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>> No.37935650

Could someone post the Arena supplement?

>> No.37935652

Question would anyone want to be a bug in EDF?

>> No.37935668

>Bringin that thing to another universe
No anon what are you thinking?

I am planning on genemodding ADAM together with xenomorph dna in order to make cheaper evas.

>> No.37935689

Daily reminder that jc flipa out over the stupidest bullshit,

>> No.37935693

I'm assuming you mean this?

>> No.37935695

Just a friendly reminder to all that there is no problem that cannot be solved or made horrifically worse through judicious use of piggies.

>> No.37935736

A giant bug? Nah.

>> No.37935741

Yes, thank you.

>> No.37935801

What would happen if you replace the One Ring with a piggy?

What would happen if you replace the Dofus with piggies before Orgrest gets them?

What other horrifying things can be caused through the liberal use of piggies?

>> No.37935820

What if /jc/ was replaced with a piggy?

>> No.37935843

Mostly, I don't want to let ADAM out of a carefully-sealed position in the universe that it's quasi-fated to destroy.

That said, on second thought, you're right; taking it into another universe and/or throwing it into the sun is probably a bad idea; there's a chance it might revive and do bad things. I've just thought of a better one, though; I can create an Age, leave ADAM inside, then burn the Descriptive Book that constitutes the only entrance to the Age. Mystcraft Ages are explicitly doomed worlds, so ADAM can disintegrate and die with the rest of the world. Worst-case scenario there is that ADAM somehow survives and is stranded in the Blind Eternities. That seems sufficient, since there are far scarier things than ADAM in such non-spaces.

>> No.37935845

Are you saying we aren't all piggies already?

>> No.37935868

I could dig being a lot of giant bugs at the same time.

>> No.37935897

There's the best use for a Mystcraft Age: disposal of dangerous material that should not exist in any universe. Well done.

>> No.37935920

You guys know multiple Adams exist, right? He's just a single terraforming machine among untold numbers of them the First Ancestral Race sent out into the universe.

>> No.37935922

I have a question here about ADAM why can't you just destroy it in universe? I mean I was thinking of maybe using time stop + a fake Briefcase and Fake Embryo to swap cases then later toss the real one in to a sphere of ultimate destruction which is the spell form of Sphere of Annihilation. Would that doom humanity for some reason? It's been quite a while since I watched NGE.

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I thought we were fluffy.

>> No.37935925

Well what if by replaceing adam with a piggy new angels appear but they are all based on rubber piggy genome?

>> No.37935927

Pigs can't be fluffy as well?

>> No.37935940

You ever owned a pig? They really can't.

>> No.37935943

More piggies.

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>> No.37935973

Well, sure, but he's the only Adam that Earth has to worry about at the moment.

>> No.37935981

Yes, I live on a farm. Their hair is like reallllly spikey and bristly like a wire brush. Hence why we shapeshift from our puggy form.

>> No.37936013

True, but my understanding is that ADAM is the only one of its kind on Earth? Problems further out in the universe can be solved post-spark, since they will not impact the setting within your time there.

Mostly because I don't have access to that kind of thing.

My understanding is that humanity is only 'doomed' in that it's run by terrible people that want to murder everyone else to become godlike (ie: Instrumentality). Thwarting that is more than sufficient to save the world.

>> No.37936024

Pigs can be adorable
Not Fluffy, but Adorable

>> No.37936028

Do all swords in bleach transform when you bankai or can I upgrade mine a little with exotic metals and stuff?

>> No.37936043

They can be bacon too. Delicious bacon.

>> No.37936065

Zanpakuto aren't physical objects, really, so you can't upgrade them normally. They're part of your soul, after all. They might merge with and be empowered by other abilities that let you express the power of your soul (Stands and Semblances, among others), but not by mere physical craftsmanship.

>> No.37936070

>dat pic
Behold: the supremacy of fluffy. Dem titties do

>> No.37936081

The topic came up a thread or two ago, so I went over everything I could think of that could hypothetically be useful post-spark:

Mind resistance/sanity & empathy/social (planeswalkers usually go crazy). "If It Bleeds" or similar. Skill memory & growth/potential (Softcap). Perfect regen (THP Hourai). Secret endings/endjump perks (Tenchi, THP). Companion power sharing perks on the spark itself. Things that work anywhere, with (sharable TES magic) or without (3.5 Invoke Magic) JC-fiat, along with reverse engineering for those.

MTG-threats immunity (against Phyrexian Oil?). Multiverse navigation for newbies. Plane creation (Mystcraft), and infinite powers/taps (2nd Magic, Savage Salvages, Raildex Majin), because olderwalkers had limits there in particular. Power & XP copying/theft (FFTA Blue Mage/Thief), with 'retraining' (3.5 Psychic Reformation) as workarounds for no CP post-jumpchain.

Anything to add? I'm not particularly familiar with MTG lore, and some of these are powergaming long-shots at best.

>> No.37936087

A shinigami's sword is made of his soul, so you'd need to know how to work with souls rather then metal. But yeah, you can modify them.

>> No.37936131

>Plane creation (Mystcraft), and infinite powers/taps (2nd Magic, Savage Salvages, Raildex Majin)
What is 2nd magic?

>> No.37936160

>Mind resistance/sanity & empathy/social (planeswalkers usually go crazy)

I may be remembering my MTG lore wrong here, but arent most planeswalkers just mortals who unlocked their own 'spark' of godhood without all the pre-requisite character-building thats supposed to go along with it? Having godhood thrust upon you all at once is bound to make anyone go crazy, either in the 'mad with power' or just plain 'mad' sense. Most jumpers who have been working towards the spark for millenia should, in theory, have already lived long enough to shrug off the crazy for the most part just by virtue of being slowly guided to godhood instead of immediately submerged in it.

>> No.37936165

What is this softcap to let me get more power?

>> No.37936173


Powerful, Adorable, Has a wide variety of uses, and doesn't cause you to look like you just went through HP Lovecraft's blender.

Try Fluffy™ today!

>> No.37936180

You could gain power but it would take a long ass time.

>> No.37936190

Well its certainly much more comforting than the thought that jumpchan is farming all of us for extra powers she cant obtain in person.

>> No.37936191

There are two softcap perks in the chain that come to mind

The first is actually called Softcap, and its from Elona. It basically lets you keep training skills, but with diminishing returns.

The second is Folded One Thousand Times from the Obsidian Trilogy jump, and it basically says that your skills stop having upper limits.

The two combined are a way to perpetually keep improving yourself, though with diminishing returns.

>> No.37936192

Elona and Obsidian jumps have perks that remove your caps on growth. Pushups will always increase your strength, even if it takes a billion for the slightest increase.

>> No.37936194

That's a Type/Moon thing, IIRC.

A perk from Elona; it replaces the hard-caps on your power level with a "softcap", such that you can continue to push past those limits by training more. Each incremental increase requires vastly more training time, so there may be practical limits... but with enough time, you can still get far stronger like this than with other methods.

