No.38414281

Oh my god. You made a jump of the Nobunaga's Ambition/Pokemon crossover game? I love it.

>> No.38414358

I really liked the game. It's baby's first tRPG, but the antagonist has a consistent goal, the story is well written, and the gameplay is fairly solid. It'd been kicking around in my head for a while, and when I finished with my last jump I figured I'd give it a go.

I'm going to try to make an Image version of it eventually, I just suck at GIMP, and have never tried photoshop. I really wish I had played with art supplies more as a kid.

>> No.38414409

I've never heard of the setting before, I like the companion into pokemon import.

>> No.38414464

Nice. Nobunaga's War drawback basically means this jump became Medieval pokemon quest.

Also a fun fact. Sunkern has the lowest BST in the game at 180. Ralts has 198.

Was there ever going to be Mega Evolution in Conquest?

>> No.38414531

It came out before ME did, so probably no.

>> No.38414638

For Warrior Purchase: Is there a list of Named Characters who aren't Warlords somewhere?

Minor details: Does Fewer Friends round up or down. 3 -> 2 or 3 -> 1?

>> No.38414703

I think this is a complete list of Warriors

Fewer Friends is rounded down.

>> No.38414736

So... I was working on an Aion Jump a while ago, and now I see we have one. Should I finish mine (still missing a few items/600CP perks), or no? I think it's different enough to not be a retread, but I'm not sure if this is cool. It could technically be a different point on the timeline, if that helps, since mine focuses more on the post-Steel Calvary game than the one in the drive seems to.

Would also like to hear from aionon, don't want to be a dick or anything.

>> No.38414763

But apparently this page details all the warlords - and the companion import says the only limit is none of the warlords x_x. Was this just semantic issue or did you mean specific Warlords like Nobunaga/Hidematsu/etc.?

>> No.38414769

Honestly, I'd just try to get ahold of them and see if you two could coordinate, even mix the jumps together into one. That's probably your best bet.

>> No.38414775

Here's a question for anyone who knows Kirby; Is the Master Crown worth getting? How long would one need to train to wear and use it effectively without going batshit?

>> No.38414809

The ones in charge of the Kingdoms yes. Their lieutenants are fine, just not them (unless you decide to Pod them or give them a Blue Feather or something).

Also, I don't see any of the Warlords on that page, these are all the Generic characters/Lieutenants.

>> No.38414850

Yeah my bad, it's just Serebii had this weird way of saying Warlord Leader/Warlord that messed me up. Probably how they do it in game too...I just never played it.


>> No.38414857

I'd rather not there be two jumps, and I'd rather not what we have get replaced, but I think you two should talk and maybe ADD what you have onto his version? Seems to me like our current Aion jump was made by someone who hasn't played recently, so adding on content from a more current version of the game would only increase the amount of content, right?

>> No.38414897

So you're using the Blue Feather option anyway?

>> No.38414963

Sure, with luck I'll catch him next time. I structured my Jump differently, using the races as Origins (two of which aren't in his) and the Classes as perks, so we'll see how it goes.

>> No.38414968

Nah I just want them as Warriors (His daughters are amazing: Hydreigon and well...Mismagius isn't amazing but yeah). I *might* use blue feather but I dunno.

I have a weird Jump system set up where I have a normal Jumper and then I set up a spreadsheet for a pair of Jumpers to see how bizarre Jumping can get if you play for two Jumpers (both with 1k).

I'm kinda afraid if I blue feather his daughters outright Nobunaga might find reason to kill me and considering this is a relatively early jump to do none of my Jumpers are really *that* strong.

>> No.38414990

Ah, did you include some of those beastmen as origins? Those are definitely something that could be slotted in easily, seems like.

>> No.38415132

Yeah, the Mau are an Origin with tiered perks (wild/nature/tribe-based), as are Shugo (trader/information-gathering), and the Balaur have elements/Balaur tech/dragon-forms. I thought about a Drawback where you had to be a Skurv, but eh.

And Drop-In's got their usual metagaming perks, so technically six Origins, though Asmodian and Elyos are only separate for aesthetics and one or two items/perks.

>> No.38415206

Work with aionon. Drop in having their own perk line sounds slightly more sensible than the Priest sub in right now - and definitely if you could merge the two together it'd be great, but aionon did put quite a bit of work into his.

>> No.38415210

I'm wondering if it'd be possible to keep the racial perk lines and the class based perk lines. It wouldn't be the first jump like that, though it's rare. The only issue is if there's overlap.

>> No.38415212

You really should've spoken up when Aionon was offering to pay to have thr jump done.

>> No.38415253

not to be that guy but I already made my build and I dont want to rebuild. I like dropin the way it is now.

>> No.38415257

I won.

I... against all odds, the idea of one Kaiju standing against their brethren was too much. They came in a swarm, and with my knowledge from past worlds it was like fighting a group of human-sized foes.

And then the Category 10...

A greater foe I have never met until this day, we clashed off the shoes of California - with seemingly all the world watching. Hoping. for Humanity's Monster to win out, and defeat the greatest weapon the Precursors had ever made.

And their hopes won out. With a sky-shattering roar, I ripped it's head off in the final moments of that battle, my own blood spilling from countless wounds. But it was worth it.

Humanity was saved.

Drawbacks: Do I Smell Like Fish? (+300), Mission Failure (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,600
Origin: Monster

-TV Personality (Free)
-Danger, Danger (Free)
-Blah, Blah, Blah (Free)

Monster Powers:
-Copied Design (Free) (Zamtrios )
-Space Monster (Free)
-Kaiju (import from Pacific Rim - 80 meters)
-Sword-Horn (two on each elbow)
-Red Blazer

>> No.38415272

It's possible that if both racial and class perk lines are kept that you wouldn't have to do anything but change a word. But yeah let's see what happens when ainonanon gets back on.

>> No.38415288

That's fine anon, we should all bow down to your wishes. Who could be so heartless as to make you spend 5 more minutes adjusting your build! What monsters they are!

>> No.38415290

if I dont have to change my build its okay. but I like my build now. I picked more than just drop in skills.

>> No.38415313

Stop being a cunt, I'd like to see what comes of this but having to change a build can be a pain in the ass, and nevertheless a complaint or voicing of opinion never justifies self-righteous sarcasm.

>> No.38415319

If it gets changed it gets changed. Im just saying what I want. Its not my jump to say whats okay and whats not. I just like my build and want to keep it.

>> No.38415335

Thank you

>> No.38415365 [DELETED] 

Actually, let's drop the height down to around 60 meters.

>> No.38415400

At this point I'd hate to be the artist who has to draw your picture. Are you still a robotic skeletal dragon zombie thing with part Kaiju?

>> No.38415438

Changed my mind again, let's stick with 80 meters.


I... Am still a human-dragon-cyborg, yes.

It's just that, now we got Kaiju added in.
With the most FABULOUS of wings from Aion.

>> No.38415487

Oh yeah, I don't want to step on anyone's toes, which is why I asked. Maybe we can work something out; I don't want him feeling, since he did get his Jump in first.

From what I can see, there wouldn't be much overlap, mostly because I assumed you'd buy a Class and acquire its skills as you progressed, while aionon has both the classes and class skills as perks.

Sorry, things got busy and I haven't been around. When I was in the threads last, I don't think there had been talk about an Aion Jump.

Also, uh, sorry to that guy who doesn't want to change his build? I mean, I get it, adjustment can be a pain. Without having spoken to aionon, just going by the Jump, it looks like it would require some adjustment if they do get merged, but aionon did a good job. We don't actually have to change anything.

>> No.38415499

Has anyone talked about doing a Dragons Crown jump? I'd love some more hack 'n slash jumps.

>> No.38415521

Imaging the cooking perks.

>> No.38415522


>> No.38415527

If you're 80 meters and say the wings scaled....JEBUS HOW BIG ARE YOUR WINGS?!

>> No.38415537

Maybe release yours as a DLC? Make it an optional add on, or a second jump all together and see how that works.

>> No.38415547

Big enough to send KFC out of business.

>> No.38415548

>more hack 'n slash jumps.
Yes please.

>> No.38415555

It'd probably be something like 80-100 meters across.

>> No.38415558

Well, anyway, just get into contact with him tomorrow and we can all hash it out. Not much more to be done now.

No, having two jumps with this much overlap in setting and time frame is stupid, and it can't be DLC since Aionanon wasn't involved.

>> No.38415559

No, we don't need two versions of a jump, that's just gonna lead to bad things. The best thing to do is see if they can be combined.

>> No.38415567

That...might not be a bad idea actually, especially if you can focus your content on Steel Cavalry stuff. I know we had to compromise with aionon over the Aethertech and Muse insert and he was already more than generous to put that in...but if you were to focus steel cavalry...

>> No.38415583

Same timeframe. Fuck no.

>> No.38415594


Now, here's a question.

With the size of my new form now. How amplified (possibly) would the effects of Extremis be? Or how big my BLASTS of Firebending?

And then take those. And amplify them with SOULFIRE from Dresden Files.

>> No.38415620

Wait a minute, I took the technician perk from Pokemon trainer and know how to make pokeballs, can I catch pokemon in this world? Because if so I'm going to ignore the plot and grab every legendary I can.

>> No.38415634

Seems like something Red would take.

>> No.38415646

Catch yes. Good luck finding them though, even with the tracking perk it'd be tricky. They only reveal themselves in the game to certain Warlords, and only after they've achieved a certain amount of power.

>> No.38415681

>Dragons Crown jump
Fuck it. I'll do it.

>> No.38415697

Basing the origins on the characters? I want an amazon perk line.

>> No.38415715

>Basing the origins on the characters?
That's the tentative plan, yes. I'll need to research it a bit more, I've never played the game, but it looks viable.

>> No.38415727

I demand a companion option to get any of the class characters.

>> No.38415740

> Never played the game
You're still riding the high from your first jump, aren't you?

>> No.38415753

>Adding Sorceress to my Companions
Oh yes

>> No.38415758

He has a long history of good jumps, just look at his multiplayer supplement.

>> No.38415761

You'll need the plot a bit to *find* the Legendary. http://www.serebii.net/conquest/legends.shtml. I guess your issue would just be "How do I get all these warlords to join me so I can catch the Legendaries?!"

>> No.38415764

>You're still riding the high from your first jump, aren't you?
... maybe.

I'll see what I can do. I'm iffy on canon characters as companions, but I promise to look at it and try to make it work.

>> No.38415783

Those aren't breasts those are backetballs of jiggling fat anon

>> No.38415793

>balls of jiggling fat
Guess what breasts are.

>> No.38415806


>> No.38415807


>> No.38415808


>> No.38415816

Do what some jumps have done.

Offer an option for canon companions, and an option for randomized companions.

>> No.38415847

>Import 8 companions

>Warrior origin

>8 companions get 6 Pokémon apiece


>> No.38415921

I feel Red and Sorceress would have an argument on who is better I bet.

>> No.38415923

I know EXACTLY what tools I gave you. I also know that if you want them to get that many Pokes, unless they start off with the basic Pokemon they won't get anything more specific unless you spend 80% of your initial CP.

>> No.38416016

Do you guys think that I could bring companions to the Megaman X-verse if I paid their full associated costs like they were another MC? I just don't want to leave my Megaman Classic bros behind.

>> No.38416025

Worth it. Worth it in ways you couldn't imagine.

I've wanted a pair of stonking wings since childhood, and the fact that they're as awesome as they are?

Let's just say, post-Aion? Finding out I could manifest them outside of Balaur form? Countless shenanigans spent FLYING.

>> No.38416040

>And Thus, UFO Anon was born.

>> No.38416048

>One Winged Angel intensifies

>> No.38416051

Nope, but you can always just take your copanions with you without importing them.

Let's hope the fused jump doesn't ruin it for everyone by stealing our wings.

>> No.38416078

The whole point to Aion is wings. Without wings there is no Aion.

>> No.38416166

>Always take your companions with you without importing them
Stasis pods? I don't see any option listed in the cyoa itself addressing companions.

>> No.38416178

No? It's just something you can do. Your companions all come with you no matter what. Imports are just to get them backgrounds and points. Only eight active at once though.

>> No.38416202

Hm, I'd always assumed you couldn't just willy-nilly your companions places except the pokemon, unless stasis pods were involved. I mean, what's the point of most imports then? If you can just hand gear to your party of drop-ins its usually more cost-efficient, unless you want a platoon following you around at all times.

