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Welcome to Banished Quest!
You take the role of a young mage labeled a criminal by his people and cast out into the wider world. In the last thread you read a book, followed a cat, and discovered a forgotten idol.

Character Sheet:
Current Missions:

http://pastebin.com/sijmZSSf (*NEW*)

Ask Page:

Note: Using names or trips in this quest is heavily discouraged. While it is impossible for me to prevent you from doing so, I ask that you not. I will also not count any votes made while using names or trips.

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You reach out to your Master via the brooches. {Master Karim, this is simply a precautionary measure but I urge you not to enchant anything or meditate upon reality for the next week or so. A Child of the Gods has wandered through this area of the void and it seems to be having adverse affects on spirits in the area. I caught a glimpse of it and felt my soul boiling away into the aether.}

His reply is swift. {Gods above, the minute I start to make progress something must come along and ruin my efforts. Very well, I'll abstain from experimenting for now. How can you tell this 'Child of the Gods' is still in the area? Is it really one of the Gods' children or is that merely some sort of moniker attributed to it?}

{So far as I'm aware, it is a literal child of the gods. Granted the gods supposedly do not reproduce in the same faction we mortals do. Rather they seem to merely break off a piece of themselves which then goes on to mature into an entity all its own. The envoy I met titled the creature the Lord of the Void and it bore massive horns upon its head. It actually reminded me of a Child of Surya. Anyway, there is a shrine beneath my estate which seems to activate in the presence of the Child. If you ever want to check, feel free to swing by.}

You start to wander out of the tunnel and back towards the entrance to the catacombs. Master Karim's voice once more pushes its way through the connection afforded to you by the brooches as you slip through the arched entry into the slave passages. {A child of the gods... if only there were some way to speak with such an entity. It could answer so many of those eternal questions we've pondered through the ages.}


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{Sadly I doubt that's practical if it boiled part of your soul away merely by the sight of it. Anyway, we can discuss this in person later. I trust you're soon to send a messenger to fetch myself and the rest of the guest. They've all arrived quite some time ago and it grows increasingly difficult to keep anyone from touching the food.}

{That's right, I'm making my way back into the estate to send out two messengers right now. You should expect them in perhaps a half hour or so.}

With that, the connection is severed. As you make your way towards the kitchen, where you originally entered the slave passages, you reach out to Darzi, Chryssa, Profectus, and Thaddeus. {How goes shopping? I'm about to send out messengers to fetch the guest, so I do hope you're on your way back.}

Darzi is the one to reply. {We're almost back. I really think we made some fine purchases today. You're going to love what Chryssa got for herself. It's a-}

Chrys interrupts. {It would not be proper to spoil a surprise. He will see it when he sees it.}

You get the vague sense that Darzi is disappointed. {Fine, fine. I'll keep my mouth shut for now then. Anyway, we'll be back in about fifteen minutes or so.}

That works out perfectly. The guest will arrive about an hour after you send out the messengers so they'll have plenty of time to get ready.

You emerge from the tunnels in the kitchens and make your way into the dining room. You find Prema making a few final adjustments, mostly to minor things like the placement of cutlery. You clear your throat to get her attention and she whips about, surprised.

Bowing low, she apologizes. “I hadn't seen you there, Master. Shall I send out some of the servants to fetch the guest?”

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You nod. “One to my Master's home, I trust you recall where it is. Another to my parent's home. It's the Abdul-Hakim family estate. Those of my family who are interested in attending ought to be gathered there already. It's three blocks north of the palace gates and a few houses to the west.”

She straightens up, standing stiffly. You'd almost say she was standing at attention. “Of course, sir. I'll send Stelios and a woman who was previously employed in the Noble's District.”

You dismiss her with a wave and she marches off, vanishing through an unseen doorway nested within the wall. It shuts with a quiet click behind her. You're left to your thoughts, for now.

>Wait until your companions return, it should take long.
>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.
>See if you can't find Fulvia.

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>See if you can't find Fulvia.

>> No.38070396

>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070425

>>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070428

See if you can't find Fulvia.

>> No.38070454

>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070460

>>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070473

>>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.
>>See if you can't find Fulvia.


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>>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070523

>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070535

>Find Morty

>Find Fulvia

>> No.38070562

Can we call her this now?

>> No.38070602

Rolled 22, 78 = 100 (2d100)

>Find Mortia, see what she's up to.

>> No.38070612

Can we call her Morty python?

>> No.38070670

a little late there, Andr

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you know what, let's enjoy that party for real and forget about magic, meditation and void for a night.

that would be nice.

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Shh.we just blew up a reactor.

>> No.38070843

actually I got that 52 which I think saved it

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Hey psst.

What ya fags listening too?

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I'm listening to the John Wick soundtrack, shit's great.


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How bout no.

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It's its it's SERANI

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Metallica songs. Don't know how to embed from phone

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why? we are probably on the brink of insanity and we didn't have any real time with our companion lately.

what's the point of forcing a thread were half the poster are suicidal and the other half are overreacting scaredy cat that violentely argue for hours?

I just want to have a good time, there will be plenty of time for meditation on the travel to kill chryss husband.

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Same song I listen to every time there is banished quest.

>> No.38071185

Meditation on Metal. It's not we're going to the void for that.

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You decide to seek out Mortia. It feels like days since you last saw her. No doubt she's been locked away in the basement breathing fumes and doing only the Gods know what. Probably concocting a poison to slip into your drink. She can't be trusted, she's not from your world. She's an outsider. You should kill her now, while the others are away. Stop her before she can turn them against you.

You push such thoughts to the back of your mind and proceed up the stairs to the second story and from there through the glass doors into the greenhouse which lies within the bridge spanning the distance between the main complex and the tower in the midst of the sea. The gardens really are quite nice now, although you couldn't really describe them as 'decorative'. Neat, orderly rows of plant life line the hall.

A dozen or so slaves tend to the plants, spritzing water on leaves and taking clippings. You don't really understand the rhyme or reason to it all. You were never much of a gardener. It is interesting though, and you're glad that whoever it was that designed the new gardens, Mortia presumably, went for a more practical design.

You spend some time wandering the gardens but see no sign of Mortia, and so you proceed through the entrance to the tower at the end of the hall. As before, the door opens up into a sort of studio. Unmarked slabs of marble line one side of the hall and you see that someone, presumably Chrys, has already dragged one of the blacks forward and set to work shaping it. She's already fashioned a rough head of some figure from the block. You can see two long ears on either side, so presumably it will be an elf or a samjan. You can't be certain of more than that.


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File: 1.50 MB, 1514x1000, Enclave - Cellar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ignoring the studio you proceed down a flight of stairs to the training room. The floor is padded with some sort of soft, spongy material. It may be actual sponge, you can't profess to be certain. Training dummies have been propped up at one end and opposite the training dummies are a series of weapon wracks holding any number of wooden replica swords, spears, axes, and knives.

However, it's not the weapons that interest you. Rather it's the wooden hatch in the center of the room. You step up to it and heave, lifting the hatch with only moderate difficulty. Within is a narrow wooden stairwell. Descending into the basement yourself assaulted by a harsh, acidic stench. It stings your eyes and makes your throat burn. As you reach the base of the stairs you find an elaborate and perhaps extravagant laboratory has been set up for Mortia's use, though you're forced to wonder where you'll store wine and junk without a cellar.

Mortia herself is wearing thick, black goggles and a strange mask you don't recognize. It has holes all across the front but some sort of strange fabric stretches across those holes, blocking them. You can't imagine how she breathes, but seems to be managing quite find. She's covered from head to toe, not an inch of flesh showing except for her face. Even her hair is hidden behind some sort of silken scarf.

She's carefully turning the nob on some sort of device to bring a flame spewing from the top higher. You see no source for the flame. There is no wood, nor charcoal, nor anything of the sort. You assume it must be enchanted but you can't imagine who would've bought it, unless it was considered common enough to be a cheap trinket, which you doubt. Then again, Mortia did keep her money rather than put it in your cloak. You suppose she may have bought it herself.

>Get her attention somehow.
>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.
>Shout really loud into her mind using the brooches.

>> No.38071276

>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.

>> No.38071280

>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.

>> No.38071281

>>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.
Don't disturb her.

>> No.38071286

>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.

>> No.38071292

>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.

>> No.38071319

>Get her attention somehow.
Might be best not to approach if she's taking all of these precautions for the fumes

>> No.38071332

>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.

>> No.38071333

you don't know them, anon! first it's metal meditation, then someone suggest we go to the forge, then people start making more suggestions and before you know it half the house is destroyed and Fulvia is pregnant.

I just want to eat baklava and smoke opium with old friend.

but yeah metal is probably the best choice for next meditation

>> No.38071362

>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.
Shes a nature vatis, she knows we are here.

>> No.38071363

>dragged one of the "blacks" forward

>> No.38071386

>Probably concocting a poison to slip into your drink. She can't be trusted, she's not from your world. She's an outsider. You should kill her now, while the others are away. Stop her before she can turn them against you.

OK, I am officially getting worry on the short term sense. Its getting more and more often. We need to meditate on our mind or soul see what we can do to keep the Entity's influence in check.

>> No.38071390

>never knew the name of stone

>> No.38071423

>>Shout really loud into her mind using the brooches.

>> No.38071439

>see what we can do to keep the Entity's influence in check.
It's actually in check. The Entity is just throwing a bitchfit about how it can't make us do anything.

>> No.38071446


Anyway, writing for
>Watch her do shit

>> No.38071451

>>Watch what she's doing, it seems interesting.

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>You can see two long ears on either side, so presumably it will be an elf or a samjan. You can't be certain of more than that.

