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Elder Scrolls Lore and Tabletop Game General

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Previous Kalpa

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So if I were going to re-create the glory of Pelinal for the sake of a Skyrim playthrough, what combat style would be truest to him, what choices would he make, and would I kill ALL elves, or just Thalmor and their lackeys?

He'd obviously be an orc because no-one hates elves more than orcs.

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>He'd obviously be an orc because no-one hates elves more than orcs.

This has to be some sort of bait

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...and then the orks was elf.

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Not so much bait as you might think. Consider:

Shor sends a demigod to slap some Mer around whenever they've gotten the upper hand on Men and are starting to wreck their shit. Malacath is basically the patron of people whose shit is getting wrecked. He is also the daedra whose people aren't considered Mer by other Mer, giving him a hateboner for non-orc Mer, as they have wronged him doubly by being high-and-mighty faggots AND worshipping the other daedra who spurned him.

Pelinal Whitestrake was noted for two things as a combatant: Going into bloody rages and fucking up everything he could find for a while, and the fact that he shrugged off most attacks like he didn't even feel them. What does the orc racial ability do? Sends you into a frothing rage and allows you to shrug off damage.

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Orcs are still mer.


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Nigga, Argonians aren't even allowed to live in the city. They get to stay on the docks, and they've got a warehouse with beds for them to sleep in. Not to mention that the guy in charge pays them like shit and takes his daughter's death out on them.

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if water = memory, what is piss?

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Drunken or embarrassing memories.

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Hey y'all anyone played that salty fella giskard's mods? Remembered playing the archaeology one years ago and wanted to know if it was lore friendly or even a believable lore deviation.

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Is there anything special about Valenwood Vampires? I know that lore wise, Skyrim vamps and Morrowind vamps are pretty different, and I think that holds true for Cyrodil too. Does it hold true for every province?

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>I did as he asked, and once again, his questions taxed my knowledge. There were many tribes to cover. The Bonsamu who were indistinguishable from Bosmer except when seen by candlelight. The Keerilth who could disintegrate into mist. The Yekef who swallowed men whole. The dread Telboth who preyed on children, eventually taking their place in the family, waiting patiently for years before murdering them all in their unnatural hunger.

>Once again, he bade me farewell, promising to return in a few weeks, and once again, he returned as he said, just after midnight. This time, Movarth had no fresh scars, but he again had new information.

>"You were wrong about the Keerilth being unable to vaporize when pushed underwater," he said, patting my shoulder fondly. "Fortunately, they cannot travel far in their mist form, and I was able to track it down."

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Thank you. Bosmeri province is clearly the best province.

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Orsimer are...Mer

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megaman there doesn't give a shit about Malacath, though. mer is still mer so much that he can basically kill an orc on sight whether he'll rustle his jimmies or not

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>The dread Telboth who preyed on children, eventually taking their place in the family, waiting patiently for years before murdering them all in their unnatural hunger.
That's a fun twist on the ol' fairy changeling myth. Which seems to be a common Bosmer theme, what with the Wild Hunt and all.

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How did Hircine create werewolves?

>> No.38264313

Probably put an animal skin on some mortal and used daedra magic.

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Malacath is the remains of Trinimac which is the one elf that genocided humans the most and struck down the human god.
I think that Pelinal would either be a Nord or Imperial. Both of those have lots of reasons to commit mericide.

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Like every single daedric abomination that walks on Nirn. He fucked some chick and turned her that way. No but really he's pretty much the same as Kyne but a dude with the philosophy that the strongest survive.
Think Kyne mixed with an aspect of Malacath and Namira.

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Why do Daedra have black souls and giants white souls?

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Pelinal is a tall, white haired, blue eyed terminator.

Go Nord, nigger.

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>Kill some dude.
>Black soul.

>Raise him as zombie/draugr/whatever.
>Kill him again.
>White soul.

It's a game mechanic. It isn't supposed to make sense.

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I'm gonna go full mythology here and say he fucked a dog and got pregnant/got it pregnant.

"No furry, bro."

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I don't think it's ever covered in detail. They just say "and he gave X the curse of lycanthropy" usually.

>> No.38265712

so, kinda like Yiffre cursing Bosmer living in Valenwood losing themselves to their beast form if the fucked up the Green Pact?

>> No.38265744

He gives it as a gift to the hunters that please him.

When you resurrect someone you don't actually bring their soul back i believe

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probably, Yffre and Hircine have some overlap but are clearly two distinct entities. The bosmer who are cursed by yffre for fucking up the green pact don't get one definite shape its kind of random and monstrous. (or at least we haven't been given much information on what bosmer become during the wyldhunt or when cursed by Yffre)

Meanwhile Hircine's curse/blessing usually has strict parameters and functions.

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you guys know there is an actual tower at high-hrothgar you can enter?

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>Kyne but a dude with the philosophy that the strongest survive.
>resistance enchantments, son! They respond in contact with arcane trauma! You can't hurt me, mortal.

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[Spoiler] REMAAAAAAAAAAN! [/Spoiler]

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Think Hircine and Kynerath knew each other before one of them being bound to Mundus and Hircine hunts across it to be close to his friend, mistress, sister, etc once more?

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Don't fuck with this Prince!

>> No.38267242

they fuck constantly

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Lorkhan is no cuck, friend

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Didn't know Hircine was into necrophilia.

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Who isn't?

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What's the fine in Cyrodiil anyway?

>> No.38267515

Is it the first offense?

>> No.38267560

Let's assume 'no'.

>> No.38267603

Then it's at least 500 gold.

>> No.38267633

That's nothing compared to Morrowind. Thanks.

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So, is there actually a story or reason behind that convo? I mean, I know who is, but is she actually involved in a quest or part of the lore?

>> No.38267741

She's an alchemist that probably fucks the preserved corpse of her dead husband or something.

