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So, let's see. news.

Nothing major on that front, really. Thinking of starting earlier from now on, maybe around 16-1700 EST? What do you guys think?

Archive here:


You sigh, kicking uselessly at Mav, who dances out of the way. “You're no damn help at all, Patty.” You say, shaking your head.

“Dude, You asked me about some surgical augmentic bullshit I know nothing about!” She says. “I don't know the first thing about this VNDI- “

“VDNI.” You correct for the third time.

“Whatever. I don't know the first thing about it, ask Samantha. Now,if you'd have asked me about what to do with Ice or Slider-”

“I didn't.” You point out- she keeps going.

“I'd say you know full well what to do with them, you're just not. For some reason.”

“No help at all.”

“You're mad because I'm right.” She says, still leading you... somewhere. You're not quite sure, and you were kind of hesitant to follow her when she offered to 'find something interesting to do around here' but you figured what the hell and went with.

You've since found yourself on the back end of the base, headed towards some of the less-frequently used motor pool buildings. While the trucks in here aren't completely abandoned, they're rarely used, enough so that nobody is real sure who they belong to anymore.

It's the kind of place no one really goes unless they belong there, which, according to Mav, has made it 'perfect' for her. It's ended up giving you a valuable chance to seek your friend's advice on the situation, which she's delivered in her typical, blunt, fashion. Trust Merlin.

“Ya know.” She says, after another minute of walking. “You could just, pfft, I don't know, trust Sam. Has she ever steered you wrong about tech shit before?”

“Well, no, but-”

“But what? You gonna say you don't trust her now?”


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“Kinda?” You respond. “She claims there's no downside, but she's the only one- and I mean only one- that's saying that. Even the docs that have made this newer version say there's potential risks.”

“There's potential risks in anything.” Your longtime friend fires back. “Like, oh, shit, I don't know. Your job?”

“Yeah but-”

“Or teasing Ice?”

“That's not that dangerous.” You say.

“Oh ho ho.” Mav laughs. “That's what you think. Frank, that girl's fixin to pop, and when she does, she's gonna make what the twins do to Joe look like a church service Sunday morning, you hear me?”

“Hmph.” You say- you know better, but don't know how much about all that you really need to be sharing.

“Hmph my ass. Mark my words, Frank, if you don't do something, she and Rachel are gonna ravage that body.” She looks back at you with a grin. “Which, ya know, might not be so bad. Shit, invite me when it happens and I'll help ya out.”

“You'll make it worse, you mean.”

“Same thing.”

[] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?
[] Oh no. we're not going into that again. So you think I ought to trust Merlin?

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>“You'll make it worse, you mean.”

>“Same thing.”

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[x] Lick Slider's soulgem

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>[] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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>[] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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[x] Get ravaged by Patty, Rachel, Ice while Youngspawn is tied up in corner

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>[x] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?
Moonshine, right? Gotta be that. Best night of the week! As for starting earlier, would that mean we'd end earlier too and some of us can actually get sleep?

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No, seriously, fuck timezones.

>So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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Not assuming she won't break out?

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>[x] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

The return of he moon-shining.

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>[x] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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>invite me

"Get in line."

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>[X] Oh no. we're not going into that again. So you think I ought to trust Merlin?

Don't let her just change the topic. Channel your inner autism.

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>[X] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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Fucking laptop. I definitely remember clearing that field.


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>[x] "Don't you have a girlfriend now anyway?"

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>[] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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>[] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

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What will Frank do when they take numbers?

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No worry for he will have a deal with Gatoraid!

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Ask Putin for making adamantium hip bones for him.

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Tie Frank to a bed and get a healwitch. Frank's Wild Ride will never end until they are satisfied.

Or more likely, purchase a bigger bed. Ice sleeps tied in bondage above him.

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Lay back, think of America, and stay hydrated.

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[x] So why are we headed out this way anyhow?

“So what's out here anyhow?” You ask, getting the subject away from sex- at least for now. Mav's nothing if not predictable.

She grins. “You'll see.” She says.

You roll your eyes, it's not like you couldn't put it togther anyway. “So this is where you hid your still?”

Her shoulders drop a bit in disappointment. “How'd you guess?”

“Why else would we be going to the ass end of nowhere on this post?” You ask.

“Maybe I just wanted to get you alone and away from the rest of them?” She teases. You suppose you should feel grateful it took her this long to get back to the lewd shit.

“Like one more time would change anything.” You say, flatly. “How many times have we been alone with no supervision?”

She shrugs. “Maybe I'll take advantage of it this time?”

You snort. “Please. Besides, what about hauptmann Young?”

“Kitty would understand.” She says, opening the door to the motor pool and motioning you in.

“Understand what?” Young's voice says, coming out from behind some of the forgotten 2.5 ton trucks.

“If I decided to screw Frank's brains out alone somewhere?”

Young's head appears from around the back corner, looking at Mav, then at you. “Eh. I'd be disappointed in your life choices, but I'd maybe forgive you. 'Sup Smalltime.”

[] Look around. “Smalltime? Where?”
[] Sup sourkraut.

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>[x] Sup sourkraut.

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>[] Sup sourkraut.
"One day you need to hook me up with your folk, it'd be entertaining. Bat against Widow."

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>[] Sup sourkraut.

>> No.37358786


[] Look around. “Smalltime? Where?”

"I'm not seeing any of the luftwaffles arou- Oh hey Young"

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>[x] Sup sourkraut.

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[X] Sup sourkraut.

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>[] Sup sourkraut.

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>I'd be disappointed in your life choices

"Disappointed you didn't get first ride on my flight stick?"

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>[x] Sup sourkraut.

Maybe she would join Mav for the Frank ride.

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>[X] Sup sourkraut.

>First time I've caught a thread in awhile
>Yellow-bellied babies too scared of AUGMENTS because "muh nebulous potential health risks"
King of the sky needs to stay on top of the shit that lets peasants challenge him in his domain, we bump into a ruskie with this shit and we might have to tucker ourselves out a bit putting him in his place with out it.

>Meanwhile Ghost went on about how Merlin knows her shit
>Also mentioned that she doesn't like talking to implants to the point where she wouldn't talk to her own
>But she would still talk to Frank's just to be safe
Yeah nah, if there was even the slightest legitimacy to the health risks she'd be all mopey about how we absolutely can't because she would never risk Frank.

I want to say that we should figure this shit out BEFORE Ghost dumps a vote about it on us but I really just enjoy shit flinging.

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>[] Sup sourkraut.

"How's the kill count? Still below me?"

I don't recall who has more kills. I hope this one's correct. If not, well, ignore it.

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>[] Sup sourkraut.

Yeah, at this point my only concerns with it are the same concerns I would have with any surgery that close to the brain. There's a tiny voice telling me that some of Merlin's reasoning is unhealthy, but it isn't wrong. Thus continuing the grand tradition of Merlin being more than a little fucked up but more than a lot amazing.

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Don't be so sour......kraut

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>Sup Sourkraut.

