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We got to 200! Hell yeah, happy 200th anniversary jumpers!

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THREAD 200!!!

Yeah motherfuckers, we STILL Jumpin!

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She's doesn't really seem Khorne material. She likes fighting, but only of the highest quality. She agreed with the mass slaughter thing only once everyone she could really fight was unavailable and immediately turns back to them once they become available again. >>37520473 outlines this better then I do.

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So /jc/

What are your implied powers.

Powers not explicitly given by jumps but that you get anyway.

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>Not explicitly given
Human-based powers, like not learning things and empathy.

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Happy 200th birthday you sons a bitches.

I don't quite remember what the balls I was doing before I joined this crazy train. But it's been fun.

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Every superhuman martial art I encounter, thanks to Mimic and Adapatability. I had a hell of a time in One Piece, improved my combat capability ridiculously.

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I made a machine that animated the ends of my hair into drills that bore through steel.

Sparks are fun.

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A crazy train? Huh, how about a train that runs off of the minds of asylum patients? That sounds like a mad scientist kind of thing.

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You know, I was just about to post asking for ideas for a project to apply all the inventing perks I've got to. And before I can, this gets posted. Thanks.

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Experience, the experience gained from jumping for thousands of years. It helps me no matter what the fuck is about to happen by supplying both instinctive and conscious knowledge of what's going to happen and how i should react too it.

Hm, I think a giant monster is about to attack, time to set up a trap and take an advantageous position, taking it down while it dramatically roars at everyone.

Stuff like that. Experience eventually just starts acting like a less effective precog.

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Make a doomsday device like any senile jump or Professor.

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No problem, gotta channel my insanity into something.

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Hey, I asked this a few threads ago but no one answered: In the City of Heroes jump, are we allowed to choose our Origin? Not the Jumpchain-style Origin, the character element in the game that determines what source our powers come from. That matters for some perks, whether something counts as magic or psionics or physical mutation.

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'A' doomsday device? You can't be feared with just one!

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Well, to start with it the demon tool crafting perk from soul eater could make the base of the machine. By harnessing the madness in the souls of the disturbed, you'd have a solid power source for the rest of the train. The real question is what else can you stack on top of that, because fulfilling the only minimum requirements of the description is boring.

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That is true. Make 20!

>> No.37521351

Make a doomsday device the launches doomsday events by setting off apocalypses.

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Obviously it needs appropriate weapons.

>> No.37521384

And to travel through space. Everyone likes space trains.

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But what weapon system is crazy enough to fit a mobile asylum?

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Why not a space train fortress?

>> No.37521420

One that manifests the engines' most dangerous fears?

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Brilliant! Each car of the train will be the size of an entire battleship, with armor and weapons to match.

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Make sure they can act independently if the lead cart is destroyed or incapacitated

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Perfect! The light of terra jump contains a slaanesh warship that does something similar. If you could reverse engineer it, double blind through a proxy to prevent corruption of course, you'd have an excellent primary weapon! The rest can be of the trains secondary armaments could be personalized, perhaps mixed with persona's evokers to cause the effect on a smaller scale.

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time sense. I know exactly how much time I have left in the world. It's not incredibly useful. Also a Dimensional anchor ability. All attempts to banish me to an unrelated dimension fail... sadly any attempt at dimension travel to an unrelated dimension to the current one also fail. That one is a bit of a mixed blessing really. More of a curse.

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Looks like your "source" is rolled into the various powers. E.g. if you buy powers that mention a source, that's their source. If they don't, it's probably just "super powers, go figure".

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Or pick a source based on what you already have, if that makes sense for the power.

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I'd prefer that interpretation, personally, because I'm doing a psionics-heavy build right now. Being able to include my time manipulation abilities as that would be nice.

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Being a birching swordsman. With all the martial arts perks that exist and the massive amount of time we have as jumpers, there is no reason any one shouldn't be a bonefied master of some form of combat.

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Jumpers , in testament towards supposed length of time we somehow spent together i want to ask a question.

How would it be when your current Pre-jump self met the 10400 year old eldritch abomination post spark would be like?

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Unsure what disease that is, but methinks you meant 'bona fide.'

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Be awed, beg them to teach us something. Sure wouldn't recognize them.

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High fives all around.

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Berating myself for not being JUST enough
Also for being a lazy couch potato

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I'd probably treat myself as a younger brother. I'd probably get powers and then shove my younger self (me?) into a different dimension for a few years as a crash-course in jumping. Nothing too violent, probably something fun but challenging, like Mario RPG.

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Uhh anon? Think that's cause of warp stuff, not tech.

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Alright, I have a question for you Jumpers: How hard do you think it would be to pod Nui Harime? She seems like my kind of crazy, but I'm wondering how hard it will be to turn her away from Discomilf. Any thoughts?

Or, would Satsuki be a better option for a jump companion?

>> No.37521973

Yeah, that'll end GREAT for you anon. Go ahead.

>> No.37521978

Satsuki would be a better choice since Nui hates humans if I remember right.

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>Or, would Satsuki be a better option for a jump companion?
Depends on if you like your women with a mighty ass.

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if you could get both sisters, that'd be ideal since Satsuki probably would want to spend time with Ryuko after the events of canon

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The reason she was crazy aside from being sadistic was she felt alone. There was no one that she knew of who had been born in a test tube. If you could reach her somehow and convince her that the two of you shared something in common it might be possible. You can't really plan for crazy though so... good luck? As far as would Satsuki be a better companion... generally yes because she is mostly sane. If her personality isn't like the sound of nails on a chalkboard to your soul, then yes she is the better companion.

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I thought she was crazy since that was literally how she's been raised?

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What kind of skills does Satsuki bring to the table? She's damn good swordswoman, that much I know, but what other things can she do? I'm gearing up for making a inter-dimensional confederation post spark, and I'm grooming my companions to be generals/diplomats.

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Kind of... that would also go to the sadistic aspect but there was also a deep loneliness to her and that's the only way a jumper would be able to reach her to convince her to go willingly. There is also the option of mental adjustment that I remember another jumper used though... I can't agree with doing that on moral grounds.

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She managed to more or less singlehandedly build up a resistance movement against the most powerful person/corporation/cosmic being in the world.

>> No.37522158

Uhh...She was pretty charismatic I guess? A lot of her power was in fact physical, she just beat people up until they obeyed. Wihtout the kamui that's seriously reduced

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Yeah, having Ragyo as the only parental influence on you must fuck with you something fierce. Plus, you know, the whole implied rape thing Ragyo has going on. For fucks sake, at one point Nui comments on how Ryuko is a better kisser than her mom- the level of abuse Nui underwent is incomprehensible.

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She's got leadership and willpower as well.
and a fantastic ass

>> No.37522186

for reference, she created pretty much all of this

>> No.37522189

As much as I know this isn't never going to happen I really do want to see Ryuko and Satsuki in Ragyo's Clothes. How hard would it be to convince them to do that? Impossible to possible?

>> No.37522203

Satsuki actually brings quite a bit to the table. She is an excellent swordsman, has some Ki ability allowing her to match Ryouko with her kamui without any uniform at one point. She is an excellent strategist and planner and she is exceptionally charismatic gaining seemingly undying devotion from her followers. She likely is also a bit of a genius and pretty good at planning. Her plan to kill her mother would have worked had she not become part eldritch abomination already.

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to (semi)demonstrate both facts
you're fucking nuts

>> No.37522264

To be honest...I have no idea where you're getting this whole loneliness aspect. She seemed pretty damn happy with herself, like all the time.

>> No.37522285

>you're fucking nuts
I try and know it might never work but I'll be damned if I don't try.

>> No.37522306

eh perhaps I am reading in to her reaction to Ryouko a bit too much. She seemed overjoyed with her because she had found someone she felt was like her. Eh I could be wrong.

>> No.37522317

Keep in mind this was when Ryuko hadn't mastered her Kamui, so she was way weaker at this point.

>> No.37522324

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance jump - it seems to vaguely imply you start with (one of) the base class(es) for your race?

After that are there guilds or schools, or is it automatic based on earned skills, or do you have to buy the Classy ability, or what? Can/how do you progress after the jump?

>> No.37522332

Probably just her being creepy, or it could be just her copying off what Ragyo is showing as emotion. I doubt she got the chance to develop normal emotions like us.

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>Depends on if you like your women with a mighty ass.
If they've got the tits to match, sure. No fatties, though.

>> No.37522656

I think she would have developed emotions though her way of expressing them would be very twisted. You have just as much likelihood as I of being correct she was out of her gourd so it's tough to say.

>> No.37522719

Her tits are pretty nice too.

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[spoiler[Young Justice Jump when?[/spoiler]

>> No.37522810

When you learn to lurk moar.

>> No.37522813

Young Justice Jump when?

>> No.37522833

Rule 1 man.

>> No.37522871

I'm not sorry

>> No.37522950

You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.

>> No.37522957

Wrong rule one.

>> No.37522978

I wold remind you that the DC jump lets you jump to any DC universe. However I can see how people would want a dedicated version for young justice and Teen Titians. I am sure it will get done eventually. It may take a month or two of people bringing them up before someone gets fed up with waiting enough to just make one.

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>> No.37522987


>> No.37522992

>a dedicated version for young justice and Teen Titians.

That's basically what I'd prefer, since I assume DC is more DCU and not DCAU.

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>> No.37523004

I keep proving you wrong.

>> No.37523013

The first rule of Jump Chain is: You do not talk about Jump Chain?

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>> No.37523028

First rule of Jumpchain: He who asks when a jump will be made, will have volunteered for the making of said jump.

