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It's morning.

The rays of sunlight vibrantly shine into the room and onto the bed. The light reflects into a cream-colored glow off the sheets and the bedding. Gently, the grace and harmony of the fabric comes undone as the occupants move and squirm under the blankets.

I am Itsukuma Masami, last week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. My sister, Kaori, got this strange idea in her head that she was going to reunite with her father and live a happy life not unlike the one I have with Mom. Unfortunately, this was made very difficult for her when her father decided that Kaori was no daughter of his. Even further complicated by the fact he is a crazy wizard and a jerk. Magnified by his ability to seemingly control people's minds, which he used on Kaori.

Then... mistakes were made. Words were exchanged, things were said, punches were thrown. All of which were by me to him. Kaori's father isn't going to be doing much besides recovering for a while, now. Kaori has been visiting him at the hospital almost every day after school. I don't understand why she continues to see him, but Kaori insists that she may be able to change his mind. I don't think I want him to at this point.

It's been a whole week since then, and this makes this the first week I've officially had a sister. Her beautiful face is glowing with the rays of light falling on it. The sun slowly creeps up to her eye level as she begins to stir in her sleep.

Uh oh, her eyes are opening. Eek! She saw me staring at her while she slept! Now she thinks I'm some kind of weirdo!

“mm, Masami. What are you doing?”
“N-nothing! I just woke up!”
She smiles, “You know you've been looking at me for like, twenty minutes right?”

Oh no, I really am some kind of weirdo!

>What are you going to do today?
>Go to Fortune today so you don't have to go during a school day?
>Maybe go see what your friends are up to?
>Find out what everyone else is doing, then go do that.

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>Maybe go see what your friends are up to?
Sure, sure. Fortune a shit after all.

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>Maybe go see what your friends are up to?
We can go hang out and try to seem normal.

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>Maybe go see what your friends are up to?

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>What are you going to do today?

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>Maybe go see what your friends are up to?

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>Maybe go see what your friends are up to?


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Let me rephrase that, sporadically writing while cooking.

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After some teasing from Kaori about what a huge pervert I must be, we make our way out to the dining room for breakfast.

Mom is happily humming as she sets out plate after plate of food. It seems like she got a little carried away this morning with cooking as she sometimes does. She really does like to cook when she's happy.

She floats over and gives us a quick hug and a kiss. Maybe the knowledge that this is our first week as a real family isn't lost on her, either.

We happily chat about our week, our friends, what we were dreaming of last night, what everyone was thinking of doing this week. Soon we arrive at the topic of what we're deciding to do today.

“So.. I was thinking of going to see what everyone at school was doing today.” I say, stuffing rice into my mouth.
“That's a good idea. You never even told me what clubs you were going to join, sweetie.”

I drop my utensils onto my plate.
“I mean, I remember when you told me about having to join at least one a month or so ago, but I'm sure you've decided to join one by now, right?” Mom is looking at me quizzically.
“Yeah, Masami.” Kaori is smiling at me in that way. “I'm sure you've put a lot of thought into which club you're going to join by now. You wouldn't do something like forget about it, would you?”

I can feel my hands nervously running through my hair.

>I was thinking of the archery club! I think Maeda is in that.
>Boxing! Ryouta said he would give me some pointers!
>Martial arts! That's the club Ken'ichi is in, right?
>M-maybe something not fight related, like cooking?

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oh hey, i completely forgot about that too
the occult club looked fun, but...

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>M-maybe something not fight related, like cooking?
Since there isn't a siscon club, we shall find another nice calm interest.

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>M-maybe something not fight related, like cooking?

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>M-maybe something not fight related, like cooking?

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You know, I forgot about the occult club

That's an option too if anyone wants to swap to it. You and Kaori would be the only members.

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>Occult club
Well if we can, then...

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Well, we're not limited to just one club, so why can't we join both occult and cooking?

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This will work too

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I'm good with both, Sounds like the occult club actually is the siscon club I mentioned in >>38223327.

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Occult cooking. Makin' ethereal pastries.

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Anon please, no pervs allowed. It can be the sis-appreciation club.

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or haunted cupcakes

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...or brownies?

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Well I gotta head off now but thanks for running.

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I'm still here! Sorry for disappearing!

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Thank you for playing!

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Come on, think of something!

"Maybe the cooking club!"

Yes, perfect!

"Hmm." Kaori sips at her tea, "So I'm sure you've put a lot of thought into it, right?"
"Do you know who to go see about joining that club?" She's smiling again.

