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So apparently, the people editing the Monster Girl Encyclopedia wiki are working together on a project to capture the MGE world as a D&D setting. I wonder if the people involved will allow monster boys.

For those of you unfamiliar with the MGE setting:

>The world of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia is one of varied locations and storied history. Gods and monsters mingle with ordinary humans, elves, and dwarves in a land of swords, sorcery, and most of all, sex. Although the monsters are categorised extensively, much of the broader detail of the world is only hazily defined.

>For the vast majority of its history, the world wasn't sex-crazed at all; succubus ascendancy is something new. Medieval peasants, knights, wizards, and even deities struggle to adapt in a new world order where lust reigns supreme, and axe-wounds defeat far more armies than sword-wounds.

You can read more on the world here:

How interested would you be in running/playing in this world of swords, sorcery, and sexy monsters? What would MAKE you interested in it?

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I'm sure this very concept has been discussed at least once before on /tg/.

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>I wonder if the people involved will allow monster boys.
I don't think it'd be too hard to houserule some if not

>How interested would you be in running/playing in this world of swords, sorcery, and sexy monsters?
Fairly interested, though only as an online game

>What would MAKE you interested in it?
Most importantly? Having the monstergirls be more on the monster side than girl in costume side
After that, a DM that wouldn't shy away from more extreme fetishes, and a less serious campaign

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>How interested would you be in running/playing in this world of swords, sorcery, and sexy monsters?
I've always been interested in MGE. Would love to play in one.

>What would MAKE you [more] interested in it?
Less sex addiction, more common sense and rationality.

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>Having the monstergirls be more on the monster side than girl in costume side

The "bottom half full monstrous" monster girls like all the naga-types are definitely more towards the "monster" side.

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/tg/'s considered this for years. KC's art is great but his setting is pretty bad, honestly.

>How interested would you be in running/playing in this world of swords, sorcery, and sexy monsters?

I'd rather play any other monstergirl setting. MGQ isn't bad, especially post-paradox.

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My tastes run more along the lines of female monster than monstergirl

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That's why people say monster girl, rather than female monsters.

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>I wonder if the people involved will allow monster boys

Here's your reply. When we said to fuck off from /jp/ we didn't mean to go dump your magical realm on /tg/

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Were monster girl threads banned from /jp/ or just monster boys?

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Well monstergirl seems to mean the girl in monster costume most of the time, that xenomorph pic >>37946356 is about the ratio of monster and girl I like, I like it human enough to be recognizably female (or shota if monsterboy) but still inhuman

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The latter. Lately there's been a problem with someone(s) trying to push for them on us. They've gone so far as to twist KC's words from a recent Q&A to make it seem like every monstergirl is actually a tranny. Now it seems they're going to try the same LGBT/Fujoshit theme on /tg/.

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Oh, hey, I know those lips. Flea does good work.

It's still technically Sunday and you don't speak for /tg/. In fact, you're from /jp/, so as custom dictates you will now be called a weeaboo and your shamefur dispray mocked.

Probably the latter. Weebs can't handle cocks that aren't on futa.

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Yes, that's what monster girl means usually, more or less. Monster girl is cute girls with monster aesthetics. I don't see monster girls looking like the xeno girl some time soon.

I am not a gay, so I don't care for monster boys. I stopped going to monster girl threads when they moved to /jp/ because I know /jp/ is a rather insular board and I didn't want to shit on their board culture. But if the monster girl thread is good i'll lurk. Also I thought KC hated white piggus who liked his work because of some shitters. Did that change?

>a weeaboo and your shamefur dispray mocked.
Where do you think we are? You should be mocked for forgetting this is 4chan and we're all fucking weebs.

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It's best just to watch their blog-thing for updates that matter. Though you will catch the occasional drawfag OC by actively lurking the threads.

As for KC, he C&D'd MGU which is probably what you're thinking of. MGR picked it up but they've recently revealed themselves to be super jews. In general though KC likes the English Community so long as they don't send him guro of his girls.

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But not all of us hang out on /jp/. There's a gradation between liking anime and taking an interest, and being a vile, depraved otaku.

That difference is primarily semantic but it's 4chan, we need to have an arbitrary reason to look down on one another. Also, I sure do have a lot of monster boys and girls[/icon] in this folder. Want any more of them?

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Give us plenty of both

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>MGR picked it up but they've recently revealed themselves to be super jews.
How so? How do you charge for something that should be free? Or do you mean jewery in some other ways? Anyway, i'm glad he doesn't hate the english fandom, I just like guys who are as dedicated to their art as he is.

We're all fucking degenerates. No way can we shame others for being weebs in a thread about monster girls anon.

I'm all for monster girls. Not really boys. I am not a gay and this thread is meant to be about a setting for monster girls.

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I wonder if that thing actually does anything for the snake.

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I don't really think so, but it does look really cute.

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A thread got leaked that revealed the admin and moderators are actively encouraging the use of an overpriced translator. Once this was pointed out they went apeshit and kicked out the one who did. All this came to light because of KC's latest Q&A and how anything not translated by them (MGR) isn't to be taken as the truth.

But enough about that. How about instead of stupid drama shit this thread actual produce something useful like stats for races and the like?

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It helps insulate it but also makes it much harder to move.

And sure, have a weird demon thing.

...I should probably mention my taste in monster girls is weighted a little more towards monstrous.

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I think that might be 2lud4chan but should delete that image to be safe.

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Well that's a hunk of bullshit from them. The guy wants to get in touch with us. Why ruin it?

Anyway, we're not gonna get useful productive things. We're gonna get arguments on how much monster to girl is necessary, magical realm shit, and probably nicedaemonette shitting up the thread when it wakes up.

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...Awwww, fuck, lemme delete that. Stupid butterfingers.

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Can I get some translation for these acronyms? I keep thinking that Raiden and Senator Armstrong are involved in these somehow.

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Arright, take the link instead: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7wh1ypmtvqos7s/N%27yang.png?dl=0

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It's impossible to escape from the theme of corruption in MGE. The only way to avoid that fate is to be stupid shounen protagonist level oblivious. As it is, the setting doesn't work. Monster girls only give birth to monster girls and they take human males. The human race dwindles, as there aren't enough males, and the only way to change that is a plot point that will never happen, kind of like the Emperor reviving. The Monster Lord has to make monster girls able to give birth to males, but it'll never happen because then the creator's magical realm of corruption, femdom, and a high female:male ratio would be ruined.

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If there is one thing i'd want in a monster girl setting, it'd be this. Less femdom stuff. Why can't I just have a group of monster girls and human adventurers?

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Slimegirls with objects/food/people inside them are the cutest

Also, dat hip faucet, is it bad I want to taste the water flowing out of it?

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This not-porn is extremely silly. Girl, stop trying to digest that, your weak enzymes can't break through the outer shell.

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What if she's doing it for a pregnancy fetish photoshoot?

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What is the point of what she is doing?

What is she even trying to do?

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Then she should drink some opaque jello beforehand to make it seem like her belly's solid.

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MGE = Monstergirl Encyclopedia

KC = Guy who draws MGE

MGU = Monstergirls Unlimited. Forum full of Original characters based on Donut Steel.

MGR = Monstergirls Redux. Forum full of Original characters based on Donut Steel's son. Said characters are all tanukis.

As much as this is true and has been pointed out before, a lot of people forget MGE's main problem: the setting is the size of a backyard. By design it's a harem/good end universe made largely up as KC goes. This is partly why he didn't understand the Western fanbase at first. We dived deeper than the culture he's used to and it didn't make sense to him. That said he's explained this himself numerous times and highly encouraged people writing/drawing whatever they want based on his works. So long as it isn't guro, anyways.

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But femdom is the best part?
Plus there's no reason you can't have monstergirls and humans having an adventure in femdom monsterworld

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>But femdom is the best part?
Not for me. Sorry bruh.

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Running cold water over the watermelon to cool it off to eat?
Assuming she intends to share it, or something.

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Monster Girls Unlimited tried this. They got shot down hard by the author of the setting and all translation efforts got canned because he felt their interpretation of the setting was way too grimdark. Almost as if they saw something morally wrong with implied brainwashing through rape.