>> No.37523032

sad but true, and while I am not a dedicated hard core fan I don't think the New 52 did anything to improve that. Since we are talking dedicated non standard DC jumps, I think a watchmen jump could be cool.

>> No.37523036

Oh, way to run the fun. Stupid Hobo, go hop a train or something.

>> No.37523044

Fuck that, I have school work to do.

>> No.37523084

>New 52
The only thing that came out of that that halfway interested me was Justice Leage Dark. And if I'm being honest, the only reason I read that was that I'm a fan of Constantine and Zatanna.

>> No.37523123

For the Sekirei jump: can the Sekirei we buy be a cannon Sekirei? There are a few I'd like to snatch from Minato- he doesn't know the gold mine of powerful talent he has.

For that matter, could we buy Miya as a Sekirei companion?

>> No.37523224

>Implying I won't buy Miya, Akitsu, and Matsu
Best Girls
Outside of Karasuba, but having her and Miya at the same time is asking for trouble.

>> No.37523310

Seems like the best combination of fanservice and functionality would be: Musubi, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, and Miya.

>> No.37523347

If we're stealing Minato's Sekirei, then I'm going to wing Homura. Just so he doesn't have to go through the gender confusion Minato would inflict on him.

>> No.37523448

So. I just realized there is a Pirates of the Caribbean jump.


'scuse me. CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

>> No.37523463

Because he was only tolerable for about 90 minutes. Four iterations of his ninty minute shenanigans later and I've had more Jack Sparrow than I need for one lifetime, thanks.

>> No.37523466

I remember someone saying he was going to bring Jack to One Piece.

>> No.37523559


>> No.37523560

While he is mildly amusing (when he's fucking over other people, not you) I'm quite certain I'll have enough of jack sparrow to last me several lifetimes during my ten years in that world. Not to mention taking him with me would always leave me having to look out for his sudden but inevitable betrayal.

>> No.37523644

Honestly, I'm just going to shoot him, save myself the trouble. He's a bad person, even if he's an amusing one. The world would be better off without him. Besides, imagine how satisfying it would be to interrupt one of his smug escapes by killing him. "Gentlemen! You shall remember this day as the day you almost caught-"BLAM

>> No.37523662

Dubs declair that you will shoot the invisible swordsman and he will die.

>> No.37523691

Question about the Pooh jump.

For the Narrator capstone, it says this:
>As an added bonus, at the end of each adventure you receive an ornate, leather bound, amazingly well written and illustrated storybook of your exploits.

I assume thats every adventure following that jump, or is it retroactive as well?

>> No.37523702

The pooh jump was released?

>> No.37523719


>> No.37523738

A perk like that ought to be retroactive, but by the current wording, it's not.

Fortunately, it's a WIP, so WakfuAnon might fix that oversight before the formal release.

>> No.37523749

I'll take the perk either way, but it'd be awesome if its retroactive.

>> No.37523761

>WakfuAnon might fix that oversight before the formal release.
He is the bro'est mermaid that ever bro'd

>> No.37523874

I have kind of a dumb question but if you picked up a giant robot in a jump... like say liberty prime. Is there some way to get him to transform in to a vehicle. I know someone was trying to figure out how to turn the ship from the light of Terra in to a giant robot but can you do the reverse. (Not making it sentient would be preferred. I sort of like him spouting his anti communist rhetoric as he fights)

>> No.37523904

Go to the Transformers jump and pick up the scientist perks or the "create sparks" ability. Mod Liberty Prime into a transformer and upgrade his AI while you're at it.

Nuclear footballs for everyone!

>> No.37523947

The convoluted plans I proposed for the Light of Terra were just to compact it down to mecha size without losing any power. If all you want is transformability you can just modify Liberty Prime youself. Pick up a bunch of technology and invention perks then go to town. Stop by Macross first, too, so you can get their designs for variable fighters.

>> No.37523951

This, pretty much.

If you don't want the robot in question to be sentient, Transformers is still the tech of choice. A Transformer without a spark is still a transforming robot, but they're a mindless automaton instead of an intelligent being.

Given that that's what you want, you can probably use Master Builder to add an alternate form to an existing robot (that's more or less how I made my Bolos into spaceships).

>> No.37523995

Thanks, I already had a bunch of tech perks and the transformers tech. I was kind of curious if I could import him as a vehicle somewhere so he had a bit more protection in case he got wrecked but I think that will do.

>> No.37524162

Not only have we spent upwards of 12,000 years tinkering with a Reality Marble we developed fairly early on, but we also have approximately 4 different types of godhood somehow coexisting in one entity-which is literally bloated with absorbed souls-some of which we've integrated into our personality with Abomination. Not only did we spend considerable time harvesting mantra-but we also have a fragment of the god who created it's power. Finally, we took the Corrupting Influence perk from Ghostbusters-which may or may not be hypercharged by everything we just listed above.

We're not sure, but we suspect we're starting to subconsciously change reality wherever we go.

On a lighter note-Sekirei build

Drawbacks: What is Love?, Birds of a Feather (1600).

Rolled Minaka's Office. We understand Mr Minaka is a man of science. Hopefully we can give him something more interesting to toy with, but should we require force, we will psionically erase all his memories of the Sekirei Plan-if we have to go through all his robot dopplegangers.

MBI, Age 19

Big Brother (Free)
Adjuster (1500)
Reverse Engineering (1300)
Aspect of my Pledge: Fire (700)
Short and Sweet (300)
Focus Item: Sword (100)
Surgery Suite (50)
Eyes and Ears (Free)
MBI Card (0)

Our understanding is that the Sekirei have been genetically subverted on some level, and tricked into fighting each other in order to create some sort of superweapon. Shortly after coming to an agreement with Minaka, we will run like hell to divert our suitors' attentions to the surgery suit-where we can blow the whistle on the conspiracy, import necessary equipment to revert the changes and-ugh, if necessary hold hands with the candidates until they consent to the procedure.

Additionally-we intend to acquire a genetic sample from Miya and Matsu. At least enough to reproduce a modified Mosaic Organ from.

>> No.37524394

Drawbacks: Collectors, Equalists Forever, Lotus Eaters (1600).

Wanderer, Age 17, Earth Kingdom.

Rolled Major City

Bender (1500).
Origin Spirit (1300). Huh, does this thing look like a magical tapeworm too? Uh, have a nice time in our souls buddy but do be aware you just entered our magical realm~
Earth Specialisation-Lavabending (800). With this, we'll never lack for a siege weapon again
Metalbending (500). And with THIS coupled with Bending Genius from the previous Avatar jump-no high tech setting is safe from us
Tough (200). Hoo boy, have we mentioned that in our primary form-we don't bleed? At all?
Analytical Bender (0).

So-game plan for Season 1 is to meet up with Korra and the gang. Kind of like Gandalf-if Gandalf was a brawny Russian teenager who knows he's a god. Korra needs...all sorts of training-but first and foremost: Relationship advice. Specifically, how NOT to alienate your friends by failing to communicate properly. Also-a crash course in counterterrorist tactics.

We can't wait to see Amon's face when he realises we have thousands of years' more bending experience on him.

For season 2, we'll venture to the Spirit World to start catching up with spirit-annihilating waterbending techniques. Coming back periodically to give Korra cryptic koans designed to help her start thinking about Avataring in a modern society. Additionally-fuck Vaatu and his stupid dark avatar bullshit. We're going to smash open that prison, channel 12,000 years' of Melancholy into powering our Mantra thrusters and just sort of Stand-beat the shit out of Vaatu, devour him-and thus prevent Korra from losing here ancestors' memories.

Seasons 3 and 4 are more of a political challenge. This is the part where Korra starts emotionally maturing; we can't just handhold her with advanced tech. We'll stand by as a political advisor, tutor and all-round ideas person, but this is where we see if our training of Korra has paid off.

>> No.37524414

It doesn't do anything so it's probably one of the most useless souls you ever ate.

>> No.37524482

I'm personally confused why Tough works like a videogame mechanic instead of how actual people function.

>> No.37524594

Drawbacks: Clow's Emnity, Adaptation Values, Pride (1600). We...have no goddamn idea what we could BOAST of at this point, that we couldn't realistically back up. We can only assume we literally declare ourselves God in this jump, and declare Clow a filthy heretic or something.

Drop-In , Age 12

Conjoined Conjures (1300). HOO BOY, where to even begin with this?! Dresden Files magic powered hexes? Balefire supplemented by Ar Tonelico music? Fullmetal Alchemy...fueled by the cosmic power of the Titans?! Our ego is FULLY JUSTIFIED at this point
Moon Battery (700). BAH, the Earth is no longer worthy of bearing our magnificence! We shall jump into space and build ourselves a MOON FORTRESS!
Interference (400). Trifle not with the God of Stasis' integrity!
Spell Sensivity (300). It's like a built-in scouter
Spirit Sight (200). For supplementing the above
Barrier (0). With similar City of Heroes and Inuyasha perks-we think it's safe to say we can generate some AT field-tier barriers

Y'know what, just out of spite we'll use are incredible magic powers to create Yugioh cards binding living Hexes, Pyromancies and Miracles, and start spamming them to Clow's house. He picks up one those suckers and mistakes it for his own worksmanship. Next thing he knows, living shadows, lava monsters and blinding light constructs are chasing him from now until forever

>> No.37524631

Wouldn't a lot of high tech settings be using metal non-bendable to you ?

