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>> No.37225199 [SPOILER] 


And don't try to deny having super weapons, you mofos.

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I'll start us off.

Jumpers! Have you built yourselves any battle-suits? If so... how do they look?

Pic semi-related, I'm a sucker for the Tau's construction aesthetic, but the color scheme could use work.

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Define "battle-suit" are we just talking power armor, or does it extend all the way up to mecha?

>> No.37225271

This, but one handed and it's a vibro-blade/HF Blade
I've honestly lost count of how many different Swords I've fused into this single blade, I just added Divine Weapon from Asura's Wrath to it

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All the way up to mini-mecha, of course! Caveat being "you built it yourself." There's plenty of mecha you can buy, but most of those are HUGE.

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For myself? No
For my Minions(Shaped), Companions, or Allies? Oh hell yes.
My Power Armor is a thing of beauty. Heavily Armored yet maneuverable, several different types of Shields for redundancy so that when some are down the others are still protecting while they recharge. High end servos to boost strength and speed to insane levels.
And covered in Runes, Seals, and other forms of Enchantment from head to toe.

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When I'm not rocking the fluffy tails, I use a set of heavily modified CMC armor from starcraft alongside SC's tech perks to build and operate Crusader Armor.


>> No.37225319

Does being a living super-weapon count?

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Been working on a Commorragh jump over the Christmas time and just finished the pastebin write-up for it. Its still missing one 600 point skill and item descriptions. Any advice and improvements would be appreciated. http://pastebin.com/RdWHtH5v

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Oh. Then no, I don't have any. All my mecha are twenty meters or taller.

>> No.37225406

Actually, thinking about it, I would think I have a suit of armor I use for special occasions.
In between moments when I need to go full "Eldritch Horror" in my Final Form, and moments when I'm comfortable running around with my blade without a need for upgrades.

I'll base the design off the pic Gol chose for my Planeswalker Card. I might just wear a basic armor version as well, since I like the design a lot.

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Taka! Kujaku! Condor! TAJADORU.

>> No.37225451

A combination of the two, I built a Battle-Suit that also functions as my super weapon! A Miniaturized White Glint from Armored Core, outfitted with multiple crazy things like Lambda Drivers, Devil Arm Guns and Melee Weapons, and more stuff as I continue jumping!

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You must be itching to go to Exalted post-spark.

>> No.37225525

I'll try to help in a bit.

>> No.37225586

Nah. I mean it's a fun place, but I want to leave Exalted to the Exalted

>> No.37225600

Personally, I have so many durability and regen perks on top of being untouchably agile that armor is pretty much a non-concern for me. In a fight, I've got enough defense, so I tend to go for practicality and fashion more than any defense - maybe infuse dante's coat with some life fibers and some hybrid metal threading for a bit of extra armor, but no real full mecha battle suits.

My companions, on the other hand...

Lets just say that one of my objectives is to get each of them their own personalized set of enclave power armor in Fallout, combine it with BOS armor, and then eventualy add to them and infuse them with all manner of material reinforcements and magical enchantments, just so my squad looks badass and intimidating at least moreso than they already do.

Imagine, if you will, pic related with 4 arms, with a powerfist on each hand, worn by a machamp who's practically a city-cracker in his own right

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I like how similarly we think Gol.

Though I plan on collecting every type of Power Armor I can find and fusing the best parts of each.

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But don't you know anon?

The best power armor was inside you all along.

Skeletons are best armor.

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where are the drugs?

>> No.37225715

well, obviously, but enclave and BOS are going to make up the basis of it. i'll probably end up adding bits and baubles to it like mjolnir armor/shielding, borderlands digistruct plating/shield modules, and the like, but the basic design will have the fallout vibe, mostly because I think they look cool

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This guy, this guy understands me.

>> No.37225779

Fair enough
Fallout Armor is badass

>> No.37225817

meh I lazed out on the drawbacks and Items but its here
>300 cp series of perks
>team bonuses
>some other shit

>> No.37225834

Reploid armor.

It was my first power armor, and from there I've used it and upgraded it with all MANNERS of things. Battle Network technology, Cybertronian technology, the ODST/MJOLNIR armor from Halo, Lord of Light technology, Mass Effect armor, Linkage armor from Ar Tonelico, Strike Witch items, Megaman Classic items, XCOM armor, PS238 armor... even the Saber Suit from Bubblegum Crisis. Though it may not be as much "melding" as it is "cannibalizing the technology and putting it into my Reploid armor".

Really, how it looks by this point is anyone's guess.

>> No.37225848

> Sports
> No Huey Lewis and the News option

1/10, worst jump 2015

>> No.37225914

My plan is to either combine all of my armor-related stuff together with my Striker, ship girl stuff, and mecha so I can summon it instantly and fuse into/with it, or to use Savage Salvage to become all of my gear permanently. It depends entirely on whether I go Ship Girl or Abyss, which is a hard decision for me.

>> No.37225988

Alright, first off? I'm pretty sure Dark Eldar don't give a shit about supernatural shit as long as it's not psyker stuff. Anything else is allowed, basically.

>> No.37226017

I forget, which jump has the ship girl?

>> No.37226044

Kantai Collection, or Kancolle for short.

>> No.37226088

To my knowledge, in 40k there isn't anything supernatural that doesn't use the warp to some degree. And it's the warp the dark eldar don't like.

>> No.37226118

Why are there three TF2 Jumps?
One in finished but needs images, and two in complete with images

>> No.37226144

pretty sure the two image'd ones are the same jump with different color schemes.

>> No.37226146

That's odd.

There should be about 7.

>> No.37226189

>Pick Duel Monsters as the sport
>You can do the Yugioh jump twice

>> No.37226258

Is there an option to import your companions to be your team? I'm not seeing it.

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You sure 'not you' is a valid thing? Sadomasochism involves masochism too.

So far it looks fine, but I wonder if there can be more detail as to what the Incubus can do. My only concern is thus: We don't have to worry about our soul belonging to Slaanesh after this, do we?

>> No.37226512

Fuck me sideways. Its free.

>> No.37226528

No thanks, you're not my type.

>> No.37226692


Welcome to the magical realm!

You really need to add extra points to the 'Vect is pissed at you complication'. Like bump it from + 600 CP to +60000 CP at least, because there is no way in hell anyone is surviving in Commorragh with him pissed at you.

>> No.37226990


Kantai Collection Universe-
Free Captains Orders
Discount Yamato Damashii
Discount Winds of Fortune
Discount Beacon of Hope
Free Admiral's Uniform
Free Marriage Ring and Documents
Free Upgraded Speed, Firepower, and Range
Discount Remodling Equipmentx3, for Flag Ship
Looking Glass
Abyssal Fleet Girl Princess(Battleship Princess, Flag Ship)
Light Cruiser(Tenryuu)
Light Cruiser(Tatsuta)
Standard Carrier(Kaga)


>> No.37227087

I've got a set of Ghost armor from Starcraft which I've heavily modified so that it has a helmet, which itself looks very much like the NCR Veteran Ranger/Elite Riot Gear helmet. It cloaks, it has a small jetpack, is heavily enchanted from at least six magic types, Dune energy shields, and if I can figure them out, and I probably have, a large Tower Shield made out of Covenant shield technology, in order to provide a barrier from which to shoot. Personally I'd also like a Protoss shield, but it's not likely I'd be able to have it.

A 25mm rifle capable of firing small black holes if necessary. Usually it's just gonna be a shot that turns enemies against their friends, poisons them, and turns their strength up to 11.

>> No.37227095

An Orbital Super MAC from Halo mounted on the spine of my Star Destroyer. Each shell impacts with the force of 51.56 gigatons of TNT.

I can't quite crack planets, but I can certainly break mountain ranges.

>> No.37227120

I recommend Transmetropolitan Jump for you.

>> No.37227147

I build Bolos. The specific patchwork of tech I use to get there isn't going to be an exact match with the fiction involved, and there probably won't ever be a Concordiat of Man jump that'll let me pick up the real thing. That said, the design philosophy and general doctrine are relatively analogous. The key difference is that instead of clipping my Bolos' minds outside of combat, I'm willing to trust to their honour; after all, I'll be leaving many behind as I go through the multiverse. In my absence, I expect them to serve as the guardians of humanity, and they can't successfully perform that role without more trust than was canonically given to them.

The core AI design and Hellbore cannon is based on Godzilla tech (since my companion Bolo is a 'prototype' I bought there with CP). The current (Mk III) incarnation is heavily augmented with Mass Effect tech, giving greatly expanded processing power, nanotech-based self repair, and surprising mobility for something that huge, including limited flight capability.

I don't know how long I'll be able to stick with the Mk III specs; Eezo is unavailable outside of the Mass Effect universe, after all, and regardless of my personally being richer than god, there's only so much of the stuff I can afford and take with me to future jumps.

Even so, Dinochrome > Reapers.

>> No.37227229

Time for sports!

-Team Bonus: Experience (Free) -Best if everyone gets an idea of things. The Sport in questiob... BLITZBALL.
-Background: Endurance (900CP) -ENDLESS STAMINA WILL BE MINE.
-The Will To Keep Going (Free) -I will be a boundless machine.
-The Mastery of a Champion (800CP) -I will be a skilled practitioner.
-The Toughness to Walk It Off (700CP) (Discount) -My actions will span forever.
-The Ability of the Gods (300CP) -So long as I keep going, my body shall match my resolve.
-The Growth of the Juggernaut (0CP) (Discount) -I am forever.
-Sports Equipment (Free) -Can't work out without the tools.
-The Power of Nakama-Friendship-Love (Free) -While I am here, there shall be two amazons. Treat them before leaving.
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (Ruled By Sports), 20 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Good thing I picked up a few swimming/waterbreathing/stamina perks JUST for this gig. It was kind of fun when I played FFX, and now I'll get to do it for real! Glorious underwater amazon, oh yes.

