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How did no one have this up? I almost had a panic attack when I woke up to no /jc/.

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I'm gonna take a wild guess and say almost everyone is asleep

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Calm your horses, usually about this time there's some lag between threads. Most the European crowd are finishing up work, Aussies still sleeping, and Americans are working or at school.

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Well as an Aussie I would like to say that I am in fact awake. However if you meant 'normal' Australians than you would be right.

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I do not know who the woman with the bow is, but it looks like she needs to eat a sandwich.

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Whoever it is needs to eat a sammich, but I think ITS A TRAP.

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It's a gijinka of Xerneas legendary Pokemon from I think X&Y.

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Tactical high heels. Always a good choice for adventure.

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A question jumpers: What does your army look like? Are they golems, fell beasts, robots, or some combination of all three? What are your heavy units like, are they souped-up tanks or something far more complex? Finally, what's your air power look like- airships and dragons or maybe drone jets and Aigaion derivatives?

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Anything with sapience or higher has to be a companion, so I'd assume that almost everything would be automatons. This assumes that you can work around space restrictions to bring them from world to world anyway.

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Hmm, I haven't really thought about it. Give me a bit, I'll write something up. Probably will have robots in it. So many robots. I don't care if mecha realistically aren't feasible, we're in the world of fiction. I can have all the Gundams I want.

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Most jumpers wouldn't have armies. It's generally considered a no-no to allow people to buy them, considering the fuss even something like the Waddle Dees kick up.

Of course, the few who do go with robots. Soulless robots with no sapience, built primarily for murder.

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Shaped Creatures outfitted in the best Power Armor and Guns I can mass-produce
They are allied by Zerg under the control of Kerrigan

I figure I can make all sorts of shit like Tanks, Planes, or just Creations who can fly.

If need be I can be my own army due to Starfish from Terraformars

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>Anything with sapience or higher has to be a companion
I always assumed I can make things while I'm in universe for >>37373897
But I can't bring stuff to the next universe unless I make it a companion

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I very rarely deal with such things. Armies... too much responsibility. I already have enough on my plate with research, exploring things, and dealing with stuff myself. There's literally no need for an army for me.

Which isn't to say I don't have HELPERS. A Clank Assistant, some robot helpers, just generally stuff to help sort things and keep the warehouse tidy. If I ever go with robot combat minions it's usually due to trying to play a role of sorts.

Much like in Xiaolin Showdown where I mostly pretended to be an alternate version of Jack who absorbed Wuya for her magics, hence the different look. I can't WAIT to see how everyone loses their shit.

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For robot/drone armies RWBY's size reduction tech is essential- it allows you to shrink robotic things to about a 1/80 scale which means you can fit a complete army into a carefully stacked shipping container.

Throw Harry Potters "bigger on the inside" magic and shrinking magic into the mix an you can fit an army + heavy units like Jagers, flying carriers, destroyers, and even a dreadnaught or two into the same shipping container, along with some per-fabricated bases and a whole lot of static defenses.

To control all of these you need a good network and system admin., and that's where my Halo A.I. and my Rotom come into play. When they work in tandem they can control huge amounts of units.

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>absorbed Wuya for her magics
Red I haven't felt this way in over 100 jumps
But I dislike you right now.

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Yep, you can. I meant that anything with sapience or higher that you want to bring along will have to be a companion.

In your case, you want quick, easily disposable armies. In mine, I have a company. Two platoons of robots and another of men.

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Yeah, it's weird
On one hand I have my Companions who I love and want to protect and make stronger, and I want JUSTICE and all that
But I know that on the rare occasion I need an army my best option is easily disposable Shaped things using insanely powerful Power Armor and Guns

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I personally dislike working around size restrictions, so two platoons of robots is pretty much all I'd go for. Of course, when shit goes down, I'd probably go with the same thing you went for, minus the power armour. That shit takes up space, and I might as well take a short while longer to whip up some IC chips and internal systems to make them robots.

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>didn't read the whole thing
>didn't see 'pretend'

Jack and Wuya don't know WHERE the hell I came from. It's a bullshit story, a con. I want Jack to freak out that there's a (supposedly) genderbent version of him doing a better job than him, and to make Wuya think Jack is a crazy psychopath waiting to be unleashed.

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Ah, my mistake
I take back my statement

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Elite Beat Agents (very) WIP

Mostly just staking a claim on the game.

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That's how my army started out. At first they were just some helping hands, but eventually I re-shaped them into fighting machines. They stand as a physical example of the fruits of my research. Plus, I know I can't fight against some armies all by my lonesome, and it helps to have legions of battle-bots standing between me and my enemies.

Take Marvel for instance, some of my companions are going to go and fight against the Annihilation Wave, Ultron's army, and the Cancerverse Invasion. They NEED an armada to evacuate planets and stand against the massive tide of enemies, and even then I fully expect that some companions will die defending planets.

Some things are just easier if you have a whole lot of units to throw around.

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Will there be a drawback where at the end of our jump the sun goes out and we have to successfully lead humanity in one world-wide cheer in order to relight it before we can leave?

>> No.37374090

There may or may not be a drawback that requires you to fight an alien invasion, reigniting the sun, or in general combat an existential threat through nothing more than the power of music.

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All this speaking of armies has me wondering, what happens when you use out of universe units in Erfworld? Are they immune to upkeep costs because they are from outside the universe, or are they given stats like a unit popped in-universe?

If I pull out a Jager will I instantly bankrupt myself with its upkeep?

Alternatively, could I use my accrued gold horde to fund my side? I have horde worthy of Smaug by now, and its mostly sitting doing nothing, I'd love to have it useable in Erfworld.

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SB has developed a Traveler jump they feel ready to share.


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You can convert Gems into Shmuckers by touch. Gold would simply count as coins, which are not considered to be money for the purposes of conversion.

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Wow, that's almost masterful trolling. I approve.
Personally, I just showed up and started crashing on Jack's couch. For the whole jump.
There's a bunch of backstory I wrote about it but it's silly and dumb.

ROBOTS. Lots and lots of robots. The pinacle of which ends up being basically Mini Jagers based off the Mysterious Blueprints, which are then shrunk down using miniaturization technology from 007, and then loaded up with advanced AI and weaponry. Like lasers! Extremely powerful lasers.
But they're somewhat complicated to actually make until I set up a well-off factory system, so a lot of times I end up making weaker stuff to start.

In a pinch, though, I can also create golems basically from scratch in mass quantities, thanks to a combination of clapchemy and Smithy's Army from Mario Jump. They are not great on power, but they can quickly help set up a foundation.

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I'll be honest, it isn't particularly good. His language use is jarring, and the lack of connecting words, descriptors, and signposting makes it hard to read.

Add more fluff. It's Traveller, try to do justice to it.

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Died in Chargen seems like it'd be better fluff for an amnesia/no powers combo - you died, so you made a new character, but obviously it doesn't have any of your skills.

>> No.37374402

Well I have mu companions who do the majority of my fighting force. Each one has a unique role to fill in the team, like Companion Charlie is my 'tank' while companion Foxtrot is my Sniper.

I'm all about power armors, so each one of my companions have a very unique set of power armor designed specifically for them. The tank has a lot more more fire power, while the sniper has stealth capabilities. They basically have power armor that could beat Iron Man any day thanks to the massive amount of tech/magic I have access too. Having more then them as a fighting force is not generally needed.

If I do need more then my 6 companions as an army, I have my 8th companion to pick up the slack. Shes a motherbox given a body from another jump, and is all about controlling the massive drone army I have assembled. Shes the ace up my sleeve when things go to shit or if I can't be in more then one place.

The drones generally are basic humanoids in shape, flying capabilities, and able to be outfitted with various tech if need be.

If I have to field my army, then I have severely messed up or some serious shit has gone down.

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So any gems I have can be converted to Shmuckers, but precious metals can't be converted? What about paper money?

>> No.37374448

A Jaeger wouldn't have upkeep, it's an Item to be used by two units
But I would assume they would have Stats and Upkeep like everyone else
Hell Parson does

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Shmuckers are abstract, Gems can be converted into Shmuckers and vice versa(though only by a moneymancer)
The only other currency we see is Rands which are a Barter currency used by Casters so Moneymancer's don't have all the power

>> No.37374474

Just in case people haven't seen it, Venture Bros from last thread.

Still taking suggestions and looking at builds to figure out if/how I should change it.

>> No.37374488

Coins. I mean, I don't know this for sure, given that Parson didn't bring any cash with him, but the rule seems to be that Shmuckers have innate moneymancy properties, other currency doesn't.

Of course, if you won that game of Monopoly, you can probably convert to Shmuckers freely.

>> No.37374532

Drop-In doesn't really have anything that I would find interesting. But that's probably not something you can really fix.

>> No.37374546

Mostly a hodgepodge of robots from different universes, as well as my cybernetic dinosaurs cribbed from the Leviathan-tech perk in Godzilla. I want more monstrous creatures on my side so I'm planning on heading to geneforged at some point. The size reduction-perk from RWBY as mentioned by
is something I've been using. My mainstay unit is a Valkyrie armed with a pinpoint barrier, my pokeball-derived dematerialization ray and any beam weaponry I can muster. I usually have Jaegers built with the Mysterious Blueprints item from the Pacific Rim jump act as my heavy hitters, taking weaponry and armor from the macross Tomahawks and latching them onto them.
I've got the Godzilla jump's mecha as well, but I haven't worked out how to integrate their tech seamlessly into my own robots just yet. I think I could whip up a Robotnik-tier army if given a week in advance, especially after taking the Workaholic perk.

>> No.37374573

Sunshine power has a spelling error: Fly at the speed of a plain.

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>> No.37374635

Army? Yeah, I've got one of those; it usually stays in the box in the warehouse unless things really go to hell, though. At which point we're talking automatons, pretty much mass produced, yeah. Think less elegant-looking and more effective Iron Man armor suits with abilities well above human norm (but well below mine in case they somehow get uppity).