>> No.38267836

No, it's just a little detail with that NPC.

I think her Radiant AI schedule includes her mulling about in the local graveyard.

>> No.38268324

Her schedule doesn't have a package for the graveyard, but other Skingrad townsfolk will say they've seen her around there.

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Alright, what parts of the ESO lore should I consider bullshit/wrong and what is fitting of the lore?

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>people writing HIST like its an acronym or ehlnofex

>> No.38268622

It's probably just a matter of time until it turns into an acronym, though.

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any news on TES6?

>> No.38268714

However, it seems trite.

>> No.38268789


It'll be set in Pyandakavokudnoquey

>> No.38268851

You've misspelled Thrascreaonietslea.

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You've misspelled Overbuljongterningpakkmesterassistent.

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Now that just sounds like a Skyrim rehash.

>> No.38268984

Clearly it'll be set in Akarim.

>> No.38269124

It's going to be set in Hammerfell and they're going to reveal it in June. Don't ask me how i know this

>> No.38269234

If Lady N comes by again: many of us here have come to the idea that Pelinal is a time traveling elf terminater robot. Could you say for certain which era he comes from?

>> No.38269251

hi im here for dank TES art, where the dank TES art at?

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>> No.38269338

All we know is that it will have lots of snakes.
I hope there aren't any bears tho. I hate those fuckers.

>> No.38269346

Are you referring to that fake Todd Howard AMA?

>> No.38269404

He said dank, not skank. Vivec a shit.

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Everything that contradicts pre-established lore, the architecture, the enviroments, the shitty designs and 50% of all the cultures in game.
Among other things.

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>> No.38269503

The title is going to be either Hammerfell, Dominion or Adamantine.

>> No.38269528

No i'm referring to the dialogue hint in the intro when you and Hadvar kill a bunch of frostbite spiders and he says ''What's next? Giant snakes?''.

>> No.38269579

>when you and Hadvar kill a bunch of frostbite spiders and he says ''What's next? Giant snakes?
But you never see Hadvar again after entering the keep

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>> No.38269637

>Going with Hadvar

Give one reasonable excuse why

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>> No.38269759

Not him, but for me:first playtrough, no idea who's who. And the imperials want to kill you.

>> No.38269871

The law wants to kill me because i was caught with a bunch of rebels.
Make it clear that i'm not a rebel.
CO is a bitch and wants my head of anyway.
Soldier who was supposed to participate in the execution saves my ass anyway.
I think that it's pretty clear that both sides are pretty retarded anyway.
No imperial will bother you after that unless you commit a crime anyway.
+Ulfric a shit. My homeland went through that kind of war in the 90s and he's the very image of everything that went wrong so i prefer the Imperials even if they are fascist bastards.

>> No.38269914

So they will continue the Skyrim storyline?

>> No.38270074

There are a lot of storylines to continue. Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind were all related to Uriel, and the latter two were him sending a Blades agent to fulfill a prophecy, even if they didn't have much related continuity to each other. Oblivion touches on some of the continuity from both of those games, with a living remnant of Mannimarco from the Warp (and some other stuff on the Morrowind side).

It's easy to believe that Skyrim's the first in a long story they're setting up about taking down the Thalmor and a possible new Akaviri invasion.

>> No.38270125

>taking down the Thalmor
What is this, a Bioware game? What if I want to bring down Creation?

>> No.38270143

Since there's probably gonna be a new Imperial dynasty in the next game (Medes ded), I'd like for it to be a Nibenese dynasty for once.

I mean, I love me some Colovians, but
arguably Colovians
as Colovian as they come
Special case, since they created the notion of an "Imperial" culture.
Colovians again.

I want a Nibenese Emperor who became emperor not through warlording and right of conquest, but by putting himself in the right places at the right times, and letting all the pieces fall into place until he became so indispensable that the Elder Council crowns them.

I want a tattooed dragon-sorcerer emperor. Then maybe I'll care about the Empire again.

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>> No.38270238

More likely the Empire collapse and High Rock will become an independent province while Cyrodiil tears itself apart.

While the former imperials will be busy fighting over scraps in Cyrodiil, meanwhile actually important things are going to happen in Hammerfell when the Dominion invade and begin the second great war.

>> No.38270291

>implying that the dominion isn't getting fucked by the LDBs fat dragon cock and his dragon army and soldiers equipped with otherworldly enchantments.

>> No.38270343

Well that's just depressing.

>> No.38270363


>Third Empire falls before events of TES VI

Please no, I can't even imagine an Elder Scrolls game without the Imperial Legion. They may not be "the good guys" but they're what left against the Thalmor destroying reality for good. The Thalmor will likely learn from their mistakes in Hammerfell, and the Stormcloaks are screwed beyond all measure.

>> No.38270381

I was going to add in potentially joining them, but I mean, could we join Alduin in Skyrim? The Sixth House without mods?

>> No.38270468

>Nibenean Emperor
>Cyrodiil becomes Goyimiil
>Buy out the Aldmeri Dominion
>Samurjewi Emperor is pleased

>> No.38270494

So the next Imperial dynasty is redguard?

>> No.38270554

Are you shitting me. Highrock racially and culturally is basically the OP "FUCK YOU!" solution to a doomsday scenario, second to the Hoonding and the Khajiit.

If the Empire falls, Highrock isn't going to sit up there waiting for the Thalmor to fuck their ass, they're going to take their navy, their pirates, and their magical armies, probably blanda up with Hammerfell and stomp on the Aldmeri Dominion if they try to pull a move.

The Dominion has to be the most weakest of the major factions.

MK is all "Hurr, Thalmor the most dangerous." when all they could do is conquer Cyrodiil. Anyone can do that.

Hammerfell and Highrock required a demi-god and a robot to conquer. What do the Thalmor have? An army of shit bred spellswords and wizards with a couple of cannibals and cat people.

>> No.38270572

Mer don't learn.