>> No.38071469

Read the following line anon.
>You push such thoughts to the back of your mind and proceed up the stairs

>> No.38071506

Were cool. I think seeing the Child just racked our insanity back up so we just need to wait it out. I wouldn't mind trying to knock out some metal meditations focused on the mind or something, but I wouldn't worry too much.

>> No.38071533


Well it was in check till we saw the Child. Now we're 7/10 insanity and The Entity has more power. But with the trait we got we've kept those intrusive thoughts under control. Hopefully it'll subside. That ring takes away 1 point per week, but I don't know how long it is till it ticks over.

>> No.38071539

Guess what anon? Being insane has downsides.

>> No.38071603

>The Entity has more power
Bitch please the damn thing is whining like crazy like a spoiled brat and it still isn't doing anything.

>> No.38071643

I wonder how badly it would be affecting our actions if we didn't have Frosty and A Terrible Thing to Waste?

>> No.38071650

I can't find said sanity meter. which pastebin is the gauge in?

>> No.38071668

We should touch the book to the artifact in the pa'vala

>> No.38071675

The same as it did the last time we were at 7 insanity, which is to say it would be mildly annoying.

>> No.38071700

Dunno about a pastebin, but the last thread Soma posted
>2, actually. You're at 7/10 right now, meaning you have a +10 bonus to finalizing enchantments, but a variety of hidden maluses.

>> No.38071725

We've never been at 7/10 insanity. The worst we've ever been is 6/10.

>> No.38071742


We never got these thoughts as often as now. The first time we got them was during the celebration after achieving grand master next time was several days later after getting to the city. And now we have two times on the same day with the tantrum just a couple of days ago. Do you see how the frequency is increasing?

>> No.38071765

I see how the frequency of your whining increases.

>> No.38071766

>{A child of the gods... if only there were some way to speak with such an entity. It could answer so many of those eternal questions we've pondered through the ages.}
Even Karim thinks it's a good idea.
Let's at least ask his opinion on setting up a meeting with the child through his envoy.

>> No.38071798

>{Sadly I doubt that's practical if it boiled part of your soul away merely by the sight of it

>> No.38071824

at least make your attempts at retardation more subtle

>> No.38071835

That's why I'm suggesting an organised meeting, I'm sure one of the most powerful beings in the BQU that probably existed longer than Mundus can keep itself from turning a mortal insane if asked.

>> No.38071838

We don't have to worry about that. Just sleep and the boiled away part comes back. If we learn Sleep and cast it on ourselves in the void problem solved.

>> No.38071846

It makes sense that the frequency went up, our insanity went up. Its not complicated.

>> No.38071847

Ever since we got the A Terrible Thing To Waste it's been getting worse and that because it can't do anything else but whine just like you.

>> No.38071849

Soma said he was gonna show the relationship more now thanks to the trait.
So instead of actually influencing us, its an annoying voice in the back of our head.

>> No.38071868

>If we learn Sleep and cast it on ourselves in the void problem solved

this reminds me a lot of those troll physics images

>> No.38071885

That's where I got the idea actually.

>> No.38071890

I'm actually serious, this is a huge fucking opportunity, it's not every day that a child of the gods is in the neighbourhood, we should at least ask the envoy about a meeting, if he refuses, we drop the issue.

>> No.38071893


>> No.38071913

>he's actually serious

>> No.38071923

This has got some serious "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem" vibe to the quest with the insanity thoughts and what not.
the reason I'm not referencing CoC is because I don't relate to it that well in comparison to Eternal Darkness. Great Game btw, but the insanity effects (i.e. a bug crawling on the inside of the screen, suddenly muted audio, and the various hallucinations of you spontaneously combusting complete with a game over screen)/ was too creepy for me.

>> No.38071928

Shut up already, its a stupid idea, stop pushing for it.

>> No.38071929

I honestly don't see the harm in asking for a meeting.

>> No.38071945

>>{Sadly I doubt that's practical if it boiled part of your soul away merely by the sight of it

>> No.38071966

Your asking for one, when we don't even have a metal condom.

>> No.38071967
File: 45 KB, 386x387, ^574B4ADDB6DFD23DEF7CAE25F6814E86A6AD5199CC0F91D5F4^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why though why do you want to die

>> No.38071982

That's the problem.

>> No.38071986

Again, I'm sure a being of it's caliber can avoid destroying us, if the envoy tells us he won't see us, he won't, what's the big problem?

>> No.38071991

Everyone except you thinks its a bad idea to do now, since we can't even look at him.

>> No.38072011

Again, he's the closest thing to a god, he can control himself.

>> No.38072015

According to You.

>> No.38072016

Because its presence could destroy us.

>> No.38072025

>merely by the sight of it
>boiled part of your soul away
the problem isnt him, its us being too insignificant

>> No.38072036

He can but we would he lower himself to do such thing?

>> No.38072045

>This is what actually retards believe.

>> No.38072054

I'm the one who suggested the idea that he can control his presence, but i also said we have to give him a reason to care.
Its probrably possible, but i would rather have protection.
Like this anons says.

>> No.38072086

We'll let you know when we've got a divine core for ourselves.

>> No.38072101

That's why I'm saying we should set a meeting through his envoy, just tell the envoy we have a business proposition for the lord of the void, and that we'd like to set a meeting without being destroyed by his mere presence.

>> No.38072107

But that's never.

>> No.38072135

And what could we offer a Child?

>> No.38072140

You cover your mouth and nose with the hem of your robe and watch Mortia as she works. She seems to dub the flame acceptable at its current level, though you don't know what metric she was judging by, and then places a vial with some sort of thick, viscous substance on top of the flame. It's supported by a little ring of metal. Once she's placed the vial on the ring she affixes some sort of curved glass tube into the top and places the other end of the tube inside a vial which contains some sort of red liquid.

She slumps into a chair, watching attentively as the purple substance begins to boil. She seems to be distilling the purple substance into the red substance, for whatever reason. As you watch the purple substance turns a soft, almost golden yellow. Granules begin to accumulate at the bottom as more and more color drains away. Eventually she's left with what seems to be a vial of golden pebbles.

By contrast, the red substance begins to turn a deep blue, and then suddenly black. It begins to bubble, becoming incredibly viscous. It almost starts to remind you of that weird solidified vys you accidentally created while meditating, although the color is different. Mortia removes the curved glass tube and the vial of gold pebbles, examining them briefly before setting the vial aside. She devotes her attention fully to the black substance. Using a strange needle-like device she extracts some of the black substance and wanders over to a cabinet.

(1/2 or 3)

>> No.38072143

man, you're not even trying anymore

>> No.38072148


>> No.38072149

What are you talking about?
You do know what you just suggested is retarded right?
Hell i never even insinuated that.

>> No.38072163

The entity.

Mate, you're just saying no, without a reason.
How is my suggestion not valid?

>> No.38072164

Pulling open one of the cabinet doors, she extracts a rat. She probably captured it off the street or found it in the estate. It seems to be either unconscious or dead, you think unconscious. It might just be your imagination, but its tiny chest seems to be moving. Mortia sets the rat down on a metal tray on the central table and pushes the needle into the rat's abdomen, depressing the plunger at the end. Then she removes the needle and collects a notebook, beginning to scribble away animatedly using a writing device you don't recognize.

The rat convulses briefly, and then falls still. You think she's killed it. Yet a moment later it begins to change. It grows to twice the size it once was, its teeth elongating. Its fur falls out in clumps until in only a few minute's time it's become entirely hairless, a disgusting creature. Then its stomach burst open and a grotesque slurry of putrefied organs spew out onto the tray. The stench is absolutely abominable.

Mortia starts shouting. “Gods damn these rats, I thought I'd finally had it! Why? Why did it not work? I had perfected the formula! It should have turned into an unstoppable monstrosity, not keeled over and died! Maybe I just need a test subject with a stronger constitution, a homeless man perhaps... though that probably wouldn't be ethical... hmm...” She trails off, rubbing her chin contemplatively.

>Dude what the fuck why is she torturing rats?
>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.
>So she IS trying to poison you! Smash her equipment before she can make more!
>Just walk away very slowly.

>> No.38072214

"Hey yo, da fuck is that?"

>> No.38072215

>Dude what the fuck why is she torturing rats?

>> No.38072220

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.
Tell her about
> It almost starts to remind you of that weird solidified vys you accidentally created while meditating, although the color is different

>> No.38072236

>neat you wonder if you can turn that into a weapon

>> No.38072238

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.

>> No.38072239

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.

>> No.38072242

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.

Let's encourage her for now but holy shit calm down, Mengele.

>> No.38072247

>stare blankly at entire scene then go puke somewhere..

>> No.38072248

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.

>> No.38072253

>Yo Morty the fuck you doin

>> No.38072254

>>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.

What? We are perfectly sane why do you ask?

>> No.38072261

>>Dude what the fuck why is she torturing rats?
>>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.

>> No.38072263

Ask "What are you doing?"
>Tell her about
>> It almost starts to remind you of that weird solidified vys you accidentally created while meditating, although the color is different
This too.

>> No.38072271

>Dude what the fuck why is she torturing rats?

>> No.38072280
File: 66 KB, 600x512, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dude what the fuck why is she torturing rats?

M-mortia p-pls

>> No.38072281


suggest making the test again while we continually heal the rat.

>> No.38072282 [DELETED] 

Seconded mention the shit we made, it might be the break through she needs.

>> No.38072283

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.
>Offer to get her some poor shmuck off the street.

>> No.38072309

Just say what's up. Those are terrible options

>> No.38072312

Second on trying to heal it, and offering the shit we made.

>> No.38072316

Now that's an interesting idea.

>> No.38072320


>> No.38072321

>why is she torturing rats?
Mortia, I'm seven tenths insane and you're scaring me.

