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Old filename thread hit the cap; time for a new one.

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The Regal Hippos wouldn't be related to the Blood Ravens, by any chance?

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Well, seeing as the Regal Hippos are clearly Dark Angel Successors and the Blood Ravens are (unknownst to themselves and the Imperium) Loyalist Thousand Sons, I'd ahve to say no.

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But that makes total sense. Soace marines have two progenitor glands. Chest and neck. So if 1,050 marines fell that means a total of 2,100 progenoid glands could be recovered.

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Considering your apothecaries are nicking geneseed from any dead Marine they come across, I'd say they aren't entirely Dark Angels Successors at this point

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>But that makes total sense. Soace marines have two progenitor glands. Chest and neck. So if 1,050 marines fell that means a total of 2,100 progenoid glands could be recovered.
Ignoring the fact that the hippos there lost over an entire chapter's worth of battle brothers. Allegedly

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>what is an overstrength chapter

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Slightly naughty, hover over "Spoiler" to see filename.

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Pic related happened to me.

Never have I been so angry to have started with an Onix in a Pokemon battle.

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That has to be a skit, but if it is, that guy in the back needs to get hired in Hollywood. That's the most realistic reaction possible in that situation.

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>2000 years
>implying the Romans weren't white

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This needs a name.

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I was about to say "AND THEN THEY FUCK!"
But then I saw the filename.

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Okay yeah, you got me there. More like 3000 if you count the Romans, and round up.

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I was gonna say something about the child in the background watching but then I enlarged the image and JESUS FUCK WHAT IS THAT?

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What the fuck is going on with their arms and hands?

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Shoujo and yaoi manga artists don't have to be good.

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I get it!

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From everything I've seen about that game, it's clearly impossible to use Fire without destroying at least half yourself in the process.

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It certainly seems that way

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What's the game?

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Besiege, AKA Ork Mekboy Simulator.

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kerbal space program?

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oh I love that image.

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I just came from the gnoll thread, so replace this with pseudopenises

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But The Laundry is actually pretty great.

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I fucking hated when that happened, it shouldn't even work that way.

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There's one way for her to find out

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>/tg/ VS /a/

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the dream to which we all aspire

all it takes is a little opium

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i want you all to notice the shirt in the second panel.

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Maybe one day, that dream will come true.

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Beetle Bailey on Salvia

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ah man I remember i started watching that once and it seemed really interesting but then i had to leave when it started to get good

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Inb4 I get banned for this.

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>I'm a womans man no time to talk.gif

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Yaoi hand syndrome. It affects millions of doujinshi each year.

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Well shit....that's my ex.

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Was she nice?

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Did you get in the fucking bag?

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Sauce on this game.

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WTF is this from?

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>Wooden Door's Semen

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Got a big knob, has it?

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Actual screenshot or photoshop?

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Judging by this, I think it's an actual screenshot.

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well fuck, now I need a drink

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That filename makes no sense, Dio is a top-notch fighter who used to kick the shit out of Jonathan Joestar on a regular basis. He's not some sheltered nerd, he's a lower-class bully from the mean streets of London.

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Until Jonathon manned up and started kicking his ass on a then regular basis.

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being Sachi is suffering

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>used to

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Yes, "used to."

As in, before he decapitated Jonathan and stole his body.

>mfw kono gai thinks he could take Dio in a fight

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I'm sorry, are you fucking retarded? OP's pic shows Dio at a point in his life where he cold do more social damage than actual damage. Can you not grasp that idea?

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Move over, muscle wizards.

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holy fuck the kid in that picture looks like the king from the first Shrek movie.

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I get the point you're making, but isn't this the same fight where Dio goes all "How dare you assault me" and pulls a fucking knife on Jonathan?

I'm sure that could have done plenty of physical damage had his dad not intervened and broke up the fight.

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source on the anime, i only found the full version of this comic

and unlike most fags i actually tried looking...

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who qt

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Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

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AKA Oreimo.

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What, I dont get it

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anyone have the jojo edit?

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The dev has been a absolute bro to the english communities. I will actually buy it when it comes out.

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If he survives that long.

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It's just a skin disease, he'll be okay.



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The thing is, even given the original, there already is an expressive, agile Batman built for acrobatics who shows off his butt and face.

He's called Nightwing.

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OK, what the hell. Sauce?

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As someone who doesn't play magic, why does water get shortened to U?

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Because B is already taken by Black.

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600 at best and that's just Americas and Africa's history.
Yeah, I know USA is still ashamed of it's racism, but you should really get over it aside from getting rid of it.
It's not like it was always white people invading non-whites either. Learn about the Moor rule in Spain (although since they were Arab and Berber they weren't your "usual" Blacks).

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Well, the original was drawn by a DYEL guy, projecting hard. Also doesn't really address why, if voluptuous women are a "male possession fantasy", they keep finding their way into protagonist roles of urban fantasy novels written by and aimed at women.

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Don't recall the name, but it's porn.