And they want to give you a hug.

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No, no, consider that you have to be able to survive flooding, therefore you can either breathe water or swim well enough that flash floods aren't a problem. Also, that you have to be able to survive tornadoes, because they crop up a lot on the plains. Also, a nice buff to senses in general and sight in specific.

>> No.37374745

Don't really have an army. For one, it's more trouble than it's worth to actually acquire one. And for two, I don't really NEED one, as I much prefer to nudge the plot in whatever direction rather than force it kicking and screaming.
Unless you count my mining drones as an army.

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>> No.37374807

Also an easy source of white mana once you get your spark.

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>> No.37374835

god damn she slapped him so hard he fell clear down to china

>> No.37374840

Did I mention it's also amazing for agriculture?

>> No.37374845

The wiki says that jewelery of sufficient value can be converted to Shmuckers like gems.

It will be interesting to see how the Jetstone alliance responds to gunships and artillery. For Charlie I have Knightmare Frame and CFA-44 drones ready to wreck his Arcons.

>> No.37374861

Nosferatu a shit.
Wyvern a best.

>> No.37374970


If I have funds already in my warehouse, and either the ATM from Animal Crossing or the prize from Monopoly... what do they convert to?
Shmuckers? Gems? Rands?

>> No.37374995

Short answer: yes to all three. Shmuckers are needed for upkeep, Gems are essentially solid Shmuckers, and Rands are essentially caster-only barter money used for caster-to-caster transactions in the magic realm thingy.

>> No.37375007

Gems most likely
Not Rands, as they have nothing to do with Money/Shmuckers specifically so Moneymancer's don't have power over them

>> No.37375012

Pleb tier, Fenrir a best.

>> No.37375019

Well now I don't know who to believe.

>> No.37375070

So many unnecessary flight surfaces. But she's pretty.

>> No.37375203

Step 1: Go through Wakfu as normal, don't pick Sram, Masqueraider, Sadida, Foggernaut, Rogue, or Osamodas.
Step 2: Go to Percy Jackson, import the Twelve.
Step 3: Pick Sram, Sadida, or Osamodas as your divine parent.
Step 4: Rogue/Sram/X, Sadida/Masqueraider/X, or Osamodas/Dofus-era Foggernaut/X respectively.
Step 5: Have THREE classes.

>> No.37375235

But Anon
I want to be Iop/Xelor
Or do the Secret Ending and take my place among The twelve and be Xelor/Me

>> No.37375468

This is the only thing that has made me reconsider going Osamodas.

...I'll probably do it anyway and become a daughter of Sram, though.

>> No.37375600

>Wanting to be a Rogue
>Wanting to be a Masqueraider
>Wanting to be a Foggernaut

>> No.37375686

Of course the only correct choice is Eniripsa.

>> No.37375705

Personally, I would say Eniripsa is the only wrong choice.

>> No.37375715


>> No.37375749

>Not being Xelor Master Race
>Not being a Iop
>Not being an Ecaflip
You sir disgust me

Rogue and Masqueraider are worse
Rogue is "Dickass Thief" incarnate
Masqueraider is "Chaotic Stupid" incarnate

>> No.37375778

>Rock stupid.
>Cat furry.

>> No.37375831

Do you enjoy having others do all the work for you?

>> No.37375954

>my army

Dear god. We don't even know where to begin

Okay, imagine this nightmarish amalgamation of Necrontech, TWCB and Moon tech vaguely fitting into a Robot Master design. It's all traced with lyrium tron lines meant to ground incoming magic AND transmit magic below the plating at maximum efficiency. The transformium armaments let them create modular guns and ammunition of all sorts, and by default they have black hole generators, jetpacks and head-stalks with three settings: Magneohyodynamix, Gauss and Universal Fire. Oh, and the base construction material isn't just an adamantium/vibranium alloy-but also the biometallic plating seen on Angels of Paradiso. In case all that isn't enough, there are mechanical organs within housing reserves of Tiberium, Life Fibers, kinetic arrays for charging up and releasing blasts of electricity.

Basically, imagine someone made midgets out of reapertech. These are our infantry.

Now imagine someone upgraded an entire civilisation of humans with this technology, essentially taking the best parts out of cybermen and daleks. These are our elite infantry, and also our Tropico dictatorship.

Now imagine someone scaled one of these things up to kaiju size, and then stuck bits of kaiju matter in it to create a kaiju-cyborg. And infused them with a symbiote-Blacklight hybrid that covers their surface like the T-X's liquid metal skin. And generally added more organic bits 'n pieces, including mosaic organs, as well as sonic songstone cannons. These are our siege weapons, the Apocalypse Cancellers.

As for auxillaries-our pact with Inferno lets us call up hordes of demons, and we've had centuries to git gud at this. Ditto with access to the Nevernever. We also create living spells through Geneforge necromancy, rolling skeleton katamari damacy balls through Warhammer Fantasy necromancy, giant mantis shrimps via Naruto senjutsu, uncontrollable beasts from the depths of Tartarus-oh, and as of Darkstalkers: Fluffy moths.

>> No.37376168

Horrible Idea Jack Nicholson + Gary Busey + Christopher Walken = What sort of abomination?

>> No.37376175

And on a lighter note-finally got enough free time to do this. Let's go.

Drawbacks: Failure, Waylaid by Jackassery (1500)

Rolled the Venture Compound


Master (1400). We can't tell if this is supposed to be Aku or the Genie, but either way can't hurt to bounce my ideas off someone
Necromancy (1100). Maximum overspooking! Though personally we prefer ghosts charged with the Dark and bonewheeling skeletons over zombies
Magic (Free). Time to toss around some blasts of nasty necromantic energy like waterballoons
Super-Competent (700). Gotta roll with the punches, after all
Lucky (100). Okay, THIS in tandem with Failure practically guarantees interesting times. We can hear Jump-Chan bouncing up and down in excitement
In: The League (0). A shame the CP will go to waste outside this jump, but in the meantime hopefully we get some slack for our shenanigans

So basically every day is a confusing hodgepodge of terrible failure and amazing luck. We blow up the house trying to microwave a hot pocket, but the explosion leaves us unscathed and we land in the world's biggest bouncy castle. Which then comes under attack from chupacabras. Which I then skilfully avoid with my centuries of ninjutsu training.

There's nothing for it but to bumble from lab to castle, going on a wild hunt for magical and scientific treasure.

Pic related, it's us and our blaziken companion.

>> No.37376216

>the Antispiral and their Blaziken Waifu are fumbling around like crazy airheaded nitwits
>occasionally make some amazing plans, but it all goes to shit
>they're somehow able to get away every time
>each and every plan has the Antispiral trying to act human again and spilling spaghetti all over

Guys. I think the Antispiral has come full circle and it is hilarious.

>> No.37376225

It's adorable in its own little way.

>> No.37376227

...oh hi Mark

>> No.37376283

In light of everyone sharing their projects, I'll share mine.

WoW Jump (WIP)


So far Mage is difficult to do, as all they do is damage. So hopefully they'll come out ok. After Mages, I'll be working on Monks, which will have spin to win.

Goblins as you note aren't a Horde race, they're replaced by Half-Ogres who have more a connection to Horde. Things are coming together slowly.

>> No.37376288


>> No.37376382

Time for JUSTICE
Also, does Master connect you to Jump-chan?

Venture Brothers Universe-
Rolled for 29
Secret Agent
Rolled for New York City
Discount Lucky
Phantom Limbs
Super Science
Master(If Jumpchan, if not go for Super-Competant)

Really Tragic Voice+100
To Build an Empire+200
Waylaid by Jackassery+200

>> No.37376438

Why are the specializations discounted for their classes if you can only get the specialization as a member of that class?

>> No.37376446

>In: The League (0). A shame the CP will go to waste outside this jump, but in the meantime hopefully we get some slack for our shenanigans

nope. you have an easier time getting an in in other worlds too.

>> No.37376467

The core of my army are my six Bolos; each of which is an independent AI. Only one is a Companion (the others are smuggled around in the Warehouse's monster room, granted by Godzilla's "We Can Rebuild Him"). Their main armament consists of a pair of 25 cm Hellbore cannons (fore and aft); secondary weapons include a dozen light 'infinite repeater' railguns, four heavier 'accelerator cannon' type railguns, and a long range VLS-type missile system.

Each Bolo also carries a small assortment of non-sentient drone vehicles slaved to their local AI, including UAVs, demolition robots, self-propelled artillery, and anti-infantry support vehicles (generally as a source of non-lethal countermeasures, using chemical or sonic weapons). Given my industrial capabilities, and in particular my ability to make Golems out of existing vehicles, I have a lot more 'drones' than it is feasible to deploy aboard a Bolo; if useful, I can summon up a goodly number of additional combat drones as needed.

As a regular infantry force, I have the WD Corps, my army of Waddle Dees. They are currently outfitted in basically Mass Effect standard Soldier gear, heavy power armour with personal shields, wielding either assault rifles or heavier weapons.

With Royal Magic, I can summon any part of my army directly to the battlefield, and dismiss them just as quickly, though the mana costs inherent in this imply that I should keep them around a while if I'm going to summon them in the first place.

>> No.37376544

CCDT, did your name fall off or something?

I want to believe too, but I don't wanna get my hopes up before the creator can weigh in with a ruling

>> No.37376556

Good point, I'll change that.

>> No.37376589

Man, those sounds like some weird Bolos. You've basically kitbashed a Mark VIII with a Mark XV. Why'd you make that choice instead of picking up one of the later models? Size constraints?

>> No.37376597

It literally says so in the perk. You find it easier to integrate yourself into large organizations.

