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Updated list

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Question: What is everyone's favorite thing to do in Jump? Besides murderhoboing.

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Generally? Terraforming, its not their fault the planet is shaped wrong. Oh and I don't know how many people do, but thanks for always updating the list man.

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Finding new shit to read (and then hoarding it in the Warehouse)
Horrible attempts at flirting with the locals.
Stealing all of the brewing recipes. Inter-dimensional brewmaster is go.

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Probably a mixture of reading a good book, either native or mine, and cooking something. There's a lot of cuisine out there, and I think I'll try to bring it to the masses.

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Going for long walks with a few books, same as real life.

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I would like to ask that the entry, "Final Fantasy Tactics," be changed to, "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance," as they are not the same game. Call me autistic, or whatever, but that just kinda bugs me. Especially because I preferred the original Tactics to Advance.

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Tinkering! I tend to grab the tech I can and see what I can do with it.
I also do like trying to improve living conditions in the worlds I go to, either by offering forth benevolent technology or training commoners and the oppressed in various supernatural and mundane powerful martial arts

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Eh, until we have a FFT Jump then I'll distinguish it.

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Being lazy as fug.

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>ever murderhoboing
Shameful display.

But I'm mostly about what >>37657309 said. Crafting things, exploring and adventure! Try the local foods and see the different cultures! Study the HELL out of magic and science, keep expanding the options I have.

Speaking of options. For the Pool of Eternity that was talked about last thread, I've decided the following:
-Deepholm Crystals will likely line the pool as a way to maintain/monitor the energy levels in it. Plus come on, crystals are cool.
-The Aer Krene will NOT be added into the Pool. It will be its own separate pool, because I really don't think it'd be safe to combine the two. Its own pool is fine. Mixing it with the Well is not.
-The Chi from the Legend of Chima jump WILL be added. It's mostly straight-up life force, and it shouldn't imbalance the Pool too much. If anything it should strengthen the trees.
-The Trees will probably be engineered to bear fruit. Mainly because I'm far too curious.
-Koi Fish in the Pool is a... ...MAYBE. In the sense that I have NO FUCKING CLUE what would happen if I made creatures capable of living in that obscene font of magical/light power. I mean... what the fuck happens if someone decides to swim in it?

Pic unrelated.

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Shoving powers together to make Fun Stuff(TM) happen.

Making artifacts that mimic perks I didn't pick up for myself(blah blah, broken, blah; I know, and I don't care, it doesn't damage the experience for me).

Seeing if I can find exploitable overlaps in different artifact styles.

Genetic tinkering using DNA from local plants/animals.



Making things better.

Opening up shop and selling doomsday weapons and neat gadgets on the same shop floor, with very few discernible differences between the two, including price.

Staging elaborate, nation-sized games of keep-away wherein the object may or may not actually be a powerful artifact.

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I advised against koi in the last thread, and I stand by my reasoning.

Besides, fish gotta poop dude. You don't want fish poop contaminating your swanky magic pool right? Unless I dunno, you make 'em photosynthetic and give them special gut bacteria or something, still seems unhygienic to have living organisms in there

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Put the Koi spirits from Avatar in there. Get some moon in your sunwell.

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You're crossing the streams anon.

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I would also suggest delving into the Abyssal Depths once you can access to Vashj'ir (assuming you have gills of some sort). Sure you have to deal with naga and massive stonking sharks, but there is an exit portal back to the surface once you use the Whirlpool to go to the Depths.

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Isn't there a weapon there that can control the oceans if you can beat the elemental lord?

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Depends on whether it's an early or late jump.

Early on it's a case of amassing knowledge and expertise while mostly keeping my head down (although there are some low power settings where getting stuck into the plot is ok, nobody's going to try to kill someone for trying to become Pokemon Master for instance).

Later on it's more a case of actually effecting the world, fixing things in the setting that were not great or helping people out.

Even later it might be fun to start my own country or city-states in lower power settings as this'd allow me to help people and amass enormous resources.

Murderhoboing is absolutely haram though.

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Yes, yes there is.

But you'd be fighting Neptulon the Tidelord in his fucking domain. Which said domain is composed of ALL THE WATER EVER.

Not saying it's not worth a try, just sayin' it's gonna be difficult.

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Yes, let's rip the spirits of the moon and ocean out of their world and plop them into a highly potent pool of magic/lifeforce.

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Man, if only I could afford a pod for the Monkey King. This is exactly his kind of mission

>this somehow causes the warehouse to be simultaneously illuminated and darkened by a lunar eclipse

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The clear answer is to artificially create your own brand of superior genetic non-pooping super koi, then fill the pool with them.
And then you can have FIONA look after them! Nothing will go wrong!

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Someone get on making a FFT Jump. I'd make it, but unfortunately I've only played a couple of missions early in the game due to not having any sony products besides an ancient radio walkman.

Plus I got WAY too wordy in the FFTA jump. I have problems with trying to overexplain that just lead to more questions instead.

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I like wordy descriptions over short boring ones.

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So do I, but considering that I made a fluff page to give the unknowing a general idea on what was available to each race, and that just made them highly confused on how to switch classes, I think I failed at my objective.

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I like that page. I think it only needed to be more explicit that you start in a class and then how one progresses.

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So, FFTA Favorite Classes everyone? I like the Fusilier and the Red Mage best.

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Blue mage and geomancer.

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That sounds like the EXACT OPPOSITE of a good idea. Thinking on it... yeah, probably not a good idea to put ANY life in the water aside from flowers or such. >>37657802 has the right idea.

...though that still makes me wonder what happens if someone dived in. Or drank from it.

Underwater breathing! Also pressure immunity. It's awesome sauce. But pray tell what's down there?

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Blue mage and hunter

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You're a fan of the non-elemental dual-wield AoE attack aren't you?

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Wait what?

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>But pray tell what's down there?

Lessee... Oh, besides the purest water imaginable (also heavily enchanted due to being an elemental plane), there's also:
the numerous water elementals
sea creatures who bear loyalty to Neptulon the Tidehunter
a metric fuck-ton of murlocs and water-breathing lizards who can use arcane energy to teleport themselves anywhere and everywhere
massive crustaceans whose movement would stir up tsunamis

And also massive underwater leviathans who lurk at the edges of Vashj'ir - and also within the Abyssal Depths.

>pic related on last line.

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>Learn Sonic Boom from Hunter.
>Learn Dual Wield from Ninja.
>Switch to Paladin and equip the strongest pair of Knightswords in the game.
>Use the ATK Based Sonic Boom to deal incredible amounts of non-elemental damage in a small area up to 4 tiles away.

And that is how you take out small groups of enemies in single hits at no MP cost.

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And here's Jet Set Radio Future Jump.

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I-I just really like the hat.

>> No.37658684 [SPOILER] 

A hat is a very important thing Anon. I am pleased that you recognize it.

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I'm planning on doing it myself, after I finish the Disgaea jump I'm working on right now.

I'm planning on having classes be a thing in the FFT jump; should custom classes be a thing? Like, let the jumper spend most/all of their points getting normally NPC-only Action skills like All Swordskill/All Magic? Or should I make them pick from existing classes only?

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Don't you remember your Lords of Amber Red?

A little more work and you'll have your own Fount of Power and a keep of four worlds.

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I can't give much advice, but the custom classes might be fun. Good luck.

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Well. This is a bit different. For one thing-the art of my soul is more "existentially terrifying" than "sexy", also we have no idea what's going on apart from the fact that the narrator hates capitalism for some reason.

Copper (950). Apparently there's a problem with police corruption here. We intend to rise up through the ranks and enact lasting reform to prevent police brutality and corruption, or something. We have no idea what we're doing. Also there's apparently a lot of street crime being portrayed in an overly positive light, so once we assume wrest back control of the police from corporate moguls we'll be cracking down on that sort of thing.

Rolled The Skyscraper. Apparently there's some sort of turf war going on; we're staying well out of that mess

Stepping to the Beat (Free). At least the music's good?
Victory Boogie (Free). they must never know

Obfuscating Incompetence (900). Just a dumb ol' copper, definitely not a corporate genius and master planner you guys. Also not a godbomination who's bloated with souls.
Ultimate Authority (500). Because sometimes you just gotta BLAM someone without further complications
Can de Combat (300). A surprise spray of Impossible Dye to the face stops most people and some demons in their tracks
Artistic Rhyth (100). Well, maybe this'll help us create unconventional Okami Time God techniques? Until then, the aforementioned can of Lovecraftian dye should come in handy in case we need to summon a Nightgaunt or two to disappear some political opponents
Teknopathic (0). And apparently we can spy on radiowaves! Wow.
Megaphone (Free). Oh good, an amplifier for the SMWS

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Kinda. The Narrator is DJ Proffesor K, and the cops in this world are all corporate cops trying to suppress and eliminate private freedoms such as speech and whatnot by destroying the world's culture.

>> No.37659071

Well shit. Sounds like he needs to be a cop that goes 'this is all retarded', goes into politics, and fixes everything forever.

I mean, it's not like there isn't a good fraction of us doing exactly that, all along.

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If you do that, you'll be on a whole mess of people's shitlists. So I'd say go for it.

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>Lords of Amber
I don't quite follow.

...I... will pass. Not because of the sea monsters! Mainly because using water from the Elemental Plane of Water may not be a hot idea with mixing Well of Eternity/Sunwell/Chi with it. I might accidentally make an uber-elemental. It's totally the sea monsters, fuck those things.

That DOES make me wonder though... what other worlds have magical water sources? I might have multiple pools as a hobby.

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It doesn't matter. You just know everybody's going to be picking Calculator already.

>> No.37659317

Well-technically Viking Jump has the Well of Urd? It's water is so restorative the Norns use it to sustain the World Tree. And since the 2 first swans in the world also feed from it, it's implied to have extremely good restorative/regenerative powers possibly tied to the metaphysical concept of creation itself.

>> No.37659352

Probably not me. I don't really get how Calculator works, and it seemed that it did a "Multiple of the last digit of your level affected" when I tried to read it, which just seemed like it was going to be unable to attack people slightly weaker or slightly stronger than that.

>> No.37659412

>taking water straight from the well at the base of the world tree
>the water from the very lake that the Fates use
Ignoring that it's half-way into my chain and as such too meta for me to say "Hey I'm gonna take some water!", trying to steal from the Fates seems like an incredibly bad idea. Just saying.

>> No.37659436

Have you done Golden Sun yet? You could always take some water of life from that.

>> No.37659441

Actually I would be pretty hype for Oracle.

>> No.37659456

It'll be okay! Its a scientific fact that sea monsters only attack things with souls, so you'll be fine!

>> No.37659493

Unfortunately that's even EARLIER. I wouldn't have known to do anything with that.

>> No.37659532

Wait, you don't collect at least one of every type of healing potion in every world you go to?

>> No.37659682

If the problem here is jump timeline-I'm afraid none of the recent jumps really remind me of having magical water of some sort. One possible exception would be the hodgepodge of mythologies in Percy Jackson-though I doubt you want a sample of the river Styx. Possibly something in Chinese mythology, though all I remember from there are water deities, not magical water in itself.

Cardcaptor Sakura has a Watery card which controls water, for what that's worth. Not really sure how much use it'd be for the artificial sunwell

>> No.37659782

You could put some of the celestial river from Okami in there. Have yourself a pool of stars.

>> No.37659830

I would totally chain this with an Air Gear jump.

Hmmm... Air Gear jump...

>> No.37659973

That... ...you know, knowing me I WOULD try to collect a small pond of that stuff. Just because that kind of thing is incredibly neat.

Yeah, the major issue really is the timeline. HOWEVER, there's something called the 'Shrine of Lost Souls' in the Black Temple, which apparently contains a font of arcane power 'not unlike the original Well of Eternity'. http://wow.gamepedia.com/Pursuing_the_Black_Harvest

It may be a possibility to see if I can do something with this.

I try to collect healing potions! The issue is making sure they can be replicated... or that there's even enough TO use. It doesn't really make sense to just throw a bunch of potion into a pool and call it good. But you DO raise an interesting point on possibly synthesizing some of it and turning some water into a healing spring version... maybe even a way to make my own Fountain of Youth.

