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Seems like a new battlefleet game is in making.
Your opinion /tg/?

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I have promised you my money, gee-dubs, and apparently you heard my siren call.
I will buy the fuck out of this game. Even if it sucks. I want it not to so badly.

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That ship's got a boner.

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Oh my God Emperor of Mankind.

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>French Developer
It'll be shit.

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>On nous annonce l'utilisation de l'Unreal Engine 4
I'm ready for texture pop-in all over the place.

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You mean the same culture that made:
Wakfu and Dofus?
Another World?
Beyond Good and Evil?
Bloodbowl (2009)?
EYE: Divine Cybermancy?
Every Rayman Game Ever (Most of them anyway)
The WARGAME series?

Are you really going to consign the fate of a single game based on the nationality of its developers?

Because if we're going to do that, boy do I have news for you about videogames from anywhere else in the world.

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By the way folks, I'm French Canadian. When I get back from work later today, I'll translate that article for your reading pleasure.

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> developed by Tindalos Interactive

These guys have only made three games that I can find:

> Etherium, looks like a SupCom style RTS, can't find any reviews

> Stellar Impact, an 'online strategy game' that 'stands somewhere between RTS and MOBAs'. Reviews are largely positive, but not glowing praise

> Bunker Constructor, looks kinda Worms-like. No reviews to be found except for a single Metacritic user review which gives it a 10/10.

Not the WORST track record, but why do GW refuse to give their IP to developers with a bit more pedigree?

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Oh I should point out that Etherium hasn't been released yet, which explains the lack of reviews.

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Because obscure studios don't cost that much.

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Because four monkeys would run that company better than the current board.

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It's not that it would necessarily cost GW anything to license their IP to larger studios, it's that those larger studios would demand more creative freedom and a larger share of the profits. To the beancounters at GW one developer seems much the same as another, so they go for the one that'll let them keep more of the profits, not realising that the profits will be a tenth at best of what they might have been if they'd just licensed it to a larger studio.

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Well thought, sad that this is probably true. Let's just hope that the studio will be 100% into the project.

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>Tindalos Interactive
Let's just hope they won't jump it off corners to murder us.

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What does the fourth monkey do?

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Another thing that they fail to grasp is that use of their IP through things like mass-market computer games is one of the best avenues available to them to increase exposure to their product and bring in the new players they so desperately need. The shareholder reports boast of how they don't waste money on marketing, but by following this approach they're restricting themselves to selling to a dwindling band of increasingly fractious long-term players. If I were in charge of GW I'd wind down the retail arm and devote the (enormous, mind-bogglingly vast) sums of money saved by that into marketing, events, exposing the IP to a wider market, and supporting third-party vendors.

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Throw shit in your face and charge you for the privilege.

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I don't like the lightning on those screenshots, all these many bright neon lights don't make for a very grimdark atmosphere.

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They probably have a huge feat of big vidya projects/studios becasue warhammer online failed so hard.

They also have no clue why that failed, and so now they are afraid and reluctant for all the wrong reasons.


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Basically every studio worth it's weight in shit belongs to some huge publisher already. Licensing can actually bring them money from the publisher, but profits of the game will suffer

Still, if they gave the game to make and sell to someone competent, they would be looking at profit that would make their yearly revenue look like peanuts.
GW makes globally something like 60mln BP a year. A good game makes three-four times that in first month from launch. not to mention WoW makes more than billion dollars a year just from subscribtions.

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I disagree, a little colour is always good.

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Maybe they were close to a stat or some shit like that. Don't worry man, it's just 1 screen, there will be plenty of them soon enough.

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Yeah, the models look kinda shit. As in, games-for-phones-tier shit.

With todays poly counts, they should be able to recreate those ships from the line drawings in teh BFG fleet lists.

And not like a mix of angry birds: cathedral ship edition and plastic toys frm a happy meal box.

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This is pure speculation on my part, but I'd be willing to bet that there's also a reasonably sized potential audience of people who are aware of the 40k universe but don't want to get into the tabletop (the barrier for entry is pretty high these days).

A good vidya could be just the thing to tap into that market.

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Those things are supposed to be miles long.
Why are those bridge windows so fucking huge?

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Because they're flying cathedrals in space, so of course the bridge would have gigantic stained-glass windows.

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Fucking finally!

If this game were moddable it'd probably be worthy of playing for years. But I bet it won't be because GW hates making good games.

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because that's how the Imperium roll

> Windows the size of the Empire State.

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There are three screenshots so, and I'm not so much talking about the background but about the light sources on the ships themselves.

Also I don't feel like the give a good sense of scale for how big these ships really are, they should be strewn with more little small scale details.

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>games-for-phones-tier shit

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>The WARGAME series?
Pretty shit. Anyone familiar with the series knows that.

>EYE: Divine Cybermancy?
I got it for a dollar. Not bad.

>Bloodbowl (2009)?
Cyanide's Blood Bowl, you mean? The game was okay but it deviated from the official rulebook in some areas for no apparently reason. Also the whole Dark Elf expansion thing and then releasing a separate edition with all the races was retarded and bad business practice.

>Beyond Good and Evil?
That was a good video game, but pretty simplistic and easy.

Most importantly of all, are any of those people working on this game? I doubt it. You did say "the same culture." French people also surrender all the time, therefore they will give up on this game. French people routinely get their shit kicked in by Germany in wars, therefore Imperial ships in this game will be bad for their Nazi resemblances. We could go on.

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What windows are we talking about here? I don't see any windows.

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It was literally only announced today. Those screenshots are of either an alpha or a pre-alpha. The models aren't done yet.

Or do you think games companies should focus on making the game pretty first and then work on mechanics later?

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But good 3d models cost time, and time is money, so you better take those 1997-tier low poly shitheaps and like them.
Also, that will be $60, plus $40 DLC for each fleet.

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they're in between the cannons on the side.

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Those aren't windows.

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Oh, I see. Yeah. Yeah those are gigantic.

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>>The WARGAME series?
>Pretty shit. Anyone familiar with the series knows that.

PACT/NATO hater please go bitch about Eurocorps back in your general.

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Well what are they then? They look like giant cathedral windows to me.

