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>> No.38287620

Neon Genesis Evangelion
+200cp - Uncomfortable Symbolism (Pattern Blue and Hybrids only)
+100cp - Fanon Country
+300cp - Hark the Herald
-100cp - Favorites List (Requires Fanon Country):Thousand Shinji spinoff the open door
pattern blue -100
Waveform Anatomy (Free with Pattern Blue)
Solipsistic Integrity-100
400cp - AT Field Mastery (Discount Pattern Blue)
0cp - Basic AT Field Functions (Free with an Evangelion, Fee with AT Field Mastery)
Advanced AT Field Functions (Discount Evangelion, Free with AT Field Mastery)
High Energy Reaction -200
S2 Engine/Organ -300
secondary field -100
extra normal senses -50
Passive Field Effect (Discount Pattern Blue) -50
Improved Regeneration discounted with pattern blue -200
0cp - Infinite Supply of Tang (Free for Everyone!)
#The plan: I have lots of stacked willpower , so I'm fairly safe on the going crazy and causing an impact thing, plus this Shinji would probably be willing to believe that I'm actually from another dimension .And I'm here to help, so yeah, I am a roughly 1/4 foot around sun disk with his core as a thin band around the rim, I stack height of a God, and sapient singularity via This Is, In Fact, My Final Form to become a living eclipse when the going gets rough, mostly I make a point of showing up when the other Angels are around and blasting the hell out of them, in front of Shinji to prove my loyalty. He may not be the nice guy, but he's definitely the good guy here #

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A quarter of the way to 1000. Not bad.

>> No.38287770

Took forever to get posted edition.

So guys, what are you planning to do with your light of terra after that jump is over?

>> No.38287882

It's a ship, what does one generally do with a ship? I do have one Star Trek jump left, but if I didn't already do KANTAI COLLECTION That's what I would've done.

>> No.38287995

I've told this plan several times before, so I won't bore by saying it again, but I've figured out a way to turn the Light of Terra into a mecha. It's going to make the Gundam and Evangelion jumps absolutely hilarious.

>> No.38288020

Honestly, I broke it up for scrap.
I have no need for a fifteen kilometer long ship in 40k styling. I'd much rather have a fleet of smaller ships with clean lines.

Which isn't exactly virgin ground given my strategy in Platoon of stealing sinking ships.

>> No.38288136

A few questions about the RWBY jump.

Does Dust Focus do anything without the chambers?

How much of an effect does Remnant Arcana have on dust? Does it effect all magic?

Is it possible to pick Dust Grafts more than once?

Can a set of power armour like Iron Man or mjolnir be imported as a weapon like the Xanthine is? If not would I atleast be able to import parts like the gloves/repulsors? (gotta add more chainsaws)

Would I be able to get the effects of the Aura Armour by making something with the Bar of Aurorium or is it unique?

>> No.38288384

Nothing. It got destroyed by Orikan, because I rolled the dice due to the uncertainty of it all... a Pyrrhic victory.

My spoils from the Heathen Trail and the Fortress of Arrogance are my prizes for the jump, and they shall not be wasted.

>> No.38288435

>My spoils from the Heathen Trail are my prize for the jump.
It's really nice of you to talk about the Choir that way, I'm sure they'd be very happy to hear you say that.

>> No.38288547


When I say 'spoils', I usually refer to items and equipment. The Choir... the Choir was an unintended side effect. Granted a useful one, but VERY UNINTENDED. They would be more 'allying', and as such they don't count as 'spoils' because that would be demeaning to talk about them as equipment.

... ...of course, I'm only now just realizing due to their jealousy issues and the fact that Tenchi is like... RIGHT after Light of Terra that along with 8+ suitors after me, I ALSO have 5 ex-chaos nuns trying to lust after me, Cultist-chan is trying to play up the 'sibling' roles, and as such I've got 14 people at minimum who's got jealousy issues. All for me.

The benefactor is looking extremely evil right now.

>> No.38288554

Probably park it over a world. Turning into a ship girl or defacing it with alien technology is a techno-heresy of the most severe kind.

>> No.38288638

She decided it was boring that you refused to get into any relationship shenanigans despite all the options she put in so she's decided that you're going to suffer all of that built up romantic comedy from over 2000 years, immediately.

>> No.38288655

I heard there was a Deltora jump being made at some point?

All I ask. Is please do not involve the Shifting Sands at any point. That thing is still scary to this day.

>> No.38288704

As far as I remember the shifting sands are going to be involved.

>> No.38288705

Well, nobody ever said The Lady was anything else but bored.

>> No.38288716

Is this nigga serious?
>Breaking down Light of Trra for scrap.
Is there anythintg more heretical than that?
Light of Terra > 99,9999999999999999999999% of all other ships, period.
It also gives +100500 influence with Imperium, especially with the right upgrades. And you can get AdMech to suck your dick if you buy the STC printer in WH40k jump by uploading shitloads of STCs into the goliath class onboard factory, if you have it.
And last but not the least, breaking down an aincient and literaly irreplaceable battleship for scrap... in my eyes that is something like a dumb monkey wrecking a one of a kind, irreplaceable supercomputer with a stone to get itself a piece of it that looked shiny. Its like cutting up paintings that cost millions of dollars and using them to wipe your ass. Fuck, doing somthing like that wouldn't even enter my mind.

>> No.38288721

Oh fuck me running-

Purely as a drawback though, right?

>> No.38288736

Jump places you on the trip with the main characters, so unless you bail you're going anyway.

>> No.38288741

Nope. Far as I'm aware, the plan is to be one of the protagonists along with Lief, Barda, and Jasmine.

>> No.38288764

Even with +100500 influence with the imperium you would still be in the negatives because 40k is a bitch like that.

>> No.38288837


>being one of the protagonists
>dealing with the Glus, the Masked Ones, Gellick, any of that shit under any circumstances
>going to that underground ocean to get to the Shadowlands
>dealing with the Four Sisters under any circumstances
>dealing with that shrieking black ooze thing that guards the Fourth Sister.


>> No.38288846

Look, cutting down the LoT and shrinking all of its parts is perfectly valid, as is streamlining, repairing, and generally making its systems more efficient and advanced. Also replace all of those shitty machine spirits with normally functioning AI.

>> No.38288934


Anon there's a drawback where one of the Masked Ones' masks is stuck to your face (and your companions get one too).

>> No.38288939


>> No.38288973

No. No this is not adventure. This is suffering. Who the hell is making this, because they sound evil.


>> No.38289004

Look, I like this set up. If you hate it, you can just bail like the coward you are.

>> No.38289006


>> No.38289009


FUCKING DAMN IT, MAN. I've taken control of an interplanetary scheme of conquest! I've cracked magic itself to the point where I'm making my own magic and spells for shits and giggles! I'm harvesting each world's internet for Lust mantra despite having no sex drive at all as a troll! I've created a bow that can erase planets and invented machines that can turn mortals into gods! I have altered myself to such a degree that I'm not even sure if I'm accidentally becoming a new Demon God!



>> No.38289018

I took the DC Jump, and chose the DCAU as my universe. What happens when you choose anything other than green for the Power Ring perk? I don't think the emotional spectrum exists in the DCAU. Star Sapphire wasn't all about love and Sinestro was able to power his yellow ring by draining Green Lanterns.

>> No.38289031

That's why you make a perfect harem protagonist! We can stretch this out over three seasons, an OVA, four movies, a manga version, and an entire line of merchandise and videogame spinoffs!

>> No.38289033

Red she is bored. If there is a means to entertain her be it suffering, hilarity,or plan shenanigans I am sure she would do it.

>> No.38289057

No, you've got it all wrong. Jump-chan doesn't want you to have sex. That would be silly. She wants to watch your suffering as everyone tries to seduce you. You're the perfect straight man for harem manga shenanigans. Resisting this fate only increases the hilarity.

>> No.38289078

Harsh, bro. The world's nightmare-magical-Australia. The man has every right to be afraid.

>Who the hell is making this

OAA, I believe.

>> No.38289120

Do souls of people sacrificed to you become companions? What do you guys do with them? I was planning on sticking them in new bodies.

>> No.38289122

What are you talking ab-

>remember Tenchi
>remember High School DxD
>remember Negima
>remember Index
>remember Vandread


>> No.38289143

There was a High school DxD jump?

>> No.38289155

Nah they're just...sort part of you now.

As for mine-I'm giving them fancy hats, monocles and cravats.

>> No.38289156

She means the harem shows she's seen, I believe.

>> No.38289167

Ah I see my mistake.

>> No.38289184

Red may or may not be thinking of Rosario+Vampire; if I'm wrong, there's another opportunity for harem protag shenanigans

>> No.38289185


More specifically, series where the protagonist never actually breaks down and chooses, thus stretching out the humor.

>> No.38289212


I dunno.

>> No.38289215

Good question actually, maybe it makes it so that it does actually have the emotional spectrum?

I don't recall Young Justice showing anything more than green either but I just assume they're in the background somewhere not being shown.
I'm just hoping the Blues let me stay on Earth as its blue lantern.

>> No.38289220

See >>38289156 and >>38289185.

My suffering is absolute. My rage, endless.

