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"SIS WAIT!" I yell at Kaori as she storms out of the elevator. Quickly, I conceal myself before any of the staff on the first floor realize that there's an unexpected visitor roaming the building.

This sucks. Even if I wanted to catch up with her now, she's already stormed her way out of the building that I worked so hard trying to sneak in to.

I am Itsukuma Masami, today I came to the one place in the world I hate to spy on my sister's heart-to-heart conversation with her "Father".
No, no, I shouldn't call him that. He said he doesn't want to be her father, so that means he never will be. I wish Kaori would just accept that and forget about him. Or at the very least, forget about the awful things he said to her.

It's not like he would know what it would mean to have a family; what a jerk. What right does he have to lecture Kaori on how she'll never have a loving family? Who even does that to a little girl?

I'm so irritated right now. I wish I could do SOMETHING to make this whole awful mess better.
Well, there's one thing I could do, I could call Mom and let her know everything is okay.

I tap the tile on my phone for Mom's cell. It rings for an unusually long amount of time. Then it kicks me to her voicemail. There's a greeting message and a long beep.
"Uh, Mom? I don't know why you're not picking up, but Kaori just ran out of the building crying. I think she might be going home. Okay, bye."

That's worrisome, why wouldn't Mom pick up her phone?

>I spent all this time sneaking in, I should make the most of it. Let's snoop around the building some.
>No, No, I should follow Kaori as best as I can.
>Wait, what was Dad and that jerk talking about before I left? They were about to discuss something important, maybe I should go spy on them.
>Why isn't Mom picking up her phone?

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p

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>No, No, I should follow Kaori as best as I can.

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I'm going to step out for a few minutes, and I'll count up votes when I return.

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>No, No, I should follow Kaori as best as I can.
This building sucks and we should leave.

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>No, No, I should follow Kaori as best as I can.
Plot? No. Hugs.

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>No, No, I should follow Kaori as best as I can.

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>Wait, what was Dad and that jerk talking about before I left? They were about to discuss something important, maybe I should go spy on them.

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>No, No, I should follow Kaori as best as I can.


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No no no NO!
I can't think about that stuff right now! I have to find Kaori! What am I thinking!?

Quickly, I rush past the completely confused staff mulling around the first floor of the office. Taking off my card just as I approach the sliding doors as to not run face-first into them. They slide open as the secretary glares daggers at me, but at least she's not alerting anyone to my presence.

With haste, I sprint across the parking lot, past the gate guard, onto the sidewalk. Which is when I notice something awful.
I can't find Kaori.

She was just here a minute ago. I saw her running away from me just as quickly as I was running toward her. Now she's no where to be found. Did she use a card? Maybe that speed card again that let her run fast?

I grab my phone out of my pocket and quickly tap the tile for her number, nothing. It didn't even ring that time, she must have it turned off.
This is worrying.

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing.
"Sweetie!" It's Mom, finally. "Sorry for not answering, but I'm almost at Fortune! I had to stop and get reinforcements!"


"Mom, it's okay, Kaori's done talking with her father and-"
"OH! So everything went well! Oh thank god, I was so worried."
"-Not exactly, Mom. She ran out of the building in tears. Now I'm outside of Fortune and I can't find her. I think she's running home."

There's silence on the other side of the line, as well as some mumbling between someone.
"Sweetie, I'm almost at Fortune, do you want to ride back with me?"

>Ride back with Mom, you have some questions anyway.
>No, Go find Kaori.
>>But where to find Kaori?
>>Is she running back home by herself?
>>Using the subway?
>>Even going home?

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>No, Go find Kaori.
>>Even going home?
Probably not. And if she is, mom will be there to take care of her, so.

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>No, Go find Kaori.
>>Even going home?

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>No, Go find Kaori.
>>Even going home?
Search the streets, heck maybe even fly up a bit and see if we can spot her from the air.

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>No, Go find Kaori.
>>Even going home?