...I'm making my own collection of Springs. Shit.

>> No.37659987

They have numbers and variables to work from. The numbers are things like 1, 3, 5, 7, and Prime, and the variables are things like JP, Level, and the like. This limits their targeting ability, somewhat.

Choosing a number and a variable selects targets, which can include allies, and ignores range and height. They're really annoying to use, and even worse to use properly, but once you get the hang of it, they can drop high-power spells on individual targets from, quite literally, across the map.

>> No.37660035

So the more recent Illusionist fills a similar role by attacking all enemies but requires a charge up time? Or the Tinker who randomly affects allies or enemies?

>> No.37660107

you need a Ranma jump to add to your magical water collection. (though there are some interesting springs in pandaria)

>> No.37660125

We need a UQ Holder Jump to go with Negima(it's around a hundred years later in that setting I believe) I would do it myself, but I'm still reading it and I'm shit at writing things up.

>> No.37660170

Also, I forgot, the Calculator draws spells from every other spellcasting class you have, so you can use all of them on everyone available.

Hit every appropriate target with a single casting of Summon Magic? Yep. Drop an enemy team wiping single casting of Death, which is usually a single target spell, with Black Magic? Sure. Use White Magic on your entire team without breaking a sweat? Uh-huh.

Calculator, if used properly, is broken as fuck.

>> No.37660211

I'm on phone but is there a list of powers one can look up? Or a game guide? I want to see if Bibliokinesis is on there.

>> No.37660305

Eh, Calculator targeting can be pretty finicky. Even with all the variables learned, you'll often enough have problems like "my teammates' levels aren't all divisible by 3" or "I can't cast that spell until everyone finds some rocks or something to stand on, because it'll murder everyone who's standing on that big flat area". And then by the time you were in position to do that, the enemy team had mostly moved out of position.

So it's kind of cool, but it's finicky enough that you'll usually only be hitting a few random enemies. Sure, you have enough options that you can probably arrange to affect that one particular guy you want to blast, but odds are you won't be able to do so without also hitting some friends or something.

>> No.37660396

Yeah, but casting "Death" never seems to work unless it's an enemy that you can one shot anyway.

>> No.37660405

Juggler & White Monk

>> No.37660487

Then again, if you stay Black Mage until you max out your MA stat, and carry the rod that gives you max Faith, it's entirely possible to hit literally everyone on the field, yourself included, with a spell that kills them.

As an aside, this results in a game over, even if you have plenty of people left over in your barracks.

>> No.37660522

I'm not sure Ranma would add anything other than hilarity factor. ...do well for Pandaria though?

...it does make me think, though. Combine the energies in the Shrine of Lost Souls along with some water from Moonwells in http://www.wowwiki.com/Moonwell and get some wallpapers in Unholy Heights (WHICH I WANT THAT TO BE FINISHED HOLY FUCK). Make my own demonic Moonwell along with the Sunwell I'm making... or Felwell. Either one.


-Background: Rudie (950CP) -It's time to skate to the BEAT.
-Stepping to the Beat (Free) -GET SOME MUSIC GOIIIING!
-Victory Boogie (Free) -Yes. YES. This perk is amazing.
-Motorized Xzhibition (850CP) -I make this shit look GOOD.
-Clutch from the Streets (Free) -There is nowhere my talent cannot reach!
-Artistic Rhyth (750CP) (Discount) -Oh my word this is AMAZING.
-Gum On The Rails (550CP) (Discount) -AHAHAHAHA, I GRIND THE RAIIIILS.
-Endless Combo (250CP) (Discount) -FUCK OFF MOMENTUM, I'M GOING IN STYLE.
-Unique Style (150CP) -Who's classy? I'm classy.
-Flawless Set-Up (50CP) -YOU CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL.
-Skates (Free) -And now it's time to get to work.
Dice Rolls: Higake Street, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Vacation time! Just skate around, make ART, and just enjoy myself!

>> No.37660525

This looks cool and all but how does one go about starting?

>> No.37660538

The pdf in the OP should handle that.

>> No.37660542

Fusilier + Moogle Knight! Ultima Charge at twenty yards!
I don't care if there are more broken combos or what they are. I can shoot tiny magic mushroom clouds from across a battlefield, and I look adorable doing it.

>> No.37660589

In the new ffxiv the moogles try to genocide all non moogles with something similar if more sparkly.

>> No.37660619

Fusilier is godly if done properly.

>> No.37660636

Of course it does. Death in the original FFT was permanent, unlike in FFTA where benevolent Judges wandered around ensuring all fights were non-lethal, including those against monsters and such. Accordingly, your own death is a game over. Of course, you can reverse death in a brief window of time after you get killed (with Phoenix Down or similar), but if everyone on the field dies, there's no one available to rez you, and that's Game Over.

>> No.37660649

You start with Pokemon and it more or less explains the premise.

You make a build for it and move on to the next one. There's a shitload of them in the drive, I suggest looking in Quicksilver's Jump folder and the Everyone Else's>Complete with Images folder first.

>> No.37660725

moonwell or felwell, why choose? Make both.

>> No.37660828

Help people.
Also Waifus

HA!HA!HA! Sex Jokes.

>> No.37660840

So you make a build, I get that, but then what? How do you play?

>> No.37660869

It's a CYOA. CYOAs have nothing else beyond the cyoa page and your imagination.

>> No.37660906

Sorry I admit to being new to this. What I mean is how do you tell the 10 years is up and watnot and what's going on.

Sorry for the dumb questions.

>> No.37660918

It's a matter of naming. It's gonna be the same thing anyway, I just don't know what to CALL it.

Pic related. You basically talk about your adventures, or how you feel you would do in a world, or just wave your dick to people about how you're this unstoppable god machine. We'll laugh at you for the last one, but you can do it.

For instance, I talk about horrible combinations that by all rights shouldn't see the light of day.

>> No.37660957

It's like a long string of CYOA's, you make builds, stories, power combos, and hang out here.

It's your own adventure through the multiverse, spending 10 years in each jump doing whatever.

Welcome, its a long road ahead for you.

>> No.37660972

It's not really a game you play, you pick what you think is the best options and try to make the best build you can.

It's like CYOAs in the CYOA generals on /tg/ or choice threads that sometimes pop up on /b/.

Started with a 'Choose a magic object' and turned into something more complicated.

I'd suggest maybe having a look at the CYOA general on /tg/ to get a feel for what these are.

>> No.37660998

We won't, just some judgmental asshole types. Other people point out logical problems in the build instead of being dicks.

>> No.37661027

Our benefactor gives you an option at the end of every jump- Stay, Go Home, or Continue On. How these choices are presented to you is up to you- anons all have their own interpretations.

>> No.37661097

if it's a matter of naming, you could either just call it whatever you want(and switch alternate tuesdays) or make two wells and use both names. It's not like it matters if you have extra super magic pools.

>> No.37661156

One last question. Is save point as OP as it looks?

>> No.37661164

Are there any perks that let you know true names?
Also are there any perks that let you give powers like your own to companions?
Have this pic.

>> No.37661188

So, how many people actually writes about what they do in jumps? Like, besides their official builds, actual long ass writefaggotry?

>> No.37661263



Oh boy it's time for JSR! Kicking Electro Hip Hop, and best music around!

- Pirate Radio (950) - ALRIGHT ALRIGHT IT'S DJ MANY! Telling you how it is! They can't stop this radio, for it's magic! Now sharpen those edges, we're going to fight the good fight! Muahaha!

- Dogenzaka Hills (1) - Aww yeah, nice place and got "protection" of the best rudie gang in the city. They'll be my instruments of terror! MUAHAHA!

- Stepping To The Beat - Best part coming here is the kick ass music! DJ Many will use these to elicit hidden messages to my rudies!
- Victory Boogie - STEP IT! AWOOO!
- Teknopatic (900) - I see everything my radio touches! You. Yes you, pick up that can. Good, now shove it down the throat that dirty copper!
- Concept of L̶o̶v̶e̶ Hate (800) - Perfect tool to send full on riot scale! DJ Many here, the Corporation has kept you down for too long. They're coming now to strike you down and drain you of your dignity! They seek to shackle you in prison, and throw away the key! Don't let that happen! Fight! Fight!
- Funky Dealer (600) - Perfect, free weapons to those out there that are fighting the Corporation. DJ Many has the hook up, come to D-Hills, and buy your AK's! Free grenades included! All for ¥3,000!
- Rockin' the Mic (200) - Ahh yea, free information on every enemy I have, thanks to my eye in the radio DJ friends. Also 3Dog! awooo!
- Artistic Rhyth (0) - Perfect for my propaganda art. Serve me well when I rule the cit- I mean when I rule all over the Corporate masters. Yeah.

- Flawless Setup - Perfect for my broadcasting.

- Move On

>> No.37661265

Save point technically isn't a thing. Quicksilver hasn't gotten around to making a new version, but essentially save state was declared non-canon in the pokemon build due to... ...issues.

True. Though really, the second I open my warehouse portal after making both Wells, everyone and their grandma is going to be losing their shit.

>> No.37661277

I recall several jumps giving a companion import that lets you chose either a background, like naruto, and buy powers like soul eater.

>> No.37661281

Yes and it was going to be updated to replace it with something else but I don't think it ever got done.

Maybe the hud option from Kotor could let you do that? If not then perhaps Marvel could and if you're really desperate then a Stand could too.

Golden Chains from Smite lets you loan out your own powers to companions but you lose whatever you give them until it returns.

>> No.37661316

>Are there any perks that let you know true names?
Not that I know of.
>Also are there any perks that let you give powers like your own to companions?
There is one in black bullet that lets you give one power to one companion, and change which power you give once per jump. Then in Smite there is an item that can let you imbue items with your powers(losing the power until the item breaks) such that people who use those items may use those powers. Other than that it's mostly down to figuring out the basis of a power and shoving it into people with the geneforge, which while it certainly does work with things that are not actually genetic, it could be almost impossible to figure out to apply them.

Another possibility though would be to use dresden soulfire and try and create lasting buffs from aspects of your own being. However I am not sure of how well that would work

>> No.37661335

oh like people wouldn't be rather shocked and awed by your garden of frightful delights anyway.

>> No.37661455

OK thanks.

I have points for it but was sure if it was still available or not.

>> No.37661494

First you start with the PDF, then you go to the list here >>37657217 there's 248~ Jumps (249 with JSRF) that are on the drive on the OP.

I ought to include what folder that each Jump is in, but that's too much work. QS Folder is Mass Effect, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Warehouse Supplement, Body Mod Supplement, and Pokemon Trainer.

Warehouse is where you store all your stuff. Body Mod is how you wish you look "normally".

It's a long chain CYOA. So welcome!

>> No.37661503

He doesn't have to use your list. Rolling is completely optional.

>> No.37661542

I'll take ADVENTURE for 200.

>> No.37661555

I'm working out my pokemon setup now.

>> No.37661565

Yeah, pokemon should be done first if at all. It's a really good start.

>> No.37661573


some jumps aren't great or are of a setting you don't give a shit about so rolling isn't for everyone

>> No.37661587

Got most of the skeleton for FF8 out of the way already, I'm just stuck on a few points. Should the Instructor background's free 100 perk give them some kind preternatural knowledge of rules and regulations, or should I give them something that makes them prone to developing a devoted fan club (like the Trepies)?

>> No.37661644

It's optional but honestly it's your best bet at getting started.

>> No.37661717

I haven't played the game-but I have to say preternatural knowledge sounds a lot more Instructor-y than the other thing-which sounds more appropriate for a 200 CP discounted perk

>> No.37661725

I travel. I like to see all the sights, taste the local flavors, go see the local plays and shows, delve the local ancient ruins. I figure in any world which is isn't "earth but," there's going to be some wonderful things which we'd have never seen in the media the Jump is based on.

>> No.37661727

Except it might put you in something like Asura's Wrath as your second jump

It's better to organize shit yourself

>> No.37661742


Or they gain a good base of knowledge in X subject.

