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Sorry about the late start- had to head over to the parent's house to pick up some more stuff. Mostly my beer and some chili. mmm, chili.

So, let's see... news. nothing really, so that's good.

Archive here:


If you have to sit through one more briefing, you think you might just explode. First, it was a travel and personal security briefing in Cannes- shit you're already used to and well versed in. Besides, you don't think the content has ever changed in the couple of years you've been in. The only difference you can think of was that you actually had to pay attention to the travel with dependents part of it, and even then, only passingly. The whole thing was designed for guys in Europe on leave with their families- not people like you, headed to the states.

You flew back on an air force C-20, one normally used for VIP transport. Nobody else boarded the jet- it'd been sent specifically for you. Of course, you had to sit through the usual safety briefing as it rolled away from it's spot on the tarmac at Mandelieu and took off, heading for Andrews AFB in Maryland.

You didn't even get off the plane on the base- a new crew took over from the old one, and you waited as the jet refueled on the pad and took off again, chasing the sun west before finally setting down at NAS Halsey field, on north island. Practically home for you.

Not that you got to spend any time at your apartment- instead, you were ushered off the aircraft and into a waiting staff car, driving a short distance to the University hospital in hillcrest, where you finally were able to stretch your legs- for about ten minutes, or the time it took to walk to a secured part of the building where you met the doctors in charge of all of this.


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You're not honestly sure what to think. The two of them knew you, of course, and acted happy to meet both you and Merlin, though you think the presence of Stasya and Lilya kind of threw them off. They'd introduced themselves as doctors Megan Reed and Ritsuko Akagi, and proceeded to show you the implant and explaining it.

Honestly, the whole thing looked deceptively simple- most of the components are housed in small, flat cases, slightly smaller than a matchbook. There's two of those, which they explain will be housed along your spine in your upper back, under the muscle tissue there. They're linked to each other and a handful of other components by a network of covered cables. There's four hexagonal jacks- those will be in your neck. Their tops are made of a flesh-colored polymer, and each is protected by a dust cover. The covers, the doctors explained, are automatic- unless you've got your helmet on, they'll stay sealed. Stasya and Liliya looked interested at that.

The probes- a set of probably a dozen or more kind of wicked-looking needles are hooked to the control cases as well, with each case having a set. These, they explained, will be anchored in bone and actually be what's in your spinal cord. You're assured they won't interfere with your body at all- they're designed specifically not to, as a matter of fact.


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They didn't do a real good job explaining the whole thing, you think, somewhat unhappily, sitting in your rooms back at the base. You've got a pair of rooms- one of them yours, one of them for the girls, though the connecting door is open and they're currently sitting with you on the bed while you surf through the channels. You've been advised to get plenty of sleep tonight, and the docs have said eat good before midnight- but absolutely no food or drink after then. While you could go for chow- and you know you can wrangle a ride to Santa's- you're not sure if you ought to yet, or if you even really want to. You're still kind of hurting from the ride in.

Merlin's over on the other bed, reading one of her books- you think she got it from the base library. She, at least, is excited.

Still, you have to do something- you can't just sit all evening and watch TV, and if you plan to get food from a restaurant- especially Santa's- you need to move on it before it gets too late. The problem, of course, is the evening news is going to come on, and you'd like to see if there's anything about the front- you've been feeling kind of in the dark since Crete. The girls, you know, will accept any decision you make without trouble, and Merlin's two wrapped up in her book to care either way, you're sure.

[] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again
[] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war.

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>[x] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war.

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>Ritsuko Akagi

goast I see you

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[] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

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>[] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war.

I would be surprised if Santa couldn't set up some manner of delivery for us. Can we call and see about that?

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[] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war.

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>[X] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again


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>[] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war.

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>and Merlin's two wrapped up in her book
Off to a great start!

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>[] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again
we can watch news later...or maybe even at Santa's if there's a TV there

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>[] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

Also >Megan Reed
Augments for EVERYONE! Get Frank Cyberlegs so he can take harder Gs!

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>[X] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

Homefront news. Probably full of BS. So let's get somethign of actual value.

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[] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again
Frank hungers

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>[x] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again
We can catch the news later or maybe they'll talk about it on the radio in the car, though to be honest it's probably going to be a few days behind. Strikers '89 and Zombie & Witch on the same night? Truly the best night of the week!

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>[x] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

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Please don't let there be a last minute bitch-out vote.

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>[] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war.

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>[x] I want to see the news. They're bound to have something in there about the war

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i will if i find out that this thing fucks frank up mentally at the last minute.

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There's like. Literally no way for that to happen though, in a way we could do anything about it.

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[X] bitch out


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if it does happen i expect frank to yell at merlin
for one of two reasons
1 she knew about the affect and chose not to tell frank
2 she was blinded by the tech and refused to look at possible down side's and needlessly endangered frank.

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>Megan Reed


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If this nonsensical outcome happens I expect him to yell at the doctors and at god ie ghost for not mentioning it.

We have covered our bases about as well as we possibly could bro

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>Yelling at Merlin
That's extra heretical

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i know but i get extremely paranoid about augment surgery

i have had bad experiences in other quests and games (im looking at you Deus Ex)

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[] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

>Megan Reed
I bet the head of security here is a really cool guy.

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We just need to be careful with any firmware updates

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>[X] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

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[x] Let's go get food- never know when we'll get the chance again

Sighing, you finally give up and shut the TV off, standing up. “Well, come on girls, let's go get some food.” You say, looking back over at them. They both slide off their perches on the bed, looking at you, while Merlin marks her place in her book and sits up.

“Are we going t-to santas?” She asks, which finally prompts a grin from you.

“Like we'd go anyplace else.” You say. “Stasya, Lilya, I hope you two are hungry!”

Lilya tilts her head to one side, and Stasya regards you kind of blankly. “We haven't eaten since we all had breakfast.” She says. “We are hungry, yes.”

“You ready for the best burger you've ever had?” You ask, looking for your jacket- finally finding it packed in Merlins things. No big shock there.

“We've never had a burger. What is it?” Stasya asks as you shrug into it and grab your wallet. You're not driving, of course- there's a car downstairs for you though, it's driver waiting in the lobby.

“It's-” You give up, and just reach out to pat her head. “You'll see, kiddo.” you say. “You'll see. You two ready to go?”


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What about cake? Have they had cake? if not I think they may either take flight on a sugar high or go into a food coma

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They both nod, and Merlin swings her legs off the bed, slipping her feet into the shoes at it's side. “I-I'm good.” She says.

Your driver, fortunately, knows exactly where you're talking about- the place has picked up in popularity, especially since your last visit. That said, though, the place is still pretty quiet before the dinner rush hits, which suits you fine.

“Hiya!” the hostess greets you just inside the door. “Five?”

“Four.” You say, as your driver heads towards the bar, making himself available and giving you privacy.

“Patio or inside?” She asks.

It's kind of nice out, and the patio has a gorgeous view of the beach, so you're really get a good sunset if you stay that late, but there's no TV out there, and the radio is almost too quiet to hear over the surf. Inside doesn't have the view, but it's more private and you might be able to catch some news, if Santa has it on.

[] Patio
[] Dining room.

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>[] Patio

>> No.38296990

> Dining room.

>> No.38296995

>[] Patio

Would we sit anywhere else?

>> No.38297000

>[] Dining room.
we have a seat reserved for life in the back corner

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>[x] Dining room.

>> No.38297037

>[X] Dining room.

We are supposed to be keeping the girls from the public so inside is probably better.

>> No.38297039

>[] Patio

>> No.38297040

>[X] Dining room.

>> No.38297047

>[] Dining room.

>> No.38297055

>[X] Dining room.

>> No.38297065

>[X] Dining room.

Let's see if we can get some homefront BS news while eating.

>> No.38297076

> dining room

>> No.38297084

> Dining room.
Don't need to do the KGB's job for them

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>[] Dining room.

>> No.38297151

>[x] Patio

Also we need to order a "royale with cheese".
We're coming back from Europe, home of the metric system.

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What is this, a fucking burger king?

>> No.38297346

Nobody ordered a Whopper, so I don't think so.

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>[x] Dining room.

>> No.38297485

>[x] Patio

>> No.38297543

im more of a big kahuna burger guy myself

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>> No.38297589

>[X] Dining room.
Responsibility HO!

>> No.38297591

Wanna to say

>> No.38297637

>[x] Dining room.

