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Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaan...~

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So, who else is planning on making all the Elder Evils their bitch?

>> No.38064922

Reposting in case anyone missed it. I'd love to see your builds!

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L-Lewd Anon we are a family friendly thread here.

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I'mma hunt a bunch, if not all of them.

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Don't worry when I finally defeat them in combat the screen will fade to black for all the sensitive anons out there. The sound though...

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v55 Gundam Seed
Added the contributed drawbacks, and Alt Mobile suit purchase option. Still need to finish perks, and Items, before starting on Mobile Suit Creation mode.

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Don't act like you don't want it.

>> No.38065031

I want to hunt down Atropas and figure out what the fuck he is.

>> No.38065087 [SPOILER] 

Oh boy, is it time for magical realm?

>> No.38065116

No! This isn't time for magical realms!

>> No.38065122

Hey, I'm just talking about some sweet alone time with some evil incarnate, not that furshit. Have some class anon.

>> No.38065135

You can just feel that valentines day atmosphere. Should we light some candles?

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Get your shit together, anon.

>> No.38065163

Burn some sage and pray for forgiveness, more like it.

>> No.38065165

I rolled The Worm That Walks and Ragnorra.

This... is going to be a very interesting jump, to put it lightly.

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When did Jumpchain become so lewd? I remember back when it was a nice pure innocent thread where we made jumps.

>> No.38065174

>that gif
Get that magical realm shit out of here.

>> No.38065187

It is disgusting hermaphrodite shit, though.

>> No.38065191

If it has furry ears and tail, I have to assume its furry anon. One can never be to safe.

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I still want to make a Monster Girl Quest (QUEST, not Encyclopedia) jump, in the same universe as Luka, Alice, Ilias, the 4 Heavenly Knights and whatnot.

But people really don't like anything lewd, so I never had the chance to start. Do people still mind, or not?

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It's never time for lewd.

>> No.38065242

Moe, why are you starting another shitstorm? Delete this post, we do not want a lewd jump from a porn game.

>> No.38065255

Grab the Barry White CD's.

>> No.38065257


This really is not a good idea.

>> No.38065260

Where the fuck do you think you are?
This is fluffy tail country, mofo.

>> No.38065261

So uh.

What kind of jumps let you generate portals, Eliatrope style? I'll settle for tech like LoT's Eternity gate (actually not quite sure how large/how frequently you can open that portal and its range, though I'm assuming you can't spam it Eliatrope-style) if it springs to mind, or like the Spacebridge

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>doing anything with a quest
>doing anything lewd to boot

Don't start this.

>> No.38065264

I wouldn't, but some people get so goddamn worked up over this it's incredible.

Do what you feel is best.

>> No.38065268

Sorry MoeAnon but that isn't happening as much as I love MGQ it can't go off without being a lewd jump. So I have to say no.

>> No.38065275

Fuck this >>38065242 guy, I want me some monster girls

>Captcha Neat

Even the captcha agrees

>> No.38065277

Yeah, you probably shouldn't. I don't think it's time yet. Save it for when Jumpchain is for sure for sure ending. Then, upload it as a final hurrah.

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What part of no jumps based on porn do people not understand? There are plenty of jumps that include sex and shit like that. Those are more than enough.

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Is anyone going to do a dynasty warriors or Samurai warriors Jumpchain?

>> No.38065296

Then go to CATastrophe or any setting that isn't rape porn.

>> No.38065301 [SPOILER] 

I don't think there's enough content to do anything without violating board rules. I'd be game for it otherwise if only because of my waifu.

>> No.38065303

Nah, not worth it imo.

>not praising Saint Dio of the Metal

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I had one in progress anon but can't seem to get it off the ground would you like to see it?

>> No.38065322


I wouldn't mind. Too bad people here are so prudish though

>> No.38065329

You could.

>> No.38065332

Fuck off

>> No.38065334

I would yes. What are you having trouble with by the way

>> No.38065336

I think it's a free slot for a new jump. You thinking of making one?

>> No.38065343

Their are plenty of Jumps for acquiring Monstergirls already. Just grab some from those.

Why sure anon, we'd love it if you made a Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors Jump!

>> No.38065360

MoeAnon, if you REALLY want to do something with monstergirls, do Gate: The JDSF Fought Here or SOMETHING else. At least then you can just work with what plot is given and let other people fanwank the lewd.

Otherwise you're just starting a shitstorm. Again.

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No one wants that shit here, take your retarded fetish shit elsewhere.

>> No.38065365

Which ones?

>> No.38065369

If no one else is, then once Gundam Seed is finished I might...

>> No.38065375

Mainly some perk ideas, items, possible ideas for companions, and somethings hold on.

>> No.38065398

Inuyasha, Inukami, Percy Jackson, and many more besides. Just look a little.

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>> No.38065415

>Gate: The JDSF Fought Here
That one would be pretty cool actually.

>> No.38065418

This anon has the right idea. >>38065398

Just look a little. This shit isn't handed to you on a platter.

>> No.38065427

Tell me about this JDSF thing.

>> No.38065438

It would be!

I know Red was talking about making it after Gears of War and Brutal Legend, but if she's gone... well, I guess MoeAnon can take it over. If he feels like it.

>> No.38065440

I'd jump it just to give the fantasy side enough magic to balance things.

>> No.38065451

Yo Babylon, do I have to worry about my ork boyz getting spores everywhere post-jump?

>> No.38065452

The fun is in the chase

>> No.38065469

Wheel of time lets you make gateways, which have awesome battle potential.

>> No.38065482

I'll go read it over, I was kind of thinking of a Warriors Orochi drawback as well.

>> No.38065487

>Brutal Legend
Oh shit, I hadn't thought of that. I hope Red comes back in a day or two after the heat cools off a little.

>> No.38065491

Fantasy Rome conquers most of continent, opens portal to alternate world to conquer more. Alternate world turns out to be modern Japan. Intense right wing politics ensure.

>> No.38065506

Please do I've been sitting on this jump for nearly a some months.

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>> No.38065557

Gah I hope everyone does. I'm biting nails here.

>> No.38065582

I'll see what I can do. THe pastebin looks like a good place to start for feudal china, I'll probably convert it to pdf and add some stuff, though for the time being seed needs to be finished.

>> No.38065594 [DELETED] 

So have you guys finally calmed d...

>Arguments about furries.
>Arguments about Monster Girl.

>> No.38065607

There'll be enough spores that barring something really dumb that gets all your boyz killed at once you'll get enough reinforcements to keep numbers steady and replace fatalities.

>> No.38065616

Not much of an argument, so much as everyone telling him no.

And honestly? I think these reaction posts don't help. Why not move on?

>> No.38065621

rolling for the entire thing

gimmi something good here like an 8 or 6

>> No.38065627

Great post. 10/10

Seriously though it's not as bad as it first seems. Just start a reasonable discussion and things will take off.

>> No.38065643

Please KOTOR Anon. It really is nothing. It's already been resolved.

>> No.38065649

Hmm. Might be an issue for locking things down and keeping some order. Need to work on some fungicide.

>> No.38065666

>everyone telling him no
Not quite, but I agree it's not a great idea.

>> No.38065752 [DELETED] 

Right, so who got scared off after the last thread?

>> No.38065770

Can we talk about something good? What's your overall theme, KOTOR?

>> No.38065781

Would the Mini-Hakkero allow me to use Infernal Sun at it's max potential more or less indefinitely?

>> No.38065785

Stop bringing it up.... just go back and read last thread.

>> No.38065810

Read the last thread. Stop trying to bring the shitstorms in here.

>> No.38065814

Bugger off, man.

>> No.38065826

Does it matter? There's nothing we can do about it now.

>> No.38065832

Red, marvel,OAA.
No idea how permenant but im pretty sure that guy was banned so we should be fine now.

Rvb text jump tonight or tomorrow. I mean it this time, the laptop no longer has milk in every hole.

>> No.38065835

How bout them Yankees?

>> No.38065868

RvB? You've got my attention.

>> No.38065876

> but im pretty sure that guy was banned so we should be fine now.
He's been banned before. Several times, actually. He just keeps coming back. Like a fungus.

>> No.38065880

I think the dirty carpetbaggers need to get out of Dixie.

