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- 4 str

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just keep it SFW

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The -4 is based on the fact that women tend to have less muscle mass then men right? Well that's always felt pretty incomplete. Women often have better manual dexterity then men so there is a +2 dex. Also women have a, on average, higher pain threshold so +2 con. -4 str, +2 dex, +2 con? Not the best but good tanking stats.

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>implying things that apply to average humans should apply to adventurers

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>2 new posts
seems fair

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>mfw women in Mount & Blade Viking Conquest literally have 4 less strength than men

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but men have more spacial reasoning skills so plus 2 int

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That would be for normal humans (though -4 is too much). Adventurers aren't normal. It says right in the PHB.

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This is the most blatant and low-effort troll I've ever seen on this board.

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Sorry mate only one of those posts are mying

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>spacial reasoning
Too broad of a bonus, it has to be on certain skills.

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>Humans are weaker than orcs
>Humans are less nimble than eleves
>Halflings are shorter than humans

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and a harder time getting rewards life towns from kings. Just like real life.

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and women have tits so +2 cha

we could give more examples like that but let's cut the chase and go staight to the conclusion - futanari will always have best of the both world

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That is reasonable. Women tend to have stronger inherent social skills so +2cha? This is starting to get complicated.

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>Women often have better manual dexterity then men

>Also women have a, on average, higher pain threshold
That is only true during labour, otherwise it is just a myth.

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that doesn't fit the narrative

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hmm maybe a modifier for puzzles and traps?

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Actually, the higher pain tolerance is only during childbirth. I say women should get a penalty to STR but bonuses to DEX and CHA

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No, it's about Mount & Blade. It's their actual stat adjustment.

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>Humans are weaker than orcs
>Humans are less nimble than eleves
Yes, this is entirely true. Your average orc and elf can be less strong and less dextrous than adventurers, no matter their species.

>Halflings are shorter than humans
This one doesn't really have any bearing on anything, but you're just trying to strawman now.

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No fuck futa, its garbage.

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>replying to your own post

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Vikings were actually pretty cool about women doing shit.

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Saves against illusions and knowledge:engineering + disable device + craft (any that involve mechanisms including clockwork and traps).

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Like OP said, -4.

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Ok so a situational bonus to con, bonus on dex and cha, and a sharp penalty to str all before racial modifiers. Fuck political correctness, I would drop all this just to streamline the damn process.

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but woman couldn't grow beards
hence not real vikings

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>mfw when my class got in trouble for not allowing girls to play dodgeball with us
>mfw dodgeball was banned after a girl cried when she got hit

Higher pain threshold my ass


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A lot of vikings went beardless because Norse were big on grooming and cleanliness, and beards are a bitch to keep clean, especially on months long journeys overseas

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im gonna get banned for this....

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At -4 strength this would put the maximum a human woman can be without magic at 21str. So just a bit stronger than current olympic female record holders.

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Shitty DnD reconciles everyone.

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Not my post faggot

These are

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Everyone in this thread should feel bad for bothering.

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>the same thing a strength

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- 4 str - 2 chr

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It's just kids being pampered, I assure you there's at least one boy in your class that would have cried as well.

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One example, mount and blade isn't just vikings though and shieldmaidens were a thing, but how many were led mercenary bands full of men and pledged themselves to a king and were rewarded with land and titles?

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my works done

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Well if your giving a bonus for during pregnancy it should come with tonnes of cons. Decreased, strength, speed, willpower, etc.

However then a bunch of bonuses when the babies safety is involved after birth

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Those are both bodybuilders, anon.

You can post a picture of a more built female body builder, and I can post a male body builder who is even bigger. Let's skip it and just go play some D&D, I got shit to do.

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Yeah I bet you really love fucking futa, the way she slides her superior cock in your ass is heaven to you.

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why are you mad? you didnt get hit and dodgeball is a shit game

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I had figured you a newfriend, so let me just say: welcome to the traditional games board of 4chan! Here we discuss things like Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, and tabletop role playing games. We here at /tg/ are always friendly, and you can almost always find helpful and skilled players here who know the system like the back of their hand! Also, we never shitpost! So enjoy your stay, newfriend! :^)

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That....That is the worst photoshop I've seen outside of highschool.

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I dont got a horse in this race, just like see muscles on girls

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>Weak frame of women's body
>Loss willpower of having a dick


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I really don't want to have to figure out how to stat out a maternal instinct driven adrenaline rush. And those rebuffs would probably have to scale through the pregnancy. That's all just too much work.

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eh my dick dont really care either way

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Are you mirthless faggots going to post more musclegirls or are you going to keep arguing about muh realism

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The effeminate kid who grew up to be bisexual didn't fucking cry when he got hit.

I distinctly remember guys sitting out a round after getting beamed in the face by accident.

