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Additional Rules:
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Torturing Pesky Blonde Kids Edition:

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First for becoming the bad guy, then the good guy, then the bad guy, then the good guy...

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Posting Futurama again as I like to get two threads worth of comments and builds.

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Good and bad is often a matter of perspective. No matter what you do, you will be regarded as the villain by someone.

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>Not being the good guy in every jump
>For all 15000+ years
You are not an ally of Justice

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>he thinks it's reasonable that I should be an unchangeable, immutable justice-robot & moral chrusader, never altering from the path for 15000 years

No anon, you are the injustice

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come now being a hero has nothing to do with being a good guy. Often it is quite the reverse. If you truly are a hero of justice it means doing the right thing even when people will dispise you for it.

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> I like to get two threads worth of comments and builds.
Well, going off the last thread, I think the general consensus (and one that I agree with) seems to be:

> 1. God damn those drawbacks are harsh. Nobody wants to take them.
> 2. Nobody wants to take Professor because of the enforced drawback.

You could argue that drawbacks are supposed to be PENALTIES and therefore Not To Be Liked, and that's an interpretation, but even the +100 ones are pretty hardcore. I'd sooner lose my right arm than take any of those. And have, in previous jumps.

At the very least, I would recommend you take off the mandatory drawback, if you're taking suggestions at all. It's kindof enough that you have to start out old. Some of us just want to be Wernstrom.

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I never said you had to, or that I would force you to
Just that not doing so means you aren't an Ally of Justice.

Fair point.

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pic related

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>And that's the reason why I fanwank it to be that I have exceedingly great memory.
Eh. Kinda weak sauce if you don't mind me saying. There are enough perks that give you that ability that hand waving it into existence just seems like cheating.

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Yeah, there's plenty of perks that give you an eidetic memory. After that, it's just whether you believe it works retroactively or not.

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I doubt you'll remember your original life in technicolor, but it should at least keep memories from degrading further. Certain other perks like occlumency ought to bring out more detail, too. But there's only so much detail you can preserve when you're, say, converting VHS tapes to AVI.

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The senile thing is actually based on a joke about Wernstrom where Farnsworth says 'I was inventing things before you were barely turning senile' to him.

Age alone can also basically just be mitigated through alternate forms, Professor arguably has the best choices given the prominence of technology in setting. Hhhhuuuwha is also not particularly severely worded. To be honest I assumed everyone would want to be able to invent a lot of the stuff the Professor invented (in particular a ship that moves the universe around it). I may well remove it though if there's a particularly obvious absence of Professors in builds, so far we've had a couple of Delivery Boys, 3 or so Pilots and a Robot so we may well be seeing the start of a trend and something that should be addressed.

I do tend to make Drawbacks hard as I find some people will always choose them anyway, these probably are harsher than normal though. What I really hate to see though is everyone choosing the same Drawback as that normally just means I've fucked up and made something that's easy to get around (unless it's the odd sort of Drawback that may actually be enjoyable but make things more complicated in some way).

To be honest with these ones I more or less got the basic premises, wrote them and then tried to cobble them into some reasonable order and pricing, it was also after I finished everything else so I sort of phoned it in. I'll look into rewording them to make them more appropriate for their prices. Still won't be easy but should hopefully be less ridiculous.

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I'd like a drawback where you're just a head in a jar.

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Funny you should mention things not ending well. Especially with Dorf Fortress.

-Win Condition: Happy Days! (Free) -Surviving will be good enough.
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -No history here. I am okay with this.
-Biome Buddies (900CP) -Coastal as well! We're gonna do awesome things here.
-Delicious Liquid Magma (700CP) -Two words: Magma Baths.
-Elven Physiology (600CP) -Eeeeelf. Pretty pointy eared elf!
-Status Report (450CP) (Discount) -I like detailed stuff. This will help me out.
-Craftsmanx3 (150CP) -Herbalist, leatherworking, and metalsmith!
-Brew Master (50CP) -Come one, come all!
-Seedsx10 (0CP) -And time to grow some food.
Dice Rolls: Mountains,
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I set up my Necron Fortress in the mountains! Set up some walls, build some places quick, then proceed to mine the hell out of the place with robots as I turn the place into a little tiny paradise. Fish, metals, delicious food, and magma.

What's not for a demon to like?


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There really ought to be one. Might swap one or two out. May have to in order to make the Drawbacks work.

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I will go ahead and post a build of this, because why not...


Background: Delivery Boy (err... girl) (Free)
>Would have gone professor but don't want to be old... what can I say I'm vain.
age: 27

*Genetically Engineered (Free)
*Do the hustle (Free)
>I like free stuff
*Mathematics (100)
>I likely have this but... more math skills is not a bad thing.
*Would move the stars (100, Discount)
> More dedication will let me get more done, good.
*No Delta Brainwaves (300, Discount)
>I don't have time to be mind controlled.

*What if Machine (50)
>I am going to fix this and improve the accuracy. I likely have this already through other powers but it might be good for companions when I am unavailable.
*Ancient Bank Account (450)
>Gee I wonder what I will do with a metric ton of money... answer: whatever the hell I want.

All in all it feels strange not to be going science here but I am limited by vanity. So I will just have to comfort myself with all my money.
My goals for this jump is just to screw around and enjoy the universe.

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That might be fun to jump. Although when coupled with the smexy perks, it jumps between creepy and funny.

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I wonder how Worms from Futurama could even survive a late jumpers body? I mean it would be like a Deathworld from 40k to them or a Chaos world.

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Wow Jump (WIP)


Added some lore dump and descriptions to each race. There's ton of lore on every race, mostly, so even the condensed version is long.

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> To be honest I assumed everyone would want to be able to invent a lot of the stuff the Professor invented
Well, I know I would. But I'm the resident technomancer and should not be thought of as a sampling data in any jump where magic, crafting, or technology exist. I definitely declined BECAUSE of the drawback, though.

If you want my opinion, what most people do is just make some origins more expensive. Then you can buy drawbacks if you want. This is actually preferable to just forcing people to take drawbacks, because then you've taken the choice from them.
So, what I would do is just crank the price of professor up to 200, and remove the forced drawback.

If you're worried about overpowered perks, I mean... if it were me (and people will probably disagree with this), I might reword the capstone to be more along the lines of SPECIFICALLY being able to imagine up new doomsday devices and wonky gadgets, instead of "anything you can imagine", which is way open ended. Anything else can be built with some study and reverse engineering, as normal. It takes some work but isn't impossible.

Or maybe throw around some item discounts for the other classes, to make them more attractive. Like the Spacecraft to the Pilot, or the bank account to the Delivery Boy.

Also maybe reword the Senile perk so that people only "think" you're senile, but you're just a little forgetful/crazy. "Senile" has extreme negative connotations, no matter how light you try to make it sound.

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Boku no Pico.

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>> No.37475447

Here's list of Jumps you can randomize to take. Not included is the End Jump and anything that's WIP or pastebin'd.

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Forgot important part.

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I had kalamata olives and hummus with pita for dinner.

>> No.37475595

Honey-mustard sauce

1/4 cup of olive oil
2 tablespoons honey mustard
2 tablespoons parmesan cheese (grated)
3 tablespoons cider vinegar

Best use for it? Spread it on the cheese side of a grilled-cheese sandwich before finishing. Delicioso.

>> No.37475646

How's it with spicy mustard?

>> No.37475706

> eating mustard with more mustard
> chugging mustard from the bottle
> two bottles at once

>> No.37475725

Doesn't work that well unless you like REALLY sour / tart flavors. The honey mustard counterbalances the sour of the cider vinegar. Spicy mustard would just enhance it, and I know you prolly don't want pucker-power.

>> No.37475758

A) Mustard is amazing and it goes with everything, even more mustard
B) I meant substituting the honey mustard with spicy mustard and keeping the rest of it

Hrm. Maybe pair it with a bit awesome pretzel. I've been jonesing for some of those.

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>I just need a few more items to finish Winnie the Pooh



>> No.37475938

The shrine of winter.

Any sacrificed upon it will have their souls sent not to the afterlife they deserve, but a realm of bats and balls.

>> No.37475986

Give us a complete set of Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals, to take with us in other jumps, so that we can pretend they're still with us.
Just like Christopher Robin.

>> No.37476024

>I needed a 300 CP item for Visitors

This is perfect.

Thank you, anon.

I can't do that outside the drawback.

>> No.37476031

The Ball of Shackles.

Any time the Ball is the final blow on an enemy, it traps their soul inside of it. There are 108 slots.

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Who do you all want to pod the most?
For me it's the teenage Zatanna from Young Justice.

It was mentioned a few threads ago the possibility of making a kamui part of a race that isn't human, do you think I'd be able to make it part homo magi like zatanna and give it some magical abilities?
That way it would definitely have to look magician or wizard related.

>> No.37476115

Give us a baseball bat. Just a regular baseball bat. It has Robin's name etched into the side.

If you use it in tandem with the drawback, it represents the time before, before Robin became what he was. And when Robin sees it, he starts laughing at you.
Silly old bear.

>> No.37476162

>mfw unbreakable "best baseball bat ever" was one of the other options

Ironwood Slugger [300 CP, discount Denizen] – This is the perfect baseball bat. Carved smooth and rich, perfectly balanced, immune to any unwanted wear or tear, and utterly unbreakable, even if the one behind it isn't. It is your favorite color, bears a symbol on the side that is undeniably “you,” and merely wielding it reminds you of sweet spring days long ago, when you frolicked without a care in the world.

>> No.37476172

Solid choice, though I prefer adult Zatanna.

>> No.37476229

All of the books. Ramp up the cost and allow it to grant you limited in-universe prophecy and infodump. Out of universe it could serve a similar function.

>> No.37476235

I do too but I definitely plan on jumping into the Young Justice setting so I'm just going with that version and she'll be like that by the end of the jump anyway.
I just need to get to her before stupid Robin does...

>> No.37476242

I would, if that weren't the entire thing of the Narrator background.

>> No.37476264

Robin sleeps with most of the ladies on the team in that universe, but he doesn't settle down with any of them. You've got nothing to worry about.

>> No.37476280

Usually I'm not a fan of snagging in-universe characters, but in this instance I'll support it. I thought about it myself. But she does need to be saved from ending up with Robin. Ugh. Robin is such a tool.

>> No.37476316

He becomes Nightwing so being a man slut is to be expected of him.
I would have gone for Artemis but I couldn't do that to Wally.

