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So let's see, news.

Well, moved into the new place. Kinda nice, having a house to myself, haha. The real bitch is having to buy groceries! haha! The part you guys actually probably care about is no puppies here, so not so many distractions, haha.

Archive here


The girls haven't taken to the beach at all, you note.

It's kind of a surprise, given Merlin- Merlin!- is out splashing around in the waves, enjoying herself- happier than you've seen her in a long time. She's got her glasses off, which is a bit jarring, but she looks to be having a fine time.

You've been trying to soak up the sun, partly because you still don't feel quite right. Whatever happened over Crete, it took a lot more out of you than you're willing to admit. The two girls sitting next to you, just inside arm's reach, damn near killed you up there.

Did kill you, you correct. You owe Ice a thanks, at the very least.

Yet, so far, they've stuck to you like glue. They still don't talk much- well, you think, shaking your head at yourself- Lilya doesn't talk at all. You haven't heard a peep out of her since she landed back on Crete, and even then, you're not sure she said anything. Could have been Stasya, she seems to do all the talking for both of them.

You look over at them to see them both watching Merlin. She'd gone out as part of an attempt to get them to go enjoy the warm waters of the med- perfectly safe, especially with the security around here. Inspector Victoire isn't too far off, seated at one of the beach side cafes with a witch colleague of his, one of the few in the French national police force. A patrol boat from the Maratime Gendarmerie cruises lazily offshore, too- probably not part of the security force assigned to you, but able to help either way.

1/2 (maybe 3)

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And, of course, there's Brigitte. You've seen her once or twice when she wanted you to- just little glimpses here and there, enough to let you know she was there, watching out for you- you'd see her turning a corner or walking out of a room you were headed into. No time to talk, of course, but she's here, which makes you feel somewhat better. You kind of wonder how she'd be handling Stasya and Lilya.

You yawn and stretch, kicking back and laying out on your towel, letting the sun warm your front side. It helps, some- you don't feel quite as tired now. You'd need a month or six of this to really recover, you figure, and part of you wonders how much of that is just normal fatigue and how much of it is the other thing. You don't have the full story yet- Merlin, like you, was unconscious, though, as was usual, nowhere near as close to death as you. Ice isn't here, neither is Slider, and the girls have no idea- they were being examined at the hospital and then interviewed by an intel guy there on Crete.

You sit back up, propping yourself up on your elbows and looking over at them. They're both looking at you. You try a grin- they don't really react.


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You've noticed that- they're carefully distant. They behave, of course, and they listen to you when you on the rare occasions you do tell them to do something, but they seem hesitant about spending too much time around either of you. They're in their room frequently enough that you've had to check on them a couple times- both times you have, they've merely been sitting in there on their beds. You wondered if they'd been talking, though the first time you tried to explain your worry, they'd just given you the same confused looks they usually do when they can't quite figure out what you're on about.

“You both enjoying yourselves?” You ask.

Stasya shrugs. “We are content.” She says.

You grin. “That's not what I asked. Do you want to do something else?”

She looks back at Lilya, who gives her a light, almost imperceptible shrug.

“What would we do?” She asks, turning back to look at you.

[] Well, you two still need clothes
[] There's an arcade around here somewhere...
[] Well, it's about lunchtime anyway, so let's go do that.
[] Good point, let's just sit here and enjoy this while it lasts.

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>[x] Well, you two still need clothes
Shopping trip time! Best night of the week!

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>[] There's an arcade around here somewhere...

>> No.38135631

>[] Well, you two still need clothes

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>[] Well, you two still need clothes

Oh man when we get home and introduce them to Santa's cake...

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>[X] Well, you two still need clothes

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>[] Well, you two still need clothes

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>[X] Well, it's about lunchtime anyway, so let's go do that.

You can never do wrong with food.

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>[x] Well, it's about lunchtime anyway, so let's go do that.

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Too bad we don't have any room service.

[] Well, you two still need clothes

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>>[X] Well, it's about lunchtime anyway, so let's go do that.

Food usually equates to talking, but considering how quiet they are, it might be up to Frank and Merlin to initiate conversation. Somewhere close by so that Merlin can have some fun?

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>[] Well, you two still need clothes
>[] Well, it's about lunchtime anyway, so let's go do that.

We can do both.

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This past weekend has been good to us with much drawfaggings, pic related was done by Larro during his drawstream.

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>[] Well, you two still need clothes

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Merlin is 4lewd

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Oh! Oh! I got one! Quick, reel him in!

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i see your a master-baiter.

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Come on, dude. Don't insult me by thinking I don't play the 'Merlin is 4 lewds' game.

>> No.38136169 [SPOILER] 

My name is Frank Bishop
I got rope
Prepare to be Tied.
still WIP, and i still have to figure where to share it

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just put it on imgur, also it is sorely lacking in Slider and Katya

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you forgot ice, vaelys

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Buddy, you don't know the half of it.

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Ice is already in that pic you idiot.

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>implying that isn't genderbent frank bishop
i honestly can't tell who that is due to its WIPness

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>[] There's an arcade around here somewhere...
I would like to introduce you to my good friend Vivian. VIvian James.

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>i honestly can't tell who that is due to its WIPness
Are you seriously that blind? Also who else is into being tied up?

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I requested that, I was happy with that one.

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All in good time sir, they will come after this.
My plan is each girl at least get three pages of love-making.

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[x] Well, you two still need clothes

“Well,” you say, sitting all the way up and looking over at them. “You two still need clothes.”

Staysa tilts her head, and Lilya doesn't react- they're still not sold on needing clothes other than their one sun dress and their flight gear. You haven't told them, yet, that their flight suits will have to be replaced, mostly due to their incompatibility with naval life support gear. The decision to keep them in the air was made at levels above Nixon, who'd delivered the news to you yesterday, though he never told you what they'd be flying, and you haven't asked.

Even their bathing suits are borrowed- single piece, navy blue ones that Longstreet brought with her specifically for them. You'd frowned at the academy insignia on the right breast of each of them, and you suspect there's some play there to get them to the USNA at some point, but so far it seems like the matron's learned her lesson about pushing.

Stasya looks back at lilya, who, though she doesn't say anything, seems to say 'go with it.' She looks back at you and nods. “This sounds good to us.”

You nod, standing up and brushing what little sand is on you off. Merlin looks over and you signal to her she should come on in- she splashes up and walks across the sand. “W-what's up, Frank?”

“We're gonna go clothes shopping for the girls.” you say, indicating the two of them, both of whom are standing, waiting for instructions.

She nods, wrinkling her face. “O-ok, but shouldn't we wait for s-someone like Rachel o-or Kimiko to help?”

[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!
[] Yeah, good point. Girls, you want to go somewhere else? (specify where)

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What about all three at once?

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>[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38136369

>[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38136385

[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38136387

>[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!
we have Brigitte she can help.

>> No.38136410

>[] Yeah, good point. Girls, you want to go somewhere else? (Arcade)

>> No.38136416

>[] Yeah, good point. Girls, you want to go somewhere else? (specify where)
Arcade for funtimes

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Maybe for very last set.

>> No.38136468

>[] Yeah, good point. Girls, you want to go somewhere else? (specify where)

grab food.