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Looks a bit cartoony, like the ship battle view in Endless Space

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>Wargame: EE
>no planes for no discernible reason
>subtitles routinely not the same as the VA
>horrible VA
>unlocking stars at least gave you a reason to play the campaign
>skirmish AI just spammed helicopters
>multiplayer always opened up with MLRS barrages from both sides

>Wargame: ALB
>best multiplayer
>worst single player
>seriously, worst single player in any RTS/RTT game ever created
>everything's unlocked from the beginning, no reason to do anything but multiplayer
>eternal balance complaints

>Wargame: RD
>slightly better single player than ALB but it's not hard to make something better than literal shit
>same VA from EE is back but at least his words and the subtitles align
>boats were half-assed and contributed little to the gameplay
>eternal balance complaints

>the whole series
>shit-awful tutorials
>need 3rd party guides to understand basic mechanics like how damage vs armor works

Thankfully Red Dragon was the last one, and Eugen is doing something else now.

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>Pretty shit. Anyone familiar with the series knows that.
>all games on steam have a user review rating of very positive



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By shape, yes, I think that's what they were looking for when they designed them.
There is no way they are actual windows though. That's utterly retarded even by 40k standards. It would completely destroy the point of armor on those ships.

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If you think that they made a special low-poly shit model for their big announcement, you might want to think that through again.

If anything, they should've made something that actually looks good for this one time.

Because anyone who looks at that without knowing waht BFG is will go 'looks like shit, next'

And peopel who have BFG minis, and know their proportions and dimensions will probably go 'lol, fucked up scaling and proportions, devs obviously can't be arsed to give a shit or even look at their primary source material, game doomed to mediocrity in pre-production'

Or you can go and start the 'but it's a beta, but they'll patch it' circle early and claim that it will all be great even though it looks like shit.

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Man, imagine if they go whole-hog on the astrophysics engine.

>using the gravity well of a planet to slingshot around and ram a Chaos ship
>it does way damage than normal
>disable a ship's engines and watch them get pulled down by a planet with no way to stop

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>using french "culture" to shit on a game just announced.
That is the worst justification to spit on a game I have ever seen.

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>If you think that they made a special low-poly shit model for their big announcement, you might want to think that through again.

Or they could be in-game screenshots of the current developers build because this is early in the development cycle. Have you even considered that possibility?

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>don't worry guys, we'll make the windows smaller in beta

do you know how fucking stupid this sounds?

>> No.37412314

>low polycount shit! They're trying to screw us!
>it's probably still in alpha because it only was announced today
>b-b-b-but windows!

Do you know how fucking stupid YOU sound?

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I support this man.

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>using french "culture" to get hyped for a game just announced.
That is the worst justification to heap praise on a game I have ever seen.

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GW make closer to £120 million a year, but their profits are only in the £10-20 million range. They used to get £5 million or so from royalties back when they had stuff licensed to THQ, now it's less than a couple of million. That extra income could make quite a difference to their profit margin.


To expand on this point a little, GW emp0loys something like 150 people in design and product development, another 150 in production, 400 odd in administration (a lot of whom will be administering stuff related to their shops), and 1100 or so in their retail arm. That's 60% of their staff, perhaps even more if you count the administration and management involved in running physical shops. Once you factor in the rental and upkeep costs, how much of that £25 they charge you for a box of marines is going towards keeping their stores in operation - £10? £15? £20? There's one of the biggest reasons for GW having such an expensive product.

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If anything companies put out bullshots first that are altered and actually look better than what will be delivered.

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Never said it would be awesome or whatever, I'm just neutral at the moment, you know, not raging and frothing on the first screens of the game.

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I don't really understand why they don't re-license to Relic, they were producing solid, critically acclaimed games.

>> No.37412389

Relic died with THQ, didn't it?

>> No.37412390

Relic is kill, anon

>> No.37412393

Sega probably wasn't interested. Space Marine was kinda a flop for THQ.

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Officially hyped, I love space games and the permadeath aspect sounds really neat. Hopefully, between this and Total War: Warhammer, we'll see a bit of a return to the era of quality GW videogames, rather than the iphone trash they've been pumping out of late.

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They were bought by SEGA when THQ died. No idea what their current project is.

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So no more Relic games? Ever?

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> Relic
> The guys who made Homeworld
> Not making the BFG game

don't do this to me anon, my heart can't take it.

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Wasn't the Armageddon TBS game pretty good? It got good reviews on Steam last I saw.

>> No.37412417

You might say they're a RELIC of the past now!

>> No.37412419


We'll wait and see. Not gonna be over-hyped about it, tho

>> No.37412420

Wait, you can read French? What does the article say?

>> No.37412422

It was ok.

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Sega own them, and as far as I know they're fine. Just the licensing deal automatically reverted when THQ folded.

That's how they've been able to replace the gamespy network stuff in DoW 1 games with steamplay after the old servers closed. You can get steam keys for free if you open a ticket with Sega customer support and provide photo proof of ownership of the games.

It'd be retarded for GW not to try to restart things with them purely for DoW, really.

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holy sshit this is the first I've heard of Total War: Warhammer, hype as fuck

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Given the latest GW vidya...prepare your ass for paywall and mediocrete gameplay. At least they can't really make an RTS mobile....maybe.

>> No.37412438

> those larger studios would demand more creative freedom
That´s not possible, because GW doesn´t give a shit about cohesion, as long as money falls their way, which is more likely with bigger developers.

>> No.37412449

orange and a little blue, almost textbook.

>> No.37412458

Not ever. GW's too stupid to see money apart from overpriced collector's pieces. They can't see the cash cow they have at their fingertips, in spite of our complaints that they're money grubbing spastics.

>> No.37412471

I can. Basically, Unreal engine 4, strategic dimension, customisation for ships, permadeath, RPG aspect because your crew and admiral will gain exp and I think that's it. Sorry if there's any mistake.

>> No.37412493

>Total War: Warhammer
Hopefully GW are leveraging that business venture to build ties to Sega with a view to working with Relic again.

The fact that Sega gave the go ahead to patch DoW to use steamplay and then give free steam keys to existing DoW owners to help preserve the multiplayer community for the original games is a positive sign to, I feel.