Should I save Wally at the end of season 2 or do you think he'd come back with increased speed anyway for bullshit speedforce reasons?

>> No.37476376

> unbreakable bat representing your more innocent days, with a symbol to match.
... well, shit. I might have to get that.

>> No.37476404

What is she eating? A beehive?

>> No.37476431

It's a cornet.

>> No.37476452

Do you eat it from the front or the back?

>> No.37476465


>> No.37476484

It may look like he's playing a brass instrument, but really he's enjoying a tasty pastry.

>> No.37476521

I eat it from the head, I suppose.

>> No.37476531

That's what she said?

>> No.37476553

Integra. Cast iron bitch. Accept no substitutes.

Also Bellatrix, because if she looks that good after a decade in Azkaban, she's gonna look even better once I fix her crazy and restore her to normal. Plus we all know she's nobody's fool and is good in combat to boot.

>> No.37476558

My first podded companion. I was her apprentice in Xiaolin Showdown and she agreed to come on my trips initially because of the promise of more power, but we soon developed a sibling-like relationship.

I goofed on this one. I showed her a selection of my library and built a holodeck for her to get her simulated murderhobo on as a way to win her to my side before the NEET siblings got to her. With her knowledge and the Imanity library as bargaining chips I figured I could score some sweet concessions out of the NEET duo, maybe a good chunk of land or a kings ransom in gold. Unfortunately Jibril found deduced I was jumping dimensions every 10 years and demanded/seduced her way into a pod. My other companions thought the whole thing was hilarious.

>Coyote Stark and Lynette
They come as a packaged set, as they are two chunks of one very sad soul. They just want a better life, and with me I won't force them to fight. I see them mostly as couch potatoes or sightseers along for the ride who love to hang out.

>Yugito Nii (and the Two-Tails)
She was my team leader in Naruto, and she also needs a break from ninja life. Again, another two-for-one deal. After she learns to relax I can see her trying to get back into fighting and re-joining my combat companions.

>Quibly (and his dragon sister)
These guys were temporary companions, I took them to DC then dropped them off so they could explore. As a parting gift I gave them a spaceship. While they were with us Quibly showed me a whole lot of tricks for my Eliatrope powers, which was a great bonus.

>> No.37476579

No idea. I just want so many cute girls to be in my Harem

>> No.37476580

Holy shit, you bought 8 pods? Did you have CP for anything else?

>> No.37476608

Not him but I bought 2 or 3 Pods and I'm podding more people than that
How? Because I use Import options to turn Pod People into normal Companions

>> No.37476613

>Rescuing stark
My nigger.
Just looks like five, though you could shave it down to four with some fanwank.

>> No.37476642

I don't think that works.

>Just looks like five
Wouldn't the and's count as additional podded companions?

>> No.37476673

Quibly is only temporary, like he said. Stark and Lynette are the same soul and same person, just in two different bodies.

>> No.37476679

Save him, I remember reading somewhere that one of the writers said that in Earth-16 there is no speed force.

>> No.37476685

>I don't think that works.
Pod People act like Companions in all respects except they let you go beyond the 8-person limit

I would assume that allows me to use them for Import options to make them "normal" companions

>> No.37476707

That interpretation of the rules is entirely in violation of the spirit, but we've already had this conversation. You are the only one to believe this, so stop talking about it.

>> No.37476725

Yeah, that just sounds like straight bullshit to me. Single player and all that, but I'd keep that little "technique" to yourself.

>> No.37476756

I only have six, but I barely had 2 filled until my 100th odd jump. First it was Wuya and Jibril, then we picked up Quibly and his sister (whose name escapes me), I dropped them off shortly, so it was back to 2 filled pods. Eventually I picked up Yugito, and I made sure the Two-Tails was never extracted, so she still has it bonded to her soul. So then I was up to 3 filled pods, and finally I got around to Stark and Lynette.

Now here, I'm not too sure what to do, and I would like some opinions from you anons. Technically Stark and Lynette are one soul split into two, you can't have one without the other, so I'm not sure if they take up one 1 pod or 2. So far I think it should only be 1 pod because they have a similar relationship between them as a shinigami and his zampaktou. Lynette is a manifestation of a chunk of Stark's soul, not an actual separate being. I'd like to hear what you guys think on the matter, either way I have enough pods.

>> No.37476767

Dude what?
How is it in violation?
I'm not going over the 8-person limit using it or anything.
All I'm doing is freeing up Pod Space, allowing me to take more Canon characters.

All I'm doing is using the options that say "you get X New companion, but you can choose to use an existing companion for this"

>> No.37476769

Who do I want to pod?
So many people

Both Erzas
Levy McGarden
My Edolas Twin
Hermione Granger
Luna Lovegood
Erwin Rommel
Master Chief
Sergeant Johnson
Mobius 1
Lynette Bishop
Charlotte Yeager (or Chuck for that matter)
Hale Ceaser
Lee Christmas
Actually, just markdown every Expendable
Haman Karn
Elsa. Maybe Anna.
The entire Firefly crew
Nora Valkyrie
Pyrrha (or however the fuck you spell it. Damn Greeks)
That's just off the top of my head. Though, I should probably narrow down the list since I only have three pods

Unless I missed them, you're missing Ace Combat, Gundam and Harvest Moon

>> No.37476781

It's funny I bought two pods but only used 1, There were a bunch of people I wanted to pod but they were always too much a part of their world taking them from it seemed wrong. The one person I did wind up taking was someone Who honestly didn't have much of an opinion about except that in person she would have drove me nuts and that was was Kahlua from Rosario + Vampire. Someone who cries in despair while they try and murder you... That would not fly with me. Then in the manga she got a death that she really didn't deserve (She probably would have lived somehow had the manga continued but it didn't) So I couldn't let things end like that. I am a very strange person.

>> No.37476791

I'd want to take Stark too but I don't like Lynette and I try not to take anyone crazy OP for the sake of the chain. IRL I'd definitely take him, he seems like a real bro.

Didn't anyone tell you not to stick your dick in crazy? Then again Juvia from FairyTail is high on my list...

Shit, I assumed he got sucked into it and would come back with his full potential.
I'll definitely have to save him then, he was my favourite character.

>> No.37476824

Nonono. You can stick your dick in crazy (as long as you have a gun nearby).
You don't MARRY crazy.
Or let crazy have access to your bank account.

>> No.37476856

I just thought I'd let you know because he was my favorite as well

>> No.37476877

It says nowhere that this converts pod people into companions. Just that you can use companions. But like I said.
>You are the only one to believe this, so stop talking about it.
I think that stark and his shoulder loli should count as a single person. On the other hand, I think the two tails should need it's own pod, it's pretty clearly a separate being that is unconnected from Yugito.

>> No.37476880

If I had to pick three of those I'd end up with Pyrrha, Elsa and Cortana.

>> No.37476910

Dude I'm just trying to get some clarification. I play by the rules of jump-chain, I thought this was OK since the perks I use make a new companion anyway.
No need to act like a dick.

>> No.37476961

Podded companions are podded companions and remain podded companions until you get your spark or you drop them off somewhere.

What you're doing comes across as playing with the letter of the text to overcome the spirit of the text. Maybe you don't see it that way, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone here that wouldn't see that as a deliberate bit of rules jockeying.

>> No.37476988

Hold up. Have we not had this exact conversation before? Are you a entirely different anon who came to the same conclusion?

Uh, did you give Satsuki guns? That's the only thing I can remember the other guy doing. If it was another guy and not you.

>> No.37477003

Who did I want to pod the most? Wuya.

She's more or less had a crummy time around Jack. She keeps crawling back to him, and all he cares about is trying to get some more attention or being comfortable. He's not willing to go the extra mile or do what it takes to step up his game. She's trapped in a perpetual loop.

It is sad that I did not have a pod as a result. I would have restored her, revealed that I was trolling her and Jack the whole time with my story in claiming I was an alternate dimension version of Jack who absorbed Wuya and became Jill, and asked if she wanted to go on interdimensional adventures to gain more power while time stood still.

Then I would have slowly convinced her that goofing off and exploring was way better. It would have been rad.

>> No.37477023


I don't want Satsuki
I don't care about anyone in Kill La Kill

>> No.37477029

See, I was leaning towards Elsa, Erza Scarlet and my Edolas self.

Unless myself and my Companions are turning out to not be killy enough. Then I would go Garrus/Kelly/Chief. But then what if I couldn't hack my way into a My First Computer...

>> No.37477033

What ways are there to be able to absorb tech into myself Cyborg style?
Fairy Tail has some magic for it, a Stand could work and I'm sure Marvel has a combo for it, any others?

Also if I could absorb tech would it work on a lantern ring or are they not tech?

>> No.37477041

Yeah, no. It is a completely reasonable assumption all things considered, and there is nothing to imply that would work. You really just need to lay off the guy.
This came up before, Quicksilver said that they don't work that way. Thread 87.

>> No.37477049

I'm at a crossroads here anons, I can't decide between Young Justice or Teen Titans. If I go Teen Titans I'd join the Hive Academy and stage a rebellion once Brother Blood tries his mind control mojo. From there I'd lead them as a kind of independent thief/merc force that goes about doing its own things. I'd strive to lead them into more of a grey area of villainy- thievery, VIP escort/defense, corporate espionage, stealing from other criminals, etc., altogether a much more profitable endeavor than super-villainy.

If I went to Young Justice I'd mostly keep my head down and save the people who are "destined" to die. I'd most likely join Kauldur in his fake defection plan and use that as an excuse to get some training in with Deathstroke and to curb some tech off of everyone else. Unfortunately I see myself devolving back into villainy after I get a scan of the watchtower and its tech, along with some DNA samples of most heroes. I'd start to go after villains with an increasingly lethal bent after becoming disillusioned with the whole "throw them in jail until they inevitably escape" cycle that the heroes have going.

So which one do you guys think I should choose?

>> No.37477065

Uh. Well. Sorry for snapping at you.

>> No.37477081

Harry Potter Technomancy maybe?

>> No.37477092

Savage Salvage from kancolle is pretty much exactly what your looking for.

>> No.37477094

Fair enough. Then I guess I just need to drop people at certain times
Damn. Oh well

>> No.37477142

Erza is definitely a good choice and she wouldn't be defenceless at all. I'd mostly pick Elsa because she's cute but with her powers she might be a powerhouse of her own since she can cause widespread winters and create life.
How strong do y'all think Elsa could get with training?