>> No.38297643

[x] Dining room.

“We'll eat in here.” You say, looking at the mostly-empty dining room. “Do you have something in the back, kind of out of the way?”

She gives you a quizzical look- then you see the light of recognition creep across her face. “You're-”

You nod. “Yeah, but I don't like advertising it.”

She bites her own words off so fast you hear her teeth click togther. “Right, sorry. Uh, I guess your booth is open, I'll walk you over there. Do you want me to call Mr. Santos? He's out right now, but I'm sure he'll come in if he knew you were here.”

[] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.
[] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38297653

>[x] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38297672

>[] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38297676

>[x] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38297681

>[x] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38297685

>[] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38297696

>[] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38297701

>[X] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.
Santa's busy delivering presents to Konnie and Nutella. He's also putting coal in Volgin's socks before hitting Volgin on the head with said loaded socks.

>> No.38297705

>[X] Sure, give him a ring.

He'll appreciate the gesture if nothing else.

>> No.38297709

>[X] Sure, give him a ring.
We have to greet Santa personally.

>> No.38297722

[x] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38297744

>He's also putting lead bar in Volgin's socks before hitting Volgin on the head with said loaded socks.
Fixed. Santa always have exception for special case.
And what will he get for new Raikov?

>> No.38297748

>[x] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38297755

>[] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38297766

> Sure, give him a ring.
Even just to say hey over the phone

>> No.38297802

>[] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38297831

>[] Sure, give him a ring.
Just to touch base, we don't want to interrupt anything important.

>> No.38297838

It would be Red, of course, because Orlov is not for lewds.

>> No.38297937

>[x] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38298006

[X] Sure, Give him a Ring.

At least call and say hi.

>> No.38298013

>[] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38298116

>[x] Sure, give him a ring.
inb4 he arrives to greet us.
Something real nice, he hasn't been able to give here a present because Volgin kept trying to shoot him down with an SA-5 when ever he tried to before.

Fucking Volgin.

>> No.38298208

I had a laugh thanks.

>> No.38298228

>[X] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38298462

>[] Sure, give him a ring.

>> No.38298476

>[x] Nah, he probably has a good reason for being out.

>> No.38298488

[x] Sure, give him a ring.

“Sure.” You say, after a second. “Give him a ring.”

She nods, handing you four menus. “The menu's changed a bit, he hired a couple new cooks. It's all still really good, though.”

You glance over it- a lot of the names are unfamiliar. “Hot fuzz?” You ask.

She nods. “it sounds weird, but it's actually really good. That's one of the new cooks, a guy named Ramsey from back east. He has funny names for his burgers though.” She shrugs. “Anyway, I'll go let him know you're here, then I'll come back by to get your order, ok?”

You nod, and she heads off.

You're kind of torn on what you want- while some of the newer burgers look interesting, you're still more drawn to santa's classics. The only catch there is no one really cooks like he does, so you're not sure it'd be quite the same. Still, the list is kind of mind-boggling- there's a burger stuck between two glazed donuts, one that uses a peach for the bun, and one on fried macaroni and cheese, just to name a few. Eventually you settle for one you know, and help the girls order something. Lilya gets the hot fuzz- the one on a peach- while Stasya opts for a more conventional bacon cheeseburger. Merlin gets the same as you, though you know she won't finish it. She probably knows that too, though, and just ordered extra on purpose.


>> No.38298523

You don't wait too long before the hostess comes back with your waitress. “He said he's on his way, and not to let you leave before he saw you.” She says, with a smile. “You've been coming here a long time, I guess?”

You nod. “Yeah, I eat here a lot when I'm home.” You say. “It's been a while, though.”

“Yeah.” She says quietly, catching the meaning. “Well, if you need anything, just let me or Kelly know, ok?”

You nod, and she walks back to her place near the door, while the waitress gives you your drinks and takes your order.

The TVs are all turned to sports- from what you're getting, the raiders and the falcons are set to be the season favorites this year.

You don't have to wait long for the food- it's delivered by none other than Santa. “Fronk m'boy!” He says, beaming.

“Santa!” you respond, standing up to shake his hand and return the back-slapping hug. “How are you?”

“Good, Good.” he says. “Hello, girls!”

“H-hi Santa!” Merlin smiles back at him.

“There's cake when you're done.” He says, grinning down at her. “And what's your names?”

Stasya and Lilya both look at him, then at you.

[] go ahead, girls.
[] They're kind of shy, sorry. The redhead is Stasya, the the one with the blue eyes is Lilya.

>> No.38298537

>[] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298544

[] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298547

>[x] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298552

Yeah this is a fictional universe.

>[] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298561

[x] Go ahead, girls.
Be polite.

>> No.38298564

>[X] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298566

[X] They're kind of shy, sorry. The redhead is Stasya, the the one with the blue eyes is Lilya.

Only because, if I remember right, Santa can be a bit...larger than life.

>> No.38298570

>[X] go ahead, girls.
Encouragement! They need to be social eventually.

>> No.38298584

>[x] They're kind of shy, sorry. The redhead is Stasya, the the one with the blue eyes is Lilya.
Fronk best dad.

>> No.38298591

>[] go ahead, girls.

Let them eat cake.

>> No.38298599

>[x] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298609

>[x] Go ahead, girls.

Who'd have thought that Frank Bishop would go home and become a family man?

>> No.38298630

>[] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298631

>[x] They're kind of shy, sorry. The redhead is Stasya, the the one with the blue eyes is Lilya.

Help the girls out initially, since this is all new to them.

>> No.38298638

>[] go ahead, girls.

>> No.38298681

btw, anyone heard about that Kancolle-like game but with ground forces?

>> No.38298707

theres also that kancolle-like game but with castles

Next may be a kancolle-like game. But with Guns.

>> No.38298748


>AK-47-chan drops everywhere. Like on every map.

>Scrap as many of them as i can and still she keeps dropping

>> No.38298779 [SPOILER] 

Well, at least this game didn't need to use VPN. Yet.
And there are one game with historical japanese blades...as bishonen.

>> No.38298847

is that under dmm as well?

>> No.38298951

And the never-ending war between the AR and AK platforms continues...

>Rare AK variant is initially shit in terms of stats, but hilariously good chances to crit and literally invulnerable.
>Turns into a god-tier platform if given fed lots of other guns.

>Rare AR variant has great statlines and growth, solid platform overall.
>But accessories needed to achieve max damage due to cut-in and game mechanic abuse.

>H&K weapons all look the same.

I think it was under the Japanese Yahoo site.

>> No.38298955

Dunno, can't read moon.
But i only need to use Yahoo jp ID, so maybe no?

>> No.38298983 [SPOILER] 

What would this girl look like?

>> No.38299044


>> No.38299055

What the flying fuck is that?

>> No.38299060 [SPOILER] 

like this

>> No.38299070

Is this like Kancolle but with tanks?

>> No.38299116

>Rare as fuck event only character.
>Brightly coloured uniform.
>Outrageous posing.
>Odd voice acting.
>Almost random results all the time.
>But strangely good luck, and makes everyone around her more competent.

Pretty much.

>> No.38299166

TKB-022. Koborov was a maniacal genius.
It was consistently better than the AKM.

>> No.38299168

....This tickles my fancy very much. What is the name of this.

Also I just got here but what happened to the Dragon Rider actor?

Did we get a picture and autograph to mess with Ice?

Also another thing that has been bothering me, when did the two girls learned English?

>> No.38299206

and halftrack and infantry.
My friend got Simo and Vasily moe version, rare card iirc.

>when did the two girls learned English?
Windows English Language Pack

>> No.38299228

They're very fast learners and to be fair only Stasya has spoken.

>> No.38299278

She was too revolutionary for her time. AKM was more compliant and willing.

Maybe they're fast learners. They're certainly smart enough to improvise and learn how to force Frank into a close fight.

>> No.38299285

Kids tend to pick up languages faster than adults when immersed in it, but it's not like they've been saying much anyway. Probably knew basic English vocab before getting captured.

>> No.38299368

But Frank was only knocked out for three days.

>> No.38299411

They learn very quickly. It's almost unnatural, actually...

>> No.38299417

Pretty sure it was closer to three weeks.

>> No.38299453

>“Hazy, sir.” You answer. “How long have I been out?”

>“Four days.” He responds. “Gave your CO a hell of a scare, I guess.”

The fuck you been smoking?

>> No.38299567


I dont know what he smoked, but i do want some of that shit.

