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Okay this is a continuation of this thread >>38069923. Let's all have fun together /tg/. The game is Fantasy Highschool (https://www.rpnation.com/threads/fantasy-highschool.95229/).

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This is just too much fun. I'm giggling like a child.

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WTF Demonbane.

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Right? The Jameson helps too.

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How will this end?

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Is this what CIA agents feel like when they infiltrate forums?
because it's hilarious

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So since this is the closest thing to Freeform general we have right now, where could one actually find GOOD freeform RP?

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I want to be CIA if this is what the job is like

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Wouldn't FBI be better?
What is he doing?
Good question.

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Alright, how does a gambler-hustler character sound? Some sort of vampire (to help fly under the radar) with the power to bet anything in a game and receive it if I win, NGNL-style.

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Nobody else joining? We had like 12 votes in the strawpoll but only around 6 troops on the ground.

If you want to join, now's the time.

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This is a shitty Freeform thread. You're out of luck m8. I guess if you go on the site that is linked and go to the complex RPs they would be good.

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these fags will love it becuase they have a HALF ANGEL HALF COCK NIGGERING SHADOW DRAGON

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Theoretical question. /tg/ has raised a couple passable communities around various games. Assuming there was a process to keep shitters out or on containment boards, would you give a legitimate Freeform game a chance, assuming the GM was experienced, and you liked the setting?

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Seems like the person (Queen of Fantasy) who approves characters has not been for almost 2 hrs. I hope this does not hit a dead end.

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Close friends you have known since long.
After the original Edgardo thread someone tried to make a freeform forum here but it was stillborn because of differences between those who wanted to make it happen.

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I'm still wondering where our Father Anderson is.

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I have done it before.

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I will join in, but I'm not sure what to do. Pyrovore or pic. What is going to raise eye brows and make people go wat?

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Anyone else should join in a while later to lower suspicion.
Any mod with half a brain already realizes we're suspicious fucks.

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>Original Edgardo Thread
I was there for that. It feels way too recent to be considered Original or anything. Also was there for the planning of the freeform that died.

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Perhaps it's time for another attempt? What do you folks think?

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If we don't get accepted today, just log in tomorrow. We'll probably have replies then.

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Gentlemen. Read these posts.

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Another raid? Are you insane?

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I think the latter is better.

Dont mention the nipples in the description at all, just take is as granted, and then when the time comes, bust those puppies out.

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Maybe we'll do World of Dragons if things don't work out with this RP.

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Then Kenyan Arabic Vampire Hustler it is. I'll make it later though, to ease suspicion.

Also, why Arabic Vampire? Because Arabic vampires can walk in the sun, but sleep at night, due to night being the safest time in the desert and vice versa.

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Not here. If it's posted here, someone will decide they don't approve of your fun and trash it in an epic pwnage raid to make sure it's terrible.

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No, taking a stab at a Freeform forum with its userbase oriented around /tg/. Assuming the conditions I mentioned here >>38074250

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is this one not active enough?
I feel like doing it in a forum of like 5-10 people is REALLY fishy, if we could find a MASSIVELY popular one we could go all-out on a horde of unsuspecting RPers

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At least we'd have an excuse to go full murderhobo.
Just tell them that you got a recommendation and that you guys are Rpers. It's completely the truth.

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Yes. I'll go like this
"The King is a Swedish man with and eyepatch and his nation's colors. He wears a crown and carries a flamberge." And then "He implaies you all with his glorious nipple horns! LONG LIVE THE KING!" Anyone else has a better idea for the description?

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I gave a good excuse we could use:
A link in a freeform RP reddit thread.

The GM would take it as a compliment and would welcome the new players.

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I'd totally make a Guts character if this one doesn't take off

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I'm checking out for the moment. I'll check sometime later to see if any of us got excepted. Keep in touch.

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>Swedish man
So he's a Kenyan transvestite?

And where on reddit would you post it?

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>completely true
>but not the complete truth

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The RP began yesterday, and having multiple people join at the beginning of an RP isn't that strange, so I think we aren't being that suspicious, with the exception of whoever is playing Macho Man

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What? No. A Viking with golden nipple horns.

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We dont need to post shit on reddit, we just say that someone put a link in reddit on a relevant channel and we came from there, that way we seem like well-intentioned RPers coming from somewhere else. Also explains the cultural dissonance a la Randy Savage.

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Okay well the GM is a 14 year old from Pennsylvania. Probably some kind of nerd because who the hell goes to sleep at 10:06 on a Saturday?

