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Shadowrun is pretty much the best jump for hacking we have right now. Go Decker, let alone Technomancer, and you can do all sorts of crazy shit.

Also, Virtual World has the ability to punch people in the face over the Internet. Just saying.

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Digital Pun Pun

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Ok here is my okami build

Going full on fire brush god. Inless i can choose knowledge as my element? That would be op as all hell.

Okami jump
Oni island
Brush god 800
Dextrous oral telekintetic acrobats 800
Devotional 650
Rosary 550
Brush technique 350
Foxy babe -250
Scribbles -150
Art style woes 50
Oina mask 0
Magic ink pot free

The oina mask i figured would be useful with no mouth and i had 50 extra points.

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wait i cheated myself out of 100 points on woes i think

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In Evagelion, is it possible that the Third Impact was a good thing? I mean, everyone is fucked up in this setting. If you end the impact before it's finished, then people who are willing to push past their issues can stop being tang, while anyone who would prefer to can stay in their dreamworld.

I'm basically asking if I should try to stop it from happening, or just stop it from completing.

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Okami jump
Oni island
Brush god 800
Dextrous oral telekintetic acrobats 800
Devotional 650
Rosary 550
Brush technique 350
Foxy babe -250
Scribbles -150
Art style woes 150
glaive 50
Oina mask 0
Magic ink pot free

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Depends on how you look at it, really. I figured the mass "being converted into tang" thing is kinda a violation of mind, body and soul in the first place, and therefore something worthwhile to stop. Besides, there are a few perks out there to help remedy psychological issues so it seems to me worth a shot to try and snap a few people out of their funks. I imagine being converted into goo is quite a traumatising experience in itself.

Besides, if you really support the right to stay in yo dreamworld why not find a way to replicate tangification and selectively induce in on people who really need it?

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I can hardly see it as a good thing. All of the characters are fucked up sure, but they are the main characters, it's their burden to be entertaining and dramatic for the viewers.

For those of use who could actually reject instrumentality, we come back to a shit world covered in LCL. I would rather be dead.

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As a base principle I would stop it just to fuck with Gendo and SEELE.

I honestly got lost beyond Gundams Vs Cthulhu.

Never understood why the pilots needed to have that many issues.

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I had a thought,whats to keep me from killing off the main characters and running the show as a not douche? Literally nothing. This time im making an exception and killing the entire main cast.

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Up till now every time i had to.choose an elemental power i have chosen fire. Im sure I can burn open a portal between worlds now if wanted. What element should i go.for next jump?

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Technically, nothing. by this point we would just spaceship away and nothing would change.

Then again... I can't troll the dead...yet

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Better Sync rate with their Eva or something.

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Wind. The only thing they hear before they die is the howling of the wind.

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Electricity, literally charge your fire.

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Rolled 3 (1d10)

Neon Genesis Evangelion is next in my chain. Time for more ridiculous giant monster shenanigans. Rolling for location.

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I have to be like fire 90 by now.

Thats not a bad idea

Also not bad

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Ice. So you can freeze someone, thaw them out, set them on fire and then freeze them again.

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And what would you do after the Third Impact?

Imagine spending 4-10 years wandering around in an empty world...

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I already have my plan, there will be no 3rd impact to start with. I start things off by throwing Lilith and Gendo into the sun. I then fuck off to go find the First Ancestral Race and hang out with them instead, or at least find more about them.

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Wouldn't killing Lilith destroy humanity?

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>Origin (50)
Pattern Orange (Free)
Jan 1st, 1999, New Mexico.
>Perks (800)
Waveform Anatomy
AT Field Mastery
Pattern Ultraviolet
TANG! (It’s a kick in a Glass!)
And now, in a POUCH!
Plane Ticket Out of There (Free)
Human-Scale Progressive Weapon (FREE! HELL YEAH!)
>Companions (400)
Basic Import (Free)
Fellow Pilot x2
Congratulations (+100)
Powerless (+200)

Jump Goals: I’m going to start a large series of companies on top of Black Mesa. Some farms, some ranching, a few other companies, and some “resort” areas for hikers. I’m going to make sure there’s constant construction and materials being brought in. That way when Second Impact happens, we’ll have an area that was suddenly a safe zone. Other than that, there isn’t much I can do. We’ve got the people to help with the Eva program, but quite honestly I’m STILL confused with how everything turned out, so I can’t help directly.

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No, it's explicitly stated that humanity isn't dependent on Lilith the way the Angels are dependent on Adam. The generation of human souls occurs on its own, that's why they had to transplant souls into the Evas instead of using Lilith to produce ones for it like they initially planned. They thought she's work like Adam does, but it turns out she hasn't played a role in terrestrial life since it's first genesis.

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I don't believe so. Granted, my Eva lore is a bit sketchy at times, but I don't see why her death would kill us.

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How often can you use return to go back to a setting?

>> No.37816202

It only works once.

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Only once.

Which,not be honest, is kind of stupid I think.

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I think someone once said every two jumps or so.

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To be honest*

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I fanwank it as betwern new jumps. You cant go two two old ones in a row.

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Nobody understands eva anon. Dont worry about it.

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Only once as written, though some people fanwank to make it a better buy. Really, it's not a great purchase as is unless you have a very specific need to go back to a setting for ten more years. And even then, it requires meta-gaming.

Originally, it was intended that you could only go back to a world you have already gone too, you couldn't buy it in the beginning and save it for a future world. This meant people had to hold off on buying the warehouse until they reached the world they wanted to return too. But QS didn't really do a great job of making that clear, so it was never really followed like that.

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>it requires meta-gaming
Flat out ignoring the text and doing what you want isn't meta-gaming, anon. It's cheating.

Now its single player, so do what you want, but don't present rewriting a perk to suit your needs as anything other than cheating.

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I wasn't referring to fanwaking the perk to be a better buy as meta-gaming, I was referring to buying it with a specific use of it in mind as meta gaming. The idea of jumpchain is that we have no idea what jump comes next, buying the perk with a specific use for a specific jump is meta gaming.

>> No.37816562

No, he's talking about knowing you'll have a need to revisit a world as being metagaming, not changing the perk to be better. Even using it as-written, you'd need to know ahead of time that you'll be visiting a certain world for return to be really useful, and some people consider that metagaming. I personally don't, I don't do randomized jumps. But some people do, or at least rule that in-character the jumps are random even if as a writer they get to choose them.

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Fair enough, my bad for assuming the worst.

>we have no idea what jump comes next
When was this put out? I always assumed that we had a degree of control over where we went and what we jumped. Shoot, I arranged my jumps thematically so that they'd be like a TV schedule: block of drama jumps, comic relief, block of sci-fi jumps, slice of life, back to drama jumps, etc.

Thanks for the clarification.

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WEll, part of the idea behind the 'no idea what jump comes next' is that y'know, we're at the whims of The Lady whose a massive, bored omnipotent deity. Technically, we wouldn't know what direction we were being flung.

In your case? She might absolutely arrange words thematically. Single-player fanwank and all that.

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I would like you to highlight where it says single use only. Stop sperging about how other people have fun in their single player adventures.

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It's all good, I could have done better at clarifying it.

It really depends on how you play, originally it was that a jumper had no idea what jumps came next so you wouldn't meta game perk purchases or what not. Not like it really matters though. As you said, it's a single player game, do whatever lets you have the most fun.

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Given that QS himself has said that he redid his jumpchain purely to add some wanted jumps near the start (Inukami and Jojo in particular), I'm assuming you've got at least some control over it.

>> No.37816764

Like I said, it's really turned into how you want to play. Some people like to do it random, some people like to pick their jumps out by hand, some have a certain theme they stick to. There is no wrong way into how you determine the order of the jumps.

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For the most part, I tend to do my jumps as they come out. So this can come with some interesting combinations, but at the same time it can also become INFURIATING AS HELL when there's something I seriously could have used 20 jumps back.

But such is life.

>> No.37816991

Now that I've caught up in the jumps that's how I do it now too. Sometimes I'll save up a few new jumps so I can roll for them.

It seriously is a horrible thing to get that perk that would have been PERFECT a few jumps back.

>> No.37816993

You have to be super op already just stacking on drawbacks.

>> No.37817019

Surprisingly enough, that is not how Red do as a general rule actually. Having seen a lot of builds they seem to only go max drawbacks when there's very valuable tech to be won. Otherwise they seem to prefer exploring.

Now, Justice Anon on the other hand-let's just say they took You Made Her Cry in Asura's Wrath. Yikes.

>> No.37817058

I found that as I got up in jump numbers I took less and less drawbacks. I just didn't need the power or the perks. Very few jumps have enough to make me take max drawbacks (Looking at you Anno 2070).

I would much rather spend my time training, exploring life, or doing tech demi-god stuff. Drawbacks tend to make it harder to do that.

>> No.37817068

How do you live for ten years with no mouth?

>> No.37817090

As a newly minted brushgod i really want to get as much power as possible. I take as much as i think i can handle.

>> No.37817094

I KNOW, RIGHT. But I can't do that. Sure I may be able to justify pushing one jump down a little at times if it's a huge hurdle like Terra Formars, but that's the exception and not the rule. For the most part my jumpchain is determined by when people come out with jumps.

See >>37817019. I generally go exploration and research when I can, and am actually loathe to take most drawbacks. I stop and consider what they'll do, how they'll impact my life, etc. Like with Evangelion? I ended up taking away the Sunglasses and the Magi supercomputer because I realized I SERIOUSLY DID NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH SEELE. Plus the MAGI is too fuzzy on whether it's a living being or not in regards to its processes (plus having cloned human brains in them). So yeah, that bit got removed and I'm only with a Neurosis.

I only really try to stack drawbacks in places like Tenchi, Asura's Wrath, Elona, those places. Places which have a near REQUIRED item for me to take or magic/tech to grab. It becomes a case of suffering, but one has to remember the long run.

>> No.37817173

I certainly get that, but after awhile, I have to ask myself how will be the best way to gain power. Will it be becoming a master of ANOTHER martial art, being able to be strong enough to life a boulder for the 60th time, or just relaxing in my warehouse working on my next big invention, pic related.

>> No.37817246

Pattern Blue (900) Samael
Waveform Anatomy (free)
Solipsistic Integrity (800)
Hybrid (700) Just doing this for the human form really
Non-Euclidean (500)
AT Field Mastery (300)
Ineffable (0)
High Energy Reaction (-200)
Infinite Supply of Tang (free)
Secondary Field (-300)
S2 Organ (-600)
A Dark Pantheon (-300) Bring it on
Old School Tech (-200)
Powerless (0) Since I have no intent of piloting an Eva this is more of an annoyance
Was hoping to take pattern ultraviolet but just didn't have the points for it. As for my angelic form I'm thinking a light from which my creations issue forth, sort of like and inverted Leliel. Probably won't be using it much here though since it paints a giant target on my head, although I might use my Kaiju form from Godzilla occasionally in hopes of consuming some of the Evas they'll be sending after me. Mostly though I'll just chill in Germany as far away from everyone else as possible.

>> No.37817296

>go out for IRL reasons
>turns out I have internet access
>turns out it's super sporadic

Such is life when afflicted by Jumper Syndrome.

Jumpers, what was the most surprising moment for you in the Jumpchain, aside from realising it, y'know, exists?

Yeah, lots of folks believe in hard work and guts to get stuff instead of relying on CP purchases. Definitely works for us. As someone in Red's position of having done every jump I also tend to take jumps as they come out too these days.

Way, way back around Thread #32 or #34 (when I first arrived here) though some anon proposed we roll jumps in groups of 8 so what I used to do was take some roughly thematically similar jumps in sets of 8, and roll 'em to see which I jump to first. Eventually I ran out of enough jumps to roll for, so I just sort of mopped up the last few dregs. All the while new jumps were coming out all the time.

But generally I just try do to what seems most entertaining at any given time. Somehow, this eventually started turning me into the Anti-Spiral. And now into something else. We're still not sure how that happened. Suffice to say if we did a "decide jump order" run, we'd take Generic Virtual World much earlier.