>> No.37412504

> getting hyped for a total war game.

Recent history has shown us that that is unwise.

>> No.37412513

Shit I didn't know that about Sega, good sign indeed!

>> No.37412514

even if its a shit total war game it'd still be a good warhammer game

>> No.37412533

Looking at some of the problems Rome II had on launch.

> Crashing
> Bugs
> Rubbish texture optimisation
> Incompetent AI
> Poor performance

The Warhammer theme alone could not make up for all that.

>> No.37412551


Interesting. Presumably they can use the "ESCAPE PODS" justification for any carryover of stats and shit.

A Relic staffer posted the information on it here:

I was going to do it at Xmas, but they wanted me to include my email on a post-it in the photos and I was visiting family when I got the response so I'll have to open a new ticket by now.

>> No.37412596

I highly doubt they'd do something that bad again

>> No.37412621

I'd say those ship looks like escort ships (with the spinal-mounted lance cannon) and those aren't that big.

>> No.37412636

At least they properly patched that stuff and are likely to be more careful in future.

>> No.37412653

>are likely to be more careful in future.
People have been saying this for over a decade now, they haven't learned

>> No.37412664

It was fine I nothing special but solid stratagy game

>> No.37412746

The total war engine and interface carries over between games; I gather a large part of the fuckup in Rome II was because they had made a lot of changes all at once and didn't test properly either for user friendliness or code stability/optimisation. It was essentially a QC failure, and rather than burying their heads in the sand after the wave of criticism they actually fixed their shit.

>> No.37412828

>fixing their shit
Just that is still so much more than many devs.

>> No.37412836

Might be cool. I'll see how it is closer to release.

BFG is a much, much better game system than fantasy/40k have been for the last 10 years. I hope this adaption gives it justice.

>> No.37412908

Maybe they're made of transparent wonder materials that are pretty much as tough as Armour. 40k is pretty soft scifi and window doesn't mean glass.

>> No.37412941

Sapphire can be pretty strong, comparable with steel, certainly enough to be used as armor in some cases. Even some glasses (amorphous solids) can be very, very durable.

That said, yeah, the windows are far from the most silly thing about 40k spaceships.

>> No.37412945

The guys who made homeworld for relic have their own company now.
They're working on a homeworld prequal game at the moment

>> No.37412946
File: 67 KB, 640x480, 07b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37412969

Isn't that a huge structural weakness anyway ? One single broken window and you depresurize half of the ship

>> No.37412988

Even a large breach in the hull would cause very powerful localized suction/wind, but wouldn't depressurize a ship that size quickly. Imagine a really, really big jug of water with a small hole poked in it.

I think you can also assume that even imperial ships are divided into many compartments that can be sealed to hold in air and isolate damage.

>> No.37413004

Considering we're already in the opening stages of the synthetic sapphire window industry, that's not too hard to believe. Tech firms are interested because it's incredibly scratchproof so great for mobile devices, and architects love it because it's in the same load bearing ballpark as steel and concrete, but not even twice the density of regular glass. Spacecraft engineers love it because it would let you build bigass windows that can still handle pressure differentials way higher than one atmosphere, plus it's so chemically resistant it should be able to ignore the horribly caustic atmosphere on Venus as well as the extremely high pressure there (NASA wants to use it for optical instrumentation windows on probes for that reason). nerds love it because it's crystalline Al_2O_3, so it's "transparent aluminum" just like in my Star Trek

>> No.37413012

"Stained glass"indows made of saphire, emeralds and rubies and such is exactly the kind over the top stuff that would fit right with mile high gold hood ornaments the imperium has going on with its ships.

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>> No.37413074

High poly models are made first. Then the details are baked on to the texture maps, displacement maps, lighting maps, etc. of the low poly models. If anything those models should be the best ones they have. Especially for promotional materials.

So either they are so early in development that they just threw those models together for the announcement (which contradicts what the article says, that it has been in development in secret for months), or those are the best models that they have, or they didn't show their best stuff - which still raises questions of their competence.

I wouldn't call it phone quality shit tier myself, but it's like... early ps3/360 quality.

>> No.37413078

I hope you get to play more and have less instinctual shit.

I would be very happy about chaos renegade fleets with Spess Hulks.

>> No.37413085

Considering that before Rome 2 we had the debacle that was Empire I think you are being awfully generous. CA is the laziest fucking company ever, with the number of bugs and issues with their games at launch I seriously doubt that they even used beta testers in the past.

>> No.37413107

>early ps3/360 quality.
What? My fucking Nintendo 64 had games less cartoony looking than that. Really those graphics are shit, and the cartoony appearance sure as hell doesn't help. I can deal with poor graphics but cartoony war games just kills the feeling of playing a war game.

>> No.37413138

Final models won't be done yet, and final textures, the part that really matter, are far out at this point, lighting and art choices won't have been made a few months in, and the visual direction could be very different in the finished product.

That said, I could imagine they'd want to keep it IOS/Android friendly, and thus aim for a nice safe low spot.

>> No.37413156

I find it hilarious that it is a /tg/ thread where people are bitching about the graphics, instead of a /v/ thread.
People over at /v/, seem to be just happy and exited that this game is finally being made.

>> No.37413169


BFG game? IhopeitsgoodIhopeitsgoodIhopeitsgoodIhopeitsgoodIhopeitsgood...
Those models? Damn, I seriously hope that these are just some random concept art...

But the finished game might be good (even if the ships look "wrong.")

Then you remind me about Homeworld... And that the company that did it is kill... And reveal that the crew that did Homeworld is making another game in the series...

>> No.37413173

/v/ being happy? Pic or it didn't happen

>> No.37413188

See for yourself.

>> No.37413192


>> No.37413196

As a former QA tester for Sony, I gotta say that this is a common misconception. At least at Sony, most of the bugs (I'd guess around 90%) that consumers find were discovered, researched, documented, and reported. The decision was then made to not do anything about it by a producer. This was done either because time was running out, the game was running over budget, and/or they were afraid of introducing new bugs with "unnecessary" fixes to an "acceptable" bug.

I can't speak for CA, obviously. But I'm saying that their infamous launch issues could be the fault of someone deciding to push the game out anyway, despite known issues.