And its not said that they speak english very well. could be just enough to make oneself clear

>> No.38299612

What's the name of the Kancolle with tanks?

>> No.38299645 [DELETED] 

link to game on my field.

>> No.38299671

fuck, lemme try again...

>> No.38299762

Sour deisel mixed with skywalker. Good shit, I assure you.

>> No.38299906

[x] go ahead, girls.

“Go ahead, girls, tell him your names.” You say, smiling at them encouragingly.

Stasya mumbles a response- Lilya, of course, doesn't say anything. You're starting to wonder if she can talk at all. “Have to be a little louder than that!” Santa says, laughing. “Ol' santa's a bit hard of hearing.”

“Stasya.” Stasya repeats. “And this is Lilya.”

“Stasya and Lilya...” He says, looking at them both, contemplatively. “Very pretty names.”

They don't respond.

He laughs after a second. “Well, you all just give me a few minutes and I'll have 'em cook up something special for you!” He says. “You just sit right there!”

You sit back down, looking around- you're almost worried the old man has summoned press or something- but he hasn't. Though you notice the TVs have changed over to news- though they're on the entertainment section now and-

“Oh no.” You mutter, watching it. There's video, taken by some paparazzo, probably from across the street, of you and Benji eating at a cafe, along with his costar, Kim Greely. Merlin, seated on the far side of you at the time, only shows up intermittently, though it's enough to know she's there. The reporter is carrying on about what this could mean- it's gossip, really, though you're irritated when they hint at possible romantic links between you and Kim, and then you're pissed when they do the same between Merlin and Benji. While Ben's a good guy, it was made clear early on he's got a girl back home in Iowa, and he'd planned to bring her out to hollywood at the first chance.

You've half a mind to call up the producers and rip them a new one, but two things prevent you. First, you're pretty sure the PAO is about to go berserk anyway, and they're far better at that kind of thing than you'll ever be, and second, your food arrives.


>> No.38299928

Santa passes it out, then grins. “I've got dessert cooking right now.” He says, addressing mostly Merlin. “I made it a bit bigger than usual, so you can share!” She gives him a dubious look, and he laughs. “I'll make a second for later.” He says, reassuringly. “I'll be back by in a bit, kids. Gonna go see how everyone else is doing.” With that, he walks off.

You keep an eye on Stasya and Lilya as they eat- they always seem to shovel it in in such a hurry that you're kind of worried they'll choke. Besides, you can't really do that with one of these burgers, you kind of have to savor it. That and they're too big to cram down in a hurry.

“Eat slow, ok girls?” You warn, looking over at them through the corner of your eye.

They both look over at you, their food still untouched. “What if something happens?” Stasya asks.

“Like what?” You respond, looking over at her.

“Like an alert. Or an attack. or-” she stops when you start to chuckle.

“Stasya, when have any of those things ever happened with me?” You ask.

“Never.” She responds. “But-”

“But nothing. Eat slow, enjoy the food.” You say. “no point in getting good food just to shovel it all in and miss the flavor.”

She tilts her head to the side, though Lilya seems to have already taken your words to heart, and takes her first bite of her burger. Her eyes light up as she does so, and she nods to Stasya, who takes a bite too- the two of them share food very easily, something you suspect they learned in Russian hands.

“Well?” You ask.

Stasya shakes her head. “I- we didn't know food could be like this.” She says, quietly. “Can we eat here again?”

[] We'll try, but I can't promise anything.
[] Of course.

>> No.38299971

>[] Of course.

>> No.38299978

>[x] Of course.

>> No.38299988

>[x] Of course.

>> No.38299989

>[] Of course.
Reminder why Volgin deserve most painful dead.

>> No.38299999

>[] Of course.

>> No.38300003

>[] Of course.

>> No.38300021

>[X] Of course.

>> No.38300038

>[] Of course.

>> No.38300040

>[x] We'll try, but I can't promise anything.
We navy, we travel A LOT.
>Paparazzi talkin shit
If you start talking shit about our daughterus we WILL drop a rockeye on you.

>> No.38300048

>[] Of course.

>> No.38300050 [DELETED] 

>[] Of course.
There isn't a single man, woman or witch in the US armed forces that could stop us from getting Santa's presents to our girls.

>> No.38300052



>> No.38300067

>[x] Of course.

>“Like an alert. Or an attack. or-” she stops when you start to chuckle.
Surprise Russians, worried about Surprise Russians?

>> No.38300097


>> No.38300102

>[] Of course.
>[] Other
"But you know girls, there lots of other places out there with good food like this. And we're gonna go to lots of 'em."

I wanna see their faces and eyes light up again.

>> No.38300106

>[x] Of course.

Gossip. Gossip never changes.

>> No.38300130

>[x] Of course.
Death flag raised.

>> No.38300135


>> No.38300136


>> No.38300154

I doubt Fluffy and Nuts could get all the way out here.

If Volgin however, we are going to murder him so quickly they'll have to identify him through DNA matching.

>> No.38300158

>[x] No, in capitalist America we only get so many allowance chips for restaurants and with this visit I used up the last I had for the year. We'll have to like on gruel from now on.

Yeah. Surprise russians invading your pants and stealing your Clayton is what I call my dick.

>> No.38300176

Don't worry, we have a squadron of counterpoints if needed.

>> No.38300204

so much this

>> No.38300218


>> No.38300259


I don't know Frank loves Santas food, nothing quite like it

>> No.38300261

I see that ghost has discovered the saddest implementation of orphans, as he sought

>> No.38300282

I change my vote to this!

>> No.38300326

>Of course
It's short and simple and will have just the same effect as the write-in.

>> No.38300435

Suffering exists so that people can be saved.

"It is the path you have chosen. Take pride in it."

>> No.38300487

Yeeeeuuup, withdrawing my vote here >>38300050
to support this.

Goddamn why can't I delete my old posts.

>> No.38300579

Got to love that German Battleship.

>> No.38300799


the dead grandma was bismarck. the dead mother, prinz eugen

>> No.38300905

They just want to make their family proud.

>> No.38300910

im so close i want that bimbo ex-girlfriend of franks to make an appearance; i have been wanting this for a while now and its a strong possibility to have her show up since were state side.

>> No.38300911


>> No.38300928

Don't give ghost idea....

>> No.38300975

[x] (taking the write in)

“Well,” you say, taking a bite out of your own burger. “There's lots of places with good food like this we'll eat at.”

“There are?” Staysa sounds completely blown away by this- she looks at her own burger, then back at you. “But this food is-”

“Good” Lilya says- the first you've ever heard her speak. You look over at her in shock, noting that, despite your instructions, she's still halfway through her burger.

Even Stasya looks at her in surprise while Lilya continues eating as if nothing happened.

“What other places are there like this?” Stasya asks- you wonder if she's trying to trip you up or throw you off about food- she probably doesn't believe you.

“Oh, man. I couldn't name them all.” You say. “But I'll try. There's the pub we ate at in London, right there by St. John's lodge-”

“H-hey frank.” Merlin interrupts. “Do you think t-they'll give you a suite there now?”

You shrug. “Food first, then politics.” you say, and she grins. “There's about a half dozen places in Paris, the one place in Japan, remember Merlin, there by Yokosuka?”

She nods. “Mhmm. R-really good sushi there.”

“Five or six places here in town, we won't get to them all. Plus there's my aunt and uncle up north, but I don't think we'll get to see them while we're here.” You say. “And the colonel, we might see him, he's not too far from china lake.”

“The Colonel?” Stasya asks- having gotten a shade paler. Lilya's looking at you, her eyes wide- and her burger, at least, what's left of it, sitting on her plate. “Y-you mean...?”

[] “Huh? What's wrong?”
[] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”

>> No.38300991

I think that's precisely what he's trying to do.

>> No.38300996

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301005

>[X] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”

>> No.38301006

>[X] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”

>> No.38301009

>[] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”

>> No.38301011

>[x] "Huh? What's wrong?"

>> No.38301025

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301028

>[x] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301040

>[] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”
Whistle loudly

>> No.38301056

>[x] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”

>> No.38301064

>[x] “Huh? What's wrong?”
"It's a nickname."

>> No.38301067

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301080

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301083

>[x] “Huh? What's wrong?”

Because lets be honest, Rufus sensed us arriving state side and is behind us.

>> No.38301093

>Write it.
"Yeah, he's the guy who started KFC."

