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"Okay!" Kaori leaps from her seat. "If I can meet with him today, then that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

"Ah? Where you going!?" I yell back at her.
"To get ready! I can get there within an hour or so if I hurry!"
"But-! Wait!"

I am Itsukuma Masami, and today my sister has decided to go someplace dangerous by herself with no one accompanying her. All with the goal of meeting her father, who is a shiftless man to begin with.
Also, she insists on being completely alone when she meets him.

I wonder if this is what a normal sister is like.

"Kaori! Wait!", but it's too late, she already ran into our room and slammed the door behind her.
"I'm just saying- Shouldn't we wait and find out a little more about this!? This seems very sketchy!"

She shouts from the other side of the door, "There's no time! It'll take me an hour to get there as I am right now!"
"But- Wait!"

With that, she flings the door open. Revealing that she's completely changed into her school uniform in the span of only a few seconds. With a skip, she nearly runs me over as she darts to the front door and flings it open.

"Wait!" Mom yells behind her, but Kaori has already left by then.

"Hmph." I pout, "Well, if Kaori thinks she can get there in an hour, I can get there in less than two minutes!"
Mom and the monster, who hasn't excused himself yet, seem a little shocked by my defiance.
"Masami, she said she didn't want anyone following her"
"I'm not following her! I'm just going the same place she's going!"
Yes. Perfect.

"Masami, wait." Mom says with seriousness in her voice.

>No time! See you later Mom!
>Okay, but make it quick!

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>Okay, but make it quick!

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>Okay, but make it quick!

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>No time! See you later Mom!
Time for stalking.

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>Okay, but make it quick!

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>>Okay, but make it quick!

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>Okay but make it quick!


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"Okay Mom, but I really need to get going!"
"This is important."

I pout, before sitting back at the dinner table.
Maybe it's not so bad, I still have an hour to get to Fortune.

"Mom, if you're telling me that I shouldn't follow her, then I have bad news for you." Arms cross, pout harder.
"No, no it's not that." she sips at her tea. "In fact, I want you to follow her."

"W-what? Seriously?" That's shocking to hear, I was expecting the usual 'No you might get hurt!' speech.

"Mmhmm. You too." She looks over toward the beast who delivered the message in the first place.

His metallic-like head perks up at the realization that she's speaking to him.
"Hmm? Wait. Are you serious? When did I get pulled into this?"

Mom glares at him, "Just do it."
Wow, she can be really scary when she wants to be.
The metallic beast bolts up from his chair, "Y-yes!"

She takes another sip from her cup before continuing, "Both of you, listen. You can stay as hands-off of this meeting as you please, but you are to do one thing. Keep Kaori and the Chairman from fighting."

Wait, from fighting?
"Uh, Mom, You think they're going to fight?"
"I know they will."

That doesn't sound good.

>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me!"
>"Okay! Fine! I'll do it!"
>"So what will you be doing?"
>"Do you know something that I don't?"

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>>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me... wait... do you know something that I don't?"

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>"Okay! Fine! I'll do it!"
>"So what will you be doing?"

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>"Do you know something that I don't?"

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>>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me!"
>>"Do you know something that I don't?"

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>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me!"
>"Do you know something that I don't?"

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>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me!"
>"So what will you be doing?"
Wahey, an update before I go to sleep.

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>"So what will you be doing?"
>"Do you know something that I don't?"

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Good night, Anon!

>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me!"
>"Do you know something that I don't?"
>"So what will you be doing?"


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Fighting? Something seems very wrong about that.

For one, that's not what Kaori said she was going to do, at all. In fact, it seemed almost as if Kaori was homesick. Like she just wanted to say goodbye to the person who was a part of her life for years.

Which, whether he was a jerk or not, is something that I can at least sort of understand. I'm not sure how I would react if I lived with Mom for years and then suddenly wasn't able to anymore.

"Why would they be fighting?"
"Just... Trust me, Masami. I did the same thing when I first moved away from my father."

Oh right, her father. She always looks so sullen and depressed when she's talking about him. I should probably change the subject.
"Do.. Do you know something that I don't about why they would want to meet at Fortune? "

"I do, Masami. If they're meeting at Fortune, that's because Asai probably arranged the meeting. Which is why it's absolutely important that neither of them fight or cause a scene there. That's the place that Asai rules, and neither of them should let their guard down while they're there."

This is making even less sense!
"Why would the chairman of Fortune care about letting his guard down at Fortune? Aren't Dad and him friends?"
The monster chuckles, but looks back at me when he realizes that I'm being serious.
"Where did you get that idea, Prieste-Masami?"

"W-wait, you mean they aren't?"

He looks back at Mom, who turns her attention to her teacup.

"A-anyway! That doesn't really answer why Kaori would fight her own father. You said you did the same with your father?"
"T-that's right."
"I'm sorry Mom, I didn't know. I've never met your father before."

She seems really saddened, gently her fingers squeeze at the texture of her teacup. Gently, I can hear her whisper.
"That's because.. I won."

>"What? What does that mean?"
>Go hug her.
>Don't say anything, I just made it worse!

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>Go hug her.
>Don't say anything, I just made it worse!

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>Go hug her.

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>Go hug her.

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>Go hug her.

Like I even had to ask!