>> No.37413215

This. Also its an RTS and those are normally much lower poly count on individual models, because you're normally looking at them from "far away" and you'll likely have a lot of them active in view at a given time.

>> No.37413232

What's odd is that the little forest of buildings on the tops of these has appropriately scaled windows. I dislike the big pointless panels of light, they mess with the sense of scale; it should all be either actual windows or things like external spotlights the way you get lighting up actual cathedrals at night on earth, the pooling shadows and light gradients would reinforce the monumental scale quite nicely.

>> No.37413241

The new homeworld game is called Homeworld:Ship breakers if you want too look it up. Gearbox who are publishing it since the own the HW locrnse are also doing a HD remake of HW 1 and 2.

>> No.37413252

But this is a space game. There will be a lot less models on the screen to compete for poly count.

It could be what this guy >>37413138
said in that they're trying to keep it mobile friendly

>> No.37413254

Which is still the fault of the company and thus not a sign of any sort of random fluke. Every total war game is filled with bugs at launch, it is just that Shogun 2 had fewer than Empire or Rome 2.

>> No.37413272

For sure. I'm just saying their problems shouldn't automatically be the fault of bad or non-existent QA testing is all.

>> No.37413277

Indeed I saw. /tg/ I am disappoint.

>> No.37413295


The fear of a very lovedt hing turning to shit is real.

>> No.37413308

Even still space RTS have still had the relatively low poly count models compared to fps and rpgs of the same age.

>> No.37413337

We must place our faith in the Golden Throne.

>> No.37413365


>Still believing in a corpse god 015.M3

>> No.37413386

I'll take healthy skepticism over blind optimism any day.

>> No.37413404

Well shit, people believe in some guy on a cross. At least mine's pimpy!

>> No.37413411

I am giddy about the chaos ships, thats all.

>> No.37413414

> implying Jesus wasn't actually the Emperor.

>> No.37413422

>implying the Emperor is a corpse and not alive and kicking

>> No.37413427

Even though I'm not chaos, I really would like to shout my ship's name, just like in damnation's reach!
>Sound in space
>chaos bitch!

>> No.37413455

I didn't know the current 40k year.

Please explain this, haven't read it if it is abook.

>> No.37413506

I've played Stellar Impact. It's a good take on space ship combat, moba style.

You could take different hulls, and equip with found items (weapons, turrets, engine, generator, etc.) and level up. Also, every ship had a pre set of different skills to chose from, varying by its hull and role.

The maps were having bases, nebulas, suns, asteroids etc. etc. all with different effects.

And the controls were to lock on to the target then fire by pressing space, while adjusting speed with w and s, and steering a and d.

Overall, the game was quite nice, but it lacked playerbase. It's also cheap (dirtcheap while in sale). Maybe you wanna pick it up and get used to the game, while you wait on the BFg game.

>> No.37413514

I reckon there was a fuckhuge Chaos ship in it, possesed by daemons and whatnot, and the thing was screaming it's name (for that explanation we shall call it RAPETOR) on all vox frequencies and in space itself. At the end of the book the ship starts chasing the imperial's ones.

>> No.37413532

>The WARGAME series?
>Pretty shit. Anyone familiar with the series knows that.

Are you retarded?

>> No.37413547


Oh yes, they have a cruiser I believe ..in BFG that has a Mark of Khorne and continually broadcasts Bloodrage or somesuch.

Therefore it was dubbed the Bloodrage.

What is better during boarding actions, nids or chaos?

>I believe the nids can't even be properly boarded...right?

>> No.37413580


PC? Damnit.

I was hoping for an iPhone or tablet release. That would've made me shit my pants.

>> No.37413584

Well nids sometimes don't even board, their ships just fucking SWALLOW the smaller ones.

>> No.37413605

It really depends. Zerkers backed up by tacticals are going to be better than a swarm of 'gaunts, but if you bring genestealers and shit into the mix, it's really a toss-up. Astartes have been shown to be able to take on fuckloads of Nids when in a group, but then again...
>Also, I'm not even sure you'd ever want to board a Nid ship.

>> No.37413635


Yeah, I believe Chaos has a huge range advantage anyway, so just blasting away might be the best tactic.

I was talking about the BFG rules.

But yeah, boarding a nid ship sound stupid.

>> No.37413737


let's just hope it'll be closer to the Armageddon-game than the abomination called Storm Of Vengeance(yeah it was made into a computer-game and you'll wish that'll never happened!).

>> No.37413960
File: 60 KB, 317x628, 1409192079258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Orks confirmed as a playable race


>> No.37414029


>> No.37414137

Generally speaking, when Tyranids board an enemy ship, they'll flood it with shock troops - Genestealers, Raveners and Carnifexes seem to be the most commonly mentioned. On the defensive, they use Tervigons to patrol the corridors of their Hive Ships. If one runs into an enemy boarding party, it'll seek to tie them down by spawning waves of Termagants, while sending out a psychic signal that brings down every Tyranid within range upon its location.

>> No.37414153


Why doesn't she ship just eat invaders or flood its tubes with digestive juices?

>> No.37414214

That's a bit like saying "why doesn't every Imperial ship have an automatic Heavy Bolter sighted down every corridor in case it gets boarded." In some places, Hive Ships do have their own defenses. For example, there's a short story where a number of Space Wolves board a Hive Ship, and one of them is killed when a fanged orifice opens up beneath his feet and swallows him. But there comes a point where it's a waste of resources to engineer more and more defenses just in case you get boarded.

>> No.37414222

The Killfrenzy.

>> No.37414249

True that.

Daemon ships are a different thing though.

Ort he Terminus Est, they can't be boarded at all in-game.


Thank you.

>> No.37414267

>Ort he Terminus Est, they can't be boarded at all in-game.

I believe that's correct, but it's been a long, long time since I looked over the BFG rules.

>> No.37414295
File: 1.26 MB, 1649x745, Imperial Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I got my hand on some models and some sheets I will post here.

I wish there were more for all factions.

>> No.37414301
File: 20 KB, 243x240, 1403384536509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people bitching about the graphics earlier
>game is going to use UE4

>> No.37414304
File: 1.12 MB, 1557x703, Chaos Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh yeah, playing BFG over roll20.