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Practicing how much she can hold and testing how weak her enzymes are, her BF wants to use her as a pool

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>They've gone so far as to twist KC's words from a recent Q&A to make it seem like every monstergirl is actually a tranny.

That's obviously retarded, but to be fair, /jp/ are hypersensitive as hell. It makes sense the threads would attract regular trolls, even from locals who just want them sent back to /a/. I remember last time I was there they were having fits about monstergirl pegging and rimming, stuff that's even in vanilla monstergirl stories like the Vanadis games. They're fucking babies.

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Truthfully I enjoy soft/loving and consensual femdom more, it's the other stuff along with femdom I love here

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I'm more of a sexual switch, so I prefer a balance of power or competition. I like to win, but losing is fun too.

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Here's the problem with that idea for a setting as put forth to me by a female friend: "I fucking hate that stupid setting! All the dudes instantly get mind-fucked and then actually fucked by monstergirls, and what do the female HUMANS do? Sit at home on the couch with a bowl of ice cream for another boring Saturday night? Fuck that."

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Try again:

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His setting is literally about rape, mind-control and enslavement of the human race, and the only reason the humans haven't all died yet is because evil is literally so incompetent that if their leaders didn't levitate everywhere they'd end up tripping over their own feet and beating themselves to death.

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Good end universe? There are only bad ends where you turn into a mindless fuckdemon that they refer to as an incubus. Also, what the fuck is Donut Steel?

It's not just femdom. It's outright rape. There's almost never anything about consent in those articles. You just have to hope that the monster girl that takes a liking to you is a type that you like. If it isn't? Too fucking bad.


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>A thread got leaked that revealed the admin and moderators are actively encouraging the use of an overpriced translator.

What is the benefit of this?

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Cheer up mate. You can always play a Dragon Blooded in that setting and spend Willpower to ignore UMIs. And with 3e's rules, you can't be forced to act against your defining intimacies, meaning you can walk straight up to Lilith and put a boot up her ass.

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>they were having fits about monstergirl pegging and rimming
Aren't there vore and unbirthing monstergirls in that setting?
And they're complaining about pegging and rimming?
I will laugh if an equivalent of the fulsome queen becomes canon

It's mostly about trust and giving up power for me, I enjoy the idea of one willingly giving another complete power over them and trusting them enough to make it enjoyable, mix that with MILFS/musclegirls/size difference/just plain powerful female and I love it,
though I love each on its own so switching's not bad, but it's not my favorite

Personally I'd prefer if there were monsterboys in the setting too, especially monstershotas.
Though again I love powerful women so if I was in charge of a setting like that I'd probably have most human women be the equivalent of high level adventurers and prone going out and rescuing/"rescuing" men also

>It's not just femdom. It's outright rape. There's almost never anything about consent in those articles. You just have to hope that the monster girl that takes a liking to you is a type that you like. If it isn't? Too fucking bad.
True, I sorta prefer a lighter version where the negative aspects are glossed over a bit, but a lot of my fetishes are like that

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The female humans get corrupted and transformed into monster girls.

Read the first world guide. That one is all about human girls becoming monster girls.

>> No.37946858

That's even more boring and stupid. Why are men less corruptible than women?

>> No.37946866

Men can get corrupted into incubi, which are NOT actually monster girls, but which are sex-crazed anyway.

And then there are alps:


>> No.37946880

alps are surprisingly my fetish if done just right... it's the gayest straight fetish I have. Had an erp partner who loved playing them too so I guess that's kinda why.

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....I never thought I'd say this, but I have too much dignity for this setting. Enjoy this cropped picture of a cuttlefish-girl.

>> No.37946890

You definitely do not have that dignity! buy enjoy your time on 4chan.

>> No.37946893

dignity? On 4chan? Let alone /tg/? What are you smoking and where can I get some?

>> No.37946895


You know how prophets are usually the "voice of the god(s)?" MGR's set themselves up as that for MGE. They are the only people "allowed" to talk to KC and "speak" on his behalf.


That's ND if the cuttlefishes didn't tip you off.

>> No.37946896

Ha, that'll leave soon enough

>> No.37946908

Dude, I play EXALTED, and even it has better justification for demon-elf-shota.

>> No.37946922


>> No.37946926

....I didn't say it was very good justification.

>> No.37946930

It has equally flimsy justification and trying to get superiority out of that is amusingly shitty.

>> No.37946933

But not the hordes of monstergirls who's first reaction to said shota is rape

>> No.37946942


Alps are female-bodied though.

>> No.37946947

....Actually... Well... Do Neomah count?

At least I have kinks other than fem-dom, neko-ears and tentacles! Those are just some of the nicer ones.

>> No.37946957

>At least I have kinks other than fem-dom, neko-ears and tentacles
And? So do I, but this doesn't give me a sense of superiority.

>> No.37946961

Awwwww! Lame. I'm going to go form my own rape planet. With blackjack. And hookers.

But all bitching and mockery aside, at least it's not Felarya. Dear god that fucking setting.

>> No.37946968

>Do Neomah count?
That is one type, now how about the dozens of others?

>At least I have kinks other than fem-dom, neko-ears and tentacles!
Same here, the best monstergirls are the ones that mix other stuff into the femdom, wish it had more monstergirls that were less human though

>> No.37946973

That pun pun was literally evil.

>> No.37946975

It's only evil if he gets appaws.

>> No.37946976

You can have more than just Neomah

>But all bitching and mockery aside, at least it's not Felarya. Dear god that fucking setting.
Shit I love giantess, monstergirls, and vore but Felarya makes me irrationally angry, it's absolute shit

>> No.37946988

At least the centipede, spider and Wyrm girls are pretty nice. Also, don't forget that there are Beastmen in Creation. This includes things like shark-people who are full-on sharks with arms and legs, to huge-hipped amazons with tigerstripes and massive teeth.

And those are the common ones, let's not even get into the strange types.

>> No.37946989

At least we can all agree Felarya is shit

>> No.37947003

I know, right? When fucking TIME AND SPACE turn into mouths just to eat you (specifically, as the monsters don't prey on one another), that's when you just fucking ditch your setting through the staff entrance and fire your agent.

>> No.37947051

>Rust monstergirl
>Immediately think of her trying to seduce something like a warforgedboy/intelligent itemboy/golemboy
>He's acting like a succubus is openly hitting on him, a very very hot succubus
>Full on NotSureIfWant.jpg
>Skip to her fucking his brains out
>Possible after scene implying she ate him
>Or just his "weapon"

>> No.37947087

I doubt the artist would enjoy such an idea, and I will admit, neither do I. That would be murder, which I always keep well away from sex.

>> No.37947143

never heard of this.

>> No.37947148

True, that's one thing exalted has going for it, there's a lot more exotic fuckable monstergirls,
I'd love a mix of the two settings, exalted but pretty much everything nonhuman (and quite a few enlightened/exalted) are female and wants to turn your PC into their fucktoy

Yep, even a vorefag like me can tell, Felarya a shit

>I doubt the artist would enjoy such an idea, and I will admit, neither do I.
Oh I don't doubt, that was just the immediate scenario that came to mind

>That would be murder, which I always keep well away from sex.
A lot of my fantasies/fetishes can be summed up with the word "dangerboner"

>> No.37947163

Basically, it's a setting where humans have an advanced civilization whose entire existence is basically to justify the endless numbers of humans who are eaten by the monsters (who are all female) who live EVERYWHERE on this fucking planet. EVERYWHERE. There are monsters that live in grassy fields, pull you down below the ground and eat you as soon as you step near. There are giants that reach down and eat whole towns. There are aquatic mermaids the size of ships who slaughter navies. THERE ARE LIVING SPACE-TIME RIFTS THAT OPEN UP AND SWALLOW PEOPLE OUT OF NOWHERE. And it's all because humans are inferior and deserve to die in painful and agonizing pointless and unavoidable deaths, according to the setting's themes.

>> No.37947173

Peril is fine and fun, but actual murder is where I draw the line, very firmly in carpenter's pencil.

>> No.37947201

...wow... okay.