>> No.38416205

Except you can't really hand your companions perks, nor can you give them a pre existing history in the world.

>> No.38416212

>I mean, what's the point of most imports then?
See >>38416178
>Imports are just to get them backgrounds and points

He can use teaching/genetic fuckery/geneforge to replicate a lot of it, though it's certainly much harder work.

>> No.38416227

Again, that applies only to some perks, there are plenty that can't be. It still leaves the problem of them having no background in the setting.

>> No.38416245

No background in a setting really isn't that much of an issue half the time. Ones where it absolutely won't work you can import a smaller group specifically or just solo it based on your fuck huge installed power base after a half-dozen jumps.

>> No.38416259

Not really talking about powers here. Stuff like giving them a pre existing history in a setting can be helpful, unless you want 8 unknown people running around and everyone asking questions. Besides, backgrounds often offer freebies and discounts for the rest of the perks.

>> No.38416268

A great example of this is the king of companion Jumps = Forbidden Realm Jump.

Now normally in FR Jump you can put in 8 companions who basically have their pre-existing skills and nothing else.

But with the Aristocrat perk called "Your Companions Have Arrived". Every one of your companions all come in with 300 CP to start with. This is a Jump where each Class you want to learn costs 100 CP a level.

So let's say you've amassed an army of companions. You come to the jump. Now you can have an army of multiclass companions. (Multiclassing isn't always the greatest choice though, unless there's a Soft Cap equivalent for companions)

If you didn't take that import mod...well your 8 remains 8 unmulticlassed companions.

>> No.38416301

I personally prefer maxing out at like, two or three companions that I spoil rotten. Everyone else is a temporary just for that jump buddy.

Keep the MC and their close buds roughly equal in power level with a sort of healer/tank/dps situation going on.

>> No.38416336

Yeah, I usually take my starter and another pokemon I like and go through mystery dungeon and FFTA to get them human forms and a decent powerbase, then go from there.

Usually an elemental theme to them. Never feel quite comfortable about putting developed humanoid-capable characters into pokeballs so they get stasis tubes.

>> No.38416349

They should go into companion space like anyone else if you don't use the balls.

>> No.38416371

I stick to 3 companions too, I prefer having a team of 4 than a big group and it conveniently fits well with RWBY too.
It's also cheaper supplying them with powers than giving them to everyone.

>> No.38416389

To each their own frankly. Some people like building armies, some like running solo, some like small knit teams. Just that FR's an amazing jump to show the difference between import and normal team of 8. (since the wording of the perk basically implies all your companions at that point can get imported - and there's other jumps that are like that too.)

>> No.38416466

Madoka jump, of all places. And we only used it about 210+ jumps into our journey too. But dammit, since the events in the PMMM jump happen /before/ the show we needed Return in order to talk to a few people (applying psychology perks), deliver some perpetual energy machine schematics to kyuubey (and get him to enter into a contract with US for the sake of universal preservation) and generally stick around to make sure the megucas get their happy ending and Rebellion story never happened.

...yeah, LoT is one helluva drug. It didn't quite shed the god complex, our fixation with soul shenanigans or our general amorality-but it DID force us to realise the whole For The Greater Good thing wasn't a valid excuse for automatic genocide/mind enslavement on every world we visited.

Drawback: Ambition Realised (1300)

Warlord (1100)

>Free Pokemon: Missingno (900)

Elemental Focus: Fighting, Psychic (Free)
Leadership (Free)
Motivate (600)
Large Sack (300)
Hyper PotionX2 (100)
Efficient Use (0)

Huh, it's been a while since we've seen Oda. No really-Sengoku Basara jump was a LONG time ago. Unfortunately for him-this time, we ain't on his side.

We've had /millennia/ to enhance the only pokemons we've taken with us on this journey with all the sufficiently unified paradigms of study at our disposal: Our starter gardevoir and our PMD partner blaziken. The bottom line is-the former can throw black holes around like it ain't even a thing, and the latter can punch mountains into volcanoes. Missingno's gonna have to do some serious training to catch up.

And fuck the battle system-Nobunaga's getting a whole bunch of supernaturally summoned things thrown at him from several removes while we create a a distraction big enough to merit Arceus' attention. We'll unify this island and institute a representative system of welfare government. Starting by inventing a type of masterball that can capture problematic faction leaders.

(Baby steps, dammit)

>> No.38416487

>Some people like building armies, some like running solo, some like small knit teams

Why not all three?

>> No.38416508

Pacific Rim.

I wanna come back later in the chain to fight the cat 10.

>> No.38416513

I did not. I had it, then learned it wasn't for repeated usage, so I dropped it based on the new info. I'm now regretting this because I realized today that if I still had it, I could have become any Homunculus I liked in FMA, taken whatever perks I wanted, then come back 10 years later and perform Human Transmutation in a way that Truth wouldn't follow me outside the jump.

>> No.38416546

>Pokémon taken in this jump do not count as Companions unless you choose to import them, or make them into Companions in future jumps

Based Jumpmaker! FINALLY! FUCKING FINALLY I can have some Pokemon without wasting Companion Slots!

>> No.38416562

I...guess?! One Jump build I have is all about collecting companions so I can build a band.

So all my pokemon needed to learn Round to act as the backup vocals and sound effects. I had my 2nd jump Moogle Tinkerer on synth. Now on my third jump, two more ladies for backup vocals. I originally had Aion there...but decided I'll wait until the dust settles and we decide on a finalized jump before I jump Aion.

Singing solo ain't fun for me.

>> No.38416568

They've got a pretty hard cap to their power level this way, so it doesn't remain as useful forever.

>> No.38416581

How would you make them a companion later anyways? Could you import them or would you have to pod them?

>> No.38416595

Frankly when the cyoas don't fit the theme of the run I'm doing (small tight-knit team or such) that offers no import options I just rig something that sounds about right for cost. Its not like it matters since its your own personal story.

Just like I'd house-rule return into something actually worthwhile for fun, but generally with a condition like 'time doesn't freeze after you jump away' so when you return hundreds of jumps later shit is not what you left, so you gotta return somewhat close to the time you left otherwise you're in for Avatar: The Eclipse Phase.

>> No.38416609

Man, I just like that I can bring them with me, as pets rather than peers. I've already got other people filling those companion slots, and it'll be nice to have the pokemon along with me in addition to them.

I always felt guilty about how I never used my pokemon much. Wound up skipping the world entirely when I restarted my chain. Now I can take them, and actually utilize them the way I intended to originally.

>> No.38416610

There's a couple of jumps that let you turn Animals and other things into full companions instead of items. I figured I should specify those in case someone decided they wanted to upgrade.

>> No.38416615

Yeah, while it's fine to do that and all, it's also considered best if you don't share your house rules with others. There are quite a few people who react poorly to such things.

>> No.38416641

Then you laugh at them being too autistic to see the forest for the trees.

>> No.38416653

Or you tell them to go away because they aren't wanted if they're going to cheat.

>> No.38416679

>complaining about cheating in a singleplayer game of make-believe
Console gamer?

>> No.38416701

No, just someone who likes discussions between people about JC, which altering the rules for your own benefits kinda puts a damper on.

>> No.38416711

Nah, he's just one of the autistic people who 'react poorly' to it, aka shitpost. Best to ignore his type and laugh, I say.

>> No.38416717

So you're a purist who's not interested in coherent story telling but rather story derived from mechanics.

That seems really boring.

>> No.38416720

>people actually think like this
I always thought we were here to share jumps and discuss build concepts. Oh and argue/bitch, but one could argue that's a 4chan thing.

>> No.38416740

Yes, that's the whole point I'm trying to get at. And how can we do that if everyone is not on the same page?

>> No.38416751

are you shitting me? The toxic attitude in here to anything but blind obedient conformity puts a hell of a lot more of a damper on discussion than somebody's personal bend on things.

>> No.38416754

When has not being on the same page stopped anyone?

>> No.38416764

Story derived from mechanics can be pretty fun, actually. You can fluff it as the decision of your jumper or Jump-chan being capricious with what she offers, or even just the jumping process not being perfect. I don't disagree that you should write how you feel best describes your story (within reason), but you sound awful close-minded.

>> No.38416766

We just got done with this conversation. Let's please end it, and focus on the fun again.

>> No.38416779

If only it was that easy.

>> No.38416794

When the people are talking about it in a thread, that there's a coherent string of conversation? You'd have to be literally retarded and incapable of reading to not understand people discussing modified versions and head canons specifically.

If they were posting lists with no explanation, sure but they're not. They're talking about fringe cases where importation options don't exist and how they overcome such within a reasonable space (like the one guy importing his MMC companions by paying full price for their upgrades the same as his main character).

Sorry, I've never posted or read anything further than the OP in one of these threads before so this is a new topic for me to discuss.

>> No.38416799

We've got cheaters on one side and shitposters on the other. This is either gonna continue or just pop up again in a short while.

>> No.38416820

Ah. You again. Up to your old tricks I see.

>> No.38416850

Say does anyone have a copy of the Arena Supplement? I can't find it in the drive

>> No.38416890

'ere you go comrade.

>> No.38416965

Thanks, I have been looking for it for a while.

>> No.38417006

So. Fun with the Golden Chains from Smite. If I use the Chains to lend a Cabbit-Treeship hybrid from Tenchi Muyo the Savage Salvage power from Kantai, and it noms a Tower Seed from Ar Tonelico, what do you think it could get from that? Song Magic? A shipform the size of a continent? A Reyvateil captain/avatar? Indigestion? Something else?

>> No.38417429

The Van Helsing jump has two drawbacks - All Is Lost and Bring the Dawn - that sound pretty crazy cool. Are they based on anything, or were they made up?

>> No.38417713

has there been any discussion of a Hellboy jump?

>> No.38417723

Brief mentions.

>> No.38417936

No one has claimed it.

>> No.38417972

Is there going to be a shit fit if its largely based off the Movies, if I do it?

>> No.38417991

Less of a shitfit and more extremely potent feelings of disappointment where most people ignore your jump in favor of bemoaning that we don't have a real Hellboy jump.

>> No.38417999

No, but if you don't put at least a little comic in it I'll be sad and disappointed.

>> No.38418034

I'd be happy with a decent Hellboy jump that captured the feel of it, regardless of whether its based mostly on the movies or the comics.

>> No.38418043

See >>38417999, all the cool nazi stuff is in the comics. As is all the cool fairie stuff. And a LOT of the cool Ogdru Jahad stuff, like when they posessed that guy with the power armor that sort of makes him look like Ghost Rider on steroids

>> No.38418064

The movies were great

>> No.38418152

See I can do some comics, its just I'm not up to date on them (by up to date I mean its been fifteen years since I picked on up.)

I'll see about doing it after I finish up my current project.

>> No.38418245

My personal advice is read up on the latest ones before doing the jump, as well as the BPRD spinoff. Apart from expanding on the lore, they're just really great pulp stories.

What's your current project, anon?

>> No.38418253

Dynasty Warriors.

>> No.38418382

Without seeing what you have I cane really tell you how easy it would be to add in what you have. If its just a mau origin thats wanted I can go back and work on one, I can think up a titan for the summoning part.

What else did you have? There was a reason I didnt make the new jobsinto backgrounds, they just do what existing jobs do but better. Thats why I made them base items you can improve on.

What did you have you wanted to see added?

>> No.38418502

Like I said, I started the Jump a while ago, and at the time I don't think anyone was working on an Aion Jump. I there's really nothing I'd change about yours; mine is just pretty different, as noted above. The big things are:

- I have six Backgrounds, which are Races instead of Classes: Elyos, Asmodian, Shugo, Mau, Balaur, and one Drop-In, which leaves you human (or whatever you come in as).
- Classes are offered as Perks, with Primary Classes being free for Asmos/Elyos/Balaur and 100CP for everyone else, and Advanced Classes being 200CP perks with Asmo/Elyos/Balaur discounts.
- All the Origins have tiered, themed perks, like I said here >>38415132 except for the 600CP Shugo perk.
- I have a Companions section, plus Import option.
- Our Items and Drawbacks sections are pretty different, though with a few similar ones, and I have a few more Locations to roll from, though I also used the Elyos/Asmodian split (ex. Asmodians wind up in Beluslan while Elyos wind up in Heiron).

It's almost complete, but since I didn't finish it, I never put it into a pdf.