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>>No, Go find Kaori.
>>But where to find Kaori?
Hiding at the school perhaps. Maybe we should let the others know just incase.

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>No, Go find Kaori.
>>Even going home?

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>No, Go find Kaori.
>>Using the subway?

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>>No, Go find Kaori.
>>She probably wouldn't go home at a time like this!


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"No, Mom. I need to search for Kaori! She couldn't have got very far, I was right behind her! Can you look around on the streets, if I go check the subway or the school?"
"Oh, Okay! Call me if you find anything!"

We say our goodbyes and hang up. I'm already running down the street calling Kaori's name by the time Mom hangs up.


Not on the streets, and I didn't see anything from the sky.
I checked the nearest subway terminal as well, nothing.
Mom says she hasn't seen her anywhere, either. She's taking the time to ask random strangers if they've seen her, too.

When she wants to hide, she can be really, really good at it.

I'm almost back home now, and I'm starting to feel worried.
That's when my phone buzzes in my pocket.

"Eh? Maeda?"
"Masami, do you know why Kaori just locked herself in a room and started crying?"

Oh! Oh good find.
"-Sort of! Which clubroom? The occult one?"
"No, um." There's some rattling in the background. "I think it's a janitor's closet. "
"I'll be right over!" I say, cheerily. At least now I don't have to worry about finding her!

Without another word, I happily dial Mom and tell her where Kaori is. Maybe today is looking up after all!


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>Maybe today is looking up after all!
Such optimism.

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Its really not saying good things about Masamis live sofar that her sister having locked herself in a closet crying is "looking up" by comparison.

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"Kaori?" Aiko says, tapping on the door lightly, "You can tell us what happened! We're not mad at you or anything!"
"..I don't think that's the issue." Maeda says, disapprovingly.

"Hey!" I approach the group of people crowding around the door. "Is she still crying?"
"Yes.." Aiko says, sadness in her voice. "I tried asking what's going on, and she just cried even harder."

That's when I notice Maeda going through a HUGE keychain, trying each key on the door before flipping to another one.
"Um.. I didn't know you had that." I admire the large collection of baubles and keys.
"Neither does the principal."

Oh dear.
"So.. why did she lock herself in this room, and not the occult clubroom?"

Maeda sighs with frustration and clear irritation,
"Because she knows I don't have a key to this door. I don't know how, but she knows."

Maeda flips through the last key on the chain before letting it fall limp at her side.
"And that's all I have. We'll have to wait for the principal to unlock it."
"Oh? Does he know!?"

Aiko answers for me, "I thought you would know that, I saw him jumpking into your Mom's car and driving off. I haven't heard from him since."

Is that what Mom meant by 'reinforcements'?

>Try to plead with your sister
>Promise to come inside alone
>Just wait for Mom to come by with the principal, it's a waste otherwise.

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>Promise to come inside alone

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>Promise to come inside alone

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>>Promise to come inside alone

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>Promise to come inside alone

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>Promise to come inside alone

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>>Promise to come inside alone
"I know you're still mad at me, but I promise I didn't follow you to Fortune. I snuck ahead of you with that nice monster to make sure it wasn't a trap and that jerk with the glasses admitted he had one set up for you. I was worried about you, I'm still worried about you and I just want to talk. Please"

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>Promise to come inside alone

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>>Promise to come inside alone


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"Okay! Okay! Let me try!" I proclaim valiantly.
Everyone stands aside as I approach the steel door. I can't hear much inside, but I can tell Kaori is saying something to herself.

I hear occasional thumping sound as well. I wonder what that is.

I definitely heard something that time, maybe she chose this room because of how resistant it is to sound leaking through.
"Sis, I'm going to come inside, is that okay?"

"-no!" I lightly hear through the door.
Followed by a couple more thumping noises. Is she running in circles or something?