Sometimes they teared up but they either got back in next round or played next recess. They didn't have an emotional breakdown in front of the fucking teacher and get the best activity cancelled.

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truth and wisdom

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Bunch of joyless wretches they are, to argue with each other instead of enjoying the glorious female form in peak physical condition

Just look at her, look at her chambering that kick, that's the kind of kick that would break a person's ribs

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no this is not devolving into a fap fest

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He's implying that bodybuilders are not actually as strong as people who are STRONK. They have big muscles, but those muscles aren't all that dense in comparison to other types of strong folk.
you can see this when you look at actual strongman competitions. The strongest man in the world looks like a sumo wrestler with less body fat.
Bodybuilders are actually at their weakest during shows, because they seriously dehydrate themselves beforehand to get that tight, shiny look.

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Are you saying I never got hit? Nigga pls, I just never got a game cancelled over being hit.
>dodgeball is a shit game
Sounds like you got picked last

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Who says I am arguing? I'm was just trying to make a better template for female characters. Didn't expect it to get complicated so quick.

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That's why I'm posting MMA fighters

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eh i mean, doesn't really have enough complexity.

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>anything related to women
>not complicated

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I actually got picked first cause I was never stupid enough to get hit in the first place

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If I can figure out how the hell to actually make a character in eoris then I can figure this out

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Looking up pictures of female MMA fighters has me wanting to get back into training myself. Four years of muay thai back when I was 18 but it's been so goddamn long and I'm so out of shape.

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>Women often have better manual dexterity then men
that's wrong
> women have a, on average, higher pain threshold
that's wrong

not that I really care but why in the world would beta white knights try to argue that women are physically equal to men ill never know. pick your battle m80. its weird how /tg/ is full of tumblr stronk woymen shit now days though. cant even have a fucking armor or character art thread without it devolving into feminist shit

this thread reminded me of this cool thing that just happened though


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mmmmm I'd let her break my ribs, fuckin have her wrap those legs around me to force me deeper into her

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Just remember that numenorean women will always be stronger than lesser folk. To be fair so will nĂºmenorean men, animals, objects, and buildings

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and I got picked first because I threw the hardest and most accurately, good job keeping the team in the game until people like me actually got people out.

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you got balls if not a lot of brains

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Sex is the last thing on my mind, only the glory and spectacle of one-on-one combat, and the beauty and aesthetics of women who can fight

Part of it comes from a desire to make things "balanced" which is why when a stat penalty is suggested, people tend to follow up with suggestions for a stat bonus to make up for it. The problem is that in real life, no such bonus exists. It's a scientific fact that human men just plain have more muscle mass than human women. Physically, we are not equal as a gender.

Mentally, I can't really say, since I'm not a psychologist / anthropologist / sociologist / whatever kind of -ologist measures intelligence and creativity and whatever else. I can only speak anecdotally when I say I've known many women who are brilliant, creative, and smarter than me.

However, one could say that adventurers -- or whatever you want to call the protagonists of a given game -- are supposed to be exceptional and normal rules don't apply to them. That's how I think of it, anyway, and it's why I don't apply any extra penalties to female characters in games I run.

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probably not situational - women tend to live longer than men on average regardless of circumstance. That points to a slightly but consistently higher con

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I don't average lifespan counts for con. Otherwise elves would all have the highest constitutions, no?

>> No.37982842

Wait a second. The -4 str thing is always spoken about in regards to human women. What about dwarf women? The seem to have more muscle so only a minus 2? And elf men often appear about equal to elf women so do eleven men have the minus 4 as well?

>> No.37982857

>beauty and aesthetics of women who can fight
>Posts a picture of a MtF transvestite beating on a women

Unless I'm mistaken, they all look like trans in the MMA

>> No.37982866

more like


*aids cum*

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its proportional to the race
so - 4 cross the board

>> No.37982892

-4 in a D&D context is ridiculously harsh anyways
-1 is far more justifiable

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>women tend to live longer than men on average regardless of circumstance. That points to a slightly but consistently higher con

that's just from lifestyle differences. for instance since western women are becoming worthless whores and taking up more bad habits like drinking their lifespan is going down while mens is going up (since they are starting to drop/lessen bad habits)

probably that only difference that's big enough to warrant a penalty/bonus is strength but as other anons have pointed out it doesn't really apply to adventurers

>> No.37982924

If that's the perspective you want to take...

I understood that I was a major target target, I'd stay on one side of the gym to take aggro while my team had the opportunity to take advantage of oppositional focus on me to blindside their best players.

I could dodge just fine, if the other team is focused on you however, it gets difficult to dodge the third ball after dodging the first two.

But that's just not having brains, right.

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That's assuming the same sexual dimorphism and dwarf women have beards so that can't be right.

