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>> No.38126314

What jumps have ice related perks that are on par with or better than Ice Make magic in Fairy Tail?
Would you say Marvel Kinesis is on that level?

>> No.38126332

I wish to say Cryokinesis from InFamous, but Ice Make is probably more versatile.

That said, given how Conduit power works, it'll dovetail nicely with any similar elemental power.

>> No.38126429

Shameless self-promotion here, but the ice-ice fruit from one piece may be right up your alley. We're talking 'freezing the ocean, then driving across it on an ice bicycle' levels of bullshit with it.

>> No.38126567

That might work well actually, seeing how much cole with his electricity powers progressed I can see cryokinesis doing the same.

That's a really great ice power but there are just so many amazing things to pick up in One Piece!
I'll probably be picking up Haki first and then try and find a decent fruit with the map option.

The Phoenix fruit was really appealing to me but it can't use its flames to attack can it?

>> No.38126587

Fucking Volk13, or whatever those mercenaries called themselves. They were such a pain in the ass to fight.

>> No.38126600

>The Phoenix fruit was really appealing to me but it can't use its flames to attack can it?
Nah, the blue flames of the fruit only serve to regenerate the user, they dont actually burn others. You CAN still sprout wings and talons to fly around and claw peoples faces up with, though.

>> No.38126613

In Pirate Warriors 2 Marco uses the flames to attack all sorts of shit. He's one of the better mook killers in the game. He kinda sucks against bosses though, due to how much his moveset causes him to, well, move.

>> No.38126628

Well, thats news to me, but I'm just going by what I know from the show and what it says on the wiki


>These blue flames are not hot and they do not burn or spread like normal fire; instead, they are what allow him to heal, though there is a limit to the regeneration and are referred to as the "Blue Flames of Resurrection" (復活の青い炎 Fukkatsu no Aoi Honō?).

>Despite the fact that it cannot be used as a weapon, he can still summon the blue flames around his person, in his human form (possibly by partially shifting into his hybrid form or full-phoenix form), as seen when he engulfed his arm with the said flames as he prepared to confront Akainu

If you wanna fanwank it to be more like the pirate warriors version that lets you actually use them offensively though, knock yourself out.

>> No.38126661

Yeah the regen is great with it, the diamond fruit was tempting too so I wouldn't have to regen from anything.
I just hoped it had some sort of ranged attack to use, is Marco pretty much invincible in that form? Watching him fight Kizaru he seemed to take a few shots right through the head.

Would it be possible to learn how to modify our zoan forms with rumble balls like Chopper? It would be fun experimenting with possible changes to forms.
It could also help possible fanwank by having a more offensive form.

If I do end up going for the phoenix fruit then I think I'd have it be bright green with blue instead of blue and orange.

>> No.38126710

>is Marco pretty much invincible in that form? Watching him fight Kizaru he seemed to take a few shots right through the head.

Immense durability != invincibility. He still has to actually be able to regenerate from something, so there is an upper limit to how much damage he can probably take. I don't recall him ever getting headshotted by kizaru, but i do know he took a few exploding lasers to the chest and regen'd through it like it was nothing.

>Would it be possible to learn how to modify our zoan forms with rumble balls like Chopper?

You would have to actually ask chopper in-universe. Fanwank it!

My personal interpretation of the rumble ball is that its something chopper designed to use for himself, and might only work on his unique physiology/zoan fruit, since we havent seen an example of another zoan user using a rumble ball. If you got your hands on the formula or managed to get on choppers good side though, you could likely figure out a rumble formula that would work for you, so yes, getting an offensive-spec'd rumble ball form for phoenix fruit is well within the realm of possibility

>> No.38126804

It might have been an anime only thing but it seemed like he had to regenerate some of his head or face against Kizaru, the flames on his head and other wounds disappeared after he healed. I'm alright with it even if it isn't that extreme.
But if he was hit by a huge aoe attack or something like a nuke I could see it destroying all of him before he can regen from it.

I hope I could learn some things from Chopper and he seems like a nice enough guy that he'd want to help me out.

>> No.38126850

Well, i had to deliberately make the clarification in the jump that the version of the phoenix fruit you get can regen you from anything short of cerebral destruction or massive physical trauma. You MAY be able to get around the cerebral destruction part if you only take a grazing shot to the head or have somehow managed to make your brain not be your central hub of consciousness for your body, but generally speaking, if you get shot in the head or take enough damage at once that your body would be dead several times over, you're not getting back up. A nuke is flat out 'nah, you're done'.

>> No.38126957

Yeah, you pretty much need advanced power armour with serious personal shielding to tank a nuke. IndustrialCraft's Quantum Armour qualifies, though even it won't survive more than one point-blank nuking (not without getting fully recharged from an appropriately-equipped power station between nukings, at least).

>> No.38127016

So, I had a thought. If you go into Marvel Universe and become Galactus' Herald. Does the Power Cosmic still work outside of Marvelverse.

>> No.38127064 [SPOILER] 

That's a question on the same level as "If you become a Cleric in a D&D setting, can you still cast Cleric spells after you leave?"

It has only one good answer.

>> No.38127204

That's what I figured regarding huge blasts like nukes. It would be a bit much to ask for something that great.
I doubt anyone in One Piece is close to Nuke levels of offence other than Enel or Kizaru. (or maybe people I haven't seen in the manga yet)

I'd have fun flying around as a phoenix, enels lightning is the one I'd want most after that.

>> No.38127380

If I had water magic like Juvia from Fairy Tail and then went to One Piece do you think Haki could still hit me?
Eating a devil fruit would also make it so I couldn't use the magic in water wouldn't it? (along with all other powers?)

Would a SCUBA suit protect me from the effects of water? Would it turn into my element like clothes do?
Same questions regarding small power armour too.

>> No.38127513

Haki has been shown to hit intangible people who are intangible because of their devil fruits. There is a likelihood that it could apply to ANY form of intangibility that a naturally tangible person has, though this may be more in fanwank territory. I'd personally say it'd still hurt on some level, even if it'd technically pass through you, but your fanwank mileage may vary.

Eating a devil fruit only means you can't use the devil fruit's power in the water post-jump (you still sink like a hammer in-jump). This does not account for any other magical abilities or what-have-you. You can still use everything else at your disposal while in water, just not your devil fruit.

As for whether your outfit would turn into water due to fairy tail magic, I couldn't say. if we were talking devil fruits, then yes, I'd say they WOULD shift with your element, but you'd have to ask someone more well-versed in fairy tail magic than me for a concrete answer.

>> No.38127582

Alright thanks, it makes sense for it to be able to hit someone with that type of magic.

That's great then, I thought everything turned off but I can think of a few ways to get out of the water without moving using other powers.

I meant devil fruits there, they always seem to work on clothes even for things like Robins fruit and Enels weird drum thing on his back.
Is there a limit for what can be effected by a devil fruit that way or is it something that is fanwanked?

>> No.38127638

>Is there a limit for what can be effected by a devil fruit that way or is it something that is fanwanked?
There doesnt seem to be, provided its within physical contact and/or being worn (at least in the case of logias). Anything beyond that is fanwank though.

>> No.38127684

Does this perk work for things other than dinos?
Prehistoric Park - 400 (Discount Agent)
You're an employee to a mega-corporation or maybe just a hunter going around for dinosaurs. Either
way there's one obvious thing that everyone's thinking, "I Should Make A Dinosaur Park." Well lucky you
have that amazing Warehouse right? With this you get an addition to it, a zoo, cool right? If you can
knockout a creature without killing it, you may put it into the park. The Exhibit it's put in will
automatically design itself to be the perfect living space for the animal, with plants or small animals for
food and everything. The park itself will never run out of power and there's no tropical storms or
anything so don't worry about the creatures escaping.

>> No.38127707

I wouldn't know. I didn't make the jump. If you're asking if it'd work with stuff like monster hunter monsters or creatures within one piece, though, i'd give my blessing to say it does for my jumps, sure.

>> No.38127731

Sweet thanks.

>> No.38127753

If you can figure out a way to copy someone's powers, Elsa's magic is really fucking strong.

>> No.38127763

Unless, of course, the creator didn't intend for that to happen. You really shouldn't make rulings for a perk from another jumpmaker's jump.

>> No.38127772

Yes it does. It works for any living creature.

>> No.38127789

True, but I didn't intend to speak for the jump-maker, simply for myself if it turned out that it did apply. My apologies if it came out presumptuous though, as such was not my intent.

>> No.38127848

Thanks. Looking over carnivore there doesnt seem to be a limit to what you can take in drawbacks. I feel I might take them all except aquatic and pick up some of the many useful abilities and tech here. A ten year war against invading humans at my current powerlevwl and Im a dinosapien? Gonna be a cakewalk.

>> No.38127898

I forgot that it worked with Crocodiles hook too so handheld weapons and prosthetic limbs should be safe, it would have been such a pain to have one full mechanical arm dragging along behind everything else.

Would you say it also works on things like sentient clothing like a proper Kamui from Kill La Kill? I plan on picking up/making a non-dickish one and wearing it a bunch.

>> No.38127972

Sorry, I really don't know anything about Fairy Tale. I'll look it up later and see if I can think of anything.

No. It does not. The primary reason it's different from >>38127064 is that you're not actually paying CP for it, so "Jumpchan Fiat" does not apply. It's a rather nontrivial task, anyway; despite how often the Heralds job against the FF, I certainly wouldn't want to take one on without being in the highest tiers of Jumper-power.

>> No.38127974

>Would you say it also works on things like sentient clothing like a proper Kamui from Kill La Kill? I plan on picking up/making a non-dickish one and wearing it a bunch.

That...huh, I am not sure about that, honestly. I am tempted to say that sentient equipment would be an exemption from logia transformations simply because its a completely separate person/being. Hell, one guy a few threads back pitched the idea of his symbiote being affected by his devil fruit, but I conceded the point that, if they were bonded on the molecular level as he claimed, they were pretty much the same person, but i am honestly unsure if a distinctly separate entity would count. This would be one of those instances where i'd say 'if you can fanwank it to make sense for it to be affected despite being a separate being, go for it', but I'm inclined to say that no, it isn't affected.

Then again, you COULD feed your kamui a devil fruit of its own...

>> No.38128014

I'd say I could probably finish this by the end of this week. Have another WIP, /jc/.

>> No.38128015

So by that notion of you become a Cleric in D&D Jump without paying for it in CP you lose your powers when you leave that Jump.

>> No.38128043

Probably? You'd have to ask those jumpmakers. Fortunately, becoming a cleric is an actual CP option in all those jumps!

>> No.38128077

>Not being a Cleric of JumpChan

>> No.38128084

What would Jump-chan's domain and alignments be?

>> No.38128113

Domains: Travel, Luck, and Knowledge
Alignment: Lawful Chaotic

>> No.38128117

Whatever the hell you want it to be.

>> No.38128126

Fanwanked something.

>> No.38128162

This, pretty much. I went looking for a counterexample, but couldn't find one.

If you decide to not take Cleric-related options, and then multiclass into the priesthood, it may not persist.

That said, Clerics don't actually get spells from gods in Eberron, so if you went there, you'd be fine.

In Oathbound, it's a "that depends" situation; most religions work on the standard channeling divine power paradigm, but Silvers (one of the unique races of the setting) universally practice the religion of self-worship, and Silver Clerics can cast spells based on it.

Pic related; a snippet about the territory of Lord Abyddon, a Silver Cleric who is able to GRANT spells based on his belief in his own divinity.

>> No.38128199

>tfw we're Chaotic Lawful
>tfw Jump-Chan has the exact opposite alignment as us

>> No.38128206

The Realms require you to be the cleric of a deity(though you would be fine as an archivist or druid) However, Jumpchan may qualify as your deity if you want a deity that you won't be leaving behind.

>> No.38128209

Hey, guys, not to continue the "Gilgamesh is strongest!" conversation from last thread, but, if I attempted to summon him as my servant, what if I just followed HIM around afterwards?
Like suppose I just didn't give a crap about the grail war and was only interested in not dying. So he appears, and sortof looks at me expecting to get into an ego war, and I'm just like, "I don't really care, let's just do whatever you want to do."
Would he be okay with that?
Or is it safer to just go the Enkidu route?

I'm having a really hard time deciding on a servant here. I don't know Fate or even a whole lot of mythological figures. Maybe Davy Crockett...?
In fact, if anyone had any cool ideas for servants I'd love to hear them, really.

>> No.38128271

Discussions have generally indicated that fictional characters are kosher Servant picks, and that goes double for you as a Jumper, especially since you've likely met the people in question.

So why not take the good doctor as your Servant?

>> No.38128279

Moaanon you are a hero among us for giving me a chance to PTSD myself into saving the extraverse and experiencing the best story ever told

>> No.38128297

Well, Diomedes was our preferred choice-until we remembered that Elodie was due for several powerlevel upgrades. He's a completely mortal man sometimes described as the pinnacle of the Greek concept of arete, he's even more favored by Athena than Odysseus and he injured Ares and Aphrodite during the Trojan War, actually driving them off the battlefield. Speaking of Odysseus-he was apparently also his primary co-conspirator during the whole Trojan Horse debacle.

