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Let's see... news.

Moving this weekend, so no thread next week, possibly as far out as the week after that. Not really sure yet, still trying to figure out how long it'll be before i get internet at the new place and what's going on there. ah, details, hahaha.

This means that the next Raikov chapter (for those of you that care) may be posted by hornet or someone else after PJW on sunday, if the editor is done with it by then, haha. If not, It's in my pastebin as an unedited file, worst case I can link that, I guess.

Archive here:


You start the long trip back to full consciousness to the feel of a warm breeze on your face and the sounds of waves rolling into a beach nearby. You vaguely remember movement, landing safely and something that had troubled you. You can't quite recall, but it'll come back, you're sure. It always does, usually weather you want it to or not.

Slowly, painfully, you sit up, wincing as your skin draws tight over bruises you don't remember having.

Where ever you are, it's nice. A pair of glass doors open to a balcony on your right, overlooking a beach with deep aquamarine water. The Mediterranean, of course, but you don't think you're on Crete anymore. One of the doors stands open, the curtains rippling in the slight breeze it allows in.

You move over to the edge of the bed and sit for a second before getting up, noting, dryly, that you managed to get out of your flight suit and into a clean pair of skivvies. At least, you'd like to think that was you, and not you being helped. Hard to tell, really. At least they're clean.

It takes you a minute to find the bathroom in the place, and you're in for a second surprise when you do- A deep, round tub occupies the center of the room, while a large window looks out over the ocean. The two sinks stand apart a ways, under their own mirrors, and a glass door inset to the wall reveals a tiled shower.


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You take a minute cleaning up- a few day's growth of stubble is gone shortly after you find a disposable razor and some soap, though you wish you had your own hygiene kit here. You forgo a shower, though you don't think you need one too desperately- at least, you can't smell yourself. You'll have to take one when and if you find your personal belongings.

So cleaned up, you're surprised- and grateful- to find a bag in the bedroom closet containing your duty uniform, a pair of lightweight khakis, along with the majority of your things. You dress somewhat slower than usual still trying to figure out where you are. A hotel, for sure, though you can't tell which one.

Finally, you step out into the sitting room- and are surprised again to find Admiral Nixon sitting there, discussing something with a man you've never seen before, and-

“Ah, Commander Bishop.” Matron Longstreet says, seeing you first. “We had wondered when you'd wake up. Come, have a seat.” She continues, patting the couch next to her and taking a sip out of a cup. “We were just discussing you.”

You're in no mood to argue- you're still not entirely sure what's going on. You take her offer, though you don't take the indicated seat next to her, instead electing to occupy a chair nearby, it's back to another pair of glass doors.

“How're you feeling, son?” Nixon asks.

“Hazy, sir.” You answer. “How long have I been out?”

“Four days.” He responds. “Gave your CO a hell of a scare, I guess.”

You're starting to remember as you wake up a bit more- a pair of fandances, the twins going down, and-


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“Merlin!” You exclaim, looking around, moving to stand up.

“She's fine, son.” Nixon says, reassuringly. “She's downstairs with one of our French hosts, getting some chow. She'll be up in a bit, I'm sure.”

You nod, relaxing a bit. “How about the rest of the flight?”

“The same, they're all ok. Your CO and XO are already back in Poland, we're gearing up for a big push soon, it's bad enough they'll be down their steelwings, but we can't afford to leave two able-bodied witches off the line, sorry son.” He says, a bit of a grin playing around his lips. “And I don't need to deal with the press if you get seen with another one of them in another country.”

“Sorry sir.” You say, shaking your head. “Didn't realize-”

“Don't worry about it son, it's a joke.” He responds.

“Either way, I'm fit for fight, sir. I don't need to stay here.”

He shakes his head. “You may be, and your crew may be, but your fighter isn't. You put a lot of stress on it, it's back in Texas. They're incorporating lessons from that into a new build.”

“Not to mention,” Longstreet adds in, “You're not fit for fight, as you say. Your commander's initial report indicated... issues.”

You pause, holding your tongue at that until you get more details. “How long am I grounded then?” You ask.

“Don't know, yet.” He says. “But it's a chance to get some other things out of the way.”

“Like what, sir?”

“Well, son, you've given us a bit of trouble.” He says. “I'll let Ester explain.” He motions to Matron Longstreet.

“Commander Bishop.” She says, setting down her cup. “What do you know about the two young girls you encountered over Crete?”

[] Not a damn thing.
[] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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>[] Not a damn thing.

Play dumb and see what they know first.

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>[x] Not a damn thing.

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>[] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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>[] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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>[] They speak fluent German
>And that they were sorry.

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>[X] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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[] They speak fluent German and they said they were sorry.

Don't lie to Nixon even if the bitch is here.

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>[x] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.
Very curious about that, wonder where this will go. Best night of the week!

>Well, son, you've given us a bit of trouble.
Lets be honest it ain't the first time.

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It's time for the SW89 drinking game!
Everytime Frank chuckles, drink
Everytime Merlin stutters, drink
Everytime Slider is lewd, drink
Everytime Ghost makes a grammatical error, drink
Everytime Halley teases lewds, drink
Everytime Halley posts new art, two drinks
Everytime Hornet shitposts, drink
Everytime you get a stiffie for the Wyvern, drink
Everytime waifu arguments popup, drink
Everytime planefag teases SWQ, finish your drink

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>[] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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>[] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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[] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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So is Hornet's story of Ice saving Frank's life canon?

I enjoyed that a lot.

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>[x] Not a damn thing.

"Except that they are damned good with their planes." Dunno if she is cleared for the VDNI shit.

And of all bitches introduced so far, why is fucking Longstreet down here?

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Because as much as she's been a bitch to us, nobody has ever questioned her actual competence in witch matters.

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>why is fucking Longstreet down here?
Because after everything is said and done she's presumably the ranking Navy witch and whatever the hell Ivan was up to with our two newest friends, the witches need to be involved in finding out exactly what's going on.

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What's this? Did I miss some writefaggotry somewhere?

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The fuck are you talking about? She's criminally incompetent. We should ask Nixon to remove her from her command.

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I believe so.

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lets not start this

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Actual not sure if Longsheet has a Navy rank other then the one she had when she was in the service and I'm not sure she was Navy.

Witches in America from what I remember in expositions that they are separate organizations that help the military.

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First point, Nixon can't do that. Second point, please point me to where anyone has described her as incompetent, much less criminally so.

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>[] Not a damn thing.
"except they fluent in Kraut? Nothing"

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Yeah, it certain that she must be at very least competent enough to reach her current position now and keep it, so we can exclude incompetency.
Her method... is another thing.

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She slept her way to the top. It's the only explanation.

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I doubt she would have of become the Matron in-charge of Annapolis if she wasn't Navy.
Exactly, her methods are shit but she wouldn't of lasted this long if she wasn't competent.

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So is this a game of Last Man Sober or what? I think my liver hurts just looking at that.

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There are a few others that should be on there that aren't, anon. Count yourself lucky.

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That is fucking stupid

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On witches academy?
That implies strap-on was used a lot.