>> No.37524637

Vaatu? Well, that's a shame-but the main point of that exercise was to both derail his Evil Plan and also prevent Korra from having to lose all her Avatar stuff. So meh, we count that as a win

Damned if we know either; we were seriously considering getting Seismic Sense and Utilitarian Bender instead

Also we have to emphasise this-we've eaten A LOT of souls. Including the souls of beings that were considered gods in their native realities, as well as beings of pure evil and such. We're reasonably sure the Origin Spirit is somewhat shellshocked if not outright comatose after bonding with my soul.

>> No.37524645

I meant Origin Spirit. Eating Vaatu would basically make you the reverse Avatar.

>> No.37524657

Honestly, we're not entirely sure. We suppose it depends on the specific alloys in question, and possibly whether we can use Bending Genius (previous Avatar jump) to identify the specific molecules and atoms of the metals they constitute, and attempt to bend those. Or just extend the bending effect to alloys. At the very least, it feels like a worthy area to research and experiment in-though we kind of regret not doubling up on Bending Genius.

Pic unrelated, ever since we quit anti-spiralling we're sort of short on default avatar pics at the moment

>> No.37524675

Oh. That thing.

Eh, our reasoning was-we're already a waterbender. But in this era waterbenders can do things they couldn't in Aang's time. So with this lil' guy at our side we were going to break into the Spirit World and ask the relative spiritual authorities to teach us how to do that sort of thing.

...preferably without making them go mad with horror at our existence by accident

>> No.37524685

Legend of Korra:

Rolled 16
Inventor (100) - Yet I've somehow never invented anything/
Water Tribe - Water is the best element.
Rolled Republic City - Ground zero for stupid here, I suppose. Probably gonna be out by the time she gets here.
Future Industrialist (Free) - Whatever, I don't care what it is, I'm already an expert in much more advanced science.
Loveable Madman (150) - This is okay when I'm playing the trickster, and before I'm strong enough to just ignore authority.
Acrobatics (50) - Ultra redundant, but I had to round out the points.
Bender (100) - Required.
Analytical Bender (100) - Better at developing and using skills? That's good, I suppose. Might help integrate two elements of bending.
Lifebending (300) - I now control people's bodies. Blood theme is a running thing for me too. So yeah, hope people like having their hearts explode when I fight them.
Spiritbending (500) - And now I control their souls. Or, well, have the ability to murder those. Bet it works on ghosts too.
Money (Free) - Whatever.
Canteen (Free) - I can summon water already, but okay.
And the Adventure Continues (+0) - Because I want to see the madness and catch up with Toph and Zuzu.
Collectors (+100) - Dead mooks.
Equalists Forever (+200) - Even deader mooks.

So there are two perks discounted to me that I skipped out on. One, Tough, is because I don't like how it works, and because I'm not a 'tank' type of fighter anyway.

I also skipped Deus Ex Mecha because, out of all the capstones I've ever had, I think it's the most useless one. I mean, why do I care that I can build a railgun in the 1800's? I can just be a technician in like, any sort of other jump and be able to do that, probably without even buying any perks. So once you know how to build a railgun, this perk, a capstone, basically does absolutely nothing. Which is dumb.

Though point of curiosity, I wonder if I can buy earth stuff since I already am one. Might change some stuff in the original jump if I can buy it here.

>> No.37524744

I believe Deus Ex Mecha is meant to let you skip the stages of infrastructure you'd need to make a certain technology. Like that railgun: You could not make that in the 1800s, even if you knew how, because you don't have the tools or parts needed to assemble one. You'd need to make those first, and that takes time and effort you might not be willing to spend. Deus Ex Mecha lets you speed the production of those intermediary steps. It's like how in the show mecha went from being tanks with arms, to powered armor three times the height of a man, to giant laser-robots the size of a skyscraper. All within two years. That's what Deus Ex Mecha gives you.

>> No.37524764

Problem there is that we keep the skills and tech we had before. Presumably if I was interestied in railguns I'd know how to make all of the tools already, or at least have some on me.

And I'm going off of what the perk says. If that's what it's supposed to do then it's not really in there except by the vaguest implication.

>> No.37524772

Inventor does have the most expensive bending discounts. Only makes sense that you would get a shitty capstone in return.

>> No.37524777

True, it's redundant with other skills in the chain. But so are a lot of perks. And I agree it's a bit vague, but I'm pretty sure that's the spirit of it.

>> No.37524784

No more bending discounts in the current version. 1.2 removed those.
I'm not always super comfortable going with the spirit over the letter unless I get word from the creator.

>> No.37524785

Whoops. Forgot to turn my name off. Sorry.

>> No.37524792

Right. I missed that. Ignore me.

>> No.37524816


>> No.37524834


No, really, this is very very embarrassing. I never namefag unless I need to identify myself, and the one time I forget I ask a stupid question.

>> No.37524843

So no discounts in bending at all? I was hoping he'd just change it so each background gets a different element or something.

>> No.37524844

It's okay, I've made that mistake before. It's easy to miss a pdf with how fast these threads can go. There's no reason to feel bad about it, especially since it's this early.

>> No.37524858

Eh, the problem with that is that it wouldn't fit them all. Like peacekeeper getting a discount on metal would make sense, but why would inventor or civilian get a discount on life, blue fire, or spirit projection?

>> No.37524897

True, it would be better than having inventor getting all the best ones though, I wish there was a bending focused background instead of civilian or something.

>> No.37524916

>doing Cardcaptor Sakura jump

>tfw know Guardian forms in series, love them to bits. Want one.

>tfw Drop-in discounts are VERY MUCH WANTED.


>> No.37524927

The whole thing would have to be reworked for equal advantage, though I imagine getting that advanced tank would work for inventor.

Anyway, kinda against changing the structure at this point, it's fine for the most part and it's done. Removing discounts may have not been the most fun way, but it works so now there's equality between the backgrounds.

I feel kinda bad because I was the one that pointed out bending was expensive so those discounts might've been added in response to what I said. That makes me feel guilty for the drama over them.

>> No.37524933

Drop-in discounts are great, but I am sworn to never take it, so I am also in suffering.

>> No.37524947

We'd have to have like 4 backgrounds then, one for each bending element, or we'd just end up with a similar problem in a more severe way. Instead of one background getting the top stuff discounted, we'd have one background get everything discounted. It's not ideal this way, but I think it's the best balance we can reach.

>> No.37524967

Is it bad that I went Ashikabi in Sekirei just so I could break some girl's heart by completely ignoring her?

>> No.37524992

Yes. But it is still very funny.

>> No.37524994

Just. AUGH. Conjoined Conjures is a beautiful thing and I want it.

But that cost...

Guardian's, meanwhile, get a lot of love-related stuff (which would be great if I wasn't jumping companion-less at this point) and Fire Belly which is pretty amazing. But still.

>> No.37524999

Yes, extremely. Though out of curiosity, which girl? Canon, or did you get your own original sekirei companion just to neglect?

>> No.37525006

Never read it. If I had to pick someone canon, I'd go with whoever would be the most devastated but least likely to flip out and kill me.

>> No.37525010

They cost the same as the old one and that had discounts anyway so it could have gone either way.

I meant give them discounts in bending instead of the skill perks but like you said it's good enough as it is.

Do you think blue flames would make blue explosions with combustion bending?
Also would picking both lava bending and metal bending let us melt metal?

I can't decide between fire or earth bending...

>> No.37525029

Being able to steal someone's love would be a pretty evil power to take advantage of.

>> No.37525041

I'd assume the answer to both those questions is yes. Blue fire is hotter fire, so increasing the thermal energy of your combustion blasts should change the wavelength of light emitted when they detonate. And lava bending is just the trick of learning to cause so much agitation in the earth you're bending that it melts, you should be able to apply that to metal.

>> No.37525042

It would. But I would not feel good using it.

Like, I would feel like complete shit.

>> No.37525048

Yeah, it's probably one of the evilest powers in the chain that doesn't directly involve physical torture.

>> No.37525051

I'd do it if it wasn't irreversible. Just to definitively know who someone loves most. That could be interesting, provided you could fix it. But since you can't, I'm not doing it.

>> No.37525082

Its more of a natural extension of the powers I do get, but the fact that I'm stretching the conventional ideas of psionics to a level that most would consider reality-warping just by virtue of having mathematical meta-knowledge of how they work. That and the fact that, due to this and the admittedly skewed view I have of the fundamentals of reality in general, I'd likely develop my own reality marble in type-moon without needing to buy it from the jump, possibly by accident to boot.

I'd probably re-live the mental crash that occurred the second I got into pokemon, except this time, its prompted by a sense of pride and acceptance in what I have accomplished instead of the sheer weight of 'CANNOT BE!

Had I a pod, I'd do exactly this >>37523466, if only to see pic related firsthand.

>> No.37525310

Quick question about Sekirei, would you say their powers are spiritual or magical?

This will decide how I will plan things out.

>> No.37525322

Anyone know of a good place to pick up magical vampirism or mana drain type powers?

>> No.37525355

Oof. That's...a hard one. From what I've been able to tell-I think of them as psychic (like the 'nids and the Protoss from Starcraft) in the sense that it's a phenomena that comes from their emotions, isn't precisely and arbitrarily structure as some systems of magic but is thematically close enough to be hard to tell apart at a distance. Arguably it's closer to things like ki given how frequently their abilities just augment combat moves, but there's also one who can control tech with it so there's that.

Argh, nipponese animu aliens tend to really blur the line between spirit and magic given shinto mythology influences

For a good time, hit up Dragon/Demonslayer magic in Fairy Tail

>> No.37525390

I'd say biological/Psychic. Magic doesn't seemt o have much of a place in the setting. But it's weird Jap stuff so who knows?

Dragonslayer from Fairy Tail lets you eat an element, but nothing that would get you magic on the whole.