Pic slightly related, probably going to be the nakama.

>> No.37227238

I took inspiration from the Combine, I like their sterile white armor and glowing eyes.

>> No.37227294

FF10 might be a good idea later. Will consider.

>> No.37227333

Sorry, I just didn't see it in there. I'm on my phone though, so maybe my comicly small screen just didn't catch it.

>> No.37227399

it just seems a waste of going to Commorragh for ten years without ridiculous amounts of hedonistic excess.

>> No.37227421

Get your drugs the old fashioned way and buy them in-jump.

>> No.37227478

>Not wanting the Bong of Infin... Whaa?
C'mon, anon. We're better than that.

>> No.37227489

So, my first thought was, "Shit, I don't know anything about sports." Followed by, "I could do an anime based on sports!", followed by, "... Prince of Tennis?", followed by, "No, that's dumb. Let me go on Wikipedia and look up a list of sports animes. Maybe something about going fast?"
And then the first item on the list was an anime called "Air Gear", which is about extreme rollerblading with anime bullshit. And I said, "That'll work."

> Location: Air Gear [Rolled8]
> Age: 16 [Rolled3]
> Team Bonus: *Equipment
> Origin: Skill [-100CP]
> The Will to Keep Going [-100CP]
> The Strength to Win [-100CP]
> The Mastery of a Champion [Get a Freebie!]
> The King in His Territory [-100CP]
> The Knowledge to Achieve [-200CP]
> The Jealousy of a Copycat [-300CP]
> Sports Equipment [Get a Freebie!]
> The Best Uniform In The World [-100CP]
> The Power of Friendship [Get a Freebie!]

I don't know shit about this anime! But I watched the first episode on Youtube in the time before it took to post this, and a casual glance through TVTropes says it's got some typical anime "fuck causality cuz plot" bullshit in there, so it should be fun and stupid and fun. LET'S GO ROLLERBLADING.

I probably spend a lot of time figuring out how magically propellant rollerblades work, and then building the best fucking rollerblades.
From now on all my companions get equipped with rollerblades. Fuck it. We're rollerblading forever now.

>> No.37227497

Have you considered switching to a tiberium-based system? That can be used for many of the same uses as eezo (shielding, levitation, gravity manipulation) but has the benefit of being self-replicating under the right conditions.

>> No.37227500

Lewd on your own time, man. No one wants to hear about what you fantasize about on /d/.

>> No.37227538

Oh shit, man, don't go to Air Gear. It is a depraved place. It's not worth it, even if Air Trek technology would actually be pretty awesome to have.

>> No.37227549

> mfw I'm going to pod Hunter S Thompson first chance I get.
> mfw I'm going to pod Spider Jerusalem also
> mfw when combo destroys the multiverse.

>> No.37227555

>Puritanical intensifies
He didn't get into specifics, he just stated that a jump that is about excess should have options that reflect that.

>> No.37227594 [SPOILER] 

That sounds a little excessive.

>> No.37227661

I just spent hours considering and looking around for a perfect strategy for the Monopoly gauntlet before realizing that Just Make It Stop means my family, and my family is incomprehensibly awful at Monopoly.

>> No.37227695

Okay, made some changes to represent. Added item descriptions and another drug option, because Commorragh. All I am lacking is one 600 perk and any balance or suggested improvements before this is done. Will check back in the morning to hopefully finish.

>> No.37227707

Our soul doesn't belong to Slaanesh right? Right!?

>> No.37227731

> thinks their soul is safe from Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N Furter.

>> No.37227756

I thought someone was working on a Air Gear jump? It doesn't strike me as a "sports" jump, but that's just me.

>> No.37227770

OneArmedAnon said that after they finished/posted the Van Helsing jump that they were going to work on it.

>> No.37227785

All Dark Eldar souls are literally being consumed by Slaeesh. You spend ten years with a chaos god chewing on you.

The only way to avoid it is to cause so much suffering Slaneesh starts to leech off that instead.

>> No.37227799

But it's not permanent is it? Get a free pass afterwords?

>> No.37227810

You could also have a daemon of slaneesh summoned into you and kick it out.

>> No.37227828

I'm not the guy writing the jump, but unless you get a new soul somewhere...

>> No.37227851

>Not taking the Quidditch Sport right before you go to Harry Potter Jump so you don't need to take Quidditch Perks

>> No.37227899

That's easier than it sounds hilariously enough.

>> No.37228018

Where's the fun in getting rid of it? Every Daemonette is an average of four extra and completely free titties!

>> No.37228030

The hell are you managing that? Sounds like it would countas a death.

>> No.37228045

It it worse than Transmetropolitan?
Because that's what I think of when I hear depraved.

But yeah, I don't know a lot about the show itself. Ten years of "normal" high school sports sounds mind-numbingly boring, though. I gotta inject some ridiculous bullshit in there. You're welcome to suggest alternatives.

Keeping in mind that I'm the resident technomancer and more likely to be interested in the tech behind the sport than the sport itself.

So. I dunno.


It's listed under the sports anime and manga section of wikipedia, there are teams, they do a physical activity, good enough for me. I'd say it's more of a sport than Yugioh: >>37226189
Which, anyway, I'm not big on the idea redoing a jump. So, if someone actually does do an Air Gear jump, I could redo my build.
I have heard literally nothing about it, though.

>> No.37228066

It's not me who builds it but one my waifus.

>> No.37228095

Blitzball is awesome if not impractical.

>> No.37228096


>> No.37228173

Let me put it this way: One of the main supporting characters is Barrack Obama. Swapped into the body of a Japanese schoolgirl. Seriously.

>> No.37228192

Is this a bad thing?

>> No.37228196

>Konota Anon is a Yandere
>Konota Anon and Red have a Thing going on
>Konota Anon is Yandere for Red
Everyone getting boners for Red, you'd best Run.

>> No.37228202

That sounds hilarious.

>> No.37228204

Because if you don't kick it out it will consume your soul and hand it off to the thirsty bitch.

>> No.37228224

>mfw I remember that

>> No.37228232

It's a website.

>> No.37228234

Not necessarily, but Konatanon wanted a metric of how depraved it is. It's up to the individual reader to decide whether they're okay with that or not.

>> No.37228337

Now I need to decide on a sport. What are some fun fictional sports?
All I can think of is Drownball.

>> No.37228397

Goat ball!

Basically an arena that is filled with small platforms from logs to small boulders. In the middle is a furry misshapen lumpy ball. The object the game is to complete three passes while moving. It's divided into two teams, if you fall off or get pushed off a platform you're out. You only get come back in when ball is in opposing team's possession. its a full contact sport so tackling, pushing, punching, kicking, biting...etc is permitted.

>> No.37228413

> Ten years of "normal" high school sports sounds mind-numbingly boring, though.
> I gotta inject some ridiculous bullshit in there.
>>37228234 >>37228173 >>37228224
> One of the main supporting characters is Barrack Obama. Swapped into the body of a Japanese schoolgirl.

That sounds... like some ridiculous bullshit.

>> No.37228414


>> No.37228424

You can't win anon, they'll drown before you.

>> No.37228476

I don't want to do something that already has a jump, and Moeanon said 2hu is being worked on.

>> No.37228585

So it'll be ready in eight months?

>> No.37228659

Nah, that's just when the half-started version of the new version comes out as a preliminary. The full version will come out in two years, after Moe's released five other half-started jump concepts.
And after that, he'll work on Skullgirls!

>> No.37228727

>implying MoeAnon ever works that fast

>> No.37228757

This. >>37225319
>see image.

In one of my builds for the DC jump I didn't get myself any combat based super powers, however, I did have the Genius perk, so I decided that I'd built my own suit of power armor to enhance my strength and durability.

I also picked an alien origin, and fluffed myself out as being a Thanagarian (DCAU,) So now I'm flying around in light power armor with openings for my wings.

I had fun with it while it lasted, but I think I retired it after DC.

>> No.37228916

We didn't have one until a little more than halfway down the chain. Well, technically we had Ride Armor dating all the way back from Mega Man X but we far preferred using the Bayomecha equipped with a lambda driver, or our Macross Musical Murdermachine with additional Transformium components. Then once we got to Gundamn Jump we acquired a Gundam Mech, finished installing all the other technology we acquired into it and duct tape fusion'd all our machines into one godly mecha. And we mean literally godly, thanks to Legacy of Use.

Why does this count as a battle-suit and not a battle mech? Because our default form is a formless plume of violet fire larger than a Cat 10 kaiju, and the mech is big enough for us to ride around in.

Here you go. Note the submolecular inscriptions of Viking runes.

>> No.37229353


>> No.37229523

So I forgot to add drawbacks to the Splinter Cell Jump- Mah Bad.

>> No.37229555

Yo, you the guy who did the Asura's Wrath jump?

>> No.37229590

>Look this stuff up.
>Find out it's true.

Okay, I tend to be able to handle the weird stuff Japan shoots out. But I was not prepared to discover this.

>> No.37229594

yes I am!

>> No.37229617

He also did Tenchi; he's a scrappy contendah lookin' for a shot a the belt.

>> No.37229631

Can I ask what the logic was behind making our minimum mantra level 1 instead of 2? It's not like 2 is all that impressive, but it is the level where you can actually start doing something with that godbody and theotech you spent all your points on. At level 1 you can't really do anything. Like, I'm pretty sure most of us are at or near peak human after body mod and if not we're far beyond it after a couple jumps.
Yeah, he's fast at making jumps.

>> No.37229632



Drawback: Little Miss(ter?) Catty Pants (1200). Shame we can't get rid of them. That just means we'll have to get them to experience team spirit the old fashioned way: Lots of psionic mental reconditioning.

Rolled Normal High School

Team Bonus: Equipment

Skill (1100). That caveat would be a drawback if we hadn't long ago transcended biology and physics.