>> No.38418604

Without a complete overhaul Im not sure how we could merge them if they are that radically different. I could surely add a companion import, and a mau racial background, maybe add a balaur tech perk since yeah they dont get much in my jump.

I would rather not mess with the item section as that was the final form of a thread long argument in pricing and scaling. But I can add a few things.

I saw aether technology as aomething where if you wanted to learn how to make it you would just fanwank working with one of the engineers for a few decades, its basically steamtech powered by magic and none of it is overly complicated stuff, but since people wanted aethertech and muse I added the tools the job focuses on as items and allow you to work on them to make them better.

>> No.38418703

I agree, I don't see it working well as a merger; the approaches we took are too different, and like I said, there's nothing wrong with your Jump that would need to be overhauled. Two separate Jumps would work best, but since that's been vetoed, you should stick with what you have.

>> No.38418745

what would you most like to see added? I asked if anyone was interested in making the jump but it didnt seem anyone was. Hell I even offered to pay at one point.

Let me put it like this. /jc/ if you could add one thing into the aion jump what would you want? A companion import option?

Honestly Im pretty happy with where it ended up myself but theres always room for improvement.

>> No.38418776

Yes, and Pokemon, because being forced to choose only 6 to take with me when I have become part of a family of at least a dozen is bullshit. The only reason I'd even leave pokemon to begin with is under Jump-chan's personal guarantee that return takes me back to the second I left, and doesn't pull any 'new instance of the world' bullshit. After getting some survival and technology perks through jumps, im coming back, reverse-engineering the pokeball system from the ground up to my exact specifications, and bringing the rest of my family with me.

>ancient potions
they specifically only restore your HP and stamina to max. no disease cures or anything implied.
>combo books
these only apply to combining things by monster-hunter-verse standards though you may be able to gleam some hints for combining things through other systems if you're creative
>clone thunderbugs
if you got a breeding pair and the required knowledge/perks to breed them (or just flat-out clone them with an out-of-jump skill), i don't see why not.

...Oh my...This is going to be interesting

>Dragons Crown jump
>Thousand Master amplified wizard mode
>Amazon/Sorceress companion options
I can get behind this!

>> No.38418845

> Pokemon Conquest
> Immediate Thought: "I'm gonna go Pokeform from PMD and run around kicking the shit out of people and it's gonna be GREAT!"
> "Huh I wonder if this starting Sneasel would think that was weird at all."
Man, thinking about this made me realize how much of a mindfuck it must be for new companions to deal with your bullshit.

> "Master! You... turned into a Pokemon! Just like in my fantasies!"
> "But... you said we were gonna be merchants!"
> "Did I? Oh yeah, I guess I did say that... before. ... Is that why you're traveling with me? Oh well fuck it, we can still TOTALLY DO THAT. LET'S CREATE A SUPERCORP AND BUY EVERYTHING."
> "But... you're a Pokemon."

>> No.38418867

Also in case it wasnt obvious, I had friend ask me about the feather crafter yesterday. Its not limited to just feathers, if you rip some wings off a bat, or a dragonfly, you can make those into wings too.

>> No.38419219

Yeah you're right about the monster hunter stuff. Still thunderbugs put out a lot of power, it can stun something as large as a gravios with arcing electricity all over. Thats a lot of juice from one little bug!

>> No.38419255

True, but shock traps in general only last for like 10 seconds at best, and the power they put out may be more akin to a tazer than it would be a power plant. unfortunately, measuring electrical outputs isnt my specialty, but I would think that, if you WERE trying to use thunderbugs as a power source, you'd likely need a steady supply that burn out quickly for a decent charge unless you can figure out how to slowly drain them to an extent that doesn't kill them while still maintaining a worthwhile amount of power from the process. it'd probably be easier to just get the perpetual energy machine from invader zim if you're looking for a power source, but hey, who's to say what you could accomplish with thunderbugs if you put your mind to it?

>> No.38419298

I would really like to know how much electrical potential they have.

>> No.38419339

well, aside from a vague 'can keep most monsters in paralysis lock for about 10 seconds when combined with a trap tool', i don't know of any objective output that can be quantified from them. then again, monster hunter physics are somewhat loose as it is, so there might be a more 'cartoon physics' explanation to its potency than anything rooted in hard math. still, this is one of those questions I don't have an answer for that you'd have to find the answer to in-jump, so feel free to fanwank it.

>> No.38419351


>> No.38419372

there's like a whole series of these pictures. pretty neat stuff.

>> No.38419406

of the top of your head does anyone know what jumps I can use to empower regular schlubs? I know jojo and bleach have good options. I want to empower people to keep the world not fucked up when Im gone. Timestop not withstanding.

>> No.38419413

Is that ukanlos?

>> No.38419432

Dresden magic is teachable, final fantasy magic is teachable.

>> No.38419447

Off the top of my head?
-Geneforge can genetically modify people to superhuman levels IIRC
-Stand arrow from Jojo, as you pointed out
-take both star wars jumps to become a force conduit and give people force powers
-certain magic systems are teachable, though i can't think of any off the top of my head
-ensoul from cardcaptors lets you create trinkets and artifacts that have one of your powers

and thats all i can think of at the moment

Yup. google 'monster hunter suits'

>> No.38419478

These cardcaptor artifacts, do I lose the power once its ensouled?

>> No.38419503

No it just temporarily weakens them. However, you can only place magical abilities in the item, which can be very limiting.

>> No.38419505

The exact wording is 'you do not lose access to the magic infused in the object, but will be much weaker for a few days', so I'm inclined to believe not

>> No.38419528

I plan on making a flat square stone enscribed with mystic runes and ensoul it with archive magic. I shall call it a tablet.

>> No.38419530

Ah, will these mystical runes take a particular shape? A certain fruit perhaps?

>> No.38419540


>> No.38419544

Some shameless self promotion...

-RWBY can get you an Aura-booster that activates aura by force, or you can do it yourself through ceremony
-Generic Virtual World lets you transfer and make skillsoftware
-Assassins Creed does the same thing but with blood
-Franken Fran let's you empower anything biologically possible

>> No.38419553

>-Generic Virtual World lets you transfer and make skillsoftware
That sounds nice what are the limits?

>> No.38419591

RWBY; if you learn how to unlock Auras, you can continue to do so post-Jump. Enhances speed, strength, dexterity and durability, with potential for more.

>> No.38419598

I'm about to hit some zz's. Just read this...

>Knowledge is Numbers (600CP, Programmer Discount): You possess a unique affinity for understanding, rewriting and converting information into the bits and bytes of data, making it easier to manipulate or transfer it through the net or even to other people. Share your life experiences with friends, and teach complete strangers your (non-innate/supernatural) skills! Oh, and write primitive AI. Should've said that first.

>> No.38419624

Nighty night then, thanks.

>> No.38420300

So jumpers what is your favorite item or perk you have obtained in your years of jumping?

>> No.38420337

That one perk from imaginary friend that makes your presence soothe people's stress and fear.

>> No.38420346

The pagan god ability from supernatural that lets me turn any rundown shack into a wonderful temple via magic renovation. Its useful.

>> No.38420415

Infinite pizza from Devil May Cry.
Hell, I don't even need to eat, and I STILL eat the shit like candy and never gain a pound thanks to metavore.

>> No.38420469

Magical Purification Blast: the power so good, I based my entire build around it.

>> No.38420494

Gift of the Thousand Master. So much magic!

>> No.38420504

Question, Jumpchain. Elemental Masteries in City of Heroes says you can choose Force as an element and I'm wondering what that would be like. It doesn't say. It also lists Psionics so is it like control of actual momentum or something along those lines? Will this allow me to hit people harder than I already can?

>> No.38420609

Favorite? Ugh-It's going to have to be a three way tie between Territory from Fairy Tail, Ineffable from Evangelion and Reality Marble from Fate. So much fun stuff to do with those

And if we're counting innate abilities from Origins, then Eliatrope should probably be included. Because it lets you think with portals

As for our favorite item: It's another tie between the JoJo steamroller, and the motorbike from Persona. Both are excellant conversational icebreakers.

>> No.38420660

> Force
This one consists entirely of barriers, forcefields, and similar defensive effects; it's all about becoming tanky, in the sense of committing a bunch of your power to ongoing defensive toggles.

> Psionic
This is half defense (damage and cc resistance), half offense (giving both a direct telepathic attack and an unsubtle 'tornado' of telekinetic power).

>> No.38420788

That's kind of disappointing. Thanks though.

>> No.38420872

That sounds sweet what jump is that?

Geneforge. It opens the gates to so many shenanigans.

>> No.38420915

That's from Mahou Sensei Negima. It's also unquestionably the best magic-enhancing perk in all of Jumpchain.

>> No.38420977

Oh yeah, I took gift of chao for reality breaking machines. I have plans for the future...

>> No.38421014

I took Thousand Master and Chao. It was stupid expensive but completely worth it.

>> No.38421272

For my favourite items I have the Arrowhead from JoJo because Stands are so varied/useful and the legendary implements from Percy Jackson for the same reasons.

It's harder to decide on my favourite perks but I Am Iron Man is up there because I really do like the movie versions of the suits, magic from Fairy Tail is just amazing and so are the demigod abilities from Percy Jackson.

>> No.38421279

How is Gift of the Thousand Master so much better than other magic-enhancing perks?

>> No.38421427

Through the sheer boost it gives the magic you use, it brings 7 magic arrows up to the hundreds so its fair to say it's a pretty big boost.
There might be better boosts out there but I don't recall any right now.

>> No.38421460

So uh is the Skellyton jump a joke? It looks like one.

>> No.38421465

Of course it's a joke, it's pure trash. It doesn't even have a calcium perk.

>> No.38421492

Suck it up and drink some Malk you dummy!

>> No.38421785

Seeing as I never used it even in setting I may change my build. It has never been of any use. I mean if I want tech I scan existing tech and use it to build what I want.

this would allow me to just enchant stuff to do the same thing.

>> No.38421816

I think the drawback is that it only boost "spells" so a fireball would be improved but more subtle things like enchantments might not be unless you use a spell to make it.
I think that's kind of stupid but it's what was said by the creator a while back.

>> No.38421818

Rolled 8, 2 = 10 (2d8)

So I've decided to do Soul Eater first and then FoZ. Rolling location and age respectively. Haven't decided on a magic theme yet and am open to suggestions.

>> No.38421897

well darn. I could still cast bug spells at least, make a stable portal to get my space ships and all from my tower. Use my god magic at x200 capacity. Yeah I might just switch. I have banjo magic tech mixing anyway so why not?


>> No.38421988

Just keep in mind it won't always be a x200 multiplier (if even that), it's been brought up a few times before and it generally makes the magic a lot stronger but it depends on the magic system.
Dresden Files has an incredibly high cap on power so you'd get a huge boost but it wouldn't have nearly as much of an effect in Harry Potter but would make those spells easier to cast.
Then again this is just me repeating what's been said before so maybe it's different or I've got it wrong, Marvel Anon would be able to explain it properly.

My plan is to use it as a boost for FairyTail magic since that has a reasonably high cap and I get to show off to some of the main characters when the dragons show up.

>> No.38422065

One of three things.

-My Digital Pun-Pun
-My Genetic Augmentation Machine
-My Garden of Eternity

All of these things made by combing so many jumps to fight the right combination of perks I possessed. All of these things meant for one, single purpose: Creating options.

Whether it's for knowledge, or empowerment, or variety, or WHATEVER. The point is I can pursue it with this combination. I can learn, I can adapt, and if need be I can truly bring people to an impressive height of power figuratively AND literally on par with myself. I can essentially hand the golden ticket to just about anyone, and that's something I'll always be tickled pink over.

-Lord of Light Lifeweaving
-Assassin's Creed perks (transfer knowledge/abilities with blood)
-Battle Network's virus creator (make viruses and use them to empower others)
-Elona's gene-splicing item (transfers skills)
-Resident Evil's virus-making
-MCU's super soldier formulas
-Asura's Wrath/Deus Ex's/MMZ's tech skills (make one HELL of a cybernetic gig)
-Bioshock Stuff (Plasmids)
-Franken Fran (SCIENCE!!)

Really, the list just keeps going on.

>> No.38422330

Let's go with Shibusen for location
Witch (800)
Male, 17 (700)
Magic Manipulation (free)
Uplift (300)
Enchanter (0)
Pointy Hat (free)
Familiar (free)
Enchanter Gloves (free)
Not taking portals
I'm thinking I seek employment at Shibusen in exchange for protection. Hang out with Stein and generally use my abilities to troll the students when possible.