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So I see you didn't get the joke

>> No.38074515

People with sleep disorders? And s/he is 14. Parents probably have set a curfew.

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One user being suspicious actually decreases our visibility. There will always be that one fucker who acts stupid during the first parts of the game.

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Whoops I mean 7:15. It's 10:08 now.

>> No.38074542

I didn't explain it to me.

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i say we can make perfect sense of macho man if hes the gym teacher

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So do we keep trying this one, or do find one that actually has a chance of getting our characters approved tonight?

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It's a /pol/ joke about Sweden's lax immigration policies.

>> No.38074577

It's 9:09 where I live.
I meant please explain it to me.

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Oh god damn thats perfect.

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Look, guys, I hate quests too, but if you need to work out your aggression then troll some actual quests on /tg/
These assholes are minding their own business on their own website, and don't deserve to be fucked with.
Are you all such pussies that you fear being banned on 4chan so much that you have to take your quest-bashing elsewhere?
If you need a way to safely troll quests, make a Quest-Killer Quest, where part of the quest is going to other quests and fucking them up.
That said, at least it looks like you're having fun, so good luck!

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Oh. Thanks, Anon.

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Anon, it's a harmless practical joke.

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I want this guy dead, I mean goddam. Also "Untly"?

> Kai :" I don't know myself honestly." He says untly as he stares at her."

>> No.38074647

You can always leave if light hearted cyberteasing triggers you

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Wow, somehow they are not only un suspicious, they are totally buying the reddit story.

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We're in.

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Bashing quests?
You must be new here.
We're edgewatching.

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>"I hate quests therefore everyone else must do too!"
What if we're doing this because we just want to fuck with free-form fags?
Also, anti-questfags are much, much worse than questfags
Questfags at least keep their shit to themselves

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Skype Name: ridethedeusvult

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Don't have a skype.

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CIA is probably monitoring this thread right now so feel free to ask them.

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probably noticed the bane picture

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I am probably going to get into a fight with him sooner or later and I'll show him the true power of a /fit/ shrimp boxer.

>> No.38074768

As CIA agent, can confirm.
Not really. Duh.

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What are the doing monitoring /tg/? Afraid that terrorists are trying to learn ways to deal with that "That Guy"(America)?

>> No.38074786

looked it up, nothing

>> No.38074805

Haha! AMAZO Approves! Plasma punches shall be quite fun to watch.

>> No.38074819

Try DeusVolt. I think it may have to do with the name itself rather than the account.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the non-/tg/ users in this roleplay forum are teenagers so a bunch of tabletop nerds infiltrating them might arouse suspicion.

Technically that would be the FBI's purview but who's counting.

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"It's personel, just enjoy helping"




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Guys I need a character idea, something dumb but passably so that they don't kick me.

>> No.38074902

FBI agent here

Post ending in 6 decides which anons get put on the sex offender registry.

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>I'm not a troll! Most of Reddit is very nice, its not like 4chan!
Fucking wow.
You guys...

>> No.38074917

>I feel the warp overtaking me!

>> No.38074926

Sonic the hedgehog fancharacter, mention nothing of the fact that he's a hedgehog until you get accepted and join the game.

>> No.38074952

>bunch of tabletop nerds infiltrating them might arouse suspicion.
What? Won't they just thing we're a bunch of teenagers with hormones fantasying about that teacher with the hot body playing tricks on other teenagers?
Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best option. Someone get a Khornate Bezerker pit for the idiot that did that and throw him in it.

>> No.38074959

eagle man brimming with patriotism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKJDAVvs_JA

>> No.38074965

Over the top gay dude, Poses nonstop. carries a boom is for his own theme music. Power to erase sections of time A LA King Crimson

>> No.38074966

Gotta go fast

>> No.38074977

They know you're not a teenager, anon.

>> No.38074989

And the moralfag strikes.

>> No.38074996

Boom Box I mean

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What? Is someone trying to blow our cover? Get the pit!

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Aforementioned moralfag. Glad to see that we've still got shitters out and about.

>> No.38075040

A large chunk of my gaming group is out of state at college and I run free form games over voice chat(TS or skype) with them because it takes no set up time and is easy to do with no crunch.

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Oh goddamn it.

>> No.38075076

You. You did it, didn't you?

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captcha: eddge

>> No.38075087

Why? Why did you do it?

>> No.38075091

I bet your trole level is over 9000 keks, yes?