The Mastery of a Champion (Free). The slamming begins!
The King in His Territory: Slam Dunks (1000).
The Knowledge to Achieve (800). Ever seen a basketball rotate so fast it set itself on fire? Or ice. Or wind. Anything's possible with bending and/or Jade Empire martial arts
The Wind to Keep Going (400). That's some mighty fine healing, right there
The Trust of Your Team (200). To further alienate the mentally broken but stubbornly antagonistic idiot. Who is totally spending the 10 years as a reserve
The Will to Keep Going (100). When the going gets tough...
The Strength to Win (0). ...the tough gets PISSED
Sports Equipment (Free).
The Power of Nakama (Free).

>> No.37229657

So, Jumpers. We all have a side of us we really hope never comes out to play.

What's yours?

>> No.37229661

Just as long as he isn't Scrappy-Doo.

>> No.37229697

I have a horrible temper and have extreme trust issues, but better lives and willpower/whatever perks should stomp that out quickly enough.

>> No.37229719 [SPOILER] 

I hope it never comes to this.

>> No.37229767

I reduced your starting Mantra level because I want investment in infrastructure to be a thing- also remember that your 'range' of mantra is still 1 mile- which can easily encompass 100+ souls feeling your mantra aspect with.

Basically, invest in some transmitters or raise a cult- or both.

>> No.37229772 [SPOILER] 

Behold! This is just a taste of how ridiculous Air Gear Tech gets as the story progresses.

>> No.37229799

I have no idea what that is, but it looks like an issue of Heavy Metal raped an mildly artistic Japanese schoolgirl.

>> No.37229803

So are those boots or really sexy prosthetics?

>> No.37229848

That was kinda already required to get past 2 so it's not further enforcing that more than it already is honestly.

>> No.37229849

Nope, I'm good.

>> No.37229873

Out of curiosity, as someone who's never played Asura's Wrath
Assuming we make enough Vajra Forms to get past Mantra 10, what kind of shit can we be expected to pull with enough people praying at us?

>> No.37229874

Boots, also I'm pretty sure she wasn't that useful.

>> No.37229896

My right side.

Left side is more photogenic.

>> No.37229904

Repressed Anger issues mostly. Along with deep seeded fears of ending up like my brother or father, both of whom are scum.
It's one of the reasons I'm taking Persona early. I need to get that shit out of the way.

>> No.37229944

I am a terrible person that makes everything worse off by existing and should probably end that. My first instinct is always to go down in flames in the most entertaining way possible.

So, you know, I hope that doesn't get in the way of awesome interdimensional adventures.

>> No.37229954

>See pic.

>> No.37229973

Ho boy. The side of us that we never want to let out. I think for me, that side is a part of the power-gamey self. I mean there's wanting to see what combinations one can make, the options presented, what one can do to make combinations...

...but what if it gets out of control? Where I eventually start to disregard others for power? I could get some more 'oomph' if I sucked out that guy's soul. Or what about removing the need to sleep or eat? Plenty more time to get around and do things, much less distraction... and soon enough that self would turn into everything I despise. A twisted, wretched self that sees themselves as a god above all, unable to be challenged and seeing anyone else as cattle or fuel. as if they'd be unable to comprehend the things I'd do. And why would they matter? Not like they could stop me...

So really, while I'll powergame and keep finding interesting combinations, I never, EVER want to go full munchkin. There's too much at stake and I'd effectively cease to exist as a person I'm happy with.

>> No.37230015

You can't. The maximum is 8, I don't know why people are saying they can get above 8. But at level 8 you're gonna be blowing up planets and stars with your punches.

>> No.37230018

Well, at Mantra Level 8 Asura is punching God to death. Not gods, God. The most powerful being in the universe, and he punches it to death. So consider what you would be able to do at two levels of power higher than that.

>> No.37230047

>blowing up planets and stars with your punches.
That always strikes me as very short sighted for anyone not Galactus-sized.

>> No.37230054

Dude what? The jump itself says you can build Higher Vajra forms if you take the time
The specific example being a fourth Vajra form, which would bring you up to Mantra 9

Fun Times?

>> No.37230065

Drawbacks: Disavowed, Dishonored (1600). Given we have access to magical illusions, we feel it's only fair to jump here on hard mode.

SVR, Russia, Age 25

Third Echelon (1500). We quite like the independence, thank you

The Fifth Freedom (Free). >implying
Quick and Easy Answer (1350). Time to get results, the e-we mean easy way
All Angles Accounted For (1050). We've had something like this since Dead Rising, but an upgrade to our POV can't hurt
Glass Dagger (450). The unenlightened masses are all too easily turned against their would-be masters
Anonymizing Handle (400). Just to be on the safe side
Black Book (200). We have people everywhere
Spec Ops Training (100). Rather redundant, but we're now officially Spetznaz graduates-and holy shit, what did we do to get thrown out of the SPETZNAZ?
Alphabet Soup ID (0). Aw yiss, another psychic paper

>> No.37230066

I'll see your dual wielded double bladed lightsabers and raise.

>> No.37230075

It's short-sighted for him, too, Galactus is only about the size of a skyscraper. Though considering that at Mantra Level 8 you're probably larger than the planet Earth, it's not going to be an issue for you.

>> No.37230127

That comic is beautiful.

>Though considering that at Mantra Level 8 you're probably larger than the planet Earth, it's not going to be an issue for you.
You get larger as your Mantra level goes up? Is that optional or hard-wired?

>> No.37230148

Well, my whole gimmick, if I can be said to have one (y'know, besides the fluffy tails, nature powers, and laziness) is that I'm really into science. I stack the hell out of science. The only time I don't grab science is when there's something far more rare (because science perks are really a dime a dozen) and it's interesting and I don't have the points to grab everything.
Weirdly enough those missed out sciences quite frequently are the ones like from Negima that are basically, "You win science forever, you are now Washu" perks.
So, probably there's a lot of research still going on. I can do a lot of things with science, but I don't just win all science forever. I frequently seem to miss out on those perks.
So... research happens.

And I'm somewhat "morally flexible". I do have morals, things I won't do, but I end up siding behind villains with a fair amount of frequency. And evil scientists are often the WORST in popular media.
So part of me worries to what extent I might go to in research. I'm the self-proclaimed Spiral Nemesis, busting the limits to see what can be made possible. Who's to say I won't end up going full Orochimaru someday? What's to stop me from becoming like that?
Not a lot.

Just my own morals, a sense of what's right and what's wrong, and a desire not to become a total monster.
It's not as strong as you'd think.

Sometimes, I worry I might start trying to take people apart.

I surely tried, when I met Nui from Kill la Kill.

>> No.37230154

Really? All it says is that you can build more forms, not that they will take you above 8 nor does does it say that these new forms are any stronger, just that they are different forms.

>> No.37230173

The niggling voice in the back of my head that keeps trying to tell me shit like 'its not real!', 'you're really in a coma' and 'youre gonna wake up any minute now'. I like to call this voice the 'pre-crash' voice that prefers to cast doubt on everything I know is real and right in front of my face, and only has any power over me due to certain circumstances that gave me an existential crisis in childhood. He will likely crash and burn in the wreckage of the mental collapse that will occur when i get into the jumpchain, but I fear him coming back.

He comes back anyway when I have to face myself in persona. that is going to be a very shitty encounter, and I'm going to have a hard time trying NOT to eradicate him from existence out of sheer, blind rage at the fact he still exists

>> No.37230179

No, you don't have to grow larger as you increase in Mantra Level. But it's an option available to you, and one that you probably should take if you're going to be planet-busting.

>> No.37230184

What's the point in building more forms if they don't make you stronger?

>> No.37230218

It makes no mention that you can make stronger forms, just different. If you could go above 8, why doesn't it mention it anywhere else in the jump?

>> No.37230257

He's not arguing semantics with you, he's asking why you'd want to build more forms if they're not more powerful. In fact, I'll add on the question of why it takes increasing time to make them if they aren't better?

>> No.37230265

Not wanting to spend your points on forms during the jump because there were other things you wanted to buy? You can get up to level 8 on your own over time, without having to pay for it.

Do remember, though, that maximum Mantra level is just maximum SAFE Mantra level. You can go higher, but you risk exploding if you do. Then again, as a jumper I'm sure you can find a way to harden yourself against such overloads, meaning that you effectively could get a higher Mantra level than 8. It'll just take a lot of investment of resources.

>> No.37230285

The part of me that can no longer differentiate between what is food and what is not.

The part of me that only exists to roam about consuming everything without realizing I'm doing any harm.

Pic may or may not be related.

>> No.37230291

You've got to buy one to be able to build one.

>> No.37230316

Okay, then buy one and build the other two yourself. Still saves you points.

>> No.37230331

>tfw, one of my friends says they're going to announce a lightmace soon.
>tdfw, I just said this morning that they should include a lightshield in Episode 8.

>> No.37230348

I don't know, why would you? It doesn't change the fact that it wouldn't make it more powerful.

>> No.37230358

There's only one more, and the mechanics assume multiple are possible. Reactor is not a form.

>> No.37230361

Except the newest version gives the example of a Fourth Vajra form, which would put you on equal power to Mantra 9

You are corrupt, it doesn't explicitly say "you can make stronger forms"
But answer my question. Why even bother making new forms if they don't get stronger? Why make it take longer and longer to make each new form if they aren't stronger than the previous form?

>> No.37230385

Man you aren't even the jump maker what are you doing? You don't know the answer or anything so why reply?

>> No.37230387

You are correct* Not sure how I made that typo

>> No.37230414

You're probably wanting to know mine, then.

See, there's a certain point where it becomes easy to think "I could make this place better. Peaceful, beautiful, joyful! A world of endless love and companionship!" Where it becomes easy to think that anyone and everyone would want this, despite how much of it you're forcing on them, no matter how much of it would reduce the society to automatons, incapable of functioning without the directives you've implanted.