>So about that Strudel.

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Nope, pretty sure Frank has a lower kill count than every witch he shit on at Barin. Let the rabble do all the work.

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We were the second highest kill count actually but due to Barin being in a coma and dong other stuff kept our kill count a little low.

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We still don't know how having two people jack into one plane will exactly work out, yes Ivan was/is testing that but pretty sure it's still an unknown. There's also the issue of how exactly it'll work with the Gnoming, primarily in regards to the actual use of it as while it'll give Frank more control, it will also allow him to push harder thus killing him faster. This is all ignoring the downtime from the surgery and relearning shit which, while we've been told it shouldn't be long, it is yet another chunk of downtime we don't need.

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>We still don't know how having two people jack into one plane will exactly work out, yes Ivan was/is testing that but pretty sure it's still an unknown.
Just don't chase the rabbit.

>it will also allow him to push harder thus killing him faster.
Pretty sure anything that makes us push as hard as we have before while we do have the VDNI would kill us we before our gnoming does with out it.

>This is all ignoring the downtime from the surgery and relearning shit which, while we've been told it shouldn't be long, it is yet another chunk of downtime we don't need.
Literally all we're doing right now is waiting for Russian hunter-killer teams to show up so we can blow them out of the sky. Hunter killer teams that are only flying around here to try and bait us out so they can shoot US down.

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>Just don't chase the rabbit.
That's a reference to something, right? If it is can't think of what it's from. Yet it's still an unknown, an unknown which we'll have to spend time trying to work out on top of everything else. Honestly VDNI just adds another layer of things that could fail and fuck us in the ass. I'm still waiting for the hammer to drop on the hammerspace tech, shit's too good to be true even with the tech savant that is Merlin.

>Pretty sure anything that makes us push as hard as we have before while we do have the VDNI would kill us we before our gnoming does with out it.
Yet we don't know either way.

>Literally all we're doing right now is waiting for Russian hunter-killer teams to show up so we can blow them out of the sky. Hunter killer teams that are only flying around here to try and bait us out so they can shoot US down.
IIRC, Ivan stopped doing that and that the only NATO birds going up have been CAS and Weasel's since Soviet AAA is doing what it does. Could they be holding back what they got for when shit really gets desperate or will they pull a counteroffensive soon? Nothing ever goes as planned.

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[x] Sup sourkraut.

“Sup Sourkraut.” you respond, nodding at her. “So you're helping Patty in her delinquency, huh?”

“Oooh, a big word. Maybe I should reevaluate my opinion of education stateside.” She says. “Pattycakes over there can barely get past pointing and grunting.”

“To be fair,” Mav says. “It's not like you're doing a whole lot of talking either, Kitty.”

The German-American witch shrugs. “Eh, fair enough. Guess it depends who's where.”

“Anyway, so you two have booze?” You ask, hopeful. The base club isn't bad, but it's completely dry. Because of how the alert schedule is- and your proximity to the front- everyone here is considered to be scheduled to fly, all hours, limits be damned.

Kat shakes her head. “Nope. Not yet.” She says. “We've got the stuff to brew, but we haven't had time.”
She shrugs. “Between enforced rest periods and alerts and shit, we haven't had the couple days we need to really get going here.”

Mav nods. “Plus we've got nothing to really flavor it with, so unless you like drinking pure corn alcohol...”

“Most people just call it rocket fuel.” You say, walking to the back of the hangar to examine the still.

It's not much- you don't know where they got the copper tubing, though the actual body of the thing looks to be an external fuel tank, one of the smaller ones used by the Polish F-5s and F-20s. You confirm it is when you note the faded warning plates on it, and the connection points around back. It's dented and battered in a few places, with a couple noticeable weld lines where holes were repaired.

Patty pats it, walking past. “They just left this one behind, said it was junk.” She says, having noted your inspection of it. “Didn't take too much effort to patch it up and fill it up with water, then poke a couple holes in it for the coil.”


>> No.37359950

You nod, impressed by the work there. “What about water?”

“Base well, there's a tap out back, we just ran a hose in here.” Kat responds. “Works for the cooling there, we run it through a filter to brew with, too.”

“And corn and sugar?” You ask.

She nods. “Yeah, got a thing worked out with some guys in town, we give them a part of what we make, they keep us in grain and sugar. Might not be corn, but it shouldn't matter, right?”

You shrug, you own knowledge of distilling being almost nonexistent.

“So, smalltime. Whatcha think?”

You nod appreciatively at the whole setup. “Pretty sweet. So how long till your first batch?”

She shrugs. “Day or two. Patty and I lucked out, we're both down on enforced rest for a couple days, so we can go ahead and brew some stuff up.”

“Well, let me know when you do.” You say. “I wouldn't mind keeping some around.”

She grins. “Yeah, I bet not. Dad says he hit the bottle pretty hard, being surrounded by witches all the time. Guess he got lucky his liver didn't fall out of his body.” She laughs. “Though I hear he was kinda close to a couple healwitches, too.”

You snort. “Yeah, well. Maybe that's a going thing?”

She shrugs. “Yeah, maybe.”

There's a pause, then she looks at you again, tilting her head slightly. “So, smalltime. Where'd you disappear to last week?”

[] Classified.
[] Oh, you know. Round and round.
[] So many girls, so little time.....

>> No.37360006

>[x] Oh, you know. Round and round.

>> No.37360035

>We still don't know how having two people jack into one plane will exactly work out, yes Ivan was/is testing that but pretty sure it's still an unknown.

Merlin desires to become one with Fronk in a way no other witch can.


>> No.37360063

>[x] So many girls, so little time.....

"I am in high demand, you know?"

>> No.37360087

>That's a reference to something, right? If it is can't think of what it's from.
>[] Classified.

>> No.37360091

>[] Oh, you know. Round and round.
But really...
>[] Classified.

And I fail at thinking of another name that isn't sourkraut to tact on at the end of classified...

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>[x] Classified. Big times only you know how it is, oh wait, you wouldn't.

>> No.37360105 [DELETED] 

>[] and here i thought you weren't interested Mav

>> No.37360149

>[x] Classified, Luftwaffle.

>Dad says he hit the bottle pretty hard, being surrounded by witches all the time
Pffft, the witches made it worse sure but Young's liver was well on the way to killing him before meeting a witch.

>> No.37360188

>[] So many girls, so little time.....

>> No.37360227

>so many girls so little time...

>> No.37360265

>[] Oh, you know. Round and round.

Like the village bicycle

>> No.37360305

So wait is Kat Young's daughter or granddaughter?

>> No.37360315


yea, this is good.

>> No.37360337

Youngest daughter, I think Ghost said.
They've been rather productive

>> No.37360347

Youngest daughter, I think.

>> No.37360370

>[x] Classified.
"And not 'I'm gonna be cheeky about it' classified, classified classified."

>> No.37360436

>[X] So many girls, so little time.....
"But seriously, it's classified to hell and back."

>> No.37360468


Young X Minna are Energizer bunnies.