Trying to think of a decently versatile theme for my magic. Considering Penguins for a sort of intangibility trick where I dive into solid materials (not sure what else to do with it) and Monkeys for theft and imitation magic.

>> No.38422450

Plesioth would be better than penguins.

>> No.38422640

They were made up on a hypothetical:

What if Dracula won?

And beyond that, shit yeah they are kinda awesome.

>> No.38422719

>>Dragons Crown jump
>Fuck it. I'll do it.
Is this serious or a troll?

>> No.38422746

Three of OAA's jumps let you give people some sort of bestial alt-mode.

Also there's Infectious Bite which nobody seems to remember. IT'S TOO FUCKING GOOD AT 100 CP.

>> No.38422921

Not everyone wants to be a furry, anon.

Although Spyro would've loved the shit out of them.

>> No.38422929

And what is infectious bite from?

>> No.38422949

Van Helsing.

It's discounted / free (I can't remember) to the Monster Origin, and allows you to pass on an alt form that you're currently in to a target via... well... biting them.

>> No.38423089

>Infectious Bite
It is an awesome ability, especially for the price.

Who knows. Epic did the Multiplayer stunt, so maybe. Has he made a jump before?

>> No.38423091

Oh what was that? because I just seemed to remember that I bought it right now. Thank you.

>> No.38423193


It's baseline 100 CP, and free for the Monster Origin.

Way too good.

>> No.38423400

Yeah but those you turn with it dont get any choice in when they transform. Its completely random I thought.

Other than that van hellsing has way too much cool stuff. I want the ink portals, the castle brick the manse stone and the trapdoor. What would that cost me?

Because im taking the two max drawbacks just for coolness value.

>> No.38423461

Even if it is random, consider what alt forms you have right off the top of your head.

There's Kaiju. Transformer. Several flavors of dragons. It gets ridiculous.

Also, at those two drawbacks you're at the cap. And what Origin are you going?

>> No.38423517

> Infectious Bite
> Transformers

>> No.38423563

I havent decided yet.

Also think about what would happen to a person where to turn into one of those in a restraunt or at home in bed. I mean sure for normal ish size altforms its great as long as they dont want to start killing folks.

>> No.38423579

Weaksauce. You either go Shoggoth or you go home.

>> No.38423630

Hm, combine Infectious Bite with SAO's Final Form... Infect with all the forms?

>> No.38423653

Not all the forms, per se, but all your form-related powers, in one giant boss monster package.

>> No.38423662

As long as you dont need to choose only one altform you could always bite for what they need most in your setting. Worlds freezing? Make them asmodians, aliens attacking? Make them shoggoths.
people being total asshole dictators? Make them lolis.

>> No.38423713

Only allowed to purchase Destined Meeting in Valkyria Chronicles once, right?

>> No.38423717

I think you do actually have to pick one altform; it's whatever form you picked at your monster form in Van Helsing.

>> No.38423751

No you can purchase it multiple times last time I've checked.

>> No.38423765

Well that sucks. Now I dont know what Im going to choose.

>> No.38423800

See, and I remember OAA positing that it had to be the form you were in at the time that the victim was 'infected' with.

>> No.38423889

Actually now that I think about it choosing to make an army of asmodeans to fight off dracula and his ilk would be kind of fitting. I wonder if the bite would make the victim immortal or just a human since the jump has you as one of the immortals.

>> No.38423915

That's how I remember it too.

>> No.38423940

Im looking for a quote but I cant find one. I remember it too though.

>> No.38424021

Hell for that matter what about asgardian from mcu? Or brush god/pagan god forms do they make the victim immortal?

>> No.38424068

I've asked him about it in depth.

Infectious bite allows you to force one altform on someone. You must bite them while in that altform and your saliva must enter their bloodstream. Amount of saliva varies by form. So prolly no transformers.

They are LOCKED into that altform. They cannot swap back to human. A person can only be infected this way once. I use kitsune because kitsune are shape shifters.

It only works on baseline humans, so you may want to use it before you go geneforging.

>> No.38424128

By infected this way once I mean you can only give a person one form. Ever. You can bite as many as you want.

Infected get all the powers INNATE to that form. Pokemon moves, etc. Unless the form is a purchased origin and it comes with freebie perks they prolly do NOT get any other perks. You want echidna from darkstalkers for that.

>> No.38424170


Ar Tonelico can grant a kind of quasi-magic to registered users, power autonomous machines and power armours, and perform genetic manipulation - though a lot of their potential is theoretical as the setting lost most of its scientific research capabilities.

Lord of Light has genetic/psychological techniques that can turn people into "Gods" - minor embodiments of a concept, reincarnate people into various forms, or if you're a Rakasha potentially transform others into more shapeshifting energy creatures like you if you figure out the trick.

>> No.38424250

So if transformation is innate to that form, they're still base human until the criteria for said transformation is met? Or they're thrust into the form and can transform back as necessary?

>saliva restriction
Hrmm. That's gonna be a bit tricky to bypass, especially with something like Rakasha. Think if I collected saliva while-

Hmm, but maybe it has to be the saliva from that exact form.

The lewd in me is asking if it's based off bodily fluids, could it work with... yeah not even gonna finish that sentence.

>> No.38424299

There is no safe aex with a werewolf.

>> No.38424328

Er... fanwank something.

And then, like any other kind of wanking, don't tell us about it.

>> No.38424368

>They are LOCKED into that altform.
That's pretty shitty then. Awful power.

>> No.38424369

Thats great and all but it seems beside the point, the question is not can we give one person two alt forms. Its can we give different people different alt forms.

>> No.38424373

Pffff'. Shows what you know.

Fair enough.

It's not gonna be entirely wanking though.

>> No.38424391

Found the quote, the answer is yes, you just have to be in the form you're cursing someone with.

>> No.38424404

Eh, it's not bad for a 100 CP or free with origin power.

>> No.38424466


Your victims arent clones of you right? Each one is a variant of your altform but based on them arent they? Different werewolves would be different sizes colors and such. Right?

Also transformer saliva is acidic as they eat metal.

>> No.38424516

It's bad in the sense that you don't want to use it at all except in specialty cases like innate shapeshifters. Nobody wants their friends stuck as kaijus or whatever permanently.

>> No.38424539

I'd imagine so, yeah.

...do Transformers actually have saliva? Non-Beast-Wars types, that is; the ones that are quasi-biological hybrids clearly do.

>> No.38424570

Well I know the movieverse ones do. They have a type of blood too.

Im looking for nonmovieverse info right now though.

>> No.38424593

Some of them do. There's a tendency for Transformers to have analogous bodily functions to humans for the sake of crude humor. Bumblebee peeing on John Tuturo in the Bayformers verse was an extreme version of that, but similar things existed before. So yeah, you can probably justify having saliva. Energon saliva, but saliva all the same.

>> No.38424648


heres a list of stuff Relating.

>> No.38424719

That's pretty clear-cut, thanks!

So yeah, it looks like were-Transformers is a thing that can happen. For a mere 100 CP, that makes it a must-buy.

>> No.38424721

Says you.

>> No.38424812

Still wondering if SAO's Final Form would let us fuse the forms to inflict...

>> No.38424844

Seems so, but it would be massive wouldnt it?

>> No.38424881

Considering >>38424068 >>38424128

Probably not, actually. I think you'd give them a massive boss form, and the power to have all the powers of their other forms... and they don't actually have any other forms, and furthermore can't get any, so they're just a giant monster.

>> No.38424908

Depends on how many and what forms you have. Imagine stacking Warbeast, Darkstalker Demon and Kitsune? Sheesh.

...And THEN you use Echidna for MORE power!

Seems pretty logical, what with that perk's approach to alt forms.

>> No.38424921

Not necessarily, I don't think. You can freely combine traits from any one of your alrforms to your liking, so if you want them to be xboxhueg, you can, but if not, you have that option too.

>> No.38424934

Whats echidna and where do I get it

>> No.38424952

Nonono. What I am talking about is, say, granting someone a Kitsune form but with the powers of all the other forms I have like Warbeasts BS body and senses. That's logical, right?

>> No.38424979

Darkstalkers. Check it out.

>> No.38425007

Thats a good thing. I prefer my most powerful form to be deceptively small.

>> No.38425017

Not according to how the perk apparently works, no. If you give them the kitsune form, that's all you give them; same with the giant boss form.

>> No.38425070

*Looks at the message exchange again*

Oooooooh. I see.

Look at the Final Form description again. It's secondary effect is allowing you to treat all your alt forms as one form, getting the benefits of all of them. Coupled with the Bite...

>> No.38425127

Human sized is really the smartest way to go. It's inconspicuous for one, and the smaller size would mean you can dodge attacks, and since most jumps are designed with human sized individual in mind, you won't have to worry about bumping your head or fitting yourself into vehicles.

>> No.38425151

Sao form merge might be just that though. Does it grant them all YOUR other altforms, or does it let them combine all THEIRS?

I would guess all your other altforms are NOT included, but that's me.

>> No.38425180

Not quite. My interpretation is that it lets you use all the powers you have in any of your forms, which is not at all the same as making all your forms have all your powers 'innately', in the way that QS described. The only powers transferred by Infectious Bite are the innate powers that come free with a form, so the powers that become accessible to your forms thanks to other perks seem right out.

>> No.38425200

Seems to be a big fat pile of subjectivity and you're all wasting your time to me.

>> No.38425231

>you're all wasting your time

Where do you think you are?

>> No.38425271

But doesnt echidna limit them to a max of 10% of your altforms power?

>> No.38425278

Oh, that's what you meant. Seems like the best way to go is wait for the jump maker. OOA, was it?

As an aside, what is the best way to outfit an army with best equipment available? Borderlands, Warhammer, something else? Any way to put magical artifacts on mass production?

>> No.38425300

OAA. My apologies.

>> No.38425326

Synchronized Souls from Mystery Dungeon.
Because its just cute as fuck.

My general favourite early game run is to do the pokemon ones for maximum partner/starter bond shenanigans, run us through the megamans and then into Pacific Rim so we're MAXIMUM DRIFT COMPATIBLE + Mini robot jaegars inside normal jaegars.

>> No.38425332

> Magical Artifacts

Generally, no; artifact-tier stuff tends to be quasi-unique, taking unusual amounts of time and personal attention.

But for everything else, there's Minecraft.

>> No.38425353

Bleach allows you to make the swords that give super powers easily.

>> No.38425382

I plan on doubling the amount of jaeger pilots.at least. By making the human pilot actually control a proxy bot thats human sized, the bot is whats hooked into the controls for the big bot.

Boom anyone can into jaeger.

>> No.38425390

Hm... Okay. Thanks. Another question -

Generic MG jump has untappable communicators with infinite range. Do any other jumps have something like that?

>> No.38425462

Am I the only one who went through Mystery Dungeon with the "No Partner" drawback? I really didn't care about having a partner, for some reason, and the extra points seemed worth more.

>> No.38425487

That sounds sick as fuck. Would watch movie of punching kaijus.

I also always go full J-Tech in Pacific Rim runs so I can bolt shiny shit onto it through future adventures. Then used return to come have a tenacious battle with the cat 10 in OVERTIME.

>> No.38425517

>Not making your starter into a husbando and making a theme team.
>Not using the body mod so your standard form is suspiciously like a pokemon.

>> No.38425520

I don't know if I'd call it cute, but it certainly maximizes bro/waifu/whateverrelationshipIdon'tjudge status.
My original build did. Then I decided to change it.

>> No.38425532

You're not the only person who hates friendship, no. There are other non-Companion jumpers around; Red was one, up until just recently.

>> No.38425548

Wouldn't it be more efficient to just redesign the neural interface so it's not overwhelming to a single pilot? I don't see how having a person control a robot that's piloting the Jaeger would get rid of that problem.

>> No.38425550

Trapped her...

>> No.38425651

No, see, that's the thing: I don't do a no companion build. I've got plenty of companions. There's just something about the idea of bringing a pokemon with me everywhere that I can't see myself enjoying. I released all the ones I had captured before leaving the first jump, too. I'm not sure why, I just don't want pokemon. They feel out of place in later jumps in a way that other setting-specific elements don't.