There's a certain point where it will become very easy for me to become much like one of my sworn enemies. And I must not let it happen.

The Doll must not win.

>> No.37230425

The point of the mantra forms isn't solely the increased mantra cap, but coming up custom enhancements like described in each entry.

Basically Mantra Reactor/Form is the 'You can use level 6 through 8 safely. Vajra/Limb Vajra Form and successor forms are "Specialist Use of Mantra" things.

>> No.37230431

> you are corrupt

Slaanesh pls go.

>> No.37230443

Mantra Reactor grants you a form, though: Vajra Form. So I think it works on the same principle.

>> No.37230479

stupid_dog, Nintendogs question.

Leave It- how does it work? Do you tell people they can't touch the object and it's limited to them, or is the effect on the thing itself, and you can go and do something else, secure in the knowledge that no-one will touch it?

>> No.37230484

Time for Splinter Cell shenanigans.

-Background: Insurgent (900CP) -VIVA LA RESISTANCE!
-Spec Ops Training (800CP) -What the fuck am I doing here if I was ex-Spetsnaz?!
-Organizational Experience (500CP) -To beat the enemy, we must know the enemy!
-Eye for Detail (400CP) -When it comes to the world at large, this is good.
-Dead Drop (Free) -Well this is weird. Ah, whatever. I'll figure it out.
-Politically Correct (250CP) (Discount) -It's a pretty sweet gig, to understand the fields you go into.
-Glass Dagger (-50CP) (Discount) -Combine this with Black Lagoon perks? Fuuuuck, this is sick.
-Laptop and Satellite Link (-100CP) -With this, I am on the move!
-Anonymizing Handle (Free) -Holy shit, REALLY? This makes for so many more fun things!
-Snarky Handlers (0CP)
Dice Rolls: SVR Russia, 32 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm apparently a freedom fighter! Or... something. Not sure. Either way, I'm apparently going to be going around and doing all manners of things. Securing the world for Mother Russia! ...or maybe something else. I dunno.

I see myself burning through insurgency groups if they do something I dislike.

>> No.37230504

Sorry, looks like I was using an outdated version, my bad. Perhaps the jump maker ought to make some clarification on what 9 would be, or at least the sort of thing you could expect.

So? When has it been required to be the jump maker to be in an argument? That's just stupid.

>> No.37230510

Our Shadow, that's what.

And the worst part is, as everyone knows the only way to beat a Shadow is to accept it. Ever since Persona jump our glorious divinity has been beset with nagging, newly suppressed insecurities, confusing moments of empathy and periodical impulses to do hot blood shit. What if it gets out of control? Where I suddenly have to accept that things like souls shouldn't be devoured for power? I could create a more prosperous system of government through sheer charisma and political acumen if I don't have everyone upgraded into fanatical cyborgs. Or what about acting selflessly to protect the weak and innocent? We'd degenerate into a hotblooded, reckless self-declared hero, leaping into action without accounting for the long term consequences. And why would they matter? Putting aside our powerlevels, we'd have a /moral imperative/ to do potentially suicidal acts in the name of some irrational imperative!

Which is just terrible.

Fortunately we have many, many emotional control and suppression perks to compartmentalise this epiphany or drown it out in the collective consciousness' yammering but-it's always there. We have a perfect memory. We can never be rid of it. It's like an itch we can't scratch, that ridiculous idea that we should stand for justice instead of doing whatever it takes to preserve the multiverse. Yes, doing things like cooking and busking in our spare time is just to put companions at ease and not at all because my Persona epiphany is affecting us on a subliminal level.


Not at all.

>> No.37230524

Splinter Cell Universe-
Rolled for 36
Rolled for Mossad, Israel. Oyyyy Veyyyy. Dis is Like Anudah Shoah(Joke)
Discount Spec Ops Training
Discount Organizational Experience
Discount Mark and Execute
The Fifth Freedom
All Angles Accounted For
Eye for Detail
Dread Drops
Free Laptop and Satellite Link
SC Pistol
Infiltration Gear
Tactical Boots


Right after Mark of the Ninja for double Stealth

>> No.37230553

The fear of losing control, which would manifest as me trying to get everything and everyone to do what they're "supposed" to be doing. Worst case scenario is some kind of totalitarian government.

>> No.37230574

>antispiral keeps switching between 'I' and 'we'
>the spiral power is already affecting him
>tfw he can't stop it
Only a matter of time now.

>> No.37230586

>Not posting Captain Garlock as opposed to normal Simon
At least Simon stopped, Garlock never did and caused Spiral Nemesis

>> No.37230617

Nah man, if the Spiral Nemesis happened, nothing would be left.

>> No.37230655

>hat ridiculous idea that we should stand for justice instead of doing whatever it takes to preserve the multiverse
Why not Both?
We need not fight Anti-spiral. We could do what is best for the multiverse while also ensuring JUSTICE is done

>> No.37230705

According to the writers he DID start Spiral Nemesis in that time-line. It just wasn't an instantaneous thing. The Universe was unraveling, and it was doing so faster and faster the more Garlock and his people fought.
But they kept fighting because other awakening Spiral races were pissed that they causes Spiral Nemesis.

So yeah. In the Time-line of the "flash forward" Spiral Nemesis has started, and can't be stopped.

>> No.37230717

No multiplayer.

>> No.37230775

No shit Sherlock

>> No.37230884

They were joking dumbass.

>> No.37230945

> no multiplayer

I don't think so, Timmy.

>> No.37230961

> Perks > 600 > Hands to Seize Victory
What's the refresh on this? Once per engagement?

>> No.37230979

Who the fuck is Garlock?

>> No.37230998

Alt reality Simon

>> No.37231019

And he's better than normal Simon?

>> No.37231044

He's Simon who never stopped.
For anyone, anything, or any reason.

>> No.37231062

Note, this isn't actually a good thing.

>> No.37231088

In the first episode of Gurren Lagon there is a "Flash forward" in which Simon, and a humanized Bunta, are declaring war on "All the stars in the heavens". It was supposed to be how the series would end.
But they took the story in a different direction and later said in an interview that it's an alternate time-line, where Simon started the Spiral Nemesis. Because, as stated, he never stopped.

>> No.37231093

Needs more mayo for that salad

>> No.37231114

Don't see the harm in that if there wasn't a 'fuck you for doing things' force in their universe.

>> No.37231121

I'm sure it would be delicious. But I dislike baked potatos

>> No.37231142

>a 'fuck you for doing things' force
It's less that and more of a "Fuck yeah! Keep doing things" force
It just spirals wildly out of control once it hits a certain point.

>> No.37231156

You Monster.

>> No.37231169

And the universe dies because you did things. Because it's better to sit in stasis on your weird flipspace planet instead.

>> No.37231172

That sounds like it would've been both awesome, and sad at the same time.

>> No.37231198

No sadder than the ending they saddled us with.

>> No.37231240

You can find the scene somewhere
If nothing else Gurren Laggon is on Netflicks. And the dub isn't bad, I actually like it.

He's nicknamed "Garlock" because he's Gar and dresses like Captain Harlock

>> No.37231298

In all honesty, we aren't fundamentally opposed to justice. There's plenty of conflicts that would have been resolved if an adequate system of law and reimbursement had been instituted. Like say, the ongoing power struggle in Magi jump.

The issue is whether justice is ALWAYS the sustainable course of action. Madoka is often brought up as an example-but up until Madoka herself reset the system, nobody else was coming up with an alternative to stopping entropy from occurring. We'd honestly be fine with either Madoka or Kyuubey's solution, and we'd in fact prefer Madoka's since Kyuubey's eventually leads to Homura Akuma occurring. Alas, that timeline of Madoka jump means that will have to be a post-Spark endeaver. Then there's places like-oh, any White Wolf setting, where supernatural predators are a fundamental aspect of the world or even Populus, where worship of a single ruler is considered a natural state of affairs.

The way we see it-there isn't any one absolute definition of justice. Attempting to enforce one will either lead to the enforcer's own ideals coming to the forefront and leading to bias, or lead to further conflict arising from mutually incompatible interpretations of justice. We prefer to simply act on a utilitarian basis to stop universal threats or ongoing catastrophes by any means necessary, and profit off their demise to strengthen our powers against the next would-be threat.

Fair enough. We'd simply point out that there's no explicit mechanism in place set up by normal Simon to prevent a Garlock crisis from arising.

>> No.37231469

>no explicit mechanism in place set up by normal Simon to prevent a Garlock crisis from arising.
Sure there is
Simon had enough Spiral Power to cause Spiral Nemesis by himself. Dude willing chose to stop, and he's a hero to all spiral races. They take from his example to stop before it goes too far, without stopping the use of spiral energy at all.

Also there were several alternatives to Entropy in Madoka, it's just that the suffering of Humans, specifically female children, was the most "efficient" method. And as the Incubator's are incapable of empathy they went with the most efficient method regardless of the consequences.

But you're correct. There is no singular method to JUSTICE. But there is a singular goal. Make people happy, make them safe, and make them able to take care of themselves.
Are all of these possible all the time? No, they aren't. They likely aren't even possible most of the time.
But the attempt to do so makes the worlds I go to a better place, at least in a small way. But I'm willing to take certain steps to bring it about. From political manipulations, to assassination of those of truly wicked dispositions, to the defeat of an entire army by my god damn self just to prove a point.

>> No.37231712

I see AirGear discussion took place.

Yes, I am working on it after Van Helsing / AvP universe.

And yes, there will be a drawback where instead of being swapped with Little Miss Crazy, Barrack Obama's mind is instead swapped with yours.

Yes, you will be in Obama's body. And he in yours.