>> No.37360781

>[X] Oh, you know. Round and round.
This seems about right.

>> No.37360853

>[x] Classified.

>> No.37360890

>jedi and a witch


>> No.37360897

[x] Classified.

You shake your head. “Sorry, it's classified.”

“Oh?” She says, leaning in. “I hear it was with that cajun girl. A whole week alone.... “

“Hah.” You say. “Look, if I could just magically generate time to go be alone with a witch you'd think maybe I’d have done it before now.”

She shrugs. “Maybe the right one hadn't come along till now?”

You snort. “Yeah, sure. I'm sure that's what that was.”

“But when you two got back,” Mav says, “you've both been carrying on about that DVNI or whatever.”

“VDNI.” you correct.

“The hell is NVDI?”

“It's a hell of a lot of trouble, is what it is.” You say. “Long story short, it's a system that'd allow greater control over the aircraft than we can currently reach.”

“So what's the problem?” Young asks.

“It involves implants damn close to the brain, and there's unknowns.”

“And Merlin's vouching for it.” Patty adds in.

Young looks at you. “Merlin, the same one that cooked up the superstrikers Kazinski and Kerner have?”

You nod. “Yeah, the same one.”

“And you don't trust her... why?”

[] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.
[] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason
[] … yeah, good point. Guess I should go talk to her and Ice, huh?

>> No.37360912

>[x] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason

>> No.37360919

>[] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason

>> No.37360922

>[] … yeah, good point. Guess I should go talk to her and Ice, huh?

>> No.37360923

>[x] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason.

>> No.37360925


>[] other
"Exactly because she cooked up those strikers. She loves tech abit too much that it might be clouding her judgement a little. Especially since this implant is invasive."

>> No.37360927

>[] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason

>> No.37360943

>[X] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.
Techfetish clouding judgment etc.

>> No.37360971

>[] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason. It might be good reason, but I'm not the genius here

>> No.37360980

so she is becoming tony stark! but with chocolate cake replaces the booze

>> No.37360984

>[] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.
>[] She's ignoring the dangers of it for whatever reason
Honestly, we know about her anxieties with Frank, even if she's been getting better (well enough to go on a date by herself even!). Also, I get the feeling that Frank isn't a fan of enhancement/invasive surgery beyond necessity, and Frank isn't sure he needs the edge. Kind of like the deal with Putin if I remember that bit right.

To put it into Civilization: Beyond Earth terms, Merlin favors Supremacy while Frank seems to favor Purity.

>> No.37361008

or Captain america vs Tony Sta- we are going to die to a sniper!

>> No.37361021

Actually not really, he said every bit of edge counts up in the air and is on the fence.

>> No.37361035

>Kind of like the deal with Putin if I remember that bit right.
I was more under the impression that Frank didn't want to be under anesthesia behind enemy lines with only a Russian spook's word as a safety net.

>> No.37361041

>[x] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

She has absolute faith in her own ability to make it work right. With a bleeding-edge, never seen before system.
She is probably compensating in some way for her lack of "real" striker witchiness.

>> No.37361045

>[] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.
Merlin's the kind of techie who'd give herself a cybernetic penis if it ejaculates chocolate ganache.

>> No.37361046


Now if they come up with a helmet system that reads the brainwaves and allows us the control the plane like that, I'll be all over that.

In fact, isnt that the COFFIN 3.0?

>> No.37361095

>Kind of like the deal with Putin if I remember that bit right.
Coming back from behind enemy lines all cut up with implants in us was the biggest issue at the time.
That be two of us anon.

>> No.37361103

Not to mention a major attack was going to happen and needed to be back ASAP.

>> No.37361153

if we have to eject we are fucked!

>> No.37361154

>[] … yeah, good point. Guess I should go talk to her and Ice, huh?

>> No.37361155

Whelp, then I remembered WRONG. Huh. Still personally not in favor of the implants. Merlin just seems too. . .I don't know if 'desperate' is the right word I'm looking for to describe Merlin's attitude. I mean, she's not being excessively pushy about wanting it, but she is articulating her own desire for it.

>> No.37361177

[] … yeah, good point. Guess I should go talk to her and Ice, huh?

>> No.37361192

>[x] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

>> No.37361194

>[] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

>> No.37361238

>[] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

>> No.37361284

I think 'convinced' might be a good word. Eh, I trust her, and also think not taking the implant would be a hell of a missed opportunity, both in-story and out

>> No.37361387

I dunno, it's not like there isn't room for interesting moments to occur if we don't get brain plugs.

>> No.37361390

Eh, I come from an engineering background, so I would rather see things be more rigorously tested in controlled conditions although I recognize there IS a point where new developments need to be field-tested, especially during wartime with its accelerated developmental rates.
I just feel. . .paranoid(?) about this system. it DOES have huge potential though.

>> No.37361433

nobody here think we ought somehow get touch with Sokolov?
As genius as Merlin is, two genius heads are better than one.

Well, you are not wrong. History is filled by promising tech that failed or unreliable because rushed too soon. Some test would nice.

>> No.37361452


maybe they'll be able to develop a non-invasive system.

>> No.37361471

Merlin already discussed the pants off of it when they met in Japan IIRC

>> No.37361512

>[] … yeah, good point. Guess I should go talk to her and Ice, huh?

>> No.37361513

Not to mention all of his input has probably happened off-screen towards making the thing functional and safe. This isn't a bioware game, people can solve problems even if we don't talk to them

>> No.37362097

Some good music to pass the time.

>> No.37362132

>[x] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

>> No.37362213

And some more music.

>> No.37362299

no lie I would live there if it was not filled with assholes

>> No.37362345

The music will continue.

>> No.37362430

How about this one then? I will keep posting music till Ghost returns.

>> No.37362457

[x] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

“Because I don't think she's assessing it realistically.” You say, frustrated. You sit on the back bumper of the closest truck. “I love the kid like family, but she's too into this whole technology thing. She's ignoring the risks because it's shiny and new and the exact sort of high-speed, low-drag stuff she's all about.”

Young nods. “I think I know what ya mean, dad's like that with engines. Well, kind of. He's big into machines, though, ya know?”

“Sure,” You agree. “Hell, I love technology too, shit's cool, and the stuff it can do is amazing, but this-”

“This is different.” Young supplies, taking a seat on a crate nearby. Patty joins her a second later.

“Yeah, exactly.”

“But, how is it different?” She asks. “ I mean, shit, you guys let her practically run the hangar crew, she's got four or five, maybe more, major aerospace companies who'd do anything she asked them just to get her to consider a contract with them, she's damn near considered the second coming, and you're doubting her on technology?”


>> No.37362491

You nod again. “Yeah, I am. Because of all the things you just said. She's glossing over the risks, she thinks she can handle them. What if she can't?”

Young shrugs. “What if her latest jet tweaks fail catastrophically in flight? Same result, different method.”

“but-” you protest, noting there's a difference there, you're sure of it, though the more you think about it, the more you can't figure out what it is.