>> No.38065885

So what the drawback cap on Touhou?

>> No.38065912

They're okay.

How 'bout them Mets?

>> No.38065919

None. Beyond taking the ones that get you killed, I guess.

>> No.38065938

Copied from what I wrote about it last thread:
If you have enough raw magical potential, it has the potential, sure. But do note it's a lot less flexible, since it's only function is to project a death laser. There's no risk of nuclear fallout like with Infernal Sun, so that's a possible upside.

Nonexistent. Take as many as you like.

>> No.38066002

Eh, attention is for soldiers, can't we just take a nap.

>> No.38066079

I never met them.

>> No.38066083

>Rolled Human Village
>Race: Human, rolled 14+2

>Magician's Mind 900
>Focus Undivided 800
>Doctor of Miracles 600
>Pandemonium 200

>Sword of Hisou -100

>Secondary Canon -100
>Incidental 0

Nothing too interesting planned here, mostly just taking stuff for Drop-in that looks neat. I skipped paying the the 50 CP for Soar because I picked up flight from an earlier jump. The plan is to mostly hang out and research magic until I inevitably cause some horrible disaster, but 2hus seem strong enough that I'm sure it will work out.

>> No.38066257

Pretty much the theme for my jumps, I think I'll enjoy my time in RvB.

>> No.38066342

You do realize MGQ isn't a quest thread right?
It's a JRPG.
It's still Lewd and shouldn't be made into a jump, but it isn't a quest

>> No.38066356

Goddamnit Justice, why? Why are you bringing that back up?

>> No.38066659

V.6 Gundam Seed
Still need two more 600cp Perks (ZAFT, and Earth Alliance) and more items

>> No.38066773

Cause he makes the /hard/ choices we dont have the /passion/ to make.

>> No.38066794

The format on this thing is as ugly as sin.

>> No.38066805

Its a prototype.

>> No.38066809

I think all it needs is for the perks to be spaced.

>> No.38066975

Yeah, nothing causes me to close a jump faster than unspaced perks

>> No.38067117

V.65 Gundam Seed
Mild formatting corrections.

>> No.38067144

I know, right? I mean, it doesn't matter how good the jump is, or how much you like the theme, or how unfinished it might be, if it doesn't look good then I just stop reading the jump and leave it behind forever and never look at future versions because there's never any excuse to look less than absolutely perfect at all times.

>> No.38067186

Please guy, there is no need to be so defensive. You are blowing their criticisms out of the water.

>> No.38067204

Another didn't post their Touhou build last thread, so I've taken my half-build and turned it into a silly one solely to appease MoeAnon!

> Location: Border (50). "It seems some powerful creature has broken past the border. Be on your guard."
> Class: Drop-In (0). "...look! That mysterious stranger over there!"
> Race: Fairy (50). "Oh, it's just a fairy. False alarm!" "Hey!"

> Soar (100). You can't have a fairy without flight. Well, you could, but that's not the point.
> Hakutaku’s Gift (600). The retcon ability is actually unique vs balefire, but I'll just use it to emulate fairy regen.

> Ibuki Gourd & Dish (200). "Hey, miss oni, I'll give you these if you punch that guy over there in the face!"

> Fated Encounter (Discount:100)-Yumemi Okazaki. A hypertech, planeswalking teacher of multiversal physics. Hm, seems familiar-oh wait that's every single jumper ever.
> Group Import (600). It will be glorious when people realize the leader of this powerful group is a fairy.

> Jumper Stole the Precious Thing! (+100).
> Silly Hats (+100). Welcome to Touhou!
> Incidental (+200) & Reimu Syndrome (+300). "You.. you want a fairy to solve incidents. Even her OWN incident? This. Is. Amazing! Thank you!"

My incident? Everyone thinking I'm absurdly powerful, and sparking Gensokyo-wide panic by using my out-of-context-problem abilities to get everywhere I shouldn't, solely for talking about things I shouldn't know to very paranoid people. Can you blame a fairy for not knowing when to shut up? I'd always defer to Cirno on being the strongest, so I'll make her into an extra-stage boss.

Oh, and I'm the 'rip reality apart for a yukkuri' person from earlier, so I'll probably end up introducing those. Watch, as animated beanbuns cause ecological chaos and spill over into the outside world! Now, which beanbun head would make the best pet...? And can any of those snack perks in other jumps provide orange juice?

>> No.38067235

Please do the same thing with locations.

>> No.38067238

Right on, brother.

>> No.38067282


>> No.38067310

Simply because I close it doesn't mean I won't go back to it when it's fixed. I realize a lot of jumps are posted as WIP, I always point out the lack of spaces as it makes it more difficult to read. When it's fixed, I'll go back to the jump.

>> No.38067453

You didn't take discounts at all. I would revise your build if I were you, since you should have 150 CP spare.

>> No.38067508

Only thing I would change now is to number the locations, but that's just nitpicking.

Good work man.

>> No.38067527

Thank you. What do you suggest be moved around?

>> No.38067621

Working on Barkley's Shut Up & Jam Gaiden. How much do ya'll think this should cost? And what could I do to bump it up to around the 300cp range?

[Spoiler]Dimension Whistle
This small whistle summons a tornado that brings you to the B-ball dimension, an almost heavenly realm where B-balls greatest legends rest. Unlike the original Dimension Whistle, this whistle can bring you there & back at-will. All you have to do is play a short tune, and you will be whisked away. Outside of the jump, it can be used to bring you to & back from your Warehouse, without even needing to use the key. Keep in mind, you cannot see the area that you left from inside your warehouse.

>> No.38067656

Son of a bitch, I definitely typed that other spoiler tag. Sorry all.

>> No.38067680

You fail at spoilers Anon.

>> No.38067803

Yeah, yeah I know.

>> No.38067820

Fail at spoilers.

Also, is that whistle able to pull in anything you touch or no? Because if yes, that's kind of abuseable in that you could just grab a huge mech, whistle and it's there.

>> No.38067893

Thanks! But you can't expect me to sit around all day, there's incidents to solve!

Sillybuild Patchnotes!:
> Soar (50, changed discount!)
> Gourd & Dish (100, changed discount!)

New item!:
> Miracle Mallet (150, discounted thing!). "Hello primary weapon! Jumper is going to hit people! That's definitely what incident solvers do, right? Hit people? Close enough, that's what Reimu does."

>> No.38067903

That is an important thing to note. I will add in something saying that it only brings you and your companions, including podded companions but not including other people you may be travelling with or whatever.

>> No.38068049

I like you anon. Do more silly builds pls.

>> No.38068139

Small question, does that mean you can access the warehouse without having it be open to somewhere, or does the door reopen to the last door it was used on, or does it open to the closest door with a lock?

How does that apply with the "No sapients" rule?

Aside from those questions, it's time for a MOTHERFUCKING JUMPER THEME SONG EXPO!



>> No.38068208

My theme is the only acceptable theme.

>> No.38068221

All of the above! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dEbX9-EsMY

>> No.38068229

I am currently deciding on what I should make for my next jump. Thinking of continuing with Sword Girls, but I want to hear what everyone has to say first.

>Sword Girls
>The Gray Garden
>Tokyo Ghoul

>> No.38068244


>> No.38068271

Sword girls and tokyo ghouls are the only two I know of.

>> No.38068300

Gray Garden, I guess.

>> No.38068305

Do you have any interesting ideas for how jumping would interact with Muv-Luv? If you do, my vote is for that. Otherwise, I'm voting for Ghoul.

>> No.38068342

The first one. You can access your warehouse from anywhere, without having to use a door, or even needing one in the first place. When you use the whistle while in the Warehouse, it brings you back to the location in your current jump you blew it. The downside, is you can't see whats happening in this location. Although it can't be used to telefrag someone, and it won't teleport you into a solid object, anything else is fair game, so you could end teleporting yourself into some kind of hazard. And yes, with foresight, it can be used to launch ambush's from pretty much out of nowhere. Time doesn't stop while in your warehouse.