So y'know. Seems like a fairly solid Saber.

As for telling Gil to "do whatever", based on what we saw in F/Z we think he wouldn't outright antagonise you but he would just sort of look down on you as a useless mongrel who needs to be led by a strong ruler i.e. himself. Can't say we know much about Enkidu, but all in all Gil just seems like more trouble than he's worth. Consider he kept bickering with his F/Z master after said master went out of his way to accomodate him, and his next master Kotomine mainly worked well with him because a) he was amused at the prospect of driving him into a crazyass nihilist and b) Kotomine's ambition was sort of in line with Gil's wish to destroy the modern world-oh yeah, should've mentioned that. Gil finds modern humans weak and disgusting, and he wants to wipe the slate clean. Take that as you will.

>> No.38128322

I think the problem with feeding either a kamui or a normal symbiote a fruit of its own or them not being effected by their users fruit is hurting each other or accidentally being separated.

I wouldn't want to turn into light and then arrive somewhere else naked and without my kamui or burning it by accident with the magma fruit.

I guess I'd go for us both having fruits that compliment each other like one being phoenix and the other being dark-dark or something that couldn't hurt the other one by accident or screw us over.

Now I wonder how many levels deep can this whole sentient clothing thing go. I'd rather just integrate life fibres into a symbiote than wear a kamui+symbiote.

If someone doesn't do some weird shit like bonding with a symbiote on a molecular level where does it stay when not in use? Is it just the persons clothes or is it in their blood or something?

>> No.38128340

>Discussions have generally indicated that fictional characters are kosher Servant picks

Wait, seriously? I must've missed those discussions; I don't recall that being available at all apart from the companion import as a servant in the new Fate jump.

As for your pic related-I'd have him pegged for a Rider via the vehicles he always pilots since he's too science-y to go Caster. But then again it's bloody nasu so for all I know superscience could count as magic

>> No.38128383

Well, like i said, thats simply where I stand on the issue. If you can find a way to justify it otherwise, go right ahead. I may have made the jump, but I do not consider myself the be all end all authority on it, and stuff like sentient clothing and symbiotes is stuff that the series does not cover and, honestly, I have no idea how they'd interact, so feel free to make your own interpretation. I invite fanwankery that defies my rulings if it makes for a good story, and if your story gets better due to your sentient clothing being affected by your logia fruit, all the more power to you. Just try to formulate it in such a way that it actually somewhat makes sense if you can - nobody likes loopholes in a story.

>> No.38128427

The discussion came down to source material. Frankenstein's monster (a rule 63 version) is a canon servant.

You'd need an appropriate catalyst to manage the feat, of course, but you could probably do it.

>> No.38128475

Thanks, you've been a bunch of help so far.
I think I'll just go with it not being effected by my own fruit since I feel like working inside certain limitations is more interesting. I'll avoid more transport oriented fruits like light/lightning.

It seems like the Dark Dark fruit can absorb objects or attacks and expel them later, would that be a decent way of storing weapons or food for later or would they just get destroyed by the ability?
Probably my last question, can the healing flames of the phoenix fruit heal others at all or is it just the user?

>> No.38128546

>It seems like the Dark Dark fruit can absorb objects or attacks and expel them later, would that be a decent way of storing weapons or food for later or would they just get destroyed by the ability?
Well, the only examples we have of blackbeard using it to absorb stuff is him indiscriminately sucking stuff in without a care of what happens and spitting out what is essentially rubble. I'd think that, by default, it'd act mostly like a gravity singularity crunching everything into a mish-mash of rubble, but maybe if you learn how to control and refine the process, you can manange to keep stuff in one piece, though unless you have EXTREME control of gravity, its still gonna probably be a jumbled mixed-up mess
>Probably my last question, can the healing flames of the phoenix fruit heal others at all or is it just the user?
If it could heal others, marco would've been able to heal pretty much everyone else at the battle of marineford, so I'm inclined to believe its self-healing only due to the fact that he didn't seem to even TRY doing it to anyone else. Would have saved a lot of people if it could

>> No.38128575

>Not being Neutral Non-Neutral

>> No.38128717

Honestly? You'd probably be WAY better off if you managed to summon Prototype Gilgamesh. He's got all the ego of the original, but he's less belligerent about it, he only joined the HGW to prove he's the strongest Hero, and straight up fell in love with the MC. He's pretty much just Cell Saga Vegeta.

>> No.38128748

stupid question but when does the dbz jump come out I want some sayan powers to add to my jumping.

>> No.38128784

No idea-but DBZ is meant to be an endgame jump. As in, when you get there and if you win, the jumpchain ends.

>> No.38128791

It comes out when Quicksilver finishes it (So, in a few years). But it's an Endjump, so... Still won't be adding Saiyan powers to your jumping, really.

>> No.38129018

Those both make sense, I'll just hope the kamui/whatever can learn how to use it as storage properly so that it can have some decent pockets.

I remember someone saying they would use the map to find a better version of the Dakka-Dakka fruit, is that straight up bullshit or is it possible? (the modified fruit part)

>> No.38129026

well fuck.

>> No.38129050

Theres a cape that has a room worth of space in it in one of the jumps, I think negima. Mix with space warp magic from unholy heights for house size room.

>> No.38129077

You could still get saiyan powers by splicing genes from Goku or Vegeta into you perhaps. Not a sure thing but possible.

>> No.38129102

Yeah but I cant jump anymore after.

>> No.38129116

>I remember someone saying they would use the map to find a better version of the Dakka-Dakka fruit, is that straight up bullshit or is it possible? (the modified fruit part)

That was actually my personal headcannon to what the map leads to (others have made it lead to whatever they want within reason, and I'm okay with that). The dakka dakka fruit you can buy is intentionally nerfed to be internally consistent in legendary tier power-wise by forcing stamina requirements for complex guns, otherwise you'd be able to go full planet-cracker from the get-go. The map, as far as I'm concerned, leads you to a fully unlocked version of the fruit with no drawbacks aside from the fact that you have to survive the penultimate amount of grand-line fuckery just to get to the island it is on, much less survive the ordeals to actually track it down and find it on the island amongst the myriad of death trapped ruins...and then you have to be lucky enough to not have it already gone by the time you get there because someone else found it first.

>> No.38129150

due to time fuckery it turns out the guy who got there before you was another you

>> No.38129177

> "Clearly the only option here is to fight to the death."
> "No you idiot, you're past me, that would kill us both."

>> No.38129201

funny thing is, thanks to some closed-loop time fuckery artifacts in the chain (phoenix gate from gargoyles springs to mind), this is very much within the realm of possibility.

>> No.38129202

The future guy seems pretty sure that he's going to win.

>> No.38129321

Temporal shenanigans make this a win-win situation, for almost any particular thing, but especially for power-up items. It works like this: future-me graciously concedes the prize to past-me... and then, since past-me has the thing, future-me has it too.

>> No.38129325

I should clarify that the pockets aren't the major draw for the fruit to me but just a decent bonus if it worked, the ability to pull enemies towards me and gain a second fruit power are the big things.
I've not decided what the absorbed fruit would be but was considering it being the diamond fruit.

So does that mean the fruits chosen could have changes to them too like the Age-Age fruit being sped up or is that too fanwanky?
I'm quite happy with it being a standard version of the fruit since there isn't much for me to change with the fruit I'm after without it being ridiculous. (phoenix)

>> No.38129403

>So does that mean the fruits chosen could have changes to them too like the Age-Age fruit being sped up or is that too fanwanky?

People have gone and made variations of existing fruits, made up their own, or did cosmetic alterations of existing ones. I don't mind any of them if they make for a good story. Yes, you can just as easily circumvent the 800cp cost for a legendary fruit by buying a map and saying you found a variant of the quake-quake fruit that has black crack marks instead of white - just dont forget the bullshit you'd have to go through to FIND it and I have no issue with such a circumvention. As for stuff like the age-age fruit being able to do stuff faster, that i'd leave to fanwank. If you can make a good story out of it, I'll allow it.

>> No.38129412

But Future Me already ate the fruit. That's why I'm going to kill him. But he can't kill me without also killing himself. That's why I have the advantage. This plan is foolproof.

>> No.38129429

It's a single player game, if you want to continue to jump after you do your endjump, no one is going to stop you.

Not to mention, once you complete a endjump, you can go back to revisit old worlds or go find new ones, you just don't get CP anymore,

>> No.38129529

I'm curious as to what fruits people have made up themselves, there's some creative potential there. I doubt I'd make any changes to a fruit but if I did then it would be to give the phoenix fruit actual arms/hands.

I'm going to be relying on Haki and previous jump abilities to find/reach the map destination, not getting screwed in water is a great advantage against a lot of enemies.
Will of D should help somewhat too (I hope).

Anyone have some suggestions for possible names beginning with D?

>> No.38129564 [SPOILER] 

Giraffe-Giraffe Fruit. With the power to make my tongue really long and flexible.

>> No.38129570

Yeah but if you say anything about it theres a shitstorm.

>> No.38129580

Giraffe-Giraffe fruit already exists in canon. It's actually one of the most powerful Zoan-type fruits. Seriously.

>> No.38129588

Wouldnt that be anteatr fruit?

>> No.38129593

Cause talking about it is the field goal dance and you are so powerful at that point conflict isnt really a thing anymore. Even more than normal with jumpers.

>> No.38129598


>> No.38129602

Maybe, but cheating at solitaire is just pathetic.

>> No.38129603

Dante, Donte, Damocles, Dantalion, David, Dolf (Ziggler), Durin ('s Bane)

>> No.38129607

It's only powerful because the dude who uses it practices 4-Sword Style and the other adjustments to the fruit make no fucking sense.


>> No.38129630

Yeah, but none of the standard Zoans are really that powerful without a good martial arts style to complement them. Only the Mythic Zoans are good on their own. As for his "Pasta Machine" technique, it might not make any sense but I love it all the same. It's hilarious.

>> No.38129636

>set Episode III on fire
>summon Obi Wan as your servant
Huh. That's a maybe.

>> No.38129639

I dont know if these were ones that people came up with, but I recall a made-up logia that turned someone into oil - really handy for tripping people up, lighting shit on fire, and saying 'fuck you' to water by becoming an oil slick on top of it and circumventing drowning in the process at the expense of...well, being an oil slick.

As for names...

Pretty much >>38129607
Still, extra-long-tongue giraffe giraffe fruit confirmed for legit

>> No.38129662

I didn't like how the other Dark Knight was unrepentantly evil.

>> No.38129692

But you wouldnt be able to transform into oil on water, your powers would stop working.

>> No.38129709

You could, actually, it's not contact with water, it's submersion that gets you.

>> No.38129717

I think that only applies when submerged in water, just being on top of or touching some doesn't do anything.

>> No.38129731

hence the catch 22 - transform into oil before hitting the water. congratulations, you dont have to worry about drowning or triggering devil fruit weaknesses due to not being submerged...but now you're perpetually stuck in oil form until someone scrapes you off the water and brings you onto dry land, lest you risk turning back and actually sinking

>> No.38129757

Is there a Resident Evil jumpchain?

>> No.38129772

Yes, Red built it. Look in the Completed But Needs Images folder.

Link to the gdrive is in the OP.

>> No.38129774


>> No.38129775


>> No.38129780


Consider "Nursery Rhyme", also a canon servant: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Caster_(Fate/Extra)

Barring the sacrifice of some relic obtained during the Clone Wars jump, though, it'd be hard to do.

>> No.38129789

A big enough wave crashing onto you would trigger the weakness wouldn't it?

>> No.38129797

Yes there is.

>> No.38129810


Thanks. I saw it on a list but couldn't find it in the Drive.

>> No.38129811

if it completely submerges you before you get the chance to naturally float up to the top? yeah, you'd probably be right royally fucked.

though to be fair, if you're in a situation where you had to go into oil form to avoid drowning in the ocean, you are probably already in pretty deep shit

>> No.38129818

I'm going to have to add that to my coat as a lining.

>> No.38129843

Remember that gamma version of super robot wars jump I posted a while back? Would the owner or everyone else in general be All right with it if I was to Finish it for them?

>> No.38129857

Isn't that thing just a big horrible ball that Katamari Damacy would have a conniption fit seeing by now?

>> No.38129908

I love it myself. its wonderful, for more spacial fuckery put some adamantium lined closets in there and expand each of those to house size inside to make aansion in it, thats what I did. Using various spells and tech for power it becomes a psuedo pocket warehouse.

>> No.38129916

Could he not move/control himself while oil like other logia fruit users?

Dante and Damocles are both possible choices for me along with Darius.
I was hoping there could be one I could integrate into a JoJo name but haven't had much luck.

Have you added the Dimensional Cape from Kirby?
How do you go about combining items while keeping their effects?

>> No.38129921

Forgot the link http://pastebin.com/3RFTvu7E

>> No.38129944

Question about the cupil in skies of arcadia jump.

What happens if you Sword Plant some chams so you end up with lots of chems, and then feed it over the centuries with a plentiful supply of cupils? Does it, in fact, have any limits to its power or will it eventually become some sort of alien moon god if I just keep feeding it for thousands of years?