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Agreed. Ruthlessness and favor-currying are plenty without getting into that

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>[x] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

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[x] They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.

You shrug. “They speak fluent German and damn near killed me is about it.” You say.

“They did kill you.” Nixon corrects. “But we'll get to that in a minute.”

Longstreet nods. “There's more to it than that. The base hospital on Crete examined them and did they were interviewed by the intel people there.”

“And?” You ask as she pauses to take a sip of tea.

“And they've got evidence of conditioning. Drugs and psychotherapy, probably.” She says. “And their talent is extremely rare.”

“Their talent?”

“Oddly enough, you're probably very familiar with it. They've got a machine affinity for airplanes.”

You sit back in your chair, surprised. “So they're like Merlin?”

“In many respects, yes.” She nods. “They're more conventional than she is, they could operate strikers, should we ask them to, and they have many of the same abilities as most witches. But the fact remains that the talent they display is incredibly rare. We've found six, at last count. That includes your lieutenant Wells and lieutenant Davis.”

“So what do the two have to do with each other?” You ask. “The conditioning, I mean.”

Longstreet looks over at Nixon, who nods. “We think they may be related to a pair of incidents in Berlin a few years ago.”


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hell I could see her bumping off a few people.

>> No.37979089

> Longstreet's name is Ester

Wow, that's pathetic.

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“Now, son, you need to understand,” Nixon adds hastily. “We don't know this for sure. We wouldn't even have the theory if one of Ester hadn't been in the city when these things happened.”

“What things?” you ask.

“Back in eighty seven, there were a couple of fires. One of them barely made the news- standard tragic affair. Family left the stove on, natural gas. The bodies of the parents were found, the daughter never was. The other was the Weiss estate fire.”

“I remember that one, kinda.” You say- it had gotten a brief spot on the evening news, just because at the time there were accusations that it was a corporate job.

She nods. “Little Karla was never found, and it was assumed her body had simply been lost in the fire. It did burn extraordinarily hot.”

“So we think these two are the missing girls?” You ask.

She shakes her head. “They could be. We don't know- and don't want to say anything until we do.”

“I take it the Germans wouldn't be too thrilled if we accused the reds of this.” You remark.

Nixon shakes his head. “That's the other issue, son. We've got the reds on the back foot, but there's disagreement on what we need to do. The Polish and the krauts, they want to march all the way to Moscow, cut the head off this snake.”

“And we don't?” You ask. He shakes his head.

“We don't. We've crippled their military, and the Brits and French are siding with us on this. Once we liberate Poland, we should stop, try to negotiate a peace.”

“And telling the Germans that the soviets kidnapped two young witches and brainwashed them won't help matters any.” You say, thinking aloud.

“Exactly.” Nixon says. “Plus, they're orphans now, and all they've known the past couple years is jets.”

[] Ok, so what's that got to do with me?
[] … I think I see where this is going.

>> No.37979136

>[] … I think I see where this is going.

We're gonna be a DADDY!

>> No.37979145

>[] … I think I see where this is going.
"If ye gonna dump them on me, i suggest you dump them to my brother. He is good with little girl".

>> No.37979155

> [] … I think I see where this is going.

>> No.37979165

>[x] … I think I see where this is going.
awww shit...

>> No.37979184

>[x] … I think I see where this is going.

>> No.37979185

>[] … I think I see where this is going.

Looks like we have more witches to babysit.

>> No.37979202

and these ones might try to kill us when we are not looking. THIS WILL BE FUUUN!

>> No.37979215

>[] … I think I see where this is going.
"Give them to Rex. He's good with kids."

>> No.37979239

>[x] … I think I see where this is going.
Hahahaha, I kinda saw this coming.

>he other was the Weiss estate fire
>Little Karla was never found,

>The Polish and the krauts, they want to march all the way to Moscow, cut the head off this snake.
Can't say I disagree with them, though maybe Putin will kick his plans into gear and do it for us.

>> No.37979249

PTSD and language barrier aside, what will they fly? The wyvern's a two-seater, and it'd be a waste to not have both of them piloting. Using their fandances would be silly and unworkable on several levels. That fancy bird laika got might be best, but a bit odd

>> No.37979263

>[] … I think I see where this is going.

>> No.37979270

>>he other was the Weiss estate fire
>>Little Karla was never found,

>> No.37979293

[x] … I think I see where this is going.

>> No.37979314

>[] … I think I see where this is going.

Are there write ins for this quest?

>> No.37979323

>[] … I think I see where this is going.
Karla is Belkin!

Looks like Frank gained more Daughters/sisters.

Take that Pierce! we got both Quantity and Quality!

>> No.37979326

You can try it, maybe ghost will use it if it amusing enough

>> No.37979329

>[] … I think I see where this is going.

inb4 fronk ends with a loli pile before he even gets a waifu

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I don't list the option because I figure i'd be kinda a dick allowing them sometimes and sometimes not. plus it's not much fun if you always have to pick from my shit! hahaha

>> No.37979357

Oh I doubt they're talking about flying anon, language barrier in particular.
>they're orphans now
I think this is the key point.
Yea and sometimes Ghost'll use it some how even if it doesn't win the vote.

>> No.37979373

with an A.

filthy osean peasants shitting up the thread.

>[ ]...I think I see where this is going.
"And you should know how bad an idea it is. Having one little sister is dangerous enough."

>> No.37979388

Though that writeup from last thread has some interesting implications re: waifu

>> No.37979404

I thought that when I read it but, it didn't really click haha

>> No.37979443

Dammit, it was a typo

>> No.37979466


and looking at how long it took us to get there i wouldnt be suprised if it takes another 50+ threads

>> No.37979552

Though to be fair it's been almost a year the war started and Ice has started warming up to Frank since a little before Tanana.

To us it seems like forever but to them not that much time has pasted considerably.

>> No.37979581

Hasn't it been like 2 weeks in SWQ?

>> No.37979605

It might be closer to 3 weeks now but yes not long at all.

>> No.37979651

But of course all the girls are no where near so we can just drag all three into our bed already...

>> No.37979741


Sweet! Good to know.

>> No.37979758

[x] … I think I see where this is going.

“I think I see where this is going, sir.” You say, after a brief pause. “You do know it's my brother Rex that's good with kids, right?”

“Your elder brother isn't a guardian of witches.” Longstreet says. “You are, and that position is recognized by the German coven. Part of this is until we decide what should happen, lieutenant commander. We intend to notify the German matrons that the two girls are who they are, should we turn out to be correct.”

“And if they're not?” You ask, not commenting on the 'elder brother' bit. Six seconds is hardly any difference.

“If they're not, we'll offer them a place in the American sisterhood, of course. And if they chose to return to the Soviet union after the war, they'll be allowed to do that too.” She says. “But for now, you're the best available option we have concerning their care.”

“You do remember I'm assigned to Torun south, right? We're not right on the front, but-”

“It's been handled, son.” Nixon reassures you. “We're putting some more security elements in place as we speak.”