>> No.38068471

>theme song

>battle theme

>> No.38068509

Well since I tweaked it I'll repost my build

>Touhou project
>Origin: Servant (100)
>Race: Youkai (Fox Youkai) (50)
>Starting location: The Great Hakurei Barrier


>*Spellcards (free)
>*Music 1 (free)
>*soar (100)
>*Focus Undivided (50, discount)
>*Magician's mind (100)
>*Doll maker of Bucuresti (200)
>*Infernal Sun (300, Discount)
>*Lunar Dial (400, Discount)


>*Yukari Yakumo

>*Reimu Syndrom (300)

So same plan as before really though without the capital it's going to be harder to make my human flesh food stand. However no one can stop and entrepreneur with a dream.

As for Yukari as a companion... I am anticipating her being as helpful as she is in cannon. This is a vacation for her and generally she will just be sleeping and stealing all my booze. She may help out in subtle small ways but is likely just content to let things play out. She knows this is my story and doesn't want to overshadow the star. She has too much class for that.

>> No.38068515

Sword girls, if only because it's already started and will therefore (hopefully) take less time to pump out, unless you've lost the inspiration for it. Then well, whatever sounds most fun to you.

>> No.38068560

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q_ODG7I2e4&list=FLqsB-_oEoOikwQWEWsQq0Gg&index=68

Battle Theme is whatever I feel like singing at the time. Singing during a fight is a lot of fun.

>> No.38068567

Lately I've been listening to Blumenkranz from Kill la Kill whenever brainstorming up lategame displays of influence. The lyrics, in (mangled) German, describe a character who is offered and desires to gain power in order to survive a cruel world.
I think I've been a bit obsessed with this anime as of late, to be honest.

>> No.38068571

Here's my non serious battle theme: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VzpWJx3I2DY

By non serious I mean non lethal attacks and absurd amounts of dodging.

When I'm not dicking around as much it's more like: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AhhcTcD_gyM

This is for actually lethal attacks. If I go really serious there is no music.

>> No.38068587

Thinking along the lines of letting the jumper be the God or the Devil of a realm where they can return to at any point, but I don't know if that would be too OP or not. It will be at least a 600 CP no discount kind of thing. But for power, I intended for it to be kind of low powered, and the perks will be based around Yosafire and gang instead of Kcalb and Etihw.

Capstone drawback will be of course, Bratty Savior. Your memories will be wiped, and the jump will be extended to 30 years, with the first 10 or so simply a depowered you along with similarly depowered companions and other characters living a normal life. Of course, you're still the casually conductor, and will go through the BETAverse once where you will be destined to fail, with you still locked out of your powers.

The third and final time however, you will regain all memories, and all your powers, as well as your warehouse.

Also, there would be a secret ending if all BETA is removed from the solar system. I have yet to think up a reward, but I will.

I'm kind of lost on what to do for ideas and perks. Any help would be great, though.

>> No.38068618


>> No.38068670

You just made muv-luv sound pretty boss there bro. And in all honesty I know jack shit about sword girls; I only voted for that because it had work done on it.

>> No.38068671

No, seriously. It works wonders to throw someone off balance.

Fine, okay. I'll be serious. Hmm, maybe this?

>> No.38068737

>Theme Song

>Battle Theme
This varies. Usually whatever fits the situation. Generally music from Jetsetrad.io, cause I took the perk that imports Professor K to every universe. When it comes to extra-hard boss fights, I'd probably have a unique boss theme for every jump, said boss theme being a JSR styled remix of a song from that jumps universe.

>> No.38068777

I'd very much like you to finish Sword Girls.

>> No.38068813

My carefree not serious theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gRt88fmgt4

Serious Barkley Theme song:

My really Serious theme song:

Yes I know how edgy it sounds but I like the song.

>> No.38068932


>> No.38068997

So Konotanon, how do you feel now that your rival is gone?

>> No.38069025

Just noting I love listening to all these songs from other people. Opens up more music to listen to and shows how diverse peoples choice in music.

>> No.38069063


I'm all for a "Gate: The JDSF Fought Here" jump as well! Getting to mess around in the new world would be pretty cool, but I'd make sure to open multiple portals so other nations could get in on the action.

>> No.38069101

Wouldn't that lead to something like Red Alert or something?
I'm all for the jump being but I'd rather close that gate personally.

>> No.38069120

Can we stop bringing that up. We don't know if they're gone permanently, they might be ba-

Who am I kidding.

>> No.38069121

Depends on the nation. If it's something like the USA, since it's Japan anyway they should've already been involved.

>> No.38069122

>Wouldn't that lead to something like Red Alert or something?
You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.38069126

This would just mean low powered generic fantasy.

>> No.38069151

I think it's just the shitposter ban dodging, anon. It'd probably be better to report or ignore them instead of replying.

>> No.38069176

Nope. From what little I read, the Nips wanted to keep the portal to themselves. Which lead to a random Jap squad massacring and American Special Forces unit. (They had to be American because one of the soldiers was black)

>> No.38069183

I mean the nations fighting over the new resources that are available.
Ok I'll take your point there. I would love a Red alert situation to happen. I am a evil bastard like that.

>> No.38069196

Its fine. If they're gone, they're gone. We shouldn't stop just because we lost a few people. There're still plenty of people making jumps. I mean, QS returned to us, so who's to say they won't?

>> No.38069214

If only I had your optimism anon.

>> No.38069228

It'd never go like that. The USA would be on their ass so quick they wouldn't even be able to brace themselves for the anal reaming.

>> No.38069274

I think you underestimate the YAMATO DAMASHII of this stupid comic.

>> No.38069282

Yep, no such thing as trying to learn from mistakes is there anon? Just keep on being utter cunts to the people who make your content for you

>> No.38069296

Of course it wourd sirry American. Grorious Nippon has best soldiers

>> No.38069321

How hard is it to learn magic in Fairy Tail and what perks in other jumps would help speed it up? I want to pick up as much as possible while I'm there.
I'm tempted to waste points on an Exceed just to fit in with the other Dragonslayers.

>> No.38069325

How would Ash Ketchum feel if Gary Oak suddenly died?

>> No.38069338

I should clarify that Gate is super nationalistic towards Japan.

And then there's the loli death goddess

>> No.38069339

Don't reply to the shitposter, Konata.

>> No.38069362

It appears you are not aware of just how strong nippon is. At least in neo imperialistic japanese fiction.

>> No.38069395

They really are a disgusting people, aren't they? Almost makes you wish China would invade, or happy that their population is dying off.

>> No.38069403

I'm sorry Konota

>> No.38069414

They could be worse. They could be Americans.

>> No.38069418

What if China was invaded by North Korea with you supporting it?

>> No.38069448

>I'm tempted to waste points on an Exceed just to fit in with the other Dragonslayers.
I was gonna. But then the Kancolle jump was posted and my last Companion slot was filled up and I couldn't justify it.

>> No.38069454

He wouldn't notice. I don't think Gary has been in the show since the first season. Or if he was then I honestly don't remember.

>> No.38069470

America has the advantage of not being proud of death camps worse than Germany's, and at least having the military force to back up their arrogant bravado.

>> No.38069490

Eh, I can't really blame them. I mean, most every country has some nationalistic people, Japan is no different.

Haha, you funny guy.
I kill you last.

>> No.38069504

Or even worse. Europeans. God help us all if they turn Slavic.

This is a joke don't take it seriously.

>> No.38069510

Here's the chapter if you want to read it.


>> No.38069522

Japan is different in how severe it is.

>> No.38069535

>Have to pay to be a common Youkai
>Being the greatest monster of all is free

Human too OP, please nerf.

>> No.38069546

If a gate jump happens, I demand there be a filthy dirty american pig-swine drawback where you are now american, and therefore not only scum but absolutely lacking in any quality that could possibly make you a good person.

You can be killed by anyone without retribution.

>> No.38069586

>I actually am american
This is amuses me. Freedom will allow it

>> No.38069588

Also you smell and look ugly.

>> No.38069600

Bonus points if there are several drawbacks in that theme, with varying levels of filthy gaijin go home (Chinese, Russian, European).

>> No.38069618

Let's not forget overly nationalistic to the point of bald eagles manifesting everywhere.

and fat.

>> No.38069636

Not really. It just much more noticeable BECAUSE it's so unusual when compared to the stereotype of a Japanese person.

No, the nationalistic cocksuckers who need their teeth kicked in are the Chinese.