>> No.38129982

>Could he not move/control himself while oil like other logia fruit users?

Normally, i'd assume so. However, trying to move on water as oil without triggering your own weakness in the process doesn't exactly strike me as easy.

Then again, this is all just extrapolation on my part. I can scarcely remember where I heard the oil logia idea from, much less its exact mechanics. I'm just spitballing ideas and what-ifs here

>> No.38129985

> You can summon damn near anything.
> But you need a catalyst to represent it.
> tfw I don't really collect souvenirs.
God damnit. My prevalence towards building cool shit instead of stealing it bites me in the ass again.

... what do you think I'd get if I sacrificed the Shikon Jewel?

>> No.38130001

A demon and a powerful woman fighting each other perhaps?

>> No.38130016

Something something reality marble? I don't really into Type/Moon lore.

>> No.38130046

Have you have used the Girlifying Rifle or the Boyifing Rifles from the Kids Next Door Jump. If so, what did you use them for.

I used them to reform some of the evil-ist people in the multiverse. Because they lose all memories from before the transformation, I can swoop in and be the first person to influence them in their new lives.

>> No.38130057

Nope,it's a coat. Sure, Most of the buttons might seem out of place and The left forearm looks a little bulky compared to the rest of it with The combined melody arm/pipboy3000/tricorder But If it had ever lacked anything in style it more than makes up for in durability And functionality. Come on, doesn't your jumper use any ridiculous combos of things? no one gives red hassle for her bow of fuck you.


>> No.38130064

>> tfw I don't really collect souvenirs.
I suggested Robotnik in particular since you've talked up that particular relationship quite a bit. Are you sure you don't have anything of his, after all that? Or are you just not as into the Eggman as I'd thought?

RNG hasn't sent me there, but I have done equivalent reform efforts using a knockoff of Soul Eater's Moral Manipulation Machine.

>> No.38130067

Because using the Shikon Jewel has always brought happiness and prosperity. Said by absolutely no one ever.

In all seriousness though, I highly doubt you'd get anything good. Either a bugfuck crazy demon, or a bugfuck crazy priestess who's only known fighting for like... hundreds of years. Either way, not a winning option.

>> No.38130078

It's up to you, nothing is ever said in canon about it.

>> No.38130084

There's a shitstorm about everything these days though. People don't know how to ignore trolls.
I wouldn't necessarily classify this as cheating. It's like continuing to play a game of monopoly after you bankrupted all the other players. Whatever happens after the endjump is outside of rules of JumpChain really, so it's left up to the individual player of what happens then. There might not be any challenge left in jumping at that point, but people have fun in different ways.

>> No.38130105

No, instead I use A New Arrival from Unholy Heights. That retcons their gender, not just changes it. I love anything that lets me mess with history. For example, say I use it on someone who's in a relationship. What happens to said relationship? Either the relationship never happened, or their partner is altered to have their sexual orientation reversed (or I guess they could become bisexual, obviously). Whatever happens, it's going to change the course of their life in potentially significant ways. Especially if they have children. Where did the children come from, in this new timeline? Surrogates, perhaps? But now you have to consider how the children's relationships with their parents would be changed by having the knowledge of the surrogates in their lives. It's got all sorts of potential for hijinks.

>> No.38130112

That's because Red actually bothers to look her stuff up and cover her bases whenever she decides to break the system. You can actually follow along with how she does something other than "X + Y + Z = ????"

It's like a dom/sub relationship, she gets to know the system and gently caress it before bringing out the whips and chains to break it and make it utterly subservient to her amazonian might.

>> No.38130138

I have a shit ton of blueprints, and I can build his robots in my sleep. But other than that...? I mean, guy isn't really known for HAVING a lot of hand-me-downs. It's not like I took Metal Sonic with me or anything. He was a mentor. I learned tons of shit from him and made him sandwiches and respected him greatly. But I don't really get what you're expecting me to HAVE.

I guess if you think building one of the Egg Pawns and using that as a catalyst would work, I could do that. But that almost sounds like cheating.
Although I probably have one of his old jackets in my wardrobe somewhere...? I wore those during, like, my entire tenure as his sidekick/apprentice. Stylish as hell.

>> No.38130149

While I don't always agree that Red's inventions work in the way she claims they do, she at least tries to make sense of it all. You just throw shit together and claim that it works and expect us accept it.

>> No.38130151


>looks up A New Arrival in the Unholy Heights jump

That sounds like loads of fun. What jumps did you have most fun using it in?

>> No.38130162

v1.3 Gundam Seed, primarily tweaking mobile suit creation. I simultaneously wish to add more options, but don't want to overload it.

>> No.38130164

Perhaps you're right, I should be more specific with its construction process. I think I'll go do that.

>> No.38130167


Blueprints are explicitly what was used to summon the rule 63 Frankenstein's monster:

You're fine.

>> No.38130175

Exactly, as opposed to teratophliaOP's casual handwaving of adding D&D epic magic items to things using nothing more than "I have Ravenloft Magic". Or the stupidity of the Shikon Jewel, or the games he's playing with Pym Particles, or ... yeah. What >>38130149

>> No.38130195

One thing I've noticed with your giant robot upgrade section is that it lists names, but not functions. You might want to spend some time listing the differences between all the weapons and their nature.

>> No.38130238

You know, I haven't put too much thought into it. I'm more the sort to come up with interesting scenarios than to actually make stories of those scenarios.

>> No.38130250

Thats probably a good idea

>> No.38130277

Little question, could I choose the Origin background from Ar Tonelico as a choice for Jump Lumen in LLTQ?

>> No.38130315

I'm curious, which inventions are you talking about? I'm always up for double checking things and making sure they're at least somewhat plausible. It's no fun if I just go "Well it works like this because I say so".

See >>38130167, blueprints work perfectly alright. ...though I wonder if that means you can take an Iji-scanned blueprint of Zero and summon him as a result.

I would highly recommend some 50CP items as well. Also some gramma issues on the 400CP PLANT perk. Is it "Prodigy Coordinator" or just "Prodigy"?

>> No.38130319

Needs more AI in it, make it capable of fighting for itself or alongside you like Dr Stranges cape!

Most of my bullshit comes from me going to Marvel as early as possible to get a symbiote and then slowly importing it into settings and genetically modifying it to give it new powers and strengths. (life fibres and shit)
Having a sentient set of armour that can tap into my powers always seemed useful to me.

I need to start writing some builds down to see how silly it gets later on.

>> No.38130323

You can't use Dante as your middle D name. I've hereby copyrighted it.

>> No.38130341

OK, for those of you familiar with the series, how dangerous is Lords of Light
1. In general?
2. If I basically just sit around and chill with Yama?
3. Above, but subtly trying to undermine the divinity of the false gods.
Also, general personality of Yama, particularly as it would apply to someone with Chosen of death, and how would he feel about my attempts to shake the status quo?

>> No.38130385

Parody is protected under copyright law. YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Out of morbid curiosity, what IS your jump-name anyway? I recall your writefaggotry for pokemon saying you're Jose, but I get the feeling that was an asspull name for the sake of comedic timing

>> No.38130393

Do you ever, on jumps that take place on alternate modern Earth settings, pop by CYOA general and gloat about how you're living the dream?

>> No.38130403

welp, i forgot to connect the posts. derp on me

>> No.38130407

In general, anywhere from "not at all" to "extremely" depending on where you are and what you're doing. Lot of variation either way. If you're just hanging out with Yama it'll be pretty good until Sam's second rebellion, at which point you'll get dragged into it. And if you subtly try to undermine the gods, as opposed to openly, they won't particularly care and may in fact give you additional resources because they think you're funny.

>> No.38130426

Pics or it didn't happen faggot
That would be the usual response.

>> No.38130427

I think it's perks, not Backgrounds.

>> No.38130457

Alt-earth jumps, i always try to look up my brother and rope him into my shenanigans, if he exists in some incarnation. Aside from that, you can bet that if there was a 4chan equivalent to the earth, i'd occasionally lurk there if only for the sake of nostalgia and the occasional 'trips gets superpowers' post that i'd try to actually deliver on just for shits and giggles

>> No.38130460

That's what I thought just wanted a second opinion. Sorry Elodie, looks like you're getting my Red lantern ring instead.

>> No.38130465

1. If you're okay with hedonistic fucks who suppress technological innovation, stay in the city and you'll be find. If not-you should probably move to a remote location if you don't want to be assailed with Time Lord-tier tech

2. Watch out for when he decides to hijack a certain ship; he crashes and has to be reincarnated to a backup body. He does go on to participate in the thick battles during the latter half of the book, killing off several prominent gods. And for the first half of the book, he's trying to kill Sam.

Which ties into

3. because Yama gradually goes from being on the side of the gods to wanting to tear them down once he realises Kali doesn't love him. Whatever you do-don't get got, because they can reincarnate you into a malformed body, or an animal. A good idea would be to make friends with Yama but chill in the city while he's off hunting, remain his close confidante and jump ship with him when he decides to go rogue with Sam-but stear clear of major battles

>> No.38130470

Does that mean there's a version of me out there that didn't end up with dope superpowers?

>> No.38130477

More or less. There's a time and place for things where one can go "It's magic, don't got to explain shit", but just claiming that everything will totally work together because "he's that awesome" really stretches the logic. It actually gets annoying because you can never get an answer on how he does anything.

>> No.38130481

Did more on the Shadow Op jump-chan. Just need to finish places, work on gear, and disadvantages.


Any tips or critiques?

>> No.38130491

v1.35 Gundam Seed Slight modifications,

>> No.38130526

As for what he's like-he's snarky extremely competant and almost always has a backup plan. Damn good swordfighter too. Despite this, the manipulator god Ganesha notes that he's a bit of a workaholic, and that he's emotionally unstable-which doesn't really show until you realise the main reason he's on the side of the gods is because he's hopelessly in love with Kali (who is a crazy bitch and basically the distaff counterpart of Augus from Asura's Wrath). Other than that-he's pretty chill with those he considers his equals or in similar fields, and he's also the most feared god in all of Heaven because of his technological prowess and Aspect.

tl;dr think Morpheus meets Dr Doom, without the ego

>> No.38130546

It... changes from time to time. I started out as the young Pokemon trainer José, but changed it when I remembered that José is pronounced as "Ho-seh," which doesn't make the necessary "Jo" sound for me to be JoJo. So I spent a couple jumps going with different Jo names until deciding on Johann when I reached JoJo. By the time of Wan Piss, I was Johann Dee Garlock Uchiha Senju Ikari Nanaya Joestar.
But you can call me JoJo.

>> No.38130557

>Red Lantern Elodie

But why?

Also, Bravely Default, "added Freelancer and at least tried to explain how exactly Jobs work just like in the game because I hadn't even said anything about this stuff before edition."

>> No.38130619

>>38130167 >>38130315
> Blueprints work
But would I get what's in the blueprints? Or the person who made the blueprints?
Like, if I wanted to summon Eggman, would I need to use a specific blueprint? Like for the Egg Carrier or the Eggmobile? What if I use the blueprints for Metal Sonic? Because I'm pretty sure I have those. Do I just GET Metal Sonic?
Then again, that does open up a whole lot of new possibilities, because I've been collecting blueprints like crazy. Although a lot of them are scanned myself, kept on computer with backups in Archive Magic.
I have, like... shitloads of blueprints from Star Wars, Hellsing, Megaman... does all of this count? Because at that point I start opening up a lot of options.

I probably have the blueprints to Rip Van Winkle's gun. I know I have the blueprints for the Doctor's Heart of Darkness. Would that summon the Doctor, or the Major...?
I've never really met the Major, he was dead in my timeline and made me his successor...
Do you think Bass would freak out if I summoned Megaman...? Or maybe he and Zero could bro it up.
Jesus this opens up a ridiculous amount of potential options.

>> No.38130632

Because I thought it would be fitting after I rolled 6(angry) for her default mood and also because it goes of purchases not things you steal, otherwise it would be Blue or Indigo. I bought the Red ring in DC and I honestly cannot think of a way she would possibly die while it is in her possession. [/spoiler] As a final note I wanted to get 'that time of the month' jokes out of my system for a bit [/spoiler]

>> No.38130669

Thanks, very helpful.

>> No.38130711

The spoiler did not work.

>> No.38130768

I know, there was just nothing I could do about it.

>> No.38130786

It keeps life interesting. And this is at least 25% of the reason I picked it as the baseline of Slice of Life.

>> No.38130802

You anons Had a point, and I've taken some time to redo The description of my coat And How I Created it, If I overlooked anything Please let me know and I'll be sure to address your concerns.

I had considered making it a Shushu Weapon Or giving it some kind of an Autonomous motion But the idea of having to fight my Coat terrifies me,And I've put enough evil into it as is.

>> No.38130837

v.5 Dynasty warriors
still need to finish out perks, do items, and probably include a kingdom dossier.