>> No.37231762

>you will be in Obama's body. And he in yours.
>Tzeentch in my body

>> No.37231765

>but up until Madoka herself reset the system, nobody else was coming up with an alternative to stopping entropy from occurring
I'm confused: As the Anti-Spiral, shouldn't you be against people trying to defy entropy by converting human emotion into colossal amounts of energy?

>> No.37231797

Wrong even than. Y'see, the problem with justice or good or evil is that it is entirely dependant on your own view. Your view of what justice is is not necessarily or even likely to be the exact same as another person. Sure, plenty of people would agree with that view, but plenty of people are also racist or sexist or any number of other things that could influence their view of what is just. Someone is always going to be unhappy.

>> No.37231827

The anti-spirals weren't against spiral energy because it'd stop entropy, they were against it because it would destroy the universe.

>> No.37231840

Didn't demon Homura only happen because Madoka's plan succeeded?

>> No.37231869

Which is why I admitted my goal is impossible
I'm still going to strive towards it. Just because something is impossible to achieve doesn't mean the trying to reach it is worthless.

>> No.37231889

It does mean you will be making a lot of people unhappy in your efforts to reach it though.

>> No.37231910

As would Kyubey's plan. If you maintain the energy density of the universe while allowing it to expand you'll cause a collapse into a singularity. In other words, you'll create the Spiral Nemesis. It's the same thing.

>> No.37231928

At which point, as much as I loath to admit it, it becomes a numbers game,
If I make one person unhappy but it makes two people happy, it's good.
I would prefer a much higher ratio of success of course, 1000 to one or more, but still.

>> No.37232004

You assume their universe functions as ours.

>> No.37232048

Yes, I'm assuming that the laws of thermodynamics exist in their universe, given how much of the plot is dependent on Kyubey's attempts to defy thermodynamics. It scarcely matters, though. Simple population modeling shows that the Incubators don't have a stable harvesting method. Some nerds over on /a/ worked it out back when that twist first came up. I still have the matlab files for it around here somewhere. Point is, Kyubey's plan is doomed to failure except under an extremely unlikely set of conditions. The Incubators are fools, and in their foolishness are going to destroy mankind. So fuck those guys.

>> No.37232165

Not really
Maguka freaking the fuck out and going Witch in one time-line solved the Heat Death problem all by herself by causing just that much suffering
Their current method will work

>> No.37232209

At least they have a chance. The same problem as before comes up, in that noone else has a fucking clue what to do, and Madoka's wish effectively fucked the plan. And how on earth would you be able to work out any answer when we have no idea of most of the setting?

>> No.37232213

Well I certainly have my darker sides that I would prefer not to get out but the nature of jump chain gives me a few new ones. The one I am rather worried about is the mad scientist one. After taking Mighty skill - Science and getting the girl genius powerful spark I am kind of worried I might go a little crazy and try stuff like vivisecting friends and such. So I make sure a few of my companions are armed with sedatives should I start to go too far. It's always best to be prepared and hopefully I can sleep off the crazy.

>> No.37232214

You assume the makers understand thermodynamics perfectly and are applying it perfectly to their own universe. That universe has magic. You are being silly.

>> No.37232223

Guys I just rolled a d10 on being able to deal with pic related's trolling.

And it was, of all things, a 10.

Best methods of counter-trolling?

>> No.37232240

Cockroach in his cereal.

>> No.37232257

Shit in his coffee.

>> No.37232264

Love and happiness in the face of trolling, at least in his case. Maybe tricking him to take part in a play where rather than it turning out to be a tragedy it is a romcom?

>> No.37232286

I haven't done a C&C jump yet, so no.

That said, my initial impression is also "I probably won't". I don't particularly want to infect arbitrary worlds with Tiberium, after all, and I don't think Tiberium spreads quickly enough to make seeding and reharvesting worthwhile in Mystcraft Ages (where I do my primary resource extraction). I'd confirm that experimentally before concluding it's the case, of course, but that's my initial impression; if seeding produces worthwhile effects quicker than possible, or if I can get my Ages stable enough for the longer time to be useful, the analysis might change.

As a sidenote, the reason why Eezo doesn't exist in other universes isn't technically because it's a bullshit material which only exists in Mass Effect, it's that it only naturally occurs in the remnants of old supernovas, and those sources require ridiculous infrastructure to harvest (and since there aren't ancient dead civilizations that used to use Eezo outside Mass Effect, there are no easily-accessible secondary sources). As such, it's plausible that I could figure out a way to acquire more in certain jumps, or just produce small amounts of it outright using matter fabrication. Even so, it's probably still too expensive either way.

>> No.37232292

Cockroach in his cereal, shit in his coffee, love and happiness in the face of trolling, and unleashing moths on his clothes

>> No.37232314

...anon, you're a rich man.

>> No.37232357

Pod him with the promise of trolling other universes, then never use him as a companion.

>> No.37232420

Okay so it turns out, I forgot a few aspects of Air Gear.

Needless to say, it's going to take a while. A long while. Because this series gets batshit insane.

Look at Tuners. The physics-breaking bullshit of later-series Treks, the everything the.


>> No.37232422

No, she created an enormous amount of energy, but by its nature no finite supply is capable of ending entropy forever. Also, in the process she killed all life on Earth, stop future harvests, which falls into my "unsustainable plan" criteria.

I'd rather ask the question of: Why does it have to be such an immediate issue? Current estimates for the lifespan of the universe give us another 10^14 years before the average energy level dips too low to sustain life as we know it. That's 6666 times the age of the universe up to this date. As much time as has passed up to this point, we have another 6666 of that. We can afford to fumble around for a bit finding a way to violate thermodynamics that doesn't involve cosmic despair.

>> No.37232537


Remember that the Drawback says he can go with you, Companion-style, but won't be any more helpful than he was during the Jump.

If I'm reading it right, that is.

>> No.37232560

Well, two bits really.

First, mental breaks. At some point, I go insane. Like, kill a villiage because someone reminds you of an old friend, crying and staring at a wall because of the simplicity of it, holding gibberish conversations with chaos beings insane. This is mostly because I have no sanity perks, and though many experiences will harden me, that just means the crack will be bigger when I'm dropped.

Second, the type I slide into without notice. Either puppet-mastering jumps I know well, or slowly becoming a tyrant once in charge of a nation because it seems the easiest way to acheive revolution, or even sending militia to certain death because 'They're just locals'.

>> No.37232569

Question for all of you.

Is your computing done by hardware, biotech or wetware. Is it unethical to get some savant companions (or pod companions) on standby to crunch the big numbers, not naming any names, Angel of Pandora.

Wait, does time stop for all of the computers you leave in Warehouses and Housing supplements, because I was counting on having a safehouse from which to hack from (gotta get free internet somehow).

>> No.37232598

Physics breaking is ez. Cast magic missile and it's already torn in half over your knee.

>> No.37232622

Same reason enviromentalists want to slow down pollution now instead of in a thousand years. Because runaway means it gets harder and harder to stop the worse it gets.

>> No.37232630

Good Luck! I'm looking forward to the jump! Maybe have an import option for turning one of our weapons into a Regalia? That would be cool.

Or maybe a table for making a custom Regalia.

Having doubles of other cannon Regalia's available would be cool too.

>> No.37232634

Your missing the point, you promise to take him so he can troll other universes and then you never let him out of the pod. That's how you troll a troll. Though it will use up a stasis pod (Letting him fallow freely is a rather dangerous option)

>> No.37232641

Also, I'm pretty sure that the issue of the unvierse's lifespan isn't so much when there stops being energy, but when there stops being enough to produce stars. To my knowledge that's quite a bit sooner than that.

>> No.37232645


And here I am not actually knowing what that means. Odd, that.

My computing is mostly hardware, though.

>> No.37232648

Polution has a chance to be a problem in our lifetime. The heat death of reality doesn't. We've got time. At the very least we can afford a few million years to work it out, that's practically no time at all on this scale.

>> No.37232686


Dude you don't understand.

Physics and biology here become so broken that it's rivaling fucking DBZ. Fucking one guy reverses the gravity of the world WITH HIS FUCKING ROLLER SKATES. AMONG OTHER THINGS.


>import weapon option to transition it into Regalia

That's actually a neat idea. Was planning more the Custom Regalia table however.

>> No.37232706

I feel you jerking my chain about this One-Armed it can't be that bad.
But this is from someone who never read Air Gear.

>> No.37232709

A little of column A, a little of column B. I like to use all sorts of computing power. Though I have a fondness for cultured neurons, I must admit.

>> No.37232716

I don't think it's unethical to pod a savant and load him/her up with bio/wetware so he/she can run the numbers. Just don't hook them up to a machine against their will.

>> No.37232762

Wetware is biotech for human brain.

>> No.37232793

It actually is that bad.

You have Gravity children who have adjustment to their brains which lets them do all kinds of crazy shit. People can whip around thunderstorms and crack the earth with their roller skates. People turning their blood into gem armor which can survive immense explosions.

It's pretty high-powered.

>> No.37232827

Aheheheheh. Heeehahah. Oh you have no idea. Read it, watch it. Whatever works for you. It gets ridiculous.


That is one of the pairs of Regalia (Regalia being uber-powerful AirTreks).



>> No.37232880

...How in the name of Tony Hawk do roller skates do that?

Oi, Kyubey! Did you try putting roller skates on all the magical girls yet? Because that is what I am getting at.

>> No.37232920

Remember when the ability to glide was seen as the ultimate in impressive tricks? This series got weird.

>> No.37232921

There's nothing saying it couldn't be a lot sooner in their world, especially with how they are acting about it.

>> No.37232922

They don't. They don't do that.

Like I said. Physics in this world are thrown to the curb. THIS IS NO SIMPLE SKATING MANGA.


