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How exactly did they wear helmets with ears like these? What's the advantage of having ears so large?

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To show that time pass

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To hear better and to stab a motherfucker with your ears, allowing quick strikes to your head's normally vulnerable blind side. This also makes the head harder to eat for predators due to the awkward and potentially dangerous ears.

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They keep knives hidden in those things. Why do you think people call them knife-ears? They'll shank a motherfucker cold.

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1. Design the helmet for elves, not humans
2. Ears can bend and are soft, and can comfortably fit in a helmet designed for them.
3. Larger ears pick up sound better. Improved hearing is an advantage.
4. Larger ears also help regulate body temperature.
5. Large ears are expressive and can be used to communicate emotion, a useful trait for a social creature.
6. It's fucking fantasy. Go complain about how short halflings are first.

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Hey, you. Nice to see you're up to your old bag of old tricks.

You going to try something new today? No? Color me unsurprised.

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Elves use them to recognise lewdness.

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engage lewd detection

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She is clearly pleased with his lewdness.

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Fun fact: Anime elf ears stick out like that because in Japanese folklore, a normal human with slightly pointy ears is a sign of a demon in disguise.

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Fuck the haters, long-ear elves are best elves.

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It's like flashing colours on cuttlefish, a way of communication. Alternatively, they are slowly evolving to powered flight capability.

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Actually have the proper, animated version.

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What I more want to know is: are these any good ideas for distinguishing elves further than just pointed ears. I mean for my setting, I've been using antlers myself, but I wonder if that's really enough.

I know I also want to do more for dwarves than just being stout, I took this one guy's suggestion that dwarves can embed rocks, gems, and metals into their skin/absorb them over time, allowing dwarves to heal themselves, decorate themselves, and basically arm themselves for battle pretty quickly.

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Here's something I've always wondered. Since most human ears slope forward we hear slightly better from the front then the rear. Makes perfect sense.

With elves like in OPs, there is almost NO backwards sound capture, I'm curious to what degree hearing would be diminished at different angles based on the ear shape and size.

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That assumes they can;t move the ears back like dogs or cats.

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>What I more want to know is: are these any good ideas for distinguishing elves further than just pointed ears?


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Elves are amphibious cephalopods with natural electrical generation capabilities.

Dwarves are hyperintelligent shades of the color blue.

Is that distinct enough for ya?

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Their ears can move like cats or horses to focus on sounds

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Domestic Wood Elf Violence?

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So elves are just developmentally challenged humans? Huh.

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It's japan, they don't think about those things.
Easily distinguishable from other races even in a lazy art style.

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Distinguish through mannerisms instead. Elves are quick to recognise lewdness after all.

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Elves are shapeshifting descendents of the Mud-Gods (Titans have no shape because they're half-formed mud statues. It makes more sense with the lore), who's natural form has very good hearing, colourblindness, and is adept at Tarzan-swinging.

They have an affinity for snakes (usually), and some subspecies are poisonous themselves. The snake thing Is because of a connection to the "Trickster God" (the elves don't think he's a trickster) who often takes the form of a snake in different mythology. Again, it makes a lot more sense with the lore as a whole.
They like snakes so much that they build cities on massive snakes in the jungle. Yeah, whole cities.

Many believe elves come from the world tree itself, hence their predisposition toward living in forests.

And there are some elves that, except for the physical characteristics, are completely different than what I just described.

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>What's the advantage of having ears so large?
Heat distribution. And looking cute

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>are these any good ideas for distinguishing elves further than just pointed ears.
Hips and thighs.

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So what would a helmet designed for someone with those kind of ears look like?
Or do they just flatten their ears against their head when wearing a helmet?

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So.. elves head-butt one another around mating season?

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>Not posting best T&A elf

très déçu

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If elves live in the forest mostly, why aren't they more ape-like? Why no orangutang elves that swing on vines and climb trees?

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It's funnier when you realize she's not an elf.

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>How exactly did they wear helmets with ears like these? What's the advantage of having ears so large?

Breaking news: anime is garbage.

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>Breaking news: everything animated from a nation that produced a staggering amount of animated content as a whole from the 1960s to today is garbage.

Sure thing.

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I can easily name fifty anime that you would like based upon your tastes and personal preferences, and after watching them, you'd regret being so close minded to such a broad medium.

But I won't, because you're the kind of dumb guy who doesn't realize he's on 4chan, which means you're beyond help.

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Yeah, a good chunk of Japanese cartoons are pretty crap. And many that aren't probably wouldn't be to your taste. But there's plenty out there that probably you would enjoy but aren't looking at because 'Ew... anime'.

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Oh please Sir Neckbeard, forgive me and tell me all about your encyclopedic knowledge of children's cartoons from Japan

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I used to like anime, then I realized it was for a kind of person I don't want to be and stopped.

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Ditto. Sort of, as I never really truly liked anime, but I started opening up to it before I learned how bad the anime community really is.

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Why, certainly.

There. Encyclopedic knowledge to help you from being so banal and trite.

What kind of person is that? If you're talking about all of anime, I can only assume you're imagining some sort of legion-like monster composed of every facet of humanity, and I think I can agree few people want to end up like that.

That's why I watch only shows that match my interests, and I also don't pretend that there's some unique and bizarre demographic that these shows are designed to appeal to.

In short, your views are laughable, misguided, and spewing them here of all places makes you look pitiful, like a child in front of a grand buffet with an empty plate.

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Dude. You are on the warhammer 40K board. On 4chan. You literally can't get any lower then this.

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you hear better

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>warhammer 40K board.

Why are you here? I don't think you belong here.

Maybe you should leave.

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>don't pretend that there's some unique and bizarre demographic that these shows are designed to appeal to.

Except there is. There's variation within that, but otherwise it's all designed to appeal and gratify lonely manchildren.

Also, I'm not the same anon you were replying to, FYI.

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It sounds like you've spent a bit too much time watching anime.

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I used to watch a ton of anime, but you sort of get bored of all the cherry blossoms and shit after a while.

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>implying that everyone who visits 4chan is a lonely, pathetic weeaboo faggot with no social life.

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I've been here for years anon. It's why I have such a low opinion of the place in general.

Just like tabletop gaming.

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Tabletop games are really just video games without the video part.

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And vidya are for manchildren. Really that should be reversed anyways. Video games are for manchildren who can't into math.

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I see you didn't want to be someone whom is not a pretentious asshat egomaniac. What a great choice you've made! Truly, you are a better person.

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No they are worse. They won't ever shut up about how awesome cooolzz the emperor is and how great they are for paying so many thousands of dollars a month on epic space marines.

Weaboos at least shut up after a while or stop bothering you. 40K fanbase won't shut up till you tell them to directly then they get pissed off at you because you don't want to hear about how awesome their army of little plastic men are for hours on end.

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>but otherwise it's all designed to appeal and gratify lonely manchildren.

You're talking about Type-B anime.
You should try some Type-A anime, like Monster.

You obviously haven't watched enough, judging by your irate attitude and confusion.

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>Billion-dollar industry enjoyed by a significant and growing portion of the global population.
>For manchildren.
I don't know about you, but everyone I game with is a healthy, upstanding, productive member of society.

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That feeling when you realize this is true and you never will have a game with a story other then the murderhobos slapping kings in the face with a fish.

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I don't like oversized Elf ears, they're silly.

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You're defining a relative clause of the object pronoun here, so it's preferable to use 'who' or 'that'.

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>elves with large ears are only an anime thing
There is so much stupid in your post.

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I have tried Type-A anime. It exists, and is awesome, but it's the minority of the medium, especially now.
Shit like Fate, SAO, and Naruto fucking dominates the entire medium.

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>Billion-dollar industry enjoyed by a significant and growing portion of the global population.
>Read 12 year olds and 30 year old men.


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Type-A is always the minority of the medium. In film/literature/etc.

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Well duh anon. It's like that with every medium. Look at books 99 percent of them are shitty romance novels. 90 percent of movies is just cheesy shit as well.

The hard part is finding the good parts.

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So what? It's not like you have to watch the shit you don't like in order to watch the good stuff. If you don't like the majority of what's out there, then you can just ignore that and go right for the stuff you do like.

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Full-width helmets
~wide pride~

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lewdness concealment
lewdness reveal

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>arguing about anime
There is a board for this. >>>/a/

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Go look at some fucking studies before you decide to pull facts out of your ass. At least then you might be able to make your baseless ignorance sound believable.

The LoL world championship had a larger viewership than either the NBA championship or the MLB World Series has had in years.

>> No.37201096

So like any other popular medium then?

>> No.37201098

The same reason that fennec foxes and African elephants have large ears, to get rid of excess heat. It's also the inverse reason why Dwarves have large noses, they live in cold climates and large noses help with that.

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If you go to /mu/ they will tell you that allmost all music is shit, go to /v/ and all vidya is shit, go to /lit/ and allmost all books are not worth reading.

Stop enjoy things, only critisize.

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The majority of that billion consists of manchildren genres. By sales in US 2014,the top seller is CoD, Destiny:CoD in space, MADDEN:FOOTBAALL and such. In fact CoD is in the top 10 twice.

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>tfw I ordered a suit of O-Yoroi armor in Pathfinder
>tfw the DM was initially confused why I put so much effort into describing the various parts and embellishments
>tfw I showed him a picture of what O-Yoroi armor *is* and he understood why I went full autist on the design.

It had awesome fancy antlers, by the way.

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Is this the real life

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>and you never will have a game with a story other then the murderhobos slapping kings in the face with a fish.

Find better DMs.

Or (loosely) run an Adventure Path.

>> No.37201165

HOLY SHIT you are funny.
>not the most immature audience known to man
The players, streamers, casters, and coaches are all children/manchildren.

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>Thinking Fate is Type-B

It's neither Type-A nor Type-B.
It's Type-Moon.

And, it's actually pretty awesome. Try Fate/zero if you didn't like Fate Stay/night.

More importantly, just because you're not looking for it doesn't mean you can't find it. There's plenty of great shows you probably have never even heard of, all because you decided to base all of your expectations on a few non-representative titles.

Hell, even if what you're trying to do is say "90% of anime is shit," you might be right. But, Sturgeon's Law says "90% of ANYTHING is shit."

What medium do you think has a higher ratio of success? You'd be hard-pressed to find one.

Trust me. There's shows that you'll like, and they're not that hard to find, and all you have to do is stop spouting such stupid and misguided statements that make you sound like an uncultured caveman.