>> No.38130898

The Eggmobile is Eggman's iconic ride; he's put a lot of himself into it for a long time, and it clearly embodies him as a result. Like >>38128340 says, he's clearly a Rider, in terms of Servant classification, so I'd be inclined to suspect that blueprint would be sufficient to get him. Bonus points if you have something like his original hand-made blueprints instead of a digitized backup copy; that kind of distinction is useful in this particular system.

This is less-likely to work for other individuals who are less-defined by their equipment, though a blueprint for an artificial being (like Metal Sonic) would certainly suffice to summon that being.

>> No.38130904

I assume you're adding admantium and Vibranium using FMA alchemy?

If so, FMA alchemy really doesn't work like that. You can't take three materials and merge theme together and get a material with the properties of all three. FMA alchemy has some pretty hardcore limitations.

>> No.38130928

You mean the equivalent exchange thing right? Also don't you need to know exactly the composition of what makes what in order to use Alchemy on it?

>> No.38130932

They're not "proper" admantium and Vibranium I'm Using them as material in order to replace The material of Capt. America's shield,Which combines the properties of both.

>> No.38130970

You need to know the exact composition of the elements you are using, as well as what you are transmuting it to. You also need to know how much potential and kinetic energy there is throughout.

Not to mention the materials need to have similar properties, no turning stone in to water for example

>> No.38130993

I took brains in Marvel and had extensive dealings with the advanced idea mechanics in exchange for borderlands tech, what I didn't know I learned.

>> No.38131047

Ok, then your coat is going to be a solid piece of metal. Unless you make it chainlink, which would greatly reduce it's effectiveness of protecting you. You still can't add that to dragon hide directly though.

>> No.38131049

This is the precise issue. It's not just "Oh I have brains so a 100CP perk makes me as smart as Richard Reed" and expect that to let you gloss over every issue about something. There has to be a logic to things when you're combining these things, it's not a plug and play gig.

>> No.38131059

Replicate not replace, stupid dictation.

>> No.38131107

This is why I take multiple smart person perks of all costs.

>> No.38131147

That's suppose to be linked to >>38130932

I forgot a number.

>> No.38131149

I'm sure there are magic perks that can help with it or you could make it Kamui style instead of just goku uniform.

>> No.38131154

Me too. It's also why I don't have an identity, so I don't pick up these stragglers who have enough of a grudge to pick at everything I say or do.

>> No.38131164

I'm Doing it selectively on the scales with more Vibranium Woven into The tanned leather to absorb impact,Pic related.
I don't think it's read Richard Smart, I think I'm smart as someone in the Marvel genius "Maybe Dr. bong" smart ballpark. And like I said what I couldn't figure out myself. I commissioned from AIM In exchange for borderlands tech.

>> No.38131177

What's the most fluffiest kind of fluff?

>> No.38131180

Hey /jc/ what do you think of my Pokemon build? Viable?

Location and Age- Rolled 1,6
I'm a teenager in Kanto. That solves quite a few starting problems. Familiar with the territory and old enough to get a job so I probably won't starve to death on the streets. Probably. What's next?

Background- Drop In
Ooh shit. That moneybags solves the rest of my problems, but I just don't think I want to have another lifetime of memories to muck up my thought process. Fuck it. Drop In.

Starter- Chimchar
Oh god, THE CHOICES. Let's see here. I sort of want a beldum but I don't think eight year old me would allow me not to pick charmander. Then again, Infernape is a monkey that is also on fire. It's a cruel thing to make a man choose between a notdragon and a Sun Wukong expy. Chimchar looks cuter in a red hat. Decision made.

Drawbacks- Wanted, Marked, +500
There's so many things I want out of this that I'm gonna have to take all sorts of drawbacks to cover. Hmm. I think I've got a plan.

Combat Training, Blend In, Savant - 500
I'm PokeBourne? Good with it. This is a solid set of skills to work with and it'll help quite a bit with the plans I've got cooking.

Physical Fitness, Free Running, Psionics-800
Borderline low tier superher. Aww yuss.

Motorcycle, 3 Master Balls- 200
And let's pick up some transportation and legendary encounter insurance.

Gameplan in the next post.

>> No.38131190

I've got a couple questions for the Gundam Jump. Exactly how powerful is the Ideon, how hard would it be to destroy it at any point, and how the hell are the hell are you supposed to beat it if beating it makes the universe go kaboom?

>> No.38131193

Gilgamesh is never worth it. Dude is ego and douche personified. Asides from one person, everyone else is beneath his notice.

This is a dude that used orphans he had de-limbed and shoved into catacombs as living prana batteries. He is an asshat of the highest order.

>> No.38131201


The Plan-
After saving my little firey poo slinging companion from a shitton of spearow (of course it's spearow, those guys are dicks) and giving him my hat and his name I'm headed to find a traveling carnival. Why a carnival you ask? I've got literally everybody in the good and the bad guy camps gunning for me, so I'm going to be somebody else. In a world based off of children's media the art of the double life is as simple as keeping a mask on and changing your voice. God bless genre savvy. During the day I will be myself, using the motorcycle or a pidgey and the loosely defined rules for use of the move Fly to travel to the nearest Rocket hideout I can scout and raising all sorts of hell. Taking down Rocket would serve as a good goal to work towards as well as a way to keep my public persona visible so the cops don't go turning over obscure stones like the one and only AMAZO MASTER OF THE MIND. Soon as I finish my hell raising and the sun goes down I'll head back to the safety of my show tent, throw on a mask and a turban and wow the kids with acts of acrobatics and psychic juggling with my trusty monkey companion Red. Use a story of horrible disfiguring burns to keep my fellow carnies from prying too hard into what's behind the mask. After about nine years of showmanship and savagely breaking down Rocket's operation I'm going for Mewtwo. I figure with a team I've been using for constant open battling against the Rocket menace as well as training cooperative tactics by working together for the sake of the show I've got a pretty good shot at bagging him.

>> No.38131220

>Scale armor coat
It sounds hideous as all hell.

>> No.38131230

It can apparently blow up the universe.

I think you're supposed to stop it from being activated.

>> No.38131247

Same, the amount of genius perks I've picked up should make me incomprehensibly smart. At least Reed Richards if not smarter.

Why not just craft some stuff with Viking Saga? It can make indestructible shields so go mad with it.

>> No.38131252

Fluffy tails Fluff or Fluffy ball.

>> No.38131274

Anon it has been said you can do it that way like 2000 times

>> No.38131301

It can be said as often as people want, doesn't make it true.

>> No.38131305

The Ideon is powerful enough to destroy worlds without much difficulty. It's weakest weapon can annihilate an entire fleet of ships, and it only gets worse from there. It's beam sabers, for example, can extend far enough to literally cut planets in half.And it's tough, too. Destroying it in canon took the focused energy of a supernova. As for how you stop it without causing a reality-destroying explosion? Not sure. Your best chance is probably convincing the Ide (the ascended energy being hive-mind that powers the Ideon and gives it its name) that humanity deserves to exist. Then it should just shut down and stop trying to kill everyone. For a while, anyway, until someone displeases it again. It should last long enough for you to escape the jump, at least.

>> No.38131319

Marvel came before Viking Saga,And it's not just a Piece of armor Or clothing for me, it's A store case for mementos And record of my travels,Each button, each thread, each nanomachine is a memory. if I put too much stuff from Viking Saga it wouldn't be the same as if I found more things to do with it In other jumps.

>> No.38131338

Jumpmaker fiat says its true. Get over it.

>> No.38131359

Ignore the salty, anon.

>> No.38131370

You know anon, not everyone has stragglers. Konotanon and OneArmedAnon I don't recall have anyone who nag at them (save for that one time, but it was confirmed he was a faggot).

It's only if you're an asshole or showboating too much that people get on you, because apparently showboating is bad.

>> No.38131378

Ive been doing similar but building a tuxedo, real momentoes go in the warehouse.

>> No.38131414

Well, the jumpmaker doesn't know how shit works then, but fair enough I suppose.

>> No.38131437

I look forward to seeing your build for your tuxedo. And it's not like I don't take those kinds of mementos, just far less of them. It's the togetherness of My jumper and companions That's really important.

>> No.38131465

It works in this case because even if FMA alchemy can only affect chemical changes and not create entirely new materials (as it should, I agree with you on that) alloys of adamantium and vibranium with the properties of both do exist in Marvel. It's what Cap's shield is made of, for example. And you could just infuse that alloy into a third material through a micro-weave or some other such technique. It would be ridiculously expensive and difficult to create, but it's not impossible.

>> No.38131505

For which, that Alchemy can transmute on an elemental level, as was demonstrated in the show and was the entire point of its RL counterpart, or that adamantium and vibranium aren't magically exceptions that can't possibly be recreated that has been supported by officially licensed Marvel RPGs?

>> No.38131533

That's an important distinction, yeah. Complicated alloying and layering is certainly possible, but not literally merging the materials together into some kind of frankenstein's metal which magically has only the properties you want it to have.

It's one thing to say "Due to the way Adamantium and Vibranium specifically work, it's possible to alloy them in such a way that you get both properties, particularly as that's a thing that canonically happens". That's different from saying "I'm going to magically mix Adamantium and Vibranium and Cortosis and Neutronium and Mithral and Thaumium and Varanium and get an unstoppable invincible perfect supermetal that I'll use for everything.

When saying the former, try not to imply the latter.

>> No.38131534

We can go fluffier.

>> No.38131560

But Brain how are we going to get fluffier than that?

>> No.38131565

I could've phrased things better and been more specific, I Have acknowledged this and I've addressed this. Everyone just chill out

>> No.38131569

>Girlifying Rifle or the Boyifing Rifles
I avoided them, as they seemed like straight fetish bait. Also, changing people without their consent is pretty shitty.

>> No.38131586

See pic related.

That said, it seems to me that all that fluffy has to make day-to-day life inconvenient. I mean, carrying that much fluff around it going to be heavy, if nothing else, and you're bound to knock stuff over as you walk by.

>> No.38131592

What sort of Stand do you have?
It sounds like a memory based Stand would work well for you.

>> No.38131604

All of what you say I agree on. I'm just trying to say basically what>>38131533 said. I just suck at getting my point across at times.

>> No.38131606

They're canon in the show, and the art style doesn't really facilitate that. Could be used that way, though.

>> No.38131624

>Not using magic to help with all the fluffy.
Minecraft come on you need some IMAGINATION!

>> No.38131625

Finesse and strength perks.

>> No.38131634

Everything is pretty chill, just people discussing things in a relatively calm manner.

>> No.38131638

S'cool. Given recent discussion, I've decided I'm probably going to go with Silver Sonic (Mk II, the unused version).

I'd love to summon Eggman, but it's probably for the best that I don't... because I'd most likely just roll over at that point, and the entire chain would become "The Plane-Hopping Adventures of Eggman and his sidekick Jumper-chan". Then at the end of the chain we'd go back to the Sonicverse and try to take over the world and I'd probably get Super Sonic smacking into me a lot while hard orchestral rock plays in the background.
And that's just dull.

But on the plus side, if I go with a robot, I can upgrade the HOLY SHIT out of him using technological fuckery. So that's pretty cool.

>> No.38131800

Sure, you can certainly mitigate the consequences of fluffy (which particularly helps with the upkeep of the style), but it's still a bunch of fluff you're carrying around, and it'll be in the way. I mean, you can't really sit down in anything approximating a normal chair when you've got that much tail.

>> No.38131814

When you are that fluffy, you don't need a chair.

>> No.38131833

So what's the weirdest alt-form/race you picked up in the chain?

>> No.38131860

Dang, is Sonic that tough? Cartoon physics and GOTTAGOFAST aside I figured a competent Jumper could take him after a hundred or so jumps. It's the protagonist-strength plot armour isn't it?

>> No.38131867

>So what's the weirdest alt-form/race you picked up in the chain?
In Strike Witches I was a Slav. It still haunts my dreams.

>> No.38131887

That's probably uncomfortable, though. Also, sitting on a pile of tails probably doesn't get you up to the height of an normal table. Also also, there are sanitary issues. Seriously, you do not want to go near a public restroom when covered in fluffy tails.

>> No.38131917

Weirdest? It's-actually a three way tie between Rakasha mod (for being an energy being that can shapeshift into practically any living organism), Aspect of Chakravartin (for being a golden spider that is in some tiny way part of God) and Evangelion Angel (it's an Evangelion angel. It's what enables us to turn into a 5 dimensional kaleidoscope with a memetic component)

>> No.38131951

Fluffy is a burden as much as it is a privilage. Not everyone is cut out for fluffy, nor is everyone worthy of it. But for those who are willing to sacrifice and toil, Fluffy is its own reward.

>> No.38131954

Perks to handle all of it. You're a fluffy failure.

>> No.38132019

JumpChain: The Quest for Fluffy

>> No.38132120

Coming soon to a theater near you!

>> No.38132192

He's not really sick amounts of tough on his own, no. Although once he goes Super he regularly fights world smashing abominations? So there's that. I'm pretty sure post-spark I could take him, though, if only on account of the ridiculous durability/regen you get after. If nothing else, you only have to wait until he runs out of power for his super mode.