>> No.38289223

>Making magical death Australia: The jump
Some take it to 11 but with his luck it'll be 14-15
Also does unrelated but does anyone remember that setting that /tg/ made ages ago that was literally the worst place to live?

>> No.38289247

Part of me? Their inside me? Those poor people. I thought they poped into the warehouse, someone said they did.

>> No.38289263

Uh...you thinking of Gigerworld? Man, that'd be a shitty place to jump, mostly because it'd basically be Blame! with more asshole aristocrats and bio-witches.

...ironically I wouldn't mind a Blame! jump

>> No.38289268


Actually, the protagonist of DxD straight-up WANTS a harem.

>> No.38289290

Okay so, definitely a bad example there.

Although I thought the reason he couldn't choose was because of him still reeling from the betrayal and his murder at the hands of that dark angel bitch?

>> No.38289302

So Red when will the Chaos Sisters start posing like the Ginyu force? Or try posing like the Barons the move like this/ Jojo?

>> No.38289305

Sorry man, it's based off Alucard's ability. They're inside of you. They come out looking like writing shadows at first, and then you can have 'em as berserk vampires or just themselves as in life. As far as I can tell the ability doesn't actually make you a vampire though; it's kind of like the Summon Greater Steamroller perk in JoJo in that it's there for you to do a cool thing that keeps on happening in the series

>> No.38289307

Any info on this place?

>> No.38289311

Assholia? https://archive.moe/tg/thread/14315189

>> No.38289321

No, I just found it, Assholia was the name.
Found it just before >>38289311 posted

>> No.38289332

I was going off the supernatural pagan god setup, theres another setting where you get sacrifices?

>> No.38289358

Oh SHIT, I'm so sorry-I was thinking of the Helsing Jump perk. Uh, in that case-going by what happened in the show, I think sacrificed souls just sort of die, and your personal reserve of god powers goes up.

>> No.38289368

See >>38289290, he's still got quirks and uncertainties which makes him unable to choose main girl. Which OF COURSE, means more time for the harem to do shenanigans/fanservice, and for his power level to get even more bullshit.

...fuck everything. Pic unrelated.

>> No.38289389

I need to look into hellsing...

>> No.38289400

Do it. It's a good manga.

>> No.38289486

+100500 influence lowers the chance of exterminatus and/or excommunicatus.
Meaning it gives you a chance to Praise the Emperor hard enough so that Imperium accepts you as not an enemy, but as a maybe useful asset, from where you can start to work on making it need/like you.

>> No.38289551

If you hadn't gone with instructor, Psychonauts could have gone that way as well given how almost every Camper is a hormonal teen more interested in sucking face than psychic powers.

>> No.38289564

Forgot my name, whoops.

>> No.38289595

>Implying they won't crush on Teacher

>> No.38289613

>Red's adventures are more like a Harem Anime then the guy who took Harem Protagonist as a perk, twice
Why does this make me laugh?

>> No.38289631

Oh yeah, I'm sure someone will be hot for teacher. And they've got it bad, got it bad, got it bad~

>> No.38289653

Because schadenfreude is amusing to see.

>> No.38289657

>given how almost every Camper is a hormonal teen more interested in sucking face than psychic powers

>crushing on teacher

>Why does this make me laugh?
Because you assholes drink my tears like some kind of delicacy.

>> No.38289658

>Red developing a harem

>Meanwhile, this schlub is about as lucky in the jumps as he is in real life.


>> No.38289676

Your situation is just as hilarious as Red's

>> No.38289683

Im pretty sure word of god has the pagan god souls dropping into your warehouse to do with as you will, now thats gonna get pretty cramped pretty fast without aomething like an ars tonelico tower. Hellsing may be the better route.

Also who is going to eat the peoples souls after what they just went through? Better using them as a cheap labor force.

>> No.38289695

>Tfw some people would say "I'd still hit it" from /tg/ when talking about beings that are ancient.

>> No.38289704

How? I mean you could get some just via massive cash stacks by now.

Also how does one become lust incarnate like red mentioned above?

>> No.38289716

True enough

Hey, I don't drink people's tears. At least not when they are actually suffering. But shit like this? This is funny to me

Also, some people like older women, see /tg/ when they want Dragons who are over 3000 years old. Or Mummies, or Ancient Gods, or any number of beings that are fucking old

>> No.38289742

>fucking old
Thats exactly the point, age is relative and completely a non issue when you can look like whatever you want.

>> No.38289743

Schadenfreude is amusing to everyone.

Except the guy suffering.

Don't ask anon. This shit can't be quantified.

Also: You do it by stacking ALL of the appearance perks.

>> No.38289747

Anyway, as I am currently on my phone and can't upload the old Psychonauts Jump,
And I will post my first update when I later today.

>> No.38289762

Lots of Charisma Perks
Lots of Appearance boosting Perks.

That's about it really. There are a couple more specialized things, like Veela Blood which has an "allure" that draws in people of the opposite sex of yourself.

I've grabbed most of the stuff Red has in that area


Want the truth OAA? My problem with People is I never know what to say, I over think. My first jump came with my new Best Friend, Alakazam, who I have a mental bond with.

She's my wing-man and helps me not over-think until I can do it on my own.

>> No.38289765

Why do I invision the oglaf cock rampage guy now? Damn you /tg/

>> No.38289785

Actually I meant the drawing power from peoples lust via the internet. Also these threads have gotten slower lately.

>> No.38289812

I think you have to conveter a server into becoming a mantra thing. That is all I know Red might have the details about it.

>> No.38289815

I actually did not take Veela. The idea of magically compelling people to like me is too skeevy to me, and I'd rather people decide allure factor of their own will. I don't have AS many charisma perks by far.

>lust incarnate
>the ASEXUAL is lust incarnate
>the sheer irony here is fucking staggering

...that... is sadly accurate. What have I done.

HEY. I didn't meant to do this!!

>> No.38289899

>overthinking what to say.

Preaching to the choir, mate. Didn't take a psychic-type though, even if I do have a mental bond with my Eevee. Lemme tell ya, the Eevee should've been a shoe-in. But no bueno.

At least I'm good at talking to people now.

... I don't even know.

You did it for personal reasons, right? Unfortunately, gotta contend with the fact that people do notice shit like that.

Unless you're the One-Armed Jumper.

>> No.38289903

You remind me of Lust, the character, from a webcomic about anthropomorphic personifications about the Seven Sins.

Lady was Asexual completely and utterly.

Until she found her Husbandaro, then she only had eyes for him. Her "Vices"(Lesser demons that represent an aspect of a Sin, Hording from Greed for example), called her out on not being lustful. She didn't care

>> No.38289925

Good comic, anon confirmed for good taste.

>> No.38289930

What is this webcomic called I am fairly interested.

>> No.38289942

Sins, fittingly enough,

>> No.38289957

Greed is best Sin. Hording specifically, he's a cool guy.

Oddly enough Sharing is best Virtue, he is also a cool guy

>> No.38290003

Funny how that works out? Chest portals are always awesome though.

Here's the original series' first page as well.

A-Any thoughts on the Psychonauts Jump?

>> No.38290014

People've been saying good things about it since you posted it.

>> No.38290017

Loved it. I didn't bother posting my build, I rarely do so

>> No.38290039

Sweet. I'll be around for questions, and am curious what Psychic Specialties people might take.
Head's up, it is now a discounted perk for Instructors.

>> No.38290069

Fair enough. I've got like, 8 builds that I never post. 3 of which I mentioned last thread though. The Jumper Party Van is fun, just going multidimensional party bus through the Jump Chain. DC's one started in Gotham, funnily enough.

>> No.38290086

Looks pretty cool to me. Unfortunately I've never played the game, but for what it's worth what's available looks pretty neat and priced appropriately

Though-I did ask, what would be the effect of perks that let you corrupt people like Corruptive Influence on your astral self?

>> No.38290198

Does my Psychic Specialty have to be one of the ones from the game? The text implies it doesn't, but I'm just making sure before I take a specialty in something like biokinesis or psychic vampirism.

>> No.38290227


>> No.38290345

Speaking of. It's been too long since I jumped and I completely lost track of where that last Chain was going (as well as losing track of the pastebin).


Region: Hoenn
Age: 17-years-old
Flaws: Swarmed (+100), Marked (+200) (Team Magma)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Identity: Small Town

Starter: Eevee
-Mental Bond

Skills & Abilities:
-Physical Fitness (Free)
-Survival Training

-50k PokéDollars
-Thrust Pack
-Rappelling Rig
-Echo Recorder

Just a small town boy~
Born in raised in Littleroot~
He took a long journey,
goin' anywhere~

Right. The plan is, since Team Magma's my villain and thus also the story's gonna be based around their trying to control Groudon and create more landmasses? I'm gonna join Team Aqua and help balance that out.

>> No.38290361

Sounds like you might be on your way to becoming a mental virus. Congrats.
Censors would target you much more actively, that's for certain.

>> No.38290391

You are both able to and encouraged to come up with your own speciality. It's interesting that way.

>> No.38290444

Excellent! Time to brainstorm.

...shit, that was a pun, wasn't it? Not intentional, I swear.

>> No.38290465

Puns are also encouraged.