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Such is the nature of fire. It known no allegiance, it has no master.

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Don't mind me, just being the best part of MGS2.

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She died and we did nothing

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Passing the torch

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Get it right man.

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i dont understand this pic

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It's too perfect

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Is that... Loss?

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Google the image


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how abstract can they get.

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Far worse than that

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There was one where someone did it in Besiged, but I didn't save it.

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I don't get it.

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Got ya covered.

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Oh yeah, I remember that one

It explodes.

Which is great.

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tldr: Man doesn't change and neither does graffiti.


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You can find it here >>37843177

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Is... this a reference to something?

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>being this new

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It's /x/.

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We all are at some point dude. But I'd also like to *stop* being new at some point.
While I'm at it, I don't have a clue who the person referred to by >>37842989 is either.

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/tg/'s waifu

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Ah, gotcha. Thank you.

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Loss is the Buckley comic with the failed pregnancy

That was the persona of /x/ and was the waifu of /tg/ on account of it being a quality board we liked. After it got raped by /b/tards... it just wasn't the same.

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i need to see more of this failure.

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Loss is the infamously bad miscarriage arc of the infamously bad comic Ctrl+Alt+Del, drawn by infamously bad artist Tim Buckley.

It can fairly easily be rendered as
| |i
|| |_

Representing the positioning of the characters in the comic.

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the fuck is this from?

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>yeah fuck this
I know that feel, I fell asleep at a party and woke up on the couch, everyone had left except the host who was sleeping with her pants pulled down next to the toilet door and lying in what I hope was a pool of beer from the open can next to her.

I went the fuck back to sleep.

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I'm gonna need some sauce....ehh for that game

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It's never not funny, I hope when Buckley dies St.Peter is at the pearly gates re-enacting the panel for him.

I don't know why but it's really hard to feel bad for the bastard.

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Are you incapable of following the quote links?

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It's because fuckley is a pedophile and the antichrist.

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Sometimes after getting banned for posting game theory or 40k lore threads, I look at threads like this and silently rage at the fucktards moderating this image board.

I mean come the fuck on, I get banned for a luna wolves general with hello_this_is_lupercal.jpg but this horsehit stays up?

Nah, suck my dick, MODS = FAGS. I guarantee you nobody even reported my threads because non-idiots could easily see how they are related to traditional games, you took it upon yourselves to ban for me something because, being a dumbass, you didn't realize it was actually /tg/ related.


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Yes it is (mostly), and you're a faggot.


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No, I got that bit. It was the "No, that's not a 'three'; it's a 'two'" that confused me.

>> No.37843966 [DELETED] 

Relative to my actual not-meme-shitposting threads, no it isn't. If I'm gonna get banned for posting 40k lore threads for being "off topic" then maymay garbage about muh board culture like this is CERTAINLY off topic, and you're a nigger.


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Sad thing, Spain was actually better under Moor rule than Christian rule.

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I wish he could have been a party member.

>> No.37844077

Sometimes the forces of Darkness take on insidious forms and the Belmont clan must take their fight to even them who know not of their evil masters.

Or something like that.

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Is he?

>> No.37844170

A pedophile? Yes. As I recall he diddled some underage chick at a convention, posted some pictures, and then hurriedly hid everything when her age became public. It was a big thing for a while.

The Antichrist thing might be a bit melodramatic though. I can't picture Buckley being charismatic enough to unite the nations of man under a false idol.

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>> No.37844340

C'mon, a lot of girls I find atractive could actually be underage even if they didnt look like it. Thats not being a pedophile.

>> No.37844347

Gangstarr is bretty gud, too bad about Guru.

>> No.37844452

No he sent pictures of his dick to an underage girl

>> No.37844504

She most definitely looked like she was 12. Do not try to defend fuckley, he's a reprehensible pile of human waste.

>> No.37844526

But that's just it: the fact that Dio had to pull out that knife means that he was on the ropes and he knew it. And except for Danny, he didn't start shit with Jojo for 7 years after the fact. If that's not a social villain getting a wake-up call, I don't know what is.

>> No.37844573

If he stepped back when her age became public, that means the pic itself didnt make her look like she was that age. Your story is not coherent. Im not trying to defend anyone because I dont even know who he is, I'm just remarking how you seem to be lying.

>> No.37844589

Dio is a bitch, thats why he always had to find the easy way out to come out on top.

>> No.37844606

>>If people fuck dolphins then they can fuck mermaids guy, I mean at least they have tits and a human face.

>> No.37844622

He didn't step back, he deleted the evidence and claimed he totally didn't show her his dick.

Then he banned anyone on the forums who pointed out that he did, in fact, show a young girl his dick.

>> No.37844628

He stepped back when her age became public because he didn't want everyone to know that he's a pedophile.

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>> No.37844797

Oh yeah, no doubt. I was just trying to say that he wasn't a total non-threat in that particular fight despite getting his ass beat.