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"Mom! I'm sorry!"
Immediately I run over to her and hug her.
Why is it that everything I say is the wrong thing to say?

Mom gently tries to push me away, before accepting it.
"Masami, don't be sorry. I've long since moved on."
You're a terrible liar, Mom.

"I just don't want Kaori to make the same mistake I did."

That's a really huge leap of logic to make, Mom.
"Mooom, she's not going to hurt her father. I think you're overreacting."
"I'm.. not really worried about her. I'm worried about him."

"You mean Dad?"

The monster, pacing around the room, turns to me.
"Masami, I think it's time to go."
"Right!" I say as I spring to my feet. He walks out the door as I follow closely behind.
But before I do, I turn to Mom.

"..What are you going to do, Mom?"
".. I need to make a few calls. I'll try to catch up later. Please take care of yourself, Masami."

With that, I hop out the door. Letting my newly minted flight card take over, I take to the sky.


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I'm currently several hundred feet above the city. This flight stuff is really useful, but very disorienting.
One thing that I'm not sure I'm actually seeing is the monster who is flying ahead of me. He's slowly starting to lose height as we approach Fortune HQ.

I thought the plan was to land on the roof, but the way he's flying makes it seem like his actual plan is to land in the parking lot.

My suspicions are made valid when he slows down such speed that I'm able to pass him in mid-flight. I assume something must be wrong and decide to land right next to him.

We both hit the ground with a very loud crash. Not exactly the soft landing I had in mind, but it's nothing I can't handle.
We're at the edge of the parking lot, just inside the main gate. He seems very confused
"Hey! What's wrong?" I ask, clearly noticing that he's standing completely still.
"Shh, listen."

Off in the distance, I can hear.
The intercom? It seems to be barking orders at the whole building.

"...three and five! To the rooftop! Four and six! Prepare for battle! 18-A through C, to the first floor! 19, to the parking lot!"

Strange, it's giving orders to something.
"The building's on lockdown." The monster says with exasperation.
"Eh!? Why! Kaori should be here soon!"

He seems to be.. listening to the air?
"She's still 30 or so minutes away by subway. I don't think it's on lockdown for her. It wouldn't make sense for it to be if they agreed to meet here."

He looks over to me, "I think it's on lockdown because of you, I think Asai wants to keep you from interfering."

>"Well Tough!"
>"Then.. How do I get in?"
>"Maybe the roof? Wait.. I just heard they were sending things there."
>"The front door? No that's silly."
"Didn't I hear him say something about 'Number 19 to the parking lot'? Aren't we in the parking lot?"

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>"Well Tough!"
>Then.. How do I get in?"

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>"Well Tough!"
>"Then.. How do I get in?"
>"Didn't I hear him say something about 'Number 19 to the parking lot'? Aren't we in the parking lot?"

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>>"Well Tough!"
>>"The front door? No that's silly."
Not like they would be able to see us anyway.

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>"Well Tough!"
>"Then.. How do I get in?"

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>"Then.. How do I get in?"
>Sneaky card! Hold monsters hand!

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>"Well Tough!"
>"Then.. How do I get in?"


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Probably don't want to do that before Kaori gets here. Don't want her finding out.

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then we need to slip around the backside and slip on in.

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Oh geez, sorry everyone. I had something that suddenly pulled me away for an hour.

Writing continues!

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"WELL TOUGH!" I pout, "I'm getting in anyway whether they like it or not!"

But.. speaking of which,
"So, How do I get in!?"

The monster stops and thinks about my question for a second. He patiently scans the outside of the building and the surrounding lot for any fine details.

"There's the roof, for one. But that's guarded, The front door is also swarming with guards, and if we wait here long enough they will come find us. But there is one place that I doubt they've considered."

He turns around and walks a few paces, stopping in front of a metal hole drilled in the concrete.
"Fortune, as a building, is dynamic. Asai can open and close as many entrances to it as he desires. But there are still a few ways in that he cannot close off or notice we've entered. From below the building is one of those places."

He harshly grabs the manhole cover and yanks it open. The smell immediately hits me like a solid wall.
On the other hand, he seems almost completely unaffected. It makes me wonder if he even has a sense of smell.

"Err, is this the only way?"
"It's the only way I know of right now. Once we're near the building we can both swap over to the magical realm. The building's basement is a part of it there, so we should be able to walk right in."

"T-that's nice and all, but how long would I have to walk in a sewer before we got there?"

He thinks about my question, but answers like it's no big deal.
"About 100 meters."

"Pries-Masami, are you okay? You suddenly seem to be sweating."

Yes... Yes I am.

>Thread End.

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Okay, sorry for suddenly disappearing like that everybody. I wasn't expecting to get pulled away so suddenly myself. I was wanting to get farther along in the story, too!
Thank you everyone for participating tonight, next thread is hopefully Wednesday or Friday. We'll see.

Let me know what you thought of tonight's (pretty short) thread.

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Thanks for running!

Like you say it was short and the interruption was a bit awkward, but things still happened and it was still a fun thread.

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Also to add: I'm kind of worried how short these threads have been as of late. 6 updates per thread is NOT the length that I was hoping to achieve. I'll try to speed them up for the future.

Especially considering how close we are to the finish. It'll extend to thread 60 if I don't do something about it.

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Thanks for running.

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