>> No.38290500


> Background: Instructor [-200CP]
> Age: 28 [Rolled8]
> Basic Braining [Get a Freebie!]
> Ran Away From The Circus [-100CP]
> Department of Paranormal Education [Get a Freebie!]
> Psycho-Science [-200CP]
> Psychonautics [-300CP]
> Merit Badge Belt [Get a Freebie!]
> Cobweb Duster [Get a Freebie!]
> Molotov Milk Crate [-200CP]

About a head taller than Oleander, but not as round.

I wanted Astral Layers, but I don't really want any of those drawbacks. It's probably just as well -- it might actually have helped me remain SANE and WELL ROUNDED and lord knows we can't have that.
Instead, I shall become a MASTER OF PSIENCE. I'll understand the human mind like never before! Oh, the things I'll be able to do...!

Of course I'll help stop the whole brain sneezing thing. Psychic Death Tanks? That's just dumb. That's not even economical. You can't mass produce something that runs off kid brains. Not unless you're growing psychic brains in a vat. And I could think of WAY better uses for a vat full of replicating psychic brains.
... maybe I should write some of those down...

Anyway! In other news, got more showmanship skills, that's always great.
Also, Molotov Milk + any ability to summon warehouse items = Basically infinite molotovs. Which isn't super useful since I'm pretty sure I've got enough fire magic to burn down an orphanage, but it's still really cool. Also, free milk!

>> No.38290535

>enough fire magic to burn down an orphanage
Yeah, try not to use phrases like that. I know your schtick is "cosmic troll", but come on. That's just mean.

>> No.38290611

We have anons here who turn entire worlds into philosopher's stones. It's a little late to be caring about orphanages.

>> No.38290638

Does Konata want to cause a mental breakdown in one of her fellow nice, caring camp instructors?

>> No.38290643

I'm actually referring to the fact that one of the counselors at the camp in Psychonauts, when you go into her mental realm, has a hidden room full of her trauma at not being able to prevent an orphanage fire. All her students there died. It would be bad if Konatanon used phrases like that as an instructor herself. No need to set her off.

>> No.38290665

Konatanon made Shippo cry so I don't think she would be careful enough to not make that counselor mad.

>> No.38290693

So has anyone been reading Terra Formars lately? It appears that the Johj finally learned how to copy Mosaic Organs instead of just transfer them. They figured it out after already using up the Mosaic Organs from the first crew, so there aren't any copies of the insect-mod Johj. But the new ones they're making from the current crew? They've got all of those they want. Like, there's an entire rifle company consisting of Johj with the archerfish surgery base. Johj intensifies, indeed.

>> No.38290712

Yeah, that's not just making Milla mad.
She heard the minds of every one of those orphans burning to death.

>> No.38290754

>Terraformars jump the jump that makes people change their builds to take less drawbacks.

>> No.38290781

Cut a Deal with a Dragon +300 CP
Hot Under the Collar (+300 CP)
age 25
Federal District of Columbia
human free
Street Mage-100 CP
upgrade -100
ace X8 -800
Awakened free
mentor spirit: mountain -300
Initiation -300
apartment free
#note: companions who have been imported to RWBY gain an extra 100 CP
PokéWaifu, troll
Drone Rigger+Talismonger. Build/Repair -100

TJ, elf Mercenary:+Physical Adept Perception -100

,Tyrion Lannister elf
Street Doc:+Occult Investigator
perception -100 ,

Mother box , elf Hacker+Combat Mage Knowledge :

,Pam, ork Razor girl+Face

Waddle Dee retainers human Face+Johnson:

tiny Tina human Combat Mage+Physical Adept knowledge: magical techniques -100

Mars human Blogger+Hacker
#Oh boy, looks like I really stepped in this time, and broken one of the most basic tenets of shadowrunning, but since I'm an out of context problem for this universe I don't just get the hard jobs. I get the weird and suicidal jobs,Schwartzkopf has me running ragged from Alaska to Zimbabwe stealing books for him and harassing the competition, which af does unfortunately include Masaru I accept this task only on condition that , fortunately with tunneling for my warehouse I'm able empty out his library intoto Schwartzkopf's shortly after the deed is done, which earned me some major brownie points, unfortunately Masaru is aware of this “relationship “and does his best to harass me and mine as best he can in return #

>> No.38290792

That's the joke.

I don't see why I'd even refer to fire very much in general. It's not my preferred element, and I'm pretty big on the whole "stealth jumper" bit. Other than being suddenly very adept at science out of nowhere, there's no reason for me to start flashing jumper powers everywhere unless I'm specifically in danger. I use like maybe a fraction of my overall ability on average.
Besides, Mila's really nice. I wouldn't do that to her.

I mean we still had like NINE YEARS after that before I suddenly vanished off the face of the earth. We had a pretty good relationship still. I cooked dinner for him, like... a thousand times.
Geez, you act like I'm a monster because I have poor impulse control.
Nah, I'm a monster for completely different reasons.

Also, I got a big huge rant out of it from Kagome and I couldn't say shit because she was totally right. Do you know how that is to get a moral dressing down by Kagome? I'm pretty sure I got punished enough.
At least Inuyasha never gave me shit about it. Sango and Miroku tried, but I'd already resolved it by then and was like, "NOPE", and walked away.

>> No.38290838

Also, while the chapter it appears in hasn't been translated yet, there's a Johj later on who has Sylvester Asimov's crab powers. Despite the fact that Sylvester isn't dead yet. Apparently they managed to reverse-engineer how they work from examining one of his detached arms. So you know the "From A Single Hair" drawback? IT'S CANON. Try not to leave behind any pieces of yourself big enough to study.

>> No.38290902

If I REALLY need to, I'll use it as a base of operations, but I don't really do much with it until after the Spark, at which point you don't need to hear about it.

>Pic related

Anyway! On the subject of the Jumps I'm currently working on.

>Oh Twelve 3.5 has a ton of classes, and I plan to include NPC classes, too. Plus prestige classes. Which are relevant enough to go in?

Total War
>Should I take that suggestion of adding some bits of Crusader Kings to it?

Cardfight!! Vanguard
>It occurs to me that I can't think of a lot of Drawbacks for it besides "you never draw the right card" and "you've got this ridiculous rival."

Finally, a /jc/ experience question.

Any worlds that you're specifically planning to go to just to mess with the main characters and show them up at every turn?

Whether it ever gets a Jump or not, the idea of walking into Baka and Test with a Stand and tanking everyone's Avatars like they're nothing amuses me in a slightly disturbing way.

>> No.38290916



and make From A Single Hair more terrifying.

>> No.38290986

First time I've seen anyone get that much gear in Pokemon, usually it's just masterballs and money.
What do you plan on evolving your Eevee into if anything?

A few questions about pokemon in general.

Do dark types have an immunity against all psychic attacks or just pokemon ones? Same with other types like steel with poison.
Do these resistances/immunities carry over to human forms?

Can all Ghost types phase through walls like a ghost or is it just certain ones like ghastly?

I know pokedex entries are exaggerated to a degree but do the abilities they describe still count such as a Honedge draining a persons life force?

What's the deal with certain pokemon being so small? Charizard is way smaller than expected and Tyrantrum should be bigger than that!

>> No.38290988

You are an evil bastard OAA

>> No.38290994

The fucking face when you just know that eventually the johj are going to be able to recreate more than one part, becoming super chimera.

>> No.38291046


I don't even know how you make it more terra-fying!

>> No.38291073

Carlos I know that is you ya little fucker

>> No.38291116

Ooh, ooh, I know how to! One of the new Johj is a scaly-footed gastropod Johj.

>> No.38291131

Jesus christ, I'm glad I didn't take the "From a single hair"

I'm also glad I decided to go with Starfish instead of Zerg

>> No.38291140

Orbital lasers. Everything is better with orbital lasers.

>> No.38291201

What about orbital laser colonies being dropped while firing lasers?

>> No.38291217

Waste of resources, they could reverse engineer the colonies.

>> No.38291256

Go away Zeon.

>> No.38291259

I'm not joking, by the way. Have some concept art for the game. Scaly-footed gastropod Johj. Real thing.

>> No.38291263


The answer to your questions boils down to fanwank, honestly. Personally...

>Do dark types have an immunity against all psychic attacks or just pokemon ones?
Maybe! You could even stretch it to having complete immunity to psychic energy considering dark types aren't affected by Zen Headbutt or Psycho Cutter.

>Same with other types like steel
Always assumed the resistance was because steel types had different thought processes than other pokemon, making them unfamiliar territory.

No idea why they're weak to psychic. Maybe.

>human forms
Resistances are probably tied to their biological forms, so probably not.

>Can all Ghost types phase through walls like a ghost or is it just certain ones like ghastly?
In the PMD series, all ghost pokemon can phase through dungeon walls.

>I know pokedex entries are exaggerated to a degree but do the abilities they describe still count such as a Honedge draining a persons life force?
It's likely that the entries have at least some basis in reality. It's up to your imagination.

>What's the deal with certain pokemon being so small? Charizard is way smaller than expected and Tyrantrum should be bigger than that!
Game designers have no sense of scale, and they use inconsistent measuring methods.

>> No.38291267

>The Original Bao is a fucking General

>> No.38291297

>Literally suffering the game
>Plays like that disgaea game where you play as 1000 prinnies and die in one hit.
>Instead you play as the crew of the Annex.