>> No.37982933

But what about races where females are larger and stronger than males?

>> No.37982934

Dwarves and elves aren't human so the normal human traits of sexual dimorphism wouldn't apply. I know in the last D&D 5e game I ran, I made orc women much bigger than orc men, which resulted in the phrase "big as a woman" being a regular thing in orc culture.

I'm okay with that, I'm in it for the muscles, form, and fightan. Besides, try calling one a tranny to her face not online and see what happens

>> No.37982941

no they dont

>> No.37982959

That's retarded, there won't always be proportional differences between the genders.

>> No.37982971

Then wouldn't half-orc need a higher str bonus? I'm pretty sure most half-orc women can come out stronger then human men. So if they get the minus 4, but would still average out above humans, the half-orc str would have to be pretty big.

>> No.37982984

why not? they all usually have similar origins in fantasy settings

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Last one from me, just hoping there are others out there who like things like this in the way I do (mostly non-sexually)

Have a lovely night fellow fa/tg/uys

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But stats aren't proportional.

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what would be good feminine versions of these types of names?

>> No.37983013

Hyenas and by proxy Gnolls?

>> No.37983036

> specifics?
Almost every reptilian race, bugbears are supposed to have larger females than males.

Many species have sexual dimorphism favoring females as the strong and aggressive one rather than males. You can't be this uneducated.

>> No.37983042

hmm guess itd be - 4 for males

>> No.37983071

You have to be trolling.

>> No.37983078

o ya let me just pull up my fucking biology manual on trolls and fucking owlbears you fucking halfwit

>> No.37983081

He thinks dwarf women don;t have facial hair.
Of course, he's arguing out of ignorance.

>> No.37983105

Oh and don't forget trolls.

>> No.37983110

no dwarf art shows females with beards

>> No.37983114

This is why you flunked out fo wizard school you fucking idiot.

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File: 134 KB, 1024x451, sexy_dwarf_women_by_kiptay-d5sqavm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10 seconds on google.

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>doesn't know the sexual dimorphism of sapient races in DnD.
Fuck, most of them are obvious, you are either a massive casual or a retard, actually why not both? And I said reptiles, that's a broad fucking term you shit sucker.

>> No.37983185


>big as a woman

hopefully whats big about orc women is their dick

>> No.37983192

>Almost every reptilian race,
You know, except all the largest ones, crocodiles and alligators and their cousins, the larger tortoises, the larger venomous serpents, Kommodo dragons, Iguanas? no Iguana females are larger I think. but still, at a certain size reptilian sexual dimorphism swings back to the male being the larger

For constricting snakes it's only due to their literal cluster fuck of a mating habit that the females are larger.

>> No.37983198

no they just have roid clit

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your just a real cunt aint ya
that doesn't look like its from a d&d book friend

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>your just a real cunt aint ya

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You're joking right? Please tell me you are just joking. I would even accept being trolled right now. But for the love of all humanity you can not be serious.

>> No.37983287

I like the idea of having fantasy races without sex or gender, who reproduce asexually (because they're fucking magic m8)

For example, a new goblin is born whenever a child cries, dwarves reproduce by crafting children, or elves bud off fungal saplings that turn into new elves

>> No.37983292

>that doesn't look like its from a d&d book friend
Read the 5e book ya tard, there is a section that states dwarven females can have beards.

>your just a real cunt aint ya
I'm sorry for your mental deficiency. It must be hard to use a keyboard when you're barely literate.

>> No.37983307

what are you referring to?

>> No.37983334

hm i concede the dwarf female beards to you gg m8

>> No.37983357

I Was Only Pretending To Be Retarded :^)

>> No.37983373

I know. <3

>> No.37983389

Sorry, it's hard to type while sucking this much cock.

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>that goalpost shift

though you are pretty good troll, you've successfully derailed and shat up this thread.
you win this time God of Malice.

you mean like pic related?

>> No.37983396

The d&d book remark. On two levels does that bother me. 1 there are other rpgs out there besides d&d to feature dwarves. I'm sure if you dig through enough you will find one with bearded female dwarves. 2 5th edition players handbook mentions bearded female dwarves.

>> No.37983403

you aint me nigga

>> No.37983429

Get good cunt I've mastered it.

>> No.37983432

Please don't use my trip

>> No.37983453

oh really? where does one man end and another begin?

>> No.37983454

but man do I live dick

Yeah you're right, this is the real me

>> No.37983455

im the op and the derail
alpha and omega
beginning and the end

>> No.37983470

that's actually pretty good

>> No.37983477

Well this is awquard

>> No.37983491

Who are all these people pretending to be me?
Can I get a mod to ban them for me or something?

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there can be only one

>> No.37983517

Nice try, I wouldn't tripfag that hard.

