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OP message is pain.

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For TWEWY, in regards to NEETs and pins, this means that I don't have to purchase a brand, right?

>> No.38039962

Does anyone know of any perks that let you supercharge your abilities? I'm not talking about a power-up mode like Kanka or Sage Mode or anything like that, I mean the sort of thing where you pump extra energy in to get more dramatic results. There has to be one of those somewhere in the chain, right? There are some magic-boosting perks that work like that, but I'd prefer something universally applicable.

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Judging by the strict letter of the jump? Yep.

"...exemption from this rule- They can buy pins from any brand they wish without penalty."

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Soulfire from Dresden Files is a good one for that. Assuming you don't mind having to be temporarily weaker and needing to live a good life in order to recharge your soul.

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There is at least hybrid from smite but I think you are talking poor more mana in, get more result out?

Castlevania has dual art which does essentially that but not directly.

FFT I believe actually has that as one of the perks. Letting you overcharge your spells for more effect.

oh, mage origin smite, Im freaking stupid, lets you use more of your power at once. not limited to magic or psionics or body only, just lets you poor more of it out at once.

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Turbo MP is the perk you're thinking of, there's also a similar one that provides the same power for only half the magical cost.

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Yeah, that's what it seems like to me, which is why I'm wondering if that's the jump maker's intent. The fact that NEETs get no style discounts supports it, though.

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Gift of the Thousand Master kinda lets you do it for magic. Also my next jump will have something for massively overcharging spells as the Izzet capstone (go through casting a spell once but spend X times its cost to cast the spell X times).

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Not just mana. Any power that draws on a resource pool. Conduit powers, chi, even physical abilities by pouring in more stamina. So I guess Mage origin in Smite is what I want. Thanks, SomeFaggit.

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A good life as in an enjoyable and healthy one or a good life as in being a goody two-shoes?

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Enjoyable and healthy, I am pretty sure. Living a good life should help you recover from the damage faster since you are basically trading part of your soul for power, if only temporarily.

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Oh, that's not so bad then. Unless you ended up in Nechronica or Black Bullet or another such world of infinite horror and despair. Wouldn't even be so bad in Fallout.

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Well, use part of your soul (and get a numb hand or whatever you sacrificed, for a week or so, as a result) and then use the experience of fighting things to try and recover faster... it could still work. Treat it as nobledark.

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the sao jump has a perk that says you stats never get worse, technically that means all temporary buffs become permanent.

>> No.38040558

Not the first time I've heard that, but I'm still skeptical about applying that perk in that manner.

Not crying for an official ruling, not nerf hunting, it just seems like that's using the letter of the perk against the spirit of it.

>> No.38040596

That's bullshit and you know it.

>> No.38040599

Your stats not getting worse is a world of difference from a temporary buff being made permanent. It just means you won't ever get a penalty to them, not that you won't watch your bonuses disappear.

Though I really wonder what effect such perks have with jumps that explicitly reduce or remove your abilities...

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That's MoeAnon's fanwank and you damn well know it.

>> No.38040625

Soulfire probably only works with Dresden Magic, Most magic systems only let you draw energy from certain things to power your spells, mana for example. Dresden magic lets you draw from a bunch of different energy sources (Emotions, storms, yourself to name a few) to power your spells, soulfire is just another energy source.

Granted this is JumpChain and logic goes out the window, so who knows.

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That's not fanwank, that's just going "it works this way, despite all common sense and everyone else saying it cannot, because I say so".

That's like going "oh there was an early jumpchain thread that was still in one of the old CYOA threads that was after one of the 'double your points' posts, so I get 2000 CP to start with, forever".

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People were talking about using Conjoined Conjured to put it together with other kinds of magic.

Crux, that's the guy with a grudge against Moe. Better to just ignore him.

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It's worth noting (at least in the copy I have) the jump explicitly says "skills" and not "stats". If you're really going to fanwank like that, you might as well use Body Mod's metavore.

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> "oh there was an early jumpchain thread that was still in one of the old CYOA threads that was after one of the 'double your points' posts, so I get 2000 CP to start with, forever"

>> No.38040751

Right, if you want your physical attributes to not suffer any reduction, you want 80's Action Jump.

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>Double you points post

Shit, that doesn't work? I've done all 200+ jumps that way. /jc/ is ruined. Fucking nerfs man.

>> No.38040769

I actually did that. Then I realized it was more fun to not double everything all the time.

It's your jumping. Use it how you like.

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Are there any perks that give me immunity to supernatural powers?

>> No.38040834

In general? No.

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>> No.38040896

There's the untouchable perk from Sailor Moon that lets you make anything supernatural in a 3 meter radius around you stop working. There is the Twilight Imperial perk from Negima of course, but thats only magic. The Imagine breaker from Raildex works nicely as well.

>> No.38040937

Best bet there's the Untouchable perk.

Twilight Imperium protects you from magic, but a downside is that it's ALL magic - unless you specifically pay attention and allow, say, a healing spell to affect you. It doesn't quite protect your gear either.

Imagine Breaker's stronger as a whole, but unfortunately there's the whole 'gotta have -that- exact hand between you and the supernatural thing'.

>> No.38040938

Imagine Breaker looks perfect thanks.

>> No.38040986

The most generalist 'antimagic' perk in the jumpchain is actually Jam from RWBY, because it can work on anything, even tech, and doesn't turn you into a storm of bad-luck post-jump. Problem is, to get it up to the level of those perks you'll need a lot of training time, probably longer than the jumpchain.

>> No.38041124

There's a cheaper, not-as-strong version of Imagine Breaker available in the generic magical girl setting, I think.

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See >>38040723. It specifically says 'skills', not 'powers'.

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In TWEWY, I understand that you can only make a pact with one Person, but can you buy more then one companion? I prefer to get my companions in pairs so they have someone from their own universe to interact with (other than me).

>> No.38041366

There are still advantages to buying a brand, though. It determines what kind of equipment grants you the most bonuses. So, if you can make up for the difference, go for it.

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If the maker doesnt want it like that the maker should change the wording. Even if it says skills there are skill boosting magics. Just because you have a grudge against people powergaming does not mean you are always right.

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Brands are super expensive without discounts.

>> No.38041427

Is anyone familiar with TWEWY by the way? I've got Dark Planets and Eden Approaching; the jump explains they're stronger versions of other pins but how significant are they in-game?

>> No.38041446

Dark Planets are, if I remember correctly, pretty much the strongest Pins in the game.

I'd have to brush up on my TWEWY. Gimme a bit.

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Actually Im pretty sure moe was saying it means you dont skill up slower past skill cap.

>> No.38041477

But anon, the perk explicitly says "skills". Here, I copypasted it

300 Sword Skills : At the cost of freezing up after, you may enhance practiced patterns with extreme strength and speed. These patterns can be a simple slash or complicated multi hit combos. With training, you may eliminate the freeze up. Can be applied to any combat art.

>> No.38041507

Whoops my bad, pasted the wrong thing

300 Like Riding a Bike : Your skills never deteriorate. Ever. Not for any reason, but especially not disuse. Further, you can easily adapt them to new circumstances: recreate your favourite spell in a different Jump’s magic system, translate your sword style to hand to hand, etc.

>> No.38041557

Seriously? You're actually going out of your way to argue this? Even a strict literal interpretation doesn't support your view, because it talks about 'your' skills, not what your buffs do 'with' your skills. Now, if you managed to find a way to actually get new skills using a magical exploit of some sort, that would be different, but this is just another case of someone not understanding stacking bonuses.

>> No.38041560

I know, right? I ended up making my whole build around the brand I wanted. But, when power is necessary and fashion is power, be fashion.

>> No.38041564

Looking at this does that mean if I go to dresden and see the library spell, the one that contains everything written by man, I could make my own version using the other magic systems I know (a superior version bound into something similar to a book of sands?)

>> No.38041581

Yeah, I'd understand that for other origins. Just for me, as someone going NEET, they're like twice the cost just to get into, you know?

>> No.38041610

Someone last thread asked about whether taking in an offworld brand of fashion would give you a bonus to certain powers, or something to that effect. Gotta say I'm kinda interested in what happens if you use the pins while wearing a JoJo/TF2 hybrid hat, a kamui and some orky pauldrons-all tastefully paired with other custom threads from No More Heroes and Asura's Wrath, which all fit because you took all the perks from the Designer perk tree in Model jump

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The Archive isn't a spell, it's a magical construct that exists within a person and passed from mother to daughter.

>> No.38041648

Thats why I was asking if I could use the riding a bike perk to recreate my own comstruct in a book instead of a person?

>> No.38041674

Rolled 4, 2, 7, 6, 8 = 27 (5d8)

Rolling for smite

>> No.38041675

I think it'd definitely help; doubt it could do so on your own, though. The Archive is...extremely complex on an unimaginable level given it persists from mother to daughter and has been around for milennia; Cassandra was cited as one such example IIRC

>> No.38041708

Rolled 4 (1d8)

Rolling location

>> No.38041752

Anon, that stuff is SKILLS. It's not magical knowledge, it's not magical aptitude, it's not magical power. It's skills. Plain skills. It's only the ability to not lose skills at that.

Go make Red's digital pun pun fanwank if you really want to claim "I make my own magic and win"

>> No.38041783

Reds digital pun pun seems made for this. The only issue i see is that the archive might not actually let you scan her, and shes a magical powerhouse whose purpose is the control of knowledge, not the collection of it.
If you can succede in getting a DPP scan on her you should be able to make a similarly working spell, though there will be knowledge you dont want to know in there.

>> No.38041820

NEETs trade the cheaper equipment bonuses for a wider variety of skills. They seem to be a jack of all trades and probably expected to go with Mus Rattus, given that they can buy pins from anywhere else anyway. Take some drawbacks, if you really need to go out in just Pavo Reals.

Good luck, and god speed.

>> No.38041841

Im fine with that, Using arcane from smite should help it out.
1000 cp
27 centuries
Magical 900
Height of a god free
Mind of a god free
Mage 800
Arcane 500
Sign of nobility, ring, free
Focus of the gods, staff, 300
Gold x3 0

>> No.38041861


Was going by this part

>Further, you can easily adapt them to new circumstances: recreate your favourite spell in a different Jump’s magic system, translate your sword style to hand to hand, etc.

>> No.38041866

Yeah, I know. I just didn't have enough points left after taking my class skills (and pin slots) to do anything fun or interesting around it. Just used my last 400 points to get the best variety for that price in the Dark Planets.

Pff, Mus Rattus doesn't have any good pins, If I have to take a style, which I'm still waiting on jump maker confirmation for, I'm going to take a drawback and go with one, but it'll probably be more flavorful than Rattus. Like Angelique, because I shamefully have to admit that I like gothic lolita and victorian goth styles. I'm awful.

>> No.38041888

You shouldn't need to get a scan of her to make it. Someone at some point in the past made the construct, with enough time, patience, and most importantly power, you should be able to make your own construct. Though I guarantee it would not be easy to do by yourself.

And scanning her might make it easier to recreate, but it would still be a pain in the ass, if the DPP is even strong enough to completely comprehend something like the Archive.

Probably, but it would be hard as hell to do by yourself. I imagine the Archive was made by at least a few VERY powerful wizards/gods working together.

>> No.38041909


We all have our sins, anon.

>> No.38041946

Dont scan the entire archive, if you succede in copying the base spell the knowledge will follow since the spell itself covers storing those.

>> No.38041975

I think the emphasis here should be on "similarly" working spell. The Archive has been involved in a war against eldritch abominations who draw power from being BELIEVED in and-and I can't stress this enough-it's a reincarnating backup for ALL RECORDED HUMAN KNOWLEDGE IN EXISTENCE. Unless Red has access to something that can record /anything/ that has been written by /anyone/ on the entire Earth-bypassing warded areas and such, keep in mind-then even the DPP probably wouldn't be able to fully replicate the Archive.

Let me repeat that: In DF, the Archive knows /everything that has been written by human hands and all accumulated human knowledge/. This is not an exaggeration. As for the DPP-I remember Red mentioning it something about it being limited to LoS in how far it can detect/analyse magic. So I don't think it'd be capable of handling this thing.

>> No.38042011


>> No.38042028

If I use the required perks to kill those Eldritch abominations, could I convince the Archive to stop suppressing knowledge and forcing humans into ignorance?

>> No.38042041

Actually, I may have a way to do just this. If I use the omniscience combo somefaggot helped me with. Combine with archive magic and a banjoed motherbox, I could supposedly download the info into motherbox and have her sort it.

>> No.38042044

A spell powerful enough to automatically know all written and digital knowledge would be insanely complex and powerful. We have no idea how the construct was made, but it's safe to assume a lot of very powerful people were involved in it's creation. The DPP is a great tool to helping you understand stuff, but even with that, you would still need to understand not only how the spell works but how the hell you plan on utilizing the energy necessary to create the damn thing. The DPP is not all knowing

>> No.38042051

The archive would probably try to have your babies.

>> No.38042062

Speaking of combos & ridiculousness. We've all done our shenanigans to try and put together something that speaks 'you.' Whether it's a style of combat or a particularly powerful weapon, you all likely have 'your stuff.'

But some stuff just doesn't mesh well with other things. Not necessarily a bad thing, per say, but it might just not 'factor in' well.

What are your stand-alones, Jumpers? The perks or items that don't really stack, combine, or integrate well with others, yet are still fantastic?

>> No.38042066

Magical AI thingies can't have babies, silly.

>> No.38042068

Be sure not to overload it even if it's a motherbox.

>> No.38042071

You get a scan and study it, was never meant to be a quick process.

>> No.38042082

Is... is the archive cute?

>> No.38042089

They can when they are bound within a female body

>> No.38042091

I didn't say LoS going only from you.

Gargoyles/Banjo-Kazooie has means of making Magitech, LOSS has magitech creations where you can put mana cores into something. You COULD essentially create small drones that have 'Archive Magic' downloaded into them via Knowledge is Numbers from Generic Virtual world, and just send them out to scan any magic being used.

Of course... like you said, it would involve a way that can record anything that's been written by anyone on the entire Earth. And I doubt Kim Possible's 'Unknown Resources' will be enough of a bridge to deal with that, even if I attached 4 Jurai Royal Trees to that thing.

There is only so far I can do things.

>> No.38042106

Sure, just dont let the hellhound hear yiu ask that.

>> No.38042120

Theres the second part. just one box may have problems but I can make a cluster and have them work like sister computers from railgun. Well according to talk in the threads.

>> No.38042142

It's not suppressing knowledge at all, her purpose is to lead the war to eradicate an eldritch horror from our universe. The Archive is the necessary tool needed to make that happen.

>> No.38042155

What's the point in the extra pin slots if you don't have the pins to fill them with? Gothic Lolita and Victorian Gothic are very pretty styles, but I wouldn't want to spend a full week dressing like that. Also, who cares what pins Mus Rattus has, NEETs don't have to worry about that. And yeah, you should avoid taking a style if you can get away with it.

>> No.38042162

Listen man: I know people take flack sometimes for overly defending a certain character from being overcome by a Jumper's problem solving capacity. So I just want to say that-what I typed in >>38041975 is based on my understanding of Red's DPP and the /exact/ feats I know the Archive of being capable of. Maybe I wrong, I dunno-but from what I've seen the Archive capable of? It's A LOT more complex than just one spell.