Eh, might skip that.

>> No.38291445

They also have animals not from the crew. Honestly just nanobomb the place.

>> No.38291449


I'd add in exactly what stuff you can get with the psychic specialties perk.

>> No.38291469

There are a fair number of crew members who never got a chance to transform before they were killed. I assume the new animal bases are theirs.

>> No.38291509 [DELETED] 

I disagree, and also goes against the author's wishes as stated >>38290391

>> No.38291536

I disagree, and also goes against the author's wishes as stated >>38290391

>> No.38291551

So what counts as a sacrifice can a person just say I dedicate my soul to you before they die and it automatically counts as a sacrifice no matter how they died?

>> No.38291559

Fair enough, I didn't see that post.

>> No.38291596

Probably requires an alter, a virgin, and a sacrificial dagger.

>> No.38291609

>First time I've seen anyone get that much gear in Pokemon, usually it's just masterballs and money.
>What do you plan on evolving your Eevee into if anything?

That's what I'm thinking on right now. As well as what team I should take.


Oh, I got a few ideas.

And also I'm thinking an update on the Companion section.

And also a note that if you take Hereditary Organism, you're now targeted by the Chinese Government for acquisition.

And maybe an update on No John, You Are The Johj.

>> No.38291672

I believe anyone who worships you dieing counts, but you get more if the reason they die is jusy to give you power.

>> No.38291690

Yep. Personally I might take something along the lines of Genetic Memory Psychometry. Pretty much telepathically calling up the genetic memories of people to talk with them, like how Fred Bonaparte had the genetic memory of Napoleon set up shop in his mind.

>> No.38291820

Say, /jc/! Just an off-hand question.

Which bird, of all the kinds, best represents you?

>> No.38291823

Heads up civil war jump is off till ibuypower fixes my computer. Which they shipped back to me broken.

>> No.38291849

>updates to Terra Formars



>> No.38291898

Johj is alrrady tough. Destroy the planet its the only way.

>> No.38291906

But destroying Mars is mission failure.


>> No.38291908

Owl, I'm basically always awake especially at night (Old habits die hard I guess even after several thousand years), I'm quiet as shit, shovel knight's video game biology means I don't have to blink and I can rotate my head 360 degrees thanks to psionics and a fuck ton of regen perks.

>> No.38291928

Then nano plague, or virus, or death god.

>> No.38291957

turn all the Johj into a giant Philosopher's Stone.

>> No.38291972

Do johj even have souls?

>> No.38291975

>Philo Stone plan

People forget how LONG it took to get that transmute circle made. Plus you'll have to get some sacrifices to create the 'seals of blood' at each major point of said transmute circle, and we saw that the Ishval Massacres were part of that.

>> No.38291995

Dc superpowers genemodded into yourself with fma alchemy to turn them into stones is my plan.

>> No.38291999

You could always assimilate them into your own collective. Resistance is futile and all that.

>> No.38292004

Orbital bombardment. It's the best (read: funnest) solution. Just start launching satellites, baby!
Also magic. Johj can't adapt to fucking magic. No biological basis.

>> No.38292007

Cool, those are pretty much what I was thinking.
What I meant with Steel was how they're immune to poison.
I wonder what counts as normal type in other settings.

The one I was least sure about was the human form one because in PMD it says we can still use our moves and keep half of the bonus stats in human form. Not like it would matter since I'll be getting that alt form combination from SAO.

I think I'll end up as a Honedge and my partner a Spiritomb, no idea how it can walk though.
It's a pain trying to find a decent human Spiritomb.

I've always been a fan of Espeon and while Glaceon might not be the strongest I really like the look of it.

>> No.38292018

Not if you draw a phisical circle.

>> No.38292045

Crow: Common, annoying, smart
Like most of 4chan.

>> No.38292102


But with the drawbacks they will be able to.

And there's too much good shit for me not to take drawbacks.


>> No.38292107

Nanomachines draw circles on the johj, activate circles when you want. Or magic.

>> No.38292132

Just go there from the beginning!

What could go wrong?

>> No.38292151

One of the ways I consider normal moves/types is their focus. Like martial art techniques would be fighting typed but a "regular" attack (tackle, head butt, "average" punches and the like) would be normal. Ghost Cutter is like Foresight without the accuracy enhancment.

>> No.38292154

No, see, that's a common misconception. There are actually multiple types of transmutation circles. The "Blood Seals" version has a corollary that allows anyone standing in its exact center to absorb the collected souls and utilize them as a new body with them in control of the mass. But the much simpler version which is used to create the philosopher's stones used in Ishval just converts every fucking thing into a stone, and requires no blood.
The downside to the simpler version is that you better not fucking be inside the circle when it goes off, and then you have to actually go down and physically pick up your Philosopher's Stone after.

Not that I used that plan, myself, and it's still a pain in the ass setting all that stuff up (unless you have it prepared ahead of time you monster), but I mean... you can totally do it and it doesn't even require sick amounts of blood sacrifices.

>> No.38292164

Secretarybird. Because it is the only bird that jump-kicks black mambas to death upon seeing them. It's basically the Kamen Rider of birds, defeating vile creatures with kicks and posing.

>> No.38292208

Golden Eagle.
I hunt by grabbing things and dragging them off cliffs, then gliding far enough away from any ledge they could catch themselves on and let go.

>> No.38292228


>> No.38292292


>> No.38292411

Thats my boy.

>> No.38292452

I have no idea.

A pigeon if my horrible life decisions are any indication, though.

>> No.38292737

I have no idea, but regardless of which bird I choose it'll likely have one clipped wing.

>> No.38292884

Like >>38292154 said, there are many different kinds of simpler Philosopher stone circles you can make.

The crazy complex one was all about shoving all the souls into one person standing in a specific spot and "uplifting" them. That was what necessitated all the crazy planning and time.

Standard drawn or carved transmutation circles are much simpler and far easier to set up.

My plan was to have a searies of linked towers project a massive holographic transmutation circle. Once I lure the Jhoj in, I'll teleport outside it and activate it.

Rinse and repeat as needed.

>> No.38292890

That would be depressingly hilarious in an albatross. They take off by just spreading their wings and facing the wind.

>> No.38292917

Let's see... forgetful, reincarnates a lot, widely enjoyed and enjoys tormenting others.

I'd say you're a peacock.

>> No.38292982

>THE showoff bird
>not Red

>not a seagull

Wakfu why do you do this?

Pic related, it's this entire thread right now.

>> No.38293010

Female peafowl are designed to hide, not be noticed. They are all brown and adorable.

>> No.38293124

Well, guess there's only one bird for someone like me.

>> No.38293140

Cassowary, don't ask.

>> No.38293160


>> No.38293202

I TAKE OFFE- Wait what are we arguing about?

>Reincarnates a lot
That's more a phoenix characteristic. Also, no comment.

>Widely enjoyed
Umm- I- uh...

>enjoys tormenting others
No comment.

>> No.38293229

A lone albatross just sitting there, watching the horizon. Unable to take flight.

Okay that is a bit sad.

>> No.38293231

I turned it into a nice set of living spaces. They've been through enough shit, so we cleaned the entire thing up, made sure there was proper housing, a few cargo bays were turned into parks to relax in (if they're next to the hull, they even got some windows with armor shutters for a space vista), more cargo bays were turned into various shops, and other things. The crew regularly get shore leave, allowing them to visit whatever planet we're on unless it's horrifying. We set up transport through the Warehouse so there's no possibility of the shuttles crashing. There may be a possibility of more ships being slowly constructed for living space, we'd mine the materials from the belt and refine them.

My big problem is trying to figure out how to do this without making a centrally planned economy. Maybe operate off collecting taxes from the internal economy to pay the crew and military forces, and everything else is just left the hell alone.

>> No.38293281

I have no god damn idea

>> No.38293321


Young Justice was awesome. I'm pissed that they replaced it with crap like Teen Titans Go!

>> No.38293328

Thanks for that informative and entirely necessary comment.

>> No.38293329

So I have been transferring over my builds to a program to better keep track of them and looking back at it in full metal Alchemist why does the military background suck so badly? Also have any of you looked back at your builds and said... why the hell did I think this was a good idea? and if so what was it?

>> No.38293372

Mostly I was think picturing the eternal pinwheeling, but yeah, definitely depressing if it just sits and stares forlornly at the sea. Nothing is amusing when they just stare at the sea.

>> No.38293428

Actually I try to choose things that I think are going to be useful in the future, and grab dna samples of everything while grabbing literally every piece of tech I can.

The only thing I might call a bad buy was the kings bed in unholy heights instead of the godly dinner set. But damn a super comfy bed that spawns gold coins seemed like such a good buy!

>> No.38293432

Yep. You're a peacock. Also colorful as fuck.

>implying I'm a dull and brown bird
>implying I'm not a FABULOUS bird
You disappoint me, /jc/.

>> No.38293453

Yeah, everyone forgets that it's the male peafowl, the peacocks, that are colorful. The female peahens are drab and boring. You would probably be a parrot of some kind, since those exhibit colorful plumage in both the males and females.

>> No.38293477

Jumpmaker here, I somehow actually hadn't noticed how much Military sucked as an option. Sorry about that, I thought I had the whole thing pretty balanced.