>> No.38270584

>No imperial will bother you after that unless you commit a crime anyway.
>+Ulfric a shit. My homeland went through that kind of war in the 90s and he's the very image of everything that went wrong so i prefer the Imperials even if they are fascist bastards.
That's awfully meta tough.

>> No.38270608


IIRC Summerset has been described as having the single strongest/best navy in Tamriel, possibly equal in power the fucking Maormer, whose whole "thing" is being OP at sea.

Plus, Valenwood supplies them with zerg rush infantry and excellent archers. Add to that the Altmer mages, and I'd say that the Aldmeri Dominion, if revved up and ready for the war to end all wars, would be a terrifying enemy.

>> No.38270635

He's not wrong with most of it though.
The tired excuse of "MUH HEAD!" is old and childish by this point for Stormcloak fanboys to justify themselves joining Ulfric while trying to maintain some sense of unbiased appearance to seem more right objectively so they don't have to explain their actual reasoning of joining the Stormcloaks in fear of having to discuss the topic.

>> No.38270660

>no!Arabs ruling anything besides their sandy region

>Not sucking the LDBs cock so he doesn't annihilate them with his army of followers in full enchanted Daedric/Dragonbone/Dragonscale gear, his two pet dragons and army of summoned Daedra

>> No.38270692

Fanciest =/= Strongest
Plus, it's probably Altmeri/Thalmor propaganda.

Their ships are equivalent to most Japanese and modern technology.
"If it looks pretty enough, people will think it's the best."

>> No.38270717


not!Arabs are (were?) Left-Handed Elves. LHE had sand magicka and taught the Redguards how to make curved swords.

>> No.38270721

>implying your LDB has not gone insane by this point and has gone full Nam Vet inside Hermaeous Mora's realm or another wondering madman throughout Tamriel like a Pelinal rip off.

>> No.38270763

Let's not forget that Durnehviir can't actually die unlike Odahviing, and Durn can also summon an army of undead.

>> No.38270777


I don't know, lore implies that most of the Towers have been deactivated before the events of Skyrim. Red Mountain is gone, so is White-Gold, the Bosmer, and everything else except for Numidium and Snow-Throat. And without the Elder Council, as you may know are the Empire's group who keep tabs on metaphysical things, everything could soon fall apart.

>> No.38270812

If the towers go that doesn't mean Nirn goes pop. I means the Dawn Era comes back. Man has thrived in the Dawn Era before.

Also what the fuck do you mean without the Elder Council? What happened to our Tamriel Illuminati group?

>> No.38270833

No you aren't thinking this through.
The LDB is the Avatar of Akatosh and every single Daedric lord is fighting amongst them selves to get his soul while he gets power up after power up.
Also by the time you slay Alduin every single person in Skyrim (that isn't a bandit/necromancer living their a cave) is worshiping your ass on the same level as Talos.

>> No.38270834


Isn't the Elder Council the Tamriel Illuminati or implied to be?

>> No.38270928


There's two Elder Councils

One of them is a front, a Council that people look at and even join and say "ah, this is the Elder Council, squabbling and ambitious politicians of the Empire".

The real Elder Council is the Maruhkati Selective, a secret society based around the teachings of the prophet Marukh and his attempts to (re)establish a monotheist world. Their most famous exploit was the Middle Dawn, a Dragonbreak so monumental it spanned 1008 years that were "retconned", and which managed to separate Auri-El from Akatosh.

>> No.38271037

>The real Elder Council is the Maruhkati Selective
That is highly doubtful seeing those guys went on to become the Eight Divines.

The Real Elder Council is probably some secret SEELE and/or SCP like organization, but it's not those dudes. It's something else entirely. Something not even the Thalmor might have agents in.

>> No.38271049

>every single Daedric lord is fighting amongst them selves to get his soul
Um, I kinda already sold that to Nocturnal, if I remember correctly.

>> No.38271074


>That is highly doubtful seeing those guys went on to become the Eight Divines.

Proof or this is absolute BS.

>> No.38271103

That was the whole fucking point of the Middle Dawn you idiot.

>> No.38271124

not!Arabs or Redguards have a pretty shit form of governance in the same way that real Arabs do which makes them great as resistance fighters but no form of centralized government will hold out for long enough for them to advance to something. The Redguards still fight the Thalmor during the events of Alduins return which is probably exhausting their finances and weakening their northern border.
If anyone is going to become the next emperor it's going to be some Breton battlemage or Bretton-raised Nord again.

>> No.38271174

That doesn't explain how the LDB isn't a bubbling mess of PTSD and Madness that is actually kinda not treated like a big deal after all the shit they've done.

>> No.38271176

That's nice and all but can you at least copypaste some relevant link that implies that you didn't make this up on the spot?

Cause everything else implies that the mission statement of the Middle Dawn was to remove Auri-El from the Akatosh oversoul cause the Maruhkati believe that time should be linear and god should be a monad, and they want to achieve that by removing as many souls from the Akatosh oversoul as it takes to whittle it down to a single one.

Becoming gods would be not only irrelevant to, but also counterproductive to their agenda.

>> No.38271181

Do you think that matters?
Do you really se Malog Baal letting anyone go?
Every single one of them except maybe Azura and Meridia wants your soul.

>> No.38271273

Besides Nocturnal and Herma Mora, do these Daedra actually WANT your soul?

For fuck sake they just asked you to do something and they'll give you a treat for being a good errand boy, not to worship them.

>> No.38271302

The point is if the hero from Oblivion could become a Daedric lord and nothing prevents the LDB to do the same

>> No.38271303

Got any proof besides your word?

>> No.38271337

If the Tamriel Illuminati is the Marukhati Selective then after the Middle Dawn that element must've been swept under the floor with the coming of the Tsaeci and Reman, then further by Tiber Septim's ploy.

