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Woah, your heads on fire.

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I think we could be more on fire.

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>we could be more on fire

Anyhow! Samurai Jack build.

-Background: Magic User (900CP) -Even in a world of technology, magic is great.
-Engineering (800CP) -But technology is also useful.
-Alchemy (700CP) (Discount) -Potions! I like potions.
-Archery (500CP) -Why the hell not.
-Magic: Enchanting (Free) -I love enchanting things! It's a nice thing.
-Magic: Teleportation (200CP) (Discount) -This is... interesting.
-Signature Outfit (Free) -A nice coat and a hat.
-Scouting Glasses (150CP) -Beause you want to know anything that's around.
-Potion Kit (100CP) (Discount) -Alchemy kit! What fun.
-Workshop (0CP) (Discount) -Magic shop! Learn what I can and vamoose. Transplant all the tools as well.
Dice Rolls: China, 25 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I don't have much, but it's something. Wander the world and attempt to learn of the magic and technologies this place has to offer, and see what I can do to make a living without Aku trying to slit my throat.

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Rolled 7 (1d8)

I've grown disconnected with my current jumper so I'm going through 40k. Rolling for location.

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small hotfix for MGNQ jump.
>50cp gets you dosh or 1 grief seed
>Everyone gets 2 seeds and an apartment free.

>> No.38139749

>40 jumps (-1000)
Ultimate Showdown (0) O'Shovah, he seemed appropriate considering my starting location.
I've got a ridiculously hard to detect flagship with enough firepower to take on small armadas and capable of calling forth hordes of lesser ships easily. At this point I'm pretty much immune to conventional weapons and the Tau don't really get Psykers. My forces are nearly unstoppable and I can pull out ship busting magic easily.

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Alright question, what would you do if Jumpchan decided to gather everyone you've romanced throughout your entire jumpchain together in one location?

How screwed would you be?

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Not at all.

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>implying i didnt do that already through muh harem

>> No.38140061

Considering any and all such relations would be with me anyway? Not at all.

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Being several thousand years old, I've probably romanced at least 5 people, and I figure at least 4 of them didn't work out for some reason or another. So, probably pretty awkward?

>> No.38140131

>everyone you've romanced

You mean the several failed relationships, the two broken-off ones, the five where I made an utter twit of myself and disappeared, and the numerous others where I stared longingly like some kind of creepy asshole?


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>tfw I'm in the room all by myself
>literally giving zero fucks as I watch a cartoon
>the benefactor is in the other chair
>"Wow, um... it's literally been thousands of years. You didn't romance anyone?"
>"There was science to be had and magic to fangirl about."
>"Fair enough."
>the rest of the day is just spent on cartoons

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Romanced? Most of them are either companions or dead, so I suppose it'd matter little. If they got brought back from the dead it'd be more fun then screwed.

>> No.38140208

Didn't you have a harem of SoBs' or something? Or were they just cultists?

>> No.38140209

Sorry everyone. Forgot to turn off We Burn.
Carry on then.

Also, RE: Dragonslayer Magic. I must admit that Fairy Tail is the jump in my chain with the most potential to be bullshit since I don't normally take the magic option, preferring instead to travel the "Shoot people and steal everything that isn't nailed down, then come back with a crobar to steal everything that isn't" route. Mainly, this is due to the fact that I took the incredibly game-y element of Air.
But since going "Hurr durr, I am the STRONKEST because I always am eating air" is boring, I set down some ground rules for myself. The biggest is that it has to actually be eaten rather than just being breathed. Related is the fact that air is inefficient in terms of gathering energy. So where as Natsu or Gajeel may need only a few "bites" to restore energy, it would take me quite a bit more. Lastly, the energy gain is directly related to how clean the air is. So a crystal clear bit of spring air from the top of a mountain, on a planet untouched by human hands is far, far more better than, say, downtown Beijing or some slum on a heavily industrialized world, to the degree that the latter would have a pronounced weakening effect.

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She's gonna need a bigger room.

>> No.38140255

That's about how Sky Dragon Slayer works in canon, so that's not even fanwank.

>> No.38140259

Them wanting to get in my pants and me reciprocating are two entirely different things, anon.

Anyone around me has been associates at worst, friends/surrogate siblings at best. And it's nothing against them... I just don't carry any interest in that sort of thing at all.

>> No.38140292

>If they got brought back from the dead it'd be more fun then screwed.

And if they weren't brought back from the dead, anyone else present would be too squicked out to be mad at you.

>> No.38140469

Nah, they'd be fine. The living ones (i.e my companions) have all seen me eating plenty of times before, so a few corpses should be nothing.

>> No.38140519

That's... like... ... I'm pretty sure that consists of one person, who is my Partner from PMD, and he doesn't even get a whole lot of attention as is.
Possibly my Yugioh rival, but that's more of an ongoing tsundere thing, and has never developed into an ongoing relationship.
There's a bunch of other people who have various crushes and/or obsessions with me, but those are not reciprocated. At most they get teasing or manipulated, because I am a terrible person.

>> No.38140522

So going with a classic for my first jump in my new chain, Familiar of Zero. Rolling for Master and Power respectively. I decided to make it more interesting by randomly allocating the powers among the Void Mages, the other rolls I'll do on my own to avoid spamminess. Onwards to death and/or glory.

>> No.38140547

Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d4)

I seem to have flubbed formatting on the rolls. This should work.

>> No.38140692 [SPOILER] 

>Almost everyone Including me has either gone the single wiafu/husbando route or created a small harem out of their companions.

Either all the extremely promiscuous anons have already filtered out, or just not enough people have replied yet.

>> No.38140727

It's more like all of my companions are random women with a crush on me, but I'm more sexless than the most sexless harem protagonist ever so, strictly speaking, there's no one I've romanced.

Now, if I had to have a confrontation with everyone who WANTED to, then I'd be in trouble.

>> No.38140740

Small? Oh dear, you must be confused. It numbers almost a hundred in companions alone, and if it were to include every romantic encounter? I'd need a space the size of a city to contain them all.

>> No.38140766

Probably the latter.

Also, where the heck's the 'tried but failed humorously' section. That's my seat.

>> No.38140812

Not at all. I have a waifu in real life fu, and apparently I'm coded for monogamy. Lots of long lonely nights in my Jumps, coz I haven't hit a jump yet that would allow me to import her.

>> No.38140893

Well, I mean... I'm just not really interested in romance. What desires are do have are easily filtered into just a couple people, and even then, they're woefully neglected. I actually kindof feel sorry for them sometimes. I'm sure I only get away with it because of my ungodly cute/hotness and gradually incrementing to ridiculous charisma. And then the crushes I just find kindof hilarious.
Really, falling for me is practically the worst thing you can do to yourself. I'm basically not attainable and I won't even give you closure.

>> No.38140935

Not at all. Since I plan on letting them know of and met each other whenever possible

Though I imagine there would be some fights. Mostly between the ones who like fighting

>> No.38140939

Pretty screwed. I mean, I have a husbando, but I'm also a philandering asshole. They probably realize this, but I don't think it's really hit them just what that means over 14000 years of jumping.

>> No.38140959

So having a look at the familiar of zero jump I can see some great abilities but have a few questions.

In the notes it mentions elementalism going all the way up to 5, am I likely to reach that level with enhanced learning and willpower?
Also how strong is level 5 compared to 3/triangle?

What are the differences between the uncharged stones and the stone weaving instructions? Is it just really hard to weave them?
What are familiars capable of? Any suggestions for a creature?

>> No.38140980

The room would condense into a black hole.

>> No.38140981

As far as I remember the only people who can use Pentagram level magic (level 5) are the royal family.

>> No.38141002

This... ...soooooort of sums it up. No interest in romance, try not to pick up companions due to KNOWING I'd end up neglecting them, but the amount of appearance perks I've stacked on means people keep trying and trying, all in vain. And I never even bother to go beyond being a friend because I literally don't have the mental wiring that makes a relationship desirable.

It's a horribly vicious situation. That or I'm just so vain and love the idea of being amazing that I barely even notice how many hearts are destroyed in my wake...

>> No.38141013

>empty room
>seriously it's just the cripple and The Lady.

>"Wow. Several thousand years and you haven't... y'know..."


>"Why the 'try'? You have HOW many perks dedicated now to being a desirable individual?"


>"This is no different from how you were when we started this adventur-"


>"You know you're still a-"



>"Ma'am. Please. I know."

>> No.38141045

You'd think after a few centuries of trying you'd at least trip and fall into bed with a girl.

>> No.38141080



I am aware, that my skill with the opposite gender no matter what species, is at a permanent Negative 20.