>> No.37525396

I meant general magic, not a specific element. See, I took Low Battery in Cardcaptor Sakura, so I need a way to get magical power from other people. The setting approved way would be to become the friend of someone who doesn't mind donating, but I'd rather just be a magic vampire.
I'm sure there's an RPG jump that has a mana drain effect on a weapon or spell, even if there's no perk for this.

>> No.37525402

Well, probably yeah, but it's unlikely to be on the comprehensive level something like Dragonslayer gets with their one element.

>> No.37525411

Maybe, but I just need the energy to not die, something weaker should suffice.

>> No.37525428

Ah, well I think D&D would probably have some spells that absorb mana, but you'd have to dig through a lot fo stuff. I'd suggest Elder Scrolls, they have a drain magick spell/ Spell absorb ability I think.

>> No.37525429

Spyro has magic-eating, and Elder Scrolls has magic absorption.

>> No.37525445


It must be really weird to have a Li clan girl who isn't good at anything clan related and needs to go around draining people's magic to not die, but that's just how it has to be.

>> No.37525458

I'd probably be really good at painting minis at some point. This is just extrapolation from a combination of art and crafting perks, but hey.

I never really thought about that. It... might not be pretty. If I don't recognize my Jump-self, I'd never see the charisma perks coming, and who *knows* what I'd end up asking for?

If I did recognize her, though? Knowing that that's me in the future?

Spaghetti. EXPLOSION.

>> No.37525459

Too many good perks eh?

>> No.37525467

That in part, but mainly because I won't go drop in but want multiple drop-in perks. Not that the Li cap is anything to shake a stick at either.

>> No.37525486


Good point! It was intended to be retroactive, so that'll be patched.

>> No.37525493

Umm. Technically-Dresden Files lets you draw magic from various sources in universe, so if you had a demense or something similar that might work for you?

...this is much iffier, but Umbra Witches are implied to gain a magical powerup from exposure to moonlight (Bayonetta can only walk on walls and ceilings outside of cutscenes when the full moon comes out) and Lumen Sages are implied to enjoy something similar, being empowered by the sun as the Umbra's opposites and all.

Finally-Commoragh Jump's Dark Eldar physiology may or may not count depending on whether you count the pain energy you get from feeding off others' pain as being "magic" but I imagine this is something of a last resort to you (it's not that I think you're Justice Anon or even a Jumper with a sense of right and wrong so much as I have faith you're classy enough not to immediately go full edge)

>> No.37525499

Hey, is someone working on a Star Wars TOR jump?

>> No.37525512

There's already an infinitely superior KOTOR jump, and a Clone Wars jump. Other than the fact that TOR sucks, it's too similar to KOTOR.

>> No.37525514

We already have one I think.

>> No.37525532

I think the moon/sun just gives bayonetta stuff access to their full powers, rather then any boost.

>> No.37525554

The KOTOR jump is... meh. And the TOR setting is really interesting; lot's of possibilities.

And you could chain them both. Your actions in KOTOR would have obvious consequences on TOR.

>> No.37525558

Eh, I think there's enough star wars though. We already have, what like 2 or 3 jumps there? And as anon already said, it doesn't realy seem like it'd have much different. The two star wars jumps already kinda chain.

>> No.37525564

I disagree, but mainly
>TOR Setting
It's the Old Republic setting. Exact same one you have access to with the KOTOR jump.

It's not that I mind multiple Star Wars jumps (I'd like an original series one even if it's really close to clone wars), it's that in this case it's too close in time frame. A jump taking place in the future of the expanded universe might work, another old republic one I don't think will.

>> No.37525576

To be honest, I'd kinda like one that takes place in the original movie verse, with the emprie and vader.

>> No.37525585

>that in this case it's too close in time frame.

Dude, TOR happens 400 years after KOTOR. The setting IS different.

KOTOR and Clone Wars are very similar settings.

>> No.37525601

The problem is anon, is that Clone wars and Kotor already share a ton of similar perks, another star wars jump just really doesn't bring much new to the table. Besides, if you want it, why not make it yourself?

>> No.37525610

Yeah, we may not really agree with it, but in the end if you wanna make it that's your decision. I'd probably still jump it, because I jump everything.

>> No.37525647

>Besides, if you want it, why not make it yourself?
I may, but that's not what I was arguing about.

>The problem is anon, is that Clone wars and Kotor already share a ton of similar perks
True. And they're basically the same setting. Seriously, compare them.

My point was: A KOTOR-TOR chain is more interesting than a KOTOR-Clone Wars chain.

Nobody's unhappy about the Avatar TLA/LOK jumps, why would this bother you?

>> No.37525655

I wouldn't be happy because of what monstrosities they did to Revan and the Exile. Oh sorry, Meetra Surik. The most disgusting name I swear they did it on purpose.

>> No.37525660

It doesn't? Anon, I've just pointed out the problems in making it, if you want it done, you should probably do it yourself. You might be waiting a while for someone else to do it otherwise.

>> No.37525685

>I wouldn't be happy because of what monstrosities they did to Revan and the Exile.

Yeah, I didn't like it either. But TOR is MUCH bigger than that. Have you played it?

I wanted a KOTOR 3, I wanted to hate TOR. I couldn't. I'm not the greatest fan, and I don't like mmo. But I really like the TOR lore.

And I fucking loved my LS Inquisitor.

>> No.37525704

From what I understand only a small minority of classes were good story wise. Three or so? The main issue is what they did to previous characters, how lazy the dev was in places, and how the devs are dicks. That's generally the complaints everyone has.

>> No.37525708


Progress update on Touhou jump. It's a bit rough since I just copy and pasted from a word document, but please bear with it.

>> No.37525717

Still hoping for a fairy race.

>> No.37525729

I considered it, but then I remembered fairies having the ability to not die at all.

I guess it's still a Jumpchain loss if you die even if you can immediately revive yourself, so I guess I will include them in the next version.

>> No.37525740

Yeah, I think there's similar stuff already, with reincarnation and rebirth but losing anyway.

>> No.37525742

>From what I understand only a small minority of classes were good story wise. Three or so?

That's very subjective... I liked most of them (Jedi Knight was a bit weak).

The problem was trudging through faction/group missions to grind so you could play the story missions.

>> No.37525889

Imperial Agent was great. Hunt down an Illusive terrorist only to find you've been played by a Sith Lord. Join him, talk him down, or fight him. Then send as a double agent, only to have a code that prevents you from attacking the team. So you help them sabatouge The Empire, and in the end you feel freaking awesome. However you were fiddled hard by Star Cabal that is fiddling the downfall of both sides and force sensitives as a whole.

>> No.37525897

Looking at the Persona jump I'm not quite sure how they work, are they like less extreme Stands? What are they capable of?
It mentions each archetype has its own weakness but then doesn't say what, how bad are the weaknesses?
It also says it has access to all my powers and items, does that mean it would get a copy of all my equipment while out?

How high power is the setting? I'd love to take it early for that dog companion.

>> No.37525909

They're pretty similar to stands. Manifestations of your soul with unique looks and powers.

They're capable of killing the herald of a planet's population killer in a team.

>> No.37525939

Yeah, Personas are very Stand-like. The personal Personas (as oppose to the generic ones that Wild Cards can summon) even tend to look like Stands. Check out the wiki and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, being from a JRPG, Personas tend to focus on elemental magic and buff/debuff skills. That's the sort of power you get from them. Their weaknesses are along the same lines, extra damage from certain elements. Or extra susceptibility to status effects, Persona is one of the few JRPGs where those actually matter. As for how powerful they are in general? Well, it depends. If you're a Wild Card (which the jump does not let you be) you could quite easily stand up to a god single-handed. If you're not, then while you can still fight a god, you'll need a team of your friends with you and you won't be able to defeat it, just weaken it enough that it has to retreat until the next apocalypse event happens. That said, it's also a setting where the protagonists are all dumb teenagers, so they're not exactly hardened warriors. And they all survive just fine, so don't worry too much about the danger level.

>> No.37525964

Personas are a bit like Stands, though they're all more directly offensive and don't have any gimmicks. It's all just straight-up spellcasting.

The power level is JRPG. You start out weak and grow stronger the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, but eventually you'll have to face off against beings that qualify as gods. Good thing you've been working of those social links, eh?

>> No.37526009

"Hey there. Nice to meet you. My name isn't important, but I have a business proposal to offer you..."

>> No.37526096

>herald of a planet's population killer

Is that...Nyarlathotep? Or Izanami? I confess my Persona lore is weak

>> No.37526102

I'm talking about Nyx Avatar.

>> No.37526157

The "more CP than you can get" joke was really only funny once. Maybe twice.

>> No.37526212

Jump me would probably just absorb pre-jump me into himself and merge my conciseness with his own. The most he would probably bother to say to me is "hello" before doing this.

>> No.37526340

SW: The Old Republic, Original Trilogy, and all other works related to star wars are all open. I'm not doing anything else Star Wars related.

>> No.37526426

Decided to do a simple set of graphics for the Horror jump. Hopefully I managed to copy and paste everything into the right place.

If you spot any errors point them out and I'll get on an update.

>> No.37526457

>That Font

Did you want me to have a head ache or something CCDT?

>> No.37526477

Didn't this have a buckets of blood perk, or am I thinking of another horror jump?

>> No.37526494

Part of the horror. I'll look into changing it.

Yeah that's a point. Missed it out. Transcription error.

Working on a fixed version.

>> No.37526529

Alright thanks, if I don't fix the storm is it likely to be fixed by other people or is it something I should really focus on?