"Sis! I know you're still mad at me, but I promise I didn't follow you to Fortune! I went ahead of you with that monster to make sure it wasn't a trap, and then that jerk with the glasses admitted he had set one up for you! I was worried about you, and I'm still worried. So I just want to talk, please!"

There's some more light mumbling from the other side of the door.
"I'll... come in alone!"

The door lightly clicks, and I eagerly grasp at the handle. Slowly, I open the door to be met with Kaori's face.
It looks atrocious. Just what was she doing to herself in here? Light red marks pock her face, her hands are reddened and sore with several bruises starting to form. Not to mention the much more reddened blush from her sobbing and crying.

"Come in quickly."
I slip inside just before Kaori slams me inside the door. She locks the rather-intricate set of locks back before turning around to face me.
What a weird room to lock herself in, all that's in here is a wall of hanged-up brooms and mops. In one corner is a quaint cot, and in the other is a rather stout water heater.

"What do you want, Masami?" she places her hands on her hips and stares at me with vitriol.

>Call me Sister, please!
>I want to know why that jerks words bothered you so much!
>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.

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>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.

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>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.

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>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.

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>>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.

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>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.

>> No.37645228

>I want you to know that you're still my family, even if he isn't.
put Haruko on, that can only help

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I don't know, this is a close one.


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"Kaori, I know you're upset about what that guy said!"
"Yeah, of course you would know. You heard the whole thing."

Without saying anything else; she stomps back across the closet and flops onto the cot.

"-But! I'm here to tell you that no matter what he said, you're still my family! If he doesn't want a family, then that's his problem. But to me you'll always be my sister!"

She sighs and turns over in the cot. Facing away from me, she plays with her hair in silence.
"Don't tell me that you're actually listening to what that jerk said! You said it yourself, what would he know about having a family? He's never had one!"

"Masami... I think it's best if you just leave now."

"I said.. I think I need to be alone right now."

No no, that's not how this works.
I go over and climb into the cot with her, but she immediately springs out of it and walks to the other side of the room.
"I don't really want to talk about it, Masami."

"WHY!? Why are you so worried about him not being part of your family! I say good riddens, I wish my Dad would say that to me."
"MASAMI!" He spins around to glare at me. Her eyes are reddened, and I can see tears beginning to form on her cheeks once more.

"Don't you get it!? He's completely right! I don't have a father! And neither do you! And we're not sisters! We're just monsters that tell ourselves that to feel better about being alone! You can keep calling me sister all you want, but you're just lying to yourself. You barely even knew me a week ago, and family doesn't work that way!"

She's really listening to what he's saying. I can't believe this.

>What do I say?

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Why can't it work that way? Where is it written that we can't be family? Tell me so I can change it.

>> No.37646478

"even if you were right, isn't it better that way?"

>> No.37646513

You think.. I'm a monster?! Cry. Apologize for not being good enough to be in her family.

>> No.37646574

We're not alone, we have Mom.

>> No.37646645

"Says who? Just because you're not related by blood doesn't mean you can't be a family. Family is about caring about and being there for each other, that's what really matters."

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>A lot of Drama!

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"Wait.. You think I'm a monster!?" I can feel tears forming at the corners of my eyes, "I-I'm sorry I'm not good enough to be family, if that's the problem!"

She stomps her feet angrily, "No Masami! We're both monsters! This is why I can't talk to you about anything, you fall into a crying fit the moment anything gets uncomfortable!"

But.. I just wanted to be a good sister..

"No Masami, we can't be family because we don't even have parents! We don't have siblings, all we have are masters."

'Masters', I heard that rude jerk refer to himself as one, but I'm not sure what that means.

"Says who! Just because we're not related by blood doesn't mean we can't be family!"
"I'm not even sure we have blood to be related by!"

"Where is it written that we can't be family!? Tell me where and I'll change it!"

She pouts, angrily balling her hands into fists.
"I guess it's silly trying to convince you that we're all alone."

"But we're not all alone! We have Mom! Even if you were right, isn't it better this way without him!?"