>> No.37936197

It's technically in the Type jump's setting, though you'd have trouble getting at it. It's essentially planeswalking-in-a-can by itself, but it also serves as an infinite tap of magic when used properly (though users can only work with finite amounts of it).

Elona. It essentially 'uncaps' skill and power growth plateaus, though raising either beyond a certain point results in diminishing returns (a million pushups for +1 in str, for instance). Sports jump has an arguably more powerful version (Ability of the Gods, I think).

>> No.37936216

Softcap is a high cost perk from Elona that allows you to constantly improve, with no theoretical upper limit to your power.

However, softcap enforces a diminishing returns rule. The farther past the cap you go the more you have to work to get the smallest sliver of extra power.

>> No.37936221

You know, for as anti-lewd as /jc/ is there's always a surprising amount of quality eye-candy in these threads.

>>37935923 is the best rack I've seen on here in a while, though

>> No.37936237

I grabbed both
Not sure if they stack or not

>> No.37936241

The most vital perk of all: Sense of Adventure from slayers. It gives you the motivation to get up every morning and see what's out there.

>> No.37936256


Zim has a perk that allows you to never be bored.

>> No.37936274

Come to think of it, doesn't the Kaleidostick work by tapping Second Magic? Depending on your opinion of Magical Girl thematics, it might be worthwhile to keep that particular drawback and play along with the stick's various humiliations.

>> No.37936284

Optimism from SoL is another good one for that.

>> No.37936288


I'd also chip in with master autist from infinicon. Lets you go into a sort of hyper-focused trance at will that lets you power through absolutely anything you're doing without ever getting bored. Perfect for reading an entire library worth of shit in one night or doing pushups for a year straight.

>> No.37936295

Boundless enthusiam from zim.

200 cp to never be bored again

>> No.37936336

My strategy's been to take it and subject it to those reverse-engineering blueprints from the stage-magic jump. And then bribe it off with not tormenting me too much in exchange for taking it as a companion and getting it a body that's not a magic stick in the next jump over.

>> No.37936351


Y'know the Mystery Machine item in Scooby-Doo?

I found my van.

>> No.37936358

I always like monster origins. Yes please.

>> No.37936371

I hope you can x-ray that windshield.

>> No.37936381

Make it a soulless body with pagan god magic.

>> No.37936419


Well of course the curtain can be pulled back to allow vision.

Although it does make checking blind spots kinda tricky.

>> No.37936433

If you get a little meta with Unbreakable Faith from Dresden Files, you can have faith in The Better Nature of Mankind, or That Adventure Will Always be out There.

>> No.37936437

I didn't notice it was a curtain at first.

>> No.37936452

It's a van from the Hippy Generation.

Expect curtains, bongs, hookahs, and probably numerous stashes of shrooms.

>> No.37936469

Oh, nice one. Faith in the Better Nature of Mankind (though I'd probably change it to "Sapient Life", instead, to avoid winding up a racist in some settings) would really help keep me going. Neat trick, man.

>> No.37936479

That sounds better then my unbreakable faith (Myself).

>> No.37936484

Can I give myself more godpower by having faith in my unlimited godhood?

>> No.37936500

Stop it odin we let you get away with that shit once.

>> No.37936615

Let me show you the upper bounds of my ingenuity (or utter bullshit fanwanking, if you rather call it that.)

In SAO, there's a 300 CP perk called "Like a Bicycle" that reads "Your skills never deteriorate. Ever. Not for any reason, but especially not disuse." Though it mentions disuse, it also mentions "Not for any reason", which means though it covers disuse it also covers any other circumstance in which your abilities might become worse off with time. So if our skills could never become progressively worse, that would mean that if you do have a soft cap perk in Elona or the Obsidian Tower Trilogy, the deterioration rate for power increases in the upper bounds would be removed too.

Softcap? Fuck that, I'll take my no cap.

>> No.37936662

Does that mean I can buff myself with magic and it instantly becomes permanent?

>> No.37936679

Slowed growth isn't entropy, Moe. Thaaaaat's a pretty hard wank, might want to make sure you haven't pulled anything important.

>> No.37936696

I don't think he needs to worry about pulling anything. He's wanked harder than this.

>> No.37936698

That sounds bit like too much into fanwank territory for me, but whatever floats your stoat

>> No.37936706

It mentions skills, and not special abilities though. I dunno. Fanwank it.

>> No.37936711

But it's not making your abilities deteriorate, it's making your growth rate slow. Different things. Still, Like Riding a Bike is still useful for making sure that your gains never decrease. You can grind out a skill when you get the chance and not have to do concentrated effort.

>> No.37936713

That. That is an interesting loop hole.

>> No.37936716

Love those dancing stoats

>> No.37936752

It is kind of adorable how evolution somehow led them to develop the hunting strategy of "breakdance until my prey gets too confused to fight back".

>> No.37936796

Are there any good perks that can get you a theme song/musical cue/sting that plays without fancy equipment or magics?

>> No.37936816

Become the Music meister?

>> No.37936818

Yeah, tons of jumps have those. Just look around.

>> No.37936823

Lego and Megaman give you an entire soundtrack.

>> No.37936840

DMC has a free soundtrack perk, as does Bayonetta.

>> No.37936848

Which PDF do I read to know what the jump chain thing is

>> No.37936852

Jojo stands?

>> No.37936854

A couple of them
Pacific Rim has one.
I prefer to set things up beforehand with magic/tech, of songs I feel fit the moment or that I wrote

Then again I also sing mid-battle, just to piss off an enemy

>> No.37936863

The one in the OP.

>> No.37936872

The one in the OP

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>> No.37936906


>> No.37936956

Any idwa which settings have boosting magic like that? I know final fantasy. This would basically allow you to boost your strength forever using redmage or bard buff spells. Screw slow softcap just keep casting when your timer wears off cast again.

>> No.37936965

Which one?
There are two Jinx who come to mind.
Pinky/Baldy(in comics). Potentially waifuable, and her powers are based around bad luck
Or Blue, who is fucking insane

>> No.37936974

This is likely the last version of the Big O Jump. Changelog is at the bottom.

>> No.37936992

Elderscolls. Get some Ash Yams, Bloat, and Netch Leather.

>> No.37937019

And you wonder why people give you so much shit.

No, really. You've questioned why people give you shit, and it's flagrant idiotic fanwanks like this. And then you later claim people are bullying you.

Man. I like your jumps. But jesus. h. christ.

>> No.37937065

Didn't change from the last .4 version? Oh well, it's a good jump, good job.

>> No.37937092

I get what you mean but the deteriorating returns isnt covered by that man.

>> No.37937134

Thanks. I didn't change it from the last thread, and I'm just making sure that people know this is the last version

>> No.37937143

Man, don't try arguing with him. You're just gonna get him whining about fun police again, and he's gonna bitch about how nobody should have limits and you should shove off because he's having fun.

>> No.37937191

Im just saying right up to that point it was good

>> No.37937216

Except that by disagreeing with him, it's gonna trigger him.

We're like Tumblr. We have triggers.