>> No.37376613

Money conversion pretty clearly can't produce Rands. Remember that the whole point of Rands is that they're a currency immune to Moneymancy manipulations. Also, they're not even physical money, but are instead an intangible barter credit which casters can automagically recognize on account of magic effects present in the Magic Kingdom. You might theoretically be able to hack the system, but if you did, people would notice, since you'd have no way of accounting for where all those fabricated Rands came from. Think of them as closer to notes saying "IOU a favour" than anything else.

>> No.37376638

Well, they also count as upkeep for a turn.

>> No.37376699


- Slashed prices in half for Specializations.
- Gnomes can't be Hunters anymore.

>> No.37376704

Who makes you the boss of gnomes huh?

>> No.37376723

Martin Mystery/Totally Spies Build (1000/1000)

50 cp to start in California
And This Bolt Goes Here (150)
Mysterious Code(free)
Prototype Schematics (150)
Cash money (50 cp)

Vacation jump. Nothing more to say about it, except maybe getting my dumb ass involved with the Black Market trade and making the job a lot harder for the spies. Probably will save the code for later in case I feel the need to dominate the world through semi-subtle force.

Venture Bros Build (1400/1400)

Super Scientist (100)
Shapeshifting (600)
Super Science (200)
Cloning (100)
Robotics (300)
In (100)
Waylaid by Jackassery(+200)
To build an empire (+200)

Nothing too unusual for me, just increasing the ability for me to create gamebreaking technology pretty early on into the game. I think this is the point I start creating my own stuff instead of aping and adapting other technology, though I'll love getting more things to use as principles. I'll probably enjoy arching, and I know better then to outright kill my archnemesis so I hope it's a fun game of cat and mouse. Who knows, I might meet my even match. Doubt it, though. Not necessarily because of my powers, but just my willpower, tactics, and leadership boosts alone might be enough to push me through. Also, I can't believe I forgot I have a spare cyborg body lying around. God dammit. I could survive so many more jumps now!

>> No.37376789

Blizzard did. Out of all the races that have Hunters, Gnomes don't. I find it funny to have a Gnome ride his Jungle Cat around and shoot people. Blizz doesn't think so.

>> No.37376816

It was a joking. I was pretending you were bossy for telling gnome he could not hunt.

>> No.37376867


>> No.37376916

Tech constraints, mostly.

When I'm calling a "25 cm Hellbore" is not-quite-magical-bullshit tech from Godzilla, a beam form of 'atomic breath'. I won't be able to substantially improve the design without access to more scientifically-reasonable plasma beam technology.

Also, power generation is an issue; Mass Effect technology is a major part of my Bolos from the Mark III onward, and one of the things ME notes is that railguns are generally a lot more efficient than particle beams (the Hellbore included). They're fairly amazing at what they're for (kicking the ass out of hard, possibly shielded targets), but railguns deliver more bang for your buck against anything vulnerable to kinetics.

That said, I jumped Star Trek recently, so better beam weapon tech is nominally possible, and antimatter nicely solves my power requirements. I'll probably be replacing my infinite repeaters with phasers, and I should be able to produce a higher-capacity Hellbore. The research process will take some relative downtime, though, which I didn't get the chance for during Star Trek itself.

>> No.37377085

I want more cuteness perks. I want to explode hearts while I explode heads.

>> No.37377127

I delegate maintenance and anything I need manpower for to my loyal retainers, but I don't need an army so I don't have one.

>> No.37377169

Quick question re Ghostbusters Jump: Corrupting Influence is too pricy to buy even with maxed drawbacks at 1400 CP. Is that a typo?

>> No.37377204

don't say the name of the lady, that's first decade stuff

>> No.37377228

yes, it is. Max drawbacks are supposed to let you buy it.

>> No.37377315

Max is 1600 CP, Ghost is 300 CP (to access it, which leaves me with 1300 CP. Which is 100 CP short.

...am I working off an old version?

>> No.37377536

This is the version I use. Check to see if it's accurate?

>> No.37377727

Ayep. 1600 max. Ghost is 300 CP and you need it for ghost perks; that's 1300 CP. Corrupting Influence is 1400 CP. That's -100 CP at the end.

Jump-Chan, we have a problem

>> No.37377763

Yep the math adds up

>> No.37377785

did you read the whole thing?
A real dweeb
+700cp, overrides CP limit.
For whatever reason You just Can't get a break, any science you try will be based on A bad hypotheses And wind up only
functioning through your willpower,Any ghosts You hunt will somehow elude capture. And be vastly superior to you
physically as well if you're a ghost You windup Being an insignificant little spook That makes easy prey for larger spirits,
as well as draw the attention of the Ghostbusters, who will be prepared for everything you throw at them. This will affect
your companions and any allies you get from this jump

>> No.37377795

Kotor anon is working on the korra jump isn't he?
Have there been any updates to it since he first took over?

>> No.37377801


>> No.37377820

He posted a WIP of his version last thread.

>> No.37378163

Nope. Not him, but like Red says, it's right there in the perk

>> No.37378312

I don't have an army. Granted, me and my companions are practically a world-killing army between the handfull of us, but I have no formal mass-production, non-sapient units.

I do, however, have a trick with my stand.

My stand's requiem power lets me disconnect my soul and form a living construct around it that is a perfect duplicate of any life I have a memory of, whether it was a part of my past lives or one I've picked up by contact with others through my stand. The advanced form of the requiem ability allows me to make as many constructs as I want without having to disconnect my soul and leave my body defenseless. I have an army in the form of a countless number of lives lived before my current one. Granted, I dont expect to get this ability without many decades of practice to make it happen, to say nothing of the fact im betting at least 80% of my past lives are civilian equivalents at best. However, depending on what kind of life memories I can absorb from others, this can get VERY bullshitty very fast. Pic oh so very related

>> No.37378334

If I ever need an army I have fucked up royally, but it would either be golems if I had to make it on the fly, or robots with some of my genetic experiments mixed in if I had time to actually set up. I generally avoid living armies 'cause they need food and sleep and other useless stuff .

>> No.37378401

That is so bullshit.

>> No.37378438

That's Stands for you.

>> No.37378451

For Fucks sake man, really?

>> No.37378536

At leas try to be reasonable. Use the ones in the jump already for a guideline.

>> No.37378542

Yyyyyyyup. My entire stand's theme is enlightenment and awareness of my own soul, and requiem is a hell of a drug.

>> No.37378547

Someone doesn't know Stands.

>> No.37378571

Also you know the ones in the jump have development A right? The power you get from them is baby level, they can get even better. That level is what Gol is talking about, where you've spent all your potential.

>> No.37378573

Dude, in the original jump we were allowed to purchase "aspects" for our Stand, the supplement was supposed to let us do that again

Mine gives me complete control over Space and Time in a given area
Why? Because that's what I had paid for in the previous version of the jump, so it's what I'm fluffing it as in the current version.

Time Warp:It's just a jump to the left

>> No.37378589

>Mine gives me complete control over Space and Time in a given area
>Why? Because that's what I had paid for in the previous version of the jump, so it's what I'm fluffing it as in the current version.
>Time Warp:It's just a jump to the left
Actually this raises a question

I've got a good idea of what my Stand does under normal circumstances, but does anyone have any ideas how it should upgrade with Requiem?

>> No.37378641

I balance it out by the stand itself having absolutely NO combat capability whatsoever, and is about as strong as cardboard. It can't punch or take one to save its own sorry ass, and its ONLY ability pre-requiem is literally for me to see every life my soul has lived in the past and be aware of everything each life has gone through.

Also, much like what >>37378571 said, the 'army of one' ability is only after MANY, MANY, MANY decades after requiem has been achieved, and after i've likely burned my development stat down from A to F in the process. Until then, im limited to one life memory manifested at a time, as I have to disconnect my own soul to be a scaffolding for it.

You want to talk weapons-grade bullshit, you should see the plan I have for this ability and my companions. I'll give you a hint - it involves dark sun's 'tribe of one' drawback, and basically turns me into a living phylactery

>> No.37378813

I'm in the same boat. My Stand lets me travel to alternate timelines, with the limit that I can't change anything my character sheet dictates. So no skipping out of drawbacks or getting free stuff, I can only use it to change the details of the setting I'm visiting. What would be an appropriate Requiem for it that wouldn't be broken? Because the logical extension to that is "can alter things dictated by character sheet", and that's just not reasonable.

>> No.37378822

That's fanwanking BEYOND fanwanking. Psychic powers doesn't solve everything.

>> No.37378870

Anon a Stand who's only apparent power to start with was punching really hard, really fast, and having very precise hands was able to stop Time
Better than a Stand who could stop Time from the beginning.
This was without Requiem


>> No.37378874

Whatever the hell the stand wants to do. I'm kinda annoyed with Jojoanon for using the fanon that Requiems are direct upgrades to Stands or that they're the sort of thing you want to do given any choice. We've seen two whole Requiems in Jojo, one went rampant and both gained abilities having squat to do with their original ones (the one that didn't go rampant kept its initial abilities though), the really interesting thing with Requiem is that it gives your Stand sapience. Now for Biting the Dust (aka awakening in the jump) the one example we've got is someone gaining a tertiary stand ability that vaguely followed the initial powers of the Stand but writ large and applied in such a way as to solve the beneficiary's immediate problems.

That's just me being somewhat annoyed with bad fanon though. For new abilities I recommend something along the lines of the ability to create permanent loops of space and/or time.
Perhaps some form of shoving other people into them (possibly including erasing their existence from the current one) or the ability to specify the differences to a reality from a broad standpoint?

>> No.37378915

Yeah I really can't stress this enough to that guy. This is how Stands work. It just is. Accept it.

>> No.37378933

You know, that's a good point. Upgraded powers of Stands rarely have anything to do with their initial ones. I should choose something weird and fun for my Requiem, rather than any sort of evolution.

>> No.37378938

To be honest, I don't think anyone actually know what becoming a requiem stand actually does to a stand's power. We've seen two total, one was out of control and the other was only around for about a chapter. You could just give it a thematically related but more powerful ability.

