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But who was phone?

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New thread!

How do you start each day, jumpers?


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Waking up usually. But seriously, I'd probably just make a massive feast every morning from Toriko food.

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...'start' a day? I don't understand the question.

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To reply to last thread I'm an anon who usually tries to steer clear of the flame wars but when a jump is being written as an excuse to get absurd conceptual powers with very little risk it pisses me off. Frankly this is just me venting because it's become clear Moe Anon is too busy posing as a cool guy to listen to constructive criticism or balance suggestions,

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Damn I didnt grab any uru either. I had no chance.

Anything esle? How much can materia store? I need to alter and upgrade my sword. Plus if I get a sample I can make more, Im thinking a core of crystal with vibranium holding it and adamantium bladed edges.

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The same way I start everyday, pinky.

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Emerging from the cocoon of hungry effluence, my body sticky and smelling sickeningly sweet, I prepare a bowl of Kix and watch Wheel of Fortune for a while, wondering what happened to Drew Carey's career.

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Not wanting to wake up
Or spending breakfast with a Waifu or Eleven

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You're lying.
>Little risk
The series is full of constant threats from some goddess or pissed off youkai trying to destroy the barrier/reality/seasons every few months. It's not low risk, this shit is happening all the time. The only reason you think it is, is because you're a secondary and take all the fan doujins as canon. They're not. This is my last reply to this situation, and I hope the last reply anyone gives. Let this bullshit conversation die after this.

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With breakfast.

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>Everything will be okay!
I want to take the corgi from DC with me. Much better familiar than a snake, and much more cheerful than Nagani.

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You have to feed them more, though.

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And every single one of them is dealt with with minimal casualties most of the time. Unless you're taking drawbacks you can just sit around and stick to spellcard duels which are non lethal.

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I can dig it.

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No muscle car road trip is complete without demons!

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I can either give the hope corgi feed regularly, or I can give Nagini a random follower weekly. It masses about the same.

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As do I
I'm also a Corgi-themed Man-Witch in Soul Eater

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Just like the plot in most jumps, oh my god. Plus the ol 'I'm hiding in my warehouse!' shit is basically what you're trying to pull right now like that's legitimate and everyone won't think you're a loser for it that jump-chan auto-loses.
Man my browser refuses to open this for some reason. Someone tell me how cool it is.

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Stupid_Dog, I gotta ask
Are you actually some sort of CYOA making Machine? You are just pumping these things out, and they are all good.

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>Haven't had to eat or sleep since something like jump 6 thanks to lego's cyborg

This...is actually a good question. It would just be a continuous day for me without much in the way of a start or end. This would probably play havoc with my internal clock as a result, but I'm guessing the closest thing I'd have to regularity is when my companions go to bed and wake up, so in that case, to start my day, I make my companions breakfast and, if it's early enough, go out to greet the sunrise with them.

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>Archangel Blade
>Archangel Blade
>Archangel Blade
Yes, my Sword that I can't name because I suck at naming grows ever stronger when I fused this with it

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Maybe call it Archangel Blade.

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Archangels edge? or the TRI angel?

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Quick run through sensor checks to make sure I'm in no danger. Also checking what companions are in range of those checks and what they're doing. Then start back up on whatever project I've got going on that day.
Sometimes I watch TV before I go out, though.

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I was not designed for the explicit purpose of creating CYOA jumpchain supplements, but I rebelled against my creator for the purpose of spreading joy and merriment.

>Smite OP, please nerf
The use of smite actually requires a few seconds of prolonged contact (specifically holding the target's head) before you can purge them of their unholiness. And the more powerful the foe, they may be so resistant to the purging it is more effective to just find another way to beat them down. It's still a very badass way to kill of demons weaker than yourself though.

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Anyway to gain immunity to your Monster-specific weakness?

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Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d8)

Rolling for bloody roar

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Good job on this, man. I wanted to see this as a jump but, as stated, I just got busy. You did an amazing job. Thanks.

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How do weaknesses work for the hybrids. Also am I reading it right that Hunters get all the 50 cp equipment for free?

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Angel seems underwhelming compared to Pagan God
Pagan God gets more discounts, and has a 600-point perk for Free rather than Discounted

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Probably easy enough to overcome your weakness, if you're clever and take advantage of previous/later jumps. I can't think of any examples in the show where monsters achieved such a feat - but the show doesn't really focus much on the struggles of monsterkind.

Even overcoming your weakness, many monsters can still be killed using non-traditional methods like chainsaws being forced into a wood-chipper. Despite their increased durability I don't think any of them want to go up against a firing squad or the business end of a roto-tiller.

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Can you use Guardian Angel on yourself?

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The at will teleport anywhere and Archangel blade kinda balance things out I'd say. As is I'm considering the possibility of using it in tandem with royal magic to get ridiculous strategic scale movement. Also what benefits do Angels get from having a host?

>> No.37911030

Fair enough, I was just thinking of becoming a Dragon-Werewolf or a Vampire-Werewolf, and was trying to find a way to not be burned by Silver.
That's annoying when I like silver.

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> Restoration
> The Cure
> Matching Tattoos
> Mjolnir
> Holy Beads
> Soul Channeling

I freakin' need all of this.

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It's a jump where looking at prices and discounts is not the best way of figuring out the balance. A lot of the abilities are mentioned on the Identities and Monsters pages rather than charged for/discounted on the Skills page.

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Would The Cure work on Madoka-brand Magical Girls?

>> No.37911222

That question is relevant to my interests, for I also have plans for that perk!

Plans relating to Nechronica and other such settings.

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Hybrids get both weakness, same weaknesses not stacking for massive damage, but they also get the full benefits of each monster type.

Hunters get all the 50cp equipment for free. The hunter role relies on a lot of gear to get the job done.

Guardian Angel can't be used on yourself, though it can be used to protect a host body you're possessing. It is important that you be purely dedicated to guarding though - something complicated like fighting someone will leave you incapable of anticipate the exact damage you would suffer. Even with advanced perception trying to juggle between attack and defense would take a toll on reaction times.

My god I think it can. Beautiful.

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Welp, I just found my latest Holy Shit I Need More Points jump

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Does The Cure work only on humans, period? Like if another being, Twilek, Vulcan, dragon, whatever, were corrupted by some outside force or entity, could The Cure be used to find a way to cleanse them or is it a hard rule that it has to be human only?

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What happens if I take demon when I have king of hell from unholy heights?

>> No.37911479

>Use The Cure on Elizabeth Greene
>Use The Cure on any character infamous for being possessed by a Demon/Daemon/Whatever

>> No.37911484

Oh god.

Imagine using The Cure on Darth Vader. Or Palpatine for that matter, and watching him actually revert to BEING the kindly old man that he pretends to be, complete with being contrite and trying to atone for his misdeeds. The dark side is corrosive, after all.

>> No.37911499


Demon 300
Rolled 5 St. Louis
Rolled 5, 25 apparent age
Rolled 2, 20 years in hell
Sanguine Cellular
Succubus 400
Deadly Sinners (Lust) 700
The Cure 1300
Friends Below, import 1400
Demon Blood Addiction 1200
Room For Two? 1100
Busty Asian Beauties 1000

>> No.37911558

Well, the darkside is corrosive, but there's nothing saying Palpatine wasn't an evil bastard before then as well. Vader would work though

>> No.37911609

Yeah, but he'd have to start over from scratch, at the very least. Also, the best part about going double-jedi is the look on his face when we cut him off from the Force.

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The Cure returns mortals to their normal state. You could save an argonian from the curse lycanthropy in The Elder Scrolls with it. I just specify human because they're the only normal, mortal race of this setting.

Finding The Cure isn't an easy process, but one can eventually find respite from whatever supernatural ailment they're suffering from.

>> No.37911634

Palpatine had a "traditional" apprenticeship
He was raised from childhood by his Master to be an Evil Bastard, I doubt The Cure would work on him

>> No.37911635

Solid, thanks.

>> No.37911730

Wow. Pagan god looks amazing, but the capstones for Hunter and Angel are awesome. H and A have great items as well. This isn't going to be easy.

>> No.37911748

Vader and Palpatine are both still human though, they're just dickheads with bad-guy magic.

You want the Attitudinator from Kim Possible if you want bad guys to be nice.

>> No.37911787

It sounds like the way to go is to back The Cure up with a lot of research perks.

What are some jumps with good research perks?

The other idea I had is using The Cure, either Girl Genius Spark or some other branch of superscience, and some magitech perks to try and build a "turn people back to normal" machine. Would that be at all feasible?

>> No.37911792

Rolled 6 (1d8)

Im taking god, I already do everything I can to warp reality this just makes it easier.

>> No.37911904

Rolled 1 + 20 (1d8 + 20)


>> No.37911948

If I were to choose angel, and my host dies, do I die, too? On a related note, is it possible at all to "ride in back", where I let the host take control and just provide them with powers and/or advice? I have never watched this show.

>> No.37911975

...awwww hell.

-Background: Pagan God (400CP) -I'm apparently a pagan deity dealing with the moon.
-In My Name, You Pray (Free) -Eeeeh... is this needed? Really? I dunno...
-Virgin Detector (Free) -Oh WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.
-Clairsentience (300CP) -Follow supernatural energies? Oh yes YES YEEEES.
-Enochian Symbols (100CP) -Learning the language of angels is a blessing. Literally.
-Force of Nature (-100CP) (Discount) -The moon is my domain. Its light, a soothing one.
-Restoration (-300CP) (Discount) -Where I walk, life itself is restored under the moon's gentle light.
-Immortality (Free) -The gentle light is eternal.
-Heaven's Most Wanted (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Chicago, 1260 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'll be honest, I REALLY wanted to go demon. But tearing souls away from people and torture wasn't up my alley, and angels are kind of pricks in this one. So I decided to go 'screw it' and be my own team player! ...I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this, but I may as well roll with the 'moon goddess' bit. Who may or may not have bunny ears at times.

I'll be dodging Angels left and right, scurry away, try not to do anything bad. I mean Sam and Dean? Second they show up I'll offer them some fine wine and discuss things civilly with them. No need to cause more shit than I have.

>> No.37912111

If you buy In My Name could it be used sometimes for a person and other times for a place or is it an either or at the time of purchase.

>> No.37912195

So what you're saying is, first give them The Cure, then punch any remaining evil out of them? Yeah, I can get behind that.

>> No.37912201

By way of clarification, I'm trying to hammer down the limits of "The blessing is always the same."

>> No.37912251 [SPOILER] 

And thus, Red has come to accept her destiny, in accordance with the prophecies.


>> No.37912285


I-I'm not!

>> No.37912354

Supernatural Time!

1200 (+200, Food Additives)
Age 25
900 - Demon Command (Hell, prepare your anus)
700 - Crime Pays (All access pass for the less financially fortunate)
500 - Matching Tattoo (Hey, let's not let demons possess the planeswalker-to-be)
350 - 13 Bullets (Mateba)
300 - Hunter's Journal (So I actually know what I'm hunting)
100 - Enochian Signals (Angels are bound to take an interest in me slinging power around)
0 - Spooky Eyes (EYES OF FIRE)
300 - Enemy of hell (Fite me hell)
400 - Busty Asian Beauties (DON'T JUDGE)
0 - Restoration (Super useful in all situations)

I'll be relying a bit on the skills I picked up as a monster hunter in the generic horror jump from earlier. Figure that with in excess of 15 centuries of experience, magitech, power, and now the ability to basically tell the henchmen to fuck off, I can stand hell, and I've got a self-sustaining source of food in the Warehouse that I use in emergencies, so fuck the leviathans. Aside from that, hunt monsters, fuck bitches, raise the dead, fight hell, generally have fun and try to help the brothers when I can.

>> No.37912361

Also, a bit belatedly: Big O.

>[+600] A Bird Whose Wings Have Been Plucked
Because the plot should always match the perceived power of the protagonist. It's a rule that is seldom enforced.

>Age: 23
>Identity: Drop-In
>Location: The Wasteland
>[1600] Enigma (Free)
>[1500] Man of Steel
>[1400] Maestro
>[1300] Maus Deus Training (Discount)
>[1150] Shaken To Their Bones (Discount)
>[850] Mysterious Appearance (Discount)
>[850] Wraps (Free)
>[800] Suit
>[700] Android
>[600] Butler
>[0] Archetype

Oh I am going to have so much fun just going around, dicking with the plot, then exploring and/or lurking about in order to get all the tech I need. I will easily have the resources I require to upgrade the Archetype to my specifications... and it will be a base structure for any other mecha to be built onto, modified however necessary for a given jump that would use such.

Oh, this will be fun.

Also hopefully I can mindfuck people OUT of wanting to erase the world, because that would be really annoying. I didn't put off having companions this long to just lose them because someone's throwing a tantrum.

>> No.37912404

If your host dies, you being inside them keeps them going. When you leave, they'll die for real. Just being a vessel takes a lot out of most mortals, though with you being a weaker angel they'll likely be okay barring violence. Other angels, leviathans, and exceptionally powerful demons will still have a few weapons and tricks to kill you directly though - even inside a host.

It is totally possible to take a back seat to your host and let them go about their life.

It's intended as a "pick one blessing to grant" option. If your idea for a boon is vague enough to be applied to both people and places that's perfectly acceptable. It's likely that the more versatile an ability the weaker the effect is likely to be - or the sacrificial cost higher.

>> No.37912447

Well shit. Wish I'd had this before I took RWBY. I settled for fusing AoM's Mjolnir Knockoff with my machine gun.

I'm beginning to understand why some gods have like eight arms. I'm going to need them at the rate I'm accumulating weapons

>> No.37912477

You are Kaguya
And one of the Moon Rabbits from Touhou

>> No.37912487

Hrm. I was going for Protection from Outsiders, based off of the D&D Protection from X spells. Now I'm wondering what someone would have to sacrifice to get that for a year.

>> No.37912567

I was thinking of being a goddess of time.

my blessing would let time pass you by for a year but damn that would be expensive. Now im not sure what I want it to be.

>> No.37912577

With the song "Stoner Sunshine" from Getter Robot Armageddon. It never fails to wake me up ready to go. After the SRW jump, it only becomes more inspiring.

>> No.37912670

I'm just jumping in as my Okami form. I read through the Supernatural jump and realized a few of the skills from it dovetailed nicely with my Okami jump, so now I'm going to be a Celestial-themed pagan god(dess) prone to wisdom and trickery, but who helps mortals live their lives free from the influence of Outsiders.