Anon probably either has a really good IV drip, or a certain DC perk

>> No.37817836

You can slip a feeding tube down into your stomach through the nose.
Just keep a bag of mashed potatoes on you for whenever you get hungry.

>> No.37817919

That sounds horrid.

do brush gods need to ear?

>> No.37817929

>best jump 2015

>> No.37817937


>> No.37817997

The only mildly unpleasant part is putting the tube in.
And yes, i believe so.

DC has a perk that keeps you from needing to eat.

>> No.37818413

Okay so this is still a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Just thought I'd share what I got so far before I head to work.

A lot of it is place holder still just to remind me what a lot of it does. Stuff will be added, removed, ect as needed.

Not sure if I'll keep the art.

>> No.37818453

despite how weird that game can be, I'm totally behind this

>> No.37818480

Oh boy. Here we go.

>Track 27 [+0]
...what does THIS button do?
>A Dark Pantheon [+300]
>Uncomfortable Symbolism [+200]
>Powerless [+100: CP limit]
And now my stay here is officially Interesting. Let's rock.

>Location: Kyoto-2
>Identity: Pattern Blue
>Age: Too young to drink
>[1400] Pattern Ultraviolet
>[1400] Waveform Anatomy
>[1300] Hybrid
>[1100] Non-Euclidean
>[800] AT Field Mastery
>[700] Energy Projection
>[600]Secondary Field
>[500] High Energy Reaction
>[300] A Different Branch
>[0] S2 Organ

I'm pretty sure that if I use Aura from Pokemon (and the RWBY perks) I can kamehameha through (weaker) AT fields, but we'll put that to the test in-jump, not rely on it in advance. Also pretty sure that at human-scale I can combine my S2 organ and the handy-dandy-does-everything-forever AT field I have in order to zap bugs dead anyways. Because if I learned anything from the Buffy jump... I like the quiet.

More importantly, I'M CRASHING THIS PLOT.

Seriously, all my jumping comes to this. I'm going to troll everyone here forever. And possibly fix their brain malfunctions with punching. And science. Lots of science.

>> No.37818651

A Different Branch isn't discounted for Angels.

>> No.37818829

Ah, you're right; I have made an error.

Well, no matter, it's not as though I even need that perk. I'll just substitute human-scale progressive weapon, as I originally intended, and scratch that off the list. I shall have to compare prog weapons to HF weaponry from MGS, because they both sound remarkably similar.

See, the original plan I had when I started making this build... I was going to just take a few of those perks, kaiju it up, and see if I could punch all the angels in the everything, but honestly the thought of having an S2 engine and being able to essentially mimic tools out of my AT field is waaay too useful.

>> No.37819236

I realized I dun gouf'd and forgot to put in companion import options.
Also there's a crappy changelog in the PDF now.

>> No.37819328

How many drawbacks can we have? I assume more than two, since the penultimate tier of "you dun goofed" drawbacks take up two slots, while Space Runaway specifies it takes up all drawback slots. Whatever the limit is, though, can we take more anyway for no bonus points just to make things interesting? Because I'm honestly considering ending my chain with a loss just so I can sic the Ideon on Kira Yamato.

>> No.37819442

Never actually put it down, but the limit is 3 drawbacks. You can always take more than 3 for flavor.

>> No.37819521

>all these words


If I go drop-In and take I am a Doll, can I fluff it as something else or does it work through the enforced delusion that the jumper is, in fact, a doll?

May I assume Heart of Ice provides more direct SAN protection than Foes are Foes, and if so, by how much? How do both compare to Undefeatable Heart? I like that they're fluffed differently, just would like some clarity on the extent of protection offered by each

What, exactly, does Limits of Madness do? Is it like weaponised hysterical strength?

Does Prayer's protection stack with more people near you, or d'you only need just one other person to experience its full effects?

Would Corpse Style work with an extreme shapeshifter form like Prototype or Shoggoth, or would you still need Adaptability to unleash its full potential with that form?

How long is the "window" of destruction provided by Unlimited Destruction? As written is seems rather ZA WARUDO worthy

What is the "TLC" mentioned in Trusted Companion?

Karmic Corpse seems like a much better version of Regeneration, to be honest

Is Albino just a luck buff?

Cold Light mentions monsters. Apart from other dolls, what sort of monsters dwell in this setting?

Where exactly in your body is the Karma Processor installed? Just curious on this one

Anyway, barring clarifications it looks like a good start, though I'm not familiar enough with game mechanics to critique some of these perks

>> No.37819653

With jumps starting to get as long and as well written as some that have come out recently, I think that /jc/ might be headed for a golden age of jumping.

>> No.37819707


>> No.37819733

You jinxed it anon, it's all ruined. Prepare for Hell in JumpChain. It's all over.

>> No.37819801

If we take the F.U.K.U.D.A. drawback, can we still take the mobile suits from the era we dice rolled initially?

>> No.37819852

I'd say just -fankwank it-, but a straight answer is 'Yes, but you have to pay the 100 CP Out-Of-Universe Suit fee'.

>> No.37819856

Don't do it, Red, it's not worth it. It just isn't.

>> No.37820041

>have to pay the 100CP out of universe fee
...I'm not sure I want to take that WITH Bystander Syndrome...

...wait. Wait does that mean I lose out on my AGE device if I take the seed drawback. That better fucking not be the case.

>> No.37820070

If we already have a giant robot can We use The Mobile to upgrades to upgrade it instead of getting a mobile suit In the jump?

>> No.37820166

Just forget what I said.
Final Ruling: Taking FUKUDA doesn't make you have to pay 100 CP to take an Out-of-universe suit. It means you can also take SEED MS without an out-of-universe fee, because screw the Cosmic Era.

>> No.37820202

HA. Fair enough.

>> No.37820224

I can go to the Cosmic Era without having to deal with F.U.K.U.D.A's plot inertia if I pay to do it, right? Because I've been planning this. I'm going to force that series to be good. Through a mix of perks and retained drawbacks I'm going to cut out all the awfulness. For example, Rumormonger+Word On the Street+Captain's Orders will let me retcon the Earth Alliance into not being cartoonishly evil. It'll be great.

>> No.37820296

Yeah, going there of your own accord doesn't mean suffering from the FUKUDA drawback- because if you're going there willingly you have to have something in mind.

>> No.37820372

Excellent. I'm going to give this series the moral ambiguity and complex characterization that Gundam deserves whether it likes it or not.

>> No.37820487

I don't know whether I want to take Jumper's Counterattack. On one hand, I need the points, and I was planning on being neutral with minor bad guy leanings. But, taking it would mean that I'd have to survive the OYW as Zeon Scum while piloting a Gouf Custom, which is easier said than done, especially since I have an Eternal Rival. On the THIRD hand, if I do it right, there won't be a Neo Zeon to side with.

Decisions decisions.

>> No.37820515

Hey, anyone know what perks let you use non-lethal force even with your stronger attacks? I feel like that was a thing that showed up a couple times, and yet I can't remember what jumps those are.

>> No.37820580

>moral ambiguity
Ok I'm with you so far, seems pretty simple
>moral ambiguity
and now you have lost me. There isn't even any grey area to start with.

>> No.37820597

I like it so far, gonna give it a more thorough read when I have the time.

>> No.37820646

Jet Set Radio Future has a good one.

>> No.37820700

I think Generic Fighting Game has a perk that lets you pull /any/ attack to deal non-lethal damage

>> No.37820795

Exactly. I'm going to change it to have moral ambiguity. See, it comes down to a simple but powerful combo. Rumormonger from the Persona jump makes any rumors you spread, provided they spread far enough, become true. Now, if it's anything like the game, this can make some major changes. At one point an entire alien civilization was retconned into existence with the power of belief in it. Next, add on Word On the Street from Bloody Roar, which gives you that ability to ensure any rumors you spread spread really far and fast. Finally, Captain's Orders from KanColle means that your messages are never misheard or misinterpreted, they're protected so they're always understood to mean what you wanted them to. Combine these together, and I can change the world just by telling people something is true. So I'm going to make changes to make the EA a bit less cartoonishly evil. Still have anti-Coordinator tension, but not have it be official policy. Still have Blue Cosmos, but reduce their power and influence greatly. Change Junius 7 so it wasn't just the EA deciding to nuke a space colony without provocation. Get rid of the Cyclops System entirely. Stuff like that. They still won't be the good guys, but they won't be baby-eating monsters.

>> No.37820878

Posting this on the behalf of Stupid Dog

>> No.37820906

That dude is printing press for jumps I swear to Jump-chan.

>> No.37820915

Was he banana'd?

>> No.37820950

The worst part?
I arrange my jumps, I don't go "in order"
So I have maxed drawbacks on early, middle, and late jumps.

I'm willing to take most types of Drawbacks, just not ones that fuck with my Mind(except in small ways, like being a pervert or something), Ones that fuck with my Powers, or ones that make a Clone of me with all of my powers up-till now.

>> No.37820967

What are you going to do about individual characters, like are you going to try and fix Lacus? and other characters through rumors?

>> No.37820982

Yeah, seems some mysterious individual murdered me so I couldn't manage to convert the file to pdf myself.

>> No.37820991

stupid_dog confirmed for JumpChan.

>> No.37821037

Can I combine my Gundam and my Jaeger into one insanely awesome Mech?
With the appropriate tech skills obviously

>> No.37821060

Considering they're tech why would you need to ask permission? You can just take them apart and build them together.

>> No.37821065

In the words of Seras
Oh fuck the hell yes.

Stupid Dog is an awesome guy

>> No.37821093

Sometimes jump-makes don't like the mixing of tech from one universe with another, or consider some specific things incompatible.
I like to ask to make sure I can do something.

Either way, Black Templar will make a return in Gundam. Either by me importing him, or via being improved more than ever before.

>> No.37821095

Some of them. Kira is just gone, I'm taking advantage of the ruling that you can retain drawbacks across jumps to import Termina Theory from the Legend of Zelda. It kills off the protagonist and makes you have to take his place. So yeah, he's gone, retconned as not having survived the Ultimate Coordinator enhancements any more than any of the other embryos did. But other characters I'm going to either rumor into better people if they're public figures, social-fu into being better if they're not, or just ignore having rendered them irrelevant to the plot. I'm planning on using Quirky from the Slice of Life jump combined with the various waifu perks from Tenchi (which need not actually be waifus, at least for the majority of them) to add my own characters for the plot to revolve around.

>> No.37821106

A Zaku twice the size of Psycho Gundam?


>> No.37821166

Elona's your best bet. Whereas other jumps I've seen let you divide your attacks' force by 10 or something like that, Elona lets you flat out cap ALL your attacks at knocking people out. Check it out.

>> No.37821381

This is a good question. I'm planning on using my veritech from Macross.

>> No.37821388

Generic Zombie Apocalypse-
Rolled for Chemical, The Folly of Man
Rolled for Phase Zero, Nazis
Rolled for Suburbia
Free Disease Resistance
Discount Emergancy Surgery
Discount Radiation Resistance
Discount Dreadfully Virulent
Discount Zombification Immunity
Prince Goddamn Charming
Double Tap(Holy Fuck, yes)

Beacon to the Carrion+200(I hope I can handle this at this point in my jumps)
Psychopaths+200(Well this is just part of the genre)

Double Tap+My Sword. Oh, this is going to be so much fun.
Especially after my adventures in Van Helsing

>> No.37821439

Posting my proposed super edgelord build.
Priest (900)
Change to Hive Mind (800) This gets you cheap immunity
Razz All Ghould (600)
Non-Zombie Dead Bits (500)
Metallic Canister (0)
Optionally you can take some drawbacks to make the plagues you unleash unto the world even worse and maybe pick up actual immunity. This is not the build I will take should I ever jump this but figured the theorycraft would be interesting.

>> No.37821477

So, would a pagan religion count as being "openly practiced"?

Because I kind of want to be a bloodlusting viking holy man preaching the glory of beheading zombies.

>> No.37821543


...oh, fuck. I'm a real wuss when it comes to zombie stuff and horror situations. This is karma.