There was another theory I saw in a Jojo thread once that said requiem stands get the opposite ability of whatever they had before. Silver Chariot was fast, precise, and attacked the physical body. Silver Chariot Requiem was slow, had an area of effect ability, and targeted the soul. Gold Experience could, with a very loose interpretation of its life ability, make something from nothing. Gold Experience Requiem could turn something into nothing.

>> No.37378969

it occurs to me that "Magic must defeat magic" from Jackie Chan, and Imagine Breaker from Raildex or Anti-Magic (Lesser Imagine Breaker) from GMG are a pretty powerful combo. You can create an effect and then nullify your foe's attempts to undo that effect.

>> No.37378974

I never said it would solve everything. I answered the question of if I had an army, and this qualifies. Whether i'd use it or not is another question entirely. It's like assuming antispiral is going to indescriminately unleash the cyborg midgets on every miniscule threat for no good reason. There's a time and a place for an army - this just happens to be mine.

Also, I'd like to re-emphasize what >>37378870 and >>37378915 said - stands are a hell of a drug.

>> No.37378993

Thanks for the suggestion Merchant, the idea of making permanent loops sounds both interesting and highly exploitable if you think about it
Just like most Stands

Well mine warps time and space in a given area. I imagine the "Low level" stuff before I gain experience with it will be akin to the Prince of Persia games. Slow Down enemies, Speed me up, rewind time if I get struck so I can avoid the blow.

>> No.37379074

How would people feel about a Stephen King jump? I don't actually know enough about his work to make one, but the monsters and Eldritch horrors might make for interesting material.

>> No.37379083

I feel like what would matter is the execution.

>> No.37379089

I had a similar idea for my reality marble.

See, the thing is called 'Reincarnation Reversal', and it works pretty much like that. It separates me from my past selves in the jumpchain and grants new bodies to everyone I've ever been. Certain jumps count as one person, for example the mafia jump and the atla jump are the same person, because despite the addition of airbending it's still the same asian crime lord running the show. This has the drawback of what happens if one of those jump bodies dies: I lose all memories and abilities associated with that life. Meguca body dies and there goes my time stop, along with my ability to suppress my emotions. With no other jump yet demanding I learn how to keep my temper in check, I've no reason to learn how. To replicate this risk every time a jump has a fight I find risky enough to deploy the thing I roll a dice to determine how many and who I lose.

Of course, this also effects my enemies. If I use it on gilgamesh, for instance, then I would be facing a kind child, a proud prince, an arrogant king, a joyful adventurer, and a mourning seeker of immortality. Then I gank stab the prince and those who came after him lose the gate of babylon, for they never became the ruler of their kingdom. On the other hand, without such a great tool at his disposal the king becomes more clever and much less arrogant.

>> No.37379271

Not really. Imagine Breaker and the GMG thing are antimagic not magic.

>> No.37379302

I think he means using magic to do something, using magic must defeat magic, and then blocking someone's attempts to undo it with Imagine Breaker.

Of course someone can just distract you or throw a giant bolder at your face then undo it.

>> No.37379318

No, he's saying you use your magic to do something, then use the antimagic to counter your foe's magic.

>> No.37379345

I think what anon means is

>spam dat magic at niggas
>bitchslap their spells out of the air when they try to zap you

Also, I've been hearing about a Harvest Moon jump but never seen one, could someone please link the pastebin or something?

>> No.37379354

IB isn't magic though, it just dispels it. Even then, its a on touch thing only and it would just dispel any magical effect it touched, removing the spell you placed.

>> No.37379373

this is the only version I'm aware of. if its out of date, I apologize


>> No.37379386

No fucking shit. He's not talking about using magic must defeat magic on IMAGINE BREAKER he's talking about using it ON THAT SHIT HE USED BEFORE HE DID IMAGINE BREAKER. Fuck.

>> No.37379422

Wow, angry much? All I'm saying is that IB wouldn't stop people from undoing stuff with magic, cause it would dispel it fro them.

>> No.37379457

Use Imagine Breaker on the spell they're trying to use, not on your spell.

Or use the anti-magic from GMG which isn't touch only that I remember.

>> No.37379514

Anti magic from GMG would work, IB probably wouldn't if they just use a self targeting spell, since IB can't dispel only specific things just whatever it touches.

>> No.37379566

...and here my Stand is just summoning bananas.

>> No.37379585

The banana of TIME

>> No.37379613

And watch Red, even something that simple will turn into utter Bullshit
It's just how Stands work

>> No.37379622

Eh. If it makes you feel any better, mine is cleaning stuff.

>> No.37379655

To be fair, I recall you being able to pull off some hillarious bullshit with bananas. Banana swords, banana bombs, banana cars, banana phones RING RING RING RING RING RING RING, banana fireworks, banana doppelgangers, banana computers, banana minions...

>> No.37379656

>MY Stand can summon and control Bananas!
>Bananas are rich in potassium
>Potassium is an Element
>My Stand can summon and control the Elements
>Take my Uranium!


>Remove Dirt
>Remove things from existence


>> No.37379696

I think the Soap Soap Fruit can pull that shit just with a 'cleaning' theme too.

>> No.37379709

That's fine, it's a theme in Jojo that using your power well is more important than having a strong power.

>> No.37379713


Pretty close.

Simple and Clean is my song of choice. The whole idea is that at first it just cleans and sorts things. Then it steps it up to removing wounds, washing away fatigue, ect.

Finally its a full on purification.

>> No.37379732

What's funny is that song is about wanting to break up with someone.

>> No.37379734

At least yours doesn't hinge on your ability to steal and retain a plot coupon.

>> No.37379750

well, it CAN clean abstract concepts like strength...

>> No.37379752

I actually haven't looked at the lyrics in a long time.

Now I got to go do that. I may need to change my song.

>> No.37379781

I only went with Time Manipulation for two reasons
I had already taken Xelor and it seemed like a fun "theme" do go with
But so few things give any sort of time manipulation that's fallen to the wayside
The other was that my mom Loved Rocky Horror Picture Show, and she used to watch it constantly when I was a kid.
So I figured "why the fuck not?" and made Time Warp

>> No.37379794

I bet you're a sweet transvestite

>> No.37379877

While that's true, at the same time... when compared to people who warp space and time, who can summon every past life ever, and can erase concepts... summoning bananas seems weaksauce RINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRING


>> No.37379925

I've never been Female in any jump
Even in Strike Witches I paid extra to remain male
And in Soul Eater since I decided to be a Witch since they have cool powers
I'm the Man-Witch

You'd be surprised Red

>> No.37380007

Warlock is the term of a Male Witch I believe

>> No.37380015

In Soul Eater or in general? 'Cause in Soul Eater they're sorcerers.

>> No.37380056


I'll direct you to >>37379709's picture.

The hero's power was fingernail spinning.

That was literally it.

And he beat the bad guy with it.

Compared to him, your power of bananas is WAY more versatile and far less questionably useless.

>> No.37380057

Really? I swore the name Warlock was the male term for it. If not my mistake.

>> No.37380071

Usually, but I like puns

Sorcerers are a different class of magic-users entirely, better in every way than Witches
They never really give a title to male magic users since the only one we see, beyond the sorcerer, is the Were-wolf dude who stole his magic

>> No.37380105

Yeah, and Sorcerers are male only, while Witches are female only.

Also you must have missed how the witch cap basically makes you a sorceress. If you're going male witch and take it then you're no different from a sorcerer.

>> No.37380124

Soul Eater there are three types of characters who can cast stuff. Witches who are all female and tend to go a bit mad with power, Sorcerers who we only get to see the creations of one of and are stated to have created the witches, and Freed who's one immortal werewolf who stole the eye of the leader of the witches.

>> No.37380150

Fine fine, whatever.
I'm a sorcerer
I still like the pun of man-witch more

>> No.37380243

No, in soul eater sorcerers are just a level above witches, there are still no male ones in the show.

>> No.37380354

Because Mahou is female only, while only males can use Madou.

>> No.37380362

Yes, exactly. You do something, and then you attack all their efforts to magically counter something with your anti-magic.

>> No.37380433

If that popped up I'm pretty sure it was from the stupid forced ending to the anime.

>> No.37380479

Or I'm sure your fantranslation didn't account for the fact that the magic witches use is written differently from the magic sorcerers use.

The word used for witches in Japan can also translate to 'sorceress', worth noting. There's no gap for them to be sorcerers.

>> No.37380613

I'm always partial to either Wizard to Witch, or Sorcerer to Sorceress, or Warlock to Hag.

>> No.37380665

Or you know it's a minor thing. What I'm saying is that Sorcerers aren't necessarily all male. What you were saying was sounding like it being that there's two very distinct sources of power divided by gender as opposed to it being more that you get Sorcerers who effectively laid basework for the magical species known as the witch. Presumably whatever Freed was using was akin to witchcraft as opposed to sorcery for example. But anyway I'm feeling tired and argumentative so I'm off to go collapse.

>> No.37380672

Would incredibles work for a jump or is there not enough content there?

>> No.37380707

They are, though. Point me to a female sorcerer. Oh a sorceress? That's a witch in Japan.

Free was using a witch's eye, only reason he could use female magic.

>> No.37380718

Seems very generic for a superhero setting, and someone already has a superpower thing in the works. Wild cards i think

>> No.37380726

I think it's only one movie so probably not

>> No.37380756

They also have some comics, they're pretty good.

>> No.37380758

Aren't the witches in soul eater a different species entirely rather then just gender specific?

>> No.37380772

just one movie... kinda like pacific rim or something... it would never work

>> No.37380798

We've got one whole example of a sorcerer from what I know of (haven't read NOT though) so drawing generalism off of him is like saying that obviously all manifestations of madness after the epilogue are the Madness of Boobs (still can't believe that was a thing), or that all related weapons are of the same style and abilities.