The Tamriel Illuminati might've changed over the eras with different overall agendas while maintaining certain overarching influences, items, etc.

I mean, if the Selectives still existed as the real rulers of the Elder Council, Tamriel would be looking a lot different.

>> No.38271343

As an argonian, it made a hell of a lot more sense to go with the guys who are slightly cordial with my people instead of the ones who want to turn us into shoes.

>> No.38271362

Except the hero from Oblivion didn't choose to do that. They were tricked and put into the position.

>> No.38271383

So the LDBs soul gets split into different parts forming multiple personalities.
One becomes part of Nocturnals realm(thief).
One Morras realm(mage).
And one goes to Sovangard (warior).

It's not like he didn't absorb enough dragon souls to make up for it.

>> No.38271409

Or is reabsorbed into Akatosh.

>> No.38271928

Arkay gives some races black souls to prevent their souls from being used for Necromancy.

When you resurrect a guy, you're not pulling his soul from the Dreamsleeve, you're just yanking whatever soul will get that fucker shuffling.

>> No.38272395

Falinesti is only mentioned as having rooted in response to the Oblivion Crisis, nothing about it being deactivated


you mean the same Numidium that was blown up by the Underking?

>forgetting Ada-Mantia, the literally indestructible kilometer-long spike of adamantium and the only Tower that actually matters

>> No.38272431

>all they could do is conquer Cyrodiil
And unmake reality.

Can't forget that bit.

It's worth noting that Hadvar does plea the player's innocence, and just gets shot down by the captain because 'lel he's with the Stormcloaks, lel must be a Stormcloak'

Hadvar seems like a pretty cool dude, although Ralof is also pretty chill to the player.

>> No.38272458

the Thalmor haven't unmade reality yet
they also make a shitton of assumptions based on incorrect information, also Lorkhan is behind 7 proxies

>> No.38272507

Oh god

Now I need a picture of Lorkhan with 'good luck Thalmor I'm behind eight Towers'

>> No.38272596

>Picture of Lorkhan

Unless you just use a picture of Masser and Secunda.

>> No.38272635

more "good luck, I'm behind eight Ada"

also I find it funny that the Thalmor only banned Talos worship, and not Shezarr/Shor/moon worship, they seriously don't know what the fuck they're doing

>> No.38272670


>> No.38272702

>you're not pulling his soul from the Dreamsleeve
Yes you do, and draugr are proof to that.

>> No.38272706

Well, they did briefly blank out the moons and kill the Mane, which might have been an attack on the moon-worship.

>> No.38272815

that was more a eugenics experiment/political subjugation of the Khajiit than any sort of specific fuckery against Lorkhan

the draugr rituals are more stasis than outright necromancy
the lesser cultists are basically life-batteries for the priests

>> No.38273041

Anyone know how this does work? Since at the end of skyrim you can owe your soul multiple times, does everyone just fight over it? Or does LDB just have a telvanni make him immortal anyways?

>> No.38273154

He's an adventurer, only real thing I could see causing him issues is his time in Mora's realm.

>> No.38273199

The hierarchy is something like Aka > Mora > Nocturnal > everyone else
assuming you even get to the point where you die and Mora doesn't just yank you into Apocrypha like he did to Miraak

if you talk to Neloth after doing the Dragonborn main quest then he says you don't appear to have any symptoms of being significantly corrupted by Mora
though it could be like the CoC where mantling Sheogorath was a progression and not a single event

>> No.38273280

I went Imperial first playthrough. It was rather obvious who was who if you paid any attention and it being the bitch captain's fault you ended up on the block was obvious.

Hadvar was the only logical solution unless you really love the stormcloaks, which means you deserved to be on that block.

>> No.38273333

But going with Hadvar gives you the chance to murder the bitch captain.

>> No.38273388

Ralof is the one who gets you to option to murder the captain.

Also she probably died anyways. No need to join some rebels to kill off some bitch on your side.

>> No.38273413

She probably dies either way

Also heres something to note the first group of Stormcloaks/Imperial if you sheath your weapon they will become friendly again (Hadvar/Ralof will still attack them). Doing this while you are with Ralof lets you hear some dialog from the captain and the soldier accompanying her.

>> No.38274204

The fuck is that caterpillar bear thing?

>> No.38275160

So, Amaund Motierre.

Traitor, the hero we deserve, or both?

>> No.38275162

It's orcish herdbeast, giant shaggy centipede that lives at high altitudes.
It was mentioned in the Pocket Guide to the Empire.

>> No.38275244

A dick.

>> No.38275598

a dead dick.

>> No.38275879

A stab victim

>> No.38276812

>implying there's only one giant brass robot

it's like you don't know about dragon breaks

>> No.38276994

ok then, SEVEN giant brass robots destroyed by the Underking patched into one giant brass robot destroyed by the Underking by Akatosh's antibody waifus and one in an isolated timeline stomping elves out of existence but nobody actually knows about that one because in the main timeline the elves surrendered in 5 minutes

still not in any way a fortification of reality

>> No.38278056

>> No.38278372

>could we join Alduin?
Theoretically or actually?
Theoretically yes, you could pull a Miraak and fuck things over for your god-master at the risk being hunted by his enemies forever. In-game, hell fucking no.

>> No.38278469

>good luck I'm behind seven layers of Lorkhan!

>> No.38278736

So what the Grey Fox did with the Elder Scroll was shadow magic, right?

>> No.38278834

LDB absorbs all the dragons into himself and reassembles Aka-Tusk.

>> No.38279441

TES lore is an absolute bloody mindfuck.

>> No.38279731

What's that from?

>> No.38279768

I wish I knew.

>> No.38279882


At 2:27

>> No.38280077

>Hadvar was the only logical solution
>the guy who literally signed your death warrant
>still calling you prisioner with Alduin himself not 30 ft away

Nah, you just a bitch nigga. I bet you didn't even blink an eye at the Imperial torture chamber. Or at the PMSing captain who just told the welfare babby leegonerrors to straight murder you.