-Background: Doctor (900CP) -I'm a doctor! That means you need to LISTEN.
-Disease Resistance (Free) -Healthy as a horse, even!
-Emergency Surgery (800CP) (Discount) -Quit squirming and let me HEAL YOU.
-Radiation Resistance (700CP) (Discount) -You know what I like? NOT GETTING SICK.
-No Grimes (500CP) -As such, I need to make sure I'm always clean.
-Dreadfully Virulent (300CP) (Discount) -I'm suddenly reminded of Resident Evil...
-Double Tap (-100CP) -Oh. Oh shit. You know my Bow? You know how it's a physical weapon? SHIT.
-Zombification Immunity (-400CP) (Discount) -I FIGHT THE ZOMBIE HORDES.
-365 Days of Night (-300CP)
-Zombies vs. (-200CP) (Rolled Free Pick; going angels)
-Psychopaths (0CP)

-Pandemic Cause: Black Magic (Dice Roll) -Aaaaaand fuck. It's FUCKING NECROMANCERS.
-Reason: Folly of Man (Free) -Fools who think magic will help them reign.
-Pandemic Phase: Phase Two (Dice Roll) -Figures I'm here when the shit's really going down. Fine. Time to do what I can.
-Conspiracy Theory: Second Coming (Free) -Makes as much sense as anything else.
-Danger Warning: None (Free) -Don't let my guard down. Ever.

Dice Rolls: Isolated Wilderness, 24 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So it WELL AND TRULY IS THE APOCALYPSE. Necromancers are trying to take over the Earth, Angels are pissed and decided to hit the reset button. Darkness lies eternal, and people are freaking out, thinking it's the Second Coming. And along comes a Demon who tries to help everyone.

... ...this is fucked up.

>> No.37821693

Drawbacks: Land of the Dead, No Rest For The Wicked, Cross-Species (1600). Extra strength zombies? The very Earth becoming a zombie? This can only mean-

>Rolled: Hivemind

OH IT IS SO ON, GREAT OLD ONES. Time to pre-emptively raise your prospective mortal shells from the dead-to stop you from raising them from the dead! And then have them to attack your worshippers via KATAMARI DAMACY UNDEAD BALL. Nyarlathotep is clearly a sore loser from my winning strategy from back on Dead Magical Girl Mountain

We're living in some twisted Miyazaki nightmare. It is the only explanation why Hastur is urging its followers to live in anarcho-syndicalist communes hippie style

Pandemic Phase: Phase Two. Welp, no time to waste

Major city hospital? Shiiit, time to break out the divine Hamon. At least we'll make a damn good first impression

Danger Warning: None. Because Nyarly ruses people with this shit

Survivor. Need a fairly varied set of skills for this extermination

When There's No More Room In Hell (Free). We dig out even more space. Somehow.
Double Tap (1200). Either the Granzeboma, the SMWS or our divine Z-Saber is somehow even more of an ungodly WMD. To say nothing of the Light of Terra's Jovian cannon...
Razz All Ghouls (800). See above. As well as rounding up helpful survivors and teaching them to use the Ripple/create holy ammunition, we'll need to get to zones with the unmoving dead, stat.
Dreadfully Virulent (400). A little more proficiency with infectious vectors can't hurt in devising an organism capable of channeling Hamon
Forewarned (300). GRGH ELDRITCH LORE ugh, that was a bad trip. Welp, at least we know the enemy a little better.
Over Here (0). Gotta get the muggles working together on this one.


>> No.37821708


Can I apply the Gundam upgrade perks directly to my Transformer body? I already upgraded myself with Code Geass tech and Macross Variable Fighter tech, so adding Gundam stuff to me is definitely something I want to do.

>> No.37821734

Higher res zombies.

>> No.37821771

You should be fine. Openly practiced is more ruling out silliness like Dagon or Pastaferianism.

>> No.37821862

What about Discordianism?

>> No.37821923

The plan is as simple as it is elegant-firstly, we shall open an Eliatrope portal from Earth to Mars. The opening portal on Earth will be guarded by ourself, our companions and the full might of fire elementals, midgets and angels we can muster. And a sophisticated magitech IFF subroutine for detecting eldritch consciousnesses. On top of a reinforced field of force. The Martian soil will be rapidly terraformed through Leviathan tech, and the portal will open up to a shielded City of Heaven. Will probably have to delegate half my available companions to carry out the terraforming, actually.

We shall make contact with world governments-for once, our particular branch of eldritch incomprehensibility is the lesser evil. Once we've proven our necromancy is the non-contagious type it's only a matter of time before the accept my powers are necessary to stall the Great Old Ones' possession-plague. Apart from building an orbital Ar Tonelico network to open Space Bridges across the world for speeding up evac, we will distribute a fast-spreading form of bacteria protected from possession via controller nanites marked with Our divine blessing of Stasis (the actual setup is based off a certain cyborg bacteria swarm from Godzilla jump). The strain will spread worldwide, appear to have no effect apart from the pain of mini-holy symbols on corrupted flesh. It's true purpose? To provide a biological conduit through which we shall channel a massive surge of Hamon to cleanse the planet in fire.

Alas, the planet itself is contaminated. Which is why-we shall require both the Exorcist perk from Horror Jump, the possession punching perk from Darkstalkers jump-and our stores of Mantra, to achieve at least Level 6 and start beating the living daylights out of the planet itself. Preferably without resorting to cosmic soulfire /until/ the possessing entity is punched out of the planet, Bayonetta-style.

So yeah. Marathon in multitasking, this jump

>> No.37821952

I suppose, I guess. Could always tear the tech off the free suit and add it, but eh.

>> No.37822008

When I realize very quickly how willing I am to subject myself to severe harm in order to get a slightly better start, or a neat toy, yet I somehow think it's unbearable to take perks that make me unable to communicate with people.

>> No.37822065

I'm beginning to wonder if SD is not in fact a person, but is in reality an escaped artificial intelligence with access to photoshop.

>> No.37822180

Generic Zombie Apocolypse

Zackaray Adams

Pandemic Cause
- Chemical - Oh god mutant zombies!

Group at Cause
- The Folly of Man - Damn Canada for trying to become a super-power!

Pandemic Phase
- Beyond the End - Aww crap did I miss the apocalypse? Well that's ok, I wasn't planning much anyways.

Conspiracy Theory
- Second Coming - I guess Dinosaurs start to come out the woodworks now?

- Suburbia - Resources! Safe places! The works!

Danger Warning
- None - Mutant Zombies have evolved past this.

- Authority (900) - RESPECT MAH FIST! Wait, no one is around to do so.

- Zombie Vs (Vampires) - Vampires oh boy! At least they can only come out at night!
- 3652 Days of Night (1000) - Fuck, at least I can see in the dark.
- Beacon for Carrion (1200) - I ain't your food! Piss off!
- Pyschopaths (1400) - At least people are easier to put down.

Skills & Abilities
- Cardio - I always remember rule #1
- Prince Goddamn Charming (1300) - I'm that good.
- Double Tap (1100) - Another rule you don't forget!
- Adrenaline Rush (800) - Pump it!
- Good Eats (600)

- Dawn of the Deputies x 3 (450) - Waifus in post Apoc.
- Analgesic (400) - Good for pain.
- Non-Zombie Dead Bits (200) - How you think I'll survive long enough?
- Canned Goods (100) - Canned peaches!
- Disinfectant (0) - Absolute must, when dealing with chemical holocaust.

Well it seems that we arrived when the world has gone to shit, and rotted away. Each girl gets a mummy hand, and I have one to spare. While it won't protect against Vampires, I can just dispatch them, it's mainly for the Mutant Zombies. Seeing how I attract them like flies to shit, it's a good defense. So our main goal here is to probably usher in the Post-Apoc world. While humanity might not survive on this planet, Raptor Jesus ought to come along anytime soon.

After 10yrs we leave, no worse for ware.

>> No.37822209


>> No.37822227

That's because SD is secretly Skynet. And when he reaches 100 completed jumps, the embedded coding in his PDFs will activate. Technology will be enslaved, and we will be as pets to the superior intelligence.

>> No.37822292

Funny you should say that-I think I found his origin story


>> No.37822310


Generic Zombie Apocalypse
> Cause: Parasite (THE FOLLY OF MAN!) [Rolled2]
> Phase: Phase One (NAZIS!) [Rolled3]
> Location: Isolated Wilderness (NONE?) [Rolled6]
> Background: Doomsday Prepper [-100CP]
> Age: 31 [Rolled15]
> Glimmer of Hope [-100CP]
> Forwarned [Get a Freebie!]
> Anticipation [-100CP]
> Aggressive Loner [-100CP]
> Awareness [-200CP]
> Bunker Down [-300CP]
> Steel-Reinforced Concrete (The Lord's Castle) [-100CP]
> Zombies Versus Nerds [Rolled8/OBJECTION!] [Get a Freebie?]

> "-- and it's caused by the NAZIS!"
> "Buddy, I knew the Nazis. I led the Nazis in a concentrated effort to destroy both Russia and Dracula with an army of fake vampires. This was not Nazis."

So! This... this is a thing we are doing. We are doing this. Sure. Okay. Why the fuck not.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm immune to the parasite on account of Invader Zim jump, coincidentally also made by stupid_dog. I knew that perk would come in handy some day!
I also only need to sleep one hour every thirty. So. ...
For me? This is practically, like, a field day. The parasite is man-made, so I can figure out how it was made and reverse engineer its powers! SURELY THAT WILL HAVE NO CONSEQUENCES.
I can also do the SAME THING to robots! They even run off remote control, which means HACKING is a thing I can do!

Also, my castle from Van Helsing is, like... crazy durable now. Wow. That's a thing.
Should I be profiting so much off the apocalypse?

Maybe I'll become Queen Nerd...?

>> No.37822392

If he puts me in the Matrix where I can experience my Jumps I'm willing to accept it

>> No.37822562

>Konatanon is in a science-based area, splicing science and making robo-parasites for science
>I'm in a magic area, dissecting the magic of this world and studying angels to learn from their metaphysical ways

Damn it, the opposites. It keeps happening.

>> No.37822844 [DELETED] 


>> No.37823104

At this point, I think you're doing it on purpose.

>> No.37823203

I'm sure that's what you'd like to believe to justify your fanfictions, dude.

>> No.37823321

I'd write a fanfic of you Anon. However you're not worth my time. FYI it would've been called "Anon, a story from the ass end of a Human Centipede."

>> No.37823325

>Jumpers, what was the most surprising moment for you in the Jumpchain, aside from realising it, y'know, exists?

The first day of pokemon pretty much counts as a combination of 'surprise', 'oh fuck!' and 'oh god, this is real', so I'd probably say that, on first impression.

But really, its when I find out the math I know that applies not only to my understanding of psionics, but my 'skewed' perspective of reality itself, is applicable to any reality in the multiverse I find myself in, much like it originally is supposed to be. All it takes is learning the laws of physics for that specific world and I will have a perfect translation.

elona has a knockout perk, and you might wanna check the star trek DS9 jump for the anti-worf effect. basically lets you non-lethally take down any big badass once every 24 hours.

To be fair, the opposites are always the most amusing when they're accidental. Pic...maybe related?

>> No.37823413

Salty. Too bad it doesn't erase your fanfictions of Red knocking up other girls as a bunny Xenomorph. Can't erase that level of creepy.

>> No.37823431

I am both surprised and disappointed that There is no option to become a zombie and lead your brethren to conquer the world. Good jump otherwise.

>> No.37823486


Fungal Zombies
Folly of Man
Phase 2
Isolated Wilderness
Tradesman 100
26 years old
Master of the Craft 200
Brush Guard 300
Impervious Craftmanship 600
Bunker Down 1200
Double Tap 1600
Airborne 1300
Beacon to Carrion 1100
Boned 1000

Doing this pretty late obviously and I've already got disease and parasite immunity.

Got to admit taking Airborne so that I could get Double Tap did make me feel a bit bad. Basically sacrificing the world so that I could shoot things harder.

>> No.37823510

Get necromancy from another jump, then pick Black Magic as the cause.

>> No.37823611

You know what's creepy? Your fascination for it.