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Y u do dis.
I wanted to actually play.
But... Sigh.
I am sad now. It could have been glorious.
We and them could have actually had a good time.
As soon as the 4chan ball gets dropped, everyone scurries like a bunch of scared cats.
Thanks for fucking ruining a chance to actually rp and help others learn to.

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Well shit.

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May Slaanesh devour your soul.

>> No.38075133

I was actually looking forward to playing. Thanks for nothing.

>> No.38075146

Well shit.

Guess we can't have fun now. How about we wait a few days and hit up a different site. RPGuild?

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>> No.38075185

simply ebic top kek my lels are in orbit XDDDD upboated

>> No.38075190

What's the point? The guy's just going to keep on tattling on us until it's his bedtime.

>> No.38075210

Should we stay on the same forum? There's plenty or horrid ones there we can use.

>> No.38075217

Get out.
You have ruined the following:
-Our relationship with them
-Any chances we could have had to join without scaring them shitless
-Any chance we could have taught them a little more about roleplaying.
-The chance for 4channers to actually show that they can do something fucking decent instead of destroying everything they touch.
You think you're some sort of righteous justicedoer? You've done nothing but hurt 4chan's reputation and make people angry.
You make me sick.

>> No.38075221

Who's StormMentality? I think he might be legit. His bio sounded really personnel.

>> No.38075229

Nah I only did it once, you don't wanna waste your shit on their ilk.

Better make your own if you're that desperate.

Bet you guys could make something awesome.

Happy Valentines Day /tg/

>> No.38075230

Honestly, even with the asshole whitekinght this is the most fun I have had in weeks.

So thank you all for the awesome, and let's keep the ride going until everyone screams or we crash. Both sound fun.

>> No.38075234

Actually we can use the fallback plan and make our own RP.

>> No.38075235

Calm down everyone, just fine another RP, maybe even on the same website.

>> No.38075237

Am I actually on /tg/? This thread looks it was ripped straight from /b/, and it's full of the most garbage /b/-speak. Reminder that a call to raid other internet forums is against the global rules.

I'm just disappointed. This will probably catch on and become a general or something, and be a permanent blight on the board.

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>> No.38075253

simple, we stop posting and by tomorow when the gm gets on the thread will be gone

>> No.38075261


>> No.38075264

http://rayvensreign.com/ this?
It looks godawful already.

>> No.38075267

This. I say we either take it somewhere private or we drop it.

Old /b/ never had to put up with this shit.

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Brothers, listen. I have a plan for us all. We wait. We wait when their guard is down. We do it at random times, and continue with our plan. We'll have to be cautious and >>38075190 throw the one who ruined our plan into a Slaanshni rapist pit and then a Khornate Bezerker pit.

>> No.38075276

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
You're the same as you thought we were. I'm so angry I can't think straight anymore.

>> No.38075305

This. Let's do a superpower academy or urban fantasy.

It's Valentine's Day and we're alone. Let us have our fun.

>> No.38075326

Fucking really?
We whittled it down to a not-raid.
People actually wanted to play.
It looked interesting, and we could have helped make it great.
You're not helping.

>> No.38075330

moot you're supposed to be retired

>> No.38075338

Reminder that whiny moralfags are what killed 'old 4chan'.

>> No.38075345

I'm sorry.

>> No.38075347

>http://rayvensreign.com/ this?
This looks good, the design is horrific and the characters are shit, should be great for this.

>> No.38075350

This has potential.

>> No.38075359

*teleports behind you*
*throws you into a Slaaneshi rapist pit*
*throws you into a Khornite berzerker pit*

nothin personal.... kid...

>> No.38075361


Honestly this sounds more fun now, what with the fucking whiteknight.

>> No.38075364

i still say those of you that don't have skype make accounts, then we add each other and plan this shit in private

>> No.38075389
File: 123 KB, 680x671, Why does this sound like a real CSM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He'll follow us.

>> No.38075393

Or we can have an IRC chatroom. Actually let's get one started before a Janitor gets here.

>> No.38075394

I'm down for that. Even though I'm stuck on mobile I will attempt to take part in the next one.
King Crimson needs to happen.

>> No.38075409

I second this plan. Now the problem is finding a forum that doesn't have shit code.

>> No.38075448

So Whiteknight can follow us there?
Hell no.
Not even 'moral'. I wanted to follow this. This looked cool. We were literally pulling into a cohesive team- a group that was going to play.
It's more like that guy who gets you arrested on a terrible technicality.
Sure. TangledWeb is okay, but they might not take immigrants..