>> No.37414334

>Decide to show off a game we are developing
>Purposely make the game look like shit
Either the developers are retarded in which case the game will probably be shit or this is the best they think they can/will get in which case it will be shit.

>> No.37414396

It's going to be an RTS. You are, in all likelyhood, going to be looking at the ship models from an overhead/isometric viewpoint, at a distance, and not studying them up close. So long as the gameplay is good, the graphics just have to be functional, and that's exactly what the screenshots are showing. They're hardly breathtaking, but they're pretty enough and will look perfectly fine when viewed from a typical RTS distance.

>> No.37414413

its ok we all have anon, we all have

>> No.37414439

Thank you! Someone said it right!

>> No.37414460

Unless it's going to be in the vein of Homeworld or Nexus, that is.

>> No.37414477

>It's going to be an RTS.
I keep hearing this but it doesn't change the fact that they are purposely giving the game a cartoony look which one can see from a distance. Take for example Empire Earth and Empire Earth 2. The former was my favorite RTS ever, the latter is a steaming pile of shit. Perhaps the biggest reason I was never able to enjoy the latter was because the graphics ruined the feel, even from a distance you could tell that it was cartoony and it kills the vibe of playing a serious war game.

>> No.37414496
File: 1.60 MB, 1641x949, Crons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have some Necrons to contribute

>> No.37414559

I wouldn't call the screenshots we've seen cartoony. Colourful, yes, but not cartoony. That said, avoiding a game because you don't like the art style is perfectly valid - but that doesn't make the art style shit, just not to your tastes.

>> No.37414562
File: 1.61 MB, 1637x935, Eldar Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found even more while doing reverse image search!

This is worth sharing.

>> No.37414577
File: 1.89 MB, 1625x919, Ork Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37414590
File: 1.12 MB, 1645x871, Space Marine Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37414604
File: 1.75 MB, 1631x949, Tau Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whoever did this, I am awfully thankfull for that.

>> No.37414616

Wow, some guy really did a nice job on these.

>> No.37414626
File: 896 KB, 1475x833, Rogue Trader Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think they are a good way of playing Rogue Trader!

Oh yes, definetly.

>> No.37414629

As much as I want this to be good, and as much as I hope it will be good. . .

They fucked up the models for their day 1 announcement screenshots.
And let's not fool ourselves here, the proportions are wrong and the 3d models are not even on a level of 'low poly blockout', they look like things used to look ten years ago.
And this isn't some engine they got for a box of donuts and a handshake when some other studio crashed and burned. It's Unreal Engine 4.

While it can be true that we will not look closely at the models anyway and will be using a while fleet of ships, it's an indicator that the devs are unable or unwilling to really go for high quality.

Wether that is due to monetary constrainst, insufficient experience or any number of other perfectly understandable reasons is unimportant.
This just points to a product that will be mediocre at best, because if they can't be arsed to get the visauls right why would they treat the rules/game mechanics differently?

Yeah, maybe I'm overly critical. But go ask the guys who played MechWarrior Online about how those small things that just feel a bit off can tip you off.

>> No.37414637
File: 1.83 MB, 1649x943, System Ships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Aaaaandt hats it!

>> No.37414644

The graphics are still objectively shit compared to contemporary RTS games. Hell look at those asteroids in the backgrounds, they look more like crumpled up balls of paper than asteroids.

>> No.37414664

>Useing Unreal Engine 4
You realize they are setting up to multiplatform it to IOS and Android devices right? Got to be ready to downscale everything but keep them visually distinct on a cell phone screen.

>> No.37414687

Maybe I'm too easily pleased but I don't really think it looks like shit honestly, I mean it's quite decent in my opinion, I'm not looking for a Frying gamer pc level of graphics but still, I like that.

>> No.37414688

I get an odd 'feels like mechwarrior tactics' vibe when I look at those screenshots.

And MWT turned out to be a failure and a scam.

>> No.37414706

>They fucked up the models for their day 1 announcement screenshots.
Hardly. As far as space RTS goes these ships are extremely detailed.

The distinct glowing areas are a way to help pick out individual ships from the background.

>> No.37414729

>You realize they are setting up to multiplatform it to IOS and Android devices right?

>Yeah, the models look kinda shit. As in, games-for-phones-tier shit.
That was me.

>> No.37414745
File: 28 KB, 317x310, adagio a shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Fucking really.

Take a look at the ships in Sins of a Solar Empire and tell me how "objectively shit" these are again. These are actually very detailed for a FUCKING SPACE COMBAT RTS.

Holy shit you people are spoiled.

>> No.37414825

/tg/ has become a whiny bitch whenever we give thel something. Jesus Christ I'm hyped just by the fact that they do a 40k Game, and I'm happy with it.
You know something is wrong when /v/ is more positive about a game than /tg/.

>> No.37414853

Pretty much this. Good gameplay always trumps sub-par visuals anyway (of course, how good the gameplay is will remain to be seen).

>> No.37414899

>Hardly. As far as space RTS goes these ships are extremely detailed.
What was the last space RTS? Was that Homeworld 2 or Star Trek Armada 2?
Anyway, beating their polycounts and textures in 2015 should be a given thing.

And even then, the proportions are wrong, those ships just look like cartoony versions of the actual BFG minis and line drawings

If you want to count Sins of a Solar Empire as RTS, the models there at least manage to not look like plastic toys.

>The distinct glowing areas are a way to help pick out individual ships from the background.
That is plain bullshit. Just look at Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire. They gave their ships a paintjob, running lights and engines.
Bigass glowy bits stuck everywhere just make it look like a saturday morning cartoon or a flash game.

>> No.37414925

> the models there at least manage to not look like plastic toys.

It's funny because the ships in this game are actually based on plastic toys.

>> No.37414954
File: 24 KB, 394x274, 1420601274818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you want to count Sins of a Solar Empire as RTS, the models there at least manage to not
look like plastic toys.
>look like plastic toys


what do you think Battlefleet Gothic IS, m8

>> No.37414958

I don't know, Sins is all about literally hundreds of ships slugging it out, and was released what, 5 years ago? The relatively simple geometry of the ships was a deliberate choice to allow a video card to put a lot of them out at once.