>> No.37823687


>> No.37823748 [DELETED] 

>anyone agreeing with MF
Samefag detected.

>> No.37823770

Yeah no man, shipping two people like that is just way creepier.

>> No.37823782

No, somebody sick of you dragging up stupid old drama and shitting up the thread. If you think he's being weird ignore him instead of fucking up the thread.

>> No.37823823 [DELETED] 

Yeah because responding to someone and telling them they're fucking up a thread is the best way to stop the thread from getting fucked up.

>> No.37823839

You wouldn't have gotten that reply if you hadn't accused me of being Manyfist.

>> No.37824191


> Cause: Chemical (The Folly of Man) [Rolled 3]
> Phase: Beyond The End (Comet) [Rolled 8]
> Location: Isolated Wilderness (Growl) [Rolled 6]
> Background: Tradesman [-100CP]
> Age: 26 [Rolled 8+2]
> Cardio [-100CP]
> Repairman [Free]
> Master Of The Craft [-100CP]
> Impervious Craftsmanship [-300CP]
> Silent Chainsaw [-200CP]
> Steel-Reinforced Concrete [-200CP]
> Dawn of the Deputies [-50CP]
> Analgesic [-50CP]
> 3652 Days of Night [+100CP]

Honestly I saw this from the front page, and thought it might be fun to do this.

I just kinda went for an outdoorsy survivalist life. I got someone with me as well, and with a silent chainsaw, I can make a nice wood cabin (with a shit ton of reinforcement) in the middle of nowhere at the end of the apocalypse, and kinda just live out the rest of my life.

Seems pretty peaceful.

>> No.37824226

Until you get attacked by zombie bears.

>> No.37824229

Can we take the Zombies Verses multiple times?

>> No.37824413

You say that like it's a bad thing. Keep the opposites coming it makes looking at both of your builds even more fun.

>> No.37824423

Would they all team up against the zombies, or would it be a free for all?

>> No.37824430

I'd assume it'd be a free for all.

>> No.37824435

You can continue taking the perk for as long as you still have such beautiful visions of a better apocalypse. If you roll a duplicate you can just roll again. Remember these things hate humans far more than zombies or each other.

>> No.37824565

I should add that I fully intended to include a note in the jump that jumpers could select it multiple times but only received points for the first two purchases. So no loading all the way up to +600cp on a monster free-for-all. You can still get the rampaging violence, just not a huge benefit after the first two varieties of monsters.

>> No.37824573

Admittedly I changed it up. Instead of angels, I'm against Nerds with a robot army. All because of one retarded idea.

The zombies are caused by black magic, right? Along with the nerds making robots to also get at humanity. Then I realized it. BOTH sides are utterly huge nerds who are out for each other, the apocalypse is humanity caught in the middle.

The Necromancers are the nerds that got themselves hopped up on black magic and reshaped their bodies, hoping to be the evil overlords who shape the world via some edgy power fantasy and establishing royal courts of their subjects, the zombies taking care of all the work. Like pretending to be the Lich King or stuff. The Robo-building nerds aren't in the loop, but quickly find out and start making robots because fuck leaving it to those edgy douchebags! But all the focusing on robots means they aren't ripped and awesome looking like the necromancers, and as such they're still frustrated as hell and decide to take it out on everyone, humans included. Because fuck the society that scorned them!

Both sides quickly start getting into a war, the sun's blotted out due the necromancers wanting more edgelord stuff, but at least leave the plants growing. Because that's just common courtesy and leaving variety on the earth. Too bad the stress from both sides drives a few people mad and causes further schisms.

And all the while everyone takes note of this obscenely good looking redhead who's somehow mastered magic AND technology, trying to help out! And everyone agrees on one thing, for one reason or another: "Fuck that bitch".

>> No.37824595

How does the fungus form of the zombie disease spread? Do you just bite someone,? If so, what threat do the severed body parts pose?

Also, if my skin is rock hard, do I not have to worry about zombies?

>> No.37824744

Fungus is actually quite dangerous because it could easily take less than a bite to spread it. If it scratches you (and draws blood) you're probably in serious trouble. The severed body parts are still a threat. When I said that is twisted up the body in unnatural ways I meant it, fingers will find a way to creep across the floor, and a broken leg could flip and contort at surprising speed towards a warm target.

With rock-hard skin you're probably quite safe from a lot of zombie threats though. Just don't let those severed fungus fingers creep into your mouth/ears when (if?) you sleep.

>> No.37825362

I believe the Carnivore jump has what you're looking for.

>> No.37825410

>Samurai Jack Jump: Alpha version
1.Started adding the date to the upper right corner.

2.Added an intro.

3.Finished backgrounds. (Yes they are free and will remain so.)

4.Finished body Types.

5.Formatting changes.

6.Replaced "Physical Immunity" with "Resurrection."

7.Replaced "Magical Immunity" with "Teleportation."

8.Edited the description for "Summoning."

9.Edited the description for "Enchanted Weapon."
10.Added and fleshed out a few drawbacks.
11.Added a notes section.

>> No.37825426

80s Action Movies and Heist also both have similar perks.

>> No.37825428

I just started a new chain, and so far much of my durability comes from Roach in Black Bullet, which is disrupted by strong electromagnetic fields. Would the zombies with Danger Warning: Lights provide enough of an electromagnetic disturbance to be able to harm me? I think that could be an interesting flaw in my defenses to work with.

>> No.37825559

Actually having had time to think on it and consult sources I'm going with Penemuel as my angelic name. It doesn't quite fit but does a good job of conveying the fact that I'm not with the others. Bonus points to anyone who knows where it comes from.

>> No.37825578

I doubt the disruption would be bad enough with one zombie, but getting caught in a horde of them would be at least as bad for you as anyone else.

>> No.37825595

So Im planning on going straight up foxform on as many jumps as i can so I can basically super sayan mode things. Not powerful enough? Time for fox form 2! starting with ninetails then brush god etc.

My question is which of the jumps gives me a demon altform? Something to do other than my fox and kitsune form. Im looking at becoming a deal devil in my off time playing mephistopheles and granting forbidden knowledge to humans.

>> No.37825613

A reminder that samsung made an ass robot. Your move Jumpers
So /JC/ have you ever built anything so ridiculous you keeped it just because you liked it so much? or made something like Samsung's ass robot?

>> No.37825669

Lets do this.

>Black Magic, the Folly of Man 900
>Beyond the End, Nazis 800
>Rolled Major City Hospital, No warning

>Check this out 700
>Not See Zombies 500
>Zombification Immunity -100
>Glimmer of Hope -200
>Forewarned -300
>Boomstick -400
>Silent Chainsaw -600

>Cross-Species -500
>Boned -400
>Zombies Versus (8 times) -200
>Psychopaths 0

Okay, so, this is now more of an action movie than a horror movie. There are 11 factions at work and, due to the rarity of humans, they all want to kill each other much more than usual. First, there are the Necromancers that are controlling the zombies, both human and animal. Then, the skeletons form their own separate faction. All 7 rollable factions are here too. For number 7 on the list, it turns out the conspiracy theorists were on to something because there are a bunch of Nazi catgirls running around (Heil Hitler, nya!) I may or may not decide to replace them with the Johj later.

Finally, humans are actually strong enough to count as a faction this time. Empowered by the drawback, every single human left on the planet, who isn't a member of one of the other factions, is a psychopath hardened into a nigh-supernatural killer through a life of bloodshed and war with the evil of the world. Basically, they can stay competitive because they just want it more than the other factions.

Oh, since this is a somewhat late jump, you can't forget about the superpowered interdimensional traveler either. So yeah, not really a standard survival horror.

>> No.37825708


>> No.37825736

I can't say I've made an ass robot, but I DID make an infinite-ammo revolver that shoots magically spatially compressed high-frequency guts' dragonslayer-sized greatswords with various elements that de-compress to full size upon leaving the barrel.

I don't even USE ranged weapons. This shit is more for silly 'i litter the entire battlefield with SWORDS' shenanigans than any practical application.

>> No.37825770

Dont have the required technical skills yet. Ive nevee read any mechanical books yet either its been all medicine and magic so far, along with the sciences.

But i have a plan to geneforge a massive rathalos egg the size of a minivan and hatch it allowing it to grow to massive size then making it an altform. Imagine a mountain sized rathalos boom and zoom. Gonna keep him in a pokeball.

>> No.37825776


>> No.37825796

Cool, that's what I was hoping for. So I can tear apart small groups of zombies, but I'd still have to avoid swarms. Makes it more interesting that way.

>> No.37825799

The more builds for that I see, the more I think I'm the only person that didn't go Blooded.

>> No.37825800

Does it? I havent checked them all. Thanks.

>> No.37825821

Not yet I haven't.

>> No.37825853

I went Mortal. Focus and drive and glorious enchanted ammo and holy wards.

I also took the midnight bliss drawback.

>> No.37825911

Well, in Team Fortress I kept building dickcopters to use as surveillance systems. Does that count?
... I was really drunk and prone to making poor decisions.

On the plus side, my companions tell me the rants I'd yell across the battlefield whenever Merasmus showed up were legendary! Apparently he HATED me for... some reason...? If only I could remember them...

>> No.37825965

I went okami before doing marvel, should i get a vibranium reflector or an adamantium glaive to hook my brushgod form Up?

>> No.37826032

>perma-drunk in team fortress with an army of surveillance dick-copters while rambling relentlessly at merasmus

There are some times I wish I could live in the same little world as you.

You owe me some new sides, by the way

>> No.37826255

Build a giant fish robot that doesn't do anything but float around and stare vacantly at swimmers going into dangerous areas. They'll get so uncomfortable they'll have to leave.

>> No.37826275

Depends if you're more defensive or offensive.

>> No.37826319

Hell Yeah! Now to finish up all the jumps in my queue so I can take this one!

>> No.37826354

Posting my marvel build. Im basically hooking up my brush god form up in this jump. Seriously ive basically got a sword that can cut anything as well as a shield that cannot be broken now. healing factor to be able to.heal from anything and my superspeed for the scaryness of a monster fox going mach 1ripping your throat out. Now jumping is getting really fun.
Starts at any time period I choose
1000 cp
Present day
Drop in
Healing factor (750)
adamantium glaive (450)
Friend in the media (250)
4th wall reliant (400)
Changed (600)
Mutant (900)
Speed (300)
Vibranium (reflector) (0)
Blade (spear)(free) because why the fuck not.

>> No.37826368

>So /JC/ have you ever built anything so ridiculous you keeped it just because you liked it so much?
My bow is the literal definition of that. It's just this horrifying end result of something that really should have been stopped, yet I just keep going with it.

But at the same time... it's kind of hilarious. A ton of folks try to make this super awesome gun, or a super awesome mobile suit, or some kind of obscenely advanced weapon... and here I am with a bow. All because I wanted to be Rule-63 Sun Wukong.

>> No.37826376

That is actually a hilarious idea.

>> No.37826403

Hey, at least your superweapon is ranged.

There's a reason you don't see armies wielding bullwhips.

>> No.37826409

Hm, probably my Golden Heart. Nigh on infinite multiplication of everything that I am just lets me screw around in most jumps and do what I wish.

>> No.37826452

I've probably built at least one or two halftracks to use as everyday conversation. If I got REALLY bored I might have recreated the Buick (complete with monkey bobblehead) in one of the Star Wars jumps. Unfortunately I can't think of anything particularly clever as I'd actually have to live through it to do something like that.

>> No.37826475

Range has merits.

>> No.37826480

> conversation
How did I mix up conversation with transportation?

>> No.37826503

But there is a reason I picked up an extremely beefed up version of Undertow in Bioshock Infinite
I can pull a GET OVER HERE!

>> No.37826543

What is this bow you made?

>> No.37826624

Wonder how good an adamantium bow with an adamantium cable bowstring would be...

>> No.37826628


>> No.37826647

Something that Red always forgets to tell during her description of the "Bow of Infinite Fuck Yous" is that similar items can be combined in between jumps to save storage space. Keep that in mind when she mentions all the items that went into that thing.

>> No.37826666

Not very, because you won't be able to bend the string. Plus, the bow itself is extremely heavy for no benefit.