>> No.38301099

[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301107

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301126


>> No.38301131

>Implying Rufus didn't swim crossing atlantic and make its way to Torun just to mess with Slider.

>> No.38301150

>male name on a male dog

>> No.38301152

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

Protective father instincts engaged.

>> No.38301195

>Knocking at the door to spellcaster's dorms.
>Slider opens it.
>Slider when

>> No.38301254

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301329

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”

We have American, Russian, Japanese, all we need is some Polish, German, and French to complete the allied circle.

>> No.38301367

Yes, The Allied Circle. That's what they'll call it. Each with an equal share of Frank.

>> No.38301368

Work on wedding dresses continues!
Really, this is a copy of the base model with the arms chopped off so I can detail the dress. I'm doing the head and such on a different page.

>> No.38301400

Both Stasya and Lilya should count as German too, considering their origin.
And we have Rosalie.
All we need is Polish now.

>> No.38301411

>[] “Huh? What's wrong?”
Looks like we're finally starting to put some cracks in their conditioning.


>> No.38301435

Looking good so far halley.

>> No.38301461

Good work Halley, Which witch is that?

>> No.38301463

but thats part of their conditioning. to instinctively fear the col volgin.

>> No.38301471

Keep it up Halley
My heart might not

>> No.38301473

Holy bananas that dress is amazing.
It looks Gorgeous, Halley.

>> No.38301490

Looks great Halley.
Says on the page next to the head.

>> No.38301548

Nevermind, he went and did the beaten dog despair

>> No.38301551

Obviously misnamed, missing arms means it's Mav

>> No.38301575

great now im getting greedy and want one of all three

this is you fault.

>> No.38301590

What are you on about, the dress is obviously being held up by Slider's tail.

>> No.38301609

No No No!

It's defiantly Konstantina, Natalia is holding up the dress.

>> No.38301622

>Confusing Mav and Slider
Dammit she really is dead to this quest isn't she?

>> No.38301625

You know what his means, Halley.
You'll have to draw them in Wedding dresses too.

>> No.38301687

>[X] “Huh? What's wrong?”

>> No.38301690

She's always busy with other people and we're always not dying.

>> No.38301744

omg guys I just realized. The Russian counter parts to the Bishop family had all died.

Russian!Fronk: Died to Holly in the climax of Feelthy's Rollercoster fic.
Russian!Jake: Died to Hessler this weekend in Pararescue.
Russian!Rex: Was Spetnaz, died to a German while flying with wounded in Pararescue.
Russian!Jessica: Was either one of the witches gibbed by Birgette with a bomb or was machinegunned by Jake and co.
Russian!MomAndDad: Laika's parents.

>> No.38301767


>> No.38301793

Fuck. At least Russian Rufus is still alive, right?

>> No.38301802


>> No.38301805


I had a dream once that instead of being a fighter pilot, Frank became a famous pianist traveling around the world on tour (maybe with Katya or Konstantina) while teaching Natalya the meaning of music.

It was a weird but nice dream.

>> No.38301816

>RussianFronk KIA by Holly
I thought he was the shark mouth squadron's leader in feelthy's latest fic, the one with the Japs.

Or one of the fandance pilots in the hunter killer teams.

>> No.38301845

And like that it's ruined.

>> No.38301850

There's a Russian counterpart to the Bishop family?

>> No.38301856

Russian!Jessica was probably killed by Jess herself, but she'll never find out either way.

>> No.38301901

For a certain definition of 'alive'
The Russian bear-that-might-be-a-T-rex is in a lab on life support being genetically modified into something closer to being an ACTUAL T-rex.

>> No.38301906

You... you and >>38300799
and Ghost really want to drive me into another drinking spree, don't you?

>> No.38301907

Actually I think it was slightly inspired by that Movie.

Natalya was not good at piano since she didn't have the heart for it despite copying his technique perfectly.

I don't recall but I think one of the things I ended up imagining, the first time she managed to put feeling into it was when Frank himself got very, very sick or was dead,

>> No.38301919

Frank will essentially be doing the same thing, except touring around teaching pilots ungodly piloting skills while teaching Natalya the power of being human.

>> No.38301932


>> No.38302014

Glad you all like it!
Hopefully I can finish Ice this week, and then do Slider next week.

Go to bed, old man.

>> No.38302027

[x] “Huh? What's wrong?”

“Huh?” You ask, setting your food down. “What's wrong?”

She shakes her head, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. “We don't want you to leave!” She says, suddenly wrapping her arms around your ribs, crying into your shirt. Lilya worms her way around to do the same, putting you at an awkward angle.

“Leave?” You ask. “No one's leaving. What's wrong girls?”

They don't respond- you wrap your one arm around the both of them, though you can't move from your spot easily. Instead you try to calm them down- why would they think anyone's leaving them? Not for the first time, you curse your lack of information on them- you simply don't know why they're having a breakdown right now.

“Girls,” you say, trying to be soothing. “No one's leaving you, I promise. If it bothers you, we don't have to go see the colonel. I just thought- “

“We don't want to see him.” Stasya sniffles. “We don't want you to leave.”

You nod, still holding them both- though they haven't let go of you, either. “It's fine.” you repeat, gently. “It's ok. We're not going anywhere, ok? It's ok.”

You're glad for the privacy- it takes a while for the two of them to collect themselves. Eventually they do, though they don't touch their food.

“Your burgers are going to get cold.” You warn.

“W- we're not hungry anymore.” Staysa says, quietly. “Can we go?”

“Back to the hotel room?” you ask.

She nods.

[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
[] Finish your food, first, girls.

>> No.38302052

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
>>And get a doggy bag and cake for the ride back.

>> No.38302055

>[x] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.

>> No.38302076

>[x] Finish your food, first, girls.
It's good!

>> No.38302077

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
Volgin. I swear to god you will not live to see the end of this quest.

>> No.38302078

You know speaking of Russian counterparts with all the witches Fronk has faced could we killed our team's Russian versions?

>> No.38302084

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
"...well, i'll ask some wrapper from Santa, in case you want to finish that later"

>> No.38302087

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
secure food for travel

>> No.38302104

>[x] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.

>> No.38302113

>[X] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
Man, we're just spoiling our new daughters just as badly as Pierce is spoiling Laika...

Pls no bully my CV waifu,

>> No.38302114

>[X] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.

>> No.38302115

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.

Take home

>> No.38302126

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.

>> No.38302136

There are so many though:
Ice: Konstantina
Slider: Raikov
Katya: Katya
Goose: Natalya
Merlin: Laika
Sharktwins: Stasya + Lilya


>> No.38302151

we shouldnt bring them home.

they go back to the hotel, it is time for them to brood like hell.

we need to bring them out.

how about bringing them to the zoo?

>> No.38302155

>[x] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
Grab enough cake to sink a destroyer, we're gonna need it.
Number 1 on frank's list of "people to drop an FAE on"
>That russian colonel that Stasya and Lilya are scared of

>> No.38302166

>[other] But don't you want some CAKE?

>> No.38302194 [SPOILER] 

FAEBs are too easy
We have to go bigger
MUCH bigger

>> No.38302212

Long live Belka.

>> No.38302232

We should have the sharktwins be their older sisters. What can go wrong?

Lilya => Larisa?
Stasya => Starisa?


>> No.38302236

None of them are dead you fool, and never will be as long as Fronk draws breath.
If Raikov doesn't rip him to ribbons we are feeding him into an active jet engine.

Or handing a list of the things he's done to EVERY witch coven we can, they will make his death extremely painful.
Not painful enough, we need something that could count as a warcrime if done to anyone but Volgin.
Long Live Belka

>> No.38302247

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
Take it to go.

>> No.38302273

That fucking plane-fortress again.

>> No.38302274

It's an Aigleipnirhengecalibur with Varolac escorts
What do you want, the ArkSOLGV2Morgan too?

>> No.38302298 [SPOILER] 


>> No.38302301


>> No.38302318

>[] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.
Ask for the cake to go, give Santa the look that says "Shit Has Happened". Promptly be ready to shield the girls from any press that may arrive. And or Suplex a motherfucker if he gets too close.

>> No.38302327 [SPOILER] 

Jesus christ you people are impossible
Have idolplanes instead

>> No.38302347

Something that can make Volgin have a very painful death.

We could always tell Fluffy and Nuts to end him. Sure it's not subtle but it's better than nothing.