But the thing is that I'd feel really bad about beating up Sonic. Or even really causing him to lose. He's generally a pretty good guy. He tries to do the right thing. And, I mean, I'd be lying if I said I didn't count on him to curb some of Eggman's more thoughtless moments. So we'd get into this weird contest where I'm trying not to hurt him too bad and he's trying to EVEN HURT ME AT ALL. And it would just be really annoying for everyone involved.

Honestly, I'm just not really cut out for the whole "taking over the world" thing, since I feel bad for people unless the whole setting is filled with assholes (of which there are a few), and don't really have the ego necessary to just disregard what other people are doing on a grand scale. My whole chain ends up having this complex system of checks and balances to keep me moving forward without becoming too much of an asshole.
Honestly, I'd probably end up abandoning the whole thing to a heartfelt speech about friendship and NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT.

>> No.38132216

Truefax. I don't go in for the fluffy aesthetic myself, I'm just curious as to how those who do wind up handling things. If the answer is "assume it's all magically handled and never causes me the slightest bit of inconvenience in my day-to-day life", though, that's slightly disappointing.

I think the weirdest I have is probably my 'Doll' form from Mario RPG, which literally involves my possessing a toy version of Princess Peach (pic related).

>> No.38132294

Does taking Your Lordship in Magi also give you the King Candidate perk for free? It seems like it'd be necessary for you to even be a king in the first place. Or are you just supposed to tell the rules to fuck off and become a king even without it?

>> No.38132300

I've been a Lanturn, a water dragon, a Polish shipgirl, a Yuki-Onna, a Reploid, a cowgirl, a mermaid, three different kinds of weird hybrid, an Elf, an Osamodas, a demigoddess Cra, a Kitsune, a pagan goddess, a Hypnobrai General, a Sekirei, a Pomeranian, two kinds of WoD Vampire, an angel, a Dorf, a monster in Godzilla (probably snakelike, but firmly on humanity's side), a lamia, a Breton, a Betazoid, a Japanese Giant Salamander Brush Goddess, a Secretary Bird, a Demigod of the Forge (if Yama actually did promise that), a nightmarish imaginary friend, a Toa of Water, a Ctarl-Ctarl, an Ithorian, a Reyvateil Origin, a Kamui, a Goa'Lud, a goat, a half-ghost, a half-Questing Beast, a Sabre Dragon, whatever the people are in Dream Land, an Uplifted Witch, a Kitsumi from back in CATAstrophe, an Usul, a Half-Elf (in Dark Sun), an Oni, an Asari, a Transformer, a Gerudo, a Net-Navi, a Taguel, a Viera, a Togruta, a Saurian, and a Big O-style Android.

This leads me to two conclusions:

1. I have Jumper's Syndrome HARD.
2. The Goa'Lud is still the weirdest thing.

I'm working on a Kara No Kyoukai build right now as #231. I should probably stop at some point.

>> No.38132324

>I don't go in for the fluffy aesthetic myself, I'm just curious as to how those who do wind up handling things.
A combination of magic and practical choices. BM gives supernatural hygene, which mitigates a lot of issues. There are perks that give increased kinesthetic awareness which helps deal with inadvertently knocking things over.

But theres a practical side, too. You lounge more than you sit, chaise lounges over chairs. If you need to sit in a throne, you slouch or hang off of it. TK or flying would allow you to feign sitting on thin air.

Part of the fun of Fluffy is playing at being a magical being, a trickster. So you have fun and turn certain practicalities and daily hurdles on thier ear.

Solid question though.

>> No.38132329

Never. Keep going as long as it's fun.

>> No.38132331

My crystalline Angel form from Evangelion. When I get to SAO I'm going to combine it with my Kaiju form for extra abominable goodness.

>> No.38132346

Probably my Kungfu Fire Chicken from PMD. I go straight human in everything unless I am forced to take an alt form. I'm boring like that.

>> No.38132363

Honestly? A lot of my alt-forms are pretty damn tame. I've only really been flavors of dragongirl, elf, or bunnygirl.

Though I'd probably say the most weird alt-form/race I've ever done is Irken from Invader Zim, or being a Cybertronian from Transformers. That kind of drastic change was... eugh.

That's not to say that I don't instill my OWN alternate forms on myself...

>> No.38132377

Community jump?

>> No.38132382

Take Hyperkinesis from PMD and the "everclean" perk from Body Mod, and bam! Never have to worry about most hygiene related things ever again.

>> No.38132395

> I'm just curious as to how those who do wind up handling things.
Well, I shapeshift. Altform. Whathaveyou. So I don't have fluffy tails all the time. A lot of the time, I'm very normal. I have a ton of those "you blend into the crowd" perks from all kinds of jumps. I'm not huge on making myself a big deal. I prefer to make big deals happen around me.
Fluffy tails are mostly for "you done fucked up now" super mode, or just for lounging around in fluffy. So it's just literally not an issue for me, since they're only around in situations where I specifically want them to be fluffy or look cool.

Other than that, I have cleaning magic from the Sims 3. I really do just wave my hands and make things nice and clean. It is a crazy useful utility spell and I use it all the time.

Weirdest? Probably the living nerve cluster deal from Star Wars: Clone Wars. I took that form entirely for future science experiments and emergency durables, then immediately shifted into my Cathar form from KotOR and stayed in that form for the entire jump. Some people were surprised to see me again. Apparently I'd vanished for a long time or something.

>> No.38132412

There's also a perk in the Career Model jump that means you never have to deal with the negative effects of any fashion choices you make. So that solves most of the problems you'd face.

>> No.38132536

Honestly fluffy is best

>> No.38132589

>those tiny feet
>that deformed face
>that terrible ear placement
>that obvious tit fanservice

We've declined in our standards for fluffy, /jc/.

>> No.38132656

Those tails aren't even that fluffy. And they're defying gravity. Like they're prosthetics. She's a fake! She's wearing fakies! I bet she pads her tails!

>> No.38132672

You can't defy gravity?

>> No.38132714

Most of us defy gravity, although I usually wear less and just lie about it.

>> No.38132817


Yeah, but I'm using it on people like the Joker. Not that I would actually use it on him. The idea of a female Joker scares me.

>> No.38133055

Do any of you challenge or weaken yourselves for fun or balance? Or do you take every chance possible to become overpowered? (like integrating kryptonian dna into yourself)

>> No.38133140

I often do, yeah. I go for maximum survivability, but not maximum power. That way I get the reassurance of knowing that nothing is going to kill me without making accomplishing actual goals something trivial. I still have to work to get things done, I just don't have to worry about my own safety in the process.

>> No.38133178

I go for what's most interesting, powerful or not, but no, I don't intentionally cripple myself. I don't 'weaken' myself, but I do selectively choose what powers I'm going to use and how much strength I put out case by case, unless I have to.

>> No.38133233

I make it a point to upgrade my companions to stupid levels of power, that way they can fight fight at my side without fearing for their safety. We've become quite the army destroying squad, if I do say so myself.

Plus, if I ever go crazy I can rest assured that there will be people who can rein me in or put me down.

>> No.38133310

I find that my attempts make me somewhere in the middle.

There's some options which I deliberately do not take because I feel it would be way too easy for me (like every Touhou capstone ever, or becoming an Angel in Evangelion), and then there's options I don't take because I may have a theme or a set of morals that I heavily dislike the idea of crossing (any perk that deals in consuming/trapping souls). So in that sense, I'm deliberately "weakening" myself by denying myself some options. It also doesn't help that I try not to go all out on every world I come across, so I really don't compare to people who go for every overpowered option at every opportunity.

But at the same time, I admit I've become grotesquely overpowered simply because I try to avoid fanwank and research every possibility I can utilize for my powers and my inventions, which in turn leads to some fucking ridiculous combinations (like the Bow of Infinite Fuck Yous, or the Digital Pun-Pun, guaranteeing a constant supply of Mantra by turning the internet into one giant transmitter). I really like magic, I really like being smart, and I really like being able to turn people into anything. This requires a lot of intellect perks, genetics perks, and science perks. And then of course there's enough appearance perks that even Aphrodite herself would scream in hate.

I may not be as specialized as some people here, but I have a LOT more options as a result and can arguably create/manipulate a lot more things... which in turn is its own brand of complete overpowered bullshit. So I guess in a way it's how one looks at things.

>> No.38133319

Yeah I limit myself in a lot of ways.

1. I limit myself to being as human as possible. That means no alt forms besides human unless a jump requires it. No cybernetics, and no splicing my DNA.

2. I never use the full amount of possible right away. I always limit myself in one way or another. I don't wear my best armor or try to only stick to powers I had in jump.

>> No.38133456

Hey guys? I've taken all the anti-mind control perks I can find. Adventure Time, DC, etc..

Do you think it would be safe to put on Majora's Mask? With these perks, will I be able to use it's power without going crazy?

>> No.38133458

Well, it... depends on your definition of "weakening". I hold back a lot, but the only powers I actually lock away are ones that would become troublesome if they were on all the time.
I have a lot of science and magic related perks, in addition to a bunch of durability and dangersense perks, so mostly I just concentrate on being hard to kill and then sending heavily upgraded stuff to fight for me. But I don't have any ridiculous gamebreaker powers or anything.

I don't tend to go all out in jumps I'm in, but that's more because I prefer to play a role. I choose an identity in the jump, usually related to my background by not always, and then I fill that role for basically the whole ten years, in addition to miscellaneous research and stuff. And they're not always really conducive to solving everything with lasers, so in a lot of cases I end up not upsetting the plot a whole lot.

>> No.38133542

I generally work towards maximum effectiveness. This isn't quite the same thing as maximum personal power; I generally work organizationally, so I want distributed power, like magic I can teach to anyone, or machines I can mass produce.

That said, there's some kinds of power which I outright will not touch. Even if it seems like a good idea at the time, I will not become a vampire or demon of any description, nor pick up powers that mess with my sanity. This largely ties back the 'effectiveness' thing; even if it seems like it'd be a good idea at the time, I stand to lose more than I'd gain that way.

You might be immune to its controlling effect, but isn't Majora's Mask explicitly the sealed form of an evil spirit? It may not be able to control you, but that's a different matter entirely from you controlling it.

>> No.38133581


True. I might be immune to it's mind control and be able to use it's power, but I don't want Majora's voice in my head whenever I use it.

>> No.38133592

I powergame like a motherfucker, but I nerf myself in almost every mid to late game jump so it's more of an experience than a cakewalk.

>> No.38133642

I'm inclined to believe that the wearer of Majora's Mask can't actually use its power, short of Majora deciding to do what the wearer wants. And if you haven't left a route in for it to talk to you, it probably won't be receptive to your demands.

>> No.38133652

So in PS238 for the import option it says your companions gain a background of equivalent cost to yours. If I'm a drop in can they be drop ins as well? If so, are they forced to take the FISS drawback for purchasing the ability? If they are forced to take the drawback do they get the points associated with it?

>> No.38133701

Yes,Yes, no.

>> No.38133740

Dope. Thanks for the quick response. Amnesia ridden teacher brigade, HO!

>> No.38133911

You're welcome, and it's not amnesia They just don't gain any new memories,Your literally dropped into the world.

Remember they can also be kids,Orphans with permanent detention, but kids With memories, records , etc Nonetheless

>> No.38133928

I don't jump to roflstomp as a general rule. There are a few jumps that I plan on whipping it out and just dominating, but for the most part my approach is more subtle.

I try to use my abilities to empower and inspire, to remove roadblocks for those people who are trying to make things better in their own worlds and 'verses. I don't have to nerf myself because for the most part I work through third parties.

>> No.38133976


That makes sense. That sucks though. I took Termina Theory so I could replace Link during the events of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask all so I could get that mask and the Fierce Deity Mask.

>> No.38133988

Careful with the Fierce Deity, it might not be much better.

>> No.38134024


I know that, which is why I always take anti-mind control perks before dealing with shit that could possess me!

>> No.38134036

I took the new kid drawback for me, which carries over to my companion imports doesn't it? Or does the fact that I buy the import option let them retain their memories? They're all coming in as drop-ins, because later on in Marvel or DC or whatever I want the option to form a B-List superteam of teachers called the Faculty. For shitsngiggles.

>> No.38134128

Does anyone else fanwank that amnesia perks leave you with your basic faculties? You know, so you're not reduced to baby.

>> No.38134152

That pic always looks dirty to me from a thumbnail.

>> No.38134167

I figured that it would work like TV or game amnesia, where you somehow remember how to live like an ordinary human (or as well as you can if you are in a world to dissimilar to modern Earth) but have no memories of your former life.

>> No.38134223

>Polish shipgirl
I have to ask where you got that,

>> No.38134238

Amnesia doesn't work like that. There are multiple types of memory stored in different fashions. "Amnesia" as we commonly refer to is a loss of declarative memory, the set of facts we know. Procedural memory stores skills and functional ability, and is entirely separate. So you don't have to worry about it wiping out your mind completely if you take an amnesia drawback. Further, declarative memory is divided into the episodic memory that stores facts about one's life and the semantic memory that stores factual information, so it's possible to lose your memories but still know, for example, who the president is at the moment.