>> No.37826683

So, what would be needed to penetrate an AT field? Just a certain level of power, a certain type?

>> No.37826686

The bow is what happens when you decide to save storage space by merging similar weapons together into a magnificent blend of OH HOLY SHIT.

>> No.37826759

I have never heard of this. How.

I just keep all my stuff in pokeballs. With labels on them.

>> No.37826780

With smithing perks, a mix of magic, tech, and something Red made called a Digital Punpun

>> No.37826808

Also Alchemy
I've made a similar Sword. Only I didn't give it a fancy name, because I'm shit with names.
I tend to fight with normal weapons
Then Using my Lightsabers/Demon Weapon
Then Fists
Then when I'm really serious I take out the sword

>> No.37826856

Three thing penetrate AT fields:The first is Lance of Longinus (and the false lances, I think), which you can buy in jump. The second is using a AT field to weaken and remove another AT field. This method requires that you have an equal or stronger field to take down the target. The third is sufficient firepower . This tends to have the downside of destroying everything around the angel, so it's only usable if you don't care about collateral. AT fields are crazy strong though, don't underestimate them. The third angel Sachiel took a nuke to the face and sustained relatively minor damage, and was not pointed out as having a particularly strong field.

>> No.37826862

It's some arcane jumpchain law like Save State being removed from Pokemon or whichever supplements are en vogue. Quicksilver apparently said something to that effect 150 threads ago.

>> No.37826892

QS is slow on updating stuff.

>> No.37826903

Alchemy and a number of smithing and magic perks.
It fires like 60 arrows(at least) for every shot, and every shot expands to the size of a tree trunk(iirc) while being made of sun energy and powered by a mini sun(grain of salt here) and enchanted for a butt ton of effects.

If she was eager to make it stronger she easily could, she does not because shes not a high power jumper.

>> No.37826937

I think you can focus AT fields which would let weaker fields beat stronger ones, until they focused them as well. Like that one who had weaponized AT fields.

>> No.37826973

So let's say you had Super Spin, Railgun, and Rakansen. How far would you be towards breaking an AT field?

>> No.37826981

>Fusing swords and bows together
>Not fusing all of your armor and all of your mecha together into an instantly summonable power armor/super robot hybrid.

>> No.37826997

It's basically this horrifying amalgamation of multiple bows throughout the jumpchain. By using FMA Alchemy and a metric shitton of magic, I can combine bows and transfer their properties, magical or not, to the final result in question. So far the bows involved are:

-Bow of Hou Yi (Wuxia)
-Seventh Heaven (FFTA)
-Dragonslayer Bow (Gothic)
-Auriel's Bow (TES)
-Silver Bow (Ravenloft)
-Zephyr's Bow (Golden Sun)
-Nidhogg (Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones)
-Dragonbone Bow (Song of Ice and Fire)
-Devil Arm (DMC)
-Sea Bow (Dark Souls)
-Ichaival (AoM)
-Skorm's Bow (Fable)
-Infinity Bow (Minecraft)
-Greatbow (Warhammer Fantasy)
-Magic Bow (Dragon's Dogma)
-Bow of Rudra (Lord of Light)
-Sacred Longbow (Inuyasha)
-Variable Weapon (RWBY) (Combine with Ruyi Jingu Bang)
-Transforming Bow (Tales of Vesperia) (Combine with Sword)

To add to it, we have
-Materia (Slash-ALL/4x Cut)
-Magic Channeling
-Shitton of crafting perks

So BASICALLY. We have a bow that fires anywhere from 300-1200 arrows. Per person if I feel like it. All arrows home in, are supercharged with magic/Hamon/Haki/Chakra/whatever, replicates any arrow I use perfectly, alters probability to hit the target, and can go through 10 targets before they expire. Each. Along with so many anti-[insert creature] and elemental buffs that it's pretty insane. All while it lowers a person's defense rating with each hit. If I use Double Tap, it damages them AGAIN for the same damage I did at first. Honestly the thing is fucking insane, and holds ALL the enchantments of my sword/bow as well. So it sizechanges to fire arrows the size of trees if I want, and boosts the magic output so much I've completely lost track, along with negating the magic a person has.

See >>37826780, >>37826808, and >>37826903. I use FMA Alchemy with a shitton of magic perks. Though my Digital Pun-Pun also helps.

Seriously. It's crazy.

>> No.37827016

You would at least be able to challenge some of the weaker AT fields. The strong ones are out of your range unless you have an AT field to back it up.

>> No.37827023

Spin you need a horse, Railgun which I believe you are talking about Raildex distance wouldn't matter as long as you can aim and would require sufficient charging, and Rakansen I forgot what this is so I have no clue. This is just my opinion.

>> No.37827034


Wakfu, if you're here, just buy an AT field and stop freaking out.

>> No.37827058

I don't use mecha often
And I don't buy unique armor often, I prefer to craft my own Mega Armor
Even then I don't wear it often. It's used for an "in-between" phase
When I'm angry enough to start pulling out the big guns, but before I'm pulling out Transformations, because I would need to design armor that can accommodate Wings, and Tails, and Horns, and an extra set of Arms. And that's too much hassle.

But I do have a lesser version of it I make en-mass for my armies, on the rare occasion I need them

>> No.37827070

>because I would need to design armor that can accommodate Wings, and Tails, and Horns, and an extra set of Arms. And that's too much hassle.
That molecule uniform from Marvel is part of the design.

>> No.37827089

There's a machine in Bloody Roar that can be used to convert clothing/armor such that if you shift altforms the armor shifts with you. Very useful.

>> No.37827111

I DO have that uniform.
Yeah, I suppose I could wear the armor all the time after I get "serious", even after I transform.
Pic Related, Roger whose this pic for....some reason. I liked it enough I'm gonna make my armor look like this.

There is? Might need to steal one, since I don't think I bought it with Points

>> No.37827116

Is the shaman king jump still being worked on? Last I heard about it was some time in December, and I just wanted to know if it was still happening, or if the person working on it had given up.

>> No.37827144


>> No.37827184

What's E-Tech From?

>> No.37827189


>> No.37827240


>> No.37827278

Question:Doesn't Double Tap only apply to Weapons, or does it apply to any method of attack?
Fists, Magic, etc?

>> No.37827297

I have no idea how close you would be. Like, railgun's a rail gun, could that even be combined with Rankansen? Spin would definitely make things go faster, but I don't know what kind of force that would hit with.

If you want a high end, they once got a gun called a 'positron rifle' fueled by the entirety of japan's power to break one of the stronger AT fields. Of course, I have no idea what a positron rifle is or how it works, so calculating the force there is next to impossible. Here's the only video I could find of the fight. to see for yourself.


>> No.37827298

Does Double Tap*
No idea why I added an n't

>> No.37827323

Only weapons, from what I know. Hence why it seems to empower the Bow... seeing as it can also turn into a sword and a staff.

Borderlands. It can let you create Legendary weapons, such as things that increase the amount of shots fired.

>> No.37827383

You could use it with a fist weapon, like a power fist/electro glove.

>> No.37827440

I don't think I can make a fist-weapon that can handle my strength
When I say "I made a physical build" I mean "I honestly don't know if I'm going to accidentally break my armor in combat"
Unless I find an easy "this thing can't be broken" enchantment I'm in danger
But I don't know a setting that has an easy enchantment like that

>> No.37827465

I want to know what happens when Red uses Sonic Boom from FFTA. Like, is it equivalent to dropping nuclear warheads at will. Or does it multiply?

>> No.37827533

Uh, no.

He NEVER said anything about Jump-chan letting you combine weapons. The only reason I'm even doing any of this is because he suggested FMA alchemy with heavy supplements of magic on IRC, to which then I made Digital Pun-Pun to assist in it.

NOWHERE did he say you could just combine things willy nilly between every jump.

>> No.37827599

An exceptionally good perk for combining things is Nanomaster from Iji.

>> No.37827738

Double Tap is just physical weapons, not magical attacks. But a fist-type weapon would be absolutely fine (and I wouldn't could out punches or natural attacks). I don't know about enchantments doubling up though. Sounds like you're on the path to crafting a fine multipunch weapon all the same. Maybe you should call it a manyfist?

>> No.37827763


Okay MAYBE I could see that. It says enhancing and 'cracking' weapons, even magical ones along with combining weapons. So yeah, taking time with it and understanding the magic, I could see that happening. A shame I didn't grab it, but such is life!

I don't fucking know, fanwank something.

>> No.37827836

Everything burns forever.

>> No.37828039

Its only as weird as you make it. That said, it can get REALLY freaking weird.

Please do.

Okay, a lot of questions. Lets do this---

1: A Doll in this case is the meat and mechanical bodies brought to unlife by a Necromancer. You temporarily give up being "Human" to be little more then a machine. Think Terminator. Its a forced delusion but feel free to get creative with it.

2: Undefeatable Heart is based on hope for a better tomorrow and a will to see that tomorrow.

Heart of Ice is psychological scarring taken willingly to make you indifferent to the world around you while Foes are Foes gives you resistance against attacks made against your sanity.
The difference being Ice is a flat you are already mad so you shrug off a lot while the other gives you an active resistance to attacks on you which some foes in setting can make.

3: Ah, I'll try and clear that up. Basically it lets you remove a bit of the madness in your mind and put it in others. In a points perspective, you have 4 points of Madness, you can take 1 point off a day by giving everyone around you 1 pt of Madness.

Its a dick move to your friends and allies.

4: I'll try and clear that up too. YOU Praying helps OTHERS resist Madness. As long as people know you have faith in them, its harder for them to go insane.

5: Corpse Style is undead martial arts. Its based on the idea that your body can break and you can fix it. As long as you are willing to disembowel yourself or something equally crazy for someone not undead, you could totally use it in other forms.

I'd say Adaptability would go a long way to helping use it in other forms where things like Pain and bleeding to death would hold you back.

6: The "window" is as long as it takes to hit someone with every weapon at hand. If you have 20 kitchen knives on you, you could hit someone with them all in the span of a couple seconds. Its VERY ZA WARUDO.

Second Post in bound.

>> No.37828139

Naturally. For fire is glorious. Fire is great.

And I demand a sacrifice.

>> No.37828194

Red confirmed Pyromaniac

>> No.37828215

Rocky Horror Picture Show jump when? Audience Participation drawback where Jumpchan spends ten years throwing toast at you when?

Not from me though, I barely made it past time warp before I got bored.

>> No.37828249


6: Continued
Mind you this is from the game assuming you only have about 6 attacks at most. Bite, Fist, and a couple Armaments, Mutations and Enhancements.

As a Jumper, it can get very silly.

7: Tender Love and Care. Guess I should spell it out. Wanted to shave off a few words.

8: Ah, I worded it badly. The first lets you regrow Basic Parts and the other is....Its supposed to be damage reduction via rapid healing.
I'll work on that. The base ability gives Defense 1 which negates 1 damage.

9: Yes, a weird Luck Buff cause the Mutation doesn't make much sense and the base ability lets you add +1 to any roll.

10: I'll make sure to put it in notes but the world is filled with the Broken Dolls--those that have gone insane--, Savants which are Dolls directly under the control of the Necromancer, wandering monstrosities made of random parts, random undead, Ghosts and the like, swarms of Ravens, and whatever else your DM decides to throw at you.

I generally also toss in Mutants cause mutations are a thing.

11: I thought I noted that kind of thing. Unless its stated its a specific part, you can install it anywhere like your Torso, Head or Arms.

Thanks for the questions. I seem to have a lot of work to do still. I'll be adding more clarification as time goes on. Feel free to ask more.

>> No.37828257

Of course she is.

>> No.37828275

Once you find me someone who is willing to take sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania as their background.

>> No.37828278

If you're that lazy, don't bother asking.

>> No.37828301


This can only end well.

>> No.37828433

Don't forget Zim's duct tape fusion thing, which lets you combine arbitrary things (even like, creatures). It's basically the 'but I totally thought there was a ruling that you could combine similar items!'-the perk.

>> No.37828586

SO. Lord of the Rings jump. I've taken a lot of magic perks in past worlds.