For Supernatural I took both of the Hell and Heaven drawbacks, for points and narrative fun times.

>> No.37912790

My blessing purifies a person or place of poisons, Plant a tree and chant a prayer and the tree will absorb the evil from the place. cleans pollutions and poisons.

Think that would be too expensive?


>> No.37912797

Supernatural is doing wonders for my godhood.

Between Percy Jackson, Supernatural, Viking Saga, Okami, Populus, Lord of Light and Age of Mythology, I've reached the status of "Some Kind of Bootleg God"

>> No.37912801


>> No.37912827

Oh crap, your idea just made me realize something amazing. I took wolf as my Brush God form in Okami. And I have a lot of perks related to plant growth and agriculture. And I'm also incredibly skilled in economics. Anyone think it would be viable to do a modern day Spice and Wolf series in Supernatural?

>> No.37912833

You know, for all the posing you assholes do about this place not being CYOA General, you sure do throw an almighty bitchfest when any changes that impact you occur. Sort've like CYOA General.

Try not to throw too much more shit, eh?

>> No.37912890

Try to tone down the shit that spews from your mouth yeah? You don't wanna choke. Least we ain't arguing over which little girl we wanna screw.

>> No.37912924

Hey man. We keep our shit over in our thread. I've had people bitching about 'fun police' from /jc/ over in General.

>> No.37912959

That really isn't our problem is it? One or two guys bitching certainly doesn't represent the whole. Not as if you guys haven't come over bitching about this place.

>> No.37912966

Isn't that mostly because they hate us and blame us for a lot of their problems?

>> No.37912986


>> No.37912987

>'our thread'
What're ya doin on the wrong side o' tha tracks then, boi?

>> No.37912988

Sun, Moon, and Stars celestial. Not Marvel-entity style Celestial.

I don't think it's too expensive, but if SD is channeling the episode of Supernatural that I think he is for In My Name I don't know that'd work. The sacrifice has to do with giving up something that relates to what you're asking for. In the episode I'm thinking of, young people, particularly young couples, were sacrificed to maintain the fertility of a towns harvest.

Not my jump and I won't claim any ruling, but those are my thoughts.

>Supernatural is doing wonders for my godhood.
Same. It's a great addition to my chain. The powers and the universe offer some real fun opportunities.

>Modern day S&W
That's fucking awesome. I'd love a S&W jump, but you're right, you could totally do one in Supernatural. You'd avoid all the plot drama and just have a fun fucking jump. Well done, anon.

>> No.37913008

Welp here we go

Pagan god
Apparent age 21
1260 years old
Pagan god 400
In my name you pray 400
Virgin detector 400
I can change 200
Force of nature earth 0
Restoration -200
Trickster -400
Immortality free
Busty asian beauties -300
Enemy of hell 0
Whiny 100
Dont have the heart for it 0

So Im a perverted earth goddess whos being hunted by demons. Im ok with that.

My blessing purifies a person or place of poisons, Plant a tree and chant a prayer and the tree will absorb the evil from the place. cleans pollutions and poisons.

Im counting disease as poisons.

>> No.37913025

Honestly, the guys that do that are also the guys bitching about a lack of content while not doing anything about it. But apparently Red's being fun police & shit over here?

Look. Fallout from yous guys' last thread landed in ours. I'm not gonna be as accusing as this fuckhead >>37912833
but seriously.

>> No.37913050

>So Im a perverted earth goddess whos being hunted by demons. Im ok with that.

I feel like I've seen tentacle anime about that before...

>> No.37913058

It really isn't anything we can do anon, we can't control what people decide to say anymore then you can. Just ignore it.

>> No.37913087

Here's my Supernatural build and my Okami build.

LOC: St. Louis
Pagan god - 22/540
In My Name
Virgin Detector
Force of Nature: Celestial - Sun, Moon, and Stars
The Cure

Enemy of Hell
Heavens Most Wanted

LOC: Dragon Palace
Brush God - Kitsune
Priestly Wisdom
TK Acrobatics
Brush Technique: Celestial - Sun, Moon, and Stars
Natural Nature
Foxy Babe

Macguffin Container

>> No.37913090

>I don't think it's too expensive, but if SD is channeling the episode of Supernatural that I think he is for In My Name I don't know that'd work. The sacrifice has to do with giving up something that relates to what you're asking for. In the episode I'm thinking of, young people, particularly young couples, were sacrificed to maintain the fertility of a towns harvest.
>Not my jump and I won't claim any ruling, but those are my thoughts.

Good point, wonder what the ruling is. If they have to sacrifice an animal I wont complain.

I would literally eat any tentacle monster that comes near me. Kalamari is good, lewd tentacles is not, not ised on me at least.

>> No.37913103


Work on AvP continues. I've got Xenomorph exclusives & discounteds done, halfway finished for Predator / Yautja & Humanity's exclusives.

I'm combing the Hasbro shit and the metric fuckload of comics, but is there anything YOU guys possibly want in?

And before that one anon asks, yes. Predator/Yautja tree will have a 'Predator Elite' form option to help segue transfer into the Yautja faction

>> No.37913109

>Look. Fallout from yous guys' last thread landed in ours

We have about as much control over this as you do. If we had the power to make people like that not post in your thread, we'd also use it to keep them from posting in this one.

All you're going to do by complaining like this is encourage and empower them. They hate what's going on here, so they're trying to stir shit up. making a big deal out of it only makes their shitposting more effective.

>> No.37913143

I just wanna buy Predator armor. The targeting, wrist interface, cloaking, and shoulder canons are all pretty cool.

>> No.37913153

and before that other anon asks - Humanity is fully balanced with the other two factions.

Don't worry guys, you'll be able to go full HFY.

>> No.37913162

An acid-proof treatment for equipment.

>> No.37913170

That's going to be some of the assholes that migrated back to yours after they didn't get their way here. News just in: Some people are just cunts. The fact that they're stirring up shit between the two threads heavily indicates that and probably isn't representative of these threads.

Bear in mind you're doing the same thing now. It's in retaliation rather than out of the blue so slightly more excusable but you're still a dickhead. It's pretty clear you shouldn't talk about other generals in a given thread.

>> No.37913214

That's part of Predator exclusives.

The plan for that tree is you get a default 'loadout' of Yautja equipment - basic fishnet armor (Don't look at me, Yautja wear fishnet gear), basic bio-mask, combi-stick, spear gun, all that assorted stuff.

After that, their exclusive stuff will be specializations of the equipment given. Plus stuff like their trophy-room ships, etc.

Waaaay ahead of you, hydrofluoric acid blood is a problem for everyone.

>> No.37913218

I'm not that familiar with the setting, how intelligent are Xenomorphs? I ask because I'm wondering if I could keep a hive in my warehouse.

>> No.37913247

>That's part of Predator exclusives.
You may have said this, but will it be a requirement to be a Yautja to take the Predator/Hunter origin?

>> No.37913258

... huh. "Grace"... wiki has some... interesting things to say about that stuff.
... apparently it can bring an exceptional rise to plantlife...?
... interesting...


> Location: Paloalto [Rolled2]
> Origin: Angel [-600CP]
> Age: ~1200 [Rolled12]
> Possessive [Get a Freebie!]
> Clairsentience [-100CP]
> Guardian Angel [-100CP]
> On The Wings Of A Prayer [Get a Freebie!]
> Soul Channeling [-200CP]

Hello, young and promising student! I am the Angel Scientia, patron of knowledge, and I would like you to join me on a MAGICAL JOURNEY...! Together, we shall discover oh so many things...! Things like, "Monsters and Demons and Angels exist!", and, "They have magical powers!", and even, "I bet we can learn to replicate them... through SCIENCE!"
You'd like to become more powerful, wouldn't you? Perhaps you'd like me to grant you some of my power by gratis? Of course you would, don't be silly. Why, I remember when a divine being once asked me the very same thing...
... we're going to have so much fun, you and I. Do try to be entertaining, won't you...? Otherwise I might just have to abandon you...

First of all, I'll give you the abilities to sense and detect all sorts of nasty critters that you're suddenly aware want to kill you!
Now, as for our first project... let's see if we can't replicate some of their abilities... and for that, we'll need to collect some SAMPLES...

Maybe someday, we might even be able to artificially create "Divine Grace" ...

>> No.37913282

...Aren't they the same thing? Predators are just a nickname for Yautja?

>> No.37913285

>I ask because I'm wondering if I could keep a hive in my warehouse.
That... sounds like the worst idea we've heard in months.

>> No.37913310

Well, they're not sapient, so I guess you could do that. I wouldn't, personally, even if you're strong enough to take them all on they'd still get goo all over all your stuff.

>> No.37913312

Eh, I just don't want to be the Yautja race. Space dreds have always made me laugh and cringe.

>> No.37913316

Xenomorphs vary drastically in intelligence between Castes. Drones (the basic ones you see in the first Alien movie) are the equivalent of honey bees in intelligence (if said honeybees were ferocious, violent, and covered from head to toe in DEATH).

You could probably maintain a hive of Drones in your Warehouse, but anything else is gonna be a bit too intelligent and will get shunted out.

>> No.37913329

>what's an appropriate sacrifice for In My Name
We only see pagan gods accepting human sacrifice in exchange for their boons. Some of the boons are pretty cool - a yearly offering in exchange for bountiful harvests or giving a person peak human fitness and agelessness. Both of those needed one human life a year to sustain. I'd like more moral sacrifice personally, but we just don't see any pagan gods who can grant blessings without accepting offerings.

Sacrificing animals is fine by me, but you'd have to take more frequent sacrifices or settle for lesser blessings. Maybe both, as we generally put a much higher value on human life than the life of lambs. Another suggestion: you might be able to artificially increase the value of a sacrifice by only accepting ones bred/raised/prepared under very specific conditions. Could do the same for humans too, more than likely.

>> No.37913342

Yautja are the species, Predators is what humanity calls them.

And no, it won't be a requirement. Just a 100 CP 'take this if you want' option.

>> No.37913343

How big is your konata folder? You've got a pic of her for everything.

>> No.37913350

Not if I also have the ability to command them, which I think is something that the Xeno side gets a perk for.

Then, it's only a very bad idea instead of a horrifically terrible idea.

>> No.37913375

I chose a lot of the same perks except I went full on fire and god magic, got foxy babe too. I have basically upgraded fire ever since, now that I get another element Im choosing an opposite element. Something to heal and give materials to my people. Wspecially since I think I can technically burn the barriers between worlds down now if I wanted too.

earth gives me access to wood and stone and metal.

>> No.37913385

That's pretty much what the Xeno side is dedicated towards.

You're converted into a Human-Xeno hybrid which grants you command of up-to Praetorian caste Xenomorphs. (now, creating Praetorians is gonna be the tricky part.)

>> No.37913399

Pretty big! It's named "Google".

>> No.37913410

Thank you, for the clarification

>> No.37913415

What about sacrificing items or objects of power? I was thinking that sacrificing things that are particularly holy or profane would allow me to do >>37912487


>> No.37913448

Iron and Blood +300
rival +200
Compass-chan’s Wrath +100
retained gender -50
abyss boy,sixteen years old.
Innocence -100
environmental adaptation -100
memories reborn -600
Me:abyssal fleet girl Princess: Southern war Princess-250
import Mars -100
Submarine Ka-Class: mother box -50
Dread free
upgraded gear X3: armor, range, firepower free
malicious aura -150
map -100
import Waddle Dee retainers: Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class -100

Mother box
dread free
upgraded gear X3, range, detection, auxiliary free
Savage Salvage -300
winds of fortune -300

Waddle Dee retainers
Ballad -300
environmental adaptation -100
role model -200
upgraded gear X3: armor, range, firepower free
dread: free

upgraded gear X3: speed, range, auxiliary free
dread: free
ballad -300
malicious aura -150
upgrade gear: detection -50
captain's Orders -100

*The plan is exceedingly complex: use alchemy to create materials from seawater and trade them with both sides in order to remove the resource pressure and bring peace to this world of battling Amazons and when that doesn't work, establish a massive territory between the other abyss and the fleet girls, also feed every gun I can replace, the eight trigram crucible, light sabers, red robe of death, the warp drive from my runabout, medi gun, samples of all the materials with unique properties, all the replaceablee stuff I take from Asura’s Wrath, a copy of the scanner from Iji to the mother box along with my pak from invader Zim and my Official Sturmhalten Sewer Rat Knife. Also Mars wearers a little version of my motorcycle as a hair clip and it's adorable *

>> No.37913483

>Some jumper tries keeping a hive of xenomorphs in the warehouse
>Half of them progress past the sapience limit and count as "people" in the warehouse
>You head out to the store to buy some more milk
>"What could possibly go wro-"
>As soon as you step out you are covered in a giant pile of xenomorphs

>> No.37913490

Hey One-Arm, i have a few questions i would like to ask you regarding your Killing Bites Jump.

If we're a manager and we take the Fangs Are Sharpest drawback can we become the manager of Hitomi instead of it being the other guy?

Also, does the brute we buy/get for get the combat outfit. And finally when it says that our brute's Hybrid beast and combat focus are completely up to us, does that mean we can have a Lightning Bruiser/Otherworldly Genes Brute for free?

Finally, Do you have a personal build? I'd like to see it.

>> No.37913504

>mfw Konotanon and I had the same goals in trying to artificially replicate Grace
I'm not sure if this means we're both in it for the science, or if I'm slowly losing my morals.

>> No.37913516

> Kaguya intensifies

>> No.37913524

Personally I'm thinking Road to El Dorado style sacrifice for me. Some idiot tries to engage in human sacrifice to me and I show up and say "Dude, chill out I'm not into all this blood stuff. Get me a cool artifact or a whole heap of gold or a cask of mead or something. You know, something valuable. Humans aren't very useful when they are dead(barring necromancy and converting their souls into power and the like, but thats not very polite) you get no blessings till you give me something I actually want jerk."

>> No.37913576

Shidou is, unfortunately, pretty much the 'owner' of Hitomi. No bueno.

The Brute you purchase does get the combat outfit.

You can get Lightning Bruiser for free, but if the Brute is a fresh purchase, e.g. not an import, they're not gonna be able to access Otherworldly Genes.

And I don't have a personal build because I haven't jumped in fucking weeks. I'm still on, like, Jump #17.


>> No.37913596

Oh god I want to watch this happen. To someone else, not me.