>> No.37477176

As far as I know Naruto is the only demon container whose demon can manifest as an entirely separate being, and that's only because his seal can be completely shut off.

None of the other demon containers have this feature, so they all share one body. Yugito and Bee have come to an accord with their demons, so they can effectively swap bodies and souls as often as they want, but they are still limited to one body.

Extracting a demon from a container kills the container full stop- it rips the human's soul out with the demon.

If a container dies, then the demon is set loose, but not before. (with the exception of Naruto and the Kyubi)

>> No.37477182

Elsa can make perpatuating cold, and living ice, she made a nation uninhabitable after 1-2 days with no control over her power. She is pod worthy.
Now, if you could give her combat instincts then it would be way better even if she stays non killy.

>> No.37477200

Tell me you wouldn't stick your wand in that.

Plus I have perks that will let me fix the crazy, that's the important part. I want to save her from a death at the hands of a common housewife. Who apparently can cast the killing curse. What the fuck, over.

>> No.37477210

Consider her first major act of magic (accidental I might add) was "Freeze the entire goddamn town and surrounding countryside in the middle of summer. Oh, and I absent-mindedly created a sentient snowman" I'd say pretty strong.

And really, she's shown to be versatile as well.

>> No.37477229

Teen Titans, just for the fact that it was the better show.

>> No.37477250

Like another anon said, Savage Salvage from Kantai Collection is pretty much exactly what you are looking for. It lets you consume tech and inorganic stuff and add it to yourself as improvements. Want adimantium bones? Eat some and direct it to your skelly. Want lasers? Eat some and upgrade your cybernetic eyes. Its kind of like the tech version of the Blacklight virus- consume shiny things to get stronger.

>> No.37477253

>sticking a wand in your mouth, pointed upward
>Kurtus Cobainus!

>> No.37477268

Note that her power is not just frost, its also wind with it, you could totally have her make armies of ice lance firing dragons that regenerate themselves.

>> No.37477291

I was going to go with a Christmas Story reference, but that works.

Also, I'm suddenly reminded of Mad-Eye Moody. Who is pod worthy for sure.

>> No.37477294

When I look at that image I'm suddenly reminded of Mad-Eye Moddy
And how angry he was at Harry for sticking his wand in his back pocket
One wrong movement and BOOM, no more buttocks

>> No.37477321

Rings are tech but don't forget to chuck in a personal lantern as well.

>> No.37477338

I'm going to be honest and say I don't find her that attractive, maybe I'd do it once for the sake of it. I think it's because I have a dislike of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.

Guess I'll be picking that up then, I've avoided it until now because I've never heard of the setting before.
If I do pick it up I'd also have go to Prototype for max absorbing powers.

>> No.37477351

Take Elsa to Erfworld and give her Dirtamancy and/or Dollamancy. See what kinds of creations she can make then.

Can you imagine kaiju made of metal and ice that generate blizzards as they walk, surrounded by ice-metal-wolves whose bites freeze people solid? Terrifying my friend, terrifying and awesome in equal measure.

>> No.37477353

Angel and Tiny Tina (Borderlands) and Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) are so far the only ones I'd make permanent companions. Anyone else I'd just shuffle between universes to give them a new life or something.

>> No.37477371

>Not giving her Croakamancy so she can make Your Pic related

>> No.37477440

Do you think taking the staff of an Indigo lantern would work for any rings I get or would I need a lantern for each ring?
With Savage Salvage is it possible to spit tech back out? Say I wanted to give up a lantern ring and give it to a companion could I do that?

>> No.37477445

Then take her to ASoIaF, there she'll be queen of the white walkers.

Getting Elsa Dollamancy and Croakamancy would let her make horrifying ice zombies with jetpacks and laser guns.

>> No.37477473

And to think all I did was give Azula Dance Fighting

>> No.37477513

She also dumps him for Chase Young as soon as she gets her body back the second time.

Of course, I have an irrational hatred for Chase, so that's more unforgivable for me than most people. I mean, I am still her student in the heylin arts, technically, but whereas she runs off I stick with Jack.

Mostly because of the aforementioned hate and also because it's really easy to sponge off of Jack. Seriously, I wasn't even really NICE to him. I just followed him around and didn't get in his way and occasionally bailed him out of a death trap and I was pretty firmly considered to be his sidekick.

That whole jump was the least amount of effort I ever put into accomplishing anything.

>> No.37477565

Probably need a lantern for each ring, and I don't think that you can spit stuff out because it integrates into your body.

>> No.37477653

You gotta think BIG anon- a Thinkamancer-Dirtamancer-Croakamancer link brought an dormant volcano to life and made it immediately erupt.

Now, a three caster link with my pokemon starter and PMD partner, both who have mental connections to me, would be a thing of beauty. I went Thinkamancer-Dirtamancer-Shockamancer, and my buddies went Dirtamancer-Shockamancer, so a three way link should let us pump out lightning spewing metal raptors in short order. Having a swarm of these screeching, lightning vomiting hell beasts should be a sight to see.

>> No.37477684

I have a Thinkamancer, a Dittomancer, a Dirtamancer, and myself who is a Carnymancer with knowledge of Predictamancy

And I plan on capturing/turning Casters

>> No.37477754

If that's the case then I'll probably try and get the effects I want through Marvel or JoJo.

>> No.37477952

I don't think Savage Salvage works for Lantern stuff, it needs to be purely tech, not weird psychic/emotional/pseudomagic stuff like that.

>> No.37478062

•Delivery Boy-(Free)
•Male-(No change)

>Skills and Abilities
1.Genertically Engineered-(Free)
2.Do The Hustle-(Free)
5.No Delta Brainwave-(300cp)

1.Ancient Bank Account-(450cp)
2.What-If Machine-(50cp)

•Move on

1.Get Zapp discharged.
2.Take over the military.
3.Convince Nixon to give me enough funding to build a fleet.
4.Go on a "Destroy all aliens" campaign to shut up all the "Destroy all humans" species.

>I'm sure you're all wondering how I managed to conquer Omicron Persei 8, Well I'm about to tell you that.
>You see I took advantage of the Omicronians intense desire to kill humans, I dropped thousands of holobots disguised as soldiers near their military and industrial centers, when the holobots were attacked, they detonated taking one or sometimes even two Omicrons straight to hell.
>This plan continued on for weeks, the Omicronians sent wave after wave of their own men to their deaths in an attempt to discover which army was real, but of course, none of them were.
>Eventually they caught on to my brilliant strategy, but by then we had already captured their capital city and forced their leaders to surrender.
>And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I defeated one of humanities greatest adversaries.
>Oh yes I almost forgot, Kiff, come up here and be congratulated as well, you were my second in command for this mission.

>> No.37478071

>Because eating other ships girls totally isn't emotional nor is it psuedomagic.
Sure tastes great with bbq sauce.

>> No.37478089

Okay, so.

I jacked up the price on this by 100 in the process of making it.

In exchange? Just sit under a tree with the stuffed animals and you can always talk to your old friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. You can't lose the plushes, either.

>> No.37478117

Mmm, that is true. Jack's... pretty easy to gain the loyalty of.

But let's ask a crazy question, jumpchain. What happens when you use Bribed the Doctor in Terraformars to use JENOVA cells?

What happens? What kind of mosaic powers are given?

>> No.37478145

I wasn't sure and that's why I asked, how do you think it would work with transformers? Eat them and gain their alt forms or weapons?

>> No.37478157

They learn fear.

>> No.37478164




>> No.37478184



>> No.37478189

I like your plan Red.

Let's see, Jenova could shapeshift and infect people with its cells to warp them into monsters and/or mind control them. It would also be fair to assume that a mosiac organ from Jenova would essentially give you the same powers as Sephiroth, if you didn't take SOLDIER already. So conclusions should be drawn from that.

>> No.37478203

> This is my therapy.
> Whenever I'm sad
> Whenever I think I'm losing touch
> Whenever this all seems too hard
> I just sit down with my friends
> And listen to them talk about carrots and honey

stop. no.
I didn't ask for these feelings.

>> No.37478219

What the fuck are JENOVA cells?

>> No.37478222

It seems I have learned fear as well.

>> No.37478239

ff7 thing

>> No.37478249

>JENOVA cells

They give you the ability to know why kids like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

>> No.37478254

From Final Fantasy 7. Jenova is a horrific eldritch space squid with psychic powers that wants to destroy the earth. Of course scientists decide this is a great thing to start injecting into soldiers. Which turns out to be a terrible idea.
She is pretty much the entire reason Sephiroth goes bugfuck insane.

>> No.37478268

>No survivors




>> No.37478276

It should if the basis is entirely technological, which depends on the setting.

>> No.37478298

I don't really have a reaction face for how giddy this makes me, so have this gif of Noodle exiting Murdoc's mouth.

>> No.37478315

Super Robot Wars gives you an even better option.
An Evangelion

>> No.37478323

I wouldn't say entire, I'd put a good chunk of the blame on Hojo as well.

>> No.37478324


Only if you are uninitiated.

A true point! I do have a syringe of the stuff though... and with all my gene perks? I REALLY wanna see if I can splice myself and get all the powers with minimizing the issues.

Tempting! Very tempting. Especially with the shapeshifting and the fact that I'm a Cetra/SOLDIER combination. But no, my real plan is to have Bagworm Moth as the Hereditary. Then to use Bribed the Doctor for Life Fiber, with Hidden Potential and Red Surgery.

I can create as many life fibers as I want now, ENHANCED versions due to my constant self-splicing. I have the properties of the Life Fiber and any hidden abilities they may have had. And their power will only grow.

>> No.37478340

Actually Lantern rings are pure tech. They are pure alien tech but still tech. Non Guardians have even replicated them, Sinestro did, so I believe did Atrocious. So you could conceivably create not only your own ring and lantern but likely your own lantern corps. However it might be a bit tough to do both in and out of universe. In universe they really frown on that. Out of universe they may not have the same emotional spectrum energy used to power it. People who bought rings likely get by on pure "a Jump-chan did it."

>> No.37478347

>I'm a Cetra/SOLDIER combination
You too? I can't imagine what kind of horrible experiments Shinra must have conducted to create me. Something hideously evil no doubt.

>> No.37478362


Actually, he recreated his through a blood ritual induced after the murder of a group of demons he had come to associate with. So to a degree, there's magic involved.

>> No.37478436

>Jump chan did it
God damn I fucking hate this. Just an excuse for some of the worse fanwank people do.