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Wasn't saying I liked LoL (I don't); I was simply proving a point.

>> No.37201191

Are they playing that pirate in a barrel game?

>> No.37201204

Tried both. They were worse than SAO, IMO. At least SAO had a compelling premise before they ruined it with shit characters,

>> No.37201211

LoL being large doesn't make it any less filled with babby mentality people though. Doesn't really refute the post you were replying to.

>> No.37201222

>LoL world championship

Also known as the neckbeard meeting. Most of the increase is people playing call of duty and other games. In the end it's not so much an increase in people playing games in a general basis as much as an increase in people playing a certain kind of game.

If you play anything out of that you are basically still a neckbeard. It's mostly people being delusional that somehow more people playing them means more people finds it a good hobby. Go to /v/ for about ten seconds and see exactly what fanbase this increase appeals to and get back to me later.

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Fucking fanfiction has a higher ratio of good content than anime.

>> No.37201237


You could also argue that 90% of Football is fat balding middle-aged men desperately looking for something that makes them feel again.

>> No.37201254

Prove it.

>> No.37201259

Now anon you know that isn't true. Since at least half of fanfiction is based on anime you'd rate as shit.

>> No.37201265

Your hyperbole has knocked you out of this discussion. Enjoy your "opinions" being discarded as jokes made at your expense.

>> No.37201266

Is fanfiction of anime better than anime?

>> No.37201303

That's the problem there is very few good DMs. So it basically comes down to me DMing all the time or moving across half the nation. Internet games also are horrible ideas due to how easy it is to break up.

>> No.37201306

On occasion. But one can reasonably assume that the ratio of anime fanfiction to fanfiction based on other media is roughly comparable to the ratio of anime that exists to other media that exists.

>> No.37201310

Take your most hated anime. Add an author self-insert mary sue. implying there already isn't one :^) Is it better now?

>> No.37201337

That's pretty accurate. Most football fans I've seen are either middle age balding men. Or pretty young guys who use the game as an excuse to get drunk as shit in a club.

>> No.37201362

>Internet games also are horrible ideas due to how easy it is to break up.

It's all about gauging the competency of the DM through the campaign description, behavior during the initial interview, and the first two sessions.

Someone who clings to the AP like a babe to the breast is not gonna last, same with guys who make a homebrew setting, homebrew campaign, and both sound dumb as fuck.

>> No.37201376

>Or pretty young guys who use the game as an excuse to get drunk as shit in a club.

And the funny thing is the latter is how they often become the former.

Marriage and alcohol tend to pack on the pounds.

>> No.37201433

>same with guys who make a homebrew setting, homebrew campaign

I honestly like those guys the most. At least if they are competent I can't figure out half the game setting via looking at the game books for two and a half minutes.

>> No.37201437

Any fucking idiot can go to gamestop and but a console and a handful of games and call themselves a "gamer"

It's why so many liberals are taking over the industry

Because just like gamers they are lazy sacks of shit who can't pursue a hobby that takes time and dedication

>> No.37201473

Just like anything else, there are people with varying degrees of interest.

Also note that you're talking to someone who sells gaming PC parts for a living.

>> No.37201475

>I honestly like those guys the most.

I like them too... When they have a good setting, a solid gimmick and plot, and proper grammar/vocabulary to express it all.

I'm talking about the Roll20 LFGs who have run-on sentences, vague descriptions and flag-raising avatars/names/art.

>> No.37201476

Are you actually defending watching video game tournaments?

Are you actually defending watching someone else play ducking LoL of all things?

Ahahahaha Jesus christ how embarrassing for you

>> No.37201489

I can still have sex with them, right?

>> No.37201532

I tend to draw them as kind of like roman helmets, but with an extra little plate or maybe some spikes or something in front of each ear to make them less likely to get cut off.

>> No.37201543

Yeah now that I can see. I've never really cared about how the art is but I probably won't like a setting that reads like it's ripped off of Eragon.

>> No.37201586

I'm not sure how much I like the idea of elves with horns or what have you--why not just make it another race entirely at that point, like fauns or maybe something entirely original?

>> No.37201598

Please don't tell me that you push stuff like Razyr

As a /g/entoo man gamer gear gives me an aneurysm

>> No.37201626

Advantage? As in evolutionary advantage? As in they're a species so old that their technology should have had extensive effects on their physiology?
That's pretty interesting actually.

>> No.37201666

I've always liked one setting I made where elves where either spirits that took human shape after talking with humanity when it was first starting.

Or invaders from another world who decided they liked it there and stayed.

No one is really certain either way because of how long ago it was and both human and elves have myths saying different things. It works wonders when an entire races history can't be written on a single page.

It also helps if one plays them as smart instead of always hippies.

>> No.37201682

>As in they're a species so old that their technology should have had extensive effects on their physiology?

In Pathfinder Elves actually evolve during a single lifespan.

If you put a lily-white blonde Kyonin Elf in Katapesh and they live there for a century or three, they'll turn a delicious shade of brown.

Same if you put a brown Elf into the woods.

>> No.37201738

No, just sharing drinks. Watch the first episode of Carnival Phantasm for the Lancer in a barrel thing.

>> No.37201757

Wouldn't the most likely reason just be because elves are sexually attracted to big ears? Just like humans have proportionally larger peepees.

>> No.37201804

Fuck no.
I only stock shit that I, a fellow /g/entooman, would buy and use.

>> No.37201849

I'm not sure how I should feel about this. On one hand this is making my inner amateur understanding of biology cry. On the other hand I can have either brown or pale white waifu depending on my mood.

>> No.37201896

You'd have to wait for a really fucking long time though. Makes it easier to adjust the shade of brown to perfection though.

>> No.37201899

>Just like humans have proportionally larger peepees.

The larger weenie is not exactly due to mate-preference, though.

Bigger dicks came about for higher chances at fertilization; sploosh your goosh closer to the cervix while a thicker dick can "scoop" rival sperm out with those wide mushroom heads (very useful if women are generally available for everyone and they're menstruating every 1-2 months.)

Given Elves are traditionally civilized right outta the world womb, it wouldn't make sense for them to have a preference for bigger ears since the associated "evolutionary advantage" isn't there. Personally they'd have a far more Greek outlook on things; big ears are fun (though can easily turn comical) but the cultural ideal is small, shapely, and complimentary of a sculpted face.

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>If you put a lily-white blonde Kyonin Elf in Katapesh and they live there for a century or three, they'll turn a delicious shade of brown.

That's more adaptation instead of evolution.

And even ordinary humans darken when they spend more time out in the sun.

>> No.37201910

...But its basic adaptation, anon.

>> No.37201937

Depends on how likely they are to get killed before having their (statistically) last child, I'd guess.
Maybe pregnancies are extremely rare for elves. Kind of by necessity, really, considering how long they usually live.

>> No.37201954


It's described as being a deeper change than just getting a tan, in fact Golarion Elves are described as having a wider diversity in coloration than Humans.

>However, their links to nature are not entirely driven by pragmatism. Elves' bodies slowly change over time, taking on a physical representation of their mental and spiritual states, and those who dwell in a region for a long period of time find themselves physically adapting to match their surroundings, most noticeably taking on coloration that reflects the local environment.

>> No.37201963

Basic adaptation if your name is Lamarck, maybe.

>> No.37201983

Things adapt yes. But if you toss a middle age white guy into the jungles of Africa and he survives for three decades alone he isn't going to turn into a brown guy.

He also sure as hell won't change genetically.

>> No.37202167

A Green Sun Illuminates the Void.

Exalted x Familiar of Zero.

Takes a lackluster, shitty anime, sprinkles with Exaltations and makes an actually interesting plot while making the protagonist less of an annoying bitch.

>> No.37202172

I honestly do tend to play characters who are seeking immortality in some manner anyway. So waiting for the correct shade of brown after a campaign sounds worth it.

>> No.37202194


Nope. Nope.

>> No.37202218

It wasn't as bad as their other stuff, honest!

>> No.37202226

Don't people ears continue to grow until they die? So elves that are usually immortal-ish would have bigger and bigger ears. Village elder is elected by ear-length.

>> No.37202249
File: 267 KB, 448x801, MW-Dwemer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better to hear with when underground.

>> No.37202330

This is my fetish.

>> No.37202339

My man

>> No.37202365


>Turning a slender young girl into a voluptuous wife through constant childbearing, doting and wine?

>> No.37202372

To distribute and lose heat. You see it in the savannah or desert variety of almost all mammals.
Elves come from tropical locales. In almost every fantasy setting, the "core" elf race comes from some place that's always summer or otherwise pleasantly warm.

>> No.37202410

>the "core" elf race comes from some place that's always summer or otherwise pleasantly warm.

Not really, they always come from something that vaguely feels like British or French forests, which while pleasant in summer and mild in winter, don't really urge heat dispersion.

>> No.37202412

Yeah, you can.

>> No.37202464 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.42 MB, 333x277, 1420575566904.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, except its the husband. :3

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File: 37 KB, 500x375, 1419408833021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: nerds mocking other nerds for being nerds with vague justifications as to why they're mocking each other

>> No.37202483

>Or invaders from another world who decided they liked it there and stayed.
In a way, that's Elfquest.

Elves are the future of mankind; man traveled the stars unlocking the secrets of the universe, and uplifted a race of animals to serve as servants.
A group of them decided to go back in time to the middle ages, taking the appearance of fey beings from mythology (tall and perfect, slim features, long ears, four fingers) and changing their spaceship to look like a crystal castle. But their servants fucked with the controls and they crashed in Conan times, and their ancestors freaked out seeing them and rampaged through the ship killing most of what they found and smashing a good chunk of the controls and devices inside.

So then the Elves ran off into the wilderness and went different ways. Most bound themselves to different elements and shit. The main character group are descendants from an elf who went feral and fucked a wolf, then eventually lost her mind and turned into a wolf god.

The setting has progressed to almost the middle ages where they were supposed to originally go, and they're now shaping human destiny.

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You can almost read his soul breaking.

>> No.37202502

>And, it's actually pretty awesome.
>referring to Fate
Please stop spreading lies.

>> No.37202541

Hey, Japanese Studio Owner, why don't you move to America, where there's a growing demand for animation with serious plots and substance?

Oh, right, racism. Animator Guy can still come though. He seems pretty okay.

>> No.37202591

I agree. Fate is inherently stupid thanks to critical plot elements being made of stupid.

Also, they made Gilgamesh a blonde bishonen from Atlantis. 10/10, I mad.