>> No.38280182

>muh head

every time

>> No.38280202

is this image TES-related? If so, whats it of?

>> No.38280223

It isn't.

>> No.38280238

Nope, it's just cool.

Though it could be the aedra wtf'ing at this newfangled "creation" thing.

>> No.38280254

I'll accept that interpretation.

>> No.38280267

there are only eight Aedra though

>> No.38280287

>muh WGC
>muh Eight Divines
>muh Thalmor dick

every time.

>> No.38280314

>I've never finished Oblivion's main quest
>I've never found the blood of an Aedra on the chestplate of Tiber Septim
>I believe the High Elves

>> No.38280326

Ehlnofey perhaps.

>> No.38280446

m8 the quest is called "Blood of the Divines" not "Blood of the Aedra"

yeah, that's slightly more feasible

>> No.38280550 [DELETED] 

To elves Talos is literally daedra.

>> No.38280575

>our stronger, better ancestor

you're damn right he's better than those shitty elves

>> No.38280578

What real-world culture(s) inspired the Dunmer and Morrowind? Many of the cave names look Assyrian.

>> No.38280584

To elves Talos is literally daedra.

>> No.38280600


>Lorkhan isn't an Aedra.

I think not. I mean it's not like he's the guy who created Nirn, right?

>> No.38280621

Lorkhan's the idea guy, Magnus is the architect and the Aedra are the biggest bricks

>> No.38280628

Not by any strict or qualifying definition he's not.

Elves are just still buttangry about getting btfo by Numidium that long ago.

>> No.38280649

Lorkhan is Aedra

Talos mantled Lorkhan

Talos is Aedra

This is how Chim works, right?

>> No.38280665

Morrowind's sort of a pastiche of Eastern philosophies with biblical Jews thrown in as a historical piece (Veloth)

>Lorkhan is Aedra

no he isn't and I just explained why
and CHIM doesn't have anything to do with this, you memespewing retard

>> No.38280714


>fucking implying any punk-ass daedric prince has enough power to claim what is basically a significant chunk of Aka, nevermind possibly being a Shezzarine and/or aspect of Ysmir.

LDB is powerful enough to tell Mora to go fuck himself in fucking Apocrypha. Daedra ain't shit compared to that nigga.

>> No.38280744



Totally Aedra because he put most of his divine energy into the creation of Nirn, as that is what defines and separates Aedra from Daedra.

>> No.38280772

It depends on your point of view.

>> No.38280774



and the only divine energy of Lorkhan's that was put into Nirn was his Heart when it was ripped out of his chest by Trinimac

otherwise totally undegenerated

>> No.38280776


No way man. By the time you finish the main quest/kill Miraak, you've eaten any number of dragon souls, each of which has eaten any number of dragon souls. LDB is a significant piece of Aka. Any of the Princes thinking they can do something like "claim LDB's soul" is just them talking a big game. When you get to the point that you can defy a Prince in its own realm, you are kinda beyond claiming.

>> No.38280798

you do know that Mora is also a huge chunk of Aka, right?
>Hermaeus Mora, “the Gardener of Men”, claims that he is one of the oldest Princes, born of thrown-away ideas used during the creation of mortality in the Mundus. Imperial Mananauts have verified that his influence on fate and time is real and unfeigned, implications of which tie this Prince directly with Akatosh, chief of the Nine Divines. Since Akatosh is the prime temporal spirit whose appearance led to the formation of the world, perhaps Hermaeus Mora speaks the truth.

>> No.38280805

Not disagreeing with you but
>Elder Scrolls wiki


>> No.38280872


>> No.38280875

Hey, can someone explain the Dark Brotherhood thing? Is what they're worshipping really Sithis? I figure it has to be something Padomaic since the Hist keep sending Shadowscales to help them.

>> No.38280885


Gotta better source?

Maybe the Library?

>> No.38280898

it's Mephala being both maximum rusemaster and mad at the Morag Tong for switching to worshipping Vivec

UESP, the wiki that isn't a total pile of dogshit

>> No.38280973

>what is basically a significant chunk of Aka,
So is any dragon, yet Ideal Masters claimed Durnehviir.

>> No.38280976

>Mephala being maximum rusemaster
That seems pretty consistent with Mephala's general character, yeah.

Cool deal. So how did Mephala convince them all it was Sithis? Are the Hist in on it?

>> No.38280977


>> No.38281025


So was Alduin. Look how that turned out.

On a more serious note, Miraak outright says that with LDB's power, he can defy Hermora and escape Apocrypha. Assuming LDB murderizes him and eats his soul (which we will) plus the absurd number of dragon souls LDB has absorbed (most of them by proxy), it's not really anywhere on par with the mortals who Mora deals with.

Also, that quote I think assumes far more of Herma than he's capable of.

>his influence on fate and time is real and unfeigned.

Influence != control. It's never stated the amount of power this influence actually is. Being able to alter time is very different from having control. Besides, even if his sphere includes fate, that specifically excludes LDB ,as the significance of the Prisoner is that he/she/it/xir is specifically unbound by Fate.

Hell, Clavicus Vile even acknowledges that the LDB has enough power to equal a significant fraction of his own.

Dovahkiin ain't nuthin ta' fuck wit'.


Durnehviir is an idiot who made a bad deal and got screwed. He knew what he was getting into fucking around with necromancy.

>> No.38281090

>he actually thinks you fought Alduin at the peak of his power in Skyrim

and a lot of the souls that the LDB absorbed were consumed to further his knowledge of the Thu'um

and Clavicus is weak as shit when he says that, you literally just killed his last worshippers in the province before speaking to him

>> No.38281123

I don't recall Miraak saying that the LDB was that powerful. Hell he basically spent his last breaths saying that you're gonna end up just like him.