I'd be down with that. After all, the only thing worse than a filthy American gaijin is a filthy SOITHERN american gaijin.

>> No.38069641

If you survive ten years with this drawback, you gain the ability to transform into a red, white, and blue bald eagle who can drop hamburger shaped atom bombs made of freedom.

>> No.38069644

> to the point of bald eagles manifesting everywhere.
I actually wouldn't mind having that just as an ability.

>> No.38069650

Wait so that drawback allows me to summon the eagles? Patriotic eagles at that?

Fuck yeah.

>> No.38069654

I don't actually have many of my companion slots taken up, just my pokemon bro, origin spirit and a podded symbiote with a pod left over for Juvia.

It does seem silly that an exceed costs 50 cp more than 8 companions, they can get the same magic for free along with 400 to spend.
Are there any advantages to it other than being a cute cat?

>> No.38069655

Sillybuild, Appendix 9b(all): Theme music!
Couldn't resist, sorry. This is probably getting a bit silly at this point, but it's supposed to be silly, so, like, whatever.

>> No.38069661

To be honest I wouldn't either. Every dramatic moment, MASSIVE BALD EAGLE IN THE BACKGROUND.

>> No.38069683

If that jump ever happens I can't wait to blow up Japan and deliver those girls and all of the information directly into American hands.
No, it's noticeable because it's far more disgustingly prominent and aggressive in their media than it is almost anyone elses.

>> No.38069720

Chinese Cow
Repugnant Russian
European Vermin
Damned Filthy Dirty American Pig-Swine

>> No.38069761

>If that jump ever happens I can't wait to blow up Japan.
And you called Japan disgustingly nationalistic? You need to calm down.

>> No.38069779

I'm not even patriotic, it just disgusts me. Especially when they're shooting allies.

>> No.38069812

>part of the population is loudly jingoistic
>Better blow up the entire country!

>> No.38069842

Don't be racist guys, unite humanity to exterminate filthy xeno scum.

>> No.38069850

It's probably a majority if we're talking real Japan, but we're not. We're talking in this manga, where it's all of them.

>> No.38069918

v.7 Minor Edits, and additions
Still need items, and 600cp PLANT perk

>> No.38069921


>> No.38069937

America ain't like that, nosiree, they never think they're better then other people, so humble and kind. Don't be such a moron.

>> No.38069938

No. It's by FAR not the majority.

Again. The only reason it gets any coverage whatsoever is because it goes against the stereotype of a quiet asian person who just wants to do their work and doesn't want any trouble. It's no different than the very prevalant portrayal of Americans being the heroes of everything.

>> No.38069988

I don't remember America glorifying horrible death camps or widely advocating media demonizing their allies.
Your argument doesn't help, because the 'Americans as heroes' is an idealized thing. What does it say for you when the above is their ideal?

>> No.38070019 [SPOILER] 

But America is the hero of everything.

>> No.38070031

What does it say about you when you think that's it's okay for Americans to do one thing, but as soon as Japan does it, it's a terrible terrible thing?

>> No.38070045

>I don't remember America glorifying horrible death camps or widely advocating media demonizing their allies.

Yeah, we took those laws off the books like 20 or 30 years ago.

>> No.38070046

>Implying America can't handle filthy xenos on it's own.

>> No.38070049


Christ. What's with the political atmosphere? We're playing a game of pretend people. Lighten up.

>> No.38070060

yep, not at all like those countless lynchings of black people you endorsed back then. Or how bout that shit you pulled in Vietnam?

>> No.38070061


>> No.38070069

They aren't xenos in this case. It's the Romans.

>> No.38070084

Quick, post more theme music!

>> No.38070085

Because America does not generally glorify its atrocities or advocate war against its allies except for a handful of wars that happened several hundred years ago.
You mean those things everyone is taught to be ashamed of and never want to repeat?

>> No.38070087

it suddenly got real /pol/ up in here.

>> No.38070099

Also, I have never seen ANY media glorying death camps. Mostly, they're just ignored.

And I wouldn't say that GATE is widely advocated. Of course, I don't have my thumb on the pulse of Japanese society, so I don't know.

>> No.38070107

The mic for the guy on the far left looks like a Hitler stache

>> No.38070108

I already have.

>> No.38070114

I feel like that has been happening over /tg/ more & more lately.

>> No.38070132


>> No.38070134

Remove Johj
Destroy Johj
Genocide Johj

>> No.38070137

Darken Down is going to be the name of my band in the musician jump.

>> No.38070185

Agreed, I think we need an admin.

Theme song for Pokemon jump.


>> No.38070236

Look to this anon >>38069600

>Filthy Gaijin Go Home (+???) +you now embody the worst stereotype of your home nation. As a result, no repercussions will manifest if someone tries to kill you.

Or something to that effect.

>> No.38070259

I've been thinking of non conventional ways to get around perfect defenses. Would the RWBY Payback Semblance get around Accelerator from Raildexs vector control?

Also Gate is poorly written. Literally nothing goes wrong for the protagonists.

>> No.38070273

Nah, make em separate drawbacks like QS said here: >>38069720

>> No.38070282

I still want to know why those have buck teeth.

>> No.38070294

>I become fat, slovenly, stupid, and unbaribly arrogant, not to mention being a religious prude
>The guy who spent tons of jumps making himself good looking and has amassed a Harem

>> No.38070304

To make them look stupider.

>> No.38070312

Also, why does it have tits on the front?

>> No.38070317

it detachs the gun and fuses with another to become Pac man.

>> No.38070336

and I misspelled unbearably
Fuck, the Drawback is already working

>> No.38070430

Read chapter 44, its the latest one. They try to set up an ambush for the Red Dragon by filling its nest with C4. It blindsides them and kills off nearly all of the party in short order.


About 5 of them get bisected, some get swallowed, others get mauled, a handful die to rocket backblast, and nearly all of their rockets get used up because the elves failed to arm them before firing them in a panic. Oh, and a whole lot get torched by fire-breath.

Plus, earlier on it turns out that some civilians were captured and brought back in the first raid and were subsequently enslaved as sex slaves. Only one was saved, the rest were put to death working in mines after they got uppity about being treated like meat.

>> No.38070435

Hmm, a racist, drunk, bogan bitch who wrestles crocs for fun? Pfft, close enough.

>> No.38070468

By they you mean the filthy gaijin dark elves.

>> No.38070469 [DELETED] 


>> No.38070506


>> No.38070608

My power level is to low to understand.

>> No.38070620


>> No.38070723

Next bit of the LoT add on I'm doing, this is gubbinz, dakka and extra vehicles.


>> No.38070743

Sure one of my best friends is one, but still

>> No.38070831

What is Goggle Translate.

>> No.38070870

See >>38070620

>> No.38070873

Time to strap every weapon possible on it

>> No.38070889

Are ya going to paint it Blue?

>> No.38070904

Well, that's awful limiting.

>> No.38070908

Isn't it red?

>> No.38070923

How many DLC can we do?
I'mma do light of Terra as my jump right before my End Jump
And at what point does this become End Jump not Normal Jump?

>> No.38070940

Time to buy nothing one rocket sled and blow the rest on oil slicks. Fuck the car, I surf my way to Jesus.

>> No.38070945

Red wunz go fastah
Yellow wunz have bigga 'splosions
Purple wunz be sneakie

>> No.38070948

After the end of part 3 you can choose to continue to the end jump, like it's always been.

>> No.38070965

What happens if it paint it the impossible color from the Lovecraft jump?

>> No.38070979


You can do any or all the DLC I come up with.

It becomes an end jump when I get around to writing the two fight Orikan and get a spark endings.

>> No.38070984

Then what about blue?

>> No.38070986

Blue wunz makes it lucker!

>> No.38071006

dat one's makes da weirdboyz get weirder.

>> No.38071051

>Red wunz go fastah
It's sad how relevant this is.

>> No.38071093

Oh fuck off.

>> No.38071104

I haven't been following LoT much, nor have I done it yet


>> No.38071214 [SPOILER] 

Finish Sword Girls and then Muv-Luv is what I would say.

>> No.38071253

>Not taking it right before the Halo jump so you can wipe out the Covenant by yourself.