In Death Rites, the Archive manipulates a lump of Mordite, and uses it to kill vampires with. Not impressive enough for you? Mordite is MAGICAL ANTI-MATTER, heavily associated with the Outsiders-a brand of eldritch abominations which are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to affect with human magic under normal circumstances. Mordite /disintegrates/ anything it comes into contact with. There are only 2 other characters confirmed to manipulate mordite at this point-one is associated with the BBEGs and used it as a sort of magical bomb, and the other is HADES, GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD.

In Small Favor? Sorcerors possessed by fallen angels seal off magic around the Archive. As in, all of the magic-and they planned ahead to reserve their own. More than 6 jumped the Archive at once-and SHE SWATTED THEM. The Archive /effortlessly/ turned their magic against them-except for their leader-and was winning the goddamn magical duel until they resorted to poison gas.

The Archive is a terrifying font of nigh-omniscient knowledge, and the general of the Oblivion War (see aforementioned belief-feeding old gods).

And it's contained in a little girl Harry named Ivy.

>> No.38042168

It is suppressing knowledge, thats how the war is fought.

>> No.38042178

You aren't trying hard enough.

>> No.38042193

It's deleting knowledge of the Old Ones from human knowledge, it's not suppressing knowledge of unrelated shit.

>> No.38042197

I dont want all that, just the info.

>> No.38042241

That sounds like a fun perk to have.

In the Percy Jackson jump is there anything that works like the divine metals but aren't metal? Say I wanted a wooden looking staff would it have to be weaker or could it have the same stats but a different aesthetic?

Also if I picked Jord who is the Nordic personification of The Earth and Thors mother as my own parent would I be restricted to moving rocks/ground or could it be plant based too? (glory to me perhaps)

>> No.38042270

Import nord. Get yggdrasil. World tree wood is amazing.

>> No.38042282

Dark Planets are six, so they fill the slots up. Though I imagine it should be possible to find pins during the jump too. Yeah, they're really uncomfortable long term. There's perks for it, though, I think I have one that lets me modify clothes to be comfortable despite being fancy.

>> No.38042283

According to Wikipedia, the size of all digitally stored information is something like half a zettabyte. In comparison, the size of all printed information is a 'mere' 200 petabytes.

Datatrax from Transformers, purchasable for 100 CP each, store up to one entire zettabyte. If that's not enough, you can probably make more if you have one of them and Master Builder (which lets you build Cybertronian tech).

So, plug a Datatrax or two into your Motherbox and download away.

>> No.38042314

Read the dresden files, hades mordite crown was boss.

The basic idea can be looked upon used and refined.

>> No.38042320

I love you mincraft.

>> No.38042337

So what would a Second Life Jump be like? How would that go?

I'm wondering because I thought it might be an interesting thing to make but I've no idea what anything would be.

>> No.38042349

Yeah, never said she was, but shed probably be more willing to share after she no longer had to hide knowledge.

>> No.38042360

>What would a Second Life jump be like?

Furries, Furries everywhere.

>> No.38042362

These things get stronger the more people believe in their existence. As in-any belief at all. ANYONE knowing about them makes them stronger. They've never made an appearance in the books, but it's a testament to their threat that the best solution they've come up with is "don't let people know about them so they can cause an apocalypse". They're basically SCPs

She's a little girl. Like-young enough to be someone's daughter. Just thought I should point that out

...yeah. Yeah, exactly. Like-we are flat fucking terrified of DPP and there's workarounds for extending its range. And yet-I have to doubt it being able to fully analyse Ivy.

I think the challenge here is the /sheer enormity/ of processing all the know-how the Archive has into a user-friendly format. I'm not sure if anon wants the KNOWLEDGE in the Archive or just a magical construct that replicates its functions. As for the latter-I forgot to mention. The Archive was once tortured on an island picked specifically for its association with magical bad juju and it later turns out to be a prison for things that could cause an apocalypse yet the Archive SOMEHOW picked up on a specific thing Harry wrote-without magic-on a sheet of paper piles away. A mundane sentence. Out of all the knowledge in all the world.

I'm aware DPP has incredibly formidable capabilities-but frankly, the Archive is on a whole other level from what I've seen.

>> No.38042377

Shes designed to be Neutral, she can't not be neutral. Giving knowledge away isn't neutral.

>> No.38042395

quick tl;dr if I'm getting too worked up about this and repeating myself too much:

The Archive can do things with DF magic which /should not be possible/ under normal circumstances and according to most practitioners.

>> No.38042417

Honestly, I'm finding it difficult to combo any of the things in Killing Bites and Bloody Roar.

They are good jumps, do NOT get me wrong. But the forms granted are more along the lines of stand-alone improvements in and of themselves, and the perks are fantastic. But I just can't think of a way to combo them with ANYTHING in the rest of /jc/.

>> No.38042422

Dresden magic has no limits. If you have enough power you can do anything. She has the power.

>> No.38042429

If you kill the old ones in under a year you can wait 20 for her to be an adult.
If it takes most of your ten then shes already close and will probably try to pull a molly on you if you did kill the old ones.

>> No.38042430

>She's a little girl. Like-young enough to be someone's daughter. Just thought I should point that out
That is creepy, thank you for pointing that out.

>> No.38042434

Well sure, but if they're dead for good then they can't really get stronger.

Lotta people don't care about that part, anon.

>> No.38042440

>no longer had to hide knowledge

You don't understand-mortal awareness empowers these things.

Quick link to a wiki with Jim Butcher's quotes

Basically-if you actively spread knowledge of these things? The Archive would probably fucking murder you with her bare hands

>> No.38042444

Come now. You are seriously going to say its impossible because she can target info? My plan is to get the base spell, once activated it can start chugging at collecting info. Which can be sorted and catalogued later.

>> No.38042458

An 80 year old woman is young enough to be someone's daughter.

>> No.38042465

He was talking about spreading knowledge of non-old one related topics I think

>> No.38042482

After they're dead they can't be empowered.

>> No.38042498

I know that, im saying that once they no longer exist, once she has deleted them and they have no foothold in this world, she would be drastically more willing to let you have such knowledge that gathers information, as opposed to trying to kill yoi since you keep that being in the world.

Apparently you missed it, I have read the books. I love the shit out of the books.

>> No.38042520

These guys got what i mean.

>> No.38042554

Eh, just wanted to keep mum in case someone here hasn't read up to that book. Dresden Files is one helluva ride

Fair point, meant she can bypass the limits that /most practitioners/ including some supernatural ones experience. At one point, Harry noted that her fight with the fallen angel sorcerors was extremely economical and wondered if it wasn't so much raw /power/ so much as such immense knowledge that she can apply it with intense precision-but who knows? It's probably both, going by that link I posted

>> No.38042561

I was planning on going Nord, what kind of stuff would the wood be capable of? Do you think it would enhance demigod abilities or magic?

>> No.38042601

Oh yeah, i did not mean right away, and it was mostly a joke, you killing all of those means you no longer need any knowledge base the archived magic could give.

>> No.38042618

Alright, fair enough. I guess-it's hard to say how tough the Old Ones are to kill, really, considering they never show up.

>non-old one related topics

Er. I...don't actually think the Archive does that? Like, it's generally just a neutral party in Mab's Accords. I'm not sure, actually

Clarification: She's 7 in Death Masks (4th) and 12 in Small Favor (10th book)

>> No.38042627

Do motherboxes count as companions or not? I know its been asked but I missed the answer.

>> No.38042648

The Answer for if it is or isn't: Yes

>> No.38042650

Right, so I have no fucking idea what I'm doing with Godhand.

-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Time to do this the old-fashioned way.
-Pattern Recognition (950CP) (Discount) -Learn the enemy! Study the enemy.
-Bob & Weave (750CP) (Discount) -DOOOOOODGE.
-Dodge Cancel (450CP) (Discount) -You know... I may be able to use this somehow.
-Devil Hand (-300CP) -Fuck iiiiit. I may as well get this.
-Deistic Shackle (Free) -A minor setback. I will learn to utilize it. I will.
-Hand Hater (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Seriously, I'm like... what? I got plenty of dodging... more dodging. And a Devil Hand. Is this even good? Did I fuck up?

>> No.38042658

>Er. I...don't actually think the Archive does that? Like, it's generally just a neutral party in Mab's Accords. I'm not sure, actually

I dont care about the old ones, I want the knowledge.

>> No.38042666

No she wouldn't do that, I was just trying to translate what he was saying. As a Neutral party, any information she would give out would tip the scales in someones favor.

>> No.38042667

Feel free to fanwank divine materials for the other pantheon. Wood from Yggdrasil probably would work, as would various ores from the other 9 realms. Alfheim for instance probably has some form of ore that causes spiritual damage but not physical, causing paralysis in those struck. If you're the guy working on the prosthetic arm I'd say it comes out to 200 (100 if it's your first one) as it's 2 minor powers on a non weapon item. Sorry for not replying to that earlier.

>> No.38042671

Ok that is me doing shitty humor but >>38042627
Anon seriously I think they do since they have enough intelligence of an AI it would be so but I am just guessing.

>> No.38042674

You're bad nasty evil. And you punch things in ridiculous ways. Will go good with DMC.

>> No.38042679

There's no consensus on that, although if you import your Motherbox or otherwise stick it in a body, then it definitely is. So long as it's just a powerful AI computer, it may not be.

>> No.38042683

Uh, it's actually bigger. It should be in the Yottabytes. Which are to Zettabytes as Gigabytes are to Megabytes.

>> No.38042689

The point of my first statement was just that she would not give the archives workings to you freely, cause that would expressly make herlife harder if you got it while the old ones where around

>> No.38042698

Damn, yoda bites are hardcore.

>> No.38042735

Check out that bitches teeth. Jedi must not have good dental plans.

>> No.38042749

IIRC yggdrisil is sustained from the Well of Urd (no relation to well of udr) which is implied to have immense regenerative properties since the father of swans and such are claimed to dwell there. And since

So...at a conservative estimate, immense regeneration rate and toughness, possibly passed on to you if you could somehow mystically associate yourself with the staff. At a more optimistic guess-enhancement over all magic pertaining to navigation between the worlds and foresight/fate given Yggdrisil connects all the 9 realms. Would definitely recommend going Glory To Me and Blood of Kings if you want to maximise your progenitor's heritage and your own magic's ability to make use of such a staff

>> No.38042756

They're too busy meditating to brush.

>> No.38042769

My source on the 'all digitally stored info' is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_(data)
Admittedly, the number is somewhat old (2009).

Do you have a source on the 'Yottabytes' assertion?

>> No.38042770

His dental plan is being a ghost

>> No.38042789

Isn't that jump still a WIP in pastebin?

>> No.38042794


If I'm gonna be a ghost of a powerful space wizard, I'm gonna brush my damn teeth.

>> No.38042805

Wait does archive from fairietail have a limit on the info it can store?

>> No.38042823


This data is from 2013.

>> No.38042845

From what I can tell on this here wiki?


It...doesn't seem to have an explicit limit, but given users seem to materialise it as flat screens I suspect in practical terms the baseline magic's limit is how many flatscreens you can micromanage at once

>> No.38042852

Damn, looks like I asked the question at a bad time.

>> No.38042863

Infinite Snack Cakes.

>> No.38042869

The screen is just a monitor, I was talking memory

>> No.38042894

God Hand is just a 3D Beat Em Up where you punch people. A lot. And eventually when you punch people enough, you can pull off special moves! Many of which are awesome and some of which are very silly. The game itself is very silly.
Although it's also QUITE difficult, so there's that.

The basic plot is something like... the demons have taken over the world, and it's all kinds of violent and filled with roving gangs of ruffians. Even though it's full of demons, this dystopia is more like Fist of the North Star dystopia than normal demons dystopia. Just roving gangs of jerkwads. But there are some demons! And bandits. And wrestlers. And colourful midgets. And samurai. And a mad scientist with some giant D Cells strapped on his back. It's kindof weird. And anyway, it's your job to save the world by punching people. With your God Hand! Which is fairly well described in jump. So you fight some demons, and then you fight your evil rival with the Devil Hand (which for all intents and purposes in game is just the God Hand, but evil), and then at the end you fight Satan. And you beat him. With punching. That's really about it.

Anyway, unless you're trying to help or hinder the hero, you can basically just think of it as a silly western world to tool around in where you occasionally have to punch people.

There might be other stuff, but it's been awhile since I watched the Lets Play, and it also probably isn't important.

>> No.38042902

Well, I keep forgetting I rolled the Dice-Dice Fruit, which really doesn't fit with anything else I can do (I've got a bunch of swordsman perks, but they're pretty much so I can use the artifact swords I've got). And outside of "playing" in fantasy settings, I don't want to be close enough to touch anything anyway. So the perk is almost entirely unused.

>> No.38042914

In that case?

No idea, that doesn't seem to have come up as an issue yet in either manga or animu

>> No.38042920

So Konatanon when will you take TWEWY and go NEET?

>> No.38042928

Nah, there's nothing bad going on, we're just active. Easy to miss stuff.

>> No.38042943

Exactly. Stuff gets passed over, questions get missed.

Shoulda saved it for later is my point.

>> No.38042993

Thanks! I'd happily be spend 100 on an arm made from the wood of Yggdrisil.
I'm considering spending another 100 on it to give it a bigger on the inside compartment for holding things like Leos bag.

Having a wooden arm should work great alongside nature based powers which is what I'm aiming for at the moment.

Would it have any of the properties mentioned here >>38042749 , I'm more interested in the regenerative and navigation ones than anything.

>> No.38042999

This seems dubious. We don't actually have that much storage capacity, after all; see pic related as to why.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zettabyte lists a 2013 estimate for "size of the internet" at 4 Zettabytes.

>> No.38043010

Two spring to mind: Funny from Avatar jump which-well. Look, let's just say we don't do a lot of stand-up comedy in our adventures.

As for the second-almost everything we picked up in Problem Sleuth actually. It's all meant to work properly only in the imaginary universe and similar realms of existence-so day to day jumping? Practically never comes up. But pick a fight with us in Tel'aran'rhiod or the Dreamlands-suddenly we have access to immensely powerful weapons.

Which are all made of candy for some reason.

>> No.38043020

I was actually thinking of going for Lapin Angelique, because I actually seriously love gothic style, and it's just not something I advertise or that people really expect from me.
I'm still trying to figure out how this will work in terms of a build.

On an unrelated(?) note, a good portion of my Castlevania jump is probably spent just giggling like a moron at all the over the top gothic architecture, scenery, and atmosphere.

>> No.38043056

My entire problem with going Angelique is I just don't like the Fashionista background. Obsession with fashion and only fashion to that level is just vapid, and I don't like the cap.

>> No.38043080

Minecraft you have to one realize how much information we produce goes up over time, a year is an aweful lot.

>> No.38043082

Remember that Drop-In gets a discount on any one brand in addition to Gaito.

>> No.38043093

If you don't know what Godhand is, let me clue you in

>> No.38043102

I'm anti-drop-in.

>> No.38043112

This is admittedly true, but I'm not able to find any sources indicating that we're doing things in the Yottabyte level, and plenty that say we're in the Zettabyte level, so...

Seriously, the information content of the world hasn't increased by 4 orders of magnitude in as many years.

>> No.38043180

>anti drop-in

Not judging, but any particular reason why?

>> No.38043215

I like gaining new memories, identities, and personalities each jump.

>> No.38043221

With the Origin Spirit in Legend of Korra is it possible to make it more communicative and a full companion to import it into other settings?
I'm picturing it lending me its strength by passing through me like Raava did with Wan.

I'm also aiming to get a bunch of companions that can reside in my head/body like the spirit and symbiote, it would be useful having a council of companions giving advice when needed.