>> No.37661809

No it's not, there are a few ways to play and none of this started with rolls. As pointed out here:
there are good reasons not to roll if you don't want to.

>> No.37661855

Quistis has a huge fanclub, and she's the one it's based on. Another instructor is a guy who shows up anytime you break a rule, though.
200 tier probably covers the knowledge aspect, at least as far as SeeD instructors go.

Well, it's tied so far.

>> No.37661895

It's in alphabetical order, and if RNGesus wants you to Asura's Wrath then it's your choice to take it or roll again. Best bet is roll 3 times, and see which one you like. If you take AW, just for humor sake don't pick the oerk where you make Asura's daughter cry.

>> No.37661910

Or just pick to go where you want.

Look, I know you like your list because some people have voiced appreciation for it, but it's not for everyone, and you can't force all of us to like it.

>> No.37661988

Then stop complaining. The list is there for those that want it, and those that don't, well it's there anyways. Nothing is official beyond the Pokemon Trainer Jump. Even that you can skip, if you so wish.

>> No.37662017

What are you even. People were just pointing out that it's not a requirement.

>> No.37662051

I think the free one should be the rules since it's more related to the role, getting a fan club would be nice as a discounted perk or something.

Pretty much the same for me, I want to explore as much as possible in each world I go to whether that means new food, media, people or even locations.
I'd love to find another nation/continent in Avatar but I think the creators said there was nothing but ocean on the other side of the world.

>> No.37662064

You were being the cunt here mate. You were pushing it and acting as though it was a requirement to someone who doesn't know what any of this is.

>> No.37662144

In the Bioshock world things turned out differently with the weird tech and such and America having the floating city, do the games ever mention similarly crazy things happening elsewhere in the world?
Did the UK, Japan or Russia have their own projects?

>> No.37662163

>Dark Binding
>Savage Salvage+Matter Conversion Apparatus+Artificial Alloy+Dimensional Technology Mastery

I think I've finished my God equation.

>> No.37662192

There's like five backgrounds that make you a god.

If you took dimensional tech mastery you're post-spark, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.37662225

Columbia isn't actually a part of the USA. It's an independent city-state that bases it's mythology on being the true inheritors to the legacy of the Founding Fathers that later generations corrupted. They have nothing to do with the American government itself, and would quite willingly burn the country to the ground once they had sufficient firepower to do so.

>> No.37662242

Started as part of it. They succeeded later.

>> No.37662250

It seems like they did not, the entire thing exists purely due to Rosalind and Robert Lutece.

>> No.37662259

Ok so I'm the nebie to the pokemon world here is my current setup. Using the following.

13yr old male In hoenn
RALTS female-100
Ranger -150
Survival training -free
Rebreather-50 this is Fuckin hoenn I better have waterbreather
Pokeglot-300 with discount
Rappel rig-50
Physically fit-100
HM pack -50
Welding torch -50


I'm pretty sure I can handle a lot with this build. I know save state isn't cannon anymore though so chose around it. I'm pretty sure I can explore and survive to my hearts content with this setup. Ideas? Thoughts?

namefagging up.

>> No.37662280


In Infinite it's explained that there's sort of archetypal characters that sprung up in different realities and that there were some things that were constant and some that varied.

As far as we've seen there's only ever one new high-tech city in the world and they've been started each time by a single American man. Gets a bit more complicated with people stealing tech from other realities but we've never really seen that technology spread much further than the city that it built/was used a lot in.

>> No.37662315

Not sure if I'd take Pokeglot since you can get it from PMD, but otherwise looks solid.

>> No.37662321


Welcome to JumpChain!

If you plan on making a lot of runs in a short time it may be better to just write em up in notepad++ and copy em over to pastebin. Saves on the number of posts you have to make.

>> No.37662388

Yeah I would but my motherboard got fried and it's currently flying to be repaired

>> No.37662395

I'd suggest having a look at Body Mod and the Warehouse next in the drive.

>> No.37662526

Card Captor Sakura has one perk that allows you to give away your abilities to other people and another to create semi alive cards that have a copy of one of your abilities.

>> No.37662566

There are a few metaphysical methods, including companion imports and a few perks/items capable of transferring powers, but otherwise you're basically going to need a lot of bullshit genetics stuff and biomancy to get things working right.

>> No.37662641

I actually tried that, and I ran into serious issues with choice paralysis. It's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to take X jump before Y jump because X has a useful perk which gets amazing in Y, but then realizing Y has one for Z, and Z has one for X, and then you've gone all cross-eyed. Not saying you should randomly generate, but it helped with getting me to actually Jump.

You can also just roll until you get one you like if you're worried about being tossed into something un-fun.

>> No.37662744

What are they under?

>> No.37662818

Quicksilver's Jumps

They're sort of supplements made by the guy who started it and did Pokemon and a few others.

Then it's not a bad idea to look through the other things in that folder.

After that there's a whole bunch made by other people in Everyone Else's folder. The ones in Complete with Images has loads with pictures and stuff.

Complete but need image work are finished jumps that are mostly plain text.

>> No.37662838

Alright thanks, I was hoping other countries would see a floating city and want something of their own.

I never got round to playing or watching Burial at sea, thank god people upload playthroughs without commentary.

>> No.37662962

Man Elizabeth got real hot when she started to wear makeup and matured.

>> No.37663090

Too heavy.

>> No.37663228

Spend time with companions, meditate, study, maybe do some SCIENCE! and WIZARD! on the side

Red mage for versatility
Blue mage for always learning something new from tanking hits
Time mage for ZA WARUDO shenanigans and general field control

Welcome to the never-ending ride. Enjoy.

>That build is pretty close to mine, save for replacing all the gear with psionics
>Taking Ralts as well
I think we'll get along swimmingly

>> No.37663240

>Time Mage
I knew I liked you for some reason Roger

>> No.37663293

I love time mage, but the problem is that Nu Mou were always too slow for my tastes, and the Moogle are glass cannons. I usually use a Bangaa Templar if I need to have a consistent Haste effect.

>> No.37663388

Once you've done those I reccomend starting your career here by doing Light of Terra, it lives in its own folder in the complete work needs images folder.

>> No.37663420

Do not listen to this man. He wishes ill upon you.

>> No.37663434

Time is a thinking man's magic. Much more civilized and refined than just chucking fire at everything.

I rolled the chocolate cardio bunny for my race. I took out-classed twice specifically for blue and time mage, simply because they are awesome and versatile classes - doubly so if blue mage lets me learn enemy skills OUTSIDE of the final fantasy universe by tanking the skills (though that may be more in the realm of fanwankery than legit)

You are an evil, evil person. I hope you step on a lego

>> No.37663436

I'm not sure if you're messing with him or not. On the one hand, Light of Terra is super dangerous and probably shouldn't be done first. On the other hand, if you're going to do a Deadlight Intact run, doing it first means you're not losing anything by keeping your powers sealed, so it's actually kind of viable.

>> No.37663449

I dunno, you lose all your powers anyway. If they are already a capable war lord it could work out in their favor.

>> No.37663459

Dude only took pokemon so far. No combat training or experience.

>> No.37663480

>a thinking man's magic
Then why do I use it?

>> No.37663483

Lucky. I rolled dragon girl and had to spend all of my points on out-classed just to have more than the bare minimum of classes.

>> No.37663499

Even doing it early isn't a great benefit, you only loose your perks, a couple centuries of experience with weapons won't go away, nor does your knowledge, which is why I went to Commorragh first, and grabbed Pre-Fall Science. Sure I likely can't make proper use of it without my abilities and such but having knowledge of tech in 40k is a good thing to start with.

>> No.37663501

Because its fun to be dio brando in a bathrobe?

>> No.37663502

We really don't know their capabilities as of 15 minutes before Pokémon. I think they could do it.

>> No.37663506

At least you can fly.

I can dig it. What's your build?

>> No.37663516

Man there's a billion and one ways to fly. It don't mean shit.

>> No.37663519

Hey, for the Civilization jump, do the Wonders have to be exact copies of their real-world versions? Because it just occurred to me that they could wind up being really aesthetically jarring. For example, the Statue of Liberty is going to look out of place in a culture that has a different image of what the personification of liberty looks like. Not to mention that if you place down several Wonders from different cultures you're going to wind up looking like Las Vegas.

>> No.37663521

can you import vehicles for Motorized Xzhibition?

>> No.37663527

Nah, doing it first is the worst way. You keep the experience from other jumps, as well as any knowledge/skills you learned while within the jumps, so long as they are mundane. For example, if you took platoon jump, you should know how to shoot a gun fairly well.

>> No.37663559

Sure. Complete with commentary!

Race: Viera (Rolled 3) ...Chocolate cardio bunny nuke-mages? THANK YOU BASED DICE GODS!
Origin: Drop-In (Free) I may not know too much about the setting, but I know enough.

Reaction & Support Abilities
-Return Fire (Free) Basic ranged counter? I can dig it.
-Regenerate (Free) Because you can never stack too much regeneration, much less for free!
-Blood Price (150) For when thousand master doesn't cut it.
-Turbo MP + Extra Support (650) For when thousand master is the ONLY thing that'll cut it!
-Unlootable (750) Get your own shit! Mine's called for.
-Out-Classed [Time Mage] (900) Because he who controls time controls the field.
-Out-Classed [Blue Mage] (1050) Good thing I can tank hits to learn this stuff.
-Ribbon Bearer (1150) I may be immune to poison, but not everything else. Now I am!
-Dream Team (1350) Aww yiss. Details to follow...
-Ultima (1500) Because you can never have enough of a magical "FUCK YOU" spell.

Companion - Nu-Mou Sage. I get the feeling we'll have alot to talk about regarding the 'soft spots in reality' theory. Probably won't take him with me post-jump, though. Sorry dude!

-Hero Medal (Free) Hey, not gonna complain with something free that stops judges from being cunts.
-Faerie Shoes (1600) Because another method to pseudo-teleport is always good to have.

-Marche To The Sea (1000) Your obsession with destroying the world...isn't healthy.

>> No.37663607

Something you should know. Dream Team allows you to learn the classes of other races if you have a companion that has mastered all the classes they have. You can still purchase the classes for a head start if you want, just thought you'd like to know.

>> No.37663637

Aw shit I'm gonna have to change my build to include that. It's a saving grace for a Gria.

>> No.37663665

I should have made it more obvious. FFTA is a Team based game, and I wanted the jump to reflect that by rewarding spending your points on companions.

>> No.37663688

I would think they would be the same but you could change it a little to seem suitable for what culture but then it wouldn't be called that wonder would it?

>> No.37663749

Oh? Shit, I didn't know that. I'm gonna have a diversified team thats basically one of most species, so if I don't gotta buy the extra classes now and can learn them later, that'd be a godsend.

I'm assuming i'd still need to max out my other classes for my viera background first before I can do that, but hey, thats what 10 years of dicking around is for

Dram team build, as well as what they'd ultimately be, btw
>Ami (Gardevoir) - Nu-Mou Arcanist
>Haggar (Machamp) - Bangaa Master Monk
>Matthew (Mewtwo) - Hume Blue Mage
>Garnet (Blaziken) - Gria Ravager
>George (Gengar) - Seeq Ranger
>Switch (Rotom) - Moogle Tinker

...shit, im gonna have to edit my build now

>> No.37663842

Ha, now I'm just picturing the Krogan version of the Statue of Liberty with a shotgun instead of a torch.

>> No.37663843

Nah, after reading the import it's obvious, it's just that when I made my FFTA build months ago, I was heavily anti-companion and didn't bother reading it.

>> No.37663887

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure jump (1500/1500)

Steel Ball Run
Jovial Joestar(100 CP) (Joaquin)
Steady Breathing(free)
Dynamic Entry(free)
Zoom Punch(100)
Ripple Mastery(300)
The Map(100)
The Radio(50)
Contact Book(100)
Stand-Sight Glasses(50)
The Stand(Major Minus)(500)
Full Wallet(50)
Enemy Stand User(+500)

Bitches ain't shit. My martial arts expertise at this point will make it easy to use Hamon fightan magic to it's fullest power, and teaching said Fightan magic will be easy as well. The rest was nice little perks that have a shitton of utility

>> No.37663896

My understanding was that you can only do so after you've completed the Jump. In-Jump, it's racial classes and out-classed. Was I wrong? If so, I'm definitely going to change things up too.