>> No.38072326

>Neat, you wonder if you could turn that into a weapon.
Also supporting >>38072283
and >>38072281

>> No.38072337


>> No.38072339

oh yeah i support this

>> No.38072345


>> No.38072349

Seycon 'ding.

>> No.38072361



>> No.38072379

Supporting for science.

>> No.38072383


>> No.38072401


>> No.38072403

Suppoting >>38072283 and >>38072281

>> No.38072413
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Insanity at 7/10 yet all these anons supporting unethical tests....
I don't know which is scarier, the 7/10 insanity or the anons who want more insanity.

>> No.38072426


>> No.38072428

As Mik gets more and more he just gets more and more Meta.

Would be funny.

>> No.38072442

man the poor rat, I hope Soma does a one shot episode/a pastebin from his pov later on

>> No.38072451

that's not how you get insanity, it's a fucking rat

>> No.38072464

It's not unethical, we're merely helping Mormor with her pursuit of science.

>> No.38072467

>As Mik gets more and more he just gets more and more
They should have sent a poet.

>> No.38072507

I like where this going, supporting.

>> No.38072509

I'm pretty sure the insanity is spreading.
A rat blowing up into some sort of cancerous wretched sores and exploding.

>> No.38072522

The rat was sedated though, it probably didn't feel a thing

>> No.38072530
File: 616 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

W-why do Anons want to make a biological weapon?

>> No.38072532

Anyway, seems like offering to help with her experiments wins out, or at least has a lot of support. If anyone is violently opposed to this I can put it to a final destination vote, but otherwise I'm writing.

>> No.38072548

If you think that's bad you should see what I've done to the thousands of ducklings my campus clones for animal trials and education.

>> No.38072556

>A rat blowing up into some sort of cancerous wretched sores and exploding

literally who gives a shit if it blows up into a mess ten times gorier, it's a rat

>> No.38072569

Why don't you?

>> No.38072571

Grandmaster test for our students

>> No.38072573

I oppose unethical assistance to the test.

>> No.38072574

This is just the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, isn't it Soma?
Is this 19th century literature appreciation session?

>> No.38072575

>testing on lab rats

Though we should probably dissuade her from testing on the homeless if she was being serious.

>> No.38072578

Well, if we turn this into a plague and unleash it on the elves, it'd be that much easier to destroy them.

>> No.38072579

Can we mention the shit we made with creation?

>> No.38072589

let's be honest : why not?

>> No.38072594

I am but it probably doesn't mean shit

>> No.38072611


>> No.38072616

I am violently opposed to this.

>> No.38072617




>> No.38072629

No need for an extra vote, it was pretty much unanimous, a final destination vote would be a waste of time.

>> No.38072640

You can honestly see nothing bad happening?

>> No.38072664

It's not like she's going to let loose a breeding pair into the sewers.

That's for later.

>> No.38072665

I violently oppose this. Nothing good can come of it.

>> No.38072673

Alright, brief Final Destination vote then. 5 minutes, you know the drill.

To offer assistance.

To just ask her what's the happs, dawg.

>> No.38072675

You can honestly see nothing amazing happening?

>> No.38072681


>> No.38072683


>> No.38072686


>> No.38072687

More and more insane.

I forgot a word

>> No.38072688

I am distinctly opposed to this

>> No.38072696


>> No.38072697


>> No.38072698


>> No.38072705


>> No.38072712

I honestly can't.

>> No.38072714


>> No.38072718


>> No.38072723


>> No.38072724


>> No.38072726


>> No.38072730


>> No.38072732


>> No.38072735
File: 19 KB, 196x229, 1422161331594.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is the only thing i can see now is Pandyssian rats from Dishonored eating people.

we could have prevented this

>> No.38072737


>> No.38072740


>> No.38072744


>> No.38072746


>> No.38072748


>> No.38072749

Anon she had ideas and methods from Old Rhynia. We still have Fulvia around here. I can't see a single good thing coming from this. We will eventually just unleash more monstrosities out into the world.

>> No.38072759

well at worst we have to fight a giant rat. the most probable is HUGE GUTS all around the cellar. It's all based on alchemy so no void madness involved. probably.

plus it probably will bring us closer to mortia, so why not?

>> No.38072766

What a waste of time.

>> No.38072768


>> No.38072779


This might just be too close to call. Thank god we did a final destination vote.

>> No.38072793

he was probably already writing

>> No.38072801


>> No.38072803

So? We'll choose who to unleash them on.

>> No.38072808

2'ers git

>> No.38072819
File: 72 KB, 698x658, 1414212621915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dat sarcasm......*my sides*

>> No.38072821


No breaks on the crazy traiiiiiiin~

>> No.38072822


This has to be one of the closest votes we've ever had.

>> No.38072828


>> No.38072851
File: 80 KB, 329x421, Cut it out, come on.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Gee wilickers I guess it's 1 after all.

>> No.38072857

Also, goddamn it, we're not JUST performing science.

We're motherfucking bonding with the one party member we've yet to bond with.

>> No.38072869

Dont see what everyone is so worried about. Not like she want able to control her old giant mutants.

>> No.38072870

I'm not sure that mortia is still all about the rhynian, especially after meting such an exemplar specimen as profectus. I think we will eventually make fluvia free from her prime directive before she get powerfull enough.

>> No.38072875

>It's all based on alchemy so no void madness involved

This has nothing to do with void madness. Why do people want to create and unleash more monsters? Did ya learn nothing from Namek or Rhynia?

>> No.38072876

What was the point of this?

>> No.38072883

Inb4 somebody posts evidence shooped photos of samefagging.

>> No.38072897

yup I wanna get that companion pastebin updated

>> No.38072899
File: 2.91 MB, 560x238, I CAN FEEL THE VOID OVERTAKING ME.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Evil Overlord Mik? Its more likely than you would think.

>> No.38072902

Impersonating Soma, that is.

>> No.38072920

Man, I had just finished putting (You) on every post in my image and as I go to browse files the thread updates with your post.
Ur no fun anon.

>> No.38072931

Oh right, this is the event Soma was talking about that would add Mortia to our companions pastebin.

>> No.38072945

by the way Soma, how unethical human (or elf, or samjam) experiment is in the samjam society? is it okay for vatis to buy slaves for testing?
(not proposing it, just curious)

>> No.38072951

Speaking of this, if healing the rat doesn't work we should try leech on it to simulate the low vys environment of the other dimension, maybe that'll do it.

>> No.38072969

It's not unethical as long as no one finds out.

>> No.38072970

It's considered kinda scuzzy and weird but not illegal. The sort of thing that gets you shunned but not arrested.

>> No.38072980

Oh, excellent!

>> No.38072998

So it's like farting really loudly on a packed elevator?

>> No.38073004

That just means we have to acquire subjects discreetly.

>> No.38073008

Exactly like that.

>> No.38073029

I think it's more like experimenting on animals in our world.

>> No.38073031

thanks! is there a distinction by race? nobody care about elves but samjam, even slave are frowned upon? or people just don't care about slave in general?

>> No.38073060

What are you talking about? Experimenting on animals isn't scuzzy or weird in our world.

>> No.38073081

Some view it as such.

>> No.38073097

Posting this for right now, since I'll be at work when the party finally starts.

1.) We should invite the cat to the party/set aside a place or meal for the cat for the party. I just want to laugh inwardly while we start treating the cat like our landlord and an honored guest/business partner.

2.) Set up the Seige! demonstration somewhere, and clean our clothes because they are gonna stink up to high heaven with all the chemicals in the air.

3.) Should we introduce Zahak? Should we have Zahak at the dining table? And if we do, we have to give him a quick rundown on etiquette when dealing with a dinner party.

4.) Also, we should really start with helping out Darzi's loyalty mission regarding the "desertion" of her post and failing to report to the El-Amin city Guard. Maybe when Darzi gets that all sorted out she can be the Captain of our household guard if she does not want to take part in the Pa'vala? She does have PTSD from the Mines, being tortured, etc., and though she is a great friend to Mik she freaks out way too often. Besides, she is a trusted friend and one of the richest women in El-Amin.

I want to create a massive trade empire that works alongside our families. (For example, I know father deals in ship trade and opened up a new mining venture. I was hoping that we create an additional fleet with our funds from the Pa'vala excursion to start trading in luxury goods, (like wood). If we can get SK to create a Desalinization plant we could probably buy land really cheaply around El-Amin, set up the Salinization plant, and then make the land arable to increase the land value by at least 10x what we bought it for, as well as providing food for the city as well).

I'm hoping that Mik tries to create a merchant web where he basically has the entire city/Empire of El-Amin by the balls economically (through subsidiaries of course, the Shah wouldn't like it and may try to use his influence as ruler to cripple us before we get going).

>> No.38073109
File: 45 KB, 500x303, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh stop bitching nothing bad is going to happen

>> No.38073138

Experimenting on animals? LOL...you guys are kidding,. right? They are mixing animal and human genes as we freaking sit here and type sure as your granny is yo nanny...

There is dark shit going on in this world people...blowing up a rat is not even on the shit going on list......sheesh...

>> No.38073177

Other than a loud minority, nobody important.

>> No.38073190

Please die

>> No.38073218

Yeah, sure if we have time.
Hell fucking no. Not until he learns to transform into a proper Samjan.
Feh, I'd rather not deal with that shit right now, besides, I'd rather have her with us.

I'm not sure how well taking control of El-Amin's market would work, since the Shah pretty much has absolute control and can seize our assets if he wants.