A BFG game should have at most a few dozen in a battle.

>> No.37414960
File: 386 KB, 785x590, advice_on_v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/v/ is more positive about a game than /tg/
Here is an old, old thing about /v/.

>> No.37414978

A few dozen capital ships.

The fleets have hundreds of smaller escort ships fighting and screening each other.

>> No.37415005

Detailed plastic and pewter spaceships.

Not happy-meal-chinese-plastic-toys-for-6-year-olds.

Just look at the fuckign bridge structure on the screenshots and compare them to the actual miniature.
Look at the ram. The antennae.

The proportions are wrong, and they stuck glowy shit all over it. It looks like pure shit made for some crappy tablet and phone game like the anon above said.

>> No.37415025

You can even see it in one of the released screenshots. There are 3 Lunar-class cruisers being screened by at least 9 smaller frigates. I can only imagine the bigger ships would get even more escorts.

Make a decent fleet, and throw it at another decent fleet, and those ships start adding up.

>> No.37415055

Then I have a proposition for you, dear anon. How about you fuck off and let us enjoy the fact that we will have a game that many of us prayed for, while you get back to your cave grumbling about shitty graphics that no fan cares about?
Thank you.

>> No.37415129
File: 35 KB, 600x450, Overlord class.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops, excuse me, those appear to be Overlord class battlecruisers instead.

Other than the bridge being about 3 decks taller, I really don't see that much of a difference.

>> No.37415172
File: 29 KB, 318x341, 1409444713222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, in fact, it looks like the game model is CONSIDERABLY more detailed than the table model, while still keeping the same proportions.

Whadda ya know.

>> No.37415212

>And still people dare to complain.
captcha: Goork...ERE WE GO! WAAAGH!!!

>> No.37415241
File: 90 KB, 477x580, no_sign_drowning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't stop you from paying $60 for a phone game, and I fully realize that many people will do just that.

But I can point out that the 3d models are badly proportioned and have glowy bits stuck over them to make them appeal to phone gamers because some clueless bigwig at GW HQ decided to play bullshit bingo and wants to 'penetrate the mobile market'.

And I can guarantee you that it would look a lot better (and sell better on actual gaming platforms) with good, correctly proportioned models.

Also, consider the implications of the lack of visual authenticity when applied to game mechanics, as mentioned above. If you are already not giving a shit about how it looks, why bother giving a shit about how it works?

>> No.37415288

Wait for more screen then, surely the guys won't leave us hanging with that

>> No.37415296

>the same proportions
The ram is about three times more massive on the 3d model, I would not call that keeping the same proportions.

Or maybe they just fucked up the perspective?

>> No.37415309

> I can't stop you from paying $60 for a phone game

We know pretty much nothing about how this will play, there's a lot more to a 'phone game' than just worse visuals.

> But I can point out that the 3d models are badly proportioned and have glowy bits stuck over them to make them appeal to phone gamers because some clueless bigwig at GW HQ decided to play bullshit bingo and wants to 'penetrate the mobile market'.

You're pulling this out of your ass.

>> No.37415328
File: 33 KB, 583x463, img4b42900a80081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, check >>37412103 again. The ram is proportionally the same size.

>> No.37415348

I dunno about you guys, but I'm hype as fuck about this. I hope they don't cancel it or stick their managerial dick into it before its done.

Loved the fuck out of Homeworld and other starship games. Hoping this turns out like it.

>> No.37415365
File: 49 KB, 600x400, img4830d1ed128bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not a ram, it's a nova cannon (I think that's the name). Slightly different to what you have there.

>> No.37415369

What are those huge torpedo things sticking out front? I thought those sloping plates were for ramming, but those giant missiles kinda get in the way. Do they fire those first before ramming or something?

>> No.37415431
File: 34 KB, 485x189, Overlord_Class_Battlecruiser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are sensor pods of some sort. The Overlord class didn't have a Nova cannon as far as I remember, so you got a choice of sensors to stick on there in its place on the miniature.

It's slightly bigger, bot not really out of line.

>> No.37415514

Oh be still my beating heart!

>> No.37415540


>Or you can go and start the 'but it's a beta, but they'll patch it' circle early

The "It's just a (version)!" crowd is around from day 1, always using that attempt at an argument to excuse shitty art and design choices.

Pic related. It's the release (and beyond) model of a bright wizard. Now compare this to the pre-alpha footage of a bright wizard:


Notice anything different? No, you fucking well don't. It looked like ass in the pre-alpha, and it looked like ass in the final. With very few exceptions, models change precious little during the development cycle.

>> No.37415555

>there's a lot more to a 'phone game' than just worse visuals
Yep. Like dumbed-down gameplay, massive microtransaction jewing and cimicy visial style, which conspires to deliver a massive failure on all levels.

I pray to the Emperor that this is not what we will get, but from the first screenshot, that is wht it loks like.

I know I sound like a massive party pooper, but prepare for the worst and hope for the best is just the safest way to avoid massive disappointment when it comes to vidya.

>You're pulling this out of your ass.
And you are willfully ignorant, singing praises and riding the hype train.

I would very, very much like this to be good. But those screenshot look like shit, and if it looks shit. . .well, you know the duck test.

I will be the first one to eat crow if I turn out to be wrong. For reference purposes, screenshot this if you want.
To definitely ID me, I'm the one who asked for DLFG's Tiefling to be dressed up like Dejah.

>> No.37415585
File: 323 KB, 1270x1635, 1401205838670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But I can point out that the 3d models are badly proportioned
>And I can guarantee you that it would look a lot better (and sell better on actual gaming platforms) with good, correctly proportioned models.

>saying this when people are posting pictures of the actual models

>> No.37415620

Working for a game developer.

Our brass asked GW for using their IP for a new game, they made it a requirement that the game needs to run on tablets and the older console generation.

Also extremely expensive.

We where planing to make a large scale strategy game. So nope, that won't work.

Bosses weren't sure if this was their way to say "sorry we have a exclusive deal with CA". Or if they are just retarded.

>> No.37415626
File: 122 KB, 648x465, bright.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fucking forgot the pic.