>> No.37380812

Seems to be a genetic thing, like demon weapons.

>> No.37380826

I am fine with all madness being the Madness of Boobs. I have no problem with that at all.

>> No.37380837

>from what I know of
Eibon, Noah, Gopher, Grimoire, and Rerene Descartes.

>> No.37380855

Madness of Boobs is rock fucking stupid and is the reason I'm never reading Soul Eater.

>> No.37380943

If it makes you feel any better my stand just turns everyone in to hippies (Well more accurately removing all aggression and desire, also filling them with bliss and a feeling of unity). Then again I suck at stands.

>> No.37381018

What do the comics focus on?
I always thought that a sequel could focus on dash and other supers his age as the new generation, even better that they'd be in their 20s now.

I think incredibles gives wakfu a run for its money in the hips department.

>> No.37381028

Elbion yes, Noah was Elbion's creation, Gopher I honestly didn't recall as a sorcerer, Grimore is non-canonical (and was basis for Noah thanks to the author liking the design), and Rerene all we've got is a name. Honestly it's been ages since I read it though so I'm probably not the best to consult on this.

>> No.37381303

>If it makes you feel any better my stand just turns everyone in to hippies (Well more accurately removing all aggression and desire, also filling them with bliss and a feeling of unity). Then again I suck at stands.
Hello Olive Branch
Having fun in Haffaton?

>> No.37381427

The closest mine had to an esoteric ability was that it got punchier and less precise the further away the target was and that it had a hundred hands and 50 heads allowing silly degrees of multitasking and 360° perception. It was actually shit at close combat despite being a punch ghost specced for punchiness. My main trick for that jump was passing my Life Dragon Slayer abilities off as my stand and then hitting people with my actual stand out of nowhere when they were nice and far away.

>> No.37381494

Now if I were going for sheer BS for my stand I would've gone for one I rolled ages ago in Super Stand Sunday. The name was Don't Wake the Captain and rolled ability was Lovecraftian Deity Physiology. The generally agreed upon stats were "oh shit" and "please don't hurt me".

>> No.37381831

Hell, you want broken? The power I got from one of those was fucking Unity. Omnipotence/presence/science and a bunch of other stuff.

>> No.37381911

Yeah but mine was broken in an interesting and makes sense-ish way as opposed to just trying to spin an absurdly powerful ability to an unrelated name. Effectively what I'm saying is that mine still made a plausible Stand (and in retrospect fits disturbingly well with my jumper) where most of the time you get weird stuff you've got to force.

>> No.37382318

Mine is minor gravity manipulation.
Which, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't seem like TOO much bullshit.

>> No.37382380

I'm still working on it, but I quick question. Would giving an Avatar State ability to the Origin Spirit be to OP?

This would be in addition to letting you learn all 4 elements, you could trigger an Avatar State for yourself that would let you simultaneously use all you past personalities/jump personas. (or whatever you're calling them.)

>> No.37382389

Are you going to take perks from the current Korra jump? I think it had some really good ideas, like the Noatak/ Tarrlok blood bending.

>> No.37382466

I am, calm down. Although I have to ask, Astral Projection or Flight?

>> No.37382472

Thought I'd just drop this here for others to follow along.

DF is still a Work in Progress. I might replace things entirely and stuff. I'll gladly take helpful criticism and commentary.


>> No.37382484

Flight seems weak/overspecific and I think astral is an Avatar thing and doesn't really have a lot of application without access to the spirit realm.

>> No.37382497

It would be way too OP, yes. We've seen the BS it can do, there's no need to give it to us when it's impossible to have all 4 elements right now anyhow.

Are you trying to be Jedi Master Spartan YOLO-420 again?

>> No.37382542

Pff, I remember when you losers actually thought a SPARTAN 2 was overpowered. It's kinda sad you're acting like this is still 120 threads ago.

>> No.37382575 [SPOILER] 

Have you embraced that which lurks within you, /jc/?

>> No.37382596

They kinda are to anything that's not 40k-levels of bullshit.

Yes, I have embraced wanting to be the little girl. At least temporarily.

>> No.37382615

>They kinda are
Yes I'm sure a Spartan 2 will do very well in fucking Asura's Wrath or Bleach.

>> No.37382645

A horror monster? Very early on, yes. Humanity is an aspects or a mask. It's important to maintain your roots, but just as important to branch out.

>> No.37382647

Wasn't the issue that the spartan 2 was just an outright better option than everything else?

>> No.37382650

What is this supposed to imply exactly?

>> No.37382683

Yes, that's what this guy is forgetting.
First the problem was the balance of the jump itself
Spartan was just a better choice than the other options, period
They fixed that
Then someone made a Halo Gauntlet where you were a Spartan-2 and stayed one even if you lost
Also you got stupidly powerful crap that had no basis in-universe even if you lost the gauntlet

>> No.37382712

That was exactly the reason.

That being said, a. SPARTAN II would probably do well in even bullshit Shonen settings. Even if only because they're smart.

>> No.37382722

Well Spartan 3 is absolute shit as an origin. I see absolutely no incentive to go cannon-fodder suicide soldier in the Halo jump.

>> No.37382783

I was quite content to go ODST. Which was probably not the best of ideas considering I also took the drawback that has me tagging along with John.
Which is why I'm going to convince him to not deploy Red Team to Reach, damn the consequences (which will probably be bad.)

>> No.37382791

Kind of, I've realized that I have the problem of always wanting to go for the most powerful route possible in JumpChain. It's why I always tend to price things a bit cheaply, offer so many freebies, and include so many drawbacks in my jumps.

It's also why I made such a big deal about being a SPARTAN-2, I was just unable to accept anything inferior at the time.

Now however, you could easily use some of the batshit crazy science from a jump like Lords of Light or Metal Gear Rising to create SPARTAN-2000's! Nanite powered superman capable of destroying an entire alien ship single-handedly.

>Then someone made a Halo Gauntlet
That was me, I immanently regretted doing it after Q.S was nice enough to finish the original Halo Jump.

>> No.37382804

I took the scientist origin and stayed completely away from the action. There's no reason to, really, and nothing you can do if it's an early jump.

>> No.37382931

See, I thought about that. But my reasoning was that if you're a scientist, you're basically beholden to do what you're told (unless you tell the UNSC, and by extension ONI to fuck off, which is probably a bad idea) and go where you're told. Which could leave you stuck on a planet that's being invaded and/or glassed. Which is not good.

At least as a soldier, you have some control over your fate, limited it may be. Especially if you hang around Big Green.

But that's just like, my opinion man.

>> No.37382944

Now you see my look through the Halo wiki has me thinking my solution to Halo is the same as my solution to many of my problems. Sufficient abuse of Necromancy. You see the Flood are technically composed of tons of corpses of various beings, whoch means depending on how things work out I either re enlist the Flood's victims or simply reanimate the dead bodies. Also undead probably don't fall under the purview of stuff the Flood can infect. Meanwhile I personally will be going full conversion cyborg with Runic defenses.

>> No.37382991

>undead probably don't fall under the purview of stuff the Flood can infect
Nope, they can infect dead bodies. Though, there may be a limit to how dead is too dead.

>> No.37383003

If the undead are made of bio-organic matter than they sure do get infected.

>> No.37383009

I ended up deciding to ONI operative. I figured that I wouldn't be sent to any high risk combat zones, and that any action I did see would be survivalable compared to what Chief and the rest of the military went through.

I'm also going to abuse the fuck out of my knowledge of the future, and ensure that I'm valuable enough to be kept safe for the majority of the time.

>> No.37383014

>Now however, you could easily use some of the batshit crazy science from a jump like Lords of Light or Metal Gear Rising to create SPARTAN-2000's! Nanite powered superman capable of destroying an entire alien ship single-handedly.

>remembering I used Lord of Light tech in the gauntlet
>remembering how much more worse it got
>Covenant got some tech and believed it utterly heretical
>UNSC became immortal godlings as the Covenant assimilated the tech
>planets become obliterated, billions more people die
>in the even no one wants to fight, both sides are reduced to skeletal shells of their former selves
>Earth is gone, just completely gone

Not again... not again.

>> No.37383020

I actually rolled a planet that was about to be glassed as my starting location, but I figured that the phrasing of the background didn't force me to be a member of the UNSC, so I could just take the next cargo ship out of there.
Unless your necromantic magic is hostile to life, which should include the flood organisms themselves, it should still be able to revive them. At that point is basically a fight for control between your will and the Gravemind;s.

>> No.37383036

See, your problem is you didn't rig your tech to explode when someone you didn't want to used it. Shame on you.

>> No.37383076

It was the Gauntlet, you don't get any powers or abilities aside from what you get in the gauntlet. I bought Benefactor of Science hoping that Lord of Light tech would have evened the odds for the UNSC ahead of time.

I had no idea.

>> No.37383098

Erfworld creator here, >>37374448 has it right (though personally I'd prefer you not pull out a Jager because it makes me sad that you'd pull it out with no giant monsters to fight).

Also, just in case it changes anyone's build, if you take "Seafarer" as a perk it will apply to any vehicle you are a crewmember or pilot of. Starship, tank, car with a massive gun, it doesn't matter so long as it requires more than one person to operate effectively (unless it's something like a starfighter). So that's getting a sudden boost to weapon range, speed, fuel efficiency, and weapon power all with a single perk.

>> No.37383139

Where did you get a Bolo from?

>> No.37383143

Golems and ghosts it is then. Also abusing protective abilities of Life Dragonslayer magic to eat the spores out of the air. Also sitting back and laughing at their attempts to fight my logia user companion. Although sounds like it's a good thing I believe in slapping runic wards on everything possible.

>> No.37383154

Parasite immunity, which is available somewhere I forget, should let you basically freebase the spores if you want.

>> No.37383159

Right. Back from work, hammering down on Companions, Equipment (and Properties), and Drawbacks for Van Helsing.