Also, are the extra CP to buy things for your companions per-Companion or just a single purchase?

>> No.37663929

I'm curious, for those of you that broke the Deadlight, which of the companion upgrades did you choose to be your one?

>> No.37663933


....shit, I forgot to mention my stand didn't I?
It seems weird that's what I forgot to talk about
Major Minus' stats are taken from a generator, but it's nothing broken. Just Combat Perception, really.
"With this ability the user is able to instantly understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves. Once they understand their enemies strategy, they are able to find their flaw and weakness and take them down with little effort. While some users of this method do not use it as part of their primary fighting style, it is helpful in emergencies against difficult opponents where ordinary methods will not work against them."

Power - D

Speed - C

Range - B

Durability - B

Precision - A

Potential - B

>> No.37663950

pretty sure Dream Team gets you 5 imports unless you pay extra above the 200cp price tag.
my own build
91 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Age 21 da 1380 ka 970
Drop In
Strike Back, Critical:EvasionUp, ProtectionUp -150, Unlootable -100, Ribbon Bearer -150, Dream Team(Assistant[Hume{Classy -200}], Mabari Hound[Moogle], Elven Servant[Bangaa], Chasind Wilder[Nu Mou], Ghoul[Seeq])-200, Classy -200
Viera Red Mage,
Hero Medal, Seventh Heaven -400, Mirror Mail -300, Faerie Shoes -100,
Marche to the Sea +600
Merge Mirror Mail with Marvel Power Armor, Merge Seventh Heaven with Ichaivel

>> No.37663951

That bit of information is going to change my build, however I have no idea which companions I am willing to not have be gria.

>> No.37663977

Well, since I can cut out the 300cp for time and blue mage (since I'll probably learn the skills from my companions), decided instead to supplement with classy (for more simultaneous skillsets) and magic counter (just to see what a reactionary turbo MP + thousand master fireball looks like). unless i'm reading it wrong and I can't take more reaction abilities, I think that evens out the 300cp

Says 'up to 6 companions for free', and lucky for me, I only got my 6 pokes at this point in the chain.

>> No.37663985


I'll guess that a lot are going to pick the Æonic orb.

I may have made that thing a touch too good.

>> No.37664002

We only get one, and then we get 800 less points, that's a pretty big balance against us.

>> No.37664008

>Says 'up to 6 companions for free', and lucky for me, I only got my 6 pokes at this point in the chain.
That was the point.

>> No.37664038

huh, maybe my file is old or something, because it says up to 5.

>> No.37664047

I'm toying with the idea (read probably going to) change that to two picks whenever I get back to typing stuff.

>> No.37664086

well, mine says V 1.1 in the top right corner of the first page, and from the looks of things, its the same version thats currently on the drive (V 1.12). I think you may have an outdated version, bro

>> No.37664100

With Marvel jump, is there any way I can get "wallcrawler" powers? Trying to get as many of Spidey's powers as I can.

>> No.37664120

So /jc/ I have a question what would be a good way to deal with boredom for you while Jumping I am sure everything can't be all fighting and action all the time? Senseless carnage? Fighting Eldritch Abominations? Being with your waifu and hand holding? or just something simple like reading a good book by an open fire or playing video games?

>> No.37664140

Uh, pretty sure you have to purchase the option to get extra reactionary stuff man. It does specifiy you only get one of each at the top.

>> No.37664152

yeah, I do. Though it had the same version number as the one in the drive. Either way, I now have the one from the drive and am trying to figure out who I should import as number 6

>> No.37664161

Personally, I picked the Dome of Crystal Seers. Because outright immunity to warp shenanigans made the ship battle much easier.

>> No.37664167

Exploring reading and training.

>> No.37664189

Waifu yes
Also reading the fiction of that world
And training
and experiments.
I do a lot actually.

>> No.37664196

well, i shelled out the 200cp for extra support so I could get MP turbo, but it doesn't say it's necessary for reaction abilities. the wording is a bit confusing, but I basically assumed that extra reaction abilities were bought at full price (in the case of magick counter, 100cp). i may be wrong though. its a bit confusing with the wording

>> No.37664215

I was going to pick psionics but I figured if I'm going to survive for ten years in the pokemon world I better have plenty of gear, and talking to pokes could aid in the wilderness.

That and I want to talk to my ralts. Who needs a blood soaked volleyball when you can hold a real conversation?

Pokemon world hoenn region is pretty sparsely populated with a few cities but huge areas between with lots of fun caves. Also secret bases.

Figure I can build a base in a tree and grind low level pokes for a while without ever having to worry too much. Hopefully I can trade some berries to a fisherman for a magikarp.

Also got to work out that secret warehouse and body mod supplements later.

it's harder to do all this on just phone and paperpad. I'm so going bluemage when I get up there though. It's my favorite mage class.

>> No.37664219

Not with Marvel, no, but Black Bullet offers it. The "Spider" Initiator power gives you most of Spider-man's powers. The remaining ones you get from Roach and Rabbit, both of which are free if you took the Initiator background. In fact, if you take Initiator you can afford to buy all the powers available to them. And all it will cost you is one little lifetime of abuse and neglect for being a mutie. I'm sure that's not too much of a price to pay, right?

>> No.37664236

Probably invest some time in the arts - maybe even spend one Jump or another as a pro singer or something.

>> No.37664242

You could perhaps make spiderman like equipment if you're smart enough

>> No.37664282

Extra reaction can be bought, but using two at the same time requires taking the Knight origin. Also remember that these are literally reflexive, so if a friend hits you on the shoulder a little too hard when joking you might accidentally his spleen.

>> No.37664290

All jumps are at least part real life. That means I deal with boredom the same way I do in real life. Drinking heavily and ignoring my friends.

>> No.37664293

Is there a squirrel girl option?

>> No.37664295

Plus you get a free overprotective mentor figure with PTSD. Who wouldn't want that?

>> No.37664321

I'm getting an inventor perk in the next jump, so I guess I can wait. That being said, with having the student background and all the crazy tech around me, I can probably fanwank it with minimal ridiculousness.

>> No.37664324

You're nuts.

>> No.37664327

no one would put an option that world breaking in. Unless it's in the "God Jump".

>> No.37664334

Carlos I know that is you ya little fuck.

>> No.37664343 [SPOILER] 

I took infinicon early so I could get alot of meta-knowledge early on most jumps (read - stealing everything that isn't nailed down). while I was there, i took content creator and master autist as well. technically, I will never get bored if there is something I can focus on, and in this case, I can draw shit for days (or, more productively, practice my psionics until my brains dribble out of my ears).

>dat spoiler
yes, that too

>That and I want to talk to my ralts.

My entire reason for picking pokeglot is pretty much that. shame its so damn expensive.

so i'd have to manually switch between which one i'd want to use at any given moment is what your saying?

>> No.37664366

No, Black Bullet is too dark a setting to have someone as pure as Squirrel Girl in it. You can get that from the Star Trek Next Generation jump, though. "Anti-Worf Effect" is the perk in question. Let's you one-shot anyone, once every 24 hours. Doesn't kill them, or even cause any permanent damage. But they're out of the fight and you seriously demoralize any of their allies.

>> No.37664395

Can someone explain the Doo family Collar item to me? I'm having a hard time understanding what it does.

>> No.37664407

>anti-worf effect
>one-shot someone every 24 hours non-lethally
I just had a thought...

i've been wracking my brain trying to find a way around generic virtual world's Data Drain requirement of having someone in a coup-de-grace or near death to work. do you think that anti-worf effect would allow for me to use data drain on them due to them being down and out, or would it still not count on the technicality of them not being explicitly near death?

>> No.37664431

From what I can tell, it sets up complicated inheritance schemes that lets you justify anything you take as rightfully yours, with some effort.

>> No.37664475


>> No.37664479

You know how you just sort of show-up with whatever items you bought and no legal reason for having had them in a lot of cases? Now those items end up yours after a little bit of to-do. It's pretty neat, actually.

>> No.37664500

Vidya, and sleeping until the Sekirei jump, and waifu and fighting afterward.

DC > City of Heroes > Marvel > Sekirei Humorous show. Didn't know about it until someone made a jump for it. Thanks for that. > Mass Effect > Kotor

My build centers around being a teleporting, speed demon of a swordsman with an adamantiun blade. I won't be doing much of anything for my first three jumps if I can help it. Be ending on Kotor if a better jump isn't made, or that's at least my current plan.

>> No.37664512

Definitely White Mage. Being able to raise the dead is way more useful than any of the other abilities present in the game. Also, Reraise grants Auto-Life, which is an invaluable buff for any Jumper to have.

I'm semi-ambivalent about the secondary class, so I'd probably let my secondary depend on race, going Red Mage, Seer, or Time Mage depending on race roll. I would pay to not be a Moogle, Bangaa, Seeq, or Gria, purely because they don't have access to White Mage.

Of those options, Hume Seer and Viera Red Mage are extra-tempting, because of the Red Mage's Doublecast (two spells in the same time, woo!) and the Seer's Magick Frenzy (cast a spell while attacking!) and Recharge (MP can be a notable limitation, so being able to quickly get it back is helpful). Not sure which I'll go with, since the RNG hasn't sent me there, yet.

>> No.37664545

Oh right I don't remember if anyone asked this but we can get canon Sekirei right? Sort of want to get Atsuki.

>> No.37664569

It was asked, I don't recall if it was answered, though. I choose to believe we can, though. Just so I can wing Homura and save him the gender confusion.

>> No.37664586

No. It needs to be near death. The anti-worf effect would at best knock them out, which isn't nearly enough.

>> No.37664651

Anti-Worf Effect is a "take down", not a one-hit victory; it knocks your enemies to the ground, which may or may not be enough to defeat them. Weaker enemies, of course, will be taken completely out by it, but Godzilla or the like will just be mad.

As such, I wouldn't interpret it as leaving anyone but the weakest of mooks 'near death'.

>> No.37664701



I REALLY don't want to be knocking people into near-death to data drain them. I mean, sure, I can probably heal them up afterwards, but it'd leave a pretty sour taste in the mouth specifically for that. The only circumvention to this I can think of is data draining the homonculi in FMA, since you can easily 'kill' them, they just regenerate every time you do. Easy data drain opportunity while they're regen'ing without really risking their life. Still, I want a library of every devil fruit in one piece, and even though I can probably drain a fair share of fruits just by being in the right place at the right time and being the equivalent of a vulture, there are some the plot won't let me drain without beating the shit out of them...and i'd rather not, if i can help it. I aint THAT big of an asshole.

>> No.37664733

>>That and I want to talk to my ralts.
>My entire reason for picking pokeglot is pretty much that. shame its so damn expensive.

I took Mental Bond for that, much cheaper and my Ralts acted as a translator with other pokemon.

>> No.37664757

Is there no resurrect spell available?

>> No.37664821

I had a secondary build that was something like that. involved me taking alot more drawbacks, but it let me get psionics AND savant while being a hermit and using my ralts as a translator. still, I feel something is lost in the process if i gotta use her to talk through. i'd rather just talk to everything I come across freely, and I plan to be coming across a LOT of pokes in my adventure

there are, but its still in the 'sour taste in the mouth' territory. killing someone just to data drain a power is pretty much asshole murderhobo territory i'd rather not tread, even if I can -TECHNICALLY- undo it all. just seems a few steps too far down the path of psychopathy for my taste

>> No.37664825

I... did not think of that. oh well I'm happy with my setup.

Besides who else is going to reassure magikarp and tell him he's strong and amazing?

>> No.37664829

there are some in Dark Sun and Ravenloft. Also FFTA and Final Fantasy 7 though you have to be johnny on the spot for FF spells to do much good.

>> No.37664859

I understand that, couldn't you use a setup that allows you to heal and spar with people using bluemage skill learning?

>> No.37664885

And now I just realized I can bring my D&D cleric powers to FF7 and revive Aerith. Well, I know what I'm doing.