>> No.37415645


It's GW. What do you think?

>> No.37415667


That one
is a Tyrant class cruiser, which can have a Nova cannon.

That is a lunar class cruiser, with Torpedoes.

Certain ships can replace their armored prow (with torps or nova cannon) with sensor clusters.

The torpedo tubes do not weaken the armor, though.

>> No.37415668

>The graphics are still objectively shit compared to contemporary RTS games. Hell look at those asteroids in the backgrounds, they look more like crumpled up balls of paper than asteroids.
>Our brass asked GW for using their IP for a new game, they made it a requirement that the game needs to run on tablets

Well this suggests Armada will be a crossplatform tablet-friendly clusterfuck like the Armageddon game.

>> No.37415686

Shit that's disapointing...

>> No.37415692

>Our brass asked GW for using their IP for a new game, they made it a requirement that the game needs to run on tablets and the older console generation.

>deathwatch will run on tablets

>> No.37415693

> Yep. Like dumbed-down gameplay, massive microtransaction jewing and cimicy visial style, which conspires to deliver a massive failure on all levels.

There is, as of yet, no evidence that this will be the case.

> I pray to the Emperor that this is not what we will get, but from the first screenshot, that is wht it loks like.

The gameplay and price model are not something that can be discerned a handful of screenshots

> And you are willfully ignorant, singing praises and riding the hype train.

I barely get hyped for anything, especially when it comes to video games. I just also don't believe in completely writing a game off because the models in the first screenshots looked a bit off.

> I would very, very much like this to be good. But those screenshot look like shit, and if it looks shit. . .well, you know the duck test.

Visuals are one of the least important parts of games. A game can look like absolute arse but as long as it is mechanically solid and has depth, I'll play the shit out of it.

Of course, there is no assurance that this WILL be mechanically solid, but again this is about making as few assumptions as possible.

>> No.37415724

But anon, did you even look at the proportions of the ram?

In the 3d models, it is about twice as wide and a third longer than it is on the actual miniatures.

The bridge structure is completely fucked up, too.

And there are glowy bits stuck everywhere for no reason, too.

Would it be too hard to just add small lines of lights/windows, to give a proper sense of scale?
A correctly proportioned ram and not a 12 inch ramming dick of Imperial overcompensation?

>> No.37415738
File: 47 KB, 296x317, meeting adjourned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>needs to run on tablets and the older console generation
>they are just retarded
Case closed, everyone go home.

>> No.37415743


Armageddon is exactly why I'm not getting my hopes up yet again.

>> No.37415757

>There is, as of yet, no evidence that this will be the case.

>> No.37415781

>some random post on 4chan

how new are you? I guess every single Smash leak is true too lol

>> No.37415799


>>37415781 has a point. I'm not too optimistic because this is GW after all and gamedev anon may well be telling the truth, I would just like something more concrete before I make up my mind.

>> No.37415966

Oh, certainly.

But the screenshot just looks like cartooney shit, which is why I expect the game to be cartooney shit.

Over the last few years, mobile games became a thing and an actual market. Factoring in GW's general slowness and retardation when it comes to video gama adaptations of their IP, this move at this time would roughly fit the established pattern.

With this timeframe and the screenshots, I am relatively certain that this will turn out to be a mobile/tablet adaptation that will fail, which will in turn doom any hopes for a good PC release.

>> No.37416711

>before I make up my mind


>> No.37416886

You're not very smart are you?

>> No.37416902
File: 43 KB, 600x329, breakers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37417041

>French people also surrender all the time
lol wat?

>French people routinely get their shit kicked in by Germany in wars
lmao wat? Since when is once "routinely"? And even when they lost in WW2 they still had one of the best known resistances ever.

England made up that shit about France being cowards and weak because they got steamrolled in WW2 and they were trying to make the Germans less scary.

>> No.37417113
File: 2.03 MB, 920x1196, Terminus Est.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Daemon ships are a different thing though.

>> No.37417268



>> No.37417392

Because you cannot have Warhammer without Orks. You have to be a retard to have Warhammer without at least one Ork.

>> No.37417409

Maybe it's to save computing power so your machine can have more than one ship on the screen without it having an ulcer.

>> No.37417410


Twice in 25 years may not be "routinely," but it's enough of a pattern to notice, particularly when those wars are the two biggest armed conflicts in human history.

And in WW2, they were just as famed for their collaborators as their resistance.

>> No.37417424

>France got their shit kicked in in WW1

Only if you say that Germany and Britain did as well.

>> No.37417459

They gave THQ pretty free reign and then THQ folded.

I'd not be surprised if they don't trust vidya publishers/developers to remain afloat.

Plus I bet after sales of MoC, WF Online etc they probably shy away from any dev that wants significant share of the profit (aka any established dev)

>> No.37417474

Explain to me how they got their asses kicked in WW1?

>> No.37417483

Hell, if anything its Germany who routinely looses if you go by that measure. They lost 2 world wars in 25 years

>> No.37417494


Absolutely, but they also put up a hell of a fight.

>> No.37417497

The first Indochina war really wasn't that big.

>> No.37417509
File: 55 KB, 500x432, inigo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37417517

France put up just as much of a fight in WW1 AND didn't surrender.

>> No.37417531

Not really, at the end of WW1, France and Germany were both in poor state, but Germany was the worse and people were dying of hunger because all the ressources, what wz left of them anyway, were funneled to the front lines. And don't give me that "US came and won" bullshit, Germany was losing ground already, if anything, the US merely fastforwarded the inevitable.

>> No.37417536

No, I just can't spell

>> No.37417545



>> No.37417553

>Thinking THQ went bankrupt because of the 40k games

>> No.37417591
File: 45 KB, 420x315, warhammer1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1)No, this is a French company, I know not to do that. Fact is they aren't making your orgasm inducing "purty" graphics because they probably don't have the budget. From what I've seen most developers that aren't one of the big AAA makers tend to focus more on making passable graphics with fun gameplay rather than just splerging on a cinematic experience. Most of the big spenders tend to be American developers who get billions every time their latest shooter hits the market.

2) This is GW. They are shit tier when it comes to handling their IP. If anything the Relic games were a miracle that they turned out so well when you look at how much crap was made with other games.