>> No.37478437

Don't female bagworms kinda get gimped? You sure you don't wanna be a life fiber silk moth?

>> No.37478458

It's the reason your powers work outside of their universe.

>> No.37478460

> Cetra/SOLDIER combo
Geeeez. I just became the Deputy Head Scientist in charge of the department of power of the Shinra Electric Power Company.
Which means that while Hojo is running around injecting things into things and turning into a monster, I'm basically in charge of all the Mako Reactors. All of them. Every single one.
I get paid mad cash!

And I'm pretty sure this makes you, like, some kind of horrible gaia avatar of destruction incarnate whose fate is to destroy me for my hubris.

What the heck are you doing, Red? Even I'm not this crazy.

>> No.37478476

But personal lanterns connect to the central battery so I would hardly say that you need to fanwank recharging.
Wasn't that ritual so he could attract the attention of The Butcher and then trap it?

>> No.37478513

That only applies to the insect, anon. In that female bagworm moths die shortly after laying eggs.

a Mosaic won't inherit negative aspects of THAT drastic nature.

>> No.37478535

>ritual to attract the attention of The Butcher.

There may've been one, but I remember the Red Lantern being made right out of the blood of the group of demons whose names evade me right now.

>> No.37478540

If it wasn't for Hojo's bullshit, none of FF7 would have happened. We can put ALL of the blame on him. It's just that most is shared with Jenova, though not all.

>> No.37478549

I meant the way they never move out of their pupal stage and stay immobile, but what you said still applies to that.

>> No.37478569

Actually, that's only in some cases. They either stay in their case and wait for a male to come, or will go out and find a mate after an extended period.

Either way, it won't apply to an Operative, much less a Jumper. She's fine.

>> No.37478576

>ALL the Blame on Hojo
>Some blame on Jenova too
You...kinda contradicted yourself there anon.

>> No.37478594

Considering blood is the red's thing, it really doesn't surprise me that that happened.

>> No.37478613

It's more like shared 90% blame, then ten extra for Jenova.

>> No.37478618

If it weren't for Hojo, there would have been no Sephiroth. Who was his biological son and injected with Jenova cells in the womb. Eventually he went 'hey, let's send him to Nibelheim so he can meet his alien mommy!' And thus, FF7, where Jenova spends the better part of a year trying to blow up the planet. Hence, it's all Hojo's fault, but the blame is shared.

>> No.37478626

No kidding. Hojo must have been fapping hardcore.

See >>37478513, so basically I'm safe and can spin threads to my heart's desire. SUPER LIFE FIBERS ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Truthfully? I was going for magic. Just pure magic. All day, every day. The ability to cast all green magic materia, getting my mana boosted to high hell, magic potential rising as well? It was a delicious combination that I couldn't resist. I became a freak of nature as a result, but the raw unbridled magic... I love magic. It's just something I always tend to go for most times.

However, in doing so I've got SHINRA on my ass big time. I represent probably everything they've always wanted. Some perfect hybrid. Worse yet, I stole a syringe full of JENOVA cells and lord only knows how much I'm gonna study the hell out of THAT and see what I can do with it.

So really... I just went in it for the neatness factor. Though one could also say I'm taking the long-term approach in NOT destroying the planet and seeing how far I can go. If you view me as a gaia avatar of destruction, then well... you might need to step up your plant themes.

>> No.37478655

Just a reminder that Hojo tried to force Red XIII / Nanaki to mate with Aeris in an effort to create more test subjects.

Hojo is now subject #4 on my shitlist.

>> No.37478722

>Not the most fearsome creature in FF

>> No.37478745

I have a pod saved for one.

>> No.37478758

Mosiac Tonberry is like a hideous inevitability. You just stare emptily at the Johj, slowly walking up to them, immune to their attempts to hurt you. They don't understand fear, so they don't even bother trying to run. And when you arrive, you shank them, instantly killing them. One by one.

>> No.37478764

Hojo is a biologist, so he must know that's not how things work. I think maybe he just wanted to watch the hippie be fucked by the catdog.

>> No.37478767

Take all of Shinra with him. They're like Captain Planet villains if Captain Planet was grimmer and darker.

>> No.37478775


>> No.37478790

I was thinking of having my Stand make anything edible, think that would work?
It's mostly because lava looks weirdly tasty even though I know it would be horrible.

>> No.37478792

On the other hand, he's a mad biologist. That might very well be how it works.

>> No.37478796

I like to think it's both. That he was getting off on it, definitely. But he also had some mad science plan to make it work.

>> No.37478798

Rufus and the Turks can live, as can Reeve. Everyone else is going to be given the option of either dying or taking an early retirement in order to atone. Except for Hojo. He signed his own death warrant.

>> No.37478804

Lava would be jello?

>> No.37478822

Don't waste a Stand on it. Stands can do so very much more, its a waste of potential. Instead, make it a Rainmaker Kid ability in PS238, one of them has that power in canon. It's cheaper, too, 200CP instead of 500.

>> No.37478824

That is an amazing stand and I want to see it's stats and a song for it that isn't Eat It by Weird Al.

>> No.37478825

This guy gets it.

Hojo's dug his own grave, Shinra's being put to the torch.

That... Is actually one of the more unique Stands I've seen pop up in /JC/. Everything becomes edible, would that make it SAFE to eat or not?

>> No.37478896

He's a pretty terrible person. I take solace in the fact that, once he dies, I basically steal his job and am infinitely more competent at it.
Even when Shinra stops using Mako, I just kick us over to geothermal and solar energy, with the occasional pack of windmills. God I love windmills.
Not to mention that robots are way easier and more reliable than SOLDIERs. God, I am such a better scientist than Hojo.

I guess I figured that I already had enough magic, especially since I decided "just green magic" wasn't that great. Instead, I grabbed all the technical knowledge... as well as being really abnormally adept at syncing up with materia. Mage and Improved Materia Growth means I'm some kind of materia savant. And materia is produced by Mako Reactors...!

There's a REASON I mention crazy experiments with jacking Mako Reactors into abnormal sources of energy in later jumps. I am really abnormally adept at the materia sciences. If anyone can draw out their full power, it's me.

Although generally I avoid killing the planet after Shinra learned their lesson. I mostly just jack into alternate magical systems and sealed eldritch horrors.

I probably shouldn't have been trusted with this technology.

Still a better scientist than Hojo.

>> No.37478924

Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog?

>> No.37478970

Well you can't fault the biologist for using bio-science instead of robots. Gotta work to our strengths and all.

>> No.37479025

It would make it safe to eat so I don't burn my everything in lava or cut myself on metal.

Good point, maybe buff it to be Stand worthy somehow? Become what I eat temporarily? Something else?

I was thinking it would be like caramel and quite chewy, it definitely looks chewy as fuck to me.

I'd be curious as to what everything tastes like if I took it, various metals such as gold, silver or copper and fictional ones like adamantium too.
Added bonus of it working well with things like Savage Salvage.

I was thinking Put The Lime In The Coconut.

>> No.37479039

I can fault him for being terrible at it.
And being a terrible person.

And being generally terrible.

>> No.37479048

Well yes. Yes you can.

>> No.37479078

Eh, I just think the screaming of I'M FEELIN HUNGRY works, but not like song name has to sync perfectly.

>> No.37479187

Eh. It's just... the versatility! Elements, the Heal materia, Revive... I mean as long as they died relatively soon, I can bring them back from the fucking dead. That is CRAZY. To say nothing of debuffing magic, gravity magic, poison magic, shield, ULTIMA? I'm bringing tons of shit to the table.

I figure with the free armor/weapon I get, I SHOULD be able to figure out how to fashion materia slots from there... but really, my main gig is three things.

1. Summon materia
2. Slash-ALL
3. 4x-Cut

The first one is just neat and as you said, instills the whole 'destructive avatar of Gaia' gig. The last two? You know how my bow can fire off around 300 arrows? 900 if I added additional Borderlands tech?

Now imagine it multiplying AGAIN by four. And then all those arrows multiplying once more so the full force is hit on every single target around me. Think of what happens with this. For a moment, just think.

>> No.37479204

Well, savage salvage still depends on stuff being purely technological. Just being edible wouldn't change that.

>> No.37479225

>an entire army's worth of BoIFY arrows in a single shot, and it just got worse

>> No.37479240

You're terrifying.

>> No.37479277

I think we've well past the point where the bow needs to be upgraded. The only things that could survive a hit like that is the literally invincible, and the collateral is enough that you yourself are unlikely to survive a target not on the same planet.

>> No.37479318

There is no possible way that bow can get any more powerful than it can right now.

>> No.37479321


It can't kill Khorne.


>> No.37479331

For making more life fibers I was just going to plant some with the golden shovel- weeping willow life fiber trees was what I was envisioning. As for making super life fibers? They are organic in a way, and thanks to Geneforge and Resident Evil I'll splice up some sort of spider monster that can spin souped-up fibers.

Also, thanks Red, I now know what I am getting for my Mosaic Organ- JENOVA all the way!

>> No.37479345

I doubt it ever could. Drown an ocean and all that.

>> No.37479351

> Red arrives on Light of Terra
> Breaks Deadlight
> "We're going to be under attack! How will we survive?!"
> Red knocks a single arrow on her bow.

>> No.37479353


>> No.37479370

Sure it can. Use it to cleanse planets one by one until all life dies. Khorne dies along with them.

>> No.37479386

>not using best angel
I am filled with disappointment anon, why don't you want a laserface?


>> No.37479401

Isn't that weird space one stronger?

>> No.37479436

Strength is kind of a difficult category to judge with the Angels, given how gimmicky they can be. Though it is certain that the Seeds of Life are stronger than any of them, so you might as well use one of them. Come on, anon, be the Adam.

>> No.37479441

I wasn't sure if they actually appeared in Super Robot Wars.
But yes, I was actually thinking of just that.
and if, for some reason, I couldn't get a sample from them, Bardiel or Iruel might work

>> No.37479450

That was more or less how Deadlight Part 2 went the second I managed to get rid of that Khorne Daemon.

I try!

Just for that, I'm gonna keep upgrading it.

It can ALWAYS get worse.

I... doubt I could ever kill Khorne. He's a Chaos God. To kill the Chaos Gods, I'd need to erase all life in the galaxy. That's something I'm incapable of doing.

>mfw I convinced someone to go JENOVA for mosaic
I've gone too far.