>> No.37947274

I understand completely, stuff doesn't bother me in fantasies but a lot of the stuff I fap to disgust me if I think of it in the context of it actually happening

>> No.37947291

Ne bespokoites tovarische. I'm just too focused on context.

>> No.37947361

Sounds like it's darker than worse then 40K.

>> No.37947371

Yep. It's worse in that there is literally no way humanity could possibly survive except because Author Fiat.

>> No.37947387

Donut Steel refers to people making recolours or otherwise slightly altered versions of existing characters, and calling them original character. It comes from the phrase "original character, do not steal".

>> No.37947401

I hate it when the only justification is Author Fiat. There should at least be a token explanation. Such as saying that it's a simulation or that one in ten humans are a hero on par with fucking Heracles.

>> No.37947410

I guess it's ok if you are into that kind of thing.
You probably need a gigantic vore fetish coupled with a hefty heap of misantrophy.

What i find quite remarkable though is what i found in the copyright section of this settings wiki when i ran the name trough google just now. Pretty much comes down to "OC donut steal" while at the same time trying to encourage writers and artists to produce content from this universe. Jesus christ make up your mind. I guess opinions may differ ehre but if you create a canon for people to write storys around the only thing that makes sense is to treat it as public domain.

>> No.37947416

If she omly ate his "weapon" he'd be fine. Could probably get a new one forged.

>> No.37947450

I know right? And in Felarya all the humans would need to be Noldor with the reproductive rate of Kobolds.

>> No.37947455

>Sucked his cock like a lollipop until there was nothing left

>> No.37947466

Castration is not my fetish.

>> No.37947476

I thought it was emasculation when they take the cock.

>> No.37947478

Gonna admit that my knowledge of this setting is scattered, but it was my understanding that this
>one in ten humans are a hero on par with fucking Heracles
is close to the case. High hero-to-normal ratio, at any rate.

>> No.37947510

It's icky either way.

No point in being a hero in Felarya, it just means you get targeted faster by interdimensional space-rifts.

>> No.37947564

He can order the blacksmith girl to make him a new one, a better one, and probably lose it the same rust monstergirl, she's really good cock sucking

To my knowledge at best you end up friends with one of said human eating monsters and they protect you while you lure other humans to her

>> No.37947686

>this post
Nigga you gay / 10

>> No.37947696


Being a hero is just a way to escape more monstergirls than usual, and probably end up as the meal of a badass one.

Being an hero is more-or-less doomed due to the Peter Principle. And it's worse for the female heroes.

>> No.37947715

Yep. Hence why Felarya's a stupid setting powered entirely by "because the author said so". There is no worse setting than one based thusly.

>> No.37947729


To be completely fair, homosexuality is insidious. It's best not to leave a foothold for the faggots to push their agenda. If you let them get a toe-hold, soon you'll be overrun.

The only way to preserve the community is to be trigger-happy and to strike with maximum force.

>> No.37947739

1/10 being near god like hero's isn't "High", it's absurd. And even then their civilization actually being a civilization is incredibly SOD breaking. But what can you expect from a world that's solid fetish porn?

Might as well just ignore the fact humans exist at all and make all of the species actual, functioning species rather than parasites that would logically go extinct from over consumption of resources.

>> No.37947776


There's basically nothing for a guy to do, either. No matter where you go, there's an incredibly attractive, incredibly clingy monster girl looking to rape you. I mean, what ARE you going to do in this world? Spend all your time killing monster girls? (Not that it's not possible, and I actually approve of those who want to end the contagion.)

But really, it's free sex. One of the big drives of human nature has been removed. Every man gets a waifu.

>> No.37947879

But with such variety, there must be a drive to get the waifu you want. Abundance doesn't mean low competition.

>> No.37947952

Unfortunately, you don't pick your waifu, your waifu chooses you, whether you want the waifu that chooses you is irrelevant.

>> No.37947963

There are, actually. Not good ones, but they do exist.

The first is that Felarya is sort of a nexus in the multiverse, so a shit ton of dimensional gateways inevitably end up pointing there and other universes occasionally 'brush' past it, essentially porting entire cities to Felarya for a short time before they drift away again.

The second is that their main capital has some sort of monster repelling magical doohickey that keeps the monsters away. Problem with this one is that it raises the question "so why not build more of them?"

>> No.37947973

Or alternatively you get stronger than the waifu that chooses you.

>> No.37948023

>dicks in face intensified

>> No.37948024

Daily reminder that the Order was right all along.

>> No.37948027

I hate that style of setting too, but at least it's a self-solving problem:


That tends to fix most problems in a given setting.

>> No.37948042

>The second is that their main capital has some sort of monster repelling magical doohickey that keeps the monsters away. Problem with this one is that it raises the question "so why not build more of them?"

It uses a unique component of some sort, maybe? Or requires the intense concentration of most of their powerful mages to operate?

>> No.37948100

There are other possibilities.


Or Even


>> No.37948596

No. I do not dare.

>> No.37948945

Would do a Game based on the premise of fighting attractive sex mosnters in a heartbeat but this specific setting and world doesn't seem too appealing.
Time to get homebrewing and lead some unsuspecting folks into my magical realm.

>> No.37949003

I'd be very interested in something with lots of monstergirls.

...not so much in something based off MGE.

>> No.37950889

What if it was a noblebright version of MGE where most of the sex was tender, loving, and consensual?

>> No.37950919

>Had an erp partner who loved playing them too
Why did "he" like playing alps?

>> No.37951048

This is the best thing

>> No.37951243

Yeah, I don't like femdom. I like monstergirls because I want them getting maledom'd.

>> No.37951348

>liking monstergirls that don't even look like people
>not liking monstergirls that are completely or almost completely human in appearance with their most appreciable differences lying in their behavior.
Man, you all have shit taste.

>> No.37952008

I think it's an interesting enough setting if you assume monsters can have human children if they breed with humans

If you don't, the setting simply can not work, and no amount of fetish-pandering would be able to repair my broken suspension of disbelief

>> No.37952102

Make it so that they can have human children, but those children are liable to turn into monstergirls upon adulthood.

>> No.37952144

If you like, transformation doesn't appeal to me though, I'd probably have them work more like shadowrun metahumans

>> No.37952161

Wasn't there a group of people when we were still on /a/ trying to make a VN of MGs? I've not been on the MG threads in a very long time

>> No.37952264

That would also make order crusaders have a predominately female population. Though humanity won't go extinct the human female is at such a risk.

>> No.37952463

Because she liked the idea of playing a character so uncertain in themselves and then having a dominant male who literally didn't believe that the monster he was now partnering with was telling the truth about 'his' origins, and took it upon himself to prove to her, daily, just how feminine 'he' was until 'he' fully accepted that 'he' was actually a 'she' and always had been.

>> No.37952566

Was she trans? Because that's something I love the thought of, and I'm pretty sure I am.

Elaborate on the relationship with the dominant male.

>> No.37952706

Sauce? I know I've seen that image somewhere before.

Google/Tineye/iqdb gave me nothing.

>> No.37952793

You see, this is why everyone hates alps.

>> No.37952804

>reading Daily Life with Monster Girl
>tfw Centorea has a human dad
I wonder if her kids will still be centaurs or if they'll eventually become some kind of half-centaur biped but with horse legs.

Maybe then at least they'll have cute centaur boys instead of the grotesque meat slabs they currently have.

>> No.37952844

>people talking about how they and people they know love alps
>"everyone hates alps"

The only thing I hate about them is that they're a singular kind of monstergirl. I'd rather they be a variant that any monstergirl could be. Alp succubi, alp harpies, alp lamia, etc.

>> No.37952862

Are DM tryed it on us near the end of are 3.5 campaign, we just locate city bombed the demon lord and other monster towns


>> No.37952875

The only thing I hate about them is that they're not actual traps, they're just tomboyish girls.

>> No.37952967

Ah, you're into the physical genderbending aspect. I just like a way for boys to become girls, so there's the mental aspect of being a girl who used to be a boy.

>> No.37953266

I don't really like genderbending that much, especially if it's involuntary. It just skeeves me out. Loss of identity and all that.

>> No.37953440

It's not involuntary, it's the person's inner feelings changing them in a way they didn't know they wanted, and her inner identity coming to the fore.

