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>> No.38315677

I understand why shoggoth are hard to kill and all but for what purpose would any race create them?

I use the form to fuck with people and talk with abominations but damn.

>> No.38315703

They were made to be ultra strong, just intelligent enough, and extremely adaptable general purpose servants and soldiers to a race of starfish people.

>> No.38315781

Yeah. never make something you cant kill.

>> No.38315785

The easiest way to do it is to tell Makarov "Hey, when you go to the island, everyone is going to be frozen in time for seven years. You might want to leave someone strong enough to lead the guild here."

Because really, not going to the Island isn't really an option. So he should at least be aware that shit will go down. Of course, he may not listen to me, since I'm not technically a member of the guild.

>> No.38315840

They were a slave race. You want your slaves to be hardy, so they can survive hellish conditions. They were real dumb, but eventually they gained more and more intelligence. Their masters died, they continued on.

>> No.38315842

remember to stay noided fellow jumpers

>> No.38315845

Sure it is.
Just tell him I want to hold off on taking the S-class exams, give my position to someone else.

I am a member of the Guild, and leaving anyone behind from the people who went could lead to Bad Things happening. They manage to get everyone out alive, but if someone is missing? Like, god forbid, Gildarts?

A lot of them could die. So, I stay behind. I'm joining the guild immediately anyway, or saying "fuck you" to the jump-maker for not giving an option to start as a member of the guild and just say I already was a member.

Seriously, it's annoying that the Guild Member and Guild Master origins are only for the 4-chan guild.

>> No.38315874

Just join, its not like its hard to become a member.

>> No.38315934

They were able to kill shoggoths just fine, the shoggoths rebelled against them multiple times, the first couple times it amounted to, "the shoggoths are rebelling, isn't that cute?" The issue is the Elder Things devolved while on earth, and the shoggoths while they didn't get much stronger, they did get smarter, and never really weakened. By the point that the shoggoths rebelling was enough to affect the Elder Things, the end of the Elder Things was already a forgone conclusion, it was just a matter of time.

>> No.38315993

>It's almost as bad as Gold saying he can beat Darkrai in a battle of the mind with his pokemon-level psychic powers alone.
>Credit where it's due, Gol /did/ mention Darkrai fucked him and his starter up real bad during the struggle. Did not know about the immunity thing until today though; hope the guy has a backup plan because this one ain't gonna work.

Unfortunately, there's a bit of misinformation about that plot, but the nitty gritty about the psionics part is that i'm not targeting him DIRECTLY with it. this is the plan with him...

>keep the times he's in my head out of my memories through psychic pokemon helping me to keep it locked off when i sleep
>formulate an ambush he can't see coming because, as far as we're both concerned, during my sleep, i don't know it exists
>select a specific location to block him off that he can't escape from, with a fighting type blocking each exit with a pouch of chesto berries handy in case he gets dark void spammy
>have them soften him up before delivering a surrender ultimatum
>if he refuses, psychic types teleport in, flicker around, and hit him with paralysis and miracle eye until it sticks
>get pokes to teleport me in and give a face-to-face ultimatum
>meanwhile, gardevoir starter has since mega-evolved, and is above the arena charging up a mix-up of pixelated hyper beam, dazzling gleam and moonblast


>> No.38316075

>make sure he's stuck paralyzed, then get psychic types to teleport me out before gardevoir levels the canyon
>if he's still alive after being punched around by 3 fighting types, repeatedly getting paralyzed, getting kinetically smashed as hard as i can muster, and taking the equivalent of a moonstone cannon blast from a VERY pissed off mega-gardevoir, he probably isn't in much of a position to do anything

from there, phase 2 occurs, where the fighting types pile onto him, pin his body and limbs, and then the proper ultimatum can begin under threat of whats left of his bones being broken one by one or being pumped full of aura spheres

at least, thats the tl;dr of it. the whole plan itself is a bit more complicated, and we do suffer some backlash for it in the form of a bit of short-term physical scars and long-term psychological, but it is a plan i'd trust to be seen through.

>> No.38316196

So /jc/, how long did it take for you to get out of the "holy shit this is a dream" funk?

>> No.38316215

I was never in that funk. I don't have vivid dreams, so I never fooled myself into thinking it was one.

>> No.38316237

Sometime during Pokemon, with a little help from my hometown friends.

Unless I wasn't entirely in my right mind, which due to being stalked by Darkrai is entirely possible.

Then again, you try reliving puberty but on the opposite side of the fence and still thinking it's a dream.

>> No.38316259

So... attempting to splice yourself with some of that is a VERY BAD IDEA. Got it.

Anyhow. Time to jam in Barkley's "Shut Up And Jam" Gaiden.

-Background: Employee (950CP) -I guess I work for Square-Enix-Goya now. SHEKEEELS.
-It's Time to Slam Jam! (Free) -SO RUN, BABY RUN!
-PhD in B-Ball (850CP) -This could be somewhat useful.
-Show Me The Colors Of Your Neo-Shekels (Free) -MONEY. And finding how much people want for something, that's nice.
-Hearty Constitution (750CP) -I... guess so. Why not.
-Guns'Braster (450CP) (Discount) -GUNS. GLORIOUS GUNS.
-Neo-Shekelsx3 (300CP) -Bit of money to start.
-Sugar Counter (200CP) -More detections are fine and dandy!
-The Stash (100CP) -Um... okay, whatevs.
-Nikes (0CP) -OOOH YES.
Dice Rolls: Chup Mines, 25 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'll be honest. I have no idea what I'm doing here, so I'm just gonna do something like organize the mines to be safe and happy for everyone, then... SO SOMETHING, I don't know.

Probably when I went to sleep and woke up the next day. By then I'd realize it's all real. Cue a massive freakout.

>> No.38316268

I didn't care.
If it's a dream, it is a good dream

>> No.38316277

The moment I thought I was in a dream, I realized that I couldn't 'will' the world to change so I probably wasn't lucid dreaming.

After that it was just putting two and two together.

>> No.38316290

Had a pretty big mental schism within the first few hours of pokemon, but after that, I don't think the feeling ever really wore off. Not so much in the 'holy shit is this a dream' sense, but more of a continual realization of 'holy shit, this is actually real!'. Never really gets old

>> No.38316307

Meh shoggoths are one of the sources of life on earth, microbes being formed by being cast off bits of shoggoths. You may have spliced yourself with bits of shoggoth without even realizing it.

>> No.38316312

Very quickly. When I realize I'm lucid in a dream it becomes my playground. After my will doesn't bend the world around me, I'll know I'm awake.

>> No.38316332

That means less that you've spliced yourself with a shoggoth and more that you were already a shoggoth all along.

>> No.38316338

Yeah about that, you might have problems later on...

>> No.38316348

10 years.

>> No.38316357

Still as far as creatures from lovecraft to, or not to splice yourself with, shoggoths are a non issue.

>> No.38316358

>keep the times he's in my head out of my memories through psychic pokemon helping me to keep it locked off when i sleep
>formulate an ambush he can't see coming because, as far as we're both concerned, during my sleep, i don't know it exists


Wait... so you're saying a few non-legendary psychics can keep out a legendary Darkrai.


>> No.38316359

So guys how long do you think you would last as a monster hunter wyvern? After the guild puts a bounty on you.

>> No.38316438

You overestimate legendaries. It's important to remember that their power varies wildly, from pokemon like Heatran that are just rare, to Arceus. This isn't Arceus.

>> No.38316469

I actually just recently had a dream where I found a bunch of my old games and trading cards, I was so happy and I almost couldn't believe that it wasn't a dream. Of course, once that thought went through my head I woke up and I immediately started hatting my own brain for bringing back to the real world. No seriously, I lost those cards forever ago and I've been looking for them ever since.

Anyway, I think I'd realize that the jumpchain was real once I started thinking it was a dream, and then realizing that I'm already awake.

I kind of have to agree with this. >>38316358 I mean you're going up against THE nightmare Pokemon. And the drawback will most likely mean that you're facing a very high level Darkrai.

Story time?

WTF captcha!

>> No.38316498

Two alakazams and a gardevoir, all with synchronize (well, one of the alakazams has trace, but he just traces off the other), all given the knowledge of psionics i know of that were applicable to them and they were able to learn, taught how to fiddle with the memory centers of my brain.

Basically, I taught them how to give me what amounts to reversible amnesia. darkrai only gets into my head after i've gone to sleep, so my memories were locked out of my own awareness before I went to sleep, and unlocked when i woke up. I woke up confused and scared a LOT of times because of this, and the process itself was something I had to put a lot of faith in my pokemon to do properly and not abuse, but the result was that darkrai was unable to look into my head past the surface thoughts I was having. This obviously made him mad, since he knew i was hiding something from him, but since it was something even I didn't know at the time, we were at a deadlock where he just decided to crank the nightmares up to 11 by night while I plotted against him by day.

>> No.38316506

In Pokemon, it I never really actively thought this was a dream, but more surface/whimsically went along with what was happening

You know, like when you're playing with a toddler, or got stuck with some autismo kid.
>"Yea, alright, now I'm in goldenrod I guess. Neat. Maybe I'll ask how pokecentres work. Where do they even get their money?"

It wasn't until I got shot in the leg by Team Rocket that I realized "Holy shit, this is real. I need to take this seriously."

>> No.38316649

Ten years.

>> No.38316702

Basically it's the Pokemon Trainer Jump, I thought that my life before was a dream. like reoccurring dream, I mean who in their right mind would think that you've been given powers and that this life you're living isn't real. So I went under the illusion that my life in Pokeverse was real. Until I "heard" J-Chan's "wake up call" at age of 27. It was more like out of body, but in body experience.

Kinda like waking up from the matrix. It was rude, but yet welcomed awakening. I then was thrown into PMD. When I didn't want to live the lie anymore.

>> No.38316756

Likely the first night. My dreams never have that time change of day to night to day, just a scene change at most. Then come the nightmares and my resolve to get something with dream eater. Or pick up lucid dreaming real quick, but that just helps me resist getting a "Pissed off Dream the Endless" treatment from Darkrai better than I would on my own.

>> No.38316776

It didn't take too long. There was some weirdness at the beginning, what with trying to acclimate to the new memories and the new life without tipping off to all my friends that something isn't quite right. Once I realized this was, in fact, real and not some dream or hallucination from some head injury, things began to move pretty smoothly. And then Darkrai happened.

>> No.38316793

Never went into the "not-real" funk. I am where I am.

>> No.38317216

I wonder if outer space in magical universes is full of aether.

>> No.38317347

Depends on which universe it is in.

For example, in Shadowrun outer space is just THE VOID. Trying to astrally perceive in space fucks you up super hard.

>> No.38317402

Depends on the lore. Elder Scrolls it's full on magical aether/planes of existence, but LOTOR has been said to be earth in the way distant past.

>> No.38317427

I find it slightly annoying that we aren't part of the guild too but that's easily fixed. I also think exceeds should be cheaper.

While I'm whining about things, I'd love it if more than just the starter pokemon could be imported into PMD. (2 or 3 pokemon)

>> No.38317491

From what I understand, there isn't anything stopping you from bringing in your other pokemon once you get into the jump, though this may just be a personal interpretation of the rules of the chain. Just because there isn't a companion import option doesn't mean they're locked out from you - you probably just need to retrieve them from your warehouse's dimensional companion stasis thingamajig after you get in...unless there is something i missed that directly contradicts this interpretation, in which case, i may be mistaken.