“And,” She says, continuing. “What if she's right, and there's no or minimal risks, or she can handle them? Between her and a healwitch, you could be set, and you're passing it up for paranoia?”

You sit, silently.

She shrugs. “I mean, ultimately, smalltime, it's your call. And you're probably doing right, asking people for some advice. But at the same time, seems like a hell of a missed chance if you don't, know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I get what you're saying.” You say.

“Good. So about you and that cajun...”

[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362518

>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362523 [DELETED] 

>[x] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362525

>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362535

>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362541

>[] Nothing happened, man.
That secret goes to the grave with me.

>> No.37362548

>[x] Nothing happened, man.
To the grave.

>> No.37362556

the things she can do. . .in a kitchen is amazing.

>> No.37362559

>[] I'd tell you, but then I'd have to bring you to her. And she likes them feisty.

>> No.37362567

>"Also classified"
Youngspawn is agreeing with me. Not sure if that's good or bad but I'll take it

>> No.37362577 [DELETED] 

>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362578

>[X] Nothing happened, man.
No one must ever know.

>> No.37362581

>[x] Nothing happened, man.
"And what a nothing it was..."

>> No.37362593

>[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

Denial confirms it, just go with it to totally throw them off.

>> No.37362621

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
this guy has it

>> No.37362626

>"And what a nothing it was..."
Much ado about it, even.

>> No.37362638

>Young shrugs. “What if her latest jet tweaks fail catastrophically in flight? Same result, different method.”
We can almost always eject from the jet. Brain stem implant fails catastrophically we flat-line faster then the jet falls out of the sky.

>> No.37362639


>> No.37362656

>mfw straight up denial ends up making them suspicious.

>> No.37362675

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

This could either work out perfectly or backfire spectacularly.

>> No.37362688

Wait, We should do both. Just to REALLY toss her off. It is neither a confirm nor deny.
changing my vote to this
>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362691

>implying this isn't what I want to happen

>> No.37362695

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>> No.37362701

Rolled 1 (1d2)

1: [] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
2: [] Nothing happened, man.

Dice gods, GO!

>> No.37362709

>[X] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362731

>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37362786

>[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>But lead Mav on with innuendo, then claim we were talking about her skill at operating operationaly

>> No.37362789 [DELETED] 

>[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
Fuck it, deleted my first vote. It either works or it doesn't.

>> No.37362915

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>> No.37362956

>[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>> No.37362973


>[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.


>> No.37362990

>[] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37363020

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
"You worried about her making a move on Mav here?"

>> No.37363035

[X] Nothing happened, man.

nobody must know

>> No.37363051


[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
They're just gonna assume we're talking About her combat abilities or figure we're joking like usual

>> No.37363059

The dice gods will it.

>> No.37363072

>[x] Nothing happened, man.

>> No.37363106

Dat semefaggot

>> No.37363124

>[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

fucking for DAYZ
Go big, they totally wont believe it.

>> No.37363137

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>> No.37363142

There is something that bothers me, Frank says what if she can't handle it I'm more worried if Frank can't handle it. I'm confident Merlin can handle it due to her ability but Frank not so much considering what is wrong with him now.

Whether Frank wanted to avoid admitting it or now I did kind of wish he did.

>> No.37363152

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.
Ham it up! She had three dicks! She gave me three dicks!

>> No.37363166

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>> No.37363300

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

>> No.37363306

I'm pretty sure when he is talking about her handling the risk is in regards to her taking care of problems that arise being a tech savant and all. At the same time that doesn't make sense, medical implants aren't necessarily the same as tech you stick in a fighter. Again maybe I'm just misunderstanding it.

>> No.37363332

Goose is a healwitch, right?

>> No.37363354


>> No.37363366

Yes, she is.

>> No.37363369


Yeah she's a healwitch.

>> No.37363397

Obviously we need to get the implant purely so that we have a reason to interact with her more

>> No.37363403

Who is she? I can't seem to recall her.

>> No.37363422

"I can neither confirm nor deny any event happening."

>> No.37363465

....well, you can't make omelet without cracking the egg....

>> No.37363466

I'd think anything having to do with brain problems we would need a healwitch that specializes in that.

>> No.37363484

There's still a plug that'll need checkups

>> No.37363511

That's even worse! They'll jump on that for sure and start mulling how good she was in bed to warrant that sort of no-tell reaction.

>> No.37363583

Which you'd probably need someone specialized in bleeding edge medical tech. Face it anon, Goose will forever be 'Who?'.

>> No.37363852

>[] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

It's double meaning man. They will have doubts if they fucked or not.

>> No.37363863

Time fore some more Music

>> No.37363883

[x] Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.

You consider just flat denying it- it'd work, you're relatively sure, though with Young, it's hard to tell. But Mav, at least, knows you, and would get suspicious- you're honest, but you're capable of bullshitting, and just denying it might make her take serious interest.

You grin. “Oh, she's fucking amazing. You ougghta see what that girl can do.” You say. “Counter, floor... pool table, everywhere, man.”

“huh.” Young says, looking back with a smirk at Mav. “So is she a screamer?”

“You know it.” You say. “And flexible as hell to boot.”

Young nods sagely. “Yeah, I bet. Isn't her familiar a cat? Does she have the spot?”

“Spot?” you ask.

She nods. “Yeah, sure. All witches are like that, either their ears or their tail drives 'em nuts.”

“Or both.” Mav adds.

Young nods. “Yeah, or both. Like Patty here.”

“Oh. Well now that you mention it, she really did like me tuggin on her tail, ya know for-”

“Yeah, we know.” Young grins. “Well, congratulations smalltime, I almost believed you. You didn't do a damn thing, did you?”

“No, really, we-”

She laughs. “You didn't do shit.” She shakes her head. “Hell, it took dad, what? Like a week? To shack up with mom during the war. Here you are, you been in this since before day one, and you still haven't managed to get laid. I don't know if that's impressive or really, really sad.”


>> No.37363911

Kat that was a loooooooooooooooooong fucking week, you have no goddamn idea.

>> No.37363917



Mission accomplished.

>> No.37363972

“Kinda both, really.” Mav adds. “I mean, shit, Ice or Katya would probably jump him the second he even brought it up. Slider-” She shrugs. “I don't know. She's hard to read.”

“There's always Sakamoto, too. And that RAF girl you guys have, what was her name?”

“Wendy?” Patty shakes her head. “Maybe, but I don't know. She's a good kid, hell of a flier, but she's innocent as hell. Shit, even I gotta watch what I say around her.”

“And Sakamoto?” Young asks.

“She's crazy. Have you met her?” Patty responds.

Young nods. “Yeah, many times. She's actually not too bad a person, once you get to know her. Traditional as hell though.”

Patty nods, then stands up. “Well, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Isn't traditional for them the ever-loyal housewife?”

“Yep. Wouldn't be too bad, right Frank? Shit, we could set you up, no problem.”

“I'll pass, thanks. If I end up with anyone, it'll be on my own.”