>> No.38293488

So as always I have come up with a crazy idea. For those who are not aware I have been systematically "upgrading" my Base form with cybernetics and Arms.

I "Technically" have 20 arms at the moment that I mostly keep under wraps thanks to being able to hide them with ENVY from FMA. 10 of them are Devil Arm Arms (Some I bought, but the others I spent 10 years gathering thanks to Demonologist) and 10 Greater Spider Demon arms from Buffy. All of them have become cybernetic in nature.

And Each of them have basically become weapons in their own right with the Devil Arm Arms having ranged weapons into them with the Spider arms being integrated with their own magi-tech generators for spell casting. Hell, thanks to Generic Zombie Jump I have auto-shotguns in my legs.

So I have weaponised all my limbs and my question is on a scale of 1 to 10 How crazy would it be to "Import" them as a Golden Weapon in Magical Girl Noir Jump? Basically the interior would be golden with a nice layer of synth skin to cover it up.

Is this a crazy idea? Lay it on my /JC/.

>> No.38293496

Same, it's why I'll always pick it in DC unless it ended up with its own jump.
I'd just love to be in the setting as part of their team, they could do with their own lantern.

For me it's when I look back at Percy Jackson, I wasted my demigod abilities on booze related powers which while fun isn't exactly powerful or useful compared to other options.

>> No.38293504

Explain how I am colorful as fuck.

Also, peacocks are evil monsters dedicated to murdering all humanity.

>> No.38293545

Y'know what sucks even more? Teen Titans Go did a "crossover" with Young Justice where the Team appeared and said that the Teen Titans weren't dark enough.


>> No.38293552

Probably a scarlet macaw. Bright red bird that loves to take things apart for examination and, though quite sociable, has been known to forgo breeding behavior.

>> No.38293585

If we go by physical bodies I guess Im a UAV

>> No.38293599

Not crazy at all compared to some plans.

>> No.38293605

And you make obscenely fun jumps that are dedicated to murdering us! It works out!

Plus your language when it comes to swearing at the Benefactor for your luck with ladies is VERY colorful...

>> No.38293637

>Plus your language when it comes to swearing at the Benefactor for your luck with ladies is VERY colorful...


Also there's one strike against me being a peacock right there. Peacocks get all the hens.


>> No.38293661

Whats demonologist from

>> No.38293723

Well...originally we were just going to strip out the inefficient subsystems and replace it with more capable tech-SG-1, Precursor, Tenchi Muyo and Asura's Wrath spring to mind. Also just generally fix it up with fairy crafting, alpha-technological proficiency and LOTR enchantments-not to mention browbeat the Machine Spirits into perfect obedience with Artificial Friend Friend, Technopathy and Word of Flynn. Reverse engineer the cyclonic torpedoes, and get a helluva lot more of them on the broadsides. Stick Macross laser pods /everywhere/ for the best point defences ever; the actual lance batteries will be replaced with matter nullifying weapons based off the Trident of Destruction. Strip out the Nova Cannon once it's been fully analysed, replace it with a /massive/ pillar engraved with a complex prepped alchemic ritual (fusion of alchemy styles: Chinese, FMA, Minecraftian and...transylvanian? Whatever was from Van Helsing jump) to transmute anything it targets into platinum. Get to work using the Plecian Tome and our pre-Fall lore to build various subsystem upgrades. And most importantly-infuse it with our nanoswarm, and have a nanoswarm fabrications unit built within the bays. Fleshmetal and Necrodermis ought to be worth integrating.

In short: Build it up into something worthy of being our fleet's capital ship, when all the non-capital ships are cloned cabbits.

Though...>>38287995's idea has merit. But our Gundam mech already has the Shadow Battlecrab as its jetpack/variable fighter mode (transformers tech+Macross is bonkers)

>> No.38293751

It's from DMC aka Devil May Cry. Same place I got the Devil Arm Arms from and it basically shows you that demons have a genetic code giving you the ability to splice it into the Human genome along with the ability to subjugate lesser Demons.

I spent 10 years ripping off arms to find the perfect ones to go with the ones I had bought.

>> No.38293777

Thank you, this is going to makemy terraformars trip so much more interesting

>> No.38293815

That's not a bird, anon.

>> No.38293851

Its close enough considering most of me is metal at this point.

>> No.38293883

No need to apologize... it happens. I sort of have an old jump of my own I have to go back and rebalance after taking a second look at it. In fairness It's problems are worse and will be getting fixed... eventually

>> No.38293916

Crap, almost forgot the most important upgrade: Stick a big ol' modded Ar Tonelico tower where its sensor array should be. Also, run power venters all over the ship based on Van Helsing's lightning tech to create a plasma orb-like AoE defence. And as of FF8, gaus magic phasers that can swivel from one end of the ship to another are also viable.

Pic related

>> No.38293921

Close enough,

>> No.38293951

I'm going to upgrade it, and make it into a living ship by way of Geneforge shaping,(like shaped weapons and equipment) though I suppose that by doing that I can only get something like Beta-Adamantium(plus vibranium effects), rather than proper Proto-Adamantium as I am replacing the 40k adamantium with marvel(or at least artificial alloy versions of marvel's stuff). I am also going to shove in a bunch of tech from other settings, like a hyperdrive from Star Wars, because those are just better than 40k warp drives. Then communications from Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, and Gundam SEED(easy to produce quantum communication systems). Also from Gundam I should get some stealth systems from Gundam Age, and then their beam weapons because apparently Gundam beam weapons are actually very high power particle accelerators, that ignore magnetic shielding. A number of other things but it's mostly upgrades, very little actual use of the ship itself.

>> No.38293974

While you're still here-a while ago some people were asking whether human transmutation would work without negative consequences (unless you're going for that sort of thing) outside the FMA jump. I figured it would at least be not as bad as the Nina debacle given the note about your alchemy working as intended, but what's your take on human transmutation outside the jump?

>> No.38294015

I pictured you more like this bird.

>> No.38294019

Technically it's only the beam weapons in the Universal Century that ignore magnetic fields, being based on neutral particles. Other timelines use charged particle beams, and can be deflected by magnetic shielding.

>> No.38294088

Seriously? Dammit, Age tells you almost nothing about the tech(and what it does tell you is less than useful) so I was basically assuming that the tech was similar to Universal Century. I think I might change my build then to UC, my only reason for wanting to keep my roll for Age was that I could eat the Age system with savage salvage to improve my own design skills.

>> No.38294143

>that pic
Ayuki has helped me learn how to die, in utter despair

>> No.38294164

What my opinion is would be unpopular, disregard it if you choose since everyone else seems to.

If you perform Human Transmutation you get a much more personalized drawback, based upon your reasons for doing so (Remember that Izumi Curtis lost her womb, and Mustang lost his eyesight, which I considered to be an ironic way of punishing him for his "Vision" of the country). My opinion is that if you performed a human transmutation outside of FMA, and you didn't have a soul to perform payment with (whether bound in a Philosopher's Stone or otherwise), you get a similar "Ironic" body wound. Only this time it's permanent, and would follow you around through the jump.

>> No.38294215

Actually, now that I think about it 00 beam weapons might be unaffected by magnetic fields. I don't think GN particles have a charge. And they do so many other useful things that you might as well jump it anyway. Antigravity, forcefields, teleportation, telepathic...GN particles do pretty much everything. Granted, you need to be at Jupiter for some reason to make proper GN drives instead of GN Tau drives, but there are perks to let you simulate exotic conditions and materials.

>> No.38294258

Do chaos powers in 40k have any defense against nanobots? or would nurgle make you his specialist for giving him the chance to infect machines now too?

>> No.38294282

pretty sure nurgle has infected machines before, Tzeentch certainly has, and Khorne too

Purge the heretic!

>> No.38294304

Yea the difficulty of producing the proper GN drives makes me less interested in going to 00. In UC I can produce reactors far more easily, and the exotic effects I can produce with other tech.

>> No.38294312


>> No.38294326

Y'know what?

I'm okay with this. Mostly 'cos anyone doing serious juju with FMA alchemy is doing it wrong if they're /not/ mucking around with souls.

To be fair, that is a Pokemon, not a bird. Otherwise we'd be posting Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and so forth

>> No.38294350


Though you could probably replace it with something else, like a mechanical limb or something ripped from another creature. Truth doesn't really care what you do in regards to your now missing body part after the fact.

>> No.38294352

How do you like your steak, /jc/?

>> No.38294385

Medium rare master race reporting in

A tartare is fine, too

>> No.38294389

alternate reaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9J5tYShNY8

>> No.38294394

Eh, to each their own. Me, I went to 00 just because I absolutely love the design aesthetic on everything the world powers produce before they get access to GN tech. Flags, Enacts, Tierens, the ships, the orbital ring, all of it. It's got some great design work, and I just want to copy it all. Especially since I've been working on a combo built around my Stand (it's name: "Never Gonna Give You Up") that lets me copy and bring forward with me things as large as entire buildings. I'm working on building it up to the point I can just scan the orbital ring and drop down a copy of it in any setting I want. I love megastructures.

>> No.38294396

Whats with the random questions?

>> No.38294411

If you don't cook it medium rare or less then you're burning it.

>> No.38294416

Just give me the dead cow on a platter. Maybe a candle to lightly warm up the pieces.