>> No.38317504

You could always just take them out of their pokeballs, you know. 7 people appearing out of nowhere and forming a team is pretty standard for the PMD world. Only thing you're missing out on is the automatic love interest option, but you have 10 years for that. If you can't get someone who's probably devoted to fighting for you to fall in love with you in 10 years...

>> No.38317600

I think he meant he wanted an import option that'd give our pokemon human forms and memories like the starter import option.

But yeah, you can bring your companions into a jump regardless of whether or not there's an option, but for the jumps that don't have one they're essentially treated as having taken the drop-in background.

>> No.38317639

Ah, fair enough. In that case, I'd just suggest going to a low-danger jump directly after PMD that gives human-form companion import for that. Ironically enough, my choice of mass-humanization for my pokes was the KOTOR jump - 10 years wandering on dantooine and just chilling in the crystal caverns while they get used to the new bodies.

>> No.38317642

I'd probably not even bother joining FT until after the seven years. Since I rolled Magnolia, I'm just going to be the faggott that hangs out at the FT guild hall, drinks all their beer and hits on Erza.

>> No.38317739

That's a good plan actually, would KOTOR be easy to survive for somone not familiar with the setting? All I know is that one of the starting planets gets bombed to hell.

On the other hand it would be amazing if PMD import could let you import a normal companion to give them a pokemon form.

I'd want to join it straight away and help them train. I wouldn't interfere with the story much since that's too unpredictable.
Can't decide between Erza or Juvia though.

>> No.38317794

>All I know is that one of the starting planets gets bombed to hell.

That'd be dantooine. Luckily though, I know when it happens, and me and my companions plan to be as far down the crystal caverns as we can when it happens. Thankfully, the planet is still very much liveable afterwards. If I remember correctly, it was mostly just the big cities and jedi enclave that take the most of the hit.

>> No.38317818

I thought it was the one planet that Revan first lands in.

>> No.38317892

Yeah Taris got bombed to hell as well. Just stay away from the Jedi/Sith wars and you should be fine.

IIRC Corellia should be the best choice to chill in. Might be wrong though.

>> No.38318010

>Not going for both
Juvia is 1st Priority, but I want both

>Drinks all the time
Sounds like you're friends with Cana

Taris also got bombed to hell
I rolled to be on Taris
I am escaping and spend all 10 years avoiding the war, because fuck that shit

>> No.38318058

>all of this rage over the way Guild Member panned out

Alright, don't worry, I can fix this. These last couple of threads are actually the first time I've seen this reaction, but it's always good to know what folks think.

>> No.38318129

I'm actually doing this strategy as well, KOTOR is my 3rd jump after PMD and I'm importing all my companions in as Jedi.

However, unlike you guys, I'm actually going to spend the whole war kicking ass. My companions are going to need to learn how to use their new bodies and powers, and so why not let them get some practical experience?

>inb4, KOTOR what the fuck are you thinking, you're gonna get yourself sent back to earth or have all your companions traumatized.
They can handle it, by the time we arrive in KOTOR we'll have at least some experience being in dangerous situations, and I have a whole year to prepare before the war starts.

Plus, this way everyone get's their own lightsaber, and I planned it in a way so that everyone has a unique color by the end of the jump.

>> No.38318192

>My companions are going to need to learn how to use their new bodies and powers, and so why not let them get some practical experience?

I never said i'd be spending the whole jump lounging around. There's going to be plenty of time for sparring in between meditation, practical use of force powers, exploring the crystal caverns and collecting every one of them that would work for a lightsaber, and just generally exploring the world.

>Plus, this way everyone get's their own lightsaber, and I planned it in a way so that everyone has a unique color by the end of the jump.

I went one step further and bought my way into a geolithic compressor before the bombs fell. Everyone's getting their own personal, force-attuned crystals for their lightsabers

>> No.38318212

Heck, while I'm fixing this, I've noted some complaints about Possession and arguments over Dragon Slayer, so hit me with your suggestions now!

As for Total War, should I just make one of the +600's for Shogun "Welcome to Sengoku Basara, only you don't have hotbloodedness or weaboo fightan magic?"

>> No.38318252

Ah it's fine. I just disliked that no origin gave us the option to start as a member of, you know, the group the story is about.

I felt Guild Member should have let you start as a member of a number of guilds, but that's just me.

I would have chosen Fairy Tail, but Lamia Scale, The Cerberus Guild, Mermaid Heel, and maybe Phantom Lord should have been available. Maybe even a choice to be a member of a dark guild, and pay extra to be a member of Raven Tail or Grimoire Heart(Since the other two "big" Dark Guilds are much more exclusive than those two)

>> No.38318282

Eh, Sengoku Basara is already a setting. But it could still work I suppose.

And I got nothing for Possession. And I don't know what shit people were arguing about over Dragon Slayer

>> No.38318303

I wouldn't exactly say "friends", but friendly, yes.

Amusingly enough, the guild member I'm closest to is Elfman for whatever reason, followed by Levy, since I brought a bunch of books with me.

>> No.38318325

You can kinda just tell I'm out of ideas for Shogun besides "Rise and Fall" and "unlimited dishonor" at this point.

>> No.38318330

Cait Shelter or nothing.

>> No.38318377

Juvia is best girl and I'm not sure why, I think it might be how crazy she is.
For some reason I just don't like Cana even though I went for a drink heavy time there too.

Having it be membership at a guild of your choice would be cool if possible like quatro puppy or mermaid heel.

A few possible suggestions although some will probably sound stupid or whiny, just throwing them out there.

Either make Exceeds cheaper or better, right now they cost more than 8 companions but get less than 1.

I don't feel like Crash or Disassembly magic are good enough on their own but would work well together. (like Gildarts uses)

A better description for Territory would be great, I know it's vague in setting but it's good to know what it can do.

I think the jump from 700 to 1200 for A-S is a bit much but that might just be me, maybe 1000 would be better?

The hardest suggestion would be having the origins effect more things but that'd be nearly impossible since all anyone ever gets is magic and it would be hard to discount that.

>> No.38318406

Maybe a Mischievous Youkai drawback? Have them causing havoc in your territory.

One that draws Ninjas, or worse Geisha, to you like flies

One to make it so that the Outside Trade doesn't work for you(The things at the edge of the map)

One that binds you to a specific religion and makes the rest of Japan the other religion, and they hate you

A Cait is fine too

>> No.38318462

But I've alread done Sengoku Basara :(

>> No.38318468

>You're the Otomo Clan


Also, since I already used A SHAMEFUR DISPRAY as a general "WHY DO MY TROOPS KEEP RUNNING" Drawback, I'll take the Mischevious Youkai and the Ninja/Geisha thing and smash them together.

So, you know, thanks Justice!

>guild of your choice
First hotfix I made.

>Exceeds cheaper
Done and done. 200 points cheaper now.

>Crash and Dissassembly together
Maybe? I'd need another option for the S-Class table, though.

I'd need a bit of help for this, but it sounds fixable.

>cheaper S-Class
Could work.

>origins affect things
I could give Citizen some economics perks and such.

>> No.38318494

Well I figured the Youkai thing could cause Rebellions, or mess with your income, or public happiness, or something

>> No.38318497

Everyone else has mythically powerful steel that has been folded thousands of times, however you do not, even if you and your forces take the weapons from your enemy they will refuse to work for you any better than a lump of iron.

>> No.38318537

That works - and as a +600, it'd have to be a near-apocalyptic level of disturbance.

As much as that amuses me, we're looking for +600-tier "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS WITHOUT POWERS" things.

>> No.38318553

I bring up Territory because I was watching her parts and she can just do whatever she fucking wants, teleportation, extra storage, heat things up, explosions and all sorts.

Something I forgot was the possibility of whatever Freed uses, his varied runes are pretty awesome.

>> No.38318560

Well I wasn't suggesting 600 specifically, though that is still horrifying.

Hell at 600 you might as well make it another crossover perk, Naraku or Sessomaru or someone claimed your lands or some shit and turned the Youkai against you

>> No.38318610

>tfw joined Shepard's crew during the events of ME2
>tfw fought and killed Thresher Maws alongside Grunt

So Mass Effect was good. Due to a few dropped pointers to Shepard & co, a lot of issues were squared away faster than they would have been. During ME1, it was practice Vanguard skills. ME2 it was continue practice while fighting alongside Shepard. And as it turns out, a sledgehammer infused with Smoke conduit and biotic energy? Is capable of putting down quite the can of whoop-ass. Especially when a human stronger than a Krogan swings it about like a dueling cane.

When I can smash Cerberus mechs to pieces, there's a great feeling of 'FUCK YEAH.'

At any rate, I made my goodbyes after the finalé of the Reaper War, with the Reapers finally defeated after their threat scouring the galaxy. Shepard still alive, and despite the Relays being shut down, it should take only a mild amount of time for them to get up and running again. I can only hope that the lessons of the Reapers lives on. Now. Time for...

Bond: Roger Moore
Age: 27-years-old
Origin: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Trench, Sylvia Trench (+100), SPECTRE Target (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP

-Legendary Wit (Free)
-Technical Training
-Road Rage
-Gadget Master
-Universal Exports

-Super Watch
-Disguise Kit

>> No.38318622

Well if you do want to go with Nippon Steel, then you could give the weapons the ability to cut things from tens of meters away(even through stone walls), and everyone that uses them the ability to cut bullets and arrows from the air with ease.

>> No.38318660

Oh. Well yes, that is rather terrifying, given that this makes all of the melee troops you face have the range of archers.

So yes I think we can do this.

>> No.38318679

You could treat it as a new jump. I think its allowed when big changes are made after a long time.

>> No.38318949

In the Fairy Tail jump is there any way to make enchanted armour and weapons like Erza uses?
The closest I see is Organic Link but I'm not sure if that's right or not.

>> No.38318986

No one, we see, makes them. They are found or purchased from Heart Kreuz, though that's a Women's line

>> No.38319014

Where does heart kreuz get them?

>> No.38319039

That's why I specified "we see".
We never see someone make magic armor or weapons
But someone does.

>> No.38319056

The Enchantment perk plus some searching around for someone to teach you the more advanced stuff was my assumption. I semi-fanwanked that with some practice and someone to study under the enchanting perk lets you make magic items with effects reminiscent of your other magic.

>> No.38319077

I'm pretty sure Heart Kreuz just made the one armor that she wears the most, and I don't think that one is enchanted.

>> No.38319568

I'd hope it can be trained that way, otherwise I don't think it would be worth the 400cp.

Question about Dragonslayer magic, certain ones lets the user turn into the element like Iron and Shadow how do we decide if our chosen element can do the same?

>> No.38319629


I used enchantment to make goggles that let me read any book in a minute.

>> No.38319648

So jumpers, what's your superhero (Or supervillian) name?

>> No.38319667

Ahh like the gale force reading glasses?
I remember someone saying they'd sacrifice looks and thinness for faster speeds, was that you?
They'd definitely be useful.

>> No.38319675

Odd that you bring that up - I'd been under the impression, for instance, that Laxus' ability to turn into lightning came from the regular Lightning Magic he knows in addition. But yeah, I'd probably say fanwank it. Fire, Poison, and Sky don't seem to be capable of it.

>> No.38319721

Honestly? Just to fuck with the League my name would be Justice Lord
Or Lord Justice
Either works

>> No.38319740

It is his regular Lightning Magic that lets him do it.

>> No.38319778

I've used different ones. Grab Bag, Eidolon, sometimes just Jumper. Saving Wildcard or Radiant for the Worm jump that will never be completed.