>> No.38075457

Why would a Janitor be needed?
You're not Moot. I bet you're from /pol/ or /b/.

>> No.38075458

I'm just pointing out that your epic anonymous legion raids will be more at home on your home board of /b/.

You should go back there. There won't be anyone disappointed in your immaturity there.

>> No.38075461

So guys what are we doing?

>> No.38075473

Being upset.

>> No.38075490

The guy complaining that this is a /b/ thread. Probably reported the thread and a Janitor is going to get here and ban everyone before deleting.

>> No.38075493

The problem is tg forum ideas tend to die. The last free-from rp thread I saw only lasted for 4-5 threads. (Trans-galactica if you wish to look it up on suptg)

>> No.38075496

Have you gotten a chance to measure the stick that's lodged up your ass?

>> No.38075505

And your ebin 10/10 trowlling is more at home on reddit, yet we both find ourselves on /tg/.

Now how about you fuck off back to whatever general you usually post in?

>> No.38075514

I'm moral and I wanted to get in on this. Or watch from the sidelines. I view this a joke and that's how I treated it.

>> No.38075521

skype doesn't work like that chucklefuck

>> No.38075541

I bet it's pathfinder.

>> No.38075549

Those are the two boards that love invasions the most. You would fit in there. Go and don't return here.

If choosing to believe I post there makes you feel better, you can choose what you want -- but I'm not the one advocating raids.

>> No.38075558

I think they are trying to accept us. I'll try talking with them if anyone still wants to play with Fantasy High School.

>> No.38075571

Getting pissed at these guys ruining a not-raid where we actually play.
Honestly, though, with people like >>38075458
here, it might as well be a raid, because they're going to cry 4chan no matter if we're the nicest guys in the world.
I mean, it's gonna be hard to tell who to accept into a Skype group with rogues in the water.

>> No.38075577

answer my question plz

>> No.38075600

I wouldn't be terribly against some long-term forum RP. Regular weekly games are alright but it's a solid block of intensive gaming then 6 days of nothing. Something to have on the backburner might be fun.

Are there any simplistic systems that could be used?

>> No.38075605

I don't even do raids. Like I said. A practical, harmless joke.

>> No.38075620

Hey guys, we might have a second chance. The Anubis fellow is willing to not judge. Also made an IRC thing on Rizon. The channel is #SuperSecretShitpostingSociety.

>> No.38075629

Eh, if we just accept people who have been posting in the threads we are probably safe enough, rek seems like a dude who just wanted to one off fuck us over.

>> No.38075665

I just want you to go back to your home.

It really is sad -- you are part of a group that is making a dedicated, concerted effort to raid a forum, ruin the fun of others, and troll. I'd like to ask you to re-examine what side of this discussion you're on. You are actually DEFENDING a group effort to "derail" games by saying detractors are trolling.

In short, "No, John -- you ARE the troll."

>> No.38075719

How long is yours? Remember that this is the actual situation:

>random freeformers having fun playing their own game
>YOU decide that this is badwrongfun
>drive a stick deep inside your ass and work with others toward "derailing" game, in hopes of ruining fun

Re-examine your life.

>> No.38075721

And everyone here wants you to go back to yours, but you dont seem to be budging.

Are you the sort of guy who stays in bed all day crying over april fools because of all the mean things people are doing to eachother? Because you strike me as that type.

In short, the internet isn't the place for gentle souls like yourself, kiddo. Try facebook but watch out for the cyberbullies.

>> No.38075731

I would rather go back in time and go to that party where the black woman texted me, thought I was her girlfriend and helped them get that white chick wasted than believe you are on the moral ground.

>> No.38075735

this has to be a troll, otherwise you're the most autistic person I've ever met

>> No.38075765

"Accepted" GM is back

>> No.38075793

no wait, you're tied with this dude

>> No.38075808

It seems kinda crazy to imagine someone could practice this much doublethink. You're supposed to get me to buy that you think I am simultaneously...
>trolling you, from /b/
>naive, never encountered trolling

Re-examine your own post

>> No.38075822

Pretty sure its the same dude.

>> No.38075865

I can't believe he/she fucking accepted AMAZO

>> No.38075867
File: 21 KB, 235x235, playing dnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What makes you think I believe both of those?

I'd say you're a whiteknight faggot who doesn't understand jokes or fun and takes it upon himself to 'troll the trolls' in the most ebin and epic way you can.