>> No.37953461

The idea of genderbending doesn't bother me that much so much as the hassle that it would be confirming your identity for legal means, so unless there was major mental effects included fantasy genderbending isn't a big deal for me.

Of course I'm one of those faggots who believe that you are your mind, your body is irrelevant to who you are, (though I will admit some types of bodies are better to be stuck in than others)

>> No.37953543

Superior monster encyclopedia scans when

>> No.37953610

Honestly? I'd be interested in playing on one condition - do NOT drop a Lilim on the party.

Also, expand the world a bit and give us a timescale - it's be cool to run as a pseudo-Viking or a totally-not-Anglo-Saxon-Huscarl in the wake of a monster-caused 1066.

>> No.37953627


>> No.37953655

>become monstergirl
>be same person/mind
>have no way to prove identity
>get grudgingly allowed back into human society in exchange for services

>> No.37953730

Been there, did this.
All encyclopedia downloaded in the PC, updating every week, i'm DMing a game in this type of setting. It's really neat, trust me, and the players like my magical realm, sooo...

>> No.37953775

Hey /tg/ how does this sound for a monstergirl?

Animate Armor
This construct is made when a magic suit of armor is exposed to a tremendous amount of demonic energy. Initially it remains a basic set, but it creates a glamorous aura that always attracts women to its luster. When a woman dawns the armor it is already too late for her. It slowly takes her over, turning her into a completely passive entity who will only act when commanded to do something.

Once the transformation is complete, the woman remains both apart of and inside the armor, meaning she is fully capable of having sex, but her individual limbs and head can still be removed and rendered inert until placed back together again.

>> No.37953854

>tfw the human faction is just generic not-Catholics

>tfw no glorious Basileia Rhōmaiōn

>> No.37953916

>As it is, the setting doesn't work
The setting works perfectly fine, it's your standard monsters destroy humanity land except they use sex instead of violence. Though they often combine the two.

>> No.37953959

There are plenty of order aligned countries. Come up with one on your own.
Parasite type monsters will eventually reach a critical mass where the women will then take control of the parasite.

>> No.37953997

Well, then! If that's the case, anon.

I am Skantarios.


>> No.37954135

It would still be suitable for nothing but ERP. And setting doesn't fucking matter for ERP in the first place.

>> No.37954188

>person's inner feelings changing them in a way they didn't know they wanted
See that sounds skeevy for every other monstergirl transformation, I don't know why you would assume magic induced brainwashing was okay this time.

>> No.37954214

I approve of this and the second option, and wish to subscribe you your newsletter. Monstergirls that just eat weapons or quivers full of "ammo" are all sorts of hot in dangerous ways.

>> No.37954230

Beyond what I've already said? It's private. Sorry. But I can confirm my partner wasn't trans nor biologically male.

>> No.37954332

But other monstergirl transformations don't happen for that reason, so the claim is moot.

>> No.37954407

Actually it's weird.

In the setting, high exposures to demonic energies turns one into a monster girl or into an incubus, USUALLY based on gender, but not always.

Contributing Factors Are:
-Which monster girls are creating the dark energy fallout that pervades the area
-What kind of demonic realm is it? Light or Dark?
-Internalized feelings of the person and/or object.

For example. A male who really REALLY likes another male will usually turn into an Alp.

A woman in an area with fucktons of werewolves, will probably turn into a werewolf even if she's not directly converted by one.

Even being directly turned by some monster girls isn't enough to confirm it'll be the same species. Sometimes it is (werewolf), other times there are monstergirls who go around specifically bringing out the inner monstergirl in a woman (succubus).

It's still all nonconsensual transformation and brainwashing...

>> No.37954464

The rest of the transformations aren't genderswapping. A genderswap (male to alp) only happens when it's what the male wants.

So sure, other transformations are nonconsensual and brainwashing, but that's genderswap is neither.

>> No.37954532

Actually no, doesn't matter if the male WANTS it to happen. All that matters is that the male likes another male.

If you're gay and exposed to demonic energy? You're going to become an alp. Doesn't matter if you don't want to be female.

Apparently there's no Yaoi in demonic realms.

>> No.37954601

Not when the author is straight

>> No.37954615

Being bi is hell in this universe.

>> No.37954641

It's probably fine for monster girls since they get to share with their hubbys but being a bi dude in this world is more than likely a one way ticket to Alp-town

Which is fine with me as that is my fetish.

>> No.37954775

But then you can never get laid, AS THE OTHER CUTE BOY YOU LIKED WILL TURN INTO AN ALP! Then neither of you will have a dick!

>> No.37954827

Nah, as then the alp is a girl and thus no longer a man. Means she can take the dick and get a pregnant belly and swollen breasts and become a content mother to be.

>> No.37955026

That statement makes no sense.

the point he's making is that if the OTHER guy is gay or bi TOO, then they'll become an alp TOO. Thus no hot dickings for either of them unless they both had unrequited feelings for the same straight dude.

>> No.37955107

also the gay dude, while being turned into an alp will probably brainwash them into being okay with having a vagina and even with getting pregnant (especially in the later stages of the transformation where an alp becomes a succubus^3), when they're male, PRIOR to the transformation, they might not be cool with it.

Gay doesn't necessarily mean you are cool with sex with guys no matter what body you have, it means you are a guy, and want to have sex with other guys, as a guy.

But if we continue on this line of conversation the /pol/ bastards who lurk around waiting for conversations like this will no doubt descend and derail a thread about monster girls. So perhaps we should move on?

>> No.37955108

>Apparently there's no Yaoi in demonic realms.

But there is yuri.

>> No.37955218


In the words of my GF when introduced to the setting. "This was obviously made by a dude so straight you could put him in a ballistae and shoot straight."

>> No.37955254

only (at most) bi-curious-favoring-female yuri.

Though an argument could be made that EVERYONE, including incubi, are bi, and that they just rarely get an opportunity to exercise it given that they're outnumbered 10:1 by monster waifus wanting to jump their dick, thus never getting a chance for contact with another incubi...

>> No.37955370

You could certainly make that argumen, but it has no support.

>> No.37955644

You. I like you.

>> No.37955676

Ehn, it's kinda implied that love is love as far as the current demon lord is concerned. So there's wiggle room to allow for male on male incubi love, but I do agree it's counter to almost every other theme in the setting.

>> No.37955784

If the other guy is gay, then he won't be into the alp. If he's straight or bi, then being into the alp is a hetero relationship and won't transform him.

>being turned into an alp will probably brainwash them into being okay with having a vagina
>when they're male, PRIOR to the transformation, they might not be cool with it.
Experiencing female orgasms isn't brainwashing.

>> No.37955832

I think we read these things very very differently... but alright.

>> No.37955952

>So there's wiggle room
No, there really isn't. No faggotry allowed.

>> No.37955959

Or a straight girl. How could she forget that, allegedly being one?

>> No.37956002

So one of the docs says something about "chaos gods" sealed deep beneath the ocean where Poseidon has no sway. Why aren't there any deranged cultists yet?

Ia. Ia.

>> No.37956046

Who says there aren't?

>> No.37956083 [SPOILER] 

This anon gets it.

Me, though, I much prefer masters who will actually awaken.

>> No.37956111

nah, focus is entirely on male pleasure pretty much. It's a guys idea of how girls like their sexual activity through and through.

>> No.37956149

>Gay doesn't necessarily mean you are cool with sex with guys no matter what body you have, it means you are a guy, and want to have sex with other guys, as a guy.
So it's not gay if I want to have sex with guys as a girl? What is it then?

>But if we continue on this line of conversation the /pol/ bastards who lurk around waiting for conversations like this will no doubt descend and derail a thread about monster girls. So perhaps we should move on?
But that's letting the terrorists win.

>> No.37956347


>> No.37956449

>So it's not gay if I want to have sex with guys as a girl? What is it then?

You can be a gay guy, and be just as disgusted at the idea of having sex with another guy once turned into a girl, for all the same reasons that you (making an assumption here, sorry if I'm wrong) or me would be disgusted about being turned into a girl, even if it meant we were going to end up having sex with another girl.