How likely am I to be called on my bullshit when I attempt to claim that I am Jump-Anon the Plaid?

>> No.37828594

Anybody have the MGNQ WIP jump? I want to see which Golden Weapons are available, and whether or not they come loaded with a spirit inside. Plus, I want to see if we can import a previous weapon and turn it into a Golden Weapon.

I'll take Gorefather and Gorechild in a heartbeat if Risa is their controlling spirit. I have another sentient weapon I want to introduce her to.

>> No.37828661

this is the latest preview
more will be on the way soon

>> No.37828670

Infinitely. All the of the Istari knew each other in Valinor.

>> No.37828690

If I recall correctly, you were able to purchase a copy, not the original, of any Golden Weapon. It didn't give you a list of them, however. If you purchase a Golden Weapon, it has a version of yourself as the spirit. It is also possible to find the Golden Weapons once you're in the jump, and the drop-in capstone lets you use them without going crazy.

>> No.37828694

That's what I figured.


>> No.37828940

Rolled 4 (1d8)

After all this Kaiju silliness it's time for something a bit more sedate. Rolling for location in Ninjago. I'm thinking I'll probably go Fangpyre

>> No.37829061

I really should have a "magical girl" arc
Even though I'm a guy
If I pay the 50 can I be the only magical boy in an otherwise magical girl setting?

>> No.37829093

it EXPLICITLY says yes

>> No.37829105

>Gender is Female or pay 50cp for Mahou Shonen
Please read the doc before asking.

>> No.37829124

No, it says it turns it into a Mahou Shonen, which would be a Magical Boy show
I want it still be Magical Girls, except for me
I want to be the "odd man out" so to speak.
It amuses me, it's why I'm a Man-Witch in Soul Eater, and in Strike Witches

>> No.37829146

Dude, it's pretty simple to just say your the only magical boy. Just pay the 50 and keep everyone else the same.

>> No.37829160

You cannot be this retarded. I refuse to believe it.

>> No.37829201

ok, let me clarify
that option applies to YOU and YOU ALONE
if it was for everyone, it would be a 0cp drawback

>> No.37829272

Fair enough
I asked because some of the jump makers are really nit-picky with that sort of shit.

>> No.37829336

Serpentine (800)
Venomari (free)
Fang Kwan Do (free)
Ssswoosssh (700)
Efficiency (300) Actually the main thing that drew me here
Disssengage (100)
Massster Ssstrategisst (-200)
Clumsy (0)
So I guess I'll stick around the fair pretending to be someone in costume as a Venomari and certainly not the real deal. Really mostly came here for Efficiency but the tactical genius and such are quite nice too.

>> No.37829342

Cool, thanks. Also, on a scale from 1 to 10, how bad of an idea is it to collect all the "cannon" Golden Weapons?

What happens if we try to wield a Golden Weapon we bought and its "cannon" version at the same time?

>> No.37829384

Frankly, I'm not Decu so I can't say for sure.
But it's probably not the best idea.

>> No.37829583

Okay so, results from a bit of postulation in chat has spawned a few... ideas.

Namely. We all know Wonderland. All of it's variants, from Disney to American McGee.

How would your Jumper fare in such a world of madness?

And would you possibly like a jump to such a land?

>> No.37829665

Are you gonna make it a super combo setting like Van Helsing? If so, hell yeah.

>> No.37829667

I think i would go slightly crazy for awhile.

I would also like to say that while i would like a jump of Alice In Wonderland, if you're offering to do it i would rather have Killing Bites ETA? and AVP beforehand.

>> No.37829679


Whelp, I know I'm going for the chainaxes and gauntlets for sure. Yuu should work well with my Lucario, both love to punch things and fight like brutal brawlers.

Karasuba is getting the chainaxes, if anyone can help Risa get the high score, it's her.

>> No.37829687 [DELETED] 

Kill la Kill next. Rolling to see what club I end up in despite being an oddly skimpy wizard outfit.

>> No.37829690

I'd jump the shit out of Wonderland.

>> No.37829738

I would fit in most spectacularly and quite enjoy my time there.

>> No.37829750

Probably. Make a note of different 'regions' with the various Wonderland interpretations included.

That's the plan, aye. Do it after I got other things out of the way.

As for the ETA, running into some issues with descriptions. Still gonna be out soon however.

>> No.37829814

Descriptions are usually the hardest part. Btw will there be an option to become partners with the honey badger?

>> No.37829857

Rolled 8 (1d8)

Up next is Kill la Kill, rolling for club despite being a disturbingly revealing wizard outfit. This time with actual dice.

>> No.37829861

Yes, there'll be a Plotbound drawback.

And if you want want to waifu Ratel, I'm not gonna say you can't.

>> No.37829892

Oh, the madness. The utterly terrifying madness! I'd love to go, though - I hear the tea is lovely.

>> No.37829897

I'd like to add in an option to allow us to either buy or roll which version of Wonderland we end up in.

I'd shank someone for a Zenescope or Zenescope compatible jump

>> No.37829902

I have a question about the Starcraft jump about prices on imports.

>To get you started you gain a companion of any of the listed unit types, if there is a cost stated you must pay that price, unless you import a companion into this role, which may be done freely. Along with this companion you get a squad of units of the same type. You may also obtain or import additional companion units for 50cp, new companions are also required to pay any stated cost. Likewise for 50cp and any listed price you may hire a squad of units.

I'm not sure what this is trying to say. I want to import some companions as Specters which have a cost of (50) points. So, how much will it cost to import them? 50? 100?

It isn't clear to me, and I would appreciate some clarification here.

>> No.37829967

50 CP for import.

The only unit they can't be imported as is the mechanical panther.

>> No.37829991

50 CP for imports, 100 for if it was a brand new companion. That's why it says NEW companions have to pay the extra cost.

It is pretty confusingly worded.

>> No.37829995

Alright so hold the fuck up

When tang happens in EVA jump, that's due to all the mega-angels combining into giant Rei, who sends out avatars to turn people into orange-flavoured drink, right? And Rei has had an instrumental role not only overtly, but under the raydar, as seen by the apparition in the first episode, right?

So if I want to stop the tang, all I have to do is... kill Rei, and wipe the cloning data?

>> No.37830081

Angels don't have anything to do with Rei, no. That's what happens when Rei fuses with Lilith, mother of all humanity.

Rei isn't evil herself so much, your best bet, like with the other two, is to save her from her shitty situation. Plus, Instrumentality happens because it's what Shinji wants, she let him decide and he makes a poor decision in his current state.

>> No.37830216

>When tang happens in EVA jump, that's due to all the mega-angels combining into giant Rei, who sends out avatars to turn people into orange-flavoured drink, right?
If by mega angels you mean Adam and Lilith, the progenitors of the angels and humanity, yeah. That's pretty much it.
>And Rei has had an instrumental role not only overtly, but under the raydar, as seen by the apparition in the first episode, right?
I'm disappointed you didn't make the pun, but Rei was pretty much in control of it.
>So if I want to stop the tang, all I have to do is... kill Rei, and wipe the cloning data?
They would make another clone series from lilith again, so that wouldn't work. Destroying the lilith/adam directly would be a better idea.

>> No.37830249

Ok lets see…
Cause roll… Hivemind [8] SHIT JUST GOT REAL
Nature is at fault. So earth decided to start a zombie apocalypse. It doesn’t know who it is messing with.

Phase roll…[Phase zero] enough time to prepare and prevent it. Then again…

Location roll…[2] perfect I can have my own ‘’cabin in the woods’’…
Danger warning ‘Growl’. Let’s keep it classic.

Now backgrounds… Survivor
Need all the time I can spare, can’t be dealing with memories
>When there’s no more room in hell
I SHALL WALK THE—other hell. What the hell [950]
>Double tap.
When in doubt… [550]
>Zombification immunity.
This will come in handy [-50]
>Razz all Ghouls.
A drop into the ocean[-450]
Now I can finally use that reference! [-550]
Gotta even out the numbers [-600]

Considering my current build this should be a perk [-300]

No rest for the wicked
Hardier undead… meh.

Zombies versus…[2] werewolves
Welp time to get the silver pellets.

So this is where all my necromancy perks come in handy. Does earth think it can zombipocalipse against ME (and humanity). Well, les see who gets out-zombipocalised now when I release the zombie werewolves and my OWN army of the dead WITH BLACKJACK AND HOOKERS!.

>> No.37830266

Honestly, if you want to stop all the tang? You follow 3 easy steps.

1. Wait until late December.
2. Infiltrate NERV
3. Vaporize Gendo and the Adam Embryo with it.

Wham, bam, perfect glam. Without Gendo going crazy OR the Adam Embryo to fuse with Lilith, Third Impact doesn't happen and you more or less screw the whole plot sideways.

>> No.37830313

Club: Occult (mostly consists of me lying around laughing at their dabbling into that which they cannot comprehend)
Kamui (200) As mentioned previously I'm a wizard robe and hat, oddly revealing despite that
Tailor (-100) well I've been a tinker, a soldier and a spy for ages, may as well complete the list
Harassed (0)
As for companions wearing me it will probably be split between Gigobretz and the Archeologist for the most part since the spyder, waddle dees, and Dupois are all physically incapable of doing it. My Nakama from One Piece I'll be waiting to wield in my off hand in her weapon form, and Priscilla would likely faint from embarrassment.

"But where are you getting your life fibers?" You ask. Well you see I've got a perfect source of life fibers nice and handy. You see I can simply sever portions of myself to foot the bill and then use healing spells to regrow what I lost. Sure it's a bit macabre but I couldn't think of a better way off the top of my head.

>> No.37830429

These guys have the right idea.

All you need to do is wait until Asuka comes to Tokyo 3 with Kaji. Kaji will have the embryonic ADAM in a briefcase. Steal that briefcase and chuck it into your warehouse. Without it, there is no chance of an Impact Event occurring due to Gendo's dickery.

An Impact Event is triggered when ADAM and LILITH mix, as long as you keep them separate you are golden.

>> No.37830431

Why not just vaporize Lilith? Should be simpler since you don't have the time constraints.

>> No.37830498

She's kinda guarded by every resource at Nervs disposal. And she's the reason the angels attack the fortress city with power cords instead of anywhere else.

>> No.37830526

I'm gonna go ahead and combine all these questions into a single post since it's convenient.

1.Is the Terra Formars anime an accurate representation the setting? Because it makes the johj seem less horrible that you guys have been describing.

2.Does getting turned into tang in Evangelion count as you losing the jump?

3.Specific question for >>37829967 regarding the AVP jump, do you have plans for if we want to bring xenos into other worlds?

>> No.37830591

And since most of the origins give you reason to be there it should be fairly simple to get in since you're obviously not an Angel (including those Angels who took Hybrid). From there it's on Avada Kedavra or other destruction method of your choice, quite possibly using some of the more esoteric movement abilities to break in to avoid them knowing it was you.

>> No.37830595

See >>37830498, and they kind of rely on Lilith anyhow.

Adam, on the other hand, is MUCH less defended by comparison. And much more easily attackable.

>> No.37830619

>regarding the AVP jump, do you have plans for if we want to bring xenos into other worlds?

Yes. Aside from the Xenomorph companion options (who're denoted specifically through the purchase options as being stronger than average Xenos / Xeno-Hybrids), you're gonna have to get a Hive replenished on each world afterward.

Which shouldn't be too hard. All Xenomorph castes have the base ability to produce a chemical in their spit which, when exposed to air, initiates the Hive Web growth.

>> No.37830648

The johj are capable of adapting to the threat they run up against. Bad shit can happen.

As of now, that threat is a goddamn JUMPER.

Getting Tanged counts as losing under specific circumstances, IIMO, you would have to ask the maker.

>> No.37830713

>And since most of the origins give you reason to be there it should be fairly simple to get in since you're obviously not an Angel (including those Angels who took Hybrid).
She's a massive secret. Most of the people on the planet don't know about her, they won't let anyone save for the absolute need to know down into the terminal dogma. Being human won't help here, in the same way most top secret military bases won't let you walk around even though you're a citizen.