It's really REALLY autistic, but its consistant.

>> No.38075872

Hey I'm the really helpful one from Fantasy Highschool. If you all truthfully want to rp you can come back.

>> No.38075875

I'd say look at your own eyes first, but it seems you're too blind to.
Was this thread originally constructed to shitpost?
Maybe by OP.
But we changed and joined things and we made a concerted effort to actually make characters that would be fun to play.
I realized that just dur-huring into things would be stupid. If they wanted to bitch and complain like a child, we would call them out on it, but if they wanted to play and they wanted to play, we found ourselves a new game board.
And then, you, believing that no good can ever come from 4chan, decide to ruin everything based on fear.
I'm not sure if explaining this again is going to help.
I wanted to watch awesome stuff happen, whether that meant a little brat getting what was coming to him or someone developing into a fully grown, well-rounded RPer.
Besides, the forum revolved around crazy shit,. so either way, we could play unpunished.
I...I can't. I have to do something else.

>> No.38075878

Literally every character has been accepted. Might as well go on now.

>> No.38075893

So everyone just got accepted.

>> No.38075904

Is the truth REALLY that painful to you? Here are more actual facts -- and remember, you're not responding to any of these other than to just name-call (because you can't argue with facts).

>You joined a thread that had the topic and intent of "derailing games"
>When it was discovered that you originated from 4chan, you became defensive -- surely we aren't hated for our actions, it's just our bad reputation! We've never done anything to deserve it!
>Oh... except... creating that collaborative effort to derail games...

>> No.38075906
File: 3.30 MB, 640x360, can love balloon on the battlefield.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god we all got accepted despite captain autismo.

Is this back on? I almost want to carry on.

>> No.38075908

That party really looks better than that guy.

>> No.38075920

Thank you.
I'm sorry this had to happen to you and your group.
I'm not planning on playing myself, but I'd be perfectly willing to get contact info.

>> No.38075931

oh christ they all got accepted

>> No.38075934

Now it's no longer a derailing deception, but an honest effort at roleplaying.

Good job /tg/ have fun on this day, the loveliest of days.

>> No.38075936

Oh, Lord, the horror. Probably some people have been turned away.
I haven't. >Captcha:aderp

>> No.38075942

The fact that you feel a need to categorize everything into "trolling" is an actual, real symptom of autism.

> and remember, you're not responding to any of these other than to just name-call (because you can't argue with facts).

>> No.38075943

here is another fact:

you're gay

>> No.38075960
File: 1.85 MB, 500x280, oblivion character creator.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow he actually believes this.

This isn't just autism, this is Autism 2: Autismal Boogaloo

>> No.38075965
File: 70 KB, 525x539, Mark_of_Tzeentch_updated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This seems suspicious

>> No.38075975

>And then, you, believing that no good can ever come from 4chan
Um, no. I spend most of my time on 4chan, and participate in several gamefinder games. I also have contributed to /tg/ homebrew that are still archived on 1d4chan.

Stop being so paranoid -- you're not being called out over a reputation, you're being called out over your ACTIONS. You give the board a bad name.

>> No.38075999

>topic and intent of "derailing games"

Nope. He said "join and possibly derail".

>> No.38076008


nigger you finally stopped making any sense in this post

Who's categorizing anything into anything? Le ebin raid wrekking is what most people who'd do it (IE those who frequent reddit) would call 'trolling'.

As for that fedoric greentext, I appealed directly to your stated opinions, not seeing why you're upset over that.

>> No.38076011

Shut up.
I think the concept of transgenderism is flawed, but deliberately targeting someone for their sexual orientation unironically is dumb.
I hope you don't play.
Our actions to what? Turn shitposting into roleplaying?

>> No.38076028

Someone post the links to the profiles or whatever that site has so I can see the guys who have been accepted.

>> No.38076035

>Sorry officer, I mean sure the witnesses did testify that I said I would 'possibly rob the bank', but I assure you that when I walked into the bank with the ski mask and the gun, I wasn't actually decided yet as to whether or not I would

>> No.38076043


>> No.38076066

Sorry, I felt being vulgar and flippant was the best way to counter white knight's moral crusade.

I'm not playing, just drinking heavily and spectating.

>> No.38076070

See? Everyone got accepted!

>> No.38076072

What is your character?

>> No.38076096

I'm guessing you didn't see StormMentality's character

>> No.38076098

Well the sign up page is mildly annoying.