>> No.38043226

in addition
the boss here is using the devil hand, if you pick hand hater, you'll have to fight either him or the player character

>> No.38043241

It can't do anything and doesn't grant you any power. It's worthless.

>> No.38043244

Just a suggestion, but I made an altform with a Pokemon in order to gain its abilities, especially its passive ability Flash Fire (get hit by fire? Get stronk!)

>> No.38043316

Since it says you can befriend it with enough prompting, I'd imagine so.

Not entirely sure what KOTOR meant for it to be able to do other things like what you mentioned, but it does apparently make you better at communicating with spirits and entering the spirit world, implying greater overall enhancement of spiritual awareness and possibly a boost to powers of yours which have a spiritual aspect

>> No.38043499

It used to do a lot more but then a bunch of changes were made and it was kept in but weaker.
The plan is to import it into new settings and give it power which I can borrow when needed. Maybe I give it some genius perks so it can chime in to give me advice or maybe laser eyes which could be channelled through my own and stuff.

>> No.38043523

You can import it I guess, but right now it doesn't do anything and is a waste of points.

>> No.38043577

That's a cool idea. I'd like to recommend Geneforge necromancy, Evangelion's metaphysical physiology PhD, Soul Smith from Dark Souls (as a starting point) and That Undefinable Thing from Tales of Vesparia if you're interested in enhancing a spiritual entity, or if you want to create a construct through which it could potentially interact with the physical world

>> No.38043588



>> No.38043593

TUT is Symphonia, not Vesperia. Vesperia equivalent is working with blastia, I think, which sorta involve souls but not really.

>> No.38043625

Meh, I disagree with him. I'm comboing them as my early-ish jumps along with other martial arts settings to become a magic kungfu monster since I like hand to hand. It should form a good basis for my later, more shonen-y hand to hand fighting. I think they're good for people like me who have a focus on martial arts.

>> No.38043634

It's a shame that it doesn't do much but I don't remember there being any other companions that can reside in my soul.
Then again it does say bond with my soul and that sounds kind of Stand-ish, maybe it would make my Stand a companion.
Until KOTOR gets here it's just speculation and hope.

Just importing it into another setting should give it a physical form shouldn't it? Like getting an Asari body in Mass Effect as an alt form.

>> No.38043770

SYMPHONIA, that's the one!

For what it's worth-we're looking forward to putting the Betting Man and Darknet together, infusing them with Archive magic and adding in some subroutines based on our HALO AI and Motherbox so it can start to predict more complex calculations than just bets. Might be able to use it as a supplement in our Ar Tonelico networks for precision calculation of sound back trajectories, who knows?

Oh, for sure. Just unsure how long it'll take for you to wake it up and make it "eligible" as a companion, that's all

>> No.38043840

Good point, I'm not sure how long it would take to wake it up. I was hoping it would just take the ten years of me prodding it to be more talkative but it might take a lot longer than that.
Perhaps when the next jump starts it'll ask wtf just happened and come out a bit more.

>> No.38044053

Person's who name I will not say. I am not mad.

I simply ask that you do not clog the public access folder where I take the new jumps to upload the upload them to their respective places.

Thank you and remember everyone. Keep on Jumping.

>> No.38044075

Didn't mean to link to your post. Sorry about that!

>> No.38044076

What'd it get clogged with? Strange porn?

>> No.38044104

Nah, just Jumps that I have already uploaded. Looks like they were trying to copy over some jumps or something and they missclicked.

>> No.38044250 [DELETED] 

Behold Moe anon's latest attempt to win at jump chain by making his jump better than everyone else's:

>> No.38044312

Two words, shitposter. Fuck off.

>> No.38044324 [DELETED] 


Honestly, the fact that he's trying to work his jumps to be better is not the issue, that's just a fact of life. The main issue is he's fucking trying to spill his stuff in SB rather than talk it out here. This is fucking bullshit.

>> No.38044359


Disappointing, I hoped the first sis would grant some measure of regeneration. Also fuck spacebattles hate how they insult 4chan in one breath then steal CYOA's with the other, never admitting where they got them.

>> No.38044365

>infinite hourai elixers

On the one hand, this makes absolutely no sense-even by jump fiat standards.

On the other hand, at least it ain't during the jumpchain.

Just feels kinda pointless, is all

Frankly I'm just glad someone's keeping the thread up to date on new developments in jumps.

>> No.38044367

Well since you went and said that

How do you feel about separate gundam jumps?

>> No.38044380



>> No.38044392

What are you planning anon? You thinking of having a Gundam jump focused on one series?

>> No.38044412

I'm fine with it, as long as you include a rule saying that if you take a specific gundam jump, you can't go to that location in the collective gundam jump and vice versa.

>> No.38044425

G-Gundam Jump would be hilariously awesome Anon.

>> No.38044440

I would like to do Wing, but SEED (given it has ZAFT, Orb, and Earth), and 00 (AEU, HRL, and whatever America is) would be easier for factions and tech and item wise to boot.
Sounds like a good idea

>> No.38044467

I say go for it. That sounds fun. The current Gundam jump is really good. But anything that increases the amount of Gundam I can go to pre-spark is a good thing.

>> No.38044511

Your sword from bleach and jojo stands dont count?

>> No.38044516

*Thinks about that idea he had.*

...Any chance for Gundam Build Fighters jump? Don't know nearly enough about Gundam to do that myself, but the thing would be awesome to jump through.

>> No.38044550

You know what I really want to see?


Im working on another jump though and dont have time for another

>> No.38044559

Those aren't separate beings, they're expressions of you and your soul.

>> No.38044561

Gundam Build Fighters what is that?

>> No.38044574

I'd be interested. Can the current Gundam jump still be a "canon" jump in Gundam though?

A friend recommended Mobile G Gundam; might be worth exploring some gundam continuities that haven't been as thoroughly represented in the main Gundam jump

>> No.38044576

Old school 80's British Comicbook Zoids would be fuckken incredible.

>> No.38044579


>> No.38044609

Children fight with miniature Gundams. Thing's much more awesome than it sounds. At least the first season. The second is kind of lackluster.

>> No.38044621

What. Is that even the same series or is it just a coincidence?

>> No.38044623

Amazing. It's a spin-off series set in our world, where the characters are all players of the game "Gunpla Battle", where Gundam models are brought to life to fight each other. It sounds like it would be just one long toy commercial, but the series has a surprising amount of self-awareness and willingness to laugh at its own concept that together with the excellently animated fight scenes makes for a really fun show. At least in the first season. Build Fighters TRY is awful. It's taking itself too seriously, now.

>> No.38044651

I don't know enough about Build Fighters
I want Zoids jump as well, but I'm in the same boat.

>> No.38044654

I've never seen them count as companions, I'm not sure if on their own it's possible since they are manifestations of your soul but the origin spirit is something else bonded to it.

>> No.38044678

Yeah, no. This isn't shitposting. It's actually telling us what the hell is going on for a jump. You know, like MoeAnon is doing the exact opposite of.

He KNOWS that /jc/ isn't fond of SB due to a certain jump, and he KNOWS that the majority of jumpers are here due to the fact that Quicksilver started this whole thing right here. Didn't we have a witch hunt about some guy claiming that OAA was hiding things from the IRC? We thankfully proved THAT was a load of shit, but what about this? MoeAnon is going behind our backs and asking them stuff when the discussion should be right here. If anything, MoeAnon is WORSE now because he's clearly editing his jumps to have ultimate omega god-mode when he was told 'no', because CLEARLY any criticism is the Fun Police.

This is stupid. It's completely stupid how he thinks this is okay. This is deliberately taking jumps away from /tg/ just so he can justify ramping up his power levels to ridiculous heights without asking anyone here what they think of things. I guess we don't have an opinion anymore according to him.

>> No.38044718

He mostly posted his idea for a hourai change before, this is only a slight modification of it.

What's more, if he's afraid to talk about Touhou, then it's probably because of those anons with a grudge against him who shitpost any time he makes a post or talks about his jumps. Pretty understandable to me.

That's it from me. I won't reply anymore or be complicit in your drama.

>> No.38044756

Then he can talk about it here and actually try to figure out WHY people have a grudge, instead of just running away to a hugbox.

>> No.38044762

Whats the beef with SB QS has posted over there often enough

>> No.38044781

I think it really deserves it's own jump. It has enough unique aspects that I think are lost in a more general gundam jump. It is definitely a jump I would take.

>> No.38044819

Oh yeah, you've used this term lately in your shitposting. Thanks for making it obvious.

>> No.38044888

SpaceBattles JumpChain has had a few clashes with our JumpChain. Namely, a bickering over Wheel of Time, bitching at each other over an MLP jump, and remaking some jumps over there.

It also doesn't help that their JC is literally four people who could give less than a shit.

>> No.38044925

Well-the thing is, if he doesn't the modification here at all how's he supposed to get any feedback, period?

Also-can someone please explain to me what the hell a School of the Undefeated east it supposed to be?! I'm being made to watch clips of Mobile G Gundam and none of them are making any sense whatsover. I may have vastly underestimated this setting.

>> No.38044940

What jumps were remade? Also I know some people have a rabid hate boner for MLP but is it really a problem that a jump got made?

>> No.38044950

>Well-the thing is, if he doesn't the modification here at all how's he supposed to get any feedback, period?
He doesn't want feedback. He wants validation.

>> No.38045011

It's the school of martial arts practiced and taught by Master Asia, who earned that name for being the greatest martial artist in all of Asia. Thus, the "Undefeated of the East". He's awesome, he can beat mobile suits with his bare hands. When he actually gets into one of his own he absolutely dominates everything.

>> No.38045126

So I see. So-could you please explain to me the actual logistics and mechanics of his style? Is it a ki technique, a psionic/psychic phenomena or something else? Where did Master Asia learn this, and how extensive are his cybernetic augmentations (he keeps shooting lightning for some reason)?

...I might be a little salty over how he's basically doing what every jumper dreams of /without/ perks and shit

>> No.38045235

It's not cybernetics. Mostly he's doing it with sheer fighting spirit, so I guess that makes it a ki technique. It's implied that his status as King of Hearts of the Shuffle Alliance might be boosting his power, too. They're this ancient order that style themselves using playing card symbolism, it seems that gaining one of their brands makes you more powerful.

>> No.38045259

Yep, and the American becomes the Queen. Also he's a pathetic, worthless fuckup that only exists for comedy. Fuck G Gundam.

>> No.38045261

It's called getting gud.

>> No.38045281

His powers are ki techniques. That or he is kryptonian; but he trained Domon who did some super human stuff to so it's likely Ki. I would imagine the school of the undefeated of the east is self developed. The guy trained a horse to pilot a mecha so developing his own martial arts should be nothing to him.

>> No.38045282

Chibodee gets all the ladies, though, so at least he has that.

>> No.38045294


It's Zoids, it has the big robot dinosaurs and mammoths and dragons and suchlike, but it had its own unique continuity that had nothing at all to do with any other Zoids series.

>> No.38045299


>> No.38045304

Alright I'm probably going to start with Gundam Seed since it'll probably be the easiest to do, and do well. After that it'll probably be 00... and if both of those go well and someone hasn't done it I'll see about UC proper.

>> No.38045316

Oh. Well I would like both then. More robots more fun.

>> No.38045339

Why do you hate joy

>> No.38045340

Cool. Tell me if you need any help getting through SEED's canon in order to harvest useful material, no one should have to do that alone.

>> No.38045393

Cause its going to be the easiest to beta-test work out what works, and has the most diverse tech base.
If you want to murderhobo your way through the jump after its done I'm not gonna care
I will take any help whatsoever

>> No.38045404

No, it's for the same purpose as the Twilight jump: So you can fuck that place over. Personally I plan on using my Rumormonger build to retcon the EA into being objectively the good guys. Just to give the finger to Fukuda. Morosawa will get the finger given to her by my installing one of my companions as a new idol singer better and more popular than Lacus in every way.

>> No.38045408


Definitely Do it ! I would Most certainly take it,I need things for my giant robot.

>> No.38045424

I am both horrified and fascinated at the potential for Mobile G Gundam, like being at the top of a rollercoaster and realising everyone except you is trying to escape their seatbelts

Because I am watching clips of it right now and /nothing makes sense/ except ki is apparently spiral energy now

>> No.38045440

Actually he's second best besides Shining Gundam.

>> No.38045508

He's the Queen. He's a loser. He's a stereotype. He's a moron. He's comic relief. He's pathetic.

>> No.38045795

The Queen second highest suit in Suffle Alliance. He's not a loser, he's pretty damn American. He pulled himself up from poverty and became a Gundam fighter. Comic relief? Sure but in a good way. He's probably closest thing to a friend that Domon has, besides Raine.

>> No.38045818

>he's pretty damn American
Many, did you learn everything you know about America from watching Hollywood movies?

>In a good way.
No, he only exists to be made fun of.

>> No.38045826

That image is out of date.
I got a 2tb hard drive for 90 bucks recently.

>> No.38045875

What are all the possible things to combine with a Stand?
So far I've seen Zanpakuto, Appetite Demons and possibly the Origin Spirit. (depending on what kotor rules)

>> No.38045894


>> No.38045904

If mantra is something spirit/soul based then you should be able to combine that with it.

>> No.38046026

What are those from and what are they capable of?

>> No.38046051

Persona is from Persona.

You summon your SOUL. Which is depicted by a figure from mythology, gods, heroes, or demons. Your soul may even be Satan!

>> No.38046068

Was it your soul? I thought they were personifications of your psyche or something since they are tamed shadows.

>> No.38046077


>> No.38046094

I thought it was your unconscious mind.

>> No.38046098

Maybe if you take that perk from Evangelion that merges your soul and your physical body then you could fuse your stand with yourself.

>> No.38046129

It isn't clear!

>> No.38046142

What can they do? Are they as varied and strong as Stands or are they more limited?

>> No.38046189

I don't know about strength. Your Persona, in a team with three others, can beat up the Avatar of a world-killing goddess. Definitely less varied, powerset wise. They all draw from the same spell list.

>> No.38046288

Looking at the jump they seem to just use general rpg spells like fire, water,air and some having more physical or healing abilities, is that about right?

>> No.38046297

That plus buffs and debuffs, which actually matter in SMT games.

>> No.38046414

Do you have any suggestions for personal items?

>> No.38046572

Well considering I can look outside, yeah. I know what America looks like. If you want someone to make fun of, it's Neo-France.

>> No.38046680

Then you should know the hotshot cowboy thing isn't really America.

>> No.38046744

It is. If you live here in Texas.

>> No.38046797

Sorry, I had to go pick up a tux, so I was AFK. Okay, some ideas for items:

A Haro or other small robot pet

Gamma Glipheptim (the drug the Extended super soldiers were given to boost their capabilities)

A memento of a loved one, in the same vein as Mayu's cellphone that Shinn keeps checking.

A cool mask that conceals any facts about your past you didn't want revealed

...uh, that's all I've got for now. Give me a bit to brainstorm.

>> No.38046883

>is it possible to make it more communicative and a full companion to import it into other settings?
Yes, absolutely. And it's gender and appearance is up for you to decide.

>lending me its strength by passing through me like Raava did with Wan.
By itself it can't do this.

The spirit basically just does what you just said, allows you to better communicate with spirits in other worlds, enhances your natural spiritual defenses, boosts spirit based powers, offers advice, etc.

I also watched the LOK episode that featured Unalaq bonding what Vaatu, and it doesn't look like he gains the ability to bend the other elements. However, that could just be because he wasn't trained in them.

Importing it to another setting with a companion import option will give it a physical body.

>> No.38046923

So useless.