>> No.37937231

Honestly, third party? You look like the big fat whiny bitch. Anyone else agree?

>> No.37937246

Ok whatever
rolling for negima

>> No.37937253

Say, Jumpers! How do you assure maximum comfiness when you relax?

Wool Magic while in Kitsune form and spawning some perfect cocoa for me.

>> No.37937268

Weather Scarf from pokemon mystery dungeon.


>> No.37937273


>> No.37937280

I just off my ability to feel emotion or touch so nothing can bother or disturb me while I focus.

>> No.37937282

Put it in the Options field.

>> No.37937286

9 to 5.


>> No.37937295

Elona's Happy Bed. Best bed in the multiverse, better than 9-5's couch.

>> No.37937298


>> No.37937310

Rolled 7 (1d8)

Shit wrong field
Yeah sorry

Kings bed from unholy heights, also gives me gold.

>> No.37937318

Step 1: Get a massive amount of large pillows and blankets. Like, a MASSIVE amount.
2. Assume demonic form (which is like, anywhere from 12ft to three stories tall by now)
3. Flop in the pile I have made out of blankets and pillows in a corner. Bury myself in it.
4. Revel in my awesomeness while I have a nice meal and watch some shows.

>> No.37937319


>> No.37937320


What is this phrase you speak of?

I haven't had a chance to relax since I started this sodding Chain.

>> No.37937332

So you're making a pillow fort?

>> No.37937342

Sleeping on my fourty five fluffy tails and using them as blankets while holding one or more of my Waifus

>> No.37937371

Pillow Fort is Great Tier
Blanket Fort is God Tier
Blanket-Pillow Fort is Elder God Tier

>> No.37937372

Alright I've decided on a Stand's name, and appearance. However I need to flesh out it's abilities.

>Razor's Edge

This stand looks like a stain glass mosaic humanoid that is the mirrored version of it's user. Reflecting his inner nature. In this case a Slaking, and interesting enough it shows his human side when I'm in Slaking form.

Destructive Power - A
Speed - A
Range - C
Durability - B
Precision - C
Developmental Potential - A

>Basic Ability
- Thunderstruck

>Awakened Ability
- Break

>Requiem Ability
- Thunderstruck Upgrade

Now, what I'm having hard time coming up with is the fleshed out abilities. I was thinking that Thunderstruck would be something like a weather manipulation? Maybe for Basic Limit it to just thunder?

Break is something I have no clue what it's about. Maybe Break the ground creating an Earthquake? Like the thunder is so loud is shakes the earth.

Requiem would be probably full on weather control.


>> No.37937380

You should try it, it won't hurt!

Not everything wants to kill you in every world.

>> No.37937389

>No couch blanket-pillow forts
You disappoint me I thought you were about JUSTICE!

>> No.37937391

Except they do.


>> No.37937392

Levitate in place until I can do it without devoting conscious thought to it.

Zero-G comfy is best comfy

>> No.37937434

I never went to 9-5

But yes, a Couch to hold up the Blankets is better than a Bed when it comes to Fort Time.

When I was a kid I built a fort out of the living room couch and two chairs, it lasted for like two months during summer vacation

>> No.37937449

What did you even DO?

Pic semi-related, one of the things Companions and I eat when we're on downtime drinking cocoa or soda or even just getting drunk.

I make the cheese from scratch.

>> No.37937477

That better be nacho cheese.

>> No.37937494

Self-assigned drawback. Can't gain points with it.

I am an Outsider, and everything in every damn world knows it.

>> No.37937536

DAMN RIGHT I WILL. That or a fluffy ball pit. One of the two.

Awwwww yiss.

>> No.37937573

Does teacher allow me to teach others anything?

Also how much power does kanka give because I like super sayain buff

>> No.37937591

From negima sorry

>> No.37937610

Ouch, man.

Well, depending on the Companion, and I'll pick up cheesemaking of all sorts along the Chain - this is also why I took a variety of "infinite food" perks.

My Gardevoir hates spicy foods, for instance, while my WWII platoon was strangely into Bueno Nacho for a bunch of Aussies.

Also figure out how to use my ice powers to get some ice cream going.

>> No.37937634

Teacher allows you to teach anything you know to someone else. Kanka is pretty good powerbuff. What I did was I just learned it in Jump. Because it was so expensive to buy and to buy all the other goodies.

>> No.37937640

I thought you didn't care for rules, MoeAnon. Why are you still bothering with trying to work around them?

Just say you eat Jump-chan already and be done with it.

>> No.37937650

Why didnt I think of that?

>> No.37937671

Good point. Thanks.

>> No.37937826

Because it's bullshit.

>>37936615 is talking out of his ass, Softcap and Folded One Thousand Times specifically means you have to train yourself. You can't just apply temporary buffs and immediately make perma gains. They literally say you have to work for it.

MoeAnon is just trying to be important again.

>> No.37937833

Question about Ar Tonelico can a human learn the Hymmnos of the Reyvateil?

>> No.37937851

Posting my negima setup.

16 yo female
Teacher 700
Gift of chao 300
Lab free
Tengu no Kakuremino 200
Sceptrum Virtuale 0

I plan on increasing the size of the room in my cloak to be large house size. At least.

Then Im going to infuse vibranium thread into it and find a place to get rune magic.

>> No.37937880

If you buy the song magic perks and the dive port.

>> No.37937881

>ball pit

Dangit that one meme ruined those for me.

>> No.37937920

I mean inverse but that works too.

>> No.37937939

What exactly is the difference between the two versions of RWBY?

>> No.37937945

Going over it he has a point, not on the part about it never getting harder to gain, but about the debuff part. As worded I would make temp buffs perma gains. Especially because buffs wearing off is arguably getting worse with time.

But whatever its single player fuck off and fanwank your setup.

>> No.37937961

Personally, I do pic related.

Because I can.

>> No.37937962

One version has a companion that gets his/her own small pool of CP every jump, one doesn't.

>> No.37937963

A single perk that caused many Balance related arguments
Don't ask more, please

>> No.37937967

Anon, please don't respond to him. That guy is spending this thread shitposting and bitching about Moe. Just ignore him, for everyone's sake. Maybe use the drop down menu or something.

>> No.37937971

Is there an MLP jump?

>> No.37937985

No and there will never be one.

>> No.37937986


Thank you. Also, I will not.

>> No.37937991

>Ball Pitt
The real thing is so terrible due to People being assholes
But lord if I could have one I made/controlled/kept clean it would be glorious

>> No.37937994

Sorry I use phone and dont have the menu. Just gonna ignore him then.

>> No.37937999

Jesus christ. Shitposters are out in force tonight.

It's against the rules.

>> No.37938022

In the justice mansion?

>> No.37938061

My uncle had one for a while, he bought out a chuckie cheese at auction so he took the balls and filled in his swimming pool with them

That shit is terrifying at the 8 foot mark.

>> No.37938088

Yeah because pointing out issues is totally trying to stir shit.