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Well, for my idea there was going to be sort of a 'horn culture' thing with elves where there was lots of division on just that kind of thing. For example, most elven warriors prefer keeping their antler trimmed and sharp to a pair of single stocks with sharp points for headbutts, or just clip them entirely.

For marksmen and scout specialists, they keep their antlers big enough to cover in foliage.

The wealthy enjoy letting their antler racks grow large and cumbersome, a sign of luxurious life

There's also the debate about decorating your antlers, whether it be hanging things from them or having them carved and painted, also debates on doing things like shaping their growth (like bonsai), and the best forms of care and maintenance.

Though, the 'war elves' like doing the headbutting thing, basically as a universal gesture, with horns or no. (Affection, aggression, play, as an actual attack, etc.)

it was just that I wanted to make elves look a little different than "humans with pointed ears" sort of thing.

>It also helps if one plays them as smart instead of always hippies.
For my setting it depends on which elves you encounter. The above mentioned 'war elves' like confrontation of all sorts and respect strength. They believe their gods will one day call them into battle against the forces of evil and must spend this life in preparation. Of course, there's naturally splinters within this culture about warrior philosophies, such as whether one should constantly seek out battle or if the greatest victory is a battle not fought, rules of warfare and nature, what is honorable battle, etc.

In general they're defined by being heavily nomadic, tall, muscular bodies, dark skin (getting them also dubbed as 'dark elves'), and light hair.

And this is all one group.

>> No.37202626

>why don't you move to America, where there's a growing demand for animation with serious plots and substance?
Are you joking? If anything, Western cartoons and comics face even more of a problem than in Japan. Just look at how the comic book market is dominated by only two companies that produce almost exclusively capeshit comics ruminating the same superheroes that have been made half a century ago.

If the Japanese market worked the same way, Dragonball Z would've had five reboots and a spin-off where Goku is sent back in time to the American Civil War where one of Frieza's ancestors is a Confederate general.

>> No.37202638

What, SteelSeries?

>> No.37202639
File: 212 KB, 450x738, 1413046592454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That image makes me think of this.

>> No.37202765
File: 82 KB, 397x1047, Kamiya-sama!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37202773

Play through the visual novel for a better understanding.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the premise is interesting, and there are a lot of great characters.

It also takes a lot of risks, and as long as you don't try to unravel the plot, it's a fun ride through a glorified supernatural tournament filled with bizarre interpretations of historical and literary characters.

I mean, King Arthur looks like an adorable girl, but her character is still basically King Arthur in terms of spirit and action. If you can't appreciate that, then that's fine, but that doesn't make it less amazing.

>> No.37202789

Most of the most loved anime and manga are oddballs, ones that have very little to do with what sells.

Now japan has all the "jump" magazines and various other channels a oddball series can be realized through.

How do you think the idea of a original series not based in easily marketable teenage power fantasy would fare in an american investor boardroom?

>> No.37202811

I'd watch it.
And I fucking hate DBZ

>> No.37202837
File: 199 KB, 751x447, hideki kamiya wasted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

friggin' guy

>> No.37202856

>If the Japanese market worked the same way, Dragonball Z would've had five reboots and a spin-off where Goku is sent back in time to the American Civil War where one of Frieza's ancestors is a Confederate general.

Ironically, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure did almost exactly that.

>> No.37202879
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There's no such things as elves, just humans who practice bow jobs.

>> No.37202980

Japan's problem is the same as the US's problem, where only a formulaic approach garners investors and there's a serious circle-jerk where the only way to get into the industry is to know someone and get the recommendation, mostly by being the fucking exact same as someone already in the industry who's style you can ape.

The difference is the US thrives on difference from something else, while the Japanese one relies on the comfort zone.
In the US you'll get the same bland tripe, but is vastly different on paper. In Japan you have the same thing with minor differences.

Of course there's still the thriving underground markets in the US; Bojack Horseman and any Comedy Central produced show, literally every fucking Dark Horse book that lasts more than two years, and so forth. Japan doesn't really have that much anymore. You only have studios which have proved they can take on a risk, but investors are quick to jump ship.

>> No.37203030

It's like on of those hard candies, the ones with a thin layer of interesting sour stuff on the outside, a overly thick shell of bland sugar and a small but awesome centre.

In Fate the interesting outer layer is the setting, the words and grind is the hard shell and the porn is the awesome centre.

Now remove the porn.

That is Fate/ anime.

Pretty surprised they had the Matou family's pets in one scene though

Didn't expect to see the magical penis parasites at all

Heaven's Feel animated when?

>> No.37203069

Hee hee I see what you did there.

>> No.37203094
File: 407 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/co/ here.

>> No.37203120

There isn't one. Anime elves have ears like that because normal-sized pointy ears was already code for "demon" in Japanese pop-culture, so they needed a new one for "elf". They decided to handle this by making the ears bigger.

>> No.37203122
File: 485 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203131

To be honest I mostly got the idea from Elric. I was always a fan of Elric of Melnibone and other sword and sorcery stories like Conan and the Broken Sword. So I made that setting as a massive love letter to that genre only mixed with a few other things I love.

This does make me want to read elfquest now though.

>> No.37203139
File: 457 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203166
File: 460 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203186
File: 455 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203230
File: 478 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto6_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203242

>Kids aged 6-11


There, no more pearls before swine.

>> No.37203249
File: 405 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto7_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203269
File: 493 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto8_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Medic is not happy with his job change.

>> No.37203272

Oh, look. It's this thread again.

>> No.37203290
File: 449 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto9_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203297

There's some really interesting shit here.

>> No.37203308
File: 444 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_n3zyfhwa181rpierto10_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Timm.

>> No.37203309

Honestly a lot of it is how the Japanese market works as well. They tend to fly right on though new shows then forget about it next year.

It's why if you ever go to Japan they'll look at you funny if you start talking about Cowboy Bebop, Lain, Monster and things like that.

>How do you think the idea of a original series

Depends mostly on how much money they think it can make. If you are good at bullshit you could get funding pretty easily. I've seen utter retards get jobs and things green light though that.

>> No.37203310

larger and more shaply (more bumps and ridges you perverts) ears provide greater difference between left/right and back/forward in terms of time delay, distortion, and volume.

That would improve 3d sound positioning, its why those ASMR videos use mics with synthetic molded ears, it's to preserve that sense of 3d sound caused by minute differences between what each ear hears.

So an elf with knife ears would be better able to determine your exact direction and distance by sound alone.

>> No.37203312

I'm really enjoying the ride.

Makes me want to go lurk /co/.

>> No.37203317

I'd rather watch an Exalted anime. Hell, I'd rather watch Live Action Cromartie High. The list of things I actually give a fuck about does not include Fate/Stay Anything, because I find the character designs stupid, and anything with an "ordinary High School student" supposed to be a serious main character makes me want to choke the author.

>> No.37203322

>What's the advantage of having ears so large?

Enhanced hearing, and communication, much like a cat's ears.

In some worlds, elve's perfect direction sense and environmental attunement come partially from the sensory input provided through their ears via EM senses, like the way birds tell north from south.

>> No.37203346

Even aside from the "FOCUS GROUPS ARE SHIIIIIIT" thing, the data from the like-o-meter is interesting.

>> No.37203347

and then the show was cancelled quickly while vanilla test group approved shows lingered on

>> No.37203373

Don't, it's not worth it.
We get it, you have a hateboner for Fate, now go away.

>> No.37203403

Never! Not until you watch Live Action Cromartie High.

IT'S EXTREMELY FUNNY. I'd cheerfully watch the pilot of Fate if you were to watch the pilot of Cromartie High.

>> No.37203411

Well, that and DC have thrown their hands in the air about building a DC universe starting with Green Lantern, and had thrown up their hands and upended the table.

Also, the GL toys were NOT selling and the number one reason a show gets canceled? High production cost, not mitigated by toy sales (or what they think the toy sale potential is anyway, see Symbionic Titan which never had toys despite being a FUCKING GIANT ROBOT KUNG FU CARTOON).

>> No.37203414

>he says, on the board for horny virgins pretending to be prepubescent lesbians with each other

>> No.37203433

Girls actually like some action scenes, as long as they are emotionally engaging, most series (animated or not) just fail at creating emotional depths beyond "you hit my bestest pal, now i will shout and hit you"

>> No.37203436

>"ordinary High School student" supposed to be a serious main character makes me want to choke the author.

Why? Not enough 30 year old men in a warzone or something? Unless you mean when they pull out shit out of no where then I can agree.

>> No.37203440

>I'd rather watch an Exalted anime.

Oh wow, so THAT's your taste?

No wonder you don't like anything good.
Run off to your hugbox thread where you can circlejerk about how awesome your totally-not-weaboo character is.

>> No.37203450

This. The only time nerds can mock other nerds and have a leg to stand on are when the nerds being mocked are Narutards (which are going to die out sooner or later now that their show's over), bronies, furries, or SuperWhoLocks.

>> No.37203456

The cancer of a community doesn't define the community on the whole. Especially one as segregated as /tg/.

>> No.37203473
File: 2.95 MB, 360x198, I heard you were hardcore, I'm pretty hardcore myself.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37203477

>Over the top is weaboo!
>Because it is!

Nevermind shit like jumping cars off ramps into helicopters that's in American film

Anything that's wild and crazy is Japanese

>> No.37203495


Is fate a new aircraft line or something?

>emotionally engaging


>> No.37203501

Fate's anime is shit.


>> No.37203516
File: 103 KB, 232x297, DEUS VULT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'all niggas need to learn how to find the good shit on your own and throw your fucking generalizations into the wind.

>> No.37203526
File: 1.67 MB, 1280x720, askingqtgaboutthestrongestprotag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't know what a pilot is

>> No.37203528

Shirou is an Ordinary High School Student. He could be a wizard. Or a Scout. Or a Liberian Child Soldier with white hair, or a legendarily prophesized Chosen One raised by a cult or LITERALLY ANYTHING BUT AN ORDINARY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. The Japanese "Ordinary High School Student" does NOT share enough self-identity with me for me to sympathize with him, and he is not COOL enough for me to want to be him. It comes off as wish fulfillment and fanservice, which it is, for Japanese teenagers, which I am not. It's not aimed at my demographic and lacks the traits which would make me want to be him.

>> No.37203534
File: 214 KB, 1599x867, Spy yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was fucking awesome.