Young just starts laughing.

“And on that note. C'mon Frank, let's go get chow. I'm starved. You coming with, Kat?”

“I-” She starts laughing again. “G-gimme a minute I-I-I” She breaks up into great bouts of laughter.

“It wasn't that funny.” You say, kind of sullenly.

“So what are you thinking now, about that INDV or whatever?” Patty says as you leave the building.

[] Still don't know
[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.
[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37363974


>> No.37364007

On that note, I'll need Ice, A closet, and an afternoon and I'll fix that problem of mine....

>> No.37364008

>[] Still don't know
>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364011

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364017

>[] Still don't know

>> No.37364020

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364021

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.


>> No.37364029

[] Still don't know

>But I trust Merlin so I'm going to iron out any lasting questions with her

>> No.37364043

>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364050

>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364052

>[] Thinking about getting it.

"And hell if I'm going to get it I might even see what augments Putin had on offer."

>> No.37364055

>[] Still don't know

>> No.37364056

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364064

>[X] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364067

>[] Not entirely sure. But thinking about getting it.
Also this

>> No.37364070

>[x] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364072

>[] Still don't know

I want it to field tested on someone else. All i have see it worked on is witches. Who knows how it goes on guys like me?

>> No.37364088

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364092

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.
Again, something goes wrong with the Wyvern there's ways of coming away alive. Shit goes wrong with something in your brain stem? Shit's dicey, let someone else test it before we go for it.

>> No.37364094

>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364097

Laika's not a witch

>> No.37364098

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364115

>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.
Supremacy a shit. Purity all the way.

>> No.37364133

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364147

>[] Thinking about getting it.
We really need to see how Merlin responds to our concerns though

>> No.37364154

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364162

>[X] Kinda leaning away from it right now.
As much as I trust Merlin, no.

>> No.37364183

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364207

>“Well, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Isn't traditional for them the ever-loyal housewife?”

Housekeeping traditions passed down the Sakamoto family for generations.

Bridal techniques also passed down the Sakamoto family for generations.

>> No.37364216

I wonder if Merlin will get the implant even if we don't. It's not like we both have to be jacked in for it to work or anything. Probably.

>> No.37364252

It's been said several times, if she gets it we have to as well.

>> No.37364266

>[] Still don't know
>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364270

I want to say 'Kimiko Nee-sama is not for lwed!' but......

>> No.37364279

Has it actually? I don't remember that ever being said

>> No.37364299

>[x] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364306

From thread S2E48

>“Right.” You say. “But it's an all or nothing deal, right? If you get it, I have to? Or if I get it you have to?”

>She nods. “Y-yes. But would it be s-so bad? T-they'd never be able to s-split us up-”

>> No.37364311


But you drew lewd of her already and so you know better?

>> No.37364321

>[X] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364351

merlin that's bad and you know it!

>> No.37364364

>“Y-yes. But would it be s-so bad? T-they'd never be able to s-split us up-”

Bordering on the crazies here man. It's scary.

>> No.37364384

>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364390

>The Wyvern has been pressuring her to get implants, because she won't tolerate being outdone by Laika and her plane.
>Merlin is too meek to refuse, trying to subtly push for Frank to get them too because she's not comfortable being jacked in alone with the Wyvern.

>> No.37364420

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364432

Is it really? All witches are crazy and at this point I'm pretty sure the Wyvern is crazy too.

>> No.37364434

Kimiko is best waifu.

>> No.37364461

Yeah, this is what I meant when I said she's more than a little fucked up but more than a lot amazing.
God bless PTSD child soldiers
>Wyvern has gone full Gray Fox, Frank's normal raping of physics just isn't enough

>> No.37364494

>More Frank! Fly me more, dawg!

>> No.37364546

Come to think of it we might as well ask Merlin to ask the Wyvern what she thinks

>> No.37364668

>[] Thinking about getting it.

>> No.37364680 [DELETED] 

>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364730

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364779

>[] Still don't know
>[] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364910

I have for of this.

>> No.37364929

I foresee a final destination vote at the moment of truth.
I also foresee me missing it but that's just because my luck is shit

>> No.37364943

>[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

>> No.37364972

I have a ton of these.

>> No.37365076

That's gonna be a shit storm I want nothing to do with but I'll be here like always. Luckily it'll be sooner rather then later I'd think, so at least it won't have too long to fester.

>> No.37365149

And honestly, it is a pretty big choice. I can't be too mad that people got opinions

>> No.37365225



>> No.37365268

Oh, of course not. While the vote itself will likely be a shitty experience it's just the nature of things. Wish it wasn't that way.

>> No.37365301

For anyone not following PJ witches, here i reposting some Kimiko-nee.

>> No.37365318

I know bro, i get ptsd thinking of other waifuwars i samefagged and lost anyway in

all my friends

gone, like posts in the archive

>> No.37365396

thanks for the flash backs to PGQ.

>> No.37365446


Ahaha.. Dammit.

>> No.37365465

nigga you ga

>> No.37365480

It was an experience reading about it in the archives, I wonder what it was like live.

>> No.37365544

were you here when we were deciding to sleep with Bridget or not.

>> No.37365554


Pls no bully

>> No.37365575

Yeah, which was a no brainer imo
but PGQ's shit seemed a lot worse.

>> No.37365590

>bride get

brigitte route confirmed

>> No.37365600


>> No.37365617

ya it was 50x worse half of the votes were made in like 2mins

>> No.37365619

>[] Still don't know
>want to talk to Merlin again first

>> No.37365642

It was hell. There was a shitstorm last night too

>> No.37365674


You have no right to make me laugh that hard.

>> No.37365688

I was there when it happened. It was an experience to remember.

>> No.37365691

tell me are you ticklish mouse.

>> No.37365696

Really? Isn't PGQ nowadays just a handful of regular followers reading a couple of conversations for a few hours with slow but sure plot progression?

>> No.37365697

>i c
Could Mozart still be alive?

>> No.37365706

Consider it punishment for not obeying the faceless masses like a good writeslave.

>> No.37365719


>> No.37365732


Tonks when?


Ahaha.. I left when I caught up to it. All those waifu-ing in the archives.

>> No.37365765

tonks NEVER

>> No.37365776

I miss when sword route was best route.

>> No.37365796

swords curse killed the quest!

>> No.37365811

Mostly but for some reason there was a complete shitsplosion last night, and I have no idea why.

>> No.37365852

is that quest still going? is it worth catching up on?

>> No.37365860

God its been so long I dont remember them very well. There was the one girl who got injured which I liked, Rock something, Sword girl, and Whittman who was a bitch. Those were the three right?

>> No.37365861


They got fed up with it?

>> No.37365877

no its not.

>> No.37365901

Yes it is.

>> No.37365902

It's still going, it's OK. The story is off namek now and is a lot less waifu-wars.

>> No.37365904

Maybe. Ultimately it boils down to how mad were you about the big duel.

No I think it was about one of the characters and then old wounds were reopened.