>> No.38319828


I just hit random until I find something cool enough.

>> No.38319867

The wiki says that Laxus has both lightning magic and lightning dragonslayer but with people like Rogue or Gajeel it's just from dragonslayer magic. (shown when Gajeel absorbed shadow as his second element)

I was thinking of going for water dragonslayer magic but then being able to do become the element might encroach onto water magics territory.

>> No.38319884

Strangely enough my Superhero and Supervillain name are the same as the one I would normally go by. Captain Brutus.

>> No.38319934

For Worm, Raziel. Because I know everyone's secrets and I turn into Zeruel for Endbringer fights.

For everywhere else I go with Wildcard or The Fool. It fits because I don't know what I'm doing.

>> No.38319940

So, jumpers, how do you know when your time is up. Now don't lie, I'm sure a few of us have time dilation hidden somewhere, so how do you tell when it's time, to move on?

Watch fused to my wrist with a ten year timer.

>> No.38319947

Silver Wind.

Had it as my epithet in elona (rolled the fuck out of the section in the game until i found one i liked, and this was it), and decided to keep it as a nickname and/or superhero alias in case such an instance arises.

>> No.38319958

The moment time stops and I hear you-know-who congratulate me.

Failing that, my Swampert is a much better time-keeper than I, even after all of my perks.

>> No.38320021

I'unno. I figured my internal clock would likely keep track after a few jumps and cognition/memory boosters under my belt. Failing that, if I find myself not noticing the time going by, maybe make a countdown clock and attach it to a wall in the warehouse.

Alternatively, I could go the geneforge/wildcards tattoo creation/manipulation perk route and just do pic related.

>> No.38320023

Yeah thats me. Big ol goggles but speed is king.

>> No.38320034

I honestly don't know - I haven't really given it much thought, not even in PS238.

Pic and filename unrelated.

>> No.38320037

I've got a big-ass clock mounted on the wall of my warehouse.

>> No.38320064

I've got a small golden pocketwatch I got from one of my early jump. I've also added in a function that counts down days/hours/minutes/seconds to the end of the jump onto my:

About a month before I have to leave, I try to make sure I've got all my tasks accomplished so I have the last month 'off'. The week before I have to leave, I start setting my affairs in order, automating outposts, shutting down computers, sending vaccines and tech to various institutions. The night before, I typically host a party if I have the time and resources. The night/day of, I gather whatever companions I brought, or close friends I have, have a drink and a smoke somewhere comfy and scenic, and wait for the clock to tick over.

Sometimes it's sad, but I try to make it something celebratory. Hell, if everything goes right, I'll be back in a blink of an eye.

>> No.38320067

I actually only keep track of the years, so once it's been a decade, I just wait for the day when my times finally over.

Also, I'm really shitty at thinking up names. I think I went with Gryphon for the DC jump, and either Micobeast or Picobeast for PS238.

>> No.38320238

I tended to go with Smaedi for my last chain. Fit my character well and helped make the non Necromantic Magic a surprise. Fit even better when I got Ensoul and started making hordes of spiritual servitors.

>> No.38320379

Hm /jc/ is the Halo tech worth it? I kind of want to be a Spartan 3 due to the whole time perception thing. That and being able to use the Mjolnir armor.

>> No.38320411

Halo tech is okay. There's better upgrades out there. But it's solid stuff and pretty simple.

>> No.38320590


>> No.38320647

Maybe go into the Freelancer jump? I think they're missing the energy shields though.

>> No.38320649


4's seem to hit the sweet spot between numbers and skill

>> No.38320689

That's because 4's are made from adults who are proven badasses already

>> No.38320699

God no. Fours are even worse. And their armor sucked balls.

The ranking goes II > III >>>>>> Unggoy shit >>>>> IV

I's don't exist. No, Johnson isn't a SPARTAN, fuck you.

>> No.38320744 [DELETED] 

What about Ones?
Where do they fall on your ranking?

>> No.38320777

Silly Justiceanon, SPARTAN I's don't exist.

>> No.38320785

What about the ORION program?

>> No.38320791

Fours are kind of terrible. A lot of them died to headshots AND MOST OF THEM STILL DON'T PUT THEM ON!

>> No.38320794

Disregard that, I suck cocks
Also I apparently can't red

>> No.38320812 [SPOILER] 

>Johnson isn't a SPARTAN
You'e right, he's better.

>> No.38320827

The fuck is wrong with me today?

>> No.38320850

The Orions/I's do have something going on for them. *cough* flood immunity *cough*

>> No.38320873

Of course he's better. He's a marine.

>> No.38320878

>Also I apparently can't red

It's okay, not everyone is capable of being as annoying and stuck-up as I am.

>> No.38320887

I thought all the SPARTANS were immune to being revived by the flood?

>> No.38320924

I much prefer the Boran's Sydrome reason.

Also, I will hate the ORION program forever because it validates fanfiction of being half-SPARTAN

>> No.38320961

you will never use bio-tech to make heritable SPARTAN augments

>> No.38320972

Actually looking back on Halo lore, I think they retconned his immunity.

I think the reason Johnson wasn't infected now was that he was badass enough to avoid it.

>> No.38321014

No. They retconned it to him being SPARTAN.
That's right, they took the most badass fully human soldier, who survives all the way up until the final battle with nothing more than skills, a sharp tongue and brass balls the size of a Dyson Sphere, and basically said "All that? Yeah, it's because he was a SPARTAN all along"

>> No.38321031

Not copying your non-inheritable abilities onto bio-synthetic nanites that you can inject into your chimeric offspring.

>> No.38321049

What kind of things did you pick for your Legendary Implement in Percy Jackson?

>> No.38321051

well yeah, but I'm talking things that would, in the long-term, alter an entire race

>> No.38321052

Darn, in my heart I will always remember Johnson as the badass human soldier who managed to survive Halo by hugging an Elite.

>> No.38321068

Some days I wish I could just scream at these egotistical 'secret agents.' I'm busting my ass off trying to make sure he doesn't die after Soviets are suddenly NUMEROUS and INTELLIGENT, and the damn British snob just simply goes on seducing women and pulling off ridiculous shenanigans that it makes my brain hurt.

Seriously. You'd think the guy could get a sense of humor. Welp, let's see what happens in-

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Origin: Investigator
Age: 38-years-old
Clan: Nosferatu
Clan Bane: Terrifying Voice
Drawbacks: Laughingstock (+600)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP

-Strength - Exceptional
-Dexterity - Exceptional
-Composure - Outstanding

Skills: (free 500 CP for skills only)
-Computer - Doctorate
-Investigation - Doctorate
-Crafts - Practiced
-Occult - College
-Science - Doctorate
-Politics - College
-Larceny - Master
-Stealth - Master
-Empathy - Expert
-Intimidation - Expert

Perks / Merits:
-Eidetic Memory (Free)
-Resources (100 CP)



Haven (100 CP)

>> No.38321117

So does anyone have that Monster Rancher WIP that was posted awhile back?

>> No.38321145

and I just rolled how long it'd take me to reach the position of Prince.

>947 Years

>> No.38321146

I was the son of coyote, so I asked him to steal me a star from the sky.

I stuck it in my mini hakkero and used it as a power source.

>> No.38321164

Hey, it's me again, with the next jump!

POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON! Because it didn't feel right to go into PMD with Conduit powers. Also, not importing team from Trainer, because I want this to be realistic...ish.

Species: Riolu
Partner: Chimchar

Location: Treasure Town

Crush(DRAMAAA) (0)
Move Expert (200) (Aura Sphere. KAMEHAMA HADOUKEN!)
Hyperkinesis (600)
All-Terrain Hiker(950)

Wonder Map (1150)
Treasure Bag (1200)
Explorer Badge (1200)
Free Pick(1300)

Antiglot (-300)

See, now, that's why I didn't bother taking Aura for the Trainer jump and why I took Pokeglot - I get aura now for free because fuck you, I'm a four-foot blue jackal of flesh and metal who can see your soul and fling my own soul at you, AND I get extra points pretty much for free. Yay!

>> No.38321184

Uh, congratulations?

Resident Evil, Geneforge, are there any thing else?

>> No.38321228

I was the son of the Ankou, a Breton death god and the original inspiration for the Grim Reaper.

He gave me a 'Death's Cloak'. It gives 'unnoticablity'. Not invisibility - people still 'see' you - but instead their eyes just slide right over you, they ignore minor noises and actions, and they'll avoid noticing you unless you make a major disturbance. As well, It also gives soul-sight. You can see 'souls' in your field of view as a sort of a flame-like apparition. With enough experience, you can tell a lot about a soul from this view.

It only works if you've got the hood up.

As you can probably tell, I sunk a good deal of CP into it.

>> No.38321240

I imported my parallel falchion and basically gave it the ability to change shape and always return to me. So now it's an actual falchion!

Now I want to see if I can get a fairy-made sheath for it in the King Arthur jump.

>> No.38321247

I'm sure there are plenty of tools for a jumper
there usually are

>> No.38321263

Well, I ended up as Cra's daughter via contractual obligation and dice shenanigans.

So it ended up being a coral bow that shrinks into a necklace.

>> No.38321304

Woops forgot to mention that I'm the son of Ares.

>> No.38321314


Almost a thousand years on a White Wolf setting, dedicated to beating down each person that lives in it.

Dude just suffered. Which considering the drawback he took, probably resulted in his efforts being setback numerous times.

>> No.38321334

/JC/ has there been any word on the progress of the Terminator jumpchain?

Nice choice.

>> No.38321350

I made myself a Cu Cuchulain Expy
So I got Gae Bolg

>> No.38321470 [SPOILER] 

Never bothered playing at being a super hero. Never have, never will. But if I ever do... I'll make sure to wear a nice suit.

>> No.38321480

That actually sounds incredibly useful, not sure how I never thought of it before. I wouldn't go full star levels though.

That also sounds great, how much do you think it costs? Just from looking at that it sounds like it would be 2/300?

Is that not more like a Divine Artifact or did you just custom make something similar?

I wonder how much it would cost for an expanding set of armour like this but more hand sized. (various other things would be added on top)

>> No.38321504

Honestly, I'm still considering what happens if I were to pick Shai Hulud as my imported God.
I probably won't go with it, but who knows? May His passing cleanse the world.

>> No.38321549

I put it at 200, though it really should have been 100 as non-weapons get 1 free effect. I just felt kinda wrong taking a powerful item for so little.

>> No.38321649

>That actually sounds incredibly useful, not sure how I never thought of it before.
Yeah. I was looking around for legends and myths featuring coyote, and figured 'hey, he put that shit up, no reason he can't take one down.'
>I wouldn't go full star levels though.
It's not a 'real' star, not a burning ball of plasma and whatnot. It's a twinkling light that hangs in the sky, bright and cool and smooth. It's just an impossible little ball of imagination.

>> No.38321662

You have Demon Slayer and Dragon Slayer magic, but no God Slayer? They all amount to more or the same, I just want some crazy black lightning for my Slayer magic is all.

That way you can combine Crash and Diss-assembly and fill the empty slot.

>> No.38321724

That makes it sound a lot more reasonable, I quite like the idea of it too and how it would look having it power something.

It makes a lot of sense and then we can get that sweet black version of the elements but I can't help but feel like people would go "Nuh uh, I can kill gods because FairyTail!"
If it can actually do anything to gods that is.

>> No.38321802

Katabatic- I picked it up as my Desperado Cyborg name and decided to keep it.


