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/tg/ how long does evolution take? I want to have a race of birdmen and a race of lizardmen that descended from the same ancestor. It would probably take upwards of 100k years wouldn't it?

Maybe some "magic" could have caused it to happen in 2k years instead.

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1. Off the top of my head it's upward of 10 million years.

2. It's fucking magic it can do anything.

3. These are stupid questions.

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plz go back to highschool, your science is lacking hard

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>how long does evolution take

It's a matter of how many generations, not how many years.

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You could make an estimate based on how many years it takes for a new generation to emerge, though.

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Not at all, because you don't know how divergent those traits are genetically, nor do you know the pathways of genetic mutation. There's also nothing to say that biology works the same way in Your Fantasy Universe Here.

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Environment is the biggest factor in evolution, so any shift in geography could speed it up, such as a flood or something.

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Can they interbreed? If so, it may not have taken too many generations (you can get a lot variation from dogs, even though they are the same specie). Think of the lizardmen as featherless birdmen and birdmen as beakless lizardmen.

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Horses used to be pretty fucking small.

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Hyracotherium is adorable.

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Why not have a race of lizardmen with feathers?

You could then divide them in sub races, once with flight and others without.

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I was assuming you already had the means to determine how many generations it would take when I said that.

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Just a reminder that evolution is a fairy tale that is refuted beyond logical argument by this insightful picture, which shows a keen and nuanced understanding of evolutionary theory.

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I think there's a difference between sarcasm and bait.

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Actually, that would be correct.

Pic related, it's me.

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