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>[] Yeah, good point. Girls, you want to go somewhere else? (Arcade)
They can try out the Kozachok Kozachok Revolution.

>> No.38136483

>[x] oh ye of little faith. Allons!
It's not like they need much, a couple shirts, some pants or skirts. The others can take care of the rest.

>> No.38136524


We must have Ice in a sheer white babydoll, Slider in a flannelette shirt and Katya in black lace lingerie together in bed.

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>[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

wait, weren't we just at an award ceremony?

>> No.38136665

>[X] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38136666

>[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38136684

>wait, weren't we just at an award ceremony?
Yep, and as usual Ghost jumped ahead leaving us completely in the dark as to what happened.

We don't even know what awards we got or anything, just suddenly all the time from the end of last thread until turning up on this beach ceased to exist and we have no memories of it.

>> No.38136705

>And aren't we meant to be having the surgery for the VDNI?

So many plot holes, so little time...

>> No.38136716

We seem to have skipped the awards ceremony yeah, unless ghost ran a Secret Thread or frank passed out and this is a dream

>> No.38136753

There is a distinct lack of the best witches, so no dream.

>> No.38136756

[x] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38136757

I just archive binged, (first thread live woo!), but these things are normally explained in paragraph two or something. Suspicious.

>> No.38136775

I'm betting he just mixed up his notes in the move

>> No.38136781

Look, people bitching about Ghost skipping the medal ceremony already. Big fucking surprise.

>> No.38136791

It's not like we won't learn what we got. Honestly was expecting it and don't really mind the jump.
Were you really expecting getting the surgery this soon after we made up our mind?

>> No.38136792

Shitscribbler, here. I'm looking through Google image search, but I'm curious as to what specifically a flannelette shirt would look like. I mean, in terms of the cut and the like.

Man, all these pieces I've been seeing lately have been making me feel utterly inadequate.

>> No.38136830

Don't worry, you show potential. I'd watch your perspective on the tail fins there, they seem a bit odd to me. Other than that, nice work.

>> No.38136853

I gonna say look at the canard too, they a bit odd for me

>> No.38136858

Every bit counts anon, specially since you've given us several Sliders.
Their suppose to be like that IIRC.

>> No.38136866

I always remembered the tailfins as being attached at a single rotating joint, but otherwise, EASA/10 would hire for design

>> No.38136872

The tail fins on the wyvern are at a pretty odd angle, to be fair

>> No.38136904

For reference, the Wyvern in GLORIOUS HD

>> No.38136976

Oh. That's a better view than the image I looked at (pic related). I just wanted to see what a two-seater version might look like. I thought the MiG-29UB fit.

>> No.38137061

Well scribbler, if you aren't following àce quest, take a peek and seel the arts by pixelfags and mudhenfags. Those two are crazy.

>> No.38137086

I always thought the Wyvern gave off a Hornet or a Mudhen vibe in its design.
Also, check the convergence on the cockpit-it seems misaligned to the rest of the plane

>> No.38137174

>[] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

>> No.38137193

Well lads, I'm off to bed now so goodnight to all you elegant gentlemen.


Picture may cause Feels, proceed at your own descression.

>> No.38137238

Oh. Derp. Goes to show how off my aesthetic sensibilities are. Now that you point it out, I can see the similarities with the Hornet.

Thanks for the critiques. I wonder if I can even pull off a revision. I'm no artist.

>> No.38137289

Yeah, basing the double seater off an F/A18-F reference might work
Gives an excuse for cool digital camo too

>> No.38137292

[x] oh ye of little faith. Allons!

“Oh ye of little faith.” You say, grinning at her. “Allons!”

Merlin gives you a weird look, but shrugs and wraps her towel around her waist, putting her glasses back on.

The four of you head back to the hotel, and up to the suites on the seventh floor, where you've been for the past week or so, now. Merlin heads for the bathroom- she's been using the one off your bedroom almost exclusively, leaving the other to the girls. You indicate to them they should go shower- they both give you that curious look, but head off to do it anyway.

You head into the sitting room, only to find Nixon sitting there, sipping on a mug of something and with the TV on to the ceremony a day or two ago- it's still getting airtime on CNN. Looks like it's the part where the chancellor of Germany was pinning your Iron cross on. He shuts it off as you walk in.

“So how's it feel to be the biggest face in the western world, son?” He asks, with a half smile, thumping a copy of the New York times next to him- the picture on the front is of the president hanging a medal of honor around your neck.

You shrug. “Doesn't feel that different right now, sir.” You say. “Think it hasn't sunk in yet.”

He chuckles. “It will, don't worry. We're damn near going to have to give you your own detachment at the PAO, just to handle media requests.”

“Wonderful.” You respond, dryly. “So I'll have to talk to the press, soon?”


>> No.38137329

He shrugs. “Probably, keep in mind the media rules if one of them catches you out and about.”

You nod- you'd been given a short briefing on dealing with the press- most of it involved kicking it up to a higher authority or over to the public affairs office.

He flips the TV back on- it's showing stock pictures, you recognize the one you took on graduation from the academy, before flight school. “They running that shit constantly?” You ask.

“Near enough.” He says. “You've only just edged out the news from Hollywood.”

“Oh?” You ask, taking a seat.

He nods. “Guess the drama on the set of that Dragonriders of Texas movie just isn't as popular as a war hero.” He says. “And you're pretty popular with the ladies, ya know.”

You wince. “Ah hell-”

He laughs. “Don't worry about that one son, the PAO's handling it. So what are you kids planning to do?”

“Getting ready to go get the girls some more clothes, sir.” You respond.

He nods. “Yeah, I can see why. You could just wait till we get you stateside too, you'll probably be at china lake for your retraining.”

[] You know, sir, you've probably got a point there.
[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137363

>[x] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137366

> Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>Iron Cross

>> No.38137374

[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

Shopping funtimes soon

>> No.38137375

>[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137386

>[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137389

>[x] You know, sir, you've probably got a point there.
>[x] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?
He's got a good point.

>> No.38137396

>[X] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137410

>[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137423

>[x] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?
Lets find out about our new dakka.
>Fronk got both the Iron Cross and MoH
Holy shit what?

>> No.38137425

Jesus, we getting all the high awards, huh? Maybe a Croix de Guerre?

>> No.38137436

At this rate we'll have more metal on our chest than in it

>> No.38137439

>[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?
They cant just exist in flight suit and sundress until we get there, they at least need something

>> No.38137440

>[] You know, sir, you've probably got a point there.

All we need is the Medal of Freedom and we'll be like Doolittle

>> No.38137444

Don't speak too quickly, Anon.

Although didn't Putin offer to have his guys dig it out for us?

>> No.38137481

That was a one-time offer I think over a year ago I'm not sure why people keep bringing it up

>> No.38137490

yep standing offer.

>> No.38137491

Yeah and our guys can probably do it as well.
It was months ago in quest.

>> No.38137527

Fuck you Anon, you ruined my happy mood.
If we don't get a VC then we are doing it wrong.
Standing offer too, we get the life threatening metal out of our chests and get to spend time with best Soviet.
If our chest is getting opened up anyways, we might as well get some gadgets installed as well.