>> No.37479452

I think the flat out strongest is Zeruel, fourth down in pic.

>> No.37479458

True but it would make things more enjoyable to eat but I'm tempted to make the Stand more like a replacement to Savage Salvage where I can eat anything and incorporate it into my body.
Eating lava can give lava blood or saliva, dragonscales making me tougher, eat a bird to gain wings or tech being a part of me.
Think that would work?

Still not sure on a name for it really and I'd want it to be a song I'd enjoy so All You Can Eat wouldn't work. Cherry Pie?

>> No.37479467

Imagine the bastard child of a Reaper and the Blacklight virus. That's JENOVA.

Mind breaking powers and EXTERMINATE blended with the biological horror show that is Blacklight.

This is a great idea.

>> No.37479479

>Bardiel or Iruel might work
So let me get this straight: You plan on splicing your biology with one of the two Angels specifically designed to infect and assimilate other lifeforms, and you expect this to not end with you turning into a horrible monster under their control? Really?

>> No.37479511

The one with the orange specks?

>> No.37479529

The best angel to use is Armisael, due to it's ability to capture the souls of all the other angels and resurrect them. Synchronizes like crazy with other soul capture perks.

>> No.37479535

If I had to pick, I'd probably go Lilith.

>> No.37479540

And the ribbon arms, yeah. It's the most physically powerful of the Angels. Not necessarily the strongest, since there are other forms of power, but if we're talking about pure destructive ability then Zeruel reigns supreme.

>> No.37479566

I think its got one of the strongest AT fields as well. It certainly tore through the geofront wall quickly

>> No.37479612

Even better than JENOVA- get a sample of ADAM. I imagine it would let you birth mini-angels. Plus, you know, AT fields and cross-blasts. Step onto the surface of Mars and initiate First Impact- Jhoj Tang for everyone!

>> No.37479640

Actually, Zeruel appears to not have a particularly powerful AT Field compared to Angels like Ramiel or Sahaquiel. That's because it doesn't need one. It tanked a point-blank N2 mine to its core after Unit 00 had already negated its field. Zeruel is built tough.

>> No.37479647

>The Johj all have the same fantasy perfect universe
>It's just them ripping off your head

>> No.37479652

ooh, and I get to kill Gendo at the same time!
I like this plan.
there's a lot of contrivances for Bribing the Human Mosaic Dr.

>> No.37479673

I think that would give you a better version of the "secret ending" perk. Lilith is the origin of ALL life on the planet, excluding Angels and ADAM. You would also have the ability to generate/bleed LCL for instant primordial ooze. Hell, you might be able to turn living things into LCL.

>> No.37479683

Lilith would be a better choice then. The seeds terraform the planets their on when they impact, ADAM was interrupted halfway through and earth was put into eternal summer. If you go all the way you could fuck up the environment and lose the jump! Lilith would terraform for humans and just finish the job.

>> No.37479696

Huge problem with this.

The Mosaic Organ Surgery is mainly successful because it takes critters that are tiny and scales their strengths up to human size, which makes them fucking ridiculous.

Taking Angels, which are GINORMOUS, and scaling them down to human size is only gonna nerf your potential powers.

>> No.37479727

And this would shrink the S2 engines. Shit, you have a point.

>> No.37479735

except the main strengths of Angels aren't based on size, also their ability to blatantly defy square cube law ala Kaiju has to count for something

>> No.37479742

What if we spliced fetus hand Adam?

>> No.37479761

Don't forget that Lilith is inherently designed to make conventional life. It might evolve in weird and divergent fashions, but it's life as we know it. Adam's blueprint is for giant physics-defying monsters. It's not clear why they were designed this way. There's some mention in the supplementary material about a philosophical conflict between two factions of the First Ancestral Race that was meant to be resolved through the Seeds of Life, but it's super vague.

I have to disagree. The power of an Angel comes from their metaphysical biology, not physical. Size is just an affectation of theirs, it has no impact on their powers. Hell, the largest Angel is in fact the weakest of them, and the tiny ones are some of the most dangerous. It should be fine.

>> No.37479788

I don't think it works that way- we wouldn't get much out of it in physical strength, but we sure as hell would get the weird ass other stuff.

Besides, who needs to puch through steel when you can make AT fields and vaporize mountains.

Remember, Tabris was a humanoid Angel and it was heavily implied that he could vaporize Evangelions just like any other Angel.

>> No.37479793

Yeah, it seems kind of ridiculous how underpowered Lilith life is and how overpowered Adam life is. It's not even remotely fair or equal.

>> No.37479817

And yet, somehow, Lillith life killed most of the Adam life they encountered.

>> No.37479821

And yet who wiped out who? Humanity killed both the angels and humans.

Lilith 2
Adam 0

>> No.37479831

By using stuff made from Adam.

>> No.37479838

By enslaving and stealing tech from Adam life.
I think they both lose since it all ends in tang.

>> No.37479853

Giggling like an idiot at this for some reason.

>> No.37479860

Angels don't work on normal physics. There were like tow or three that fought mano-e-mano, most had crazy powers like beam-blasts and malleable shielding. Watch this:


Zeruel barely physically touches the Eva, it uses AT manipulation to just stone-wall it. That is what we are going for, although the metal cutting limbs are cool.

>> No.37479861

Which makes them more impressive, not less. They managed to reverse engineer the terraforming engines of the First Ancestral Race and turn them into weapons. That's badass. All the Adamite lifeforms did was get born, humans had to work for their world-destroying power.

>> No.37479865

>it seems kind of ridiculous

>> No.37479867

Except it's scaled down to human size, doesn't matter if they defy square cube law or not. I'll give it to you that their main strengths aren't based on size, but it's still down at human scale.

THAT is the big issue.

You would get the weird stuff, yes. But it's still going to be scaled down to human size, because the engine wont fit into a human body.

You don't even get the bloody engine I don't think (we need creator fiat), it's the Mosaic Organ in which shit is spliced into.

>> No.37479869

Yup. So, it still seems pretty fair to me. Aint no cheating in the game of life, son.

>> No.37479872

Nah man. Everybody wins in the end.

>> No.37479878

Evas are cloned from lilith. And it ends in human tang, not angel tang. It's a solid win in my book.

>> No.37479889

Except regardless, you aren't gonna have an Engine big enough to mimic that. It's going to be SCALED DOWN to fit the human base.

>> No.37479904

No, the physical abilities that get scaled down. Any special abilities not reliant on physical biology would stay the same.

>> No.37479909


Don't quote me on this, but I'm fairly sure that somewhere its said that the Lilim (us) were given the power of innovation, whereas the children of Adam (angels) were given power.

One doesn't need innovation or lateral thinking when you can vaporize mountains.

>> No.37479922

Except the special abilities require a specific part (The fucking engine) which would need to be scaled down.

>> No.37479925

Why? Iruel's engine was microscopic and he was fine. Infinite power is a hell of a drug.

>> No.37479933

Then you'd just get a weaker version of said abilities.

>> No.37479953

Both Ireul and even Tabris had a fully functional AT field, and they were microscopic and human sized respectively.

>> No.37479958


Except the engine doesn't fucking show up in the splice, as the Mosaic Organ Procedure relies on the titular organ.

There is no way an engine would show up, although after said Procedure you could very well shove an engine in.

>> No.37479959


>> No.37479975

You need innovation if you're dieing to creatures with innovation, Anon.

>> No.37479976

Right, and none of the other mosaic organs have ever shown the ability to add stuff to the body. Not like those strings the moth has right? or venom?

>> No.37479982

Why wouldn't it? It's a part of an angel's biology, just as a hornet's stingers is.
This was their exact problem. ADAMITES GO HOME.

>> No.37479989

And don't forget that time when Rei, who is also human sized, projected a stronger AT Field than anything previously recorded. Seriously, the size of an Angel is a completely arbitrary factor for their power. It's got nothing to do with it.

I'd assume the S2 Organ would grow when you activated your transformation, just like every other organ not implanted in a person but that's part of their M.O Operation abilities grows when they transform. Do you think Shokichi already has stingers and they just get better when he transforms?

>> No.37480001


Well damn, I stand corrected, these anons are right- you need an S2 organ for doing crazy ass Angel stuff, and the one we would get from the splicing would be scaled to human size. I guess that would make us slightly weaker than Tabris/Kaworu then. I know he could levitate himself, but I'm not sure how powerful his other Angel skills were.

>> No.37480009

>sees Evangelion Angel brought up for Mosaic Organ

fucking hell this is gonna cause a shitstorm...

Okay. Give me a night to come to a decision. No matter what I say regarding this pill, there's gonna be SOME shit flying, and one or two groups are gonna be UNHAPPY.

>> No.37480016

No, we apparently got this. No need for a nanny this time.

>> No.37480017

I'd recommend flipping a coin.

>> No.37480027

Right. I'll just fuck off then.

>> No.37480035

Why? There's two problems with this conclusion on your part.

One, this isn't some big argument. It's a discussion. The conclusion doesn't matter.

Two, there is no EVA jump. You can't get angel bits to splice anyway.

>> No.37480042

You can though, Super Robot Wars has Evangelion as an option to take for a part of it.

>> No.37480046

Apart from, you know, the Super Robot Wars jump which has Eva in it.

>> No.37480047

Super Robot Wars, anon. They can get angel parts.

And this is a discussion, so it's going good. But it's something regarding my jump, so it's something I gotta clarify. Which is gonna send sparks flying.

>> No.37480052


>> No.37480062

That's incomplete and SRW anon hasn't been on in a while. I made a build for it, but I don't feel comfortable counting unfinished jumps as 'real', as in something I actually got anything from, until they're done.

>> No.37480079

Okay. I'm still using it. You can have fun with your own thing though.

>> No.37480087

Its weird, there's good points by both sides- Angels are funky biologically, and the ones we've seen that have the most powerful stuff have been huge. But on the other hand, there have been human and microscopic sized Angels with intact AT and S2 organs, we just never see what they can do with them other than a brief bit of Tabris flying.

Technically both sides are right- big angels do big things, but even tiny angels have all the requisite angel powers, somehow.

>> No.37480091

it's not like there's sections or vital content missing

>> No.37480097

Yo, did you post VH yet?

>> No.37480100


And what also doesn't help is that I can't really look at this in a positive light, because I HATE the Evangelion series.

>> No.37480124

Well I don't think anyone here particularly sides with any of the characters, they're just talking about the monsters. Plenty of bad series have interesting monsters.