>> No.38141131

Some women do like the awkward types, especially if they're cute.

>> No.38141139

If ever in our travels we should meet, remind me not to shake hands with you. I might've risked it if you had two.

>> No.38141184

Why do you think he's One-Armed? He wore it down to a nub.

>> No.38141210

Ow. Ow.

Okay. Someone call a burn ward. Please.

If that were the case something would've kicked off by now.

>> No.38141353


A SMALL harem? You underestimate me. My harem is quite large. None of them are neglected either because I use shadow clones and/or similar bullshit to be with all of them at the same time!

>> No.38141360

I wouldn't be really. I never formed any real lasting relationship with anyone, knowing that in ten years time I would be moving on. After awhile, I really don't even feel the urge to have sex anymore. So it wouldn't be that bad. Just a women I've had sex with in the same room.

>> No.38141364

Have you been rolling for it or something?

>> No.38141383

Well, at least you're making people happy. I hope they don't bite your clones or anything, that would be disappointing.

>> No.38141439

How about Invader Zim's Family Dinner, combined with a pod? I remember seeing a pastebin a while back with something that imported friends and family, but it seems to have vanished.

>> No.38141445


No need when you automatically suffer a -20 Penalty.

Okay no it's entirely for comical reasons. I figure something like that would translate into the Chain.

>> No.38141464


Some of my more.... violent waifus try. But I've managed to placate them.

>> No.38141465

That burn. THAT BURN, OW.

>pic related

>> No.38141472

I got Mind of God with Louise as master
Vittoro has Gandalfr
Joseph got Vindalfr (fuck my life)
Tiffiana's familiar remains unchanged
Linguist (free) suppose this might be occasionally useful
Luck (100) I'll be needing this, hopefully it will help find some useful items besides Derf
Enhanced Learning (700)
Ediect Memory (400) Figure I may as well play up that "Mind of God" thing
Elven Magic (100) It's heresy time, I'm assuming this starts me at simply able to interact with the spirits but no guidebook or anything
Durable (-100)
Troublesome (0) Guiche fight, along with any number of other problems
I figured I may as well start this off with unmitigated chaos. So Ceaser is now hypercompetent at fighting and will probably generally wreck my day. Meanwhile Sheffield probably has a slew of horrific monstrosities at her beck and call. Meanwhile I know the positions of precisely two magic items one of which I have no use for (the zombie making ring). It will however be interesting seeing the difference between using Derflinger optimally as a weapon vs using him optimally as a magic item. Body Mod and Warehouse to follow shortly with me writefaggimg this up over the next few days.

>> No.38141475

See, that's why Wood Release Clones are a better option if you can afford to take Wood Release. They're physical beings so they won't dissipate from minor damage, they're utterly indistinguishable from the original so long as they remain intact (they turn into trees when they die), and they form a hive-mind with you so you get to experience all your waifus in real time instead of as memory dumps at the end of the day.

>> No.38141504


That's what I do.

>> No.38141517

I don't got no waifus.

>> No.38141570

... 'wood release'?

>> No.38141605

From Naruto. One of the bloodlines. Makes you part plant, lets you create and manipulate plants, and incidentally also lets you bind and control demons somehow.

>> No.38141627

Senju best clan eat it Uchiha scum

>> No.38141633


>> No.38141656

I'm pretty sure the anon was commenting more on the use of wood release to release your wood.

>> No.38141682

Do bloodline techniques have to be inherited or can we pull shenanigans using Assassins Creed blood transfer perk?

Has there been any ruling or consensus about whether genetic or bio- science perks can get us some of that delicious "Living Abomination against Nature" flavour or not.

>> No.38141687

That is awesome. Thankyou!

>> No.38141689

Oh. Oh, yes, I see. Sorry, I'm ill right now and innuendo isn't really on my mind, Sexy jokes aren't something you think about when you spend the day vomiting.

>> No.38141739


Actually... going by the LN Derf and Gandalfrdrld are bound or something, so you still wrecked. On the other hand, elven magic as almost as haxx as void with the whole multicasting thing, coupled on how Andvary's ring works you can still be the merry heretical hooded super necromancer and his band of spooky skeletons.

>> No.38141779

Agree to disagree anon.

>> No.38141786

Maybe promiscuity is a thing for a while, but eventually you'd want to surround yourself with people you can trust. There would be varying degrees of intimacy in those relationships, obviously. Likewise some of the relationships would have varying degrees of sexual expression.

But if you've got some type of long term plan, thematic or otherwise, that's got to be your driving force. Food, sex, music, art, all sorts of enjoyment, endulgence and enlightenment can be had on the chain without that defining your chain.

Do I harem? Yes. Is it largely exclusive? Yes. But that's not the defining characteristic of me as a jumper. Nor do I assume that's the defining characteristic of my partners.

>> No.38141830

That's one of those "the same but different" things we've got going on, really. I've noticed it, but it's never... been really interesting enough to comment on, I guess.

Neither of us are really interested in romance, but whereas you avoid collecting companions to spare their feelings, I collect obsessive drawback companions and crushes for shits and giggles because I find it hilarious.

Not to go into a lot of detail, but I also have a perverted streak (which has caused us to take some different drawbacks sometimes smugduck), but it's not... really a big enough deal to pursue, and I'm not interested in sharing something like that with anyone but a partner... which I'm not really interested in maintaining... so it mostly just ends up manifesting as teasing and making the whole situation worse for everyone else involved. God, I'm practically malicious.
Whereas you're all nice and considerate and try not to break too many hearts. Except for the ones you're not aware of.
And the people who end up following behind us are all basically tortured by it. Or else come pre-insane.

It's kindof hilarious in an emotionally horrible way.

>> No.38141853

Alright, coming to state my intentions as a Jump Maker and to make certain I'm not intentionally stepping on toes here.

The recent release of a Forgotten Realms Jump has me reminded of my childhood love for the setting and as such I would like to make possibly 2-3 Jumps to help represent what I loved about the Forgotten Realms.

Currently I'm working on an Underdark Jump and have intentions for making Jumps for Icewinddale and Neverwinter too.

I wish each one to help show how various and wondrous Faerun is! I hope with the three Jumps, I can share how great the setting is.

I don't want them to feel cookie cutter and redundant so I'm going to do my best to make them each focus on a various aspect of the Forgotten Realms.

Underdark for the Stealth and Guile, Icewinddale for the savagery and barbarianism, and Neverwinter the citylife and splendor of a fantasy civilization.

At this point, its still in the works and may become a combined Jump so you can go from one to the other. Not entirely certain.

If anyone wants to help with input then I'll gladly take notes. If anyone has a problem with it, I'm willing to listen to your argument and reasons.

>> No.38141955

I have no problem with it personally, I don't know anything about the settings but you make them sound like interesting places. Neverwinter sounds like a fun place to be.

>> No.38141966

As the creator of the Forgotten Realms jump, I would like to state that I am not opposed to additional jumps to the setting. It isn't as if there is no precedent to having multiple jumps visiting the same place. (Star Wars and Avatar come immediately to mind as do the Type Trio of jumps: Fate, KnK and the other one that escapes me at the moment)

>> No.38141981

Honestly, and this will sound asshole-ish, but I don't think it's a good idea. I mean, more jumps isn't a bad thing, but I feel that it would be, not a waste of time persay, but that effort would be better served on a unique jump rather than a sub-jump focusing on one particular aspect of one particular world that's already a jump, if that makes any sense?

But, if you really want to, I both can not and will not stop you.

>> No.38141982

Not the FR jump maker, so take the following as you will.

I think there's room for multiple jumps in one setting, especially if you're going to focus them the way you've outlined. A open world FR jump is going to feel very different from one tailored for the Underdark, or Waterdeep, or Icewind Dale. I know some people get pissed when the idea of multiple jumps within a setting gets brought up, Dragon Age seems to be a particularly sticky subject, but I think if it's done right and with the intent of mining everything possible out of a setting then it's cool.

I'd like to see more D&D jumps and even multiple jumps within a paritcular setting. By and large I always err on the side of more content is better, lewd jumps aside.

>> No.38141995

We don't need that many jumps for the FR setting. If you really want to make a new jump for FR, just combine them all into one jump. We don't need a jump for every subsetting in FR.

>> No.38142026

To add a bit that I forgot. If you do decide to do such a thing, try make each sub-jump different enough so that they don't read like a copy pasted version "except with more X!"

>> No.38142045

I think its a great idea, go for it

>> No.38142064

I grew up playing the Infinity Engine era of games, so if you could make a bunch of jumps for Baldur's Gate / Icewind Dale / Neverwinter, I'd prettymuch love you forever.