“So what do we intend for them to do there?” You ask. “I mean, it's an active combat base, afterall, there's not much for a kid to do, let alone two of them.”

“Once you find out, son, let us know.” Nixon says, with a grin.


>> No.37979789

You fix him with a dry stare. He laughs. “Don't worry, you get to skip the first batch of bad years with kids. It won't be so rough.”

“So where are they now?” You ask.

“Downstairs with your RIO.” He says. “The three of them seem to have hit it off pretty well.”

“Similar interests?” You ask. He shrugs, then nods.

“I suppose so. Both those girls have that VDNI system, and I imagine lieutenant Wells was interested in that, at least originally.”

You'd almost forgotten about that whole issue. Not that it surprises you that they had it- you remember them being incredibly good at aircraft handling, so-so on actual air combat.

“Speaking of which, son, we kind of need to talk about that. Have you made a decision about it yet?”

[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.
[] I've made a decision, we'll be fine without it.
[] Not yet, no.

>> No.37979830

>[X] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

After that last dogfight, I'm not skipping the cyberware.

>> No.37979836

>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37979843

>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it, of course thats as long as any safety concerns have been addressed with it.

>> No.37979848

>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37979850

>[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.
Damn with or with out it.

>> No.37979865

[] I've made a decision, we'll be fine without it.

>> No.37979866


>[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37979871

>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37979875


[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

I've been on the fence, but... he fucking needs it.

>> No.37979878

[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.
I didn't ask for this, except I did. HAHAHA. Seriously there appears to be little downsides and there seems to be alot of hints that we should get it. If little girls can handle it....

>> No.37979885

> Yes, I think we're going to need it, so long as we got some good answers from those kids

>> No.37979890

>[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

to Big Mountain!

>> No.37979913

>>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it, of course thats as long as any safety concerns have been addressed with it.

>> No.37979929


>> No.37979945

>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

eh, I'm a fan of wholly human but considering Frank's situation, I think it might help in the long run.

>> No.37979974

>[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37979993

>[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.
I don't like it not at all, in fact I hate it but there will be a fight that we won't comeback from at this rate without it.

>> No.37980030

>[] I've made a decision, we'll be fine without it.

id rather go and ask putin for the surgery.

>> No.37980045

If it weren't for Ice, this would have been that fight.

>> No.37980082

>[] I've made a decision, we'll be fine without it.

In BattleTech, the VDNI drives you nuts after 10 years. 15 if you use the advanced variant. We can skip on that.

>> No.37980114

This is not Battletech.

>> No.37980116

>In BattleTech
Are we in BT?

>> No.37980135

>[X] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37980145

I very much doubt Ghost would fuck us over like that. Also this isn't BT.

>> No.37980166

>[] I've made a decision, we'll be fine without it.

>> No.37980182

>[] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37980183


[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

>> No.37980197

We were given reassurances regarding it already.

>> No.37980228

i dont think we have and all the reassurance in the world dont matter if you still get fucked by it.

>> No.37980254

Nonsense! Laika has been using it longer than anyone and she's perfectly fine!

Perfectly. Fine.

>> No.37980268

Either way we won't last at this rate now. Considering we would last in less then a year to 10-15 years, I think the latter is still better.

not to mention all those Russian scientists.

>> No.37980276

We were promised extra/special medical staff and witches.

>> No.37980313

Speaking of years down the line, I have a comfy mental image of Frank and Merlin canoeing in the middle of a lake to relax and fish. It's slightly dark because it's ptsd coping, but still comfy

>> No.37980331

i view this like getting struck by lightning you can have medical help right there but you can die before any one can help you

>> No.37980332

I don't know whether your just baiting or trying to fuck us over at this point.

>> No.37980345

Or we could just eat a soviet missile and die even earlier.

>> No.37980362

This is textbook spookb8

>> No.37980363

are they towing a inflatable raft thats carrying the first tier harem?

>> No.37980371

and who said that wont happen even with the VDNI

>> No.37980380

Did Jager burn down Karla's estate this time around in SWQverse?

>> No.37980399

No, no waifus. Just the calm lake, the wide-open sky, and the reassuring feeling of Frank sitting in front of Merlin.

>> No.37980404

Sooo, what's your feeling on Ghost turning Karla into a brainwashed pantsless tykebomb?

>> No.37980406

Nah, just Ice. The other two don't get any screentime anyways.

>> No.37980415

Better odds against it with VDNI and nearly everyone has told us that it's a safe as anything can be.

We almost died to the two German girls, they probably have more and Ghost likely won't pull punches.

>> No.37980426

Merc's trustworthy.

Damn, nothing to drink at the office.

>> No.37980443

HAHAHAHAHahahahahaha oh man, that sure does mean a lot coming from you...

>> No.37980459


>> No.37980467

that the thing tho every one says it safe yet and know little to nothing about it and now we just got the people who made the damn thing and they didnt tell us what they know yet.

>> No.37980471

Wait, we died?

>> No.37980476

>We almost died to the two German girls
Well a point in that side of the arguments favor is that we didn't try to kill them, we tried to stall them, which is significantly harder.

He means that he doesn't trust what Hornet says, and I don't blame him, he's got almost no credibility after the stunts he's pulled.

>> No.37980489

We got better

>> No.37980497

What has he pulled? I've only seen decent writefaggotry from him.

>> No.37980498

Yes but we resurrected four days later.
We are officially Ace Jesus.

>> No.37980499

Funny story about that. He was using a name generator for ideas and it spat out "Karla", so he rolled with it.

And it's not as if there isn't a certain ace pilot mucking about in Strangereal right now...

>> No.37980501

Obviously we need to talk to the nerds we just saved about it. It won't be an instantaneous thing.

>> No.37980508

Revenant, bitch.
We come back.

>> No.37980517

We got better, Ice brought us back.

>> No.37980522

Our heart gave out. Ice jumpstarted it with her magic

>> No.37980532

Still more arguments for than against it. Katya has a point about pilots being valuable.

And the fandances have been fucking us up pretty good, eventually we'll mess up.

Point, but it wasn't easy even before that.

>> No.37980548

A lot of shitposting and shitstirring waifuwar arguments and shitstorms, as well as being a little bitch about anything to do with Katya that he wrote, he also likes to start arguments with anons just to get them riled up and shitposting in other threads in the connected quests.

TLDR: he's a troll who does decent writefagging.

>> No.37980556

I'll turn in my badge and my gun.

>> No.37980586

That just means you get on the perps case even harder Maloney.

>> No.37980587

Sounds like a guy I'd hang out with. You guys are pretty easy to rile up.

>> No.37980599

Yeah but he isn't a brainwashed ex-(insert antagonist country here)n child pilot there, bit different.

>> No.37980609

Diiiplowwmatic Immmuunitii?

>> No.37980644

im not fully against it i just want to know all the risks cause if is a that one anon said and 10 years later we have insane Frank fuck that shit and rather be cautious and slightly paranoid then the latter.

>> No.37980650

I wonder if their a flock of girls chasing his ass right now.

>> No.37980662

I was so, so bad at LA Noire

>> No.37980670

Eh, it's all in good fun.