>Softcap – More practice means more results. Your skills and physical attributes (including your ability to cast spells) will never reach their apex. Not because they can't get better, but because they can always climb higher. Getting stronger may take a few million pushups, but if you got the time you can always seem to eek out a little more power. The only limit on your growth is how much time you can spend training. It should be noted that at the higher levels of power, it takes significantly more training to see even the slightest of results.
>The only limit on your growth is how much time you can spend training

>300 Like Riding a Bike : Your skills never deteriorate. Ever. Not for any reason, but especially not disuse. Further, you can easily adapt them to new circumstances: recreate your
favourite spell in a different Jump’s magic system, translate your sword style to hand to hand, etc.

That doesn't translate to "make any temporary buff permanent" to me, anon. It's a really huge stretch of logic to assume that skills automatically mean any increase to strength or intellect or speed via magic.

>> No.37938092

Not around here, anon.

Here, have a snack instead, before ya go on yer merry way.

>> No.37938095

Drowning in pool of balls doesn't sound fun.

>> No.37938099

Cleaning/maintenance is easier when you:

A: Are incredibly rich, and easily able to afford to replace the entire thing out of petty cash if necessary.
B: Are telekinetic, and thus able to individually levitate and clean the entire pit at once.
C: Are the proud owner of some kind of fabrication technology, from Crafting Table to a bulk Replicator, which is able to recycle 'used' balls and re-produce clean ones.

All three apply in my case, so I'm good.

>> No.37938167

Suddenly I really want a fancy mansion that's like Silver (Golden?) Age Batman or something, with a giant penny and everything.

>> No.37938174

Or, you know, supercharged eternal wand of prestidigitation, which can clean things without all those extra steps

>> No.37938191

It's called 'The Warehouse'

>> No.37938199

Yes, thank Van Helsing for the Gentleman's Manse
Then later in the Justice Ship, a ship I build to "sail' the multiverse


Also, you know, Magic.
But the big issue with real ones is Wild Animals, fucking copper heads have nested in the things, and people tossing used drug needles and shit in them

>> No.37938230

Behold! My newest creation!

Unfortunately it was a complete failure. I think I might end up recycling it.


>> No.37938248

You made baby Tiamat.

>> No.37938259

>But the big issue with real ones is Wild Animals, fucking copper heads have nested in the things, and people tossing used drug needles and shit in them

This is apparently false:

>> No.37938260

>making a miniature Tiamat




>> No.37938272

Well I was shooting for a twelve winged rainbow dragon.

>> No.37938282

Snopes considers a lot of things false. Ball pits are still pits of disease and potential danger due to public access.

>> No.37938285

Yeah, good idea on recycling that. Last time I made something similar to that one of the heads controlled the left leg and the other the right. Had to put it down by the shed with 30 bullets. Not fun I'll tell you that.

>> No.37938294

She's still adorable. Keep her.

>> No.37938342

It is only six inches tall.... and the red seems to control the legs. Meh I'll give it a month maybe it can be useful.

>> No.37938422

Yes there is, it was made by Spacebattles. Its their sole contribution to this game. Go ask them for a copy.

>> No.37938469

>It is only six inches tall.... and the red seems to control the legs.
It's not the size, anon. It's the motion. You'll do just fine.

>> No.37938482

Make it tiny battle armor.

>> No.37938573

I guess I can. Honestly I was thinking of hucking it through a time portal to see what happens.

>> No.37938632


>> No.37938981

Pic related, it's you.

>> No.37938989

What's the best meta lfor weapons?

>> No.37938996

You should keep her, give her a chance. It seems she is at least part dragon and even the smallest and weakest tend to have great magics also if she is like an D&D dragon she might have a few breath weapons. It could give her some useful versatility. Even if she stayed small like that it could prove a useful surprise. Not many people are going to expect some weird house pet to start spitting acid or breathing fire on them. Though I would advise extensive training because breathing acid and fire at the wrong time could be bad and just a pain to clean up after. Also dragons tend to be extremely omnivorous and you don't want to come home and find out that it made a snack of your you flat screen plasma TV because it was hungry and you weren't around.

>> No.37939007

When did Red turn into a cowgirl?

>> No.37939035

I don't think TVs count under omnivory.

>> No.37939040


>> No.37939065

What is the best metal for making weapons?

>> No.37939067

I think that person meant the best metal for weapons.

>> No.37939078

Why do you do this to me, anon?

Orichalcum, perhaps? Or maybe Maractite - anything coated with it treats water like air.

Not that I can recall.

>> No.37939091

That's Wakfuanon.


Look into Marvel/DC/MegaManX maybe, Might want to go energy sword if you can. Grab the HF perks from metal gear rising.

>> No.37939092

He asked what the best Metal for weapons is, but he made a typo

Depends on what you want the weapon to do and what you want to do to the weapon
Some metals are good for enchanting, others are nice and heavy for a bashing weapon, others keep their edge well, and some vibrate well for things like HF-Blades from MGS:Revengance

>> No.37939105

Depends on the type of dragons. D&D Dragons as well as several other sorts like to eat crazy things like rotten flesh, gems and other strange things. Speaking of gems if yours likes eating gems might want to watch out for that too.

>> No.37939106

The rack is sizable enough for her, but she's more into /fit/ness than that pic. Also, her shtick is demons hybrids, not animals.

>> No.37939123

Could have fooled me.

>> No.37939125

Horseshoe crabs do not deserve this indignity.

>> No.37939126

This is hilarious on so many levels. So many.

Anons, you are awesome. Never forget that, you're awesome.

>> No.37939130

>best metal for making weapons?
Battle Metal, of course.

>> No.37939163

It's just doing squats!


>> No.37939168

We love you too, Red. In a strictly non-lewd way, though, cause that's your kink.

>> No.37939179

Tryin to swim. It doesn't get air.

>> No.37939188

A Naquadah/Potassium alloy.

>> No.37939189

Hellbrass, from warhammer fantasy. It's a bitch and a half to get, but it's beyond worth.

>> No.37939198

Crabs are for butter and noms, not for swimming.

>> No.37939210

Well zog.

That picture's actually more appropriate to how I felt about that pic apparently.

>> No.37939213

No crabs are for being assholes who pinch your toes or hands.

>> No.37939214

I'm always worried that stuff is daemon possessed.
It's not really a crab.

>> No.37939216

Wakfuanon is the Cowgirl. Red's the demon girl.

And now you know. And know is half the battle. The other half is brutal violence.

>> No.37939227

Strangely I would suggest Mithril or Uru. While Adamantium or Vibranium tend to be more durable. Mithril tends to have mystical properties and has the ability to harm several things other metals can not. Uru is just great for enchaining. Both can be made equally as unbreakable as other metals through magic. So I would go with one of those two. Even for ranged weapons since in a pinch they can be used as melee weapons if you need them.

>> No.37939243

Things happened in Blazblue (before I picked up the whole mermaid schtick) and I don't regret anything.

I save so much money on dairy.

>> No.37939244

But uru is a pain in the ass to find.

>> No.37939246

WIMP. If the demons try to corrupt you, just beat them up again.