>> No.38071297

Eh, Halo is a ways into my jumps anyway

>> No.38071601

And it's DONE! The Samurai Jack Jump is complete!

Let me know if there's anything missing or if you have any concerns/complaints.

>> No.38071808

no companion import?

>> No.38071937

Daily reminder that Johji is everywhere.

>> No.38071975

I'd like to note those fuckers are creepy as hell.

>> No.38071993

Daily reminder that you are worse than the johj.

>> No.38071999

He looks like a fine and upstanding citizen of Mars to me.

>> No.38072205

But can a Midget be worse than midgets?

>> No.38072240

No, but a midge is worse than both.

>> No.38072327

>midget johj

>> No.38072446

Oh, don't worry anon. We have those too.

>> No.38072492

Remember citizen.

>From A Single Hair (+600 CP): Normally, the Roaches are limited in what they can take: They are skilled at surgery, but it requires full-on limb grafts and Mosaic Organ transplants in order for them to mimic the abilities of the Operatives. Then there’s you: All they need to splice in from you is a small piece of skin. A stand of hair. Or maybe a small bit of blood. After that? They will have access to all of your abilities - That’s right.

>Not just your Organic Mosaic. ALL OF YOUR ABILITIES.

>> No.38072493


>> No.38072524

Good thing I have the ability of not being a midget.

>> No.38072597

But as seen here>>38072446

They have midgets.


>> No.38072657

Mobile suit creation mechanics is still under construction

>> No.38072708

Empathy is better than the CP it costs and is much better than the other 50 CP options.

Knowledge should be have a capital letter in Marksmanship.

Metal is repeated in Enhanced strength.

Indomitable Will is ambiguous and can possibly be read as 'you'll always win regardless of circumstance'.

I don't know what 'You'll most likely see prices vary widely deepening on where you are here' from Wealth means.

Board should be bored in Watched.

Your should be you in Sick.

>> No.38072758

I'm guessing there's not a big variety of suits in Seed?

>> No.38072776

I know something worse than midgets!

>> No.38072796 [SPOILER] 


Samurai Jack
> Background: Scientist [-100CP]
> Age: 21 [Rolled2]
> Location: Arabia? [Rolled7]
> Empathy [-50CP]
> Interpretation [-50CP]
> Crafting [Get a Freebie!]
> Navigation [-50CP]
> Engineering [Get a Freebie!]
> Strategy [-100CP]
> Alchemy [-200CP]
> Enhanced Stamina [-100CP]
> Enhanced Reflexes [-200CP]
> Indomitable Will [-300CP]
> Signature Outfit [Get a Freebie!]
> Scouting Glasses [-50CP]
> Potion Kit [Get a Freebie!]
> Workshop [Get a Freebie!]
> UltraBot Companion (Invisibility) [Get a Freebie!]
> The Dome of Doom [+200CP]

Geez, KOTOR. It's seriously like you thought, "What would Konatanon want?", and then put all those choices under one background.

I feel like I'm selectively overpowered here. Not that I could defeat Aku or anything, but just because of the massive prevelance of robots here, versus my ridiculous technomancy hacking powers. And, in a pinch, I can produce absolutely sick amounts of raw Dresden Magic to fry stuff.

So, um. I start in an arena? Not entirely full of robots. But I have a robot companion to help me, and I'm not exactly a slouch. I can probably fight until we figure a way out of here...?
After that I probably just wander around the world collecting All Of The Research. It'll be fun.

I don't think I'll mess with Aku. Although if I meet Jack, I'd totally like to help him in some small way. He's a pretty cool guy.

>> No.38072800

I'm depressed again.

>> No.38072805

Godzilla Venom and Godzilla Xenomorph are the scariest looking ones

>> No.38072841

Fear not humonk! Have a friend-pet to alleviate your fleshy pheromones!

>> No.38072858

I don't know why that's spoiler'd.
Whatever, it's not important.

>> No.38072860

if you already have a giant robot can you import that for the weaponry upgrades?

>> No.38072889

Why is it pitch black? Two out of three of it's parts are brightly colored.

>> No.38072909

Black is fashionable.

>> No.38072933

I didn't know I was on bogleech.

>> No.38072943

The Venom/Xenomorph looks the coolest to me. I bet a symbiote would work great with a bunch of possible alt-forms.

>> No.38072992

I can get you colored Xenomorphs.

>> No.38073012

>Get Symbiote
>Get This Is In-fact My Final Form
>Combine all alt-forms into a hellish monstrosity.
>Apply Symbiote

>> No.38073047

Samurai Jack isn't really about companions.


Thanks, I'll make sure to patch it. As for the complaints.

>Empathy is 50cp because it's a non-combat ability.
>Indom will is suppose to only let you endure pshycological difficulty, like having your friends and loved ones killed.
>Should be "You'll most likely see prices vary widely deepening on where you are while you're here" I.E, things will be exorbitantly expensive in large cities, and dirt cheap in small villages.

Needs Borg and Zerg.

>> No.38073050

More than you would think, but they're pretty much all ZAFT suits. Though there are probably at least a dozen gundams in SEED, though I suppose I should include stuff from Gundam Seed Destiny

>> No.38073084

I suppose... I'll add that option in.

>> No.38073143

So jumpers ive been gone for a week, what did I miss?

>> No.38073148

Ah cool.

Still don't really get why it being a non-combat ability makes it worth only 50 CP.

Could do with tweaking the wording of Indom then.

Do you mean depending rather than deepening?

>> No.38073158

A nightmare.
Run while you still can, fro all hope is lost.

>> No.38073165


>> No.38073168

Read the last thread, assuming you aren't a troll trying to stir shit up.

>> No.38073170

Mount and Blade, maybe Supernatural.

>> No.38073172

Well thats very uncomforting.

>> No.38073176

Some serious shit. Just keep Jumping.

>> No.38073178

Fro? You can't handle a 'fro.

>> No.38073179

Two big shitstorms. Two or three jump creators potentially quitting.

>> No.38073181

Wow, um. Yeah, Empathy seems like it's way better then 50cp, if it lets you read and manipulate emotions.

>> No.38073182


Great stuff.

>> No.38073204

Sweet, supernatural have any good perks? I need something earth or blood based

>> No.38073230

pagan God is what you're after, then

>> No.38073234

Pagan god perk tree. It was a stupid dog, so it's under images.

>> No.38073236

two of the origins are Angel and Pagan God.

You're gonna be a-okay.

>> No.38073243

Why does Aku keep turning into women to seduce Jack? This is like the third or fourth time.

Seriously, Aku? Do you have a thing for Jack? Be honest.

>> No.38073262

Thank you good anons I shall go check that now.

>> No.38073270

I can do that too, technically, by being human. Conversation and natural expression recognition.

>> No.38073286

Im completely straight, but Id turn into a woman for jack.

>> No.38073294

If it's just mundane it's fine, but if it's supernatural it should be stronger. It's a very weird way to word it if it's only mundane.

>> No.38073306

Aku doesn't have a gender, but he just might be Jack-sexual.

>> No.38073309

He keeps doing it because it keeps working.

He just wants to upset you, and if you're questioning your sexuality because you thought a shape-shifting master of darkness was sexy, he's succeeded.

>> No.38073329

>Do you mean depending rather than deepening?
Yes, sorry. I cannot into spelling.

Also, It's just a design choice. Empathy may be worth more cp, but for how I structured this cyoa it had to be set to 50.

See above explanation.

To be honest, so would I. If only to make him less lonely.

>> No.38073333

>if you're questioning your sexuality because you thought a shape-shifting master of darkness was sexy, he's succeeded.
Jokes on him, that's my fetish.

>> No.38073355

In my experience you are just better off not trusting green women alltogether.

>> No.38073362

Gundam seed v.85 additions to Mobile Suit Creator, other suit options.

>> No.38073398 [SPOILER] 


>> No.38073410

She's White, not Green

>> No.38073423

It seems like drop-in doesn't really get a lot.

>> No.38073430

Miss Martian is scum

>> No.38073431

Indomitable Will is non-combat and even in that category there are 100 CP non-combat options that are worth less than Empathy.

>> No.38073459

Is it actual empathy, or just the ability to discern emotions? I think the grimderp jumpers would hate the former.