>> No.37232966

The mangaka, Oh Great! can't into science, but likes to include a lot of things that almost sound like science. Other great things from Air Gear include, punching strength being relative to the strength of muscles in your forearm, and overeating causing your body to produce more blood than normal pooling it all in your belly.

>> No.37233014

>can't into science
Oh that's putting it lightly. That's putting it -really- lightly.

Shit, I might just do Killing Bites before that one. That one might be a long-term project.

>> No.37233066

>Killing Bites
>just looked it up, female lead is part Honey Badger
Please no?

>> No.37233122

>Part-Honey Badger

More genetic fuckery? I could go with that. Honey badgers are badass.

>> No.37233162

> honey badger.

Trigger warning please.

I had a Far Cry 4 flashback.

The horror...

>> No.37233165

Looks too perverted to me. Basically an ecchi series.

>> No.37233186

Blegh, yeah it does get perverted. It's a damn good story though.

>> No.37233224

>One of the newest chapters of Terra Formars reveals a Roach who stole a Honey Badger MO organ

>> No.37233283

The Honey Badger went down with surprisingly little fuss, I thought. Not nearly angry enough. The johj just aren't passionate enough to use that rage to its full potential.

>> No.37233285

>Honey badger roach
It begins.

>> No.37233300


The Johj did not use his honey-badger capabilities to good use. Unlike the female lead of Killing Bites, who kills a lion-spliced individual in the first chapter.

>> No.37233313

Hardware. I've got some wetware installed, but in terms of computing, it's more for access to hardware than a proper augment. I'm pretty good at miniaturization, so I normally carry important hardware on my person (or in my Inventory). For everything else, Royal Magic lets me summon arbitrary items that I own.

> Wait, does time stop for all of the computers you leave in Warehouses and Housing supplements?
Remember, the Warehouse rules are that time is stopped inside when the door isn't open. If you're in there doing things, time isn't stopped, but you can't wirelessly access your systems without popping open a Warehouse door.

>> No.37233533

So what's appealing about it otherwise?

>> No.37233682

It's probably the one place a Jumper will go and NOT feel out of place.

>> No.37233778

Considering I'm a vampiric nanomachine virus I doubt it.

>> No.37233812

Can you elaborate? What does this jump offer us asides from some genetic tom-foolery?

>> No.37233903

The titular 'Killing Bites' are basically one-vs-one showdowns between Champions, who're acting as the representatives between individual quarrels of various organizations (think Illuminati, Templars, Dragon, etc). These 'killing bites' have a history dating back to the medieval period as being used to settle a lot of would-be conflicts.

The reason I'm interested in it as a jump is because besides the ecchi stuff you see with the protagonists, there is a lot of well-written political scheming and puppeteering further on in the series. The male lead himself becomes quite the schemer.

Now, would this interest every Jumper? Nope, and that's why we have as many settings as we do. Because not everyone likes the same thing.

N'aw, AirGear you will not feel out of place.

In fact, your tales of being an inter-dimensional entertainment device for an entity might just make you a bit more interesting to some of the characters. Which may or may not doom you to Plotbound.

>> No.37233938

Take a gander on the wiki.

It offers skates that spit in the face of physics. One Regalia can reverse the gravity of the world. Another can cause thunderstorms on a massive scale. You have people who are capable of grabbing, and upgrading, a pair of high-tech skates within 3 seconds. Upside down. In mid-air.

It's like if roller skates, science fiction, and Bleach had a baby and you found out it knew how to talk already.

>> No.37233939


Planning waaaaay too far ahead than I should, but oh well. Which one would you like to see most?

>> No.37233986

What have I unleashed? I just wanted a fun sports jump.

>> No.37233996

Death. Death is what you have unleashed.

>> No.37234002

>Planning waaaaay too far ahead than I should

You got that right. You're still working on Touhou, Skullgirls, that one weird Swordgirl thing, and weren't you doing Supernatural?

Quit bogging yourself down or we'll never see anything.

>> No.37234019

Another decided to pick up Skullsgirls from Moeanon to lighten the workload.

>> No.37234041

I wasn't doing Supernatural, I don't know where you guys got that from. Otherwise, yeah, I probably should focus on my current stuff.

>> No.37234071


>> No.37234079

I meant the perverted honey badger comic.

>> No.37234105

My reasons are here. >>37233903

Does it sound boring to some? Probably. But I'm interested in the politics (especially since I took the Illuminati perk in Gargoyles).

>> No.37234254

How would a Hybrid from Killing Bites fare against a Zoanthrope from Bloody Roar? Lets assume both choose a lion as their animal, is one better than the other, or rather, what are their strengths and weaknesses?

>> No.37234469

>KB-Hybrid vs BR-Zoanthrope

Hrrmmm.. Everything that I've seen shows that they could honestly go toe-to-toe with each other. The Hybrids deal is that their spliced-nature lends their Hybrid forms more towards the typical build of a human with added bestial aspects, like claws and in the males' cases, heads of their spliced beast.

Zoanthropes, on the other hand, go for a more werewolf-esque body type, with a purer combination of human and animal. The differences there I'd say are differences in mobility and agility. Hybrids will have the mobility of a general human (augmented, admittedly, with their fucked-around-with genetics), while a Zoanthrope will be more varied.

All in all, I'd say a showdown between a Hybrid and a Zoanthrope would be about equal. Their biggest differences are mostly body-types, would would influence tactics and combat styles.

>> No.37234498

'Cept for that bat lady.

>> No.37234524

Jenny's just a friggin' outlier because of one reason. ANd that's that they didn't want to ruin a pretty lady with a bat's face.

Seriously, the ONLY reason she looks like that. They didn't want a sexy bat-human body with a face like that.

>> No.37234596

>All the world's gems are mine!

>> No.37234610


>> No.37234666

All I can do is giggle at this.

>> No.37234684

I want to jump to Killing Bites now and enter into the death tournament thingy they have going on- with my Chimera Zoanthrope form I'd clean house.

Plus, for the final match I'd turn into a straight up dragon just to mess with them. Or maybe a Kaiju, hard to decide.

I hope there's an option for importing DNA from other jumps, be cause my KB-Hybrid form would be a Deviljho.

>> No.37234717

There will be an import option for KB-Hybrid form, yes.


>> No.37234863

Alright, so. My themes are nature, water, moon, and stars. There's plenty of nature and water stuff around, and a minimum of moon, but what about the stars? Where's some star themed stuff at?

>> No.37234880

In Nintendogs+ Cats, what exactly counts as a valid "Experiment" form? I have a fox, dragon, and kaiju form, would any of those count? How about Zoanthrope forms? Would a Zoanthrope Chimera count?

What about a shoggoth form?

>> No.37234909

Foxes are about as dog-like as you can get without being the same species as a dog. If anything counts, it's that.

>> No.37234919

Generic Magical Girl lets you pick a theme for your powers, I went with a cosmic/celestial theme.

Marvel allows you to pick what you want for your energy blasts; I went with the power cosmic.

I went with Kitsune, posted my build and didn't get any flak. You should be good with that.

>> No.37234938

Had to use GMG for moon blasts already, unfortunately.

I don't know what a power cosmic is.

>> No.37234950

Hey, RisingAnon, I just realized.
In the MGS jump, where's the page with the weapons?

>> No.37234958

>> No.37234973

I regret nothing.

>> No.37234975

Well, what do you think of when you think of star thematics? Personally, Exalted has conditioned me to associate it with weird fate and causality powers, as well as essence manipulation, but you might think of it in different terms. What would you like to get from it?

>> No.37234992

The actual stars, not any of that fate bullmess.

>> No.37234995


>> No.37235007


I'll intensify my methods. My digital pun-pun and genetic techniques shall be doubled. I will make myself capable. This. Will. Not. Stand.

>> No.37235013

So you just want an aesthetic from it, then?

>> No.37235014

I dunno, things are looking pretty bright for him. Why darkness?

>> No.37235024

Obviously what you do is you have fun getting inventive and never display the same set of powers or fighting style twice. And still clean house. For this you use various shapeshifting perks (DC especially) to go with different forms once you've finished the standard set of Terraformars, Bloody Roar, KB, One Piece Zoan form if you took one, nintendogs puppy form, dragon from Spyro, dragon from dragon commander, SAO level 99 boss form and so on and so forth. For the grand finale you go kaiju for your last fight.

I meanwhile will be honoring the memory of an old friend who sadly fell in Stalingard after helping defeat an ancient Aztec God and his army of vampires. Because GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Yes I'll even do the torso mounted machine gun. Because sometimes I get bored jumping and do arbitrary silliness to amuse myself and honor old comrades.

>> No.37235030

No? Starlight empowerment, starlight beams, starlight as a powersource. Using the actual stars in some way. Not fate.

>> No.37235034

Wait, is MoeAnon just fetishing how eating everything will make him perfect instead of doing the jumps he said he would do?

Why the fuck am I not surprised with this IRC circlejerking.

>> No.37235039

Welp, looks like the Use Prototype to Eat Everything isn't such a bullshit tactic now, huh?

Who's laughing now, troll? Who's laughing now?

Even the Bow of Infinite Fuck Yous will be comsumed in the end!

>> No.37235042

The infinite worlds shall fall, anon, and the Dice Gods were powerless to stop it.

They are all of them doomed.

>> No.37235063

So basically the same as solar powers, but from a much dimmer (albeit far more numerous) source. I think you could use a generic energy manipulation perk, then, and just gather power from starlight.

>> No.37235066

All lady luck needs is a little charm and a nice date and things will go your way.

>> No.37235081

You're making this so lame.

>> No.37235087

Don't fucking encourage him, anon. He's never going to get anything done if he gets praise for his vore fetish. This is fucking retarded. There's no need for the IRC to rub it in our faces when he has plenty of time to work on jumps. You know, instead of bragging about his fetish.

>> No.37235089

No, he isnt, for once. It looks like they were joking around with the random dice roll function of the IRC, and it just gave him a perfect roll.