>> No.38281203


>implying LDB is weak because he only banished/killed a demigod

>implying LDB is weak because he only has enough power to be acknowledged by a Prince as anything other than a pawn

>implying that souls being removed when you unlock shouts is anything other than a gameplay mechanic

>implying implications in 2015 shiggy diggy doo

LDB stronk-er than you know, Anon.


That was the whole point of Miraak's plan. He wants to nom your soul so he can give Mora the finger and go back to lording over his own corner of Tamriel or whatever it is 4000-year-old perverts do.

>> No.38281231

>The Anuic (Aedric) beings played a leading role in the creation of Mundus (and became bound to the Earth Bones[2]) causing them to commonly be considered the creators of the mortal world.

Yeah, Lorkhan is Aedra.

>> No.38281275


dude is literally Padomay 3.0

>bound to the Earthbones

can literally incarnate himself whenever he wants, however he wants to

>> No.38281288

>implying what Clavicus said was true
>implying he didn't want to cheap you out

>> No.38281338


He wasn't lying, anon. Or at least he was somewhat right. After you finish Dragonborn, you are very much capable of telling Mora exactly where he can shove it.

tentacle sex good end

>> No.38281339

I will be running a UESRPG in the Magical Realm. I would fancy any advice you have on making it lewd.

>> No.38281352

Lots of dreughs.

>> No.38281360

Shenanigans in Apocrypha?
it's literally full of tentacles
and that's lewd as all heck

>> No.38281363

Sanguine as DMPC
possible cameo by Reman if it gets wild

yeah that is a point, Vile is a chronic liar

>> No.38281429

Tentacles are always a plus, but some background may help: I am setting it in Morrowind(Suran) around the end of the third era, ie the Oblivion Crisis. HOWEVER, to facilitate lewdness, I will be having Sanguine as the invading force. So far we have an altmer futa what teaches magic, a redguard shota swordsman, and a pudgy khajit that fishes for a living.

>> No.38281450

I think you're overestimating the power of the LDB. He's still got things to learn (and of course Mora is all too willing to let him learn all he wants in the halls of Apocrypha). A Daedric Prince in their own realm is nothing to laugh at.

>> No.38281511



You need a former Argonian slave turned professional thief and also dom (gender doesn't matter).

>> No.38281537

Posing as a lusty maid?

>> No.38281539

>former Argonian slave

so they reverted back to a tree lizard or something?

>> No.38281565

former slave as in freed from, and now sexually excited by (but only as a top), bondage

there could be no other end

>> No.38281575

The Hist take control during one crisis and then it's all people talk about!

>> No.38281614

>literally the only thing the Hist have done
>somehow being ignored when talking about the Hist

>> No.38281630

>turned professional thief
But argonians are best at magic, not stealth.

>> No.38281642

>what is a nightblade

>> No.38281652

Come on, just one more you fuckers! CALL IT!

>> No.38281689



vivec a shit

>> No.38281701

If you can't read moonrunes, this can be whatever you want it to be.

>> No.38281724

Finally. After so many fucking threads I got one!

>> No.38281735

>where is my Hello Kitty knapsack?
>lousy Dragonborn, stealing my wife's virginity!

>> No.38281766

I want to see the Imga. They would be fucking hilarious.

>> No.38281781


>what do I win
Colovian shitposter's helm

>> No.38281814

They also talk to argonians and give them stuff through sap.

>> No.38281828

Shaved apes that act pompous does sounds pretty funny.

>> No.38281830

How can Hlaalu a shit when one of its councilors wrote The Lusty Argonian Maid and the Dance of the Three-Legged Guar?

>> No.38281848


>> No.38281862

>how can Hlaalu a shit
>when they're filthy degenerates

do you not have correct logical processing or something

>> No.38281866

I hope the khajiit is included.

>> No.38281897

>All dunmer houses are degenerate
>Hlaalu only house that came out of the closet

Yeah like I don't know why half the Argonian slaves for the saltrice fields never even make it to said fields...

>> No.38281899

All I know is that the only decent players I've ever had were gathered up in a thread on /d/ while everyone from /tg/ has either been a flaky sack of shit or otherwise unpleasant.

>> No.38281921

Speaking of TES RPG games, where's that one guy

I want to create a crazy Reachman and tap into Daedric magics from Hircine.

Aside from werewolves, what else does Hircine do? Doesn't he have a Herne the Hunter-style guy running around?

>> No.38281926

Why would you put argonians in the fields? They aren't really suited to working in the hot sun. Better to use khajit or orcs.

>> No.38281929

>half naked
>Wearing furry hoodie
Bitch are you hot or are you cold? Make up you rmind

>> No.38281940

You ask me. They never leave the bedrooms.

>> No.38281950

Well, I guess the Dres don't know that.

>Bitch are you hot or are you cold?
She's yes and then no.

>> No.38281968

You're best god was a hermaphrodite that sold himself to a god of rape for a night of buttsex.

Face it, your whole fucking race is debased.

>> No.38282011

Hlaalu a shit

Redoran all day every day

>> No.38282023

>best god
>implying implications

Sotha Sil, Tribunal of the year, all years

second for based Redoran

>> No.38282036

They certainly run a tighter ship than Hlaalu or Telvanni.

But only Telvanni can grow waifus in tubes.

>> No.38282053

Fyr specifically. I don't think any other Telvanni do. Also, does he even really consider himself one?

>> No.38282065

literally every time that image gets posted

>> No.38282066

I'm with this nigga >>38282036
Telvanni > Dres > Indoril > Redoran > Hlaalu

>> No.38282091

Why not? Lizards get more energetic when they are in the sun.