When you're thinking about having sex with a girl, I'm betting you're generally assuming you have a penis, because you're comfortable with your body. Why assume that a gay dude would be okay with having heterosexual sex with another dude after a gender swap?

Would you be cool with lesbian sex after being gender swapped into a girl? I know I probably wouldn't. Most of that issue would come from not wanting to be a girl, and less the sex with a girl thing, but it's still there.

>> No.37956643

>nah, focus is entirely on male pleasure pretty much. It's a guys idea of how girls like their sexual activity through and through.
This is ridiculous. There is no one idea of how anyone likes their sexual pleasure. There are just cultural norms that people claim to follow. Women can just as easily find anything a man likes hot.

>> No.37956732

Why would which body you have be such a big deal? You and your partner would still be the same people inside, so besides the new physics of the act, it would be the same sex you'd wanted with that partner before a change of sex and after.

>> No.37956911

Even though they're just cultural, these trends are strong. Female rape/femdom like we get in MGE is much more common as a male fantasy, for example, with maledom and rape by men, not in MGE, being far more common among women.

>> No.37956956

MGE has equal amounts of both male and female dom. There's actually starting to become a slight edge for maledom, on account of so many monstergirls being invitingly rapeable.

>> No.37957035

MGE does have a fair amount of both, which I do enjoy. The game was annoying because it was all straight up femdom, but the Encyclopedia at least had quite a bit of stuff about the monsters getting it as much as they got.

>> No.37957122

>Alps mainly change into one of two types. The first is one that retains a male heart while changing to become more monstrously lascivious. Their male values and thoughts remain intact, and they'll even treat the male who becomes their husband lightheartedly as a friend, no differently than before. They already acknowledge that having sex with another guy is a natural thing because they're in love. They'll likely desire to have fun hanging out and getting off with their beloved best friend day after day. Even when they invite a guy for sex, they do it lightheartedly as if inviting him to hang out. The words they used to use to invite him to hang out when they were human “What are we gonna do today?” probably have taken on a completely differently meaning, “What are we gonna do today?”, now that they've changed into a monster. Also, since they were originally male, they know all about male tastes and weak points, so they can enthrall a male with pleasure that's different from that of other monsters.

>The other type consists of those who awaken to the powerful joy of being a woman while having sex with a male. Unlike the other variety of alps who mostly have an androgynous appearance, their bodies change to become even more lewd and womanly. Their butts and breasts grow big and soft the way men like, and their facial features also change to become more feminine and beautiful. Their heart, values, and personalty, etc. also change to become womanly. Since they're overjoyed to be a “woman”, they're even more womanly than those who were women to begin with, and they may possibly grow into a more lustful and lewd succubus (inma) than those who were born a succubus to begin with. Also, since their memories and values from when they used to be male don't disappear, they have a firm understanding of what a man's preferred “ideal woman” should be like. Their “womanly” figure will turn out to be the kind of “womanly” figure that a man would prefer.

>> No.37957137

>In this way, we've broadly divided them into two types, but they don't necessarily cleanly split into one of these two types, and there are alps that vary greatly due to individual differences. Among them are also those who retain androgynous looks, while their heart alone has grown feminine, and those who have a full womanly figure while retaining a male heart. Furthermore, since an alp's body has completely become that of a woman, it's also possible for them to produce children with a man's semen.

>> No.37957157

>Would you be cool with lesbian sex after being gender swapped into a girl?

I probably would, that sounds like fun. I might even try straight sex if I got genderswapped.

>> No.37957264

How would you pick a guy to try it with?

>> No.37957403

Dick measuring contests.

>> No.37957447

The current demon lord corrupts people into magical rape monsters. That is not a good position for any argument on love.

>> No.37957482

>If the other guy is gay, then he won't be into the alp
You stupid fuck that alp used to be human. Assuming he was already in gay with his lover they both get turned into alps even if they don't want to be chicks.

>> No.37957528

The partner involved is secondary to the physics of the act.

>> No.37957536

>Assuming he was already in gay with his lover
That's not how it normally is, according to MGE >>37957122

>> No.37957550

Doppleganger OP.

>> No.37957551

>so many monstergirls being invitingly rapeable.
Such as?

>> No.37957581

That's awfully dismissive. I would have thought the partner would be a major factor, a deciding one even.

If the physics is all that matters, then there's no difference between anal with a guy or girl. Their gender is just secondary, no different from how attractive they are or whether they're someone you're romantically involved with.

>> No.37957588

Exactly what in that quote is supposed to disagree with what I just said?

>> No.37957616

Considering guys and girls have different shapes and muscles and chemical balances I'd say the physics involved are quite different.

>> No.37957688

>and axe-wounds defeat far more armies than sword-wounds.
this seems very arbitrary to me...why?

>> No.37957764

Axe wound is another word for vagina.

>> No.37957810

is this a thing people actually want?
honestly curious

>> No.37957836

We're divided on the issue.

Me, personally, I'm all for laying down some Greek Fire on that mess of a setting, but others do in fact dare enter this magical realm without a complement of siphonatores with them.

>> No.37957984

>implying the arrows will not blot out the sun
>implying the not-Mongols aren't about to wreck the monsters and the Order

>> No.37958356

I could dig a monster-people centric system/setting but I'm not really a big fan of mongirlencyc's art or fluff in particular. I'd love to see someone whip Akai's deadend sprite project into something though.

>> No.37958393


>> No.37958412

How would you fluff it? I too would like to see an alternative take on the concept.

>> No.37958415


>> No.37958548

Reminder that what the Demon Lord thinks is love is actually both Stockholm syndrome and Lima syndrome.

>> No.37958576

>A setting full of monstergirls.
>Nay, monsterWOMEN!
>And they are quite romantically and sexually interested in humans, such as your PCs.
>The only varieties of monsterwomen that exist are those that look entirely or almost entirely human.
>Yuki-Onna, Nymphs, Sirens, Selkies, Huldra and the like.
>The only real differences between a monsterwoman and a normal woman would be strange behavior and magical powers.

Could you guys dig it?

>> No.37958709

>Could you guys dig it?
No, drop
>The only varieties of monsterwomen that exist are those that look entirely or almost entirely human.
And we'll talk

>> No.37958908

Seriously what the hell is wrong with you people. You would be okay with being mind fucked into being somth8nguyen you are not just to get laid. How the he'll is any of this a turn on

>> No.37958962

There were 2 threads made about this kind of thing:

In the end, some of the roleplayers decided to use Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to play out the campaign. I've never played that system before, but I figure that heroes of the order (at least of the knight class) would be represented by Chaos Warriors and various MGs would be represented by the statlines given for beastmen, orks, undead and other creatures of human size and shape.

>> No.37959088

I tried to warn them.

>> No.37959187

what the fuck are you trying to say dude.

>> No.37959231

Then it is just as I feared. Fans of monstergirls are not gentlemen like myself looking for something exotic, but are instead woven from the cloth as bronies and furries.

>> No.37959277

This is like tolkien knockoff levels of boring bruh.

Give me monster girls, or give me freaky monsters, but don't give me shit and say it's either.

>> No.37959280

I was wondering if the lamia and harpies used to be that way and bred their males out of existence.

>> No.37959482

>look entirely or almost entirely human.
Sir, your tastes are not exotic, do not imply you are looking for something exotic when you can not call yourself a xenophile

>> No.37959586

I could dig that, as long as there was plenty of variety within that nearhuman style, and variety of powers and themes. In fact I'd prefer a setting with monster women like those and regular monsters to one with monstergirls taking up and merging both roles.

You're a dick though.

>> No.37959614

>A world in which monsters litteraly mind rape you
Yeah, shits evil. Goal of the game is to restore former demon lord

>> No.37959639

Luck I'm drunk off my ass sorry . What I'm trying to figure out is why people find this setting arousing at all. I just don't get it

>> No.37959782

In a word?

Also there's no real risk, it's just a game

>> No.37959911

I'm slightly disappointed that the hybrid of mermaid and arache isn't a crab. Or a lobster. Considering that the centaur/mermaid is a seahorse and the mimic/mermaid is a goldfish.