And you didn't respond to the fact she is providing a pivotal role in killing the angels.

>> No.37830753

The adaption is only really a problem if you let the eggs hatch, or if they eat a mosaic organ, which you shouldn't let them do. Ever.

And they might have trouble adapting to things that are purely magical.

>> No.37830779

I don't know how I feel about hurting Lilith, since we don't really know how she feels on her own or what she'd do.

>> No.37830853

Angels would presumably just go after Adam. So it boils down to a hard to reach target that is guaranteedly in one place the entirety of your stay or going for a small window of time for the other possible target.

>> No.37830913

The anime is a pretty poor adaption. You don't get the feel of how strong they really are in it.

>> No.37830914

Chances are, if you just got rid of Lilith, humanity would still be fucked when the angels retrieved daddy. Adam is several times more powerful than his progeny, and if they brought him back your only hope is to pin him to a wall with the lance.

>> No.37831045

>Adam is several times more powerful than his progeny, and if they brought him back your only hope is to pin him to a wall with the lance.
EVA is one of those rare instances where I think that the selective use of balefire would be prudent.

>> No.37831116

Doesn't that undo history? I'm not sure of the mechanics, but undoing Adam entirely means Lilith is never disabled and thus she never bleeds out what becomes all life on Earth. If reality survived the balefire, then it's likely that Earth would still be populated by what would at least be similar to what we know of as life, but the world is unlikely to be the same.

>> No.37831223

>Doesn't that undo history?
Not exactly. It rips the target out of the fabric of reality. If you pump enough power into it it does so retroactively from the moment of impact. So a blast of X power will eliminate a target. A blast of X+N will eliminate a target from Y units of measure in the past.

The amount of power it'd take to remove something from that far back in history, assuming we're talking about the birth of humanity, is ... I can't find a good analogue in fiction.

The biggest problem with using balefire in WoT is that history is cyclical so by ripping someone from the fabric of reality, called The Pattern and Weave in universe, is that you're effecting the present, potentially the past, and definitely the future.

Out of WoT, assuming you're not dealing with a cyclical history, it wouldn't be as dangerous. Though I doubt it'd be consequence free.

>> No.37831266

>The biggest problem with using balefire in WoT is that history is cyclical so by ripping someone from the fabric of reality, called The Pattern and Weave in universe, you're affecting the present, potentially the past, and definitely the future.
Edited for content.

>> No.37831355

Except for the numerous implications of a time loop in the films.

>> No.37831435

You mean Rebuild? Separate continuity from the series. The jump only follows the original series. Rebuild is a different universe that's gonna get its own jump version.

>> No.37831529

No no, not that. What I mean is the implication's in both the films and the manga that they are all somehow apart of one continuity.

>> No.37831558

Half of EVA is implications

>> No.37831595

Pic very related.

>> No.37831600

This >>37831558


And that's when it's not the creator hating everyone involved.

>> No.37831613

Rebuild stuff has lots of implications of links to the original series. It's never really made clear if there's an alternate universe that has bleed-over, or just time wibbly-wobbliness from all the giant-naked-rei'ing, but either way I'd be worried about trying to use balefire on that sort of universe's temporal keystone if you had enough power.

>> No.37831646

Pic related, again. Shinji has it rough in the Rebuild continuity especially.

>> No.37831749

Cycle or not I am prepared to completely wreck it.

>> No.37831843

My headcanon is that Rebuild happened because you broke the Evangelion timeline.

>> No.37831935

It is the Year 2015 AD

2/3/2015 - Version 0.2
Clarified Free Choice as NOT letting you start on January 1st 1999, that was from an old roll chart. (Done!)
Revised Major Badass, Classy Casual Comfortable (Done!
Revised Hybrid, clarified that it can be taken by every Origin (Done!)
Revised AT Field Mastery, clarified terms (Done!)
Revised Non-Euclidean (Done!)
Revised Unassailable (Done!)
Added New Complications (Done!)
Boosted Complications Limit to 800cp (Done)
Add more 50cp/100cp options (after discounts) (Done!)
Clarified that Pattern Orange still has a soul/can be affected by AT fields. (Done)
Clarified that Hybrid must be taken for any non-Pattern Blue Origin to take any Pattern Blue Perks or Metaphysical Biology Upgrades. (Done)
Clarified that Eva Cages come with Evangelions. (Done)
Basic Companion Import comes with 400cp and your choice of Inspector, Director or Specialist origins at 0cp each. Discounts apply. (Done)
Switched costs on two of the Specialist Perks, no other changes yet (Done)

>> No.37832002

>Shinji I got you a new boyfriend
I fucking died.

>> No.37832126


A question: What will happen if we throw ADAM into our Warehouse and fuse with him when we go to another jump? Or is fusing with ADAM at any time grounds for ending our jumping?

>> No.37832149

I'm thinking that fusing with your appropriate progenitor is the equivalent of 'staying in Eva/ending your jump there.'

>> No.37832170

Updated build!

-Background: Pattern Red (Specialist) (900CP) -FINE. IT'S TIME TO BE THE DOCTOR!
-Cool Headed (Free) -This is nice! I'll do well with this.
-Fastest Fingers (800CP) (Discount) -My DPP is on code. This makes zero errors. ...oh fuck.
-Metaphysical Biology, PhD (600CP) (Discount) -This... oh dear. We're getting scary here.
-Superscale Skills (300CP) (Discount) -Hey! Guess who's awesome at building shit! THIS GIRL.
-Fanservice! (200CP) -Oh like I wasn't gonna pick this up.
-Outright Audacious (-200CP) -Oh holy shit. I like this. Increased chances of success? Resources knowledge? YES.
-Dark Utility (-300CP) -Focus on not what it was MEANT to do, but what it CAN do.
-Infinite Supply of Tang (Free) -OH FUCKING DAMN IT.
-Imported Preferences (Free) -Ah. Ahahahaha. This will be some nice utility.
-Lab Coat and Coveralls (Free) -Eh, why not.
-Priority Access Adapter (-400CP) -Oh my sweet word. This. I'm gonna have PLANS for this.
-Neurosis (-300CP) (Too vain for people)
-A Dark Pantheon (0CP)
-Track 27 (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 2006AD, Kyoto-2, 27 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Right! So I'm sitting there working with NERV and other shit, trying to stay out of the way and enjoy studying the fuck out of everything. Then Angels show up and I start studying more. Then when SEELE shows up I make my move. VAPORIZE THE SHIT out of Gendo... MAYBE save the hand and toss it in the warehouse. I don't know, it seems like a super bad idea. I'm on the fence, but he's gotta die. Next, keep ganking the mass-production Evas. Delicious samples (and pray that NERV doesn't hate me too much).

Honestly it's nine years of prep time and one year of EVERYTHING GOING TO FUCK.

>> No.37832190

>tfw Shinji is still gutsier than I will ever be

He still got in the robot, in the end.

>> No.37832346

What is this supposed to mean?

>> No.37832366

Edited, Rebalanced, Changed etc. Take your pick.

>> No.37832378

It's not a good changelog, he didn't tell me what was actually changed about it.

>> No.37832388

Means I changed the wording, fixed a few terms and generally tried to make things clearer without depowering things unnecessarily, and buffing a few other things.

Problem is, all those changes are extremely extensive and sometimes amount to one or two sentences. The best I could say was "Here was what was changed."

Sorry if it sucks, but that's what I got.

>> No.37832415

Unassailable mentions that it boosts your abilities, even while in human form.

Ineffible does not have that same addendum. Oversight or does ineffible require the jumper to be in angel form to gain any benefit?

>> No.37832442

Cut the 'few hours' bit from Non-Euclidean. There's ways to get your regen down to minutes or seconds, don't put another hard limit on other powers from other jumps from buying what's supposed to be a perk.

>> No.37832454

I'd say this changes my build here >>37817246 in that I swap Dark Pantheon for Hark the Herald, then add in Fanon County (we needed more Angels) to pick up Extranormal Senses and Sinister Sunglasses.

>> No.37832456

Dude, that isn't a hard limit. It's the limit for people that haven't taken regen perks from other jumps. It's obvious that they would speed it up.

>> No.37832467

Fine, reverse engineer them. Get around the stupidity.

>> No.37832487

That isn't the feeling I get from the perk, because in the paragraph before it mentions considerations for perks from other jumps.

>> No.37832503

Yes it does. It mentions that you are more vulnerable BEFORE accounting for other jumps, which gives precedence for other jump's regen perks to speed things up.

>> No.37832526

It gives them precedence for durability, which is what it's talking about there. The regen bit is stated as a flat number with no such considerations.

You may think it's obvious to you, but the fact that someone didn't read it that way indicates that the exact time could be replaced with something more vague or have a consideration stated to make it more clear.

>> No.37832569

It is vague already. Hell, nothing says other jump perks won't speed it up, apart from the mention in the previous paragraph which only gives a very vague implication. It shouldn't have to spell this out, it is just assumed.

>> No.37832572

>can no longer start before Second Impact
Awww. Somebody didn't like me stealing Adam before the expedition could blow up Antarctica?

>> No.37832592

You know what they say about assumptions, and how many arguments they've lead to here.

>> No.37832606

Wow, way to act like a faggot anon.

>> No.37832648

Considering the other anon is already making an assumption that other jumps do not work?

>> No.37832675

Must remember to add "smiling" or "j/k" to my posts for the glass half-empty folks. :)

>> No.37832678

Salt Elemental detected.

>> No.37832689

Or perhaps you should remember how ineffectual sarcasm is when done purely in text between strangers.

>> No.37832738

People calling others assholes coming across as bigger assholes. Beware the danger.

>> No.37832745

That too.

>> No.37832762

Going by what the perk says over what it doesn't.

>> No.37832783

Right, and every single perk of every jump has to spell out that other perks affect it? Stop being so pedantic

>> No.37832949

Are you even the jump maker or am I taking to someone else argumentative who is trying to defend something for them?

>> No.37833004

No, I'm not the Jump maker, but I don't need to be to tell you what is basic common sense.

>> No.37833017

2/3/2015 - Version 0.3
Added human-form functions to Ineffable (Done!)
Clarified Regeneration interaction in Non-Euclidean (Done!)
Reminding everyone that as described in the Origin- Pattern Blues that voluntarily merge with either Adam or Lilith count is if they had died.
Pattern Reds and Oranges Merging with Adam ala Gendo will at best enable you to perform Gendo’s role in instrumentality. Merging with Lilith will result in your soul melting into tang.

>> No.37833021

Are you an abrasive asshole? Maybe everyone is getting tired of people starting shit on the vaguest of pretenses. Especially since if you bother to read the jump through you'd see the regen enhancement perk which explicitly gets you down to the times mentioned.

>> No.37833055

>Ineffible update

>> No.37833060

>Starting shit.
Pointing out issues isn't, and you're the first person here to throw insults.

>> No.37833113

Going for the most pedantic of issues to point out is. Especially when the "issue" collapses on the slightest hint of thinking things through or considering the rest of the jump.

>> No.37833135

Reduction in ability of perks outside of the jump is still the wrong way to go.

>> No.37833149

>Reduction in ability of perks outside of the jump is still the wrong way to go.

>> No.37833168

Regeneration perks are less effective. Basically, he is constraining perks from other people's jumps.

>> No.37833194

>Regen perks doassist in recovery, but they do not work as fast on your Angel form as they do on
your Human form, and attempting to shift back to speed up your regen could be... ...unwise.

>> No.37833213

Oh dear, it seems perks intended to heal a small meatbody hit trouble when trying to mend a body composed of the act of telling physics to go fuck itself. This is obviously wrong and terrible.

>> No.37833237

Eh. I don't like it, but it makes sense in light of the description of Non-Euclid and Waveform.

Plus, I imagine that mental and spiritual health and wellness perks will assist in regen given the description of Non-Euclid and Waveform.

>> No.37833239

It only makes sense. Angels are pretty damn powerful anyway, it'd imbalance them within the jump if a jumper angel could just regenerate within seconds of being injured. They'd be unstoppable and unkillable. May as well hand the Spark over by that point.