>> No.37203557

>it's actually pretty awesome
If you have a genderbender fetish, maybe. Otherwise it's stale dog shit

>> No.37203563

A pilot is a test episode, made before a series.
They're typically primitive compared to what comes after and they get the full go-ahead to make a season or two. Sometimes they remake the pilot later.

>> No.37203580

So you know next to nothing about him. Anyone that would want to self insert into Shirou is a fucking masochist.

>> No.37203584

That's why Fate / Zero is better.

The main character is in his early thirties, and the only teenager is paired off with the best character anyway.

>> No.37203591

I"m just going to laugh at this one. My last exalted character was a pale guy who was basically a viking warlord who won via diplomatic talks and stabbing you with an axe.

I don't think Vikings are weaboo anon. You might just be getting confused.

>> No.37203603

Ordinary high school student in a fucking batshit insane high school is the same feel of being a human druid in a land of monstergirls.

>> No.37203616

Arturia makes perfect sense.

The main difference between our universe and Nasuverse is that in Nasuverse, Merlin saw that the kingdom needed a King. REALLY NEEDED ONE. SUPER HARD. So he stuck a sword in a stone, and said "Whoever pulls this shit out, he's the fucking king."

Turns out a chick pulled it out in Nasuverse.

>> No.37203629

Because throwing mountains at other people, and them having them soak all the damage is generally only seen in anime, well except for superman, or the hulk, or thor, or iron man, or that episode where batman had his mountain-repelling spray.

>> No.37203634

Sounds like the salty tears of someone who has never done a perfect run of all DKC games. Anyone can dump some cash on and paint some plastic space nazis and smartphones have apps that play DnD for you, but gud can only be gotten from dedication.

>> No.37203635

Vikings are weaboo as fuck.

>> No.37203658

That scene is actually really great, honestly. It's about Alexander the Great, Gilgamesh the God-King of Uruk, and King Arthur talking about "What makes a good king?"

What they all agree on is that Arthur is a shitty king.

>> No.37203659

I didn't know there was a live action Cromartie High.

>> No.37203666

>It's why so many liberals are taking over the industry
You mean just like tabletop games?

>> No.37203687


>> No.37203690

Are you actually defending watching card game tournaments?

Are you actually defending watching someone else play ducking MtG of all things?

Ahahahaha Jesus christ how embarrassing for you

>> No.37203693

And nowadays they are funny, high quality presentation of what the series could have been, after which production costs and schedules dilute the show.

I can thik of several that just fell flat after the pilot... and several that never got beyond the pilot.

There will always be dreams Korgoth...

>> No.37203714

>Because throwing mountains at other people, and them having them soak all the damage

I've actually only seen that in DBZ, not any other anime.

No, literally, I've never seen a scene like that anywhere but one series.

And even then it's the other way around where the person is breaking the mountain.

>> No.37203715

I know what a pilot episode is anon. I used to watch the pilot of Gilligan Island all the time. That was just me trying a cheap joke that I didn't' think to hard on that backfired.

Why would anyone want to be Shirou? This is the guy who literally has no sense of self and almost kills himself more then once due to it. If you are going to self insert do it as gilgamesh or anyone but shirou.


That's basically a 30 year old man acting like he is jesus via killing people and fucking up while acting like a operator.

>> No.37203746

I honestly think people are supposed to self-insert as Rin. It's why you start as her.

Makes a lot more sense when you know about Fate/Prototype.

>> No.37203759

>America, where there's a growing demand for animation with serious plots and substance?


>> No.37203785

>There will always be dreams Korgoth...

God damn it. That show was an awesome idea.

>> No.37203841

By the team that brought us Spongebob no less.

>> No.37203843

That is true. Honestly I get the feeling that the original fate would have been amazing to see. Kind of makes me wish that Nasu was making it at a better time so his friend wouldn't convince him to change it around so much.

>> No.37203871

No, Exalted is "totally-not-weaboo," which is worse than weaboo, because it's americans trying to present asian culture through a thoroughly mangled lens that comes from trying to avoid blatantly ripping off manga culture while ripping off manga culture.

Exalted players try to pretend they're not weaboos, despite playing "White Wolf's failed Weaboo game."

Exalted, beyond being incredibly unbalanced and miserable to play thanks to the myriad design flaws of the ST system (which only works if you abandon it during games), is filled to the brim with hackneyed ideas that are cringe-worthy at best and flat-out groan inducing at all other times, all while taking "inspiration" from other cultures, while in truth just creating the most bizarrely backwards world ever conceived.

It's a bad game, and what you call "over-the-top" is what I call "pathetically lame, both in terms of style and degree of power."

Exalted reads like a bad joke, and the punchline is that people actually still play it.

>> No.37203872

He is pretty much a more in depth explanation of the generic selfless hero psychology.

He is a semi-nihilist.
His entire family and the neighbourhood were crushed by rubble or slowly burnt alive, leaving him the sole survivor in the inferno, he was saved and from thereon believed he owed his life to the world, no room for joy or self interest, he only has worth as long as he helps others, no matter the personal cost.

Amen to that.

>> No.37203879


You can't be serous.

>> No.37203889

It really didn't help that He got an incredibly powerful magical artifact shoved into him that essentially made his self and being into "Sword".

>> No.37203914

/tg/ was originally created because of Warhammer Wednesdays on /b/.
I wouldn't call it a containment board, as that concept didn't exist yet. moot say all the Warhammer threads and realized there were many people who enjoyed tabletop gaming, and thus /tg/ was born.

>> No.37203926

Oh yes I can, why do you think there's so much messed up shit in spongebob?

It's repressed anger and fucked up imaginations.

>> No.37203927

Honestly I think the best part is his stepdad never figured out he was slightly mental. It's pretty obvious if you spent enough time with him.

>> No.37203929

/tg/ was founded on cancer that was too cancerous for /b/ needing it's own containment board and it's only gotten worse.

Hell, you guys proudly wear your cancerous attitude with slogans like "/tg/ is for traditional gamers, not traditional games", "X is the most traditional game!", and the ever popular "/tg/ is /d/lite!"

>> No.37203936
File: 34 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Search your heart, you know it to be true.

>> No.37203948

Would also make the living scabbard thing more fitting.

>> No.37203966

Haha, sword and scabbard sex puns.

Goddamnit, feMC was also kinda cute, too.

>> No.37203992

He knew, the kid spend the first year drooling out his porridge and screaming for days on end.

It's why he was given a purpose, to be more than an puppet, as his old life had burnt away.

>> No.37204020

In danish it's not just a pun, it's the same word.

Literally where a warrior sheathes his sword.

>> No.37204024

>Arturia makes perfect sense.
Yes, just like her giving She-Ra a blowjob is a TOTALLY SENSICAL PLOT DEVELOPMENT and not just shameless fanservice

>> No.37204029


>> No.37204050

He had an idea he was off but not that he was loco. If he knew about that he would have worked harder on him.

Honestly for me I wouldn't mind it too much if there was more interesting things going around. Listening to the ten thousand some heresy and Ward joke gets tiresome.

>> No.37204052

Which would be cool if it was actually those three and not Personality-Challenged Waifubait, Aryan Prettyboy, and Some Fucker.

>> No.37204057


Look, you set up a kingship trial that includes something a chick can do, and eventually, a chick's gonna be king.

There's a running joke in Nasuverse that Merlin is a huge asshole, and part of it is that he probably engineered the situation for a female king because he wanted a chick to fuck around with on the throne.

>> No.37204064

>/tg/ was originally created because of Warhammer Wednesdays on /b/.

>this old lie

It's not called /40k/. Moot saw a niche, and there were plenty of D&D/Magic/Roleplaying threads on /v/ and /b/, with just as much frequency as the 40k threads, if not more.

The "/tg/ was made for 40k!" bullshit is the kind of arrogant stupidity that marks diehard 40k fanboys as some of the worst people to plague this board.

>> No.37204075

>Some Fucker

Rider is legitimately awesome, you fucking nigger.

>> No.37204081
File: 393 KB, 600x800, 12887078918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37204095

Everything interesting on /tg/ sadly seems to be too close to the boarder of blatant smut, or suddenly ruined by arguments about irrelevant facts someone misunderstood.

>> No.37204106
File: 429 KB, 600x800, 12887079275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37204115

>Listening to the ten thousand some heresy and Ward joke gets tiresome.
The rest of the board isn't any better. How many times have danced the "hurr durr weaboo elf ears" jig? Or the LEL ANGRY BUT ELFS meme? Or shitty smut derails by /d/ rejects?

>> No.37204135

What do you expect?
/tg/ is a fast board about a very stagnant subject.

>> No.37204142

>a chick
>having enough upper body strength or purity of heart to wield Excalibur
Ell Oh Ell.

You also forgot the whole dickgirl faggotry and the sperm sucking she later commits.

>> No.37204143

>Haha, let's give Arturia a dick, this is gonna be hilarious!
>Oh god, look how nervous she is! Pffthahaha!
>uh oh she got captured
>maybe I shouldn't have made that functional

And that's how Mordred happened: Merlin being an asshole.

>> No.37204158

Then why is he so forgettable? >>37204135

>> No.37204161

Don't forget: Merlin's a perverted asshole. Of course he made a chick-queen.

>> No.37204168

Can I see one of your drawings?

>> No.37204185

>Then why is he so forgettable?

He's... Not?

I've never understood this argument. How is he forgettable if your opposition remembers him?

>> No.37204194

Smut at least has some creativity.

Did a rant a wahiel abo, but yeah, /tg/ woudl eb better if people tagged the subject lines.

Suddenly no more questwars, cyoa copypaste, mtg generals, 3 simultaneous create your own card, statme, elfslave/inquisitor/dinosaurs wat do, 40k lore/list/general/rpg/I'm new to 40k/emperor wat do threads.

>> No.37204212

True. I mean personally even if it's blatant smut if it's at least somewhat interesting I can deal. But the jokes and the likes have become too obvious and predictable.

Irrelevant facts can be interesting but people tend to talk about it for about an entire thread straight though. Instead of the broader picture like why the fact happened or what influence it had.

>> No.37204217

>board about game of pretend and imagination
>stagnant subject
But that's wrong, it's just that people here prefer thinking with their dick and using /tg/ meme than actually trying to create something.

>> No.37204228


>> No.37204237

Wait. Your saying the porn is the awesome center? It's widely agreed that the porn is laughable at best. No, the awesome center are the individual scenes, such as certain fights and endings. And mapo tofu.

>> No.37204244

No you stupid ass.

Warhammer Wednesdays because /tg/ threads on /b/ and /v/.