>> No.37664949

Wasn't her death needed for Holy to even work?

>> No.37664951

while blue mage is definately among my collection methods, I don't think it'd cover copying things like devil fruit abilities or FMA's greed armor. then again, aside from data drain or procuring the powers themselves through jumpchain fiat, I can't really think of any other way to get them...unless there's an alternate type of data-drain-equivalent that I'm ignorant to

>not preventing her death in the first place

do you even fuck with plots, anon?

>> No.37665020

Just clone her, have original die so that she can revive the planet or something. Keep the clone as waifu.

>> No.37665066

>do you even fuck with plots, anon?
It's less for keeping her alive and more for the smug satisfaction of actually managing what all those old dumb fan-rumors lied about being true.

>> No.37665115

Can FFTA White Mages actually raise the dead, though, since everything in Advance appears (from this newb reading the wiki) to be KOs? And if yes, how old can the corpse be?

>> No.37665128

I'm pretty sure there are other ways of having the situation resolved, like killing all Jenova everywhere, there are like three ways to do that. Also heal the planet using that one perk from generic sugar bowl.

Though about "Let's Put Our Hearts Together" do you think it could also fix the first flame? Because I think that would be a rather good use of the thing.

>> No.37665232

>so i'd have to manually switch between which one i'd want to use at any given moment is what your saying?
Pretty much, yeah. whether it's instant or something you have to prepare between fights is up to you.

>> No.37665270

No, they can just raise KO's in FFTA. Most final fantasy games are the same. People are talking out of their asses

>> No.37665272

In FFTA, Judges emanate a magical effect that prevents death, leaving anyone that would be killed 'knocked out' instead. When no Judges are around (ie: in a Jagd), the situation is similar to that of the original Final Fantasy Tactics, in which death becomes permanent after 3 turns. As such, White Magic doesn't give you a hell of a long time to save someone; maybe 30 seconds? No more than that, certainly.

>> No.37665307

Not long dead (zombies are harmed but not raised), a fee minutes at most since you can die in a jagd

>> No.37665320

Well, a big thing with my build is having foresight into what I'm going up against and having a plan that puts me on top, so either would work, though unless i'm missing an explicit game mechanic, i'd think the near-instant, deliberate switch would make more sense.

>In FFTA, Judges emanate a magical effect that prevents death
is this prevalent in towns/around guilds too? this is important information regarding how I'm going to solve the 'march to the sea' problem

>> No.37665336

Are there any jumps that have the mix and match style of the Marvel jump?
I really like how customizable it is and I think it could've worked for DC too. (though they do have to be different)

>> No.37665366

>I had a secondary build that was something like that. involved me taking alot more drawbacks, but it let me get psionics AND savant while being a hermit and using my ralts as a translator. still, I feel something is lost in the process if i gotta use her to talk through. i'd rather just talk to everything I come across freely, and I plan to be coming across a LOT of pokes in my adventure

Yeah, it's not a perfect solution, but I really wanted Savant and wasn't willing to take heavy drawbacks on my first jump.

>> No.37665407

Judges are ridiculously omnipresent. Whether it's a goblin showing up to harass you as you pick apples, two guilds going to war over the fate of a town, or Marche attacking one of the crystals that prevent the world's destruction, expect a Judge to show up. They just teleport in whenever there's any trouble, anywhere.

>> No.37665448

Could you use bluemage to say... learn deviljhos rage attack breath or gravios beam? Seems useful in monster hunter. Maybe your data drain would work there too. Trap from monster hunter +sleep bombs maybe? That's non lethal.

Or tranq darts?

>> No.37665514

well, this is my default build for pokemon

Location - Jhoto (Rolled 2)
Age - 10 (Rolled 1)
Identity - Hermit (50)
Starter - Ralts (100) 40% capture rate on route 34 during swarm. Thats my logic and im sticking to it.

-Survival Training (Free)
-Physical Fitness (200)
-Ranger (350)
-Pokeglot (650)
-Psionics (1250)

-50k Poke$ (1300)

-Damned (1000)

my alt build involves me taking the wanted drawback, dropping pokeglot, money and physical fitness for savant and mental link, but considering the emotional investment I have in the setting, I can't justify that build to myself, despite the fact that taking savant with psionics would sky-rocket my capabilities to near-instant mastery if any of what I know is applicable

hmm...well, guess I gotta lure him to jagd or something then.

>bluemage-tank a deviljho breath to learn it
I like the way you think, and I am definately stealing the idea. I have no clue if it'd work, but I'm a rank 5 FISS (among many other durability perks and buffs), so i sure as hell am gonna find out
as for data draining monsters, I have no objection to that actual part, since I'm gonna be beating them to death for parts anyway. my moral conundrum comes more from beating up actual people that i DONT need to be beating up

>> No.37665586

I meant more can you sleep bomb a person and data drain without killing them since sleep isn't death but is a KO.

Trap plus bomb is pretty damn effective as a fight stop. Idk man, clone person and fight clone?

>> No.37665593

Do you think you could add in a few more drawbacks? The choices are kind of limited...

>> No.37665645

thats the thing about data drain though - it explicitly states that your target needs to be near death or in a coup-de-grace for it to work. i'd literally need to beat someone to within an inch of their life to be able to data drain something from them. tranquing and KO-ing them doesn't cut it...which is why i've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a work-around that WOULD let me just KO them or non-lethally subdue them without turning them into something thats half a step away from meat paste

>> No.37665661

I think data drain itself kills, so it wouldn't help.

>> No.37665679

>Rockin the mic
>Spit hot bars with Rucks
Oh god yes.

>> No.37665707

Time wizard it maybe? Do your thing get your skill or whatever go back in time undo the damage while keeping skill?

>> No.37665768

>Data Drain (600CP, Beta-Tester Discount): When it is near dying or in a coup de gras, absorb a unique aspect of your opponent into your structure. Only one aspect can be taken at a time, and only one aspect can be used from your catalog. As a plus, these aspects are usually impossible to obtain otherwise.

You sure it kills? it says nothing about killing, only that it needs to be near-death

if it DOES kill...then fuck, i need a better ability. I ain't gonna murderhobo everyone for my devil fruit collection. whitebeard may get the shit kicked out of him, but HE MUST LIVE!

that pretty much still falls under the same blanket of 'bad taste in my mouth' as simply healing them post-drain. i'd still feel like a supreme asshole simply for the fact that i'd have to do it, even if i can undo it afterward

>> No.37665789

May as well post mine then:

>Region: 4, Sinnoh
>Identity: Age: 15, Drop In free
Ralts 50*
Mental Bond 150
>Skills & Abilities
Physical Fitness 100
Survival Training 100
Freerunning 100
Combat Training 50
Savant 300
HM Collection 50
50k Pokedollars 50
Motorcycle 100
Rebreather 50
Swarmed +100

Post-Jump Companions: Gardevoir, Jolteon, Staraptor, Machamp, Infernape, Gengar

*Sinnoh Route 209 has Ralts at 20%, which fits(barely) into common. Assuming I'm reading it right anyway, I've never played any of the games so I'm going off Bulbapedia.

>> No.37665790

I'm just basing this off of what I remember from .hack//SIGNS, where it was fatal.

>> No.37665824

Working on the improved version now. No worries, I'm on it.

>> No.37665834

If you want to actually kill Marche, yeah.

The Judges are actual people, though. A key part of Marche's scheme winds up being convincing the Judgemaster (who is, incidentally, Mewt's Dad), that he's just "restoring the world to normal". That said, Cid is admittedly kinda useless; his Advanced Laws are easily dispelled with Anti-Laws, and he can be forced to enforce arbitrary laws when the appropriate cards are played.

>> No.37665842

Thanks for the good work!

>> No.37665918

Ew, he's got a pizza cutter sword too.

>> No.37665956

Speaking of the Laws, I'm surprised that nobody has taken the law perks that were in the cyoa

>> No.37665964

Van helsing has an infect perk that lets you give an alternate form to anyone.

>> No.37665981

well, if it DOES do that, then yeah, I need to find an alternative. I ain't gonna go full murderhobo, even if it means I can't get my full devil fruit collection

I was going to kill him peacefully in his sleep by sneaking into the guild on his first night (invisibility, mask of shadows, portable perception filter, etc. are great for this stuff) and using telekinesis to slowly close his jugular veins until his brain dies of oxygen deprivation. I personally have no grudge against him, but he is a threat to the world, so he gets a peaceful, quick end. Besides, if I'm interpreting the canon of the game correctly, he'll just show back up in the real world once he dies in this one anyway

So yeah, Jagd it is then. This is gonna be trickier than plan A...

>> No.37666002

I did. I thought they would be fairly useful in jump and out of jump if I needed an extra second or two in combat

>> No.37666020

Did you take a psychic form in pmd? Or have another source of hypnosis powers? Could use those to keep him asleep while you drag him to a jagd and execute him.

>> No.37666130

Well, I DO have a gardevoir and a gengar, though I'd rather not involve them if I can help it. They've killed to protect me before, but never on my orders, and never WILL they kill on my orders if I have anything to say about it. If I have to kill something, i'll shoulder the responsibility myself.

Although, depending on where I put the FFT jump in my chain, it will probably be after ravenloft and dark sun - both of which I took D&D psionics in. so yeah, I probably have a method of hypnosis that'll keep him comatose for a while

I also have mist walker, but I am not cruel or vindictive enough to use it on him.

>> No.37666140

if a person has healing factor from marvel then goes to monster hunter, then takes the missing limb debuff, do they regrow the limb?

>> No.37666161

Not during the jump. Afterwards, certainly.

>> No.37666164

Drawbacks override perks.

>> No.37666165

No, if you take a drawback that removes a limb it won't heal. You might be able to replace it with cybernetics, or maybe even a crafted fleshy limb, but it won't heal.

>> No.37666167

The way that it is currently worded, yes.

>> No.37666171

Nope, drawbacks can't be circumvented that easy.

>> No.37666172

Flaws override perks and abilities. A lost limb taken as a drawback is permanently lost. You CAN supplement it post-entry, but no matter how much you cut at the stump, it will only regenerate to the point it was cut.

Now, if you went to fullmetal alchemist first and learned how to make automail, and could figure out a way to fasten an automail limb to yourself, you COULD get around the drawback that way

>> No.37666178

No. Drawbacks like that can't be overcome with regen/healing. You could make a cyborg limb or something, but it won't physically regrow or be healed.

>> No.37666224

Is he susceptible to Mind Trick from either of the SW jumps?

*waves hand at Marche* "You will accept this reality. You will be nice to your friends."

>> No.37666248

I ask because the balance bangle unlocks all defensive supernatural abilities and that's a defensive ability. The wording had me wondering.

>> No.37666250

I'm just going to show up and recruit him before Montblanc gets to him. I know where and when he's arriving, so I just have to set a timer. Odds are at least decent that, if I spend a while with him, I can either convince him that this world is real, or at least make him doubtful enough that he won't want to risk killing everyone if he's wrong.

I just feel like, after a few centuries of life, there ought to be a better solution than just straight-up murdering a little boy. Of course, if I'm wrong, I'll reluctantly take a mission in a Jagd, and make sure he's on the team with me.

>> No.37666273

600 point drawbacks usually leave little room for weasels.

'Sides, FFTA is an early jump for a lot of us.

>> No.37666355

I don't see why he wouldn't be. Especially if you find him early into his journey. He's just a kid.
Whether or not he figures out how to game the extremely breakable system and become a force of unstoppable destruction is up to you, but at his core, he's just a kid who yells a lot.

>> No.37666361

...You know, usually i'm opposed to mind control, but in this instance, it may just be the preferable alternative. Then again, if it was so easy to do, it wouldnt be a 600cp drawback, so chances are it wouldn't work. Still, good food for thought, and a good first attempt, if nothing else.