>> No.37983549



Although my favorite part in shin sekai yori is when the gobbos take their queens hostage, which wouldn't quite work with these goblins

>> No.37983553

I'm going to tell moot on you for stealing my name!

>> No.37983556

please, you're so bad at pretending to be me I bet you don't even know how to set up a trip

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File: 178 KB, 1440x651, Spartacus and SPartacus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This seems awfully familiar.

No, but mods can ban you for shitposting and turning this place into your forum. Trust me, being newfag is only death.

I should know
I used to be one, but then was given a month banned and learned not to be a self centered asshole namefag

>> No.37983593

Not having a dynamic-ip fuck you're shit.

>> No.37983607

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.37983609

this has gotten out of hand

>> No.37983613


There's nothing in the OP referring to Mount and Blade. OP is doing nothing different than http://1d4chan.org/wiki/-4_Str

This thread is blatant trollbait.

>> No.37983624


It took me until the final season to finally warm up to that replacement dude as Spartacus, and then they go and end the show, what a shame


>only the gay couple have a happy ending in that show


>> No.37983626

What if we are all malal? I mean I'm pretty sure I am the real one but I can't help shake the feeling that there are more then one of me.

>> No.37983643


>Pathfinder bullshit

>> No.37983647

As long as I'm pretending to be retarded, no, I don't know.

im not pretending

>> No.37983659


But women in Pathfinder are literal mountains

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File: 17 KB, 429x241, male_female_bell_curve_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37983677

all different sides of the same die so to speak

>> No.37983720

Lets just all agree to report and ban the original Malal poster, kay?

>> No.37983744


>> No.37983761

Yes, it's time I left. This board doesn't appreciate my genius. Go ahead and report >>37983454

>> No.37983776

engaging the kill switch g fuckin g

>> No.37983786


This is the kind of shit that is bred from 3.x in general though.

>every little fucking thing needs to have a bonus or negative! Martials especially!

>> No.37983788

I'd say>>37983078
is best to report

>> No.37983850

whad i do to make you hate me?

>> No.37983852

To be honest I'd rather not report any, it carries a fairly significant chance of the rest of us getting caught in the crossfire.

>> No.37983875

pls no bully

>> No.37983908

Things got out of hand rather quickly.

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welp thats enough from me
ive done my work
night guys

>> No.37983970

not me

>> No.37984125


Looks like somebody has been skipping leg day.

>> No.37985048

Goddamn it, I was hoping this would be a character art thread

>> No.37985192


It used to be a light-hearted, fun way of getting muscle girl character art threads, but /tg/ (and the internet in general) have become hypersensitive due to SJW infestations

>> No.37985718

Buff flat tits
Bitch Dumbelle
Jacked Titpec
Glute Thighthunder
Peg Weight Rack
Thick Delt-bun

>> No.37986043

Don't forget the -2 INT/WIS for inferior spacial reasoning and problem solving skills.

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File: 1.77 MB, 1280x720, peele_sweat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37986954

>people will disagree with this

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Well, my revulsion has been preserved for all future generations.

>> No.37987377

I've said this in the last two threads and I'm prepared to be trolled once again but;

If you want to play a human female fighter you should give the female a special quality to make up for the gender difference in ability. This could include being blessed with 'the strength of a man' by a god, being born a giantess like 7-8 feet tall, or having the character know a super special weeabo fighting style that relies on feminine grace and such.

This way players can have their special female fighter character and we can pull things down to more realistic and reserved levels.

>> No.37987449

Dodgeball is probably the best gym sport, were you just bad at it?

>> No.37987484

or you could just not bother with a gender based stat adjustment at all, because no one but the autisticist of neckbeards actually gives a shit.

>> No.37987531
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sorry anon

>> No.37987532

This thread is for dodgeball and making fun of malal.

>> No.37987590


My game actually doesn't use 'strength' as a stat that adds to-hit rolls or anything like that. Fighting skill is a separate quality, though the 'Body' skill does add to melee damage and health.

The female fighter has to be justified in character context. That's the important part.

>> No.37987666
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>> No.37987781

>beards are a bitch to keep clean
What am I even reading.

>> No.37988131
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Holy shit that was easy

>> No.37988185

>implying getting you to post that wasn't the master plan

>> No.37988317

>implying -4 strength is a reasonable reflection of athletic females compared to athletic males
>implying even -1 strength is

Men are objectively, mathematically stronger. It's also only 1-10% stronger. It all comes down to nutrition and childhood activity, honestly.

>> No.37988345

Lower pain threshold. Higher pain tolerance. lrn2terms, faglord.

>> No.37988448
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-3 STR
-3 INT
+3 CHA
+3 DEX

Real Dwarf girls don't have beards because muh dik

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