Laughing Hyena- This one I picked up in Metal Gear, and I have the manic, crazy laugh to match.

>> No.38321807

Nine-hundred-fifty-seven years. Nine months. Five weeks. Four days. Ten hours. Twenty minutes. And fifty-two seconds. Since I started living in this damned, horrific world. I have orchestrated assassinations. Spoke at gatherings. Made favors to aid allies. Betrayed allies. And finally... Finally. I am done. But it hurts - this damned hunger. The forced torpor when my power breaches my body. The Beast constantly raging at me from within, struggling to break free. My voice evoking shivers of horror from even my closest friend and ally, Nali the Espeon. I... suppose it's time to move on, huh? Can I even, is the key...

Too many people had to die, or suffer, or be punished for the actions of another. I have seen into the hearts of humans and vampires alike, and I wonder now how I can live with it. For this hand is stained...

And not even fire can cleanse it.

>No Game, No Life
Age: 16-years-old
Origin: Imanity
Drawback: Rule Six (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP

-Weapons of the Weak (Free)
-Enhanced Senses x3 (Smell, Hearing, Touch)
-Blood Devastation
-Seeing the Future
-Cold Reading

>> No.38321839

I remember someone mentioning a jump in progress having a perk that let you overcharge spells by using more mana/energy, has that come out yet? If not what's the jump in progress?

>> No.38321863

I have a question about the Naruto- if we choose a summoning contract, can we have it be for a type of animal from a previous jump?

I want to see what the sage techniques of a Leonopteryx looks like. Plus, their sage mode would be pretty sweet looking.

>> No.38321917

That's part of what I'm worried about - plus, considering how bad Zancrow was curbstomping Natsu before the latter got clever, and it's on the same team with Maguilty Sense, Arc of Embodiment, and Arc of Time?

It may be a fair bit stronger than you think it is, unless that pic in your post disproves that.

>> No.38321946

Didn't we have this conversation a while back? I remember proposing this idea to someone and it leading to a fun discussion. Was that you? If I recall, the answer we got out of Ninjanon was that it didn't have to be a terrestrial animal, just a mundane one. So alien animals are okay so long as they don't have superpowers.

>> No.38321977

Eh. The Wind God-Slayer lost a battle of attrition, the Lightning God-Slayer got crushed by one of the Lamia Scale badasses. I think the power varies wildly.

Zancrow might've just been an uber. Then again, Jura's an uber earth-mage.

>> No.38322007

I'd imagine its super-effective against one single type of god though- just like the Dragon Slayer magic. A Fire Dragon Slayer is hot shit against a fire dragon, but not really effective against any other type.

That one arc in the manga where shitloads of dragons invade- it showed that Dragon Slayer magic isn't that effective against other dragons outside of their specializations.

So, Lightning God Slayer magic would let you hit Thor for extra damage, but it would do dick all to Loki.

Essentially, if a non- Fire Dragon/Demon/God Slayer attacks a fire dragon/demon/god, then pic related happens.

>> No.38322021

Do we have a list of jumps that are currently pastebin only?

>> No.38322044

No one has bothered to compile such a thing.

>> No.38322097

>A Fire Dragon Slayer is hot shit against a fire dragon, but not really effective against any other type.
It's weird actually

The Ice Demon Slayer, Gray's Dad, one-shots Natsu. It was recently revealed that Natsu is in-fact a Demon, specifically he is E.N.D. The leader of the Dark Guild of Demons, and one of Zeref's last creations. His full name is Etherious Natsu Dragneel. It's unknown how or why he lost his memories and most of his power.

>> No.38322121

I think that was more of Zancrow actually having more magic power rather than it being a straight up better magic.
Laxus probably could have taken on Orga as Jura beat Orga with ease and then Laxus beat him. (I know that logic doesn't always work)
God vs Dragon wind magic seemed to be on equal ground with each other unless I'm remembering it wrong.

Sidenote, Chelia is only 16?? I thought she was older than that.

Didn't any type of Dragon Slayer magic have an increased effect against dragons and then having a matching type (fire vs fire) gave an even bigger bonus?
Poison was able to smash the rocks when others were unable to but then he just had bad luck afterwards.

>> No.38322166

Well, in light of all this, consider God Slayer a tenative "yes" for the S-Class table.

Wait wait wait.


>> No.38322168

>that spoiler
Dammit, I knew I should have read the manga. But I hate manga. Bah, whatever.

>> No.38322182


>> No.38322214

It was a thing that occurred, the main characters don't know yet
It was only revealed for the Reader, Zeref said it to himself

>> No.38322247 [SPOILER] 

The page, if you care

>> No.38322274

I remember the original discussion, but I hadn't remembered the outcome.

This is awesome! Now I have to decide between the Hyena or Leonopteryx summons. I have no idea what Leono-Sage Mode would look like, though.

I have found what Hyena-Sage Mode will look like though.

>> No.38322282

Just so people know....
Once I'm done with Discworld and Posleen Wars (which will be done, I promise) next on the list is a Treasure Planet Jump.

>> No.38322284


I legitimately don't know how to feel about this.

>> No.38322355

>Treasure Planet Jump

>> No.38322420

I land in fairytail with the negima boost to magic and then try and release my second origin, how strong would that make me?

>> No.38322493

I didn't watch Fairy Tail so I don't know how it works. Do I only get the magic I roll, or can I learn others?

>> No.38322572

You can definitely learn others, characters have been shown to do it before.
I'm planning on learning requip from Erza.

>> No.38322576

You can learn any magic except for the Dragon Slayer Magic, those have to be taught by a Dragon or you need to find a Lacrima filled with a Dragon's magical energy

>> No.38322640

Thank you.

>> No.38322643

>957 years of suck. No pun intended.

In my file of builds for prospective jumps, Requiem's entry is one of the few that contains just a single word: "No."

>> No.38322786

You can learn godslayer magic through books though right?
I gotta catch up with the wind one and see if she'll share. Or find my own book but that feels too fanwanky.

>> No.38322828

Night Hawk, Since I am a batman knockoff it works. Though I wound up sort of an Iron man/batman knockoff after I built my power armor it was probably something like the suit from batman beyond.

>> No.38322941

Somehow, upon landing in this world, I find myself having lost a battle of wits before I took control. And falling in love with the nameless leader of the Warbeasts... Somehow... Well, I guess before I took control fully, I did not have the wisdom of being a vampiric politician. Still, that lovely blonde coat of fur and feisty, intelligent demeanor will be quite memorable. Was not meant to be however.

Not like this blood-stained palm will ever know the touch of another.

I'm getting ahead of myself. It's time to see how I truly stand in this war, in my next venture as The Lady's plaything...

Location: Earth
Age: 23-years-old
Complications: Rival (+200), Tag Along (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
Background: Drop-In

Perks, Skills, and Abilities:
-Hacking (Free)
-Engine Jock
-Advanced Weapons Training

Armory & Misc:
-Covenant Weapons Cache
-MJOLNIR Mark V Powered Assault Armor
-ODST Ballistic Battle Armor (Free)

Yeah'p. Unfortunately, I am bound both by the dice and by the fickle will of The Lady - the benefactor.

I am simply the actor.

>> No.38323097

Speaking of MCU.

You have my guarantee that it will be done this weekend. It will have a great deal of perks. Whether you want to be Nick Fury, or Coulson, or Stark, or just a fucking badass plot derailer. The option to be an Asgardian with capstone purchases giving you additional Asgardian insight/powers, get SHIELD tech like the "Bus" jet, or an ARC reactor, or GotG items, or a combination method akin to the Centipede Project. Really, plenty of things.

I hope that there is enough options and choices presented in this jump for everyone, and will gladly take last-minute suggestions.

>> No.38323110

What dice did you roll that made you stay there for 957 years? What did you do to piss off the dice gods?

>> No.38323172

I'd like the ability to start during ww2, but have the jump be long enough that you can stay till modern day. I don't know how you'd do that though.

>> No.38323188

Wonderful! Looks like I just got another Captain to add to my pan-dimensional fleet. Post spark I'm going to go around and collect various people to help me run an inter-dimensional conglomerate.

Balalaika will run the shady/pirate/mercenary/"transport" side of things, and so far I have these captains and crew lined up to serve under her:

Spike and crew on Bebop
Gene Starwind and crew on Outlaw Star
The Black Lagoon company on a custom Frigate
Koko and friends on a custom "cargo ship" (really a Destroyer)
My Ace Combat mercenary squadron on a custom Carrier
Bangladesh DuPree and various crazies on a custom Destroyer

Under Captain Amelia I'll put my more...noble ships and crew. Trying to get her to work with a band of rogues like Balalaika and her subordinates would most likely lead to pic related.

Will, Elizabeth, and friends (minus Jack) on a custom Frigate
Belleza and crew on Lynx
Reynolds and crew on Serenity

Anyone else I should pick up and add?

>> No.38323189

Black Hat.

Took Stage Magician in Worm, after taking a lot of other nasty powers, most notably of which being Hellsing vampirism and Prototype's...uh, prototype. Not to mention quite a few intelligence and charisma perks here and there.

Pretty sure I ended up as Jack Slash's waifu when all was said and done. Not entirely sure how I feel about that.

>> No.38323207

Super soldier serum? Gamma radiation? A 100 point drawback where you have to always wear something sexy and be striking a sexy pose at all times?

>> No.38323217

Consider me hyped!
I don't think I'll know what to choose.

>> No.38323231

The captain of the light of terra? I don't think he dies in the jump and he's got more experience then the rest of the others combined.

>> No.38323236

10d100. Due to vampire longevity and the idea of 'playing the long game.'

Little did I know, the long game would wind up being almost 1,000 years of darkness.

>> No.38323280

Super Soldier Serum is already being added. Admittedly not sure how I'd handle Gamma Radiation due to how fucking strong it made Blonsky or Banner.

That... hum. I'll have to think on that. Like you said, I have no clue how it'd work.

>> No.38323300

>After 1,000 years I'm free!
>It's time to continue jumping!

>> No.38323313

Looking at it, the jump doesn't actually say anything about what happens to Grigobretz. Huh. I guess it's up to personal interpretation?

>> No.38323380

Maybe a 600-800 point no discounted perk that offers a rage mode that turns you into the hulk, whether you want to or not. Hell, maybe make it a full 1000 if it follows "Madder Hulk Get, Stronger Hulk Get"

>> No.38323480

Maybe a drawback of sorts that has you involved with the origins of all the Avengers, or alternatively all the MCU characters?

Original Origins of Originality [+XXX] Congratulations! You will now be involved in the origin stories of ALL MCU characters- You'll fight Hydra with Captain America, dodge mercs in favelas with Hulk, and talk shop with Tony in a cave! You land in WWII and can only leave when Thanos is defeated. One more thing, due to your close involvement with various heroes, their enemies target you in place of their loved ones- expect to get kidnapped in place of Pepper or held as a bargaining chip instead of Jane.

TLDR- start in WWII, but you get locked into interacting with the stories of all the heroes and are targeted for kidnapping/ransom/death instead of their loved ones or non-powered friends.

>> No.38323539

What sort of abilities would be on offer on the asgardian side of things? Lokis illusions? Something else entirely?

>> No.38323607

Actually, I just figured out a way. It's a drawback and it'll take work, but you got it!