So they eventually became /tg/ the board.

Just like how Esports shit became vidya generals.

>> No.37204259

>let's give Arturia a dick
It's more than just a fanservice series, they said.

>> No.37204263

I'm waiting for the Tsukihime remake because then at least the CG will be tolerable.

>> No.37204277

When your court magus is a half-incubus asshole, you can expect some form of chicanery to be afoot. You might as well say Exalted is all about sex.

>> No.37204312
File: 61 KB, 625x626, i am become bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37204334

So what you're saying is that none of the mythological/historical figures act anything like their source material and instead it's all just "reinterpretations" contrived such that the author's self-insert gets to bang his genderbent waifu? Why was a dick even necessary for the cloning process? Why is the series even popular?

Oh right, waifu faggotry and fanservice. The same reason Jack the Ripper is a loli.

>> No.37204338

Finally someone that agrees on tsukihime's art.

It's just just highschool notebook tier, from the triangular nose so the huge head or the rectangular bodies.

Each character has like one pose where they look like low-budget anime, rest fall way below, not even in a stylized way, just like they don't know how the character should look from that angle.

>> No.37204356


>> No.37204387

Tits, swords, mystic heroes and angsty teenage hero surrounded by afformentioned things.

All with a Big Bang Theory thin dusting of ArrPeeGee

>> No.37204400

>Warhammer Wednesdays because /tg/ threads on /b/ and /v/.

What are you trying to say? This isn't a sentence. I have no idea what statement you could make with those words that isn't absolutely ridiculous.

>> No.37204410

>Smut at least has some creativity.

Just go look at how creatively bankrupt the weekend smut threads are for how wrong you are.
>let's have Macha do something perverted!

>> No.37204414

DIY and Cgl has threads over a month old.
They hardly even last 3 days here.

>> No.37204415

A lot of it is some of those jokes can be pretty funny if used right it's just really overused by this point. But Honestly I"m mostly here to hear about how peoples games went or if there is any interesting story ideas or homebrew around or the likes. I kind of think a lot of it is due to how slow tabletop gaming works.

If something fun happens it's probably going to be once a month or so when anons friends get together. So there is only so much coming in and very little new tabletop games that work to get others interest. So that lag is mostly made up via fluff talking and things like that.

>> No.37204416

Or maybe I just like the idea of the setting where vampires essentialy on the power level of liches, planets are sentient, sapient beings that hate their occupants, magic is passed down family lines in a way that makes sense, almost all mages are assholes, and also an interesting Alignment/Origin concept for individuals and their fated capabilites.

But hey, if you want to stare at the metaphorical boobs on the victorian painting, that's your prerogitave.

>> No.37204426

Sorry. Became.

Warhammer Wednesdays started off as shitposting against furry threads, then people actually got interested in Warhammer the setting, then warhammer the tabletop started getting discussed, then DnD and Magic threads started sort of merging into a whole Tabletop Thread until we got /tg/,

>> No.37204433



MUH /tg/ NOT YUR /tg/


>> No.37204439
File: 9 KB, 269x187, lewd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, we've been talking about whether cartoons or anime is better for a while now.

How about we start talking about lewd elf ears again?

>> No.37204457

I honestly always did like how much of a dick merlin was in fate.

It makes sense considering they started out as two guys making a doujin game in their garage.

>> No.37204480

>A lot of it is some of those jokes can be pretty funny if used right
Put a sock in it. Most of the jokes here are "le ebin captcha" "fahnny reference" "le meme face" "heresy xD" or just randumb shit like wrestlers in top hats drinking tea.

>> No.37204527

Naw, lewd is shit, just like the blatant fan-service shows, they'll make it hot enough for a chubby, but not enough to get off.

>> No.37204538

I honestly assume Nasu does the mythical figure reinterpretations just to troll people. Though you can see some influence of the originals in them like Excalibur doing the 1000 man killing charge.

I mostly assume trolling though.

>> No.37204546

Not what I was implying at all you cockguzzling retard, but you'd be fucking retarded if you think /tg/ wasn't born from the big three of Warhammer, Magic and DnD.

Everything else here exists purely on the luxury of these three garnering a shard of intrest back in 4chan's mercurial days.

Or really then Mr "I am better than maymays" what the fuck do you think happens in an image board where people randomly gather under anonymous pretense to discuss a given subject? Board culture and homour is naturally mimetic in structure because that's how anonymous shit works?

Who the fuck are you and how long have you actually BEEN on /tg/?

>> No.37204577

Oh, of course the 40k fanboy is a diehard memefaggot.

>> No.37204580

It's alot why shit like Berserk or Log Horizon do it.

Japanese people looking at other cultures through skewed but rose tinted glasses or trying to fit some larger idea or purpose onto their rather shallow premise.

Adeptus Evangelion is the biggest contender of this, where a good 90% of it's biblical talk is all just flavor and makes the show seem faux-Deep

>> No.37204617

What you said is literally any sort of humour that's unstructured or repeated is bad.

Like the "Wrestlers with top hats drinking tea"

What is wrong with this premise? What is YOUR Ideal set of humour then?

Go on mr funny man, give us some of YOUR /tg/ approved Humour.

>> No.37204620

Nasu clearly has a real passion for mythology, but he also has a passion for worldbuilding. And he's totally willing to twist myths or even outright fabricate shit regarding the former to serve the latter.

And I for one am totally fine with that, because I think the world he came up with is fascinating.

>> No.37204640

You might not have been around back then, but there were plenty of D&D threads before Warhammer Wednesdays became a thing, perhaps due in part to Baldur's Gate and Never Winter Nights. D&D's were common on /v/, and they also spilled onto /b/ as well.

Magic threads, and even Yu-gi-oh threads, were also not too infrequent.

Even if you were around back then, you might not have been paying attention to these threads, but that's likely because you were too busy trying to harass Furries who never really seemed to care about 40K players, while 40K players tried to stylize themselves as the great opponents of the dreaded furry hoard.

It's that kind of ridiculous arrogance that make anything a 40k fan says either a hyperbole or a flat-out lie.

>> No.37204641

Oh wow, you just described DnD/Pathfinder. Fuck/Suck Nights is truly revolutionary!

Also all that shit is bland as fuck.
>boobs on a Victorian painting
Except this isn't a Victorian painting. It's a picturebook dating sim with porn to justify it's existence.

>> No.37204649

You really missed the point if you think that the main character is a self insert. In fact he's pretty rare among main characters from japanese porn games in that he has a solid personality which actively discourages self insertion. Only other one I could even think of would be Rance.

>> No.37204663

Fuck off WST, nobody likes you.

>> No.37204667

Humour should not be forced, but let to flow naturally, dunno if it's the lac of intonation and timing in a texbased environment or the rampant autism but people just keep trying to force in jokes wherever, be it memes, shitposting or trolling.

Puns, puns are always funny, except when forced.

>> No.37204674

That's what I mean if used right. Meme face and heresy requires timing and being used originally. Which due to the spam is pretty impossible now because it's pretty obvious it's coming.

>> No.37204680

I disagree profoundly mainly because it's built in a way that basically makes it like some weird yu-gi-oh fanfiction.

My main gripe is how all these heroes existed and then suddenly, we don't see modern day people who are 7 foot tall, manly as fuck wielding weapons like nothing.

It just seems rather silly and more like a setting designed to be a setting.

It doesn't feel natural.

>> No.37204687

>>Oh wow, you just described DnD/Pathfinder.


I wasn't aware planets were even a /thing/ in those settings, as opposed to planes.

>> No.37204714

>Nasu clearly has a real passion for mythology
Which is why none of the characters resemble their origins in look or deed and he reduces them all to power levels.

Motherfucking power levels.

>> No.37204718

>dating sim with porn

That's hilarious.

>> No.37204744

>puns are always funny
Yeah, no. /tg/ is way too infatuated with puns and they fucking suck at them.

>> No.37204748

This, it's funny if done right, less so when it's crammed in every thread, every 5 posts.

>> No.37204753

I came to 4chan the year /tg/ was made.

One of the thread types that garnered tons of /tg/ support was the fact that tabletop generals started popping up, ones that were mostly 40k shit but also served as the WIP and What are you playing threads at the time. These sometimes talked about Magic and whatnot.

But you cannot deny that Warhammer was the most vocal /tg/ part that worked as a fulcrum to galvanised /tg/ as a whole, when the threads themselves became more than Warhammer anyway.

>> No.37204759

Let's say humanity has a given amount of "awesome" and each person gets an equal share.

As time has passed, there's been more and more people, so they're less overall "awesome".

Yes, this is what happened almost exactly, since Earth fucked up making a Type and ended up with Humans. As more humans existed, each of them are less and less like a Type (an ultimate work of art for a Planet in the form of a living being).

>> No.37204760

>dating sim without porn

That's hilarious.

>> No.37204780

>I have never heard of Spelljammer

>> No.37204782

/tg/ get's it done, noone said they get it done right.

No, that's sad and frustrating.

>> No.37204792

That sounds like 100% an excuse to not have awesome modern people so mages summon awesome people from the past though.

Like I said, it's artificial.

>> No.37204804

Is there any part of Fate that ISN'T fucking retarded?

Also, how many times will anime retread the same tired "God is the final boss!" routine?

>> No.37204829

It'd be okay if God acted like a god for once, and just fucked them all up before they can try anything.

>> No.37204836

I thought we were talking about DnD/Pathfinder, not one of its settings. Sorry. I guess LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING is now aping DnD.

>> No.37204839

>power levels.
You know nothing of the Nasuverse, stop pretending like you do.

It's all about hard counters and concept vs concept. Shit like "Unstoppable force meets an immovable object."

>> No.37204842

That's actually due to how magic works. They are each supposed to be beings that was so impressive they got the living will of the world to keep their soul.

So you are obviously not going to be seeing people running around with their powers because then they wouldn't be something noteworthy enough to keep. Add in that magic is getting weaker over time and you get the picture.

Arthur has the 1000 man killing charge that he probably used as a base for excaliburs powers. Gae bolg is pretty similar there is a few references.

Honestly a lot of it would probably be that following the myths too closely would make it more over the top then it already is.

>> No.37204865

Mind actually naming one?

>> No.37204883

Shhh, they see the sheets and fail to comprehend it and so compare it to what they can.

>> No.37204887

We need Nice Daemonette in here.

>> No.37204892

Yeah, those concepts existed in the Nasuverse as early as Kara no Kyoukai at least, if not Mahoutsukai no Yoru, which was written years and years before Fate/Stay Night came about.