I'm tempted to focus on companions/items and get the dog and then either the robot or the mask.
Is the Nihil Forma worth picking up? Can it do anything special or is it just really well suited for me?
I'd look this stuff up on the wiki but it's more of a pain to navigate than most.

>> No.37526596

Storm? Anything that's plot related to one of the games should get handled unless you screw thing up.

Focusing on companions in Persona jump should work out really well, though, since relationships (social links) Are a big deal.

>> No.37526604

Could I fluff the Slayer perk making me know weaknesses to them glowing videogame style just for effect?
I plan on taking this jump early, the hometown hero will be great in some jumps such as Korra.

>> No.37526609

No, the jump has a shadow world trouble that's completely unrelated to the games. I think all the games plots have been resolved by the jumps time.

>> No.37526617

Then yeah, you probably gotta put on your big boy britches and handle that.

>> No.37526620

Fixing the storm is your victory condition in that jump. So not dealing with it means you lose. Don't worry, the way it's written, events will conspire for you to be in the right place to solve the problem. Just don't slack off and you'll be fine.

The Nihil Forma, in the games, is sort of a weapons crafting thing. Fuse a Persona to one, you get an awesome and unique weapon. Generally they tend to be pretty powerful, with more powerful Personas making better weapons. They don't have unique abilities they grant you, but they do offer awesome stat bonuses. Up to you if that's worth anything, but I'd consider it.

>> No.37526641

Nonono Cats. Please don't change it. It fits the jump really really well. The horror of the font symbolises the horror in the jump, allowing readers to feel it. Really captures the spirit of the jump there.

>> No.37526652

Personally I like how it looks but can understand other people having trouble.

>> No.37526654

It's based off of the Void <Weapon> items, like Void Sword or Void Bow. They get stronger as your Persona grows in power - if your Persona is strong enough, they're going to put Excalibur to shame. It'll certainly be the strongest weapon you could get from Persona... But this is Jumpchain, where things like the BoIFY exist, so come to your own conclusions.

>> No.37526660

Sure it lets us feel the horror, but it runs into the problem of we can't actually read the damn thing.

>> No.37526674

Get your glasses on anon. Alternatively, zooming in helps.

>> No.37526697

Would it get stronger if you're rocking things like the Persona/Stand/Battleship Spirit/Hunger Demon/Other Soul Manifestations combo or only with the Persona power?

>> No.37526712

Not really anon. It's a hideous font, and makes things unnecessarily annoying to read. Any other jump you could read just fine without zooming in, no need for this one to be special.

>> No.37526721

I don't know how any of you read jumps without zooming in. But would a nice compromise be to keep that font for the titles but change the text to something else?

>> No.37526738

That's fine. The title's are good, but the text is a little wispy even when zoomed in pretty far.

>> No.37526797

Alright guys let's not turn this into a big thing. I liked the spooky font but I can appreciate that it's hard to read. My handwriting is fucking terrible so I tend to just be able to read whatever so I'm sort of blind to this stuff.

I couldn't be bothered to change the font sizes so chose a relatively slim font replacement. I am not enormously sure it's more readable but it might be. I left the spooky font in where it was large enough that it shouldn't matter.

No! You could definitely do it combined with Inspection from VtMB though. Or yes - fluffers gonna fluff.

>> No.37526815

Yeah, it's good enough to read. Thank's muchly.

>> No.37526866

That does make it tempting to pick it up early on, I'll probably have to drop a perk or two to get it though since the drawbacks are brutal. (usually I could easily get 200 from them)

Does the weapon pick up the effects of the persona such as lightning effect swords or guns from the Emperor?
Could I still make modifications to the weapon afterwards like I normally would or are they stuck as they are?

I'll have to pick that up then, alongside some HUD perks it should be pretty useful.

>> No.37526927

The void weapons take on attributes of the Persona, so a Persona tied to a certain element like Thunderbird, Zeus, Vulcan, etc. would add their elements to the weapons.

And if you're taking the jump early, might be a good idea to face your shadow directly when it isn't godlike. It'll save you a lot of trouble in the long run, if you've got some emotional baggage.

>> No.37527030

"Wait. You are me from the future"
>Yes. Well, to be more precise, I'm you from A future. One of many possibilities
"Wow. I'm hot."
"I mean, you're hot"
"I mean, if I was female, I'd have sex with you. With me."
"I mean....I'M NOT GAY"

>> No.37527049

I don't know whether it's adorable or cringe worthy that you'd be that awkward around yourself, but whichever it is it made me laugh.


>> No.37527148

>"I could turn you female if you'd like, I have all sorts of magic. Would that make you more comfortable."
"No. No it would not."
>"Haha yeah, I know. Future you, remember? I'm just fucking with you, kid. It's been like fourteen thousand years since I was this awkward, it's kind of funny."

>> No.37527303

>tfw you know you would troll yourself if you could

>> No.37527329

> Your future self softly caresses your cheek with a tentacle.

>> No.37527334

I'm going to give Quicksilver's standard response and say fanwank it.

>> No.37527353

Fair 'nough. Not even planning to do it, just curious.

>> No.37527485

Would there be many advantages to joining those things together? Though I'm not familiar with most of them.
I could see it working well with the gravity power from a Bleach zanpakuto.

>> No.37527521

No, it'd just be one combined entity instead of multiple manifestations of your soul.

>> No.37527982


Horror Movie
> Identity: Researcher [-100CP]
> Age: 54 [Rolled34]
> Bleeder [-100CP]
> Pain Resistant [-200CP]
> Unpossessable [-400CP]
> Methodical [Get a Freebie!]
> Immune [-200CP]
> Flashlight (Yellow) [Get a Freebie!]
> B-Movie [Get a Freebie!]

Yeah, so, I probably just spend the jump awandering around, looking for a nice place to crash, and reading up on horrible monstrosities. Probably get me a nice shotgun to carry around. Can you say, "That weird old person who knows way more about this threat than anyone else and is scarily competent"? Because I can! The difference is hopefully I won't get killed in the second act.

On the plus side, this is probably a great place to start adding forms to the Take Over: Beast Soul spell. Really weird, wonky B-Movie forms that make no sense.

>> No.37528205

You may have been better served by not taking B-Movies if you wanted alternate forms.

>> No.37528279

Says you. B-Movies are where I can find ALIEN GHOSTS and RADIOACTIVE SKELETON ROBOTS.

Besides, it'd all be worth it if I can make this exchange happen ONE TIME:

> ME: "Now I will show you MY TRUE FORM!"
> Konatanon turns into a poorly made animatronic puppet in a rubber mask.
> ANIME HERO: "... the fuck? Am I supposed to be scared of--"
> Suddenly Konatanon leaps onto the hero from fifty feet away, bites his arm three times, and crawls under his shirt in the span of about two seconds.

>> No.37528317

Alright guys, apologies for being slow with the content, but I happen to be stuck. I'm not happy with some of the perks I have, and I'm trying to strike a balance between generic and situational. Simply put, I'm trying to get perks that evoke the feel of the jump.

So if anyone has any ideas for perks, gear, drawbacks or whatever for Megaman Zero, Sonic (Adventure, Advance, Heroes era), Spiral Knights, or Megaman Starforce, I'd be really grateful if you could share them with me.

I'm working on what, 5 jumps now? With a sixth coming in February. That doesn't even include image work. My schedule isn't being nice on me either, so apologies again for being slow. Really, really grateful for my collaborators now.

At any rate, I'd really appreciate any suggestions. They might speed up the process by a lot.

>> No.37528342

Maybe just work on one jump at a time?
And don't burn yourself out, the last you want is to start hating Jump-chain.

>> No.37528383

That's what I've been trying to do. But the creative juices run out quickly (mostly because I'm trying to make perks as evocative of the setting as possible), so I tend to switch between jumps.

Anyway, this is a hobby more than anything. I'm not in any danger of burning myself out as of now. And worry not, for if I ever end up hating Jumpchain (hopefully not), this would be the last reason on my mind.

>> No.37528508

It's hard to give feedback without seeing your work. I always Pastebin, even if I'm going to make it into a graphiced version later - it helps me collect my thoughts and get others involved.

>> No.37528558

I still don't understand the +600 CP Drawback.

>> No.37528574

I'm just asking for ideas, or what you'd like to see in the jump. Don't really want to release en masse yet though.

>> No.37528606

Looking at the card captor jump I'm thinking of getting the Conjoined Conjures perk which would let me combine two types of magic, what would be the most broken or fun combination possible?
I'm thinking of mixing TES and HP, TES gives me customisation and a bunch of possible effects and HP has a bunch of useful spells too, AOE Avada Kedavra? Enchant items with accio so they never get lost?

>> No.37528646

You can do some nasty things with Tales series magic. Especially if you combine Summoner's Pacts with Child of the Full Moon. Create and bind your own custom super-spirits.

>> No.37528660

I was thinking Harry Potter/Touhou. Walls of Instant killing lasers anyone?

>> No.37528724

...tentatively going with Age of Mythology's god miracles and Full Metal Alchemy. I want you to think about Equivalent Exchange being applied to manifestations of divine power carefully.

The only reason I'm on the fence about this one is that neither may technically fit the definition of "magic" in which case I'd like to nominate Wheel of Time's One Power and Dresden Files magic as a runner up, and Ar Tonelico with Harry Potter as a submission for most fun combination.

>> No.37528784

>The only reason I'm on the fence about this one is that neither may technically fit the definition of "magic"

That's the issue really, it's not like magic is any one thing. Magic is so vague and inconsistent that a free pass to combine it is pretty bullshitty really.