>> No.38282105

He doesn't buy into the bullshit politics, mainly because he's been around so long

I'm pretty sure he's still considered a member and the only reason he wasn't part of the faction in Morrowind was because of his involvement in the main quest and Telvanni hate most of the Imperial factions

>> No.38282132

Dres is garbage, and got fucked by the invasions. Redoran > Telvanni > Indoril > Dres > Hlaalu


>> No.38282145

the fuck do Dres even do now that Redoran banned slavery

do they just go on scaleshitter extermination missions or something

>> No.38282177

Probably about as relevant as Hlaalu these days

>> No.38282208

When was slavery banned? I might have fucked myself by setting my lewd game in the wrong time period.

>> No.38282232

I think during Oblivion.

>> No.38282239

I heard something about Redoran being responsible for banning slavery so it wouldn't be until after the Red Year

your Oblivion Crisis game should be fine

>> No.38282266

Well... piss. Then again, I'm already fucking things up by having Sanguine drunkenly invade Mundus instead of Mehrunes Dagon so I can probably micturate on the lore a tad more.

On that note, what daedra serve Sanguine, anyway? The Rose summons dremora, and the Mazken will work for anyone, but are there any others confirmed for Sanguine's service?

>> No.38282277

Nah, according to this, it was Helseth during Oblivion.


>> No.38282296

Have you seen his EARS?

>> No.38282308

Yeah, clipped.

>> No.38282479

So did the Hist actually take control of Argonians during their battle against the daedra, or did they just call them to Black Marsh, sayin' shit's about to go down? I can't find my Infernal City pdf, so I can't see what they say exactly.

>> No.38282752

>Delayed UESRPG update

Well now you're just making me feel bad!

I'm glad that Wizard Kitty is in though.

>> No.38282778

That's nice of Mora to give tired researchers shoulder massages.

>> No.38283631

>> No.38285362


Lorkhan (and the other Aedra) are Aurbic
Daedra are Padomaic
Magna Ge are Anuic

"The blood of Padomay became the Daedra. The blood of Anu became the stars. The mingled blood of both became the Aedra (hence their capacity for good and evil, and their greater affinity for earthly affairs than the Daedra, who have no connection to Creation)."

- the Anuad

>> No.38285834

>4E 201
>Believing in fairytales

>> No.38286061

>mfw I will never be a cultist of Malacath
>mfw won't learn the virtue of strength and teach others the virtue of strength
>mfw won't protect the spurned and rejected and welcome them into the house of Malacath
>mfw will never make sworn oaths that bind mortals stronger than even the gods might
>mfw will never cast bloody curses that strike for generations until justice has done
>mfw will never fulfill the communal promise of a homeland for our people
>mfw will never adopt a little brother from the rubble of persecution and self-loathing
>mfw will never raise little brother to become strong and defy the expectations of others, like the ogres, little brothers of Malacath himself

why live

>> No.38286082

>why live

>> No.38286411

>There are actually people who don't like Bretons

>> No.38286973

He's Telvanni culturally, definitely. Whether he's a standing member or not (he might allow the Telvanni to consider his tower a holding for the purpose of their expansionism, I doubt he cares) is more open to debate.
It's certain that he has a LOT of sway in the House however. If he wanted the Telvanni to do something, he could get them to do it. He just never wants them to do anything.
Also I'd imagine he was probably a council member at some other point in his 4000 year life.

>> No.38287105


>> No.38287322 [DELETED] 

>He'd obviously be an orc because no-one hates elves more than orcs.

>> No.38287629

>Padomay 3.0

Stop spreading this.

Sithis is Padomay. Lorkhan is that entity's creation. If anything he's Padomay 2.0.

>> No.38287665

Is he? It seems much more appropriate for Lorkhan and Akatosh to have both come from the Aurbis rather than Anui-el and Sithis.

>> No.38287703

I know, can you believe it? Who wouldn't like a mongrel race that can't get its shit together, is constantly harassed by its neighbors from all sides and has never even bothered trying to conquer Cyrodiil? Not to mention that despite the fact that they consistently produce some of the most worldly and talented fighters and mages, the common folk still live in horrendously bad conditions.

>> No.38287757

It's Anu and Sithis, plebian

>> No.38287772

Wait no, never mind, how did this go again?

>> No.38287775

More like someone took the base program for Sithis and used it as a base to write Lorkhan.

Lorkhan isn't Sithis X.Y, he is Lorkhan base Sithis 1.0

>> No.38287785

Exactly, you have to like them because they're underprivileged

>> No.38287931

Hahaha, exactly. There's a certain grit to the way things are in Western Tamriel and Highrock in particular. Bretons are interesting because they really do blend man and elven qualities together and produce a people who are can appreciate the refined arts but are still stubborn in their weird Breton way.

>> No.38288265


Orcs are better at that.
Bretons would go full entitled SJW "wow why are there no Breton emperors of Tamriel, Bretophobia ends now".

Orcs are shat on by everyone AND the Bretons themselves, and that's never stopped them from trying (and succeeding) at maintaining Orsinium in the face of near-universal adversity. Orsinium may fall time and again, but it'll be rebuilt as long as there's a single orc alive still.
Plus orcs are pretty based warriors, have supplied the Empire with elite legions before, and their worship of Malacath can't even be called properly daedric if you think about it, since the other princes don't consider Malacath to be a true daedra and the orcs rarely if ever worship princes other than Malacath.

Everything about Bretons that isn't glorious Wayrest or the Reachmen and their witch-cults is inferior to the orcs.

>> No.38288291

How well did Orsinium weather the Oblivion Crisis? As well as Black Marsh?

>> No.38288392

Pretty sure Orsinium didn't exist at that point

>> No.38289425

Breton fan here, and yes, I agree with everything you've said. I have great respect for the Orcs. About the only thing Orsimer can't into is magicking and political prominence. Though, I'm not sure if Orcs even care about things like that. Dunmer has nothing in the "woe are us who are cursed" game compared to the Orcs.

>> No.38289560

Nobody would like or care about Bretons if they weren't so overpowered in game.