>> No.37959941 [SPOILER] 

>restoring the former demon lord and continuing the endless cycle of population control

No. We end this here. All of it. We throw off everyone who'd try to hold us down, monsters, kings, or even gods!

We'll do the impossible, 'cause that's what it means to be human!

>> No.37960137

Nah, that's massively overdone, kind of a copout and disgustingly hfy.
Besides, humans aren't even the only mortal race that got horribly fucked over in-setting, and mortals aren't the only group of races who's lives are now shit.

>> No.37960288

You know that's actually a good point.

The bad news is I'm out of ideas on how to reach a good ending here.

>> No.37960389

Kill em all and let whatever fills the god slot sort them out

>> No.37960462

So what happens to guys who cut off their dicks or who choose to become Enouches? Or what if they snip the part of their brain that enjoys sex?

>> No.37960492

Won't that just lead to the most ruthless being in existence taking the spot and making it even worse?

>> No.37960504

Well, the current demon lord has to die, but that would result in the reversion of all monsters back to their original state, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in all cases but would turn a lot of them into murderous beasts, psychotic undead or worse.
Thus, you would need to find some kind of replacement for the Demon Lord that removes the lewd.
You could also try separating monsters from the throne of the demon lord (thus making them not monsters at all), which should be possible given that the reverse happens all the time.

>> No.37960574

I don't think you understand everyone dies

>> No.37960576

Would it be possible to convince the succubutt demon lord to tone down the lewd by pointing out that if her monsters fuck humans out of existence they'll go extinct too with nothing to breed with?

>> No.37960647

well the artist did have crab people in his full set, I just made that 10x10 out of the ones i knew wouldn't leave holes in the table. he never did make too many variations on the crab, as a main type or as a subtype

>> No.37960649

Could go klingon promotion style.
Train up, hone your skill (And will), become a demon, ascend the ranks, kill the leader in a duel, and take their place. Or, assassinate the leader and start an all-out brawl/civil war for the throne.

>> No.37960677

She's trying to make it so that monsters can birth humans, she's failing because she's a succuslut rather than a lich or a baphomet or something.

>> No.37960714

>become a demon
>Become femdom obsessed succubutt
>Replace current femdom obsessed succugoddess
Unless your goal is to keep the monstergirls but maybe tone down the rape, I think I see a flaw in your plan

>> No.37960755

Oh, still doesn't really change my question, point out the current amounts of rape are unsustainable and she'll have to tone it down if she wants to finish that project before humanity goes extinct

>> No.37960757

That's.. pretty much my plan. Either tone the rape down, or revert them all back to monsters. I don't know. I have a feeling that taking over is the best option, though.

>> No.37960883

The problem is that the throne of the demon lord doesn't respond so much to the will of it's owner so much as it responds to their nature.
She can't just tell monsters to stop, because they won't listen to her.

>> No.37960946

Wait. So, since she's really into sex, the monsters are?

>> No.37960969

That catgirl is 2cheesy4me but the other girls are cool

>> No.37961013

>Wait. So, since she's really into sex, the monsters are?
That is literally the whole cause of the issue, current succubutt demon lord loves the cock and loves being the dom, so now EVERY SINGLE MONSTER becomes a rape obsessed femdom monstergirl just like how the last demon lord loved killing things so every monster became a murderbeast

>> No.37961024

Bretty much, yeah.
I think the whole 'all turning into girls' thing was the product of some magical ritual though, but it's not the kind of thing she can just alter at will.

>> No.37961038


The description does not mention their appearance, only the picture does. What it does say is that their "hearts desire" shuts off their internal mana generation, and all the residual demonic energy they collected to turn into an incubus is drawn inwards and turns them into a monster girl. The method of this is not exactly specified, but female humans are transformed into the species matching the one they absorbed latent magical energy from. Why the succubus version is pictured may be because the incubus entry states that sucubi can produce specialized material to hasten a human male's progress to an incubus, meaning that many incubi may have a disproportionately large amount of sucubi energy by comparison to other options.

But it's all fiction, your mileage may vary.

>> No.37961099

So, she KNOWS there's a problem, but has she deduced that she is the cause? Supposedly she's trying to save humanity, but hasn't she realized that she's her own worst enemy?

>> No.37961140

Also, becoming an alp occurs after becoming an incubus, which also means they have gained several traits associated with their wife's species, but not their appearance.

>> No.37961180

What? No. She thinks that she can fix the problem if she's able to make it so that monstergirls can give birth to both monstergirls and to incubi. The fact that she's destroying the vast majority of civilization because everyone is too busy having sex to actually do stuff doesn't pass her mind.

>> No.37961213

>but has she deduced that she is the cause?

>but hasn't she realized that she's her own worst enemy?
The issue is that replacing her would likely just replace the problem also, (plus I doubt someone who's clawed their way up to demon lord would just give up all that power) and all things considered, "is fucking humanity out of existence" is probably a less bad problem than "is murdering the shit out of humanity"

If the rape could be toned down or humans could be born to monsters there is some possibility of coexistence, if monsters go back to murdering the fuck out of any humans they see (and vice-a-versa) things aren't much better

>> No.37961218

Ah, alright.

So, replacing her is the best plan?

>> No.37961233

Plenty of ways to regrow dat shit or turn em into a girl or what evs 'cause lewd magic

>> No.37961243

That's likely to replace the problem with a new one, really depends on her replacement

>> No.37961312

Either that or destroying the demon lord's throne itself.
Would result in a fairly high casualty rate as monstergirls revert into monsters but dragons, elves etc would be cool with it.

>> No.37961325

Monster magic.
A high class succubus can do anything, most strong monster can modify body structures, like the baphomet or others.
According to KC a 9 tailed fox is basically a god in pseudo human form.

>> No.37961400

>The fact that she's destroying the vast majority of civilization because everyone is too busy having sex to actually do stuff doesn't pass her mind.
Yes and no, civilization of humans? Maybe, but you are forgetting about monster that are highly intelligent too, not every monster is a retarded dumbass, and even then, they have magic and shit.

>> No.37961436

>According to KC a 9 tailed fox is basically a god in pseudo human form.
It's worth noting that Japanese gods are a fair bit weaker than what we'd recognise as divine, so that's not quite as absurd as it seems.

>> No.37961505

All that magical power won't help against an assassin sticking a blade into the base of her skull.
So, it would count as a Level 4 Great Bray-Shaman or something?

>> No.37961521

Read the page of the kitsune.
She is basically immortal and can do anything.
Of course, it takes like 900 years but still, even a fox with 3 or 4 tails could fix the human brain or regenerating a dick.
Remember that there are monsters like the ushi oni that would kill men during snu snu if it wasn't for monster magic.
I'm not defending her beating everyone, I'm simply saying that cutting your dick won't save you from rape.

>> No.37961538

Alps are described as a form of succubus:
>“Queen Slime” is a mutation of “slime”, “alice“ and “alp” are mutations of “succubus”, “hobgoblin” is a mutation of “goblin“, etc.
>When a monster of a mutated race reproduces, the children born won't be monsters of the same mutational variant, but children of the original race. For example, if a hobgoblin has children, goblins will be born. If an alp has children, succubi will be born.

>Succubus By Default
>I think one can tell this from all the monsterization cases I've introduced so far, but in cases where the monsterization was not caused by a specific monster, such as case 2's spirit energy erosion, case 3's external wounds, and case 11's food, etc., the result is by far mostly transformation into a succubus.

>This is because the current Demon Lord belongs to the succubus family. Presently, the succubi are the core of the monsters. All monsters that are linked to the Demon Lord via demonic energy possess “succubus' energy” in addition to their own race's energy.

>In the case where the demonic energy of several races is mixed together, the succubus' energy takes precedence. The demonic energy of other races is all taken in and converted into “succubus' energy”. For that reason, even though the demon realm is full of the demonic energy of a diverse variety of monsters, it's still all basically that of the succubus. When a human woman is violated by the demonic energy of the demonic realm, or eats a fruit that was raised in the demon realm, she'll naturally become a “succubus.”
So succubi are the default kind of monster for women and thus men as well, which is what makes alps a mutant/sub-race of succubus.