Anyone for Sub-dermal armour plates?

>> No.38137604

>If we don't get a VC then we are doing it wrong.
I don't think we're on the best of terms with the RAF right now

>> No.38137626

>[X] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

At the very least we should get them some jeans, t-shirts and such so that they can look like civilians. Sundress is probably not the to-go-for look on most occasions.

>> No.38137674

> Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137722

VDNI is all we need and as for getting the metal bits out how about we get a new medical opinion about it.
>If we don't get a VC then we are doing it wrong.
Maybe we'll get the Order of the White Eagle from the Poles.

>> No.38137871


That is an excellent point.

>> No.38137882

>[] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38137955

>[X] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?
Still can't leave them in the same clothes until then.

>Dragonriders of Texas movie
So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much hype does Ice have for this? I'm betting 11.

>> No.38137995

Once my schedule clears up again, I'll be drawing witches again. Next one is likely to be a wedding dress but I have decided who.

Go vote: http://strawpoll.me/3667896
(PS. Psychomoto has a + modifier due to Ghost).

>> No.38138003

Anybody else expecting surprise Russians?

>> No.38138004

>[x] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

>> No.38138029

>No Brigitte
>No Wendy

shitty poll, go away

>> No.38138040


Kill yourself instead.

>> No.38138045

If anyone votes anyone other than Mav, they're really missing out.

>> No.38138047

It's gotta be Ice, I mean she brought Frank back to life with a kiss and now Frank is a father figure to two kids. She better take responsibility, she's gonna wear that dress.

>> No.38138056

Is you're waifu not on there, anon?

>> No.38138068

>No Wendy
>No Brigitte
>No Konnie
>No Fronk
4/10 would not vote.

>> No.38138076

[x] Any news on when we're going yet, sir?

“Any news on when we're going yet, sir?” You ask, taking a seat as you hear the showers turn on and Stasya comes out to sit next to you. Nixon looks at her and fishes in a pocket for a second, pulling out a piece of hard candy- butterscotch- and offering it to her. She looks at you, only taking it when you nod.

That done, he nods. “Yeah, actually. Just got a call from the guys building the components for you. They'll want you in by the start of next week, so you'll be flying out of here either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I can get a plane out here for you all.”

“Sounds good.” You say.

“Anxious to get back to the front?” He asks, grinning.

You shrug. “Still a job to be done, sir.”

“Fair enough.” He says, turning his attention to the TV for a second. “So, son, we were wondering if you'd given any thought to the girl's future.”

“Sir?” You ask.

“Well,” he says, indicating Stasya. “They can't fly forever, even if the pentagon plans to let them back at it if they want to-”

He's interrupted, briefly, by the girl. “We want to fly.” She says, her voice a touch more forceful than you're used to.

He nods. “But that can't go on forever, especially if they decide to stay in the navy.”

“Is this a roundabout way of asking if they want to go to Annapolis?” You ask.

He pauses, then nods again. “Ester figured you'd take it the wrong way if she brought it up.” He says. “You two don't get along, which is a shame. She's one of the biggest patriots I know of, son.”

[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.
[] If you say so, sir.

>> No.38138101

[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138118

>[x] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

Playing hardball all the time just burns bridges.

>> No.38138123

>[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138125

>[x] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.
>That filename
... I feel a disturbance in the force...

>> No.38138126

>[] If you say so, sir.

>> No.38138130

>[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138137

>[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138140

[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138160

I saw 50/50 chance for a Spetsnaz attack.
>[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138180

>[x] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.
She certainly is a patriot, she's also a cunt. Also there's always the Citadel or VMI, really somewhere other then Annapolis.

>> No.38138191

>[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138202

[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

>> No.38138254

>[x] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

She only has the "pissing people off" part down of patriotism, and the wrong people at that.

>> No.38138255


>> No.38138269

>[X] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

"Her aims might be good,but it's that her methods ... are hard to deal with."

>> No.38138311

I break it down to 50/40/5/5

That would be:
>50% for nothing happening in spite of the circumstances.
>40% for surprise Fluffy and Nuts (Konnie and Natalia respectively)
>5%for surprise volgin/GRU
>5% for surprise Putin

>> No.38138353

[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

Matron Bitchtits can go fuck herself. Fronk could have loli wingwitches in planes now, along with the strike witches

>> No.38138372

>40% for surprise Fluffy and Nuts (Konnie and Natalia respectively)

>D-Darling.... he has had CHILDREN!?
>... He's not old en-
>Can we get chocolate on the way?

>300 miles away, a Soviet sniper team has chills run down their spine

>> No.38138396

>inb4 I forgot my name again
>inb4 inb4 nobody cares

>> No.38138430

>All these Psychomoto votes

Next update delayed guys. Ghost is busy resetting his router.

>> No.38138446

The fact that you put
>Mav (lol)
makes me very sad with you
>[] If you say so, sir.

>> No.38138471

Shouldn't the modifier be on Janice, aka bestwitch according to Ghost?

>> No.38138515

>At 200 miles away, the team starts to get jumpy,
>At 100 miles out decides to get the fuck out, they know what happened to Alexi.
>At 50 miles out they realise that they can't escape, and start praying for a swift death.

>> No.38138532

I'd love to draw more Mav but she'll never win a waifu poll like this.

Last I mentioned this in IRC, Ghost was all about the Psychomoto route. Maybe he's flip flopped. Again.

>> No.38138594

>[] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.
"Permission to speak frankly sir? Matron Longstreet could use some lesson on diplomacy, sir. She might be a patriot, but she is certainly not a diplomat."

>> No.38138647

>Psychomoto Route
I am conflicted now.

>> No.38138700

>Ghost was all about the Psychomoto route
FronkXPsychomoto confirmed?

>> No.38138747

Well maybe part of it, though Psycomoto may have to be main wife.

To ensure Japanx U.S. relations of coarse.

>> No.38138767

>Ghost was all about the Psychomoto route
Slider route or Bust! An Ice route is fine too. To be honest if he introduced Psychomoto earlier I'd might consider her a contender but this like in the game it would be a waste of what development there has been with any of the main three.

>> No.38138780


>> No.38138810

So Frank is the political rent boy? Getting shipped out to witches to secure American interests?


>> No.38138821

"i am not a crook"

>> No.38138906

Ice is amused by this...

>> No.38138951

What i imagine will happen if we try harem route with Psychomoto...

>> No.38138965


>> No.38138994

[x] She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.

“She's got a funny way of showing it, sir.” You note, scowling.

He shrugs. “Son, I can't pretend to understand politics, especially witch politics, but She flew for me in south east Asia. I don't doubt for a second she only wants what's best for America.”

While you've got your private reservations about the statement- as you recall, Nixon was a major player in the navy after the revolt of the admirals, and in getting naval aviation the funding it got, helping to turn it into the navy's striking arm. Hell, without him, you'd probably have been air force, so at least you owe him some thanks.

You shake your head. “Sorry sir. She's burned that bridge with us.” You say. “Maybe, if they're interested, VMI or the citadel.”

He shrugs. “Son, it really doesn't matter to me either way. All I wanted to do is make sure you know that they'll have to get an education and proper commission if they want to keep flying after this is over, and-”

He's interrupted, again, by Stasya. “We want to stay with Samantha and Mr. Bishop.” She says.