3)Looks fine to me.

>> No.37417622

What? If that's what you read from my post then either you didn't read it or I phrased it poorly.

THQ was a big publisher, which worked with GW and had a fair share of leeway with the developers and direction of GW IP games. when THQ folded, it probably left a sour taste in GW execs mouths because it SHOULD have been stable, and apparently it wasn't.

>> No.37417632
File: 1.10 MB, 800x7233, 9c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


All of you shut up and look at the following

>> No.37417697

Oh I read wrong then. My bad dear anon.

>> No.37417704
File: 1011 KB, 800x7076, 98e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There, now you have no reason to argue. Now shut the fuck up and get back to arguing about games.

>> No.37417718

> New era in 3D RTS
>it's fuckin' Ground Control

>> No.37418173

Can pretty much guarantee it won't have Tyranids, so I don't really give a fuck.

>> No.37418179

When there's very few RTS games around that people actually know of barring Starcraft 2, it's probably safe to claim it's new again.

>> No.37418279

>What is better during boarding actions, nids or chaos?

IIRC in the original BFG boarding rules, each ship had an assault rating, and during a boarding action the two players roll a D6 and add their assault value. Chaos had much higher values than Imperial ships.

Then you had the fucking Tyranids. They rolled 2D6 and added their assault value, and if you boarded them, you rolled 3D6 and took the lowest. AND they had really high static values. AND their ships could grapple other ships with tentacles and claws and get free boarding actions against them every turn while still doing other shit. But, this is all super hazy recollection from a game I only read the rules for but never actually played over ten years ago.

>> No.37418311


Oh wow.

Keep away from them and sterilize the whole motherfucking sector I guess.

>> No.37418378

Yeah, the way to beat them was just to kite as long as possible and focus fire the synapse (they had synapse ships and instinctive behaviour drones in space too, just like with the ground armies). For a "melee" focussed force, Tyranid ships were actually pretty slow, but they could also shit out ungodly amounts of fighter/bomber/torpedo/boarding craft swarms, so those had to be maneuvered around as well.

>> No.37418616

>>boats were half-assed and contributed little to the gameplay

Salty child that got overrun by marines when he had the land front locked down, detected.

>> No.37418787

1/10 got me to respond.
Nobody could legitimately defend the implementation of naval warfare in that game. It was a bad idea from the start, a horrific implementation right from first public sight in the closed beta, and a gigantic turd hanging off the arse of the game ever since.

It's not that it's just badly done, its that it could never have been done well given the scale and style of the battles, and it wasted a lot of time and effort in development that could have been spent on refining the problems left over from ALB and other game improvements.

>> No.37418810


Hm how were they armored?

I am thinking how Space Marine fleets would handle them.

Both are pretty close ranged, but I guess the Marines can stand their ground.

We will see how it is handled in the game.

>> No.37419152

>Hm how were they armored?
They where pretty average in that respect.
space marines want too do short range shooting, which some of their ships cam do well at. Buy even marines don't want too get too close when a tyranid light cruiser can take on a battlebarge in a boarding action and be at roughly equal odds of winning.

>> No.37419944

Their armor wasn't anything special, but they had ablative shields out the ASS from clouds of spore mines surrounding them (which they could replenish every turn), and the big Hive Ships had some of the highest Wound/Hull Point counts in the game afaik

Still, enough shots that ignored shields and you could cripple them and cause them to bleed out. They had a special table they had to roll on when taking too much damage due to being giant living creatures.

>> No.37419979

Warhammer game comes out, it's a Guard vs Tau thing with you playing a Guardsman.

There is a random Ork sitting in the middle of nowhere tinkering with something, keeps talking about mo dakka,

>> No.37420002

But Eldar shit is broken as fuck on the tabletop. How's that going to translate into this game? Or is it doomed to be everyone playing Eldar fleets because it'll be auto-win?

>> No.37420005
File: 556 KB, 863x752, fukken xenos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd play it.

>> No.37420065

They'll have massively high resource costs and always be outnumbered. Like Protoss in SC2.

>> No.37420098

Make it an RPG like thing, you get new skills and better gear to suit your fighting style as you kill more enemies and complete objectives given to you.When you die you just become a different guardsman, you have basic equipment and no skills.

Could make it so companions are fellow squad members and have Republic Commando like commands and tactics you can use.

>> No.37420144
File: 589 KB, 1000x1154, Stormtrooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Could make it so companions are fellow squad members and have Republic Commando like commands and tactics you can use.
tfw you will never play Imperium Commando

>> No.37420194

Someone beg GW and offer them many shekels until they hire a company to make it

>> No.37420226
File: 561 KB, 1200x1491, 1378525716053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want the EYE devs to do it after the Deathwatch game. Them, I trust.

>> No.37420239

I like that scale

>> No.37420253

Someone should suggest the idea to them, maybe they'll ask GW to let them.

>> No.37420283

>TFW you'll never purge a planet of traitors and witness the landing fleet disgorge thousands of soldiers to bring the Emperors judgement upon the enemy.

>> No.37420392

It could have been so...with Dark Millenium ;_;

>> No.37420418

They are. Every single deck, theater, and galley is sealed off from all others unless someone is moving through, which generally only happens outside of combat. This is to keep the crew members where they belong, since 99% of them are gang-pressed slaves that live, work, eat, sleep and shit in a single huge fucking room alongside 50 others.

>> No.37420439
File: 97 KB, 800x1149, Inquisitor Titus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because fuck money.

>> No.37420510

Looks absolutely awful.

>> No.37420725

Orbital mechanics do not work that way. There's a reason no game other than orbiter and ksp use them.

>> No.37420807

It works that way in 40k. Battlefleet Gothic is just the Age of Sail but in space.

>> No.37421017


DeathWING. The EYE devs are making a DeathWING game not Deathwatch.

>> No.37421407

Thank you man, my eyes were bleesing from seeing that mistake. Although a deathwatch one would be so fucking cool.

>> No.37421690

Just for the sake of nerdgasm

>> No.37421755


>> No.37423708

With the windows glowing that bright, how can anybody possibly see inside?

The bridge should not look like the inside of a lighthouse.

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