>> No.38046985

10 years is more than enough time to befriend it.

>> No.38047307

It's no AT Field, but I personally wouldn't mind having a friendly little voice in my head. Not to mention a modest boost to my overall spiritual capabilities seems pretty neat for 200 CP. It might even know interesting stuff and have insights into the fundamental nature of bending from its long existence, who knows.

For me it's less about what it can do and more about the novelty, really

>> No.38047342

I really wouldn't pay for something that doesn't really do anything but let you talk to spirits.

>> No.38047361

A voice in your head sounds like a horrible idea in general, regardless of what the fluff says.

> "Hey. Hey. You should do stuff now. Hey. What's going on? Hey, don't go to bed yet, there's still so many things you should be doing. Hey. Hey. Hey. Helloooooooo?"

>> No.38047390

Also remember that in super robot wars . If you choose spiritual enhancement , your spiritual powers such as the previously mentioned things will scale up to giant robot sizes.

>> No.38047412

Oh god Navi

>> No.38047446

So this is what I've got so far... its very rough but its got locations and origins no costs yet, and no items and I haven't even begun to touch mobile suit creation or technology, but its a start.

>> No.38047487

Just one bit of advice Please allow us the option to import previously gained giant robots and being clear about where they are kept as well as allowing us access to giant robots from this universe

>> No.38047552

Just throwing out an idea that's been on my mind, would it be possible to create a Spore jump?

>> No.38047555

Well... this is a big one.

The World Ends With You
> Background: NEET [-100CP]
> Age: 14 [Rolled2]
> Flaw: Lazybones
> Extra Pin Slot (x3) [-100CP]
> Brand: Lapin Angelique [-300CP]
> Pin: Thunderbolt [Get a Freebie!]
> Hollow Leg [-50CP]
> Blend In [-50CP]
> All Star (Running) [-50CP]
> My Fashion Sense is Tingling [-50CP]
> Iron Bladder [Get a Freebie!]
> Welcome to my Kitchen [-200CP]
> Git Gud [-100CP]
> Pi-Face [-200CP]
> That Guy [+200CP]

> Revival: Keikaku Doori

> Entry Fee: My Heart
> EFFECTS: Inability to feel joy. Inability to feel contentment. Inability to form lasting relationships. Inability to remember why relationships are important. Inability to understand "idealism". Inability to muster "heroism". Tendency towards quiet. Tendency towards introversion. Tendency towards negative emotions (ex: annoyance, anger, disgust, hatred, boredom). Tendency towards inaction. Tendency towards extreme levels of ruthlessness in the absence of inaction.
> Ability to recognize these changes and the losses involved. Ability to make plans and use logic in the pursuit of goals. Retained desire to restore self.
> MINOR SIDE EFFECT: Loss of immortality due to immortality-related perks being linked to physical heart. Except I'm ALREADY DEAD.

>> No.38047567

Sooooo... a few questions about the Deus Ex: Human Revolution jump here: http://pastebin.com/hqeGWmPv

1. Is the Apartment placed inside the warehouse, or is it attached like the Masters of Karma tank from Lord of Light/Onsen from Tenchi?

2. How many bedrooms does it have?

3. Does it size up? Like say... if my jumper's actual default height was around 17+ feet tall.

>> No.38047587


> CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Euphoric (Temporary Drawback Companion)
Jonathan wears a white zoot suit and matching fedora. The latter is kept in impeccable condition at all times and shines in the light, while the former accrues stains like a hyperactive baby squirting from both ends while crawling through a pizza factory. Jonathan is also quite obese (yet mobile), and has a prominent and perpetually greasy neckbeard. Jonathan believes himself to be a gentleman and a scholar. He is neither. He introduces himself as "Euphoric", and is annoyed at being called "Jon".
Jonathan is very proactive. He is absolutely dedicated to his goals (which can change abruptly), and will argue the point for hours until he gets his way. He will not actually alter his argument in the face of new information. He'll just argue. He usually gets his way by virtue of everyone becoming too disgusted to interact with him anymore, which he considers a victory.
Jonathan is debatably "heroic" in that he (usually) fights monsters and (supposedly) assists heroes, but this is more of a parasitic relationship brought about by a desire for his own personal glory. He firmly believes himself to be the world's protagonist. He probably wouldn't have any problem with becoming a Reaper, but would immediately place sights on being the one in charge of the organization, "because he could do it better".

>> No.38047590

Sure, you're going to need a section for species design, a section for the social segment, and a section for the sandbox segment,

>> No.38047595

The Civ jump was possible, so I imagine so. It'd be hard work though.

>> No.38047630

When the fuck did you get to be 17 ft tall!

>> No.38047633

Cellular/Creature/Tribal/Civ/Space are the sections if I remember right.

It'd be nice if some of the shit they cut, like underwater stage/civs, was included too.

>> No.38047685

Height-boosting perks stack.

>> No.38047686

What that chart fails to take into account is build. The 9' tall guy mostly had elongated bones, without the thicker construction and muscle support needed. A creature that evolved to support that height could easily reach it, it's just that it needs more modification than just longer legs and arms.

>> No.38047710

>>38047587 >>38047555
SO! Plan is basically to follow Jon around. Together we are the most insufferable players. I pretty much carry him. I will probably end up building a robot to help him fight. Except building an army is too much effort for this jump... so I'll just build one and upgrade it as needed.

Although I actually suspect he has pretty good survivability, because it just wouldn't be as AMUSING to Jumpchan if he died in the first encounter. Why yes I am gaming the system in such a way. It's just that having him around is a gigantic pain in the ass.
And then I'll win the game and get my heart back and I'll be able to enjoy being lazy again.
At least my sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT won't be diminished during all this.

>> No.38048010

Enjoy that suffering.

>> No.38048052

Inukami makes me 6'7".
LOSS lets me get an extra 4 feet.
Song of Ice and Fire grants probably another two feet? Since it's based on Gregor Clegane and he's like... nearly eight feet tall.
Avatar: Legend of Korra adds another foot.
Destiny has a perk that adds another 3 feet of height.

Overall that is a height of 17'7". I need to know if this apartment is sized up for me.

>> No.38048086

Don't forget the four Tall perks you took so you would be the new Tallest in Zim
I copied you in that

>> No.38048146

I actually didn't take that, as with my prior height perks I was NATURALLY bigger than the Tallest by default.

But it makes me wonder...

>> No.38048176

11. Mount and Blade: Let's Get Down to Business

Identity: Drop-In (Free)
Location: Reyvadin (Roll)
Strength (Free)
Intelligence 300cp
Surgery: 600cp
Saddle Horse (Free)
Basic Weapon (Free)
Heroes 100cp

Companions: http://pastebin.com/iAb8hPsq

I like to avoid killing whenever possible, so going on the offense isn't my style. Once I got myself situated, I gathered what troops I could and trained and organized them to drive off any invaders that dared to threaten the kingdom. The king supported both my military and governmental reforms more often then not, and by the time I was done the Kingdom of the Vaegirs was a nearly impenetrable constitutional monarchy. Now, to be fair, I DID technically have a Kaiju for when things got way too hairy, but I never had to rely on her. Beside from Mercurio, Gary, and Tourette, my companions didn't actually do much. Mercurio and Tourette kept the army supplied while Gary got involved in politics despite apparently being a former poacher. The Anarchs didn't particularly like the place and they liked the leadership even less, but they've had to put up with autocratic leaders before and I made sure they never got hassled. As for the others, Dani really only served as a deterrent and Jack just kind of fucked off to parts unknown most of the time.

>> No.38048245

Doing a drop-in only build?

>> No.38048306

Bit late, but yes. Especially UC and G. UC because that's what I'm familiar with, and I like most of the mobile suit designs. G because, well, it's Gundam: Hilarious Stereotypes Edition. Also, because I want to become Super America.

>> No.38048326


Fun stuff: a big part of my jumper builds is just interacting with characters or creating characters who I find to be interesting, even if occasionally that character is me. Because that's apparently fun for me. So when I read That Guy, my immediate thought was, "That's hilarious, and I want this guy to exist in this world just so that he can interact with OTHER characters."
Then I had to think both how that would work, how I could possibly interact with him, and what sort of character (as myself) would best compliment him. And then I had to combine all that with "what is actually important to me that I would lose as an entry fee?" And it was basically tied between "my ability to remain content" / "my remaining grasp on morality" / "my friends".

So now he's got an incredibly aggravated hypercompetent gothloli sidekick who kicks the shit out of things, but follows him around out of lack of personal drive. He himself is somewhat similar to Gaston in personality, if you took away everything cool or likeable about him and put him in a zoot suit.

I imagine I cast cleaning magic on him near constantly. Yet he accrues new stains with distressing frequency. And it goes without saying that I dump him after the jump is over.

I'll be miserable and filled with hatred in jump, but after the fact I'll look back on it and say, "You know what, that was totally worth it." Just because I made that a thing that exists. And also pissed off literally every other character.

>> No.38048538

Are you keeping him like usual?

>> No.38048594

oops. didn't see that you didn't.

So he's worse than srappy huh.

>> No.38048602

No, I just wanted Strength more then Trade in this one and I liked the idea of just blowing into town one day and becoming a military leader.

>> No.38048853


Re-posting the Lost Planet jump, has this been made into a PDF yet?

>> No.38048914

if the Jump Maker cannot be contacted, I'd be happy to get that done
>pic related, my goal for that jump

>> No.38048964

>I will probably end up building a robot to help him fight. Except building an army is too much effort for this jump... so I'll just build one and upgrade it as needed.
Fun fact: Noise cannot be hurt by anything except for Psyches. Keep that in mind when designing the robot.


>> No.38048966

I'm going Akrid in this. I hope I don't need to worry about t-eng post-jump, since I don't think Lost Planet's idea of it really exists anywhere else.

>> No.38049047

Far worse.

I mean, there's a minimum "ability to stand" that a character needs to meet to be a continuous drawback companion. It is admittedly a very lax definition, but it does exist. The Adoring Fan from Elder Scrolls didn't make the cut, either, but he DID travel with me for the duration of that one jump, where I was a hyperintelligent athiest Khajiit, because I felt like I wanted my life to be an Abbott and Costello routine for awhile.

Scrappy's annoying, but he means well. Also, he's totally invincible, so I don't even have to feel bad about ignoring him, which was a big part of why people don't like him. Scooby always felt compelled to save him, detracting from the situation, whereas I just... don't. In fact, I actually told him he was invincible. It occasionally leads to hilarity, because he's still not STRONG, but he does get these weird, rare attempts at heroic self-sacrifice due to that knowledge.
I just don't find him that annoying.

I can ignore snark or low level background stupidity. It's just whether or not I think their potential annoyance factor outweighs their hilarity or not.
For the record, not!Kraden (Golden Sun), Raildexloli, Keef, Excalibur, Xellos, Scrappy, and the Annoying Tag-Along from Digimon all made the cut. Along with the Yugioh Rival.
I don't mind being called a FOOL! But I do draw the line at constant arguing for arguing sake.

Noted! Also, I guess I could always just enhance him, directly.

>> No.38049077

Akrid can produce thermal energy on their own by absorbing heat, you should be fine. Worse comes to worse you can use Artificial Alloys to produce it.

>> No.38049169

This chart is bs, my friend jimmy starts the day at 9 foot tall.

He shrinks during the day though.

>> No.38049324

Rather not have to farm after eliminating my need for real food, though.

>> No.38049350

I'll include it in the notes, sounds fine to me.

>> No.38049601

You strangely it sounds like Red's greatest enemy in these jumps isn't some invincible villain or Unstoppable rampaging beast. Rather it is normal door ways and ceilings.

>> No.38049680

Clearly she needs to move to a city built for dinosaurs instead.

>> No.38049844

Not the author, just my ten cents:

> apartment attached or inside?
It specifically states "Annex", which means an attached building.

>how many bedrooms?
If it's the same as Adam Jensen's apartment (it doesn't say), just the one - http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Adam_Jensen%27s_apartment - however as people in Deus Ex do have families, I don't see a problem with fanwanking another bedroom, maybe even two. YMMV.

>does it size up for giants?
Uh... maybe use a space-expanding perk from jumps like Unholy Heights or Harry Potter?

>> No.38049859

...were it not for my size-changing powers, my greatest enemy WOULD be doorways and ceilings.

Seriously, sometimes you just wanna live large. The fuck's wrong with that.

>> No.38049870

V.2 extensive work on perks, items, and mobile suit mechanics, but progress. Costs will need to be done but I'll save that for after things are hashed out.

>> No.38049990

Absolutely nothing at all, giant amazons are cool. Just the mental image of it all made me chuckle. I am easily amused what can I say.

>> No.38050087

>Seriously, sometimes you just wanna live large. The fuck's wrong with that.
Not a fucking thing. Go chill and be huge, Red.

But for real, I'm tall and I've got all kinds of scars and a couple of divets in my head from doorways, ducts, and ceilings.

>> No.38050108

Really? I'm tall too and have bumped by head on shit a lot for it, but divets and scars? Try not to slam yourself into things.

>> No.38050151

I know, right?

>unassuming bar
>there's talk outside
>sudden sound of bricks breaking
>the next five minutes is spent groaning and complaining about how humans need to stop being so fucking short
>afterwards this fuckhuge amazon comes in
>about to continue when the ceiling fan thwaps her right in the head
>just screams as she reaches up and tears it from its cord
>everyone is too afraid to laugh at the hilarity of it all

>> No.38050191

That's exactly how ?I feel in my grandmother's house. Everything is too damn short.

>> No.38050283

>dat green
That was me in the house I grew up in. No stretching inside, felt like I had to gollum walk around. Some serious planning when I bought furniture in college.

Yeah, I tend to haul ass. Its not smart, and as stated I've got the missing chunks to prove it.

Being able to hide shit on top of the kitchen cabinets is great, though.

>> No.38050290

>>38049601 >>38050108
>>38050151 >>38050191

>> No.38050322


>> No.38050325

So how are you going to handle the fact that an imported mecha will likely be able to get around the N-Jammer issue? Most mecha in fiction use nuclear fusion, not fission, so an N-Jammer Canceller isn't necessary for them to enjoy an unlimited power supply. I guess the simplest way would be to make an import cost as much as an N-Jammer Canceller, I guess. You going to do something like that?

>> No.38050359

Naw, she's Fun Sized.

>> No.38050362

'Drather bang my head on the ceiling than be a manlet.

>> No.38050383

Honestly I was going to put N-Jammer Cancellers as an option to buy, but given that at least with Veritech the mechs should fit in your warehouse I wasn't going to attach a cp price to it.

>> No.38050448

>making fun of my amazonian size when Konotanon regularly gets mistaken for a kid
>especially when Konotanon probably gets hit bad by the 'You must be X tall to ride' amusement parks
Oh. Oh it's ON.

>> No.38050564

12. Kantai Collection: Of Waifus and Wars

Identity: Admiral (Free)
Age: 27 (Roll)
Captain's Orders (Free)
Innocence 100cp
Role-Model 200cp
Winds of Fortune 150cp
Ballad 300cp
Malicious Aura 300cp
Beacon of Hope 300cp
Admiral's Uniform (Free)
Marriage Ring and Documents (Free)
Range (Arizona)
Detection (Arizona)
Auxiliary (Arizona)
Destroyer x5 (Free)
Abyssal Fleet Girl Demon (Flagship) 250cp
Compass-chan's Wrath 100cp
Limited Resources +200cp
Forsaken +300cp

Looks like I'm still at war, and apparently back at sea. It's like I can't escape the ocean or something. I really was not looking forward to dealing with the stress of resource management and having to comfort all those heart-broken ship girls whenever they got their transfer notices. It wasn't all bad though, because I had something to look forward. Over the last few decades things had been getting kind of weird between me and Tourette. Despite how weird it was for me, them, and the others, we somehow hooked up one night and it kind of just progressed from there. Kantai Collection seemed like the perfect time to pop the question, and when I asked, they agreed to marry me.