>> No.38073221

are you 12

>> No.38073232
File: 13 KB, 168x200, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't be serious

>> No.38073235

>4.) Also, we should really start with helping out Darzi's loyalty mission regarding the "desertion" of her post and failing to report to the El-Amin city Guard. Maybe when Darzi gets that all sorted out she can be the Captain of our household guard if she does not want to take part in the Pa'vala? She does have PTSD from the Mines, being tortured, etc., and though she is a great friend to Mik she freaks out way too often. Besides, she is a trusted friend and one of the richest women in El-Amin.

darzy should definetly come with us:
-she is a secondary healer
-she is way more stable since we erased her scars
-she is our voice of reason
-we asked her to help us being sane, and to play the role of a second, and she been doing good since then.

by the way we can probably use our network to ease up this desertion thing

>> No.38073271

>loyalty mission

>> No.38073311


>> No.38073312

People do mix human and animal genes all the time though though its nowhere as dark as that dude makes out. Look at chimeric monoclonal antibodies.

>> No.38073343

It's par for the course for genetics students at good universities.
That doesn't mean he isn't being retarded tho.

>> No.38073444

You clear your throat, startling Mortia. She jumps, her knee striking the bottom of the table and rattling the variety of glass vials stacked on the table. “Shit, Mikhael! You scared the life out of me. Look, I can explain. I know this looks bad but I've been trying out-”

You cut her off with a wave of your hand. “Relax, Mortia. I'm not upset. They're just rats, after all. Anyway, you said the serum is supposed to make them stronger, right? What if I tried healing them as the potion took effect? That ought to prevent such complications as their stomachs bursting open or organs rotting in their bodies.”

She looks flushed, but you assume that's merely because she's embarrassed. “U-um, sure. S-sure just, give me a second to find you a mask. You really shouldn't breathe these fumes. I've used a lot of mercury in this concoction and the fumes are particularly noxious. There are also some plant extracts which you probably don't want to breathe in since I'm pretty sure some of them are essential elements in poisons which can kill a man in under a minute.”

She wanders over to the cabinets and pulls open a separate little drawer. Inside are a stack of mask like hers. She picks one up, along with a set of thick goggles, and cross the room to hand both items to you. You pull on the mask, and affix the goggles to your face. Immediately you feel better. You're able to breathe normally, you're not dizzy, your throat slowly stops burning, your eyes aren't watering anymore. It's amazing.

Mortia gestures you over to the table, and you come to stand next to her. She holds out her hands towards the rat. “Okay, I need you to toss this into the furnace. I'm going to prepare another syringe of my serum and get another rat sedated and ready to go. Be careful putting the rat corpse in the furnace because the substance is combustible and the rat may explode.”

What the fuck, man?


>> No.38073449

I hope Mik gets called a dark elf while at 7 insanity

>> No.38073451

I see Zahak is gonna be lonely while his daddy parties.

>> No.38073472

You do as directed, carefully lifting the tray with a manipulate spell and dragging it over to a massive furnace set in the wall. It's currently off, but you toss the rat corpse inside and use a bit of magic to create a flame inside. Much to your surprise, the furnace roars violently to life. You hadn't really intended to create such a large flame. There's a series of high pitched, violent popping noises form inside and then silence.

As you cut the magic the flame dies, and you return to find Mortia with needle in hand, a rate held down against a new tray. You sat the one still covered in the remnants of rat intestines on a table pressed against the wall.

“Okay, are you ready? I'm going to give it the injection now. Its body will probably start to rapidly swell, which may be either a sign of muscle growth or rapid decomposition. Regardless, start healing it as soon as I take the needle out.”

>ROOOLL 3d10+12 vs DC 25!

>> No.38073484

I'm not talking about stuff as innocuous as that. Talking about some real serious shit. Stick your heads in the sand if you want. If you don't want to know, I can certainly understand...but there's some bad, bad stuff headed our way.

China leads the way in the really bad stuff. Very little to stop them from doing anything they want and human life is cheap over there.

>> No.38073487

Rolled 9, 6, 8 + 12 = 35 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.38073493


>> No.38073498


>> No.38073501

Rolled 2, 1, 10 + 12 = 25 (3d10 + 12)



>> No.38073503

Rolled 2, 5, 9 + 12 = 28 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.38073504

Rolled 5, 1, 3 + 12 = 21 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.38073505

Rolled 8, 3, 9 + 12 = 32 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.38073506

>What the fuck, man?
give her the look

>> No.38073512

Rolled 5, 3, 5 + 12 = 25 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.38073514

Rolled 5, 1, 6 + 12 = 24 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.38073525

Rolled 2, 6, 3 + 12 = 23 (3d10 + 12)

I'm an idiot.

>> No.38073536

Oh yeah, China. They made some really tasty food preservative that's currently knocking out everything else on the market, it's sweeter than sugar and works better than salt, cheaper to make too.
They're nasty buggers they are.

>> No.38073537

>35, 25, 28
>Great Success!

>> No.38073545

We mado scientisto now

>> No.38073553

Rolled 5, 6, 8 + 12 = 31 (3d10 + 12)

Make sure Mik learns something from this.

>> No.38073566

oh dear.......brace for the Frankenstein Scenario.

>> No.38073603

I just hope it doesn't get to western markets. I heard it took literally only four weeks before it topped above BHT and sodium benzoate. Shit's a pretty serious market.

>> No.38073607

can we do that? just cackle madly as the possibilities run though our head, then scream that out?

>> No.38073614

Insane Mik is so much more fun than normal Mik

>> No.38073632


>> No.38073639

Hmm...I get the feeling we are about to get a leeeeetle surprise....say hello to Mortia's "little friend".

>> No.38073675

Did we ever ask Mortia how "big" it will grow?

>> No.38073697

Why spoil the surprise?

>> No.38073720

Who cares?

>> No.38073721


>> No.38073737

Since we are at 7/10 insanity I support this

>> No.38073738

So this is how the iconic giant rat came to be: a fucking wizard did it.

>> No.38073760

I wonder if purposefully channeling the growth of a mutated super-rate would count as an "experiment."

What do you think Soma?

>> No.38073766

Mortia started it! So it's a witch this time!

>> No.38073797

witch= female wizard
A wizard still did it though.

>> No.38073830
File: 16 KB, 190x221, No_sense_of_right_and_wrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38073884

I really wish some one could make a Vatis version of that with a Samjan.

>> No.38073893

We got insight into healing rats!
Now if only that was useful..

>> No.38073903


>> No.38073916

Should ask her what the gold pebbles are for.

>> No.38073917

She's more of a scientist though.

>> No.38073942

Hopefully we get insights towards transformation.

>> No.38073948

Just put a dark elf there

>> No.38073954

What if we had rolled a 30 on healing this rat.

>> No.38073956

We could create a rat monster army to oppose the elven warlord. Faster and easier than golems.

>> No.38073974

They propagate on their own too.

>> No.38073978

We'd be the king of rats.

>> No.38074011
File: 15 KB, 400x304, smite_button.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.38074012
File: 10 KB, 190x221, 1423968099221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38074017

A proverbial Rat King.

>> No.38074022
File: 1.96 MB, 400x168, Big G heard you were talking shit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why use a giant rat when you can use a giant lizard

>> No.38074023

Mikhael Abdul-Hakim: King of the rats.

>> No.38074036

Rolled 2, 10, 7 + 12 = 31 (3d10 + 12)

You forgot the ears

>> No.38074037

and then we'd somehow get a huge influx of smooth and silky stones. and they would sell for a high price

>> No.38074042

Mikhael Blackcloak Abdul-Hakim: King of the rats. Goatfucker extraordinaire. Fatherer of Dragon.

>> No.38074079

Does that mean Goat + Rat = Dragon?

>> No.38074081

we're going to need a bigger business card to fit all of our titles.

>> No.38074107

goatgoat + ratgoat= goatdragon

do you even math?

>> No.38074117

Doodle God, you forgot to add "bird" and "fire" to the equation.

>> No.38074124

>Goatfucker extraordinaire
Our master is proud

>> No.38074137

more like emir of rats. or padishah of rodents, that sound better.

>> No.38074172

That's actually not a bad idea, we should print out a business card.

>> No.38074200

We'd have to get SK to invent a printing press of course.

>> No.38074214

and make moar money like that legend of that VERY Industrious Rogue.

>> No.38074289

Mikael Blue-Eyes Blackcloak Abdul-Hakim; Padishah Shahanshah of Muridae, High Emir Seducer si-Capra.

>> No.38074294
File: 284 KB, 442x611, muh dragons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need a Mik version of this

>> No.38074326

I really don't like how they chose an old actor for that character.
I had been looking forward to loli dragon mom but I guess they figured they shouldn't.

>> No.38074391

they only made everyones 2 years older, so it wouldn't change much, but the problem is the fat ass still hasn't completed the nooks, and the show is gonna catch up soon.even though they cut out a shiton of important stuff that is brought up later in the book.
Hell the fetal alcohol chick is going through puberty now.

>> No.38074396

Soma pls don't die

>> No.38074401

yeah, considering that they would not have been able to do any of the sex scenes (a huge part of her development) as they would have been considered child porn if she was portrayed as under 18

>> No.38074466


Currently, Miks title's would be:

Mikhael Abdul Hakim Dux of Ancient Rhynia, Bearer of the Signet Ring of Hiacia, Creator and Co-Founder of Siege! and Hakim (plus other founders) ventures, Grandmaster Vatis of Water, Father of Dragons, Inter-Dimensional traveler, Enchanter, Menacer of Pirates, Former Aghtaki, Detective, Assassin, Master of Contracts and technical loopholes contained with Spirits, Ancient entities, and unruly cats, Part-owner of Mining venture, Reviver of Shah, slayer of pimps and bandits, Damn good Haggler, wheeler and dealer, Current leader of Crazy Mikhael's adventuring party.

There's definitely more, but that's all that we've been up to in two-three months game time.