>> No.38302351

Your tribute will work for now but I expect that ArkSOLGV2Morgan soon.

>> No.38302365

That picture disgusts me.

>> No.38302369




>> No.38302381

Now i torn between drawing Karla idols arc or that 'just flesh wound' between Pixy and Karla comic...

>> No.38302383


You lost me.

>> No.38302392

Expect nothing but shitscribbles, for I promise no more

This thread is so AC intensive it's impossible not to want to drop an [email protected] joke now and again


>> No.38302415

Better save up on stocked fuel then...

>> No.38302446


This is like kancolle prep...

>> No.38302476

Do both sometime
Gotta experiment with character design some, eh?

Ace Combat Infinity is cross-promoting with [email protected] through the power of CUTE GIRLS ON DEATHJETS, and /aceg/ is in a fucking riot

You do that, ace pilot, and you might get the secret Producer T-50 yet!

Vote for best idol here: http://www.strawpoll.me/
I know it says /aceg/ and I'm not sorry

>> No.38302498


>> No.38302502

If anyone chooses something other than puchis, they're obviously insane and should be put down.

>> No.38302626

God damn it, why?
and why do I want that skin so bad?!
I don't even HAVE a B2 yet, I still have to get the god damned Falken!

>> No.38302652


its not a skin.

Those are PLANE DROPS.

>> No.38302669

That's the power of not one, not two, but ALL THE GIRLS
Just sortie out of stocked and you too could have a .05% chance to get these alongside our broken-ass FALKEN, Wyvern, and Morgan skins!

>> No.38302688

[x] Sure, I guess. Let me square things with Santa.

“Sure, I guess.” You say, standing up. They both slide out of the booth as soon as you do, intent on coming with you, wherever you're going. “Let me go square things with Santa, and we'll head back.” Still, they both stick with you, Lilya insisting on holding onto your free hand.

You square things quickly enough with Santa- he, as seems to be his custom- waives the cost of the food, and hands you a large carry bag with a pair of large cakes in it. He also swears to make you come back and pick up another pair before you head back to Europe. You give the bag to Stasya, who has to use both hands to carry it, but otherwise manages.

The ride back to the lodge is quiet, though it takes longer than the ride out did, with traffic picking up. You arrive after sunset, which is kind of a bummer- there's a good view out from your room as well. You sit back down on your bed- and are rapidly joined by both Stasya and Lilya, who take up positions on either side of you, settling in close. Merlin sees this- and immediately makes for the shower.

The three of you watch MTV while she showers- music videos probably aren't the best thing to be watching, but there's precious little else on. Finally, she comes out, her pajamas on, and slips into her bed, rolling to face the wall and putting her glasses on the bedside table. “G'night F-frank.” She mutters, barely audible. “Goodnight Stasya, night Lilya.”

“Night Merlin.” You respond, by reflex- the girls don't respond. You look down to make sure they're both still awake- they are, so at least you don't have to wake them up.

“Alright, girls. Showertime.” You say. They both look up at you. “You can both shower now, or you can go one at a time, it makes no difference to me.”

“Do we have to?” Stasya asks after a second. “We are... happy here.”

[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.
[] I guess not. You mean that?

>> No.38302689

The Puchies are leading as of this posting.

>> No.38302703

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302711

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302717

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302719

[] I guess not. You mean that?
Cuddles for the imoutos!

All is as it should be

>> No.38302727

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.
inb4 fighting montage against surprise spetsnaz.

>> No.38302732

[X] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302733


>> No.38302743

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302744

[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish. Bodily hygiene is important.

>> No.38302749

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302752

>[x] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.
Hygiene and all that stuff, no surprise Russians are going to appear.

>> No.38302775

>[] I guess not. You mean that?
But you have to shower in the morning then.

>> No.38302776

>[x] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.
Jesus christ, they are like limpets!

>> No.38302778

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

Leave the door open so that they can still talk to us while they shower.

>> No.38302801

>Those are PLANE DROPS.
I can't even pretend I'm not going to buy all the Sortie Fuel from them.
Shit, I'm not evem a fan of [email protected], I just want that incredibly lulzy B-2.

>Just sortie out of stocked and you too could have a .05% chance to get these alongside our broken-ass FALKEN, Wyvern, and Morgan skins!
Nah, thanks but the Morgan -Pixy- is the only girl for me, even if Ioccasionally get kicked out of rooms because I kicked too much ass in it.

>> No.38302808

>[x] I guess not. You mean that?
Not taking a shower every once in awhile fine, as long as they take one in the morning anyway.

>> No.38302812


[X] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

a Clean Imouto pair is a happy Imouto pair.

>> No.38302821

>Kicking ass
You must really like ECM then

>> No.38302867

[X]Yes, you have to. No, I can't come in with you. Don’t worry, I'll still be here when you get back.

Say it gently. Fronk's not an idiot, he should be starting to get the idea of what they went through as Volgin's subjects.

>> No.38302871

Makoto is leading in the poll! Fix this!

>> No.38302887


>> No.38302907

Who the hell voted Makoto over puchis?
I'll get you for this

>> No.38302916

I have no regrets. This is the only path.

>> No.38302921

Seems all is well in world then.

And no, i cast no vote. stayin neutral.

>> No.38302924

MPMB everything when there are ground targets, Laser everything when in B7R.
couple that with parts to improve stamdard missiles and a couple for maneuverability and You'll be o first place more often than not, at least when against people on your same skill level.

>> No.38302936

MPBMs are still blinding as fuck, and you should feel bad if you spam them on Dubai

>> No.38302946

>[] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

>> No.38302958


>> No.38302975

>[X] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

I'm voting for Ritsuko, even if she has no chance of winning the poll, because she's already won my heart.

>> No.38302993

>Not liking Makato


>> No.38303027

tomboy a shit

would not hold hands with.

>> No.38303037

Halley, you mispelled Makoto. Please turn in your Reverse Trap Card.

>> No.38303043

>Not voting puchis
It's like you don't even have taste, but that's too generous

I have written three papers on taste this term, and I'm sick of it

>> No.38303063

Next to the Puchies, Ritsuko for me.

>> No.38303082

What about spamming them on Moscow? Or on the Oil rigs?
Tokyo is a bit more difficult, but that's what improved warheads (M), Mobile Fin (M) and That One Reload Speed Part (L) are for.
I just use them to soften up the red targets on Weapons Base So the standards can finish the job and often forvet about them entirely and just go for air targets.

I've made an art out of killing everything using the Morgan, even finished the last campaign mission using it and the Lasers.
sadly I have yet to finish it using lasers and with no stealth parts, but I'm working on it.

>> No.38303123

Best actual idol. Fortunately puchis reign supreme.

>> No.38303137

You're going to get outgunned by loadsodamage Fullbacks. Failing that, you're probably going to score high
Outgunned by 4AGMetaplanes
See Moscow

At least you can laser things

>> No.38303140


>> No.38303164

I want to vote, but I don't know where.

>> No.38303197

See >>38302476
Check under the spoilers
Vote puchis or face death

>> No.38303221

You fuck you voted Makoto

>> No.38303226

>he voted for Makoto.

>> No.38303270

>No Chihaya
My disgust transcends the Arkbird's orbit

>> No.38303274

One thing has been made clear to me this thread: Idorus are serious business.

>> No.38303290

As of this post Makoto 10, Puchies 9

>> No.38303305

Hell yeah they are

>> No.38303312

Darn right it is.

>> No.38303337


>> No.38303345

Yeah, I tend to have problems when up against Fullbacks, but I average about 65 thousand on moscow on 4 player rooms and 45 on 8 player ones anyway.
I do tend to focus on air targets on Moscow and Wapons Base.
For Pipeline I just drop a MPMB on the refineries right on the beggining and then strafe a bit with the machine guns to finish what little health they will have left.
Thats why I have top speed and Accel enhacing parts, so I can get to my targets faster than everyone else, but I'll admit I haven't played around with Body parts like I have with Weapon ones.
on a side note, my Morgan is level eight, so its stats are good enough to one hit all but red targets with the right parts, and even they just need a burst from the machine guns to die.

>> No.38303346

I don't care anymore I just want to die. this is stupid

>> No.38303368

When we get back to the squad, either as we descend the ramp with them waiting or as we walk into ice's office we need to robo-walk up to them.
"Frank? Are you alright?"

>> No.38303370

you forced my hand

Hail Hydra!