>> No.38076112

You are the one who first started using those phrases. All the way back up here! >>38075505

Any sign of criticism? Better jump to my go-to labels! Quick! Call it trolling! Call it ebin! Call it Reddit! Call it general thread!

You're desperately searching for a label that doesn't exist -- because you have no real point. You've never responded to my points, right from the start you just started calling it trolling.

>> No.38076125

Shrimp man

>> No.38076140

Awesome. Now when I get the sign up part done, the King will be in town.

>> No.38076150

That was a pretty gay thing to do you faggot.

>> No.38076158

Well, I suggest we over load it and just crash this ship. Burn their rp to the ground, show the moralfag just how bad we can be

>> No.38076167

>Sorry, officer, I mean, those guys looked fishy when they tried to play basketball with some of the dudes around here, even though they also live here and the gatekeeper let them in.
See? I can make biased statements, too.

>> No.38076171

Now I want to see the King of Town in an RP like this one.

>> No.38076183
File: 2.94 MB, 462x305, the party bard, aged 6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have no arguments or further responses to him calling me a moralfag and autistically unable to into jokes or humor
>y-you're using words that I dont understand!

Was getting rekked part of your plan?

>> No.38076185

>Our actions to what? Turn shitposting into roleplaying?
This is your idea of positivity? >>38076158

>burn their RP to the ground
>derail their thread

Yeah. So positive.

>> No.38076204

if anyone else calls me gay I'll fuck 'em in the ass, that'll show them

>> No.38076221

Haha, well memed my friend!

Now, /b/ros, let's leave this moralfaggot behind and take the mememobile back to our invasion board where we can raid in peace! I'll make a new thread over there soon. Go ahead over.


>> No.38076250


Then you'll be moving the way he wants you to.

Do what you wanted to from the start. Join and have fun. If the GM turns out to be a fag, you have derail it. If not, then maybe /tg/ gets some cool stories out of it.

>> No.38076251

>live there
So you're saying that you actually are a regular on the target forum?

Haha, oh fucking wow. You know what? Maybe you should sit this one out.

>> No.38076255

What? Now I have a mental image
>The King is examining his kingdom
>He goes through a town that catches his interest and brings barrels
>The townspeople gather around the town square and sees the king in a robe and two gaint barrels behind him
>The King rips off the robe and reveals his nipple horns
>He impales the barrels and mead follows on the streets

>> No.38076271

I suggest you don't overload our rp and burn it to the ground.

>> No.38076277

did your mum forget to give you your spaz meds today?

>> No.38076279

>oh god he's won I'd better go out

Trying too hard bro, it shows. Take it with a little grace.

>> No.38076321

What would we accomplish but prove him right?
What have you done positively,, dude?
You've done nothing but complain when all you had to do was wait for someone to actually do something stupid. You jumped the gun. You can't arrest someone for something they're 'going to do'.
I came here to RP.
I'm still here trying to RP. This ship is going down in flames because half of the people with torches are burning it out of a sense of justice and half are doing it because they want the fire to hurt everything else.
Man, I'mma take a third option and try to put out some flames.

>> No.38076339
File: 25 KB, 297x257, Kingoftownglasses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The King of Town.

>> No.38076360

You linked wrong. Let me link you to some earlier posts with memes:

BANE? >>38076183
Fedora, "Le ebin" >>38076008
ebin >>38075867
ebin >>38075505

I would be interested in knowing how many of those link to (You)

>> No.38076374

Remember to join the IRC so that we can keep going after the thread gets deleted.

>> No.38076404

Guys, the troll won. But barely. >>38076321 is right. We'd be doing the thing the troll wants. Our original purpose was to go Old Man Henderson and derail the site to infinity, and beyond but the OUR plot has been derailed. We failed, but we can adapt. Now, we join to rp and have fun.

>> No.38076424

This autistic white knight is probably reporting everything. It is only a matter of time before mods and do it for frees get here.

>> No.38076431
File: 11 KB, 512x190, are we done yet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not really seeing the point you're making here. It's over bro. Go home. We've all seen that you dont like or understand jokes as a concept, not sure there's much else to prove.

>> No.38076437


Anyone who actually gives a shit about playing abandon thread.
I'd actually be happy if this placed was purged from the internet so I'd never be forced to remember.
If a janitor wants to come in here I'll be the one to speak for us if you all are okay with that. Otherwise, I think I can say /thread.

>> No.38076451

the fuck is an irc and how?

>> No.38076452

Making some of the people in this thread come to their senses and stop raiding other websites IS a positive thing.