>> No.37939255

Stop making me think those thoughts about Wakfu. Wakfu is for jumps, not for lewd.

>> No.37939288

Eh just drop by Asgard buddy up with some dwarfs to get a sample. Use some Alchemy to learn the molecular make up of it and use some science to be able to replicate it. Boom Infinite Uru.

>> No.37939290


>> No.37939291

>dat spoiler

Jumpchain is such a cruel, cruel torture, at times. Never change.

>> No.37939294

And yet Wakfu Jump is for Lewd
Except for me, I took the duck

>> No.37939304

I like dairy!

>> No.37939351

>And yet Wakfu Jump is for Lewd
Really? I thought it was a kids show or something.

>> No.37939382

>took the duck

If it makes you feel better, I accidentally got stuck with the bunnygirl view. Nowadays... I just kind of accept it. I'll occasionally goof off as a bunnygirl whenever I'm not being a demon, makin' my bunny ears wiggle. Fuck you Quicksilver for pointing out logic.

>> No.37939392

>Kids show

To be fair, the french have fewer reservations on what they show to kids...

>> No.37939398

France is a strange place.

Let's not get started on Brakmar.

>> No.37939405



>> No.37939415

No problem!


>> No.37939445

Ah, yes, Smug Duck.

>> No.37939463

The jump. The jump for Wakfu, the jump especially made by wakfuanon, Wakfu's jump. That jump?

It's in the drive.

>> No.37939481

Or anno 2070. Plant and grow it, but still a pain to find.

>> No.37939487


No. I see it, I've just never heard of Wakfu.

>> No.37939490

Fate tried to stick me as a bunnygirl early on with CAT, but I rejected it and bought fox instead. Bunny didn't have a good free perk.

>> No.37939498

>I'll occasionally goof off as a bunnygirl whenever I'm not being a demon
Well, now we know how Reds King Arthur jump went.
>pic related

>> No.37939518

> took the duck
Sometimes I envy you people. I could really use the points. But I just can't. Even if I'm not interested in lewds, that doesn't mean I don't like to LOOK.

Also, the idea of Smugduck appearing every time I look down is extremely distressing. That's the shit nightmares are made of. No way. Can't have it.

>> No.37939540

Huh. I am suddenly happy I didn't smugduck that jump.

>> No.37939565

Well, now I'm just interested.

>> No.37939570

Not really, the Duck is one of my bigger annoyances
Remember Red. I'm collecting Waifus

I rolled to start in Brakmar

Like I said, I shouldn't have taken it. But I needed the points, and that Duck was better than the other options in my opinion

>> No.37939621

Brakmar has Prostitutes working around, right next to a shop that sells sex-change potions
People joke that the Prostitutes aren't actually ladies

>> No.37939622

I don't actually have that image of that one hotel.

Anyone got that on hand?

>> No.37939648

>Well, now I'm just interested.

Pic and file name related.

>> No.37939661

Well that's... an interesting buisness model. Although, even if its true, I've had shittier uniforms I've had to wear to work.

>> No.37939669

There it is.

>> No.37939686

There are days where I kick myself for not taking that gig with the Foreign Legion

>> No.37939701

bastardized poutine. . .
do yourself a favor, use gravy, and cheese curds to top those fries.

>> No.37939731


>> No.37939734

Why haven't you made a chicken nugget in a biscuit dipped in mash potatoes?

>> No.37939742

THAT'S what poutine is? I never knew.

>> No.37939787

>Not knowing of the glory of poutine

My god...

Wakfu, here's what you have to do.

Sell all your belongings.

Go to Canada.

Partake in poutine.

I guarantee you, your life is not complete until you eat it.

>> No.37939807

Well sucks to be you then!

And that's on you! I just remember it's censorship and move on. It's only ten years. Plus it barely bothers me due to reasons.

I cannot confirm or deny that.

Imagine that picture with a figure like this, and you just about got the idea of how I would be.

>> No.37939834

Okay so its back up to 58 pages but I think its done.



I know there will be typos and stuff I'll need to correct but I believe everything is listed and priced now. Drawbacks are in. So is companion importing.

Formatting is a bit wonky but I'll deal with that at a later date.

Comments, questions, suggestions and builds encouraged.

>> No.37939843

Because I know exactly where that's from and honestly I seem to be the only one in the party who likes potatoes.

Except Simo, but I've never seen him eat. I don't see him do much of anything, he sorta keeps to himself.

>> No.37939863

>Imagine that picture with a figure like this, and you just about got the idea of how I would be.
Your taste is pretty fantastic, Red.

>> No.37939884

Had an offer while I was getting out of the army. Thought about it but ended up declining. Would have been an interesting experience, but I went a different way.

>> No.37939942

Do drop ins get their skills at a discount? And can drop ins take the classes too? Can we give these books to our companions to give them abilities?

>> No.37940016

> Dolls must choose two classes; a Main Class which determines their combat style, and a Sub
Class which strongly influences it. These can both be the same Class.
> Skills purchased from your chosen Classes are Discounted at half price.

What's the advantage of having only one class?

>> No.37940019

Yes, Positions and Classes get their Skills at Discount.

Yes, Drop Ins can take Classes as normal.

And yes, I should probably clear that up.

Anyone can read them and you can teach it to others. Everything can be passed on except for the Fourecks Survival Guide which states it doesn't work for anyone else.

>> No.37940047

Its under Skills

Only Dolls which have chosen the same Class as their Main and Sub Classes may acquire that Class's "Special Skill." This Skill is the unique ability of Dolls who have specialized in that Class.

>> No.37940065

Not Ravenloft, but this jump, THIS jump is where you crank your Holy up to 11 and go full Paladin.

Never go full Paladin, you say? Fuck you, full Paladin.

>> No.37940080

Ah, got it. I missed that particular bit; it could use re-stating in the place where it gives you the option.

>> No.37940087

Not even via download into brain from your brain?

>> No.37940158

Well, it's Jumpchain. You better damn well believe I'm gonna go idealistic. I don't care if it's super unlikely to get that kind of figure in our world, when you're picking up a ton of appearance perks with physique and other such things? I am going to SCULPT MYSELF.

...oh dear. I'm going to have to really work on this one.

>> No.37940159

Nope, its one of those "Jump Chan is doing it" things.

Its a bit of a gag perk so you never starve to death. You also can't really prove you can do it.

>> No.37940209

Yeah, sometimes you need to go full Sisters of Battle and Burn & Purge.

I'd be glad to help you out.

No worries. I'll make that change now.

>> No.37940256

>Sisters of Battle
My great regret is that there's no way for me to pick up one or several of these as a companion. I don't wanna jump 40k as an end jump and they weren't an option in Terra

>> No.37940285

> ...oh dear. I'm going to have to really work on this one.

I hear you. I have a strong desire to kill the Necromancer, but given that he's quite possibly the narrator, he may well be locally omniscient. That makes fighting him... difficult, to say the least.