Okay now that I got that out of the way, rare is always awesome.

>> No.38294417

Well done. I don't trust anything that hasn't been thoroughly cleansed by the touch of fire.

>> No.38294429

Medium Rare, or Well Done

>> No.38294437

Unless it's Nerve damage. Tasty tasty nerve damage.

>> No.38294442

Most places couldn't cook a medium rare steak if they had an actual chef in the building. Well-done for me, I hate getting raw food.

>> No.38294461


Who is this? And where is she from?

I am now quite interested.

>> No.38294482

Medium well, and some ranch dressing. Also some hash browns or something to soak in the geease and blood because its good.

>> No.38294483

>All this good taste
Forget what I ever said about everyone. /jc/ is alright.

>> No.38294486

>>38293974 >>38294164
Thing is that human transmutation just doesn't WORK. You can't revive someone that way. The only way it works is if you offer more lives in exchange, because that's the only thing "worth" a life, and even then it seems to be limited to the only very recently deceased. It's almost pointless, and there are way better ways to bring someone back to life if that's your deal.
The actual process of Truth/Enlightenment seems to involve Truth himself taking notice of your tremendous fuckup, and granting you a different "equivalency" in return. It's an action performed entirely by Truth, and everyone who goes through it meets him.

If it were me, what with Truth being indisposed in a time locked universe and all, if you try to call back a soul with insufficient "sacrificial material", I'd just say you fail. Sorry. Do not pass go, do not collect clapchemy. You just straight up fail.

But that's just MY interpretation.

>> No.38294493

in theory I'd go medium-rare, but as >>38294442 said they often under-do it so I go medium-well
I DESPERATELY hope that she's just a parody of mary sues

>> No.38294505

Steak? Well, if we're talking about jumping, I prefer mine pink and breathing.

>> No.38294510

True that design aesthetic before GN tech was pretty good, but the drives themselves are rather less appealing, and I don't think you can miniaturize the things through technological means. Universal Century tech is pretty hit or miss for the design as far as I am concerned, but none of the tech is of a form that enforces some aspect of design.

>> No.38294521

>Most places couldn't cook a medium rare steak if they had an actual chef in the building.
You are truly a wise person despite your charcoal. This is why I only get steak at home.

>> No.38294527

People just do this sometimes, it seems.

Somehow I knew you'd go there.

>> No.38294542

That's why I said "or well done"
I make my own food Medium Rare, but order Well Done because the cooks suck

>> No.38294547

Really? I've always experienced the opposite. Ask for it medium rare and get it medium or medium well.
Which is perfectly fine.

>> No.38295397

Okay fine, I'll answer.

Rare, I've always wanted to try it.

A confession, though - I've never had anything less than well done in real life - never gone out for steak and the last time I tried to cook three people got oil burns, including me/

I am well aware of the irony.

It's not sapient, so at some point I can sort of stop caring.

>> No.38295428

Why are you putting oil on steaks?

>> No.38295450


>> No.38295451

When did you become MoeAnon?

Come on, man. Don't go edge on us.

>> No.38295493

Some people put a small amount of oil or butter on whatever they are cooking it on so it doesn't stick

In my house we just use a butter spray, if we use anything at all

>> No.38295504

Val has always been a cannibal, unlike Moe, Val though mostly eats people, not eldritch abominations.

>> No.38295538

I thought Moe ate everything with a pulse or with power.

>> No.38295580

I was mostly referring to Val not eating eldritch abominations rather than Moe specializing in them. Moe does just eat anything.

>> No.38295585

I think the implication is thay val only eats people, but that moe eats both.

>> No.38295602

I always brush my steaks with oil before grilling them. It mediates the heat, resulting in more even doneness. It also helps any seasonings stick (usually just a touch of salt).

>> No.38295636

Look im going to teach you how to cook steak. Ho to the store and buy an entire ribeye, this will cost around 100 to 150 bucks, but theres enough steaks for as many people as you want. Or cheap out and get something else and dont get the wondwrful thickness, myself I live on a cattle farm and raise registerred black angus beef. Free steaks for me.

Cut your stwak about an inch to an inh and a half thick, get a large bowl and pour in dales steak sauce, montreal seasoning, sweet baby rays barbeque sauce and a little garlic salt and pepper.

Take your steak and atab it with a fork get some small holes through it just a few fork stabs should do.

Dip your steaks or sit them in sauce but dont leave in long no more than a minute.

Get a grill going and drop your steaks on wait around five minutes and flup your steak, dip in sauce if you want while flipping, you want to let them sit long enough to char the bottom.

then take a knife and cut the end off one when you think they may be dine to check the middle, eat thw piece you cut off because steak.

There you go perfect steaks.

Butter spray on steaks? Heathens steaks must be grilled!

>> No.38295654

You can't grill all the time, so we use a skillet other times.
And we usually don't use the spray.

>> No.38295670

Please forgive my spelling I blame my phone.

>> No.38295695

>cant grill all the time

Im sorry I dont understand.

>> No.38295718

Same here. Except for the perfectly fine part. It feels like medium tier restaurants don't trust their customers enough to actually give you meat less than medium; and shit tier restaurants don't have good or fresh enough meat to risk that.

>> No.38295729

Grilling indoors is sinful, grilling in inclement weather is just a bad idea.

>> No.38295739

I live in a place where we get multiple snow-storms a year, and grilling inside is heresy.

>> No.38295775

Why would you grill indoors? I live in a motel most weekdays and grill on my pickup truck.

Bad weathr I can sorta agree with.

Ok fair enough.

>> No.38295820

I've actually never had anything less cooked than Medium.

See >>38291908 Although I'd just use telepathy and clairvoyance instead of rotating my head around.

>> No.38295879

I'm a BBQ person myself, sure it takes some time but then I get to chill and talk about the weather with my friends.

>> No.38295904

Well, yeah. The actual quality of the steaks vary.
But I grew up cooking mine MW, so even if I prefer MR, I don't mind much if it's overdone a little bit. YMMV of course.

>> No.38296041

Medium. Fuck the haters.

>> No.38296074

Don't listen to them anon, pan-seared is fine too.
Though I also grill indoors, under the broiler. (My British friend tells me that they use "grill" for both over there.)

>> No.38296318

Using the Mirror Image perk from Asura Cryin, can I go to alternate versions of my current jump? Say if I'm currently in Marvel 616, but with this perk I could hypothetically go to the Ultimate Marvel universe.

>> No.38296387

Heck if I know, Wakfu.

>> No.38296396

It's come up before, and as far as I'm aware the perk only lets you travel to alternate dimensions, such as heaven or hell, rather then completely alternate worlds.

>> No.38296629

Rare. Anything more isn't a proper steak.

Mmmm, steak.

Goddamit, now I'm hungry.

>> No.38296723

Nah, it's for travel between planes of existence, not different timelines.

>> No.38297296

I really really want there to be a Disgaea jump.

So I finally have an excuse to be a penguin the whole time. It's the one form I'd never buy, but shapeshift into.

What? Penguins are cute.

Look at that face and tell me it's not the face of mercy.

Medium rare?

Also, did we ever get an idea if importing vehicles into Kantai Collection let them keep the vehicle form as an alt form?

>> No.38297343

Forgot my pic.

>> No.38297384

> So I finally have an excuse to be a penguin the whole time.

Being a Prinny is the fast way to die dood!

>> No.38297392


But Ultimate Marvel isn't an alternate timeline. It's just similar to 616. If I tried to go to one of the many bad alternate futures of 616, that would make sense.

>> No.38297398

While Mirror Image is a bit more limited by word-of-author than the description would imply, there's still a wide variety of possible uses. We've also had a few jump makers says that 'yes, it'll work to get to x particular alt-worlds'. Touhou, for example, lets you go to the Secondary Canon drawback universe, though that's a special case. When in doubt, ask the jump maker of the jump you plan on using Mirror Image in.

> "(15:37:32) Instrumentality-Anon: IIRC Artie once mentioned that the idea of jumpchain being a mere /multiverse/ is a misconception. Jumpchains are totalities of existence which in the cases of Marvel/Dresden Files and in the future Discworld can encompass multiverses within a single jump
> (15:37:54) Instrumentality-Anon: So-even if you became the multiverse god? You'd still be /staying/ in the DnD universe in a meta-sense"

>> No.38297531

>If I REALLY need to, I'll use it as a base of operations, but I don't really do much with it until after the Spark, at which point you don't need to hear about it.
>Wakfu confirmed for turning LoT into Spess Boom Boom Room

>> No.38297578

Still no idea what the plan is for Pokémon Trainer. But I do know my plan for PMD, so TIME TO POST.

>Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Location: Pokémon Square
PokéForm: Chimchar
Drawbacks: Followed (The Mac' Army) (+200), Painful Powers (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
PokéPartner Import: Eevee

Perks, Skills, & Moves:
-Free Skills
--Muscle Memory
--Statistics Increase (strength, endurance, speed, agility)
--Combat Diagnostics
-Move Expert

Items, Gear, & Supplies:
-Rescue Badge (Free)
-Aura Ribbon x2
-Weather Scarf x2
-Treasure Bag

So we're replacing the protagonist of PMD huh? We're in the Square, so I can only assume it's PMD Blue/Red. Which means there's gonna be that meteor coming down.

