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How does a typical fantasy village fight of a slime girl attack?

You would think that they would be a real danger considering that they are virtually impervious to normal weapons

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Fire. Lots of it.
Even slime burns if you get it hot enough.

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Cattle grids.

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With shovels, bats, and torches.

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By not having horrible fetishes injected into the setting.

Or with fire.

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Summon brave hero to beat it off.

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Typical fantasy villages don't have to fight off slime girl attacks. Slime girls aren't a thing in typical fantasy.

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Wouldn't ice work just as well, in terms of imprisoning slime while keeping infrastructure intact?

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Usually the filename for that is the_clap.gif. Good to be away from /k/

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Ice and cold are harder for people to make than fire, as fire and heat are easier to generate.

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>Norse villages immune to slimegirl attack

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Lightning and fire would do the job, she's probably highly conductive and evaporating the moisture away should do her in (as hell, it'd do us normal solid folk in too).

A solid stone or metal cube formed around her and made watertight by magic would also do a fine job of rendering her harmless for a time. A strong wind blast might also manage to discorporate her if you catch her off guard with it, same with a good chunk of high explosive lodged into her chest. If there's a core, shattering it will probably also do the trick. You could also get that ice magic bearing down on her to freeze her solid.

The focus is either evaporating, discorporiating, or solidifying over actually inflicting wounds as that's pretty much impossible. One can get very creative here. But then, why would you want to kill the slime girl? Would it not be better to ask her out on a date?

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>they are virtually impervious to normal weapons

Doesn't that depend on the slime?

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Might regular slimes take on human form if they were captured and domesticated over several generations?

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>Underrated post

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>Summon brave hero to beat it off.

Hero:"Sigh... the shit I put up with." Unzips Pants.

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>asking her out on a date
That's just begging to get the whole village taken over and dragged kicking and screaming into a gelatinous nightmare which may or may not actually be highly acidic. Better to let them know their depredations aren't welcome.

This has been a public service announcement.

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Has anyone here read It's Always Time by Oblimo?

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if they did they wouldn't be attacking they'd be domesticated.

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>highly acidic

More like highly erotic.

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They could go feral.

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>typical fantasy

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They might have been sent by a different village.

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Sliming villages since the domestication age, aw yeah.

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Pay attention, folks, this one's already too far gone.

See how he willingly discards his own sanity and life on the assumption that the experience he seeks will be in any way truly fulfilling.

Do so few now know the joy in a life of moderation, temperance, and nobility?

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You can't do that on television.

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Burn it with righteous flame and invade and bury your magical realm in its own rubble, you fucking degenerate.

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Not to like, salt, though, anon.

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Wouldn't salt be pretty expensive though? It was worth more than gold in medieval times.

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I know of those principles, how would it be bad to court a lovely slime girl and remain loyal to her after we get married? Joy of moderation, temperance, and nobility can figure into any healthy relationship.

Unless you're saying I should just stay celibate for life. In which case screw you, if people didn't fuck there wouldn't be people around anymore.

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>Doing anything in moderation or showing any temperance.

Oi, Mr fancy purple pantaloons. If you're going to be trying to lie to us peasants, least you can do is come up with somthin more believable than that tripe.

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Speaking of which, imagine if all those Nick shows had contestants getting slime girl'd instead of just slimed...

Ah, you're right, that would be too much for the FCC.

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Not more valuable than gold, but definitely of great value for its use in the preservation of food and such. Roman legionaries were often paid in salt, the solanum (I think it was called, correct me if I'm wrong), from which we derived the word salary.

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Pretty sure you're still going to be able to pour it on the occasionally slimegirl.

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>they are virtually impervious to normal weapons
No they're not. Maybe in your shitty animu fantasies they are.

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I can maybe see large bludgeoning weapons harming or at least significantly inconveniencing them by splattering them apart, but how does one go about fighting an oozy monster with a blade or spear?