I honestly I have no idea how that would work. I DO however, have the 2nd 600CP drawback:

-HULK SMASH!! (+600CP) (Takes Both Drawbacks): You've done the most stupid thing possible. You've pissed off the Hulk. Badly. Within the eternal storm of rage that is his mind, he has one single thought: You are keeping him from Freddie Prinze Jr. This rage has empowered him, bringing him far beyond the power of his comic-counterpart and making him extremely resistant to every one of your powers. You cannot hide for long, and running will only get you so far. Should you space him, he will return within days being much more intelligent, and on fire. Still angry as hell though.

>> No.38323637

>due to your close involvement with various heroes, their enemies target you in place of their loved ones- expect to get kidnapped in place of Pepper or held as a bargaining chip instead of Jane.
>Trying to kidnap a jumper.

>> No.38323640

I, didn't, though I was considering, and still am considering importing my whip sword as an implement, while also importing her as a demigod daughter of Hecate.

>> No.38323695

>Hell, maybe make it a full 1000 if it follows "Madder Hulk Get, Stronger Hulk Get"
Oh god no. Fandom just gets stupid with that and with some of the jumpers we have, it'd go full retard in no time flat. No. Time. Flat.

>> No.38323702

Well, say if you bought the Tech Expert capstone with Asgardian, you'd get a starting grasp on Asgardian technology. If you bought the Operative's capstone with it, you'd get some beginner speccing of their more 'amazing' abilities like how Loki did illusions or Thor zapped shit.

Beginner stuff sure, but I'm sure a Jumper can learn to progress them over time.

>> No.38323775

Stop tap dancing, Red. How do we get amazing Asgardian hair?

>> No.38323788

>that spoiler
You get that NATURALLY. Comes automatically with the purchase. Because fuck balance.

>> No.38323816

>You get that NATURALLY. Comes automatically with the purchase. Because fuck balance.
Who's the nerfbitch now? Who. Is the nerfbitch. Now.

>powergaming intensifies

>> No.38323897

It probably involves bullshit wide-spectrum power nullification devices, with the properties "unique, irreproducible, and breaks once the crisis is resolved". The next guy to kidnap you will use a completely different sort of random phlebotinum to neutralize your Jumper powers, and you won't be able to prepare against or counter it that time, either. Fortunately, none of them want to kill you outright; at worst, they'll put you in ridiculous deathtraps to lure the heroes.

Even so, I don't think many Jumpers actually want to play the role of damsel in distress.

>> No.38323927

That shit's too powerful man, you can just give people that much power

>> No.38323939

Asgardian OP. No point in jumping any more. Go home.


>> No.38323975

>Even so, I don't think many Jumpers actually want to play the role of damsel in distress.
You underestimate how amusing such a situation is. Hell they don't need a power nullification device for me, I would go along willingly just to make jokes.

>> No.38323977

Earth. An Earth where the monsters come from the Stars, not hidden amongst the shadows like fiends and leeches. One where - despite the crimes weighing upon me - I will fight for humanity's survival. With a newly-acquired gravity hammer and a gauss cannon squirreled away into the Warehouse, the Covenant that came close were swatted away like flies.

And that blasted Sangheili. A crazed, bloodthirsty berserker who matched me blow for blow, and when I won he came back augmented and angry. A worthy fight, may his people treasure his sacrifices.

Just as my next destination may require me to sacrifice my sanity.

>Courage the Cowardly Dog
Location: Katz Motel
Age: 19-years-old
Origin: Drop-In
Drawbacks: The Feds (+50), Mr. Nasty (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,250 CP

Special Abilities:
-Whittle Wonder
-Puddle Portal
-Spirit of the Harvest Moon
-You're on TV!
-Kool Kat
-Cook Off!

-Velvet Vit Record
-Perfect Mac & Cheese
-Muriel's Recipes

>That glorious hair

I don't think you know what weapon you give me.

>> No.38323993

>Even so, I don't think many Jumpers actually want to play the role of damsel in distress.
Bitch, please. Do you know how hilarious that would be? I would camp that shit up to no end, and I'm a 7 foot tall 17000 year old manly man of a Kitsune god.

It'd be fabulous. I've even got the Disney singing perks to back that shit up.

>> No.38324071

I stand corrected.

>> No.38324077

>Even so, I don't think many Jumpers actually want to play the role of damsel in distress.

>Meguca Shoggoth gets captured by Nazis, rendered powerless by... spess schnitzel
>Sings about how his true love will save him
>Birds and shit flit about his shoulders and various gibbeous appendages
>Sweeping arias, not a dry eye in the house
>Somewhere far away, his benefactor is hysterical with laughter

Our burden is heavy, but we must bear it for The Lady.

>> No.38324106 [SPOILER] 

>Buy Beautiful Hair in Adventure Time.
>Take Asgardian in MCU.

>> No.38324134

> I'll be honest. I have no idea what I'm doing here
That's okay, I didn't either. Then I watched the Best Friends Play videos for it, and... I still don't.
It kindof defies description.

I guess a very loose way of describing it would be, "Basketball is everything here. It was once a mythical game given the respect and mysticism normally reserved for Shaolin Monks. Then one day Charles Barkley performed the mystical Chaos Dunk and created a nuclear blast that killed thousands of people. He feels pretty bummed about it.
Now basketball is outlawed and the world is a rotting dystopia. The BBall radiation left behind by the Chaos Dunk caused people around ground zero to turn into basketball mutants (exactly what you're imagining), and most of the populace is under the thumb of Square-Enix-Goya, who is mostly concerned with mass producing things to sell for people and weirdly are not really involved with the plot despite being a world spanning conglomerate in a dystopic hellhole.
Also there are dwarves.


Well, in Venture Bros I went by TECHNOMANCER. But normally when I need some kind of subtitle I call myself the Redwater Alchemist, due to that being the substance that makes up Red Stones from Fullmetal Alchemist, which I always have a supply of. It's also nice that the field of alchemy is generally best described as "magical science".

>> No.38324139

Why didn't you go to the nice burger joint run by the vaguely creepy pigman instead? I'm told he's actually a very pleasant fellow.

>> No.38324157

Needed those points for the Mac'n'Cheese man. Couldn't spend them willy-nilly.

In the end I'll prolly just wind up gauss cannon'ing Katz and walking away.

>> No.38324214

Is there any spells or perks that let you close dimensional portals and lock them. I have a particular portal I need to make inaccessible... is there anything in like Dresden magic that could do it. Pic Related.

>> No.38324231

>added vic
>tried to fix formatting issues
>made hologram projector more clear in its augmented effect
>changed jump name to be recognizable
>no one will read this so free internet cookies for everyone

Yell at me if you want something fixed

>> No.38324235

Weeeeeeell fuck if I know. I guess I'll be a corporate woman.

Well if MoeAnon is gonna give us infinite Hourai Elixers and Boundary Control after the chain, then I have the right for glorious Asgardian hair! I tried to warn you all, and you said no! Well there's precedence now and I'm ready to break balance on my knee!

>> No.38324244

If we had a Dragon Age Inquisition jump we'd have one.

>> No.38324265


>> No.38324305

But anon that would imply dragon age was shit to shit on!

>> No.38324306


Wait what is going on? My 'say stupid stuff about shit I haven't played' sense went off.

>> No.38324329

Dammit faggit, you were supposed to hide the fact that you don't know what you're talking about.


Oh fuck, my bad.

>> No.38324334

We're mocking salty anon who pees himself whenever anyone mentions a Dragon Age Inquisition jump.

>> No.38324364

>Actual Titles

>Other Titles I've been known as
Monster Mash
Mr. Shooty
"Not Deadpool OR Punisher dammit!"
"The Freak who actually likes hanging with The Question"
The Hammer
"Oh SHI-"
Mr. Impatient

Why not Lord Bravery?

That's not how it works, you have to barely beat him in some kind of sport!

>> No.38324368

I am not sure that the ability from that would work on gate of Babylon. It's risky and Gil has A rank luck so you have to assume things are going to go wrong for you. I am trying to find a way to beat him and figured without his gate he is rather screwed.

>> No.38324375

> Not wanting to hang out with Katz
Katz is the BEST, man. He's so suave and cool. Why wouldn't you want to hang out with a sexy, dapper man like Katz?

>> No.38324395

You beat Gil by ignoring and mocking him. Be as dismissive and condescending as possible. Stabbing him back to the Throne is useless, but crushing his ego is golden.

>> No.38324410


- Heavy Bodybuilder (500)

- Strength 3 (450)
- Endurance 3 (400)
- Speed 2 (300)
- Dex 2 (200)

- Height 1 (7'5")
- Evercleased (100)
- Metavore (0)

Hair Color (Natural)
- Dirty Blond

Eye Color (Natural)
- Grey

Looks like I got some answers. This entity calling itself, Jump-Chan, is wanting me to entertain it. How? By having me get thrown into a random universe for 10 years and survive. To do so I was given a tablet, it was for my new body to face off against the Jumps.

So I went with something that I thought would represent someone manly. With muscles and everything it seemed like a good way to survive. Also endurance is good, you don't want to fall behind when running away. Speed and Dexterity are decent. 15mph at a constant rate, and able to do Parkour tricks. I think that would give me the edge in running away or in fights. Hopefully not a lot of fights.

>> No.38324412

Just choose a grail war where he isn't summoned.

>> No.38324423

Because I like good home cooking and I had enough of arthropods after going to the Dark Sun and dealing with the weird bug-mounts they have.

>> No.38324433

They just aren't sexy. I can't get behind a sapient race that isn't, in some way, fun to look at.

>> No.38324439

Justice Lords is the name the Justice League took in an alternate timeline, that they are aware of, where they went full Tyrant.

The name is just to fuck with the league

>> No.38324458

I know, I just wanted to make a reference to Animaniacs.

>> No.38324506

>The name is just to fuck with the league
Rowr. Someone is catty.

>> No.38324510 [SPOILER] 

On my main build chain, I've honestly never given it any thought.
In my builds however, The Party Jumper goes by just that while my "Jumper the Betrayer" obviously doesn't use that to the public (but his Assassin's Creed symbol was pic related) as he primarily infiltrates evil organizations, gets into important meetings, and then uses Explosion (thanks to PMD).

>> No.38324522

So I've been an AI previously, one of my squadmates is an AI given human form, and we're both psionic. Would that count for equipment in your opinion?

>> No.38324530

>not getting any ranks of endowed

>> No.38324544

You'd be surprised how many things I do just to annoy people
I'm all for Justice, but I have my vices. Annoying people amuses me

>> No.38324548


- Electricity (140)
- Plumbing (130)
- Heat/AC (120)
- Forcewall (100)

- Shelving
- Housing (80)
- Workshop (70)
- Medbay (50)

- Free Space (20)
- Food Supply (10)
- Loft (0)

I was given this warehouse, it's huge. I customized it a bit, I made a small house that me and Alex could live in without having to constantly move. I know I hated that, trying to survive in the previous jumps. To make sure that our privacy is secured I had forcewall so that no one could come in. Other than the fact it's HUGE, and came with a workshop for I guess any bits you want to take apart. I was never handy in that way in the past, but who can say in the future? Medbay is great, I'm sure I'll probably get injured or Alex would in our adventures. So having high tech medicine and the likes is great. What I was most surprised about was the huge fridge that was stock full of delicious foods. The house we had was fully stocked and reminded me of my grandparent's house, small but cozy. Me and Alex share a bed in the master suite, and we have a cozy but small guess room. For who knows, maybe some friends that would like to sleep over? Well lets see if we first make any new friends.

>> No.38324563

yeah, any AI can run them, think of it like the difference between controlling someone in a video game, and controlling your own body. Just being an AI makes them work with the processing power already in all Freelancer personnel.