Throughout all of this, alongside Team Meanie, we've got to deal with The Mac' Army, a conglomerate of Machop, Machoke, and Machamp lead by the oldest Machamp on the world of PMD: Martorius. With a Karate Chop that can fell the mightiest trees and a Seismic Toss that has shattered a cliffside, Martorius is my greatest challenge next to Maxie.

Even when the rest are falling to the forces of the plot and to Martorius' fist, I'm still climbing. They all think that because I'm crippled that I'm nothing to be afraid of?

Watch me rise.

>> No.38297635

Well, she? DID buy Cyclonic Torpedoes. I can only guess why those would be necessary.

>> No.38297660

Might as well post this since it's done.

Feedback is definitely welcome.

>> No.38297723

>Cyclonic Torpedoes
>I can only guess why...
Damn. That's some talent right there. Dangerous. But talent.

>> No.38297747

Asking these questions about RWBY again in hope of an answer.
Also the soundtrack is pretty awesome so I'm glad we get our own, I'd want mine to be like Die or Caffeine.

>> No.38297752

Yeah, it does take some skill to pick out the right planet to blow to smithereens.

Unless, of course, I've been taking you too literally.

>> No.38297753


>> No.38297756

All of this discussion about steak has me wondering if giving up your humanity for power is worth it. Like say you became a Hellsing vampire, all of your potential increases but you have to drink blood, can't eat food, and have to sleep in a coffin.

Is it worth it /jc/? (As a side note it's the eating part that has me questioning it, because I really like doing that)

>> No.38297789

Well, it's generally considered that drawbacks like that disappear after the jump ends.

>> No.38297801

>fleshing out an antagonist like this.

And this is why I lurk in these threads. Seeing the challenges people give themselves.

And you now have to give us a writefag of that final fight between your Infernape form and Martorius.

>> No.38297811

I'm pretty sure that a Hellsing Vampire can still eat, they just might as well not due to only needing blood. Besides after the jump all the negatives of being a vampire are removed.

Other vampire types though have different rules for that stuff.

>> No.38297825

You're playing it straight, so props there.

But yeah, that's not what I was suggesting.

>> No.38297836

And what's this, another one already?!?

>> No.38297849

Waku is a guy. I'm pretty sure he's mentioned that before. Blue/Kontoanon however...

>> No.38297875

> those science perks
Assembly speed and the knowledge for giant... mobile fortresses?

Oh my~

>> No.38297876

Umm... Okay. This is gonna be a bit awkward, but...

We technically already have one. Still, yours looks really good.

>> No.38297886

>implying wakfu has a gender
It's just a doll people, it's not even a real person.

>> No.38297890

>>Drawbacks revoked

Notice how she coughs it up.

>> No.38297900

I imagine it'll be inevitable at some point, but I'll end up lamenting it. Like that day I go home crying because the movie theater popcorn tasted like cardboard.

I've never been very picky or refined here on Earth, so losing the ability to even stomach a lot of my old favorites might just be the most depressing thing.


You know, I'm not even mad. I've come to expect assumptions like this here in /jc/.

It's more "pop into various settings and rescue some folks who REALLY need to get out of there" but nobody needs to know which settings those are or about the rage some of them inspire in me. We all remember last time.

>captcha is select all the steaks

Oh daggone it.

>> No.38297909

>>Not opening at the right time.
Derp. It's at 22:49

>> No.38297912

Huh. Did not know that.
Meh, I said I was working on it a long while back (albeit on the IRC). Let's see how it goes over.

>> No.38297920

Makes it easier to use Dust based attacks with the weapon. Generally that means as ammo, but I'm sure you could find another way.

Halves usage I guess. Don't see a reason why it doesn't affect all magic.

No. The body can only handle so much.

As a rule, armor, even power armor, is not a weapon. but you can import it if is part of an alt-alt mode weapon.

The Bar is unique. And possibly.

>> No.38297927

Well this got even more awkward.

>> No.38297947

4 questions:

If you choose drop-in, are you just whatever age you ended the last jump as?

If the answer to the last question is yes, do you have instructor level psychic abilities if you start as an adult and get a job at the camp?

I'm not familiar with the setting, does taking stuff with Figgy Piggy hurt people in any way?

If I take "This Reminds me of a Story" and "LET'S HEAR IT FOR JUMPER!!!" will the two of them stick around to hear my stories, or is that the one thing capable of driving them off?

This looks like a really good jump, by the way.

>> No.38297967

Well hopefully if a Prinny Jumper dies do to explosion they respawn. It wouldn't be fair to the jumper who just wanted to be an evil penguin.

>> No.38297980


That hurts, anon. That just hurts.

But yes I did pick genderswap in Pokemon.

I never went back, so imagine the surprise when my Companions see my old ID photos from Earth.

>> No.38297989

>Two namefags show up in the thread wearing the same jump
>Guuuuuuurl and head bobbing intensifies

>> No.38298032

>complains about being called an "it", not about not being considered a person
I rest my case.

>> No.38298045

You can choose either age roll, if you'd like, it doesn't harm them at all, and they will cheer you on about your story telling but not listen to the stories.

Nah, I switched to my phone. Borrowed a friend's computer to upload.

>> No.38298071

I remember the guy making the Disgaea jump wanted to make Prinny-hood a drawback that let you keep your powers but severely nerfed all your physical/spellcasting stats. And you exploded when you were thrown, resulting in your death.

I really want that drawback to exist, because the thought of an off-colored Prinny joining the MC's party and casting end-game spells only to do as much damage as a level 5 mage tickles my funny bone.

>> No.38298075


>> No.38298095

One generally tends to imply the other, but I see your point.

Filename related.

>> No.38298149

I could never pick any alt. forms or perks that permanently restricted my diet, I don't want to gain unlimited power that way.
Captcha was selecting pictures of cakes.

>> No.38298164

Looking at that other Metalocalypse jump, I have to ask. What is Metalocalypse about it? It's not bad, just it looks like generic metal world jump. Like why can the bassist walk through shadows? Great opening though, 10 outta 10, would have open again.

>> No.38298182

I've mostly just been waiting for a chance to make use of the doll thing.

>> No.38298220

Haven't we all?

>> No.38298242

If it makes you feel any better, Wakfu, you're fun to look at.

>> No.38298327


Yes. Best cripple is back to posting.

>> No.38298360

Don't worry - I actually sort of find all of these shenanigans as amusing as you do. In an "at least Jump-chan isn't bored and I don't seem to be dead yet" sort of way.

>> No.38298396

Ho boy...

-Allegiance: None (Free) -I am my own person.
-Background: Scientist (900CP) -I am an intellectual!
-Valkyria (100CP) -Oh holy fucking shit, WHAT.
-Educated Young Woman (Free) -I am an expert Biologist!
-Valkyrian Science (-50CP) (Discount) -Oh. Hell. YES. Time to be awesome.
-Manufacturing Line (-250CP) (Discount) -I guess I'm just that fucking fast!
-Wealth (-300CP) -Eh, why not. Get some stuff going.
-Safety Goggles (Free) -Awwwww yeah!
-Valkyria Weaponry (Free) -Oooooh shit. Really? REALLY? Guess what's getting engineered.
-Artificial Valkyria Suit (-600CP) -Wait, so if I wear this WHILE being a Valkyria, what happens.
-Militia (-500CP)
-Darcsen (-400CP)
-Nameless (-200CP)
-Enemy of the State (0CP) (Eastern European Imperial Alliance)
Dice Rolls: Center of the Federation, 21 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I admit, I did NOT plan to buy so much shit. But Valkyria was a tremendous boost to my abilities, and the potential for it was too great. Then I saw OTHER things, and it just got out of hand.

So now I'm a fugitive, in a penal group, as a discriminated person, with other people taking the credit as I am a mook.

Fine. I'll play the role of innocuous person. Bide my time until I get to that temple. Then it's time to call my Fortress to it and TAKE IT THE HELL OVER.

>> No.38298443

Weirdly enough, I also have a doll form. Super Mario RPG was pretty early for me, and it ended up acting as my "robot" form for quite awhile.
I started out on Yoshi's Island (and took the Wanted drawback). The way I figure it, I'm either a Yoshi Doll, or a Tiki Doll.

>> No.38298531

How do I download this stuff from the google drive?

>> No.38298551

Alright thanks! Those all make sense.
I think with the Power Armour people see it differently like in Iron Man 2 where they try to take it away for being a weapon but he says it's a high tech prosthesis.

So does the whole armour benefit from being imported with things like Steamlined and Dust Focus or just the connected weapon? (or have I just misunderstood?)

>> No.38298702

Please respond. Downloading each file one by one is insane and I'm not going to do it.


>> No.38298756

That's pretty much what you have to do mate, we've had bad experiences before with bulk downloads.

>> No.38298762

Unfortunately, that's the only way to go.

>> No.38298774

The last time someone bulk-downloaded, the entire Drive got messed up.

>> No.38298806

The last time someone bulk-downloaded, everything got deleted.

>> No.38298825

Oh well. See you never I guess.

>> No.38298849

That was actually my fault. Though I've been maintaining a complete, up-to-date (but very messy and unsorted) collection since then. If you'll give me a few minutes to compress and upload the whole thing...