She sighs, her blush on her face seems to slowly retreat.
"Maybe.. maybe you're right Masami."
"Yeah! I know I am!"

"..Okay.. Let's go home."
"Ye-" I can't believe she gave up so quickly! "T-Thank you sis!" I run over and hug her tightly.
"J-Just!" She tries to struggle, but I don't make it easy on her. "Just.. Let's just get out of here, okay?"
"Okay!" I'm practically beaming as she says that.

I unlock the door and head outside, Kaori in tow.
But just before I clear the threshold of the door, I feel something yank itself out of my hand, and the door slams behind me with a click.
No response.

Maeda and Aiko stand outside the door, looking extremely worried.
"M-Masami, how did it go?"

>Yeah Masami, how did it go?
>"Um.. she's a little timid."
>"She thinks she doesn't have a family, how crazy is that!?"

>Wait for someone to arrive
>Try to coerce her out again
>Something else?

>> No.37647438

>Just give up and sit down against the door and wait for mom to arrive

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seconded all is lost. we have no family.

>> No.37647526

Cry in the corner.

>> No.37647563

>"She thinks she doesn't have a family, how crazy is that!?"

>Wait for someone to arrive

>> No.37647636

>"She thinks she doesn't have a family, how crazy is that!?"
>call mom? she'll probably know what to do

>> No.37647742

>Wait for someone to arrive
Be just a little despondent.

>> No.37647779

>>"She thinks she doesn't have a family, how crazy is that!?"
camp out in front of the door til she stops being so stubborn, Masami can wait as long as it takes and there's only one door

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>Wait for someone to come help

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>be accused of being to much of a crybaby to have a meaningful discussion
>solution is to go cry in a corner
God damn it, guys

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We're a monster who can't have a family. What else is left? We have no sister.

>> No.37648094

But, we do have a family.

>> No.37648185

Big sister just said we didn't she knows everything. That's how older siblings work.

>> No.37648224

But Mom said we did.

>> No.37648239

Mom's not here right now.

>> No.37648252

She's mom! She doesn't know anything!

>> No.37648351

and then sister said otherwise, children don't always make sense or think things through. I once promised my nephew to get him ice cream and when we got there they were out. I spent an hour explaining that only the store was out of ice cream instead of ALL ice cream being gone after he finished crying

>> No.37648402

Yes she does, she taught us like, everything.

>> No.37648422

Did he get ice cream after?

>> No.37648428

And look where that got us, a gullible crybaby monster with no family!

>> No.37648433

How old was your nephew?

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Yes, no sprinkles though. They were out at the next place we went to
he's not spoiled or anything since his mom's a bit of a hardass, but promise him ice cream and fail to deliver ice cream and boom waterworks

>> No.37648516

But we were born as a crybaby monster.

>> No.37648580

you need a mom and dad for that to happen, WHICH WE DON"T HAVE

>> No.37648654

Yeah, that doesn't generally happen with 13 year olds.

>> No.37648681

But we do have a mom.

>> No.37648686

physically 13. She's only been kicking around what a month or so?

>> No.37648701

Actually when we were first born, we were kinda badass, it was only after exposure to mom that that happened.

>> No.37648710

So, it's completly normal for Masami, since technicaly she's barely a year old, maybe.

>> No.37648716

she's only been alive for how many days? think of it like a kid who spent ten years in a coma, 15 on the outside, 5 on the inside

>> No.37648734

remember when we climb onto the lights and tried to jump for it, classic

>> No.37648741

She already had memories and everything.

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"M-Masami?" Aiko asks a second time, more than a little worry in her voice.
"S-she" I start, but can't find the will to finish.

"S-she thinks that she doesn't have a family.."

I look over to Aiko, who is increasingly more worried by the second.
"H-How crazy is that, r-right?"

Before I can say anything more, Aiko has already pulled me into an extremely tight hug.
I'm really crying now. Kaori doesn't have a family, and she especially has no sister.