I knew the wedding wouldn't be fancy, we just didn't have the money for it. Luckily I had a bunch of crap in my warehouse and the ship girls were able to scavenge up some other junk. Despite what we had to work with, I can at least say this about how the decorating turned out: it wasn't awful. Thanks to Carnivore jump, the reception was good; you know, up until the bombs started to drop.

>> No.38050576

I was being slow again, but to prove I've been working on it and to show the perks I've written and get feedback , here's the FF8 jump with all of the regular backgrounds' perks done. Still need to think about drop-ins, and I've got sorceresses figured out, but they aren't written down in this paste.


>> No.38050591


Dani was the first to go down; the poor girl didn't even have time to transform. The fleet tried to rally, but nobody but the flagship Arizona managed to get off more then a single shot and it only took a few seconds before she too died in a fiery explosion. I even got the privilege of watching what remained of Tourette wither into a desiccated husk before turning to ash and blowing away on the wind.

I wouldn't have survived to see my trail if it wasn't for my ability to turn into a ghost. I was dishonorably discharged and thrown in jail for treason. It turns out one of the abyss girls I had recruited had been leaking information to her sisters. Despite how miserable I was feeling at the time, I wasn't about to sit around and get executed, not with REVENGE on my mind.

I pulled a ghostly Monte Cristo and broke out of my cell while thinking dark thoughts. I spent the next couple of years rounding up a posse of abyssal ship girls. Now, I may not be strong enough to take on an abyssal ship girl one-on-one, but I am strong enough to turn invisible, split into multiple bodies, and possess some people who can. It may have taken me a while, but I was once more in command of a small fleet. Using my detective skills and magic compass, I tracked down the ship that betrayed me and made her pay. My fleet took her sisters by surprise much like they had to me on my wedding. Eventually I managed to shoot her into unconsciousness by possessing a submarine and launching torpedo at her. The thing of it is I'm not a cruel person by nature, so I didn't end up doing much to her. I took her to my fleet's makeshift headquarters, removed her armor and weaponry, and put her in the brig. She's lucky she was unconscious for the procedure, because I imagine having your organic weapons and armor cut out of you is really painful.

Boy am I grateful I'm out of that shithole.

>> No.38050601

> I hope you like blood and pain.
Oh. Oh. We're doing this?
Because, yeah, see, I'm pretty sure they also stop letting you on the rides when there's a very real chance you'll break them by stepping on.

I'm calling you a "large" woman.

>> No.38050603

Looks good so far. FF inspires a huge nostalgia boner, so I'm looking forward to this.

>> No.38050618

Arizona noooooo!

>> No.38050644

At least I don't have to sit on a booster seat to see over the steering wheel.

>> No.38050654

"Fun Sized" is just a term for "You get less chocolate."

>> No.38050703

Fun sized people get more chocolate.

>> No.38050734

I won't lie. Sufficiently Analyzed Magic is something I REALLY wanna get. And judging by the way Bewitching is, I really want to see what you have planned for Sorceress.

I bet you get people asking regularly where your parents are!

>> No.38050737

That explains why my sister always had a bigger stash at the end of the night.

>> No.38050833

see, this is why it's best to strike a proper balance
My default form is a little over 6', large enough to be imposing to regular humans without causing inconvenience elsewhere

>> No.38050848

True magic is their (Free) 400-tier, which includes all of the stuff para-magic can do, but more and better, and is restricted to them. Currently, I was thinking about being able to create GFs from people's mind like Griever. Griever was way more powerful than other GF, and when Ultimacia junctioned it, she also gained ridiculous power and a monstrous form instead of just being able to junction para-magic like normal.

>> No.38050889

“Crikey! Will you lookit that. Those are a pair of wild JumpChain Namefags in their natural environment.”
>A white male human, vaguely ephemeral and dressed in khaki short pants and shirt appears.
>He’s also slightly wet, it seems.
”Oh, what a treat, they’re trolling! You see, beauts like these will spread their plumage and pretend to engage in combat.”
>The human stays at the edges of the thread, watching the namefags circle each other.
”This intrigues and excites the local anons. Once they’ve got a big enough audience, they’ll strike! Usually they don’t discriminate, neither. They’ll take down a full grown anons, and cripples that are missing appendages.”
>The human half crouches and begins to circle closer to the namefags.
“They’re brutal commenting machines, beautiful and terrible. Nevah, nevah approach one in the wild. Nevah approach a mated pair, if you happen to come across one… Now, watch while I poke ‘em with a post!

>> No.38050917


>> No.38050928

I..I think I'm in love with you SteveAnon.

>> No.38050933

As their cap, sorry. The other thing we see a Sorceress do that would work separate from true magic is the whole Time Compression spell, and, well, that's omnipotence. Too much.

Also, combining her looks with her true magic let Edea/Ultimecia whip an entire city into an insane, worshipful frenzy as she impaled their president on her arm. It's pretty strong.

>> No.38050953

You, I like you

>> No.38050980 [DELETED] 

>cripples that are missing appendages.

Least I don't pull the jagged, envenomed stingray tail out of my ribs to bleed out.

>> No.38050988

Oi faggot. Go away, we're posting jumps.

>> No.38050995

Hey man. Not cool.

>> No.38051001

I'll have you know all my vehicles are specially crafted by me to suit me.

Anime settings. Not nearly as often as you'd think.
Also! Has anyone ever asked if you ATE your parents? Or if they were human? How the heck do you even answer that?

At the risk of totally ruining this, I actually hover around five feet, or only slightly below average depending on age.
And that's from shifting. My "true form" is actually closer to somewhere between six and seven, because there aren't any "you're small and cute" perks (which I would totally buy), but there are actually an abundance of "you're tall and (something else cool that Konatanon wants)" perks. And so stuff happens.
But it's funnier to pretend I'm short.


>> No.38051015

Have some respect man, yer talking to a national hero!

>> No.38051018

It's exactly what you don't want to do, but when you're panicking it's easy to see why you would.

>> No.38051032


Oh god I realized as I hit post. Oh jeez that was out of line.

>> No.38051033

>that spoiler
... ...I FUCKING KNEW IT. Also, I have a multitude of 'normal' forms so I can answer those questions just fine, thank you!


>> No.38051071

That's why you use shapeshifting to be small and cute.

>> No.38051087

It's fine, I figured it wasn't meant to be actually malicious. Just...try not to mock how the actual person died, okay? Not until they've been dead long enough to count as a historical figure.

>> No.38051089

He's been gone for a while, it's okay.

>> No.38051120

/jc/ green is best green

>> No.38051140

I know it's an old jump and all, but in Infamous can I take Extra Power more than once?

>> No.38051165

Yeah. Just remember that it's a single extra power, not an entire new set. Some people make that mistake.

>> No.38051192

Red, I've told you this like three times.
Like, YOU specifically.

I've probably mentioned it offhand in the thread about four or five, although I really forgive people for not trawling through the other 232 threads to find my life story. That would actually be kindof weird.

Also, it makes me sad that there are so few cute perks as compared to gorgeous. And next to nothing for small.

>> No.38051220

It would be a rare setting where it makes sense to add it as a perk though.

>> No.38051277

If you think about it, it shouldn't be that rare. We've got tons of anime jumps, and anime is the natural breeding ground for chibi and comic omake. There's no reason that jumps couldn't have more cute perks. It'd be interesting to see some if for no other reason than variety.

>> No.38051317

I find it mildly amusing that I am now cuter.

>> No.38051318

I like what I see so far.

Question though, if you buy Blue Magic and the planned True Magic perk, are you capable of casting Blue Magic without a limit break?

For suggestions...

Drop-in is supposed to be based on the Forest Owls, correct? First idea is giving them combo attacks in the style of Rinoa's limit break. Also, maybe something like being good at managing and putting together underground movements, or carrying out crazy plans like stealing a car from a moving train. Stuff that doesn't mesh with canon might also be good for Drop-ins, maybe stuff like being immune to Time Kompression type things, because you're not native to the worlds you visit, or being able to convince GFs to help you in battle without being bound to you.

I think you also mentioned Triple Triad perks at some point, so if you can't think of anything else then just giving them to Drop-ins might be an option.

For drawbacks, how about losing your memories ridiculously fast regardless of GF use, being hopelessly obsessed with Triple Triad, casting magic has a huge negative impact on your stats, occasionally getting possessed by Ultimecia, or getting pulled into Laguna style flashbacks at inopportune times?

>> No.38051357

So I'm starting work on a Metalocalypse jump. Anyone want anything in specific?

>> No.38051394

A perk to be so incredible that if you kill a large number of people as part of a show or act that no one takes any issue with it.

>> No.38051405

Infinite supply of Duncan Hills Coffee

>> No.38051409


>> No.38051429

A drawback a perk? that gives you a horrible Scandinavian accent like Skwisgaar and Toki.

>> No.38051455

Good suggestion.
I'll make sure that it's not Starbucks grade, so that you can have decent coffee forever.
It's been on the backburner forever, I just temporarily abandoned it in favor of settings I knew better.
It comes with two of the classes.

>> No.38051460

I wants a drawback sos that you cans talk like thes Mister Tokis and Skwisgaars.

>> No.38051466

Yeah, if you buy Blue Magic as a Sorceress, you'll be able to cast FF8-derived blue magic anytime you want. That advantage sorta disappears once you started collecting Blue Magic from other settings, though.

Yes, it's based on the Forest Owls and the other Timber rebel groups. Combos I'm not sure about, though I may be able to spin that into their 200-tier. I don't want it to be too limited in scope. Crazy, ridiculous plans should be a good 400-tier. My main issue with it them is trying to come up with a suitable cap, since there's a whole lot less to work with, since Rinoa sort of spins off into being a Sorceress instead of being unique later

Triple Triad will probably be a 50-tier perk for everyone, since it doesn't offer much in the way of advantages and is just something fun. Though I might increase it to 100, since I don't have anything that should put someone down to 50 points.

I've got a few analogues to those planned for drawbacks, but the Laguna one isn't something I thought of. That'd be a good one.

>> No.38051471

people selling their souls to you for musical talent?

>> No.38051473

I want to be able to both summon and banish extradimensional horrors with the power of metal.

>> No.38051504

If there isn't a superheroic accountant class I'll punch your mother in the face.

>> No.38051508

>"Okay, just, just sit down and shut the *screech* up so I get this straight in my head. So you met this wicked god-thing, and it decided to send you on the most bullsh-*screech* journey every. Like, bathing in the blood of armies, slaying giant messed up horror creatures from children nightmares, snortin' all kinds of bullsh-*screech* from elf bones to dragon dust or whatever they have, and banged like, I dunno fifty or so hot chicks or dudes depending on the equipment you had? And after all that you still want to go through things and like, eat power or sh-*screech* lightning or whatever it is all these worlds do to you, and now you're here to rock it with us. ...dude. That's f-*screech*-in' brutal."

Well I knew you were taller than 4ft, but I couldn't remember by how much! I don't remember EVERYTHING after all, as much as I like to claim I do.

>> No.38051517

That's if you take Blues without any negotiating power.
That comes standard with the music, why are you asking for things that already happen?
There is now. It WAS going to be the Fan, but now it's Manager.

>> No.38051536

Something about summoning trolls/demons/monsters maybe? Ala Mustakrakish?

>> No.38051542

Changed my mind, just adding another class.

I like that intro, I think I'll use it.

>> No.38051547

Isn't there something to adjust your height up or down a foot in the body mod?

>> No.38051563

A super hardmode secret ending where you can summon Dethklok, or one where they follow you around on your adventures ala Sabaton.

>> No.38051603


You are part of a Dethklok Tribute band. If you do well enough injump, you get to even meet them. They'll follow you for inspiration for the next album, no direct effect on battles.

>> No.38051615

Mentioning Laguna reminded me of something. It doesn't fit the drop-in theme, but Ellone's power could be an interesting capstone. I'm not sure if it'd be overpowered though...

>> No.38051697

I wouldn't say it's overpowered on its own, or at least not the way Ellone used it. What she could do was basically let you see/experience the past, which isn't any different than something like Clairvoyance.

It's what people like Ultimecia and Odine did with her power that makes it so, because with a Sorceress' power or Odine's Junction Machine Ellone, you can actually go into the past and change it entirely, like how Ultimecia was going to use it to cast her Time Compression at the beginning of time so she could rule all of it, not just from her future. That's made me hesitant to add it.

>> No.38051700

It's a one time boost of 1-2ft in either direction

>> No.38051701

>Gentlemen, we have just detected an entity of unknown power entering our local space. we believe this creature holds hostile intentions, and my be attempting to undermine our plans.
>It is essential that we locate this entity, and eliminate it before it can undertake whatever actions it has in mind.
>However, before we eliminate it, I would like to see a show of this beings abilities, so that we may ascertain whether or not its powers would be of use to us.
>Fortunately it looks as though this creature has already befriended deathklok, which means it'll just be that much easier for us to observe it.

Else ware
>Jumper: Yo dudes, you got any pizza?

>> No.38051734

I would spend the entire jump figuring out things to do to mess with the Tribunal.

>> No.38051744

> Jump 512
> Fighting Godslayer the Armageddon, Devourer of One-Thousand Black Holes
> You and He are facing each other, standing on asteroids floating in the cosmic void
> In the background you can hear Murderface yelling about something while drunk.
> Toki is asking him to be quiet.
> Murderface responds with vomit.
> Pickles is also drunk, and spends the whole time pointing out how stupid Godslayer looks.
> Skwisgaar is telling Toki to be quiet.

>> No.38051754

Hey guys, I'm on my seventeenth jump and I am on Dark Souls finally. I want to convince Crossbreed Priscilla to join my group. I havn't played dark souls before so what background/approach should I go with? Dragon Remnant?

Here is a list of the skills related to persuasion that I have acquired thus far:

Acting(Scooby Doo), Monsters Arn't Real(Scooby Doo),
Suave(Courage the Cowardly Dog), Kool Kat(Courage the Cowardly Dog),
Hero(Adventure Time), Captain's Orders(Kantai), Innocence(Kantai),
Beacon of Hope(Kantai), Royal Aura(LLTQ), Minor Jurian Noble(Tenchi Muyo),
Accepted Cultural Norms(Tenchi Muyo)

Pic related

>> No.38051786

Buy the companion option and you should be more than prepared to convince her.

>> No.38051807

Yo Jumpers!
Here's the new Fate Jump me and Rukipedia just finished.

>> No.38051857

You forgot
>No, We wait

>> No.38051861



>> No.38051864

>20 circuits per purchase instead of 30 like the original.
Objectively inferior.

>> No.38051898


It said she would take some convincing, would she be more open to a Dragon Remnant?

>> No.38051918

Doubtful, she has no special loyalty to dragons and doesn't even know the dragon furry faction exists.

>> No.38051933

Thanks, I knew I was missing something.

>> No.38051967

Which jumps let me collect/play cards?

>> No.38051979

Yu Gi Oh

>> No.38051991

Sports jump.

>> No.38052008

Most jumps, probably. I see no reason why things like baseball cards wouldn't exist in a majority of worlds.

>> No.38052019

Those are boring and against the spirit of the question.