>> No.38074473
File: 409 KB, 600x673, Mutant Buffrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She plunges the needle into its abdomen, injecting that foul substance into the rat. You begin to channel magic, mending the rat even as its body deteriorates. It begins to grow, but it doesn't bloat as it had previously. The growth is ordered, and careful. Muscles swell and limbs shift. Teeth elongate, coming to rival even Zahak's snaggle-toothed maw. Its tail thickens and elongates, muscles cording its surface.

It grows, and keeps growing, until it surpasses the size of a small dog. It rapidly spills out over the edge of the tray, nearly knocking over a glass vial as its tail thrashes about. You use manipulate to lift it up into the air. By the time it stops growing it's the size of a young child, and far more muscular than any rat has a right to be. Fortunately it still seems to be asleep.
>Vys Pool: (47/49)

Mortia seems overcome by a sense of triumph, and frankly you find it infectious. Before you even realize it you're hugging one another and cackling madly, shouting to the heavens “It worked! By the gods it worked!” You don't even know what 'it' is, but you know it worked and that's exciting enough.

Eventually Mortia fetches a heavy metal cage, more of a coffin really. There are no bars save for a tiny window on the door and the rest is thick steel. She directs you set the rat inside, and you do so. She locks the cage firmly and nods her head. “Perfect. Now I'll need to mutate a male, and from there we can see if the mutated rats are fertile and if the mutations last through successive generations of breeding.”

Some small part of you wonders what fresh monstrosity you have unleashed on the world, but it's easy to ignore that part of your mind. It's the boring, sensible part. It's far more important that you helped a friend do whatever it is you've done here. “So, your experiment seems complete. Anything else you need to do or should I clear out so you can get ready for the party?”


>> No.38074482

Soma die? nooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.38074499
File: 250 KB, 640x850, Mortia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mortia still seems giddy, but clears her throat and tries to calm herself so she can reply with some semblance of normalcy. “I actually left all my other clothes in my room, so I'm heading up. There is actually something I'd like to discuss with you, so lets walk and talk.”

You nod, and the two of you ascend the stairs. Mortia pulls of her goggles and mask once you've closed the hatch to the cellar, you opt to do the same. She hangs hers on one of the weapon racks and you do the same, as the two of you begin to make your way through the estate towards the wing of guest bedrooms, Mortia speaks up.

“So, I don't really know about the whole 'restoring Rhynia' thing I was so gung-ho about earlier. I mean, yeah. I feel like it's my obligation as my mother's daughter to strive towards restoring our ancestral homeland. I just don't feel like that's a feasible goal in my lifetime. Anyway, I think I'd like to stay here and work on my alchemy, learn more about the world before I go off trying to change it, you know?”

She pensively clasp her hands in her lap. “Soo... I was wondering if it was okay for me to stay here. I mean, I know you've sort of got a little band that you travel with and I like you, as a friend of course. It's just that I'm not really a fighter... I think I'd be better served just sitting out the adventures. Maybe I could sell my potions to generate some income, pay rent or something like that?”

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
>She can do as she pleases, but if she wants to live in your home she'll certainly need to pay rent.
>As one of the richest women in Pidjata, she should probably buy her own place.
>Honestly you'd prefer it if she traveled with you.

>> No.38074533

>>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

Just give us potions we love potions

>> No.38074539

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

>> No.38074551

>She can do as she pleases, but if she wants to live in your home she'll certainly need to pay rent.
Better yet, if she can pay rent in the form of potions that would be useful to us, that works too.

>> No.38074555

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

>> No.38074561

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world.
>She can pay rent if she wants.

>> No.38074566

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

>> No.38074569

>>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.


>> No.38074573

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
potions and stuff for bed and grub?

>> No.38074579

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
We are one of the richest people in the country, I don't think we need to ask our friend to pay rent while she lives in our house.

>> No.38074587

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

But add the adendum that she execute any offspring of any rats she mutuates; note the dangers of these things becoming common.

Other than that, go crazy (not too much )

>> No.38074601

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
>How are you gonna find a man though?ib4 but slut

>> No.38074604

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world
just give some interesting potions whenever we come over.

>> No.38074607

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

>> No.38074614

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
>"I merely want you to continue developing new inventions and supplying me with potions."

>> No.38074622

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
>Call dibs on her cutting edge alchemy.

>> No.38074625

>>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
tough telling us of her experiment and brewing potions for us would be nice.

>> No.38074628

I support this.
> But she still has to pay rent.

>> No.38074635

Man fuck off already. She had full control over her old mutants, no reason to think she wont with these ones.

>> No.38074659

No, she does what she wants with her inventions as long as she keeps them coming.

>> No.38074673

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.
Lets introduce her and Skull kid to our father, this way it can be double the riches for the family.

>> No.38074678

>Sure, she can stay, no rent
>So long as you get dibs on neat shit.

>> No.38074697

Nope, their inventions belong to us.

>> No.38074729

Rentfags BTFO

>> No.38074744

>>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

Just give us a few of her better potions every time we come by.

>> No.38074757


>> No.38074823

We should inject zahak

>> No.38074839

if they want to stay home, we will probably forced to do that, just so they have a buisness contact when we are not here. But I think we should play the intermediate as much as we can. desalination factory or mutant rat army would completely change the Samjam culture, and I'm not sure we should go all throttle for a country of racist slaver that banished us.

>> No.38074859

Did...did we just create Master Splinter? Quick, someone find a Japanese martial artist expy and a a gaggle of quadruplet baby turtles! We've got a ninja assassin team to train!

>> No.38074860

What the fuck man. No.

>> No.38074879
File: 2.85 MB, 445x247, Bahahaha.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38074898

But anon, we are a racist slaver.

>> No.38074899

fuck yeah. So long as she gives us say 25% of anything she makes.
Labels them, with directions/uses and how to make.
Bitch won't be leaving us high and dry.

>> No.38074908

In all seriousness we better not have just made the first ancestor of kobolds. I'm warning you Soma, it would not end well.

>> No.38074916

that a terrible idea.

altough I'd like to inject Al Gasreed if we find him back (or any other Guar, really, just looking for a cool mount).

>> No.38074923


>> No.38074932

you sick fuck that's our son

>> No.38074933

We need to test this shit on Pidjatan lions.

>> No.38074942

That shit turned something the size of a rat into the size of a child.

Think about what zahak would become.

[Spoiler] It would be glorious.

>> No.38074971

>Sure, absolutely. She can hang back instead of following you across the world. No need to pay rent.

Just, please keep the rat population under strict control. I don't want a single of those things free.

>> No.38074982


>> No.38074985

I like to think of us as moderate on both issue.

>> No.38074986

A muscular as fuck guar.
turning 12mph into 40 mph.
We could do it with our camels. And make them hit 20mph better than the average guars, and can fight off the avg adventurer.

>> No.38075035

>inb4 it turns into a Tarrasque (without the magic immunity)

>> No.38075038

Mutate ALL the animals!

This shit might have massive mundane use in that with a little bit of Vys expended it can add huge amounts of presumably edible meat onto an animal instantly. Goats the size of SUVs and shit.

>> No.38075068

Now we just need to see if this shit heightens their agression.

>wanting to eat that shit

>> No.38075075

That's thinking too small, we need to cast AOE paralyze on a palaka worm, and inject it with a metric shit ton of this serum.

>> No.38075084


>> No.38075092

>we introduce mad cow disease to this world

>> No.38075108

I smell a business opportunity here:

Mutated Camels, gelded. Can Survive with minimal water and nutrition, can fight like Pdjatan lion against bandit raids (luxury option can breath fire, and has ingrown leather saddle).

Travel speeds up to 30 miles per hour, coasting speeds 20mph.

Fuck, we could probably create the Camel Express with Mikhael.

>> No.38075129

You've just created the first varvar worm.
He gm'd in earth.
Now he is 5 time gm in earth.

>> No.38075130
File: 126 KB, 1000x924, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what the Rhynians did it

>> No.38075138

>with a little bit of Vys expended
we are GM water, tough. perhaps for the average vatis it would be exhausting or plain impossible because they can't heal as fast as us.

>> No.38075143
File: 32 KB, 224x348, 1423567873769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's an awful idea. How are we going to produce enough for an entire worm?
We should test it out on the lions instead.

>> No.38075150
File: 13 KB, 239x211, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mutated Camels, gelded. Can Survive with minimal water and nutrition, can fight like Pdjatan lion against bandit raids (luxury option can breath fire, and has ingrown leather saddle).

>> No.38075152
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>> No.38075164

there a reason they don't exist anymore anon.

>> No.38075167

That's a good point. Lots of healing for us doesn't generally cost vys. This actually cost us a little bit.

>> No.38075187

>Three Stooges make a prank show about injecting random people with the serum
>Only on MikTV!

>> No.38075207


We would obviously test this extensively before taking it to market. The cost of reagents might very well exceed the margins of the extra meat as well so we would need to do a cost analysis first of all for any idea involving the monitization of mutant animals.

>> No.38075228

Are you with the FDA? This sounds almost normal thinking for you.
Very suspicious, anon.

>> No.38075231


>> No.38075255

Of course, it has to be a gradual process, next we'll use it on someone's dog to see if the dog remains docile and the effects of the serum on a larger creature, then we'll have to grab some poor shmuck off the streets, preferably human, though an elf would do. We'll test to see the viability of the serum as soldier enhancer, see if they retain their intelligence and if it hinders their casting. Next we'll need to grab a pride of Pidjatan lions to test the effects of the serum on a previously mutated subjects and the reaction of the mutated subject to the hivemind.
Only then will we be ready for palaka worms.

>> No.38075257

>We are performing experiments on animals having them mutate greatly
>We're learning Enchantment
>We're dealing with spirts of all kinds
>We're revolutionizing technology

History repeats itself and that's just how it goes...