>> No.38324564

I'd also like to point out that it can be a subtle reminder that keeps them on the straight and narrow. Especially if they think you genuinely didn't know about the Lords.

>> No.38324573

So. My next jump I'm being thrown to is Sekirei. And all I know is, I gotta beat the shit out of Minaka and his 'god am I' plan to throw the Sekirei and Ashikabi into some sort of deathmatch-for-love.

And all I know is that Ashikabi activate their Sekirei's power through some sort of affectionate gesture.

Beyond that, I have no stonking clue. (and likely will have no luck finding a Sekirei here).

The wiki is also confusing as fuck, so while I trawl it: Could someone fill me in on what Sekirei's about?

>> No.38324587

Careful. You can discuss your perk enhanced tits all you want on /jc/, but if you mention manparts you'll trigger the special jumpers.

>> No.38324591

Pokemon the Harem Anime. Except the Pokemon are humans with super powers.

>> No.38324606

Wow. That is succinct and highly accurate. Well done.

>> No.38324610

Maybe the schlong has no need for endowment boosting?

I dunno.

>> No.38324630

>Pokémon the Harem Anime

Call me Ash Ketchum then, because I'll never become a Master.

Okay, that was trying too hard. Also a bad joke. Jesus christ.

>> No.38324637

That would probably be sensible but there are things I want to do in the grail war I know. Also maybe it's just a point of pride but I want to legitimately beat him. I have a plan but it's messy and full of mass destruction (involving obliterating the church and robots... lots of robots) but that's going to be a bit more showy than I want. Especially without Kotomine there to cover things up.

>> No.38324639


Some of us want an Inquisition jump, but every time it has been seriously talked about there is one anon that absolutely looses his shit and screams about how Inquisition is a shit game that shouldn't be made into a jump by virtue of being a shit game. That's the sum total of his argument, but he screams it loudly and at anyone who cares to interject, so it nearly always ends the thread with a one-person shitstorm as any interest is shouted down with various kind of "you have shit taste" and "this game is shit and so are you for recommending it as a jump", etc, etc.

I haven't played it, I just want to go there so I can eat some dragons and demons and collect some eldritch spider DNA.

>> No.38324642

That too. But that's a side-note to it to be honest. It was just to have fun at first, but reminding them of what they could turn into, even if it's just a name? Yeah, that works.

Then again Bats won't like me anyway. I'll beat the crap out of some well known super villain, and the next day they'll be an honest citizen wanting to repent for their crimes.

I have like 5+ perks that let me redeem people, specifically after fighting them. And more Charisma in general perks.

Bats will think it's a scheme

But that might also be because I'm the type of asshole to call him Bruce when no one who doesn't know his identity is around.

>> No.38324647

Well your manparts are suppose to be average, and if anything average is more than enough.

2" is ridiculous considering that your body is suppose to be "average". So you're going from 4-5" to 6-7".

>> No.38324656

Minaka is trying to give all humans superpowers, the sekirei fighting to death is either a vital part of this plan or just something he's doing for giggles. He controls a megacorp and the city the sekirei are in is practically and independent citystate with it's own military. He uses this military to force people to play. The game basically consists of whittling down the competition.

Also harem antics.

>> No.38324657

>that last part

>> No.38324676

He needs the key thing to use them, tight?

Use "Drop It" from Nintendogs and summon it with an Accio spell.

Problem (mostly) eliminated.

>> No.38324681

But there is already a dragon age jump, there is no reason to say you can't already do those things. I don't care one way or another about an Inquisition jump, but I'm pretty sure it takes place within the ten years of the first jump.

>> No.38324695

Noble Phantasms don't work like that for Grail Wars
Unless it's broken somehow he can just summon it back to him at any point.

>> No.38324698

As a game, it is so-so. But as a setting and as jump fodder, it's great. For as much noise as salt anon makes about this game, I'd love to see it as a jump.

>> No.38324714

I would love to have Dragon Age Inquisition Jump.

>> No.38324717

Okay. So Minaka has a good plan, but is fucking it up in the name of giggles and 'a god am I.'

I am beating the shit out of him royally. GRAVITY HAMMER, HOOOOO.

As for the 'Sekirei Deathmatches.' That's... Going to be tricky to undo.

But I have 950+ years of managing vampire politics. I'll be damned if I let this injustice continue.

Let human and Sekirei love without the fear of conflict.

>> No.38324748

Sim Trooper (Free)
>Abilities (600)
Vic (Free)
Choice Words (Free)
Moves Like Monty (RIP in Peace)
>Items and Companions (800)
Modified Mjolnir mk. IV (Free)
Sim Trooper x8
>Equipment (200)
Hardlight Shield
Donut (+100)
Deleted (+200)
It's All a Lie! (+300)

I think I'll try to figure out a way to let Lopez speak English if he wants. I'd have taken the drawback for that, but I'm pretty sure that you're not allowed to re-learn English to compensate.

>> No.38324750

So, outside of the three D&D jumps what jumps have a wide variety of fantasy'esq races?

>> No.38324757

What's your plan for Karasuba? And the rest of the Disciplinary Squad I guess.

>> No.38324769

The problem with Minaka is that despite being fucking insane, he is legitimately a genious.

I have no doubt the fucker has three or four back-up plans in-case someone or something interferes

He thinks he can use the Sekirei to bring back "the age of the gods". He's not the type of person to consider a multiversal traveler fucking up his plans to be impossible.

>> No.38324805

Well, then.

It occurs to me that after seeing all those great +600's for Shogun a while back, I'll have to narrow it down to 3, including the following:

Rise and Fall – Your journey will not only take you through the Sengoku Era. No, my friend, you will walk a far longer road. From the beginning of the Gempei War of 1180 to the end of the Boshin War and the cementation of the Meiji Restoration in the late 1860's, you must earn and maintain your power over all of Japan.

And yes, this is in a seperate section for +600's in Shogun.

I also added the "good luck conquering Japan AND converting it to Christianity without your powers" one.

So do we want youkai, glorious Nippon steel, or "ANY god help me why am I covered in ninjas and geisha?"

Alternatively, are we combining all three somehow to make it endless youkai ninjas with GLORIOUS NIPPON STEEL as a sort of "why did I ever agree to do this without my powers" thing?

Well, there's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, for one.

>> No.38324832

>youkai ninjas
I'm like 90% certain that is actually a thing. A race of Youkai who are all ninjas

>> No.38324834

Every time you post I get more excited Wakfu! I simply can't wait for this jump.

>> No.38324836

>So do we want youkai
The answer to this is always: yes.

>> No.38324855

IF i didn't want to conquer Europe as a great heathen horde... that run of conquering japan sounds tempting. Samurai Warriors though might let me do close enough

>> No.38324857

You know it's sad really. Most jumpers could give ever human powers on their own. It seems like the whole death match could be avoided just by sending Minaka a few files like how to make espers from A certain scientific rail gun or the powers from terra formars. Then again maybe trusting Minaka with how to make Espers would be a bad idea still it would give him something to distract him from the Sekirei plan.

>> No.38324874

Outlaw Star has a variety of races, but unfortunately only one is available for purchase.

>> No.38324876


She's the one who can chop up aircraft from the ground, yes?

Well shit, gonna have to find a way to not look like a good fight. And beyond that, the Disciplinary Squad I'm looking up now and gotta plan for.

He may be a genius, yes.

He likely has plans for a multiversal traveler, but beyond that he has no idea about powers or possibilities. It will be a twisted game, with one side incentivizing the deaths, while the other struggles to prevent them while still in the midst of putting himself back together.

But I will succeed. Too much rides on this. I did not shatter like a mirror after 957 years to let an egotistical prat like this have his way with the lives of those who simply deserve the basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

>> No.38324966

He'd probably still go through with the plan anyway. He's pretty crazy.
Also, almost forgot: in addition to commanding the disciplinary squad, which includes karasuba and a couple other sekirei, he has access to orbital laser weapons.

I wish you luck.

>> No.38324967

Probably thinking of the Tengu, the crow youkai that trained the first ninja/all ninja.

>> No.38324994

Wakfu really shoving on a bunch of "accomplish impossible task X with no powers" drawbacks gets boring quickly. I'd recommend having them be 300 points without the power removal (maybe mutually incompatible) and then power removal acting as a doubler to your other drawback. That way you can get some truly insane set ups instead of most of the drawbacks overlooked because while cool looking Sisyphus has a better chance of completing his labor than you do of completing the jump.

>> No.38324997

Three questions.

1. Is the Avatar the Last Airbender Master's Scroll item single use, or does having one basically give you a reusable way to give people bending?

2. Are there any differences between the two versions of Bravely Default in the complete but need images section?

3. Are there any standard assumptions for jumps that don't include information on what the drawback limits are?

>> No.38325010

Actually going on the assumption that the Dragon Age Jump take place around the time of the fifth blight (Since Inquisition wasn't out when the jump was made) you start out at around 9:30 Dragon by the Chantry Calender and the Events of Inquisition start at/around 9:41 Dragon so in theory you would Jump ahead by one Year.

Really that isn't that bad considering there is a Wow Jump that is being made that starts almost a year later after the Warcraft 3 Jump.

>> No.38325023

>orbital lasers

Shit that will put a damper on things, huh.

>> No.38325032

I...have to agree with merchant here. These drawbacks do sound very interesting, but I'm afraid I doubt I'd take any if I had to do them powerless.

>> No.38325035

Pretty much all of this.

I'm down for high end fights, just don't make me use a whiffle bat for them.

>> No.38325041

So you actually cover the events of the first two games without touching the third one.

>> No.38325049

Thank you for making sane points here.

>> No.38325056

People to beware of- Karasuba, Miya, and Higa Izumi.

Something to be aware of first off, when you "wing" a Sekirei- (kiss them on the lips) their life and soul become bound to yours, if you die, they die. Sekirei have an innate understanding of who their "ideal" Ashikabi is, once they get near their ideal mate they start to "react" and home in on their location. Also, Winging a Sekirei is considered a marriage ceremony to them, and some Sekirei might actively encourage you to seek out more Sekirei so you can be better protected. (they're totally cool with harems)

I'm explaining this cause Higa and Hayato forcibly wing Sekirei, which is essentially a way to permanently enslave them against their will. It's like some sort of horrible rape-marrige thing. Once forcibly winged a Sekirei lives knowing they can never be with their soul mate, yet can do nothing about this.

Karasuba just wants to fight strong opponents, but has gotten so bored she has decided to follow her Ashikabi's plan of "burn the world". If she finds out you are a skilled fighter, she will hunt you down eventually for a death match. Actually a pretty cool person- she'd probably have some drinks with you at a bar and swap stories before your duel. Called by many the "Black Sekirei".

Miya is the queen Sekirei and a widow, she runs a small inn where there is NO LEWD ALLOWED, under penalty of a ladle to the head. The protagonist shacks up here with his harem, as do some other Sekirei. Consider her house a "safe zone" of sorts. She is strong enough to split a battleship in two with a mundane sword at a range of half a mile.

Higa Izumi- An Ashikabi who runs a rival pharmaceutical company to MBI. All around douchebag who forcibly wings Sekirei and uses blackmail and death threats to control other Ashikabi. Is not above hacking MBI laser satellites to attack his enemies, regardless of collateral. Considers all his Sekirei disposable pawns.

>> No.38325064

I keep bringing it up because my initial plan for the +600 section was that taking ANY of them save for "YOU." took your non-leadership/horsemanship perks, and there'd be 3 mutually incompatible choices for each timeline.