>> No.37980688

Just accuse them all of lying, you can back out if they're not.

>> No.37980696

maybe if you weren't such a whiny cunt?

>> No.37980701

We aren't in that universe in the first place.

We currently have better odds of eating a missile.

>> No.37980719

[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

You nod, slowly. “Yes, sir. I think we're going to need it.”

He leans back, looking over at Longstreet, who gives an almost imperceptible shrug of her shoulders.

'Glad to hear it, son. Mind if I ask what changed your mind?” He says. “Tea?”

“No sir, I'll go catch chow in a second.” You respond. “And two things. You said we'd have the best medical support available?”

He nods. “Damn straight, son. Ester here agreed to release one of their best girls from teaching duty just to work with the medical team.”

You nod, looking over at her. “Thanks.”

“So what was the other thing?” Nixon prompts.

“You said they did kill me?”

He looks distinctly uncomfortable, but nods. “Eventually, yes.” He says. “You got your aircraft down, but your CO said you started fading pretty quickly. Probably wouldn't have made it if you'd had far to go on recovery.”

“So what happened?” You ask. He shifts around. “Maybe Ester should explain-”

“Have any of them ever talked about a... recharge, mister bishop?” She asks. “Or anything like that, a mana transfer.”

“Once, a while ago, at Barin.” You say. “But they said-”


>> No.37980737

“It's not fully understood, yet. And it's seen as fairly intimate.” She says. “You have to be close with the intended recipient, and for us-”

She pauses. “For us, it's like giving part of yourself to someone. As I said, it's seen as intimacy of a kind.”

“And one of them gave me one?”

“Not quite.” She says. “What your commander did is- well, it's not entirely unprecedented, but it's almost unheard of. She brought you back from Death.”

“You were flatlined, son.” Nixon says. “and cold as the grave, according to what she reported afterwords. So she panicked and brought you back.”

“She reacted the best she could under the circumstances.” Longstreet says, more diplomatically. “But what she did carries a great deal of risk to her too. You're both incredibly lucky- she could have easily burnt herself out doing that.”

“When you say burnt herself out-”

Longstreet nods. “She could have easily made it impossible for her to use magic.” She says. “Or even physically injured herself, possibly died. Witches have died before trying it, and there's no guarantee it would have worked.”

“Jesus-” you hiss.

“Kind of.” Nixon says. “Either way, you rate another purple heart for it, but don't make a habit of it, alright? As wonderfully sappy as the whole thing is, and I'm sure it'll be great in the movie, we'd rather not trade a witch to keep you breathing every time you go up.” He says it with enough of a grin to take the bite out of the words, though he means it.

[] Can do, sir
[] Well, I mean, they're awful good kissers, sir....

>> No.37980744

we need to get Sloidah to kiss us, and then try with all of them kissing us at once.

>> No.37980754

>[] Can do, sir

>> No.37980761

> Can do, sir

>> No.37980778

Question: Are we gonna bring up our meeting with Putin and his offer?

After all, if we are going to be out for a few days/weeks while our jet is fixed, we should spend our spare time on something productive. Such as getting the chunks of metal out of our chest.

>> No.37980788 [DELETED] 

>[] Well, I mean, they're awful good kissers, sir....
>[] Can do, sir

>> No.37980790

>[x] Can do, sir
I'm looking forward to the awkward-as-fuck conversation that Ice will try to avoid later.

>> No.37980791

>[] Can do, sir
So how are the rest of the girls going to react to this change in the fronkb owl?

>> No.37980798

>[] Well, I mean, they're awful good kissers, sir....

>> No.37980804

>[x] Can do, sir

>> No.37980810

We should bring it up, if we can get tomcat-chan out of us then we should, and we'll be out for atleast more than a few weeks to get VDNI

>> No.37980812

Let Ice and Frank finally tie the knot and move on hopefully.

>> No.37980816

>[X] Can do, sir

>> No.37980830

>[x] Can do, sir
I'd love to make a joke but there is other, less lethal, ways of getting kisses.
We'll already be out of commission too long and if we really want to get those implants I'm sure our side has something cooking.

>> No.37980839

Step up and join in.

How about no.

We're going for all 3 and we're going to get all 3

>> No.37980841

>[] Can do, sir
>[] Other
They are awfully good kissers, though

>> No.37980843

>[x] Can do, sir
It seems Hornet's fan-fic is now cannon, so congrats to him.

>> No.37980850

Slider cried, but writeups have her almost ok with losing

>> No.37980856

But we're not going to for all three, because we're not all fucking faggots like you, Anon.

>> No.37980857

[x]I'll make sure of it.

>> No.37980866

>[X] Can do, sir

>> No.37980869

Meet the challenge Ice just set.

Hahahahahaha nope.

Says you anon, but the rest of us, the vast majority, are going for all three.

>> No.37980872

[x] Can do, sir
All other things aside, if our mana drain is bad enough that it can kill a single Witch, we really do need to have the mana transfer spread out over three Witches.
It's not a matter of wanting a harem anymore; it's a medical and magical necessity.

>> No.37980875

>all 3
There's no less than 5 at this point.

>> No.37980877

Why? The other two barely get any screentime anyways. I'm a Sliderfag but in terms of how the story has been up until this point Ice should just win and be done with it.

>> No.37980879

Are these new ones or the old ones?

>> No.37980891

You're not, I am and so are the others.

>> No.37980893

I'm fine with all three or just Ice, honestly. Is not worth angst

>> No.37980897

I don't think there's a vast majority of anything there anon.

>> No.37980899

>Movie sir?

As wonderfully sappy as the whole thing is, and I'm sure it'll be great in the movie, we'd rather not trade a witch to keep you breathing every time you go up.” He says it with enough of a grin to take the bite out of the words, though he means it.

We're getting a movie of Frank's exploits? I kind of want to see that.

>> No.37980913

Can we please not start this right now? It'd be great to have one thread that doesn't blow up due to this debate.

>> No.37980914

Speak for yourself anon, your in the minority.

First Tier Harem anon, we marry the First Tier Harem, we have the Second Tier Harem as mistresses.

Those are literally the worst possible reasons for that argument, fuck off.

>> No.37980915

>[X] Can do, sir

>> No.37980918

Everything that has transpired has done so according to Ghost's design

[x] Can do, sir. The not dying thing. The other stuff is still fair game, right?

>> No.37980928

It's a figure of speech. Though I don't doubt there will be one after the war

>> No.37980940

Frank'll be played by Tom Cruise

>> No.37980945

There is on this.


>> No.37980969

I'd pay more attention to you if you could type proper English.

Maybe if these guys weren't such cunts.

I don't see anything but fags.

I don't see any kind of majority but autistic harem fags that don't understand human relationship dynamics.

>> No.37980973

>>37980788 here changing to >>37980918

>> No.37980976

>Those are literally the worst possible reasons for that argument, fuck off.

Really? I am not seeing the investment for Slider or Katya this point. Slider seems to be okay with losing and Katya is nonexistent.