Nixon gives her a grandfatherly smile. “You will be, don't worry about that sweetie.” He responds. “As long as you're happy here.”

“There's West Point, too.” You point out, a grin creeping onto your face.

Nixon looks aghast. “Army?” He asks. “Son, that's practically grounds for a conduct unbecoming charge!”


>> No.38139018

You laugh, and after a second he does too. Stasya stands up a second before you do when you hear the showers turn off- you swear the girls are telepathic. A minute later, Lilya steps out of their room, dressed in that one sun dress- who picked that for them, anyway?- and sits on the couch. Merlin emerges from your room a second later, civilian clothes on, her flight jacket tied around her waist.

“Alright, my turn.” You say, heading back to the room. “You good, sammy?”

Merlin nods, taking a seat next to Lilya. “What about you, Lilya?” you ask. She looks at you and nods.

“'k. Out in a second.”

You take a little longer than that to shower and get cleaned up, shaving and putting on some of the few civilian clothes that were sent for you- in this case, a simple pair of bluejeans and a polo shirt.

Stepping back out into the sitting room, you grab your wallet and your own jacket off the back of a chair.

“Alright son, you getting ready to leave?” Nixon asks- you nod.

“Alright. I'll give a call down to have a car ready. Clothes shopping?” He grins. “Maybe you're better cut out for this than we thought.”

You shrug. “Can't have them wandering around in the same dress all the time. Besides, it's hardly casual. Who the hell grabbed them anyway?”

He laughs. “Lieutenant Johns. Staffer of mine. Good kid, but not a great fashion mogul. Oh well.” He shakes his head. “It is what it is. Just remember to not get too much, I'll see about getting a couple bags up here for their belongings, but if you're going to get them a full wardrobe, at least wait till you're stateside to do it.”

[] Can do, sir.
[] I make no promises, sir.

>> No.38139042

>[x] Can do, sir.
The Girls can get... well the girls all the fancy shit.
Ghost already said messing around with Psychomoto is routelock but yeah that is probably what would happen.

>> No.38139047

>[x] Can do, sir.

We only need the basics right now.

>> No.38139052

>[] I make no promises, sir.
...btw, where do USMC train their fly witches?

>> No.38139072

>[] Can do, sir.

>> No.38139076

>[x] Can do, sir.
>Waiting for russians
Who knows, It'll be interesting to see what happens.

>> No.38139079

>[] I make no promises, sir.

>> No.38139082

>[x] Can do, sir.

>> No.38139094

>[X] I make no promises, sir.

Give Lilya and Stasya a wink and a grin

>> No.38139105

That is a good question.

>> No.38139109

>[] Can do, sir.

>> No.38139158

Annapolis is the Naval Academy, Marine officers come through there as well if I recall. Though academies like VMI or the Citadel one can join any ROTC and get a commission that way too. Probably no different for Witches.

>> No.38139189

Just got home so I'm calling the poll now.
Ice and Slider tied so either I'm going to flip a coin, or do draw both of them.

>> No.38139208

[] Can do, sir.

>> No.38139210

Yes, Halley. Yes.

>> No.38139214

>[] I make no promises, sir.

Girls and their clothes....

>> No.38139220

>Katya got blow the fuck out


>> No.38139223

>draw both of them.
Why do you even hesitate?

>> No.38139230


>> No.38139244

Both or neither, all or bust.

Bonus points for blushing.

>> No.38139246



>> No.38139255

Rolled 2 (1d2)


>> No.38139307

There is some justice in the world!

>> No.38139313

>[] I make no promises, sir.

>> No.38139316

O yea Halley.
Tomorrow (or at least day after tomorrow for western hemisphere) is CNY, how about you draw someone in QiPao?

>> No.38139319

Ghost plz

Include rope


>> No.38139347

>thinking your opinion counts

>> No.38139454

>fluff bringer
>opinion counting
Toppest of nyaas.

I'll see what I can do. Make no promises but if I do, it'll be really delayed because I really want to have fun with the wedding dress.

>> No.38139461

>[] I make no promises, sir.

>> No.38139467

>3 outcomes mentioned
>Roll between two

>> No.38139489

On phone so don't know if its been answered yet, on fine rightnow but wanted to ask; is the squadron going back stateside with us or what? What are the other girls going to be doing while us and the sharks are out of the air?

>> No.38139497

It was a tie breaker roll.

>> No.38139515

The squadron is still at the front, as for the twins they haven't been mentioned.

>> No.38139529

I know, that's why I told you to include rope.

>> No.38139533

Rolled 1 (1d3)

Fine then


>> No.38139539

>Say or do something stupid
>pretend it wasn't stupid

You'd have been better off pretending to be retarded. Except you don't have to pretend, do you?

>> No.38139592

>This hole isn't deep enough!
>I need to keep digging!

>> No.38139597

>still thinking your opinion matters
I have many more mocking Neco's fluff.

I won't be deciding who it'll be in the end until I'm at least done with the body anyways so there's time.

>> No.38139624

Needs more Katya.

>> No.38139626

>Could have had cute blushing Ice in a wedding dress.

Well, there's always next time right guys?

>> No.38139638

Hi Vaelys

>> No.38139652

Just passing the time.
pic related.

>> No.38139666

Ah well, any Ace Combat Quest follower here?
If i can made it, 1 gonna draw Karla in Qi Pao, choose who will accompany her
>Jager (as ram/sheep)

>> No.38139696

>Jager (as ram/sheep)

Looking very grumpy in his sheep suit

>> No.38139704

I forget the name, but the one that came from a rich family, Osean I think?

>> No.38139705

>Jager (as ram/sheep)
Always go full husbando

>> No.38139797

[x] Can do, sir.

You nod. “Can do, sir. We just need enough to get by, not too much.”

“Good.” he says. “Go ahead and head on down, and I'll make that call.”

You nod, motioning to the girls- Samantha is already up and moving- to follow you. They do so without saying anything, surprising no one.

As it happens, the driver downstairs waiting for you is inspector Victoire himself, his professional looking white shirt covered over by the black canvas of a shoulder holster. He nods at you, bowing quite gallantly to the girls- neither of whom respond. He shrugs and grins at this. “so, my friend, where to?” He asks.

You shake your head. “No idea. Never shopped in cannes before.” you say. “where should we go.”

“Ah, shopping. For clothes?” he asks. You nod.

“Well, this is a resort city, yes? It will be expensive to buy anything here. Especially with the film festival due in soon. The place is already crawling with gendarmes and those that wish to be close to famous people without being famous themselves.” He says, thoughtfully. “We could perhaps shop along the water front, but that will be the most expensive and the most crowded. The clothes though, will be the best, I am sure.”

“What else is there? I'm not that rich.” You say, laughing.

“In town, perhaps, up near Campane. It should not be as crowded there, and perhaps we can find a more reasonable store there, things that poor government workers, such as ourselves, can more easily afford.”

[] You know what? Let's spoil them a bit. To the waterfront!
[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139841

>[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.
Well, we have Maman looking for our back, nothing will happen.