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Just use calcium hydroxide. It's more cheap, common and deadly for slimes.

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But surely there's no reason not to pursue such a relationship with your own kind?

Oh, come now, surely you don't think us incapable of reason.

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Depends how they work. Are they just crawling ooze or they are some kind of sack filled with liquid like a giant ameba? If yes then you can just puncture the membrane and watch it bleed to death.

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>to beat it off

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villages are big places OP, there are bound to be at least a few resident mages, as well as travelling

other than that slimes aren't totally impervious, they could overwhelm her with enough severing attacks

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Got a real newfag today, let me give it to you short;

You've got Humans in cities, Elves in forests, Dwarves in mountains, and maybe Orcs pissing everyone off. The setting is the vaguest shade of medieval Europe and the protagnoist was most likely a young farmhand until the ancient evil awakened as the prophecy foresaw. Expect a rebellious princess, a soon to be dead mysterious old mentor, and at least one absurdly magical sword.

If you're lucky there might even be a magical creature that isn't a dragon.

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>there wouldn't be people around anymore.
A very good argument for not forging a relationship with a different species.

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You niggas think that old ladies making healing poultices are witches, and that if a gypsy looks at you the wrong way you will die. Why the fuck would you think a blob person isn't just another heretic to burn on sight?

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I'm gonna get with the best girl I can find. If the lovely lady with an ideal personality for me just so happens to be a slime girl or otherwise not human I simply won't care. Good women are as rare as platinum, treasure them.

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go away /d/

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Is this /d/ stuff though? I've become so desensitized that I don't even know anymore.

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You have no idea what /tg/ is do you.

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Wouldn't sex with a slime girl be awful? You can't really grab on to her, or use her for leverage. The slime is presumably acidic considering thats how they fucking absorb nutrients, and finally, if they are just a blob you won't be able to generate a lot of friction. It'd be like sticking your dick into a super lubed up version of pic related

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depends on the surface tension

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I never got the attraction to slime girls other than 'it looks vaguely like a humanoid female'.

An elf girl or dragon girl or whatever, sure, they'revertebrates, but slime girls don't have fucking skeletal structures or nervous systems. It's just mysteriously sapient magical slime that digests shit. I mean, what's the attraction? Sticking your dick in there might feel nice for a bit, but you can't DO much.

How solid is she? Is your thrusting liable to start pulling parts of her off?

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doesn't baking soda harden jello? We could try that.

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Think of a slime girl as a kind of magical nanite swarm. She can move and alter the solidity of any part of her body to a certain extent. It's hard to explain but imagine sucking, thrusting, and swirling happening all at the same time as she envelops everything but your head and assaults your entire body with stimulation. After that I'd imagine it'd be hard to go back to solid girls and all their limitations on that sort of thing.

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so we turn her in to a gummy girl?

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The way I see it, if a slime girl is capable of manipulating her body in such a way that she can maintain the shape of a humanoid female instead of just slopping about on the floor, then she can probably also maintain the shape of her vajine, but with more fine, minute control over every aspect of it. She could shape it perfectly to your peenor, tighten it, loosen, create sliding, rolling waves over it. It's not like she'd just feel like water or something.

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So, it's just nanomachines, son?

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>Damn girl, your nervous system and skeletal structure really turn me on

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>implying I wasn't actually implying that

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>not being attracted to skeletons

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just her sides and pussy and such so we can get better traction. And it would wear off eventually too. No harm done.

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More like a Guyver, but intelligent.

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Nope. Salt was a standard part of their rations. However when the army had trouble sourcing salt they paid their soldiers extra which was their salary. Money to buy their own salt.

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>being attracted to skeletons

That's a pretty spooky thing to do, anon.

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Those firm, soft bones, curves, sexy smile...mmmm

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I imagine slimes to dislike fire personally. You keep some torch lit at the gates at night and you can ward them off, if they attack in group you wield a blade in one hand and a torch in the other.

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Is it really?