>> No.37480125

>because I HATE the Evangelion series.
Don't worry, it hates you too.

>> No.37480152

Speaking of pastebin jumps that are based on mecha genre fiction, would it be seen as stepping on toes if I worked on a Gundam jump? I know there's one already up, but it's a bit of a generic thing. My plan is to make one for a specific setting, allowing more detailed customization than just things like "good at melee" or "can transform". Not sure which timeline I'd do it for. Probably Universal Century, though there's a perverse little part of me that wants to make a Cosmic Era jump just so that I can spend a decade fucking that place over. Sort of like the Twilight jump, I guess. Anyway, I've gotten off topic: new Gundam jump, acceptable or not?

>> No.37480159

So since Super robot wars offers a plethora of biological nightmares strong enough to need super robots to fight, what are some other viable candidates from available shows to use for bribed the doctor?

>> No.37480164

Man, it really does. Didn't one of the movies flash a bunch of hate mail across the screen during the climax? The guy in charge just hated his entire audience.

>> No.37480168

You should be fine. I'd include a clause saying that if you take the other Gundam jump, you can't go to the same universe twice though.

>> No.37480169

Yes, but only if it's G Gundam.

>> No.37480176

Actually, this gets weirder- Tabris is the humanoid angel with some ADAM bits mixed in, and the wiki says his AT field was the strongest recorded, yes, even stronger than that beast Zeruel.


This could mean that size has no meaning on an Angel's power, and/or it could mean that ADAM, even bits of him, is insanely strong.

>> No.37480199

Exactly. So yeah.

Give me a night. Because this applies to more than just Angels as well. THis is gonna be a fucking nightmare.

If I had the Grumpy Cat image with 'GOOD' caption, I'd have it posted.

Okay. So in that case, that MIGHT be attributed to Tabris being a general freak of nature.

>> No.37480200

Uhh, we kinda have one compelte already, it just needs to be put in a pdf. Seems rather unnecessary

>> No.37480210

AT fields are "The light of the soul" and he was the container of ADAM's soul, If I'm remembering my eva lore right.

>> No.37480219

Just curious.

>> No.37480234

Not yet.

>> No.37480253

He addresses that in his post. Also, that one is incomplete, the maker said he still needed to do more drawbacks.

>> No.37480256

Iruel was even smaller and still had an AT field. It's strength was unknown, but they didn't even consider it an option to break it.

>> No.37480259

Too many, man. Invaders from Getter Robo Armageddon. Space Monsters from Gunbuster. ELS from Gundam 00. Zonders from Gaogaigar. Festum from Fafner. Heterodynes from Dai-Guard. Overmen from King Gainer. Devil Gundam Cells from G Gundam. Protodevlin and Vajra from Macross. Antibodies from Brain Powered. Space Whales from Gundam SEED, even. And that's just off the top of my head. There are more. Much more.

>> No.37480271

Waiting for the bad decision that makes nobody happy.

>> No.37480285

Welp. After all this time I have my build and it's all thanks to Final Fantasy 7

Jump 159: Terra Formars
Age: 26
Origin: Scientist 50CP

Complication: Political Target (Dam Chinese) +200CP

Mosaic Organ Procedure: Master Tonberry 300CP
Mosaic Augmentations: Red Surgery 200CP
Hidden Potential (Everyone's Grudge) 100CP

Skills: Tactical Free!
M.O. Surgeon 200CP

Items: Smiles’ Sword 50CP
Transformative Serum 100CP
Mosaic Organs 200CP

Endgame: Move On.

Using my own transformation I shall preform the surgery on my companions with the organs I bought (Red Surgery included) to give them the "Master Tonberry" treatment. I also plan to be the doctor that does the surgery on all the other people that are suppose to "survive" the treatment to give them instant transformations.

This is most likely the reason why the Chinese are after me and my companions because of the "unique" transformation and the fact I have a higher rate of survival with my surgeries.

But soon Mars will know the true meaning of Fear!

>> No.37480289

>Grumpy Cat image
This one?

>> No.37480292

>Devil gundam cells
Shit, there's another example that don't need kaiju size to be op.

>> No.37480298

minus the Despicable Me top image, yes.

>> No.37480299

There is a huge variation in powers between Angels. Take Sachiel and Zeruel-

Sachiel had a not-nuke dropped on him and it wrecked him, he had to stop and heal.

Zeruel took the same warhead point blank and it didn't even singe him.

Both were the same size.

>> No.37480325

So do you grow a knife or do you keep one with you?

>> No.37480364

Don't worry. It won't make anyone happy.

No, but I'm gonna try and see if I can't reach a good medium point. Hidden Potential might be used copiously in this case.

>> No.37480452

> Johj is running towards the Captain.
> The Captain shuffles towards it.
> Johj is picking up speed like a train.
> Shuffleshuffles an inch.
> Johj is actually making train noises now.
> The Captain sticks out a knife.
> Johj runs into it.
> There is a slight pause.
> Johj turns red and fades away.

>> No.37480504

For my companions? I'll make special knifes for them.

Me on the other hand...I have had a knife ever since I jumped to Iji. I call him Mr. Stabby and he always helps me clean up the messes that end up happening from the bodies. He tends to be mean to others, but he likes me....we are best friends.

(I had a rough time in Iji so I developed a strong attachment to Mindhold. I take him everyone with my now because he is the only reason I survived that Jump.)

>> No.37480525

Sakaera's Song?

>> No.37480608

Sakaera's Song + Hallucinations.

When I get to writing the journal Entry for this Jumps it will basically show a descend into semi-madness with the last few entries being just blood stains and gibberish.

>> No.37480862

What jumps are being worked on now and how far along are they?

>> No.37480900

Question(s) from last thread-could you use The Return to visit and interact with the PMMM storyline from Madoka? It says the jumps takes place before the main storyline, but doesn't go into detail how far back.

Second question: Kinda stuck on delegating 300 CP between Starborn and Big Battery from Dresden Files jump. On the one hand, having lots of magical juice to throw around is always a good thing-especially in Dresden Files-but on the other hand, Outsider mental influence is nasty stuff, even if they're fairly rare as DF baddies go.

I've been told before some folks are fanwanking Starborn as applying to all eldritch abominations everywhere, but that doesn't feel right to me considering it's reliant on innate DF metaphysics. Can anyone weigh in on this?

>> No.37480939

I'm doing Problem Sleuth, expect something tomorrow or the day after. I'd like to know what people who know of PS expect from the jump so I could add that in.

I also have a half finished Redline jump I'll try to start up again soon enough. It would help if I knew anything about cars.

>> No.37480978

Seriously? You're making a jump of Problem Sleuth? Wow. That's going to be amazing. Okay, things I'd like from a PS jump:

Posing as a team, because shit just got real.

Imaginary superpowers.

Sepulchirtude as a capstone ability.

Jungian anima counterparts as companions.

A drawback that forces you to deal with even more weird puzzle shit than usual.

Absolutely no pumpkins.

>> No.37481004

>Sepulchirtude as a capstone ability.
That shit kills you dead, son. PS survived it because plot bullshit. Which you don't benefit from.

>> No.37481006

How often do you find yourself up against incomprehensible eldritch abominations? I can think of maybe eight, counting all the warhammers separately. Big battery helps with your magic which is applicable in like, every jump.

An import that let's you choose a harmless object as an alt form for your favorite weapon. A drawback that applies this to everything you own at the most inconvenient times possible. The ability to make those honeycomb things and fleets of bees to power up attacks.

>> No.37481018

Well, I wouldn't use it. You don't use Sepulchritude. I just want to have it so I can constantly reference it and go "no, not yet". Yes, I am willing to waste 600CP on what amounts to a dumb joke.

>> No.37481046

I'm trying to find a good balance between "This only makes sense if you've read the work it's based on" and "Won't throw the thread into a shitstorm with how confusing it is".

These are good suggestions.

Sepulchritude didn't kill him, I think. He was just flat out of VIM when he fell from the stratosphere. Then again PI didn't have any.

>> No.37481060

VIM is life. He was on death door, but the flighty broad called him back

>> No.37481061

alright JC. Should I take this drawback.

I'm in BlazBlue. The drawback in particular is "Interesting," in which Chester the Molester- I mean Relius Clover begins trying to molest my everything in the name of SCIENCE!

Now. The thing is. By attracting his attention, I save the lives of literally everyone else that gets fucked by his actions, as well as the fact that by distracting him, Terumi's plans are generally sorta thrown about because Clover isn't helping him.

Yes? No? What do you think.

>> No.37481072

Are you strong enough to fight him? If yes, then it's viable. If not, no.

>> No.37481079


>> No.37481099

VIM is more accurately strength. Pickle Inspector lost his VIM gauge entirely.

Health is the shit like VITALITY CARATs in PS's PLUCK RELIQUARY.

>> No.37481102

There will be a shitstorm if there are any fucking pumpkins, I promise you that.

>> No.37481114

Lessee... I'm a:
>level 15 Cleric
>a Smoke Conduit
>have a Stand (which I'm still working on)
>am a Spin User

I really dunno how viable that'll be in this setting, be in all honesty.


I don't want me innards being molested. Or my heart. Or my everything.

Relius Clover will do so with impunity.

>> No.37481128

You don't have any powers from the setting? Looking at the items in Blazblue, they're capable of some physics warping bullshit you need to be able to match.

>> No.37481137

Yet to do the Blazblue CYOA, just trying to figure out if I should take the drawback before I do so.

>> No.37481154

I already have the GAMBIT SCHEMA written up as perks, so there needs to be a SCHEMA PUMPKIN so that people don't cry bullshit.

The pumpkin will be white font on a white background at the end of the item section

>> No.37481194

How's that gonna work? The pumpkin decay that is. It decayed in real time over several weeks because that's the time the comic took to update, but in universe it only lasted an hour, tops.

>> No.37481239

You said it yourself, it decayed over a short time in universe. Pumpkins are temporary, you have to learn to let go.

>> No.37481258

You're a cool dude. Mind posting a wip?

>> No.37481263

Question about a Dwarf Fort fey mood: Is it stronger or weaker than a Spark's Madness Place? You see, I happen to have a Strong Spark and I'm trying to determine whether also taking Fey Mood is a terrible idea or a stroke of pure genius

>> No.37481278

the Strong Spark doesn't result in you occasionally butchering a nearby friend or civilian and turning their bones & skin into a sofa.

Fey Mood does.