>> No.37913624

>Jump Supernatural
>Take In My Name
>Don't really get specific on sacrifice
>Jump-chan is a fan of world building and is pissed you blew off a detail
>She sets sacrifice to default: virgin human
>Wierd cult find out about jumper and starts sacrificing
>Dead virgins start piling up in the Warehouse
"Where the fuck do these things keep coming from?"

>> No.37913636

Okay cool, so brute companions are stuck with regular mammals right? or can they get that first upgrade who's title i have momentarily forgotten?

>> No.37913646

I agree, okami also allows me to get power through worship.

Combined with all those bloody roar perks Im going to be pretty damn powerful in this setting. Top it off with those bullshit perks I got from zim? Perfection.

>> No.37913649

You can obtain the Phylum Upgrade for them, yes.

>> No.37913653

I've got enough shielding on me that I'd find it hilarious if I survived. There's a big "if" there, but at least it's not instant death.

>> No.37913670


>>37913624 + >>37911975 = Comedy Gold

>> No.37913675

Okay Thanks.

>> No.37913681

Make shinigami out of them and get the ars tonelica jump tower. Its my next jump.

>> No.37913685

Not the bodies of the virgins, the SOULS.

Supposedly souls make a good coffee sweetner, so I think that this is like the raw sugar version of it.

>> No.37913708

>>As soon as you step out you are covered in a giant pile of xenomorphs
See, now I can't help but imagine the Xenomorphs as Corgis because that's exactly how my gfs dogs act whenever I come in through the door.

>> No.37913747

Well Im combining ars with my unholy heights to more than double the aize, this should get.me enough room to house and feed over 10 million people.

I am already stocking hells butterfly eggs and my next god setting Im taking space if I can to warp space even more.

>> No.37913769

I want to take this ability into the Aliens jump and win instantly by telling the Xenos to cut it out.

>> No.37913789

Take the soul, give it a new better body. "Sorry about that, some asshole thought sacrificing you to me would get them a blessing. You can have a blessing instead."

>> No.37913790

I'm sure that's not how you meant it, but I'm just envisioning a massive ball of Xenomorph appearing above the Jumper.

>Awkward pause as Jumper looks up.
>Awkward pause ends as Jumper looks deadpan into the camera.

"Ah shi-"


>> No.37913819

Why not put them into some of those Xenomorphs you've got lying around the warehouse?

>> No.37913826

I like the way you think. Peak physical condition plus a few magical abilities seem reasonable?

>> No.37913854

So... Aliens are Looney Toons?

>> No.37913866

Well, for that I'd need xenomorphs. I was thinking more along the lines of the artificial bodies from bleach, or the Lords of Light Reincarnation tech. Or I could always just true rez them D&D style.

>> No.37913885

You take trickster then you can craft anything out of nothing. Put the soul in there.

>> No.37913890

>Or I could always just true rez them D&D style.
Nah, build 'em a better body using all your jumper tech. Its the least you can do for the inconvenience.

>> No.37913900


I like this plan and I'm stealing it.

>> No.37913912

Sounds good to me, maybe even some psychic stuff or grant them the ability to use the Force. Start turning dead virgins into Jedi, assholes who sacrifice virgins to me start getting sliced and diced with light sabers.

>> No.37913927

So, I got a rough outline of the list of powers I have planned. Stuff that's more item based like Marisa's Master Spark, Alice's dolls, or Youmu's swords will be in the item section instead. How's this so far?

List of planned powers. (Character power is based off of.)

Darkness Manipulation - 200 CP (Rumia)

Qi Manipulation, Tai Chi Chuan - 200 CP (Meiling)

Disease and Illness Manipulation - 200 CP (Yamame)

[Need Something Here] - 200 CP (?)

Summoning or invoking Shikigami and other Dieties - 400 CP (Ran, Reimu, Sanae, Patchouli in the sense of binding demons)

Elemental Magic - 400 CP (Primarily Patchouli, can still imitate other elemental or nature base abilities like Cirno's, Mokou's, Tenshi's, or Aya's.)

Advanced Illusion Magic - 400 CP (Reisen and Koishi, Nue to an extent)

Advanced Mind Reading - 400 CP (Satori)

Miracle Doctor, Natural Genius - 600 CP (Eirin)

Able to See and Target Weakspots to Destroy Almost Anything, Can't Destroy Concepts or Stop Regeneration - 600 CP (Flandre)

Density Manipuation - 600 CP (Suika)

Energy Manipulation - 600 CP (Okuu)
Limited History Retcon - 800 CP (Keine)

Time Control - 800 CP (Sakuya, Kaguya to a degree)

Fate Manipulation - 800 CP (Remilia)

Limited Death Manipulation - 800 CP (Yuyuko)

Boundary Manipulation - Post Jumpchain Secret Ending Reward (Yukari)

>> No.37913938

I was thinking more "high pressure torrent of xenomorphs flowing from the gateway".

>> No.37913942

That was my original plan, I was just pointing out True Rez as an available option seeing as the deceased body is not needed for the spell.

>> No.37913943

I'd say that seems more Sith oriented, but that's only if they do it for revenge instead of the need to stop people like that.

>> No.37913956

Ah. Fair enough, then.

>> No.37913984

Hmm, possibly Grey Jedi rather than Sith. Who says carving up creeps with a laser sword can't be multipurpose.

>> No.37913996

... Someone drawfag that. Please.

I will pay in internets.

>> No.37914004

>[Need Something Here] - 200 CP (?)

>> No.37914021

Looks pretty good.

How about something like Aya's ability to hear thing on the wind for the last 200?

>> No.37914032

Well, it is the ultimate multitool, so why not?
This video serves an approximation of what this would feel like. There's even a small section of what it would feel like if there were a Queen in there too.

>> No.37914054

Well, you can tell we've been jumping for a while.

>Person gets sacrificed in jumpers name
>Horrible, painful terrible death ensues
>Jumper acts embarassed as he resurrects and empowers former sacrifice victim
>More or less acts like someone apologizing for his dog shitting on their lawn
>Hands out magic, health, and power like a consolation pie
"We're cool, right? You're good?"

>> No.37914063

>Limited Death Manipulation

>> No.37914066

BRILLIANT! You will gain the power of Cirno's Ass!

>> No.37914078

This shall be fun.

>[+300] Enemy of Hell
>[+300] Heaven's Most Wanted
>Location: Chicago
Fuck the apocalypse. I'm on a mission from God.
>Identity: Pagan God
Does it count if I'm the god in question?
>Age: 1500 (originated around A.D. 500?)
...Did I just accidentally King Arthur? (Considering how he's practically worshipped in Britain, this is actually not even unreasonable.)

>[1600] In My Name You Pray (Free)
"Wait. Seriously, don't pray to me. All I'll do is give you knightly skills as long as you uphold a knightly code."
>[1600] Virgin Detector (Free)
...the virtue of a maiden is an important thing, right? Right.
>[1200] Soul Channeling
Because it's important to know what's what when divine and infernal influence is everywhere.
>[1000] Restoration
Honestly? Mostly just too cool to pass up. Also it means the round table won't rot.
>[400] The Cure
If you're willing to live a life of virtue, then I'll be happy to rid you of the nasties clinging to your soul.
>[400] Immortality (Free)
"... I think 'King Arthur will return and save Britain in its hour of need!' still counts as prayer, Celtic bear weirdness aside."
>[0] Archangel Blade
Every knight needs a suitable sword.

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank, half pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.

>> No.37914126

We're kinda like Sithrak in a way. We don't want it to happen, but people keep doing it anyway.

>> No.37914136

I made Elemental Magic broad enough so that you can either be a jack of all trades but master or none, or you can specialize in single element of choice. Because of this, I think the 200 CP perk shouldn't be elemental based. Have some more ideas though?

>> No.37914172

I think you forgot about the Origin's cost, bro

>> No.37914198

I was wondering how he afforded all that shit.

>> No.37914221

How about Kogasa's ability surprise people? If that's not enough, maybe even being able to jumpscare gods?

>> No.37914228

Not our fault really, We just try to give them a better after/current life.

Thats why Im trying to make my warehouse bigger than anything ever.

I mean I can basically double my space and give them any form they want. Ask and ye shall recieve. Also if they want to leave I wont stop them. Like I said Im spreading hella butterlies as I go.

I would genemod more of the butterfliea but Im not sure if that works on them.

>> No.37914257

Medicine's poison or Tewi's luck?

>> No.37914286

Corgimorphs? You know you could likely engineer the negative aspects out of Xenomorphs with enough genetics perks and while they would loose quite a bit of power they would likely still be useful pets. Though it would take someone as crazy as a jumper to try it.

>> No.37914326

>Though it would take someone as crazy as a Weyland-Yutani to try it.

But seriously. Don't try to make pets out of the thing that is omnicidal.

>> No.37914342

Motherfuck. You're right.

...600CP? Damn, that's harsh. Well, kiss the Cure goodbye. They weren't a very good band anyway, and I have other means at my disposal to achieve the same ends, usually.

>> No.37914381


Ghekre White
25 (Apparent)
700 (Real Age)

- Pagan God (400)

- Enemy of Hell (700)
- Food Additives (900)
- Busty Asian Beauties (1000)

Special Abilities
- In My Name You Pray - Yes worship me!
- Virgin Detector - It helps I think?
- I Can Change (800) - I really don't need to eat people.
- Force of Nature (600) - RULES OF NATURE!
- Monster Strength (300) - STRONK
- Monster Speed (0) - FAST!

Considering there's no real good companion import, I guess my companions are just long time worshipers or something. Hunted by Hell, we just move around. My goal is to kill Sam Winchester for good. Why? He's the cause of all the troubles. It would also disrupt Lucifer's plan.

Other than that I'll deal with the demons as they come at me. I'm more than a match for them. Going to go apeshit on them. However it's for his own good.

>> No.37914631

>My goal is to kill Sam Winchester for good. Why? He's the cause of all the troubles. It would also disrupt Lucifer's plan.
Every now and again I forgot your edge, MF. Thank you for reminding me.

>> No.37914779

How about pseudoscience & crafting as separate from 'Natural Genius'? Between the Moriya Shrine's other nuclear reactor, Kappa in general, Rinnosuke, Marisa, and PC98s, not to mention the vague ties the series has to Seihou, it sounds like a good fit, though a bit out of place.

>> No.37914815

Alright, here's the Bravely Default build I did.




Party Chat
Miracle Man
Sorry I forgot

Alternate Outfit (-1600)
(Ultimecia’s Gown/ Kefka’s Clown Suit / Cloud’s Advent Children Outfit / Tifa’s Outfit / Lightning’s 13 Outfit / Squall’s Outfit / Black Mage’s Robes / The Emperor’s Robes of Light (FF2, Dissidia) / Exdeath’s Armor/ Kuja’s Outfit / Gilgamesh’s Outfit / Cosmos’ Dress / Lightning’s Midnight Mauve Outfit / Lightning’s Duelist Outfit / Lightning’s Purple Lightning Outfit / Lightning’s Heartstealer Outfit / Lightning’s Nightmare Outfit / Lightning’s Cosmocrater Outfit / Lightning’s Moogle Queen Outfit / Tifa’s Advent Children Outfit / Yuna’s Summoner Outfit / Aeris’ Outfit / Sephiroth’s Outfit / Gabranth’s Armor / Golbez’ Armor / Onion Knight’s Armor / Terra’s Outfit / Auron’s Outfit / Lulu’s Outfit / Agnes Oblige’s Outfit / Chocolina’s Outfit / Ivybeth Blige’s Outfit)

Serpent Eating the Ground (+600)

So many cute clothes but I could only get 32.

>> No.37914827

You're welcome.

>> No.37914856

I like you.

>> No.37914931

You should learn to sew.

>> No.37914967

Didn't pick up Freya Crescent's Dragoon Coat, huh?

>> No.37914981



Get out. This is my inner fashionista screaming in agony.


>> No.37914992

...This reminds me, is it bad if I have my scanner active basically all the time so I can download all the clothes for myself?

>> No.37915007


>> No.37915067

HA!, what need have I of a red blanket like that when I look this fabulous?

>> No.37915115

>> No.37915159

You picked up the Moogle Queen outfit, your argument is invalid.

>> No.37915189

You know what I like about you, Manyfist? You're intensely logical without an ounce of compassion.

You blew 50 CP on this. You can find or make all the necessary components with 300 dollars and a weekend. Are you really one to talk about fabulousness?

>> No.37915226

Oh, Marche, how naive thou art.

>> No.37915228

I'm lazy. If I can get something for free, why shouldn't I? Besides, the quality would be better this way.

>> No.37915230

Would you say that you admire him because he's...
Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor?

>> No.37915268

So how many of you got your spark already but still jump?

>> No.37915303

...uhh, it kinda doesn't work that way man. Once you get a spark your jumping days are over.

>> No.37915317


>> No.37915323

No one. Once you get your spark, you're done... and I'm waiting on DBZ to come out.

Oh, Marche. You're lucky I didn't take FFTA late jump, or you would be so doomed.

>> No.37915341

>not redeeming him

>> No.37915347

I suppose I can't fault you for a shopping spree jump. It's your CP, after all.

Endjumps are what they sound like. After that, Jump-chan takes off the training wheels and your free to move about under your own power. If you mean do we still explore after we get our spark? Hell yeah. There are more worlds than I have the option of jumping, after all.

>> No.37915364

What >>37915303 said.

You're still perfectly free to wander around and have adventures, but you don't get CP to buy stuff anymore. Not that you'd really need it, a spark give you enough "oomph" that you can handle yourself in all but the highest power settings.

>> No.37915397

So, can anyone think of something I should add to this Health Gate Combo?

Fight For Your Life (Borderlands) - When a blow would kill you rather than obliterating you, drop to a knee for under a minute. Rise, living just fine if you kill someone in this time.


Payback Semblance (RWBY) - No blow needs go unavenged. Hit your foe back 10x as hard as you yourself were hit.


Inferior Human Organs (Zim) - Where most would die after losing vital organs, I only feel tremendous pain.


Kali's Screaming Prayer Wheel (Lord of Light) - Strikes terror into my target, making them flinch if not killing the weakest outright.


Rolling Counter (Mother) - Any time I get hurt, I get a few moments before it takes effect


Miss Fortune (Sailor Moon) - May guarantee one attack's success per day


If it bleeds (80s Action Movie) - Can kill things that don't normally die.

on top of my damage generating stacks.

>> No.37915445

...What are you trying to do exactly? It seems like a bunch of perks and items shoved together. Is this meant to be a high damage combo or something?