>> No.37980989


>> No.37980990


>> No.37980992

Seconding >>37980918
>[x] Can do, sir. The not dying thing. The other stuff is still fair game, right?
Never thought I'd see the day Feelthy supported harems.

>> No.37980994

I figure the actual majority are people who are fine with either outcome and don't feel the need to shout about it

>> No.37981002

did you forget she mouth raped frank.

>> No.37981006

Yes, please show me your data proving such a point.

Nobody knows how a vote would turn out and Frank...well Frank is us but harem is just stupid at this point.

>> No.37981014

>I don't see any kind of majority but autistic harem fags that don't understand human relationship dynamics.
>I don't see any majority except the majority I'm choosing to ignore.

Doesn't change the fact its still a majority fucktwat.

>Slider seems to be okay with losing
You're blind and delusional and have no idea how women think.
>Katya is nonexistent.
Even more blind and delusional.

>> No.37981018

At this point Katya is over, but I still think Slider can take the dark horse win. Just as Ghost wants.

>> No.37981037

>Nobody knows how a vote would turn out
Whatever you need to believe in to cry yourself to sleep at night sure. The rest of us however know exactly how it would turn out.

>but harem is just stupid at this point.
Pfthahahahaha, right, you do realize thats the exact opposite right now "at this point"?

>> No.37981051

Why are everyone is taking the bait?

>> No.37981053

she mouth raped frank before this mission and said "your always there for me" in russian like 4 threads back.

>> No.37981061

I think the delusional one here is you anon. You seem to think women want to be part of some juvenile fantasy harem when that won't work considering the girls actually want a legit relationship with Frank. Marriage, kids, the whole nine yards.

>> No.37981069

>At this point Katya is over
>1 single thread after she nearly sucked our tongue out

Keep being blind, the harem is going strong, especially with Ice and Slider and Mav pushing us for it.

>> No.37981070

That's called kissing, anon

>> No.37981077

>Aggressively asserting that everyone else agrees with you

>> No.37981091

She also tried to makeout with Ice was well, whats your point?

>> No.37981093

Frank is played by Robert downy jr
I'm good as long as Frank doesn't end up with merlin. Because Merlin is not for lewds.

Plus, NTR is the most asshole-ish thing in the world.

>> No.37981098

Do you not actually read this quest? Because you would have to, to be this stupid.

>like 4 threads back.
it was 2 threads ago, right before this latest mission.

>> No.37981104

Why are icy floors slippery?
It's just the natural order; Wind blows, rain falls, the waifufags prey upon the bait.

>> No.37981111

ya but she surprised him with the kiss and tried to suck his tonsils out.
She still has strong feelings for frank and will act on them.

>> No.37981120

Harem has always been stupid.

And I'm not so emotionally invested in this as you are, so maybe you should go cry yourself to sleep because your life sucks so bad you need fake harems to make it better.

>> No.37981123

That goes without saying of course

>> No.37981132

Right, do please tell me what the characters want, even when its contradictory to what they've stated, please Mr Expert, keep educating me.

Thats a point in the harems favor, hell Ice and Slider have talked about it seriously, Mav has joked about it and talked to us about it seriously, and so has Katya.

The only one who hasn't realized this yet is Frank.

>> No.37981163

>Completely disregarding the characters and what they want, their feelings and emotions has always been stupid.

That is what you just said...

>> No.37981180

>Ice and Slider have talked about it seriously
Have they? When?

>> No.37981192

Is it me or does this sounds like one anon trolling and one anon taking the bait?

So if this were to be made into a movie will it be a trilogy?

Also I wonder if this will be added into the Wich Comix?

>> No.37981197

Don't forget proven method to keep people like Frank alive, and proven way to bring him back when he flatlines after a hard fight.

Bridgette already said that the strain of mana transfer needs to be spread out over more than one Witch.

>> No.37981198

In the threads and in the write-ups which are canon, despite Hornet's best efforts.

>> No.37981204

Yes, please put words in my mouth.

Talking does not equal actually being ok with it, nor have they walked up and said, "Frank, please make us into your harem."

>> No.37981207

>Mav pushing us for it.

Hold the fuck on. Are you suggesting we bring MAV into the Harem when Konstantina has more screen time?

Niggah you cray-cray

>> No.37981221

[] Taking the write in. (It's close to the winning answer anyway)

You grin. “Can do sir.”

“Well, that's good, son-”

“The not dying part, anyway. The rest of it is still fair game, right?” You finish.

Longstreet about chokes on her tea, and Nixon looks surprised for a second, then nods. “Well, son, just remember, you have to set an example now, you're a father figure.”

“Well, they'll need a mother figure, right?” You ask.

“Son, just make sure you don't do anything that'd get you in trouble, ok?” He says, shaking his head with a smile. “But you do realise that if you do get married, it'll have to be a military ceremony, right?”

“I'd given up hope of having a quiet wedding in the mountains months ago, sir.” You say.

“Good, cos it's gonna be big.” He responds, grinning again. “And speaking of the media-”

He gives you the biggest shit-eating grin you've ever seen on a flag rank officer, bar none.

[] I'm not going to like this, am I?
[] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.

>> No.37981228

>Ice and Slider still can't get any forward momentum without stepping over each other
>Katya doesn't do anything cause she barely exists
>Meanwhile Brigette and Frank continue to have casual sex after hard missions
>Eventually it develops into something more
>They get married after the war.
>'First tier' left wondering what the fuck happened

It's alot more likely then you think.

>> No.37981233

No? Did you forget the several instances where Mav has told us to go for all 3 of them? Besides, Mav is in Youngspawn's harem.

>> No.37981253

>You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.

>> No.37981259

>[] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981268

>[] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981275

>[] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981277

>[] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981282

[x] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.
Let's at least get some food in us before we have to hear something unpalatable.
We haven't eaten for days, after all.

>> No.37981285

> I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981293

>[X] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981294

[X] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981298

>[] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981308

>[x] I'm not going to like this, am I?

At this point we should carry a flask of... something good, at all times.

You are a good person, anon-kun

>> No.37981313

>>Katya doesn't do anything cause she barely exists
Keep ignoring the whole tongue wrestling she did with Frank 2 threads ago.

>> No.37981316

>[x] I'm not going to like this, am I?
>And speaking of the media-
Jesus christ, didn't think about that...

>So if this were to be made into a movie will it be a trilogy?

Yes and it will be the greatest trilogy of all time. Remember when Return of the King won everything? It's gonna be like that for ever movie.

>> No.37981317

>[] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.
Food please...

>> No.37981342

Yeah no, Ghost said its a casual thing and thats as far as its going, he put his foot down on that.

Also fucking read the quest anon, you are way off base with both those first two 'points'.

>> No.37981345

>[x] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.

>> No.37981346

>[x] I'm not going to like this, am I?
The other guy is press. Calling it now.

>> No.37981361

>[x] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.

"Can I get some food or are they about to burst through the door?"

>> No.37981389

Why the hell would they be discussing the German witches in-front of a reporter?

>> No.37981398

That's cause that would actually be a realistic development of a relationship and he knows you guys can't handle that.