>> No.38303380

Well that's the high level advantage for you.
And the whole "jack of all trades, master of none" that multiroles have going for them
As long as you can pull your weight, and don't club, it's alright

>> No.38303387

I hope I can get a Chihaya f-15 when they start dropping.

>> No.38303394

Fronk Prime Online

>> No.38303402

Welcome to /tg/ quest threads between updates
It's a wild ride from here

>> No.38303414

And then Ice has a mental breakdown as the man she loved has been turned into a soulless machine.



>> No.38303422


I think you mean "optimal", anon.

>> No.38303427

And we have to coordinate we Merlin. Make it look like it was all apart of her plan to control Frank using the neural implants.

>> No.38303441

no I meant operational. Damn fingers disobeyed me.

>> No.38303442

Naw, she'll take responsibility for bring us back to life and leaving us with two kids.

>> No.38303450


>> No.38303468

I haven't voted yet.

>> No.38303476

You'd best vote Pucchis.

>> No.38303483

Vote puchis
Someone's voting makoto and it won't stand
(12-11 makoto right now)

>> No.38303488

That is a shit tier gundam. Please use a better one.

>> No.38303491

Honestly, I find that the secret is to kill everythimg you can and not pursue kills that would take too long.
Yes, that T-50 is worth 3500, but in the time it took to kill it you could have got three targets worth 1200. You got to know what and when to shoot.

>> No.38303493

I voted Chihaya

>> No.38303500


People would love that he's kicking communist ass left and right.
Then the Japanese would say
"Domo arigato Mr. Roboto"

>> No.38303511

Vote puchies!

>> No.38303535

muh brother.

>> No.38303536

idols are shit

>> No.38303539

That's exactly how it should be played anon
Good on you
Do look into diversifying beyond the Morgan, though, that new Wyvern is headed straight for the metaplanes

>> No.38303543

"Did you know, there are three kind of Idols?

The one who seek fame
The one who live for her fans
and the one who can read the stage

Those are the three. And her..?"

"This is the man they called the Producer. This man is her producer..."

>> No.38303585

WAS her Producer.

>> No.38303588 [SPOILER] 

Your taste is shit

"It was a cold and snowy stage..."

>> No.38303611


Pucchis are love.

>> No.38303634

[x] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

“Yes.” You command, though gently. At least, you hope it's gently. “Go shower, I'll be here when you get out, so will Samantha. Ok?”

They hesitate, but eventually slide off the bed, with Lilya showering in your bathroom and Stasya using the one in their room. They both hurry, taking pretty short showers, all told. They're back out before you even get up to get your own hygiene kit, and they both look at you when they see you digging in your bag for your sweatpants and a t-shirt to wear to bed.

“Just looking for my pajamas.” you say, holding them up for the girls to see- they simply re-occupy your bed and watch you as you step into the bathroom.

You don't take long in the shower, just being sure to shave before you get done. You step out to find the TV still off, the two of them having occupied your bed pretty quickly.

“Girls.” You say, upon seeing this. They both look at you. “You can't sleep in my bed.”

“Why not?” Staysa asks.

“It's not-” You cut yourself off- you don't need the headache of trying to explain it all to them. “Nevermind. I'll sleep in the other room.”

They look at each other, then at you. “Why?” Stasya asks.

“Because you're in my bed?” You say, though that doesn't help the looks of confusion on their faces. “Don't worry about it, ok? Go to sleep, I'll see you in the morning.”


>> No.38303646

Ritsuko best

>> No.38303655

“But- “ Stasya shakes her head. “you will not go anywhere?”

“I won't, I promise. I'll just be in the next room, see? I'll leave the door open and everything.” You answer, reassuringly.

She nods. “ok.”

“Sleep tight.” You say, glad to have that sorted out, and shut off the light, padding into the next room and falling into a bed. You're out pretty fast, once you get under the covers- the mattresses here are nice.

You're woken up just once during the night when Stasya and Lilya join you, curling up against you. “We had a bad dream.” Stasya mumbles- you're too out of it to do much more than register the statement and the addition of the bodies against you before you go back to sleep.

Though, a small part of your brain, aware of it's surroundings, is glad Slider and her damn camera aren't here.

>> No.38303680

Unless you're Xion.
Then it's just suffering

>> No.38303686

Daww, cute.

>> No.38303713

i bet even Slider will be too daaaaaw'ed to bring her camera.

>> No.38303716

and that's it for the night!

Sorry about the slowdown there at the end, got sidetracked looking at hiking gear, haha. I keep hearing it's a lot harder than I'm expecting, I keep saying the pack is like, less than half the weight of all the crap i used to carry, and there's fewer things trying to kill me! hahahaha. anyway. right, regardless, sorry about that.

No other news, though with the local weather, next week may be postponed. Work tends to get screwy when there's snow, haha. we'll see, keep an eye on the twitter.

Anyway, we'll be back next week, barring unforseen issues, at the regular time. Till then, gents, cheers!

>> No.38303736

Favorite Idol. Now.

>> No.38303739

My God, they are like hatchling ducks that imprinted on Frank.
Night Ghost!

>> No.38303740

Later Ghost
Keep dry, hike straight, don't die

Vote puchis

>> No.38303741

I'll admit the Morgan was something of a crutch for me, but the only other planes I had that were not shit were the F-14A, the Zipang and the F-16 -DR-.
mostly, I use it because I love the plane and I love big explosions.

I already have a F-22 just waiting for a few deathmatches and am looking to get the Falken, the ATD-0 and finishing my collection of F-15 variants, but all that takes money and a shitload of time.

>> No.38303742


>> No.38303748

Ghostdiva, important question! What is your favorite idoru?

>> No.38303760

Thanks for running, Ghost!

>> No.38303771

Good run as always Ghost!

>> No.38303779


what's an idol? Is it like a Psychomoto?

I won't bullshit you, I'm really, really out of date on anime and anime-related products. hahahaha.

>> No.38303787

Thanks for the run ghost!
>The girls break down after we say the word Colonel and have nightmares.
We need to brief the unit on this when we return back, along with a promise to beat a mother fucker with an AMRAAM or void their "Free Fronk use" if they scare the girls.

>> No.38303789

Thanks for the thread Ghost.

THough I do have a couple of questions, How did the girls know english so fast in four days?

Also what else happen besides dinner with that celebrity and who's the girl?

Also did we get an autograph or pictures with them, so Ice can freak out or tease them?

>> No.38303796 [SPOILER] 

Best of luck, Ace Pilot
Dont't forget to buy fuel

>> No.38303810

Night, Ghost. Thanks for today.

>> No.38303817

It's funny how many hiking 'experts' overstate the difficulty, hiking with a 10kg pack is nothing compared to doing 3 weeks of landnav exercises with a fully loaded ruck

>> No.38303824


>> No.38303828

You claim to know Ace Combat, yet know nothing of [email protected]

It's Bandai-Namco's other premier franchise - life sim where you raise girls into singing stars. We're shitposting about which one is the best
Just google it

>> No.38303830

One thing always kind of bothers me about the two german girls as much as I like them.

Why are they so attached to Frank? I mean Frank did try to shoot them down, as they saw him all bloody and zombie like?

I mean normal girls will be traumatized or something?

>> No.38303835

Ghostdiva is not [email protected]

>> No.38303841

Cause MC.

>> No.38303856


>> No.38303864

>Let me disprove you, Anon.

It was a dark but storm-less night. The pack of overgrown puppies was inexplicably docile. A certain QM's body wasn't actively attempting to kill her.

Yes, it was that time of the week again. Tuesday evening (PST). Time for Strike Witches Quest 1989.

For tonight's run, quest mistress Ghostdiva donned the operator outfit of bayou commando Brigitte Laroux, the unexpected dark horse contender of the Fronk Bowl. She had gone as far as getting a tan and wearing a headband topped by white-furred ears and matching animatronic tail.

"Ready to let your imagination out, Anon?" Ghostdiva purred.

"Best night of the week," Anon replied.

And that was when the door banged open.

"Anon!" Merrchi sang as she pranced into the room carrying a PJ uniform. "IT BEGINS ANEW."

Ghostdiva blinked. "Mercchi?" she muttered. "What are you doing here?"

"What else would I come to /tg/ for?" Mercchi held up a PJ jacket labeled PIERCE, W.

Oh, Ghostdiva knew far too well what her fellow quest mistress had in mind.
"Ace Combat: Endless Skies Quest?" she lied.