Quick call, anything ya'll's REALLY want to see?

>> No.37383160

I think just having the four elements is good enough, if you had to have a boost then I'd say just make it easier to learn bending or something.
If I chose that option would I be able to learn things like combustion or lavabending or would they only be purchasable?

>> No.37383182

>Seafarer stuff
Good times, but sadly I'm built for Dance Fighting
Then Doubling those bonuses for sweet sweet destruction of my enemies

>> No.37383186

I liked your companions from the last time you posted them so I'm cool. That ghost lady would be a nice friend for that ghost stone girl I got from Ravenloft.

>> No.37383199


>Origin Spirit [800cp] (Requires Bender):
The spirit of Twilight and Balance, this creature will bond to your soul and grant you the ability to learn all four elements. You won’t be able to immediately bend the other elements, you’ll have to actually learn how to do so during your time here. All the bending abilities you've purchased will enhance your potential skill in each element. (I.E, if you bought lavabending for Earth you can potentially learn Bloodbending for Water, or lightingbending for Fire.) The spirit itself will remain passive and uncommunicative for the majority of the time, but you may be able to befriend it with enough prompting.

>> No.37383223

A Priest/Friar companion
A Ghostly noble Companion

A 0-point drawback that turns it entirely into "Dracula:Dead and Loving it"

A related drawback that makes you want to eat bugs

Drawback for being enslaved somehow to Dracula or another Big Bad

We need a fancy castle or Manor as a property

Automatic crossbow?

>> No.37383224

You never know if someone just wants to top gear their way through the Multiverse.

>> No.37383252

No. Don't make us into an avatar. Please don't do this, the last jump didn't allow it for a reason.

>> No.37383279

>Go to Inukami, pick Kitsune and all elements.
>Go to Avatar.
>Hey guys, I'm the Avatar and also an energy bender. How 'bout that?

>> No.37383285

So buying higher tier bending will make it easier to learn other high tier bending? Also is lightning too tier for fire or will it be the explosions?
Can't wait to be buddies with my own spirit!

>> No.37383294

>Today, on Jump Gear.
>Red shoots a bow
>Konata wears a hat
>And I drive a tank.

>> No.37383300

That's different, thats another jump. This is in the avatar jump, where it makes no sense whatsoever.

>> No.37383315

Not even that
Pick up all of the elements over different jumps
You got Avatar twice, Spyro, Inukami, and others

>> No.37383322

So far it's looking good. Is the price for choosing your biome 50 or 100?
>british/10 would watch

>> No.37383330

>Priest/Friar Companion
already got him with Father Alexander (who may or may not be Irish).

>Ghostly Noble companion
already got one with Katarina DuPois (based on the ghostly companion from Interesting Adventures of Van Helsing vidya games).

>Dracula: Dead & Loving It
Can do. Same with the bugs.

>Drawback for being enslaved
Is a thing. 200 CP.

>Fancy castle or Manor as property
Can do.

>Automatic crossbow.
Already a thing, and it's a beautiful thing.

Funny enough, I... already have a lot of notes to actually make that into a feasible Jump.

>> No.37383336

You've got the important part of that, though. The same powers, effectively.

Depends on what the lore behind the spirits is. Technically there's nothing stopping you from becoming the vessel of either of the ones we know of, outside of them being dicks.
There's tons of ways to do it, yeah.

>> No.37383344

And you haven't made it why?

>> No.37383351

It's not supposed to make you into the Avatar, it's just supposed to let you learn all 4 elements. The TLA jump let you buy a Reincarnation cycle, so I'm letting you buy the ability to learn all the elements.

>> No.37383352

He's got Van Helsing and Killer Bites first I'm guessing.

>> No.37383353

I've been working on the current one (VH).

>> No.37383367

What would the other namefags be doing on Jump Gear?
Justiceanon, what with his super-phyical-power build might be arm-wrestling a mountain
Anti-spiral would be eating souls
Any other ideas?

I was suggesting the Friar from the Hugh Jackman film actually, but the rest of it sounds cool.
Thanks one-armed anon

>> No.37383368

The problem is that Raava is in the avatar, and Vaatu would corrupt you or try to, making it at least a big drawback to the power.

>> No.37383385

He made a third spirit if you read the description
Raava is Light
Vaatu is Darkness
He made a third one, Balance

>> No.37383387

Yeah, that's a good point.

>> No.37383389

We all know you're only doing it just to get all 4 elements KOTOR. And the Reincarnation cycle only applied after the jumps had finished.

>> No.37383405

It's not nice to throw around baseless suspicions and attack jump makers based on grudges, anon.

>> No.37383406

Right, so non-canon stuff solely to give you more power? Not to mention how obviously it shits on canon.

>> No.37383419

British or American Top Gear One-Armed?

>> No.37383430

Got any other plans you'd like to share with us outside of VH and Killy Bits?

>> No.37383431

>We all know you're only doing it just to get all 4 elements KOTOR
Nigger we have 20+ Jumps that let you gain the elements
This would be a reasonable argument 100+ threads ago, but we have so many jumps that this argument doesn't even make sense anymore

>> No.37383433

Oh....Good point.

I didn't add a choose location. Ill add that in right now.

Probably just 50

>> No.37383443

>American Top Gear
You might as well bring back the pony jump if you allow stuff like that.

>> No.37383445

I've got no problem with that, having it match up well with the other jump makes me like it quite a bit.
If I befriend the spirit could I have it constantly talking to me? I'd like a spirit buddy.

>> No.37383452

Korra shit on canon
And a lot of jumps have non-canon stuff
Unless you're forgetting the replica of the fucking Elder Wand in Harry Potter you can purchase, and that's one of our oldest jumps

>> No.37383465

Logically, Anti-Spiral would be the Tame Eldritch Abomination.

Quicksilver would be the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car analogue.

You know, now that I think about it, Top Gear would make a pretty good 2nd jump. Sure, you have all the driving perks, but there's more you could do.
Like charisma perks, you know, since they're television personalities.
Maybe connections, since they do a lot of unusual things that the average person doesn't. The Reliant Robin Rocket and Beetle Ski Jump come to mind.

>> No.37383468

It's funny that you keep using other jumps to support this argument, I thought they didn't rely on each other, or is that just when its nerfing something?. The problem is that this not only gives you access to all four BENDING elements, but it lets you learn any of the specializations.

>> No.37383486

What other names are there?

>> No.37383500

How effective will The Art from Musician Jump be in Elite Beat Agents?

>> No.37383510

Friar Carl? Right now a lot of what he does is shared with a currently planned companion, Professor Grigobretz.

BUUUUUUUUUUT I could make this work. Grigobretz could be more focused on Alchemical, Biological, and more explicit 'Sciency' stuff, while Friar Carl's the tinkerer who'll make use of ANY materials you come across. And make effective weaponry.

I'll definitely add him now.

British by default, American as a drawback.

After Van Helsing, I've got...

Killing Bites
Alien vs Predator (found a LOT more comic-based stuff to add, so this one's gonna take a while).
Top Gear
Ultimate Muscle

>> No.37383517

I'm not even going to take the damn perk. I'm happy being a Firebender
But this perk isn't OP, you're being a whiny bitch.

One-armed anon
That other edgy motherfucker, the one who wants to eat everything in the universe
Kotor anon

>> No.37383529

And before you ask, yes.

This Ultimate Muscle.


>> No.37383541

Dude, there's stuff in over half the jumps that's non cannon, your very existence in a world is non-cannon!

I'm doing it because I think it's a cool idea. I'm probably not even going to take it myself.


>> No.37383546

>Alien vs Predator (found a LOT more comic-based stuff to add, so this one's gonna take a while).
>A version of the Aliens jump that doesn't remove your memories of the universe automatically
I like you 100000x more than the dude who made that jump already

>> No.37383547

I don't know how we're going to fill a car with water and have it not go horribly wrong.

>> No.37383548

>Ultimate Muscle
I love you.

>> No.37383567

Maybe it could just be a small tank for the driver's side. It'd need to have some counterbalancing though.

Also you're starting to make me think of a Guild Navigator.

>> No.37383603

Some say he ate a whole ghost pepper-voluntarily. Others, that [insert something witty]
All we know is, he is NOT the Anti Spiral. But he IS the Anti Spiral's cannabalistic cousin.

I'm thinking producers. Often mentioned, only seen when delivering a challenge.

Jump-Chan is, of course, the BBC.

I am thinking WAY too hard about this.

>> No.37383607

At the very least think up a better name than Balance, something that at least looks like it fits with the other two spirit names.

>> No.37383640

Cool, to be honest I'm mostly picking it for the spirit and the extra elements are a nice bonus especially with the genius bending perk.

>> No.37383643

I'd probably bring a giant bug instead of a car or something. I love bio-science.

>> No.37383705

>Implying I wouldn't race the cars, on foot.
I didn't stack Speed buffs, and magics that boost my speed, and enchantments that boost my speed, and technology for powered armor that boosts my speed(and strength for all of these things) for nothing you know.

>> No.37383742

A 50CP perk that lets us change our accent.

We're vampire hunters or scientists or gypsies. Some of them had amazing or outrageous accents. We need this.

>> No.37383776

Red, you have the best ideas

>> No.37383790

Transylvanian or German? It's difficult.

>> No.37383796

>Take Perk
>Change Accent every couple of sentences
>Just to drive people nuts

>> No.37383807

Look man, there's a reason the other jumps didn't let you ahve more than one element, hell, even the reincarnating thing was post-jump only. Why you gotta shit on those jumps like that?

>> No.37383827

No, you're trying to be the super special avatar because you couldn't get all 4 elements in the Last Airbender. Stop shitting on other people's jumps.

>> No.37383839

N'aw. Here's my plan for this one.