Intercepting him is always an option too, but like >>37666273 said, it seems like it'd be too easy for a 600cp drawback.

the bangle locks all supernatural abilities that are offensive or defensive in nature, so no super strength, no iron durability, no regeneration, etc. however, you can take the bangle off at any time or de-activate it with a codeword, so its not like you're permanently supressed. still, even with regeneration, it will not heal a lost limb that was taken as a drawback. its jumpchain fiat that any drawback overrides any skill.

like i said before though, once your IN the jump, if you have another means of engineering and attaching another arm (biological or mechanical), you still very well can. it just wont be the same arm you lost due to the drawback

>> No.37666553

Wait data drain in .hack didn't kill things, it weakened them or turned them into a lower level version of them. For instance a level 150 cerberus could be turned into a level 50 cerberus puppy.

The shows and later games changed this into basically removing the in game god mode from things, meaning the drain removed the shielding to allow you to kill them. It doesn't inherently kill, it weakens.

>> No.37666733

Well, thats a bit of a silver lining anyway. Still probably not gonna get much use unless I just hover around the plot points where a character gets the shit beat out of them by situations out of my control and data drain them under the guise of a 'preliminary healing spell' or something.

Anyway, was a nice discussion, but I got work in the morning, so sleep beckons. Welcome to the chain, gardenbro. You are here forever!

>> No.37666744

Another question about technicalities in the Civilization jump, since I'm planning out something big using the twelve millennia I have there: Great Person of History can support a total of eight such affected individuals at once. If you withdraw Great Person status from someone, they lose their enhanced charisma and organizational skill. Do they also lose the history-rewrite that puts them as the one responsible for something amazing? Because I was considering using it to subtly upgrade techology without anyone suspecting it came from an extra-universal demigod. Revolutionize some field of study or engineering, give a person a perfect understanding of it with teaching perks so they could believably be the one who did it, then hit them with Great Person of History to make it so everyone (including them) thinks they made the discovery. If I want to introduce more than eight technologies that way I'd need for the memory rewrite to not wear off when the other effects did.

>> No.37666767

you can end that twelve millennia by doing one of those win goals if I remember.

>> No.37666826

I know. I don't want to end it early. I guess I didn't explain myself well. I meant "Can I have more that eight people affected by the active memory rewrite ability of Great Man Theory, while only having eight people affected by the passive upgrades it gives them?"

>> No.37666887

Hmm if I use libriokinesis on book of the gods from the age of mythology I could theoretically summon any god within its pages or even use their powers as my own...

is there a way to upgrade warehouse after you finish spending your points on it or does it lock?

>> No.37666954

You're alright, kid.
Braviary still best birdy.

>> No.37667121

Some jumps have warehouse upgrades, I know monopoly does. Otherwise, no, once you finalize that's it.

>> No.37667186

I just became his friend.
Showed up on his first day, recruited him and Monteblanc both as members of my (severely unimpressive) clan, and then impressed upon him that, yes, we ARE people, and this world IS real.

Then we set out to find a way to return him and his friends to his world without destroying ours, because, you know what, I really don't care. This is helped with my new loveable Nu Mou companion, who has totally been researching stuff of this exact nature and is really fascinated by it. Plus, she's a cutie.
And along the way I act as a mediator for Marche and EVERYONE ELSE, impressing the idea that, no, Marche, you should not just yell at people until you get your way, that's very immature. If this is a game about personal growth, then you have to grow up, too.

Ritz is eventually convinced via sheer diplomacy that Marche might be right and they should go home, but doesn't help because she might as well have fun while she can.
Mewt is eventually reminded of where he comes from, but is still patently against going home because he's a brat.
Cid actually learns to do his fucking job, but otherwise remains staunchly neutral ("These people's hearts are real, but I won't stop you from doing what you feel you need to do.")
Doned remains pretty firmly on the side of, "I like being able to walk."
The Queen and Babi are still jerks.
I don't think Monteblanc ever really understands what the fuck we're doing. He's here for the ride. Nice guy, though. Very earnest.

>> No.37667190

>is there a way to upgrade warehouse after you finish spending your points on it or does it lock?
Yes, with limitations. Namely that it's impossible to make it bigger or add more stasis pods. Other than that, go nuts. There's nothing to stop you from using your skills and abilities to add new things to it. People outfit their warehouses with all sorts of interesting things. I remember one anon a while back who planned on turning the whole thing into one massive cannon and using the portal to carry it around with them.

>> No.37667374


... and, we never find a way out. Two and a half years into his stay (seven and a half into mine), Marche finally has enough of this endless search, because fuck if I know how to actually send him back. I don't know anything about how causality works. I don't even know if this world is actually "real", I just said all that stuff because I didn't want to see it destroyed.

So, he ran off. But he couldn't break the crystals, because I'd shorn up the defenses too high in the first five years, and their locations were even less obvious now, because I'd been really thorough. Marche didn't even know they existed, let alone they were a way to get home.

And so I followed him, and found him that night, all alone, crying. And he yelled at me, he was going to find his own way, he shouldn't be forced to stay here, that he wanted to see his mom again, his home, his world, it wasn't fair, and god damnit I didn't know what to say to that.
Because I can't say, "You don't ever get to see your mom again," and I can't say, "I know what I'm doing."

So, instead, I just said, "Go to sleep, Marche."

And I used poison to put him to sleep. Stasis.

And then I built him a nice little bunker, carefully hidden away in the jagd, to support him. With warnings and portents scrawled in about the "great destroyer", and I left him a note, in case he ever woke up. And that's how we ended the jump.

And I felt HORRIBLE. But I didn't know what else to do.
Sometimes I just don't.

>> No.37667399

Funny story - my initial plan was "don't take the Drawback, let the protags deal with him."

And then I learned that he IS the protag.

Pic VERY related.

>> No.37667407

Alright, got a new supplement for you all. The Arena!

>> No.37667439

That's probably the best way to go about it. After you get that spark you damned well better come back and send him home though.

>> No.37667590

I have just met you and I love you.

>> No.37667761

Jumpchain for the webcomic Unsounded by the illustrious Mr. Mad_Hatter.


>> No.37667862

Anon, I got one at about the 50% mark.

It's a large one. It's gonna take a while. But worry not, you can shoot people with physics-defying roller skates while tagging things.

>> No.37667994

Looks good to me. I'm not familiar with the series, but I still got a good impression of the setting from the text, so that's a definite plus.

>> No.37668036

FFTA here. That one hit me right in the feels. You turned a threat into a tragedy.

>> No.37668043

Surprised there's no way to be one of them zombones I forget the name of.

>> No.37668074

Yeah, they really overthink this shit to a silly level.

>> No.37668139

That's how fiction is made. I'd accept more like it gladly.

>> No.37668183

I don't mind it or anything, I just roll my eyes occasionally when I think it goes too far.

>> No.37668193

So this is for answering those pesky "who would win?" questions? Does the mental reset mean that it would be useless trying to become a better fighter through training there?

Since it's mentioned how strong is Death Wing from WoW? What would it take to bring it down? Could a Green Lantern do it? What do you think is the weakest a person could beat it at?

>> No.37668286

It took 10 powerful heroes to do it.

>> No.37668307

Pretty much yeah. The only thing you keep is the memory of fighting the enemy. Even Experience perks would be ineffective. No idea on Deathwing though, just added him in with a brief summary.

>> No.37668393

I did in my first chain. Also paired it with pre-judged for the ability to completely disable entire battlefields on a whim.

>> No.37668395

Would be better to use the Arena perk from DF really.

>> No.37668454

Nope, Arena from DF has the same limitations and it also costs 600cp. This is free.

>> No.37668497

Arena doesn't wipe your memories of the battle.

>> No.37668540

I really don't know the general power level of the setting, what are they capable of and how strong are those heroes compared to other well known settings like Marvel?

>> No.37668578

This doesn't wipe your memories. I stated that all you keep is the experience. You just don't get physical benefits.

>> No.37668757

Per companion. Sorry for the delay, I was on a cell phone and somehow missed this one.
At least a couple of people took the option. I figured it was the kind of thing that low companion or no companion jumpers would take.

>> No.37668808

I'm pretty sure the mental reset is more for if say you decided to fight Xavier, doesn't matter if he spaghettifies your brain you're still fine after the battle.

>> No.37668820

>>37668074 >>37668183
Yeah, I know, right? I actually like overthinking things, though. I love stories. Stories are half the reason I internet.
I mean a big reason I do this is because it makes me think up all these crazy stories about how things would go. Especially for my, "Lazy Antivillain" Jumper. And they tend to be a bit over dramatic, but I'm just a fan of that kind of stuff.
It's not for everyone, but if one person enjoyed reading, I figure it's not a waste.

I am honoured!
You know, I always thought FFTA had the potential for a really good story, and it just kindof oversimplifies and borks it. You've got all this stuff about growing up and accepting the world for what it is and taking responsibility for your own life, or even the schism between what you think you want and what you actually want, and it's pretty great. And then Marche just kindof yells at everyone until it goes away.
And as totally annoying (or even potentially horrifying) as he is, I don't think Marche is EVIL. He's just a kid, and extremely immature. Which is ironic, considering he keeps telling people that they need to grow up and stop taking the easy way out.
I feel like the whole game was setting up this big moral about growing up and then it kindof drops the ball.

I mean, the alternative is that he wakes up twenty years later and is PISSED. Which would make an interesting story in itself.
But yeah, that was basically what I planned to do.

>> No.37668840

Essentailly this. It's for fighting either Telepaths, or for eldritch abominations that make you go insane.

>> No.37668931

Are there any perks besides the one in tales of Symphonia that help prevent friendly fire?

>> No.37668966

Cardcaptor Sakura has a perk that makes it so you're immune to being harmed by your own magic, and if you teach your magic to someone else you can choose not to be harmed by it.

>> No.37669048

Doing the Wuxia jump. My location is the works of Jin Yong. What am I in for?

>> No.37669060

Here's a guy doing the in game fight. Keep game mechanics in mind and realizes how fucking huge deathwing is.

and here's the cutscenes he skipped.


>> No.37669091

>Dark Jumper
>Fight a mirrored version of yourself.
>tfw, opposite me would be a completely insane, murderous, gun toting asshole.

>> No.37669115

He's not evil, he's just not considering the question of "What if everything here IS NOT a dream?" And that's a fairly realistic problem, since similar questions get asked all the time.

You're honored? Nobody even knows who I am outside the IRC, except the one time I tripped for a really mediocre jump. You're the one who created a memorable and fun character.

>> No.37669121

Awesomeness. Jin Yong is the father of modern wuxia fiction. The genre existed before him, but he's the one who's defined its current incarnation. You might have actually seen some of the movies or shows based off his writing. Legend of Condor Heroes, Return of Condor Heroes, the Smiling Proud Wanderer, Sword of the Yue Maiden, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber...they're some of the biggest names in wuxia. You've got your pick of any number of excellent stories.

>> No.37669143

I was about to respond after thread reload.

But anon here >>37669121 pretty much nails it. You're in for some FANTASTIC stories.

>> No.37669147

I'm standing right here!

>> No.37669153

Some would consider indifference and ignorance evil.

>> No.37669171

I'm planning on staging a revolution, as one of the drawbacks forces me to. How crazy are things going to get?

>> No.37669189

That's good but I meant more the kind of anti-friendly fire that prevents you from friendly firing on people your fighting on your side. Though not getting shot in the back would certainly be a plus.

>> No.37669193

I thought that was normal you.

>> No.37669236

Willful Ignorance yes, but nobody really seems to claim on his own side that they might be real. The guy who's native to the world saves his life and helps him to destroy his home. If it were anyone but Babi and the Queen claiming it to be reality he might have listened, but everyone else seems to support him when they learn of his goals.

>> No.37669268

Did a little reading up on the plot of the Condor trilogy
>I overthrow the Yuan dynasty

>> No.37669294

No, I'm normally not an asshole, try to act sane, and stay on the side of the good guys during most of my jumps. I also tend to use swords over guns most of the time.

>> No.37669299

Which is a big existential dropped ball as far as the game's story is concerned.

Of course, the jump setting won't necessarily have that problem there, since if no one else will, we're all going to be screaming it into his face, and unlike the rest of these people I have no sympathy for those who wish to destroy the world and hold children in no special regard.