>> No.38052049

That might be something to do.

Start a trading card thing in every jump you go, with famous people in-jump.
Either Baseball Card style, or an actual playable game.

I'mma make Fairy Tail a lot of money by making Trading Cards of the members. S-Class Wizards will be the rarest cards. Also, since a lot of the women in Fairy Tail are cool with it, there will be "rares" of the women, with more...risque outfits.

Naturally this means Erza and Mirajane in risque outfits will only have one or two copies made, period

>> No.38052057


Where is the servant supplement this mentions?

>> No.38052083

Go to Harry Potter for the Chocolate Frog Cards. Also, figure out how to replicate those.

>> No.38052089


>> No.38052104

It's in the Supplements folder in the Drive, under Everyone Else's Jumps. There is another one floating around somewhere though, which is the second one I mentioned.

>> No.38052113



>> No.38052141

Family Crest reads like pure vague garbage.

>> No.38052142

Best part? I'm going to sell them, 90% of all profits go to the guild itself

If they get popular enough I'll make offers to do the same for other guilds.

>> No.38052157

Card Captor Sakura.

>> No.38052173

Is it? What is wrong with it?

>> No.38052189


Who else did powers like Trading Cards at the end of the jump?

>> No.38052193


can I get in on this? on got the entrepreneurial skill for courage the cowardly dog and trade from mount and blade!

>> No.38052202

>Sufficiently Analyzed Magic

Gravity magic, GRAVITY MAGIC HOLY HELL YES! I have been gearing up myself around the manipulation of gravity and magic, with this I can combine the two for extremely crazy things.

>> No.38052228

Why not? Just do it in your own jump, get the art skill or get a companion with the art skill.

I'm gonna do it in most jumps.

Including in Mass Effect, that will be a playable game.

Shepard will be the rarest card around, but the most OP bullshit one

>> No.38052252

>Doesn't have anything to do with your actual family or their magic.
>Minor boost at best.
>Store spells, doesn't tell us the amount or why we'd even bother paying 600 points to do that. Like we can't just cast the fucking spell normally it doesn't matter.

And you mentioning giving it to a child like it's a major thing anyone is going to want to do like we think about that creepy shit. Overall, Scholar is both the most vague AND the origin with the worst perks compared to anyone else.

Also it's stupid that none of the items are discounted to anyone.

>> No.38052333

Okay. It has no limit on the spells it can store. Secondly, many of the higher level Type Moon spells can take a long time to cast, 5-10 whole sentences, while this lets you do it in one.

I suppose it's how you look at it. Considering the 400cp scholar perk can potentially give you Time Alter and more, I think it makes up for it. It just isn't combat focused like the other 3 are.

The child thing was simply a feature I mentioned, since it's an important part of the thing. It's not major, just a minor add on.

The Items do not have discounts simply because they are all very cheap. There is too much overlap to give each origin the discounts anyway.

>> No.38052343

So for Metalocalypse I'm considering a "Cross Class" system. Drop-Ins get no perks discounted or free, but also aren't charged 50% extra by certain perks. Terrible idea, good idea, needs improvement, what do you think?

>> No.38052355

Ahem, quite a few jumps have items that don't get discounted to anyone.

Why aren't we ragging on those? Why this one in particular?

>> No.38052388



I finished up Paladin, when I wake back up I'll add some the professions.

>> No.38052396

>Having a child is creepy shit
How is? I don't even.

>> No.38052404

I'm not a big fan of this idea.

>> No.38052416

5 sentences? You think that's a lot when you can speed read that shit?

If you think Time Alter is the only thing (many years, another grinding based perk?) worth it, then why did you even bother making them all 400 points?

And it isn't ANYTHING focused. You get one vague magic option, an extremely vague and underwhelming cap, then a low level teacher and finder perk.

>300 points
>Ruining the point spread with those items that cost 50.

Most of those are old. I think it's dumb in them too, but when they're old it's easy to see why.
It really is. Nobody wants to hear about your sex life or offspring.

>> No.38052437

What does the Magic Core enable you to do? (feat examples?)
I seem to recall the Grail wish being a trap, was that only true some of the time?

>> No.38052454

Can you add a +0CP drawback that imports your actions if you took the Warcraft 3 jump?

>> No.38052469

50% extra costs? No thanks. I hate drop-in and I like buying perks from other backgrounds instead of being generic.

>> No.38052488

>Nobody wants to hear about your sex life or offspring.
Past discussions have proven you wrong
We've had multiple threads that have had half the thread dealing with discussions, not arguments discussions, about Children.
How they work in regards to the chain, if we are fertile, do they become companions, and a million and a half other factors
No one wants to hear about it in-depth, but many people are interested in how the rules about it work.

TLDR:You're in the minority if you have that opinion.

>> No.38052505

>Spend multiple millenia traveling
>Settle down and have a family in one of the longer running jumps
You're kind of a prude, and not in a reasonable way. Do you get uncomfortable when your with your gaming group and someone mentions having kids at home?

>> No.38052509

you've nerfed the number of magic circuits and eliminated Dead Apostle, why? Or is this to be a separate jump from the Type/Moon Jump? Despite being the Type/Moon setting.

>> No.38052515

Are you really arguing this. Are you really defending your creepy fantasy sex life magical realm like it matters or is may main point at all?

>> No.38052518

The incantations must be pronounced clearly and fluidly, rather difficult to do that quickly in the midst of a combat situation.

There is much more then Time Alter that is available, nearly any specialisation can be bought. Not to mention that you can continue to improve any specialty you buy beyond what the series shows.

This origin is focused on the mages that stay in the clocktower, researcher's and family heirs. All of the perks are directly from characters such as Kayneth or Waver or the Magus Families as a whole.

>> No.38052530

Ahem. Some of them are recent, and never once have I heard a complaint out of you.

Why haven't you yelled at OAA about discounted items?

>> No.38052537

Mystic Code Crafter sounds lame. A mystic code is a type of item, not a level of quality, any magus can make a mystic code. Now sure there are some really nice ones like Volumen Hydrargyrum, but the Thompson Contender is just a gun modified a bit to enable the use of conceptual weapons. So at least I would switch around your mention of them so that the contender is first, because as it is it implies the gun is better than Volumen Hydrargyrum, when the gun itself isn't a big deal. Now sure the gun won the fight, but that was due to the bullets, not the gun.

If magic circuits are a machine that produces prana, a magic core is a factory. The amount you produce with a core is far beyond human limits, it is literally magical power on the level of a dragon, and type moon dragons are some high level shit.

>> No.38052551

Separate jump, someone made a jump about a specific portion of the setting, so this guy is making a jump specifically about the Grail War, which a Dead Apostle has never participated in.

I'm personally going to cut out the generic Type/Moon jump to take this and the other one. Taking all three feels like cheating, but I want to see more of the setting

>> No.38052557

What was your main point? You said that the thought of having children as a jumper is creepy, but didn't do a good job of explaining why you think so. I'm personally neutral on the topic, I'd just like to hear your reasoning.

>> No.38052575

Basically, it just gives you a fuckton of Mana, enough to equal a Servant in quantity. It's literally the thing Saber has. The Grail is a trap in the 4th and 5th Fuyuki wars, it may or may not be in the non-fuyuki wars. We don't have too much info on some of them

Dead Apostles don't really show up in Fate. This is just representing the Fate side of Type Moon, much like Kara no Kyokai represents the KnK side of it. I assume that Dead Apostles will feature heavily in the eventual Tsukihime jump, since they are a big focus there. We decided to keep it as 20 circuits per purchase, since we felt it looked more even.

>> No.38052578

A single focus perk takes care of that. Normally not worth bringing up, but that's supposed to be the super special cap, and it's that easy to completely invalidate and make it overpriced.

You say that, but it seems to me like the perk's cost is decided by Time Alter and not any other kind of magic. Magic which you tell us nothing about, by the way. Why would I buy an option that tells me nothing? Any 'beyond what we see' is always something that gives you shit if you mention it.

That isn't a defense of how weak they are.
You act like I'm going on a tirade about items when I just mentioned I thought it was stupid. And I'm pretty sure Killing Bites had discounted items.

>> No.38052594

I think the main reason >>38052515 is complaining about discussions involving jumpers children, is because most of the time it devolves into fighting and shitposting about "Oh me and my pokemon wafu." or "Oh my harem and and imperial family." or other weird stuff like that.

I think It's best that we talk about it as little as possible. Even though it's fun.

>> No.38052595

Yes, I am. Mostly because the perks doesn't mention any creepy sexual stuff, just that maybe in your centuries of traveling you could have reproduced. The rest is because Kama Sutra Master and Harem perks are explicitly part of the chain.

Sex exists and is part of life and the chain of imaginary worlds that the thread has embarked upon, you delusional motherfucker. Hinting at it's existence isn't a problem in any way.

>> No.38052601

Eh, it's more that Mystic Code Crafter refers to the pwoer level of the stuff you make, rather then the quality I suppose. I'll make sure to clarify a bit about it though.

>> No.38052603

All right then, fair enough. Thanks for the input.

>> No.38052606

You nerfed the magic circuit price to 'feel more even', therefore shitting on everyone and making us far weaker mages?

>> No.38052678

Alright then, the way it was looking it seemed to be meant to replace the Type/Moon Jump. However, if it is an additional jump to the setting then I am all for it and don't even mind the change in magic circuits from the Type/Moon Jump or the KnK jump.(end up with all the circuits from all those related jumps Muahahahahaha!)

>> No.38052683

Well, alright. I'll up the boost it gives to your magic circuits by a fair bit. I still don't see how being able to cast a ten sentence or more spell with a single word is weak.

The reason I don't tell you much about the magic is that it would take a ridiculous amount of space. TM magic is extraordinarily complicated and hard to understand. I did provide some examples, but you'll have to do your own research if you want to find out more. I am not writing a dozen pages of info because you can't be bothered looking at a wiki.

Alright, I'll put it up to 30 per buy in the next version anon, just for you.

>> No.38052697

From what I hear, Tsukihime is going to be a third jump that comes out, which in turn will have Dead Apostle. Rather than shove everything in a single jump, I think the idea was to have three jumps (or more, fucked if I know) in order to spread out and specialize for different settings and the like so it's not just 'shove everything in one thing and skip 90% of the content'.

So if anything, one could take the three jumps and theoretically gain WAY more power than you ever could with just one jump. And remember, memory partition works by titration and follows a n(to the nth power) system where n is the number of parts you’ve managed to partition.

All you gotta do is do a bit of digging to find some real bullshit.

>> No.38052698

It doesn't even matter, you can go into that jump with a shit ton of circuits from type/moon and KnK if you want.

>> No.38052701

I just realized this reading the jump, but you have Prana and Mana reversed for what they are. Prana is what you use to cast spells, mana is the external energy that you use to produce it. Also could you put in something about circuit quality? the Original type moon jump says each circuit gives 15 units of prana, the KnK jump just says highest quality which would actually be above 15 units per circuit from what I know.

>> No.38052703

If you can't put all of it in the jump, you could at least have the decency to link to the Type Moon wiki, but as far as I remember that thing was incomplete and badly organized.

>> No.38052713

This is supposed to replace type moon.

>> No.38052727

Autocorrect, you have failed me. WHATEVER, BETTER EXAMPLE. So two parts would allow you to focus on four sets of problems at the same time, three would allow 27, and so on.

Point is, the magic specialty stuff starts weak, but focus on them and they get awesome.

>> No.38052730

yep, they've clarified that it is a seperate jump from the Type/Moon one(and that there will likely be further jumps in that cluster of settings) which answered all of my concerns(though I can't speak for anyone elses concerns).

>> No.38052738

I did specify that each circuit is of very high quality, so just take that to mean equal to KnK's I guess. Thanks for the correction on the terms, always got me mixed up.

I'd prefer not to put an ugly link in the jump itself. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Magic_Spells

>> No.38052746

How big are magic circuits? Because Shirou converting his nerves into magic circuits was said to be really dangerous to his health in the long run. The average person has twenty magic circuits. But there are billions of nerves in the human body. Unless magic circuits are quire sizable, making them out of your nerves should work fine. So clearly if it's a major health risk, they have to be pretty big. I wonder how many you could fit in a person before it started interfering with other parts of the body?

>> No.38052749

No, they said that it was a different jump from the type/moon jump. That or they need to clarify their clarification.

>> No.38052766

I'd prefer you actually link the damn thing at the bottom in the notes to make up for your inability to explain your perks clearly and succinctly instead of telling anyone looking at your jump and interested in that perk to fuck off.

>> No.38052769

I'm not quite sure myself, but I believe the plan is that once Tsukihime gets made the old Type Moon jump will be obsolete

>> No.38052784

Not really, it replaces a small portion of it, and unless we get another jump for Tsukihime, and possible even one more past that for Prisma Illya the type moon jump will not have actually been replaced. Because there are some options from the original jump that are actually from Prisma.
The issue with adding in actual magic circuits isn't really damaging the body, if they are properly made and you give the person time to adjust, but the increase in magic might destroy their spirit if it isn't strong enough.

>> No.38052790

Or you could open a wiki and research the jump you moron. Or do you go around btiching at other people when they can't reduce one of the densest and most contradictory magical systems in all of fiction to a paraggraph or two?

>> No.38052792

It can actually kill you outright to make them from your nerves
Like, instant death. It's a bad idea
Also they replace the nerves, so you'll lose the ability to use that nerve for anything other than as a "chain" bit, so it can transmit the signal but it can't actually be used to, for example, close your hand

>> No.38052800

I'm not complaining about the extra circuits, but aren't they a great deal cheaper than they were in the old one?
I agree that typing up a couple dozen pages on the magic system would be too much, but perhaps a sentence or two about how the perks compare to the normal magecraft might help?
I think it was the act of creating them that was dangerous. Adding in the fact that they decayed shortly after making them and well...

>> No.38052802

Hey wait, that's another thing she removed from this Type Moon. No Memory Partition perk.

>> No.38052806

ack, but that will mess with my build seeing as that is... actually I don't remember what number jump that was, but I know it's been a lot of jumps since then.

>> No.38052824

No, it's available in the 400cp Scholar perk, along with Thought Acceleration.

>> No.38052827

Nigger I have never heard of more than half of the settings we have jumps for
Even more are ones I've never played/read/watched.

Look it up your god damn self you lazy bastard. Typemoon is fucking complicated and if he wanted to give "summaries" of the shit you want for them it would be a massive Jump, akin to the fucking Warhammer Fantasy jump

No where near as bad, but still bad

>> No.38052842

Right, that's what I'm saying. Replacing a few nerves with magic circuits shouldn't be a big deal, so if it is causing major damage that means that each magic circuit must take millions if not billions of nerves to construct. They must be pretty big, I'd imagine that if you had enough of them they'd start showing up on medical examinations.

>> No.38052866

Jumps are supposed to be able to contain all the information you need to understand them and make decisions in the jump itself, not shove it all off on google. In the situations where they just plain CAN'T, you can at least direct people to the resources needed to learn instead of telling them to fuck off and giving them nothing. What? You too good to have a goddamned note section? Ruins your perfect little jump?

Fuck off, stop sucking her off you pitiful shit.

>> No.38052879

Actually, as far as I am aware they do not physically appear. True Magic Circuits are more of a spiritual thing, but nerves can be used as a near suicidal substitute.

>> No.38052882

See >>38052824. Funny enough it literally comes back to the exact same price as a Scholar, unless you were an Atlas person who got it for free. Either way.

..okay yeah, no. If people are confused, you don't just tell them to fuck off. The Problem Sleuth anon had the exact same thing. Just throw in a glossary and some wiki links in the notes section.