Besides, awesome modern people DO exist, they're just few and far between, and even rarer than legendary heroes of the past.

>> No.37204919

I think it's better then you say. A few points have modern day humans out right beating ancient heroes in hand to hand combat. At two separate points just some guy who knows kung fu beat two different heroes.

Mages are summoning people from the past because fuck yeah, teaming up with Archimedes n shit. The fact that people were better when there weren't 6 billion people has been part of the setting long before they wrote the story about teenagers summoning legends.

>> No.37204920

>Also, how many times will anime retread the same tired "God is the final boss!" routine?

What's that have to do with fate?

That and I haven't seen that in a long time.

>> No.37204928

>Which is why none of the characters resemble their origins in look or deed and he reduces them all to power levels.

You don't really understand how servants work, but I guess that's partially because you didn't pay attention when they rather dryly explained them.

They're not time-displacing King Arthur, they are manifesting the legend, with the underlying "truth" behind the legend being far more important than any historical accuracy of the figure.

Take Alexander for instance. The historical Alexander was 5'7". The legend is closer to 7', because a World Conqueror should look the part (even if historically he only conquered a rather small region).

Arturia is a woman, but that only makes her indomitable and resilient spirit in the face of adversity all the more apparent.

>> No.37204939

>More over the top than it already is
>King Arthur is an animu gril
>Gilgamesh is a blond haired pretty boy with a space ship and summons tons of swords with a class called archer.

No, it's pretty much namedropping to make these characters seem relevant.

Hell, Why is King Arthur an Animu girl yet Sigfried, a character who is pretty much an analogue to King Arthur, a tall emo boy?

>Guy who knows Kung Fu beats two different heroes

Let me guess, he beats lancer and some other European dude. Typical Japness.

>> No.37204961

So it's literally the same reason as the Neon Genisis Evangelion biblical references.

They sound cool and exotic to nipnogs.

Because nobody but the japanese think "Once and future king" Means moeblob.

>> No.37204974

god damn that series is good.
Fuck it, ima go back and watch it again.

>> No.37204975

IIRC, he's either referring to Caster's master, who only barely defeats Saber with Caster's help (she enchants his fists), or he's referring to Kirei beating the shit out of Assassin, who is below human par in open combat.

>> No.37204995

>Mages are summoning people from the past because fuck yeah, teaming up with Archimedes n shit.

Well, mages are summoning heroes from the past because they need powerful souls to power the Grail's ability to reach the Spiral of Origin.

>Let me guess, he beats lancer and some other European dude
Medusa and King Arthur, actually, but Arthur survives and kicks his ass the second time around because she now knows what he's capable of.

>> No.37205010

This is how over the top legends get.

The first warp-spasm seized Cúchulainn, and made him into a monstrous thing, hideous and shapeless, unheard of. His shanks and his joints, every knuckle and angle and organ from head to foot, shook like a tree in the flood or a reed in the stream. His body made a furious twist inside his skin, so that his feet and shins switched to the rear and his heels and calves switched to the front... On his head the temple-sinews stretched to the nape of his neck, each mighty, immense, measureless knob as big as the head of a month-old child... he sucked one eye so deep into his head that a wild crane couldn't probe it onto his cheek out of the depths of his skull; the other eye fell out along his cheek. His mouth weirdly distorted: his cheek peeled back from his jaws until the gullet appeared, his lungs and his liver flapped in his mouth and throat, his lower jaw struck the upper a lion-killing blow, and fiery flakes large as a ram's fleece reached his mouth from his throat... The hair of his head twisted like the tange of a red thornbush stuck in a gap; if a royal apple tree with all its kingly fruit were shaken above him, scarce an apple would reach the ground but each would be spiked on a bristle of his hair as it stood up on his scalp with rage.

>> No.37205020

Also Medusa was powered by one of the biggest jobbers in the setting.

>> No.37205027

>I don't know that Spelljammer is an official TSR setting for 2E
>I also don't know that Spelljammer is to the Prime Material settings as Planescape is to the planes

>> No.37205036 [SPOILER] 
File: 904 KB, 500x281, 1420582808231.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The greatest hero. Remember to pay your respects.

>> No.37205050

It's literal power ranks, dude. If you want concept vs concept shit, try Jojo.

>> No.37205070

>But you cannot deny that Warhammer was the most vocal /tg/ part that worked as a fulcrum to galvanised /tg/ as a whole, when the threads themselves became more than Warhammer anyway.

Yes, I can deny this, because it's not true.

"Generals" didn't exist back then. People just posted D&D threads with abandon about whatever topic they wanted to discuss, and even the 40k players didn't bother sticking to one thread. Even Warhammer Wednesdays tried to bump multiple threads but ultimately failed to have more than one survive in the speed of /b/.

Are warhammer players vocal? Annoyingly so, but they didn't galvanize shit, and D&D had either an equal or even larger part in the pre-and-post creation period.

>> No.37205072

Yeah. That guy pretty much has a cheap trick that may as well be bending space due to how it works. Once you figure it out he isn't that hard to beat.

That's not even getting into him having 3 hair colors and his shins flipping backwards sporadically.

>> No.37205074

So now whenever I discuss DnD, I have to consider Eberron, Faerun, Pathfinder, Spelljammer, Planescape, 4e, 5e, Adnd, Basic, and literally anything printed under open liscense.

>> No.37205106

Chaika's original LN
Like half the Final Fantasy series

This is just off the top of my head.

>> No.37205119

Shirou can kill Gilgamesh yet every other servant in the game can crush him due to him being shitty vs them.

Hell Gae bolg can kill the guardian of the world if he times it right. It's all about the situation not so much DBZ training arcs.

>> No.37205126

>We need Nice Daemonette in here.
Said no one ever. This is why no one likes you, WST.

>> No.37205142


They really missed out not giving this to Lancer in Fate.

>> No.37205166

I think you're hopeless.
I don't know why people are trying to talk to you, because you are being purposely obtuse and difficult.

You are not worth the effort of explanation, and have depreciated to such a degree where your only value is an object to mock.

All we can do now is point at you and laugh.

>> No.37205167


God never loses and isn't a bad guy.

>Like half the Final Fantasy series

Half of them didn't even have god to start with. Final fantasy 2,6 and 9 off the top of my head.



>> No.37205181

It's hilarious how accurate the MC of Steins;Gate was when he named everything randomly after Norse Mythology with no real regard for it's original meaning.

>> No.37205182

Nope, not even. Final boss of Fate is a normal human forced to bear the mantle of the Zoroastrian devil.

God is nowhere to be seen. If anyone is the final boss it's mankind itself.

Final boss WANTED to be God, and achieved something close to it, but the actual thing closest to a capital-G God, the Truth, wasn't involved in the conflict itself. At least in the manga and Brotherhood, I never watched the 2003 anime.

>> No.37205192

Everyone over here either thinks Arthur was a short brown-haired guy who was good at conquering, or a short brown-haired guy who was GIVEN MANDATE BY GOD to conquer.

His tragic fall and death due to his own failings and those of his nights is an integral part of the character.

Japan of course straight up ripped off Jean D'Arc's legend for Arturia's. Then included Jean D'Arc later. Why. Fucking WHY?!

>> No.37205214

>Not having God

Read up on your Gnostic Kabbalism, dear.

>> No.37205243

How about explaining this.

If The setting is about counters and counteractions, why is Saber objectively the best and why is King Arthur objectively the best out of that.

the only one different is Gilgamesh.

Why is King Arthur not a berserker while Lancelot is?

>> No.37205246

>His tragic fall and death due to his own failings and those of his nights is an integral part of the character.
Yeah, that's still true in Fate.

There's practically zero Joan of Arc in Saber as a character, beyond her appearance. And that's an intentional red herring.

>> No.37205270

European swords and armour, kings and God, it's all the same to them.

Can you tell if real and mystical Japanese and Chinese warlords and heroes from various ages gets mixed up in the same story?

>> No.37205312

Hell, his proper English Story is he did no Conquering. He stopped the Saxons ( And Angles by proxy ) from taking Britain.

But then again, his proper story is more about him transfering Britain from the Old Faith of Celtic myth into the New Faith of Roman Christanity and the "Invention" of Knights. Also no Sir "Mary Sue" Lancelot cunt.

>> No.37205317

>Nope, not even.
The planet is the one setting everything up to kill off humanity. You literally just said so.
Angels, nigga. The whole thing is about man's struggle with himself and things out of his control.

>> No.37205321

>Is a woman of low birth
>Leads her people to glory
>Is beloved and enlightened
>Is betrayed by her allies who look down on her for being a woman


>> No.37205328

When did Arthur go mad?

Not that into arthurian legends, but madness, temporary or permanent is a requirement to qualify as Berserker.

>> No.37205344
File: 440 KB, 595x680, 1415335197102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's practically zero Joan of Arc in Saber as a character, beyond her appearance. And that's an intentional red herring.
I think there's a Jeanne in Fate Apocryphia, and she's also a Saber class but she's an entirely different character.

>> No.37205351

I know enough to know that Lu Bu probably didn't have a sexy teenage daughter who wields a giant shuriken like a propeller, and assume he probably didn't one-shot an entire infantry division.

>> No.37205353

Because VNs are always written by hacks.

>> No.37205363

Well let's see.

>Emotionally stunted holoier than thou figure.

Sounds like Joan of Arc because Arthur was literally the broest of the bro, his entire CHARACTER was being Pious and humane. I mean fuck, he found out Lancelot slept with his wife and instead of murdering the cheating slimeball he just banished him to france.

>> No.37205368

Isn't he The Last Roman King originally?

P.S. Lancelot and Galahad can go fuck themselves.

>> No.37205370

I meant that more as the ones that did there.

Cu almost killed her early on. Medea can break her mana bond with a stab. Medusa has a skill that if it was a little stronger would have won. Hercules almost beats her senseless each time they fight until plot armor.

Really the only thing saber has is a god like powerful long range attack and powerful 6th sense. In the right situations she can lose because she does.

>> No.37205381

>banished him to france

>> No.37205402

Aaand A++ Magic defense.

>> No.37205409

Ah, 'kay.

Truly a fate worse than death.

>> No.37205413

When he screwed his half sister when beguiled?

When he tried murdering his Son on the battlefield in his destined day to die?

When he kicked Lancelot's ass out of Britain for being the typical french cunt?

When he smote down Saxon Warlord after Saxon Warlord and drank the blood of the Saxon men?