>> No.37528789

Actually-belay >>37528724 I just had a terrifying thought: Switch out the god miracles for Bayonetta style lumen/umbra pacts. And another terrifying thought: Index magic with Dresden Files

Another fun submission: Lovecraftian Necromonicon lore coupled with Index magic, OR Gargoyles rhyming magic with Warhammer Fantasy magic

>> No.37528794

See: >>37528508
It's hard to give you feedback without knowing what you've already done, Reploid.

That said, one easy thing to include in Megaman Zero would be origin powers relative to the four heavenly generals. There's four of them, there's (usually) four backgrounds in every jump, and they're all pretty distinctive even without getting into elements. So you'd have stuff correlating to speed, strength, grace, and stealth, if you want to go that route.
Of course, there's also the requisite copy abilities. What with X, Copy X, Zero, and Omega, it's practically required that you allow for some ability to become knockoffs.
I'd also really like some ability to decide whether you're on Copy X's side to start, or the Resistance.
Of course, there's also requisite inventor perks, likening to Ciel and Weil. You could also give us some Elpizo-related perks, like rampant charisma and enthusiasm, or even the power to shoot paralytic electrical grids and fencing ability.
Generally the "easy mode" is to model backgrounds and their perks after existing characters, and there are a lot of interesting characters from that game to choose from. You just gotta think about what makes their personality and abilities unique.

>> No.37528987

Eh, if you want to know.

Drop In (Refugee), Scientist, Resistance and Arcadian form the backgrounds.

Drop In gets survivability, resourceful perks, and generally what you'd expect a Refugee to have, with a twist.
Scientist has a focus on the unique tech the series has (Cyber-elves).
Resistance is meant to evoke Zero and Elpizo. Loads of fun stuff involved there.
Arcadian will end up giving you two additional forms. Not spoiling anything after that, but it's safe to assume that the bosses will have similar forms to them. Not Omega route though, I can assure you.

Sanic has a Drop In (Scientist), Side Character, Bruiser and Speedster background format. Hopefully I can come up with better names, though this was one of the easier jumps to think original perks up for.

Starforce has a Drop In option, with you gaining an EM-being to serve as a companion at the start. It also has the obligatory Scientist background, an EM-being background, and a Mu descendant background. I'm not sure if the last one is a good idea though.

And Spiral Knights is just being a bitch. No, really, ask OAA. He'll tell you the same thing.

>> No.37529067

Would it be possible to mix dragonslayer magic with another type to let us eat more? If so would it also have to be specific to an element/concept?

>> No.37529100

Well, the thing about Spiral Knights is there's not a lot of variation between characters. Everything is focused around equipment sets, and equipment can be changed at any time (provided you're willing to throw mad cash at it). So after you've got some requisite crafting and money/looting perks, it's really hard to come up with stuff.

So, with THAT said, I'd just go ahead and divide it up based on preferencing. So you've got Swords, Guns, and Bombs, and those each make for a pretty good Identity, with perks for each. You COULD switch from Bombs to Swords mid-jump if you want, but you just don't have perks for that. And then Drop-In could be something like Stranger or Monster related perks, either related to crafting and selling wares, or even stuff related to the boss monsters. If there isn't some perk or item that lets me have a Snipe as a pet I will call you stupid.

Speaking of, I wanna be a Gremlin. Those guys are adorable.

>> No.37529253


We're currently doing it based on Knight classes. Drop In as the standard player, with Striker, Recon and Guardian rounding up the other three. Lets you have the full knight experience, in my opinion.

Drop In gets those sweet, sweet crafting perks, Dash & Bash, and basically whatever cool stuff player knights have. A technician background, if you want to classify it as such.

Striker gets dodging and a tactician perk. We're thinking Euclid was the tactician here, so it was a good excuse to dump it in.

Recon is pretty interesting. Now, you have excellent aim, and auto-reload (Exactly how it works in SK. Shoot all but one, put it down, shoot all but one again).

Guardian gets the old health revive mechanic. Instantly bringing unconscious people at the brink of death to fighting for their life is pretty awesome, even if it costs health.

You could say we're missing a perk for each background. It's not particularly easy.

You can't be a gremlin, but your companions can. Does that suit you?

Also, how would finding a brand new fully furnished, maxed out Guild Hall in every world sound? Yes, with the Snipe Garden included. Currently taking suggestions for price.

>> No.37529362

>No, really, ask OAA.

Seriously. When I ain't been plugging at VH or the back log?

Brainstorming for this. And it is literally the hardest damn thing. SPEAKING OF THINGS.

Reploid, possible idea. Spitballing to you in a sec.

>> No.37529394


>> No.37529626

I would think combining Tales magics would be a waste. Because the two of them are very similar systems, but one uses Aer as it's base, the other Mana, so you can likely combine the two of them without needing to spend a perk on it.

>> No.37529779

It would be more efficient though.

>> No.37529873

My suggestion for Origins would be Knight as drop-in, Stranger, Kat, and Gremlin.

>> No.37529943

Thing is, Kats are practically extinct. Only Kats we ever see are the ghosts.

>> No.37529968

> You could say we're missing a perk for each background.
Well, depends on what "level" they are, really.

Drop In: I dunno... monster taming? That'd be pretty awesome in Spiral Knights.
As for the other three... that's harder, because, like I said, after a certain point all the knights start to look the same. You may need to look outside the norm for this.
I guess boil down to what each class "is" and then give them a power related to that. So Strikers deal damage, Guardians defend, and Recons are weird assholes.

> You can't be a gremlin,
> but your companions can.
> Does that suit you?
Not really, no. I don't spend points on my companions, and I'm pretty sure none of them want to catch me staring at them across the room in envy, anyway.

I'd be willing to take it as a drawback, though, if you'd be willing to go that route.

>> No.37530042

Rep's off for the day, but I'll try pitching the race idea and see if it can get any purchase. Big issue is that with the jump introduction as it stands, trying to communicate the 'YOU ARE NOW ON A FUCKING MASSIVE DOOM-FILLED MACHINE PLANET' is difficult from any perspective other than a Knight.

I'll see what I can do, and if luck holds might be able to whip up an intro for Gremlin possibilities.

>> No.37530064

Meant the ghosty kind. Effctively intended it as the species shown to not be always evil. Strangers get merchant perks, Kats sneaky and spooky perks, and gremlins tech and military perks.

>> No.37530088

Sure, why not? Which flavour of gremlin? +0 to +100CP for an emberlight one, or +200 for one devoted to the crimson order as a mook? Your main goal as the latter is not to open the core, but stop the invasion and crush OCH, while your main purpose as the former is to create cool shit. I suppose we could fold it into Drop In too. That might work, considering it's getting the crafting and tech perks.

>> No.37530104


>> No.37530120


no, really, just fold it into the background description, faster and easier that way

>> No.37530163


I support ALL OF THESE.

I mean, actually my original thought was, "I want to be like one of the friendly gremlins who hang out in town, and maybe the knights don't really trust me but whatever, fuck them, I'm adorable."


>> No.37530228

Greetings, you can call me...Jump-chan. And I'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse

>> No.37530284

Negima and Anything else

>> No.37530533

Might I recommend Negima and Deja Fu? Also known as Time Fcuk style. Arrows everywhere and everywhen.

>> No.37530709

Deja Fu and Re-equip
>Red's bow can now basically shoot through time.

>> No.37530745

Dejafu is a martial arts thing, I'd consider it spirit/ki instead of magic, just sayin'.

>> No.37530794

IIRC Deja Fu was explicitly said to not carry over magical effects-or even your own weapons, only strength from your limbs and such. See >>37530745

...shit, now that I put it like that Khorne'd give a lot to learn Deja Fu assuming he isn't the one who invented it

>> No.37530830

He's not. The inventor is a little bald old wrinkly man. Like all good kung fu styles.

>> No.37530863

Deja Fu explicitly doesn't let you do more than hit with your own uncovered limbs in the perk description itself, yeah.

You can't even use it with armour or in, Machamp form or whatever unless you also take Adaptability, and you definitely can't use it with a weapon, especially not a ranged weapon like a bow.

>> No.37530873

ALSO, as a random unrelated aside, man, I hope you guys let me stay a recolor in Sanic.

I may be pretty neutral to everything else, but I will fight you for my right to be a shameless and terrible rip off of Blaze the Cat.

>> No.37530891

We're talking using the perk from Cardcaptor to combine it and something else in order to get around that limit. Khorne would probably dismiss it as stupid warp sorcery.

>> No.37531013

I guess my argument was as a martial arts style it shouldn't really count as magic, but I'll concede the fundamental differences between magic, ki and science are iffy at best so I dunno; personally I think it shouldn't count as a form of "magic"

Also, Khorne's down with enslaving sorcery in order to strengthen/enhance mundane methods of killing or to resist other forms of magic. And Deja Fu doesn't enhance your blows apart from enabling you to move through time. With Khorne being a Chaos god-and therefore having limited control over time-I figured he'd love to use this to mess with sorcerers by retroactively parrying their stupid magic and then kicking them in the balls...through time and space.

>tzeentch's face when he can't figure out how Khorne keeps punching him in the face retroactively
>Khorne's explanation: "HARD WORK AND GUTS FAGGOT"

>> No.37531035

>Unless you take Adaptability.
Now now. I'm pretty sure that, over the years and with plenty of training, you can adapt your martial arts to any body. Adaptability is just the free ticket.

>> No.37531052

They're making it an Adventure jump instead of trying to supplant the old sonic.

>> No.37531740

question about that jump.
Does the Jumper Deck drawback include powers you purchase in that jump, or just previous ones?