>> No.38142128

Thanks for all the immediate feedback.

Like stated, a lot of Jumps in the same setting can get redundant but thats why I'm focus on the major areas.

Neverwinter Nights was one of my favorite games growing up. Its what got me into D&D.
Same with Icewindale.

I really don't want any cookie cutter Jumps. I don't want them to be the same Jump with a different background.

I'm limiting myself to just 3-4 for the entire purpose of not repeating myself to much.

Currently looking at various options.

Baldurs Gate would indeed by an interesting Jump. I'm not sure I want to make so many D&D Jumps though. Might leave that for someone else.

>> No.38142135

I know nothing about the Forgotten Realms, and the current jump is flavorless and tells me nothing. So, short of just fixing that jump, this might be the best option if you want a jump that expresses love for the setting.

>> No.38142155

The Archivist approves of this undertaking!

>> No.38142199

I think you're onto something. Just focus on what makes each area of FR unique. A Waterdeep jump would play like fantasy Noir. The Underdark would play like a combination of House of Cards and Silent Hill. Icewind Dale would have a Conan theme.

Include the standard D&D classes and the like, sure, but I would focus more on perks that add thematic flavor and give a sense of setting.

>> No.38142340

Exactly how I feel, the current jump doesn't flesh much out and isn't much help for someone not familiar with the setting. (not to rag on the jump maker or anything)
Hopefully Toriko-Anons enthusiasm will come across in the jumps and it'll go into more detail like his previous jumps.

>> No.38142455

mechanically the jump is pretty sound, but it does need more fluff. Currently it is pretty much all crunch, little fluff.

>> No.38142466

Yeah, the current jump is a great skeleton to build from.

>> No.38142470


I want to scheme and manuever against the Lords of Waterdeep and the Houses of Meznoberranzan. Jumps tailored toward that and the other bits and bobs of the various FR settings would be choice.

>> No.38142657

>the angelic jumper toys with people for kicks and destroys people's hearts because it amuses her
>the demonic jumper tries to let people down gently and does everything she can to make sure things don't get too bad

...I feel like there's a Terry Pratchett story in there somewhere.

>> No.38142691

>...I feel like there's a Terry Pratchett story in there somewhere.
If I leave a cassette in your ride will it turn into The Best of Queen?

>> No.38142720

>The Angel is not an ally of Justice
This annoys me. It happens, because of how fiction is written, but it still annoys me.

>> No.38142722

Dishonored jump chain when?

>> No.38142746

Only if you leave it in there for more a fortnight. Anon confirmed for best taste.

>> No.38142750

Ok so I'm going through the PS238 jump right now and I need to know if there are any limits on the powers, because with the way everything's worded it seems REALLY easy to bullshit a lot of stuff to make yourself op.

Like, seriously, with Misc Meta I could give myself quantum, atomic strong force, and atomic weak force powers. Even if thy're only supposed to be child level that's a ridiculous amount of power to have early on.

>> No.38142757

I know we're not supposed to fanfiction jumpers here, and I'm the first to scream no multiplayer, but I'd seriously shank someone to live in the same apartment complex as you two. Seriously, that would just be straight comedy.

>> No.38142768

It will, I'm working on it with him. I'll make sure that there's good bit of meat to it. So you're not left starving.

>> No.38142813

Didn't Quicksilver say he had plans for it ages ago?

>> No.38142837

I haven't given up on making it fluffier, it's just that adding fluff to it takes a back seat to real life. At least it is a functional jump even if it isn't pretty.

>> No.38142886

I believe Cats wants it too.

>> No.38142901

I think with the wording of it you wouldn't be able to pick those unless you could somehow make them weak enough to be "reasonable" at which point it wouldn't be crazy good.

>> No.38142938

Is there going to be a cat fight?

>> No.38142972

Fanwank your Unholy Heights.

>> No.38142996

I have never even remotely claimed to be. I just try not to fall too far. I walk the razor's edge, baby!
But I do at least have the decency to feel bad about it. Sometimes.

Ooh! Does this mean we get to try to save the world together but kindof fail at it but in a cool way and when we finally get there the job is basically nearly already done for us and we just kindof comment on things? Because that's my favorite kind of adventure.

>> No.38143059

>Unholy Heights.
What is that jump about anyway?

>> No.38143085

Running an apartment full of demons and monsters, protecting it from questing heroes.

>> No.38143086


Since your the one who made that jump I have a question about how it interacts with other D&D jumps. If we have taken Darksun or Ravenloft do we treat our new classes as multiclass meaning it may take us a while to gain any more levels since we likely are rather high in another class or is it an entirely new set of classes meaning that we progress in them as if we were a brand new adventurer?

>> No.38143087

Apartment simulator + tower defense.

The jump-maker OC'd a chunk of it.

>> No.38143113

Huh. That's alot more interesting than I first thought. Thanks!

>> No.38143156

So you're like the movie Constantine version of Papa Midnight?

>> No.38143174

You're Satan, I believe.

>> No.38143245

personally I counted it as multiclassing for myself(seeing as between dark sun and ravenloft I would already have effectively been level 20 as a wizard, a sorcerer, a psion, a wilder and a cleric.) Personally I see that as the best way to do it, but I don't see my opinion as the be all and end all of everything.

>> No.38143270

By "kindof fail at it" you mean "almost completely ruin it to the point that you destroyed a city at least once"?
Because that's how I imagine things would go if you two tried to work together.

Kinda like Dirty Pair, but instead only one of you is sexy while the other is cute.

>> No.38143277

Thanks for all the feedback. Hopefully I can make another couple Jumps that are enjoyed as much as the others if not better.

I really hope I can get the world across to you guys.

>> No.38143296

It's the best way to do it if you don't ever want to take another DnD jump because you're collective level 60 at least and need to fight prismatic dragons to level.

>> No.38143300

>Ooh! Does this mean we get to try to save the world together but kindof fail at it but in a cool way and when we finally get there the job is basically nearly already done for us and we just kindof comment on things? Because that's my favorite kind of adventure.
That or it's some kind of adventure where one of us tried an experiment and needs the other for the necessary firepower to put it down. Or it's some horribly out-of-proportion act like say... they stopped selling an ice cream brand at a grocery store so there's a hostile takeover of a corporation.

That or it's obscenely petty shit.

>"Konota, you're sprawled out on my couch."
>"You've got room."
>"You have filled it with fifteen tons of chocolates and various candies, then sprawled out to play video games."
>"It's a big couch! And you're a freaking giant, I could get a LOT of candy!"
>"Konota, the couch isn't to throw literal tons of candy on for you."
>"Well I'm saving you the trouble of eating them and getting that massive butt even bigger."
>"And for all that, you're not going to get a single inch taller."

And then somehow it devolves into pure chaos until the landlord tells us to cut it the fuck out.

>> No.38143323

I see I think that does make sense and seem the fairest route but I am glad your leaving it up to the person who takes the jump to decide.

>> No.38143362

you could also fight dragons with levels in classes, or just fight armies in the abyss. However, the best way to level further would probably be using the dungeon creator perk from Magi to create dungeons to crawl. That and the quest book from minecraft.

>> No.38143391

Didn't take. I count them as new classes personally, because I treat jumps as separate episodes regardless.

>> No.38143405

Armies actually won't work. If the individual components are 8 CR below you you can't gain XP from the fight no matter how many there are.

>> No.38143435

As soon as I find the willpower to finish the Sword Girls jump, there will be only one other person there.

...Well, maybe two, if I find a girl I like in the Pokemon Trainer jump, then maybe another?

But even when they say to not put it in crazy, that yandere in Deadman Wonderland was kind of madly in love with me, so...

In Touhou too, I mean... Fuck, I'm a horrible person.

>> No.38143552

true, but it would likely piss off the princes and they would likely prove a challenge. (or you could start hunting ancient obyriths or dark gods or whatever)

>> No.38143566

So Jumpers. You've got perks that inspire people to have faith in you (often literally).

What perks are there that would ensure having faith in yourself?

>> No.38143598

>finish the Sword Girls jump
Yes please.

>> No.38143615

Willpower perks mostly.

>> No.38143645

Willpower perks, there is also a perk in Dresden for that.

>> No.38143729

As said, Willpower, but there are several jumps that give optimism or belief in a particular concept or ideal. Mental survivability and adaptability perks are highly undervalued by most jumpers, IMO.