>> No.38075260

>this thread

>>38071333 (me)
I was so right.

I'm the one that proposed the experiment. Fuck me I guess

>> No.38075273

We would need to build in a genetic "kill switch" so that they died within...oh..say...3 years or so. That way we get repeat business as they have to buy the new models....and, of course, they are all sterile...the ones that we sell.

ALA Monsanto...incredible business model for mutant genetically engineered plants...er....animals.

>> No.38075278


>9/10 would pirate off the voidnet

>> No.38075306

Honestly, I doubt the meat would be worth much, it's probably mostly fat and muscle.
These animals would probably better serve as weapons, guard dogs, or transportation.

>> No.38075314
File: 101 KB, 640x425, 1423786696942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this whole time. i'm pic related

>> No.38075317

Is your period button broken?

>> No.38075353

>inb4 tears in the rain

>> No.38075400

Eh it's not like it's not obvious people see it that just can't find a reason to care

>> No.38075420

Fucking hell mate, you've got more ellipses than a crossfit aerobics gym.

>> No.38075437

You look at her oddly for a moment. “Rent? You don't need to worry about that. I mean, if Prema runs out of house funds buying groceries or something you should pitch in but we kind of all own this place collectively, all of you put in just as much money as I did to get it into its current state. Anyway, just toss a few good potions the party's way every now and again and you can feel free to live here as long as you like.”

She squeals quietly. You wince almost instinctively. “Thank you Mikhael! Oh gosh, the possibilities. I've got so many experiments I need to try! What if I inject my serum into a person, for example? Super soldiers? We could sell it to the military and make a fortune! It would be glorious, watching our inventions march across the land raising villages to the ground and putting cities to the torch! I think there will probably be a bit of an issue with aggression, my old potion caused my pets to turn hyperaggressive and that was without the materials I have in your world. Anyway, don't worry about it. I'll keep it all under control.”

You suddenly remember that substance you created by accident. “Oh! Hey, do you want a lump of solidified vys? I created some by accident while practicing a spell and it has some interesting properties. It acts like a solid when you apply pressure, but a liquid when you don't. Might be useful. Plus, I mean, it's quite literally solid magic.”

Mortia looks like a child offered candy. “Wait, really? Oh gosh I need to get me some of that...”


>> No.38075451
File: 61 KB, 500x338, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop being such a spoilsport fuck.

>> No.38075466
File: 336 KB, 1024x768, 353331-untitled_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38075467

Conversation sort of falters after that, mostly because Mortia starts to get really flushed and bites her lip, you're a little uncomfortable actually. She seems to have an unnatural lust for alchemy. Regardless, as you exit the gardens into the second story hallway you come to a stop. “Wait here, I'll get you the chunk of vys I made.”

She nods, and you wander off to your bedroom. Pushing the door open you find that Zahak has curled up in the center of the room, except you don't think he's sleeping. You can feel a massive amount of vys collapsing into his reserves, you think he's meditating. Regardless you step carefully around Zahak and over to your chest of drawers. The lump of vys has sort of melted across the wooden surface but you collect it and roll it up into a neat little ball, taking it with you as you exit the room.

You press the ball of vys into Mortia's hands, and she practically skips off to her room with a rushed “Thank you!”. You're really not entirely sure how to feel about what you've done today, but decide not to waste your time worrying. It's only a few moments later that you hear the door swinging open and slamming shut, indicating that your companions have returned from their shopping trip.

Darzi leads the way, followed by Chrys and Profectus. Skull Kid brings up the wear, holding a bundle uncomfortably in his hands. “Yo, Mik. Do I have to wear these robes? No offense or nothing, but it just seems weird to walk around in pajamas all day. Can't I tell them my clothes are some fancy Rhynian shit, or something?”

Darzi answers before you're able. “Quit your bitching, Thaddeus. They're silk robes, the height of fashion. Now go get changed, and don't go pleading to Mik to save you.”

You almost feel sorry for the guy.

>Wait wait you want to do something real quick first (Write-in)

>> No.38075483

>mostly fat and muscle

Like any other meat? Though you bring up a good point: we might need to invest time into tweaking the formulation to avoid making the meat stingy or tough. Ideally a formulation could be devised that could turn a normal cow into a towering beast with meat as well marbled as any wagyu.

>> No.38075487


>> No.38075509


>> No.38075515

Mortia is a woman completely devoted to her craft. Why can't Mik be sexually attracted to Magic like she is to Alchemy?

>> No.38075519

>>Wait wait you want to do something real quick first (Write-in)
Check if Fulvia finished cleansing that golem core.

>> No.38075523

>Wait wait you want to do something real quick first (Write-in)

Ask Fulvia If she wants to get the Gems

>> No.38075530


>> No.38075544


>> No.38075545
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, 1405381484071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38075547


>> No.38075548


>> No.38075552

The players are too worried about morals and safety.

>> No.38075553


>> No.38075560

>Wait wait you want to do something real quick first (Write-in)
top off our vys.

>> No.38075561

Suppoting >>38075519

>> No.38075568

Why do you hate our son so much that you'd condone experimenting on him?

>> No.38075587


>> No.38075599

>Spike the punch

>> No.38075602

It's improving him.

Honestly everyone in the party should get it.

>> No.38075606

>Guest arrive
>Party is going well
>Reconnect with some old friends
>Night progresses
>Rat King escapes
>Goes on a rampage
>Tears out our father's throat
>Vatis start slinging spells to kill the rat.
>Something catches on fire.
>House burns down.

>> No.38075632

Master Splinter wouldn't do that

>> No.38075639

Can we please top off our vys, i want to make a great siege show.

>> No.38075642

I think the serum has to be injected directly.

>> No.38075645
File: 4.88 MB, 410x296, High definition absurdity.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the size of a small child. We'll be fine.

>> No.38075646

You're an idiot.

>> No.38075648
File: 539 KB, 1000x1288, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As long as we keep it LowKey we're good it's not like there's going to be a Child out there with a hankering for brownie points with the Hods and Skull fucks us

>> No.38075650

>Mik is having an insanofit is laughing his ass off between sips of chilled wine

>> No.38075668

>Get Mortia out of her room. Gotta stop her from being such an alchemy NEET.
>Top off our Vys
>Check if Fulvia's work is done.

>> No.38075672

We're at 47/49, don't worry too much.
Though we might as well leech our sword quickly.

>> No.38075678

A small child with the muscle density of a body builder

>> No.38075685


No, we are fine as we are and can do the show without problems.

>> No.38075693

>not leeching those 2 points from a slave

>> No.38075700

Pretty much >>38075668

>> No.38075703

We won't enjoy the party if we use all of our vys on a demonstration.

>> No.38075726

Seconded lets leach some from either our sword or a slave.

>> No.38075736


The Rat King? That's a good fucking name.

>> No.38075742

that the first time I see someone complaining that banished player play it TOO safe.

>> No.38075750

We can just draw vys from our sword when we're done.

>> No.38075753

That rat is female

>> No.38075760

You'll contact Fulvia and ask about the golem core using the brooches (and tell her to get her ass down here). Your vys is in pretty good shape (47/49). Mortia is just changing, she'll be out in a moment.

>> No.38075761

The demonstration is at the end/middle of it anon.

>> No.38075762


>> No.38075766

Best possible outcome is our family becoming Hulk.
Worst is them having a stomach full of tumors.

>> No.38075791


>tfw the Rat King is more ripped than you

>> No.38075817


>> No.38075823
File: 40 KB, 500x399, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But Anons are planning on selling the serum. The techno train a ain't stopping anytime either. You can also bet your ass the enchantment ain't going to either.

I'm juss sayin man

>> No.38075869


I think her experiments would probably qualify as "training" if not straight up "employment" since she is thinking of ways to make money off them. She isn't even that awkward or shy, just a bit introverted and dedicated to her work. Calling her a nerd would probably be the most accurate appellation.

>> No.38076042

>She isn't even that awkward or shy, just a bit introverted and dedicated to her work.

I think she spent a good part of her life alone inside that forest doing experiment. She probably lack social experience.

>> No.38076082

Wait, so we seriously didn't get any insights from healing the rat while he was undergoing his transformation?

>> No.38076090
File: 1 KB, 125x70, very small d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38076119

Why would we?

>> No.38076168

Well, we pretty much oversaw the entire process and felt it with our magic, it should at least help with figuring our transformation, or some sort of strengthen effect.

>> No.38076193


>> No.38076197

How long do you think you're gonna keep running for today?

>> No.38076237

Learning from the process? Getting inspiration? Noting ways to achieve transformation without using magic?

>> No.38076242

we're at page 9. We probably will start partying in the next thread. But not before we introduce the guests to our pimped out flat.

>> No.38076262

"Conversation sort of falters after that, mostly because Mortia starts to get really flushed and bites her lip, you're a little uncomfortable actually."

Whatsup with this part of the conversation..or lack thereof?

>> No.38076285

Bitch really likes her job.

>> No.38076295

She is Alchemisexual.

>> No.38076318

Just like Mik is magicsexual?

>> No.38076326

>not magisexual

>> No.38076356

we only learn from meditation. practice give us nothing in term of experience. I think even experimentation (like the laser one) should be done while meditating.

>> No.38076370

They are more of "Science-sexual" when it comes to common ground.

>> No.38076381

That sounds like he is attracted to magicians instead of magic

>> No.38076435

At least it's not an attraction to magnets.

>> No.38076473

How do they work?

>> No.38076481

RIP Soma

>> No.38076513

He's been dead a lot recently. But he always comes back.

>> No.38076538
File: 85 KB, 1000x800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38076612

Guess that was the last update tonight

>> No.38076642

Its pretty early so I for one will hold out faith that the first post for our party is just a big one.