Plus I'd say >>37844589 is also correct about things. Dio is a good villain (in part one at least) because while he's conniving and calculating in his greater plots and schemes, he isn't afraid to do the quickest, dirtiest shit to get what he wants, especially when his plans fly out of the window. Which is also why I'd say he isn't really a social villain, at least not intentionally. His actions may take a more social bent, but really he's an opportunistic cunt who'll do anything to get what he wants from life. If that means fighting, he'll fight. If he can't fight he'll back down, or try to gain advantage again in some other way. If he's cornered with no way of getting out of a situation, he'll sacrifice his very humanity to worm his way out and gain control again. Social scheming, and fighting likewise, are both just tools in his arsenal to be used as necessary.

So really, I'm just nitpicking your distinctions of his character, despite (sort of) agreeing with you.

>> No.37844799

The Fall, pretty good movie

>> No.37844914

Cowardice is the greatest asset of a truly nasty villain

Villains with pride, man, they've gotta play by rules, they've got to sometimes suck it up and take a hit

A coward, though? A dirty fucking loser? He'll do anything he's got to to win because he knows the only stories that get told are the ones the winner tells.

Nothing will piss your players off like a villain who just bugs the fuck out when they show up and leaves behind some bullshit monster or something to fuck them up.

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>> No.37845033

>San loss
>not "to seduce"

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The Streisand effect in work. By going through so much trouble to hide what happened, it only made things worse and gave more ammo to B^Uckley haters.

>> No.37845358

I suppose Dio was a villain of multiple hats, he just ended up wearing the social villain hat until he became a vampire because he realized Jojo could beat the shit out of him.

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>> No.37845444

>> No.37845461

>attacking a hippo

Those lionesses have got some balls

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>> No.37845507

>> No.37845526

>> No.37845559


>> No.37845718

Surely Speedwagon is a Rogue and not a Commoner.

>> No.37845879

Probably Rogue with a dip in Fighter, seeing as he fought off vampires with a warhammer at one point.

>> No.37846032

>not nat 20 intimdate

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>> No.37846488

oh shit is that Jesus?

>> No.37846527

No, but this is.

>> No.37846563

those cats are lucky that thing is busy.

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>> No.37846628

Japs being Japs.

>> No.37846641

it's not that merc-turned-teacher-due-to-a-chalkboard-full-of-cocaine jesus?

>> No.37846711

>mind, even less than a Pole
>amusement, doing nothing
>reigned by, doesn't matter
>they love, riots
Jesus, whoever made that original seems to hate Hungarians.

>> No.37846738

>Turk most likely to die by betrayal
>German most likely to die in wine

>> No.37847019

>> No.37847063


>> No.37847193

While >>37842048 gave the short and basic answer, here is a bit more info to provide a clear context on what he said.

Those symbols represent a type of mana, and in MtG mana is categorized by a color, NOT an element. So instead of saying it was a Water card, it was a Blue card. Primary reason for this sort of thing in MtG is that colors like Blue correspond to far more then just water affinity spells, it also includes air and the mind.

>> No.37847468

Honestly that file name take the fun out of the joke. It was pretty amusing when it was just 'or team Cat Girls, team Elf...' but then people had to get so anal and autistic over people trying to go 'what about team ___?'

>> No.37848016

If you read the different graffiti that's in the link, you'll find that's one of them. With a description of the picture accompanying it. Seriously though, you should read them. The words are dated, but the sentiments the same. Very. .. human.

>> No.37848340

is there something I'm missing here? it's just a guy with a drink sitting on an orange pillow or something

>> No.37848364

It's from a larger picture.
The orange pillow is a waifu bodypillow with a centaurgirl on it.

>> No.37848372

They really don't.

>> No.37848381

"A evening with the waifu."

>> No.37848427

>Animal Comparison
>Russian compared to Donkey
>Pole compared to Bear

Man times really changed for those two.

>> No.37850314

How is that being done? The framing is too small to tell, because I can't see much up and down motion I thought it might be the pectorals, but those don't have that range of motion as far as I know.

>> No.37850364

If you know how to search this, you'll find the full video.

>> No.37850404


>> No.37850504

Thanks I guess, looks like it was just short rapid bouncing up and down on the toes being correctly timed to make them move like that.

>> No.37850580

>Mars mission with the bearkiller.gif

>> No.37850607

Sharks are cute as fuck.

>> No.37850737

>implying you wouldn't

>> No.37851212

>mature television show

>> No.37855071

>Quote from man shot.jpg

>> No.37855100

>Reigned by:
>It changes every day

>> No.37855796

...the entire point of Farquad was that he wasn't a king. He was a noble, sure, but he was only a duke or a count or something. He was trying to be upwardly mobile, which is why he wanted a princess.

>> No.37856020

He was a prince, according to the mirror.

>> No.37856072

Hello Death

>> No.37857316


My guess would be Austrians.

>> No.37858041

considering the shocking amount of praise the Spainards got compared to everyone else, I would say a Spainard or one of their allies.

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