Hey wha-wha-wha-WHA-WHA-WHA
"STOP THIS! WE DON'T NEED YOU DOING IT TOO!" Aiko's hug goes from a gentle tug to a full-on throttling of my body.

"Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-AIKO I GET IT!"
"NO YOU DON'T!" Now she's throttling me harder! "STOP CRYING!"

"Ah-woh!" She yelps as Maeda harshly tugs on her ear. "S-sorry."

"N-no, but.." I can feel myself cracking up again, "She really said she doesn't have a sister, or a mother. And... And I thought she got over all that stuff!"
"Masami.." Maeda begins, trying to seem all big-sister like. "People don't get over things just because you tell them that everything is okay."

T-they don't?
"Kaori has been through a lot, and it's clear this has really taken its toll on her. She's not going to just get over it. That's why you have to be her sister, and be there for her!"
"But.. she said I'm not-"
"She's wrong, Masami." Maeda's voice goes extremely stern, "Family is someone who is there for you, even if you don't want them to be."

That makes a lot of sense, and is entirely what Mom has done for me my entire life as I know it.
"Thanks Maeda."

Oof, now she's hugging me. Or rather smothering me with how tightly she's decided to wrap her arms around me.


>> No.37648783

Goddamn, everyone is really totally adorable.

>> No.37648792

and to think, Kaori chose the closet over all these hugs

>> No.37648824

>She already had memories and everything.
no she didn't, first few threads were mom having to explain everything specifically because we had no memories

>> No.37648871

She knew how to walk and talk and I think some knowledge of what some objects - like lights, beds and doors - are and some other bits and pieces, but not actual memories.

>> No.37648897

I think its time to knock on the door again. Hard.

>> No.37648960

She didn't explain everything, Masami could already walk, talk, climb, jump, and basically operate like a fairly normal 12-year-old, other than not knowing very much of anything.

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We sit outside the janitor's closet for some time, talking about things that are happening around school that I've been missing because of all the time I've spent doing this silly stuff with Fortune.

It really makes me realize just how much time all of it consumes. It doesn't seem like a lot of time when I'm doing it, but it's sure taken a chunk out of my life.

I walk up to the door, knocking on it again, hard.
"SISSSTERRR, THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE!" I yell, of course nothing happens.

"Is she being stubborn? I guess she takes more after me in that way."
I spin around to notice Mom walking down the hallway, behind her trails a man with fiery red hair and a smile on his face.

"MOM!" I jump into action and wrap my arms tightly around her. She seems startled at first, but immediately takes up the motherly role I know her for.

"Ah! Uh! Principal Kurota!" Maeda yelps as she tries to tightly hide the keyring she was using earlier. "I'm glad you've shown up! Kaori has locked herself in this closet and we need it opened!"

He clearly notices the keyring and sighs, but doesn't say anything about it,
"She locked herself in that janitor shed? I knew putting a lock on that thing was a mistake. I'll go search for the key to it, but I honestly don't remember where I put it anymore." He wearily sighs as he turns around and walks the opposite direction.

"Mom.." I repeat, over and over again, "Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Kaori says she doesn't have a family, and she refuses to say that I'm her sister."

Mom agrees, gently patting me on the head. "You know that's not true, though."
"Y-yeah... I know."
It still makes me feel bad, though.

>Can I talk to you alone? There was this weird guy at fortune that said a lot of things I don't understand.
>Can we talk about why this is hurting Kaori so bad?
>Maybe you can try talking to her?
>Um.. any ideas?

>> No.37649534

>>Um.. any ideas?
>>Maybe you can try talking to her?

>> No.37649537

>Maybe you can try talking to her?

>> No.37649561

>Um.. any ideas?
>Maybe you can try talking to her?

>> No.37649592

>>Maybe you can try talking to her?

>> No.37649704

>Um.. any ideas?
>Maybe you can try talking to her?