Sometimes it might be downright delicious

Like sugary candy, in fact.

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Ok we all agree fire is a way to go, but how to apply it? Throw at'em burning cow turds?

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Common chemical substances like salt, and fire. Or maybe sand, to dry them up.

That being said, they aren't lethal, they just sorta show up and rape stuff, right? (Forgive my lack of monstergirl knowledge)

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Magical fireball spells or good ol' fashioned flamethrowers. Take your pick!

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Hell, you could probably just cover them with enough dirt to make them lose body consistency.

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Using blade on them is like shoting arrows at skeletons. You need something wide to hit them and disrupt the shape, something like shovel. One guy is bashing their heads/limbs others are trying to treat them with fire.

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>implying that's not worse than death

Failing that, just take some grease or cooking oil or fat of some kind and pour it on, then light 'em up.

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The righteous fire of the gods.

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Oh come on, rape isn't so bad after the 10th time. Besides, she's just showing you how much she loves you with her body. Why would you want to stop her? Why refuse the monstergirl's love? I had a pic with that caption and a good face too but I can't find it for some reason, anyone got it?

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Soap. Or throw a back of unmixed concrete at them

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if anyone is going to do the raping its going to be ME!

>> No.38385599

>after the 10th time

Hoo boy, we got ourselves a broken one here. They've already left his mind an addled shell of its former self.

Listen, buddy, when you say "no," you're not supposed to mean "yes." You're supposed to mean "no" and enforce it if you have to.

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He came though, so that was actually making love.

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Anyone got the whole strip?

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Also a bad idea, as that removes you from the human gene pool.

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You did that on purpose.

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By punching the /d/M in the stomach.

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So your solution to save the village is to burn it to the ground?

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Half these people wouldn't know a cattle grid from a screen door, but now that I've heard I'll be damned if they don't appear in every adventure I write from now on.

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The old lye soap trick always works, and as long as you have torches set up a good distance away from the village it'd set the resultant hydrogen on fire. Provided the wind wasn't a problem.

>Cattle grids.
Neat. We must not use them around here because they'd get tore up in the winter.

>bag of unmixed concrete
I would not have thought of that but in hindsight is a great idea.

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But thats not a fucking slime then, you faggot, thats some sort of shape shifter.

Fuck you stupid /d/eviants, your the cancer killing monster girls

>> No.38388272

Slime girls are a tad more complex than your garden variety slimes.

>cancer killing monstergirls
>not paladins

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Says who? You? You have to have some consistency, otherwise you can just say "ughhh, slime girls are just the best, trust me"

Its like a mary sue

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I know I'm not the only one who has tried to fuck one of those and have it burst all over my dick.

>> No.38388419

As /d/eviants kinda made them a thing in the first place, killing them is a matter of perspective.

For me, monstergirls are just girls. Much like how we see Aliens in an erotic light. They're like us, mostly. Want the same things, feel the same desires, but have forms and faculties we do not ourselves. Lots of ways to get juicy stories out of that conflict.

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>gypsy looks at you the wrong way you will die
That is not far from the truth.
>inb4 american that rages despite never meeting a gypsy

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Same way you deal with everything, set it on fire.

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Das racist! She's obviously alkaline.

>> No.38388480

Saw a grave of a so called "Gypsy King" in the graveyard where some of my family is buried. Pretty cool. Graves should make a statement if possible. His did, and I like it that way.

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Hello newfag. This is your reply

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There's no reason to think that the digestive action and acidity couldn't be controlled, or that acidity is the only way to digest nutrients (even in humans it's not entirely necessary and is more important for killing bacteria and such)

Secondly slimes who can take the shape of a human, obviously are able to manipulate their cohesiveness (or at least have a strong innate degree of it). They must be able to at least maintain a form that can withstand gravity to walk upright, or stand or just generally stay together as they move. I would not be surprised if you could even grip them strongly. Furthermore, if regular sex can feel good, then sticking your dick in a hole that can control it's shape, rigidity, and lubrication would definitely feel even better.