>> No.38052899

they aren't necessarily that big, seeing as unlike nerves they are actually designed for the task and optimized for it. I imagine using nerves for it is like using plumbing for an electrical system.

>> No.38052904

I liked it being a separate perk better.

>> No.38052912

Really? And I'm sure every jump makes sure you know everything. Does Harry Potter explain it's magical system? Does Obsidian Tower? Does Ravenloft go into detail about how DnD magic works? I thought not.

>> No.38052915

Or rather, isn't each purchase a great deal cheaper in yours than the old one?

>> No.38052941

Regardless, I'll put the link in a note at the bottom.

Technically yes, but I admit I kinda based it off more what the Kara no Kyokai jump went with.

>> No.38052947

Oh, so it's that the conversion is inefficient and wastes most of the nerves that go into making them. Yeah, I guess that makes more sense. Or the thing >>38052879 said. Darn. I've kind of got a weird thing for internal body augmentation. I was hoping I could grow a secondary "nervous system" (obviously not actually nerves, but that's what a doctor would likely assume from first glance) channeling my mana around.

>> No.38052952

It explains the basics. And you know the difference between all of those and yours are? Their magic systems give you access to ALL of it. You don't have to know what each specialization does to choose a perk at all, like you do in your jump.

Fuck, even Red >>38052882 agrees with me that you need to have a goddamned wiki link in your jump.

>> No.38052966

It's cool with me. I always thought they were a too expensive in the original jump.

>> No.38052967

"In each attempt to do so, he temporarily (and inadvertently) converted parts of his nerves into makeshift Magic Circuits. A very dangerous procedure, as failure would result in his body breaking down from the inside out and even with success the resulting pain would be comparable to inserting a hot iron rod into the spine. Furthermore, when his natural born Circuits were finally opened, his nervous system went haywire due the sudden intake of energy." On Shirou making his own magic circuits.

>> No.38052985

I'm halfway tempted to try and write up a Forgotten Realms Jump. However, at the same time I don't want to horribly botch it.

>> No.38052989

It costs the same as in the original.

>> No.38052991

Are there any perks that make so that you don't feel sexual attraction anymore? I want to focus more on emotional attraction.

>> No.38052992

Artificial magic circuits are a thing though, the guy that actually makes them uses parasitic worms, but there is no reason you shouldn't be able to produce your own magic circuits through less, perverted, means.

>> No.38052997

Would someone be willing to give me some advice? I know little about the setting and know even less about what to do.
As a walking planet cracker who is immune to magic and wants to help people, what would be a good goal or plan for me here?

>> No.38053018

Make the attempt.

>> No.38053024

The worst that can happen is have strangers scream at you over the internet.

>> No.38053028

Go for it, we could actually use more D&D settings jumps. Plus I'm still looking forward to the OOTS jump, and I need a fix.

>> No.38053036

Pls be 3.5

>> No.38053046

I think wuxia has a drawback to that regard that you could elect to take with you.

>> No.38053050

Okay, fixed it up a bit.
Added a link to the wiki with possible specialisations.
Boosted the power of Magic Crest a little.
Fixed a few incorrect uses of Prana/Mana.

>> No.38053056

I don't think so, but you could abuse soulfire from Dresden to do that. You would however have to use your sex drive to cast spells, and I have no idea what would happen if you did that. You would also recover after a couple days.

>> No.38053063

Smug Duck will eventually train you out of it.

>> No.38053074

Hmm. I guess I had an old version or something then. I remember it starting out at a decent price and then each purchase after that becoming increasingly ridiculous. It was a cumulative price instead of an each one as I had it.

>> No.38053088


Really? Never heard of Wuxia, so I'll take a look.

Maybe that could work.

Who is Smug Duck? Sorry for not knowing, I'm new to Jumpchain.

>> No.38053091

It seems to me there are a few things here that should really be free to every magus. Reinforcement, Gradient air, familiars, and a workshop are all basic abilities of a magus.
I understand this is stila works in progress and look forward to seeing more. I do have some suggestions that might prove useful. You might want to include high speed incantation for one thing it would be a handy perk. It would work well for the enforcer. Also you might want to include a mansion as an item. Bad things happen to magus who stay in hotel rooms during the war. All in all it's a good start. It definitely feels more fate/zero than fate stay night but it's definitely a good start.

>> No.38053097

No. you're right. The original Type Moon jump had 3-4 cumulative purchases. Both Fate and KnK now just have static costs and no limit on how many times you can buy them save for CP.

>> No.38053118

No that was how much total you would spend for each level, if you buy three levels of it the cost would be 600. Each purchase being 200. Though it is in a way cheaper here due to more than one origin getting the discount.

>> No.38053119

Smug Duck comes from Wakfu
In the show it's used to censor naughty bits, it's just a rubber duck with a smug look on its' face

It's also a drawback in the Wakfu jump, for all 10 years all naughty bits will be censored

>> No.38053121

Question for those knowledgeable on Toriko.

Animal Companion. If I take one from in 'verse, anyone know what the Capture Level limitation is?

If there isn't a limit, holy shit am I surprised people haven't taken some of the higher-end beasts.

>> No.38053124

Vampire + Rosario has a perk that allows you to easily ignore that kind of stuff. And it also has an item that allows you to turn people into lust crazed maniacs, with recipes for how to make more!

>> No.38053147

Fuck it, I'm diggin through my folder now. brb

>> No.38053156


That item sounds kind of date-rapey.
Ah, thanks for explaining.

>> No.38053161

Hunt down vampires. Top end vampires can get crazy powerful and tend to run about killing large amounts of people. One was described as eating an entire hotel of people to 'maintain himself'. The father of all vampires is a mercenary from the moon hired to drive humanity to extinction, and he's due for a resurrection sometime.

That's the biggest threat you would be absolutely justified in going for, otherwise you should just join up with the church. Christianity spends most of it's time policing the supernatural world, helping them is probably the best. They hunt vampires to, so there you go.

>> No.38053164

I'm not evil, of course it'll be 3.5. Though I was thinking of having a Drawback for 4th edition however, I cant think of a price that would make it worth it. Maybe 10kcp would be enough, so I figure make it for 0cp and call it a day.

>> No.38053173

Well, it's not exactly a work in progress. Reinforcement and Gradation air perk actually gives you near mastery of the techniques, rather then the basic knowledge most magus have. I assume you'd know the basics automatically as a Scholar.

Familiars and workshop are common, but not used by everyone. The two also have added bonuses on top, such as appearing in later jumps or being an import.

Mansion? It's kinda covered in part by the workshop, and it's really not big enough to have a presence in the war.

I'll see what I can do about High Speed Incantations though.

>> No.38053176


That drawback doesn't allow me to enjoy meat or be distinctive either. I just want to focus less on sex.

>> No.38053188

I think that casting it from the necessary areas might leave you incontinent...

>> No.38053209

>Fuck, even Red agrees with me that you need to have a goddamned wiki link in your jump
Erm... more due to the confusion of the Nasuverse magic.

The main issue is that unlike most magic systems which either dump it all on you (HP, FFVII Materia, etc) or magic systems with different 'classes' or 'branches' (Bravely Default, World of Warcraft, etc), the Nasuverse magic is MUCH more highly specialized outside of different 'standard' spells that one may use. In a way, it's much like the Index magic where you tend to align yourself to a specific system... only in this case you're essentially aligning yourself to a few specific tricks if you really want to get crazy. Every character tends to have a few 'specialties' which they just explore everything they can in order to totally fuck with someone. It is CRAZY what you can do when you fully dig into these things.

The time magic? There's so many variations of what you can do with that ALONE, and Jewelcraft essentially would eventually let you make gems that you can keep jumping Prana into and discharge at will for even bigger spells... among other things. Stuff like that.

>> No.38053214

According to the version I have, you are (probably) correct. But the wording is kind of shitty, so maybe it's actually >>38053118 that's right. I need a freaking drink.

>> No.38053219

Time to make friends, and enemies, with canon characters!

>> No.38053231

>I assume you'd know the basics automatically as a Scholar.
This isn't something everyone taking your jump knows.

>> No.38053232

That sounds a lot simpler than I thought it would be.

>> No.38053237

I have no idea, though I don't see a reason why you shouldn't be able to select a battle wolf or other animals that are of the species of the 8 kings. Though good luck keeping them fed out of jump, gourmet world ingredients are the only things they can actually eat.
The jump makes note of using your hate making you not able to feel hate, not any other effects. Sure if you cast your groin then expect some side effects, but I don't think that casting from your groin would remove your ability to experience sexual attraction.

>> No.38053241

I know, which is why I've made a note for the next version.

>> No.38053250

I'm going to go ahead and assume combat magus won't let me select Snake as the martial art I practice.

>> No.38053273

No, but thank you for pointing that out. I'll clarify it means mundane martial arts.

>> No.38053279

We need more D&D jumps. We need a Planescape jump, and a Spelljammer jump, and a motherfucking Dragonlance Jump.

We need tabletop nostalgia jumps.

Do it, anon, build it for the chain.

>> No.38053285

I was also thinking of having a drawback for stripping Driz'zt of his plot armor and you have to work to keep him alive and doing good so that the token good drow still exists(him dying or turning evil causes you to fail) does that sound like a 600cp drawback?

>> No.38053290

> gourmet world ingredients are the only things they can actually eat.
If I'm remembering right they eventually started eating human world food, too. I think it happened after the protagonists learned Food Immersion and started emphasizing the importance of gratitude for all food.

>> No.38053297

Go for it man. Jumps are not particularly difficult to make, it could be great too. Been waiting for one for a while.

I'd have tried myself if I knew any more about the setting than my vague memories of the Neverwinter Nights games.

Even if you do horribly botch it you could always just stick it up for adoption in the drive for someone else to finish.

>> No.38053303

If I got combat Magus and Snake, could I assume it made me more proficient at Snake?

>> No.38053313


Wait. So...

Theoretically I could take a goddamn Big Bang Shark?

>> No.38053323

Makes sense, never taking it, but makes sense

>> No.38053327

ok, I'll give it a shot. Are there any other D&D campaign setting jumps still in pastebin? I'm looking at the ravenloft and darksun pdfs right now for ideas on how to set up the jump and would like some more examples so that I can attempt to build it.(no promises that it will be good, but maybe once I fuck it up someone will pick it up and fix it.)

>> No.38053330

If you buy both? Sure, it'd give you 5 years of solid experience with it, a definite boost to it's power.

>> No.38053342

There's an Eberron paste

>> No.38053353

I don't recall that, just the BB corn thing. Though personally I plan to get a catalog of the genetics of as many ingredients I can so that I can clone them out of jump. Game of thrones is going to become a far tastier world.
I don't see why not, but as a gourmet world creature it has all the disadvantages of the 8 kings, without actually being on their level.

>> No.38053398

I'm tempted to make a Planescape Torment jump, with you as the Nameless One. It would actually work really well with the caveat that I have no idea how to balance the Nameless One's immortality. My instinct is to make it so that you don't lose the jump when you die, you lose it when you've decayed too far as a result of the curse of Torment (and to stipulate that you lose the immortality post-jump, like in canon the victory condition is you finding your mortality). But I'm not sure how to define "decayed too far as a result of the curse of Torment" in concrete enough terms that it wouldn't be possible to exploit.

>> No.38053408

So, this reads like its in the same 'verse as Kara No Kyoukai. If it is, are we able to jump both? Can we do multiple jumps within the Fate'verse?

>> No.38053426

a link would be helpful, seeing as I don't know how to find things that I don't know how to find.

>> No.38053438

I'd recommend looking into companion focused jumps. The D&D jumps we have appear to be focused on an individual, while most tabletops are oriented on the group, so maybe we could reflect that in a jump.

Just a suggestion, make it competely possible for a single character to be very powerful vs. a group of mildly powerful people.

>> No.38053444

If you went that route, you'd almost need to make it like the Light of Terra. Either that or you could just make the Drop In path a Nameless homage.

As for me, I just wanna run around Sigil for a decade.

My Magical Realm was my own version of Sigil. RIP MR threads.

>> No.38053451

Nasuverse is far to large to cover with just one or two jumps, you can take all the jumps that come out, despite the fact that there is time overlap. Do not expect to run into yourself though, Nasuverse has it's own rules about alternate realities.

>> No.38053452

Yeah I am sorry I just meant that your still refining things a bit here. well I am glad one of my suggestions was useful at least.

>> No.38053456

Yes. You can do the KnK jump as well. Eventually, either we or another anon will do a Tsukhime jump as well. Myself and Rukipedia also have possible plans for either Fate/Extra or for Kaleid Liner. Once I finish Valkyria Chronicles/Drakengard at least.

>> No.38053475

Oh, of course. No need to apologise friend, any feedback is welcome. HSI has been added in for the next version.

>> No.38053487

>Once I finish Valkyria Chronicles/Drakengard at least.
Oh, hell yes. Will there be a perk that makes every item I own turn out to have an extremely bloody and depressing history? Because the item stories were one of the funniest parts of that game. Second only to Caim using his muteness as an excuse to communicate his feelings entirely through kicking people in the face.

>> No.38053503

Yep, gotta have our Slaughterism and such. It'll be a freebie though. Won't be for a week or two cause of RL however.

>> No.38053507



>> No.38053526

That's a stupid idea. Really stupid. A dnd game is about building a character then working with others, not buying nothing for yourself then building your friends' characters

>> No.38053542

Does anyone have the Fate servant supplement?

>> No.38053553

That's fine, I can wait. So long as I get the hilarious level of grimdark that series possesses.

Also, would it be too much to ask for a 0CP drawback that lands you in Drakengard 2 instead of Drakengard 1? I figure there would be a regular drawback that lands you in 2 with plot inertia intact so we can't change anything. And then there's be a 0CP version that puts us there with all plot armor removed so we can move straight to beating the shit out of Nowe and Mannah. Please? It would be ever so satisfying.

>> No.38053563

I'm at Kantai Collection now, and I can't seem to decide on which Abyssal class to be. If you went Abyssal, what was your chosen class? What plans do you have for upgrading yourself?

Personally, I'm waffling between four:

>Sourhtern War Princess
Four triple 16 inch guns, torpedoes, and a fighter contingent make this class a decent battlecarrier, but its stats lag behind the others.

>Midway Princess
Dispite only having two tripple 8 inch guns, it's firepower is superior to S. War Princess (somehow). It has double the planes split between fighters and dive bombers. It also has more armor and significantly more health than the S. War Princess.

>Airfield Princess
Over quadruple the amount of planes the S. War Princess has. Slightly less health and armor than Midway, but more than S. War, no guns though.

>Battleship Water Demon
Four dual 20 inch turrets and the absolutely massive firepower rating that gives them. Same amount of health as the Airfield Princess, but more armor than even the Midway. Includes special radar (?) and a handful of recon planes.

I'm not sure if I want to go pure aircraft carrier, pure battleship, or a hybrid battlecarrier.

>Plane count:
S.War- 90
Midway- 180
Airfield- 392
Water Demon- 6

>Gun count:
S. War- 4x 16 inch triple turrets
Midway- 2x 8 inch triple turrets
Airfield- 0
Water Demon- 4x 20 inch dual turrets

S. War- 120/350
Midway- 180/600
Airfield- 140/500
Water Demon- 200/500

Any thoughts or opinions?

>> No.38053575

I suggest a free import on a group of companions(no idea the size), giving a certain amount of cp to spend on them.