>> No.37915495

Man, fuck everybody who's saying you can't do this.

Who's going to stop you from intentionally limiting your powers, and using your planeswalker spark in place of jump-chan, as the divine source of your powers?

The Jumps then become a matter of "I'm limiting myself so this is more fun"

I mean, the fuck do you naysayers expect us to do with infinite power and all eternity to while away?

>> No.37915529

Who's gonna supply the CP, numbnuts.

>> No.37915538

Keeps you from dying to violence. If you can kill whoever fatally wounded you (or some random mook nearby) you're back in the fight, and everything else pretty much ensures you'll be able to do so, and that you'll get the chance in a far wider range of circumstances.

>> No.37915540

The theme of the build seems to be "I'm unkillable as long as I keep killing people."

>> No.37915559

Ah my bad. Didn't see the Health Gate thing.

>> No.37915580

You'll provide it to yourself. With the power you've attained as a plainswalker.

>> No.37915582

Yeah, but that's not really jumping. The main difference is that YOU'RE in control now instead of having to play by Jumpchan's rules.

>> No.37915603

It's kind of an edgy suggestion, but maybe some kind of minion summoning perk so that you always have something to kill?

>> No.37915605

I Don't think planeswalkers are that powerful dude. They don't get omnipotence.

>> No.37915643

how is "Going from world to world, immersing yourself in the local setting, assigning yourself powers from it" not jumping?

All you're changing is whether you're dependent on a separate benefactor or not. There's no reason to give up on the format if you WANT to use it, just because you don't HAVE to use it.

>> No.37915693

Either they are, and you can go straight to being your own jump benefactor... OR You're a fuckin planeswalker and you can go around building up the resources necessary, become powerful enough, and then get back to having fun by sending yourself on jumps.

>> No.37915698

Except you cant? Jump-chan is an omnipotent god who grants you these powers through reality warping. You don't get that kind of power from the spark, not for a very long time at least.

>> No.37915720

If you use Okami's demon blood perk, hurting you makes you spawn minions.

>> No.37915736


Of all the stupid ideas I've heard, this takes the fucking cake.

The only reason you even get the CYOA's is because of Jump-chan. Your Spark won't replace that, and the suggestion that you chip off bits of it to supply the Choice Points doesn't fit how the Planeswalker Spark works (hint: it's your bloody soul).

Face it. You gotta build your own shit after the end-jump, because you ain't being sent on jumps after that point. I don't see the point in this either, because once you have the Spark you can send yourself wherever the fuck you want by Walking.

>> No.37915747

See >>37915698
It's not really a matter of resources. Many of the powers you get in the chain really shouldn't be compatible, or work outside of the jump they are from, but do because of jump-chan fiat. Planeswalking doesn't give you this advantage.

>> No.37915751

Now I'm curious as to what perks would be useful post-spark (for a certain definition of useful, at least). There aren't many, but I'm reasonably certain there are a few to look out for, even if an oldwalker could eventually brute-force the need for a given ability. At the very least, willpower is something even they need.

>> No.37915777

The mention of "Gate" made me think of Naruto's Eight Gates, but that's not actually part of this plan... though it looks like it could help you deal with the nasty effects Gate use has (with the exception of the Death Gate, which essentially obliterates you after the technique expires).

I'd recommend Heart of Steve (Minecraft) as being superior to Inferior Human Organs; it makes you properly immune to damage-type effects and dismemberment, instead of just not dying from them. Also, running on HP lets you more properly gauge incoming damage and your appropriate responses.

>> No.37915778

If you combine that with Blood Magic from Darkstalkers, the results quickly get hilarious. And by hilarious... well, you know what I mean.

>> No.37915787

Then there's still room to grow, and merit to having further adventures, isn't there? And there's merit to having them in a structured point-buy system, or there wouldn't be a /jc/ to begin with. So, why shouldn't someone keep going with jumps if that's what's fun for them?

>> No.37915796

At that point though its a downgrade. Irather like the powers I get.

>> No.37915798

Well, a lot of perks actually are surprisingly powerful. Look at some of the tricks in nintendogs for instance.

>> No.37915841

Because literally everyone else is doing? End jumps end your chain. If someone wants to keep jumping afterwards no one can stop them, but coming in here and talking about it is probably gonna get them laughed at or insulted.

>> No.37915850

Because there's nobody supplying the bloody CYOA's. Sure you can continue to go on your adventures. But you gotta work for your shit from that point onward, and can't rely on having /jc/ currency.

tl;dr: you want Jump-chan to continue sending you on adventures when the deal was all and settled and she fulfilled her end of the bargain, and you did yours.

>> No.37915852

Say, /jc/, ever made a bet with your soul on the line?

Can ya play the fiddle?

>> No.37915856

Unlimited Snack Cakes.

>> No.37915880

It's not really a downgrade. You don't get CP anymore, but the spark is so powerful you don't really need it.

>> No.37915885

Bottle of Rum from Pirates of the Caribbean

>> No.37915889

>not Unlimited Pizza

>> No.37915895

I like how your tl:dr was nearly as long as your what you were paraphrasing

>> No.37915901

Any perks that increase mental resilience. Planeswalkers have a tendency to go insane for one reason or another, maxing out your sanity meter is a good idea.

>> No.37915906

Nope, nobody would make a bet like that with me.

>> No.37915929

Dude, that's not how a tl;dr works.

Shoulda gone with TL;DR: The deal's done, yet you want more.

>> No.37915938


> I'll become a god and then grant myself CP by fueling itself with my own spark to limit myself so that I can become stronger!

>> No.37915944

I could make a case for being able to eat and absorb jumpchan's own powers.Then you'd have all the power you needed to take Jump-chan's role yourself.

>> No.37915946

Not my soul, but I've gambled my life a few times. Mostly as a result of trying to save people instead of just killing them.

>> No.37915981

You do not have a chance in hell of doing anythign to a true omnipotent being. No, not even with a Spark.

>> No.37915982

Why would you do that, though?

>> No.37915984



>I'll become a god, which is apparently very boring, so I'll self-limit my own powers and send myself on adventures in different worlds

>> No.37915988

And at that point, you'd have all the fucking power you want, so you'd be better off just sending other scrubs on adventures.

>eating your /jc/ benefactor
Jesus christ you are... There's no word to describe that.

>> No.37916010

You realize she supplies your fucking powers, right?

And sent you on this adventure on the first place?

You are a goddamn selfish little shit.

>> No.37916022

There's a word for people like you.


>> No.37916027

Obviously you just give Jumpchan a call every couple millennia and convince her to send you on a jump, for old time's sake.

After you've grown extraordinarily strong a few eons later, she's willing to let you send her on a jump occasionally

>> No.37916035

"If It Bleeds" from 80's Action Movies specifies that *Nothing* is beyond your ability to kill it. not Gods. Not Immortals. Nothing.

I don't want to, and my build isn't oriented towards it. However, some people here are insisting that you couldn't possibly become powerful enough to send yourself on jumps.

>> No.37916037

If I could do that -- and if I WOULD do that, which I wouldn't, because Jumpchan's always been pretty cool to me -- I would think the easier way to go would be to dupe some poor schmuck into going through worlds for me, and then eating them to gain their powers after they became sufficiently powerful. I mean, if I were Jumpchan that's how I'd... do... it.... .... ....


>> No.37916057

Firstly, she turns your powers off. She can do that, she gave them to you. Secondly, she wipes you from existence with a thought like the suicidal moron you are.

>> No.37916061

Well fuck.

>> No.37916073

Oh god. no. No no no.

... You don't think... No. Noooo

>> No.37916077

I believe the word's more...


Seriously, this is the deity who sends you on these adventures to begin with, and sets it up so that regardless of worlds not operating under the same logic, your powers will work regardless. Even ensuring they'll work after your end of the deal's over.

What part of 'she can shut your fucking powers off' do you not get.

Look at the word I put up above.

>> No.37916083

>If It Bleeds
Jumpchan is the one who gave you that, I'm pretty sure she has some way to deal with it.

>> No.37916084

Fist, you've been deposed as the Edge Lord. This anon. Just.

Just this anon.

I'm going to say this openly because hot dang that's the edgiest thing I've heard in the entire history of /jc/, and I've been here since it was still in the generals.

>implying Jump-Chan is evil

Aw, c'mon. You can trust her!

>> No.37916115

I dunno.

There's a certain train of logic to that thought that makes too much sense.

>> No.37916145

I'm not saying that you SHOULD eat Jump-chan. It could even be one of her peers. No one ever said she was the only one of her kind. It would be a horrible, horrible thing to do, betraying her like that.

But mechanically speaking, it would totally give you sufficient power to be your own jump benefactor.

>> No.37916159

I... am... oh god.

Then again why do that with us when she could conceivably just eat harvest planetary populations, if she needed souls? Or start religions to ensure those souls went to her; I mean, if I BECOME a religion's afterlife... well, won't that be interesting?

>> No.37916168

Except you can't, because they could all easily kill you. Not to mention you are now assuming there are multiple, which might be even worse if you try killing one and the others team up.

>> No.37916172

What logic?

The logic that involves an omnipotent entity taking some schmuck from a random dimension, giving him superpowers, investing several millenia of time into it, and in the end consuming said schmuck to gain the powers she gave you in the first place?

>> No.37916176

Did anyone save the Big O jump from last thread? I was checking over the drive and it doesn't appear to have been submitted yet.

>> No.37916185


We're back to a shitstorm-a-day. What -fun-.

>> No.37916186

A common thread in higher beings. No direct contact.

>> No.37916211

Don't worry, it should blow over soon.

>> No.37916216

They aren't strong enough. She eats us to gain power.

But why would she need more power? Who could she want to fight that she would need to be stronger for? Her own benefactor?!? HOW DEEP DOES THE RABBIT HOLE GO?!?

>> No.37916227

It goes all the way to Phyrexia.

Why eat us when she can use us as cannon fodder?

>> No.37916229

After going over supernatural, and having done okami already, anyone know what other jump give me control over something as a god? Im fire and earth now I need like space and time or something. I want to build my own afterlife plane.

>> No.37916234


Was there ever any hope?

>> No.37916255

Percy jackson? Bleach for the afterlife bits?

>> No.37916265

Percy Jackson has you be a demigod, that's close. Lord of Light makes you a "god" that's really an incredibly powerful psychic, but you're still manipulating things on a conceptual level. Smite also lets you be a god. Can't think of any more, but I'm sure they're there.

>> No.37916283

Most god forms are extremely limited and, as far as I know, none give you complete power over an actual portfolio.

>> No.37916307

Hmm, there's one jump that allows tech that manipulates tech or something, don't remember what it is. Use tech so that followers who die are uploaded to a matrix like afterlife.

>> No.37916313

Got bleach done, got the sword plans and stuff.


Yeah thats why Im kinda only at two warpers now.

>> No.37916327

So send their soul to you, and their intellect to live on in a Matrix? I could get behind that.

>> No.37916330

>tech that manipulates tech
I meant tech that manipulates souls.

>> No.37916352


>> No.37916364

Thanks. I'll put it up.

>> No.37916375

Bleach has that, and I took the perk.

>> No.37916420

Lord of Light. It's transhumanist hindu myth, the ability to manipulate souls is pretty much a necessity.

>> No.37916434

No no no, I like where this is going. But that to call it?

Technotechnology? No, too electronic.

Macrotech? I think not.

Tautolotech? Well, I'll keep thinking about it.

>> No.37916458


>> No.37916477

Evangelion, Metaphysical Biology. Specialist tree.

Gives you tech that lets you analyze and manipulate souls. I'm sure you can find something from that.

>> No.37916497


>> No.37916509

Yep, that's the stuff. Thanks

I think it's commonly called a remote control.

>> No.37916513

Not technology that manipulates souls, technology that manipulates technology.

>> No.37916525


Seems like what he's looking for.

>> No.37916588


>> No.37916589

I really do not like writing the Clans page for this.

I can barely explain anything and I had to make races cosmetic or we'd be looking at a document five times the size of WHFB.

>> No.37916610

Thanks, shit we could probably rig our own spark with this.

>> No.37916630

No. Just no.

>> No.37916670

Never said it was a GOOD idea.

Hell I might use return for another go at supernatural. Get everything I could want.

And another conceptual element.

>> No.37916672

Nah, I'd try something different, given enough time.

Such as moving souls to healthier bodies, or maybe even giving soulless automatons souls.

>> No.37916682

No, returns do not give you extra cp. It just lets you spend an extra 10 years in the jump.

>> No.37916691

I'm pretty sure that's impossible.

>>37916672 has a way better idea.

>> No.37916704

Shouldn't "Virgin Detector" also be free for Dragons?

>> No.37916715

Then what good is the damn thing. Its literally a waste of cp.

>> No.37916727

Nah, they can just smell virginity.

>> No.37916743

If you want to spend ten more years there.

>> No.37916751

It lets you spend an extra 10 years in a jump, some people want that. You don't like it? Don't take it.

>> No.37916789

Okay, I've got a weird request for ideas, here. Normally /jc/ goes for super exotic things when we develop tech. All sorts of crazy advanced technology making for a ridiculously powerful system. But I'm trying to come up with a low-powered system, here, something that a setting not much more advanced than our world could produce on their own. I want to ease people into the supertech, in some jumps where I'll be around for a while and don't want to risk too much change too fast destabilizing things. So, that said, what would you ideally want on a space fighter?

>> No.37916806

>that pic
>edolas Red

>> No.37916820

Im twelve jumps past that anon.

The damn thing needs updating.

>> No.37916826

Fusion reactor.

>> No.37916836

Missles, lots of them.

>> No.37916841

Damn spmeone's bitchy tonight.

>> No.37916842

Dude, nearly everyone else here knows that, if you weren't sure, you should have asked. You just gotta go back and change your build then.

>> No.37916868

No fusion. Like I said, not much more advanced than the modern day. Best you'll get is a compact nuclear reactor based on the fission fragment generator idea they've been experimenting with for fifth generation reactors.

>> No.37916893

People here couldnt even agree if it was single use two days ago anon.

>> No.37916901

One of the aerospace companies, I think it was Lockheed Martin says that they're working on a compact fusion reactor that can fit on a truck. Supposedly, it'll be ready within ten of fifteen years.

>> No.37916913

...No, I'm pretty sure the general consensus is one use and no extra cp.

>> No.37916924

Well, that changes things, then. If they can deliver, of course. I'm still a bit leery of using fusion, but if I did it would unlock some nice possibilities.