>> No.37981403

>Ice and Slider both pushing us towards getting the harem independent of each other
>Katya doing the same while also making out with us while drunk.

>It's alot more likely then you think.
bait harder anon.

>> No.37981410

Guys, it's not necessarily a harem so much as it's unconventional living arrangements. People have done that IRL. The guy who created Wonder Woman, for instance.

>> No.37981425

What casual fuck buddies who keep things professional at work and casual in bed and don't want more from it is unrealistic?

Have you never had sex before anon? Never had experience with a woman before?

>> No.37981433

>[] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.

>> No.37981436

I'm not going to lie, I'd completely forgotten the third guy was there

>> No.37981444

Says the guy who can't handle getting his harem.

>> No.37981456

Exactly, and we're the Guardian of Witches, not just a Guardian, THE Guardian, we've got to guard our witches properly, at all times, and in all locations and positions, like missionary and the prone bone.

>> No.37981485

>like missionary
Blue board anon, blue board

>> No.37981491

What the flying fuck are you babbling on about now? Take you're Ritalin, sit in the special corner and shut up anon, before you leak more of your vastly dwindling intellect onto the internet.

>> No.37981496

>He gives you the biggest shit-eating grin you've ever seen on a flag rank officer, bar none.
That grin would kill lesser men. Either there is press nearby, or they finally decided to tell us about the underground Fronk-body pillow trading network setup worldwide.

>> No.37981519

Why do you think I kept mention of all the sensual hand holding and hair ruffling and heavy petting out of that post?

Katya does the hair ruffling, Slider the hand holding and Ice the heavy petting.

>> No.37981533

....or it could be because the other man in the room, that most people and Frank forgot about, is a member of the media.
Probably has a screenplay of Frank's exploits all ready to go.

>> No.37981534

Please stop anon, that kind of lewd only allowed on /d/.

>> No.37981541


>> No.37981553

Soooo, We have two German daughters now what do?

Teach them english?

Play catch?



>> No.37981562

Good thing /tg/ is /d/-lite then, thats why I spoilered it.

>> No.37981567

Knowing the 'majority' they'll put them in their 3rd Tier harem.

>> No.37981578

Teach them English, play fights.

Give airplane rides.

>> No.37981583

Nah, Merlin just got some sisters.

>> No.37981593


>> No.37981599

Again, why would they talk about the German witches infront of the media? They don't want that to get out until they have evidence.
Yes and we will be the best god damn father that has ever existed.

>> No.37981602

>airplane rides
Merlin's inner yandere awakens

>> No.37981611


To be fair she was kinda drunk when that happened. Okay recovering from new strikers but it was pretty much the same thing for her.

>> No.37981612

Please anon, we won't judge your here, you don't have to lie to us.

>> No.37981614

>not putting them on 'No lewd' tier or 'Chris Hansen' tier
maybe i biased because they are DD but...

>> No.37981618

Merlin's been leaning on Kenji more, she'll be ok.

>> No.37981622

and we immediately put our foot in our mouth with that last comment.

Not that I mind,its kind of hilarious.


>> No.37981634

And yet its not the first time she's kissed us or spoken to us like that anon.

>> No.37981635

Considering that they were just given to us to look after, I imagine that they know English.

Thus, we give them aeroplane rides. It's just too cute to pass up.

>> No.37981661

>I imagine that they know English.
Uhh did you not read the last thread? They know Russian and German.

Though it will be funny to see their reaction to airplane rides, they'll probably think its punishment or something.

>> No.37981704

>Konstantina arrives

>> No.37981730

>airplane rides for Konstantina
I'm okay with this. The look on her face will be priceless.

>> No.37981744

Why the hell were they given to US then? We don't know either of those languages!

In other news/changing the topic: We should get them ice cream

>> No.37981771

Does Merlin know German? She apparently befriended them, there must be some common language there.

>> No.37981772

1.Because we are guardian of witches and has been recognized by German coven, so we are the best option for now.
2. Make it triple scoop each.

>> No.37981776

>Longstreet not being a bitch
What is going on here?

>> No.37981785

Wait, I had them talking about this seriously?

>> No.37981786

Because we need one daughter per Witch we will marry, ergo 3 daughterus.

>> No.37981795

We aren't in her way right now

>> No.37981802

>there must be some common language there.
What if Merlin is talking to them through the VDNI?

>> No.37981805

Bridgitte happens, and she seems interested with this new development so she quite cool for now.

>> No.37981811

Indeed, and when you tried to say it wasn't canon, Ghost said it was. Which is why that bit with Slider crying in your writeup last thread was odd, seeing as it was pretty inconsistent for your writing about those two characters.

>> No.37981812


>> No.37981814

>We don’t know either of those languages

We can learn.

>> No.37981839

We need more than 3 anon.

We are marrying WAY more than 3.

>> No.37981853

...Wait, what?

>> No.37981857

No, we'll be living with way more than three, but we'll only marry three.

We'll probably still get everyone pregnant.

>> No.37981861

Then there's this asshole.

>> No.37981874

She was crying because she realized that Frank had actually died and it was only luck that allowed Ice to bring him back.

>> No.37981875

I kind of thought it fit, since Frank was this close to dying, or rather he did died and if it wasn't for ice, Frank will be dead.

>> No.37981877

Am I the only one thinking that with all the pussy that's been slinging itself at fronk, with only a casual affair (if it can be called that ) that Frank is damn near asexual?
I would have fucked Katya senseless till we were numb in Paris, and not to mention the adorable flinging ice and Slider have been doing fire the other...

> I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981886

>Which is why that bit with Slider crying in your writeup last thread was odd, seeing as it was pretty inconsistent for your writing about those two characters.
Yeah that stood out weirdly to me to. Probably just Hornet forgetting he helped set up harem end, and then trying to just railroad one end.

>> No.37981895

>[] I'm not going to like this, am I?

>> No.37981910

No, he's just not actually oblivious as to the overlapping affections

>> No.37981917

It didn't read like that, especially with it being after they spoke and she turned to leave. Personally I would have thought she would have made that more evident.

>> No.37981936

can someone post the pastebin to Frank dieing or some thing.

>> No.37981942

He's not asexual, he just hasn't realized they all want to fuck him together yet, so he's trying to tip toe around them, while they are trying to get him to realize they want as that one anon put it, "unusual living arrangements"

>> No.37981949

Because Frank has more pressing shit to deal with right now.

Especially his near deaths and literally died. s

>> No.37981959

It's not pastebinned yet, I think I'm gonna clean it up and add a bit to it.

>> No.37981970

It's in the previous fucking thread anon, read the goddamn quest.

>> No.37982039

[x] I'm not going to like this, am I?

“I'm... not going to like this, am I?” You ask.

“Well, son, we figured since you're down for a while anyway, now's as good a time as any to get you and Lieutenant Wells caught up on your awards.”

“I'm really not going to like this.” You say, flatly, causing him to laugh.