>> No.38073470

Firstly shes white, secondly she rapes peoples minds when she is green.

>> No.38073475


>> No.38073483

So I guess the real message is: Don't trust white people.

>> No.38073523

Of course. Haven't you heard?

We're the worst things on the planet and owe everybody an apology and 20 dollars because we are the source of all ills!


>> No.38073531

>>For 200cp you may also choose to important the weaponry from an existing giant robot you own for your custom robot.
that's the opposite of what I was suggesting...
I wanted a way to upgrade an existing robot not that this option wouldn't hold interest to some people,also, I'm not seeing a way to take the robot with us after the jump

>> No.38073555

Just discerning emotions and using your knowledge of psychology to manipulate them.

NOT telepathic empathy.

>> No.38073556

I don't think you need a specific option to take it with you. Robots are items, and you've always been able to take shit with you once you throw it in the warehouse.

>> No.38073571

I don't wanna

>> No.38073589

I'll be going to Young Justice real early through the DC jump, it'd be a fun setting and I could mess with certain people by knowing their secrets. MM being white
Most importantly I'd save Wally.

>> No.38073590

Can I select pro-skub for my enchanted weapon's moral alignment?

>> No.38073611

I like that idea too.
The Mobile Suit should fit in your warehouse.

>> No.38073620

Nah, just dirty greens.

>> No.38073646

Do ar tonelico and never run out of space in your tower.

>> No.38073650

How unoptimized. Anti skub is the way to go.

>> No.38073707

No you Anti-skub fuck. Just kidding, honestly I don't care, do whatever you want.

>> No.38073723

How fast could I use the teleport in succession? Would it be like Nightcrawler? If so I'm getting it because I've needed something like that for a while.

>> No.38073773

v.87 Slight updates and additions
Still looking for suggestions? (and a 600cp ZAFT perk)

>> No.38073811

So can I count a mechanical arm as a weapon for the purposes of perks that augment weapons?

>> No.38073873

I would.

>> No.38073921

Regular arms are at least partially designed to cause damage, so a mechanical arm that's based on one should count as a weapon.

>> No.38073957

By that logic, should my shoulder by itself be considered a weapon? Since the human shoulder is at least partially designed to facilitate throwing things as a means of defense.

>> No.38073982

Only if it's a really cool arm.

>> No.38074019

A definition of a weapon is a tool to cause harm. That's the logic I used to determine a mechanical arm as a weapon. Shoulders are not tools, neither are arms. Mechanical replacements are tools, though.

>> No.38074041

So if I had shoulder replacement surgery, then I could do that.

>> No.38074088

Considering the arm I use has blades that can come out of either the wrist or the elbow, plus claws on the fingers, it should definitely count as a weapon.

>> No.38074100

Yeah, go for it. Get that +3 shoulder of flinging.

>> No.38074126

Well, weirdo, I don't see why you couldn't.
I mean... really you can use anything as a weapon. You can bludgeon someone to death with a sock full of pennies. It's just that some weapons are easier to use than others.
If you wanted to specialize in attacking people with your shoulder blade first I'd call you weird, I would say there's nothing stopping you from layering enchantments and spikes and cool shit on your shoulder blade to make that happen.
That's how I'd rule it, anyway.

>> No.38074139

If I replace every part of my body one piece at a time, what happens to me?

>> No.38074153

You become a robot.
And are forever unable to defeat captchas.

>> No.38074156


>> No.38074162


>> No.38074171

You develop really cool feathered hair designed to attract fangirls, but they still seem to prefer the older dude that you were supposed to replace.

>> No.38074184

That depends, do you mean game-mechanically, or do we need to get into a big, long, and complicated discussion where everyone gets tripped up but the question "is continuity of self important to the definition of 'me'?"?

>> No.38074224

It'd be great for football.

>> No.38074345

You check the rulebook, bet you won't find anything that says I can't use magic.

>> No.38074367

It does in salem

>> No.38074412


>> No.38074485

Now now kotor you know as well as I do that just leads to more shitstorms later on.>>38074412

>> No.38074521

Man, what DOESN'T lead to shitstorms?


No, really. This is a serious question.
I would like to know, for future reference.
What doesn't lead to shitstorms?

>> No.38074546

Infinite snack cakes.

>> No.38074553


>> No.38074586

Now the question is. What counts as bullshit.

In /jc/? Everything does.

>> No.38074596

Colony drop?

>> No.38074613

Posting builds for jumps and asking questions about jumpers as individuals, provided the questions are as inoffensive as possible.

>> No.38074620

v.9 Still technically incomplete (notably the lack of a 600cp PLANTs perk) but technically usable so I'm going to submit it... any suggestions or upgrades can be made later
Any comments?

>> No.38074627

Might be a stupid question but would an enchanted ranged weapon still need ammo or would it use magical attacks?
If it does use ammo does the ammo also become indestructible once fired?

>> No.38074656

How would I do that, I just can't figure how that would work.

>> No.38074658

And no possible response can be considered a nerf.

>> No.38074681

Or a buff beyond what the author intended.

>> No.38074687

Or a clarification. Because a clarification is as good as a nerf.

>> No.38074691

Unless your name is red, upon which people will shit on you no matter what you say.

>> No.38074718


>> No.38074725

Basically, in no way is discussing power levels a good idea here.

>> No.38074737

Make it like artillery. Every week or so, the remnants of a colony fall and are guided to where you want it to. Or if that isn't okay, you could go the Zeon Zum Deikun Route and just gets you better charisma and makes revolutions easier.

>> No.38074749

But it always comes up regardless.

And we end up spiraling downward.

>> No.38074750

Either turn your trip back on or stop whining red.

>> No.38074762


>> No.38074771

Maybe you're just new, but that's what happens to tripfags that trip when it isn't required.

>> No.38074783

Doesn't have to be the namefag to whine about bullshit, anon.

You're stabbing at shadows now, and being an enormous knob about it.

>> No.38074785

It's great to see shitheads like you still here. Which content creator are you going to drive off next?

>> No.38074818

Hmm, those are both pretty decent ideas, and both are certainly worth considering. The Charisma buff is probably what I'll end up using given ZAFT's leadership habits.

>> No.38074828

Prolly QS. After that he might go after Merchant or Cats.

He already drove off OAA by being a twit, who knows where he'll attempt to strike?

>> No.38074834

Again? Really?

>> No.38074867

Except it's really just one person with a hateboner for Red specifically and a couple who like jumps as high power as possible for their own reasons. You know, out of the 50 or so posters we have.

>> No.38074876

Glad to be of help. Just a question, does 8 count as a companion and can we modify him to be in a body like a haro?

>> No.38074877

OAA didn't leave, he was being sarcastic.
Ask him. He's sitting in IRC right now.

>> No.38074891

I wish I knew more about Seed so I can help.

...well okay, no I don't. I'm glad I don't know about Seed. Still, good luck.

>> No.38074901

Okay, almost all of these last two dozen posts? They're shitposts. This is pathetic, it makes you almost as bad as the people you hate.

>> No.38074946

No, really, it doesn't. You see, we aren't the ones who made the people who make our content leave.

>> No.38074960


>> No.38074970

But you are causing more drama and inciting those people to post more of their drama too.

>> No.38074972

As far as I'm concerned he doesn't count as a companion. and if you want to sure stick him in a talking ball.

>> No.38074978

Has to leave IRC entirely to leave JumpChain?

Could be he's just hanging out and done making jumps.

>> No.38074990

It's kind of sad I enjoyed reading her builds and she was always helpful on ideas for builds. I hope she comes back.

>> No.38074992

Damnit guys just because you dont love red doesnt mean you hate him and vice versa. Calm your tits.

>> No.38075000

He said he was being sarcastic and regrets saying it.
Fucking ask him.

>> No.38075001

This is really really good news. I feel way better now.

>> No.38075059

Let's change topic. What were your first five jumps, and why did you decide to do those ones first?

>> No.38075077

Pokemon because, PMD because similar, Infamous because QS, Harry Potter because I like it and it's relatively easy, FMA because I like it and I know how to make it relatively easy.

>> No.38075082

Now get working on FF8 or else! Or don't, it's up to you.