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>That's just begging to get the whole village taken over and dragged kicking and screaming into a gelatinous nightmare which may or may not actually be highly acidic.
I am not opposed to this

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They are just fetishfuel. They are meant to be Mary Sues for your dick. They aren't meant to complex or consistent.

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>/d/ made monstergirls

>> No.38390199

>hire a horde of Orcs to fight them off
>hire a Dragon to fight off Orcs
>hire a Necromancer to slay the Dragon
>hire a Paladin to slay the Necromancer and his skeltal army
>hire a Slime Girl horde when he goes tyrannical with power.

It's a never ending cycle mates.

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But why aren't you? Surely you don't want everyone to die.

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>> No.38390619

Wouldn't they just flow down one side of the trench underneath the cattle grid and up the other?

>Ah, you're right, that would be too much for the FCC.
You're damn right it wouldn't!



Exactly, she can completely engulf you and stimulate every part of your body!
You could possibly even wear a slimegirl like a symbiotic suit!

>That being said, they aren't lethal, they just sorta show up and rape stuff, right? (Forgive my lack of monstergirl knowledge)
Really they just want sex, so it's not like you couldn't work something out...

>but have forms and faculties we do not ourselves
Xenophilia man, it's a hellava drug...

>> No.38390678

Have the folk of this thread learned nothing? Ultimately, as innocuous as it may seem, the presence of such beings is an existential threat to us all. So many of us die without issue already - were we not instructed to be as numerous as the stars?

>> No.38390693

No climb speed and the DC to climb if far harder when you can't grip and the walls are slippery.

>> No.38390732

But what if they fill the trench enough they can flow over the top?!?!

>> No.38390795

>Not making trenches 6'+ deep

>> No.38390962

And now I've got an image of a castle surrounded by a moat of slimegirls. One never-ending orgy of slimy female parts, slipping and sliding over and under each other... their moans echoing over the ramparts, driving the inhabitants insane with lust....

I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.38390987

And the only slimegirl I could find had a dick being stuck into it and I thought I was on /b/. Oh well, imagine that I posted a picture with a thousand slimegirls writhing in pleasure.

>> No.38391016

>implying it would drive the inhabitants mad with lust
>implying it wouldn't cause pic related

>> No.38392677

The Greeks clearly weren't into that sort of thing, considering the vector for a gorgon's stone-turning ability was said to be the sheer hideousness of the gorgon's visage.

>> No.38392707


According to this, we got lucky with Eragon. Jesus Christ.

>> No.38392884

>Monster Girl Rising: Revengeance

>> No.38393023

If it were the latter, odds are that it would be defeated by a sharp rock on its way to the village.

>> No.38393057


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that is regularly evaporated by both the sun and the torches lined along the trench walls.

If things get particularly bad or a storm is coming, you pull out the boiling oil and greasefire.

>> No.38393498

It burns up in the sun.
Jost some torches an haypokers to strike the big soft weakpoint.

Hell slimegirls are even easier to deal with since they make themselves nit just a huge blob. Just slap the top half off and you can just burn at it while it tries to recollect itself.

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You cant domesticate jellyfish so you cant domesticate slimes.

>> No.38393977

Butt jellies are Cnideria, whereas slimes are aggregate organisms like fungal mold or a zoan slimemold

>> No.38394012

Pfff, fuck that. Unless the aliens, monstergirls, or what have you are just plain out and out "better" than human girls the species will survive.

Same for the other race too. Technically, hybrids are infertile. If they just so happen to be viable well... maybe the "aliens" are a lot closer to being us than both sides are probably willing to admit.

>> No.38394814

So they're Siphonophores? I'd have gone with a Xenophyophore.

>> No.38395438

Dryads, nayads, oceanides and other nymphs say otherwise.

>> No.38395916

I think that'd kill it.