>> No.38139844

>[x] yeah... stipends don't go that far, let's head into town.

Save the spoiling for when we're in America.

>> No.38139846

>[x] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.
We can spoil the hell outta of them back home.

>> No.38139847

>[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139861

>[X] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.
We want casual stuff anyway, right?

>> No.38139863

>[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139868

>[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139872

>[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139873

>[x] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.
More so to avoid getting noticed.

>> No.38139875

>[x] You know what? Let's spoil them a bit. To the waterfront!
We MUST spoil the Daughterus
>Not going for fellow Belkan, Solo/Brolo-Wing Pixy

>> No.38139882

Funny, you've posted that picture many times now and I only just now realized how badly it spells intensifies.

Are we still making fun of the Seahawks? I was watching some older stuff on my PVR last night and one of the recordings clipped the last 5 minutes off the previous program which happened to be the evening news on the night before the game. It was this short segment about a zoo, I don't remember which one, who had this tradition of asking all the animals who they thought would win the superbowl. Basically what they would do is take a Seahawks banner and a Patriots banner and place them in the various animal enclosures. They went around to the turtles, the otters, the pandas and so on.

Every single one of them picked the Patriots

>> No.38139888

>[X] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139905

>Solo/Brolo-Wing Pixy
At this point he will old enough to be our uncle or father.

>> No.38139910

> yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139932

Of course I'm still shitposting over the superb owl.
Bradey is retiring soon. We aren't winning another one for a long time. Gotta enjoy it one last time. 18-1 5ever ;_;

I was not sober when I made that and I don't know where the PSD file is now.

>> No.38139970

[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38139991

>Going for the dedicated buddy
>Who is twice our age
>Not becoming MASTER BELKAN ACE under his tutelage

>> No.38140019


>[x] You know what? Let's spoil them a bit. To the waterfront!

Spoil the daughterus! Get caught by the press!

>> No.38140089

>[x] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38140144

still waiting for shark twin revenge and these Russian girls to be brainwashed assassins after fronk or merlin

>> No.38140224

>shark twin revenge
why i got this image when they meet Stasya and Lilya again, they gonna make them wear frilly dress

>these Russian girls to be brainwashed assassins
Too bad Dragovich is nowhere in this 'verse. Seems it right on his alley.

>> No.38140252

And what?

They get caught just in time by Putin and Nixon, before being raised as perfect daughterus by Fronk and his harem?

Keep worrying, but I don't think that Ghost would pull a blind-side on us for that after giving the pair such a backstory. He's invested too much time in them for them to just be "surprise assasins"!

>> No.38140277


>> No.38140283

>"The numbers Lilya! What do they mean?"

>> No.38140316

>this much blind faith in Ghost

You are adorable

>> No.38140317

it could be worse witch winter soldier

>> No.38140351

No, what Ghost wants is our tears.
The girls will start to attempt to kill fronk and then break the fuck down emotionally

>> No.38140365

>[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

>> No.38140383



>> No.38140579

[x] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

“Yeah...” you say, looking into your wallet. There's a government card there, one Nixon issued you for 'basic needs' but somehow you don't think designer clothing fits that description. “Yeah, let's head into town, stipends don't go that far.”

He nods, knowingly, leading the way out to the car, parked nearby.

You note that the hotel, up till now, kind of empty, is filling up- you even recognize some of the people from Hollywood. Fortunately, you think, no one gets a real good look at you or any of the girls on the way out- you think you see a double-take, but you're not sure, and the door shuts behind you before anyone can say anything.

The car, a four door sedan, provided by the French, is kind of cramped, but suits well enough- Merlin sits behind you, with Lilya in the middle seat and Stasya behind the inspector, who drives.


>> No.38140603

The ride up doesn't take too long- less than twenty minutes, all told. Victoire pulls up outside a medium-sized clothing store- one that's a national chain, instead of one of the small, independent places. Hopefully prices here won't be so outrageous, you think. The place isn't dead, though it's quiet- you only make out a few cars in the lot, maybe about fifteen, and you figure a few of those have to be employees.

Inside, the building is on the cool side, and you don't see too many other people. An employee shoots a quick glance at the inspector, and at his holstered service pistol, and moves to intercept, perhaps wary of trouble. They exchange some French, and he grins, pulling out a badge. The employee nods, and they speak a bit more- the inspector indicates you and the girls during the conversation, and she looks at them for a moment, then nods.

He turns to you. “She says she'll be glad to help us find clothes for them, my friend.” he says. “She's got two little ones of her own, about their age.”

[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.
[] We'll be ok without it, thanks.

>> No.38140624

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140633

>[x] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140637

>[x] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140640

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140658

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140674

>[x] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140681

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140686

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140687

>[x] We'd be glad for the help, yeah

>> No.38140689

>[X] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140691

[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140693

>[x] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38140706

Hive mind too strong

>> No.38140730

>[x] We'd be glad to let the girls out of our sight for a minute and lose them to Soviet KGB agents

>> No.38140781

Getting help doesn't mean out of sight and I'm sure Voodoo Witch is lurking somewhere nearby.

>> No.38140817

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.
You gon' get French makeover'd.
Leben wie Gott in Frankreich. Und kleiden.

>> No.38140823

she will slip up one day and then....

>> No.38140874

Psychomoto vs Voodoo Witch

Man, I'll have to get some popcorn for that kind of fight.

>> No.38140951

We need more time with the girls. Eventually we should be rotated out.

>> No.38140971

We already spend plenty of time with them, we live in the same barracks and fly missions with them.

>> No.38141009

If anything, i got this feeling that the only girl Psychomoto willing to share Fronk with is Maman.

>> No.38141101

[x] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

“Tell her we'd appreciate it, yeah.” You say, and the inspector translates it. The woman nods, and motions for you to follow- the five of you do, towards the girl's section, where she turns and closes one eye and looks at the girls- who return the look with that stare of mild curiosity they have. She asks the inspector something else, and he turns again to you.

“She wants to know what type of clothes they like.” He says, indicating the girls.

You shrug. “I'm not sure. Girls, what type of clothes do you want to get?” You ask. They both turn to look at you.

“We don't know.” Stasya says. “We've never had clothes like these before.”

“Well,” you say, running a hand back over your scalp. “What do you think? Something like Samantha's clothes?”

Merlin kind of stands there, self-consciously, when the girls look at her.

They turn back to you without saying anything. “Something fancier? You have to give me something to work with.” You say trying a tired grin.

Lilya shrugs and Stasya shakes her head. “We don't know. Whatever you think is best.”

[] This won't stand, make them pick.
[] Fine, we'll go with something comfortable, like Merlin has.
[] Right you are, something nice, like a couple of dresses.

>> No.38141137

>[X] Right you are, something nice, like a couple of dresses.

If they don't know what they want, then we shall make them look pretty!

>> No.38141150

>[] Fine, we'll go with something comfortable, like Merlin has.
Eh, this will do for now. We'll get the girls on base to pick up dresses for them later.

>> No.38141156

> This won't stand, make them pick
Time to get a bit of agency out of these headcases.

>> No.38141164

>[] This won't stand, make them pick.
Nope nope. Get to work you two. You can't free load all the time.