>> No.37669319

>fight mirrored versions of your Companions


Even captcha knows.

>> No.37669434

> You're honored?
I am. Shush. Listen.
You may keep putting yourself down for being wordy and thinking you're not a good content creator, but I really enjoyed what you made.
I can't really change how you think of yourself, but you can't change how I think of you, and I think you're pretty cool.
So there.

>> No.37669468

But they're not you're companions, they're artificial constructs made up of all their negative aspects.

>> No.37669508

Okay ;-;

>> No.37669513

Better than a mirrored version of me.
He'd be a lunatic who attacks from as far away as possible with overwhelming firepower, likely using something akin to Red's Bow. And is edgier than Manyfist. And where I tend to play by the rules of the world I'm in, and try to make fights "fair"(ish) he would likely go all out instantly

>> No.37669529

Also: FFTA? Not a mediocre jump. No need to keep putting yourself down; you may be justifiably proud of your work.

>> No.37669556

I was referring to Half Life as a mediocre jump. I'm proud of FMA and FFTA, but I'm kinda ashamed of my attempt at Gordan Freemon.

>> No.37669579

It still hurts, knowing what they could have become if not for you.

>> No.37669624

I feel like Half Life is at a good start, but it needs a lot more content.

>> No.37669634

Oh dear god
All of the Villainesses I've redeemed
All of the Good Guys in my Companions who had the potential to go bad.

Jesus Christ How Horrifying.

>> No.37669956

Can we setup matches where we do not fight, we just watch other people fight? Because I want to see Cthulu fight the Dark Gods.

>> No.37669974

Hmm. Sure, why not. You'll need to get spectator seating if you want to watch though.

>> No.37669989

The Emperor vs The Chaos Gods vs Gork'nMork vs The C'tan

>> No.37670073

>Dark Jumper
>total opposite
>mfw I have to fight Blue, only they have angelic abilities and eco-friendly technological prowess so insane that it defies all reality
>mfw they also have a crazy gun that rivals my bow

>> No.37670094

Goku vs Superman vs Naruto

>> No.37670121

So Konatanon, then?

>> No.37670130

Why Naruto? He isn't even in the same class as the other two.

I mean I get Goku vs Superman, it's a classic that's been argued about for more than two decades.
But why throw Naruto into the mix?

>> No.37670156

He is by the end of the series. There is some serious power creep in the last arc.

>> No.37670165

First three fictional characters that I could think of that people boast about "Oh yeah, X could TOTALLY beat everyone"

Though feel free to replace with someone else.

>> No.37670177

I want to see every version of The Question vs. every version of Lex Luthor.

>> No.37670195

Nah. Naruto is seriously nowhere close. Maybe to dragonball goku or weak incarnations of supes. But end series Goku? Or the majority of Supermen? He'd have no hope.

>> No.37670212

Mayhap that's the point?

To see that shithead get murdered brutally?

>> No.37670220

Not really
Strong? Yes
Planet-Buster Tier? No
Able to take Planet-Buster attacks to the fact and only look dirty? No

Fair enough. But if you're gonna throw in people like THAT you could add in The Flash because "muh speedforce", or Batman "muh preparation", or Hulk "muh rage".

The Hulk vs Gork'nMork

Sounds like a good time

>> No.37670247

Yes. Precisely. I have to fight Konotanon. Sorry, I should have specified.

...though does that mean if Konotanon picks up the supplement, that they have to fight me?

>> No.37670251

>Able to take Planet-Buster attacks to the fact and only look dirty? No
That's Superman, too. He hasn't been able to take planet busters since the late sixties. He can take a lot of hurt, but not on the level Dragonball villains put out. Naruto vs. Superman might be a fair fight. Anyone vs. Goku isn't, just because he comes from a setting that has no sense of proportion.

>> No.37670282

>I have to fight Konotanon
M. Night Shyamalan ending: you're the same person.

>> No.37670283

Then I recommend adding in Giogio to the mix. He's frankly ny unbeatable once he obtained Requiem and comes up thanks to that in power debates.

>> No.37670290

...You really haven't read many comics lately have you? Seriously, if you want a fairly good representation of SUpes vs Goku, jsut check the Deathbattle.

>> No.37670291

>Dark Jumper

Do I even WANT to know?

>> No.37670294

The hulk is actually just a really angry ork.

>> No.37670298

Again, not really.
True Superman hasn't been Planet-Buster since the Silver Age(For the most part), but his Invulnerability is a bitch.
It all depends on one factor.
Do Ki or Chakra count as Magic for the purposes of getting past his invulnerability?

If no, Goku and Supes keep fighting until they stop and go get something to eat together.
And Supes beats Naruto.

If Yes, Goku beats Supes then they go eat, and Naruto MIGHT beat Supes

>> No.37670318

Not from the big two, no. Most recent DC I read was 2012. Why, what happened?

>> No.37670339

Hey Wakfu, why isn't your new Wakfu Jump in the Google Drive?

>> No.37670342

Like I said. Don't know shit about any of the three in relation to power level. They were just the first three I could think of, so don't look too much into it.

>> No.37670343

Ughh this again... look Superman at least pre-new 52 was a confirmed planet buster and many times more powerful than Goku. He is as strong as he needs to be and as tough as the plot allows.

>> No.37670344

>One dimensional demigod with plot powers vs. one dimensional demigod with plot powers
Pick one

>> No.37670358

Look smartass, its as close as anyone's gonna get, so i called it good.

>> No.37670372

Because I keep running out of time to get the PDF made. At this point, I'd be willing to post it even with the stupid white borders.

>tfw the Jumps will never be real and you will never not have to sleep for a third of each day or else suffer horribly

>> No.37670381

It's funny, my first thought for "people I'd like to fight if there were absolutely no repercussions for doing so" was actually Captain Aizen. I feel like if I could stand in his presence, I'd be ready for just about anything.
But I think I'd need to actually fight him in-jump to "unlock" him, and that's not a thing that's going to happen ever.

> walk into the arena
> there's a giant amazonian demon woman standing in the middle of the room
> she knocks a single arrow
> turn around, walk out

I go by many names. That's the price I pay for being an avatar without a name.
Some people call me Blue, to contrast with Red. Some people call me some variant of Konata or Konatanon. I'm actually partial to the second one just because it meshes together really well.
In the IRC I actually go by Agua, because that's one of the names my jumper goes by. But I don't go into IRC a lot because my internet connection can be charitably referred to as "actively hateful" and it's a giant pain in the ass.
It gets confusing, but there's not really a name I prefer to go by. Too lazy to pick. Mehhhh.

> Ask me what it means! Ask me what it means!

>> No.37670408

Megatron (Strongest version) vs Darkseid (Strongest version)

>> No.37670416

Okay. What does it mean?

>> No.37670429

One of my first "Goals" in Jumpchain
To be better at Illusions than him. Just so I could use them to punch him in the face

>> No.37670441

It means M. Night is a hack.

>> No.37670450

What's the strongest Megatron's ever gotten? Because unless he fused with Unicron at once point (entirely possible, it's the sort of thing he'd do and I haven't seen every Transformers series) I'd expect the Cosmic Tiger-Force that is Darkseid to be superior to him.

>> No.37670493

OH god I just realized if I take this me and my companions are just going to geek out debating who would win against who... There would be betting likely with embarrassing stakes and it would likely end with someone being pissed off complaining that the arena was wrong and didn't get a proper estimate of the persons power. I get the feeling it would lead to a lot of companion vs companion use in the arena... and headaches.

>> No.37670512

I'm including his Galvatron powerup in this, and I believe Cybertron had the most broken powerlevels at the end.


>> No.37670524

And in the rafters of both arenas, anons giggle like madmen at the sheer absurdity of the situation.

>> No.37670533

Funny enough, my exact reaction.

>walk into the arena
>there's a tiny, petite blue haired angelic pipsqueak on the far end of the room
>suddenly hordes of sentient plants and soul-powered robots fill the room with anti-magic shields
>she just gives me this shit eating grin as she waves to me, daring me to try and get close
>my fucking face when
>turn around and 'nope' the fuck out

>> No.37670553

I am a newbie to the Jumpchain, and was wondering if there has ever been any talk about a SCP Foundation jumpchain, though I do not know how it would work.

>> No.37670567

Someone posted a paste of one a while back, incomplete, but I haven't seen it since then.

>> No.37670577

Talk of it is frequent. Any idea of how to actually pull it off has yet to surface.

>> No.37670716


>> No.37670750

Here's the WIP.


>> No.37670820

So I just saw conan the barbarian today, why do we have no low fantasy jumps?
>inb4 rule one, cause I will totally do one but I already have two jumps qued

>> No.37670842

Well, I mean he fought a lovecraftian being at the end but still.

>> No.37670860

We do, we just don't have a Conan jump because nobody here is a big enough fan of the books to make it.

>> No.37670873

ASOIAF jump is low fantasy.

Gothic seems low'ish fantasy, but I don't know the setting.

>> No.37670893

> soul-powered robots
Rude. My robots aren't powered by souls! I'm patently against that sort of thing.
Souls are very special, unique, important things. That's why I'm running continuous experiments to recreate them through artifical means.

Most of my robots run off electricity, solar power, or steam, of all of which I have an effectively infinite supply. Later on, though, once I perfect their construction/reverse engineering/minitiarization, they can also run off of solar nuclear power (Mysterious Cities of Gold) or white hole music boxes (Ar Tonelico). That's pretty high end, though, so I usually pump up those robots' specs a bit so they won't die from the first wave of heroes.

Souls are a terrible fuel source, though. I mean, that's totally against my morals, and also it would be really inefficient.

>> No.37670965

Dwarf Fort is low fantasy, I mean there are dragons, demons, and horrific monsters but Toady One has yet to really implement even a basic magic system. As well Wuxia can range from low to high fantasy depending on the setting.

>> No.37670969

In Bioshock Infinite how does the shield work in relation to my health? If I'm incredibly durable will that improve the shield or will it always be a few bullets away from breaking?

>> No.37670970

>Souls are very special, unique, important things. That's why I'm running continuous experiments to recreate them through artificial means.

Actually, no not really. Kidding. Honestly, white hole generator-powered robots ALONE would scare the unholy hell out of me... and the tech you could put in them? Seriously, you'd be fucking SCARY to fight in my eyes.

>> No.37670973

> artificial souls

Have you thought about using RWBY tech? Penny is a canon example of a robot who has an artificial soul, the benefits of which include "now your robot can do magic".

I trust I don't need to explain the implications to you?

>> No.37671014

Say, I wonder what a Light Jumper of me would look like?

>> No.37671019

Only real reason not to use souls is because they take a long time to renew. Like, I bet baby souls aren't worth as much as adult souls, and that's a full 18 year turn over. Besides, ghost warriors are probably a better use, since they can retain their knowledge and skills.

>> No.37671022

>Konata-kun finally creates Artificial Souls(tm)
>Spiritual version of aspartame.
>BBEGs around the universe start consuming them
>"They're like real souls, but you don't get fat!"
>BBEGs start developing soul-cancer
>Class action lawsuit
>Konata-kun loses 1.3 trillion Hyperboleium in settlement
>wouldyoulikefrieswiththat intensifies
And thus ended the career of one of /jc/'s greatest jumpers.

>> No.37671023

Geneforge creations have souls, the magic system itself can create souls, and so even if the necromancy system itself can't create souls(though I think it can) combined with even basic shaping it can create souls.

>> No.37671048

I don't know, there's a lot of things that demand the souls of babies and children, that skews the value a bit.

>> No.37671049

A question: what would the "evil" version of Karasuba be? I can't imagine it's too different from her normal state.

>> No.37671050

With Bleach, the Soul Society has put quit a bit of time into researching the creation of artificial souls and has had some success.

>> No.37671072

A pacifist hippie.

>> No.37671079


>> No.37671093

They're like those fancy rich people who eat crap just because it's expensive and fancy, baby souls probably contain less energy and soul vitamins.

>> No.37671118

I wonder if you could use sharing perks to give something like Zim's Family Dinner (which lets you have a meal with your family yearly) to Marche. Probably not the best idea, the least fanwanky, or even the least emotionally manipulative, but being able to see that his mother still exists probably helps a lot in not going genocidal-butterfly-dream on everything, more if she tells him to stop.