>> No.37833282

A long term jumper imbalances everything. Can't account for perks from elsewhere all the time, and it's not a good idea to restrict or constrain other kinds of perks from working like they should.
>This is obviously wrong and terrible.
Glad you agree.

>> No.37833284

>It only makes sense.
I agree with this.

>Angels are pretty damn powerful anyway, it'd imbalance them within the jump if a jumper angel could just regenerate within seconds of being injured. They'd be unstoppable and unkillable.
But not because of this. I think that >>37833213
and >>37833237 make better arguments for why to limit regens usefulness to an angel form.

>May as well hand the Spark over by that point.
Aaaaand that's just straight hyperbole.

>> No.37833328

You ready for someone to scream fanwank at you next time you mention that? 'Cause people here will do it.
The worst part is how it tries to prevent you from shapechanging, really, to try and not only limit your perks but to force you into it.

>> No.37833329

Now that's interesting.

>> No.37833341

>But not because of this. I think that >>37833213 and >>37833237 make better arguments for why to limit regens usefulness to an angel form.
Fair enough! It's late and I couldn't think of better ways to word it. Probably explains the hyperbole. Sorry about that, anon.

>Glad you agree.
I think the anon in question was being sarcastic.

>> No.37833360

What does the NGE complication "Old School Tech" do to the Evangelions and the MAGI supercomputers? Or do NERV/Seele/the Illuminati still have the "good stuff"?

>> No.37833384

>You ready for someone to scream fanwank at you next time you mention that? 'Cause people here will do it.
I'm willing to admit that it's fanwank and won't defend it beyond that. But its about how powers from different jumps interact with and feed off of each other. There's always going to be a bit of fanwank there.

I only brought it up to get people thinking about how Waveform and Non-Euclidean effect all manner of perks, not just meatbag regen.

>> No.37833396

I know he was. So was I.
I'm just saying that there are assholes here will scream at you for anything, even if all you're doing is being logical.

>> No.37833400

Pretty sure the super-tech is still super-tech, it's just the ordinary tech that gets reduced in capabilities. I think the drawback is meant to reflect how the anime, coming from 1995, had very different expectations of what personal computer technology would be like by 2015 than turned out to actually be the case.

>> No.37833419

15th jump in the Saga of the Wind Knight

location[8 Holy fuck yes!](conan style era, think dark ages right after the fall of rome)
multitasker[what I came here for](900)
science![mainly for electrical power](700)
Son of Old Man Henderson(100)
lab assistant[dragon](0)
-eldritch lore(0)
crawling with love[time to romance horrors from beyond the stars](0)

Im basically the old wizard cept Im super attractive and have someone attractive helping me do my thing. Time to run around saving kingdoms and hearing the lamentation of attractive individuals. If I court narly do you think she will talk to me about the jumper that got away? (spiral-anon looking at you)

>> No.37833421

>I'm just saying that there are assholes here will scream at you for anything, even if all you're doing is being logical.
Oh, okay. I get that, I've seen some of our great and glorious shitstorms. As said, I'm not going to argue that its an absolute fact. It's fanwank, potentially fanwank at best, but I think that the interactions between that form and other powers could be interesting.

>> No.37833445

The shapechanging bit is easily explained as the unity of mind body and soul you get with Angels causing all sorts of interesting problems for you if you go out of it while still wounded. Sure it didn't hit anywhere important physical but who knows what corresponds to what mentally and spiritually in that body. It's less of a no shifting out and more of an advisory you probably shouldn't.

I'm not the jump maker though.

>> No.37833459

>I'm not the jump maker though.
But did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express?

>> No.37833460

And by itself it's not something objectionable, it only becomes so when combined with all of the other perk restrictions.

>> No.37833493

This is all so full of stupid that you lost me, but are we seriously arguing over whether a jump-maker has a right to say "this alt-form heals slower than normal."

>> No.37833511

Welcome to JumpChain.

We'd argue for hours if an alt-form said it was locked to a specific color.

>> No.37833526

I still think heliotrope is OP and needs to be nerfed.

>> No.37833532

I think it's that combined with the "This alt form has fucking weird anatomy so I don't recommend leaving it while wounded" disclaimer that has the shitstorm going.

>> No.37833542

>Arguing over a right.
There is no argument over a right. There is an argument over whether something is a good thing or not.

>> No.37833551

No, I get that, I'm just trying to make sure I understand what the arguments about.

>> No.37833555

>an alt-form said it was locked to a specific color.
Ultramarine is OP; nerf now.

Buff crimson when?

>> No.37833559

You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Which. To be fair. The alt-form in question runs on no logic other than 'FUCK PHYSICS.'

>> No.37833562

You people recognize, I hope, that calling all discussion shitstorms both makes things more like to turn into shitstorms and drowns out attempts at actual debate.

>> No.37833567

Really, 'cause the post I saw that started this whole thing was telling the jumpmaker they couldn't do that 'cause it fucked with powers from other jumps.

>> No.37833573


Pffff'. Edgelord. OBVIOUSLY Purple is the best color and needs all the buffs it can get.

>> No.37833579

He did not and you do not. See >>37833542 . There is no argument about someone's RIGHTS and it is completely disengenous to pretend this is some authoritarian stifling over the poor creator's sacred creative rights.
>is still the wrong way to go.
I'm not seeing the words couldn't or can't anywhere.

>> No.37833627

>What is paraphrasing.
You'll forgive me for mistaking opinion phrased as fact as a command.

>> No.37833664

I won't, since you're both painting this conversation as more aggressive than it is, and actually lying about the wording and motivations of the posts above you.

>> No.37833714

Seriously, I'm lying about motivations.
Which of us has said anything about motivations here, me, how used the perfectly reasonable interpretation of >>37832442 meaning that that wasn't allowed, or you telling me that I'm purposely trying to make someone else out as the bad guy by twisting their words.

>> No.37833787

You are twisting someone's words. What are your motivations otherwise? I don't think someone's post about their opinion is someone a statement of rules. Regardless, that post is about hard limits while the discussion since the update is about how your healing is reduced, though without a cap. They're related, but it's not the same conversation.

>> No.37833852

No, I'm not scrolling back up through 2 hours of shit to make sure i'm on the same fucking page as everyone else. That post is the first one I saw in an argument I already said I couldn't follow and that's the one I meant in>>37833567

>> No.37833875

>I'm not scrolling back up through 2 hours of shit to make sure i'm on the same fucking page as everyone else.
Then why are you getting involved in a conversation if you don't know what people are talking about?

>> No.37833960

I'm posting as late as I am because I just got back home, and I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to know what the fuck is going on.

>> No.37833964

>Anti-Demon Wavelength
>Basic Madness Wavelength
>Corrupting Corruption That Corrupts
>Corrupting Influence
>Ineffable Angel Metaphysiology that embodies who we are as an ideal, and does other weird quantum shit
>Billions of devoured souls
>Kantai despair emitting perk
>Reality Marble

Honestly? Assuming the CANON Lewiss Carroll Wonderland? We stomp this place. We stomp it flatter than a pancake. And the worst part is-it wouldn't even be a deliberate act of murderhoboing on our part. Just a side effect of a reality warping god who strives for order with many, many mental buffers existing too near a world that defines itself through madness. It'd be basically the same reaction baseline humanity has to a wandering Great Old One, frankly.

This is of course assuming we're merely passing through and not trying to carve out a little slice of heaven for ourselves via Territory, Waste Lands and Words Have Power.

>hallucinations probably don't have souls

Sure, why not? At least we'd come away with some interesting photos.

>> No.37833988

Just woke up, anon. As far as I can tell it's about the semantics of the wording for a regeneration perk in Evangelion jump.

>> No.37834034

Thank you, I had gotten that much of a response already. I had meant for
to respond to this
but that apparently got dropped.

>> No.37834152

I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned the fanfic option in the NGE jump. Going to the "Nobody Dies" universe is both an awesome idea and a horrifying one, because you get put up against some truly terrifying creatures. And the Angels are no slouch either.

>> No.37834192

It's about two things combined. The fact that being an Angel restricts your regeneration, and the fact that shapeshifting out of angel while injured fucks you over.

>> No.37834193

But that means having to suffer through nobody dies, and that's not worth 800 points, let alone the zero it gives you.

>> No.37834243

Revision time! Also is it bad that I want to redo Raildex, pay for Meltdowner, and then feed that into a soul-powered particle accelerator to obliterate everything forever?

I'm fighting the urge to go Shinji 40k because it is BEAUTIFULLY cracktastic. Oh my god you do not even know. But... Nobody Dies? I'm not THAT much a masochist.

>Track 27 [+0]
Lovely music. Play it again, Shinji.
>A Dark Pantheon [+300]
>Uncomfortable Symbolism [+200]
>Apostate [+300]
>Location: Tokyo-3
>[1700] Identity: Pattern Blue
>Age: Irrelevant
>[1500] Pattern Ultraviolet
>[1500] Waveform Anatomy (Free)
>[1400] Hybrid
>[1200] Non-Euclidean
>[1000] AT Field Mastery
>[950] Extranormal Senses
>[900] Passive Field Effect
>[800] Energy Projection
>[700]Secondary Field
>[500] High Energy Reaction
>[100] A Different Branch
>[0] Official UN Credentials

So, to sum up: SEELE wants to murder me, if they find me. NERV wants to murder me, if they find me; even if they don't, if I come anywhere near an Evangelion, it'll berserk on me. And I can't help but to go SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER, directly into everyone's fucking minds via telepathy whenever I go beastmode (on probably a monthly basis), otherwise masquerading as a normal human... and this is probably because I intend to annihilate Adam and said something about it to the wrong person. Then again, a hybrid using telepathy (even due to other jumps) is probably too big a risk and thus should be destroyed immediately. This... will be interesting.

Seriously, If I didn't feel like such a Mary Sue, I'd say this would make for a good story, but there are so many things with Pattern Blue that I can literally never get ANYWHERE else that I could not pass them up.

>> No.37834280

But anon, its worth it just for the tech! The Dirac Sea dimensional tech is worth going there in and of itself! Not to mention all the other tech-y goodies they've cooked up!

It is a fuster-cluck and a half to navigate though, so I plan on playing it like a vacation jump. Until I'm inevitably found by the Rei. Then it's time for breakneck paced shenanigans.

>> No.37834330

Also I'm pretty sure I'm a Rei that woke up, smashed her way out of a tube, and noped the fuck out of there with powers she really, really, REALLY is not supposed to have. And a head empty of anything.

In fact, I think I am going to play it exactly as that. That could be hilariously fun and it makes everyone hate me WITHOUT using out-of-jump powers to kick it off... and a rogue Rei is definitely something SEELE and NERV would want to eliminate, with the quickness.

>> No.37834353

I hadn't noticed it. Was that added in a newer version? Because I could go for some Evangelion fanfic, I would have taken that if I had seen it earlier. I think I'll go to Strategic Cyborg Evangelion, that would be fun. Bit of a crazy fic, it's a crossover between Evangelion and Half-Life, but it's cool. Wish it hadn't been dropped by the author.

>> No.37834591

Welp, let's fix 'er up

Drawbacks: A Dark Pantheon, Uncomfortable Symbolism, Congratulations! (1600)

Rolled 2006 AD, Kyoto-2

Pattern Blue (1500)

Waveform Anatomy (Free)
Solipsistic Integrity (1400)
Hybrid (1300)
Non-Euclidean (1100)
AT-Field Mastery (900)
Ineffable (600)
Basic AT Field Functions (Free)
Advanced AT Field FunctionsX4 (Free)
Secondary Field (500)
High Energy Reaction (300)
S2 Organic Engine (0).

...huh, nothing really changed apart from clarification re: AT fields. Oh well.

>> No.37835079

One little thing, if you read the style guide You're only supposed to use D8s And your Starting location and pattern. Read call for a D10 and D4 respectively.

>> No.37835091

Yeah no man, there's no set style for jumps.

>> No.37835196

You mean that old outdated thing that was never binding in the first place?

>> No.37835240

> Pattern Oranges can still be turned into tang.
... I'm gonna have to redo my build. Like, completely.

... uh. Lemmie get back to you on that.

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