>> No.38076643

My god you fucks are so impatient.

Back in my day we had to wait for posts uphill downhill both ways in 30ft of snow during a shitblizzard.
You don't even have to be here inbetween when he posts either.

>> No.38076708

I am trying to avoid thinking about my crippling loneliness and reading the quest helps.

>> No.38076730

It's only been 40 minutes, it's probably just a long one.

>> No.38076741

Today must have been fun for you.


>> No.38076783

Usually there's shit in between post for better or worse

>> No.38076826
File: 7.22 MB, 448x252, bomber.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38076847


>> No.38076872

Is that a large amount now?

>> No.38076904
File: 1.55 MB, 636x349, qbz1hfcznknhj6wb8gq2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clever. I'm partial to this delivery system though.

>> No.38076916

now that's "carpet bombing"

>> No.38076932
File: 69 KB, 341x384, Master Padma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You watch as Thaddeus trundles past like a man sentenced to death, wandering towards the wing of bedrooms where you presume your companions have taken up residence. Chryssa and Profectus follow him and Darzi brings up the rear.

Darzi stops next to you and folds her arms in front of her chest. “Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk about what happened, but I figure once everyone heads home we'll have an opportunity. Anyway, you seem to be acting more or less normally so I don't think there's been much permanent damage.” She shrugs. “I'm going to get changed, I guess you'll be waiting in the foyer?”

You nod. “Yeah, I'll need to greet the guest once they arrive.” With that the conversation concludes, Darzi heading for her chosen bedroom. You reach out to Fulvia via the brooches whilst making your way towards the foyer. {How go attempts to purge the golem core? Have you tried yet?}

Her response as as swift as it always is. Sometimes you wonder if she can't predict what you're going to say before you say it. {They have concluded. I have purged the core of any corruption and have been drawing up plans to construct a body for it. I believe we would benefit from constructing the golem body as a team, all the party members that are magically capable that is. It is proving increasingly complex as I continue to adjust and enhance my plans.}

>> No.38076960
File: 184 KB, 900x1227, Master Barakat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh, she works fast. {Well, that sounds fine. Unfortunately we won't be able to craft the body tonight. There's a party to attend, remember?}

She actually hesitates before she answers, seemingly surprised. {Am I invited? I would not imagine that a human woman, especially not a pale imitation of a human woman, would be welcomed at a Samjan gathering. It would seem unwise for me to attend.}

You really can't imagine where she would've gotten such ideas. {No, no. It's fine. In fact I insist that you attend. Mortia and Skull Kid will both be there and they're humans. Profectus is attending and he's an elf. You'll be attending is well. Now project some nice looking clothes and get down here. Golems can wait.}

Her response is prompt. {Of course, I will be down in a moment.}

That resolved you take a seat on the edge of the reflecting pool within the foyer and wait. You're the only one here, though you can hear your slaves working away busily in the kitchen. It will be their job to collect all the food brought by the guest and serve once everyone has been seated. There will probably be three or four courses. A salad, an appetizer, a main dish, and a desert.

You don't find yourself waiting in the foyer for long. After perhaps twenty minutes the door swings open and Stelios steps inside, calling loudly. “I am announcing Master Karim-”

Master Karim, being the oldest, strides inside first. You stand and greet him. Both of you bow low to one another, touching fore and middle fingers to your forehead and then your chest. Once you've both straightened, he pulls you into a tight hug before wandering over to stand by the door to the dining hall, as is proper.

>> No.38076981
File: 166 KB, 1024x1289, Master Tarik.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“-Master Padma-”

After your master comes Master Padma, the second oldest and a woman. She's in much better shape than your master, the trials of age not yet taking their toll on her. The only true indication of her age is her shockingly white hair. She was the Master to your friends Rajani Demir and Hadia Aslan, both of them women. Rajani was always a very quiet, very king girl where as you remember Hadia as a fiercely defensive, almost motherly young woman. Once more, the both of you bow to one another before she wanders off to stand by your master, the two of them talking quietly among themselves.

“-Master Barakat-”

Master Barakat comes in third, the second youngest of all your friends former masters. He wears some sort of elaborate neck guard which encapsulates his goatee as well as holding the glass lenses he wears to correct his vision in place. His hair has only just begun to go grey, he's probably around four hundred or so though you can't really be sure. He tutored your friend Derya Katirci, whom you remember as a somewhat effeminate young man, and Mohan Solak, whom you remember as a quiet man with perverse enjoyment of being struck. Master Barakat bows to you stiffly before joining Master Karim and Padma.

“-and Master Tarik! Most very honorable Vatis in service to the Shah!”

>> No.38076986

>and a desert.

>> No.38077004
File: 70 KB, 605x850, Ismail Uzun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally, Master Tarik enters. He's the youngest of the four Masters whom you had frequent interaction with outside of an official capacity. Like Master Barakat, his hair has only just begun to grey. You'd estimate him somewhere around four hundred, but not quite four hundred yet. He wears long black robes with a red collar. Some sort of enchanted brooch is keeping his robes closed. You remember him as a somewhat severe man, but friendly enough. He tutored Delshad Ajam and Ismail Uzun, your two closest friends growing up. You exchange the usual greeting and then he joins the other masters.

“Likewise I am also being of the announcement with the Vatis; Delshad Ajam, Derya Katirci, Hadia Aslan, Ismail Uzun, Mohan Solak, and Rajani Demir!”

Unlike the Masters, the men and women you grew up with are not granted the honor of being announced individually. They enter as a group, each one bowing to you in turn. Ismail clasp your forearm and pulls you into a brief hug as he passes, and Delshad merely claps your should companionably.

You're surprised to see that Delshad has grown a neatly trimmed goatee since you last saw him. While it's not unheard of for Samjan to grow a beard whilst still younger than one hundred, it's incredibly rare. Usually it's considered sign of a tainted lineage, of some human ancestry.


>> No.38077033

>very king girl
Are you tired or drunk Soma?

>> No.38077059
File: 211 KB, 523x720, Delashad Ajam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rajani looks much as you last saw her. She smiles to you shyly and very gently hugs you before joining your friends and former Masters in conversation. Hadia, by contrast, smiles broadly and breaks etiquette by addressing you before you've called everyone into the dining hall. “You seem to be doing quite well for yourself, quite rare for an Aghtaki to show up without a scare and buy a house. You'll need to tell me your secret.”

Her words don't seem derogatory, rather they seem congratulatory, still it rubs you slightly the wrong way. She's an old friend, so it's not worth getting upset over, but it was still rude. Regardless you're distracted by Derya, who's chosen a rather revealing robe to wear this evening, clasping your forearm and pulling you into a brief hug.

Finally Mohan meanders up to you, bows low, and claps you on the shoulder companionably before joining the rest of your companions in conversation. However, that is not the end of the procession. Rather two more people enter unannounced, presumably the guest of your friends. One of them is a short woman, probably around thirteen or fourteen. One of your friend's apprentices you'd imagine. The other uninvited guest is a young woman in the robes of a Master vatis. Not exactly attractive, but certainly distinguished. She ends up standing next to Mohan, clasping his arm as if the two were a couple.

>> No.38077060

Barakat is one shady ass looking motherfucker

>> No.38077086

Stelios follows them in, dragging with him some sort of strange stone cart stacked high with covered pots and plates of food. He struggles with it, dragging it up the stairs. You use a bit of Earth magic to help him along the way. Eventually he manages to drag it up the stairs without breaking anything and drags it along on not-quite-circular wheels into the kitchens.

Your parents don't seem to have arrived yet. Normally it would be considered more polite to wait for all of the guest to arrive before joining them in conversation, but you really do want to catch up with your old friends. It's not like your family will know, right?

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.
>What's the harm in making some light conversation?

Mostly drunk but little tired. Take the typos, take 'em like a good lil' bitch.

>> No.38077104

>>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077106

Which one was the supposed dyke? That mik totally just calls a dyke because she shot him down

>> No.38077107

>What's the harm in making some light conversation?

>> No.38077110

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077114

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077115

>What's the harm in making some light conversation?
We never followed the rules completely.

>> No.38077121

>What's the harm in making some light conversation?

Oh shit, Drunk Soma is running. Hold onto your panties people, tonight is gonna be interesting.

>> No.38077122

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077132

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

We are the civilized jew. Not some crazy mountain heeb.

>> No.38077135
File: 327 KB, 709x1000, Rajani Demir.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rajani Demir, who's picture I forgot to post.

>> No.38077138

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077140

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077151

>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077156

Follow etiquette

>> No.38077159

Is that actually why mik calls her a dyke? Thats funny as shit

>> No.38077163
File: 247 KB, 1024x1702, Derya Katirci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, I'mma finish the dump even though I'm out of post to make. See filenames for character names.

>> No.38077169

Oh shit where's Rasim?!

>> No.38077189

Mind posting who is who real quick?
I usually use the pastebin for our family, but i can't find one for these guys.

>> No.38077190

All these dark elves always look like a bunch of dicks.

>> No.38077196
File: 84 KB, 894x894, Hadia Aslan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, Mik calls her a dyke because she never showed interest in anyone so far as he's aware.



>> No.38077197

Is Rasim our masters' current apprentice? It's hard to keep track of all these characters

>> No.38077214

We did invite him right?

>> No.38077215

Not coming to an adult party?

>> No.38077216

>>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

>> No.38077232
File: 121 KB, 451x677, Mohan Solak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Blame the art, not the characters. Seriously, the default expression for most art that I can work with is 'mildly constipated'.

>> No.38077233


>> No.38077236

WOW mik is a rude dude
>inb4 cliched crush on him

>> No.38077251

We certainly invited him.
Maybe he said no to the master? That'd be a shame.


>> No.38077258

No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all

>> No.38077277

We just have to drag him over.
In our cloak.