>> No.38425694

Your partner becomes human post jump

>> No.38425702

If in FMA I pick the Homunculus option will I be stuck with all those screaming souls inside of me for the rest of the chain or do they go away with the other drawbacks?
No way I'd pick that if it means being stuck with all of those souls inside of me.

Also do we get all the abilities of the Homunculus or just the ones mentioned, Sloth had some great durability and strength but it isn't mentioned at all in the jump.

>> No.38425726

That's why you humanize them. I don't generally use the pokemon that aren't capable of being humanoid companions. Then again I just tend to have like a group of three companions anyways so its not hard to get everyone as such.

>> No.38425741

You probably only get the ones mentioned. Sloth's strength and durability is mainly cause he's a big fucker.

>> No.38425768

The souls are there, they just aren't screaming. And durability/strength is kinda a staple for all of them, so I didn't put it in. Granted, his is a bit more impressive than most, but he's got more to work with.

>> No.38425806

I'm aware that they gain human forms. But it still feels vaguely absurd to know that your friend was born as a pokemon. How do you look them in the eye knowing that they used to be an animal? Even if said animal was very intelligent, almost as much as a human, it's going to be uncomfortable to have that knowledge. It's like if you had a friend who was born a grey parrot before becoming a human. How do you interact with them? Even if they lived with humans, they're still coming to our culture and society as outsiders. Imagine the first time you have to explain to them what pants are. I don't want to have that conversation.

>> No.38425851

They are smarter than that, for a better way of looking at it see the maleficent movie and her crow butler.

>> No.38425869

Man, by the end of the jump chain everyone in my party is a 500+ year old robot/pokemon/humanoid/mystical bullshit chimera. I think at some point everyone in the party just stops caring about where they came from. Oh you were a pokemon? Jimmy over there was a fucking magic bison and Carl started off as some 1's and 0's.

>> No.38425910

About pokemon, is it possible for your starter to get a hidden ability using egg move?

>> No.38425929

It's not a matter of intelligence, it's one of context. They lived as animals. They're not used to thinking in the terms of human life. Tools, clothing, cooked food, money, everything. You're basically taking on the burden of raising a child. A very smart and precocious child who learns quickly, but who still starts out with no more than a child's understanding of the world. It just doesn't feel like something I'd be ready for at that point in my chain.

>> No.38425944

Eh, I get the non-Pokemon-haver thing. At KOTOR's suggestion, I decided to ignore the 'start in Pokemon' thing, and as a result I don't have Pokemon companions. Even though I had a reasonable way of picking up lots of Pokemon in data systems when I finally got there, I just wound up not doing that; they were just pretty much never a part of my strategy.

The only one of my companions who is a Pokemon in any sense is pic related, and that's not so much a good thing as it is my unwelcome companion somehow arranging to pull a 'screw you'.

>> No.38425945

You keep the souls. That's what a philosopher's stone is. It's not a drawback, it's literally what the stone is made of.

>> No.38425954

I'd understand if it was just his strength but even tanks barely did anything to him and that's just inhuman.
Then again Armstrong did some decent damage with his punches so Armstrong fists>tanks?

Ah alright, was Gluttony's sense of smell a special ability or was he just a weirdo who could smell well?
I'm glad I wouldn't have to deal with the souls that much then. I just rolled for location and got Ishval for Envy which is one of the best to me. Greed is good too.

Does Envy maintain its super strength when in a condensed form? It'd be pretty useful to be able to condense my kaiju or similar large forms down to a normal size but keep the strength.
I'll need some way of replenishing souls used for the regeneration, assuming it has to be souls and there's no alternative energy source.

>> No.38425956

How does someone look you in the eye and feel when they know you've been everything from a pokemon to a space alien to a giant robot?

>> No.38425978

>Tools, clothing, cooked food, money, everything
Uh, anon? They do all of that in PMD world.

>> No.38425985

They don't, they live in existential dread of what my existence implies and are unable to look into my eyes for fear of what they'll find inside.

>> No.38425997

Well aren't you a dark one.

>> No.38426002

How does this differ from bringing someone from, say Star Trek, to Castlevania.

>> No.38426006

>Return home with all your bullshit
>Have to explain to your parents you're now a robot/alien/sheep/dragon/etc. person probably of the opposite gender
>Oh yeah and here's my crew+waifu/husbando

>> No.38426008

You can have the smell if you want. Be careful though, that stuff gets nasty (see: dynamite made with Ammonia). Envy does retain his strength somewhat, he has to in order to move. And it does have to be souls, so when you run out of them you'll just turn back into a normal human instead of disintegrating. I'm nice like that.

>> No.38426015

Destiny jump offers basic tier weaponry and armor for free, purchasable as many times as you want.

Its basic, but I walked out of that jump with a thousand sets of armor and weaponry stored in borderlands storage decks. Just in case I ever need to outfit an army with conventional weapons.

>> No.38426022

Not really. They have accessories, not clothing. It's never more than a scarf or something like that, so I'd have to teach them how to dress themselves. They have money, but not sophisticated financial systems, so I'd have to teach them about those. They have no advanced tools that I remember seeing, so I'll have to teach them about those. They might have cooked food, though, I can't recall if it the food you could buy was raw or not.

>> No.38426042

They've got hammers and shit.

Basically the stuff you'd have to teach them about is the same shit you'd have to teach a tribal human about.

>> No.38426046

Just being realistic. Jumpers are scary things, when you think about it.

>> No.38426070

That's why you get synchronized souls/starter bond and then import them with a backstory in the next jump so they'll have that basic shit pre-installed.

>> No.38426077

Doesn't matter, can you imagine having to introduce a New Guinea tribesman to the modern world all on your own? It would be a nightmare. Just this constant drain on your patience and energy as you have to put up with all their misunderstandings of the world. Maybe if I had people to assist, but I don't, because it's early in the jump and I just can't do it on my own. I'm too young to be a father.

>> No.38426082

But anon, culture shock creates shenanigans and shenanigans are half the fun!

>> No.38426086

How does Wrath work then? Other than his ultimate eye he's a baseline human. His stone only has 1 soul IIRC.

>> No.38426088

On the plus side I can change gender when I want.

>> No.38426091

I kinda ditched my whole homunculus build in FMA when I figured out I could get the powers through data drain I like to think forcing them to the point they have to burn a soul to regen from a deadly attack would count as a fatal blow/coup-de-grace, though I have to ask - if I didn't want the screaming soul vortex in my head, would I be able to voluntarily forefit it and be a human-form homunculus like the fuhrer? Still got all the powers and strengths, but no bullshit soul-burner regen?

>> No.38426105

Fuck your shenanigans. I've maxed out my build's ability to prevent shenanigans from happening. I want stable, emotionally mature companions or no companions at all.

>> No.38426107

Its not about you, its about JumpChan's amusement. Also just do >>38426070 's idea of just importing them somewhere on your next jump where they can be a human and they'll get all the basic being a human shit covered.

>> No.38426117

It's something you're going to have to deal with anyway no matter where your companion is from because of the differences in settings and universes.

>> No.38426120

Would enchanting a weapon with Soul Trap from TES let me absorb the souls of those I kill with it to replenish them?
It would certainly make it easier to target certain people and leave civilians out of it.

Some settings are just going to be a full on soul harvest using enemy armies.

>> No.38426122

>basic tier weaponry and armor for free, purchasable as many times as you want

A lot of jumps offer free basic equipment, but "as many times as you want" isn't necessarily implied. Destiny specifically alternates between "multiple" and "three" as the number of times you're allowed to purchase arms and armour, so thousands of purchases seem questionable.

> Common Weapon(Free) You may purchase a commonmake weapon. It has no special attributes, though is reliable. Comes with 500 rounds unless rocket launcher. In that case, 30 rounds. May be taken three times.

>> No.38426142

I would just download it all to them. Just like I plan on downloading magic to other jumps.

>> No.38426143

Ah shit, didn't notice that.

Ah well, manufacturing!

>> No.38426147

Which jump is data drain from again?

As a side note, Homunculi can use the Hellsing Dark Binding to pick up more souls.

>> No.38426152

It still doesn't appeal to me. I don't want a pokemon. I don't want a person who used to be a pokemon. I just want to interact with people, not pseudo-people I have to uplift into full personhood.

To a degree, yes, that's perfectly true. But I'll have less work to do if the companions start out as people rather than clever animals.

>> No.38426172

It's got a bunch of souls, they just battled for dominance. You'll get the full set of abilities, but some like non-aging won't appear until after the jump.
I can go with the Human-form one, you'll just be significantly weaker until the end.
I'd say yes, you'd have to ask the creator of TES if he'd count Soul Trap as working that way.

>> No.38426176

generic virtual world jump. pretty much the big reason for me to go into the jump in the first place though because it can only be used on the brink of targets death, it must be used sparingly, as well as general technology perks and knowledge

>> No.38426185

No, considering pokemon are sapient and the PMD society functions on basic human principles similar to earlier human societies the only extra issue is the sudden possession of hands.

>> No.38426216

Data Drain is from the Generic Virtual World jump. As for the Dark Binding idea, that's clever. Though I'd personally also find a way to shape my inner world so that it's nice and not a swirling vortex of tortured souls. Sort of a pocket afterlife, and instead of harvesting souls I'll take those who were already suffering or dying and give them someplace nice. I could even let them interact with the outside world again by using Wood Release Clones to instantiate them into a new body.

>> No.38426219

So. How do you keep your shit from tearing up between form swaps, and why are you not using Armor-Shift Manufacture?

>Armor-Shift Manufacture (100 CP): A small machine - big enough to hold a massive pauldron or two - that gives any pieces of armor or clothing placed inside a specific quality: When their wearer changes form, the armor and clothing changes form with him / her.

This item. So handy.

>> No.38426222

Well, until your party gets to the point of enough power you can just start doing drop-ins with near to no real problems due to overwhelming accumulated firepower.

Also does anyone else have fun with the avatar ones, where if you start in spirit world you can end up with the ability to bend everything through master's scrolls? I usually do 3/4 then pick up the fourth one in Korra with double genius bending for MAXIMUM BEND.

Then imagine the character running from the red lotus/white lotus as 'oh fuck second avatar.'

>> No.38426225

Data drain, kill them, blue magic their strongest ability, geneforge their strongest attributes.

Now I need an ability that lets me eat them for experience.

>> No.38426241

My old generic VR build had data drain in it until I found out you can't have more than one power active at any one given time. I hated being forcefully denied the full spectrum of my abilities, which is why I didn't take any alt forms until the SAO jump came out. Is there any perk combos that you know of that allows to use multiple data drain powers at once?

>> No.38426253

Watch out, non evil souls will drive you insane.

>> No.38426254

Plus, they wouldn't be phased by new tech, the existence of magic, or shots that give people powers.

>> No.38426277

Right, that's why I said "pseudo-people". Don't get me wrong, they're close. About as close as a child is to an adult human. But I don't want to hang around with children all the time. Like I said, it would be immensely draining on my patience.

>> No.38426278

Hey that human just grew horns wings and a tail, he must have evolved! Congrats human!

>> No.38426314

Well, I assumed that the "innocent souls drive you insane" thing is more because you're doing something evil. All that suffering has to have a negative effect on you. But if I make my inner world a nice place where the people aren't trapped and can go visit their families whenever they want I imagine the effect would be much more positive.

>> No.38426322

Then expect this with any companion you've picked up that didn't get a background, I guess. Or always import companions. Your call.

>> No.38426330

1. I generally don't wear armor.
2. When I do use armor it is transformer tech power armor.
3. I went through Dark Stalkers as a demon really early, and have been shapeshifting my clothes ever since.

>> No.38426335

I don't got too much of a problem with data drain being a 'one ability at a time' power, so long as switching between them isn't something insanely convoluted like going into the warehouse and picking it out on a computer terminal or some bullshit. I personally like to believe its like a list, and if you have something like, say, archive magic, you can sort that list and select things with extreme speed once you memorize where everything is - which is easy if you have any form of photographic memory.

At that point, it no longer becomes a hindrance of 'one power at a time' so much as its a hindrance of 'how fast can i switch between them?'

>> No.38426349

Start them off with the magical girl ones so they're still allowed to be kidish. By the ends of them they'd probably have figured it out independently, even as drop-ins.

After one or two jumps of anything I doubt they'd have an issue really. They'd just be people with a bonus movelist and some elemental tendencies. I mean, getting a lopunny to become a Vierra and have them beat the shit out of people with fighting moves+red mage is pretty sweet.