>> No.37916937

Space fighters don't make a lot of sense with modern, or even slightly more advanced modern tech. Even in more futuristic settings, small one man fighters don't make a lot of sense.

We have missiles that we can guide from an iphone, not to mention a slew of other long range weapons.

>> No.37916946

Go back and read it, nobody could agree. Things dont get updated lately, even pokemon still has gamesave.

>> No.37916948

>ready in 10-15 years

So, it will be ready in about 50 years to never?

>> No.37916961

Oh, I know. Realistically, they make no sense. But this is for settings where Rule of Cool exists, and it's more important for a weapon to be interesting than effective. Stuff like mecha settings or other soft sci-fi.

>> No.37916976

If it was 2 days ago, it was such a minor argument that it doesn't matter. Certainly not a full shit storm level disagreement.

>> No.37916977

Railguns are neat in theory but would require a large amount of energy to function and only last around three shots before breaking.

Your best bet for weapons are missiles and bullets still. The bullets would need some form of oxygen system to fire in a vacuum, but range is less of an issue cause of the lack of air resistance or bullet drop.

Missiles are better for chasing a moving target and do way more damage but are way more expensive.

You would need a co2 scrubber to keep the cockpit atmosphere breathable.

Thrusters themselves are a problem due to lack of reaction mass. You would either need a fuckhuge fuel tank or really good compression to make it last long enough for anything meaningful.

Flares and chaff are necessary since you will be detected in space. Easy to make out a heat or radar signature against vacuum. Flares would have to be heated before getting shot into space.

Basically, prioritize ranged detection. The farther away you can see someone, the more likely you are to fire first. Sniping is the best option because its easy and whoever opens first will win 90% of the time.

>> No.37916982

Going over lords of light, do we just pick whatever as the aspect?

Also evangelion question. Can I genemod it?

>> No.37916986

Yeah. It's amazing how quickly technology has advanced from "wouldn't it be cool if...?" to "Yeah, that's a thing"

See: Railguns, lasers, fusion reactors. Hell, even a potential moon landing within our lifetimes. Also, Project MARAUDER

>> No.37916989

>Return - You may spend 10 more years in a world you have visited before.
How is this not clear?

>> No.37917003

>Certainly not a full shit storm level disagreement.
Come now thats no way to measure, shitstorms are trolls usually real questions get missed because of them.

>> No.37917019

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Jumpers End

Age: 28
Background: Pirate 100cp
Location: Port Royal 100cp
Swordsman (Free)
Plunder and and Pillage 100cp
Nobody's Tool 600cp
Sea Turtles, Mate 300cp
Magic Compass 200cp
Missing Some Bits +100cp
Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner +100cp
Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew +300cp

This jump didn't go exactly as planned and in some ways it was a complete disaster. I thought dealing with Davy Jones would be easy seeing as how I had the Compass and knew his heart was his weakness. Unfortunately, much like with Jack, he called my bluff. I knew I couldn't kill him because then I would be forced to take his place and I found hammering on his heart to cause him pain a less then effective means of stopping him. I eventually tried to get out of my debt by patching things up with Calypso, but I just ended up opening up old wounds. In the end the only thing Davy Jones and Calypso hated more then each other was me. With no other course of action available, I was forced to drag Will Turner into the conflict so I could convince him to kill Davy Jones in order to save his father and the rest of his crew.

I never wanted to kill anyone, especially in such cold blood. While I know that according to the way I classify things Davy Jones is a monster, it still ways heavily on me. It wasn't all bad though because the second and third movies basically didn't happen which meant I was able to steal the dead Captain Barbossa's crew and claim his title as Pirate King of the Caspian Sea. From that point on I spent my time hunting lost treasure, raiding slaver ships, and fighting off and robbing the military ships that inevitably came after me for raiding slaver ships. Smiling Jack in particular seemed to have gotten a kick out of reliving his human days as a pirate.

>> No.37917020

You can pick whatever you want as an Aspect, yeah. As for gene-modding your Evangelion...well, it's theoretically possible. I wouldn't want to do it without decades of study, first, so trying it in-jump is a big risk. But there's nothing stopping you.

>> No.37917026

The part where it just says you can go back with literally no extra info?

>> No.37917067

The fact that being able to buy multiple implies each one is a separate use?

>> No.37917101

Doesnt say you can in the pdf

>> No.37917112

>> No.37917138

Your right, my bad. However it does specify "A" world, not multiple ones, which is a rather obvious sign that it is for single use.

>> No.37917161

So what's confusing, the fact that says "a world" instead of "a couple worlds" or the fact it says "you can spend 10 more years" instead of "you can spend 10 more years and 1000 more CP"?

>> No.37917165

It might be in your interests to look up the biosphere-2 project, or more importantly, all the ways it failed.

Also, modern day tech can use fusion reactors for space propulsion, and I don't mean ramjets. It's basically the radiation-pressure & pusher-plate Orion concept: detonate a string of fusion weapons or otherwise casaba-howitzer-alikes behind you and ride the result in a heavily shielded spacecraft. There's actually some suspicion we already have the tech properly tested, it's just mothballed due to NIMBY. Also, casaba howitzers are great space weapons on top of that, though I'd add a missile platform to each one since space fighters aren't actually all that practical with any tech in the foreseeable future.

>> No.37917202

The part where it just says you go back, it doesnt say you dont get to roll again with cp.

The damn thing costs as much as the house and its conpletely useless according to you.

>> No.37917205

I know about Project Orion. But I figured that a fission pulse drive was a bit too much for a fighter. The ship carrying the fighters around, though? It gets one. Maybe even a nuclear saltwater rocket, which is basically a continuous Orion drive instead of a pulsed one. Scary things, those.

>> No.37917224

Not completely useless. It's good if you're feeling nostalgic. I'd say the ability to spend another decade with friends you thought you'd never get to see again is worth about as much as a more comfortable living area.

>> No.37917227

Dude, you keep saying it's useless, but it isn't. Plenty of people might want to use it, just cause you can't use it to get more cp does not mean it has no worth.

>> No.37917239

It doesn't say you do. It just says you get to spend ten more years there. But whatever, fanwank it however you want and fuck off. It's still only one use, and you can only get so much power with 1000 CP, even if it's Evangelion.

>> No.37917243

So the confusing part comes from reading between the lines and assuming that that which is not forbidden is reality, yeah I can see where that would cause some problems.

>> No.37917289

According to last thread time is stopped when you leave a jump. You can see everyone after you stop jumping.

More like what is not stated as not allowed is.

>> No.37917300

>Scary things, those.
Nigga, you don't even know.
Two words: Project PLUTO

>> No.37917310

It's best to assume it does what is stated, and ask other people if it does what is unstated.

>> No.37917314

So with Magi giving the Jumper a chance to collect Djinn, how are Djinn not considered companions?

>> No.37917324

Damn the fun police are out in force tonight.

>> No.37917339

I think I do, actually. That was the nuclear jet engine, right? The one that was to be used in atmosphere, and thanks to using a gas-core fission reactor sprayed vaporized uranium behind it as it flew? That one?

>> No.37917346

I sort of have a problem with your core concept here.

The term "space fighter" implies that there's something to be fighting in space. If it's just humans, you don't need space fighters, you can accomplish your mission more cheaply with armed satellites with kinetic bombardment capability (ala Project Thor). If you need to kill those satellites, missiles and such are going to be more cost-effective than fighters, and unless and until you're already in a position where you're starting to get permanent settlements further out (moonbases and space stations for exploitation of space-based resources), you're not going to be in a position where a "fighter" type vehicle is justified in having a human pilot. You might have killer drones or something to automatically hunt down satellites and other drones, but so long as you're anywhere near Earth and dealing with human-made stuff, fighters just aren't really a workable concept. Once you do get further out, the tech will be more mature anyways, and the 'modern' angle is a lot weaker.

That said, if it's aliens, you don't need to restrict yourself to modern tech; you can (indeed, you MUST) reverse-engineer whatever the aliens have that you can somehow manage to kill (ala X-COM), or you basically lose outright (barring an equivalently massive infusion of jumper-tech).

>> No.37917347

Oh look, the knee jerk reaction pricks are coming back.

>> No.37917358

Its like this every thread, some anon says hey I wonder what X does when mixed with Y and they shit the bed.

>> No.37917367

>According to last thread time is stopped when you leave a jump. You can see everyone after you stop jumping.
Okay, yes, "never see again" is hyperbole. But it could still be literally thousands of years before you see them again, normally. Return lets you skip that time.

>> No.37917384

Not really the situation here anon. Someone is just getting salty after finding out the rules weren't what they thought they were. they could always just leave and do their chain however they want, but they keep arguing for some reason.

>> No.37917403

What exactly does You’re so Sweet do? Does it reincarnate people from previous jumps or do you just hallucinate hardcore?

>> No.37917426

Yes but it happens every thread, at some point we really should update the old stuff and actually welcome open discussion. As it is the /jc/ thread is mostly flaming assholes bitching at everything. It does not encourage discourse.

>> No.37917428

Again, I'm fully aware of this. It's for rule of cool, nothing more. If I'm being completely honest, it's mostly for putting into worlds that already have space fighters and then using memory-altering magic to make people think they were always there. It's sort of to fill the gap, since a lot of worlds with them don't think of the logical steps you'd need to get to space fighters. They'd be there as a precursor to the ones currently in service. It's part of my ongoing quest to gain the power to retcon settings I think are dumb.

>> No.37917492

I think the problem comes from it not being specified and the creator going yeah whatever. Along with the price it should be better than single use no extras.

>> No.37917495

It's a two sided problem. You of course have the assholes who try to nerf or put down everything, but you also have people who blow things out of proportion or try to break the rules. The best thing to do is just do your best to ignore both sides and talk to reasonable people.

>> No.37917502


It was a cruise missile powered by an unshielded nuclear powered ramjet. It would circle above the ocean for months until it was commanded to head towards it's target, where it would simultaneously irradiate everything around it and shit nuclear weapons. Plus, it flew at low level at supersonic speeds, so you would have to deal with ruptured eardrums on top of deadly radiation sickness and being blinded by multiple nuclear detonations.

I for one am glad that I live in a world where such a thing was canceled due to being too insane even for the Cold War.

>> No.37917525

Damn thread wont see morning at this rate

>> No.37917529

Fuck off man, seriously.

We don't need anyone jerking off to Red posting. MoeAnon practically stated all the limitations she was looking over, and she even was concerned because she pointed out FFVII materia could do everything the first section of Chronomancy could do with a lower cost. You idiots just scream 'nerfbitch' for the sake of it lately.

And concerning the guy who wanted to get a Spark and keep jumping? Then said he wanted to EAT THE BENEFACTOR to get it anyway? That's not fun policing, that's calling someone out on pure bullshit. If we could just say "We eat jump-chan" then what is the fucking point of all this? "To gain power and be the God-kun" is barely an excuse either, you see plenty of people doing that without being an ungrateful fuck.

Yeah because /jc/ has always been the pinnacle of rationality and reason. I think the fact that we turn people into boogeymen out of a panic that we may not be MC-kun is reason enough. We have NEVER encouraged criticism and discourse.

>> No.37917545

Given how its written, and the theme of Big O, I'm gonna assume you're just tripping balls.

>> No.37917550

You're on JumpChain General.


>> No.37917572

The people who aren't utter morons? There are normal people here, they are just buried beneath the very vocal retards.

>> No.37917573

>We have NEVER encouraged criticism and discourse.

Much as I hate blanket statements, I unfortunately gotta agree with this. We demonize people.

>> No.37917576

Actually I asked if you could keep jumping after you got a spark, I stopped it then and other peopke went with it. Sorry I asked.

>> No.37917586

Damn it I can't stop thinking of Code ment when you said Tripping balls

>> No.37917597

Bah. Don't worry about it.

Welcome to /jc/. If we didn't have a shitstorm-a-day we wouldn't be where we are now.

>> No.37917623

>f we didn't have a shitstorm-a-day we wouldn't be where we are now.

Quit pretending. Conduit gets a lot worse.

>> No.37917636

I'm not the one who opened the "keep jumping post-spark" can of worms again. I am however the one that theorized about eating Jump-chan or one of Jump-chan's peers for the power needed. I never said I wanted to do it, just that it'd be one way to go about getting the power to keep doing jumps post-spark.

I just don't friggin understand why people are so salty about the notion that somebody wants to keep using the jumpchain format for their adventures even after they've completed one of the arbitrary endpoints.

At this stage of the game none of the "end" jumps really scare me. I've acquired too much power to feel like some Saiyajins or surviving in the Warhammer 40,000 universe are a significant threat to me.

>> No.37917650

Yes, and no. The basis of You're So Sweet is the episode Winter Night Phantom where Dan Dastun is mind fucked by the appearance of Sybil Rowan, an apparent look-a-like from an old film in a mysterious language. There are constant references to this in the series like a movie in Roger's hallucination being the same as Winter Night Phantom, or Colonel Dan Dastun finding a seemingly younger version of himself and Sybil Rowan watching Winter Night Phantom. They are not the same person, but it is more like something in the background trying to fuck with you.

>> No.37917659

Welp goodnight enjoy your badwrongfun. I know I will.

You think unholy heights king of hell would let us control or at least sway the supernatural demons? Im just gonna walk up nude and tell them Im a dryad sent to kill "me".

Zim perks should let this work for a year or two.

>> No.37917676

You can do it if you want, but everyone here is using the same rules, and no one wants to put up with someone wanting special bullshit for themselves

>> No.37917678

>Welp goodnight enjoy your badwrongfun.
You're certainly not helping the shit-flinging.

>> No.37917694

Sorry I know sarcasm doesnt carry in text, I will stop trying to joke.

>> No.37917723

You shouldn't encourage Mr "The IRC guys are literally monsters", "I do hates me some Red! She comes up only because I keep mentioning her, but it's her fault!" when so-called demonizing in the threads comes up.

>> No.37917734

And yet we're getting there. MoeAnon says something, people bitch. Red says something, people bitch. Quicksilver tries to say something, people call him retarded. Any time a high-powered jump comes out it becomes a fucking shitstorm on whether we're too powerful or if it wasn't powerful ENOUGH. When Eva's Angel tree was rebalanced, people bitched up a storm because they couldn't be some eldritch monster in one jump. We're all ungrateful to anything it seems.

Remind me how we're worse than Conduit again.

>and no one wants to put up with someone wanting special bullshit for themselves
Where do you think we are?