>> No.38053578

Well, current plan is to start in D2, since it has the most detail. There'll be 0cp drawbacks that send you to both D1 and D3. I'll try to make some of the drawbacks sufficiently nasty as well.

>> No.38053588

thank you.

>> No.38053593

That works too. As long as I get a shot at Nowe. I hate him so much. So much.

>> No.38053614

Water Demon. I'm biased against Carriers and Midway is stationary.

>> No.38053641

>Well, current plan is to start in D2
Oh good lord no. Stop. What the fuck are you doing? For all of its flaws, Drakengard was an interesting and enjoyable game. Drakengard 2 is an abomination the creator of the series doesn't even count as having existed. You should not be starting us in that shithole. That's fucking horrible.

>> No.38053661

There are some vampires that you don't want to go after. In no particular order;

Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. He was the guy who killed the aforementioned kind of the vampires, he was unwillingly converted in that incident. He's kind of a dick but does not eat humans, even though this weakens him greatly. Another good reason to not go after him is that he can probably take you on, being one of the most powerful mages ever.

ORT. An alien that will eventually get around to killing humanity, maybe. It's sitting somewhere in brazil, killing everyone who breaks through the quarantine zone and runs into it. I wouldn't recommend going after this one do to the fact it's fucking invincible. Trying to kill this thing is like writing a computer-crashing virus for windows and trying to download it onto a linux. Don't even think about it.

Enhance. It's a vampire Dante from Devil May Cry. Not even joking. Don't be the kinda guy who hunts down Dante.

Vampires aren't the only supernatural threat, but they are one of the few that don't police their own. Mages do things like turn cities into charnel houses and Church executors slaughter dozens of witnesses who are otherwise innocent, but those who do so usually are killed or exiled by their own groups. Demons, fairies, and elementals still have fading stragglers about, but those races have numbers so small that they aren't worth the time.

>> No.38053669

Anon, there are free drawbacks to start in the other two games. Drakengard 2 simply has the most background information on it, as awful as it is.

>> No.38053683

You're still making that shithole the default and counting it as canon against the series creator's will.

You're not making a Drakengard jump, you're making a shitty Drakengard 2 jump and preventing us from ever getting a real Drakengard jump.

>> No.38053686


Hmm, in retrospect, I may change the idea around. I'll give it a location roll for the different games instead.

>> No.38053691

I just spent the most I could on the option for the most power, and kind of decided to just be a battleship. Though I really don't know much about Kantai Collection and I am not that concerned about looking things up.

As for my plans to upgrade myself, that mostly involves savage salvage and devouring all sorts of things, and not much else.

>> No.38053728

Find enough information at all in Drakengard 1 and 3.

Go on. Watch. You'll wind up having the same fucking issue.

>> No.38053760

Right, hopefully the final version, unless someone sees a problem or something.

Added some notes.
Clarified that Combat Magus grants you a mundane martial art.
Added High Speed Incantation.
Fixed MORE spelling/grammar mistakes

>> No.38053809

I thought Zelretch’s Notice and Error in the Code drawbacks in the original Type Moon jump was cool. Any change of them returning?

>> No.38053823

Do Servants count as companions?

Also, you should probably explain some mechanics with them if the supplement doesn't.

>> No.38053831

Zelretch isn't a big part of the Fate section of Type-moon, so he might not fit
I forget what Error in the Code is

But the Kaleidostick should make a return, as Fate/Prisma Ilya has something akin to a grail war, if heavily modified

>> No.38053842

Since Brows is usually on past midnight that I've seen, bumping my question real quick in case I don't see the next thread.

>> No.38053849

You're servant counts as a companion, as does your master if you are a servant yourself.

The Supplement covers most of the stuff you need to know, anything else is probably pointless obscure stuff.

As much as I'd like too, they just didn't really fit well with the Jump as they did with the general Type Moon one. There are otehr Type Moon stuff on the way.

>> No.38053855

One last thing, I thought the discount mechanic for reality marbles in the original was nice too. Is that removed for balance reasons?

>> No.38053871

Me and Ruki are thinking of making Kaleid Liner into a jump on its own, which is why we kept it out, though it's still in debate over that or Fate/Extra.

We mainly removed it because we felt it just encouraged people to only take this jump after a certain amount of time, which we felt was a bit out of the spirit of /JC/.

>> No.38053879

>Zelretch isn't a big part of the Fate section of Type-moon
Him, Zouken and the woman who was the template of illya created the greater grail, Rin wields a copy of his jeweled sword in one of the routs and he appears at the end of that same route. I would say he is a big enough part to fit.

>> No.38053881

Doesn't Rin become his apprentice almost immediately after the war?

>> No.38053893

All of his appearances are backstory bits or last abotu a page. His weapon only appears briefly in the end of one of the routes.

>> No.38053902

Makes sense

He is a big part of the background of it, but he doesn't interact with the plot much.

I know there is one sub-bit of Type-moon where he interacts heavily, but I forget what it is.

>> No.38053918

Again, we were thinking of saving it for another Fate type jump. Along with a EMIYA-style drawback as well.

>> No.38053920

Aw, okay then. It's the worst feeling when your build is only a few hundred CP too much.

>> No.38053931

Oops, forgot my name. Haha.

>> No.38053939

About You Got Worms! does it in any way affect my prana output? Or is it just be a slut or die?

>> No.38053946

Not like you can't make your own reality marble if you wait long enough before going. CP is just the short-cut.
Makes sense.

I'mma just make my own though, as fits the rules of the setting. Gotta wonder what the Reality Marble of Justice is like.

>> No.38053948

The only way to replenish the worms/your mana is sex yes. It needed to be harsh to match up to the other 300cp drawbacks. Sorry.

>> No.38053956

Does anyone know any perks that would let me communicate subliminally? I want to use my Spirit of a Nation mental contact from Civ to influence people subtly, not just tell them "you should totally do this, it'll be great". Well, it's implied you can do subliminal communication in-jump, but post jump you definitely can't. Are there any perks that would work for that? I want to give people inspiration and have them think it was their own idea. My plan is to combine it with Great Man Theory to get projects done without my having to be connected to them.

>> No.38053957

So I was working on Cardfight! and OOTS and I decided to take a break and read some old AAR's.

So would anyone like to, at some point, see a Medieval 2 Total War jump?

[+600 CP] - I Am Skantarios

>> No.38053967

Yes, this is very true. Most jumpers will eventually form their own by once they go to this jump, it just takes a bit of time for it to form up. The perk just gives you instant use and skill with it.

>> No.38053983

A courtroom?

>> No.38053993

Oh my yes

But what about a Total War jump period? The mechanics don't change overly much between the(good) games. Why just let us choose for the timeline?
The perks should stay consistent and it won't have much, if any, power variance

I'm specifically thinking Rome/Medieval/Shogun

>> No.38054001

Question: Do we need to take Magic Core to use it? Will being half dragon already make it redundant?

>> No.38054002

Isn't that how you have to do it with your servant anyway?

>> No.38054007

You know how Pheonix Wright fights in Marvel vs. Capcom? It probably draws a lot from that.

>> No.38054012

Just checking, and considering I already have a magic core(and am thinking of getting a second) I don't know that it would be possible to be enough of a slut to actually have my full prana output then. I was actually thinking of taking the drawback as a chance to examine the worms to understand what makes them work.
No there is a different drawback that makes it work that way though.

>> No.38054013

Goddamn, I'd love a Total War jump. Definitely interested in having all the settings though.

>> No.38054015


>> No.38054021

Sure, though I never played it

>> No.38054037

Would there be a 0cp drawback to play a mod?

I wouldn't mind me some Hyrule Total War.

>> No.38054049

Being half-dragon will not give you one, unless you went to King Arthur jump, chose Fate as the King Arthur setting and then became a Half Blood through that.

Think of it as more a percentage from each sex act, rather then a set amount.

No, that is only if you take the Crippled Circuti drawback, though it does remain an option if you want to I guess.

>> No.38054051

Not really a "Courtroom" type of justice. My armor looks like Kamen Rider armor for a reason

>Summoning other warriors of Justice to help me
Oh yes, this I like. Similar enough to Iskander's Reality Marble to be viable, especially if it's people I've met throughout my Jumps
My other option was it empowers me the more Evil my enemy is.

>> No.38054075

Anyone can recharge their Servants circuits just be being around. It just happens over time
The sex thing is a massive boost then and there

Mods have massive power variance, much like Mount and Blade mods

Not sure if I'd want Rome or Shogun

>> No.38054090

>My armor looks like Kamen Rider armor for a reason
Your armor IS Kamen Rider armor, the pic on your card is Kamen Rider OOO Tajador form. http://youtu.be/WAFKOG8Q830?t=4m27s

>> No.38054097


Eh, that's true.

Is "you gotta go through all of 'em now" a +0 or a +600?

You see, my original plan was to have a seperate +600 section.

[+600] - I Am Skantarios
[+600] - A Scotsman in Egypt
[+600] - The World Is A Mess

All three would remove your powers, but your skill at leading armies stays - you're gonna need it.

The first two place you in the plot of an After Action Report story, setting your starting location to 1450 Constantinople and 1068 on a Scottish ship respectively.

The third? Your mortal enemy, whether past or future, has arrived with every trick you know them to have at their disposal. You've got to conquer every inch of the world before you go, but at some point you and they will face off, your armies evenly matched and neither side having weapons that overpower the setting.

May the best commander win.

>> No.38054115

Scotsman in Egypt? Goddamn was that a good story/LP. I'm excited as hell.

>> No.38054143

>Mods have massive power variance, much like Mount and Blade mods
Maybe a modder origin? With purchasable edits like how the minecraft jump did its mods?

>> No.38054181

Speaking of those, here's something for any possible Crusader Kings jump.

I Hate God. And Myself. [+600 CP] - It's a good thing you haven't lost all of your powers and your warehouse key, or this would really suck.

Oh. Well, that's alright. You can just send this problem to the church like every other one.

>> No.38054192

True, but my actual armor is only based on the armor from the picture. Heavily so, but there are modifications

Sounds cool, but I'm not taking them.

>> No.38054213

There would need to be an option to start a new Religion
For Jump-chan, or yourself, or any deity from a previous jump you choose

>> No.38054239

Sounds fair.

If it helps, each of these +600 story routes would come with a special Companion at the end.

Which is your favorite Canmore?

Actually, I think he's just referencing Knud Knytling, Prince of Denmark.

But yeah, that is a great idea.

>> No.38054287

>Not sure if I'd want Rome or Shogun
Rome. Because there are few things as sexy as the empire that defines the western world to this day.

>> No.38054340

Edward of course, king badass.

>> No.38054376

If we don't take a Thaumaturgical Focus what do we get if we choose scholar or Enforcer?

>> No.38054388

I really need to re-read those AARs, it's been ages

True, but but Shogun has its' merits. Like the fact I'm a Kitsune and can scare the ever loving hell out of the other Daimyos

>> No.38054390

ok, I have a little bit thrown together for the Realms.

>> No.38054411

Well, you'd be able to learn general magic, and you can still learn one of the specialties, but you;d have to track down a teacher and spend a lot of tiem on it, and some specialisations don't exist in some of the locations. The Emiya Time Manipulation dies out with Kiritsugu for instance.

>> No.38054457

Very good point there. I was going to go with attempts towards industry (a Bessemer Converter for instance) in an attempt to be able to equip armies cheaply, I don't have a mythical form that would work that way.

>> No.38054548

No Al-Qadim?

>> No.38054558

Oh, I wasn't even going to do it for battle. I was going to lead battles the old fashioned way.

I was just gonna do it to fuck with the other Daimyos. I like messing with people's heads, it makes me laugh.

>> No.38054561

That would be Zakhara the region that the Al-Qadim subsetting takes place in.

>> No.38054571

Could use some details on what the people are like, I'd say.

>> No.38054606

Rosario+Vampire has Above The Influence, which allows you to override your hormones. Also gives a general self-control and willpower boost.

If you want to suppress/kill your libido instead of master it, for whatever reason? Nechronica has Heart Of Ice and I Am A Doll, both of which could be used for that purpose.

>> No.38054610

Does anyone know what class of ship the Light of Terra is? The best I've got is that it's some kind of cruiser, but that's vague. I just want to know which kind of OH FUCK kind of size it is.

>> No.38054611

will add a little bit more flavor text then.

>> No.38054635

Babylon has stated it is between 14-32km in length, the actual size is up to you.

>> No.38054642

It's not a cruiser, it's a Battleship, full on. We talked about this yesterday, with people going anywhere from 8-12 km, 14-34 km, or around 20km (like the Iron Blood ship it's compared to)

The only two classes it could be are Emperor (which are in the around 8-12 range) or Gloriana (which are the Primarch Flagships and go from 10-26km)

>> No.38054658

Thank you. This was more for a "What can I do with it afterwards that isn't bombarding planets?" kind of thing, so size felt important to me.

>> No.38054669

>Light of Terra
Why does the name make me think of Horus?

>> No.38054679

Horus' Gloriana was the Vengeful Spirit.

>> No.38054702

It's not necessarily a ship from a distinct class, it could well be a one of a kind ship, there are notes of one of a kind systems within it after all.

>> No.38054715

Too bad. It would have been an interesting tie-in.
Oh well

>> No.38054725

Well, it'd be a bit...chaosy?

>> No.38054741

Could be Jaghatai Khan's. His Gloriana is never named.

>> No.38054759

Or one of the unnamed primarchs.
Why it could be the Gloriana of Rachnus Rageous

True enough.

>> No.38054768

>Rachnus Rageous

>> No.38054781

True enough, and if it ever had a class it certainly doesn't anymore once we start adding weird Eldar, Tau, and Ork tech all over it.

>> No.38054783

I'm choosing to believe that the LoT belonged to the Blood Ravens at some point. No particular reason, I just find it mildly silly that I'm taking a relic I found from them.

>> No.38054802

From one of the original Quest threads. Lost Primarch Quest, 2nd Primarch.
Primarch of the Desert Fangs, from whom the Angry Marines are descended

Also funny

>> No.38054851

>Angry Marines

They need a spotlight in LoT.

I dunno if the Orkish Steel Ball Run will be the last DLC or not, but the Angry Marines must be represented somehow. Or at least the Reasonable Marines.


>> No.38054870

Oh, so it's stupid garbage.

>> No.38054902

It actually hails from before that, the Angry Marines have been a /tg/ joke for a while. Lost Primarch Quest was just where their Primarch was given a personality instead of just a name.

>> No.38055022

Oh, I know about Angry Marines. Those are fine. The quest shit is not.

>> No.38055061

The quest gave their primarch a history and a name
That's about it
Much of it has been integrated into "Angry Marine Canon"
He's also the primarch of the Knights Inductor, an attempt at writefaggery to make a more...reasonable version of the Reasonable Marines.

>> No.38055069

All quests are cancer.

>> No.38055195

The pokemon trainer quest was pretty good.

>> No.38055199

Quests are all cancer. I don't care if you think they're good, they're offtopic shit spamming up the board.

>> No.38055214

Speaking of off-topic shit spamming the board, let's move on from this topic. It's really not relevant to /jc/.

>> No.38055229

Next thread and we fall off, kind of hard to have a conversation considering how gapped the new thread might be considering it's 3am and I'm not making it.

>> No.38055234

Much as this is off topic, but we are 600+ posts in and the tread is the last one on the board right now ready to be bumped off. Pretty much irrelevant.

>> No.38055254

Yeah, I forgot that we tend to do pointless arguing towards the end of a thread. It doesn't really matter then, does it?

>> No.38055274

I wouldn't consider it arguing but whatever.

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