>> No.37531888

Assuming only previous jumps 'cause that's how that kind of drawback always works.

>> No.37532009

Superman has a weakness to magic right? Would that also apply to ki or aura related attacks? How about Haki from One Piece?
Not that I plan on starting a fight with him, I'm just curious.

>> No.37532070

It's not so much a weakness as it is he doesn't have his usual defenses against it. He's about as weak to it as Green Arrow or the Flash or any other "normal" superhero.

>> No.37532144

For a man of steel, being as susceptible as a normal person is a weakness.

>> No.37532378

Which jumps have the best or largest magic systems? Fairytail is cool and all but it's pretty restrictive, I've heard the Dresden Files is pretty expansive though?

>> No.37532441

It works like this, he is effected by magic the exact way it's supposed to work
If a sword is enchanted to never break he can't break it, but it still can't cut him
If a sword is enchanted to cut anything it will cut him, but he can break it as easy as any other sword

>> No.37532457

definitely, but takes a lot of power, and a lot of skill to get the big stuff
and that's not counting issues with your aura blasting any tech that's remotely complex (though that wears off post jump IIRC)

>> No.37532571

Bullshit Harry Potter Magic is extremely useful.

What's that? You want to steal that armor but don't have space to put it? Shrink that bitch!
Also, teleportation. And of course, Avada Kedavra

>> No.37532585

HOO BOY, is it ever! The main limitations are actually themed around "traditional" aspects of magic like sacred promises, hospitality, running water shorting it out etc. But otherwise-you can blast people pretty much with any sort of element you want, you can conduct rituals to scry from afar-healing and magical blacksmithing is a little tricky apparently, but doable with experience. And forcefields/defences or runes are a dime a dozen. The necromancy is pretty strong too if you specialise in that area-just remember, you can't fully ressurect people. But your zombies DO get stronger based on age (Dresden is infamous for pic related and HE'S NOT EVEN A SPECIALIST IN NECROMANCY, HOLY SHIT)

For reference-Dresden is considered one of the top 100 (I forgot the exact number) strongest wizards on the planet in terms of sheer magical energy and a crude enchanted ring he made prior to upgrading in various ways was able of flipping over a car. He pulls off much, much stronger feats later on.

As for another expansive system-Harry Potter is actually great for sheer utility, though I hear Wheel of Time is actually pretty close to Dresden Files in practice.

>> No.37532620

So, Jumpers! /jc/ confessions time?

I'll start.

I was going to try and ruse you guys with pic related, but then the PDF of the Wakfu update got released.

>> No.37532640

So, why did he resurrect a t-rex? Was it just there and he needed to go joy riding or something?

>> No.37532672

I stole Hitler's waifu.

>> No.37532694

I was originally going to go full Edge and Wish Fulfillment.

But hey, JUSTICE called.
Then again this shit happens when I RP. I try to make a dark and edgy character, end up with a Good Guy. Hell I once tried to make a Necromancer who was super edgy and evil. Ended up getting married and doing anything to protect his people.

>> No.37532725

So you aren't so much a paragon of justice, as you are really bad at being evil.

>> No.37532731

I once replaced the President of the United States with a penguin during my tenure as a mob boss

No one must ever know

He was fighting 3 necromancers-as in, dudes who specialise in necromancy-and one of them was about to eat a shitload of ghosts in order to turn himself into a god. Zombies get stronger the older they are, and he kind of needed the firepower.

Also-if the maker of Percy Jackson is reading this could they please consider making either Demigod, or the Import pantheon option cheaper? As it stands, you don't seem to be able to afford both Glory To... and The Path of the Gods for an imported deity-and there's one I rather fancy doubly attuning myself with

>> No.37532734

To fuck over some necromancer's plan to resurrect that t-rex.

>> No.37532760

I irradiated the entirety of the Code Geass world, all I wanted to do was give everyone clean water.

>> No.37532767

...huh. Is this you?

>> No.37532782

Eh. I mostly play Paladin and other Goody Goody types on purpose. But sometimes I try for Evil and Edgy stuff as a "change of pace"
End up being a goody goody anyway.

So It's a little from column A, a little from column B

Hilarious, but no,

>> No.37532877 [DELETED] 

It ain't easy being this esgy.

>> No.37532879

In Black Bullet I destroyed humanity completely. Then I glassed the planet. And honestly? I don't feel like much of value was lost.

>> No.37532904

That's awesome, I'd want to focus more on the side of enchanting, blacksmithing and potionmaking. I'm only a few books in but some of the potions seem useful such as the escape like wind one or being ignored by everyone and everything looks grey to you but when someone really notices you they turn colour again.
I probably wouldn't use any love potions because that's kind of rapey.

I wonder what a jumper would look like to someone using the Sight on them?

>> No.37532942

Yeah, might drop Demigod down to 200. Although I should also make it clearer that Path of the Gods is still using magic, with aptitude being somewhat important in ease of power use (It's technically possible to use an appropriate sacred animal as host but it's weaker than a trained and synchronized magician). So I'd recommend going magician instead of Demigod there unless you're doing a god of magic for your parent. I'm off to go add those clarifications to my copy, will probably be just adding the various clarifications as one big update in a bit.

>> No.37532951

It ain't easy being this edgy.

>> No.37532978

I made a double CP build, just for wish fulfillment.

>> No.37533031

I considered doing that using the Metacyoa as an excuse

Or the genie in Sims or Disney. I decided against it.

>> No.37533035

That reminds me. I haven't gone to Black Bullet yet, and I've considered a few plans.

Operation LOVE, Operation WIZARD, and Operation NOAH.

The first I'm not sure exactly what to do for, but it's utterly Neutral Good in scope and involves Let's Put Our Hearts Together.

The second involves listening to my Smite persona and going full wizard. No sense of right or wrong, ya know?

The third is to just evacuate any living thing worthy of it, then flood everything.

I have no idea how to pull of any of these, but there you go.

>> No.37533128

There's only a few jumps where I want double CP, but on those jumps I do have to fight the urge to cheat.

>> No.37533132

I keep picking love related perks.

>> No.37533138


Cardcaptor Sakura
> Origin: Guardian [-100CP]
> Age: ???? [???]
> Princely Bearing [-100CP]
> Storyteller [-50CP]
> Barrier [-100CP]
> Crystal Projection (Pink) [-100CP]
> False Form [Get a Freebie!]
> Something Special [-100CP]
> Magician [-400CP]
> Stuffed Animals [Get a Freebie!]
> Liquor Chocolate [-50CP]

I might actually go back and alter my build in Buffy now, seeing as I already have a plushie form. I'm not sure, though. My current build for that is already pretty swell.

ANYWAY. Let's see. Created to fulfill some task. Can I be created to assist the Li Clan? Apparently they're awesome magic users and related to Clow Reed himself, and I think it would be fun to follow Syaoran around on his magical journey to be an uptight jerk.

And I'll get to be lazy, and goof around, while protecting this kid who doesn't really need much protection, and I'll develop a rivalry with Kero, and it'll be great.

Other than that, I don't really do a whole lot. I only know the basic bullet points to the plot itself, but other than that, this won't really be that crazy of a jump for me.

>> No.37533203

Say I thought the requirement for Youkai to eat human flesh was going to be a drawback and not a basic part of the race? have you decided to change that?

>> No.37533237

How much of an effect do you think the negima magic boost would have on dresden magic?

>> No.37533248

After seeing what a shithole the world was I just took the offer from the sinister little girl creature. I saw what they were doing to those kids, and I just kind of snapped. My buddies in Godzilla and Pacific Rim would be horrified- I went full-kaiju and bathed those last cities in nuclear-laser-lightning breath.

Death dealing song magic enhanced with "sonic roar" and "screech" from Pac Rim and Zilla let me howl the song of the end of days.

To finish it all off- I had my ship burn away the atmosphere.

I lost it this jump, really, really badly. I'm not trying to justify it- what I did was fucking horrific, and it was a turning point for me in my jumpchain.

>> No.37533277

Yeah, I used Metacyoa as my excuse too.


>> No.37533348

I went full Kiritsugu in that Jump. If it helps, I was merciful to the girls. I have enough stealth perks and assassin experience to just stealth kill all of them. They probably never even realized it until they were dead.

Sometimes, you need to kill a thousand to save a billion.

>> No.37533407

Off the top of my head: Negima, Tenchi, and the new Van Helsing jump.

So far those three jumps are the temptations for doubling CP. There are other great jumps, plenty of them. But those three make me sweat and really weigh my decisions.

>> No.37533482

For me it would be Negima for everything, Marvel for the possible combos and Van Helsing for the castles and such.

>> No.37533500


I sided with the lolis in Black Bullet.

I mean... part of it was because I was just coming out of Red Alert. And I was stupid that jump. I was really stupid. I went into the Omega Program myself, because I figured, "Oh, I'll get psychic powers, and I'll get to develop this really cool relationship with Yuriko, because she's my companion now, and it'll be cool."
And when we broke out, we just... kindof went on a rampage together, because EVERYTHING, and we didn't stop until like two thirds of the planet had been rendered uninhabitable and all the wars stopped just through sheer "please for the love of god stop killing us".

And then we went to Black Bullet, and I just cracked.
And I took all my collective magical knowledge, and I took the Gift of the Enchantress perk I'd gotten from Shovel Knight some 60+ Jumps ago, and I built my very own Tower of Fate, and then I started casting armaggedon doom spells for about a week, and the sky started pouring green rain, and together with Yuriko I destroyed that world.

And then we took all the lolis who were still alive with us to Slice of Life jump, and I got a motorcycle that doesn't need gas. And it looked just like the motorcycle I had from Pokemon Jump, that I had to leave behind because I didn't have a warehouse then.
And when I saw it, I cried.