>> No.38134242

I've picked up a Power Ring and almost never used it.

>> No.38134246

Hey /jc/. Here’s my WIP for a Generic Wrestling Jump. It still needs a lot of work, but I wanted to post what I had to see if anyone was interested in this and get some initial feedback.



>> No.38134260

See, I went to Kancolle and decided to become the ORP Blyskawica. Apparently I could've been any ship from WWII? If that's not how the ruling works, then there goes at least part of my plan, but hey.

>> No.38134266

Honestly, the only time I've ever seen amnesia work like that in fiction was that one time when Jotaro got his disk stolen by Pucci.

>> No.38134305

funny, went for the Dzik in that jump.

>> No.38134306

Ah, I misread it as Polish SHOPgirl, like you ran a convenience store in Poland or something.

Also, I don't really understand KanColle except that I think the creator hates the United States.

>> No.38134338

Amnesia's pretty overused in popular media, but it's still a real thing that happens to real people from time to time. There are also multiple types of memory loss, but the "I just don't know who I am or what is happening" variant is still a thing, and that's the type I would go with for the purposes of jumping.
Although most amnesia-related perks only remove your memories of jumping itself. So you'd still have all your memories of that life to help guide you. Unless you went drop-in, in which case you just use the first example I just gave, where you don't know shit, but you're still entirely competent.

>> No.38134411

that would affect them like that, My mistake.
Looks good so far, maybe a trainer background? Wrestling Team option for companion import?

>> No.38134420

>Wrestling Team option for companion import?
Yeah, I forgot to put companion imports in there but they're planned.

>> No.38134504

Seriously this is my thing. I do this all the damn time to the point it pisses people off (rightfully sometimes). I don't do it for balance. I don't do it for fun. I do it because in the first step in the chain that the last jump is really super hard so I spend the entirety of my jump chain training for it. I weaken myself so my powers and skills grow at a faster rate, since I am challenged more often. I also do it to get used to fighting at a disadvantage.

>> No.38134602

Funny enough, most of my alt-forms are tame, and I usually stick in some semblance of a human form for 99% of the time. If I had to pick, I have inclinations to go full ramiel in the Eva jump and be a 5-dimensional non-euclidean affront against reality if only for the godly perk of my mind, body and soul being melded as one, so that'd probably be the apex of weird for me.

A bit of both. Depends on the jump, really. Some jumps I wear the balance bangle from monster hunter in just because I know its a rather tame setting, others I just keep a mental lid on my capabilities while subconsciously practicing and refining my techniques, and a select few I don't even bother hiding what I am because there are crazier things in-world. For the most part though, I shamelessly min/max into reality-warping overpoweredness because i'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

>> No.38134650

I use the Balance Bangle from Monster Hunter and Locket from Girl Genius for the purposes of training and not breaking worlds without superpowers. The Locket in a lot of locations is disguised as the source of my powers, rather than an inhibitor. Makes for fun times when villains try and steal it.

It also helps that I'm more walking around collecting books and exploring places than actually getting involved in the plot when I can help it.

>> No.38134708

Speaking of, Gold. You may be interested in a scheme Red came up with to turn mana into psychic energy? Apparently it started with her plan to turn the internet into a Mantra transmitter and some anon wanted a way to convert it, and I think it went crazy from there.

>> No.38134716

Assassination Classroom

Tyrus Fist
Gender - Male
Age - 22

- Sensei

- Lazy (1200) - Teaching is boring, but I have to kill Korosensei.
- Savage Youth (1400) - Parents murdered
- Hero of the Students (1500) - Damn kids, not worth my effort.
- Bitch-Sensei (1600) - Fisting-Sensei, no -ING!

- Class Import (6) (1,100)
- Pod Companion (Irina Jelavić)

- Good Looks (1100) - Yet I look so good.
- Actual Teaching (950) - Today's lesson is mathematics via knife fights.
- Anime Hair (900) - Sith eyes, white hair
- What Measure is inhuman? (300) - Did I forget to mention my hair?

- Cool Clothes (300) - Styling suits
- Anti Sensei Formula (0) - Apply it to whatever I need.


- Korosensei dead by Eternity Gate
- Irina is podded
- Leveled main campus before leaving

>> No.38134757

welp, unless I missed something I'd say this is done save for the opening description

>> No.38134778

Congratulations you are now the worlds next enemy number 1 since you leveled a school campus. Are you going to go to disneyland now? :D

>> No.38134793

Very typical Japanese attitude, really.

>> No.38134813

My strangest was probably a transformer but otherwise it would be Kitsune. I am very boring when it comes to Alt forms it's usually either a Kitsune or Elf. I even avoided stuff like being a vampire until the one world where I had to be.

>> No.38134855

Neat, what should I know if I know nothing and want to get on well here?

>> No.38134861

IDK where I'm going next. I need fill out my last companion slot.

>> No.38134866

Well, as I am undead and I decided to become a magical girl for a jump or two...

>> No.38134874

So seeing all the discussion of combos for items I suppose it's time for me to make my first (relatively simple) entry. You see I picked up Enchantment in Fairy Tail on a lark, this lets me make Light Writers, pens that write on air, from there a few jumps later I did Viking Saga for Runic Magic. That lead to me using the Light Writers as tools capable of causing untold destruction. Quite awhile later we get Chosen of Death from Lord of Light, I immediately stole the tech behind the Bright Lance and used it to make the things hands free and absurdly fast. I'm also trying to figure out just how much runecraft I can fit on one of these things with Ensoul in hopes of making them completely autonomous. And all this is also supplemented by me using Gift of Chao to make a supercomputer to work out interesting and useful rune combinations with an integrated VI to catalog and suggest what would be useful at any given moment (I later used Savage Salvage to integrate it into myself).

Effectively I ended up with something akin to a Nanoha Intelligent Device. Also can be used for helping with other magics but Runes are where it's really broken.

>> No.38134897

Oh my yes, that definitely strikes my fancy. Next to psionics, I have a damn heavy investment in magic, so that would DEFINATELY be a boon to me. Do elaborate

>> No.38134918

>Avoid Varrigan city.
>Avoid people with Golden Weapons, even if they aren't magical.
>Avoid pissing off Order of the Blessed Lady
>Protect your soulgem
>Protect your squad's soulgems
>Be prepared for absurdity

>> No.38134927

That was me who talked with Red about it. We didn't actually come up with anything concrete, though. The best idea we came up with still involved heavy fanwanking. Taking magic origins of "Unity" and "Conversion" in a Type-Moon jump should let you figure out a spell to convert supernatural resources between various types. But that's still just supposition.

>> No.38134954

Does importing your soul gem do anything? Does it look any different? If you took "Screw you Kyubey" in the other jump, do you keep the immunity to witchification?

>> No.38134979

that, any bonuses you bought for it, and your meguca outfit

>> No.38134995

does anyone know the progress on the kamen rider jump that somebody said they were working on?

>> No.38135019

No word in seventy billion years.

>> No.38135027

Oh shit, that old thing? Sorry, anon, I dropped that a long time ago. Work on it has essentially stopped indefinitely.

>> No.38135106

Well, it basically utilizes the following:

Mantra is prayer energy/soul related stuff, right? You just need to pick up some Dresden Files magic and then use CCS's Conjoined Conjures to mix it with Negima magic. Then purchase Kanka (purchase, not fanwank to learn) and Mantra can be pumped into your magic.

For psionics, we actually have TWO methods now. One method is going to Kara no Kyoukai, picking up 'Unity' and 'Convert' as dual origin words, then attempting to make a conversion spell. From there, stuff it in your Family Crest to make it instant. Conjoin the prior magic thing with that, and it can pump Mantra/Mana into psychic energy.

The OTHER option is to instead pick up Wizard/Erudite from Forgotten Realms, study the hell out of them since they're both 'caster' classes and find what makes the Erudite (a psionic caster) and the Wizard different, and Conjoin them with the Dresden/Negima combo beforehand to do that instead.

It's pretty bugfuck and I admit both options are a bit fanwanky, but fuck it, let's cause this to explode and see what happens to Gold.

>> No.38135146

I was expecting it to end up with dozens of light pens writing solid script magic in the air.

There are some really cool things in FairyTail that I think get skipped over for dragonslayer magic. Darn you high costs!

>> No.38135181

Dresden Files is mainly because there ARE perks which mean you can dump soul energy into it to empower things, and it can take energy from multiple sources to power the spells. Hence, by using it as a 'gateway', one can pipe the soul energy through it, and utilizing the Conjoined Conjure, pump it into your chi for physical boosts. By conjoining it with your KnK/FR magic stuff, you can pump said soul energy/magic energy into your psionic stuff.

It's a bit of a long shot, but enough studying and it could be somewhat plausible.

>> No.38135273

So, what, the Cerebremancer prestige class? (actually one of the better dual-casting PRCs, since it doesn't involve losing any levels)

If you're going that route, be sure to pick up pic related.

>> No.38135282

Well, it may be a reason to actually take type moon in a serious context instead of 'take everything and hide from the wrath of three different factions for 10 years'

Quite interesting. Definately a reason to go into dresden files despite not knowing the setting, but the issue comes with kanka from negima, as I don't have the points to afford actually buying it (though i DO know who to learn it from in-world, for what little consolation that is). I'm pretty sure I AM taking wizard and erudite in forgotten realms though, among many other caster/psionic classes, so to an extent, I am attempting my own little bridged gap between psionics and D&D magic within the setting, but that seems relatively minor. I still havent settled on whether I want to be the cyborg hindu god or aspect of chakravartin for asura's wrath, though this is definitely information that skews my decision heavily in the favor of the former.

Still, overall, even if its a longshot, i'd say it's at least a well reasoned and thought out one. It would surely be something I'd pursue, at least.

>> No.38135378

While they don't do solid script they're ridiculously easy to make. Frankly if I'd been paying more attention instead of going for the shiny roll on the S-Rank table I would've gone for Writing Magic to abuse that combo even harder.

>> No.38135406

Yep! That's EXACTLY what the Wizard/Erudite class was going to be leading up to. With being able to convert spells into psion points, one could over time learn how to make a better process and even find a way to convert spells into different psionic abilities. That would take a WHILE, but still.

I would definitely recommend finding the points to buy it, but I guess if you didn't care for Chi then you could skip it and just merge Dresden Files magic with FR magic... though I REALLY feel you're better off buying the Kanka and putting Negima magic in there, as at least you're getting a quantifiable mana pool to work with, and as such covering your bases by letting you place all that mantra SOMEWHERE.

>> No.38135483

What did you end up with rolling on the S-rank table?

I couldn't leave it to chance and bought the dragonslayer magic at the high cost. Costs so so much...
I wish it was either a bit cheaper or gave an exceed for free.

>> No.38135502


There's going to be a problem with this.

When I took the Madoka jump, I took Screw You Kyubey but contracted anyway. I wished for the ability to control all Grief so me and my meguca friends wouldn't have to hunt Witches. I would just remove the grief manually and give it to Kyubey. Of course my Soul Gem went back into my body once the Jump ended.

Can I not take Contracted in the skills section so I can get another wish? I want to wish for the ability to turn Witches back into Meguca this time.

>> No.38135540

Im'a draw the line here and say no, the wishes here are just background things

>> No.38135581


Meh, that's reasonable. I'll just have to find another way to turn meguca back into witches.

>> No.38135610

Derp. I meant turn Witches back into Meguca.

>> No.38135638

Well, its not that I don't care for chi, its just that, in the grand context of the jump, my points needed to go to thousand master and twilight imperium first and foremost due to the unique effects they had of being a one stop anti-mage dumbledore build. The gifts can't be learned in-world, but kanka can (at least, that was my reasoning). I will likely have a significant chi pool thanks to my time in wuxia and such, but its just one of those jumps where I literally cannot get everything I want, and the 300 point drawbacks are too harsh even for me. merging dresden and FR may be a decent stopgap, but im guessing i'd get a diminished effect due to it, or a less concrete location for mantra storage.

Still, food for thought either way.

>> No.38135663


Can I enter the setting without taking contracted? I'm kinda annoyed drop in still has you contracted.

>> No.38135691

Rolled Dragonslayer, went with the ridiculously gamey element of "Life", wound up slapping on some limits to get it to not horrifically OP levels. Also helped that I didn't want people trying to kill me for being "that guy who eats people", so I generally tried to bluff as the Plant Dragonslayer. It was fun, Fairy Tail was actually my first jump in this chain because it was fairly simple to survive, especially with a roll on the S-Rank table while avoiding trouble.

>> No.38135698

Have another semi-easy way to recharge your mental energy:

One of the Jumpchain things is resource equivalencies, so the "power points" that run 3.5 Psionics are certainly the same thing as the "PP" that run Mother's PSI. In Mother, you can restore your PP by drinking ordinary bottled water... particularly if you're 'enlightened' like Poo is, and if you're a PSI-type jumper, you should be able to pull off the same sorts of meditative feats. Now there's certainly a chance that that's a purely local phenomena... special minerals in the spring near the bottling site or whatever, but it shouldn't be hard to save a few extra and run tests to find out, so even if that property is something locally weird, you can probably figure out how to replicate it.