I'm not here to "troll" anyone (as the more defensive in this thread seem to believe). I'm here to try and get people to re-examine what they're doing with their time. This sort of collaborative effort could be put toward homebrewing, writing stories, working on settings. Instead it's being expended toward derailing the games of what are probably just sad teenagers starting out in their first freeform RP forum.

I can identify with that. This may shock you, but back in 2002, I got my start in freeform roleplaying on the Vanilla WoW forums. EVENTUALLY I developed into a good writer -- but that development takes time. I feel bad that /tg/, which is generally a force for good -- would engage in this sort of /b/-like behavior.

It gives the board a bad name.

>> No.38076477

Just go to Rizon and go to the #SuperSecretShitpostingSociety channel.

>> No.38076482

>white knight of the badwrongfun moral table

Holy shit I didnt even know autism came this severe.

Is it terminal?

>> No.38076485

Oh. I see.
This guy.

>> No.38076492

Refer to this post for my point: >>38076279

You used the word "ebin" because I 'won' (which by the way, is such /b/-think. No one 'wins' an internet argument). It's trying too hard.

>> No.38076510

As a doctor, I can say in my professional opinion, the only worse case I've seen so far is yours.

>> No.38076520

Well, we seem to be on the same side, seeing through different lenses.
I wanted to see awesome rp shit and focusing the creativity of /tg/ers on doing awesome stuff which may or may not have been teaching kids the hard way that they have to play fair.
Man, I don't know what's worse- the fact that half of this place disproves your point or theat the rest of it proves it.
Just stop.

>> No.38076525

You really dont understand communication, do you? Do you think that everything I have said was 100% sincere and without irony or levity?

Autism kills 69 people a year, get checked bro.

>> No.38076527

What is the pasword and do I have to make an account.
Anon, our original purpose is over. Let's try to have fun now.

>> No.38076530

>If a janitor wants to come in here
Have you, like, ever posted on 4chan before?

Janitors do not talk to threads. Janitors never reveal their identities. They are not members of staff. They do not set policy.

They are silent volunteers. They delete and nothing else.

>> No.38076541

No password no account

>> No.38076546

Of course not -- in fact, I think it's the opposite. You haven't made a single sincere post in the entire thread. And that's just sad.

>> No.38076555

And now for something completely different.
The fuck is going on with Storm Mentality?

>> No.38076556

I've never had the opportunity to meet a janitor, so no.
I've mostly been focusing on rping, which is what this forum mostly revolves around

>> No.38076558

I am on Rizon. Is anybody else there?
I found out now.

>> No.38076577

Well if you went on the #SuperSecretShitpostingSociety channel, everyone should be there.

>> No.38076582

What's going on with him? What's he doing? Is he the Macho Man guy or the Catholic guy?

>> No.38076595 [DELETED] 

This is the worst thread I've seen since I took a look at that shitty DBZ self insert quest a week ago. All of you should go to bed and think about your actions.
And name fagging in this thread? Really now? Get a hugbox.

>> No.38076620

We have been over this, Anon.
I'm there now.

>> No.38076629

There is no need to samefag. We're alone on Valentine's Day. Just let us have our fun.

>> No.38076652
File: 227 KB, 600x515, King Crimson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38076655

>Valentine's Day
I forgot. Sorry.
Keep a better eye on the posters number count anon.

>> No.38076735

It's okay

>> No.38076926

Anyone in here?

>> No.38076968

I'm here.

>> No.38076988

Yes. SM is in here. Don't want to spoil username.

>> No.38076994


>> No.38077016


>> No.38077042

Trying to get my character approved.

>> No.38077083

Good luck

>> No.38077332

Morals ain't got nothing to do with it! He's just a rat! Whoever ya are, you're stinking coward!

>> No.38077361

Fuck it this is getting boring just being subtle. A nigga got to go King Crimson. Sorry m8s

>> No.38077428


>> No.38077458

Brace your anus. I'm going in dry.

>> No.38077499

Hey get inside the IRC

>> No.38077531

Fuck I've never used IRC okay

>> No.38077557

Just go to Rizon and go into the #SuperSecretShitpostingSociety channel. No password.

>> No.38077567

Is it bad that I have no clue how to use that and only kind of know what it is.

>> No.38077582

>>38077567 see >>38077557

>> No.38079516

What is even going on in that RP anymore? What did you bastards do?

>> No.38079718

We are currently deciding whether or not should the Kill Krill kill.