>> No.37940298

>Well, it's Jumpchain. You better damn well believe I'm gonna go idealistic. I don't care if it's super unlikely to get that kind of figure in our world, when you're picking up a ton of appearance perks with physique and other such things? I am going to SCULPT MYSELF.
Right there with you. But like QS I suffer from a lack of male Kitsune pics. Tons of pretty lady Kitsune, which I'd use as a template for certain jumps, but no male Kits. Very frustrating.

>> No.37940384


>purge and burn

>not rescuing the innocent souls enslaved by the Necromancers

>not restoring life to the world one step at a time

>> No.37940397

No problem just thought Id ask. Not like I need food anyway with the warehouse and pagan heart shipments.

>> No.37940449

I never said I'd smite the dolls, Wak. I'm right there with you on the redemption arc. Right there with you.

>> No.37940482

This is the best I've seen.

>> No.37940498

I'd need some prerequisite jumps first, I think, and as a disciple of the Random Number God, I don't have the option to do that on-purpose. The Cure would work nicely, for instance.

That said, it seems likely that only Dolls and (some) Savants are salvageable.

>> No.37940525

That was a bad joke and you should feel bad. Also you owe me new sides.

>> No.37940576

>Ears on the side of the head
This annoys me for some reason
Also the soul patch

>> No.37940590

Is there a Highschool of the Dead jump?

>> No.37940597

If the general brokenness of the world is what's causing, or at least aiding, in the shitty situation, couldn't you use the world-healing song from Sugar Bowl?

>> No.37940624

Same its always weird fetish shit

>> No.37940627

No, are you taking it?

>> No.37940630

I agree with >>37940576. But that is one of the best male Kits I've seen. It's almost irritated me enough to buy a commissioned pic or three. Almost.

>> No.37940631

>The Cure would work nicely

>> No.37940722

Never made a jump before, so I don't think that'd be a good idea. I know of you guys have a rule about whoever wants it makes it, but if you're (or anyone else is) interested by all means.

>> No.37940750

Nope, there's also the Necromancer, who is a god-tier threat that personally orchestrates all the misery in the entire setting. Basically, this is an RPG setting, and the BBEG is actually the DM. That may well make him a capital-G God; it's open to interpretation.

So yeah, it's a problem with no easy solution; since god is a dick, giving him more souls to toy with doesn't actually fix anything.

>> No.37940769

got to start somewhere
hell, my first jump sucked and my 2nd was an outright failure

>> No.37940780

>BBEG is actually the DM
Well... that's not easy, is it.

>> No.37940799

Do it, worse case scenario is that it sucks and you give up. At least give it a try.

>> No.37940812

Well in that case I'll consider it.

Is anyone even interested? I'll probably try regardless, but I'm curious as to what y'all think.

>> No.37940816


If it helps, the Necromancer seems more interested in your misery than your actual defeat; he doesn't want to kill you, he wants to break you.

Wait, that doesn't actually help much at all.

>> No.37940835

Hrm. So only a masochist can defeat him?

>> No.37940844

well, most of the (admittedly very few) games I've seen reference to imply that there are multiple necromancers on earth

>> No.37940872

Ive got loads of mentsl perks, its gonna be hard on him.

Also zim powers might make me enjoy it.

>> No.37940897

I'd have trouble doing it as anything but a forbidden lewd jump, but I'm not very creative.

>> No.37940914

That may or may not help.

Certainly, it'll be a lot easier to defeat a Necromancer than it would be to defeat THE Necromancer, but if there are lots of them, then it's unlikely that you'll be able to get them all while you're here.

>> No.37940924

Youre right, why not.

Anyone have any suggestions for perks/drawbacks?

>> No.37940942

unless you have the means of nomming it's powers

>> No.37940945

Have you done FMA and geneforge? Making new bodies and attaching souls to them should be pretty simple with those two and some practice.

>> No.37940967

That's why I'll have Elodie lead my Companions in going around and picking them off one by one or luring them into traps to either eliminate or neutralize (as in, get them to stop necromancing) them in groups.

Meanwhile, the new living bodies I plan to give the Dolls ought to be strong enough that they can fight back.

>> No.37940977

See, that's the thing. I'd like to make it more focused on the action with the lewd on the side. Not entirely sure how I would go about it.

>> No.37940986

No and no.

Also, using alchemy for direct soul-manipulation sounds like a terrible idea.

>> No.37941007

Apparently it works if you use existing souls?

>> No.37941012

Sims 3 death flowers: will ones grown in-universe work as well as the ones from the perk, or not? They're really hard to grow, but I see a few /jc/-breaking exploits there.

>> No.37941034

Zombie Activists = drawback.
Bridges = drawback?
Supersonic tips = ...perk? Lol

>> No.37941067

Well, it's gonna be a low powered jump. A perk that lets you forcibly consider something non human to make them easier to kill? A tree of perks that involve you being a zombie and controlling the horde? Like I said, I'm not very creative.

>> No.37941075

It happened in series, though the guy in question was playing the part of the necromancer. The souls kept rejecting the bodies, so they didn't live very long, but as long as the soul hasn't crossed over yet there aren't any problems other than that, and geneforge should let you make replacement bodies that actually work.

>> No.37941131

Noted. At this point, anything is helpful really.

>> No.37941203

Time to reread this piece of shit manga and see if I can come up with anything else. Good luck to you.

>> No.37941264

I take it its not good? And thanks.

>> No.37941272

Or pagan god, your creations specifically have no souls as that.

>> No.37941562

Does anybody have the latest Type-Moon jump? Preferably in pastebin form, but a pdf would still help out a lot.

>> No.37941612

PDF is in the WIP folder of the drive.

>> No.37941617

The latest is in the drive, under WIP. The author left a while ago and never came back.

>> No.37941708

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I had the newest one before i started working on it.

>> No.37941908

The ability to make lethal weapons out of junk, (like the nailgun with a stock) the ability to turn random things into lethal weapons (like the hose and the random things they find), an anti-aggro field (at one point they walk through a horde on a fence and don't alert the zombies somehow) . Fighting fine in improbable clothing (doesn't need an introduction, just look at the manga for how ridiculous it is).

Maybe an ability to find servicible/useful equiptment in tight situations (like the magical EMP proof amphibious ATV they find).

For gear, a locker or closet full of high-grade weapons in a secure location that follows you jump to jump and fills with setting-appropriate weapons every time. (like how they somehow know this one lady has a veritable armory in her bedroom, in Japan of all places)

Basically, just take the extremely exaggerated or unbelievable aspects of the manga and turn them into perks. Include an anti-lewd aura for giggles.

>> No.37942047

Have any of you guys ever actually taken the Disney Princess jump? If so, how did you do it?

I personally played the Princess, just so I could derail the plot as much as I could.

>> No.37942111

I took it, went Drop-In and cast some Companions in the other roles.

Then I just kinda played "eccentric mentor" to any young heroes and enchanted their weapons and such.

Also, thanks for reminding me to teach folks in the Seaside Kingdom how to JoJo pose.

>> No.37942131

Those all seem viable. Thanks. I do prefer the perks that follow you jump to jump myself. I like the idea of an anti-aggro field. Trying to include perks that haven't been done in other jumps. Something unique. That fits quite well (as far as I know).