And only my Pokemon knew why.

>> No.37533511


I'm so sorry anon, I don't know jack shit about Negima beyond HUEG MAGIC, SCIENCE AND PUNCHING. But here's the thing-Dresden Magic ain't all about how much raw power is at your disposal-it's also about how smart you can fight with it, and while our hero /does/ get some considerable buffs (he had access to about 90% of the total buffs available in Dresden Jump, dropping a few and picking up/realising some more here and there, as well as the Winter Knight mantle which gives him ice powers and sets him on the path of becoming a muscle wizard) his primary means of advancement is by doing research to find more efficient outlets for his power.

Let's see-says something about going from 7 arrows of light to hundreds. For reference-Wizard Mccoy, Dresden's mentor and one of the few wizards with even more raw power-was able to drop a satellite on a vampire noble with pinpoint precision. But then again he had more than a century of experience at wizardry, so I reckon the Negima boost /alone/ would boost you up to, say, Dresden's level around the 9th book-assuming who haven't taken Big Battery.

>> No.37533535

Lot of people trying to justify slaughtering all of humanity for a batch of little girls who can't even repopulate the race.

>> No.37533546

I have based 90% of my build on being able to upstage the characters (both original and canon) in one particular Gundam SEED fanfic. I'm not sure why. I guess I just fixated on the sheer level of nonsense they were pulling off. Maybe if the writing had been worse I would have just written it off, but the author was just good enough that their actions felt like "these are ridiculously competent people" rather than "bullshit godlike Mary Sues". And so I have to be better at them at everything they do. Everything.

>> No.37533580

I am doing that world right now, it's my 200th jump so I am rolling for stuff. My plan's probably stupid but also probably going to work purely because with the combined power of 200 jumps I don't need good plans anymore (not that I ever had them anyways but still...) My plan is first to create an army of force field generating robots to protect Tokyo once the monolith falls and send a super upgraded liberty prime out to kill the gathered Gastrea. Then once I have breathing room to set about curing the cursed children so they are just children and then work the cure so that it can kill the Gastrea and start seeding the clouds with it. Eventually it will work it's way in the water supply and the Gastrea will all die. On an unrelated note I am amazed at how useful some of my forgotten perks are. I had forgotten I had always hiring but it got me a job at the tendo civil security agency without any problem despite them not having any money... ever.

>> No.37533831

Pretty sure (like, 99%) that anything you bought with CP goes into the Warehouse. If not I need to revise my Pokemon build.

>> No.37533836

You know, all of these confessions have got me to thinking.

What plans did you set out for at the beginning, but lose the stomach for? This does include post-Spark.

>> No.37533866

I imagine it's because originally those two supplements were done after pokemon so you had no warehouse to put things in.

>> No.37533912

I did Bloody Roar recently.

I was unfamiliar with the setting, so I looked it up... then I shrugged, decided that a lycanthropic alternate form was completely redundant and worthless in the light of my brand-new Transformer alternate form (Transformers was literally my previous jump), and decided to take Human and spit on the world's phlebotinum in it's entirety... and, by extension, the entire population of were-things native to the place.

I wound up developing and mass-producing cursed magical collars to suppress Zoanthropic powers, leaving the ZLF types as mere harmless furries. By adopting a hard Humanity First line, I did an awful lot to exacerbate the pseudo-racial tensions thing that world has going on, responding to pro-Zoa protests with quotes like "People can sit at the table and have a civilized discussion. Animals get caged and collared."

I feel kinda bad about it, but mostly in a sense of 'that should've bothered me a lot more than it did'. Legitimate grievances or no, human-derived or no, my moral compass seems to care about humanity more than any other factors, and I don't really have many tears to shed for the suffering of quasi-terrorist werewolves. Even when that suffering comes at my hands, as I establish a New World Order to safeguard Humanity against the savage beasts.

>> No.37533932

I wanted to go full Tyrant, using my powers to utterly wreck shit for my own gain or amusement.
Also mind control, lots and lots of mind control.

But, as I said, JUSTICE called.

>> No.37533976

If you suppressed their powers they should default to human, I'd think, since that's what they're born as.

>> No.37534047

A no drop-in build. Damn those sexy perks.

In all seriousness, making people into magic items. Permanently annihilating someone's immortal soul sounds like reasonable punishment for people like Umbridge on paper, but in practice, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Hell, I can't even bring myself to use TES enchanting. I have to bastardize it with LotR and Fairy Tail to get the same effects without Soul Gems.

>> No.37534163

Yeah, the way I'm doing it, Pokemon comes first, because Pokemon is always the first jump... and then the supplements come directly after. Which means that I don't have a warehouse during Pokemon Jump, nor anything related to the body mod. There was some original ruling like forever ago that was basically that, and that you could only keep things that you could carry on your person or fit inside your backpack. Which means I got to keep everything EXCEPT the motorcycle.

The ruling might have been changed since then to be more lenient, but if so I missed it, and I like that ruling, so I'm keeping it.
Besides, I like the idea of that, like, conceptually, of me losing this kickass little moped that carried me around the world and I fell in love with, and carrying that loss with me as an introduction to the Jumpchain, and then finally regaining it after climbing out of a period of absolute trauma, as if to say, "You're okay now, Jumper."

Because I'm really into symbolism like that and melodrama.

>> No.37534295

Good to know. I need to change my build to not include the Motorcycle or Flight Pack, then, because fuck that noise.

>> No.37534370

Huh. I thought the ruling was for items outside of those bought with CP, and that you keep everything you bought. It wouldn't make sense of you to spend hundreds of points on a helicopter only to lose it.

>> No.37534399

Yeah. That's been the rule for quite some time now. Or at least no one really tried to dispute it last I checked.

>> No.37534421

It could be interpreted either way, really.
That's just the way I'm playing it.

>> No.37534470

That's pretty much always been the case. Things you buy with CP come back to you at the start of each jump even if you wreck it.

>> No.37534602


I mean, continuing on this, I generally go under the idea that, "If it doesn't fit into my warehouse, I can't take it with me. Even if I bought it with CP."

This has a pretty huge effect on my playstyle, actually, and is why a lot of my stuff tends to be small and portable, with a high emphasis on being able to build things in jump at an extremely fast turnover rate. The warehouse and its contents are the only thing that follows me between jumps.

But, frankly, that kind of nerf is liable to annoy a lot of people, and I don't blame anyone for saying they can drag along anything that costs CP, since that basically means that anything beyond a certain size limit becomes pointless and wasteful to buy.
But it makes things more interesting for me.

Maybe Jumpchan just doesn't like me as much as you guys.

>> No.37534646

A question about Sekirei: If I buy Akitsu as a companion- does this mean she is no longer a "scraped number"?

>> No.37534728

>in one particular Gundam SEED fanfic.
Dare I ask?

>> No.37534795

I was GOING to manipulate events in order to make a certain character less nice and gentle and more cruel and tyrannical.

Then I realized that holy shit, that's really edgy.
So I didn't.

I like to think that though I cockblocked myself, it was all for the best.

>> No.37534797

I would assume you either get her before she got "scrapped", though that's unlikely since she's a single digit
Or you just get her the way what'shisname has her, she's loyal to you but not Winged.
You can try and find a way to Wing her since it's a psychic/biological thing

>> No.37534817

Eh, I'm not a super-effective magician yet. I don't think I can specify effects well enough to stop something like 'ability to transform', but I can certainly affect something statistical like 'strength' and 'speed' and such. I didn't so much stop them from transforming as I cursed them with garden-variety cursed items, leaving them as bound and helpless furry pet-types. The kicker is that, since the effect is based off an unambiguous debuff from a cursed item, they're even more helpless in human form.

I implemented this as a global solution to the problem of misbehaving Zoas. So, probably excessive and likely to be abused, turning a once-dangerous subspecies into a helpless and vulnerable 'acceptable target'. So yeah, I anticipate really fantastic amounts of racist-type quasi-slavery, and I totally made it happen.

And I'm not even particularly sorry.

>> No.37534849

Sounds gross and fetishistic on your part.

>> No.37534858

Don't think we ever got clarification on whether you buy canon Sekirei or not. My gut would be that you couldn't buy her as one even if you could buy canon characters, since she's not functional - it's not quite as bad as buying Yukari as one, but it's close.

Of course, nothing says you can't use biomancy or SCIENCE! to figure out how to wing her.

>> No.37534865

She does get winged eventually- its just that not a minute later she sacrifices herself so her Ashikabi can escape.

She gets super emotional and the crest just overheats or something and disappears.

>> No.37535002

It's called The Golden Age, and over the course of three stories has a total word count twice that of War and Peace. I have to respect the author's dedication to keep polishing that turd. It's legitimately gotten pretty interesting, if only to see what batshit ideas come out of it next. One of the factions is lead by a sentient Newtype tree. The other is building what amounts to dinosaur Evangelions. It is WEIRD.

>> No.37535044

>has a total word count twice that of War and Peace.
I am aware of multiple fics on this scale.
A fact that has never ceased to baffle me.

>> No.37535147

Reading one now that's just over War and Peace.
And it's the first in a series.
And it's not quite done.

And it's genuinely good I think, rather than just WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDS

>> No.37535202

'das cool, I guess
MGNQ, with side stories, is ~600 pages on word, last I checked

>> No.37535299

I was going to use genetic engineering, robotics, necromancy, and various schools of magic in order to create mai waifu.

But then I realized that's really creepy so I used those same skills to create a legion of unliving worker-warriors.

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