Your observation, however, does make quite a bit of sense - the ones in Medieval arguably make the most sense for the intial plan because they're "follow this After Action Report from start to finish," and I'd already had them worked out before the expansion to include Rome and Shogun. It IS getting a bit crazy now, though.


>> No.38325070

Agreed with the above, Wak. Last nights discussion was fun, but it all seemed to dovetail back to creative ways of saying: you die. I want challenging perks, but I don't want shades of You Lose with cool flavor text.

>> No.38325084

He's a punk ass bitch. He's a cunt with absolutely no morals, but his only strength is his money and the Sekirei he forcibly winged

And I think Matsu is a better hacker than his Brain Type. Get her working on the Satellites when you go after him so he can't, and then he's easy. One of the few people I would kill outright in /jc/, dude is a fucking monster.

>> No.38325118

So yeah, hotfixing it according to Merch's specs.

>> No.38325131

Acutally, thank you for reminding me about Higa, another thing on my "to do" list. Heal Chiho and get her somewhere safe

>> No.38325134

It gets better- the things he plans on using to give people superpowers, they have an equal chance of killing off all humans with Sekirei dna in them (several ships landed before in olden times). You're looking at a potential genocide of 90% of humanity here.

These things are called Jinki, and there are 8 of them. They are also used to modify Sekirei, so there is that. Minaka gives them out as prizes towards the end of the "game" and several Ashikabi would have no qualms about killing of large sections of humanity.

Another thing, the "Last Sekirei Standing" part of Minaka's "game" is literal: only one Ashikabi and one Sekirei can claim the "prize". That means Ahikabi with multiple Sekirei have to make their harem kill each other until only one remains.

>> No.38325174

1. It's a technique scroll, it doesn't grant the ability to bend (other than that note about companions) but teaches all the normal techniques. Basically a textbook, and yes totally reusable.
3. The default limit is 600 points, ask or look it up in the archive if you want to be sure.

>> No.38325191

>You're looking at a potential genocide of 90% of humanity here.
Well, depending on how much power his plan would give the survivors that might be fair. If we're just talking about turning people into Daredevil level supers, then nah. But if we're making mankind ascend here... Well, acceptable losses is the term.

>> No.38325199

>"ideal" Ashikabi.

Unlikely for the One-Armed. But continuing...

>Forcibly winging Sekirei
>adds two more names to list of those wot needs dunking.

So Karasuba would just want an epic fight with me. Miya is a safe zone lady. Higa needs dunking - after I find a way to sever him from the Sekirei he's forcibly winged.

Now. On the note of the MBI laser satellites. I have Hacker, Engineer, and Erudition from Halo. Plus, I have my almost-an-AI Rotom.

Could these help me hack the satellite arrays, and keep them away from the control of Minaka or this Higa shit?

You are not helping calm the hand that wields the hammer.

Some of these Ashibaki need their shit checked. Forcibly.

Also thank you for the heads up on the Jinki. Just gotta find a way to learn of them in-series.
Maybe if I pick the MBI origin...

>> No.38325238

...So what's the point?

This is sounding a lot like Gilgamesh's plan from Fate-something or other.

Should we just stand in a corner and let the protagonist sort it out, or derail the plans by pretending to be an alien invasion / portal to hell. Outside context problems, woo!

>> No.38325244

It's pretty heavily implied if not outright stated humans would get powers on the level of the sekirei, given the genes.
There are multiple hacker sekirei, and they hijack satellites all the time.

>> No.38325258

I figured, after seeing mention of these Brain types and whatnot.

But if I get my Rotom into the system. Can I KEEP them from controlling it unless it'd impact the Sekirei plan / avoid causing too many deaths?

>> No.38325286

Hayato is OK, he's just a stupid fucking kid who thinks this is an actual game.
He doesn't quite "get" that Sekirei are sapient beings

If you manage to get that through his head isn't that bad. And most of the Sekirei he winged do seem to like him despite being a stupid kid.

Though considering he only shows affection towards his Male Sekirei he might be poof

Three of them to be exact

A lot of Sekirei die while Minato "handles it". Dude is a good guy, and surprisingly competent at tactics for a Harem Protagonist, but a lot of Sekeirei, and some humans, die along the way.

So interfering and fucking up the plan should be done for JUSTICE

>> No.38325303

I don't know how a ghost pokemon would stack up against psychic hacking powers. Or if Minaka has priests on hand to exorcise his computers. So, maybe?

>> No.38325310


Red Vs Blue
> Origin: Red
> Age: 27 [Rolled7]
> Vic [Get a Freebie!]
> Choice Words [Get a Freebie!]
> Freedom to Speak [-100CP]
> Sir/Madam. I Require Your Assistance. [-200CP]
> Storage Space [-200CP]
> Aww (S)he lived? That's Bullshit [-200CP]
> Master of the Incompetent [-300CP] ~ (TH-THIS IS MY PERK! IT WAS MADE FOR ME!)
> Modified Mjolnir IV Armor [Get a Freebie!]

I'm not sure what Storage Space is going to do since I'm not an AI... but... ... that just... seems like the kind of thing I'd want to have.
Anyway! This'll be fun. I shall half-ass my way through this jump, and also probably build a lot of gadgets and remote control things.
I'll probably hang out in the base a lot, unless I'm ordered to do otherwise.

>> No.38325324

>Konota is Red Team

Please don't tell me Red is Blue Team.

Whatever. I'm still Agent Jersey

>> No.38325371

Hrmmm... On a second thought.

Is there ANYTHING that the satellites are used for to a GOOD purpose? Because the only other thing I can think of is hack them, and turn them against each other like the airships were in Winter Soldier.

>> No.38325377

I was on Red Team in Team Fortress, too. Although that was a result of rolling. I'm also the REDWater Alchemist, who utilizes RED Stones.
Yeah, I'm not really huge on sticking with colour categories.

Anyway, I just figured I'd rather be standing behind Sarge than in front of him, and in front of Caboose instead of behind him. Also, Red is the team with Grif on it, and his slacker tendencies speak to me.

>> No.38325381

For help with the Jinki and Satellite stuff, head to Miya's place- Matsu is hiding out there, and she took a Jinki with her when she fled. She's also one of only 2 "brain type" Sekirei. This means her expertise does not involve battle, rather, she can hack into technology psionically and take control of it.

Higa uses his "brain type" Sekirei to take control of the Laser Satelites, but Matsu is far stronger.

Explain your goals to Miya and Matsu and you can be sure to get their help.

If you wait long enough the protagonist will wing Matsu (or rather, Matsu ambushes him), and he and his harem will begin living at Miya's. Getting them on your side should also be easy, just don't be a douche.

Oh, almost forgot- Uzume is another Sekirei that lives in Miya's Inn. Higa is blackmailing Uzume using her Ashikabi: a sickly girl set laid up in a hospital he controls. He has Uzume ambushing and killing other Ashikabi and Sekirei, and eventually has her turn on the protagonist. She can't bring herself to hurt him or his harem because they became such great friends, and so Higa has some of his Sekirei try to kill the protag instead- Uzume blocks a killing blow with her body and dies. With her dying breath she asks the protag to save her Ashikabi from Higa, which he later does.

>> No.38325407


That is fantastically fucking stupid.

Goddamn Natsu. Worst character (tied with Lucy).

>> No.38325439

They track Sekirei to ensure none of them are breaking the rules. One of those rules is "don't attack Ashikabi"

Though those rules aren't exactly well enforced. In-fact the only well enforced rule is "Don't leave the city"

Anyone who tries is hunted down and killed, both sekirei and ashikabi, by Karasuba

>Behind Sarge
Fair enough
>In Front of Caboose
Bad idea, especially if you turn your back to him, don't do that. Team killing fucktard
Ah yes, Grif, I could see you two getting along.

I could also see Lopez liking you, especially if you actually fixed him

Three brain types
We haven't met the third.

>> No.38325459

End it as soon as you can, the longer you wait, the more Sekirei die.

As for the "point" of Minaka's plan: there isn't one, not really. The dude is a ham and a half and thinks himself some sort of pseudo god thingy. He's doing this for fun, mostly, and to just see what happens. Dude's nutty.

>> No.38325464

I mean in the plot, are the satellites used in the plot aside from MURDERING people?

If not. commence Operation: Orbital Cleaning.

>> No.38325465

Can satellites even rotate the lasers that much? They ability to shoot beams sideways doesn't seem like something they would build into it.

If you could swing it then yeah, the only good.that comes of the satellites is Matsu using them to spy on shit.

>> No.38325488

Is it weird that I want to fuck with Minaka by hijacking the TV signal every time he shows up on TV to announce something?

Not really. I think it comes up once or twice where they stop a Sekirei from trying to kill an Asikabi, but they mostly ignore shit like that.

>> No.38325502

So as I find myself hurtling to sleep, I'm just going to confirm again that Merchant's suggestion here >>38324994 has been confirmed for the Total War jump.

And also that I'll be here in the morning to answer more questions.

>> No.38325520

>Bad idea. Team killing fucktard
That's why I'm on the opposite side. Hence, "In Front".
Until we quit fighting, anyway.
But there's probably some time before that happens, and it just seems easier to be on the side he's not on.

>> No.38325577

Sorry, I had went Freelancer.

-Background: Freelancer (900CP) -Faaaaan fucking tastic. We're back here again.
-Vic (Free) -Fucking seriously?
-Choice Words (800CP) -What kind of creepy-ass nutjob names himself after his armor?
-Competitive Mindset (Free) -Strange. But I'll take it.
-Storage Space (600CP) -You know... this is nice. I like this.
-Meta (0CP) -Yes. YES. YEEEEEEES. Oh sweet MERCY I need this.
-Moves Like Monty (-300CP) (Discount) -HA! We're bouncing around like a lunatic!
-Modified MJOLNIR Mark IV Armor (Free) -Horribly outdated. But I'll make use of it.
-A.I. Companion (-500CP) (Discount) -Taking a huge risk with you.
-Deleted (-300CP)
-It's All A Lie! (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 23 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Freelancer Michigan trying to roam the galaxy and NOT get killed due to knowing the horrible atrocities that the Project was responsible for. Not to mention getting attributed to some of them. As it stands I'll just be trying to evade the other Freelancers and scavenging technology to utilize.

...though it is likely that they would just send me to Blue team along with Tex. That would suck hardcore.

>> No.38325588

Okay first off, holy shit. But unfortunately, Protagonist bound.

>Uzume's story

Right. We're helping Higa's Sekirei. First, we help them be unwinged from that fuck.

Satellites should be able to rotate on their own. If nothing else I do have various bugs and worms coded to see about shutting them down permanently.

We'll simply act as the protag's ears inside MBI - and keep that idiot from killing too many people.

Right. So, time to destroy the satellites.

Right. So, destroy the satellites and destroy him.

After that... Hrrmm..

I honestly don't think I'm equipped to deal with this in a good fashion. Hrrmmm...

>> No.38325594

My bad on the number of Brain Types!

As for a practical use for the orbital satellites- eventually the island where Miya's ship crashed will be invaded by several countries in hopes of recovering tech and such, so it might be useful to have them discouraging such an intrusion.

Sekirei impowered bio-weapons would be things of terrible horror, after all.

Oh! Another charachter that needs saving: Akitsu. Due to a screw up in her "adjusting", she "winged" herself, and thus can't bond with an Ashikabi (at first). The scientist who screwed up is reprimanded, but he takes his hanger out on Akitsu. She escapes, and that's when we are introduced to her.