>> No.38141171

>[] This won't stand, make them pick.

>> No.38141174

>[] Right you are, something nice, like a couple of dresses.

Ask Merlin if she wants to get anything while we're here.

>> No.38141195

>[] This won't stand, make them pick.

>> No.38141212

>[] This won't stand, make them pick.
gently prod them

>> No.38141243

>[] Fine, we'll go with something comfortable, like Merlin has.
They have never worn anything but uniform. If we get them into complicated shit we will just confuse them.
But ultimately the Froggerette may pick something for the girls without qualities.
We're all relative fashion illiterates, non?

>> No.38141250

>[x] Fine, we'll go with something comfortable, like Merlin has.
We can have them choose when we get to the states, for now we can just settle on comfy clothes.

>> No.38141265

>[x] This won't stand, make them pick.
Doubt they have been given the ability to choose anything in the recent past.

>Eventually we should be rotated out.
We are about to get VDNI and we'll be right back in the fight after we retrain with it, us rotating out won't make much sense. This isn't World War 2 where you're able to manufacture planes and train pilots at a similar rate, both takes time.

>> No.38141332

while we are out Russian witch Char will explode on to the scene fucking everyone up

>> No.38141456

>[] Fine, we'll go with something comfortable, like Merlin has.
We can go get them fancy things stateside
Also, ask Merlin if she wants anything

>> No.38141471

>[X] This won't stand, make them pick.

As nice it is to make them KAWAII AS FUG and as nice as it is to choose for them, they should choose on their own. Gotta learn sometime, might as well be now.

>> No.38141479

>[] Fine, we'll go with something comfortable, like Merlin has.

>> No.38141508

Ask them how important is function over fashion is for them. Being Warm vs lots of frills

>> No.38141948


>> No.38142091

>Are we still making fun of the Seahawks?
Forever fellow Patriot.

>[] We'd be glad for the help, yeah.

>> No.38142095 [SPOILER] 

This is the best fandance ever.

>> No.38142143

okay, i chuckle a bit.

>> No.38142158 [SPOILER] 

>Not this one

>> No.38142173

I swear I've seen that rabbit somewhere before, but I just can't seem to place where.

>> No.38142174

>The Joke
>Your head

>> No.38142204


Mondaichi, I think.

>> No.38142206

>No missiles
>No railgun
>No remote-controlling bestgirl
0/10 literally worse than Timeline.

>> No.38142225 [SPOILER] 


When we defecting? I've got our birds painted and everything.

>> No.38142237

Problem Children Are Coming to our World!

It was a rare anime in that it was actually good. A male character takes a female characters arm and there is no stammering, nosebleed, or panties. He just takes her arm like a fucking human.

>> No.38142244

Meant to reply to

>> No.38142247

Soon hopefully

>> No.38142269

>Not recognizing based Pasternak, who only wanted the future to be better for his shithole country

>> No.38142305

>Not creating our own Outer Heaven, TWWNB or Mithril

>not recognizing obvious word pun
You must be charming in parties.

>> No.38142333

[x] This won't stand, make them pick.

You shake your head at her. “Well, if you don't know, why don't we look around some?” You say, making a mental note to not suggest anything. “You girls can't get away with having me make all the decisions all the time!”

They look at each other again, and Stasya looks back at you, confused. “But- is that not what you're supposed to do?” She asks.

“What?” You're not too surprised by the question- you can't imagine they've been given much, if any, personal freedom in the past however long, but you're not sure you're liking this whole robot act they have going on, here. “Not all the decisions, no. You can pick what you want to eat, or what to wear, or even if you want to fly again-”

“We do.” She interrupts you- the first time she's ever done that. She doesn't explain, but there's venom in her words.

You nod. “I'm glad to hear it. But right now, we need to get some clothes for you. Let's look around some, huh?”

They both nod and tentatively set off, wandering through the racks of clothes. Merlin follows along, looking for her own- pausing, you notice, an uncomfortably long period of time in front of a section with some black dresses that look a little too short for your RIO to be wearing.

Thankfully, she's not telepathic.

The girls wind their way slowly through the racks, apparently not seeing anything they care for. Eventually they stop, though, and Lilya reaches out to pick up a simple red dress. She looks back at you, holding it in her hands- there's not much to it, really, though you figure it'd cover about down to her knees, maybe a bit above that. There's not much top to it, a simple tube and a pair of straps.

“You like that one?” You ask- she nods.


>> No.38142358

“Alright, well, hold onto it, we'll see if Stasya finds anything, and you can keep looking. You need one more outfit, at least, ok?” You say. She nods, the barest hint of a smile playing at the corners of her lips, and keeps looking.

Stasya finds the dress's twin- only hers is a rich blue. She holds it up for inspection, and you nod.

The two of them seem to gravitate towards the jeans next, both grabbing two pairs, after picking up and putting down several. While the advertised cut looks to be tight, they look nice, though you'll probably end up getting a couple pairs of jeans stateside for them, too.

They pick out a couple pairs of T-shirts, nothing fancy, mostly simple, solid colors. You nod as they hold them up for your ok- they can pick, but you still have to pay, after all.

You have them grab some skivvies- you're pretty sure, other than what they were wearing, they only had a few pairs of hastily-acquired, navy issue ones, and you know the stuff you got, you replaced pretty quickly. You wince when they both gravitate towards silk, though you can't say you blame them- the shit does feel good. Besides, you're not paying.

You pay for the clothes, and have them both carry their own bags- each ends up with about three outfits, all told. Enough to scrape by until you get stateside, at least.

“Where to now, my friend?” Victoire asks, as you pile into the car.

“Food, I think.” You say, then nod. “Yeah, food.”

“Do you want to go back to the hotel?” He asks, looking back at the girls. “Perhaps allow them to change into their new clothes and wear them out?”

[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”
[] Let's just go like this
[] Yeah, lets do that.

>> No.38142376

Shit I meant Time Limit.

>> No.38142400

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142406

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142410

>[x] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142411 [SPOILER] 

[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

I caught the pun, it's just too late for me to give a shit
Not with a midterm tomorrow and KS tonight
Also, it's AWWNB

>> No.38142413

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142415

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142428

>[x] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”
All up to them, their choice.
>Like this, but red and minus the choker. and the Psychopath

>> No.38142473

>[X] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142476

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”
Today is a day of choosing.

>> No.38142545

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142697

>[X] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

FREEDOM, etc, etc, MERICA, etc.

>> No.38142747

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38142792

>[] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

>> No.38143628


>> No.38143700

Blackjack is deeewaaaaitaminute.

>> No.38143725

[x] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

You look back to the back seat. Both the girls have their bags on their laps, hands folded across the tops of them. “Girls, you want to do that? Go back to the hotel and change, then go out to eat?”

Stasya looks at Lilya- who nods. “All right then.” you say. “Yeah, back to the hotel, inspector.”

The hotel lobby is more full than you remember- you wonder who's staying here to warrant all the attention. Again, a few looks are shot your way- you think you see more than one person reaching for a notepad or a camera- but the inspector, joined by a uniformed colleague, get you to the elevators and close them, right as a reporter starts rushing towards the doors.