>> No.38398012

>inb4 no John you are the monstergirls

>> No.38398092

Wouldn't they just melt together?

>> No.38398181

Fuck YEAH!!!

>> No.38398258

Eh, could be worse. Though if they were going around corrupting or morphing people into what amounted to rape zombies at least my ultimate end isn't all that bad.

I'd still fight it and all, but life in a sex crazed world isn't as bad as one that's truly dead. I wouldn't mind fathering a thousand young. I'd just prefer I did that willingly instead of because I got infected by something.

>> No.38399278

>Same for the other race too. Technically, hybrids are infertile. If they just so happen to be viable well
Could be that one kind of sex triggered parthenogenesis

>> No.38402940

My fantasy, my rules. Entire castle is manned by horny men and women who can barely keep it together on a good day. And today's not a good day.

I wouldn't want them too, but I guess, hypothetically, they could, in order to merge into a giant blended slimegirl that would smash the castle... I'm not too fond of sizeplay, though, so that's not too awesome for me.

>> No.38404557

Or just throw embers at it. It's not like medieval villages are lacking fireplaces.

>> No.38406273

This guy. This guy right here understands.

>> No.38407084

Found it after a single google search. It was on a thread on /a/.

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>How does a typical fantasy village fight of a slime girl attack?

It was deep in the forest when we came across the village fighting off a slime girl attack.
We proceeded to punch the GM in the balls until he stopped making any further gurgling and screaming noises, awarded ourselves the xp and continued our journey.

>> No.38408632

Mindbreak is just about finding your inner slut.

>> No.38408861

No, its not. Being a slut is actually the exact opposite, since you do it out of your freewill.

>> No.38409021

You eventually enjoy it of what's left of your free will, therefore it's about forcefully awakening your inner slut. If one had no inner slut, mindbreak wouldn't be possible.

>> No.38409138

Depends on the hybrid and how closely related the races are
a human male wouldn't be able to have an offspring with a slime, period. An elf and a human are pretty closely related, so their hybrid species could be fertile. Now let's say that a dwarf and an elf were to have a child. Now let's say they are closely related, but not that close, so fertile hybrids between them are rare.

Now back on topic, a fantasy village fights them very easy. Use dirt, shit, and other fertilizer. Throw it on top of them, or dig holes and have them fall in them, then fill it back up.
Their core crystal things that keeps their form will be burried and it provides an endless fertile soil for many generations.

If you say they just become ground water, then you just admit they're part of the water cycle and will evaporate into the air....which might be a bad thing. It could be raining down slime girls, which like I said, can be good or bad depending on your setting

>> No.38409795

But I argue that mindbreak is made from rape, therefore, the slut is made.

>> No.38409896

A slut can not be made, some may be latent sluts, but that tenancy for sluttyness can be unlocked. Someone free of slutitude would never enjoy rape, never.

>> No.38410362

Bullshit. Of course you can make a slut. Granted, this process is in no way moral or ethical, but you can make pretty much anyone a slut if you follow proper procedure. And yes, the procedure does involve lots and lots of hot rape.

>> No.38410710

Sex rape and also mind rape. Lots of mind rape.

>> No.38410799

Lilim please go and stay go.

>> No.38411266

I can't go anywhere, I already came here. Over and over.

Hah! And I finally found a slimegirl in my endless random files that's SFW.

>> No.38411367

What chapter is this scene from?

>> No.38411400

A typical Dorf outpost would respond with cage traps.
They would work, just try not to think about it.

>> No.38411444

>How does a typical fantasy village fight of a slime girl attack?
They research making substance N before the slime girl attacks. When it attacks, they drop some of it onto it and ignite it.

>> No.38411472

>Dorf Fort physics are the solution


>pic related

>> No.38411543

For flavor you could make the cage traps out of glass - a terrarium will hold a slimegirl juuust fiiiine.

Are you telling me that... that my fetish isn't acceptable? This makes me sad.

Oh well. /tg/'s not who it used to be.