>> No.38426351

I hope so, I asked it before and was told it drives you insane however. I was going to become an afterlife since Im already four kinds of gods.>>38426278

>> No.38426364

>Eat them for experience
People still hate me for having done just that. Take Prototype and consume Heller to patch out the purchasable version's holes. And by that point, copying skills is just the tip of the iceberg, anon.

>> No.38426394

I thought when you Data-Drain a second person you lose the first ability.

Well you do fanwank it as letting you eat Lovecraftian gods, moe.

>> No.38426395

You can do that with prototype? Because Im completely fine with devouring the wicked, it sends a louder message than just killing them.

>> No.38426405

What counts as armor for that? Does it include advanced stuff like power armor?
It doesn't really matter if its durability isn't changed too, a dragon sized set of armour won't do much if it breaks instantly.

How are you getting more than two elements in Avatar, I thought that was the max?

>> No.38426410

I suppose that would work, yeah. I guess my main issue is getting past that initial period where they're awful to deal with. Maybe I'll feel differently later in life, but right now at 25 I just don't want to go through all that.

>> No.38426417

Well when you fanwank as eating Eldritch Abominations despite Blacklight's built-in limitations, you are going to catch flak.

But hey. What do I know. I haven't pulled a muscle from fanwank.

>> No.38426433

If you can beat them you can eat them. Plus add in the soul devouring perks and you get literally the max bang for your buck.

>> No.38426435

For what its worth, Moe, I had the same plan for prototype - follow the plot, consume heller and alex when they are at their weakest, and get the perfect version of blacklight virus. granted, its not going t be used to eat other people so much as it's going to allow for a shitton of body modification and autonomy in my case, but still, a good plan is a good plan.

It explicitly says you have a catalogue in the description.

>Data Drain (600CP, Beta-Tester Discount): When it is near dying or in a coup de gras, absorb a unique aspect of your opponent into your structure. Only one aspect can be taken at a time, and only one aspect can be used from your catalog. As a plus, these aspects are usually impossible to obtain otherwise.

>> No.38426443

I think it's basically any sort of clothing or armor that can fit in there, really.

>> No.38426476

I think that all the abilities are kept in a catalogue of sorts and you can switch between them at will but only use one at once.
So you could have stretchiness and fire breath in there but you couldn't stretch punch someone while breathing fire.

>> No.38426482

Magical girl transformations involve implied nudity, and come with an automatic costume change.

The other form I get a lot of use out of is my Transformer form, and that isn't really compatible with ordinary armour; but use of Inventory of Steve dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to don or remove clothing and armour, so it's not a big deal.

>> No.38426505

So it does. Shows what I know.

>> No.38426512

My plan for Prototype is to be an outside context problem for Mercer. Drop-In so eating brains won't tell him anything about me, anti-infection perks so I just shrug off Blacklight, and a lot of psionics and magic so I can attack in ways he has no counter for.

>> No.38426518

Start in Elsewhere (spirit world) then when you escape make use of your purchased Master's Scrolls which have the bonus of:
"They also have another special property which few others know about; if a person who is neither a Bender nor born of any of the four Nations reads the scroll, they will gain the power to Bend that element."

You even get them at discount after the first purchase.

>> No.38426522

or you could be like me, jump naked and dont give a fuck. I grow stronger on anger and sexual stress!

>> No.38426538


Fair enough.

>> No.38426546

Yeah, but then you'd have to read them all at once somehow, or else you'd become a bender after the first one and therefore unable to use the others. I'm sure that's possible with the right build, but it feels like it's going against the intention of the author.

>> No.38426569

Yeah, I think these people are assholes for picking on you so much, so don't feel like you're alone here Moe.

>> No.38426594

But wouldn't you be a bender after reading the first scroll making all the others useless?
Just because you can't use your bending in the spirit world doesn't mean you aren't a bender.

>> No.38426618

Clearly you don't know how this works.

>> No.38426703

He seriously downplayed any difficulties involved with eating some things and used it as a solution to everything. It was really annoying, for me at least, that his tactics never evolved.

>> No.38426779

Hey guy-

>Infectious Bite and Van Helsing talk

>Confidence Boost: +10

Anywho. QS's pretty much got it right except for the blanket 'locked into altform.' The idea was that the infected individual could shift between their base human and their new altform, with some shifts being involuntary (e.g. werewolves under a full moon type of thing).

However, after seeing some of the talk here? Individual basis.

If you want it to lock someone to an altform, go for it.

If you want it to go by a form-by-form basis? Go for it. After all, vampires are typically human aside from their fangs and other undeadishness (unless they got the Nosferatu altform), whereas werewolves look pretty much like humans until they wolf out.

If you want it to be 'shift between both at will'? Go for it.

>> No.38426780

Both of you are defending your grudges and being assholes. Don't even bother trying to defend yourselves to me.

>> No.38426799

What do you think this place is, some sort of hugbox? If someone's idea is shitty they're bound to catch flak; heck, I've been more than happy to take criticism for some of my more zanny schemes in the past

>> No.38426800

> being this anti-shenanigans
I bet you're not even fluffy.

I took the stretchy magic pants from... I don't actually remember what jump that was from. Maybe Modeling?

Anyway, before that, I usually just dump my clothes into the warehouse and/or fix them myself after. My wardrobe is pretty huge. I can get a new outfit in a snap.
I sortof... uh... lost my nudity taboo after PMD. Not like a "YAY NAKED" lost, but more of a, "meh, that's a thing that happens" lost. I still really enjoy wearing clothes because of stylistic reasons. Clothes are a big part of your personal image! Especially for self-proclaimed villains!
So mostly it only ends up being a thing in fanservicey worlds where someone tries to do the old "clothing damage" schtick. And then someone learns that embarrassment is not a thing that can prevent me from punching you in the face.

I got some pretty badass moments in Kill La Kill because of that. Popped Nui right in the face and into a wall. WOW. She did not see that coming from a naked ape.

>> No.38426828

Thank you.

What about SAO's Final Form? Will it act in concert with the Bite?

>> No.38426857

Yes. HOWEVER, it has to be that exact Final Form that's infected.

>> No.38426877

The discussion was about the powers the Final Form has, see >>38424881

>> No.38426889

*Is confuzzled*

So, for the ALL THE FORMS to come into effect, I have to infect them with that specific form I chose for the Final Form perk?

>> No.38426900

Thank you one arm. You asshole you put too much awesome into that jump.

>> No.38426922

>that post

...did anyone else just imagine Red losing her shit over Konota not bothering to dress herself some days?

>> No.38426955

Let me reiterate.

When you infect someone in your Final Form form. They become a were-variant of your Final Form. None of the individual components.

However, as a result of being infected with your Final Form, they do obtain any of the powers associated with said Final Form. If your Final Form is capable of shapeshifting? They get shapeshiftin'.

>> No.38427012

I'll have you know that getting dressed is extremely important! You have to decide your look for the day! It's what people think of when they look at you!

Also, I barely need sleep, have a preternatural ability to sleep anywhere when I do sleep, and I can clean things by waving my hand, so a lot of times I just sleep in my outfit and wear the same thing for like a week. It's just easier that way.

If anything she'd harp on me for being too lazy to change my damn clothes.

>> No.38427021

>Konata is now Rule 63 Gray Fullbuster

This amuses me.

Again, Foxy Babe from Okami. Best perk.

>> No.38427030

And yes, I used shapeshifting as an example deliberately.

Have at it.

>> No.38427043

Hm, so other forms do not transfer... Thakn you.

Oh well. Good thing I still have these Race Pieces. And Echidna. And Geneforge. And Assassin's Creed blood power transfer. Damn, that thing's awesome.

Plan "8.589.934.592" proceeds as planned... Kek.

>> No.38427049

>any of the powers associated with said Final Form

So... they gain all of your powers? Remember, your Final Form is explicitly the form that has the power to have access to all of your powers.

>> No.38427083

This shit is hilarious

Sounds cool. Wish I had had the points for it, but alas I do not

>> No.38427092

>Pink Tide
>Becomes the Final Tide
>No survivors

>> No.38427106

Don't insult me by calling it a grudge. Whenever he does anything besides talking about eating everything and gaining all the power by doing so, I'm more than happy to encourage it.

>> No.38427107

Yes. However, they will have no damn idea how to use ANY of it.

Okay seriously did I make this option too OP for just 100 CP?

>> No.38427139

So uh...they acquire your entire Jumper powerset?

I'm not saying that ain't awesome, I'm just saying for 100 CP...maybe limit it to individual alt modes?

>> No.38427149

>Infectious Bite from Van Helsing
>This Is My Final Form from SAO
>Blood abilities from Assassin's Creed

So I guess we're turning other people into Jumpers.

>> No.38427152

No, it's not. This is a multi-jump combo, not anything wrong with your jump.

>> No.38427170



Invested heavily in Charisma perks/late jump.

>> No.38427171

its great and all, but I would limit it to altforms and powers inly, as in not powers you buy just inherent powers.

>> No.38427172

Erm. My personal view on it is-normally downloading all my powers into someone else would involve a mind-boggling amount of work. More than 100 CP and a single bite's worth, that's for sure. And some of the stuff, like kaiju form, won't /need/ finesse; just stomp on some dudes

>> No.38427175

That's the subtext of the discussion, yeah.

I was thinking that it made more sense to have Final Form give them the only power that Final Form has listed, as per >>38424128 which would give them the power to have the power of all their forms... which is just the one giant boss monster form.

That's probably less problematic than the ability to give everyone your entire jumper powerset, including the ability to give everyone your entire jumper powerset.

>> No.38427188

Powers aren't tied to alts 99.9% of the time.

>> No.38427201

Aaaah shit.

Right. I'm gonna have to play fun police. At a 100 CP perk I was just meaning for it to be an alt-form infection.

Final Forms can be 99.9% human.

>> No.38427204

This just in, /jc/ became Red.

>> No.38427219

Right-was thinking of the SAO final form being a bit...much. I mean, just one bite-and suddenly someone else has everything the final form can do, which presumably includes yo jumper powers. The other individual alt forms are fine for infection by me

>> No.38427236

What is this supposed to entail? That you can no longer give them any powers at all? Because alt forms don't come with fucking powers most of the time.

>> No.38427240

That one Anon's right, though. Alt forms themselves don't have that much power, as compared to perks. We have Echidna for that.

>> No.38427257

But a 100 CPer shouldn't give an entire Jumper's powerset. Not without a combo mentioned like >>38427149

>> No.38427259

>congratulations you're a werwolf now!
>Cool, I get regen and super speed and strength right?
>Nope! you just randomly turn into a furry with no gain or benefit!
Smart idea.

>> No.38427266

>>38426922 >>38427012
>>38427021 >>38427083

> "Konata, you've been wearing that uniform for eight days now. What the fuck is wrong with you?"
> "Whaaaat? It's clean! I've been using cleaning spells."
> "That's not the point! People are going to think you're a hobo who only has one outfit!"
> "But I have tons of outfits!"
> "Why?! I like this outfit! It took me two hours to put this outfit together. This is a great outfit. Fuck those people and their thoughts!"

> "Oh, some guy blew my clothes off with a fire spell the other day and I haven't picked out a new outfit yet. I kicked his ass, though. I really liked that jacket."
> "How long ago was this?!"
> "... four... days?"
> "... you've been running around naked for four days?!"
> "Well, no, I've been busy in the lab. I haven't gone anywhere."
> "Well then put some clothes on!"
> "... why? It's my lab. Nobody comes in here. Why are YOU here?"

This is like some kind of ridiculous sitcom and I never intended it to be.
I just can't fucking win here.

>> No.38427282

Nobody is talking about This is my Final form exclusively. We mean the way that they now get no powers from no form no matter what you give them. Which makes it a horrible perk. I much prefer Minecraft's take here >>38427175 .

>> No.38427306

...How does it give the entire powerset? It inflicts one alt form. With Final Form, it inflicts the Final Form and the powers of any other you have that you wish the recipient to have. Where are people getting "Jumper powers" from?

>> No.38427309


How about you guys quit over-reacting and let OAA work.

Has he let you fuckers down yet? Look at the four jumps. He's nerfed, he's buffed, and they're good.

Let him work.

>> No.38427314

Embrace the chaos Konata, you'll laugh more

>> No.38427319

So there's no middle ground between handing out godliness and a worthless perk?