"No," Mercchi replied, the smile fading from her face as she realized the resistance she faced.

"Cyberpunk Idol Management Quest?"


"Valkyrian Mercs Quest-"

"That's long done," Mercchi reminded her.

"-Two?" Ghostdiva finished with just the slightest hint of a smirk as she deliberately tweaked a nerve.

Mercchi and Anon shuddered. "That never existed," the former denied.

"Fucking Lucas and Failyn," Anon grunted.

Mercchi rallied herself. "Anyway, I came to announce that it's Pararescue Witches time!" Light flared off the lenses of her glasses. "Didn't Twitter-chan tell you?" (1/3)

>> No.38303870


>> No.38303890

Ghostdiva frowned. "I dispatched assassins to erase you from living memory."

"Mere assassins are no match for Tarin," Mercchi dismissed. "Besides, getting rid of me means no more Janice." She smirked. "Checkmate."

"I have ways around that," Ghostdiva blustered. "I have a replacement writer who is more... sympathetic... to my requirements."


Feelthy-tan looked up from her NAVY mug. "What?"


"So it has come to this again." Mercchi made a dramatic gesture. "Running at the same time as SW89! Well, let's see how things go!"

"I'll shank you," Ghostdiva threatened. "Right in the girlahs."

"You had 4 hours to prepare your defenses," Mercchi pointed out.

The two quest mistresses glared heatseekers at each other.

Anon sighed. "Can't we all just get along and hate- I dunno," he pondered aloud. "Kota?"

Ghostdiva's response was to take him by the arm and pull the limb deep into her cleavage. "Fronk," she mewled while grinding her lush assets against him. "Your orders are to achieve air superiority over the entire Polish front."

Mercchi bristled. There was no way she could compete against Ghostdiva's magnificent frontal projections, of which she was totally not jealous of.

Instead the smaller QM pressed her curvacious back and pert arse into Anon. "The enemy's rear areas are wide open for infiltration and pillaging, Will," she invited.

It was Ghostdiva's turn to get annoyed. She felt that Mercchi always kept making fun of her backside behind her back.

"I was here first, Mercchi!" she snapped.

"I'm here more often, Ghost!" was the retort.

The argument quickly degenerated from there.



"Laika is for lewds!"

"Merlin is for lewds!"

If his arms weren't trapped in such comfy vises, Anon would have double-palmed his face.


"Fuel!" (2/3)

>> No.38303912

>Idoru Psychomoto

Yooooo I can get behind that.
What kind of idol would she be past the whole "TAKE ME CLOSER I WISH TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD"?

>> No.38303927

Thanks buddy. Good luck as well.

>> No.38303931

But this was Anon. The man who wanted everything. And, dice gods willing, he often got what he wanted.

Without warning he snatched his arms free of the squabbling Ghostdiva and Mercchi. Anon threw those freed arms around the startled girls. He drew Ghostdiva and Mercchi together in a great big hug.

"Mmmppphhh!" Mercchi sputtered as her face got buried within Ghostdiva's bosom to the soft sound of a POMF.

"You're both great!" Anon assured them. He reverently looked up to Ghostdiva. "Ghostdiva, when Deme abandoned me to become a wizard, you stepped up to the task and never stopped for sickness, moves, or puppies."

Then he gazed down at Mercchi, who had just managed to free herself from the smother. "And Mercchi, you always have something new for me. It's never boring around you," Anon thanked her.

The QMs blushed.

"Y-y-you still have to choose," Ghostdiva mumbled.

"Y-y-yeah," Mercchi weakly assented. "Just pick already!"

Anon grinned. "Oh, I'll choose all right. I choose... BOTH OF YOU!"

And he tackled the squealing Ghostdiva and Mercchi into the bed.


In Trashcanistan, Maus-chan paused. "Huh," she grunted. "Why do I have the feeling I'm missing out on something?"

"Maus," her sergeant prompted. "The controlled detonation?"

"Roger, sarge."


Lying on his back, flanked by qt QMs spooning him, Anon knew this was bliss. "And here they said you two were against harem ends," he chuckled.

Ghostdiva landed a playful slap on Anon's chest. "Don't think I'll let you get away with this next week..."

"No cheating on Janice." But try as she might, Mercchi couldn't bring herself to replace her sunny smile with a pout. "Laika will pout."

And that was when the door banged open again. (3/4)

>> No.38303972


The vibrant twang in Deme's voice bled off like airspeed from a frantically climbing P-61 that was being chased by every aircraft in the Martian arsenal. She stared at the sight of the euphoric Ghostdiva and Mercchi blanketing the very smug-looking Anon.

"Sup, Deme," Anon said simply.

"...Can I join?" Deme panted hungrily.

And that was how Sakamotobro was NTR'd.

Swordings ensued. (4/4)

>I have no regrets. Ghostdiva, Mercchi, Feelthy, and Deme are my waifus.

>> No.38303989

What the hell just happened?

>> No.38303998

>>I have no regrets. Ghostdiva, Mercchi, Feelthy, and Deme are my waifus.
I can see you live your life well.

>> No.38304000


I know the skins from AC 5 and 6, passed them off as kinda ugly. though the Halloween skin for the F-14 was aight. Zipang, i think it was? been a while.


That's kinda my stance. They talk about 500$ ultra lightweight frame packs, I'm planning on using dad's old ALICE.


They knew English passingly beforehand- as is they're polyglots. There's a lot of stuff about them you guys don't know yet, haha!

The girl- assuming you mean Kim Greely- is an actress playing the role of one of the girls in Dragonriders of Texas. You met her and Benji for lunch while still in Cannes.

You didn't get anything from them, Merlin may have. That said, Benji made sure you knew that if you wrote, he's sure the cast and crew would write back.

>> No.38304008

Lewds, my friend.


>> No.38304010

I don't know, but someone better save the thread fast. Screen cap it too.

>> No.38304020

>>I have no regrets. Ghostdiva, Mercchi, Feelthy, and Deme are my waifus.

Whatevery you're on, i want some.

>> No.38304022

Something beautiful.

>> No.38304035

Who the hell is Deme?

Also Where's planefag.

>> No.38304041

Are you that same anon that did the original Ghostdiva lewds? If so long time no see.

>> No.38304044

Planes, feels, ACI, The girls getting scared because Volgin and finally anon's smut including ghost, Merc, Planefag, Feelthy and Maus.

That sums up the thread.

>> No.38304047

>. You met her and Benji for lunch while still in Cannes.

Tell me we at least got his autograph for icccce

>> No.38304049

The Aristocrats!

>> No.38304059

Same person.

>> No.38304062

Fap Angel is angeling. While he faps.

>> No.38304067

PF is Deme IIRC.

>> No.38304093


>> No.38304101


It'll come up in thread, actually. Tonight was kind of a hint at it though!

>> No.38304115

AC6 and ACAH had [email protected] plane variants. They were moe as fuck, but had insane stats and SPW counts, hence their popularity.
This had the side effect of getting AC fans into [email protected] games, which leads to our present situation.
That's a short version
Zipang was the Cherry Blossoms one, Halloween pumpkin was its own thing

>> No.38304124

Now who has Merc's?

>> No.38304133

Never hold regrets anon
You have created beauty

>> No.38304138

>This had the side effect of getting AC fans into [email protected] games, which leads to our present situation.

It was no side effect, that was alway the intention.

Funnel fans of another series into another of Bamco's Cash Cows.

>> No.38304157

You rang?

>> No.38304158

Then what about the lunch with the Dragon rider actor and I guess his co-star? Did anything interesting happen during lunch?

Kind of surprised/relieved the German girls didn't get caught on camera.

Also did we get an Autograph or picture of him to mess with ice with?

>> No.38304164

Nope. But he was my inspiration.

Four mugs of coffee. Fifth incoming.

Deme = Planefag

So it was Volgin at fault! Volgin!

>> No.38304199

Old enough to that I entered my first SW89 thread was when Katya and frank crashed.

I did a lot of binging afterwards.

It was nice.

>> No.38304214


Not really. bunch of small talk. Benji's ok, but way out of his depth and Kim's kind of shallow- but ok for an actress.

And you got nothing. Merlin, on the other hand, did. She planned ahead.

>> No.38304260

So kind of like 50 Shades of Grey?

Aw Dammit, I was hoping that he'll take an autograph for ice, if only to mess with her head.

She's getting more resistant, Frank has to get more creative.