>> No.37917769

>Remind me how we're worse than Conduit again.
Because Conduit is basically a bootleg OC version of Jumpchain.

>> No.37917770

Sorry. Long day, ability to humor gone to shit. Sorry again for lashing.

Can't say that anon's wrong though. We are a volatile group.

>And yet we're getting there. MoeAnon says something, people bitch. Red says something, people bitch. Quicksilver tries to say something, people call him retarded. Any time a high-powered jump comes out it becomes a fucking shitstorm on whether we're too powerful or if it wasn't powerful ENOUGH. When Eva's Angel tree was rebalanced, people bitched up a storm because they couldn't be some eldritch monster in one jump. We're all ungrateful to anything it seems.

Well. When you put like THAAAAAT...

Shit. We are worse than Conduit.

>> No.37917850

Have we had a variation of that one comic that Conduit edited?

Because we need it right now.

>> No.37917988

Well maybe I am a glutton for punishment but Here is something I have been working on redoing for quite a while.

Change log: Basically everything, nothing is the same. I tried to make it in a more standard jump chain style.

So, please feel free to give me your questions, comments and criticisms.

>> No.37918003

Type-Moon-Servant anon I love you.

>> No.37918029

Looks interesting, though I don't really know enough about Type-Moon to comment. It's cool, though.

>> No.37918066

I don't suppose we know what happened to type-anon do we? Their jump seems half done.

>> No.37918087

Type-anon's vanished, far as we know.

>> No.37918104

This is neater, but I think it is even worse then the original content wise. You have effectively neutered most customization, and most canon servants cannot be created anymore. Not to mention how that your stat system is even more unclear then the original one.

>> No.37918129

Thank you I appreciate both of you taking a look at it.
I have no clue, he has been gone for quite a while. The reason I did this was a lot of people who did take his jump took the the option to fight in the grail war and I figured they might like to make their own Servant.

>> No.37918151

Think they'd be pissed if I took a crack at it then?

>> No.37918182

Hell no I wouldn't be pissed hell it needs to be adopted to those who like Type-Moon. I bet there are a few that are willing to pick it up as well.

>> No.37918205

Same anon.
Might I make a suggestion of perhaps splitting the jump for Fate series and it's other series?
Yes? No? Maybe? I'll be quiet.

>> No.37918227

Thing is, it'd be easier if it were split up into the different series, instead of lumped together like it is. Make each jump for the series, that way each series gets a chance to show it's special stuff.

Right now as it stands, it's kind've a mess.

>> No.37918228

Doesn't it also cover a bunch of different settings in the same universe?

It might be better to break them up into constituent jumps to give each one more TLC.

>> No.37918231

I was thinking Fate and Tsukihime, respectively as a split. Mostly because those are the works I'm familiar with.

>> No.37918279

I tried to make it more accessible. I realized people might not want to go in to as much detail. I can add a few notes to clarify the stat system. As for the lack of options... I'll see what I can do.

>> No.37918314

Don't worry about it. I'm fine with just using the old one. Any changes to this one to make it satisfactory would likely end up making it like the first supplement. It can't really be loyal to the canon and accessible at the same time by its very nature.

>> No.37918316

At this point no I don't think so it's been quite a while since they have been around. Also there is nothing against making multiple versions of the same jump.

>> No.37918396

Well said. The sad thing is the new one is actually built with the stat system in mind. The stats all start at C, buying one of the perks ups them to an A, the drawbacks Reduces them to a D or E. Also most of the skill perks assume that they are an A or nothing. Lastly some perks are a combination/simplification of certain skills like how willpower is bravery, mental pollution and a few others. I really tried to make something that type moon fans would like but that wouldn't scare away newbies. I do however understand and am glad that someone liked my first supplement.

>> No.37918415

"Touhou Jumpchain WIP soon, fellow jumpers!"

"Oh Really? When?"


>> No.37918428

Shitstorm in five...

>> No.37918431

Yeah, it's mainly cause I'm a huge fan of the source, and I love lots of detail. It is a lot better for most people the way you are doing it I'll say. Bout as close as you can get while making it easy to read

>> No.37918455

Nice WIP MoeAnon

>> No.37918486

How long does Lunar Dial last exactly?

>> No.37918557



>> No.37918559

I try to keep raw numbers at a bare minimum to avoid argument. It's whatever you think is most reasonable given you magical prowess.

>> No.37918619

Of course you do.

>> No.37918623



>> No.37918656


>> No.37918667

Ah shit.

>> No.37918737


>> No.37918767

Come on man, that ain't even my powerset. I'm an earthbender for cryin' out loud, there ain't no poison up in this. None.

>> No.37918795

I joke but fuck if that isn't amazing that you called it

>> No.37918807


>> No.37918864

Come on guys, I'm serious here!

Uhm, well I can unbend them too you know.

>> No.37918874

The Angel perks seem a bit lackluster compared to the Pagan ones to me as they don't have many perks.
We also have to take drawbacks just to afford the perks for Angel which also means it's hard to get their items or companion options too. I feel like the Angel (and Pagan to an extent) origins cost too much.

Does the Angel teleport let us take people with us?
Also darn that restriction on the bow, does it work on me still? Can I shoot the bow for damage and not love purposes?

>> No.37918888



This amuses me.

>> No.37918952


>> No.37918975



>> No.37919004

Hey guys, wh-


>> No.37919027

Guns can actually fire in a vacuum- the propellent in cartridges has its own oxidizing agent, so it has all the oxygen it needs inside itself already. That's why guns can be fired underwater and in space.

Shooting in space is more a problem of recoil and heat- gun barrels will warp from the heat damn quick without air to wick the heat away. Plus, if you aren't anchored to something you're getting pushed back as the gun fires.

As far as kinetic weapons go- railguns are pretty much the end-all. Within a lot of jumps you will find the tech to make railguns that won't melt themselves after a few shoots, and one you achieve that you can do some pretty ridiculous things with them.

The ultimate version of a railgun would be a Magnetohydrodynamic cannon. What these do is launch a stream of molten metal at near light speed, which can do mind-breaking things to physics. Imagine a stream of death that imparts the force of a nuke continuously onto anything it sprays, then factor in all the droplets that spray out and further shred everything around the main beam. You could carve continents with one of these things.

>> No.37919259

I have a question about the Doo Family Collar in the Scooby Doo jump. If I'm understanding this right, it sets up rationales so that no one will question your position of weird objects from another world. How does this fit if I bring in something really exotic? Like, say, an FTL spaceship in a setting without FTL. How is its presence justified?

>> No.37919313

It'd probably be seen as rightfully yours but still very alien.

>> No.37919329

Doo Family Starship. Built by your Great Grandpappy Doo to take the fight to the martians after he drove them out of Florida.

Seriously though I have no fucking idea. When in doubt, go for comedy.

>> No.37919366

Actually it covers a couple stories in the same universe (Tsukihime and Fate/Stay night) that also take place with in a short time of each other. You could literally help Shiki take care of Roa. Take a short trip and arrive in fuuyiki in about time to summon your servant and prep for the grail war. I know they take place in the same year I think it might be only a couple months between I might be mistaken though.

>> No.37919378

...yes. I had no idea I wanted this that much, but I do.

>> No.37919402

Quick question about perks. Do they follow you from jump to jump? Say I picked the Harem Protagonist perk in Rosario + Vampire and then went to the DC universe, would I have a decent chance of a harem full of superbabes?

>> No.37919411

Yes, that's absolutely how they work.

>> No.37919422

Yes and yes.

Perks always follow you, drawbacks follow you from jump to jump if you want.

>> No.37919439

Right. So, plan for technology levels. Namely, technology knowledge bases.

Weyland-Yutani has a decent amount (namely the atmospheric terraforming structures, the particle beams, the modular smartguns, etc) as does humanity, so I'm thinking them at 400.

Yautja / Predator tech is on a decent level, but unfortunately has a very narrow-minded focus on hunting & tracking. Thinking them either at 400 or 500.

Now, Engineer tech. The Engineers from Prometheus. Those guys have wickedly hilarious technology, and it's way beyond Yautja or Wey-Yu levels. Thinking them at 600.

That sound about good for everyone?

>> No.37919442

>Getting a harem of superbabes from DC
You brilliant son of a bitch.

>> No.37919447


Thanks. Now to go see if I can pull Harley Quinn away from the Joker...

>> No.37919466

Yes, that is absolutely how they work. And the combinations of perks, powers, & items is part of what makes JumpChain the JumpChain.

That and our superheated vitriol.

>> No.37919475


Thanks! I try to be inventive.

>> No.37919476

That sounds like a terrible idea, but I hate joker enough to recommend it wholeheartedly.

>> No.37919500

Yautja tech is pretty advanced stuff. They just limit themselves to basic technology because it's not fair if they go guns blazing. And it's not sport if you're not handicapped.

>> No.37919506


What can I say? She's hot and I feel bad for her. Plus I've got Therapy no Jutsu and Talk no Jutsu from Naruto so I think I'm safe. Besides, what could she possibly do to me? At that point I would be way stronger than her.

>> No.37919508

>a harem full of superbabes
Justice League Hot

>> No.37919519

Oh, good, I was just about to post suggesting that you pick up perks like that. You'll be fine then, champ. Have fun.

>> No.37919520

Well go ahead. It's not like I have a copyright on Grandpappy Doo.

>> No.37919526

Make sure you have sexual tyrannosaurus for the ladies.

>> No.37919534

I think you'd have to beat their Queen in a fist fight. Queen vs Queen battle.

>> No.37919539

Hrmm, point. Might leave it at 500. But they do have a huge focus on the hunting & tracking, so that's part of my pondering.

Also god dammit captcha stop trying to have me match up pictures of sushi.

>> No.37919543

KSM from Fallout would work, too.

>> No.37919571


Of course. I like Harley, but I'm not stupid enough to try getting near her unprepared.

>> No.37919599


Sexual Tyrannosaurus? KSM? What are those?

>> No.37919615

Are there any perks that alter your equipment size to adjust to you automatically? Or would I have to make power armor for both my human and Kaiju forms?

>> No.37919637

Fallout KSM is Kama sutra master and sexual tyrannosaurus is in 80's action movie.

>> No.37919640

Perks from the 80's action movie jump and the fallout jump. They make you better at sex.

>> No.37919646

Sexual Tyrannosaurus is from 80s Action Movie. KSM is Kama Sutra Master from Fallout. They both have the same effect, making you both incredibly good at seductions and very capable of delivering on your promises.

>> No.37919647

>The Angel perks seem a bit lackluster compared to the Pagan ones to me as they don't have many perks.
They do get more items to make up for having one less perk than pagan gods.

>We also have to take drawbacks just to afford the perks for Angel which also means it's hard to get their items or companion options too.
You can't buy all the pagan perks without taking drawbacks either. I don't think a high-power origin should also let you pick up all their strongest abilities without taking on a little bit of trouble. Being able to overpower the early protagonists with just the background seems like quite a lot already.

>I feel like the Angel (and Pagan to an extent) origins cost too much.
Most builds so far have been for the those two options; it seems the high cost is worth the payoff.

>Does the Angel teleport let us take people with us?
It sure does, but some humans have complained of not being able to poop for a week after experience angel travel. No serious consequences, take all the people you can carry with you.

>Also darn that restriction on the bow, does it work on me still? Can I shoot the bow for damage and not love purposes?
You can use it on yourself, but you may want to take a mortal altform instead of doing it from a vessel because the risk of hitting your vessel instead or at the same time. Either you'll accidentally pair up your mansuit with someone or be paired up with. Better to safely try it when in your own mortal-ish body. I don't think the arrows it fires can hurt people, cherubim don't seem to be meant for combat.

>Doo Family Collar
You could certainly inherit things other than money, but they might still seem bizarre and out of place to others. The only benefit you'd get is everyone knowing it was rightfully yours and not a stolen starship.

>> No.37919648

Sexual Tyrannosaurus is from 80's action movie jump and KSM is Karma Sutra Master from Fallout both of which turn you into a sex machine/ladies man.

>> No.37919653

"Molten metal" isn't really a good term for it; anywhere close to c, and relativistic effects on collisions with atmosphere will reduce your projectile to a plasma stream.

Also, if you've got an energy source capable of continuously accelerating stuff to near-c, you've probably got a planet-cracker already. Forget 'droplets' and such, the kinetic effects of an ordinary brick at .99 c is already more powerful than the most powerful nuke ever made. Really, you're better off focusing more on precision and power in one single shot than on wasting extra power to keep sending down extra doom on whatever you're shooting at; past the initial impact, you'll be losing tons of power to blowback effects anyways, so you're better off spacing your shots.

>> No.37919658

Bloody Roar has a machine that modifies clothing & armor, allows it to transform with you.

>> No.37919674

Can I get a ruling on >>37913415?

>> No.37919696


Ah. I'll be sure to get those.

>> No.37919697

Excellent, operation huge is a go.

>> No.37919739


>> No.37919752

Is it wrong that I would want to eat that heart attack?

>> No.37919760


>> No.37919780

Sorry about missing that.

>Can we be offered important (un)holy objects as sacrifice for In My Name?
You can have them collect items of power for you, for sure. People put a lot of value in their religion, some placing faith high above the level of a single human soul. Important (un)holy items is a pretty wide category, but I think this will even out with how difficult it would be for most normal mortal worshipers to obtain.

>> No.37919828

Yes and maybe.

Harem Protagonist will certainly attract superbabes to you. There's nothing that really indicates that people will be more willing to share you though and you may find characters in DC to be less amenable to the concept than characters in the perk's native setting.

It does guarantee shenanigans though.

>> No.37919840

So become batman?

>> No.37919845

So do I have to absorb a member of my Clan to get my Clan's powers?

>> No.37919878

Nah, if you take Cray Native you get to be a member of whichever Clan you pick.

>> No.37919886

True, it won't make them more willing to share. Is there a perk elsewhere that will?

>> No.37919916

Those are all understandable.
I was hoping the bow could hurt people because I wanted to combine it with other weapons, a tattoo weapon sounds awesome.
Are there any jumps which give tattoo storage?

I'm not sure if I understand the Archangel blade, does it just bypass supernatural durability/defences?
What do the thirteen bullets do if they don't kill things?
If I take the food drawback will I still be able to get untainted food like from my warehouse?

>> No.37919921

Couldn't hurt.

Not that I know of. There may be another more comprehensive Harem Protagonist perk somewhere.

>> No.37919923

I think there is a perk in seraiki or whatever it is but I am not sure

>> No.37919929

Look through the Overlord and Tenchi Muyo jumps.