>> No.38427327

Well, depending on the origin in question it might might come part and parcel of the Origin. Think Shoggoth innate durability

Dude...as written it could've originally given people your entire jumper powerset.

For 100 CP.

There are 600/800/1000 CP perks out there which don't do that shit.

So your opinion a shit

>> No.38427333

Intentional or not, this is the best sitcom that I've ever wanted to be real more than a second season of firefly

>> No.38427343

He is working. By making it give you nothing but the form. Which has no powers. Which is stupid.

Probably by using >>38427175 instead of it making you give them no powers at all just to nerf one combo.

>> No.38427365

Did he SAY that, or did he just not explain that he didn't intend for it to be god-bite?

Chill out. He didn't explicitly say that an alt-form wouldn't obtain powers. And by being a massive dick? You might just make him do it out of frustration.

>> No.38427367

No over-reaction. I do believe healthy discussion is healthy.

>as written it could've originally given people your entire jumper powerset.
How do you people get that? It only operates in alt-forms. It's not going to give EVERYTHING, unless, you only took non-human jumps.

>> No.38427373

This, pretty much. Infectious Bite is okay as it is; the only problem we have here at all is the interpretation that Final Form has your entire powerset. It doesn't; it has this power:

> 600 This Is, In Fact, My Final Form : You gain a giant and monstrous alt form, drawn from mythology. It is extremely well suited to fighting a large group (read: raid) simultaneously. Further, any alt forms you have may now be freely combined; access any of your powers or traits from any form.

So when you infect someone with it, they can access any of the powers or traits they have, whichever form they are in, which seems to include whatever powers are implied by their specific giant boss monster form (probably physical attributes and attacks suited to group combat?). What they do not get is all of your jumper powers.

>> No.38427391

See >>38427201 . It just gives them an alt-form. Alt forms rarely have innate powers. Can you read?

>> No.38427403

>it only operates in alt forms

Exactly. Yeah, I'm definitely okay with THAT. So long as we clear up that the SAO final form thing ain't one of the things that could be transmitted.

>> No.38427405

I mis-quoted you, sorry.

>> No.38427410

On this one I say fanwank it. You make lots of copies of your final form and chances are your gonna get ganked anyway.

Amd thats a combo, your builds been good for how long now one arm? No need to change it for one combo. If they final form the worlds probably doomed anyway.

>> No.38427414


What is this. Why is this a thing. WHY. Worst part is I can see myself doing that.

>> No.38427418

>What they do not get is all of your jumper powers.

Sheesh. Someone gets it, finally.

>> No.38427428

And some alt-forms have a fuck-ton of power. Can you fucking read, sah? Not all alt-forms are equal.

>> No.38427433

Then you shouldn't give them alt-forms that don't have innate powers.

>> No.38427451

What the hell-it's 100 freaking CP! And have you seen some of the alt-forms out there, like kaiju or vampire or freaking Rakasha? Shit-I'm going to say it: 100 CP is WORTH only the alt mode and whatever powers it comes with innately.

>> No.38427465

>So long as we clear up that the SAO final form thing ain't one of the things that could be transmitted.

Completely missing the point.

>> No.38427503

So it's a perk that should only be useful if you copied QS and make everyone kitsune? FUCK spreading around your own unique infection, right? No this is a stupid fucking change. Even most backgrounds you get that are another race do not get any of their innate abilities except through perks. Guess fucking what? They get no perks. So they don't get any bonus from them unless it's an alt form entirely from a perk. Which again, narrows it down to copying QS with the fucking foxes and such.

>> No.38427531

Thats what makes it hilarious! Its always the shit you can't make up that ends up being the best to laugh with.

>> No.38427561

I seem to have misinterpreted how the SAO final form thing works, and for that I apologise.

No, it's a perk that's useful the moment you become a Helsing vampire or a Transformer or, yes, a kitsune if you want

You want your own UNIQUE infection? That sounds worth far more than 100 CP to my mind.

>> No.38427601

No, how about being able to spread around an infection that ISN'T just the three or four alt forms you get from perks instead of as backgrounds or a separate race choice? Even fucking kaiju isn't good, because they'd just get the size increase and nothing else.

>> No.38427612

> Why is this a thing.
Look, all I can say is, when you're a mad scientist within a malleable time construct and no nudity taboo whose days run together like silt and is ALSO conscious of outside fashion society, shit gets kindof weird. Time stops being recognizable. Sometimes you get really attached to an outfit. Sometimes you forget to wear pants for a couple days. It happens.

>> No.38427613

Actually your kaiju form is the alt form. The full kaiju form.

>> No.38427636

Spyro dragon altform. Divinity commander altform. Become a freaking Origin Revytail in Ar Tonelico, a half-whatever in King Arthur or a Zoanthrope in Bloody Roar.

Yes, alt forms kick ass. Yes, just the innate altform is worth 100 CP. No, you should not be able to just turn people into demigods with a single bite FOR 100 CP

>> No.38427639

No, the kaiju size is. Everything else about your kaiju is from purchased perks, which don't transfer with this.

>> No.38427647

You seem mad, anon.

It's 100CP. Calm your tits.

>> No.38427649


No worries. It's just, I want to inflict the powers all my alt forms have (not that many forms, mind you) on 8.589.934.592 innocent girls to make them very happy. And powerful.

Is that really too much to ask?

>> No.38427656

Except that the fucking Bite brings into consideration alt-forms granted from origins.

It's a freebie for the god damn Monster origin for god's sake, how about you chill out and not scream when people react when you take a mile for every god damn inch?

>> No.38427682

Except it's -your alt form- inflicted.

Which includes any modifications.

>> No.38427695

Probably not, because Infectious Bite only handles innate powers, and Final Form just says you can access form specific powers outside of that form, so it should only transfer the innate powers of all your form, which isn't too bad for a 2 jump combo.

>> No.38427696

I'm sorry your 100 CP or free perk has limited utility.

Just pick up a good race in Forgotten Realms.

To pimp my own jumps: Gargoyles gives you at least flight and the stone sleep, which is cheap regeneration, and race is a big deal in Elona.

>> No.38427709

But your kaiju form is not your alt form unless you take it all into account. All body modifications included, alt FORM. Damn man. Calm down.

>> No.38427717

Finally, people with more eloquent speechcraft than mine start getting the point.

>> No.38427722

If you really want to find a way to be the god jumper, why don't you... I don't know, pick up genetic perks in order to splice the alt-form you want with all your powers?

Don't expect everyone to hand you everything on a silver platter you greedy fuck.

>> No.38427736

Oh, not at all. I recommend reverse-engineering Lord of Light's Masters of Karma device, and improving its subsystems. It lets you reincarnate people into a cloned body by transferring their consciousness...which you can modify. The initial changes they had there weren't all that far from baseline humanity-but I'm sure you have weird jumper shit to make sure the body they "reincarnate" into has some extra enhacnements

You'll probably need more than one of course, but even the in-setting systems of karma devices catered to an entire planet

>> No.38427764

In that case just make them all shikigami, they dont even need bodies.

>> No.38427779

>Spyro dragon altform.
All its abilities are perks.
>Divinity commander altform.
All its abilities are perks.
>Origin Revytail in Ar Tonelico
All its abilities are perks.
>half-whatever in King Arthur
Viable, forgets what I'm talking about in that it's a minority of forms that are perk based and not background based.
>Zoanthrope in Blood Road
Part of it, the parts of it that don't come from perks.

I'm mainly mad because of these people trying to outright dismiss me. You have no idea how much your own tone is self-destructive.

Or how about forms that aren't the ones granted from perks instead of backgrounds?

Nope, those are perks. It doesn't transfer perks by design now.

>to be the god jumper
Fuck you especially. Nobody here is arguing for 'god jumper' so stop reducing peoples arguments to absurdity and insulting them!

A flood of asskissers just fucking came from nowhere. God you people are pathetic, just attack ANY disagreement and drown out those of us who have a problem with it. I don't even hate OAA! I just have a problem with this decision and want to argue for a lighter reworking instead of it getting completely shit on!

>> No.38427793


Just let the man work.

He has done good shit, why would he disappoint? I mean shit, when he was leaking the stuff in VH? He realized he made the Mad Scientist capstones too OP. What'd he do?


>> No.38427809

EVERYONE makes bad decisions, and it's a horrible idea to dismiss people for pointing it out when that happens.

>> No.38427819

Now that's just mean.

>Or how about forms that aren't the ones granted from perks instead of backgrounds?
Not sure what you are saying.

The thought occured to me, I admit.

...And then I remembered the existence of the Angel alt form. Nope, Lord of Light is not going to help.

>> No.38427824


It's time to nerf police everything.

I vote Zoanthrope form be restricted to fluffy white bunny.

>> No.38427828

Except it's not getting shit on. You're not even paying attention when people are saying it's the powers given to an alt-form. You know, with pokemon and kaijus and kitsune and stuff? Not to mention you can just genetically modify those altforms if you want to give more.

It's not asskissing, it's telling you that you're wrong.

>> No.38427838

You realize he could simply say "that combo wont work" and leave it at that.

>> No.38427846

You speak true. But does that mean we are to not discuss the issue at all?

>> No.38427849


This anon won't accept that he's wrong. That's the issue so far.

>> No.38427875

No, discuss it all you like.

Screaming loudly that he's going to fuck everything up royally =/= healthy discussion.

>> No.38427876

Alt forms from origins or purchased race options typically get their powers from perks. This doesn't transfer perks, so they get no powers. The only alt-forms this is viable with are the minority that instead come from perks in the first place, since their powers usually come as a package with the form.

No, it is getting shit on. Because now only the very few alt forms that meet the criteria above get anything from it. Alt forms are usually given their powers in perks.

Also fuck your shitty comic and that bitch character.

>> No.38427892

The issue here is-you're missing a very, very, very pertinant point.


This is the typical cost for perks that read "You can swing a sword pretty good" or "You're slightly faster with your hands". Honestly perfect transmission of an altmode into another species sounds bloody brilliant for what you're being paid for it. You forgot one aspect of Spyro dragon form: YOU'RE A GODDAMN DRAGON, YOU CAN MAUL PEOPLE AND BREATH FIRE WITH A LITTLE PRACTICE AND FLY AND SHIT. Which is something baseline humans can't do.

You want more shit from a single bite? I'd be fine with some degree transmission but only at a much higher price than 100 freaking CP. Or maybe muck around with the Geneforge/RE virus, you don't just have to get everything from CP. It's a question of scale; this isn't supposed to be your genetics mastery button. This is a neat thing that embodies a thematic aspect of your monsterdom.

And that's why I mad.

>> No.38427911

What do you think I wanted him to do in the first place? Goddamn.

I don't give half a shit about this cost. I care that it's only going to work with a tiny number of alt forms instead of all of them. Because most alt forms don't have innate fucking powers.

>> No.38427930

One arm, if you are reading this, I would just like to state my opinion then leave it. The perk is fine as is. The combo while a bit op, is a combo, hence not really your problem. But if it bothers you you could still say the combo works in a certain way without altering the perk.

Thats all I wanted to say. Please keep it as is.

>> No.38427938

Discussion is good-as long as it's CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and not just people ragging on jumpmakers for no reason or screaming about "shitting on jumps" whatever the hell that's supposed to even mean anymore.

See >>38427892. The reason people are accusing you of godmode is you want to be able to transmit perks as well as a form potentially above baseline human for 100 CP.

>> No.38427941

That... Is a problem, admittedly.

>This doesn't transfer perks
I have to wonder... Why not?

For example - Spyro. You bought two elements. Then, you bite someone for that form. They get two elements that would fit their personality. Seems like a solution to me.

>> No.38427973

Nobody is shitting on OAA you fucking lying piece of shit.

Because that's how he's going to nerf it, as stated. That's why it doesn't transfer perks.

>> No.38427980

Even if the rest of your alt-forms are cosmetic changes, it's still well worth the price and fits the fluff of it being transmitting a curse.

>> No.38427982

Well you should. Because it's extremely presumtious of you to expect that degree of capability out of the Jumpchain equivalent of chump change.

If you want to propose an idea, at least put forward a reasonable compromise like an upgraded version that bumps up the cost of the perk in exchange for a greater spread of what it can do.

>> No.38427991

I support this. Please.

>> No.38428006

Except for all we know he could, in fact, BE CONSIDERING that any perks associated with a fucking alt-form could be transmitted along with the sodding alt-form.

