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We know from the lore that The Emperor had been various historical figures who had lead many people throughout history, before he became know as The Emps. But do you guys think that one his identities was Hitler?

I mean, just the amount technological progression made directly resulting from WWII would have served to help humanity along to where it needed to be.

Also, Alpha Legion is the best.

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OP, that is heresy upon heresy.

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>Implying that exterminating and exterminating untermensch is any different.

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The one of the differences is that one is now a lich and the other shot himself and had one testicle.

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>Judaism is a chaos cult in disguise

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>implying that the emperor did not simply pretend to shot himself.

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But what way could being Hitler guide humanity?

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Uh, by uniting everyone under the glorious banner of National Socialism, which seems to be pretty similar to what the Imperium is.

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What other historical figures were the Emperor?

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That came after he got put into his throne.
Jesus, the Queen of England, and King Aurthur to name a few.

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If Hitler had been the Emperor he would have won.

None of these are confirmed. The Emperor MAY have been Jesus, he may not have been. It's likely that he styled himself as the Second Coming and used that belief to solidify his rule before he disassembled the church and created his secular state. Whether or not Jesus really WAS the Emperor is irrelevant; he used the myth to his advantage.

As for the Queen of England and King Arthur, never heard anything about him being either of those.

The one past identity of the Emperor that's confirmed by a Black Library publication is Saint George; the tale of Saint George and the Dragon, as we know it today, is a folkloric retelling of the Emperor's battle with a C'tan shard known as The Void Dragon.

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The Emperor being the Queen was a joke from a thread I did and it involved the Corgi being the most faithful dog breed to the Golden Throne. As for King Author, that came from a different thread though.

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the Emperor may have lost on purpose, it's been stated many times that Nazi Germany's worst enemy was Hitler.

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He was a monumental figure of world history.

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I find that picture very fitting since that marine is from the Naziest chapter.

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I could see that; the Emperor probably wouldn't think much of the Nazis' practices.

That said, I find it much more likely that Hitler was a real person and a convenient bungler the Emperor propped up while he pulled the strings from backstage.

Sorry, I'll be sure to only pull my info from 40k Rulebooks from now on.

That means Imperial catpeople are canon lololol

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with the crazy shit Hitler pulled off, both before he ruled and during, i really doubt that he wasn't the Emperor.

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To me, the Big E just saw this mess and stayed out of this. Let humanity learn its lesson about allowing a man who only had one ball to get power.

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>That means Imperial catpeople are canon lololol
Of course, they're also not allowed to leave their homeworld.

inb4 an anon comes in arguing that they can leave pretending "and restricted to" doesn't exist in the fluff blurb.

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Nah, if Hitler is any character in 40K it's the daemon prince Doombreed.

"Doombreed was one of the first of Khorne's servants. His true name has long been forgotten, but he was once human, a mighty warlord who led armies which ravaged entire nations on Terra long ago, responsible for genocide and murder on a grand scale. Such wanton carnage drew the eye of the god Khorne, still relatively young, who granted the warlord the ultimate reward of Daemonhood."

He's totally Doombreed.

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Nah, Doombreed is confirmed for Genghis Khan.

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Nigger do you even Genghis Khan?

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It's the "--breed" part of Doombreed that gets me thinking it's Hitler. Hitler was obsessed with the Aryan race, a particular BREED of human, so yeah.

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well, they are allowed to become commissars....

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I remember hearing about this, but does anyone have the source/actual text. I know it's true but I just want to see it again for future reference.

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wait are you shitting on catpeople anon

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I don't think so. The Emperor is metaphor-Hitler, not literal Hitler.

To make sense of the Emperor having been Hitler and then going on to be the Emperor, he'd have needed to come to the realization that all humans, Jewish or Aryan, white or black, man or woman, are equally human and worthwhile AND THEN utterly fail to in any way extend that logic to xenos.

There is also a mismatch of power-level; with the Emperor's abilities as described, if he'd set out to kill all the Jews and have Germany rule the world, he'd have succeeded.]

You know what major world figure in the 20th century might have been the Big E? Kennedy. Think about it; averts nuclear war, displays huge natural charisma, then dies under slightly odd circumstances. Big E stepped in to take the reigns of the world's mightiest country for a time, fucked Marilyn Monroe, then faked his death when the job was done.

That sounds a lot more like "At times of crisis he would be there, steering the human race along a narrow survival path that he alone could see" than taking power in Germany, waging a devastating but unsuccessful war and committing a horrifying but unsuccessful genocide.

Hitler did very little of what he set out to do. Big E tends to be more effective.

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>he'd have needed to come to the realization that all humans, Jewish or Aryan, white or black, man or woman, are equally human and worthwhile

I don't know of anything suggesting the Emperor minded pruning humanity or that he liked all races and religions equally. His militant atheism for example very heavily suggests he does not love all mankind equally.

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Consider the Emperor orchestrating a war and then losing it on purpose.
WWII was a lesson to teach humanity to reject racist ideologies and brought humanity closer together, at the sacrifice of a few thousand Jews.

'Never again!', we said, paving the way for blacks to gain rights, racial intermarriage and the fertile genetic ground for a psychic humanity in the future.

Are there any other defeated ideologies which we reject so near universally?

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Emps isn't an atheist, he's a maltheist; he knows that gods exist, and he hates them.