>> No.37649730

Also, do you want to inquire about what the big guy at Fortune was talking about, or leave that until another time?

>> No.37649819

let's save it for later (when we get home?)

>> No.37649959

Leave it for now.

>> No.37649993

i can wait

>> No.37650001

I suppose we can save that for later.

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"Mooom, Can you try talking to her? She's being stubborn!"

Mom giggles, but I'm not sure what's so funny about any of this.
"Oh okay, let me give it a try."

She gently taps on the door. Such a light knocking that I'm not even sure Kaori would have heard it unless she was specifically listening.
"Sweetie? are you in there?"
Of course, nothing.

Mom takes a deep sigh, and she looks toward the door handle once more as if it will it open.
"Kaori. I understand you're upset right now, and that it feels like you don't have any kind of grounding or place in this world anymore. I know exactly how you feel."

She does?

"But.. I also know that you need your alone time. You have a lot of think about and I know that it's something that I can only support you through, and I can't do it for you."

I don't see where Mom is going with this.

"So, just stay in there."

Maeda and Aiko seem to share the same confused and horrified expression.

"Stay in there for as long as you feel you need to. I'll always be out here, waiting for you. There will always be someone waiting for you out here. Even if you decide to stay in there a lifetime. No matter where you go, I'll always be waiting for you."



No way, there's no way that worked.
The door slowly slides open, revealing a very distraught and even more messy Kaori.
"I'M SOORRRRYYYY" She flings herself into Mom's arms.
"It's fine. It'll always be fine." Mom says, patting her head.

HOW!? How did she do that?!



>> No.37650862

>HOW!? How did she do that?!
mother magic, of course
also responsible for jackpots

>> No.37651058

>HOW!? How did she do that?!
mom magic.

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We said our goodbyes to our friends and went home. It was too much for a single day for all of us to handle.

Kaori, ever since she emerged, hasn't said a single word since. She's mumbled a few things to Mom, but hasn't really said anything. She doesn't even talk when being properly addressed.

I hope Maeda isn't right, and this isn't something that will take her a while to get over. I don't want my sister to not speak to me and constantly act like she's been terrified. Especially if the only one who can seemingly snap her out of it is Mom.

Seriously, how was she able to do that?

..In any case, we make it home safely and prepare for Dinner.
At least, Mom and I prepare for Dinner. Kaori decides to go to our room and sulk some more.

I help take out dishes and cutlery while Mom is preparing a kind of rice soup, I've never had it before but it certainly looks delicious.

"Masami.." Mom starts out, peeling carrots to put into the soup, "Do you want to tell me a little of what happened today that made Kaori so upset?"

>Tell her everything
>Tell her just some things, leave out some parts (what parts?)
>No, not while Kaori isn't around.

>> No.37651173

>Tell her everything

>> No.37651231

>Tell her everything
this is for the best

>> No.37651258

>Tell her everything

>> No.37651274

>>Tell her everything
Much as I would like to wait for Kaori to tell the story, not getting the full story is kinda annoying as we have learned.

>> No.37651311

>Tell her everything

>> No.37651334

>Tell her everything!

Writing last post of the night!

>> No.37651444

Also I don't know why, but a part of me wants to keep going all night. I guess I was just really looking forward to this part of the story!

>> No.37651477

>a part of me wants to keep going all night.
if you can, i'd be up for it

>> No.37651517

No anon, as much as I'd love it too, it's not nice to overwork the QM.

>> No.37651532

I'm going to bed anyways. So, won't be here if you do.

>> No.37651577

No no, I'm not going to go all night. I'm going to end it after this post because I have some writing to do for tomorrow.

Next post almost up. Also good night.

>> No.37651580

I just woke up anyway.
Was nice going to bed with Masami and waking up to more.

>> No.37651959
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"Wow, he said a lot of things, but I'm not really sure what they all meant."
"mm, that's okay Masami. Just tell me what you thought you heard."