Oh no, I don't even remember that girl's name!
"That's a really demanding club, you know that right Masami?"
"Um, Maybe?"
"Have any other ideas?"

Ohh that smirk on her face.

"Then how about yours!" I jump up and point at her.
She stares at me blankly, "Say again?"

"The occult club! That's open, right?"
"Uh, yeah but I'm the only member. I just used it so I had a room to sleep in-"

"Then it's settled! I'll join the occult club too!"

The look on Kaori's face is priceless.
"B-but! I don't even know what a club is supposed to do! And then there's all that clubwork that I never did!"

Serves you right!
"Masami, Kaori." Mom speaks in a pleasant tone, "Why don't you think of things that would be fun to do together? You have the whole club to yourselves, so it should be nice to have all of after-school to bond with each other, right?"

"..Mom I don't even know what that means!" Kaori is beginning to sound like she's whining now.

"Just think of something you want to do together, sweetie!"

>"Um. Maybe we could draft cards? It might be nice to have a few extra."
>"We could use it as an excuse to get out of class!"
>"Naptime club, I like it."
>"Maybe we should try to get some more people?"

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>"We could use it as an excuse to get out of class!"
>"Naptime club, I like it."

And maybe on the side...

>"Um. Maybe we could draft cards? It might be nice to have a few extra."

Gotta have those priorities straight.

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>"Um. Maybe we could draft cards? It might be nice to have a few extra."

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>"Um. Maybe we could draft cards? It might be nice to have a few extra."

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>Suggest renaming the club to 'The Itsukuma Kaori Appreciation Society'
>"Maybe we should try to get some more people?"

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>>"Maybe we should try to get some more people?"

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>"We could use it as an excuse to get out of class!"
>"Naptime club, I like it."

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Please consider renaming as I feel this would have a positive effect on our sister. Thanks.

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I really don't think that's a good idea, it being an official club and all.

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Y'know, I've been wondering about that. How did Kaori manage to make the club official, don't you need like a consistant minimum number of members for that?

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Are you saying our sister isn't a good enough subject of an official club?!

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>"We could use it as an excuse to get out of class!"
>"Naptime club, I like it."
>"Um. Maybe we could draft cards? It might be nice to have a few extra."

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>Lots of things


Cooking is done so hopefully updates are a bit faster.

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I am saying some might be upset with it, mostly her.

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But that's when we reveal it to be a humorous joke, anon.

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I'm not sure whether she would appreciate it.

>> No.38227095

I think she could take it. She's a big girl!

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She still might not appreciate it.

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"We.. We could use it as an excuse to get out of class!"
The unamused look Kaori has on her face says it all.

"M-maybe we could use it as the naptime club?"
"That would be fine, but that's all it's good for. A club has to have a purpose, you know."

Um, Oh I know!

"How about we rename the club to the Kaori Appreciation club! Everyone would like tha-"
Wow, that is a serious pout.

"I think that sounds lovely!"
"Mom! No! Just no!" Kaori puffs her cheeks out. "We can use it for naps and to get out of class, anything but that!"

Hmph. I really liked that idea too.
"So, maybe we can draft cards there? You can still make blank cards, right?"
"I.. haven't forgot if that's what you're asking."
"Great! Then we can use it for that! No one will ask what we're doing because it's supposed to be a spooky club to begin with."
"W-well, I don't know about that."
"Then it's settled!"

I jump up and grab her into a hug, she desperately tries to struggle from my grasp.

"Umm, Sis. Are you really okay with me joining your club?"

We walk slowly to the school, there isn't really any rush on a day like today.
"I'm fine with it, it's just I need to clean out the room so it looks like people use it. So you and hopefully Ryouta are going to help with that."

Hey! I don't remember volunteering to do this!

"I should call him, as far as I know he's spending today sleeping instead of studying."
Kaori puts the phone to her ear, waits several seconds, before staring at the screen.
"Huh, Let me try Maeda."

Again, same thing.

"Um." Kaori fumbles with the phone some, "Aiko?"
She places the phone to her ear, before her face turns to worry.

"..Masami, please try dialing someone."
I pick out my phone and try Aiko, Maeda, Ryouta, even Ken'ichi.

That's a bad sign. We just approached the school campus, and it seems to have an air of uncertainty about it.

>I'm probably being paranoid.
>Time to be sneaky!
>C-call an adult.
>Go in guns blazing!

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>I'm probably being paranoid.

