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>friend plays this
What do?

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Grow up.

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It's kind of a shit play. All he becomes is a 6/10 hexproof. Just chump blockers against him until you get answers.

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>What is hexproof?

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>targeting a hexproof creature

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>What is artifact destruction?
>What is enchantment destruction
>What is opponent sacrificing?
>Why am I so bad at magic?

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Just get an instant or a sorcery that destroys the enchantments or the artifact.

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Crackling Doom (Or anything that makes him sac dudes)
Erebos, Stigma Lasher, etc etc

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Just Wrath him.

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Obviously he's killing the creature while the equip effect is on the stack.

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This is assuming his friend has no other life gain in a white deck.

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Was that part of your master plan?

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the true goat.

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I'll take those, thank you.

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Why did you let them cast it in the first place?

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Don't mind me, just chumping that dumb fatty for days.

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Oh you handsome devil.

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Play this
Then Naturalize the Boots, and Beast Within pridemate when its big enough

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That's a real great Pithing Needle you have there. Too bad the boots are already fucking on the Pridemate.

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For you?

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Any mass bounce effect, aetherspouts, wingshards type effects, ensnaring bridge, grave pact with chump blockers. The list goes on.

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Son, how many turns do you think it would take it get all that shit put together? The implication was that the boots never happened in the first place much like >>37231269

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Play Nature's Claim instead of naturalize. His cat will get one +1/+1 counter, your kavu will get four.

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Forced sac, durr.

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welcome to mtg

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Get your shit together faggots. Bolt/maelstrom pulse all his other critters and use lily-baby to seal the deal. Granted, he shouldn't have that happen with pic related and the other colors in jund/junk anyway.

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I'm unclear

do the boots give it hexproof?

wouldn't hexproof make those two enchantments drop?

>What is Plague Wind

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Nigger, hexproof only prevents your opponents from targeting it. There is an entire tier one modern deck devoted to making hexproof creatures obnoxiously large with enchantments, look up the 2013 modern world championships and see Reid duke's deck, which shahar shenhar beat on a fluke at the finals of the tournament with UWR control.

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oh, right, it's shroud that does the one i was thinking of

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Why are you a tripfag if you are so dumb?

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Shroud doesn't do that either. Neither shroud nor hexproof would remove enchantments that are already on the creature.

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Shroud wouldn't do that either, anyway. It only prevents stuff from targeting it, it doesn't do anything to already-resolved auras.

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>Why are you a tripfag if you are so dumb?
pretty sure being retarded is a prerequisite of being a tripfag

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What about gA?

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he is a rare exception

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Too true. It goes for namefags as well. I swear the shrillest, most annoying posters have names, and it just makes them targets for hateposting.
They're probably just fuckwits who want any attention because their parents didn't love them right, and negative attention is better than nothing.
I'd pity them if they didn't disgust me so.

Also, to answer the OP's question, it's almost a non-issue. Say, an Uril the Miststalker with a pro-creatures enchantment on it is way scarier than a french vanilla 2/2 with three cards attached to it. An invisible stalker is scarier to me, because that's a threat that requires answers on its own without pumping even.
gA's alright because he posts relevant threads, posts IN relevant threads, and is a generally informed and polite individual. That's actually ideal in a poster who makes multiple threads over time, as a way to distinguish themselves as the contributor.

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My new favorite card, just cause I can play control with silly dragon finishers.

Ajani's pridemate can be pretty righteous also. Corner stone of any life gain aggro deck, along with Archangel of Thune, Serra Ascendant, Tezzeret's gambit, and Divinity of pride

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Geth's Verdict?

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>deflecting palm
Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself...

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gA posts as Anon, he only trips up in his "Ask a Judge" threads.

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Any non-targeting destruction will do. Or Ratchet Bomb. Or just play something that make him sacrifice a creature, he probably hasn't got that many as he's spend every turn buffing his Pridemate.

Or, you know, stop him playing that combo and kill it before the boots go on.

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any sacrifice spell ever?
more accurately crackling doom

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Then fuck a cat.

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I would get up and go play a game that isn't continuous-pay-to-compete.

which is the functional equivalent of pay2win

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since when is bogles tier 1?

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u wot

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No, he trips in the EDH generals as well.

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Ayy lmao

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use removal on your friends creatures except for that one and then edict it.

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