Wake up in an Alien hive, stumble into a 1v1v1 battle between a hive of Xenomorphs, a group of Unblooded Yautja (the Predators), and troupe of the USCM (United States Colonial Marines). From there, you choose between the Preds or the Marines.

After that, you're given your mission: survive 10 years on that planet with your chosen faction. Where's the element of difficulty?

You roll a 3d8. For the number of Xenomorph hives currently on that planet. And then for each hive, you'll roll a 1d8 to see what type of Queen rules it. Which is like this:

1-2: Regular Queen.
3-4: Empress (older Xeno queens who've trounced the other hives around them into subservience).
5-6: Queen Mother (a particular breed of Xeno queen whose spawned Facehuggers ONLY create Queens. Also, are fucking HORRIFICALLY intelligent and capable of highly advanced tactics. Queens born from their facehuggers are subservient to the Queen Mother).
7: Predalien (goes without saying).
8: King (One of the latest examples of Weyland-Yutani fucking with human-Xeno hybrids. Strong enough to take on an entire hive SOLO).

>All this Top Gear talk

Have a peek at a drawback:

>The Stig (+600 CP): Every year, you will be challenged by The Stig to an around-the-world race - using vehicles specially prepared by the three numbskulls for it. No fancy teleportations, no super speeds, nothing. After ten years of this it will culminate in the fastest, greatest challenge the two of you will face yet. And should you win this final race, The Stig will... Oddly enough, though he is not a graceful loser, he will ask to come with you on your journeys.

>For your driving skill must have been forged on countless worlds, and so The Stig will follow you as a Companion. To regain his pride as a driver, even if he must become the greatest in the Multiverse behind the wheel.

Can do.

>> No.37383863 [DELETED] 

also goddamit KOTOR you're shitting on people again.

Remember the Pacific Rim debacle.

>> No.37383866

Aren't you taking things a little too far by trying to claim 'no you're shitting on it' just because he's adding a power you don't like? You sound like the fucking DAI bitcher.

Oh and I like how you've stopped responding to the MULTIPLE ANONS telling you you're wrong just to directly whine at KOTOR like he's going to listen to just you over everyone else.

Third bit of advice? You used the exact same wording twice in a row. Nobody is going to believe you're not one person.

>> No.37383886 [DELETED] 

What are you even doing? He's not shitting on anyone. You know what happened last time? He pissed off people because he changed a jump without permission. Guess what he has now?

We have one anon throwing a fit and several backing him up. Not the same situation.

>> No.37383905

Oh come on this isn't as bad as Pacific Rim.
Fuck I was pissed at KOTOR anon for that shit, this is just "meh" except for a couple of people who won't stop complaining.
One or two complains over it, sure
But this guy won't shut the fuck up

>> No.37383910

Yo wildcard is he shitting on your jump?

>> No.37383911

I try!


Transylvanian, German, Italian, Russian, it depends. A lot of Helsing events are in a lot of places depending on the media in question. It just lets us pick an amazing accent to use.


>> No.37383936

Korra guy gave him direct permission to take over.

>> No.37383954

I remember that now.


>> No.37384001

I remembered after hitting post that Korra gave him permission for this one. So yeah, smacked my forehead already. Dumbass moment, don't mind me.

>> No.37384027

This is true, he didn't poach it from me or anything.
Also I had no idea what to do with drop ins, was probably going to do something spirit related.

>> No.37384034

Hrm... could work!

>> No.37384047

Anti-spiral, please tell your girlfriend to stop picking on poor Hastur.

>> No.37384051

Ok finished Tales of Vesperia, at least sort of. Doesn't quite feel finished, so questions, suggestions, flaws, anything else?

>> No.37384063

...you know... why haven't had had a jumper trying to be like Nyaruko-san?

With how much they're talked about/shipped with ASA you think someone would have done it for shits and giggles.

>> No.37384101

Dog needs a tag, even if it's (Free). Um, give me a little bit to think, but right now I'm wonder why we can't have a little baby entelichaea that can grow up later like Baul or whatever?

>> No.37384131

Well, why would you want to ship with someone as edgy/gross as that?

>> No.37384151

I could do it, but I don't wanna husbando anti-spiral.

>> No.37384165

I don't think Repede wears a tag. As for Entelexeia you can have an one as your partner just fine, and as for them evolving, I was feeling like the Entelexeia description was long enough as it was, so fanwank it.

>> No.37384168


>> No.37384189

I meant a tag as in a price. Dog (Free) - youse a dog son.

>> No.37384199

Well, I'll be frank - I don't like it. I made the Avatar Cycle perk super-expensive and kick in on death just because I wanted to avoid stealing the Avatar's shtick too badly. I feel like there are enough ways to pretend to the Avatar without literally becoming a copy Avatar.

With that said, it's not something I'm going to fight against. There are other ways to master all four elements/pretend to be the Avatar, and at minimum you can already get a second Element just by hitting Korra after TLA. Lord knows I'm doing it. So, in practice, you're only giving them two extra elements for 800 CP, which isn't the most broken thing in the world.

>> No.37384232

Because it gives you 200cp, says so at the end, I'm not saying free and then that you get 200cp from something. I wanted to put it at the end because a number of times people have done something like +200cp, and then people have questions as to if it actually gives them the points.

>> No.37384243

(+200) then? It was just an example. I feel like it's hard to see right now.

>> No.37384265

Alright, but I'll wait for other changes before I post a new version.

>> No.37384300

Alright. Skimming through it, how about a fighting style based on Patty? Though I guess esoteric covers it. Maybe an option to start your own guild?

>> No.37384323

So that's:

Variable Accent (50 CP): Though you won't look like a local at first glance, at least you can sound like one. Puts people at ease, you know? Your voice can switch realistic accents on the fly, without anyone thinking it fake. Now whether it's from an Australian accent to a Canadian or Russian? Well, people -do- notice extreme changes like that. All up to how you use it.


Also, any comments on plans for AvP and The Stig here?>>37383839

>> No.37384350

I thought about putting one in about Patty, but it's a pain to find out enough information on her really, so Its just in under Esoteric, part of why I put in Esoteric in the first place. As for starting your own guild I think I will add that to the companions section for the next version.

>> No.37384412

I like the difficulty thing for AvP
But I would also, if you want to go in that direction, add another roll for your "opposing faction" to see how well organized/armed they are.

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Top Gear, Brit version, so I can't say much about The Stig

>> No.37384418

Aselia wiki might help if you haven't looked at it already, and for other things that'd be possible to add, but yeah that's understandable.

>> No.37384461

Mention of what you can do with Blastia tech? Weapons, robots to fountains to cybernetics. It would go well under the researcher's building perk.

Had to split my post up because 4chan thinks everything is spam.

>> No.37384491

The aselia wiki doesn't have a lot of pages for Vesperia stuff as it turns out. I have used it for things but it always seems to just not have enough information or to just not have the relevant page. For Patty there are some parts to her style of combat that are really kind of awkward and I can't seem to find the details about how it really works.
I'll get on that then, after I finish writing up the guild option.

>> No.37384550

I know!

>> No.37384665

>The Stig (+600 CP):
His own goal will be to one day regain his honor against Rubens Barrichello

>> No.37384752

So, I'm doing the Soul Eater jump at the moment, can someone explain to a guy that doesn't know anything about the series why a Grigori soul would be worth 600 cp? Because it looks ludicrously overpriced as it is now, especially considering the much cheaper levitation perk.

>> No.37384760

I noticed it doesn't say you lose if the Stig defeats you in a race. Typo, or intentional? Because I'd totally take a 0 CP version where losing doesn't get you sent home.

>> No.37384790

Typo. Definitely a typo.

Also, 0 CP version works? May as well add it in. Includes the other three chuckleheads as part of it.

>> No.37384891

The levitation is barely better than walking speed, with a broom its about an average car. The Grigori thing is both a lot faster, more easily controlled, more maneuverable and isn't reliant on a broom. It also gets stronger with training.

>> No.37384915

I'd have made it 400 since it doesn't really offer much advantage. That said, if I ever get around to Baten Kaitos, you're gonna want to go for that instead. Everyone but drop in gets energy wings for free.
Problem with that is that getting your hands on some wings is easy and free in a lot of places.

>> No.37384936

It's best not to compare jumps, they aren't usually made based on what can be obtained in other places. In soul eater, grigori souls are incredibly rare.

>> No.37384956

True enough, I just don't see flight as a big deal on its own.

>> No.37384988

If I remember right I think those wings can also be used as weapons or defensive purposes not exactly sure because my memory is shit.
I think you can shoot feathers like bullets.

>> No.37385177 [DELETED] 


I don't apologize for the mental image is hilarious.


-Background: Researcher (900CP) -OKAY! So I'm this little brainiac kid who knows magic!
-Race: Human (Free) -Let's keep the alt-forms down still!
-Fighting Style: Transforming Bow and Sword (850CP) (Discount) -This was obvious.
-Magicx2 (Free) -Hurray magic! I get to learn so much more!
-Wonder Chef (800CP) (Discount) -I needed this.
-Gorgeous You-Know-Whats (700CP) -Amazing legs! My quest from Career Model is complete!
-Conductance (600CP) (Discount) -Ha HA! I can channel amazing magics!
-Blastia Crafting (400CP) (Discount) -Let it begin! Let it begiiiiin!
-Weapon Crafting (0CP) -And now I can make other weapons fucking amazing!
-Putting It All Together (-300CP) (Discount) -Oh shit, more information association. I'm getting good at this.
-A Weapon (Free) -Guess what's getting fused to the bow AND the sword? This.
-Bodhi Blastia (Free) -Time to see what makes this tick.
-Artifical Blastia (-500CP) -And now I have a research project to do!
-Cursed (-300CP)
-Partnerless (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Halure, 14 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So here I am, roaming around with research and knowledge like crazy. Only I'm constantly in jail until people realize it's Red the Researcher. Who's discovered the secrets to Artificial Blastia. They can USE that.