When he was a Celt Warlord?

You can't have Lancelot as a Berserker when he's a total non character then have not have Arthur.

>> No.37205436


>> No.37205440

He was French though was Lancelot.

And it was Brittany if I remember.. so not REALLY France France.

But Britain France.

>> No.37205442

>The planet is the one setting everything up to kill off humanity. You literally just said so.

Nah honestly that guy was retarded. The planet and humanity has spats but in the end when it does try and kill everyone it's already dead because humanity killed it. So it calls up it's friends due to hating the thought of humans living beyond it.

So for most of history humanity and it gets along and is on a pretty equal playing field.

>> No.37205473

So basically, Power levels and Plot armor.

Typical Weebshit.

So a question. Why Hasn't she lost then? Why are there no BETTER people than her in her own category?

>> No.37205482

So in the end it WAS the Big Bad Planet all along

>> No.37205492
File: 30 KB, 300x384, Owain Glyndwr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep. Lancelot's main reason to be there was to have French Arthur. Also, some boring Christian dogma add-ons, but eh.

I guess what's really important is... Why no Owain Glyndwr?


>> No.37205508

Saber is the strongest direct warrior, not the best overall.

The other classes have more utility (except for berserker, which just has huge stats at the cost of everything else, and is usually a class reserved to boost up otherwise weak servants). Archer, for instance, has great powers of detection that enable him to monitor the locations of masters/servants within a region, while Assassins can hide their presence from this Archer power (and other forms of detection).

King Arthur isn't really the best either, just a very good servant. In the council of Kings, both Alexander and Gilgamesh looked down upon Arthur as a lesser hero, and there would likely be other great heroes that would be stronger than Arthur.

And, finally, heroes can come in different classes. Lancelot could have been summoned as a Saber (or a Lancer), but came in as a Berserker due to the manner he was summoned and because of his master.

>> No.37205539

>Is a woman of low birth
Her birth and upbringing are the same as in most versions of King Arthur's legend, except she's a girl.

>Leads her people to glory
So did King Arthur

>Is beloved and enlightened
Not entirely true. Mordred led a rebellion. That would not have worked if Arturia was beloved by all.

>Is betrayed by her allies who look down on her for being a woman
That's just completely wrong. Most or all of the peasants assumed she was a boy, because she was a rather boyish-looking young woman when she pulled the sword, and immediately stopped aging, so she passed for a boy king. The knights of the round table likely weren't all aware of it, and those that did gave no shits.

Her downfall came from a variety of factors, including Merlin being a dick, Mordred having severe daddy issues, Arturia succumbing to political pressure and exiling Lancelot for sleeping with Gwyn despite being totally okay with it, Gawain being a stick-in-the-mud and refusing to let Lancelot assist against Mordred's rebellion, and Arturia severely mishandling the relationship between her as the king and the peasantry.

>> No.37205567

>What's the advantage of having ears so large?

>> No.37205568

That's more due to living around mages like Merlin and magic in general is useless on servants anyway. Saber is probably the best mage killer though due to that true.

Hell it was a natural death at that. Just due to humanity taking more and more of it until it lost the ability to exist as a thinking entity. So if anything is god in that it's alaya or Akasha.

>> No.37205570

So then it brings about the same thing I have been saying over and over.

The names are unimportant, as the characters are nothing alike the heroes and the entire setting is namedropping and power levels.

And moeshit.

>> No.37205588

>Lancelot's main reason to be there was to have French Arthur. Also, some boring Christian dogma add-ons, but eh.
It makes sense, considering quite a bit (perhaps even most) Arthurian writing came from French hands, Chrétien de Troyes being the foremost of those writers. But you're right the original Welsh legends don't mention Lancelot.

>> No.37205594
File: 231 KB, 960x1200, 2rpbazt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because there can only be one Saber at any one time.

Except when there can for plot reasons.

>> No.37205622

Wasn't the original legend "There was a badass named Arthwr, he wrecked shit and protected our land and made a giant, glorious shining nation that eventually fell. Also, he had a wizard"?

>> No.37205632

>she was rather boyish-looking
She was a slim-waisted, soft-faced, big breasted bimbo.

>> No.37205635

>being this retarded

Why? Why did I try?

I already knew you were stupid, but I still tried.
Now, I'm forced to laugh at how obtuse you are.

You're like 179 degrees obtuse.

>> No.37205662
File: 175 KB, 800x600, Status2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup it's one of her 2 passive special abilitys.

I now see she only has A level magic resistance.

>> No.37205675

>It makes sense, considering quite a bit (perhaps even most) Arthurian Fanfiction came from French hands.

The French writing for King Arthur is nothing but putrid bile and I make it best to insult and openly spit on any frenchman or otherwise who enjoys that ponsy shit.

Goes like this.

There was this Celtic Warlord named Artorias. The Old Gods passing away still liked him and God liked him. He has a Druid and kicked the shit out of the saxons and thats where knights come from.

>> No.37205704

>Both the Old Gods and God liked him.

This motherfucker must have been the most likeable guy under the sun.

>> No.37205720

There is plenty. Sasaki can beat her in a straight swordfight. A normal human with magic fists beat her due to using a cheap trick. Hercules beats the shit out of her each time they fight.

Lancelot is a flat out better swordsmen then she is. She is far from being unbeatable and she loses more then once.

It's just she is in the top class due to skill and talent.

>> No.37205723

I apologise for not caving into your shitty Vidya game moeshit crap and your attempts to actually make it's random warbling and namedropping out to be some massive epic and special writing.

If it was, King Arthur wouldn't be a moeblob, plain and simple.

It's a fucking VN for Japanese shutins.

>> No.37205747
File: 239 KB, 800x600, 0018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>big breasted
Saber's very flat, and her armor only further hides her breasts.

Granted, the skirt should give it away.

>> No.37205762

Don't throw that shit at us, nignog.

>> No.37205776
File: 30 KB, 600x450, Picture-Of-People-With-Williams-Syndrome[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck does this shit look "elfin"?

I don't know how I would describe it; but I do know that "Elfin" would not be the word I would choose.

>> No.37205777

Got to love when that happens in legends. Just due to how nigh impossibly hard that would tend to be.

>> No.37205780

Literally King Arthur's whole character.

So likable he united Celtic and Christian Faith.

I mean fuck, just listen to this.

The Lady of the Lake is a Celtic goddess, who grants King Arthur a Sword that gives him Eternal life and the ability to win every battle. His Half Sister becomes an Analogue for Morrigan and screws him, and he goes away to a magical fey island when wounded.

And he's still a christian. Literally has a Pagan waifu and home.

Most Christian dude ever in fiction.

>> No.37205788

A fair amount of characters qualify, the ones mentioned in game are.

Alexander the Great
Cú Chulainn
Gilles de Rais
Jack the Ripper
King Arthur

>> No.37205792

Not when she busts out the school swimsuit. She also has a massive ass.

>> No.37205800

>Electronic game generated from binary code and played by a single player using keyboard and mouse input with no other formats available.
>Not a vidyagame

That is wrong.

>> No.37205830

I like Arthur Classic. He seems a lot more interesting than Arthur Wants To Be The Little Girl.

>> No.37205833

Welcome to English Literature. We write contrary shit so good it becomes legend.

Take for Example Beowulf. Written by Saxons, about Norse in a positive light.

Saxons and Norse being enemies at the time.

>> No.37205835

>Electronic game
But that's wrong. Or are webcomics and ordering dumb things off Amazon games too?

>> No.37205850

You keep on screaming power levels when you're getting solid evidence as to why it isn't. Kindly go fuck off.

>> No.37205857

Artorias, the Welsh and classical name for Athur is plenty cool and badass, considering his entire design was "We want to meld the history of England with a figure that doesn't demonise the celts"

Blame the french for all the shitty romance shit.

A lane you can use for every single event in English History.

England is a Northern European country after all.

>> No.37205860
File: 148 KB, 662x497, Carnival.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They still aren't that big, though maybe comparing her to a tittymonster like Arcueid isn't fair. Still, it's not like she'd be wearing a two-piece swimsuit in Camelot, especially considering she was actively perpetuating the lie that she was a boy-king.

>> No.37205867
File: 20 KB, 182x217, Rance Laughs With Sharp Teeth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure, but neither of them are Traditional Games!

>> No.37205868

You take it too seriously anon. I"m mostly posting info due to it being amusing instead of trying to change anyone's mind.

>> No.37205898

That's actually someone else. At least two different people recognize your bullshit.

>> No.37205900

Power levels and plot armor.

X class is better than Y class

X person is better than Y person

Unless plot demands.

So she walked around with a cute little maidens bun? How about the fact that she doesn;t have an adam's apple?

>> No.37205927

I honestly do wish I could see what the prototype nasu did would have been like. Mostly because it makes me wonder how he would have gone about male Arthur.

>> No.37205929

Belgian here

The best way to explain the english is to know Star Trek.

The Klingons are what the English are actually like.

The Federation is what the English pretends they are.

I like them though :3

>> No.37205943

>How about the fact that she doesn't have an adam's apple?
She stopped aging when she drew Caliburn from the stone at roughly 14, and that was fairly well-known.

For the millionth time, she wasn't trying to pass as a MAN, she was trying to pass as an eternal BOY.

>> No.37205978

Boys still have adams apples, they're just not as pronounced.

Learn to Biology.

>> No.37205989

But anon, talking about dating sims is the most traditional game!

That's how that meme works, right?

>> No.37205996


>> No.37206002

Guess what? So do women, it just isn't as pronounced.

>> No.37206025
File: 26 KB, 480x360, Rance starts crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was torn between using an image of Monsoon shouting "MEMES JACK" and Rance crying. Rance won out in expressing my emotions.

>> No.37206035

Still not as pronounced as a boys.

>> No.37206049

Okay now that is just hilarious. If you take that definition for power levels then it's power levels when Mike Tyson decks out a 12 year old girl.

>> No.37206075
File: 120 KB, 180x604, Sajyou_Ayaka_CM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37206080

The plot demanded Mike Tyson deck a 12-year-old girl?

Also, why is she as weak as a 12-year-old girl but also somehow capable of fighting in field warfare?

>> No.37206081

Nobody ever did tell me why the dickgirl shit was necessary. Does that mean her clone is a dickgirl too? Why didn't she just suck her own dick when she needed that mana boost? Was Shamwow's dick just more magical or something? If so, how is it possible to be more magical than a dick literally made of magic?