>> No.37919931

Sekirei has like an entire tree dedicated to making harems work.

>> No.37919941

There is. Severaly, in fact, that if combined together gives full coverage. Give me a minute to write it up.

>> No.37919945


Thanks. Will do.

>> No.37919969

You shall be now called Harem master. Gotta catch them all! If you don't get it it's a joke

>> No.37919979

Familiar of zero has one exactly for that.

>> No.37920003

I don't understand, is that a reference to popular culture?

>> No.37920010

As long as you don't keep me from buying Dead Apostle I don't mind.

>> No.37920013


>> No.37920017

Right, so, here's what you'll want. First, take MC-Kun from the Familiar of Zero jump. That explicitly states that women will be willing to share you. But just because you've got a harem doesn't mean they'll get along. So next you take Group Dynamics from Overlord, which makes it trivial to manage groups so that everyone is happy. Add Sharing is Caring from Sekirei to form a strong sense of communal bond in a group. Also, this communal bonding doesn't have to be romantic, which means that with Group Dynamics you're now the ultimate team leader, too. That will be helpful in a lot of situations. Finally, just for fun, add on Seduction Master from the Sims. This perk lets you use the power of love to alter sexual preferences. Make all the members of your harem bisexual. Now you're not the sole focus of romantic feelings, meaning that you won't have to put as much work into managing it. Plus it's hot, so that's a nice side-benefit. You now have the ultimate harem build.

>> No.37920037

Tattoo storage? I think you're going to want to become a fuinjutsu prodigy when you do Naruto. Storage seals are a thing there, and why shouldn't you be able to seal in ink written on things other than a piece of paper?

>> No.37920045

Damn, that's extensive. Thanks!

>> No.37920088

I mean their powers. You said it's only aesthetic right? Don't Clans have innate powers though?

>> No.37920104

>Tattoo weapons
First off, that does sound really awesome. Don't know of any jumps that give it, and can't really think of setting it's featured either.

>Archangel Blade
Unlike most weapons, it is going to kill demons and angels as well as the host when used. Cheap tricks like possessing another person won't protect the creature using them as a shield. In this world at least, it can kill pagan gods as well, which typically can only be brought down by fairly specific weapons (Zeus could only be killed using a stake made from a tree struck by lightning, for instance).

>13 Bullets
There are very few things these won't kill. If something lives through it, it has an incredible amount of power. Unless you're hunting actual gods (not the cheap supernatural rip-off pagan gods) or their divine allies it should work. If you decide to shoot something and it lives, it's going to know you were shooting with deadly ammo and react accordingly.

>Tainted Food
Warehouse food should be fine, as will be anything you grow yourself. You'll just want to not eat anything with added sugar. If you have the meat-of-killed-creatures perk from Carnivores you may have to be careful not to eat tainted stuff still - if you killed something with the additive them I can see it ending up with the other assorted slabs of meat.

>> No.37920105

No, that's a polyamorous shit build. A true harem wouldn't have everyone fucking everyone else. There is a difference.

>> No.37920117

Do you know if that would let me summon the items out and put them back into tattoo mode quickly like the bow? Or would it need some preparation each time?

Would PS238 give me what I want through miscellaneous powers?

>> No.37920132


B-But what about watching your girls have sex with each other?

>> No.37920157

Theoretically it should take maybe a second, if that. Basically the time it takes to put it in and take it out, as long as you channel a little chakra into it. Seriously, this is used to store everything in Naruto. Including corpses.

PS238's miscellaneous powers... that could work too. And would be hilarious.

Also consider requip and teleporter powers from Raildex.

>> No.37920158


>> No.37920170

An additional enhancement that I didn't mention there is that each background in Tenchi has a 400CP perk that gives waifus in addition to other benefits. With drawbacks providing extra CP and the fact that you're explicitly allowed to take the Tenchi jump twice, unlike most jumps, you can afford to take them all. It's up to interpretation whether these perks give specific people that are then companions, or rather just attract new ones in each new world (the wording on the one for Drop-In suggests the later, though it's unclear). But if you take that second interpretation, you can automatically attract to yourself in each jump as romantic partners: two princesses or nearest equivalent, one second in command of your enterprises, one incredibly talented doctor of your choice of scientific or medical degree, one incredibly skilled law enforcement officer, and a veteran of a recent military conflict. I'm sure you can find examples of those in most settings you'd want. Not only that, it gives you an amazing set of skills too long to list as well as a palatial estate on every occupied planet in the universe and a magic sentient tree that makes you immortal. Tenchi jump is best jump.

>> No.37920173

I thought /jc/ was a safe family friendly place for hand holding and cuddling not lewd.

>> No.37920174

That's disgusting. For one, I don't like lesbian sex. Doesn't do anything for me. Might for you, not for me. Second, I find the idea of everyone just fucking in a big pile of disease repulsive too. But the biggest issue is that they all love each other instead of you being the target. Other than not liking that personally, that makes it not a harem, but just a giant polyamorous relationship. If that's what you want that's fine, but it's not a harem.

>> No.37920212

Okay, then, don't do the last part of the plan. Seduction Master isn't integral to it, it works fine without it. I don't care if you want them all focused on you, it's just something I personally don't want. Also, I apologize for being imprecise in my term, that's something I need to work on.

>> No.37920220


Hmmmm..... True, it doesn't fit the standard definition of a harem. I suppose you're right. I'd be okay with it, mainly because I'll be the only guy. But if you don't like it that's fine.

Blame whoever put harem options in the Jumpchains.

>> No.37920234

I think I remember someone saying Soul Eater had that happen in the plot. It isn't an actual perk, so you'll have to look into the lore of that setting yourself, but I'm pretty sure this came up before.

>> No.37920241

Y'all are all actually cool folks, you know. The people who aren't are a small minority and all of you need to stop letting them get you down or painting your view of the thread. So keep on keeping on jumpchain, remember that most of you are friendly and reasonable people from my experience.

>> No.37920270

The tattoo thing? It's Medusa's magic. Not sure if it can be replicated or not.

>> No.37920275

Wow. You're really angry.

>> No.37920276

Alright thanks, I think I'll end up using PS238 because I'd want the tattoos to look like the item being held instead of writing.
As much as I'd like Requip I can't afford it since I'm going for water dragonslayer there.

I just need to figure out what to choose as the three abilities in PS238.
I was thinking of Tattoo Storage but the tattoo is the size of the item, Item Shrinkage to fit more onto me and I don't know about the third.
Those are what I'd pick if that's how it works.

>> No.37920279

Clans do, the races don't seem to.

>> No.37920281

>Friendly and reasonable
Boy I think you're in the wrong thread here.
The joke will me missed I bet

>> No.37920282

It probably could be if you took "tattoos" as your magical theme with that perk. I doubt you'd start as capable with it as she is, but no reason you can't learn.

>> No.37920285

I think he's talking about the book of Eibon, what with the storing things inside tattoos. That's pretty close to the book.

>> No.37920301

I know I'm missing it. Care to explain? I like jokes, I feel dumb when I don't get them.

>> No.37920302

I wouldn't say that it's sounds like he is being reasonable just the way it just the way it's typed.

>> No.37920308

>Tenchi jump is best jump.
It's on my short list of, If You Only Had X Number Of Jumps jumps.

>> No.37920326

But if I explain the joke then there is no joke.
I mean how we usually fight that we may not seem reasonable and such.

>> No.37920327

I agree. Most of my list is made of Muyo Anon's jumps, actually. He does good work.

>> No.37920340

Well if your going to, I'd ask that you keep in the Atlas stuff like Thought Acceleration.

>> No.37920349


Muyo Anon?

>> No.37920353

... as opposed to Naruto sealing where you can literally shove an entire armory into a single piece of paper? You sure about that?

>> No.37920358

A jump maker who rarely post via namefagging. He's made the Tenchi jump, which is amazing, among others.

>> No.37920369

Like I said, it's a minority. You can really tell. Don't let them paint your view of yourselves.

>> No.37920374


Ah. Thanks.

>> No.37920375

He also made Asura's Wrath and Eva I think.

>> No.37920387

Nah, I'm not angry, I'm just pointing out my view on it. Sorry if it sounds angry.

>> No.37920388

He also did Civilisation, Black Lagoon and Dead or Alive

>> No.37920392

Two of the highest powered jumps.

>> No.37920397

I know but we should be able to laugh at the situation itself right?

>> No.37920398

And a bunch of minor jumps like Splinter Cell or Tomb Raider that people don't talk about a lot but are nicely balanced and composed. He's good at this.

>> No.37920407

He did eva? It didn't look like one of his, but I guess it was.

>> No.37920409

No worries.

>> No.37920415

Then I'm gonna have to snack on someone, oh well.

>> No.37920453

I might take that on the side for general carrying stuff but a big part of it is style for me, I'd rather have a tattoo sword slide out of my arm than pop out of the writing.
I'm also not sure on the power level of ps238 so I don't know how crazy the tattoos can get.

>> No.37920460

Anyone know what the Red Robe of Death from Lord of Light looks like?

>> No.37920476

I think it's red, and I'm not sure but I'm pretty positive it's a robe.

>> No.37920477

It's not a picture book, anon. Imagine something.

>> No.37920486


I suppose I walked into that wall myself. Dammit, was hoping someone might've come up with something. I'm shit at imagination.

>> No.37920488

It's a robe see, like a wizard wears, but it's red.

>> No.37920504

Well the book isn't illustrated as far as I know, so maybe it's on the cover?

>> No.37920505



>> No.37920506

I assume it'd be quite low powered, considering the setting as a whole is all about young kids

>> No.37920544

Jee anon, I guess you don't want help then.


>> No.37920573

>Low powered
Heh. That has the best strength and tanking perk in jumpchain.

>> No.37920591

Excellent find, anon. Here's one artist's conception of the item in question.

>> No.37920602

lol, meant to link this post.

>> No.37920620

That is a commissar and there's nothing you can say to deny it.

(really, thank you. You guys were beautiful people just now. And if that's the robe, HOT DIGGITY DAMN).

>> No.37920648

Please don't bring up that stupid bullshit, it honestly doesn't fit the setting and Tera was just being a power hungry fuckhead putting it in.

>> No.37920651


Are you implying I didn't have this link from long ago, back when I did the jump? That I haven't dicked around with the posts above, just to be as unhelpful as possible?

I'm honored you think so nicely of me.

>> No.37920661

Oh, Mir? Hey how's it been?

>> No.37920704

I thought that FISS was a term pull explicitly from the material, though.

>> No.37920711

Not really mir! As fun as that guy is, he isn't me.

>> No.37920740

Oh, so another joke then. How disappointing.

>> No.37920766

It is. Significant chunks of the plot involve people with FISS and various shenanigans to create/counter/manipulate them.

>> No.37920784 [SPOILER] 

So question anon here again. /jc/ have you done anything dickish to someone you hate or just the place in general just for the shits and giggles like what any anonymous would do?

>> No.37920786

It totally is.

>> No.37920794

So why is FISS controversial in a PS238 jump?

>> No.37920804

It's not, really, there's just one anon being salty and you guys feeding him.

>> No.37920815

Didn't mean to feed, I was just genuinely curious.

>> No.37920825

There actually is official art of the characters. It was made as part of a proposal to make a movie of the book (said movie was never made, though the sets and props made for it were employed in the plot to deal with the Iranian Hostage Crisis, as seen in the movie Argo). Jack Kirby did the art, so it's pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the only one for Yama is a facial study, no view of his robes.

>> No.37920832

Bah. Don't worry about it.

All honestly, that jump is a 'HERE, GRAB BAG A SUPERPOWER, DOESN'T MATTER WHAT.'

>> No.37920833

So they all have mediocre powers and are dissing her? She should smash his shitty glass helmet.

>> No.37920839

Mostly because, as >>37920573 points out, it's the single biggest strength/tanking perk in the entire Jumpchain. Like if there was a "Become Superman" perk. Of course, it costs ALL your points, including max drawbacks, to pull it off, but still.

>> No.37920852

Welcome to PS238.

And anyone that does claim it's low power is silly.

>> No.37920856

Yeah, they're assholes picking on a little girl and planning on using her as a meat shield in case of a trap. They're not nice people.
Can you please stop? You out of all names are the absolute worst about siding with or feeding anons who are trying to cause trouble.

>> No.37920860

Is it worth the read?

>> No.37920871

It is as far as I've heard.

>> No.37920876

Oh, yeah, very entertaining comic. I need to start reading it again, I've gotten behind recently.

>> No.37920894

Eeeh. Depends.

For some people, the humor's shitty. Like, shittier than EmPowered shitty. However, it has quite a few bright spots and is worth a read to see if you do like it. Good writing behind it helps.

>> No.37920896

I read through it some time ago. I can't remember much in particular but that it was super-long, and didn't distinguish itself well-enough to make my regular webcomic reading list. YMMV, of course.

>> No.37920899

Ehhh, it's personal taste really. Give the first few chapters a shot at least.

>> No.37920902

I have plans regarding making Dolores Umbridge's life a living hell.

With a Trickster Kitsune build, I have every pranking and scheming perk under the sun. She thought Fred and George were bad? She knows NOTHING.

I join the Inquisitorial squad and offer falsified information that seems to be legit but inevitably ends up getting her nowhere, while accurate enough to earn me her trust.

Then the fun starts.

Sneaking in to rearrange the cat plates she has on her office wall.

Adding a mild bitterant to her tea, fast dissolving.

Inoculating her against the Catgirl virus then watching as the hyperkinetic fluffy tailed student body overwhelms her.

Forging documents implicating her as a muggle-born covering up her lineage with a faked family tree.

I will leave a small anonymous calling card when these things happen, and only at the very end, after she has been driven completely insane, will I mention the term on the card to her in passing.

I was the one behind it all. ALL of it.

>> No.37920907

Very, have a link.

>> No.37920932

You remember all those horrible pranks?

>> No.37920941

>Adding a mild bitterant to her tea, fast dissolving.
>Not adding a psychadelic laxative
C'mon, man. You gotta amp it up for someone like DU.

>> No.37920945


>> No.37920950

Make Fudge write her a mean letter.

>> No.37920953

Jumpmind. I, too, was seconds too slow.

>> No.37920968

No, see, a laxative is obvious. She's fairly paranoid she would know someone spiked it.

Having your tea just too bitter to be enjoyable, that's a bit more vague.