>> No.37235095

No, there is another...

>> No.37235098

Don't talk to the saltybitch.

>> No.37235124

Don't encourage the vore fetishist.

>> No.37235130

Sorry. I just don't see how starlight powers are really different from generic energy manipulation if you don't include symbolic elements.

>> No.37235166

The problem with star based symbolism is I just plain don't like fate as a concept.

>> No.37235195

>The problem with
Objective statement

>I just plain don't like
Subjective statement

Those two are mutually exclusive, FYI.

>> No.37235208

Did you take a Grammar Nazi perk somewhere?

>> No.37235222

Only if he wasn't talking about his own opinion. And why bother bringing it up in the first place?

>> No.37235268

'Sides, if it's just a fate power without any flavor association with stars it's not a star-themed power.

>> No.37235279

It's okay, Red. It's okay to have a one percent less survival rating than me. I'm okay with this. I'll make peace with this.
To know you'll die just before me, to know that I'll be able to hold your hand dramatically, our lives slowly fading from our collective wounds, as I slowly lean forward in this last, eternal moment, to tell you those words that I'd always wanted to say for so very, very long.
"I was one percent better than you."

>> No.37235281

Nah, but I did take the Basic Vocabulary freebie a while back.

Because saying The Problem With insinuates that there is something intrinsically wrong with the object discussed. I have no issues with him disliking something, I have an issue with him saying that it is inherently flawed on account.

>> No.37235283

Okay, if you don't like fate, let's go with the other traditional symbolism of stars: mystery, the unknown, and the greater secrets of the universe. Go with the symbolism of the wonders held within the night sky, the vastness of space, the worlds yet undiscovered by man. If you're willing to do that, then in addition to energy manipulation, you should also focus on powers that aid travel and perception. Also powers that inhibit them, illusions and secrecy are appropriate for that theme. Does that work?

>> No.37235309

Damn Stalord looks cool.

>> No.37235354

The problem in this cased being my own personal problem with it.

Not so much, no. I was looking for powers that had a star association by flavor. Otherwise they're not really star-themed, it's just me sticking a label on it. I could always stick labels on anything.

>> No.37235368

Only if you read just the first part of the sentence. Actually reading the whole sentence like a normal person makes it clear he is talking about his own opinion. Why are you so pedantic?

>> No.37235374

...just for that I'm minmaxing a bit more. You thought my Bow was bad as is?

It's going to get worse, along with my demon genetics. Much worse. The pun-pun effect will be fully realized.

>> No.37235410

Okay, in that case...I think there's some magic in Fairy Tail that lets you emulate astronomical phenomena. Flying on comets, blasting away with shooting stars, stuff like that. You can't buy it with points, but you could learn it while there. And while you're in the neighborhood you can pick up the Celestial Spirit Keys, too. Those are the spirits of the constellations, pretty star-themed.

>> No.37235412

You won't do it!

>> No.37235418 [SPOILER] 


>> No.37235451


>> No.37235454

Could everyone just chill the fuck out.

I mean seriously, I'm running out of fuel on this fire extinguisher.

>> No.37235463

Oh, and similarly, all Brush Gods in Okami reside in the stars as living constellations when they're not doing other things, so that's some star themes there.

>> No.37235491


>> No.37235517

Oh but I will.

Funny thing? With Assassin's Creed/Geneforge/Elona/Lord of Light, among all manners of tech perks... I can literally give a copy of all my powers to someone. ALL of my powers. Memories, skills, knowledge, powers, abilities, EVERYTHING. And thanks to Craftsman of the Gods, I make it so I can grant someone a much stronger version of them, to say nothing of how the DPP may be involved in it. From there? Funny how Vampire: The Masquerade gave us a perfectly loyal SENTIENT MINION.

So I just give all my powers and skills to her. To which then she can just engineer an even better version of her powers to a tailored body (which will be leagues ahead of mine), and just uses Lord of Light tech to transplant my mind and soul into it.


You doubt me, you say I won't do it. I only need but a single cause TO do it.

>> No.37235559

I dunno how that's relevant to my extinguisher, but I'll take it.

>> No.37235564

... but do you have a flag?


>> No.37235595

I have MULTIPLE flags.

>> No.37235614

Reddie Izzard

>> No.37235620


Meh, it was never really a competition, if I'm honest.
After all, I end up stealing most of your cool ideas, and I'm too lazy to munchkin effectively. Most of my jumps can be summed up as "take all the tech", without a lot of thought behind it.

If you really want to leave me behind and become a terrible eldritch god like AntiSpiral-kun and the like, I can't exactly keep up, you know?

I'll miss you, Red.

>> No.37235776


Well, let's be honest. Just because I COULD do something doesn't mean I would. Heck, I've been sitting on that bullshit idea for some time, and being a terrible eldritch god... it doesn't suit me. I just want to have adventure and experiences throughout the chain, the issue is just surviving it. I wanna live long enough to get through it all.

It inevitably leads to creations like the Bow, the Digital Pun-Pun, the Genetic Augmentation Machine, the Sword, plenty of things. Stuff to help me move along. To improve. To build upon. The stakes inevitably raise in order to guarantee survival, but... there's a line that shouldn't be crossed lightly, one that the Antispiral did... but I probably won't for some time.

What I'm trying to say is you're stuck with me towering over you.

>> No.37235814

I ship it.

I ship it hard.

>> No.37235823

Oh my god, just kiss already and get it over with! I'm sick of this tension.

>> No.37235833

They know, and they're trolling you. They're trolling all of us.

>> No.37235843


I warned you. But you didn't believe me!

>> No.37235849


>> No.37235878

What's the best way to get the fastest land speed?

>> No.37235882

>all this tension
>opposites attracting
>tiny blue haired girl and giant redheaded amazon

>> No.37235884

Stop this.

This thread is getting very silly.

>> No.37235894

Time Magic from Meguca and FISS from PS238

>> No.37235927

Well, they haven't yet.

But they should.

Because this UST is going to kill all of us at some point.

Oh no. We have yet to hit Critical Silly.

>> No.37235942

We always get silly after we hit the bumblimit, and sometimes before.

>> No.37235946

What happened to that guy who was doing a Lightbringer jump?

>> No.37235986

He actually started working on "The Room" jump.

>> No.37235991

He was blinded by the Light

>> No.37236006

revved up like a deuce bag,
another runner in the night

>> No.37236013

Oh god, I was joking when I said he should do that. I was joking. I didn't mean for this to happen, I swear.

>> No.37236046

It's too late.
Now watch and see what your careless words have wrought.

>> No.37236104

It's the official end jump now.

There's nothing left that can possibly make you any more OP.

>> No.37236141

Why would you WANT to go any further?

>> No.37236187

Anon, we're talking about a tiny blue haired girl who loves teasing everyone around her but has no desire to go further, and an asexual amazon who took Lust Mantra was one big troll.

We're going to die before they do anything.

>> No.37236194

You wouldn't. Feel all your worries slip away as you toss the football around. All your dreams and aspirations wilting away to the simple joy of tossing the football around. Back and forth. Back and forth. Feel your mind at ease. Become one with the football. The football becomes one with you. Back and forth. Back and forth. You are now the football. Feel the football. The football is now you. I am a football.

Oh hi Mark.

>> No.37236245


>> No.37236256

God dammit stop reminding me.

>> No.37236285

If I have to suffer, so must you.

>> No.37236664

Rolled 19 (1d100)

Rolling to come up with get rich quick scheme after my employer suddenly but inevitably betrayed me in Viking Saga.

>> No.37236667

No riches.

>> No.37236689

No, it just means that the scheme sucks and he has to really work at it. Huck Finn the hell out of it, Merchant.

>> No.37236718

More I wind up just going with banditry and maybe an ill considered wish via Sorcery. I'm thinking I accidentally managed to get a giant to wish he was made of gold, the giant remaining alert and wanting to kill me brutality for what I did and impervious to most magic as a result of the wish.

>> No.37236726

I was leaning towards the second option. Where you have the peace of mind that absolutlely nobody is going to toy with you superweapon, drive your favourite car, or use your computer. Of course you can use if for fun rather than security; place the effect on a $100 note and just leave it in plain sight in a crowded area.

If you prefer the first option that's fine too, since it's essentially the same thing with a more limited effect.

>> No.37236757

Hell. Yes.

Thanks for the reply!

>> No.37236771

So I'm now getting hunted by a golden giant after having managed to get him to make a wording where part of the price of his wish was to turn into gold. From there after realizing he was still alive and utterly impervious to both magic and Ripple I retreated. I'm now going for full self made cyborg conversion and am working on a sword to slay mr. Grinning Colossus before I run out of my remaining gold supply.

>> No.37236776

>Sport: Calvinball
...I'm not sure how the hell to proceed from here.

>> No.37236787

Are ya winnin', son?

>> No.37236816

Any way you want. You just can't play the same way twice.

>> No.37236829

>Calvinball as pro sport
>Decades of Calvinball games on record
>Expelled from league if you ever repeat something from a past game
>You fuck up
>Never ending shame

>> No.37236872

>golden giant

Why not run all the way to Niffleim and see if the dorfs-I mean, svartalfs-want a piece of that glorious golden treasure?

Looks like dem NGNL planning skills are gonna come in handy right about now.

>> No.37236957

I know you've got better than that.

>> No.37237099

this guy knows what's up
I'd probably just stick to something simple myself, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxrTu7fT1FY

>> No.37237133

Get on my level, scrubs.

>> No.37237145

What's a good use for the million crystaline Monkey's Paws aka the Shikon Jewel shards?

>> No.37237147



This is what my Sports jump shall be. The most epic of boxing tournaments.

>> No.37237189

Well, if you keep them separated, they make pretty good spiritual/demonic power amplifiers.
There's really no good reason to combine them.