>> No.38077284

Karim Ahmad: Former Master. More a father to you than anyone. Taught you all you know of magic and various other topics.

Rajani Demir: Fellow Apprentice. Though you knew her as an awkward and shy girl, she seems to have blossomed. Master Vatis.
Ismail Uzun: Fellow Apprentice. A cocksure, lustful, obnoxious son of a bitch. Recently started living with his mistress.
Hadia Aslan: Fellow Apprentice. You knew her as a motherly, worrying sort of girl. Unsure of her current status.
Mohan Solak: Fellow Apprentice. A quiet young man who was secretly the biggest pervert you knew. Unsure of his current status.
Delshad Ajam: Fellow Apprentice. A faithful companion. Often helped you study and sparred with you. Unsure of his current status.
Derya Katirci: Fellow Apprentice. You knew him as a somewhat meek, effeminate boy. Unsure of his current status.

Vasuda El-Amin: Close Friend. The Shah's niece. Once, the two of you were betrothed to be married. When you became a Vatis she was instead forced to marry your brother.

Barakat Attar: Friend's Master.
Tarik Samara: Friend's Master.
Padma Terzi: Friends' Master.
Its a bit outdated, and doesn't have any knew info you revealed.

>> No.38077292

By inviting our master we invited him as well but we forgot it was trollgoatfucker Karim and he musta said something to make him stay back home

>> No.38077297

>She smiles to you shyly and very gently hugs you
I habbeb it

>> No.38077306

That's a problem of fantasy art in general. So many character portraits, so many people in need of milk of magnesia.

>> No.38077310

Ive got a crush on mik ;-;

>> No.38077318

What if Mik creates a giant goat, and leave her at Master Karim's house...

>> No.38077321

Well he did get kicked out for slander.

>> No.38077341

that being said.
What about our Grand parents? Or are they dead

>> No.38077344

>>No, follow etiquette. They're your family, after all.

We have plenty of time. Let's make a good impression.

>> No.38077365
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Shit I forgot two people.
Whatever they were unannounced extras anyway. They just slipped in while Mik wasn't looking. Yeah.

>> No.38077369

Do we even know wo they were? Are family started from slavery

>> No.38077396

Fuck i cant type tonight

>> No.38077405

404 soon

>> No.38077412

We'll have to compliment Rasim's sneaking skills.
Even though he was just hiding behind someone else.

>> No.38077420

Man, you should go to sleep, I want quality content, not your half-assed drunken nonsense.

>> No.38077438

Wrong our great great grandfather.
so things are a bit different from what yu may think.
Everyone after our great great grandfather is a noble. And therefore not slavery.
So we should know our grandparents. Especially since they should still be alive.

>> No.38077461

Your many times great Grandfather was a slave, but no currently living Abdul-Hakims have ever been slaves.

Grandpa is dead, that's why your father is head of the family. He was pretty young too, only about a hundred. Shanked by a commoner.

Grandma visited every now and again but you didn't really see her much. She moved to Marqash to be with your older sister, since she didn't think it was proper your father married her off to some distant nobleman in a city where she'll have few, if any, close family.

>> No.38077484

Mik friends look like hard asses.
Must have been hell for Delashad to have one friend who hated authority and the other who is worse than prof, but yet better at the same time.

>> No.38077524

Sounds like a bunch of true companions, actually.

>> No.38077539

>Regardless you're distracted by Derya, who's chosen a rather revealing robe to wear this evening, clasping your forearm and pulling you into a brief hug.
>Derya Katirci: Fellow Apprentice. You knew him as a somewhat meek, effeminate boy. Unsure of his current status.
>mik is into dat boypussy
Mik is getting desperate.

>> No.38077612

The Entity is a fujoshi, that's why the ritual failed, Bro God saw what a fucked mess she was and went "NOPE" and the concussive blast created the desert

>> No.38077636


Why? It's more fun though, sort of. Like giggling that Soma's drunk or something.

>> No.38077797

Seems appropriate...


>> No.38077931

Well, I'm going to sleep, so just in case Soma keeps running here are a few topics to discuss during the party:
1) Ask Karim about the green soul and if it belongs to Rasim
2) Ask Karim his opinion on setting up a meeting with the lord of the void.
3) Introduce catspirit
4) Find investors in Mortia's serum and SK's water desalination project.
5) Tell Karim about the contents of the mystery book and ask what he thinks we should do with it.
6) Find someone who knows the pa'vala.
7) Check if anyone needs something from the north.

>> No.38077999

>2, 3, 4, 7

>> No.38078062


Yeah, pretty much this.

>> No.38078072

You resist the temptation to go join your friends in conversation. Presumably your companions are already waiting in the dining hall, at least that's typically how things work. The host's household don't interact with the guest until the host invites the guest to eat.

Fortunately you don't have to wait for long before a woman's voice you don't recognize calls out in perfect Samjan. “Announcing the most honorable Emir Sankar, Patriarch of the Abdul-Hakim tribe, a man of vast wealth and impressive prestige!”

Your father strides through the door, dressed in his court garb. He does not bow to you, as an Emir he is excepted from that custom, though he does nod his head in greeting. You bow as low as you're able, at which point he approaches your former Master. The two men greet each other affectionately and begin talking animatedly about something or other, you're not entirely sure what.

You note a woman you recognize hanging off of Ismail's arm, he brought that desert woman with him, his mistress. You hadn't seen her step in. Additionally, you catch site of Rasim hiding behind your Master's robes. He seems terribly shy, but you suppose that makes sense. It's an entirely new situation for him.

“With him are his wives Hafsah, Semiha, Nadiyya, and Ayda as well as his children Halima, Zaahir, Azra, Pratima, Duha, Chetan, Bahadur, and Samad! We are also privileged to receive Vasuda of the Royal Family El-Amin this evening.”

>> No.38078089

Huh, Nadiyya brought her newborn twins. Perhaps a touch unorthodox but not really, especially considering their age. A mother is expected to cling to her children for the first few years, at which point it becomes more socially acceptable to leave them to their own devices.

The rest of your family stream inside. You don't have to go through the stiff ritual of greeting everyone this time. They're your family after all, and none of them are titled as anything but nobles. Vasuda is something of a special case but she's so far from the throne she lacks a title.

With all of your guest having finally arrived, you turn your attention to the crowd and announce loudly. “If everyone would please follow me into the dining room we have both chilled and spiced wine as well as iced water to quench everyone's thirst!”

You stride into the dining hall, your guest falling in behind you slowly as conversations cut off. You're pleased to see your companions all seated appropriately near the host's table but not at the host's table. Besides yourself, the Masters and your Father will also be seated in places of honor at the end of the hall on an elevated platform.

Most of your guest disperse, taking seats as close to the host's table as they can manage. Profectus strikes up a conversation with Mohan and Ismail, both of whom sat across him with the women you think are their mistresses. You've no doubt those three will be fast friends. Rajani and Vasuda have taken seats next to Chryssa and Fulvia while Hadia and Derya opted for seats next to Darzi, though all seven are seated at the same table. You're... not sure how they'll get along. You can see a fight breaking out before the night is through.


>> No.38078110

Delshad has taken a seat next to Thaddeus, he seems quite fascinated by the metal contraption strapped to his head. Much to your surprise the young girl you took to be an apprentice takes a seat next to him, you didn't think Delshahd would be the sort to take on an apprentice so early. It's typically considered a bad idea.

You move to the end of the hall and take a seat at the end of the host's table, Masters Karim, Barakat, Tarkik, and Padma joining you. Your father takes a seat at your right hand, while the left hand is left empty. Typically the left hand is reserved for the First Wife, or the favored mistress, of the host.

Wine is served, you opt to begin with the spiced red rather than the chilled white. White wine is typically stronger than red, and you'd like to keep your wits about you for now. You gesture to the serving girl and she fills your cup. As you raise it to your lips for a sip, the rest of the table motions for their drinks to be filled. Guest must always wait for the host to drink before filling their own cups, it's a tradition as old as the desert.

As you set your glass down, Master Barakat poses a question. “So, Mikhael. Karim tells us much about you. You're to be unbanished, are you not? Tell me, what did you do to earn the Shah's gratitude?”

>Gonna call it here and pick up the next thread with the party proper.

>> No.38078150

See you next time Soma.
Thanks for running. YAGIT.

>> No.38078157


>> No.38078165

Night Soma, was cool of you to run this long.

>> No.38078167

Thanks for running boss.

And god fucking damn-it, this is gonna be a bitch to annotate. Why must drunk you retain your historical expertise?

>> No.38078168

Thanks for running Soma. Nighty night!

>> No.38078193

It is ingrained in me. Like alcoholism and a strong desire to leave car bombs outside of Parliament.

>> No.38078194

6:30 am here, tired as fuck but it was worth it. Night Soma.

>> No.38078203


Thanks for the run, Soma-kun.

>> No.38078226

Next session when?

>> No.38078254

When I Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday depending on snow n' shit.

>> No.38078262

You've my sincere gratitude for saying what everyone was itching, but didn't want to appear pratty, to say.

>> No.38078286

Nice three day range, faggot. PICK A DAY
Just kidding love you senpai

>> No.38078341

>Most of your guest disperse, taking seats as close to the host's table as they can manage. Profectus strikes up a conversation with Mohan and Ismail, both of whom sat across him with the women you think are their mistresses.
The 3 perverts
>Rajani and Vasuda have taken seats next to Chryssa and Fulvia
Dyke+exlove+chick that has a crush on us, and a blunt robot, this is gonna be fun.
> while Hadia and Derya opted for seats next to Darzi,
Darzi gets her reversed trap and a christmas cake.
>Delshad has taken a seat next to Thaddeus
Well no clue here.

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