>> No.38143792

Might still not work. Demon Lords have CRs around 20-30, so you can't level by fighting them for very long either. Even Greater Dieties are suggested CR60, which means you still have to fight them in groups to get experience when you're in the 60-68 range, and at level 68 can again no longer gain XP from fighting them. You pretty much HAVE to resort to out-of-jump fanwank or interactions to get past level 74 or so (or the aforementioned "giving Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragons class levels").

>> No.38143836

So this looks very interesting but I'm not sure whether or not I get how it works. I looked at the drive and all and it seems like I design a character around a certain setting and then do what? Am I supposed to just make the character or is there some dice system I'm supposed to do?

>> No.38143864

or just go to a shounen setting

>> No.38143868

It's a CYOA. You imagine shit and maybe writer about it.

>> No.38143875

Alternately, you can just use Softcap from Elona to wave away the 8CR issue. Given the wording of the Softcap perk, and the fact that's a capstone perk from an MMO, I don't think it's a hard fanwank, if a fanwank at all, to say that the CR issue is mitigated by that perk.

>> No.38143890

Elona is a roguelike, not an MMO.

>> No.38143891

Minecraft creature generators using samples of high level monsters.

Mass produce the machines and pump them out into a murder farm for XP!

>> No.38143893

do you actually have to kill something to get the experience or simply defeat it?

>> No.38143909


>> No.38143916

Fair enough, I still stand by my point though.

>> No.38143928

That would be the "out-of-jump fanwank"...

and that the "out-of-jump interactions" that I was meaning, yes.

>> No.38143948

CYOAs imply that you're in the shoes of the character. So, start with you, go through Quicksilver's section of the drive, and come up with exactly how you'd go through ten years in the setting.

There is an optional rolling system that some people use. It's a basic dice challenge system with modifiers. Decide on your goals and roll to see which you accomplish. Higher risk actions have lead people to decide they died and starting over. It's by no means official and certainly not for everyone.

>> No.38143953

Except for the reducing benefits of Softcap? It'll pretty rapidly get so hard to level that even grinding for a whole jump won't give you anything.

>> No.38143954

Back around the Red Box days I saw a comic, or maybe it was a writeup, for an XP vending machine. You put a GP in the machine, it would dispense a skellington head and you'd pull a slot machine like lever to crush the head earning you 1XP. Made me laugh and your idea reminds me of that.

>> No.38143998

I think that the wording of Softcap is that you'll always get something out of it, but you hit a point of diminishing returns.

Sure, maybe you only get 10xp or what have you for the whole jump, but that's still 10xp closer. A properly spec'd jumper has nothing but time and can play the long game regardless.

>> No.38144017

Well I would figure things you face in other worlds would also give you EXP. I don't know how much EXP Gilgamesh is worth but I would imagine it is a lot. Guys like Darkside and Doomsday from DC would be likely be of a CR that is over the triple digit mark.

>> No.38144074

hahah no. Double digits sure, triple fuck no.

>> No.38144075

Technically, we don't have unlimited time. Thousands of yeras sure, but when you're eventually getting only a fraction of an xp, it really doesn't matter much.

>> No.38144084

actually neither is strictly required. it is possible to get xp for an encounter by talking your way through or sneaking past.

>> No.38144110

Well there are three perks(well one is an item) that make it so that you gain more experience or just improve yourself faster. Progress from The Elder Scrolls, Educated from Fallout, and the Sauloscept from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

>> No.38144117

So why not just befriend overpowered creature / dragon /whatever number 3 then and spar / fight whatever.

>> No.38144137

Well my opinion is my opinion. Still the point stands. Things you fight in other worlds would likely give you experience and some of them are damn hard and likely worth a lot of points.

>> No.38144141

If you picked up immortality somewhere you've got as much time as the universe you're currently in, more than that if you've got your spark and can jump to avoid heat death.

>> No.38144161

actually not a bad plan(plus said being gets the benefit of the repeat encounters as well)

>> No.38144164

There are a LOT that do that. None of them increase "None" to "One", though. Genius of Hard Work and Softcap might, but still...
Really, the thing is that hitting the 80s is a herculean task even by Jumper standards. Of course, at that point you're still an "overpowering" encounter for entire pantheons from D&D levels alone, so...

>> No.38144189

Because, the DM controls how XP is handled, and that can lead to less XP over all and wasting time.

>> No.38144213

>the DM controls how XP is handled
And if our DM is JumpChan who is to say that the Jumper won't get RP XP or quest rewards?

>> No.38144218

I had thought about it simply because I need to practice non DnD abilities without even considering XP.

>> No.38144221

except that technically you aren't in a game so much as a real world with game like elements.

>> No.38144249

Hey, so I'm doing the TWEWY jump. Do NEETs have to buy a style despite not getting discounts on any?

>> No.38144251

Which is my point, personally. Imposing a class/level structure on Jumpers when there is no DM is a bad plan. I really don't think D&D jumps should be heavily mechanics-based the way the current Forgotten Realms jump is; the Ravenloft jump handled it fine without anyone assuming they were a level 40 epic wizard/level 40 epic cleric.

>> No.38144266

Be sure not to pull something when fanwanking that hard.

>> No.38144277

I always stretch before I post.

>> No.38144297

Then the problem is understanding how much power you have considering it's entirely delineated by level in DnD. The whole structure is based on it, and without one, you have no idea what spells you can cast and how often.

>> No.38144307

All of this.

We're getting too tied into mechanics. /jc/ isn't a tabletop game, even when it jumps into a tabletop game. As with all things: fanwank something.

>> No.38144351

Other than Teratophilia, though, nobody seemed to believe they were granted godlike power in Ravenloft. People took the options, people used them, but everyone just kinda assumed midlevel Wizard/Cleric/whatever. Going super mechanics heavy is just poor design; Jumpchain isn't Dungeons and Dragons.

>> No.38144406

>Going super mechanics heavy is just poor design; Jumpchain isn't Dungeons and Dragons.
Agreed. I don't think that I'd go with magic and psionics being 600 point perks, but I think that rather than making classes buyable you make them origins and give them discounts and abilities based off of class. Fighters get tanky shit. Mages get magic shit. Clerics get holy shit. Rogues are just shit.

>> No.38144414

I think you're being extremely presumptuous. Especially in this idea that you can't advance or improve during a jump instead of being stuck at your starting level forever. How do you do that in DnD without their mechanics? It makes no sense, in universe or out, for you to arbitrarily start at level 10 (not in the jump, by the way) and never advance.

>> No.38144473

The level system itself makes no sense outside of game abstractions. Reaching a mid-level talent at magic in 10 years is fucking impressive. Eventually reaching god-wizard levels is inevitable, but takes more focus and time than most jumpers care to expend.

>> No.38144482

hell, I assumed that I started Dark Sun and Ravenloft as effectively level 1 and then clawed my way to the top.

>> No.38144483

>How do you do that in DnD without their mechanics?
None of the other game jumps are mechanic heavy. The FF jumps don't get into XP and levels and they work just fine. If you really need that level of detail, then just scale the higher level class abilities as perks with increasing CP costs. That allows people to multiclass with mid levels of power or specialize with greater power.

I don't understand the need to go mechanic heavy in a single player game without dice. It's loose structure to provide you with something for your own headcanon.

>> No.38144495

>Eventually reaching god-wizard levels is inevitable, but takes more focus and time than most jumpers care to expend.

Speak for yourself.

>> No.38144503

That dude would argue that a 50CP gumball gave him the equivalent of a Dyson Sphere. He's our token power gamer and shouldn't be used as the basis for things like this.

>> No.38144507

You're not making a point other than "Nooo you being a good wizard is wrongbad!". You're missing the real point of this conversation, which is "How the fuck do I determine how many spells I can know and cast without level mechanics?"
Same here.
Because the FF settings aren't so mechanics heavy. You run off of MP, not spell slots.

>> No.38144518

Exactly my point.

And that's why I mentioned him as an exception rather than the rule.

>> No.38144530

I thought that was MoeAnon.

>> No.38144557

>"How the fuck do I determine how many spells I can know and cast without level mechanics?"
I still don't understand why you need someone to provide you with that level of detail. Are you going to roll or write out your daily encounters with that degree of detail that you need that level of minutia? If you are, that's awesome and I hope you post it, but if you aren't then I don't know what the gain is other than crunching for the sake of crunching.

>> No.38144569

Same, though I assumed that when I got to Dark Sun after Ravenloft I was buying a level of Psion on top of my existing levels I had obtained from and since Ravenloft.

>> No.38144583

Yes and yes. I want to know exactly what I can do and playing with crunch, and that factors into what I'm eventually going to write about my jumper doing. Which requires me knowing the spells I know.

>> No.38144595

Moe just likes to endulge in his vore fetishism and moe propensities. He doesn't power game, per say, in the way that Teratophilia does.