>> No.37671123

I bet they are wonderfully tender though.

>> No.37671127

4. Cowboy "I swear this is the last time I abduct a tween girl, Danni and Ed are not a trend, besides they would totally be adults by the end of a jump" Bebop

Age: 26
Background: Cop (Free)
Location: Bebop (Free)
Tell me Some More (Free)
Play Ball! 100cp
Like Clear Water 300cp
You Look Ridiculous in that Outfit 150cp
When I Bite 300cp
Dreamer 600cp
Bounty Hunter's License (Free)
Snoopers 50cp
Get Everybody and their Stuff Together +0cp
Peppers and... +100cp
Pierott le Fou +400cp

I've been looking forward to this jump. Sure, it doesn't give me a bunch of flashy powers, but being a part of the Bebop crew seems really cool. While I do have my powers and Pokemon, I really don't want to use them if I don't have to; half the fun of Jumpchain for me is trying to blend in and go with the flow. My powers do really come in handy when it comes to Mad Pierott though. It may be incredibly terrifying to be chased by that psycho, but I only have to put up with it for 8 years before I manage to put him down, so there's that, right? I don't even get maimed, just banged up pretty bad. Espeon was the one who really kept me alive in the end though do to his psychic powers and cat-like appearance.

Coming into this jump I had two goals: (yes I am seriously not spoiling an anime from the 90s, sue me) Stop the deaths of Spike and Julia, and adopt Ed and bring her along on my adventures. I really luck out with Vicious, as Venusaur managed to blindside him with Sleep Powder during Ballad of Fallen Angels. I make sure to get him to Spike and let him decide what to do with Vicious, thus getting him out of the way. I also manage to convince Ed and Ein to stick with me and Danni instead of going off to chase her deadbeat dad.

>> No.37671128

Do you ever stop yourself podding someone because they're too powerful?
I'd love to pod Stark from Bleach but he'd just make so many jumps a stomp, same with several DC characters like Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman or Zatanna.

>> No.37671140

Miya isn't evil

Normal Karasuba is just a person who loves to fight, who has no one to fight. So she's out to kill the world because she has nothing better to do.

I assume "Evil" Karasuba would legitimately want to kill everything, no distractions

>> No.37671147

I'd pod Zatanna in a heartbeat, but I don't buy pods.

>> No.37671150

>Miya isn't evil
Karasuba is.

>> No.37671160

Evil Karasuba would be a brutal savage forgoing any semblance of style or grace instead just brutally trying to slaughter everything in her path. Karasuba is a blood knight who loves fighting, so her evil counterpart would just be a soulless killing machine who loves nothing and kills because that is all they are.

>> No.37671166

No, because I only visit settings when I'm the appropriate power level, so none of the characters are usually overpowered compared to me.

>> No.37671171

> soul cancer

Related: http://squid314.livejournal.com/284970.html

>> No.37671181

Not really the only pod I had was used for Jibril from NGNL and she is plenty strong. As for Stark though, the guy kills incredibly strong spirits with his presence, so it is likely for the best to leave him in Bleach.

>> No.37671240

That would be pretty interesting, but I don't know anything about RWBY.

Also, verbosing on this, some people have also suggested "farming" shaped serviles from Geneforge, but that's too morally black for my tastes. That soul belongs to that construct, no matter how it was created. I'm not going to rip it out. If I can't create an independent soul on its own, then it's not a worthwhile means of production. I want to make souls in test tubes, not make bodies with souls. The whole point is that the souls I make are "blank", and can thereafter be used for whatever purpose, or even be given to someone who doesn't have one.
That said, studying the creation process of those shaped souls is probably a boon to the research. Same with the artificial souls found in Beyblade, for that matter. There's a lot of stuff to study.

So, uh... what's the plot of RWBY, anyway?

> implying I would just give my souls away to insane assholes

Yeah, I mean... the trick is making souls that aren't attached to anything.
I know it's a somewhat weird and arbitrary line to draw, but it's still my line.
But I don't think it's impossible. Just complicated.

And then once I have that ability, I can figure out what the components are for a soul, and use them to make cool things.
Like an artificial Shikon Jewel that won't trap you in a hell dimension, that'd be cool. Or further erase the line between robots and humans. Or maybe just not-morally-repugnant philosopher's stones.

>> No.37671276

I wouldn't worry about that honestly. If you want to hang with someone but are afraid they would be too powerful for some jumps either let them sit out those jumps or just tell them to treat it as a vacation unless everything goes to hell.

>> No.37671285

well, they create "mod souls" in bleach. Pretty sure thats what you are looking for(the mass produced ones like Rukia's favorite Chappy, not the individuals like Kon and the ones from the filler arcs)

>> No.37671287

Evil monsters shaped vaguely like animals are killing all humans
People use Dust which allows for Elemental attacks to try and survive.
Only four "kingdoms" are left, and they are more like city-states. Only surviving due to natural defenses

Monsters are attracted to negative emotions

>> No.37671312

Aura > Dust

>> No.37671338

I already podded Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. There's really no power that you can get that would be higher in the long run than a Spark run rampant throughout the multiverse with heavy skills towards analysis, replication, and improvement.

>> No.37671339

I'm debating taking Karasuba long with me- I'm going to wing her for sure, I really like her character, but having her along will greatly complicate my life down the line. She'll want to FIGHT all these new people, and for quite a few jumps that'll bring a whole lot of heat down on me and mine.

If I take her to DC for instance she'll make a beeline for Deathstroke, Chesire, and Lady Shiva. Once she's killed them she'll probably move on to Wonder Woman or Batman, but either way it'll bring the heroes of the world down on her, and by extension, down on me.

Akitsu on the other hand, is a sweetheart. She'll brutalize anyone who attacks me, but she doesn't go looking for fights and is completely fine with hanging out rather than hunting for new targets.

>> No.37671365

Well with a bit of work I am sure you could use shaping magic to attach souls to preexisting things, though even if you made an unbound soul with shaping it would likely have a level of independence. As well creating artifical souls not bound to anything with geneforge might cause you to accidentally a certain thing that would devour your mind and soul then go on to possess other beings and devour their minds and souls. So with everything related to experimental shaping, be careful.

>> No.37671386

Neither did I, really, but the series is extremely short (it's a youtube series, and the episodes are usually 6 minutes long; watching the whole thing won't take you more than a couple hours).

Also, you'll pretty much get the gist of things from the pilot episode: http://youtu.be/-sGiE10zNQM

>>37671287 summarizes it pretty well, though; there are soulless monsters causing various problems, but people with souls can do magic (called 'Aura' powers, which is a mix of physical enhancements and a unique special ability), and use Dust (which has elemental attributes and can be used to do all kinds of neat magi-tech stuff).

>> No.37671404

Yeah, stuff like Wonderwoman or Batman would probably kill her pretty easily. Not to mention killing or trying to kill big name heroes, will pretty quickly get the attention of the big blue boyscout.

>> No.37671471

> You could probably create unbound souls, but they'd probably still have some form of independence and/or intelligence.
> Also, slight chance you might accidentally a world ending abomination.

Yeah, that's the trick, isn't it...? That's why it's called an ongoing process. You gotta iron out the bugs.
Or in some cases the "will".

>> No.37671477

I was considering bringing him along with a suppression cloak which might help, shame I can't get him to ditch the little girl.

I'd love to pick up a cool zanpakuto in Bleach but it isn't customizable like the rest of my weapons which is a bummer.

>> No.37671545

>shame I can't get him to ditch the little girl.
Technically they are the same being though, more so than even a soul reaper and their zanpakuto.

>> No.37671617

Batman would die horribly unless fanwanked to hell (which admittedly he is partially in main DC). Wonder Woman would probably beat her.
The really scary thing is that as a companion she'd respawn fairly regularly, although she'd be annoyed about the memory loss. Also expect her to try to fight you occasionally because you're the most interesting possible enemy.

>> No.37671655

Well technically the example of the thing that would eat your mind was based off a creation in the 5th game that was made from a spirit in the air(thus a preexisting being), using a necromantic process, and was a completely new creation type made through untested methods. It was like a trifecta of, what you shouldn't do. You can manage like one of those three at a time if you are careful in a secure environment with guards and a quarantine measure set up, and the being that made it wasn't doing any of that.

>> No.37671772

Yeah that's why I couldn't get him to ditch her, I don't think it would be possible. I wonder if they could combine fully into one soul again.

Trying to decide what to go for with my Zanpakuto and there are quite a few broken or interesting choices.
I was thinking of having:
Weight because fuck that's an amazing power. (300)
Dissolve for a flower petal form like Byakuya though I'd pick roses. (400)
Extend would have thorns quickly extend to cut/block things. (550)
Then the Bankai would just have more roses. (850)

That's all possible without drawbacks so I could either leave it at that or add to it with an element or something.
I do have the problem of not knowing how to deal with the quincies since I never made it that far so they might just wreck me.

>> No.37671786

They probably can, but they wouldn't want to.

The new quincy are really bullshit. One guy just make anything he imagines happen. Literally his power.

>> No.37671821

His only weakness is metaphorically creating a stone he cannot lift, and he isn't even the strongest.

>> No.37671851

Oh fuck that then, I'll get a cloak for both me and Stark and we can chill out away from all that bullshit.
I heard they went around stealing peoples Bankais too?

>> No.37671856

I feel the creator just doesn't care anymore and just in it for the money.

>> No.37671859

Yeah, we've got whatver bullshit Ywach's 'Almighty' means.

>> No.37671933

Kubo hasn't ever cared.

>> No.37671947

First jump in the Saga of the Wind Knight

Body Mod(taken because this is a fantasy only jump so running this before first jump cause Im not taking pokemon)
4 endurance
4 appeal
4 shape
3 endowed

By the Book(1100)
Dragons Bride(1400)
General Peasant Skill(1300)
Sword Plant(600)
Master Craftsman(300)
Star Blessed[Grus](200)
Prince Charming(0)

I live in a mundane town using magic when a dragon obsessed with my looks and ability to grow gold swoops in and plants me in a tower to be kept safe. Practice magic at my own leisure and master energy storage with the combination of maleficium/magic/master craftsman. Use Prince Charming and my good looks to convince the dragon to let others know I'm ok with the arrangement so no knights come charging in for me. Also I need to convince the dragon, who can obviously use magic, to follow me on my adventures.

>> No.37671995

>Tite "The Heart" Kubo
>Caring about his work
Many laughs were had, thanks manyfist

>> No.37672000

what jump is that a build for?

>> No.37672042

Yeah, I've read Zombie Powder. It's pretty clear that he didn't care even before he started Bleach.

>> No.37672057

Looks like the Arthurian Legend jump.

>> No.37672080

Fuck, It was at the top then I added body mod and planned to cut and paste the jump title, I obviously failed.

>> No.37672092

>Tite "The Heart" Kubo
>Not Titty "The Heart" Kubo
Dude loves to draw big breasts

>> No.37672140

And interesting clothing, he has actually said that if he wasn't a mangaka he would be a fashion designer.

>> No.37672157

Well his clothing would have more substance than his plot, that's for damn sure.

>> No.37672298

Depends on which type of plot you mean.

>> No.37672333

>Both 3rd Espada
>Both are some of the Best Girls in the manga

>> No.37672354

Well as you can see, that one has distinct substance in terms of plot.

>> No.37672407

Big plot there.

>> No.37672443

One of the Waifus I picked up in Bleach
Sadly not Podded though.

>> No.37672456

For some reason I always preferred the ones like Nanao and Lisa, either Nanao never reached Shikai or it was never shown but either way it's a crime.
Same with Shunsui and his Bankai which I think got too hyped up to ever be shown.

There was also that bath scene with Rangiku and Orihime but it still isn't as bad as Fairytail.

>> No.37672494

God damn was his overpowered though.

>> No.37672496

Fairy Tail does have a lot of fanservice. But It's enjoyable anyway, even if it does use the same Formula a lot. Also some of the new Revelations are...odd.

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