>> No.38304302

Puchies and Makoto tied!

>> No.38304313


Actually, he didn't have a lot to do with the girls, outside the initial acquisition. He never worked directly with them, and they only ever saw him once or twice.

>> No.38304316

Coome on, just ONE MORE vote and puchis take the day!

>> No.38304343

>Though, a small part of your brain, aware of it's surroundings, is glad Slider and her damn camera aren't here.

Well, I think Slider has plenty of material from just watching TV since it's showing nothing but Frank.

Though I imagine her messing with him about him dating an Actress or what other rumors are cropping up.

Maybe on the inside a little irked but doesn't outweigh the teasing material.

>> No.38304359

Puchis take the Idolb owl

>> No.38304361

its easier to aim our hatred to him.

>> No.38304362

The puchies have taken the lead! You have read that in a sports announcer voice

>> No.38304369

So it's a different Colonel that is a bastard?

Also when did Merlin read Dragon Riders of Texas? Or rather any of the Montana books?

She raided Ice's bookcase didn't she?

>> No.38304388

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen!

>> No.38304440

I guess I can't blame Volgin for everything.

So the girls weren't afraid of a colonel, but of Frank leaving them?

>> No.38304469

I don't think they take superiors very well.

Maybe Volgin is some sort of Boogieeman.

>> No.38304502

It seems we have another colonel, almost as bad as Volgin.

>> No.38304622


He very much is. They've met him, under escort, of course. He suggested many of the 'training' mechanisms they put in place, but had no actual control over the program handling them. They still know- and fear- him.


Actually, she's been into Dragonriders for a while. Moreso than Ice is, actually.

past that, I'm not going to say, hahahaha.

>> No.38304681

>They've met him, under escort, of course.
I really don't want to think about what happens when young witches meet with Volgin without an escort.

>> No.38304691

Is Dragon Riders of texas ,50 shades of Grey lewd?

It seems witches love this stuff.

>> No.38304751

Ugh wut? Frank was referring to his friend in the confederate air force, a friend of his family and a nice guy, the girls dont know him and assumed 'the colonel' meant volgin, who is referred to by his rank

>> No.38304775


It's dimestore bodice-ripper lewd. nowhere near as explicit as 50 shades is, though I can't say that for certain, having never read 50 shades.


To be fair, had he touched them, he'd have probably been executed. They were/are far more valuable to the Soviets than he was/is.

>> No.38304948

no, sorry about that.
I know Frank refers to his colonel friend, and i assume the 'colonel' that the girls fear is Volgin. Then Ghost explain that Volgin is not involved much with girls and mistook that there is another Colonel involved in their handling.

>> No.38304951

Well I think 50 shades is more or less the same lewd as that.

Though Merlin being interested and a 'BIGGER' fan then Ice, frightens me.

>> No.38304988

If anything, Kenji should be the one frightened, not you.

Then again, given Kenji's grandparents, sister, and Japanese culture...

>> No.38305047

Hey Japanese culture isn't that perverse!

Considering girls walking around in their skivvies as normal, some things will be shrugged off.

Then again Kenji's grandparents.....that is more then enough lewd.

>> No.38305172


Merlin's actually active in the fan community.

Afterall, who do you think writes "Dragonmaster of Seattle?"


>> No.38305217

the more you know...

>> No.38305242

There's a dragonmaster of seattle?

Is it based on certain figures?

>> No.38305301

So Merlin was lewd all along. Only Fluffy, Nutella, Laika, Lilya, and Stasya remain pure.

>> No.38305344

>"Dragonmaster of Seattle?"

I want details please!

Considering Merlin's experiences, I imagine it will be interesting.

Also is it well received?

>> No.38305396


Within the fanfic community, such as it is, it's well received. It's nowhere near as explicit as the originals- it has a lot of fade to black stuff going on- but it's engaging and well written enough that there's a small group that think it should be picked up by the publisher and made part of the series.

>> No.38305670

Ohhh, So Merlin is the 50 Shades of Grey girl.

For context, apparently 50 shades was originally twilight fanfiction.

Also is Frank and friends are being used as bases for some of the chracters and events?

>> No.38305671


>> No.38305736

I guess I'm showing my age as a millennial but how does fanfiction get across to readers in the fanfic community without internet?

>> No.38305745

i guess they have their own newsletter. by post office?

>> No.38305748

>"Fucking Lucas and Failyn," Anon grunted.
Is it possible to give yourself a glasgow smile by grinning way to fucking hard?

>> No.38305778

Usenet, son. The internet exists, just not the web.

>> No.38306354

I'm laughing, I didn't think people could stay mad over the best waifu winning the second Valkyrian Merc Bowl

>> No.38306366

>implying best waifu wasn't Lara

>> No.38306458

Feelthy you're not allowed to make comments like that when you've shown a tendency for shit taste AND fucking with people. I seriously have no idea on what to call you out on right now.

Worst girl ekking out the win because of ridiculous context was the engine explosion, followed by the crash and burn, bits of Merc's notes flying everywhere, until it finally crashed into the ocean to join atlantis. Massively entertaining as long as you weren't too invested or you have enough raw enjoyment for clusterfuck.

>> No.38306469

but hes not wrong.

Falynn best girl.

>> No.38306505

>I seriously have no idea on what to call you out on right now.

Try harder, I'm sure you'll find something!

>> No.38306517

Good gif and good post.

Shes ok but was clearly not Luca's choice she was Merc's, still has her picture on his twitter.

>> No.38306529

Maybe it because i following it from archive, but honestly Falynn comes as winner comes rather out of blue, since i recall Lucas interact more with Char and Lucina and Edwin.

>> No.38306549

It's Always Samefagging/QM Railroading If I Don't Like It

>> No.38306586

yea but hes the one who always goes to her aid when

>> No.38306615

But I love all of my characters!

...except Brillant.

>> No.38306633

You know, I never ended up posting those VMQ 2 lewds I promised. I won't post them here, that'd be rude. I'll post them in ACQ on Friday. Probably. Maybe Sunday. Maybe put out Lara's in ACQ, Sparky and Morgan in CIMQ, and Lucina's in Pararescue.

Either way, expect lewdness.

>> No.38306650

Poor Brillant. Completely forgotten.

>> No.38306658

pls no bully Brillant. And if you love them all get Tarin to win one of these times!

>> No.38306663


...Teaser pls. Who's are you posting?

>> No.38306666

Who's brilliant?
...just kidding.

>> No.38306702

New witch called Falynn seducing Pierce successfully due to sketchy votes or suddenly implemented rolls fucking when?

>Hey Failynn can you stop jobbing so I don't have to keep pulling you out of the fire and my gentlemanly ass can go back to being casually intimate with Lucina or being a conspirator with Morgan about her femininity
>uh half my brain is asleep because they've got work tomorrow but okay


>> No.38306725

You remember those lewd prompts? I ended up working on them in my spare time. I probably will post them in the order listed previously. I have no idea where I'd post Chequita's(which was my personal favorite to write). I'll probably post it sunday.

>> No.38306738

>that first Greentext
That would be the biggest shitstorm this year.

>> No.38306780

Merc would have have to get a new trip and writing style the fallout with out be so massive haha

>> No.38306805

If ghost didn't sent mercenary, assassins and hellhounds to deal with that fiasco yet.

>> No.38306879


that just means Janice can be wooed by Frank.

yes. yesssss.

>> No.38306915

Well Bargained and Done, I'd write that.

>> No.38306944


...and Falynn wins again. JUST AS PLANNED.

>> No.38306946

>It is the year 2016
>A new quest, run by an unknown newcomer has roused the people after the revered SWQ became about nothing but superpowered luchadores and Strikers having collapsed so completely that only one phrase leaves any hint as to what happened
>"Side ties are a poison."
>Then one fateful day, an innocuous side character is introduced in the new people's hope
>By the name of Tairn
>He-who-must-not-be-forgiven revealed himself, defeated by his own vanity
>Within hours the quest is a smoking crater
>And the board returns to calm nothingness

>> No.38306961

You guys have been reading planefag's guide to trolling, haven't you?

>> No.38307068



hell, I'm writing new chapters. You think those doctor names were just chosen at random? hahahaha! please, it takes a special kind of messed up to-

oh. wait. haha, spoilers. Nevermind!

>> No.38307086


ghostdiva pls

>> No.38307787


It's all good though, because Dr. Emil hasn't shown up yet, right?


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