>> No.38075113

Gundam Seed v.99 Going to the Folder for submission unless there are any other suggestions.

>> No.38075125


Pokemon is easy enough to know why of course. PMD was because I felt it was a safe choice and led to a good boost in power. Infamous was also a safe bet and gave me super strength, durability, and most importantly regen. I needed all of that. FMA is because alchemy is pretty central to my build and being able to kill anyone I can lay a hand on is never overrated. Fallout is because the tech perks were perfect for my early builds.

>> No.38075139

>Harry Potter
>Unholy Heights
>Tales of Vesperia

Pokemon is obvious, good starting point too.

HP was to get the insanely useful magic.

The next three are the start of my combo, though it still needs until the 9th jump before it reaches completeion.

>> No.38075151

Super Mario Brothers

Not very dangerous, but they give me a good baseline for future jumps

>> No.38075153

I'll probably get into the items or start work on the remaining perks tomorrow.

>> No.38075175

Pokemon because it is traditionally the first.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon because I wanted to continue with the Pokemon theme.
Doctor Who because I'd feel awkward having the Doctor yell at me if I took Doctor Who near the tail-end of the chain. Also to get that luck perk.
Infamous because it is low powered, and I can mess around for a while .
And then I took Fallout for the reverse engineering perk because I really wanted to create some awesome things in Fallout, and for the guns that I could obtain.

>> No.38075176

pokemon trainer because default, then infamous because low-grade superpowers and PMD to become superpowered pokemon, plus to get mai waifu
Then 9 to 5 to get back to reality a bit, give myself a mental break and get that companion with the free pittance of cp
80's action movie after that for if it bleeds and old age & treachery
then inukami because magic and fluffy tails, plus it's something to take early as it takes 90 jumps to kick in fully

>> No.38075191

Anyone heard anything from anyone working on a Mistborn jump? I need me some feruchemy. I would work on it but I haven't read the most recent book

>> No.38075250

1. Pokemon (because ruurs)
2. Inukami (because fluffy)
3. FMA (because alchemy)
4. YuGiOh (because rival + basic utility perks)
5. PMD (because aura + powerful utility perks)

>> No.38075262

The other place we cannot name is supposedly working on it, but there's about zero reason that should stop you from your own attempt.

>> No.38075279

Yeah, anything spacebattles makes is shit.
Or so it's been the case so far.

>> No.38075285

Ah bugger. The plan was wait for tomorrow to try and avoid more shit. But who said plans ever worked out, right?

I'm not leaving, although I was seriously considering it. After the responses to that? Kinda... took a look at all that had happened. Particularly >>38075001
this guy's post last thread. Reading that was like...

>looks at self
>looks at thread
>looks at own post
>"I am an asshole right now."

So, my apologies for my contribution to that shit-train (a worse version of the Cole Train). I had been hoping to avoid adding to it.

The plan's still on for AvP.

I have notes, although the placement for it is a bit further down the road. If you plan on working with it soon, I can throw you a pastebin.

>> No.38075294

I think the guy who made Unsounded is from there and that was pretty good.

>> No.38075301

I think mine may have been unusually aggressive.

>Cardcaptor Sakura
>Generic Magical Girl

Pokemon was first because it's pokemon, and PMD was second because it's a fairly safe world that gives you a decent power boost. Inukami was third because Kitsune needs time to get really good and the magic and physical perks are good. CCS was third because, again, this seems like a pretty safe world and the magic you can get seems pretty useful. Plus, since it's only the fourth jump, Deck of the Jumper isn't too crazy, my biggest concern is someone getting the Inukami magic and killing themselves from overexertion. Generic Magical Girl is next because I want to get the Purification Blast and the befriending perk for my "save everyone" build.

>> No.38075308

Insert gundam seed joke here.

>> No.38075321

> Generic Magical Girl
> Neopets
> Mother
> Ace Attorney
> Dragon Age

Everything but the first was whim of the Random Number God, but I chose to go to GMG first based on KOTOR's suggestion, a long time back. This results in a heavy Befriending focus throughout my chain, which has worked out well for me so far.

>> No.38075356

If we're ignoring Pokemon then it'd be:
Negima for magic boost and fighting skills. Wuxia for more fighting skills and adaptability.
DC for power ring.
Marvel for symbiote (fly there with the ring).
FairyTail for magic and waifu.

I picked them either because they gave a decent early power boost or because I like the setting. One Piece and Percy Jackson nearly made it in there too.

>> No.38075399

Best cripple is back! One out of three is still a failing grade, but I'm happy anyway.

>> No.38075424

Sorry, I was probably being over-dramatic. I'm just kind of easily discouraged in general and I was really looking forward to all of your jumps. It sort of gets to me when anyone leaves, especially when they're some of the friendliest people here.

Also, it's gal.

>> No.38075436

Ah nice change of topic
1 Pokemon. It's the first one so I took it. The abilities I got here were great. It was worth it even beyond getting my pokemon. Though they were amazingly useful too.
2. Sims. This one surprised me but it's just again a lot of useful abilities, I learned alchemy here and got useful seeds for unique plants that will prove useful elsewhere.
3.Infamous. The stuff I got here turns in to problem solvers in the other jumps. Lots of good abilities.
4.DC. I went the batman route here. It honestly is much earlier than is wise to take it but the skills and abilities made it worth it.
5. Dresden Files. My first magic jump and the magic system seems rather good and versatile. Also it lets you enchant stuff and brew potions. I probably should have gotten a spirit of intelligence but I didn't have the points.

>> No.38075565

I would work on it, but I haven't read the most recent book. I don't feel like reading up on the wiki would familiarize myself enough on it to actually make a proper jump out of it. I don't see myself reading the book for at least a few more weeks minimum.

>> No.38075623

>Dresden Files jump early

Wish I would have taken Dresden earlier, considering wizards get stronger as they age I would love to see what a 14,000 year old wizard could do.

>> No.38075666

You took GMG early? That's balls.

>> No.38075690

Yeah, all of those drawbacks can make it pretty deadly.

>> No.38075705

Kim Possible
Harry Potter
Venture Bros

Pokemon because mandatory.

Kim Possible because it has a fucking ridiculous research perk. If you've got a computer you can find anything written down anywhere. Lets you get the most out of any setting with great technology/magical techniques. Also it's survivable and I took a lot of science.

Harry Potter because of the insane utility. Plus I just really like the setting. Stuff like not getting ill probably pays to take as early on as possible as well.

Archer because of the reasonably priced sex perk, some cloning and robotics.

Venture Bros for Shapeshifter and more science.

You feel a bit scummy doing your own jumps as it starts to feel like you might have written stuff in because you wanted them. On the other hand I guess it's not surprising I'd want to do 3 of my own jumps in the first 5, really like the settings or I wouldn't have made jumps for them. Mostly it's to survive Marvel as that's the point at which I get a really serious boost in survivability. I also have certain rules about stuff I shouldn't take early on (no space jumps before you can survive in space for instance) and they're all relatively low threat if you're smart.

>> No.38075770

Hey. It helped. I was being an asshole and it dragged me out.



Alloy of Law?

I actually see the time period between that and Hero of Ages being a -prime- spot for a Jumper to be dropped in on. Get access to being capable of both Feruchemy and Allomancy, have a bit of the fallout of Hemalurgy & the old Empire's remnants to deal with.

Basically, just the most options & a chance to modify history a bit.

>> No.38075835


New version addresses both these concerns in the notes section.

>> No.38075951


Pokemon because Pokemon
PMD because fairly safe and some very nice perks(plus waifu)
InFamous because fairly safe and some very nice perks
KOTOR because Force powers and a cheap way to give the rest of my Pokes human forms
FMA because Alchemy

>> No.38075988

Which jumps make me good at teaching and working with children? I ask because I want to get all the FISS perks from PS238, and being a teacher via drop-in is the best way to do that. I want to make sure I don't completely screw over their futures.

>> No.38075990

Yeah, I took a particularly dangerous route through it, too; I figured I could handle It Never Stops and Fighting Real Monsters if I had 4098 allies to help.

This wasn't actually true.

Instead of death, however, I got to meet someone interesting, and they decided to 'help' me out. For the rest of my chain.