>> No.38144610

No, he really does power game. Not even close to as bad as tera, but it is still very much there.

>> No.38144617

Wait, aren't you trying to avoid god-level stuff?
Or am I just confusing/lumping that in with you trying to stay out of trouble?

>> No.38144625

I figured I could do that, but I prefered adding wilder to psion and sorcerer to wizard(for reasons)

>> No.38144626

Then I hate to say it, but you're probably have to fanwank that out. I don't think there are that many jumpers that want to get that crunchy with individual jumps. Make such determinations as makes sense to you and then roll with it. Pun intended.

>> No.38144657

It's mostly not a problem. It only comes up with things like spell slots, which is why I take a mechanics approach to DnD. If it's something like an RPG, I can more easily imagine discovering spells and practicing to grow an MP pool. It

>> No.38144662

So what do you do with Ravenloft? Or any of dozens of other settings that just generalize?

>> No.38144663

No Red is trying to avoid being a god, not having equal or greater levels of power.

>> No.38144666

You being a good wizard is entirely possible and a good thing. You can learn, grow, master complexity and power, and all that, without declaring it all on a stat sheet. Levels are meant to represent something, they aren't actually a thing in universe most of the time.

>> No.38144702

>Levels are meant to represent something, they aren't actually a thing in universe most of the time.
Listen to Satan, he's on the level this time.

>> No.38144708

Assume it sets my class to wizard at level 1.
You really can't, because of the way spells known and spell slots work with DnD magic.

>> No.38144719

It's... a catch-22. On one hand, BEING a god really makes me nervous. There's way too many stories and myths that show just what happens when someone lets godhood go to their head, and as a result I've never been one to trust myself with such a title in the fear that it'll turn me into a 'ends justify the means' retard mode. It sounds like an illogical extreme, but the paranoia is there.

On the other hand, the concept of gods and divinity FASCINATES me. The idea of that kind of higher connection, the embodiment of concepts and the perspective an immortal being like that must have... it's all interesting to me. I love it. I practically romanticize the concept and love just about any story that explores into their definition of gods and how their lives must be, even if it's the nitty gritty stuff that shows how tough it can get and the bickering and how they can lose the ability to connect to mortals. Give me the opportunity and I'll study it in a fucking heartbeat, just like magic. OH yes, magic fascinates me... even when I was 8 years old, I loved the idea. So you better damn well believe I'll take the time to explore magic as far as I can go just to see how it is.

I will try to stay out of trouble though. You're right there, I do not wish to start shit with anyone in settings most times.

>> No.38144732

You kinda can man, we aren't playing the game, so we don't need to stick tot eh rules like glue. Pretty sure none of the novels or fluff descriptions ever refer to class levels or spell slots in mechanical terms.

>> No.38144742

>You really can't, because of the way spells known and spell slots work with DnD magic.
I think you're getting too tied up in mechanics here. The best D&D books I've read, there's a statement in a half, played fast and loose with mechanics. I don't think that tabletop crunch is meant to convert 1:1 to narrative, real world or otherwise.

>> No.38144747

Agreed. Especially since the jumpmaker said that the Forgotten Realms jump is NOT a RAW world. You can't use a statsheet and a PHB to really build a "character" in that sense, already; we know thing work differently (He mentioned Truenaming actually making sense, for example).

>> No.38144750

Then what's to stop me from eventually throwing around as many level 9 spells per day as I want beyond common sense?

>> No.38144773

What stops anyone from just claiming they can do anything in the chain? Common sense and decency. If you really want to fanwank that you can do that go ahead, just know that people will just either ignore you or call you a liar.

>> No.38144792

That doesn't change the issue. How many level 9 spells can I cast per day then? It can't be infinite (as a wizard, anyway), and it can't be none, so what is it?

>> No.38144796

>Then what's to stop me from eventually throwing around as many level 9 spells per day as I want beyond common sense?
You. You stop you in the same way that a writer stops himself. A story that is back to back I Win encouters would be shit. No one would read Dragonball: The Novel, because the narrative is largely shit. It's the visuals and the like that make it interesting.

When you're telling the story of your jumper, to yourself or someone else, you need to make it interesting. Blasting Wish at every problem isn't interesting. Spamming any skill isn't interesting. But ultimately this is your story, your journey, your experience. You need to make it interesting and worthwhile to you.

But hey, bounce ideas and cool story bits off of the rest of us. We're into that shit.

>> No.38144815

You people are incapable of understanding, I swear.

>> No.38144829

And you are incapable of deciding something for yourself. Grow a fucking spine and just choose what seems right to you.

>> No.38144846

I choose to treat it mechanically, I just want to express to you why I see it as necessary. Some questions can't be answered without it, and I like answers.

>> No.38144850

Honestly guy, I think it's the other way around. Regardless, you're not going to get the answer you want here to that particular question. Maybe the D&D jump creators will give it to you, but I doubt it. Lots of these things are loose for a reason, to faciliate the individual jumps of the individual jumper.

If you need more structure, maybe this isn't for you?

>> No.38144853

Because, your jumper is still a character in a narrative that has to grow his powers like everyone else in that narrative. Jumps trade most of the hard crunch for storytelling.

Well, you could put thought forth and realize how powerful the character actually should be without relying on an arbitrary system that matches up to in-universe mechanics only vaguely?

>> No.38144856

exactly, and if it helps the people who are fighting against the mechanistic view, you can look at it as milestones rather than levels. When you purchase "levels" at the start of the jump, you can view it as paying CP for the benefits of all the time studying to gain a greater amount of power and control rather than the mechanic that represents that aka "levels".

>> No.38144860

And you're incapable of restraint.

Naw, he powergames to hell and back. It's like how he claims Prototype protects him from madness as he eats Lovecraftian entities as a snack, or how he instantly gains all magic by eating wizards, despite magic not being a genetic thing most of the time.

>> No.38144873

Then you have to find your own answer. You are in the minority here, and there is simply to much unclear stuff to put mechanical numbers on it. If you want to use the DnD rules go ahead, no one cans top you. But the majority of people won't be.

>> No.38145113

JUMPERS! Reveal the depth of your depravity: cummerbunds or vests?

>> No.38145145

Well you can always assign the numbers that seem right to you then. Your just going to have to use your own best judgement. This is your chain and your story. If having numbers will help you gain a better understanding of what abilities your jumper has then that's fine. Neither approach is wrong.

>> No.38145179


Fred from Scooby Doo knows what's up.

>> No.38145187

What is cummerbunds?

>> No.38145193

I can actually see a wizard keeping count of how many spells he can cast every day, like a kid measuring their height against a wall. And then he compares with the other wizards and brags about his casting Protection from Energy 4 times a day.

>> No.38145201

Between those two? Vests would be closer. Never worn a cummerbund though.

>> No.38145212

Vests, motherfucker.

>> No.38145216

Wizard bigger dick contests? Why does this make me laugh so hard.

>> No.38145266

I like it both ways.

>> No.38145309

Shirtless if I can get away with it
Vest if I can't

>> No.38145332


>> No.38145333

Vests most definitely. I did my time with cummerbunds back in middle school band, and never again.

>> No.38145356

Probably not very. I leave out some of the details for obvious reasons, but I'm straightforward about my intent. They might be surprised by the sheer number though.

>> No.38145369

Like I would wear anything that would hide my physique. I am a mountain of muscle sculpted by the gods and everyone will know it.

Plus any clothing I wear would just get torn to shreds anyways.

>> No.38145375

>pic related

>> No.38145467

Alright, I think I figured out a combo I liked that isn't too overpowered.

Self-Molecular Manipulation

1.Organic Constructs (Claws and spikes, tentacles, a tail, etc.)
2.Density Manipulation (Increase my own strength and durability)
3.Shapeshifting (Initially limited to human forms but could theoretically change into animal and hybrid forms with enough practice.)

>> No.38145483


Also, updated Gears of War.

>'Distance to Death is reworded; functionally the same
>Notes for 'Distance to Death' to switch back to the HUD if you want it to
>'Trauma Team' is properly discounted
>equipment like COG armor and PDAs are properly stockpiled along with the weapons

>> No.38145495

Looking forward to it. Hope you do Neverwinter Nights.

I'd point out that it might be difficult to make a jump based around something as specific 'stealth and guile' but I'm sure there's plenty of perks you can take from things that happen in the games/underdark.

>> No.38145641

In order to prove to myself i am not in the evil alignment i must ask you my peers for judgement.
Isnt it okay to burn entire worlds and commit genocide due to reasons? (IE Twilight existing , Genocide cuz i want to know how it feels)

>> No.38145678

No. You are evil.