Of course, there's also the fact that I fused my Bow with the transforming bow... then my Sword with the sword part. So now it has THREE forms... and... kind of can use all my magic potential as physical damage so now it's even MORE powerful while being able to multiply by itself.

>> No.37385379


I don't apologize for the mental image is hilarious.


-Background: Researcher (900CP) -OKAY! So I'm this little brainiac kid who knows magic!
-Race: Human (Free) -Let's keep the alt-forms down still!
-Fighting Style: Transforming Bow and Sword (850CP) (Discount) -This was obvious.
-Magicx2 (Free) -Hurray magic! I get to learn so much more!
-Wonder Chef (800CP) (Discount) -I needed this.
-Gorgeous You-Know-Whats (700CP) -Amazing legs! My quest from Career Model is complete!
-Conductance (600CP) (Discount) -Ha HA! I can channel amazing magics!
-Blastia Crafting (400CP) (Discount) -Let it begin! Let it begiiiiin!
-Putting It All Together (100CP) (Discount) -Oh shit, more information association. I'm getting good at this.
-A Weapon (Free) -Guess what's getting fused to the bow AND the sword? This.
-Bodhi Blastia (Free) -Time to see what makes this tick.
-Bag of Blastia Cores (0CP) (Discount) -And now I have a bunch of samples to work with!
-Evolving Weapon (-300CP) -Fuse this with my bow/staff/sword combo! Yissss.
-Artifical Blastia (-500CP) -And now I have a research project to do!
-Cursed (-300CP)
-Partnerless (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Halure, 14 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So here I am, roaming around with research and knowledge like crazy. Only I'm constantly in jail until people realize it's Red the Researcher. Who's discovered the secrets to Artificial Blastia. They can USE that.

Of course, there's also the fact that I fused my Bow with the transforming bow... then my Sword with the sword part. So now it has THREE forms... and... kind of can use all my magic potential as physical damage so now it's even MORE powerful while being able to multiply by itself.

>> No.37385426

Why do I keep thinking Red will be Aoko Aozaki by the end of the jump

>> No.37385511

There's a good red/konata parallel joke in there, but extracting it would be to much trouble.

>> No.37385589


>> No.37385719

>Aoko Aozaki
>calling me Miss Blue
>yet still has red hair

Truth be told, I've never taken Type-Moon so far. With its WIP state I've been hesitant to touch it. If someone reworked it I might reconsider, but as it stands I'm a bit uncertain due to how much more ridiculous it would boost me.

Altered my build, hence the prior one being deleted.

>> No.37385814

You always have the best pics.


>> No.37385891

It's fine as a jump so far, frankly. Needs more meat is all.

>> No.37386307

>With its WIP state I've been hesitant to touch it.
Same. I'm completely unfamiliar with the material and the jump doc feels clunky.

>> No.37386338

It's very poorly organised and is missing lots of stuff. It's definitely not jump worthy yet.

>> No.37386424

Agreed and agreed. The only thing I ever hear of it is >muh reality marble. I prefer jumps that are more versatile, less one trick.

>> No.37386492

I took Dead Apostle. Don't give a shit about reality marble.

>> No.37386502

Bah. Reality Marbles are kinda... well... over-rated when you realize that there are numerous other abilities available that are cheaper in the Chain.

Really, their gimmick is 'I reject your reality and substitute my own.' That's it. Sure, 'your reality' can be any fugging number of things. But it's still just a temporary replacement.

>> No.37386518

Yeah, but that was even worse. People going "Oh, I'm just going to spend this entire jump hiding in my warehouse to grow in power from Dead Apostle instead of actually doing stuff, that's totally within the spirit of the game" were just awful.

>> No.37386521

I really oughta clarify.

"numerous other, similar abilities available that are cheaper in the Chain."

>> No.37386523

>But it's still just a temporary replacement.
And short ranged.
And short lived.

Its the most over hyped, fanwanked perk in /jc/.

>> No.37386532

Yeah, we had a guy back when Type Moon jump was more relevant who consistently proved that reality marble was nowhere near as impressive as people thought, but he's either left or lost interest.

>> No.37386553

Who fucking cares what someone else does in their singleplayer? I mean really. Even then, who cares what someone did in their singleplayer over 100 threads ago? You need to stop worrying so much about what other people do.

Oh, and lately QS has been doing the same thing with his kitsune build so he can get his nine tails early, so yeah, even he doesn't mind it like you do.

>> No.37386587

Damn. Might have to go archive-digging. Can you remember any examples he used?

>> No.37386611

>Oh, and lately QS has been doing the same thing with his kitsune build so he can get his nine tails early
Yeah, no.

QS has been taking jumps that take longer than 10 years so he can build up to 9 tails in as few jumps as possible. That's smart and not at all outside of the spirit of /jc/. But hiding in your warehouse? That's straight bullshit.

I'll give you that it's single player and a player can do what he or she wants. But if you're going cheese that hard and spam it all over the thread, I am going to mock you.

>> No.37386612

Basically? The duration and the examples of reality marbles we see not being instant wins. Also emphasizing that you have to be fucked and insane in the brain to even get one.

>> No.37386630

>Spirit spirit spirit.
Why do you care. Why does anyone care? I mean seriously, you have better things in your life to do than whine that some perk needs to be banned because someone did a thing with it you don't like.

>> No.37386645

>fucked and insane in the brain


The biggest drawback for a Reality Marble is that you basically have to become such a warped individual, that you are an entirely different person. As in:

>You with RM
>You without RM

Are about as different as an orange is to a banana. You lose everything you were for not-all-that-much-benefit.

>> No.37386660

I'm pretty sure that no one said it should be banned, just that it's over rated. That and that hiding out in your warehouse is sorry.

>> No.37386677

I didn't take it because it's supposed to be amazing or anything so it's not like that's relevant, I just went vampire because vampire.

>> No.37386695

If I recall correctly, QS used 77 rings from Jojo and just spent all his time being an ally of the Joestars to fix that little problem. That or just used an altered Asgardian Time Dilation device from SG-1. http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Time_dilation_device

Really, it's all in how you can do things so it's not "hide in the warehouse".

Funny enough, only thing I would probably do is max my circuits, get Jewelcrafting/Memory Partition, and a stack of jewels as a Clock Tower person to get their freebies too. Then just fuck off and be a traveler. See what happens with all those circuits.

Fuck having reality marble.

>> No.37386701

It isn't that you have to be a different person, it's that you have to view the world from a point of view that is completely different. It is possible for you to be the same person and view the world that way. It's not so different from being an Esper in Raildex really, just the degree of distortion from base reality.

I mean having that sort of delusion may be enough to make you into a completely different person, but it also might not.

>> No.37386719

Arguably a jumper might well be pretty close to that level of crazy if they've gone through enough jumps. The whole experiencing different fundamental laws of reality every ten years may well knock a few screws loose.

>> No.37386732

The effect of your reality marble has to sync up with how you're fucked up though, so if you want something silly you need to be severely warped.

>> No.37386751

>That or just used an altered Asgardian Time Dilation device from SG-1. http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Time_dilation_device
I don't know that that'd work for a Kitsune build. Kitsune get more powerful as they get older, but not due to raw age but due to wisdom gained from X years of experience. That's why most of the Kit builders on here pick up wisdom perks and the like.

>> No.37386756

I just got here.

I am probably literally the only jumper who did not get a Stand.

>> No.37386780

Is typeanon still around? I'm a fan of the 'verse and kind of want to take a crack at it, but I don't want to step on the guys toes if he's just procrastinating.

>> No.37386789

What this anon said>>37386732

The RM is stronger the more 'differently' you view the world. (Excluding certain exceptions like Alexander). So to get proper 'juice' out of it, you have to be SEVERELY screwed in the knob. Insane in the membrane. Knocked in the gob.

>> No.37386808

Same. I had to clear out that items section.

>> No.37386813

Aside from the Stands I made in the TTRPG session? I have no idea what Stand I would actually manifest, so most of my jumping is on the assumption of 'I don't have one.'

>on that note, re-uploading the JoJo's Bizarre Tabletop.

>> No.37386818

Truth be told I'm unsure if it would work too. But seeing as people are inadvertently going to be practicing how to do things anyway (training, learning arts, sewing, plenty of stuff to avoid being bored), it may work.

I dunno, fanwank something.

>> No.37386827

>Insane in the membrane.
Goin' insane, got no brain!

>> No.37386865

Might work if you spent the time meditating or the like. Any jumps give you a mango tree?

>> No.37386867

True but then you have Iskandar, who was pretty much still an upstanding guy, just had drive, charisma, and unwavering belief to the point that it manifested as a reality marble he shared with his troops.

Then you have Shirou on the other end of the spectrum, where is power is somewhat mundane in that it can even be mistaken for more ordinary magecraft if you don't look closely enough. But he's fucked in the head such that he can't enjoy things unless he is doing things for other people and gets so fucked he wants to go back in time and stop himself from ever existing. Though apparently it is also possible for him to recover from that and still have a strong reality marble.

I would say that you could go on without being completely fucked in the head, so long as your belief and drive is strong enough. Though not necessarily a great power to try and develop intentionally. You don't want Frontier Psychiatrist to end up your theme song because you screwed up. Though I think I would take it over>>37386827

>> No.37386889

>>Though I think I would take it over>>37386827
>Taking anything over Cypress Hill

>> No.37387382

Who is making the new thread?

>> No.37387397

An especially angry ghost.

>> No.37387419

Ghost jumpchain WOO! WOO!

>> No.37387420

I got it lined up, give it a sec. Thread's gotta die first.

>> No.37387465

... do you have to yell that every time?

>> No.37387471

Do you have to yell that every time?

>> No.37387507

Ghost vs. Voldemort... FIGHT!!!

>> No.37387527

I did not know you were dead, OAA. Did it hurt?

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