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> imperium treats abhumans like jews
> imperium allows heresy in his name

the IOM is seseriously hitler

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Hitler was a complete screwup, so no.
But he might have helped him gain power, just to see him fail. But in the meantime, others united against him, nationalism grew, technology advanced,...
All in the cause of advancing humanity.
>pic is Hitler and von Hindenburg for anyone interested

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Jesus fuck

Old Von H was huge.

Or was Hitler just an angry midget?

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>Do you guys think that one of his identities was Hitler?

I don't think the Emps has ever been someone who committed genocide.

Well, genocide against humans at least.

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He was a manlet who never learned.

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>There are people, on this board, right now, who truly believe that the Emperor, THE emperor, would try to fucking march through Russia during the winter

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Doombreed could be anyone ranging from Attila, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Hitler or maybe somebody from the future.
Maybe one of you anon a is Doombreed.

As for Emps being Hitler, I doubt it. Stalin would probably fit better if we're looking for Emps in WW2.

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>at the sacrifice of a few thousand Jews.
And several millions of Slavs, Chinamen, Germans and Japanese.

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rememeber the bib that told us squats were back?
well look a little fuhrer and you'll see a race called "FELINIDS"

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>not 6 bajillion
Oy Vey

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how about OP?

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Your posts stand out like a streak of shit on a white rug.

is thataway

Toodle pip.

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>implying >muh 6 million is only a /pol/ joke

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>implying I'm talking about that post and not the sudden and blatant streak of polposts in the streak of 5 minutes across all the front page

1/10 you didnt even try

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>are equally human and worthwhile

Except... That was never the case. In all his deeds, it's only apparent that he believes humanity as a whole is worthwhile. He doesn't give a flying fuck about individual humans, or even individual planets.

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>'Never again!', we said

And promptly went and waged all our wars outside of Europe for centuries more.

Thanks, Emps.

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>still implying that is a /pol/ only thing
>implying that those posts are me
>implying that the only 2 other posts I made today weren't helpful to the OP
>implying every post you disagree with is /pol/

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Of course he has. The Emperor has been every hero of every generation; from Khan to Hitler, from DaVinci to Jean Chretien, from Judas to Arnold Judas Rimmer (BSC, SSC).

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Well since neither of us can prove it, but anyone who doesnt suffer from the most hideous forms of autism can spot blatent patterns, I rest my case.

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You sure got me with that anon.
I'm sure /tg/ will now be a better place, without all of us /pol/acks daring to have a different opinion than you.
You truly are the master /pol/ detector /tg/ needs.

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Hold on.

Emps is Stone Soup Guy.

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You know what major world figure in the 20th century might have been the Big E? Kennedy. Think about it; averts nuclear war, displays huge natural charisma, then dies under slightly odd circumstances. Big E stepped in to take the reigns of the world's mightiest country for a time, fucked Marilyn Monroe, then faked his death when the job was done.

You're forgetting the Bay of Pigs. Sent a handful of crazy people to invade Cuba, not give them useful intel, not hide from Castro the fact that they were coming, not back them up with the air support they were told to expect, and not cover it up when shit went south.

The Bay of Pigs was a terrible idea. The initial plan was for the Pro-America Cuban Ex-pats to invade near a mountain range, so, if the attack failed, then they could retreat to the mountains, and wage guerrilla war. However, the plan was changed to move the landing site to the Bay of Pigs (hence the name), which was on the other side of the Cuba from those (or any) mountains. Yet the plan still assumed they could retreat to the mountains.

Arguably the biggest fuck up in American Foreign policy, all because Kennedy didn't think shit through.

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>yfw you realise everyone who ever existed is actually the Emperor
>yfw you realise YOU are the Emperor right now

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>a few thousand

You do know that all serious historians think it was 5-6 million jews, right?
Do you get your information from /pol/?

Not that the Emprah was above killing a few million people to achieve his goals. Heck, he made extreminatus a routine method of dealing with insurmountable problems.

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Not that anon but

>anyone who doesnt suffer from the most hideous forms of autism can spot blatent patterns, I rest my case.
>not knowing shit about autistic kids and their ridiculous ability to spot patterns that we cannot

You're a fucking retard, dude.

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I can't name any planets but he did just wipe out planets that refused to cut ties with xenos and join him during the great crusade. I don't think that stemmed from hate though, more a necessity to cut off the cancerous humans who let in foul Xenos. Maybe the hate Hitler had was just for show and they were actually super bad but for reasons only the Emperor knew?
However I agree with this, absolutely heretical.

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People forget that a lot of human mentality, with it's zealotry, hate for everything etc isn't what Emperor really hoped for. In fact, if I recall correctly he tried to avoid divisiveness and succumbing to 'low' emotions (didnt' always work out, though) since they feed the chaos. But since idiots locked him on his throne, he cannot do much, just struggle to shield and guide his children against influence of the warp. That's why the theory metagame that it'd be better if Emperor could kick the bucket to come back in new body and fix shit, instead of being forced to let narrow-minded zealots turn humanity into warlike shitheads. But since techies know not how to fix the throne which shows increasing wear and tear, sooner or later it'll happen anyway.

That aside, the Emperor was far more efficient and effective than Hitler and his goals were demanding sacrifices, potentially, but always for the betterment of humanity and its future while Hitler tried to establish dominance of only one certain group and fuck up all the other.

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