>> No.37942169

Hell yeah, that jump was part of my trainup for Ar Tonelico.

>> No.37942177

No role is better than support so you could help the heroes/heroines win the day.

>> No.37942214

I'll repost my build.

-Background: Princess (Free) -Wonderland. Really? I can hear people laughing already.
-Sing a little Song (Free) -IT'S MUSIC TIME BABY.
-Minion Song (900CP) -Come my miiinions, riiise for your maaaster!
-Sidekick Song (800CP) -If I can learn to do it, YOU can learn to do it!
-"I Am" Song (Free) -Very useful for establishing my sense of self.
-"I Want" Song (700CP) -This will be VERY useful for establishing direction.
-Villain Song (600CP) -Hey, who knows if I need to bullshit things?
-Duet Song (400CP) -For when you just need others around you to feel the same.
-I'll Make a Man Out of You! (200CP) -Train people while singing! I'm having too much fun with this.
-Très Belle (0CP) (Discount) -Keep upgrading the beauty package.
-Formal Wear (Free) -ALL THE OUTFITS. Bring it on.
-The Lion King (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Wonderland, 19 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I basically just went for beauty, ALL THE SONGS EVER, and way more dresses than any sane demon should ever have. Seriously. I stocked up so much.

I just wanted to have any excuse ever to sing. Any excuse at all. And with this I could go to Commorragh and turn the whole slum area into a West Side Story gig. Slaanesh is going to freak when they see Dark Eldar in jackets and weird haircuts, singing about their daily lives and how they're prepping for the next brawl.

>> No.37942241

Is this any better?

>> No.37942271

Umm who is playing the roles of your disney setting Red? Like princess, hero, support, ect.Why aren't you a heroine?

>> No.37942276

Yeah it is. Thanks KOTOR.

>> No.37942314

I went villain, bought 1000cp worth of extra characters including Queen Emmaline, King Triton, & Poseidon. I then stole/borrowed their tridents and using Crucible Of Eight Trigrams removed all the magical properties from them and shoved them into a better looking trident. Then i went to Age Of Mythology and pissed off Poseidon by up showing him with my trident's super powers.

>> No.37942417

Here's my build:

LOC: Russian Kingdom
Drop In - 22
Sing A Little Song
Sidekick Song
"I Am" Song
"I Want" Song
Villain Song
I'll make a man out of you!
Simply Profound
The Cavalry

Companion Import

Those Other Princesses

I was just coming off of the Musician jump before this and, like said, this was part of my build up for Ar Tonelico. Song magic has been something that has always captivated my imagination, so Disney was just a blast.

As a jump, I think it does a great job of capturing the setting and offers up some really great perks that are useful and iconic.

>> No.37942424


Ha! Nice one.

>> No.37942499

Poseidon's kinda a dick in AOM.

>> No.37942535

Hero, Princess is Elsa, Villain is Gaston, Sidekick is Genie
All for laughs

>> No.37942568


That sounds hilarious. Just imagining Gaston trying to kidnap Elsa is giving me chuckles. Did you hook up with Elsa or are you just going to be friends?

>> No.37942586

Anybody have the Hellsing anime jump on them? It seems like the jump for the novel of the same name overwrote it.

>> No.37942604

>Not having Gaston as all the roles

>> No.37942623

I want All the Waifus
Of course I'm going to try and waifu Elsa

>> No.37942688


Nice. I would do the same. If you're going for ALL THE WAIFUS, do you have the necessary harem perks from previous Jumps?

>> No.37942730

Sekirei, Negima, Rosario Vampire, as well as general charisma perks

>> No.37942746

>I want All the Waifus
Let it go, JA. Let it go.

>> No.37942778


But he can't hold it back anymore!
Good man! Enjoy your Snow Queen!

>> No.37942829

So I'm doing the Gundam jump and I was wondering something. Is there a good list of prototype mobile suits out there? The wiki just has everything shoved together and my google-fu is weak.

I mean I could just cop out and pick One of a Kind but I'd like to know my options first.

>> No.37942900

Not that I know of. But I'm a pretty huge Gundam nerd, if you tell me what you want out of a machine I can make suggestions, if you'd like.

>> No.37942979

That's just it, I don't know what I want. I was planning on picking something that caught my eye.

Are there any good Zaku suits? I've always liked those things.

>> No.37943125

Lots of good Zakus, but not many prototypes. Usually we don't get to see Zakus until they've hit the mass production stage. There are only one or two prototype Zakus worth anything. What about suits with a similar appearance, does it have to be a Zaku specifically?

>> No.37943224

Similar is fine, I'm not picky. The Zaku is just the first thing I think of when I think Gundam...which is kind of odd when you think about it.

I have to say I also did like the Astray Red Frame looked when I searched it. Very striking.

>> No.37943417

Are you the anon that redid the Type Servant jump?

>> No.37943467

Astray Red Frame is a good one. The Astray series were made as test beds for new technology, so they're very easy to upgrade and customize. Any of them would be a good choice, though in my opinion Blue Frame would be best. It's actually got a database of advanced blueprints already loaded into it, makes it easier to modify. You can always just paint it red and make it identical to the Red Frame.

But okay, if we're doing suits similar to the Zaku, here are some good options:

>Hi-Zack Vanargand: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RX-106E_Hi-Zack_%EF%BC%BBVanargand%EF%BC%BD
Fast, flight-capable mobile suit with powerful ranged weapons. No melee, though.

>Sazabi: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/MSN-04_Sazabi
The Zaku's big brother, pretty much the culmination of Zeon mobile suit designs. Fast, powerful, and with a psycoframe already built in.

>Mercurius: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/OZ-13MSX2_Mercurius
Has some of the most ridiculous defense of any mobile suit. Its energy shielding is capable of tanking blasts from guns strong enough to destroy entire space colonies. Kind of lacking on the offensive side, though.

>Doggorla: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/ZMT-A31A_Doggorla
Honestly kind of a joke option, but it's a giant Zaku dragon. That's awesome. Damn powerful, but you'd probably never get a chance to use it properly.

>> No.37943714

No. But if they want it instead they can have it. It's more born of the desire for a finished jump than anything else. Or rather a finished set of jumps, Tsukihime and Fate/ respectively. Though it's also partly because I've recently finished a pet project and want another one to work on when I get bored.

>> No.37943715

I really didn't find much information about the Necromancer but... This kind of seems like a world that happens when the bad guy wins with no plan. He killed the world and now it seems he plays little games creating "dolls" to make a token resistance to him to entertain himself. In other words it sounds like he is really really bored. Maybe I am just reading in to things.

>> No.37943744

What do you think are the most ridiculously OP suits are? I ask because I heard that one suit could wipe out planets with out taking too much effort.

>> No.37943750

Many thanks for the help gundam-anon, these are some good options. I'll definitely have to think about this choice.

What would you say about the Earthquake Naga Gundam? Just discovered that thing and I must say it is pretty sweet. Any other weird looking suits out there like the Naga and Doggorla?