Example: Spyro. You buy to elements for dragon form. Meaning you access them freely in that dragon form. Bite someone while dragon, they get dragon and those elements.

Except we won't know because of the goddamn hostile environment right now, making him feel like any post he makes is likely to spark more shit from you.


>> No.38428017

It does, that anon is just talking out his ass to make it sound like he has a point. It grants the "innate powers" of an alt form. All the stuff it gets for free? Innate powers by definition, other stuff is more debatable sure, but that's not his argument.

>> No.38428031

Vampire curse brings immortality, werewolf longevity, those are innate just like dragons breathing fire or kitsune fucking with peoples heads.

>> No.38428033

>It's well worth the cost for werewolves not to get any powers of werewolves.
No, that's pretty much literally worthless.

A reasonable compromise is to just make this particular stupid combo not work instead of capitulating to you fuckers that came out of nowhere to attack it despite the jump being out for weeks.

But he has stated otherwise. That it only transfers the form.

>> No.38428046

Hm? As far as I am aware, he said the following o the matter.


Doesn't quite seem like it.

>> No.38428075

You kind of are by making assumptions of what he's going to do. And that was a more general remark that other people have done so to other jumpmakers in the past; see the recent event where some jumpmakers almost left because of non-constructive criticism.

And hey, we down to expressing opinions now? Fine-OAA, here's mine

100 CP ain't supposed to be an answer to everything so-do whatever you feel best, but I'm fine with your proposed change.

>> No.38428078

Which only gives you the form. Forms don't usually have powers innately. Which is why I disagree with the change, which may have been lost somewhere with you and all of your friends dogpiling in to attack me.

>> No.38428109

All he said, was that the form was transmitted. Not the entire Jumper powerset with it.

He didn't TOUCH. On the innate powers of the form.

So again. Chill out. All this shit-flinging is most likely part of the reason why he hasn't posted. Post your damn criticism of the matter, but don't be flagrantly hostile about it.

And quit acting like you're a fucking victim, mate. You started off by throwing insults and tantrum.

>> No.38428124

>you and all of your friends dogpiling in to attack me.
From Anon to Anon, you do realize how silly that sounds?

>> No.38428126

Wow salty to people who are literally expressing opinions in a nonviolent way? Why be an asshole?

>> No.38428134


Yeah nah, that's just your opinion. So-yeah, agree to disagree? Agree to disagree.

It lets you turn people into a fucking dragon and holy shit you must be spoiled if you think you can make someone into THE PERFECT DRAGON with just 100 CP and a siple bite.

>> No.38428165

Most alt-forms do not have innate powers.

And don't even accuse me of shitflinging! You people are the ones that accelerated it to that point by dog piling, presuming, and attacking me. You're to blame, not me for expressing my opinion about it.

And I'll quit acting like it when it stops being true, you fuck.

>> No.38428173


And we're back to square one.
see >>38424068 >>38424128

OAA supports that interpretation, as seen >>38426779

This entire argument is about how your Final Form doesn't actually give people literally all your powers: see >>38427373

Yes, your alt forms do give the associated freebie powers from the same jump, like Spyro elements or a Transformer alt-mode or whatever; that's the original point of the perk, and it still holds.

Is there any further confusion on this subject?

>> No.38428191

That's before he changed his mind >>38427201

>> No.38428202

>It's well worth the cost for werewolves not to get any powers of werewolves.
Ignoring fangs, claws, only being killed by silver, and the perks turning you into the Apex of that form, rather than a scrub common werewolf, you may have had a point with that alt-form.

>> No.38428206


It does not let me turn people into God Godzilla.

I demand it let me turn people into God Godzilla, otherwise my chain is ruined.

Oh for fuck's sake, that was changing his mind regarding FINAL FORM.

FINAL. FORM. You know, That SAO perk?

>> No.38428224

>that was changing his mind regarding FINAL FORM.

That's my reading of it too, yeah. Everyone who is freaking out is overreacting to a nerf that did not happen.

>> No.38428227

The whole confusion on THIS subject is baffling.

What started the whole thing off, however, is the SAO combo dilemma, which is slightly more difficult of a subject.

>> No.38428229

>Blatantly misrepresenting OAA comments.
>Blatantly making stuff up to support his own views.
>Ignoring everyone else's point's
>Only person swearing.
>I'm not the shitposter, all of you guys are.
Yeah, have fun with that.

>> No.38428235

Considering you and a few other anons resorted to blatant insults and name-calling in >>38427973, >>38427204 and >>38427343?

Yes, I am mildly irritated.

>> No.38428241

>and the perks
They don't get perks.

No, it's pretty clear from that post and in his support of things like >>38427139 that they only get the alt.

>> No.38428245

Exactly, and if you want to give someone all your powers use echidna for 800.

>> No.38428271

How is that last one even an insult in your mind?

>> No.38428279

I literally came in tead the thread and posted my opinion. There are more people here than just the two of us.

>> No.38428307

Oh, well we sure are sorry for disagreeing with you over the internet.

Oh wait, we're not. Discussion is a two-way street and you've set to address the fact that it's 100. Goddamn. CP. And frankly your comments in >>38428206 is rather discouraging what with you implying you're only interested in keeping the perk because it affects your personal jumpchain instead of whether it fits thematically, is cost appropriate and is a fun perk rather than your own personal utility.

>> No.38428323

He's being sarcastic you complete retard. In your quest to insult everyone who disagrees with you, you attacked your own side.

>> No.38428327


I was being sarcastic, anon. I'm not the one going on about how the perk's being nerfed into uselessness.

I was trying to be sarcastic.

>> No.38428352

>the last one

Alright, I'll give you that. The last one was more about tone, which I understand can be kind of subjective over the internet.

The first two? Yeah, no.

Well I'm not sure if it's just me but you come across as awfully defensive and overbearing in putting it forwards, not to mention self-centered. Which is why I'm disagreeing with you.

>> No.38428375


>> No.38428379

I feel the need to point you to a prior post, Anon. See >>38426618?

It's because you're posting bullshit, and for that we're insulting you.

>> No.38428388

I'm sorry man. I'm not good at this whole sarcasm thing
I'm just sick of people, myself included, being this defensive of a single perk that gives you a whole bunch of versatility in a handbasket-and then demand even more.

>> No.38428404

People are asking the perk to remain the same instead of just being cosmetic. Nobody is asking for more.

>> No.38428441

Nah, that one anon's super fucking salty because how dare we're not god jumpers at 100CP?

Didn't Red figure out a way to give people a complete copy of powers? Why doesn't that anon ask how the fuck she did it?

>> No.38428449

Unrelated note WOW jump should be finished next week's end. Any suggestions that you'd like to see?

>> No.38428456

>Well I'm not sure if it's just me but you come across as awfully defensive and overbearing in putting it forwards, not to mention self-centered. Which is why I'm disagreeing with you.

Literally how does someone saying that they believe something is good without attacking anyone come across ass defensive and overbearing?

>> No.38428469

You're just insulting people at this point for disagreeing with you. You're ignoring the other side's arguments and feelings just to be an asshole and reduce they're arguments to absurdity. It's pathetic.

>> No.38428472

Well in >>38427391 you disparage someone's literacy, in >>38427503 you make make a rather dumb analogy which overlooks the fact that QS DIDN'T achieve all that with a single. 100 CP. Perk and in >>38427601 you completely overlook the tactical advantage of being a huge stompy monster even sans radioactive breath and railgun tail in favor of continuing to try and make a point.

Which doesn't help your case.

I'm all for discussion. So long as the discussion isn't one person trying to tell the jumpmaker that his is the only opinion that matters.

>> No.38428479

Do Tauren taste just like beef?

>> No.38428489

Yes please. scribe. I do nothing in that game but make spells with scribe. Please let us have scribe.

>> No.38428497

That's not me. Don't be stupid. The person you're quoting at first is not the person in all the other replies you quote. You're talking to multiple people.

>> No.38428508

None of those are me.

>> No.38428522

Though really? I think I quit. I'm done. No one will care or know, but all of my opinions clash with the IRC's and the thread's in general, so there's really no way of them being heard or considered. I've been in a bad way lately with my emotions and my life, and I don't think I can handle butting heads with everyone here constantly, especially when, as seen here, just expressing it gets me dogpiled and insulted, and takes advantage of my temper to steadily drag me into an increasingly aggressive and pointless fight.

I don't hate you or your jumps One, not at all, and I'm sorry if the tone of the conversation with these people lead you to believe I do, or that people in general do.

>> No.38428532

Y'all look alike, anon. But anyways-shall we just agree to disagree?

My main point is simply that a 100 CP perk should not have the utility you seem to ascribe to it, and that for its cost it's already very good.

>> No.38428554

Talk shit get hit.

But seriously you seem to be acting like its everyone else ganging up on you when in reality you are the problem.

>> No.38428574

On the one hand, you can't blame the thread alone if you admit your temper biases your judgements

On the one hand, I am sorry to hear you're having IRL problems anon. Get out there and get them sorted, the internet isn't a healthy place to hang around when you're in a bad way.

I sincerely hope you come through the bad times OK.

>> No.38428590

Haha faggot gettin' mad over the internet over make believe on an anime imageboard.
You are a poster child of autism.

>> No.38428600

Alright. This... Oh boy. This is gonna start more shit.

>'Final Form infections will only grant the powers associated with the forms that amalgamate that specific Final Form.'

... Nothing else. Nothing else is changed, nothing else is nerfed, nothing else is broken. You can't infect people with shit like Dresden Magic. Or Harry Potter Wizardry.

But if there's a power associated with a form in some say, such as the elements bought via Dragon in Spyro, or the powers bought via Kitsune / Inukami? Those transmit. The different augments granted by the Kaiju form? Fuck why not.

No entire Jumper powersets in one bite. But other than that, go right along with gnawing on people.

Oh god please don't hurt me.

>> No.38428624

You know, you can't really blame us for your IRL issues. We're not even there.

Even then, when has the IRC even been talked about? You're just dragging them in for the sake of playing the victim, claiming "oh no the fun police are dogging me!" when the only IRC people I've seen do anything is Red and Konota dicking around with each other.

Shifting the blame isn't going to work here. For what it's worth I hope you sort your life out, but that's not on us, and it's no excuse for accusing everyone of ganging up on you.

>> No.38428632

+0 CP drawback to import anything you did from the Warcraft 3 jump?

>> No.38428637

I'm just one anon, but for what it's worth I'm okay with this, dude.

>> No.38428643

>see that image
>image search
>mfw they actually made that

>> No.38428646

Pretty much the only reasonable interpretation of the perk that isn't RAW.

>> No.38428650

Don't let other people being you down, buddy. There's always going to be arguments over the most minor of issues because we're on 4chan, but if you let that shit get to your head, it's going to be poison. Regardless, good luck, and I hope you could come back one day.

>> No.38428672

So, to be clear; infecting someone with an ordinary altform grants all the inherent powers of that altform, and infecting someone with your Final Form grants all the inherent powers of all of your altforms.

Got it.

>> No.38428678

Good going one arm I support you!

>> No.38428689

Wimp. You are a disgrace to jump-chan. You give up, you break. You are weak.

>> No.38428728

DAMN IT Konota, no longer recognizing time or current fashion trends is no excuse to just stop wearing pants! Think about what your companions would say!


Yeah, they made it a while back. Could be interesting if stupid dog makes that Powerpuff jump.

>> No.38428732

Y'know, I never actually saw that thing. But I remember hearing that Mojo's speech pattern doesn't really work in Japan, so instead they just made him add "-mojo" to the end of every sentance.
I will never forgive them.

>> No.38428750

It actually is a good reason to not wear pants.

>> No.38428763

I wanted to see if anyone would say something like this, because I want to say that I'm not attacking or blaming them. I just mean the people there, individually, are people I don't always agree with and who I've argued with before in the thread. Not in this specific case, I'm including all arguments I've been in. I don't hate the IRC, I'm just including them because I wanted to include both anons and names in the group of people I've butted heads with. That's all.

>> No.38428788

>infecting someone with an ordinary altform grants all the inherent powers of that altform


>infecting someone with your Final Form grants all the inherent powers of all of your altforms.

All of the ones involved in that Final Form, yes.

>> No.38428795 [SPOILER] 

We're guilty of equivalent sins here in the West too, Konata.

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