“It won't take too long, but it's scheduled for this evening, so once you get chow, get back up here to get fit for a set of whites, and bring your RIO with you.” He says. “After that, we'll get your security liaison up here so you two can meet, and get the whole circus over with. Expect to speak with the press.”

“Joy of joys, sir.” You state, your words fairly dripping with sarcasm.

“We'll keep your RIO and the girls away from them, for obvious reasons.” He says. “But no such luck for you. Back into harm's way.”

“Sorry sir,” you say, grinning. “Grounded. I'm no good without my fighter.”

He laughs, standing up. “Nice try, son. Now, we need to get going, but I wasn't kidding about getting chow and getting back up here. This one is kind of a big deal.”

[] Aye, sir. Moving.
[]... what all am I up for, sir?

>> No.37982049

Well right now he can't fly for a good long while, perfect time to go and fuck his three girls senseless and recover.

>> No.37982060

i was there during the live run i leave after the quest is said to be done i had know idea some thing was written after ghost ended it and had no reason it to look at it again.

>> No.37982061

>[]... what all am I up for, sir?

>> No.37982071

>[] Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982087

>[] Aye, sir. Moving.
>[]... what all am I up for, sir?

>> No.37982092

>[] Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982098

> Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982107

>[x] Aye, sir. Moving.
Let's leave it as a surprise.

>> No.37982108

>[] Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982114

>[]... what all am I up for, sir?
it better be a fucking MOH

>> No.37982121

>[]... what all am I up for, sir?
We need intel on this. I don't want Frank going in blind.

>> No.37982139

>[X]... what all am I up for, sir?

>> No.37982140

>[X] Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982155

>[] Aye, sir. Moving.
>[]... what all am I up for, sir?
You know we're going to pick both Ghost so get writing.

>> No.37982160

>[x] Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982162

[X]... what all am I up for, sir?

>> No.37982174

[x] Aye, sir. Moving.

>> No.37982199

Okay, right now he is, but what about when Katya started exploring his tonsils? And even now, unless LOLAMNESIA he seems to know ice is horny as hell. Call me crude, but even my aspergers ass can tell Harem route a go.

marry only best witch, others are mistresses. We're not reformed latter day saints, here.

>> No.37982204


Sometimes I even give you both when you pick it!

not this time though.

>> No.37982236

Why not? Both works best right now and its not like the extra 20 seconds of conversation will end the world.

>> No.37982249

we are the church of Bishop Saintly Headpat denomination.

>> No.37982257

>[x]... what all am I up for, sir?
Inb4 MoH

>> No.37982267

Okay, post things that you'd do to undeniable best girl, Slider.

>> No.37982282

Have a monogamous relationship with her.

>> No.37982290

Because ghost said so. Suck it up buttercup.

>> No.37982306

Touch muscley tail

>> No.37982307

Let her python constrict my flight stick.

>> No.37982310

Fuck her senseless while shes sandwiched between Ice and Katya.

>> No.37982355


Hold hands.

>> No.37982370

Be her heat source.

>> No.37982383

Hang upside-down in Saratoga hangar, with her familiar grabbing a roof support while we hold hands, kissing

>> No.37982405

There are anons, in this thread, RIGHT NOW, that wouldn't do lewd things to Slider.

Pic related, lewd things I'd do to Slider

>> No.37982461

take her to a nice restaurant followed by the movies later.

>> No.37982607

A picnic on a countryside while discussing future plans.

>> No.37982624

A nice hike through the woods, then a picnic over a scenic view at sunset

>> No.37982916

[x] Aye, sir. Moving.

You nod, standing as well. “Aye, sir. Moving.”

He grins. “That's the kind of attitude I want to hear!” He says, stopping in front of the door while the other man opens it and steps outside into the hall. “I'll see you at the ceremony, son. You coming, Ester?”

Longstreet nods, gathering her purse from next to the couch and standing. “Of course. We need to work out that transfer.”

They leave you alone in the suite with the soft click of the door being shut, though you don't stay in very long, just taking the time to grab your cover and tuck it under an arm and find the keys, helpfully placed on the table next to your bed.

The hotel is- frankly- one of the nicest you've ever stayed in. You nod to a few people you take to be tourists on your way to the elevator, where you ride it down from your floor- the seventh. There don't seem to be any floors above yours, which is kind of nice.

The dining room- a restaurant, really, attached to the hotel- is on the first floor, near the lobby. Large glass windows overlook a small lawn, landscaped and with a handful of planted palm trees, with the road just behind them and the beach on the other side, the blue waters of the Mediterranean lapping against the sand. The beaches are slightly more crowded than you remember from the last time you were this way, but it is the height of the season, so that's to be expected.


>> No.37982946

You find Merlin and the two girls easily enough- they don't seem to be talking much, but Merlin's voice carries, at least to your ears. You try to sneak up behind her, but you're given away by the other two, who watch you intently enough that Merlin turns to see you walking towards her.

“F-frank!” She says, jerking up out of her chair, causing the girls across the table to visibly flinch- and slams into your midriff with a crushing hug. “Y-you're ok!” The other two look at each other before turning back to the scene in front of them.

“Glad to see you too, kiddo.” You say, patting her back a bit before she lets go. “How long have you been up?”

“T-the last two days.” She says. “I-I've been talking with Stasya a-and Lilya.”

“Who?” You ask.

“T-the other girls.” She says. “T-the ones the admiral said you'd b-be watching.”

[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.
[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

>> No.37982947

>We need to work out that transfer
uh oh

>> No.37982969

Dinner at that nice hole-in-the-wall Italian place, followed by a high-stakes game of mini-golf. And by "high" I mean "sexy"

>> No.37982972

>[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?
lets go in gently

>> No.37982982

>[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

Maybe about Davis or these two girls.

>> No.37982987

>[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.
>[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

>> No.37982988

>[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.

>> No.37982999

>[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.

>> No.37983002

> Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?
Maybe she's just taking Davis back

>> No.37983018

>[x] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?
We can handle the details later.

>He nods. “Damn straight, son. Ester here agreed to release one of their best girls from teaching duty just to work with the medical team.”

>> No.37983047

>[x] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?
Don't mention the war.

>> No.37983069

>[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

>> No.37983088

>[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.
>[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

>> No.37983146

>[X] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.

>> No.37983196

>[] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

>> No.37983502

>[X] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.

>> No.37983658

>[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.

>> No.37983708

>[] Pretty sure that's not their names, kiddo.

>> No.37983789

Btw, the fag trying to make SWQ '20 here. The anons from the last thread are right, and I wasn'nt fully vetted in Swq, I'm running through tonk quest now. You guys were right, too many references. So now the role of "dad/ big bro" is a swordsmith who's family 'may' Have ties to longstreet (pre-'89), some faceless former military mook for MC, with QT/Trap Gnome!Sunny (Yay?/Nay?) You guys (and /WTG/) seem to go for that sort of thing, so eh? I'd go on the irc, but i wouldn't know how into mobile with that.

>> No.37983837

>QT/Trap Gnome!Sunny
Ruined it before you even began.

>> No.37983858


>> No.37983862

I'd say go on the IRC before anything else.