Well okay, a Fell Mood does. a Fey Mood can turn into a Fell Mood REALLY EASILY. And as well, a Fey Mood comes with it's own drawbacks. Namely:

-You lose your mind during the duration of the Fey Mood
-You begin going recklessly everywhere you can access your materials
-If you cannot find the right tool or material, you WILL go fucking batshit insane.

>> No.37481290

Also-for Writ of Expansion are the settlers' species only limited to species in the Dwarf Fortress, any in-universe species or any species you've met on your journey? I'm pretty sure it's the first, just want to double check

>> No.37481294

Glad I have another one of these.

>> No.37481302

Fey mood is less about science and more about craft. You will, of course, create an absolutely perfect weapon/armor/chair (or as perfect as whatever material you make it from can be), but it will also be decorated with from one to hundreds (Planepacked is ridiculous) ornate decorations, from carvings to rings to spikes, all made from whatever material you got your hands on. However, what it is, and what it's made of, are random and on an insane whim, respectively.
Fell moods require you to be depressed. Only sad/angry dwarves will enter a fell mood.

>> No.37481306

Fey mood is nondirectional and tends to produce fancy trinkets as opposed to anything useful. Also, even when it does make things that are useful in jumper terms (weapons and such), they are more 'fancy and durable' than 'excessively powerful'.

Spark is definitely a more useful crafting power.

>> No.37481307 [SPOILER] 

Spoilered for WIP

>> No.37481320

Worth noting, a dwarf will enter a fey mood for what they have the highest skill in. A master weaponsmith will almost always enter a fey mood and produce a weapon.

>> No.37481333

Fuggit. I'm taking Interesting.

I might not be able to kill the fucker. But I will make him regret every action.

>> No.37481337

>they are more 'fancy and durable'
Also, this isn't true. Masterwork items do increased damage based on a multiplier (x2 I think). Artifacts are even better and get a x3 multiplier. This doesn't make up for having a feather wood hammer, but for something like an adamantine sword, it cuts better because it's an artifact.

>> No.37481412

Still, you can't intentionally choose to make the thing out of adamantine, and odds are it's made out of something useless. Any given artifact is somewhat more powerful than a normal item of its kind, but the most substantial difference is that artifacts are basically indestructible, and incredibly fancy (and thus worth more). Even in the unlikely event that you are blessed by the random number god, a decent artifact weapon isn't really all that significant of a multiplier, and you'll frequently have situations where you are able to intentionally craft much better weapons on purpose.

This leaves out entirely the fact that, as a jumper, you can deliberately craft vastly superior weapons using actual awesome technology from dozens of worlds.

>> No.37481454

But if that awesome technology is used to create a vastly superior weapon under the influence of a fey mood, it's even better. And it's not like you can't disable and dismantle the useless things, like soul gem shoes that menace with spikes of eezo.

>> No.37481463

>x3 raw effectiveness isn't significant.
Ha, are you serious? Multipliers are absolutely significant.

And you know that you can manipulate dwarves with this, right? Most of the time, when demanding a metal, the dwarf will take the closest one. Which means you can stock adamantine next to the shop and get adamantine artifacts 90% of the time.

>> No.37481483

Except that we aren't talking about a 3x multiplier, really; you're already super-competent, so we're talking about the difference between a 3x multiplier and a 2x multiplier, or 50%. And you can do better than a 50% improvement by doing things on purpose rather than accidentally in a state of outright madness.

>> No.37481499

>soul gem shoes that menace with spikes of eezo.
To be fair anon, those would be some interesting shoes, particularly if you managed to learn a bit about dwarven(TES dwarves) tonal architecture, because then the shoes could have been made to power the eezo to do incredible things.

>> No.37481501

The issue is you seam to think our competence is lost while in a fey mood. It's not, it's just uncontrolled. Those methods that you can use 'on purpose' could also be used during a fey mood.

>> No.37481526

That's another benefit of fey moods. In your madness you do something so bizarre and unconnected you could derive new technology applications you'd otherwise never think of.

>> No.37481527

Every jumper should make it their mission to visit Yagrum in the Corprusarium during that jump.

>> No.37481543

Not really, no. Given that what actually comes out of the process, as observed is "more shiny bits and art" instead of "revolutionary advances in methodology", you're not going to get anything really surprising or useful, just random iterations of stuff you could already do, at a high level of craftsmanship.

>> No.37481556

I'm planning on playing chess or some other game with him using Aschente, where we bet copies of our memories. I can't imagine the guy refusing.

>> No.37481596

>just random iterations of stuff
How else would you discover them then? The dwarves only produce relatively minor stuff, but they aren't working with the same mojo you are.

Not that I'm saying everything will be miracle works, but it doesn't cost you anything to make garbage.

>> No.37481632

And, bonus besides, you can hang out with Divayth Fyr while you're there. As a centuries old wizard, scientist, and straight up playa, he's definitely a person of interest to discuss with.

>> No.37481653

The cost is measured in large chunks of your time spent in insane obsessive crafting sprees. That's far too high a cost for the marginal resulting benefit, as I see it. You are, of course, free to disagree; my point here is that I really don't think the Madness of Craftsmanship would make a worthwhile addition to my psyche.

>> No.37481681

Did you take spark in Girl Genius?

>> No.37481696

I did not.

Same reason, really, although Spark was far more tempting.

>> No.37481727

You know when I read soul gem shoes at first I thought you meant the infinity gem from marvel. Though using the soul gem from that to make a pair of shoes could be pretty cool

>> No.37481751

Is the spark from girl genius really that bad? I have never read the web comic. I thought it was just you may get carried away and build something other than what you intended

>> No.37481784

With controlled sparking it's not, but I think it's just his thing to not want any of these sanity related power.

>> No.37481791


A strong spark with voice of command gets knocked into the madness place by her first cup of coffee. The next dozen or so pages illustrates how it goes pretty well.

>> No.37481827

It's not the "build something other than what you intended" that's the problem. It's the "casually commit atrocities because the lives of those around you don't seem important to you while you're in the grips of the Madness of Science" thing that's the problem. Not all Sparks go quite that way, but a lot do.

Pic related.

>> No.37481853

Controlled Sparking.

>> No.37481956

Control is limited. Even if you don't accidentally commit atrocities out of boredom, you're certainly more likely to do so if you've got anything approaching an actual reason.

>> No.37481976

I had already intended to arm my companions with sedatives if I got out of control. It seems that was a wise decision.

>> No.37481984

>what could possibly go wrong?
if you have to ask...
Also, THE HAT will be available with CP

>> No.37481996

I missed Ace Combat. Gundam & Harvest Moon aren't on the drive.

>> No.37482011

Is not as powerful as you imply. It ensures you build something in the general area of what you intended to do and that you won't hurt your allies. You could say some thing like
>Time to build some armor
Then go into
>To start l, I should focus at the base
>The base being the feet
>I still have those gravotonic tonal boots lying around
>I'll improve them!
>Black soul gems have a higher capacity then white!
>I'll link the souls to the eezo spikes, they will protect me!
>Oh, but. I can't hurt my friends.

And then you wake up on top of a pile of corpses wearing an eezo shield fit for a star ship and some exceptionally hungry boots.

Or maybe not, I dunno. Probably should ask the jump maker for clarification when they roll around.

>> No.37482014

Welp. Thanks for the answers, and we're kind of big on self control-so we'll pass on this one. Dorf Fort build time.

Drawbacks: Beware the Thriller!, Who Let The Beasts Out? (1800). Setting difficulty to maximum FUN, though considering the absurd things we can build-up to and including musical towers that run off nearby brainwaves, mako-mantra convertors and orbital cannons-we feel this is only a fair challenge. And as a necromancer ourself, we're relish the challenge of seizing our nemesis' minions for our own control-and who knows, perhaps we can learn a little about Dorf Fort necromancy during the struggle?

Win Condition: Built to Last. Hey, we might not be the Anti-Spiral anymore but we're still a god of Stasis, with responsibilities and such

Rolled Mountains, Expedition Leader (1700)

Good Aligned Terrain (1400). Well...good-ish, considering we have a tendency to corrupt reality itself
Delicious Liquid Magma (1200). The foundation of any sound Dwarf outpost
A River Flows Through It (1150). Gotta have water to make booze, after all

Dorfen Physiology (Free). Thanks you, Wild Wild West Jump

Brew Master (1100). Practically first aid training in this jump
Leadership Training (950). Read: Lots and lots of subtle mental influence prodding dorfs away from fey moods
Book Keeping (650). We're already stacked full of multitasking but-it's DF. Can't be too prepared
Dwarven Combat Training (350). On the side-we shall become a beyond legendary wrestler from all the constant conflict
Writ of Expansion (150). We have the right to unleash dorfs on the multiverse. Considering our genetic engineering prowess, this practically counts as a WMD
Common Stonex4 (130)
Quality StoneX2 (100)
Uncommon MetalsX2 (70)
ToolsX2 (50)
Small AnimalsX4: Turkeys (30)
WoodX6 (0)

>> No.37482117

>knocked into the madness place by her first cup of coffee

HERESY, we /got stuck/ in the madness place because we were deprived of coffee! SIR, I QUESTION THE VERACITY OF THIS WEBCOMIC'S ARTISTIC LICENSE

So. Right of the bat, we might just go with magical exterminatus to clear out the hordes of undead and cthonic abominations clawing at the walls-we're talking multiple, simultaneous Giga Slaves and Cosmic Fires. To make things a bit easier for our settlers we'll start deploying Leviathan Tech to terraform the surrounding environment. This is also a good opportunity to determine whether Toad-I mean Armok has set the Elephants to normal mammal or REVENGEANCE mode, whether the carp have started migrating in our general direction and if there are sponge colonies near us.

We of course must acquire samples of all the above, before pre-emptively turning any wildlife not already undead into our minions. In particular-we wish to splice songes with Tonberry DNA along with Bayonetta Angels' ethereal aspects and Vajra FTL physiology augmented with Zerg adaptability, to create a new form of minion to be deployed against the Beasts and Necromancer. Potentially a sample from The King may also be incorporated to grant kaiju blue along with various perks from Godzilla jump.

I shall call these entities...the Harbingers.

Once I've set up containment time-stasis forcefields to delay the beasts' advance and figured out a way to purify Unhallowed ground-I can get to work on my self-imposed challenge:

Dorfen Space age.