>> No.37365907

No, I'm talking about just the sword. No girls, just weapons.
I jumped out months ago. It was headed in a direction I didn't like, and from what I heard I made the correct decision to jump ship before it got real bad and blew up.

>> No.37365917

Like I don't know what there is to shitstorm about, ya know? Like they got the girl, everyone's relationships seemed squared away. All there is left to do is trudge glacially to whatever end arch has in mind right?

>> No.37365930

Oh shit I thought we were talking about Tonks and I have no idea why. My bad.

>> No.37365938

that duel was total bullshit and i stayed even after that but i couldn't take it.

>> No.37365958


It's about PGQ anon.

>> No.37365960

People who get that mad at quests are people who should out themselves early so their votes in future quests never get counted

>> No.37365974

I must've ducked out before whatever duel you're talking about...actually, that might've been right after I stopped actively participating and just reading the archives

>> No.37366024

Maybe, give it a try but it is 240 some threads at this point. The duel was fucking legendary in regards to the shitstorm it caused and thats ignoring the waifuing that happened right before that, which was pretty bad in it's self. Dropped it 40 threads back, just got tired.
You should get a lotto ticket or something anon.

>> No.37366033

That seems to be most peoples reactions. I'm of the same opinion that the duel was BS but it wasn't out of place BS. When all was said and done it fit with the rules in universe. But what makes me scratch my head is why so many people were so mad that they dropped the quest entirely.

But I guess I'm just more relaxed about quests in general. Hakuna Matata or mottainai would sum up my stance pretty well.

Oh boy then. You didn't reach the shit hurricane that happened

>> No.37366040

Seriously, reading a quest from archive makes you feels like an idiots to not joining it live.
Especially when its already finished.

>> No.37366063


another anon but i mostly dropped after the routelock. that shit i couldnt take.

>> No.37366081

Just go read Valk Mercs Quest 1 already MF

>> No.37366091

Im glad it happened becuase the waifu wars were so bad I stopped caring who it was that got picked, only so long as the warriors shut up

>> No.37366096

I went full Karlafag when I read the Valkyrian Mercs Quest archive. Felt bad, man. Felt real bad.

>> No.37366110


i know your feel. was a karlafag too. well at least theres ACQ.

>> No.37366124

Oh man that brings me back, I feel that feel anon.

>> No.37366125

Agreed. Read it

To be fair the relationship with sam was pretty heavily implied from the beginning Besides if you are reading ACQ the Karla/Jaeger ship is in drydock

>> No.37366151

I liked both Sam and Karla, it was just unfair about the amount screentime Karla got compared to Sam but I was satisfied about how it ended.

I think its hilarious and awesome that we latched onto Jager the moment we saw. She is winning this time damnit!.

>> No.37366154

[x] Kinda leaning away from it right now.

You shake your head- you're still really undecided, but you're more against it currently than you are for it- though not by much. “Kinda leaning away from it right now.” You say.

Mav nods. “Sounds like you're not sure.”

“I'm not.” You say. “There's a lot of arguments both ways. Or, well, a couple good ones.”

“Like what?” She asks.

“Well, in the plus column, it'd let me do things with that fighter I can only dream of right now.” You say. “The level of control it gives is just-” You shake your head. “You know how you guys can hover in strikers?”

She nods.

“I saw a kid do that in a full-size fighter.” You say. “Vertical, practically, like, ten feet off the deck.”

She whistles. “sounds flashy.”

“It's not just flashy.” You say, “It's damn near impossible. I about had to about kill myself to pull off the same kinda stunt against young- and we were at like fifteen-twenty thousand feet when we did it.”

“And that's worth it?”

“That's just an example, but shit, if they could do that-”

She nods. “Right, what else can they do. I get ya.”

“And that's got other benefits.” You say. “Like, if I can control it that well, would I have to push as hard up there? Could be it lets me come back in better shape.”

She nods, opening the door to the chow hall. “Sure, and by the same thing, if you push as hard as you have-”

“Right.” you say. “But there's the downside too.” You say. “What if it pushes me over the line?”


>> No.37366185

“Well,” She says. “It doesn't sound like it would,though, really. I mean, if you can do crazy shit with less effort with it, then why would you need to put in more effort, right?”

You nod, again seeing what she's driving at- if doing impossible things in the air is easier, then how could the system push you too far? The only way you can think of it doing that realistically is in a fight you couldn't have won anyway, and the point becomes academic anyway.

“So let's scratch that as a downside.” She says. “It doesn't matter because if it was going to do that, you'd be dead anyhow, right?” You nod at her unconscious echo of your thoughts. “So what else is there?”

“Well, unknown health risks.” You say.

“Like what?”

“Like unknown.” You say. “The only people to put two operators in the same machine are the reds, and they aren't exactly sharing research with us.”

“Right. So that scares you?” She shakes her head. “Shit, Frank, we could all bite it five minutes from now if a daylight raider makes it through and bombs the chow hall. What's the difference?”

[] That's different, though.
[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

>> No.37366206

>[] That's different, though.

>> No.37366207

>[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

>> No.37366208

>[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?


>> No.37366209

>[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

>> No.37366213

>[] That's- I dunno, it feels easier to trust the defense net than a bunch of doctors. I guess it is kinda silly.

>> No.37366219

>[X] That's different, though.
Difference is, the raider can't be helped. Taking the implant is conscious choice that could have consequences for a long time after.

>> No.37366223

[] That's different, though.

>> No.37366225

[] That's different, though.
For one, there isn't the prospect of lasting neural damage.

>> No.37366226

[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

"I guess I'm a little afraid someone could bring up the specs on Frank 1.0 or worse tamper with me via the interface."

>> No.37366229

>[] That's different, though.
This is my freaking brain case we're talking about, you gotta admit that's a little different.

>> No.37366231

Shit I think we broke MF

>> No.37366246

>[X] That's different, though.

>> No.37366254

>[] That's different, though.

Because Frank isn't deciding whether to have the chow hall bombed or not.

>> No.37366257

>[x] That's different, though.

>> No.37366258

>[] That's different, though.
Thing might now kill Frank here now, but five, ten, fifteen years? Could the thing even be safely removed once its put in?

>> No.37366259

>[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

>> No.37366264

you wut

>> No.37366269

like having to share the plane with another mind.

>> No.37366275



>[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

>> No.37366281

Ace Combat Quest

>> No.37366285


Ace Combat Quest

>> No.37366291


>> No.37366311

>[x] That's different, though.
Difference is when you're dealing with sticking some in your brain stem it changes things. There's also the long-term risk.

When I pick VMQ around thread 30 I felt like an idiot for not picking it up when it first started, especially since I remembered the first few threads on the front page. VMQ2 is another matter entirely, still a bit sad we didn't go with being a pilot.

>> No.37366364


Oh yeah. That one.

>> No.37366371

>still a bit sad we didn't go with being a pilot.
You can tell that's what Merc wanted to do too. Lara's side threads were more interesting than the main plot. I was angry and confused when I read they chose groundpounders when I was archive binge.