>QT/Trap Gnome!Sunny
Not sure what you mean but Nay

>> No.37983877

No traps.


But aside from that, seems good, but you should REALLY talk to Ghost about the whole idea and get it confirmed, last I heard he wanted to take things forward himself

>> No.37983896

[x] Guess I'd better introduce myself then, huh?

“Well, guess we'd better get introduced then, huh?” You ask, turning back toward the table and trying to smile. It comes out half-formed, the enormity of the task set before you clear. Not even five days ago, these two were trying their dead level best to kill you.

They succeeded too. Though they apologized for it, so you suppose you can forgive it a bit.

You sit down next to Merlin, the two of them still watching you intently. It's kind of unnerving- they're dressed in what look to be hastily-bought civilian clothes, a pair of light sundresses. You suspect the dresses were bought pretty quickly somewhere and they don't actually have many clothes, which is a concern for later.

“Hi.” You try, a simple, friendly greeting. They both look at you some more, then at Merlin, who nods encouragingly.

“H-hello.” the one on the right, the one with the reddish-brown hair says. The other one, with the silver hair, doesn't say anything. “Are Mr. Bishop? “

You nod. “Frank Bishop, that's me. Are you Stasya?”

She nods, and you look over at the other, who refuses to meet your gaze- she looks away. “So that'd make you Lilya?”

She nods, almost imperceptibly.

The two of them don't seem to talk much, though you can't say you're surprised. Still, you have to try to break the ice here- god knows if they're going back to Poland with you, you'll need to be able to talk to them, at least conversationally.

“So you're both pilots?” You say- a bad opening, you wince internally as soon as you say it, but it's too late. They both nod. “How do you like it? Flying, I mean.”

They're quiet for a second, and you're afraid you're not going to get anything out of them- then the redhead- Stasya- speaks up. “It is enjoyable sometimes.” She says, quietly. “Other times, I wish we were not having to.”

[] Yeah, I understand that.
[] At least the good makes up for the bad, right?

>> No.37983903

Why should I care about these trope people. What sort of story do you want to tell. Is it a story that covers the same core themes as the other sw quests?

>> No.37983904

I highly doubt your quest idea would be considered canon in the Strikers Universe, dude.

>> No.37983906

Heads up Ghost, thread is on page 9

>> No.37983918

>[] At least the good makes up for the bad, right?

>> No.37983920


Ok, new thread next post, thanks for the warning.

>> No.37983924

>[] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983927

>[] Yeah, I understand that.
>[] At least the good makes up for the bad, right?

>> No.37983930

>[] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983934

>[x] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983938

>[x] Yeah, I understand that.
Fucking Tananna
Trap= Boy trying to be a girl, it's horrifying.

>> No.37983939

>[] At least the good makes up for the bad, right?

>> No.37983954

[x] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983956

>[x] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983965

>[] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983966

Frankly speaking? Sounds like shit.

>> No.37983971

Going for a long session today? Or just finishing up in a new thread?

>> No.37983992

>[X] Yeah, I understand that.

>> No.37983993


>[] At least the good makes up for the bad, right?

>> No.37983994

Yea, Page 9 already.

>> No.37984000

I know that much, but it still meant nothing at all to me in terms of explaining what he means by it.

>> No.37984018

Thank you captain obvious, read the fucking reply chain you fuckwit.

>> No.37984019

>[] Yeah, I understand that.

"[] At least the good makes up for the bad, right?"
Please do not say this. Soviet conditioning thoroughly outweighs the good.

>> No.37984037


How can you be this retarded? That anon already said that and was asking Ghost about the next thread.

>> No.37984060


Dunno yet! even with a Thursday thread in the works, and a break of who knows how long on the horizon, I kinda wanted to do this one proper, ya know? so probably a longer thread.

>> No.37984067

Why so butt hurt anons? Get worried when it's page 10.

>> No.37984085

Sweet. Don't forget to archive this thread.

>> No.37984099


Read the reply chain you moron.

>> No.37984103

You can do it. Archiving is not hard.

>> No.37984121

Good news everyone, Fluff has eye cancer and soon will be completely blind at this rate.

>> No.37984156

One should not wished or joking about Cancer, even to someone they hate.

>> No.37984162

but then he'll just dictate his autism to post. do you really think good things ever happen?

>> No.37984183

But Fluff is a form of cancer responsible for killing quests, it should be excised the moment it appears.

>> No.37984212

The idea is to explore a non-militaristic version of fap angels version of the sw-verse. A Witch academy pulls two male talents to thier academy, bunks them with the one they already have (Totally NOT trying to replicate Young/Ian/Sean trifecta) and trying to 'figure out' male talents.

BTW, how about a literal dwarf that's a gnome?

ALSO: Damascus Foci Weave.

>> No.37984214

Yes? Also that would be hilarious, his level of blind oblivious dumb autism trying to post via dictation would be a sight to see.

>> No.37984239

This gets crapper and crapper the more I hear about it...

>> No.37984253

We're not interested in your shitty idea. Fuck off.

>> No.37984269

Go sell your non-swq quest elsewhere, Kotters.

>> No.37984298

Less chain reply reading, more distraction with other things. Man, your rage anons just feeds me and makes me stronger.

>> No.37984380

Yeah, no. The whole appeal of SWQ, SW:89 and their derivatives was the mixture of combat and sensibility.

Your Idea removes both of them, leaving very little of value. Thus, se pic for my instructions for you.

>> No.37984386


>> No.37984474

>Actually wanting fluffcancer.

>> No.37984537


>> No.37984573

It's not cancer, it is merely signs my love for you.

>> No.37984578


New thread up!

>> No.37984599

Ded thread?

>> No.37984676

All signs point to you're a faggot.

>> No.37984682


You're implying the only kind of practical combat that can occur is military based. Wow, glad to know rebels and terrorists don't exist in SWQ!

Also, you can have sensible adventure without having the military involved, in fact most of the plots seem to try to avoid military themes. Involve them? Yes, but even using the 'witch privilege' card, many things in these threads would be highly discouraged in the armed forces:
I.e: sending a one-off prototype into combat.

>> No.37984705


>> No.37984758

>Hurrr my retarded idea got shut down so now I'm going to be a faggot durr

>> No.37984897

> a point was made that doesn't resort to giving me ammo, Better resort to baiting!

Try better, anon.

>> No.37985033


Witches are national assets. The only reason they're not press-ganged into the military is good fucking luck doing that, and it's 1990.

Sensible adventure? Like what, going to the grocery store to try to feed a couple of kids? Witch supermodel trying to figure out what dress to wear?

>Rebels and terrorists
Soviets invaded Afghanistan just like IRL, Afghani witches fought. However, there's absolutely nothing saying that 9/11 and the War on Terror happened just like IRL, or if they even happened at all. Ghost wants to continue with the Strike Witches universe into the future, from what I've seen by not being a massive faggot.

>practical combat
Like what? How the Hell do you get practical combat if there's no military involvement? Cops? Good luck with /pol/ shitting it up with "hurr durr cops are ebul" and "no they're not"

There, that good enough for you?

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