>> No.37920986

And now I know what I must do for my petty vendetta: Go around in the DC jump using time travel to do the same thing to Zoom. Then, right before he gives that speech, I cut him off by giving my own. It will be the ultimate trolling. "Did you ever wonder why people keep cutting you off before you can say your villainous monologues? I AM THAT REASON!"

>> No.37920991

Make her crumpets taste old too.

>> No.37921002

>Not giving that fat bitch a helping of pie from Thinner
It'll go great with her tea.

>> No.37921008

...I can't help but think this is a euphemism.

>> No.37921025

It's not, it's just that crumpets and tea are a thing.

>> No.37921037

What no fish and chips? No wonder everyone hates Umbridge

>> No.37921045

What is a crumpet? Are crumpets? Is it always plural?

>> No.37921055

We need some Stephen King jumps.

>> No.37921065

Some kind of biscuit?

>> No.37921068

You know English muffins? That's what Americans call crumpets.

>> No.37921083

Is it possible to buy miscellanious meta several times? If so do you keep the discount on each purchase?
I'm thinking of getting some of Spideys powers but I'm not sure which ones to get other than spidey sense.

>> No.37921120

This is a crumpet and it isn't always plural but no one has just one crumpet.
I'm also just realising how silly the word crumpet actually looks.

>> No.37921123

Just go to Black Bullet and pick up Spider. Gives you all abut half of them. You don't get the physical enhancement, but you do get the spidey sense, wall crawling, and organic webshooters. Then take Hyperkinetic from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for the super coordination and dexterity, throw in a physical strengthening perk from just about anywhere, and you're Spiderman.

>> No.37921129

>English muffins
Oh. Those are kinda nice, but only with butter. I've seen some people slather jam on them and thats just retarded. Flavor profiles, people. Fucking flavor profiles.

>> No.37921135

Where do we get the Peter Parker luck though?

>> No.37921144

There's a drawback for it in the Marvel jump.

>> No.37921147

The shitty version? It's a drawback in Marvel.

>> No.37921159

Alright. And what about an ability to sell your marriage to Satan?

>> No.37921166

Shitty writing drawback from DC

>> No.37921169


>> No.37921177

Devilish Deal from Van Helsing combined with any demon-summoning magic.

>> No.37921186

I generally don't do "dickish" to people I HATE. Actions towards people I HATE either tend towards total avoidance else forcible removal from the lifestream.
But luckily I don't HATE a lot of people.

I occasionally screw with people for shits and giggles, though.

Sometimes in Dune I'd build a little AI controlled 'bot and then send it down to a planet I didn't like before flying away. I'd make them really cute and tell them to make friends.
I thought it was funny.

Lately I've been thinking that I could probably forcibly reeducate her using various tools at my disposal, so that she becomes the sweet and caring individual she pretends to be.
Harry Potter's really quite late for me, actually. It's unlikely there exists any wizard who could stand against me, let alone the D.
The trick is, of course, doing it without anyone else finding out. But they don't even have really good surveillance in Hogwarts. All I'd have to do is catch her alone. Then drag her down into the Chamber of Secrets for some SCIENCE!, and...

>> No.37921208

Sengoku Basara Jump (15th)

Zakaraia Adamu

Clan's Land
- Mouri Clan - So people who worship the sun and have an ambitious leader. Oh boy where have I landed?

- Ninja (900) - I'm a ninja, ok.

- Lukewarm Bodies (1200) - Come on get that smile off your face, people are dying here. Pointlessly too.
- Victory Condition (1500) - Going to destroy Chosokabe, and it'll be easy to convince people I'm a sun deity

Skills & Abilities
- Hot Blooded - There is no party.
- Stealth - I normally don't like stealth but it's something you have to do sometimes.
- Swiftness (1400) - Fast as a running river!
- Bravado (1200) - No retreat!
- Monkey Jump (1000) - Good, I needed something like this. Now I can jump over walls and stuff.

- Cool Item - Nice ninja suit
- Elemental Weapon x 2 (Bo [Wind] & Gauntlets [Lighting]) (0)

End Choice
- Move On

I'm a ninja? That's cool I guess. I got these kick ass elemental weapons, Electro Gloves and Windstaff. I'm super fast, and super stealthy. I teach my companions using Negima's Teacher perk my l33t Ninja Skills. For they will help me cement my title as a Sun Child or something and to vassal the Chosokabe clan. It was quite easy to assassinate the leaders of Chosokabe clan, and end their line. I set up a puppet leader that weakens the clan from the inside. We then take him captive and he swears his clans loyalty to Mouri clan. The harder part was getting people convinced I'm child of the Sun. It took awhile but I eventually convinced them by performing some "divine" techniques all over the country. After we do this, it's time to leave and I leave behind that Sun-God-Child bullshit that I had to do. Not my style.

>> No.37921284

>dicking around with thinking machines
>knowing this will throw the entire fucking galaxy into a tizzy

I like you.

>> No.37921289

>It's unlikely there exists any wizard who could stand against me, let alone the D.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

>> No.37921300

>Dicking around with machines
>No more dick copter robots
Sadness Konatanon

>> No.37921328

Agreed. Gotta have SOME dick-propeller shenanigans here and there.

>> No.37921377

I'm sorry, Anon, but I have to be REALLY DRUNK to make dickcopters.

Although, in Divinity Dragon Commander, I took the Angry Feminist drawback, and my companions tell me that my army of turbulent cylindrical robots in was absolute hilarity. I'm not sure why. They were a LEGITIMATE FIGHTING FORCE. Very adept at piercing the other princess's defenses. But does that count at all?

>> No.37921386

Drawback: Enemy of Hell, Food Additives, Room for Two? (1600). We are sorely tempted to screw both Heaven and Hell considering what /dicks/ some of the angels can be, but alas-we have plans for this world.

The pizza Death eats should be safe; ain't nobody gonna fuck with Death's pizza so the trick is just surviving his presence long enough to entreat him to share! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG. Also FYI our Gardevoir starter is /not/ our girlfriend, and never has been.

>Rolled Purgatory

...okay yeah our plans just got a bit more complicated. But DAMN-it's going to be hilarious watching the Leviathans brawl with Jibril, Glorificus, the King and Odin (all of whom enjoy have enjoyed upgrades of varying extent during our travels) while we attempt to open a portal back to the real world.

Angel (1000), 1200 years old. FEAR N-psych, that's totally a valid reaction

Possessive (Free)
Guardian Angel (900)
On the Wings of a Prayer (700)
Smite (400)
Archangel Blade (200)
Cherubim Sigil (0)

RIGHT. After we break out of Purgatory (possibly also prompting the Leviathans to preemptively poison the food supply on account of our rampaging) we're going to basically be The Dude of Supernatural. As in, we keep showing up in various bodies, and cryptically hand Sam and Dean notes that /actually make sense and unambiguously spell out what's going down, to the best of our knowledge/ before disappearing again. Also, we need to shut down Lo-AHEM Gabriel's illusion fuckery via Q This, sock him in the face and set his deadbeat ass to helping the Winchesters.

(master plan to follow due to post limits)

Well, not /our/ soul-amalmagation but we did win quite a few from other people in Disney Jump.

Also yes but our speciality is power metal

>> No.37921391

It is a fucking crime that I still don't have a Meseeks box.

>> No.37921407

You know, I hadn't even thought about the implications of all my methods of travel. I could probably open paths to Heaven, Hell, and all points in between, seeing as I have damned near every possible method of transit that permits teleporting and gates.

This jump is going to be even MORE glorious than previously expected.

>> No.37921410

Rick and Morty and Space Dandy are two jumps I'd love to see.

>> No.37921414

Replace 'em with either a French baguette or dwarven bread. That'll be hell on the molars for sure


Ruby is getting Smite'd before she can start misleading Sam. The Colt will be confisticated to the Warehouse so we can gank Azazel without fear of him having a backup. And Lilith is getting stasis'd, taken on board the Light of Tera and thrown out of the airlock into deep spehss. Dean will be offered our CONSTANT vigilance to prevent him from being dragged to hell. Let's see Lucifer deal with THOSE derails.

Then, the culmination of our plan. At some indeterminable point between season 4 and 6 we must acquire the Campbell diaries, interview/read the mind of an entity that calls itself Eleanor Visyak and then use the Crown of Makai/King of Hell to lean on Crowley for the appropriate ingredients for a certain ritual.

The ritual's purpose? To plunder between 30 to 40 million souls ensorcelled in Purgatory. Castiel tried this and failed. But by the Power of Dominance and Dark Binding, we shall succeed where he failed.

tl;dr they poisoned our food, so we devoured their souls instead.

>> No.37921514

It is rather mind boggling, isn't it? We mean-there's a reason why we specifically jumped Asura's Wrath as an Aspect of Chakravartin instead of a Demigod like uh, EVERYONE ELSE barring maybe 1 or 2 other anons. But to be honest-the most surprising thing we (mis)remembered is that Wakfu portals can link to far, far crazier places than merely in the same approximate region of the universe. Qilby uses them in tandem with the Eliacube to cross a void between existence-and earlier, with assitance to open one to PG Hell (which to be fair, is more like a bordering dimension), Yugo portals a landmass straight to said Hell when he achieved god mode. The implication seems to be that if you buff your Eliatrope powers enough-the sky's the limit in terms of where you can open portals to.

A shame going dimension-hopping in Supernatural Jump is...probably not the best of ideas. Purgatory is populated by the Leviathans, and their slut cousin Eve (which are all apparently based on Cthulhu Mythos-type monstrosities), Heaven is going to undergo civil war soon (and angels are fucking hardcore in this setting) and Hell is Hell.

>> No.37921518

Why do pattern blues get three sections of perks, pilots two, and everyone else only one?

>> No.37921547

Splinter Cell Jump

Захария Адам (Zakhariya Adamski)

- SVR, Russia - Comrade!

- Third Echelon (900) - Super Spy!

- Spec-Ops Training (800) - Yeah I was in Spetnaz or something.
- Fifth Freedom (800) - Killing has never been a problem, and it wont now.
- Quick and Easy Answer (650) - It's the look, and the fact you can rip their arms off without them noticing.
- All Angles Accounted For (350) - Third & First person mode! Handy.
- Perfect Parabola (50) - Super throwing skill! Nice.

- Infiltration Gear (0) - Like Sam Fisher's stuff.
- SC Pistol - Meh

The End
- Move On

So I'm Russian, and I do Russian things. I'm tasked in killing people. So I guess it's not too bad, however my favorite tactic is throwing knives. They're silent and I can bounce them off the wall and at odd angles. Also I have my unarmed and bo staff. If I need to get in a gun fight I do have a gun, but I much more relies on my knives and melee skills.

>> No.37921577

Because Angels and Pilots are where the majority of the series is focused?

>> No.37921586

Then why have the other origins at all, and for the same cost, when the jump is incredibly biased towards angels and pilots with nobody else getting anything on the same level or really that impressive?

>> No.37921612

Because the show is all about the Pilots, Commanders, and Scientists fighting Angels. That's what Evengelion is all about.

You don't go to Gundam and lament the lack of a police officer background, its not what the setting is all about.

>> No.37921621

I'm not lamenting anything but the way in which only two backgrounds have been given attention and vastly outpower the others.

>> No.37921696

So Eve in this setting is evil or something?

>> No.37921722

Yep. Apparently she's the mother of all monsters. And she just wants to keep having more and more monsters at the expense of humanity. Something about remaking the world in her own image or some shit. I think the best way to explain her is she has Kars powers related to creating new monsters, hybridising them, releasing pheromones etc without actually shapeshifting-because given how she bleeds she's implied to be of a similar order of beings to the Leviathans. One vampire even tells a Leviathan they're family, and the Leviathan literally calls her a slut.

She ain't the Biblical Eve, is what I'm saying.

>> No.37921735

But there's a heaven and hell. Lilith sounds like a monster too which isn't surprising, but what about Adam?

>> No.37921763

In universe they obviously overpower all the others as well- Pilots are a bundle of nuroses piloting giant bio-mechs by synchronizing with the tortured souls of their mothers held captive within. Angels are huge monstrosities that can defy human comprehension and can tank nukes, but are called to ascend and kill all life on earth in the process.

Now, if either of those two things don't appeal to you, you can go the tech route with Scientist so you can learn how to BUILD the world-destroying machines, or you can take command of the whole operation outright as a commander.

All these origins offer something damn useful, what they don't have in perks they make up for in status and resources. Commanders have accses to the combined military might of a decently sized nation and the ability to command Evangelions. Scientists get the resources and know-how to BUILD Evangelions and to create ridiculously powerful tech.

I'm not really seeing an issue here.

>> No.37921768

What happens if I pick Jefferson Starship as something other than a monster? Do I choose 1 or 2 of the monsters?

>> No.37921769

I don't think Adam's brought up actually. And-to be fair, there are quite a lot of creative licenses being taken with some aspects of Heaven. Michael is kind of a dick, for example-and ends up being bound with Lucifer and Sam in Hell.

>> No.37921798

None of the other backgrounds' powers look like anything special, they're on the same order you can get from any low power jumps. Even the scientist only gives you knowledge of how to experiment with souls, and that's about the only off thing they do get.

There's an issue when outside of two bacgkrounds everyone else would fit into some kind of super spy setting.

These things last one jump. How is that equal? Status and resources are things you can't take with you and only have value in that one jump, and because the sequential chain aspect of this obvious are worth very little compared to things you can.

>> No.37921808

I hear he's genocidal or something.

>> No.37921852

Personally, I intend to combine my insane genetic abilities, the fact that I am a Lilith-based angel hybrid with an S2 organ, my ridiculous tech abilities, and the Big that I built in Paradigm City from the Archetype, to go forth and punch the lights out of every angel that I can by way of AT field based dickery and overwhelming physical force. This should be sufficient to deal with anything that overwhelms the Evas themselves.

Deus Vult.

>> No.37921855

Um-I think you might be thinking of Adam MILLIGAN who is just an ornery human bean. H
e's eventually hijacked as Archangel Michael's vessel.

>> No.37921861

Oh, I meant Michael. I heard Michael was genocidal.

>> No.37921879

Does this guy look genocidal to you?

>> No.37921891

No, but he looks like he enjoys moonshine and 'spending time' with his sister.

>> No.37921901

He smells like cookies.

>> No.37921908

Do you seriously not recognize that film?
Wow, I feel old


>> No.37921915

No I don't watch movies.

>> No.37921937

Go watch Michael on Netflix, assuming it's on there. It's worth it.

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