>> No.37366381

> That's different, though.

>> No.37366410

>[] I guess it is kinda silly, huh?

>> No.37366413

I dunno, I thought the Quest was pretty good, but then again I skipped past all the shitstorms, so that might have had something to do with it.

>> No.37366453

There was nothing wrong with the VMQ2, except for the readers being monstrous faggots over who MC got their dick wet with.

At some point, it's worth only reading what the QMs write, voting when asked, and ignoring anything and everything other people have to say.

>> No.37366467

>I skipped past all the shitstorms
How'd you manage that? You just saw one on the horizon and skipped to the next thread to find out what was chosen later?

>> No.37366503

Or you know. Just read Mercs post only and nothing else.

>> No.37366535

Ah I see, but surely you must have felt it on the fringes of Mercs posts. Its hard to ignore faggotry on that scale.

>> No.37366576

No it's pretty easy to ignore idiots. Self control, do you even have it?

>> No.37366577

Nah, I was just reading the archives. Basically spent the whole summer binging on SWQ and Merc's Quests.

>> No.37366581

>ctrl+f Mercs trip
>find next at the end of each post
You wouldn't see anything.

>> No.37366590

Well to be fair Faylnn got like god saving rolls.

I admit, I ragged when Faylnn got pick too and I feel bad but how she lived through her ordeal was kind of bull

>> No.37366620

That applies to some quest while others like SWQ are quite fun read both what Planefag and what anon are saying, be it when we talked planes, history, crazed rants about eye-ties, or trying to figure out how many sidewinders can fit in a B-52. Hell Papa-N's quest are the same way. Some quest the only way to experience in full is to read it all, or most of it there's always faggots.

>> No.37366622

>Self control, do you even have it?
Not really I get too curious about the current situation's mindset.

>> No.37366648

Well Krav wasn't the type to take prisoners and Merc doesn't seem like the type to kill off his characters cause of some shitty rolls, so he took the third option.

>> No.37366703

I know but how that kind of ended left a bad taste in my mouth.

Also I kind of dislike Falynn as a character at the time so it kind of made it worse for me as time went on.

BTW when is David showing up?

Is she stuck on Namek?

>> No.37366733

She decided to take a boat to Europe.

>> No.37366738

The 'current situation' in VMQ2 was literally a group of angry faggots pissed off that their waifu didn't win for thread after thread after thread. They basically ruined the entire quest and made it end early because they were shitlords who couldn't get over the fact that they didn't get the waifu they wanted.

>> No.37366739

How many Sliders can we fit into a B-52?

>> No.37366766

One, because cloning isn't a thing.

>> No.37366776

By mass or by volume?

>> No.37366794

Well she is pretty flexible so we can jam a lot of them in one.

>> No.37366806

But we can make a lot of Sliderspawn, and they each count as half a Slider.

>> No.37366810

Do we need more than one? Could we even handle more than one?

>> No.37366825

How many would fit on pylons or how many would fit inside the doors?

>> No.37366834

We handled an aggressive Brigitte, Slider is vanilla compared to that

>> No.37366838

I have no idea so let's find out.

>> No.37366875


>let's find out.

>> No.37366884

I am not opposed to this.
You always need more anon, there's never enough.

>> No.37366885

Let's find out.

>> No.37366907

I can endorse this Idea.

>> No.37366916

>The crunch is the sound of Frank's flight stick breaking under the pressure.

>> No.37366943

How it's by land?

>> No.37366947

I feel she got better. Watching her struggle and get stronger was a treat for me.

>> No.37366948

if we recall, the flight stick handled hours of use with no mechanical failure

>> No.37367002

Well there is a World War going on, so three years at least.
We are talking about several hundred pounds of hips focused on that stick. It doesn't stand a chance.

>> No.37367014

I guess but it kind of felt she got off to easy in my opinion overall it left a bitter taste in my mouth more then the waifu wars.

>> No.37367030

I said into, so pylons are straight out.

>> No.37367066

Internal pylons. For example, the B-52 uses a revolving pylon system for internally carried ALCMs.

>> No.37367077

Wouldn't the pylons then be taking up space meant for the Sliders?

>> No.37367096

Which is why I'm asking.

>> No.37367115

I'm aware, I was thinking he meant the wing-mounted ones like so

>> No.37367173


Whats the big round revolver thingie thing?

>> No.37367188

That'd be me. I'm also asking about normal pylons. Bombs don't just float in the bomb bay.

>> No.37367189

Pretty sure that's the internal pylons >>37367066
's talking about.

>> No.37367224

Ok, so. B-1 > B-52 in terms of bombload, so how many Sliders could we fit in a BOne?

>> No.37367237


You can fit one slider ON a BOne. heh.

>> No.37367259

Are we talking about the R model?
Because BOneR, get it? HA!

>> No.37367278


>> No.37367296

But AMRAAM spam kills the slider, it can't be the R.

>> No.37367298

In simple terms, a cruise missile revolver.

>> No.37367331

[x] That's different, though.

“That's different, though.” You say, grabbing a tray and walking through the line behind her. “One's a choice, one I have no control over.”

She shrugs. “Yeah, true enough, but you don't think they're just going to plug this shit into you and then tell you ok, ya know, go, right?”

“What do you mean?” You ask.

She shakes her head. “Shit Frank, you'll be testing more cutting edge bullshit- there's already tech reps inserted with our ground crews, they're all over your fighter half the time, looking for combat data to improve it. You think they won't do the same here?”

“That's worse!” You say. “Last thing I want is another person I gotta report in to after every sortie.”

She shrugs. “Yeah, but there again, it's part of the price you'd pay. 'Course, it also means if it does start to do unhealthy things to you, they can catch it early. Hell, they'll probably be watching for it closer than Ice would be, and we both know how she babies you.”

You're about to fire off a retort- it's not that bad- and Mav fixes you with a look that kills your sentence half-formed in your brain. “And don't try and say she doesn't. We don't mind, no one wants to see you fly yourself and your plane apart, but she does baby you.”

“I don't think some random ass doc is gonna baby me.” You say.

“Yeah right. Look at all the shit you'd be at that point. You're the navy's golden child playboy, prettyboy ace-in-a-day, flying the most cutting-edge hot shit they can get on a carrier deck, surrounded by witches and you're a war hero with a chest full of medals.”

“And metal.” You add with a skewed grin.

1/2 (I hope)

>> No.37367356

“And that.” She says. “Shit, the first volumes of the witchcomix on Ice are pushing now, I hear, and you're a major character.”


She nods. “Yeah. Well, not you and Ice, it's all dramatized, but you know it's based on you and Ice. And Merlin, she's in there too. I'll see if I can get a copy.” She shakes her head. “Look, the point is, if something's going bad in there, they'll catch it if Merlin doesn't.”

“And what if they can't do anything about it?” You ask.

“Please.” She scoffs. “You think Nixon wouldn't kill the whole thing if it meant there was a chance it'd kill you or cripple you without some kind of saftey net?” She shakes her head.