>> No.38079833


>> No.38079965


>> No.38080010

Is he krill?

>> No.38080034

No. A sue had knocked him out with "dark energy" after he started to enter kill mode after he got mad about the fact she had a hole in her chest. And was still living.

>> No.38080058


>> No.38080085

NEVER MIND. KILL KRILL HAS DID IT. HE KRILLED HER. https://www.rpnation.com/threads/fantasy-highschool-open.95226/page-67

>> No.38080119

UPDATE: https://www.rpnation.com/threads/fantasy-highschool-open.95226/page-68

>> No.38080192

OP. We did it. We taught them a lesson.

>> No.38080277


Anon-like typing detected.

>> No.38080296

Does it matter? He's going to sleep and only two other guys are awake. I need a drawfag to draw Lord Kill Krill.

>> No.38080440

Read this /tg/ here's what happened: >dkitsune, no idea what character that is. And now and admin is in the OOC chat saying "Nevertheless, to ensure that there are no problems, moderators will be monitoring this game for the next few days."

>> No.38080549

We have had some ideas. Boatmurdered on steroids and we have come up with this, copied and pasted from the chatroom:
>[00:03] <The_King> Which of those parts on the second video would be good for a setting? The first part with the sentient ice, or the first part?
[00:03] <Spectator> Just run by the cats, have a panic attack and shrimp out
[00:03] <@TacitLaurel> Sentient Ice sounds pretty creepy if done right
[00:03] <AMAZO> You have a guy pointing a gun at everyone, someone who turned into a massive dragon, and someone who tried to stop time and murder people.
[00:03] <@TacitLaurel> Maybe an ice age ish world
[00:03] <AMAZO> Lots of stuff to shrimp out about.
[00:03] <@TacitLaurel> Well I already jogged away
[00:03] <@TacitLaurel> I'll try coming back after a few posts
[00:06] <The_King> Senient ice age?
[00:06] <@TacitLaurel> Yes
[00:07] <@TacitLaurel> And everyone is medieval tier
[00:07] <@TacitLaurel> Regressing into tribal
[00:07] <@TacitLaurel> There is magic but it is rather weak and unadvanced
[00:07] <@TacitLaurel> Kind of like Dark Souls magic
Inspiration by this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSli3Sh_VkY

>> No.38080721

Ooh shit admins. This'll be hilarious.

>> No.38080737

They got confused by the Kill Krill.

>> No.38080815

OP. I hope you're happy.

>> No.38080824
File: 220 KB, 860x800, 1422297068898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is gloriously confusing.
have a dragon mom

>> No.38080855
File: 278 KB, 719x1111, saint_walter_by_sharpwriter-d6olnby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, this is the work of Saint Walter.

>> No.38080975

It looks like you guys had fun.
I wouldn't mind joining in on this kind of thing.
I used to be part of free form highschool rps when I was 13. Had some guys 'raid' our forum one day and they made thing absolutely nuts and It were pretty cool after the fact. Overall a good experience of being 'trolled'.

>> No.38081005

I had no part in it officially just the sidelines. And I think I have found a character. Saint Walter, with the gospel of be the one who knocks. Join the club.

>> No.38081063

I am

>> No.38081077


>> No.38081079
File: 151 KB, 1600x1000, Boat_Murdered_Wallpaper_by_scribblepit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to hear it OP. Maybe when I finally get the confirmation email I can start doing things. Boatmurdered on steroids anyone?

>> No.38081091

Lord Kill Krill, mighty is he. Praise him. And check the next page. Not the storm you expected. Though there is this guy who goes by Storm Mentality who is nuts.

>> No.38081387

>[03:06] <Dragoness> Looking at the fantasy RP board there is another "gifted HS" rp up, and a cat girl fetish high school up

>> No.38081473

I found this in there for one of the characters: Species: Half Dragon/ Half fox spirit

>> No.38081631

Requesting stats for Kill Krill

>> No.38081662

20 in everything
give him something like 'favored enemy: vampires'

>> No.38081668

>Favored enemy: Dark Magic and energy users

>> No.38081828
File: 201 KB, 841x1200, Napoleon_-_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I posted my character sheet. I don't even know if magic is allowed but it will probably be fine.

>> No.38081837

Magic Napoleon?

>> No.38081870


>> No.38081888

How will this end?

>> No.38081901

Me starting a delinquent group and trying to conquer the school because of some supposed flaw I found in it.

>> No.38081917

Go for it

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