And no-simply blasting a dorf into outer space doesn't count; I seek to establish a colony of self sustaining dorfs that exist outside the planet's atmosphere. Starting with a Space Elevator following Mass Effect and Ar Tonelico tower designs, and supported by an adamantium counterweight.

>> No.37482131

>Giga Slaves
I hope you mean Dragon Slaves. Giga is both overkill AND suicide.

>> No.37482155

...did you see our drawbacks?

We were thinking-Giga Slave would be /just enough kill/ but we dunno, maybe dragon salves would be alright? Not that familiar with Slayers, to be honest

>> No.37482162

Giga slave is kinda world destroying. At least.

>> No.37482171

Point taken. Dragon Slaves it is!

...or heck, maybe we'll just fall back on bloodbending any biological opposition, and stunlocking metallic Titans with electric/smoke Conduit powers developed over milennia have practice

>> No.37482233

Whats a giga slave?

>> No.37482248


>> No.37482255

Dragon slave+

Black magic like that works by calling on the power of what are basically demons, sort of like how clerics in DND call upon the gods for spells. Giga slave calls the full power of the Lord of Nightmares, summoning her if you fuck up. The Lord of Nightmares ain't nothing to fuck with.

>> No.37482271

Well... shit.

>> No.37482301

Technically the Lord of Nightmares isn't a demon though, she's as much divine as she is demonic, she's also a being of chaos that accidentally the worlds of the setting into being without realizing it. Besides you do summon her every time you cast the spell, it's just that she takes control if you fuck up.

>> No.37482336

It's ded killy though. Worth if you can get Lina to teach you or rediscover it the same way she did.
Well, close enough. You'd never no she was their unless you screwed up.

>> No.37482346

Frankly, I don't think gambling all of reality with a spell is ever worth it.

>> No.37482355


>> No.37482397

Is it bad that I want to save Hellmaster Fibrizo and Chaos Dragon Garv so I can keep casting their spells?

>> No.37482422

Technically she just found out some stuff about the Lord of Nightmares from an incomplete Clair bible, then altered the incantation for the dragon slave to be about her, rather than Shabranigdu. That was the invention of the original, incomplete gigaslave, then after reading and accessing the complete Clair bible she completed the spell. However both the incomplete and complete are right killy, though the complete is technically more powerful, it's never actually cast successfully in the original story. Though the complete giga slave is cast successfully in the anime, it didn't really do anything the incomplete version couldn't have, I mean there isn't really much of a step up from complete destruction anyway.

>> No.37482457

I don't remember what garv did but fibrizo kinda wants to destroy reality. And he wants to do it while you're in said reality. That's a pretty clear cut case of dickishness. And he dies because he fucked with the Lord of Nightmares, and we've pretty well established she ain't nothing to fuck with.

This is kinda out of your hands without some serious finagling.

>> No.37482486

They all want to destroy reality, Fibrizo is just obsessed and driven towards doing so.

Seriously though, you basically have to run interference to save the top mazoku during your time in Slayers to keep using your Black Magic, since otherwise you're going to lose access to some spells. The only alternatives are to beg the gold dragons for knowledge of the holy magic counterparts, or to stick with casting much weaker shamanistic magic.

>> No.37482516

>Hellmaster Fibrizo
Deserves what happened to him
>Chaos Dragon Garv
A pretty cool guy, didn't want to destroy reality or anything. Good luck saving him though, might be able to convince him to just let Fibrizo go along with his plan without interfering using the information about the Lord of Nightmares and what she does in the series when Lina casts the spell.
Nope, Garv wanted to make an alliance with the side of the gods to take out fragment of Shabranigdu that was frozen in ice, because he decided he didn't want to destroy the world.

>> No.37482526

Garv is a weirdo, most of his counterparts have a similar mindset to Fibrizo from what I understand.

>> No.37482551

He is weird, but all other mazoku that don't want to destroy the world are allied under Garv, regardless of their personal reason for not wanting to destroy the world. Though most of them just don't want to die.

>> No.37482565

Yeah, but most of them are pretty lazy about the earth shattering kaboom plan.

Hellmaster's the only who does something in the ten years, right?

>> No.37482599

Still, the majority of the powerful ones, and thus the ones with the best Black Magic, are still going after Shabranigdu's goal.
I think so, yeah. Lina kills another one, but he was sneaky and just lost his physical body instead of truly dying. Though I think the jump is going to follow a longer span of time than the media has, so it's an unknown if she'll manage to slay another one.

>> No.37482604

Well yea, though two shards of Shabranigdu wake up. Lina takes out both of them, one with the incomplete giga slave, the other(only in the light novels) by way of breaking the Demon's Blood Talisman of Shabranigdu to hit him with something that is basically a dragon slave. It works because the guy that was that shard of Shabranigdu really wanted to die.

>> No.37482684

I am terribly excited to Get a chance to ride my bike in the red line

>> No.37482821

Something I noticed doing my City of Heroes build: While you can pick your Archetype, there's no selection for Origin. So what "type" of powers do the ones we purchase there count as? That's important for some perks in other jumps that affect the use of other powers. Are we free to choose our own interpretation of where they come from? Being able to declare my Time Manipulation abilities a psionic power would help one of my plans a bit.

>> No.37483372

Brave and the Bold. Best DC continuity bar none. Especially since Mitefall won't occur.

>> No.37483384

That's outrageous.

>> No.37483408

And now I want a Gem and the Holograms jump.

>> No.37483434

Truly, truly outrageous.

>> No.37483862

I am 60/70% done with Discworld.

>> No.37483903

I read that as you saying you were 60/70% done with your McDonalds.

>> No.37483923

That is a good example of a bad day with a Strong Spark and Controlled Sparking, yes. You won't do it every time, but it is possible. You wanted a protective item, you got a protective item, and without any of your friends getting hurt (note, if you had some sort of actual emotional attachment to the city, like being its protector or whatever, you wouldn't go after those civilians).

>> No.37483960

I'd still put Teen Titans and Young Justice above it but it has its own charm.

I'm surprised neither TT or YG got their own jumps at some point, I guess the DC jump letting us choose the universe restricts that.

>> No.37483961

>Winnie the Pooh just needs one more item for Heffalumps and Woozles

>> No.37484029

What's the lore on them?

>> No.37484068

Not much, besides "they steal honey," and even that isn't always true for Heffalumps anymore. Heck, there hasn't even been a Woozle seen on-screen since... the mid-90's, if I recall?

I ended up drawing their Perks from things said about them in the various songs concerning them.

>> No.37484077

Maybe a honey detector?

>> No.37484112

That could replace their freebie item, sure (lockpicks, even ones that look innocuous, don't fit as well, do they?), but I'm looking for a 400-tier item discounted for them.

Stolen hunny that is more delicious and more nutritious the more smug you are about having stolen it is 300, but discounted for them. We're talking it can reach Tarak Food Pill levels of ridiculousness if you so happen to be that smug about your ill-gotten gains.

>> No.37484160

A big pile of super amazing royal jelly and nobody else can have any. That or like a honey vacuum or magnet or something, or maybe a swarm of bees because I dunno.

>> No.37484203

You know what? Every perk and every item in every jump should just be a swarm of bees.

>> No.37484257

The Pain pls.

>> No.37484473

What was that one setting where there was some kind of alien living on Earth that humans didn't know of because they had evolved to murder and forget about it whenever they saw them?

>> No.37484507

Doctor Who. 'Cept that was no evolution that killed the aliens...

>> No.37484515

What were they called?

>> No.37484518


>> No.37484530

>swarm of loyal bees with infinite stingers

This is hilarious and I like it.

>> No.37484567

It must not be, since I'm not seeing the 'compelled to kill them' aspect of it for people listed in this info.

>> No.37484590

Oh, hmm. Now I do. Had to really comb for it.

>> No.37484597

He's got it slightly wrong. The aliens in question were called the Silent, themselves the emissaries of an organization called the Silence. The Silent were impossible to remember. The moment you look away from one, you forget it exists. Prolonged exposure can condition you to recognize that there's something there, but you still don't know what. The Doctor only managed to figure them out through the use of constantly recording a livestream of his observations of his surroundings. One interesting ability the Silent had, in addition to their memory powers, is that commands given by them would sneak into a person's subconscious and become posthypnotic suggestions. And then one of them made the mistake, while he was interrogating it, to admit that if humans were smart, they'd call the Silent on sight. Doctor recorded that, and spliced it into the Apollo 11 moon landing footage. That's what those missing seconds are. So everyone who's ever seen that footage, that monumental event in human history that so many people throughout our species lifetime will watch, will kill the Silent the moment they see them. And then forget about them immediately, for even in death the Silent's power over memory persists.

>> No.37484609

That's not a drawback. That's a feature.

>> No.37484693

Like he said anyone who has ever seen the moon landing will remember to kill silents when seen but immediately forget about it after looking away.

>> No.37484764

What would happen if I tried to absorb the TARDIS using either Savage Salvage or Prototype? (whichever works better)
I wouldn't want to try since it would be a dick move but I'd be curious about it, I wouldn't mind taking Jacks teleporter armband.

>> No.37484824

You die trying. Full stop.

>> No.37484850

To elaborate:

TARDIS, for example, uses several suns constantly exploding inside of it as a fuel. Do you think you can survive that?

>> No.37484855

It's been done before. You'd briefly attain enlightenment and godlike power as you transcend time and space. You'd then explode soon afterward. If by some miracle you survive said explosion, you'll be stripped of all that power. And then since you absorbed it intentionally instead of as a weird metaphysical accident, the Doctor would probably then torture you for eternity as revenge for trying to kill the only constant in his life.

>> No.37485026

Actually, an extremely powerful being tried! It was an living asteroid that existed outside the known universe. It was called House, and it SPECIALISES in predating upon TARDISes. Normally, it just tries to lure them into its subspace, crash landing them and starve 'em out before transferring their consciousness into a Time Lord host to devour, but due to the Doctor's intervention it ended up being forced to migrate its consciousness into the TARDIS-which had recovered its consciousness into its hardware by this point

At which point the TARDIS cooked it alive. Let me repeat that-inside its own hardware, /the TARDIS cooked to death an entity that evolved to prey on TARDISes with its own soul/

For more information (read: if I got my shit wrong) watch The Doctor's Wife

IIRC isn't that just if you eat the Time Vortex?

>> No.37485052

Ah shit, that'll be something I avoid doing then.
I'd still want to absorb a sonic screwdriver and a vortex manipulator if possible.

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