The suite is empty, which allows you to tell the girls to go change into what they want to wear, while you take a seat on the couch. You're joined by Merlin, who sits nearby.

“Whatcha think, kiddo?” You ask, resisting the urge to turn on the TV. She shrugs.

“I h-hope they don't get too fancy. I'll have t-to change if they do.” She says, making you laugh.

“Well, if they do, it won't be too bad. You excited?”

She nods. “Y-yeah. I'm glad you l-listened to me.” She says.

“I usually do, when it comes to tech.” You point out. She shakes her head.

“T-this time was different.” She says. “I know that a lot o-of them didn't like it. It s-scares them.”

You nod- in a couple cases, you think that's right.

“B-but machines can o-only do what we make them to do.” She says. “And t-they let us do things we couldn't w-without them. It's j-just prejudice that makes them say t-those things. They're s-scared of technology. T-they don't think like us.”

“What do ya mean, Sam?” You ask.


>> No.38143740

The sad fact is, if this were a blackjack thread, he'd have only posted a total of two times by now

>> No.38143754

She shakes her head. “W-witches don't learn about m-machines and technology the s-same as us. T-they learn about magic and things like that. T-the most complex t-thing ever built were t-the strikers they had, b-before I built those two prototypes.” She says. “T-they learn how to use magic in place of technology, n-not how to use them t-to compliment each other.”

“Like you do?” You ask.

She nods. “I-I'm not a witch. Not like t-that.” She says. “I-I need you and the fighter to fly a-and do anything. T-technology isn't s-something to be beat, i-it's my friend. It lets me d-do things I couldn't do.”

She's interrupted when the girls come out of their room- both, apparently, have decided to wear their dresses. They sit down next to you- closer than they usually do, if not by much. “Guess we'll need to go change, Sam.” You say, standing up and turning back to look at them. “You two be ok in here while we change?”

They both nod.

You change into something a bit nicer quickly, swapping to a slightly nicer polo shirt- the only other one in the closet- you step back out into the sitting room. Merlin joins you a second later, having changed into a nicer T-shirt. Her leather jacket now rests on her shoulders.

2/3 (oops)

>> No.38143783

You head back out into the hall, where the inspector greets you. “Ah, your girls, they are visions of loveliness.” He says, looking at the two of them- and still getting no response. He grins and shrugs again. “So where to, my friend?” He asks. “There are many places to eat, but with so many celebrities in town, I am not sure about finding one that will remain quiet. The waterfront has the best restaurants, and I know that area the best.”

“Think you can find a quiet one there?” you ask.

He shrugs. “Maybe? I am not sure, though I can try. The other option is to head into the north, as we did earlier, and attempt to find something there, though anything we find won't be as nice as anything here along the beach.”

[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.
[] We'll chance it, let's eat somewhere nice.

>> No.38143804

>[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143811

>[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143812

At least Blackjack came back.
>[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds

>> No.38143821

>[x] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143822

>[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143827

>[x] We'll chance it, let's eat somewhere nice.

Lets meet some movie stars and see if we can't make some witches back home jealous.

>> No.38143833


[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143835

>[x] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.
Avoid crowds and people.
>It's j-just prejudice that makes them say t-those things. They're s-scared of technology. T-they don't think like us.
She really is a tech priest.

>> No.38143838

>[] We'll chance it, let's eat somewhere nice.

>> No.38143845

>[x] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.
We can keep eating grand for the states.

I'm thinkin Santa's.

>> No.38143847

>[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143848

[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143850

>[x] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143861

>[] We'll chance it, let's eat somewhere nice.
But my delicious foods ;_;

>> No.38143882

and then the gru snatch them up and shank us!

>> No.38143900

And here I thought Merlin was getting better with that stutter.

>> No.38143921

I feel like it's gotten worse. Aside from in the aircraft, but that goes without saying.

>> No.38143929

>[X] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143930

We kinda did die.

>> No.38143982

>[] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

>> No.38143986

poor girl needs to learn from a master

>> No.38144006

The more SAN Merlin loses, the more she stutters?

>> No.38144011

I was hoping while reading the archives that
>tfw bf
would help, but to no avail.

>> No.38144015

You are dressed nice, go somewhere nice.

[X] We'll chance it, let's eat somewhere nice.

As a side note, has anyone discussed the possibility yet that the red haired daughteru might be a 2nd generation youngspawn?

>> No.38144050

And when it reach zero, she spawn some kind of Great Old One?

>> No.38144073

No, Kat is the youngest and she is older than Stasya.

>> No.38144078

the injuries persist anon

wheels are turning

>> No.38144145

Techno-Cthulu appears.

>> No.38144199

Frank IS a spawn of an old one

>> No.38144208

Not every redheaded Kraut is gonna be a youngspawn. To be honest if she was I'd think there would have been similar media coverage of her house's 'fire' as was for Karla's. Though that is me presuming Minna is a prominent matron in the German Coven.
The key term is "2nd generation"

>> No.38144241

So, which is Silke Klossner which is Karla Weiss?

>> No.38144273

Stasya - Silke
Lilya - Karla

I think

>> No.38144349


>> No.38144407

and then she kills all the Russians

>> No.38144540

What if it's not better/worse, and Ghost just arbitrarily decides how much he wants Merlin to stutter today?

>> No.38144559

What if Merlin just has a speech impediment that we've been misinterpreting as confidence issues this entire time?

>> No.38144561

Don't shitpost, pls.

>> No.38144600

Seconded wholeheartedly

>> No.38144604

Whatchu gonna do 'bout it, nerd?

>> No.38144635

bitch please

>> No.38144667

Re-read the last Raikov. Will have answer after i'm done, maybe.

>> No.38144690

Aren't speech issues usually constant? Merlin can speak without a stutter, she's shown that before outside the plane. Maybe she's has just had a lot of anxiety lately because she was worrying about what Frank's say would be in regards to VDNI. Or maybe she's just excited about it.

>> No.38144738

Then she would be better suited as a scatman instead of an RIO.

>> No.38144766

or maybe she has confidence issues which has been stated through out the quest

>> No.38144776


Did somebody said Raikov?

>> No.38144820

Then she should be a stuttering mess around other people, not the dude who has frequently shown he will accept pretty much anything she does.

>> No.38144886

I'm just talking about this situation anon, she was getting better though as anon brought we did die and that probably isn't helping. Again, getting over issues takes time and sometimes you have a step back.

>> No.38144898

I don't see enough tears, nor do I see her bundled in a ball in some corner suffering operator PTSD. 0/10, anon.

>> No.38144964


I'm trying

>> No.38144994

Does she even know that we ACTUALLY died for a bit or does she just know we were pretty bad off?

>> No.38145019

[x] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

“We'll head into town.” You say, and he nods at that. “I'd rather not deal with crowds, especially with these two.”

He nods. “Ah, yes. Too early to be worrying about boys, yes?”

“What do you mean?” Stasya asks him.

“I-ah. Nevermind!” He says, grinning. “Let us go!”

You get through the lobby without any trouble- again, your police escort helps. You're surprised when Lilya's hand finds yours- you look down at her, but she seems insistent, so you hold it on the way out of the door. She doesn't let go until you're at the car, and even then till she sits down, taking the middle seat, between Merlin and Stasya.