Headmaster guy is legit and knows what he's doing, surely he wouldn't let people do something shady or spooky on campus. Not if it's as obvious as a magical cellphone jamming, which would probably be spotted by the students seconds after it went up.

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>C-call an adult.

>> No.38228175

>>C-call an adult.
>>Time to be sneaky!

>> No.38228291

>Time to be sneaky!

>> No.38228365

>Time to be sneaky!

>> No.38228547

>Time to be sneaky!


>> No.38228548

>Go in guns blazing!
I'm way too late, oh well.

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"Something is very wrong."
"Yeah.. I know."

"So.. what do we do?"

"I guess put our phones on silent and try to find someone."
"That seems like a bad idea!"
No Kaori, don't flake out on me now!

"But.. what else are we going to do? Just wait for someone to come along?"
"I'm sure the Principal is working on it, if something is wrong at the school. We just need to find everyone."

I don't think that's how it works, Kaori!

We start into the school grounds, keeping a close eye on every swaying tree branch, mysterious sound, sudden movements.
All in all, it doesn't seem like anyone has even touched the school grounds today. Very strange and uneasy.

"Where should we search first?"

>I don't know! Why are you asking me?
>The gym, that's where everyone goes when there's a problem.
>Search the clubrooms, no one may even notice something is wrong.
>The offices, let's see if anyone is around.

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>I don't know! Why are you asking me?

>> No.38230359

Guys I'm sorry tonight's thread has gone so slow, I had some RL stuff to deal with.

I promise it'll get better in the coming weeks.

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>>The gym, that's where everyone goes when there's a problem.

>> No.38230474


>The offices, let's see if anyone is around.

>> No.38230642

>The gym, that's where everyone goes when there's a problem.
That's okay, it's not that slow!

>> No.38230839

>I-I don't know! Why are you asking me?!
>The gym, that's where everyone goes when there's a problem.

>> No.38230869

Oh, writing!

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I gotta sleep so thanks for running!

>> No.38232173

Thanks for playing!

This next post may be the last one for the night, I have to wake up early.

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Did Kaori just ask ME for a strategy!?
"I don't know! Why are you asking me?!"

The look on her face is priceless, but also oddly disconcerting.
"W-well, I guess the gym? Because that's where everyone goes when there is a problem?"
Kaori pats my shoulder, "See? You can make plans just fine!"

Somehow I don't believe her.

We slowly make our way across campus and finally arrive at the gym. Much to our dismay, the door appears to be hanging open.

"Masami, this could be a trap."
"I know, but we can't really turn back now."
That's a lie, we could turn back at any time.
I just don't want to leave my friends alone when everything is as creepy as it is.

I walk in front of Kaori as we slowly creep into the gym. All the lights are out, and the stage is brightly lit up. Everything except the stage is practically invisible in the inky blackness, we take a few more steps onto the jet-black floor as-


A mighty bash strikes across the back of my head. The sound of wood breaking and clattering against the floor fills the otherwise completely silent auditorium.


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Only one word comes to mind.
"Who's there!?"

A figure steps out of the darkness, I've seen her before.
"Aina! What was that for!?"

Huh, I remember now. Aina Otaka, the president of theatre club. This time she was waiting in the theatre with a baseball bat. Is this a new part she's auditioning for?
She furiously tries to rub at the small bump that's forming on my head. Strangely enough, if she didn't start pressing on it I wouldn't have noticed. I should have felt a little more impact than that.

"SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!" She repeats, over and over again.
"OTAKA! CALM DOWN!" Kaori yells right at her. "What is going on?!"

I can barely see it, but in the darkness there are dozens of eyes staring at me from the blackness.
"I- I don't know! There was some fighting earlier and everyone left, but there's still something lurking around campus so I got everyone I could and hid in here!"

Wait, what?
"Where's the student council? They should be taking care of this."
"I- think something led them away, they haven't picked up their phones!"

Something led them away? The school should always be their top priority!
"Where is that, -thing-, now?"

She pops behind us and looks out the door, slowly closing it until it's only half-open.
"I don't know, and I don't want to know!"

Strange, in the distance, do I hear rumbling?

>Thread End

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Okay, thanks everyone for the thread tonight. Sorry for how long everything took. Hopefully by next week it'll be clear!

Thanks for everyone who participated. I'll see you all next time.

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running.

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>Aina Otaka, the president of theatre club. This time she was waiting in the theatre with a baseball bat.

Also sorry for ending it early but I'm feeling really tired, so tired that I accidentally teleported everyone to the theatre instead of keeping it in the gym. Whoops.

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