Naturally, there's only so much water you can feasibly drink in a short period of time, but once you've figured out bottled water based PP recharge, drinking water is a pretty efficient thing to do in semi-downtime moments.

>> No.38135732

Yeah no, resource A does not equal resource B, and without something like Conjoined Conjures, which is only for magic, you can't share system specific stuff like that.

>> No.38135801

I'll be honest, Twilight Imperium is not as useful as people make it out to be. It protects YOU, yes... but only from damage. They could still make spells to ensnare you, or trap you, or mind control you, or destroy your equipment, etc.

Trust me, you're better off just grabbing magic resistance from a bunch of places and just buying Kanka. With the extra 'oomph' you'll be able to resist spells MUCH more easily. Here, let me show you something from Kara no Kyoukai if you fuse your magic with the Nasuverse stuff:

>Resistance (Cost: 100, Free: Magus) An innate skill of magus by flooding your magic circuits with your own Od you can wash away continuous effects of magics used against you. You also gain far greater resistance from having you effect them in the first place with this.

You see this? Now add all your chi/magic/psionic energy and pump it into that. On top of other spell resistance.

Trust me. You'll get more bang for the buck.

>> No.38135835

Your pools actually ARE shared. That's always been the case. Mana is mana, stamina is stamina, in this case? PP is PP.

>> No.38135853

Different systems of PP. Just cause they have the same name doesn't mean they are the same thing.

>> No.38135871

It's generally agreed that mana is universal, why wouldn't psychic power points be? Particularly since they are referred to identically?

Personally, I picked Dragonskin and The Atronach in TES. The combination works out to 75% absorption of hostile incoming magic. That is, of course, magic damage, so it has the same issues as GoTI, but it's almost as good in and of itself.

The side effect, of course, is super-nerfed mana regen, but mana potions are omnipresent, and I also took Alchemist, so...

>> No.38135874

In this case, they're both psychic power pools. Pretty sure they work, just like mana does.

>> No.38136001

Hmm...this may change my build significantly then...and others that rely on the fact that I had flat-out magic immunity. Maybe something like >>38135871 said is also appropriate, since I am planning on doing a similar mage build in TES. Maybe I can shunt it up a few spots in the chain to get a pseudo-GoTI effect with that combo and just tank the rest of the damage with my natural durability...

Still, this is shit that'll be tricky to work around. Doubly so considering my chain is STILL a rather nebulous mess past the 10th jump.

Still, thanks for opening my mind up to this possibility. Consider your contribution appreciated and considered. This could be a game-changer.

>> No.38136008

I have to agree with >>38135871 and >>38135874 on psychic power regen. It just makes sense.

>> No.38136011

That's a good choice, I was thinking of going life but couldn't think of any decent limits other than making it plant only.
I ended up going for Water since it's everywhere, no one has it yet and it could be pretty powerful.
At some point I'd want to fight/spar with Natsu and eat some of his fire breath to add it onto mine like he did with Laxus' lightning.

Having an Orb of Tornami from Xaiolin Showdown on me all the time should let me refill my mana pools for whatever magic I'm using.

>> No.38136045

Questions-is there a limit on drawbacks, and when you move on d'you still have your soul gem as a weakness?

Drawbacks: You Had My Curiosity, Holding Back the Darkness, New Officio, Sick Eye-Patch: Fleshmetal, Procession of the Damned (1900).

Rolled Mitakihara

Mahou Shounen (1850), Culexes, Age 16

Contracted (Free). By now our soulgem is an utterly indescribable mass of blinding shadows and ululating colours. We should probably keep that thing tucked away somewhere safe
Rainy Streets and Monologuing (Free). "The dame had legs that could kick eternity in the face, but she was probably underage so we started thinking about the rain again"
Arcane Disrupter (Free). Extra bit of anti-magic, and incidentally a good excuse to stay in the office managing things until a serious fight pops up
Neuro-arcane interface (1700). A backup scrying ability? This ought to be fun
Strategic Prognostication (1500). More foresight, more efficient power application
Inner Universe (900). Current forecasts are cloudy with a chance of raining steamrollers
Chosen of the Lady (300). And we're off to a GREAT working relationship! Oh dear, Pinky is totally getting recruited to the cosmic entities watching Jumpchain isn't she
Import Golden WeaponX3: Nanoswarm, Megiddo Glaive, SMWS (0)

To be honest-we figured we'd get Pinky's attention anyway around the time we rugby tackled Walpurgisnacht with a weaponised AT-Field, while our companions flank was to detect the Ominous Incoming Threat. We can only imagine our magical boyification will be met with confusion, swearing and other belligerent responses from the magical girl community.

But what's important is we have a direct line of communication to Pinky, because thanks to The Return, we remember her old self. Every time she looks into our head, she'll see precocious, innocent Madoka Kaname

Regardless-You Had My Curiosity is the first drawback we're going to keep for the rest of the chain.

>> No.38136148


>Twilight Imperium in the anime only works on magical damage

Well, that's bloody annoying, because the perk says something completely different ("any and every form of magic").

I figured there had to be a point of diminishing returns (else No Limits Fallacy issues), but this is like offering someone an All Terrain Armored Vehicle and then providing a small family sedan.

>> No.38136172

Ravenloft, Warhammer Fantasy, Warcraft 3, Unsounded, Jackie Chan Adventures... there's plenty of magic resist perks around, Gold. Just need to look for them.

I... admittedly am on the fence about this. Resource A = Resource B, but Magic A =/=Magic B, and sometimes they work so damn differently from each other or come with a different source (like some work off of Stamina, some work off of Willpower, etc) that it becomes a huge fucking hassle. So the important thing is to find similar mechanics and if there's other supernatural powers in the world, how they interact with each other.

Things become a lot more plausible when like goes with like. Even more so if you're trying to chain things together.

>> No.38136186

So how does someone participate in this? I just don't really get how it works. Do I make up my own story and villain? Or is there actually a combat system in place? I'm just confused on how to do it.

>> No.38136245

Go into the drive at the OP post and go to the quicksliver section, find and open pokemon and read that document, should give you all you need to know to start.

>> No.38136268

It's just a single player thing, like all CYOAs; originally you had to start in pokemon jump i.e. the pdf posted at the OP but now apparently you can start in any jump you want. All the PDFs are listed on the linked google drive.

All you do is-you spend choice points (CP) to create a build in one setting. And then you have the option to stay, move on and go. And you move on to another one; some people like to randomise the journey, others preplan. You'll probably end up enacting your own story and finding your own villain if you conceptualise yourself (the jumper) interacting with native setting characters-or if you take certain drawbacks. There's no combat system, it's an exercise in narrative within setting aspects and the jump's additional provisions.

>> No.38136277

Welcome to Mary Sue Generator 2014. For more information, check the OP PDF and remember, Single Player only. We'll discuss optional rules after your response.

>> No.38136278

You basically start in the PDF linked in the OP, and then you can keep on going to any of the other PDFs in the drive. Each represents a different world that you can go to, and you can keep going through different worlds having different adventures for as long as you like.

It is singleplayer, though, there's not any sort of combat system. Like any CYOA, it's all about you exercising your own imagination, and maybe writing up a story about it.

>> No.38136286

that is true, but i took most of those jumps under the assumption that i already HAD flat-out magic immunity, and my builds are already allocated under that premise. as i said, this is game-changer territory, and will likely result in some re-structuring of a few jumps if push comes to shove.

Start with the pokemon jump. take warehouse and body mod supplements after it. from there, you do your chain however you want. writefag it down or just imagine it to your hearts content. its basically free-form IMAGINATION!

>> No.38136316

>originally you had to start in pokemon jump i.e. the pdf posted at the OP but now apparently you can start in any jump you want.
From what I recall, you still HAVE to start with Pokemon if you want to do it. You can choose not to do pokemon, but you can't select it anymore if you can't start with it.

>> No.38136324

Powers listed in the CYOA doesn't always need to be the exact same as it is in the show. Many times, it's a weaker version of what it is in the source, but on the CYOA it is clearly worded to be "any and all magic cannot affect you unless you allow it". They can still destroy your stuff, sure, but there's ways to get around that kind of stuff with some clever combinations of perks.

>> No.38136340

The main limits I went with were having to actually get the thing to my mouth, not much in the way of immunity (immune to most disease but nothing against getting punched in the face), any animals I create not being under my control (later used Hamon to get around that), and having trouble making complex organisms (I mostly stuck to vines, bugs later on, coughed up a horse once with a lot of effort).

>> No.38136394

It's not quite that bad. It is total direct magic immunity. It's just total DIRECT magic immunity, and on you as opposed to "you and everything nearby." There are workarounds (For example, summoning things to hit you, or creating a pit to drop you into, or making a wind pull away your items, or actually directly destroying THEM) but it's not as bad as Red's suggesting either.

>> No.38136396

As someone who ignored that rule, I can attest that it's there for a good reason; if you don't start with Pokemon from the beginning, you won't really appreciate them when you wind up getting them later.

>> No.38136436

Ah, really? Actually I was under the impression Pokemon was originally supposed to be first jump too; was just there was some discussion about people wanting to start in other places and I might have misread.

>> No.38136456

Well as >>38136394 clarified, it seems we're both wrong.

Either way, adding on some additional spell resistance wouldn't exactly hurt.

>> No.38136471

I'm not familiar with this setting, what exactly are we up against if we take Procession of the Damned?

>> No.38136508

>and when you move on d'you still have your soul gem as a weakness?
no, unless you want to
>is there a limit on drawbacks
was considering it, but I just decided otherwise

>> No.38136703


Alright, I went through the pokemon one and decided all my shit and have a character fleshed out, now I just write 10 years worth of adventure for that character? And at the end I choose if I want to stay in that world or move on to a different one?

>> No.38136721

The way I was going with it was using various plants I've eaten before as bases for attacks so vine whips, tree spikes and even poison gas. The more new plants I ate across jumps the more I could possibly learn to use.
The main roar/breath attack would have been bundles of vines, thorns and wood together.

Then I figured that water could be very useful and I might be able to mess with Juvia a bit with it. (and all of One Piece)

>> No.38136740

or go back home. If you die you automatically go back home though.

>> No.38136824

Has anyone thought of a way to turn Witches back into Meguca yet?

>> No.38136890

You're supposed to pull a Sinbad basically. and tell everyone 'FUCK YOU, I WILL RISE AS A LEADER WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.'

>> No.38136955

VERY sketchy but...

...take the Reversing Mirror Shen Gong Wu from in-universe in Xiaolin Showdown. Using Arcane from Smite and studies into Elder Scrolls/Harry Potter transformation magic, study that shit. King Arthur Jump's clergy capstone gives you access to a mentor who knows holy rituals humans don't, and Supernatural jump's Hunter capstone lets you turn back ANY MONSTER that was once a human.

With enough research on that ancient chinese artifact, there just might be a way to fastrack that reversal

>> No.38136961


But why incorporate that as an option? Nobody will decisively choose to kill themselves off, I mean if this is as mary sue generator 2015 as I think it is.

>> No.38136971

Hell yeah, that's how I like to roll. And I guess that my use of Black Rukh oughtta help with giving fate the bird on my way to the throne.

>> No.38137018

Some people like to write stories that have conclusions like that, other people roll dice to see how their adventures go and die at that point. Not everyone wants to be a mary sue

>> No.38137049

I fully support this, but then that still leaves us with the problem of finding another way to stop the spread of entropy without causing misery to innocent kids all over the world. Maybe we could use some other form of energy, like willpower, or Mantra without going full retard with it.

>> No.38137148


I picked Screw You Kyubey but contracted anyway. I wished for the ability to control all Grief so me and my meguca friends wouldn't have to hunt Witches just to survive. We still fought them so they wouldn't kill civilians though. Whenever our soul gems got too corrupted, I would just pull the Grief out and give it to Kyubey.

I wasn't able to reverse the transformation but I convinced Kyubey that "milking" girls for their grief was more effective than Witching out.

With Magical Girl Noir, I have a second chance to make things better.

>> No.38137170

Perpetual energy generators from zim made into a massive planet.

Or maybe just grab energy off people watching tv, I mean damn if one kid gives you so much power why not constantly take miniacule power from billions when they arent using it?

>> No.38137195

The Supernatural jump has The Cure, which lets you turn things like vampires back into humans. The creator confirmed that it would work on Megukas, but nothing was said about Witches.

You can ask stupid_dog if you want to be sure, but I think it could work if can hold down the Witch while you perform the ritual.

>> No.38137222

...why would he give you the ability to control Grief? Doesn't he kinda need it and you to suffer for his whole objective? He's unlikely to do something that fucks him over so obviously. Hell, I thought he stated that he could just do that, and wanted to watch girls suffer instead.

>> No.38137224

This is precisely why we bought >>38137170 and then used The Return to go back to the canon Madoka timeline, give Kyuubey the schematics (with some of our own improvements) and ended up having to fix things anyway when the little weasel got greedy and almost unleashed Akuma Homura on the galaxy

>> No.38137253


I'm not liking the way my Chain's going for the fifth time now.