She's found wearing nothing but a bloody lab coat, sitting on a bench with a 1000 yard stare. All she says is "I'm broken". Poor girl has some serious self esteem issues, pic related is what she thinks of herself.

>> No.38325650

Now here's the question, what should I do as Agent Jersey?
Besides annoying York all day that is.

Sounds funny. I like that we both took "it's all a lie!". I assumed I'm being hunted by ONI, not the Freelancers.
Why? I took this after Halo and Halo Gauntlet, I was a Spartan in both. I'm going to say I was a Spartan before I was a Freelancer(traded over to help with their testing of AI systems). ONI doesn't like that

Don't forget to heal Chiho.

I fanwanked Akitsu as one of my three purchased Sekirei. I'm going to save her, no matter what price I need to pay

>> No.38325764


1. By 'other than that note about companions' were you referring to this part?

'They also have another special property which few others know about; if a person who is neither a Bender nor born of any of the four Nations reads the scroll, they will gain the power to Bend that element.'

If so is there anything that implies that's limited to companions?

3. Thanks. I got kind of confused because some jumps state a lack of a drawback limit and others have something besides the 600.

>> No.38325823


God dammit, too many people need aiding. Also, god dammit I now just do not have the tools for all of the shit.

Because those orbital lasers would be crucial for defending the crashed ship. And assassinating Minaka. Just... do not have the tools for all of this.

>> No.38325843

So don't. Lean back and do science while Mc-kun unfucks things for you. People will die, but that's just how things go.

>> No.38325864

Sekirei is one of those settings that seems nice and happy on the surface(Lol, Pokemon but with girls)
But is fucking dark if you pay attention for more than a minute.

Hell we have one case of a Sekirei who abuses his Ashikabi and beats the shit out of her.

>> No.38326003

You arrive before the series starts, IIRC the only Sekirei winged at that point are the disciplinary squad and Akitsu. You should have time to find Higa and cast FIST before he starts forcibly winging, and beat some sense into that other kid that thinks it's a game.

>> No.38326052

Probably just "The Roq", or possibly "The Roc" if I felt like dressing up in feathers.

If I'm feeling particularly whimsical I'll be a dwarf, cover myself in blades, and call myself "The Bearded Axe".

I may still go with "The Roq" as a dwarf.

>> No.38326078

Shit, I fucked that up. I didn't have much interest in them so I hadn't paid attention and they must've changed.

>> No.38326197

so /jc/, how would you say vid related compares to late-game jumper attacks?

>> No.38326289

Not enough bishi sparkles.

The Old Testament Launcher made me laugh.


>> No.38326295

My plan for sekirei is a five phase process.

Phase 1: Create a technology and defense contract firm with advances surpassing MBI. Using charisma perks and a lot of money, attempt to sway Japanese politicians enough that MBI can't legally touch me even within Tokyo. Patent all the things.

Phase 2: Hack into all networked camera feeds in the city of Tokyo. Install others. Launch spy satellites and acquire stakes in telecom services such that I have an ear to the wire for the entirety of Tokyo's telecoms. Task heavily upgraded Halo dumb AI to monitor everything and give me a heads up if shit is going down anywhere in the city. Hack into the orbital laser network and do my best to insulate it from further hacking attempts, or at the very least install a killswitch. Set up forcefield projectors across the city to reduce collateral damage.

Phase Three: Use intelligence network and defense company to form my own private army of troops with advanced weaponry and combat exosuits. Not enough for one to stand up against a sekerei, but how about a hundred? Use intelligence network to form large group of assets and sleeper agents capable of acting without it being traced back to me.

Phase 4: Begin fucking up Minakas plan. Have agents intervene in fights, capture both sekirei and ashikabi (arc throwers!) if necessary. If deemed appropriate, use metaphysical recovery Stand (tentative name Soul Patch) to sever the bond between sekirei and ashikabi. Lots of tranquilizer darts. Break up the fights, from a distance if possible. Bringing the disciplinary squad down on my head is not a good idea.

Phase 5: using a fuckton of biomancy, genetic engineering perks, and viral engineering, isolate sekirei genetics out of the populace and replace them with mundane analogues. If THAT doesn't work, Sekirei splice virus. Might as well give everyone superpowers on my terms not his.

Any suggestions? I've never seen the series so I don't know how much of this is viable. Would it work?

>> No.38326300

Lemme get back to late-game and I'll let you know.

>> No.38326308

Scale of damage looks on par, but there's a whole lot of unnecessary faffing around going on. I'd just blow people up at in an instant rather than waste precious time jumping up THEN charging my attack THEN having to do something for a while before I actually launch said attack, especially when I could just imbue bullets with magic

>> No.38326316

MBI is mostly medical technology and hires our mercenaries, so Phase 1 wouldn't even bother them unless you specifically gun for medical technology, unless you sell your mercs to them to turn on them when the time is right.

>> No.38326377

If it plays to your strengths, then go for it. Best way to stop any widescale genetic fuckery is to just aquire the 8 Jinki and lock them up, without them no one can push the "kill everyone" button.

Lock down the island the ship crashed at, don't want other countries to get their hands on MBI's level of tech.

My plan was far simpler and equally in-elegant. I had two Kitsune on their 6th tail, Wuya, Jibril, a Rotom, and a Halo A.I. to help me hack through things virtually and in-the-flesh.

I made a beeline for Karasuba and dueled then winged her, and from there I killed Minaka. With him out of the way and his contingencies taken care of thanks to Rotom and my A.I., Tamaki Sahashi took control of the company.

Takami is the mom of the protagonist and the head scientist at MBI, and she genuinely cares for the well being of the Sekirei. With her in charge the Sekirei are simply released to find their Ashikabi, and their well being will be closely monitored. She's much more down to earth and will not stand for an Ashikabi abusing a Sekirei.

It's heavily implied that Minaka fathered her kids, but she still hates the dude and is fed up with his bullshit.

Higa will still be an issue, but he's next on the hit list. I'mma let Karasuba have her fun with him, dude deserves it.

>> No.38326454

You..um, you do know Karasuba is already winged right? From before you enter the jump.

>> No.38326531

I know, the duel is to the death. Luckily I have resurrection Materia and spells. Plus, there is a very good chance that Karasuba can tank mortal wounds and the loss of her crest with enough time to spare a kiss.

In fact, that's what I'm going to ask for if I win the duel- a kiss. She'd totally do it too- she's impaled on a sword, her crest has just dissolved, and with her final breath she smiles and gives me a kiss. Her wings manifest again, and she sags as her wings curl around her, a soft chuckle escaping her lips as darkness creeps into her vision.

Then I hit her with some healing spells and say something about how there's still plenty more battles in her future at my side.

>> No.38326659

If a drawback removes my dominant arm what happens if I am ambidextrous? Do I get to choose?

>> No.38326669

Yeah probably.

>> No.38326695

You know since Minaka is crazy couldn't you just get in good with him, show him a few of your toys. Show him your arrowhead that gives people stands. Offer to give him one but warn him it might kill him if he is too weak. Let him choose because he is crazy and let him kill himself.

>> No.38326708

>It's heavily implied that Minaka fathered her kids
Dude, it's outright said he is their father

They used to be in love, then he went from Eccentric to full on Crazy.

>> No.38326738

So how are you going to react when a Sekirei tracks you down and ends up winged to you? There's pretty good odds of it.

>> No.38326778

You guys...

1. Geass Minaka
2. Dismantle the Plan
3. Let Sekirei out to find their love
4. mfw Birds of a Feather
5. Geneforge and Franken Fran for Disciplinary Squad and Akitsu
6. ???
7. Ashikabi to 108 wonderful people, AND in control of 8 jinkis that unlock their full power.
8. 10 years of Slice of Life shenanigans

>> No.38326811

>Taking them away from their true Ashikabi, their soul mate
This is not Justice

Let them find their true Ashikabi, and make sure no one takes advantage of them

>> No.38326817

But what if you are?

>> No.38326830

Point number 4. Birds of a Feather. As far as they are concerned, I AM the one.

...Wait, you guys don't fluff drawbacks as them being chosen by Jump-chan?

Also, Disciplinary Squad were all pretty much forcibly winged, so that doesn't count.

>> No.38326866

Of all 108? The chances are so low as to be laughable.
But if you are? Fine.

But taking them away from their true Ashikabi is a no no. It's why I refuse to take Canon Characters(who found their true Ashikabi), even if I really like them.

That's due to multiverse fuckery and you know it.

>> No.38326985

Waitaminute, how does point 5 fit into all of this.

And do Sekirei's we wing get companionised?

>> No.38326992

Don't suppose anyone knows enough to corroborate on a Gundam00 jump

>> No.38327009

Unless you buy the sekirei through the companion option (like 100cp a piece if you're an ashikabi) I can't imagine they would. Especially not with a drawback.

>> No.38327036

I assume he was using Geneforge and Franken Fran to break the Winging of the Diciplinary Squad

Despite the fact it's a thing dealing with the Soul as opposed to Biology, which makes his logic flawed

>> No.38327039

What I meant - use skills obtained from Geneforge and Franken Fran to deal with their unwanted bonds. Jinki would probably help as well.

And no, only those you buy with points count.

>> No.38327047

If that doesn't work, I have a great many other skills to help, including ones for soul bonds. And as I mentioned above, Jinki would help greatly.

>> No.38327058

>A Jumper decides to try something new for a jump

>> No.38327073

Geneforge should work on some things involving the soul it just depends on how much information you have. You really don't want to start tinkering around with a soul without knowing exactly what you are doing. I mean there is plenty of evidence to suggest shaping can affect souls, though almost as much evidence that it's a bad idea.

>> No.38327092

That's because Geneforge was made by Spiderweb Software

All of their games have something in common when it comes to Necromancy of any sort

It is incredibly powerful, but it always goes wildly out of control and kills the necromancer and kills a ton of innocent people

>> No.38327135

Yea "You're going too far, you don't know what your doing don't ____."
Is a pretty consistent theme, the blank can be filled with so many things though, "summon demons", "use necromancy", "ignore waste disposal", "make mold", "talk to those spiders".

>> No.38327141

>Justice in Ravenloft

>> No.38327174

The drawback that unites all 108 in pursuit of the jumper explicitly mentions that it doesn't make them into Companions. Hopefully anon has a post-jump plan for that (e.g. there's at least a couple of jumps that allow you to import large numbers of people as companions).

>> No.38327182

>talk to those spiders
And now I need an Exile jump
G.I.F.T.S. are good people.....spiders, G.I.F.T.S. are good spiders

>> No.38327218

Unfortunately, any jump that has large scale imports like that refers to companions you have. It's for people who have dozens of existing companions, not for converting people into companions on mass. He'll have to wait till post spark to pick them up.

>> No.38327286

You better believe I'll return for them. Good thing the time is frozen until then.

>> No.38327939

Touhou Project - when it says that fairies live short lives, what does that actually mean?

>> No.38327953

It means they usually get killed, like, all the time.

>> No.38328053

So, they're even squishier than humans?

>> No.38328068

I wouldn't say that, it's more that they're stupid, naive, and fearless enough to fuck around with stronger youkai and other things that they shouldn't while most of the humans in gensokyo are either powerful or smart enough to stay out of trouble.

>> No.38328617

If anything, they're probably a bit tougher than the average human, but like >>38328068 said, they completely lack survival instincts, and are drawn to behaviours that result in short lifespans.

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