>> No.38411588

It's not quite that, anon. Just trying to save humanity is all.

>> No.38411614

They would make excellent decorations for the mayors office and perfect marksdwarf trainers.

>> No.38412208

Oh, well, ok then. I'll keep my slimegirls to myself, and you can have the... uh... angels? Redeemed succubi? Really nice domesticated slimegirls? Whatever boats your float, right?

>> No.38412319

Humanity ill needs a savior such as you. Why kill the monstergirls, when they can be made into productive members of society? Mankind itself has built its dominion over the Earth on top of the notion that nature, both plants and beasts, can be tamed and bent to our will.

If the monstergirl is feral, civilize her. Then she can be a good wife or worker. Just slaughtering them all is quite a waste of potential.

But who would you want more, the redeemed succubi or the nice slimegirl? Both could blow your mind with the most amazing sex ever. What about other monstergirls? How would they fit in?

>> No.38412369

>What is a man?

>> No.38412660

Personally, I like the slimegirl best. Catgirl and redeemed succubus is fine too, though. And robotits and sexy xenos, but that's not really in the purview of this thread, so I'll just leave Samus here.

>> No.38412808

A miserable pile of fetishes. But enough talk, let's fuck!

>> No.38413855

Oi, back to work, the both of ya! We're not gonna get the harvest in any faster with you two muckin' about.

>> No.38414026

Don't worry sir, I've been plowing her soil all day and I won't stop till' I pass out!

>> No.38414066

Not exactly what I meant, but whatever. Just make sure the barley's in by sunset.

>> No.38414096


>> No.38414109


>> No.38414259

romance is /d/ now is it

>> No.38414419

im a big fan of the lilitu myself

i only discovered them yesterday

thats odd the image is in 2 parts have the top half

>> No.38414441

and the bottom half as well

>> No.38414473

I've never cared much for slimes and too girls.

However, amorphous endoskeletal chordate alien chicks are friggin awesome and we need more. Less slimy, and more gelatinous, with proper shape, bizzare appearance, and plenty of ass.

Behold plebians, the superior waifu!

>> No.38414824

>It has exceptional intelligence, and is incredibly wise and glib
>Although they can digest dead or living flesh, avolakia find both disgusting. They prefer to eat undead flesh- "fresh" off a zombie's flank is best.
>With its [at-will] Polymorph Self spell-like ability, avolakia [...] enhance [their] disguise capabilities, and aids it in laying ambushes...
>When in humanoid form, an avolakia has a melodious and hypnotic voice. By speaking soothingly to any one creature in range that understands the spoken words, the avolakia can create an effect identical to a quickened suggestion spell
>the majority of avolakia worship Kyuss [... and] disguised avolakia are in a perfect position to corrupt selected members of humanoid communities and indoctrinate them into the cult of Kyuss

In case you forgot, /tg/

>> No.38414912

Not much of a slime, more all large and skinny grub

>> No.38415030

Of course, how could I forget

>Avolakia constantly exudes a pale yellow slime. This coating grants the creature fire resistance 10, as well as a +10 competence bonus to Escape Artist checks.
>Avolakia have regeneration 4, and are immune to cold, disease, energy drain, and paralysis.

>> No.38415183

I'm reminded of the Exile/Avernum series.
In the third game you've got to deal with various monster plagues, and slimes are one of the first.

They're wrecking everything. Eating roads, walls, crops, livestock. Nothing is safe, they drive cities to exhaustion with their never ending threat forcing guards to be ready at all times. Laying in ambush for weeks on end because they don't need sleep and don't get bored. That later on you find horrible zombie-slimes, corpses that slimes have flowed into and are using as armor to move about like meat puppets and thankfully unsuccessful attempts to do the same to a living human, goblin, and wolf.

If you don't deal with them first they'll manage to utterly wreck the starting area, kill off whole towns, and reduce the capital of that chunk of the world to a useless holdout that barely supports an inn.

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