>> No.37237211


>> No.37237215

Combine them
Destroy the fucking thing
It's a god damn Trap

Even the shards are dangerous and are a trap on a smaller scale

>> No.37237232

It's a very cheap trap to fall into for my origin. Must be some way to turn it around.

>> No.37237309

There aren't many, however it is technically a mass of souls, you could likely treat it as such in relation to other forms of magic. However it is almost completely full of evil demon souls, and on the whole the thing is insanely powerful, and basically unusable due to it's nature. Personally I would be tempted to collect the thing, and take it with me to Dark Souls, then toss it into the first flame, should burn well. However I wouldn't be able to keep it with me through Ravenloft, I'm pretty sure that if you bring any shards to Ravenloft, they will at the very least, stay there.

Another idea of what to do with it though is in treating it as a mass of souls, and use it to enchant something using TES enchanting, each shard may be independently quite powerful for that, and possibly reusable.

>> No.37237352

A question about the Twilight jump- if we go vampire, are the perks we get from that restricted to that form only, or are they given to all of our forms? Also, am I still dependent on blood if I change my form to a dragon or something?

>> No.37237450

That form only I'd say, since it would be a part of their natural power. If you bought them outside of it, it would probably transfer. And you would only be dependant on blood when you were using that form.

>> No.37237462

Well, they can be used to seal (but not remove) grievous wounds, or even raise the dead, if you like. Like, a single shard is apparently strong enough to just straight up turn skeletons into people, if the Band of Seven is any indication. They can also grant increased power if imbedded inside a body part, and can even grant a decent amount of demonic power on their own. That doesn't ensure loyalty, though, and in some cases the shards actually make people more erratic and prone to corruption.
So, like... you probably shouldn't give it to the Emperor of Mankind. Or anyone you can't put down. Probably okay for people you don't give a shit about, though.
They can also be used as a medium for possession, although that requires knowing some proper spells.

If it were me, I'd either use them specifically to raise some people from the dead in jumps where those people were already dead when I arrived / not saveable for some reason, or else I'd hook them up to machines and try to draw out energy / use them to amplify power / study them for my ongoing research on souls.

My personal story goes that I managed to grab a little over half of the damn things by the time honored tradition of "chuck everything into my warehouse where people can't reach them", and because I do not give a FUCK about poison insects. They're neat little baubles and interesting to experiment / toy around with.
But I wouldn't recommend using them for anything really important. Too finicky. Too much risk.

>> No.37237465

I also have Twilight questions!

What does Enlightened actually do? Is it just a jab at the series, or is it a masquerade piercing power?

As an example, would it grant a measure of resistance against the Mist of Percy Jackson?

>> No.37237482

It can be both.

>> No.37237504

Remember that at one point in the story Kagome had the entire thing except for one Shard
Then Naraku

Steal it before he does

>> No.37237532

I have most purification perks, if not all of them. Would it be possible to purify the Jewel/its shards, or would that destroy it/render it inert?

>> No.37237562

Purification in this case would lead to destruction.

>> No.37237681


Drawbacks: Stalker (1100), Catty (1300)

Backgrounds: Ruled by Sports [Hockey], 18, Skill (1200)

Team Bonus: Experience

Skills: Free Mastery of a Champion, Discount King in His Territory (1100), Stone in the Mountain (800), Discount Knowledge to Achieve (600), Growth of a Juggernaut (0)

Gear: Free Hockey Gear

>Knowledge to Achieve
>The Spin
You're welcome to try blocking that shot, Goalie, but it won't do you any good.

>> No.37237703

Depends on what you mean by purification. The jewel more or less gets its powers because it contains the souls of a massively powerful priestess and a shitload of demons, which are constantly fighting. Kikyou and Kagome are shown to be able to purify the jewel, which gives the priestess soul the advantage, whereas Naraku tends to enjoy purposely corrupting it, giving advantage to the demons.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of significant differences in powers based on which side is winning. You would think there would be, but it's one of those "fuck explaining, let's make shit up as we go" things. Probably it just likens to whether they work better with demonic or priestess powers.

You could tip the scales either way and the jewel would still exist, but actually destroying or removing any of the souls inside would cause the jewel to lose its power / be destroyed.

>> No.37237817

>Valid Experiment forms
You can get away with most animal-like creature. Kitsune, sure! Dragon, sure! Kaiju, maybe? Bear in mind you're not going to be much bigger than a common housepet either way. Shoggoth and other mind-shattering monstrosities don't really translate well to being a pets, with the incomprehensible biology and no earth creatures they could conceivably be mistaken for.

>Are Twipire powers restricted to that form?
It was always my understanding that you still maintained a fraction of powers from alternate forms when you switched between forms (like how you get weaker versions of your pokemon attacks in human form after PMD). Of course, abilities that are completely biological in origin won't be available. Since Twilight takes an artistic license with that whole biology thing, most vampire powers will still be available to you in a weakened state when you switch forms. The blood dependence is tied to the form.

>Twilight's Enlightened Perk
It is purely a mockery of the material. Unless a jumper is completely lacking in common sense the perk won't provide much of a benefit.

>> No.37237846

Yeah, I mostly remember the difference being played as Naraku actively using shards for eeeeevil purposes. If it's a matter of infusing it with good/bad energy to empower the good/bad souls, I can periodically charge it with good energy to be on the safe side. The priestess is the sticking point: It looked like destroying the Jewel gave her peace, and I'm not sure if making her fight demons for eternity is a good act.

>> No.37237951

>Unless a jumper is completely lacking in common sense the perk won't provide much of a benefit.
Have you heard some jumpers plans? That perk is going to be key for a lot of jumpers.

>> No.37238221

>a massively powerful priestess and a shitload of demons, which are constantly fighting.
Not Quite. The Demons control the Gem, period. It's a trap by the head demon in side, even the "purified" jewel is a trap.
It's a big reveal at the end of the manga

>> No.37238298

Its sounding like the best solution is to chuck the gems into various Bags of Holding and then throw the bags into the Shadow Zone.

>> No.37238323

Jumpers, look back at your previous builds. What is that one item/power/skill you've completely forgotten that you had that would have made things so much easier?

>> No.37238328

>the Shadow Zone
>not the Room with a Moose
>or even your dear old warehouse

>> No.37238330

The best solution is to use the stone to wish it gone, because apparently that works to get rid of it.

>> No.37238342

Basically The Priestess and The Demon want their battle to continue forever
So they use wishes made on the stone to make the events leading to their fight happen again
Like a priestess of great power, and a man filled up with demons to become a powerful demon himself fighting to the death.

But yes, wishing the stone gone gets rid of it

>> No.37238347

I'm iffy on wishes.

Not something I'd want in my warehouse, and I have no idea about the Room with a Moose.

>> No.37238359

Not sure.
I'm going to reorganize my Jump Order later anyway.

>> No.37239257

Shifting sands from Age of Mythology, it's apparently the only 'fuck this shit I'm out' button I have.

>> No.37239390

We keep collecting 'em. It'd be easier to list ex-forgotten superpowers.

First there's Super Anchoring from WAY back in Sonic jump, which makes you immune to momentum and an immovable object

Then there's 2x4 tech in combination with TF2's techie perks, which combined let us kitbash together ridiculous things like a hat that fires healing beams when stranded alone in a cave. With a box of scraps.

Then there's Your Next Line Is...think it's a joke perk? Consider how useful it would be to know the next incantation your opponent is about to cast, the password uttered by the covert operative who thinks they're alone or what the enemy diplomat's counterargument will open with.

Most recently-it's not even a specific perk, though there are two for wielding it better. But access to the Nevernever via Dresden Files magic. The jump maker never clarified whether the Nevernever is rendered inaccessible when you leave the jump, and the Nevernever itself is this practically infinite multiverse of magical realms. And with the power of DF magic, you could, in theory, access it at will! Think about the /possibilities/

>> No.37239438

>Go to Asura's Wrath
>Build up your Mantra Limit as high as possible
>Go to 40k
>Set up Transmitters so you can hit level 8
>Use Nevernever to go right to the front door of the Chaos Gods
>Use If it Bleeds to punch them to death, forever.

>> No.37239481

DF creator actually did clear that up a while back. It works in other universes, but it only connects to the Never never if there isn't a local equivalent.

>> No.37239485

Sorry, forgot that only applies if you took that perk that lets you open doors there.

>> No.37239514

Honestly? I don't think it'll be enough power, especially since only Khorne is purely close combat.

>> No.37239532

Bah. And we had this carefully laid plan to starve them by building an orbital ar tonelico network to manipulate the winds of magic, severing Chaos' connection to the material and/or soothing it by channeling holy magic through the power of song, whilst powering several teleportation and gemini charm magitech subroutines to dump promethium straight into the warp. All the while selectively neutralising large segments of the organic populace, seeding the Tyrannids with something akin to the GKV in order to infest them with Vajra instincts/neurology and uniting the Necrons under my rule in order to aid in the subjugation of spiral life.

Not sure if "just punch them in the face with mantra" is the more efficient solution or not, there's 4 of them after all even if they're not necessarily the equals of Chakravartin-who was no pushover himself

>> No.37239569


Huh. We'd ask how "local equivalent" would be quantified i.e. whether the spirit realm in Bleach, the Fade in Dragon Age, the various time zones in Dark Souls or the Warp would count as local equivalents but it sounds like "fanwank something" is the default answer here.

Still, it occurs that /many/ setting don't have a local Nevernever equivalent.

That's why we went with the convoluted Chaos God starving plan posted above, initially. Khorne's got a pretty damn good track record of deicide, after all. On top of that Tzeentch isn't exactly a pushover either, and Nurgle/Slaanesh would be, well, /icky/ to fight with your bare fists.

>> No.37239585

That...would be a lot of towers you'd need to make. Like, over a million.

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