>> No.37961591

Basically, if the Demon Lord changes from a Succubus to an Alp, then most mosters will be more like traps? I wonder what would happen if the demon lord ends up being an incubus, would that be possible?

>> No.37961629

I stand corrected. So much for that fun.

>> No.37961735

I can totally get behind this as long as futa is barred from showing up ever

>> No.37961743


The DL has a concetion with every "monster". the "current DL" used HAX33Z SKILZ on this connection and a world changing magic to turn mons into "her version" of mons, since she is a succubus this happened.

It should be possible, to be replicated with enough power. If it was an incubus it would be r63 version of the encyclopedia, if it was a dragon, every mon would have a dragon theme etc etc.

>> No.37961788

>Additionally, if there isn't a diverse variety of monsters, and instead it's a concentration of just the same race, and the demon realm is full of just that race's demonic energy, or, the overwhelming majority of the pure demonic energy belongs to that race, in that case a human woman would transform not into a succubus, but into that race instead. In other words, if there were a demon realm where only slimes and nothing but slimes lived, being violated by the demonic energy there, or eating the food grown there would cause a woman to transform into a “slime” instead of a “succubus”.
The energy of a specific kind of monster can override the default defined by the demon lord. Essentially specific realms inhabited by chiefly one family of monsters get their own default monster form for women. It doesn't mention men, but all the logic points in that direction...

>Alp is just a moniker for those who exceptionally changed from an incubus into a “succubus”, so they are essentially succubi. For that reason, the children born will turn out to be ordinary succubi, not alps.
Another example of how "normal"/succubus alps work.

But as you say, it's fiction, and I'd modify it anyway for my own thoughts.

I think alps are specifically the kind of succubus family monster that a succubus family monster as Demon Lord causes. An alp is still succubus family, so I assume one would still lead to succubi being the default form for women and the alp version of succubi for men.

I assume the Demon Lord has to be a monster, which incubi technically aren't (but alps are).

>> No.37961791

[citation needed]

>> No.37961800

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, and Elementals. It's not all humans. At least the first four groups have their own societies that are being destroyed.

There aren't any futa in the setting. As stated before, the author couldn't get more straight.

>> No.37961878

Just use the final solution AKA Cabal Gambit AKA Russian Insurance Fraud :

Kill all the humans. Murder them, burn them, throw them to the monsters, what ever the task may be. Crush every village, every city, every where. Send the stragglers to the monsters and their ilk. Never directy engage the monsters, instead, lead them to populations And then infuse them with demonic energy, as to destroy any semblance of control and restraint.

Raise cults of human monster lovers To weaken human strong holds, encourage husbanding, specifically kill or convert human females into monsters.

If it hurts humanity in general, do it. Genocide villages, but be certain to enslave the men and ship them off to chasing monsters.

Eventually, the monsters will all die of starvation, leaving only order to remain.

And even if you fail to kill every one, this will severly weaken the demons war effort, hopefully allowing Order to win. Any sort of structure will fall as the monsters fight to the death over the remaining few humans. This may even go as far to having the Demon lord toppled, as other monsters claim her of with holding their precious food source.

Of course, monsters will continue to exist, albeit by feeding in mundane ways, such as hunting and farming. Of course, thats why you also set light to the wilderness and salt the fields. Destroy any resource useable by the monsters, and leave nothing behind. When you die, you better have ruined at least 12 ecosystems

>> No.37961934

Apply this to what ever race you come up with>>37961800

>> No.37961978


Humans are slowly being screwed. only slowly because the Order keeps the current monster status under wraps, propaganda-ing that they are the classic murder machines/soul sucking (in the bad sense) demons.

Elves have taken to exile their own at the first sign of corruption (they are resistant enough to this that they still function properly instead of going full lewd).

Dwarves where actually happy that their females changed, so yeah, fucked.

Faery are mingling with imps and getting corrupted and the "queen" thinks it is actually amusing.

Elementals eventually get corrupted and transform the terrain around them in versions of the demon realm.

>> No.37962033

This is sort of dumb, but what if you cut the solution off at the source?

What if you destroyed the mana?

>> No.37962104

The setting is pretty dark when you actually look at it, but the author bitches when you point this out, saying how you're thinking about it with the wrong head.

The spiritual energy comes from living beings. Once again you're killing yourself to spit at the monsters.

>> No.37962153

Is that a flying spaghetti monster?

>> No.37962157

Not the living mana, the demonic mana. It's been stated in-setting that living and demonic mana is different If I remember correctly. So,if you somehow destroyed a massive amount of demonic mana in an area, would all of the monstergirls there just die?

>> No.37962163

>When a human woman showered in monster mana changes into a monster, in most cases, she changes into the same kind of monster as the owner of that magical energy. Although we refer to it indiscriminately as “monster mana”, to be more precise, the energy possessed by werewolf monsters is “werewolf mana”. The energy possessed by “slime” monsters is “slime mana”. For example, a human woman who received werewolf mana in her body would transform into a werewolf.

>However, monsterisation caused by the above-written-air, generally causes human women to change into “succubi”. This is because various races are residents of the monster realm and the monster mana in the air is also a mix of many different magical energies. Currently every race of monsters is under the influence of the Demon Lord, who is a “succubus”. They are connected with the Demon Lord through magical energy and they have a portion of the Demon lord's mana inside of their body. For that reason, all monster mana also includes “succubus mana” and there is also plenty of succubus mana floating in the air. Perhaps because they're related to the current Demon Lord, succubus mana is even more powerful than other monster mana. When magical energy leaves the bodies of two different races of monsters and mixes together, the succubus mana contained in both wins. There is a law that all other magical energy is taken in and converted into succubus mana. For this reason, monsterisation caused by breathing the air of the monster realm generally results in a “succubus”.


>> No.37962171

Well, you could destroy the throne of the demon lord, which would revert every monster to their own type without any influence from others

>> No.37962198

>all this explanation for transformation
>not "there are monstergirls, who the fuck cares where they came from and why"

>> No.37962224

>However, although it is extremely rare, there is an exception in the case of monster realms that are inclined towards just one race. For example, in a monster realm inhabited by only werewolves, the magical energy in the air would predominantly contain werewolf mana and it would win over the succubus mana, therefore women monsterised by the air of this realm would end up changing into werewolves.

So in some specific realms men who would normally become alps will instead become sub-race/mutant of another monster family, a kind of monster that is to slimes, werewolves, etc as alps are to succubi.

I wonder what these alternate alps are like in terms of powers. I bet they're cute.

That is a point. I guess the author likes worldbuilding. It does make it more immersive. "This is why you get turned into a monster, this is why you need sex."

>> No.37962251

Sounds like a fair enough goal. You'd just have a person with stupid high will power to do it. Like, above Kamina or Green Lantern levels

>> No.37962270

Nah. Monster girls take in human spiritual energy and convert it into demonic energy, some of which they shed into the environment. This builds up, polluting the area until it builds to such an extent that it is converted into a demon realm.

He likes sexy worldbuilding. He doesn't think about the consequences at all.

>> No.37962280

Of course, there is the problem that the monsters' own types include zombies, dragons, and krakens.

Makes you wonder whether it's better to get stabbed to death.

Maybe if a pure-hearted slut sat on it...

>> No.37962320


Mana its more or less stated to come from their souls.

Even then, there's a fuckton of mons and ways to screw over countermeasures (some actually just teleport). There's the ziapngu(magic japan) region that's monster-friendly (mostly). Even if they somehow mage to cut every single tie, the demon realms are expanding, and the DL has an "army" (more of a horde actually) that "organizes" raids against human settlements.

The only way to somewhat stop this is to kill the current DL but male heroes, assuming they get there, could get drugged and/or convinced that the DL peace ideas are the best. Females get transformed via monster mana in Demon realms. and apparently the DL is so powerful now that just being in the Royal DR makes them go mad.

The current Chief God actually tried to solve it herself but got OWND.

So the best the Order can do is prevent the sane part of humanity to moonwalk its way into the "much better" demon side of things.

>> No.37962326

The plan is simple.

We put a Knytling on the throne.

Everything will burn.

>> No.37962335

Commander Pyrrhic called. He'd like to discuss wartime strategies with you.