The good response to Twilight is to take out the bad vampires and ignore everyone else.

>> No.38145699

Nope, not if you wanna stay good. Unfortunately, Twilight vampires, while utter pricks, are mostly good as are the rest of the twilight world.

You could always just go evil and have fun. Come to the dark side General.

>> No.38145724

>Underdark Jump

>Jump Underdark
>Pay CP for Menzoberranzan
>Late Jumper, shittons of charisma and generally OP
>Male import
>Introduce SJW to Menzoberranzan
>Preach evils of Mariarchy
>Get stabbed, hexed, magiced and polymorphed on a daily basis
>Keep coming back as a male drow, preaching the good word of oppression
>Get first follower
>Steathily imbue follower with random super powers and implant idea that powers come from Masculism
>Imbue 1/3 of new followers, let slip rumor that only the super faithful get Masculinist superpowers
>Cue use of Mantra generators
>Harvest devotion and zeal
>Call friends from Unholy Heights, have male demons start to show up for sympathy rallies
>Slowly pull Lower Realms into the troll
>"I need masculism because my father got turned into a drider" shirts sell out at every rally, constantly on back order
>Jump nears ending
>Bullshit lightshow to mock ascention for followers and detractors alike
>Right before I leave, my parting words to the flock: Drizzt a shit.

>> No.38145794

So what exactly do you do in this? Is it just to help put some restraints on your imagination? Or are there mechanics?

>> No.38145810

The former. It's a bunch of cyoa, there is no competition because multiplayer fucks shit up.

>> No.38145819

More like really loose mechanics in order to fuel imagination. If you need to crunch heavy to have fun, this place may not give you your fix.

>> No.38145836

Part of it's social, really. Comparing what you'd do within the parameters set by the jumps. But mostly it's the same thing as CYOA general, but with a popculture bent. Imagination is fueled by limitation, after all.

>> No.38145865

Alright, another quick question about a different super power jump.

Would it be cheating to pick quantum manipulation in the Marvel jump, and how powerful could I become if I do?

>> No.38145872

Also, ignore the post I linked the question too, that was an accident.

>> No.38145887

The proper response to Twilight is to slaughter the vampires, and nothing else(well maybe some of the humans that knowingly work with vampires for the chance to become vampires). The shape shifting native americans are only pricks due to exposure to vampires, they would be fine without that exposure. Everything else no.

However Twilight vampires are apparently a genetic condition, one that you may be able to reverse with enough genetics knowledge, which would then be the proper course of action.

>> No.38145953

>Would it be cheating to pick quantum manipulation in the Marvel jump, and how powerful could I become if I do?
I refuse to believe that you're KOTOR Anon. The guy that made the two SW jumps would know that a 300CP perk doesn't make you a god.

Troll harder.

>> No.38145993

Without a specific solution I can't say much, I would say no to either of those examples. Can't think of any situation where I would call it "good" but sometimes you are forced to pull out the final solution, and I'm not sure I can blame you for that.
Sorry, that just kinda' happened and I couldn't say no. Seriously though, if a world is truly terrible, reducing it to slag is acceptable AFTER ALL ELSE FAILS, not before.

>> No.38146111

Not at all? The only people I've romanced I've podded or are companions. Soooooo... it'd just be like every other day? I guess?

I will admit though, Wuya and Jibril were accidents- Jibril swore herself to me after I promised her full use of my interdimensional library and a ticket out of Tet's world. Wuya was a longer process, I started as her student and promised to get her a body as thanks for teaching me. I was competent and helpful, and I upheld my end of the bargain. Once she was corporeal training ramped up, and she made it a point to rub my competence in her adversaries faces. Originally I offered her a pod as a means to continue my training and to feed her greed for conquest, but she mellowed out after a few jumps, and things progressed from there.

In comparison, Akitsu and Karasuba were far simpler- I saved Akitsu and gave her a family in me and my companions, and I dueled Karasuba and managed to skewer her heart. In the time between her crest dissolving and her final breath we kissed, and she got winged by me.

>> No.38146206

No. Genocide is only acceptable in extremely rare cases where that group can not do good, ever, for Reasons.

Burning entire worlds isn't acceptable, ever.

No matter how much I want to burn down Pandora in Avatar

>> No.38146216

The next Jump in the Saga of the Wind Knight
The Elder Scrolls

Ebony warrior(1200)
Black Sacrament(1400)
Boots of blinding Speed(0)

Initial battle with the ebony warrior likely changes the surrounding geography. Retreat to find new tactics and set up a cleaner kill. Utterly destroy the Brotherhood until they back the fuck up. Use psionics and invention plus windspeaking from soul calibur to fly around at insane speeds with boots of blinding speed while maintaining control and not be steering blind. Final kill on the ebony warrior probably ends up destroying a mountain or two.

I am fucking fast.

>> No.38146228

Actually, let me make an amendment to that

Burning down an entire world is only acceptable when the planet itself is both Aware and Malevolent . And when you can't redeem the planet

>> No.38146268

Hey fellow jumpers, I am going to do the Civilization jump and was thinking of importing a race. Should I import:
A. the Shinkoku from Aura's Wrath
B. the Angels from Bayonetta
C. the Finalis from Magi
D. Other?

>> No.38146278

>Fanalis from Magi

Badass red-haired, red-eyed warrior race that is supernaturally strong without magic?

Do it.

>> No.38146288

You are making me want to preform an orbital befriendment upon pandora.

>> No.38146308

There is only one answer my friend.

It's time to Johj.

>> No.38146320

Pandora, as much as I hate it, is not Malevolent.
It was defending itself, and the creatures on it, from outsiders.

I want to burn that planet to ash, but my own morals won't let me.

>> No.38146321

Oh Red, this jump made my stay in Erfworld a thing of visceral beauty. I made my infantry out of Ebony golems (I and several companions went Dirtamancer), and all my heavy units and flyers were Locust creatures.

My fliers were Reavers, my siege engines Brumaks in power armor festooned with guns, and my Shibboleth clones dug up under formations and fortifications, their Tesla armor frying everything around them.

Seeing the look on Jetstone's defenders faces as I rolled up with my army, war drums pounding away... it was a sight to behold.

>> No.38146328

Finalis are awesome, and I wish I was one for the purposes of jump-chain

I vote Finalis, or do what I did and make a civ of Youkai

>> No.38146335

Does anyone know PS238 here? How threatening is the 'I've Made a Huge Mistake' drawback that pits you against Zodon and Victor Von Fogg?

>> No.38146362

You've made a huge mistake.

>> No.38146370

You'd probably end up with the shitty dog lizards instead of the red hairs.

>> No.38146388

Dude what? We can choose whatever race we want for our Civ, how would we end up with the dog-lizards?
This isn't randomized

>> No.38146396

Technically, the only reason they're dog-lizards is because of the latent energy within the Dark Continent, which is the last remnant of the Old World.

Being that this is Civ, he'd likely get the red-hairs.

>> No.38146405

The dog lizard is their natural form. If you're importing them to be a natural race in your new world there from the beginning, they'd probably be in their true form.

>> No.38146424

The only reason they're IN that natural form is because of the energy of the Dark Continent though.

It's part of the reason why a Fanalis transforms when crossing that massive chasm. Unless it imports the same energy.

>> No.38146453


My Inner Fanwank says they would be Red-Headed Human looking creatures. There, Done.

>> No.38146478


I got some good civilization bonuses from Tropico and Anno 2070, so raging barbarians shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.38146512

Just remember, do every Civ-style jump like Tropico or Anno after you do Red Alert.
Red Alert has a perk that makes everyone, everyone, like you more the more you win in combat. It lasts the entire jump, and re-sets for each jump, except for your Companions it never re-sets for them.

Spend 10,000ish years fighting and winning, your people will adore you.

>> No.38146533

And it resets the second you lose, fucking all those thousands of years up. What a great purchase.

>> No.38146541


>> No.38146551

>Winning all the time
Good lord your life sounds boring.

>> No.38146556

You can lose at a lot of things that aren't battle.

>> No.38146558

Winning battles makes you sexy and desired, not well-liked.

Read it again.

>> No.38146580

I only intend to fight enough to get the people to adore me, or when necessary.
Other than that I'll leave the fighting to the soldiers.

I have 10,000 years. I'm focused on making sure my people are happy, healthy, and educated. That and I need to train my powers, build new technologies, and all sorts of things

Fair point. But again, still useful. But I have enough charisma perks to get the people to like me without it working the way I thought it did. Still, it helps.