>> No.37943779

Hopefully someone can clean it up. People talk about it frequently, but I don't know anything about the source material and the jump is just a mess. I can't tell what's going on, but I'd like to jump it.

>> No.37943780

Nah, that seems like a reasonable interpretation. With everyone dead, there's nothing for a Necromancer to do but raise the dead and make them dance for his amusement.

>> No.37943826

Part of it is that the Type-moon setting is pretty damn huge and sprawling, incorporating many things. Which is why I plan on splitting into more manageable pieces.

>> No.37943828

There may or may not be more than one necromancer that's the problem

>> No.37943854

Indeed, but the principle applies whether there's one or several.

The setting makes the most sense with just one, I think, but if there are several, and they don't really feel like fighting, but also don't care to interact socially, it also comes out more or less the same.

>> No.37943856

Yeah, if you can make multiple jumps of it that may be the better way to go.

>> No.37943878

Well, I would say to try and keep many of the original perks, to not upset people's builds too much, and to keep stupid shit like MEoDP/2nd magic out of our hands.

>> No.37943915

Honestly its enough of a mess that it wouldn't be a bad thing to just scrap it and start from the bottom up. However he rebuilds it, people are going to need to redo their builds or just grandfather them. Also, however he builds it, people are going to cry, scream and otherwise bitch. Shit's going to happen.

>> No.37943934

Not keep them wholesale, they are a mess as it is, but the ideas are good, even though the execution is shocking.

>> No.37943935

Most ridiculously OP? The Turn A and Turn X are perpetual favorites for their Moonlight Butterfly systems letting them spread all-consuming nanite swarms. 00 Qanta is also capable of dealing a lot of damage, though in a real fight it would face some issues due to not actually being made for combat. Dialing it back from planet buters, the Strike Freedom has a truly mind-boggling amount of guns installed on it as well as incredible speed, and the Victory 2 Assault Buster has pretty much every piece of powerful technology the Universal Century timeline has (with the notable exception of psycommu systems, for some reason).

Earthquake Naga is honestly kind of hard to say anything about, because it never appeared as anything more than concept art. I can't really say how well it would perform, as a result. But there are plenty of weird looking mobile suits, yeah. G Gundam has some really weird ones, such as the Nether Gundam (a Gundam that turns into a windmill) or the Nobel Gundam (Sailor Moon as a giant robot), and those are just the beginning of the weirdness. After that, AGE has some pretty strange suits, the Vagans have an unusual design aesthetic that I personally think is pretty cool, even if at one point it lead to the creation of a machine that can be best described as "if Guren Lagann was a giant space lemon". After that you have to start hunting around for them as the other series don't have them in as high concentration, but they're there in every timeline. If it's not weird looking, it's just not Gundam.

>> No.37944002

Splitting it up isn't a terrible idea but I hope that your not going to lock people out of taking part in one or the other if you do so. Since Fate/stay night takes place shortly after Tsukihime I had intended to hit both. I hope someone does make a finished jump out of it either way. I have toyed with doing it myself it's just a rather complex setting. I hope someone does it soon.

>> No.37944107

Holy shit. The turn A's mustache. Is there another way for me to gain such a glorious 'stache or will I have to be a cheese lord after all?

>> No.37944116

I don't know anything about the scenario, but the only jumps that's locked people out have been the Index jumps. Even then it seemed like it was a choice driven by the story, so it made sense.

Credit where due, though, the creator did later state that you could take both Index jumps so long as you took the second one near the end of your chain.

>> No.37944128

I know, isn't it glorious? And sadly, no, there are no other Gundams with such magnificent facial hair. You could always customize it yourself, though.

>> No.37944190

I also had trouble picking something and I know nothing at all about the setting but I'll probably go for something like Mercurius since I like the look of it and its defence abilities.

I was actually thinking of going for One of a Kind, are there any other good defensive things I could pick for it or anything good from the upgrades list?
I'll probably be taking Psyco for the better control.

>> No.37944231

Well what I mean is that they take place in a very short period of time of each other. I think I pointed this out in the last thread but You could literally resolve the Tsukihime story line take a short trip and be in fuuyuki in time to summon your servant and fight in the grail war. They take place that close to each other. Hell it might not be a stretch to summon your servant during the Tsukihime storyline to help you resolve it. Berserker likely had already been summoned by that point.

>> No.37944338

Many good defensive things, yes. Phase Shift armor is an electromagnetically reinforced system that makes you invulnerable to physical weapons so long as you're supplying it energy. There are about a half-dozen systems of various names that do the same for energy weapons. Beam shields can block all attacks, though can be penetrated with enough force. Reflector bits are little flying drones that carry beam reflector systems, let you bounce energy blasts around either as defense or for shooting from unexpected angles. Several timelines have some form of incredibly effective ECM to keep you safe from being targeted at range, the Cosmic Era and After Colony settings has genuine invisibility tech, too.

As for stuff from the list, psycoframe is indeed an excellent choice, with greatly improved control over your machine. Though do remember that it tends to act oddly during periods of intense emotion, has strange but usually beneficial results. Basically it gives you permission to deus ex machina your way out of major threats. And the ZERO System, if you can learn to not be overwhelmed by it, has such amazing fire control and early warning systems that you can dodge or parry just about any attack, so it's pretty great. Just be sure not to go insane before you master it.

>> No.37944570

I know you guys discussed this at length in the last thread, but how strong is the compulsion for angels to find and combine with Adam & Lilith in Evangelion? Also, would willpower or mental resistance perks help protect against it?

>> No.37944587

Pretty strong, but not so much they can't focus on other things. Combine that with you as a jumper knowing that combining with a Seed of Life is a bad idea, and you should be able to resist the urge. Invest in willpower anyway, though, just in case.

>> No.37944919

I'm not sure what is allowed to be picked for One of a Kind but from looking on the wiki I'd want mine to be made of Gundarium along with those shields Mercurius has.
I'm not sure what melee weapons are good but I think I'd spec into that.

I'm not a fan of the look for most gundams but I found one which I actually like, really though I'd want it to look more Gurren Lagann-ey.

>> No.37945024

Yeah, Vagan designs are pretty cool looking. You picked a good one, too, the Ghirarga is really powerful. Flight-capable, all sorts of good melee and ranged beam weapons (including homing lasers) and immune to most beam attacks due to its electromagnetic armor. It's a great choice.

Personally, I went for pic related, the Aegis. It's a transforming mobile suit with a pretty unique design. Rather than what most transforming suits do, just folding the arms and legs back and extending wings, the Aegis inverts itself to become a powerful artillery cannon/grappling claw. It's pretty nifty. Also, the transformation mechanism means it's one of the most flexible mobile suits, capable of doing all sorts of acrobatics. As such, instead of the usual hand-carried beam sabers, it has one installed in each limb so it can do kicks as well. And since it's a prototype suit, it's free. Only downside is that since it's a Cosmic Era suit, it doesn't have a reactor but a high-capacity battery. I'm going to need to modify that.

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