You eventually find a nice restaurant in town- while you're not able to read the sign, the inspector says it's Italian, and quite good. While you think it's kind of odd to be eating Italian food in France, you decide to go with it.

It's quiet enough that you're quickly guided to a table, though both the girls insist on sitting next to you- leaving Merlin a side all to herself. Inspector Victoire heads to the bar in the center of the building, taking a seat that lets him keep an eye on your group without being obtrusive. You have to help them with the order- not too much, thankfully, just helping to translate a couple things. They eventually both select pasta dishes. You and Merlin do too, after some deliberation.


>> No.38145046

I recall once in youtube there are a vid of March of the Defenders of Moscow using Red Alert footage. too bad it missing now.


>> No.38145055

You're chatting with Merlin when you're interrupted by a man approaching your table. You'd swear you've seen him before, somewhere, but you can't place it.

“Uh- e-excuse me.” He says, kinda sheepishly. “ Are you Lieutenant Commander Bishop?”

You're about to answer- at this point, you figure your face is too well known to say you're not- when Merlin practically squeals.

“Y-You're Benji Boone!” She says. “T-tomaso Montana!”

You swear to god the guy blushes. Blushes! “Ah- yeah. That's me. Are you Lieutenant Samantha Wells?”

She nods, a blush raising in her face. “Y-yeah.”

“It's an incredible honor to meet you both.” He says. “I'm surprised you recognize me Lieut-”

“Call me M-Merlin.” Merlin says, her blush getting worse. “D-do you want to sit w-with us?”

“Uh- I mean, if I'm not intruding-”

“N-no, not at all!” Merlin says, scooting her chair over, making room. “S-so w-why are you here?”

“Oh, the film festival.” He says, kind of chuckling self-consciously. “I don't know why, I'm not that great an actor.”

“O-oh. I-I think you're g-great!” Merlin says. “I-I can't wait t-to see the m-movie.”

“Movie?” You ask- finally able to get a word in.

Merlin nods. “Y-yeah! M-Mr. Boone is t-the lead actor in Dragonriders o-of Texas, B-broodlord o-of Dallas!”

Ah, well. That'd explain her reaction. You suppose you're just glad Ice isn't here, she'd probably be incoherent right now.

>> No.38145081

Finished. Can't determine positively, not enough information. However, http://strikewitches.wikia.com/wiki/Johanna_Wiese she doesn't have silver hair.

I also thought it was interesting that the Klossner mother knew her husband had died even though she was down the hall.

But right now I'm now sure of my theory anymore.

>> No.38145096

We should get the man's autograph for Ice.

>> No.38145118

Sounds like a porno.

>> No.38145120

She kinda resurrect us, it the least we can do.

....also, who is him?

>> No.38145123

And that's it for the night!

For anyone wondering, it's taking some getting used to in the house, but it's pretty nice to have the place to myself. though I miss having a bathroom nearby- the only two are all the way across the house, haha. oh well.

Before I forget, I'mma pimp my pastebin some more- all three raikov chapters are on there, so if you want to read them, they'll be here


anyway, that's it for the evening, guys, hope you enjoyed the run. we'll be back at the regular time next week for the next, and we might get in another run from another PoV sooner or later, IDK when, haha. probably on a rainy day.

Anyway, gents, till next time, cheers!

>> No.38145132

>M-Mr. Boone is t-the lead actor in Dragonriders o-of Texas, B-broodlord o-of Dallas!”

>> No.38145134

>Merlin's read Dragonriders of Texas

>> No.38145150

>“Y-yeah! M-Mr. Boone is t-the lead actor in Dragonriders o-of Texas, B-broodlord o-of Dallas!”


>> No.38145174


>> No.38145175

no, i got that part.
Is he based on IRL actor or what?

Ice must be misplaced some of her's and Merlin happen to find them.

>> No.38145207

>“Y-You're Benji Boone!” She says. “T-tomaso Montana!”
>Merlin nods. “Y-yeah! M-Mr. Boone is t-the lead actor in Dragonriders o-of Texas, B-broodlord o-of Dallas!”
Good run as always Ghost!

>> No.38145221


Oh, if only you knew.....

also, he's not really based on any IRL actor.


>> No.38145222

>Merlin nods. “Y-yeah! M-Mr. Boone is t-the lead actor in Dragonriders o-of Texas, B-broodlord o-of Dallas!”

We had better get autographs for ice.

>> No.38145249

And a selfie of fronk and actor for her to schlick to

>> No.38145254


Thanks for the thread Ghost,

I do have a couple questions that arisen after reading this thread.

Besides accepting medals did Frank and Rosarie's Fiance do anything during the medal ceremony?

I'm not familiar with them.

Did spellcaster watch them, what did they think?

lastly and this was kind of bothering me, What is Slider's problem, remembering Fellthy's last snippet, she seemed to be the one with less issues but she;s bothered by her reputation? What reputation exactly?

>> No.38145274

Thanks for the run bro.

>> No.38145293

im still waiting on Frank's bimbo ex-girlfriend to make an appearance, make it happen ghost

>> No.38145316

Considering how famous he is, I imagine her trying to capitalize on it, if not at least be interviewed.

>> No.38145340

Thanks for the run, Ghost

>> No.38145359

At witch point we see Fronk's harem descend upon her furiously.

And it will be glorious

>> No.38145360

i know that's why i want her to appear then the reaction of all of spellcaster to go along with it fucking priceless.

>> No.38145372

>Besides accepting medals did Frank and Rosalie's Fiance do anything during the medal ceremony?

Nope. Lotta speeches by politicians, but Frank and Jean-luc didn't do anything except salute, shake hands, and smile at cameras on command.

>Did spellcaster watch them, what did they think?

It'll come up later.

>lastly and this was kind of bothering me, What is Slider's problem, remembering Fellthy's last snippet, she seemed to be the one with less issues but she;s bothered by her reputation? What reputation exactly?

Slider got a bit of a wild reputation, that she was loose and easy. She isn't, but the reputation stuck, and the guys she's tried to have a relationship treated her like it was true.

>> No.38145378

>I finally caught a strike witches quest now I can finally vo>>38145123

>> No.38145383


Thanks for the thread boss.

That depends.
If she just trying to make herself look important as Frank ex, maybe they just scoff her.
If it become slander....

>> No.38145408


Sorry anon!

Next week?

>> No.38145409

Next week'll come faster than you think

>> No.38145456

>hollywood in charge of not being commie pinkos who hate america

>> No.38145497

What about the reaction that he died and came back?

I'm kind of interested of their reactions, a bit more from the twins, Mav, Katya, and Wendy....

Yeah, basically the rest of spellcaster.

How big did Frank's fanclub expanded now? International?

Did they interview his ex yet? I kind of expect some tabloid or the TMZ equivalent to do so.

>> No.38145552

>What about the reaction that he died and came back?

I think we'll be finding that out soon in character, Anon.

>> No.38145719

True, but I kind of wonder if they worry/scared to death or some kind of morbid not so much indifference but almost used to the idea Frank might just driop dead.

>> No.38145765

I imagine they were pretty worried.

>> No.38146104

Ridire pls

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