High Rock would be a more boring province than modern Cyrodiil too if it didn't have dwemer ruins and orcs.

>> No.38289720

what does AE stand for?

>> No.38289731

Silly anon, Katia is everyone's waifu.

>> No.38289748

Well, she's a woman, so yes and no.

>> No.38289787

Also, the best god was a cyborg that manipulated the clockwork fate mechanism of Nirn to save his people.
Fuck you Evil Shadow of Uncle Curio, I know it's you with how much you've focused on sex so far.

>> No.38289842

>having a slutty yiff as a waifu

>> No.38289844


>> No.38289888

>Not having a warm blanket waifu with a Hammerfell accent and knows how to pole dance.
Bet you only have dunmer waifus.

>> No.38290045

>to save his people.

>> No.38290072

My faith is my spear sheath!

>> No.38290285

>So how did Mephala convince them all it was Sithis?
By tricking one of her night mothers into thinking it was Sithis, and letting her be the patsy who starts the dark brotherhood by using "Sithis's" powers to talk to living and get them to do shit.
>Are the Hist in on it?
Who knows. They probably only revere Sithis at all because they hid from Alduin in a pocket of the voids of oblivion, so it makes sense they'd revere the spirit of the thing that saved them. I doubt they care if it's a ruse, the members of the dark brotherhood revere Sithis, that's all they likely would care about.

>> No.38290354

Where do you think we are?

>> No.38290379

>having a slutty useless yiff as a waifu

>> No.38290464

Pick one.

>> No.38290473

I thought Katia was a qt Nord ghost girl that helped you look for the Aetherium Forge in Skyrim.

>> No.38290485


>> No.38290490

>Lololol Mephala made the DB
I like how this applies to the "Say it enough and it will become truth." saying.
There is no proof of this and you lot are going by hearsay passing as fact.

>> No.38290517

That was her reincarnation. She was a fuck up of a slutty waifu cat with an arabic accent in a past life.

>> No.38290550

>Not wanting a khajiit waifu with an arabic accent.
Vivec plz go

>> No.38290590

that was Katria

Morag Tong was originally a Mephala cult, but then started worshipping Vivec after the assassination of the Potentate because they got banned in the Empire
the Dark Brotherhood was a splinter group that kept their loyalty to Mephala through the figure of the Night Mother

>> No.38290660

>that was Katria
Oh yeah, that was her name.
I kind of wish she'd stuck around, she was a lot less annoying than the other undead waifu added by Dawnguard.

>> No.38290945

The Horse-People of the Bjoulsae River are superior to any Reachmen.

>> No.38291007

You know that MK power-ranking list?
Now that the LDB's gone crazy after Dragonborn, could he be placed somewhere on the list?

>> No.38291068


LDB gives Mora the finger at the end of Dragonborn.

This would be of very little significance if it weren't for the fact that he/she/it/xie does so from within Apocrypha.

So, yeah, LDB's got a fast-pass on Mr Lorkhans Wild Ride

>> No.38291208

>implying LDB isn't busy donning his own OC DO NOT STEAL dragon priest mask while playing D&D and talking about nerdy things with Mora in Apocrypha

I swear to god if this isn't canon I will be so mildly disappointed

>> No.38291283

>LDB gives Mora the finger at the end of Dragonborn.
Yours, maybe. Mine likes him.

>> No.38291313

>his own OC DO NOT STEAL dragon priest mask

that's literally in the game though




>> No.38291317

>You know that MK power-ranking list?
Didn't he say he regretted making that list? Or seeing people take it seriously?

>> No.38291554

I'm assuming you're referring to the Forsworn of the East. Western Reachmen are nothing like the Forsworn.

>> No.38291568

It needs more doughnut steel

>> No.38291616

it's not meant to be taken seriously

>> No.38291662

that power ranking is shit and he discredited it many times
it's easy to come up with pretty accurate power rankings on your own since powers of great heroes are well understood
it's obvious that Ysgramor or someone are weaksauce compared to Talos
and Talos in swordmeetings rekt both Cyrus and Vivec

>> No.38291739


1. Anu/Padomay
*interplay/Anu probably became Godhead*
2. Anuiel/Sithis
from here there are two possibilities
3. Dragon God/ Trickster God
3. Jointed Space time God
*Convention events and shattering*
4. Dragon God/Trickster God

>> No.38291759

>> No.38291789

This is stupid
we knew Dragons had no hands/front legs ever since Redguard
All statues related to Akatosh in Morrowind look the same too, no front limbs, only legs and wings
Was it any surprise to anyone ever that Skyrim Dragons look the way they do

>> No.38291853

Why do people always see Aedra as Anuic?
Aedra means our ancestor, done, end of rine, if you took part in creation you are Aedra.
If you ran away mid creation you are Magna-Ge or Magnus himself.
If you decided to copy-cat the project but do it solo and did not take part in creation of Mundus, you are fucking Daedra.

>> No.38291856

It's fairly widely agreed that the Anu in Anuad is the Anu from the previous dream who then amaranthed with our Anu being his self insert.

pic related

>> No.38291900

>widely agreed
Saying shit like this is stupid, widely agreed by whom? Official Council of the Elder Studies? It's just bunch of us lorefags talking shit.
Not that I disagree with it, actually I was saying that Anu was Godhead even before C0DA happenings.

>> No.38291953


Can you tell us anything about the Reachmen of the West?
I know nothing about them except that Jehenna is a western Reachman city.

>> No.38292025

>> No.38293065

I was trying to find more info on the Hist mind-controlling the Argonians to fight the deadra back into Oblivion, but all I could find was the Hist simply calling them back to Black Marsh to prepare for the invasion and the An-Xileel doing most of the organizing. Is there something more that I didn't notice?

>> No.38294491

Are there any lore-scraps about the Dwemer's relationship to the dragons?

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