“He's sunk too much into you to allow that to happen.” She says. “And It'll have to go through him for approval because, guess what, it's more downtime while you go wherever to have this shit put in, get your plane refitted, and re-learn everything. He's not going to allow that without a damn good reason, you know that.”

“What about Ice?” You ask. “She could kill it.”

Mav shrugs, taking a huge bite of hamburger. “Sure.” She says, around a mouthful. “She could. But is she gonna if you and Merlin want it? Get real, she's still afraid you hate her for freaking out about you killing yourself when you go up. She'd give you damn near anything you asked for.”

She grins. “Including herself. All wrapped up, ya know? Maybe ribbons?”

“Oh for fucks- is everything about sex with you?” You ask. Her grin just gets wider.

“Well, I have to make up for your ass.” She says. “You got laid by Brigitte. Yeah, and I'm Katsumi's sister.”

Funny, you think. She doesn't look very Japanese.

>> No.37367394

>Funny, you think. She doesn't look very Japanese.
She's adopted.

>> No.37367400

Now even I am interested in this comic.

>> No.37367409

And that's it for the night! Haha. And You thought I'd forgotten. You should know better by now! hahahahaha, especially after what Merlin acquired for herself on the trip with Brigitte!

Anyway, so next week I'm going to try starting at 1700 local instead of 1800 local, that should give us another hour (ideally) of running time, which would be nice on some of the longer threads. We'll see how it goes. I seem to remember, back when this all started, I actually started around 1600. Hah, i must have been crazy.

Anyway, gents, that's all, and I hope you guys had fun seeing Young again. She'll be around. But till next time, Cheers!

>> No.37367414

>volumes of the witchcomix on Ice are pushing now, I hear, and you're a major character



>> No.37367422

It's a lot of fluff and sexual tension between ice and Frank.

Well I'm convinced about the implants.

Now where is Davis?

>> No.37367448

Now if only we had a draw fag to make those comics real.

>> No.37367450

>“And metal.” You add with a skewed grin.
Cheers, Ghost.
Currently Cupcaking Ice

>> No.37367452

I want to see those comics.

>> No.37367478


I need omakes.

Omakes of the Witch Comics.


>> No.37367516

>And You thought I'd forgotten. You should know better by now! hahahahaha, especially after what Merlin acquired for herself on the trip with Brigitte!

You forgot what?

We forgot what?

What did I forget?

>> No.37367531

Good run as always Ghost!

>“And metal.” You add with a skewed grin.
That's pretty fuckin' metal. Tomcat-chan will always be the closest to our heart.

Also we need those comics.
Think he's talking about the moonshine.

>> No.37367539

I am also somewhat confused but think it might have to do with psychomnoto

>> No.37367544

>“Shit, the first volumes of the witchcomix on Ice are pushing now, I hear, and you're a major character.”
MangaFag, we need you now.

>> No.37367551

Paging Mangafag!

>> No.37367553


Cheers ghost.

>> No.37367558

The pens of the drawfag!
Manga drawan!

>> No.37367574


My Penis are moving on their own

>> No.37367590

Guys Mangafag had like a nervous breakdown over here >>37366208 awhile ago.

>> No.37367602


He can breakdown later. We need comics now.

We demand instant gratification.

>> No.37367611

I know dude, I hope he comes around. I wonder what it was about?

>> No.37367621

And he shall overcome his BSOD and take on the challenge! Just like in my japanese animes!

>> No.37367628


He cast the deciding vote for sam and regretted it

>> No.37367633

"I don't look anything like this." Tabitha dangles a comic book from her fingers, handing it back to Rachel.

"I dunno outside of the eight-pack, this is a pretty good depiction."

"No way. Nope. Nope nope nope."

"I gotta agree with Slider on this one, Commander." Alyssa grins her toothy grin, snatching the comic out of Ice's hand before Slider could reach it. "I mean check out that ass, the resemblance is uncanny."

It took several hours for the steam cloud that filled the barracks to go away, but witnesses would claim that they saw one Tabitha Kazanski running out of the cloud crying for everyone to stop staring at her butt.

>> No.37367639

I was pressuring him to read VMQ1 since he didn't know who Karla or Jager were in ACQ.

>> No.37367644

Ghost does Ice know about the witch comics featuring her?

Is she embarrassed?

though I imagine her pre-ordering a copy.

>> No.37367661

I got impression that Pixel only active on PJW and Mudhen is only active on ACQ.

and about >>37366208 ?
one word: Oswald.
Something will up for ACQ, hopefully.


>> No.37367662



I need more.

>> No.37367669


Oh god, I'm giggling here. He did that? Gonna respect that fucker then.

>> No.37367673

Dear Lord, that is too great a burden for any man to bear.

>> No.37367683


They haven't actually been released yet- Mav found out via Young, who found out via one of her siblings, who's a collector. Unless you're hard core, deep into the things, you don't know about them... yet.

>> No.37367706

I can only imagine how they depict Frank and Merlin?

I think they will make her smaller then she originally is.

>> No.37367714

>depict Frank

Tom Cruise

>> No.37367734

Too short, far too short.

>> No.37367741

If I recall she has two older sisters, what do they do?

I can only imagine Young's pain, wanting a son to find solace in household full of witches or thankful so that his son doesn't go through the terror.

Will we see those comics.

Also how accurate are they, are they hammy or dumb looking ?

>> No.37367748

I want you to imagine Rob Liefeld drawing pilots and witches, in his usual style.

>> No.37367749

Was the vote really that close, its been awhile but I don't remember it being that contentious. Girl just had a near death experience and most people were like 'How the hell do you say no to that?'

>> No.37367809

of course not.

I was joking.

>> No.37367817

>Rob Liefeld
How frightening.

Though I want Frank to get a copy.

>> No.37367859


>> No.37367868

I voted for Falynn, I cast the winning vote. And I would do it again.

>> No.37367899

I think they were talking about Sam and Karla.

>> No.37367941

I voted for Sam and I regret nothing
especially cuz we rolled well at the end and everyone got a happy-ish ending anyways

>> No.37367982


Not we.

Wrenloft rolled ridonkulously well.

He saved all his luck for that one roll.

>> No.37368014

Whatever happened to Wrenloft after that?
Does he still need people to yell at him to roll well?

>> No.37368039

I see him in Homeless mutant sometimes, and yes he still gets yelled at.

>> No.37368052

may god rest his shitty rolls, and for old times' sake
he killed it when it counted though haha

>> No.37368091

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

>> No.37369777


Young has sons, actually.

And the comics- the style depends on the artist they pick for that run.

>> No.37369877

What's the most prolific artist that's been tapped for witch comix?

>> No.37370270

>Come back from work to see Ghost practically pulling his fucking hair out trying to get you faggots to Nut up about becoming MORE THAN MAN
Ten fucking bucks says if we keep pussyfooting around next thread, next next thread some VDNI two seat Ivans push our fucking shit in.

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