>> No.38298875

That problem got fixed. Just download each folder by itself to your computer and everything should be ok.

>> No.38298877

Okay, thanks anon.

>> No.38299021

>inb4 4 gigs of pony porn

>> No.38299059

Surely you have more faith in your fellow fa/tg/uys than that!

>> No.38299091

Question on the Shelving in Warehouse.

What quality of shelving are we talking here, flimsy and shitty Ikea metal shelves are massive, warehouse industrial shelving?

I need to know if I can use them as impromptu bunkbeds / 'floors' until I start furnishing it.

>> No.38299117

Replace 'are' with 'or.'

My bad.

>> No.38299118

They do! Anon only said 4 gigs.

>> No.38299160

I just use the Grav Control to have massive collections of floating crates and clusters to get around imagining how on earth they can keep up the weight of the stuff I find.

Also, the poor man's hyperbolic chamber. Increase gravity in certain portions to lift in? Why not.

>> No.38299170

Is there something I should know?

Has this happened before?

>> No.38299207

Any weapon improvements affect the whole Variable Weapon. So yes, imported armor would benefit.

.. Is there precedent for male Valkyres?

>> No.38299232

Just a joke. Although I have a cap somewhere about someone tricking people into getting a legit download by calling it dolphin porn.

>> No.38299255

Drop it if you can find it.

>> No.38299306

You can be either gender as a Valkyria. The Valkyrur were assumedly both genders. The only reason they're all female is because Japan.

>> No.38299333

Still on my mobile and I gave away the punch line. Might drop it when I get back to my computer.

>> No.38299356


Right. Now before we continue onward... Time to not only get myself a new figure (slightly same as the old one), but also an Interdimensional Cosmic Home for the duration of this adventure.

>Body Mod
Point Count: 600 CP
Build: Athlete
Stats & Perks:
-Strength 1
-Speed 3 (2 Free Ranks)
-Dexterity 4 (2 Free Ranks)
-Flexibility 2 (1 Free Rank)
-Appeal 2

-Free Space
-Stasis Pod x2

>> No.38299361

If you spend full points, you get Jumpchan™ Brand shelving that is the best shelving you can find in any universe.

However, you can also pay half points to get flimsy shelves that break when you stare at them too hard. The choice is yours.

>> No.38299371

Also, heads up on my planned/in progress jumps.
Codex Alera, Temeraire (possibly), Gravity Falls (probably).

>> No.38299376

Guy who made the other Metaljump here. Yeah, it was kinda generic I'll admit. I went with the supernatural stuff since it showed up all the time in the show, it seemed like a fun way to specialize you, and it provided a good plot point for if you ever had a competition with Dethklok. Most of the Metalocalypse comes from puns and references. Also because while I enjoy the show, I'm not that great with the lore but nobody else was making one back in December so I started work on it because it'd be a fun place to go for a few years.

>> No.38299448

>Gravity Falls

Triangle Origin when?

>> No.38299450

Okay, before I go to bed here, I gotta know a few things about psychonauts. My build depends on it

is there a limit to the amount of drawbacks i can take?

can 2 ranks of psychic specialty be applied to further refining an existing ability? like, say, honing telekinetic control down to extremely fine details? (like, say, someone chucks a car at me with TK, I can basically dismantle it from the screws outward before it hits me rather than just smash it)

does the 2 free ranks of 'bring your friends' for campers stack if i wanted to apply it towards the 300cp 'bring in 8 companions' part? would it only cost me 100cp to import 8 in that case, or would it be a separate 300cp purchase altogether?

also, I love you for three pounds of dreams

>> No.38299509

Fair enough. You did one hell of an opening and it is in no way a bad jump. Just doesn't really seem Metalocalypse to me, especially given how little the band actually knows about the supernatural stuff (this does include the time they accidentally a Finnish troll).

>> No.38299562

This is basically the whole thing. I'm a completionist, so a few extra items got mixed in (notably, there's that SB Wheel of Time thing, which is banned by /jc/ standards for good reasons, as well as a small number of pastebins.). It's also a complete mess, with little organization at all other than 'qs vs not-qs'. Note that I uploaded it to the first upload site I could find that would let me upload without a lengthy signup process, so might want to have adblock running.

http://pastebin.com/v6rsyC0x The url was triggering 4chan's spam protection, so you'll find it here.

>> No.38299600

Only drawback limit is how bad do you want it.
Yeah, I'll allow that, it just further establishes how good you are at that area.
And I will also allow that to be applied as a discount to the bulk import. It sacrifices power for numbers, which is fair.

>> No.38299623

Can I get more or less the same effect as purchasing Psychic Specialty if I instead take 3 Pounds of Dreams and spend a couple jumps training?

>> No.38299639

It used to be different, though along the same lines. Then Red came along and made a rewrite that was much, much better while following the same lines. I at least hope you got a laugh out of the "Class" descriptions.

>> No.38299661

Journal Entry? Totally an option. Kid Investigator, Charlatan, G-Man, and Journal Entry are my current planned origins. G-Man is thanks to the IRC.

>> No.38299709

Archivist here! We now have two Metalocalypse Jumps! Are you metal enough to take it twice?

>> No.38299763

...Eh? Although it is kind of funny that Toki gets nothing.

>> No.38299772

I thought we couldn't take jumps of the same setting multiple times unless they took place at different points in the timeline? (I.E Star Wars, Avatar, etc.)

>> No.38299851 [SPOILER] 

>Gravity Falls


Get in here, you. You're coming along for a wild ride.

>> No.38299869

Sweet. In that case, my build before I head off.

Background: Camper (100) Off to summer camp we go!
Age: 9 (Rolled 3)

-Basic Braining (Free) Neat!
-Department of Paranormal Education (200) My companions are going to be trained quite well
-Psychic Specialty x2 (400) EXTREMELY fine control of telekinesis.
-Subconscious Socialite (600) More empowerment from companions? Oh yes please!
-Three Pounds of Dreams (900) Always learning, always expanding.
-Psychonautics (1500) This stacked with persona's psychiatrist makes Freud weep tears of joy

-Merit Badge Belt (Free) Huh...neat?
-Dowsing Rod (Free) I ain't gonna complain with THIS freebie
-Bring Your Friends x8 (1600) EVERYONE'S GETTING BRAIN'D!

-Hand of Galochio (1300) So basically like eating a devil fruit. Got it.
-Wear the Hat (1100) Maybe keep the tinfoil under a baseball cap or something?
-This reminds me of a story (1000) This is a downside?

Companions get written up tomorrow after work, but still, thanks or the jump. This is definately getting slotted in early-chain for the sheer potential three pounds of dreams gives me.

>> No.38299882

I don't particularly mind sharing this one.

>> No.38299903

Shit, I took Quilby as a companion as a redemption opportunity/sanity salvage. Giffany isn't even half a GLADoS.

>> No.38299916

My personal view of that is, if you somehow manage to swing stuff so that you appear in the same setting at the same time more than once, fate conspires to keep you from meeting yourself or otherwise helping yourself in any way. Apart, however, from being allowed a one-time exception to team up with yourself and have a kickass fight with something unrelated to the main plot.
My own fight I planned was DMC me teaming up with Bayonetta me to fight the demonic Darkstalkers version of me.

>> No.38299920

Right, added a companion import option and noted that Valkyria can be either gender.

>> No.38299968

Galochio is definitely similar to Devil Fruits, if the sea actively grabbed at you.
Also, yeah, you definitely will have a hell of a psychic group with you.

>> No.38299973

Oh, good. That makes this easier, then! It'd be a waste to just delete her, you know. I'll also need to grill her about downloading people's minds - could help with Project Wonderland.

>> No.38299977

Quick question. Just finished getting a team of Pokémon together.

How useful would you gauge Rotom in future jumps?

>> No.38300020

I've definitely given my opinions already and I'm more than happy to share. I did post latest after all.

>> No.38300062

Pretty useful I would say.
Never know when you may need to possess a machine.

>> No.38300068

Personally? A ghost that possesses technology is rarely useless, even when you don't have devices for it to hop into it's still a Pokemon. Shadowrun would be interesting to have as your Decker/Rigger.

>> No.38300321

They're essentially a plasma-cloud A.I. that specializes in taking over/possessing any sort of technology.

To me, my Rotom (I named her Tachikoma) has been invaluable. She ended up making the Halo A.I. her waifu after she helped her achieve metastability, and now the two run all my ships, communications, and drone army.

>> No.38300669

Just remember that they can't control all technology, just technology containing induction coils. The induction coil is where they enter the machine, that's why their name is "motor" backwards. That covers a LOT of tech, but not all. So in some cases you'll have to modify the machine before the Rotom can take control, fit a little access point to it first. But hey, any jumper who can't do something like that within a second or two deserves any trouble they get.

>> No.38301054

So all I'd need to do is stick an induction coil on something to possess it?
Is a Rotom hurt when what it's controlling is destroyed?

>> No.38301102

Well, they faint when you smack them enough times, so I would think so.

>> No.38301146

My compliments to the LoT jumpmaker. I was beginning to feel like taking the high power route was fucking me over, and then the very ending, the way things coalesced at the end left me happy with the outcome.

A+ Would jump again.

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