(not actually Kyubey, but my first Companion is and remains a magical animal of equivalent dickishness, whom I can't get rid of)

>> No.38076017

Kim Possible has one just for teaching.

>> No.38076023

Negima and Fairy tail both have perks that both increase effectiveness in teaching. X com does to, but that's probably not the kind of teaching you want.

>> No.38076026

Negima has a teacher background.

>> No.38076084

So um, my laptop was working, however I currently cannot turn it on for a reason I cannot figure out.
It worked fine earlier so hopefully it will work tomorrow, but rvb might be delayed again, the hilarious part is that its mostly done, mainly just refining perks and finishing drawbacks/freelancer equipment. Sorry anons.

>> No.38076102

If you post a WIP we might be able to help.

>> No.38076131

I wish I could have Kyubey as a companion. That sounds awesome. I actually really like him. He's my favorite character.

>> No.38076156

I cant, like thats the issue, I have no access to it. i debated putting it on a flash drive earlier but the laptop was working fine so i didnt.

>> No.38076157

I know, I used a pod for the cute little guy.

>> No.38076162

Dont do it. Its a trap.

>> No.38076173

I knew I liked you for a reason.

>> No.38076176

Konatanon, I didn't know you were Satan. The laziness does explain why the apocalypse is so long in coming, though.

>> No.38076189


>> No.38076202

Depends on what you mean by 'teaching'.

Generic Virtual World's Knowledge is Numbers perk, combined with the use of a mind-machine interface, lets you compose instructional downloads that you can load into people's minds, teaching them any skill you know, ala pic related.

But jacking kids into a not-Matrix and feeding them dozens of years of advanced training in a few hours is probably not the best plan.

In truth, I am not unsympathetic to Kyubey. I'd certainly consider bringing him along, if I had a pod (and if the 'dickish magical animal' slot on my team wasn't already filled)

>> No.38076209

Now I just need to find out which jumps offer the best mechanical limbs so I can enchant all 4. (possibly with different alignments)

>> No.38076212

I wouldn't respond, dude's probably gonna make some drama.

>> No.38076241

That would be Godhand for 1 arm and Devil May Cry for the rest.

>> No.38076249

Hes offering to help, I know we are jaded here but it the text looked genuine.

>> No.38076259

I wouldn't call those mechanical.

>> No.38076291

No, I don't mean the guy asking about the wip, I mean the one saying that was a trap.

>> No.38076292

Ar Tonelico had mechanical limbs, I think.

>> No.38076307

Good stuff.

The other thing I was considering was jumping Marvel and DC before PS238 so I would be able to teach them what I learned from being a hero, but FISS would really help me in those worlds.

Should I do it for the children?

>> No.38076315

Are you kidding? It's the best plan. What could go wrong?

>> No.38076330

>Should I do it for the children?

>> No.38076342

Go to Transformers and use science perks to graft your robot body's limbs onto your meat body. You'd look a bit uneven, but nobody would dare laugh at you.

>> No.38076345

The only thing it's worth doing anything for is kay-os

>> No.38076348

Yeah, you should.

>> No.38076362

Ah, thanks for the concern.

>> No.38076364

> Angel motif.
> Comfortably lax morals.
> Consistently states indesire to become or be considered a god.
> In fact has developed a way to seal away so-called gods and steal their power.
> Corruption perks, largely used on already evil characters.

You can't say you're surprised.

>> No.38076455

No, I really can't.

>> No.38076470

I didn't even think of that. Then again I am just getting in to Dresden files now. Still there are a lot of things that grow with power. Kitsune, certain vampires, Dragons so it pays to take a lot of things early. I would imagine though that Dresden wizardry gives you an immense amount of versatility at that point.

>> No.38076522

If they counted then I would but I don't think they could be enchanted.

I'm looking for more human looking ones like Deus Ex but stronger, I don't want to be a walking freakshow.

Really I just need 3 limbs since I'm already getting one in Percy Jackson but I couldn't afford them all there.

I wonder how enchanted weapons would work when imported into RWBY, would it make the whole combination enchanted or just the parts of the original?

>> No.38076545

>(a worse version of the Cole Train)
not difficult, Cole Train being what it is
(same for Coltrane)

>> No.38076638

Well, not counting Pokemon my "first" five are:
1.) Mystery Dungeon cause it's still Pokemon and the power boost is useful.
2.) Infamous for the smoke powers to use for my pyrokinetic build and the fact I don't think it'll be too hard to survive there.
3.) Mass Effect cause it was the last QS jump and I just wanted to go there, plus there were some perks I could use there.
4.) A Certain Scientific Railgun for the Pyrokinesis, True Sight, and Premonition Precog perks.
5.) And finally Wuxia for the combat styles, ki techniques, and the fighting experience.

>> No.38076703

How hard would it be to tame a Rust Monster?

>> No.38076746

Probably not very. It's just an animal, right?

>> No.38076763


>> No.38076765

I don't know who maintains the drive, but there's two copies of the Mobile Suit Gundam jump listed.

>> No.38076814

Depends on the kind. I suggest social perks and something that allows you to talk to animals, or at the very least some sort of pokeball expy and mind control if everything falls through and it starts eating your stuff.

>> No.38076815

A medium aberration according to the book.

>> No.38076852

Animal taming perks probably won't help then. I'd say it'd take a few years minimum, but that's just my feeling.

>> No.38076865

It seems weird that it's an aberration when it's just a cute bug that eats metal.

>> No.38076897

As I remember, this is actually talked about in... I think it's the Adventurer's Companion for 3.0. It was a supplementary book basically listing a shitload of extra nonmagical equipment, some of which included domesticated monsters. I might be getting the title wrong.
They're actually not that hard to domesticate, and can be very affectionate, showing it by tickling you with their feelers. But it's basically impossible to train them off eating metal because... they eat metal. That's what they eat. And they are not terribly intelligent, so they see food, they eat it.

You could probably use jumper powers to uplift them a bit, though, but eh.

>> No.38076938

Yeah, but the only qualification for 'aberration' is coming from another world. Seems like it'd have behavioral patterns outside what a perk would teach you, so there you go.
Or nevermind, look at that. There's your answer.

>> No.38076944

I'm not an equipment focused person, so as long as I can get them to avoid eating other people's when they're well fed I should be good.

>> No.38076971

You could just put a rubber muzzle on it.

>> No.38076992

The dangerous part is the feelers, those are how it turns metal into rust.

>> No.38076998

The problem isn't just that they eat metal. If they touch metal with their feelers, it turns into rust and falls apart, and that's when they eat it.

>> No.38077040

It this jump still being worked on, or was it replaced by FATE/?

>> No.38077057

It's getting replaced by Kara No Kyokai, Fate and eventually Tsukihime. It hasn't seen any work in months.

>> No.38077061

Abandoned. It's being replaced currently by multiple jumps. KnK and Fate cover parts, but we still need Tsukihime and some other games I forget the name of.

>> No.38077064

Isn't there some sort of species-uplift spell in D&D? I can't remember if it just works on animals and plants, but a variant would be useful.


>> No.38077066

It was abandoned. The KnK, Fate, and eventual Tsukihime jumps will replace it.

>> No.38077084

I'm... not sure. It seemed like it got an update very recently, if you keep track of the drive (it wasn't posted in the thread). But then the new one came out where everything got changed.

>> No.38077092

I think it's being broken into multiple jumps.

>> No.38077105

I can't see a difference from previous editions, what changed?

>> No.38077141

Is somebody already doing Tsukihime? While I'm normally a lazy bastard, I have the next day off and not a lot to do.

>> No.38077154

I'm not sure, make sure to ask next thread if we fall off.

>> No.38077173

Thanks, I'm reorganizing my personal WIP folder and I didn't know id I could delete it or not.

that's always really annoying, I prefer when people post updates here as well.

>> No.38077180

Dunno, me and Ruki certainly aren't, and I don't knwo whether the KnK anon is. Go ahead I suppose, just keep in mind the usual limitations

>> No.38077188

It was the 3.0 Arms and Equipment Guide. You've got all the rest right, too.
Also, interestingly, Dwarves were described as using units of rust monster cavalry, where they rode rust monsters into battle wearing stone plate armor and wielding wood and stone hammers. I've always enjoyed the image.

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