>> No.37962337

>need to have sex
>not "monstergirls who have sex because it's they enjoy it"
I swear, it's like he's trying to turn me off.

>> No.37962366

Remove Sabbath.


>> No.37962428

I don't really think that's a major problem, even if the men fucking those monstergirls are eaten (and the ones with dragons likely won't be, given that dragons are only partially corrupted anyway) that's still a really minor fraction of humans as a whole.

>> No.37962443

> In order to prevent this, they cover their whole bodies in special bandages that curtail the pleasurable feelings
Harvest mummies, get bandages, slay demons. Fairly good armour easily gotten

>> No.37962464

Alright, so destroying the mana is out. What about.......blowing the throne up?

Hell, I don't know.

What about... creating robots.... that exterminate demons.... that run on stolen demonic mana? Helm of opposite alignment? Sending armies of warforged into a portal?
I think humanity is fucked. The order had better be working on nukes. Or, the better solution would be to just fly into sphess and leave the planet.

>> No.37962482

Pyrrhus was a brilliant commander, don't insult him by comparing him to that anon.

>> No.37962542

>Hating baphomets and not wanting to be their onii chan

>> No.37962635

>open demon-worship

>> No.37962743

>I wonder what these alternate alps are like in terms of powers. I bet they're cute.
I still say it would be better if demonic energy turned men into monsterboys
Given the succubutt Demon Lord's fondness for femdom they'd probably become monstershotas

>Alright, so destroying the mana is out. What about.......blowing the throne up?
Honestly I think someway to limit the throne's effects would work best, keep the monstergirls but find some way to tone down the "rape ALL the men" effects

>> No.37962763 [SPOILER] 

All of these problems can be solved via healthy application of a Kamen Rider or two

>> No.37962801

>Honestly I think someway to limit the throne's effects would work best, keep the monstergirls but find some way to tone down the "rape ALL the men" effects
I say go the complete other way and not only destroy the throne but create a device (with redundant backups) that actively suppresses external influence on monsters in the event that another demon lord throne is constructed.

>> No.37962862

They'll just tear the bandages off. In fact, it'll be easier than tearing clothes.
Explain that to me? All I know about Pyrrhus was that the Pyrrhic victory was named after him.

>> No.37962896

I just think turning them into something you could at least diplomance away rather than horrible rape beasts or horrible murder beast would be the most effective solution

>> No.37962904

What about wearing the bandages under your armor?

>> No.37962950

Hannibal Barca considered him either the greatest or second greatest military commander ever, depending on source.
He pretty much spent the better part of two decades wrecking Roman and Carthaginian armies, even the battle from which the term 'pyrrhic victory' originates had his forces attain a positive K/D ratio (6000/3500 iirc).
He also had five wives and was king of three different nations at different times duting his life.

>> No.37962984


It is the same thing a couple of guys where going at the other tread.

One said to get hazmat suits, or plague doctor outfit or jus plain "don't get hit".

I the end, the monsters are actively trying to assault the human, having numbing cloth is like covering in silk to avoid being pierced by arrows, while fighting AK- 47's

It is just cloth. is going to get ripped, on the other hand, you get what? 5-7 seconds?

"The throne" is more like a position than an object of power.

Even killing the DL wouldn't just change mons back now. She has daughters (at least ~15), stated to be able to maintain the current order, should the DL die.

In the grim and dark times of the pre-industrial revolution there's only sex...

Pyrrhic victory is a win so costly is almost a loose. "win a battle by scarifying half your army?" Pyrrhic victory. "Cutting a hand for fingertip with gangrene?" Pyrrhic victory .

>> No.37962994

They need to get both the bandages and armor off to rape you. All the bandages will do is add an extra layer of clothing to strip off.

>> No.37963011

Most monsters are naturally either a mortal race or wild animals. It's only under the effects of the last string of demon lords that they became murder beasts and under the current one they became rapists.
The throne is too fucking dangerous to remain extant.

>> No.37963018

Then we're back to square one, either killing them all, which is likely impossible, or causing a civil war of some type to waste resources.

>> No.37963098

They were always murder beasts since that's the role ordained by the gods.

>> No.37963183

5-7 seconds could easily be the deciding factor, especially if they don't realize your wearing it.

>> No.37963229

No, the demon lord was created by the gods to make them into murder beasts.
Please remember that 'ordained by the gods' doesn't mean much in this setting since the greatest god got wrecked by a succubus that was not intended to be in the running for the position of demon lord at all.

>> No.37963315

Really the only real answer is to get the gods to agree to change the system entirely.

Allow actual interbreeding between races that resulted in a child of one or the other parent's race at random.

Hell, since this is pretty much a pocket dimension, the real issue is space right? The real answer to ALL of this is to somehow access other worlds entirely or expand the existing world to greater sizes so overpopulation stop being as pressing an issue for the time being.

And get the gods to pull that stick out of their ass about the monsters being jammed into a single position.

Unfortunately same applies to the Demon Lord, she has to be brought to the idea that brainwashing everyone into "LOVE!" is not the answer either.

>> No.37963482

>>The only real differences between a monsterwoman and a normal woman would be strange behavior and magical powers
So it's DnD?

>> No.37963503

Fuck you Simon, your universe is shit and it's metaphysics illogical.

>> No.37963539 [SPOILER] 

Oh, there you are. Was wondering when you'd show up.

>> No.37963554

Will we make a new thread now we're on autosage to continue working on our own more consistent version of MGE world?

>> No.37963673

So around what "time period" is this set?

Are we Late Antiquity here, or are we High Middle Ages? Is any sort of Viking Age going on?

>> No.37963675

Your call anon. Though I'd suggest perhaps putting together a coherent proposal FIRST before you post it otherwise it'll get a bit off track like this thread did.

>> No.37963707


Man, let it go. is cloth that blocks pleasure. The only ones that actually do that part before are the ones that use drugs of mindfuckery. Most, whatever they try, must subdue the guy first. It's not like just not having a boner would stop them.


DL was a population regulator. too many humans=new DL rises, rallies mons, kills humans. human population more reasonable. Heroes are born, kill the DL. humans prosper for a few hundreds of years. [Those are not "prophecies", those are old newspapers]

The gods are not all powerful, the current Chief god is a n00b, remember this clusterfuck is because the CG was a noob, the DL convinced the most powerful hero ever to join the cause and started an infinite power loop that gave her enough energy to OWN the CG. it is not as easy as just willing things to be.

>> No.37963744

No one here was working on any version of MGE, just talking about how absurdly fucking grimdark it is. If that was the goal of this thread OP needs to open with it.

And I have no idea why anyone would bother. If you want to ERP their isn't a need to really build a setting and if you just want adventure the last word you should be using to decribe your setting is monstergirl.

>> No.37963817


Think pre-industrial revolution france and middle ages a the same time, with tech unevenly distributed.

>> No.37963827

If you feel like it sure, I'm fine with it

>> No.37963845

So we're more knights than men-at-arms?

Alrighty then. Do we have an actual map of the world?

>> No.37963905

It doesn't need to be cohesive, just a call for input on how the setting as it is could/should be changed.

>> No.37963926


High fantasy, there is no map, but zipangu is apparently an archipelago of sorts. Maybe some zones to separate the different mythologies.

>> No.37964030

Cool. So we've got the heartland for generic European myths - maybe concentrate all the Greek stuff near Byzantine anon's mess of an OC faction?

We'll need a Midgard, and all the Egyptian and Islamic stuff got lumped into one desert region.

Maybe an Albion for Arthurian and Insular Celtic stuff, just over the water from Lescatie?

>> No.37964127

There were some ideas thrown around about how the setting could be different, >>37958576 and >>37963315

Never mind what OP wanted, I'd like to see where else /tg/ could go from here.

I like my ERP with settings.

>> No.37964255


You are on the right direction there for the way it I remember, there was scant contact with zipangu and the main landmass (magic Europe/classic RPG) with Zipangu(Magic japan), albeit more than the RL countries.

But there are still ther is deciding where are the demon realms, some are opting for portals into another dimension, but it is mentioned that they are "expanding" so they should be, at least partially in realspace, especially the ones brought up by monsters (aphopis, lilim, etc)

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