How bad is my Jumper Syndrome?

>> No.38137311

You have a severe case of a need to diversify. Focus on your story as someone who is trying to find himself, regretting the decisions of his youth but with plenty of years ahead of him to change things and try something new.

>> No.38137315

Can't be much worse than mine.

>> No.38137352

So in fairy tail if i sacrifice my free C-class and roll for an S-Class it's 800 points? And if I import companions with Because I Have My Friends they can spend their 400 to roll for an S-Class magic too?

>> No.38137392

I asked the same thing a while back and I was told that's possible.
Some of those S-class magics though are just... not great.

>> No.38137419

Let me guess - Territory and Possession?

>> No.38137424

Alternatively, you could just accept that given the lifespan of the universe, any creature still around by the time the average energy level gets too low to support life as we know it will be so removed from you that there's no reason to feel any sort of kinship or altruism towards it. Statistically speaking, humanity will have died out long before the heat death happens. So will any evolutionary descendents of humanity. As will have their descendents. And theirs, onto at least three orders of magnitude. Why do you care? Is your sense of altruism truly so well developed that you can consider such things interests to be in your own? It's like dinosaurs worrying about humans. Except even worse, because dinosaurs are closer to us than we are to the heat death of the universe by a hundred trillion trillion years.

>> No.38137582

I'm not even sure what Territory can do, it isn't very clear but people don't like it.
Possession just seems like it sucks.
I'm not a fan of Crash and Disassembly magic but that's just personal taste.
Satan Soul is definitely powerful but I've not seen any demons in the anime yet and it feels a bit generic.

If I had to roll I'd hope for a 1,4 or 6 which aren't very good odds. (mostly because of personal taste)

I also think the S-class magic costs a bit too much, it's a 500 point difference between S and A but just 300 between A and B.

>> No.38137603

Why would he grant the wish that caused Madoka to become a goddess? Why did he fuck with Homura during Rebellion, resulting in Akuma Homura?Besides, Kyubery has no emotions. It would probably grant my wish just to see what would happen.

Incubators aren't all that smart.

>> No.38137659

Acceptance is boring. Is there any conceivable way to alter the fundamental laws of a universe? I am thinking switching the universe to a big crunch/big bang cycle would solve the entropy problem but you would need some serious comic book BS levels of stuff to do it like the infinity gauntlet or a dozen or so cosmic cubes. Is there anything in Dr Who that would let you tweak a universe like that? Because that's the only other place that I can think of that gets on that level of craziness.

>> No.38137691

Territory's one user in the anime was horrendously uncreative with it, so there's at least that.

Crash and Disassembly are Gildarts' two magics, so that's probably why the maker put them there.

Satan Soul is Mirajane's Take Over, the same way Beast Soul is Elfmann's and Animal Soul is Lisanna's, and we've seen a few demons in the manga recently.

As for the cost? I have no idea, but it is one of the earlier Jumps made.

>> No.38137720

No defense for Possession, though.

>> No.38137749


>> No.38137784

Yeah, I don't actually know anything about it.

>> No.38137900

I go by a name that suits the setting, my real name, or the names of some of my favorite RP characters
It depends on the jump

Honestly? Most likely my Star-fish mode from Terraformars. But then I've likely forgotten a lot of alt-forms I've taken.

>If I let it all out I have fourty-five fluffy tails

I take many chances to increase my Physical Dominance. But I intentionally limit myself to things that are possible in whatever universe I'm in, or at least SEEM possible. I'm going to use Fire Bending in Fairy Tail since that seems possible in-universe. But I won't in Mass Effect beyond removing the heat from my gun, which I can bullshit as advanced technology.

I only break this rule if I need to to survive, I need to to save someone, or if someone pisses me off. Then I start letting lose in stages, the worse any of those gets the more I let out.

Crash can destroy anything. Absolutely anything as long as you have the magical power. It's dangerous and powerful.
Possession is mostly shit
Territory is god-like in a limited area and as long as you have the power to back it up. Supposedly anyway, it has "limits" but those are never explained
Satan Soul is interesting, and very powerful. Moreso when you consider Geneforge, as most of the powerful "Demons" in Fairy Tail were made with Magic. Living Magic, which isn't too different from Shaping. You could in theory make your own Satan Soul forms using Shaping

Also, hello everyone. I'm sorry I slept for 13 hours.

>> No.38137958

How long were you awake before then, though?

>> No.38137991

I stayed up an extra day or so because I couldn't sleep

>> No.38138010

I'm watching the arc she's in now but she hasn't done anything yet.

Those two magics are pretty strong but I figured it was because Gildarts was the one using them. They also don't have much utility use.

Yeah Mirajane is still crazy powerful but I haven't seen any of the demons yet so I'm not sure how much variety there is to that takeover.

My favourites are the ones that have varied use like requip, dragonslayer magic, machina soul, archive etc. I'll be trying to learn Requip from Erza while I'm there.

Which jumps have decent/unique demons that I could beat up and absorb their powers?

>> No.38138136

Your jump is crap because it has no 50CP options.

Magical Girl Noir
> Location: 16th (Mediterranean) [Rolled11]
> Age: 20 [Rolled6]
> Origin: Vindicare
> Contracted [Get a Freebie!]
> Rainy Streets & Monologuing [Get a Freebie!]
> Squad? [Get a Freebie!]
> Lovable Psychopath [-100CP]
> Chosen of the Lady [-600CP]
> Swole [-100CP]
> Tactical [Get a Freebie!]
> Equipped [-150CP]
> All Seeing Eye [-300CP]
> Cadre Armor [-300CP]
> Signature Weapon (x2Handguns) [Get a Freebie!]
> Sick Eye-Patch (Empty Socket) [+100CP]
> You Had My Curiosity [+200CP]
> Office-Mancy [+300CP]
> Wasted... [-50CP]

I don't know who Pinky is. Or anything about this setting. It looks like Madokas if all the magical girls got really organized...? Also there are multiple incubators I guess. Whatever.

Anyway, continuing my everpresent game of "let's create interesting characters instead of being rational", I am a one-eyed desk jockey who possibly hears voices in her head. Also weirdly resistant to corruption. For no damn reason.

Anyway, gonna make myself a cool techno-eye to pop in that socket, and then I'm gonna build robots outfitted with reconstituted Cadre Armor (probably use the Power Armor off PS238 as a base), and then I'm gonna probably build some kind of massive surveillance system because paranoia never hurt anyone. All Seeing Eye my ass. I'ma go Big Brother on this place.

And then I guess I just try to survive.
I guess all those water powers come in handy now. Disney's Trident FTW.

>> No.38138138

What Dragon Slayer magic is best? Is wind really restricted to just healing and support? That is super depressing if so.

>> No.38138178

Wendy has a Roar just like the others, but she does get pretty healbotty at times.

>> No.38138188

>no 50CP options.
I had a feeling I forgot something
also... yeah trying to explain this setting will be interesting

>> No.38138239

To hell with accepting it. I'm gonna stop the ultimate end. Don't get me wrong - I didn't even think that far ahead to a whateverillion years in the future, or who's gonna be living where doing what. I just wanna stop the end of the universe, help preserve humanity, and save everyone I can, because it's what a good guy would do. So therefore, it's the right thing to do.
I don't need any other rhyme or reason for it.

>> No.38138246


Tyrus Fist
Gender: Male
Age: 23

- God-handed (300) - SHINING FINGER!

- Mirror Drawback (300) - Oh look mirror me, with less awesome moves.
- Hand Hater (600) - Devilhand? Easy.
- The Gentleman (800) - I don't like hitting women. That's why I have my companions to do that for me.
- Fruit Only Jump (900) - Eating nothing but fruit? Fine.

Skills & Abilities
- Hyperactive Fighting Style (500) - ELBOW, KNEE, ROUNDHOUSE, FLIP KICK....etc. So much fun.

- Deistic Shackle - For my safety I bet.
- Western Punk Clothing - Now you're talking.
- Luxury Pizza (300) - NOM NOM!

- Baby's First God Hand! - Just four companions? Bah.

- Godhand (300) - SHINING FIST!
- Roulette (La Bomba) (300) - SMASH!
- Roulette (Chain Yanker) (200) - GET OVERHERE!
- Roulette (100 Fists) (0) - ATATATTATATATATATATATA!

This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU! TAKE THIS! Wait wrong Jump. Anyways it looks like Devilhand is going to come after me as soon I drop in. I don't really know much about this besides the Fat guy is actually pretty boss. Too bad I'll have to destroy him like the rest of the Four Devas. The female is going to be problem because I can't really fight against women. I guess that's why I have my four companions around. I tank they hit. Too bad she was pretty hot. However I don't have a pod for her so she has to go down, not that down. Damn it. Still can't help it. Anyways, Devilhand guy is probably going to be most fun fight. After I beat the guy, it's time to move on.

>> No.38138305

I don't think there is a best other than what element you'd prefer.
There are still some attacks but it's largely healing and support. I'm sure you could have a more offensive version of it though.

I'm a fan of the dual element dragonslayer magic, Gajeel just looks amazing when using both.
There could be a bunch of great combos with the various element types.

>> No.38138335

Considering the nature of Demons in Fairy Tail?
Which are both "Natural Demons", ones who are born live and die naturally like the ones on Galuna Island, and "Made Demons" that are living beings made with magic?

Well there's always the D&D Jumps for an easy way, then you've got Geneforge as I said before, then you've got Maybe Digimon, Disney, Okami, Would White Walkers count as Demons?, Devil May Cry, Marvel, DC, Type-moon, Maybe Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Hellsing, Vampire the Masquerade, Depends on fanwanking for Lord of Light and Asura's Wrath, I think Elona, Buffyverse, Maybe Lovecraft? Do Abominations count as Demons?, Jackie-chan Adventures, Do Fae count? If so you've got Dresdin Files and King Arthur, Bayonetta, Maybe Fable, Jade Empire, Overlord, Warhammer any of them, Percy Jackson? Maybe, Obsidian Trilogy, Van Helsing maybe

That is stuff that I actually know about. Many jumps are series I know little to nothing about.

All Dragon Slayer Magics can be used incredibly offensively, but Wendy's is weaker on that front and hers can be used for support, and she herself prefers to use it for support.

There isn't really a "Best", they all can do the same basic things, and then specialize. It's just what you want. Though I suppose Air or Earth would be "best" because your energy supply is always, or almost always, around
Maybe Light and Darkness also follow that

>> No.38138384

>I don't know who Pinky is
basically Homu's plan from Rebellion backfired at some point, Godoka returned but she also went capital C Crazy
>Also there are multiple incubators I guess.
To be fair, PMMM comics already established this

>> No.38138481

Since Laxus turning into lightning is separate from his actual lightning dragonslayer magic do you think it would be easier to learn the one related to our chosen element?
Say I picked water dragonslayer magic would it be easier for me to learn actual water magic from Juvia?

It's weird to me how Iron and Shadow dragonslayer magic lets the users turn into the element but the others don't.

>> No.38138486

I've only watched the anime and Rebellion, so I don't know about any comics other than being passively aware that alternate timelines are a thing that exist and some of them get kindof weird.

Anyway, what should I expect from Pinky, then? I assume she's kindof a dick, but how much dick are we talking?

>> No.38138555

So what the hell is Godhand anyway? I just rolled it myself and I have no idea what I'm in for. On a scale of Animal Crossing to DBZ, how bad is it?

>> No.38138608

Fist of the North Star levels. It's a Shinji Mikami action game, so you know there's going to be a fair bit of over the top violence, but nothing you couldn't survive if you had the standard survivability enhancements and some skill at fighting.

>> No.38138639

>she appears once to the MC (always timestopped) dressed as a cheerleader
her pom-poms were severed heads
>also there's a cult that's sacrificed at least one Meguca in her name
>her going yandere means the sensation of getting one's heart pierced by her fingers

>> No.38138685

So, let me get this straight. I just follow the instructions for whatever "jump" I want to do and then write a story under the restriction of the character I made? There's no rolling system or anything it's just purely up my imagination? After I've finished writing it what do I do with it? Post it somewhere?

>> No.38138703

yes, yes, and yes

>> No.38138737

That's almost fun.
At least my desk job won't be boring.

>> No.38138765

Do whatever you want man. It's all cool.

>> No.38138811

Okay, that's not terrible I suppose. It's still an early jump for me but between Inukami kitsune and Railgun Clairvoyance I should do fine. Worst comes to worst I'll just hop into my Gundam and fuck off to space for a bit.

>> No.38138891

If you want to, no requriement or anything. It's essentially a framework for your imagination to run wild in.

>> No.38138973

Another question for anyone still around; Does the deck of Mad Midgets replenish at all or is that all she wrote?

>> No.38138982

Okay. So.

Bloody Roar.

The first page is good at explaining it, but the wiki is BALLS at explaining it.

Someone tell me WTF is going on, cuz there's some sort of dragon-Zoan that cleanses Earth and some edge-mantis guy and what?

I have no idea what's happening.

>> No.38139150

Unborn is basically guy who merged with Cthuhlu and won. The dragon is cleansing non-zoanthropes.

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