>> No.38146585


Already got it, one of my favorites actually. It says it makes you more desirable after every victory, it says nothing about defeats undoing all of your hard work.

>> No.38147050



Define "romance", and also specify whether this includes ongoing or all previously ended romances. There is a very, very firm distinction to be made here, because if you refer to genuine romantic relationships which are still it being at this present time then it's just going to be us, the Benefactress and a pillar of cosmic fire chilling out in the same room.


Look, you /really/ don't want to enter our magical realm. Trust us-you just don't Suffice to say that pic is very, very related and that part of our life is well and truly over.

>> No.38147098

Derf I'm assuming will still be in his standard starting location. The major thing of note is that my abilities will have me instinctively using him as a magic item, so I'd be shit at swordplay but reasonably competent when using him to absorb magic or similar. As for the elf magic I'm assuming I start at basic scrub tier with maybe some help from the runes (see Jormangandr golems) I'll have time to work on it but it will take a good while for me to get to a level decent enough to be reliably useful.

When it finally gets to Julio getting involved I will likely cede Derf to him (depending on the attitudes of all involved) since I'll have a decent stash of magic items by then hopefully. The Ring on the other hand I'd rather avoid using if possible since I'd rather not piss off the lake spirit. Might see about bargaining for it but definitely not stealing it since we don't have a snappy shonen protagonist to talk it down afterwards.

Even then the ring is kinda the sort of thing that gets inquisitors thrown at you (and is kinda morally questionable). Also Julio is likely rocking full military gear since Gandalfr lets him use it and the pope has the spell to get more of it. Frankly this will probably end up as an unmitigated clusterfuck of a jump.

>> No.38147118

Right. Magi discussion occurred further up, so lemme just pose this question.

What IS the deal with the Djinn? Are they Companions due to being sentient? Are they simply enchanted weapons and armor that talk? What exactly do you do to access a Djinn Equip?

How extensive is the library of spells that they grant access to?

How do they choose a King besides Berith being our default?

>> No.38147156

I'd count them as items/other because they can't manifest on their own or otherwise act on the world except as part of your equip. If you ever imported on to get a human form they'd count as a companion, though.

Djinn pick who to bond to based on people who conquer their dungeon. They're not forced to, though, and can reject someone if they don't like them or like someone else more.

>> No.38147164

And is Magoi in that jump <-> magic in other jumps or a separate resource?

>> No.38147172

It is.

Pretty much, treat Magoi as Mana post-Magi. Although if you choose to keep the free Rukh cloud that follows you you can fluff it as them fueling your Magoi.

>> No.38147174

>first paragraph

Well, you do have a point frankly.

>second paragraph

And-we're actually in complete agreement here! We're really interested in the fact that divinity is sort of on the borderline between what can be considered magic and science within a setting given the provenance of creator deities. And the intuitive control over the natural order that seems to be implied with certain divinity packages, which seems to be a more instinctive measure of control than most systematic spellcasting systems. Which is why we personally tend to jump right in to any origin that so much as hints at divinity which was really embarrassing for me when I actually read Lord of Light and discovered all the gods were just humies hopped up on sufficiently advanced science


Well Twilight is a reasonable-

>cuz I want to know how it feels

-yeah no, that's just. Well. Full Caligula, frankly. We mean-we've committed genocide several times, and greater good or no, it was completely evil in the sense we mowed down people who didn't fully understand why we were killing them.

>> No.38147265

So... They can't manifest on their own, but I can call on them? When that happens, what then? Are they basically a Big Blue Magical Cortana variant? (I don't mind that possibility).

Also, still looking for question:
>How extensive is the library of spells that they grant access to?

Also, if they can reject someone... H'oooh boy. I've done some stupid things.

>> No.38147276

Just keep in mind that sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic, and sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from godhood.

>> No.38147302

Yes, basically. The creator thought it would be neat if you could summon your djinn as a sort of ghost council.

I don't know how extensive it is, I'd guess it'd vary between djinn. I do know it's extremely potent magic, though, like 'summon tornadoes, tidal waves, and earth rending energy blasts' potent, though others are more utility/special effect based.

They're pretty different in personality, they'll reject people for lots of different reasons. One rejected a guy because he already had multiple djinn and she likened it to him being a cheater, which she has a complex about because when she was human, her husband had a lot of affairs.

>> No.38147342

>Five different libraries of powerful spells varying between powerful magicks and powerful utility.

>A council of five different big blue magical Cortanas

I love it. Thank you Anon. Thank you.

>> No.38147591

What's your sign, /jc/?

>> No.38147606

Which one. I got several.

Fifty different star signs, three call signs, a sign stolen from Arizona, and a magical sign.

>> No.38147608

Gemini, the worst of all signs.

>> No.38147610

The Grinning Idiot

Tell us about the one stolen from Arizona.

>> No.38147619


>> No.38147658


>> No.38147694

Right, well. It involves a drunken night in the Generic Fighting Game 'verse.

>So there's me and this wrestler guy, see. Big Russian fellow, red tights, muscles bigger than my torso.

>Big premiere of a massive fight tournament in Arizona. This guy and I are kicking it off. Only, I'm drunk off my arse and one of my companions, my manager, is facepalming up in one of the VIP viewing rooms.

>Cue the fighting starting. So, Russian Wrestling vs Drunken Boxing. We're evenly matched and- Whoopsie, forgot to mention. I took the Mortal Kombat-esque drawback. And it turns out, this night is when the portal to the Otherworld ripped open.

>Which happened to be right above the arena.

>So we got these assholes just dropping in. Some big emperor guy going all 'FACE US IN BATTLE OR LET YOUR WORLD BE DESTROYED.' Drunk me? Having none o' that shit.

>Cue the huge Russian guy being chucked at the Emperor dude. I'm pissed, I'm rat-arsed drunk, and it's time to go kaiju. Well... Turns out, going kaiju indoors is a bloody terrible idea, especially with a portal to a demonic realm right above where your head is. So I'm half-in the Generic Fighting Game world, half-in this Otherworld clone. and I got people punching the shit out of me.

>Now, I can't remember the rest of that night. But when I woke up? I was down to my boxers, bruised like fuck, in the back of a pick-up truck. And for some reason, I had the sign of this little nightclub called the Karamba stacked up right next to me.

>None of my companions want to explain what happened that night, but all I know is, apparently it involved a gay Latin dance club.

>> No.38147728

Yeah, that's about what I was expecting.

>> No.38147740

I was born under the Void.

>> No.38147747

The building which is on fire, but which wasn't our fault

>> No.38147913

Speaking for myself... it sort of depends on what Jump-Chan considers 'romance'.

I'm into casual sex, and tend to be fairly promiscuous, at that. I try to avoid going full hedonist, as there's other things I want accomplish with my time, but given protection and magical healing for diseases, plus shapeshifting to safely anonymize myself, and there's no reason not to indulge whenever I care to.

That said, I am aromantic. I don't actually pursue romantic relationships, since I don't feel the emotional need for them, which makes me pretty terrible at reciprocating the desires of those who do go in for that sort of thing; I just don't emotionally get what they're looking for.

There are a few exceptions, though. Mostly, it's a matter of the fact that I have the usual ungodly charisma Jumpers pick up, and a lot of manipulation / seduction stuff. That's made it occasionally useful to pretend at the romance thing, usually because I'm trying to get someone to spy for me. The fallout from that kind of thing is one of the reasons why I tend to prefer not doing the field agent thing anymore... but there are still plenty jumps in which seduction was a part of my 'political' game.

As such, the repercussions are probably that I wind up in a room filled mostly with people who were my agents at various times, who I was explicitly manipulating and lying to. So, pretty damn awkward.

>> No.38147940

Victor Von Fogg Is Essentially Dr. doom-magic +childhood With a family to match. Zodon Can Do everything Victor can do without access to the same resources,And Is considered sociopathic By Both super villain standards And Grumpy kid standards,The only mercy You really have is that he prefers to make people's lives complicated and miserable rather than ending them out right. The guy literally erased any memory of him His parents had and send them to another dimension to live with a normal kid. You done fuck'd Up. And oh yeah, if you take violent action against them Outside of a traditional superhero super villain context or scope They are minors With legal protection and you will have to face Victor's family As well.
Yes, yes, They have.

>> No.38147952

Firstly, good lord is your grammar a living nightmare.

Secondly, that doesn't seem too bad. Manageable at least.

>> No.38147993

Sorry It's my dictation software.

And of having to go up against child not quite Dr. doom and not quite child Dr. doom's worthy archrival seems manageable to you you might have taken this jump a bit late.

>> No.38148197

In the DC Jump, could you take the Alien Origin as "yourself" (since you are, after all, very much an alien visitor to DC Earth)?