I tell her all about the big jerk telling Kaori how he's not her father and never will be. Especially the parts about how he didn't think she was human and therefore could never have a family.

As I told her this, Mom started chopping the carrots faster and finer. Eventually cutting them into slices that were paper-thin at speeds that would put a woodchipper to shame. All the while she wears the same scary face.

I quickly change the subject to the other thing he talked about. Something about 'Masters', and how he was the master of everyone in Fortune, including Kaori, her and I.

"-Which doesn't make any sense, if he was our 'master', why doesn't he tell us to do anything? Why is it I knew nothing of this guy while Asai seems to be the big guy in charge?" I say, scrambling some of the vegetables in a bowl.

Mom notes my confusion and sighs, she asks for some ingredients and falls silent for a few minutes.

"I know you don't really understand it Masami. When we were 'made', we were contractually bound to someone. And every one of 'us' is bound in a chain with him at the top." She says with a blank voice.

"Huh!?" This seems more alarming than she's giving credit for. "Even me?!"
"Well actually.." She thinks about that question for a moment, "Never mind, How about 'Most of everyone'? That's better."

'Most of everyone?'

She takes a nostalgic voice,
"The chairman is from a line of magicians. His grandfather was the first one to have created a card that could be built into a person. He made more than a few cards with the intent on making servants for himself in his old age."

She stirs furiously at a bowl, "When he passed away, he gifted all of his servants and cards to his son, the Chairman's father. He used those servants for, not really good things. That's about the time when I was born."


>> No.37652323
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"Not really good things? What do you mean?" The naivety is shining in my voice.

She stirs again at the bowl, putting it on the burner and setting it to hot.
"He had this idea that he could create a world for himself that he ruled over completely. He was extremely talented, and even managed to create one."

Create one?
"You mean.. the card world?"
"That's right, Masami. He was the one who discovered how to use it." She sighs.

Why didn't anyone tell this sooner!?
"Originally, he wished to retire there and live the rest of his days as emperor of his new world. But he was only human, and could never find a way to get there by himself. The best he could do was send servants there."

Mom washes her hands, trying to hide the fact that they're trembling slightly.
"So, he decided he would hide a whole army there to take the human world for himself. But eventually, his own army grew so large that they usurped him."

"Um, I don't really get what that all means."

She giggles, "He was a bad man who let loose many uncontrollable monsters upon the world before passing away. But those monsters united under the strongest of their ranks. That monster was the one I've always thought of as my father."

"I.. thought you said that you.. 'won' against your father."
"I did." She looks down at the pots and plates solemnly.


"The reason the Chairman is where he is today is because he offered peace. And that's why Fortune was created, it's a place for us to live in harmony."

When she puts it that way, Fortune sounds pretty important.

"I don't get it though, why would Kaori be angry about all this!?"
"Because the Chairman doesn't see anyone has his family. I'm not even sure that-"

Mom stops, she spins around to see Kaori standing there. A very obvious glare on her face.
"What were you two talking about!?"

"Nothing!" Mom and I both reply.

At least she said something, that's a good improvement!

>Thread End.

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Hey, I had a pretty good update rate this thread. Which is good! This is a part of the story that I've been wanting to get to for a while.

Thank you everyone for the thread, be sure to let me know what you thought of it.
And maybe let me know what you think of the story so far. I love reading your speculation!

>> No.37652507

Thanks for running dude. Masami is adorable. Story so far is interesting. It seems the more time spent around mom Masami has gone from a sort of spunky fighter to a momma's girl. Tears and hugs.

disturbed by the implications of the power of fortune though.

>> No.37652521

Thanks for running.

>> No.37652527

thanks for running!
this thread was even better than usual somehow
mhmm, i feel like i'm missing some clues, but i like where this is going

>> No.37652537

Thanks for running. Today's thread was quite a bit faster than usual. Sorry but it would take all night to list out my own theories and speculation.

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