>> No.38148223

Question, which Gundam timeframe would be the most technologically advanced? And which one would be the safest for a Jumper to appear in?

My knowledge of Gundam is limited to the original series, Unicorn and the series which is currently airing.

>> No.38148229

Where would I fall if I destroyed Arrakis?

If very bad, where would I fall if I destroyed it after teleporting all of the people to another, habitable, planet?

>> No.38148250

Not really.

The descriptions are of your histories in setting and are used to justify your abilities. You get discounts on specific abilities because you're an alien of some sort from DC, doesn't really work if you're basically just dropping in. It's based on people like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and to a lesser extent Superman.

You could always be from another dimension but it'd have to be a dimension internal to the DC multiverse. There's no getting away from the extra memories outside picking Drop-In as far as I'm concerned though.

>> No.38148274

Turn A is probably the safest. It's a relatively small conflict until the very end of the series (when world-destroying nanomachine swarms get brought into play. They get shut down pretty fast, though, so as long as you're not in the area you'll be safe). It also has some of the most advanced suits in the franchise, but only as relics from the time before the last nanomachine swarms. There are only two of them, the Turn A and the Turn X, and no one knows how to build more.

Now, if you want super-tech that's reproducible, you probably want Gundam 00. GN Drives are ridiculously powerful. They enable so many technologies it's ridiculous. Antigravity, force fields, beam weapons, teleportation (across interstellar distances with the later versions), even the spontaneous evolution of those exposed to them into psychics.

>> No.38148344

00, eh? I'll add that to the top of my backlog.

Now its time to decide what type of Gundam I use. Gundam is a hard jump to decide on.

>> No.38148620

I have to suggest Age for tech, if only because no one there is using the full tech of the setting, apparently all the good stuff is hidden on an asteroid in a database named EXA-DB and has been since the end of a war hundreds of years ago. There is some dialog about the tech being quite incredible, very little is actually stated, but all the tech in the setting is steps down from it. What is in the including some nice stealth systems that can turn a suit completely invisible in the middle of a fight and not be detected at all, some sort of directed plasma bits that can fallow their target then burn through another suit or explode with a nice punch or form a shield around the suit generating them. As well EXA-DB is guarded by something called Sid, which is an AI controlled suit created by EXA-DB and has some weapons that blow apart ships with no problem. However Age is rather poorly written, and in ways that make the tech harder to understand, because it is neither consistent, nor with reliable comparisons. The greatest benefits from Age though comes from the stealth tech, the directed plasma bits thing, and the Age system that creates new suits and tech as you give it combat data as well as access to tech, the system can accept a database of more advanced tech to improve what it is producing.

Though Gundam 00 is also high tech, and is far easier to understand, but someone already described the benefits there.

>> No.38148650

AGE sounds a little weird to me, as well as possibly too hard to get to the tech if it is guarded by Sid. I'd rather not get my Gundam blown up in the first few hours in the world.

That being said, why does SEED have its own Jump? What makes it different enough to require one?

>> No.38148730

Because it's terrible. Not really the reason but true. Anyway SEED isn't really covered well by the other Gundam jump and someone apparently wanted to make a SEED jump, thus it was made. Also though the way that Abnormals work in SEED is different, they don't have any psychic power there, as where that is something that happens everywhere else(well minus Wing where it is also only genetic engineering but iirc there is only one character there that counts as abnormal). Personally though I would think that a different jump for each of the different settings would be fine, it's just there would be a lot of perk overlap, which may be why the singular Gundam jump was made.

SEED though is high tech all on it's own, the suits equipped with nuclear reactors seem to have similar output to the GN Drives, but otherwise are lower tech.

>> No.38148866 [SPOILER] 

A Jump for every Gundam era would be fun but I doubt that it'll happen any time soon, though It does seem that more people are wanting multiple Jumps for larger settings so maybe it can happen eventually.
as thanks for all the Gundam info, here's a pic of the RX-78-2 in Odaiba, taken last December.

So, what is everyone's go to mode of transport for their jumps (in atmosphere)?

Mine is a heavily modified, flying, Highwayman from Fallout when in a high tech world and for low tech worlds it is flight from my PMD alternate form (Golurk)

>> No.38148888

Flight or teleportation most of the time. Don't have the patience for most transport, and I doubt I'd ever got tired of flying under my own power.

>> No.38148916

The platonic motorcycle, unupgraded. What's the point of going anywhere if you can't do it stylishly?

>> No.38148937

Armored core would be better

>> No.38148944

Zoids would be better

>> No.38148957

A Bf 109 and the Griffin from Bubblegum Crisis.

>> No.38148966

I want a marrage fox


>> No.38149060

Teleportation. Even though I can fly at superspeed, being there instantly is just so much better.

>> No.38149111

Mirage fox. Damn phone.

>> No.38149143

Oh. Hi rapestate, nice name change you've got there.

>> No.38149538

I want an AC jump for the sole reason of getting the Grind Blade from its source material.

It would also be a real feat of modern engineering and alchemy if I could merge the propulsion mechanics of an Mass Blade to it as well. And it would be a shame to not make it a HF weapon too. And if we're going to go that far, might as well make it "safer" and make it so your arm doesn't explode after you use it. And if our arms are no longer in the threat of falling off after wielding it, I don't see a reason to not make a smaller version for out of mecha use as well. There will be nobody stopping me from fulling my quest to making a sextuple chainsaw fan drill.

Beserker Fury is where it's at. I think I still have a model of it somewhere tucked away, I think.

>> No.38150070

Part of the story I'm making is the fact the character is tired of all of the magical realm shit his original self threw into all of his choices. Having lived for decades now on other worlds and having a few stable relationships in the meantime.

>> No.38150498

Mine's the power ring since I can change the style of it whenever I want.
Motorbike? Sure.
Jet plane? Yeah
Giant mecha? Why not!
Simple orb holding my companions? Might as well.

>> No.38151052

We kinda take the scenic route and go walking a bunch if it's feasible. Otherwise it's various cars, and an RV I'm working on that I stole from the Redline... I mean "Kannonball Run" jump, which I modified with treads and a mass effect field generator to decrease its mass.

The problem I have with it is that while it's extremely useful, and fairly well armed (some of my personal weapons probably pack a bigger punch, even if I start enchanting the Multilasters and Lascannons), it looks kinda stupid. I'm driving around in a camper with a few turrets on the top, and working out how to make it look not totally silly is beyond me.

>> No.38151055

Depends really. In the right setting, and if I am not in a hurry, I like to walk from place to place. Or at least drive my infamous motorcycle. This allows me to see the sights, get an idea of the setting, or just get some fresh air.

If I am in a hurry to get somewhere but not overly rushed, I use either unassisted flight from various sources, or power armor assisted flight.

If I am in an absolute need to get someone ASAP. then I teleport.

>> No.38151400


I really just use my Voot Cruiser for everything. I mean... it's modified pretty heavily, so it sortof doubles as an Eggmobile or Wilysaucer, and it really basically works for everything I'd need or want in a vehicle. I can leave the windshield open if I want to waggle my eyebrows at someone, or I can lock it down if I want to shoot something. And it's compact to the point that it fits in basically any garage. I can basically get anywhere in the solar system in a matter of minutes.

Unless we're talking more local area, in which case I usually just walk or fly somewhere. Which ironically can sometimes take longer than if I'd just used the Voot.

>> No.38151413

>using a voot cruiser
>not ising a spittle runner

I hope you like getting raped by bees.

HonestlynI forget I have my spittle runner most times.

>> No.38151435


>> No.38151533

Berserker fury is cool but mirage fox has superspeed and invisibility

>> No.38151640

It depends on the tech-level, but generally by air.
For fantasy worlds, either by foot or by Arcananine ("It's a horse. A Chinese horse")
In modern world's, I've got a helicopter that I fly around in, complete with beds (well, hammocks, but still)
In Sci-fi and otherwise advanced world's, I have a similarly modified Pelican dropship.

>> No.38151656

Silly Anon. Everyone knows that dakka is the ultimate weapon. And who has the most dakka?
That's right, Liger Zero Panzer.

>> No.38151798

Yeah but it cant even walk. Speed is king.

>> No.38151813

Look. With that much dakka, you don't NEED to walk. Just nuke everything that looks at you wrong.

>> No.38152066

Still very bad. Destroying Arrakis during that jump means interstellar flight becomes impossible because you won't be able to be certain of where you're going without melange.

Oh, and you also just consigned everyone who uses spice to a slow and painful death, this being a reasonable percentage of the imperium's population.

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