>> No.37206090

He spent a lot of time with a chick so that would be pretty hard unless it was like Gilgamesh and him broing it up in bars.

>> No.37206113

Why does dick-sucking provide more magical energy than drinking blood? Why does a king think it's more appropriate to drink two ounces of semen (at best, Shirou is a Japanese teen) than drink a pint of his blood?

>> No.37206115

Well that depends, does that 12 year old girl have Rank E luck? Also, what class is she?

>> No.37206126

No, it;s Power levels when you put fucking stats on Mike Tyson and saying his Strength is higher than a 12 year old girls by 43 or whatever and then to compare Sugar ray leonard or Muhammed Ali or Lennox Lewis using said STRENGTH DEXTIRITY SPEED MANA ideas.

Having shit like A++ Magic defence as a part of the character? LITERAL POWER LEVEL DESIGN.

>> No.37206140

X is Better at Y than Z is.
It's sortof a rock-paper-scissors thing, with a twist coming from situation and the masters magical power.

>> No.37206143

>Nobody ever did tell me why the dickgirl shit was necessary
Because King Arthur had to have somehow fathered Mordred. So the solution they came up with is that Merlin gave her a dick for a couple days, for shits and giggles.

She isn't a futa in Fate/ proper.

>> No.37206163

If sperm is so magically potent, why does she just peg him with her girl dick and milk his semen out until she goes all FemBane from the sperm steroids? Would her opponents be able to beat her if they also kept up a steady diet of mangravy?

>> No.37206205

>Because King Arthur had to have somehow fathered Mordred
But you said Mordred was a clone. Why would they need her to father her own clone? That's not even how cloning works.

>> No.37206215

If one uses sperm as a source of magical energy, does that mean gangbangs can be measured in kilotons of force? Wouldn't this allow you to make a cheap and easy to use powersource, enabling space-flight in the stone age? Is Gilgamesh's spaceship powered by jerking off? If men drink cum, does that mean they become immortal? Does sucking your own dick generate infinite energy?

>> No.37206221

>She isn't a futa in Fate/ proper.
So basically, the series is shit.

>> No.37206230

Because futa is a pretty common fetish in japan now.

>> No.37206237

I was talking more if power levels is mostly about who can beat who there. Obviously the average marine would have more skills at combat then the guy in IT. Same idea here different servants have different skills and advantages. So fights tend to be less "My power level is 2000 over you." and more "I think I can win maybe if I fight in the dark and capitalize on how I spent most of my life in guerrilla warfare compared to the knight. If I charged his front door then he would be in his element which is a bad thing."

That was honestly Merlin just being a dick and Morgan using it in order to screw over everyone.

>> No.37206243

So it DOES all boil down to fetish fanservice.

>> No.37206300

It's anime, though. Hell, it's JAPAN.

Raiden can beat the shit out of an Aircraft Carrier's worth of dudes using a sword he just fucking picked up, and he's a scrawny little guy in a cyber-suit jacked full of nanomachines. Arturia should therefore be able to equal Raiden in ass-kicking abilities despite her small frame if she's so mighty as to be a world-changing warrior thanks to magic.

>> No.37206306

Man-gravy from a compatible mage yes.

It's the sexual act that serves to transfer power, bla bla magic, chakra of the crotch whatnot.

Same shit that lets Rin give Shirou power by jumping his bone so he can fuck Saber to give her power.

>> No.37206376

You do realize the only reason it's like that is because shirou is a gamer who likes to see an analysis on who in general is faster and physically stronger? None of the other masters see it in numbers.

That and the numbers are so general they basically don't mean squat.

What's hilarius about this one is Nasu based this one off of Chinese rituals.

>> No.37206419


It's an Autist japs fap VN. it's literally nothing else.

>> No.37206441

>Chakra of the Crotch

No. Fuck that. That's stupid. Japan doesn't even use Chakras and your body has a crapload of them anyway. If that's the way it worked, sitting in quiet meditation for five minutes could transfer energy if you were pressing your hands to one another's chests.

Aye, Chinese Medicine. The same kind that prescribed Mercury for long term health.

>> No.37206448

Some other anon said "clone" because it was a simple and effective way of communicating the essence of what Mordred is, but in reality, she was less a clone and more of a homunculus created using Arturia's genetic material and semen.

>> No.37206453

Funny enough if she doesn't have access to her magic she really isn't that physically strong. A lot of her physical might comes from being able to use her large mana reserves.

Without that she is just really good with sword fighting but physical pretty human.

>> No.37206471

Raiden's a pussy without his Skull Suit/Cyberbody.

>> No.37206473

>None of the other masters see it in numbers.
But the author always gives new servants ranks and classes.

>> No.37206527

What makes a mage compatible? Is it a consistency/taste thing? Will eating pineapples improve compatibility?
Nordic mythos also has sperm based magic (which is why magic was a girl's trade), but it doesn't make FSA any less dumb.

>> No.37206529

It can, skilled mages transfer power to one another or to their servant at range or with a mere touch.

Shirou has no training at that, so he can only do it though direct intimate contact where he open his channels by way of nature rather than training.

You have to realize two major things:

1: It's porn, any excuse for sex will do.
2: See 1

>> No.37206536

The funny part here is that there is about 4-5 sex scenes that combined are maybe 2000 words. The game itself is an upwards of 500,000+ words. So it's kind of hard to fap to something that takes 15 hours to get to then lasts maybe 2 and a half minutes.

>> No.37206547

>she was less a clone and more of a homunculus created using Arturia's genetic material and semen.
So again, why was the semen necessary when the series has proven blood is an adequate substitute?

>> No.37206574

They must be the master or skilled enough to do a controlled release of power, a unskilled mage that is not the master woudl be sucked dry of "Pranah" and lifeforce in a heartbeat.

Again, fantasy porn logic.

>> No.37206582

Japan fights for the long war of course.

>> No.37206593

I think it's funny how faggots try to defend Fate as DEEP, MATURE ANNIE MAY when the creator himself had turned it into some kind of retarded lesbian magical girl shit.

>> No.37206595

What annoys me are the people who say, "IT'S NOT POOOORN! IT'S SO GREAT!"

Perhaps a diet rich in milk-products and grapes will make a more steady mana-supply.

Also, Odin practiced women's magic, but he probably just sucked his own girlcock.

>> No.37206630

>They must be the master or skilled enough to do a controlled release of power
So basically, you just have to find a guy (or girl, apparently) who's practiced at edging? That doesn't seem so hard.

>> No.37206644

That's more just a easy shorthand a lot of things aren't shown with those. That and I honestly think he does it troll people at this point.

Just due to everyone trying to codify it and create numbers for something that is mostly just him bored one day going "Well normally Hercules is stronger so lets put something to give that general idea."

Actually if I remember right most of the stats sheets are based on a old rpg he did.

>> No.37206667

First off, that was another author, though Nasu did encourage it.

Second, nobody anywhere in this thread called it DEEP or MATURE. It being completely enjoyable and having a neat setting have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not it was a DEEP MATURE ANNIE MAY.

You seem to be confusing people who like Fate with the people who have only watched the Fate/Zero anime.

>> No.37206674

>Just due to everyone trying to codify it and create numbers for something that is mostly just him bored one day going "Well normally Hercules is stronger so lets put something to give that general idea."
Which is exactly what Toriyama did with DBZ

>> No.37206681

Pretty much, it got fluffed up and became part of the matter of Britain later, if I'm not mistaken.

>It's bad because it's French
nationalist plz

>> No.37206695

It's not deep or anything but the appeal isn't based on porn at all. Also that show is mostly just for fanservice references and other odd things. Also known as money milking. It's far from canon.

>> No.37206698

You're the ones saying fate is more than just poorly written porn, I don't think you have any right to call me confused.

>> No.37206700
File: 19 KB, 500x500, 1185704_610317215686207_2073684949_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heard you was talkin shit.

>> No.37206718

You have to think of it as a whole, that what gets people into it, it's a decent setting, tries to look like a rpg, has ok story and there's porn in there too.

It's a complete package, not a fade to black/cockblock, the right timing of hormones can make some things stick very deep in peoples likes.

read >>37206529
>Shirou has no training at that, so he can only do it though direct intimate contact where he open his channels by way of nature rather than training.

>> No.37206731
File: 315 KB, 1000x750, 1339975038885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's far from canon.
While I agree that it's basically fanservice (though not entirely of the sexual kind), saying it isn't canon is laughable. Kaleidoscope, bitch.

>> No.37206783

>The continuum of thought for you:

So it can only be one thing, or the other.

>> No.37206790

There's no porn, the appeal of the show is more or less entirely the same as watching a film adaptation of a book you like.

You know the plot, you know the character's, you know the saucy, hard scenes will be cut/toned down, but IT'S THERE, It COULD be good.

>> No.37206791

>it's a decent setting
It's blander than gruel
>tries to look like a rpg
Jojo has just as much "effort" put into looking like an RPG
>has ok story
I liked Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny too, but it wasn't that good of a story.
>there's porn in there too.
There's the real appeal. Well, that and moeblob waifubait.

>> No.37206792

You do know there are things out there that fall into categories other than "poorly-written porn" and "deep and mature," right?

>> No.37206808

So basically, the porn is contrived as all hell and pathetically shoehorned in?

>> No.37206833

Yes, although as contrived and shoehorned in as the sex is, the scenes they are replaced with in the all-ages versions are by and large even more contrived and shoehorned in.

>> No.37206841




>> No.37206842

Yeah, but Fate is never pushed as them.

Hell, this whole argument started because someone dated to contest your proclamation of Fate's absolute perfection.

>> No.37206846

Fate is not a bad VN, but you have to admit that the mana exchange excuse for sex was highly contrived just so they could put in sex scenes. "Poor magi sell their semen to the Association" is a stupid concept that harms the worldbuilding.

>> No.37206851

Yup, but it's enough to get the endorphins rushing and the primitive brain to file it under "sex, savagely assault all that threaten it"

>> No.37206859

So what you're saying is that the story is pretty worthless without the porn holding it together.


>> No.37206861

Where was it proclaimed as perfect?

>> No.37206874

Citation needed.

>> No.37206891

The first post that mentioned it, as well as all those that followed and floundered to justify things like genderbent King Dickgirl and Chosen Sperm of Destiny

>> No.37206920


>> No.37206926

Now you are just trying too hard anon. There is even a pornless version of the game out that still makes them money.

>> No.37206949

First mention was a detractor, rest called it "meh, worse shit around."

>> No.37206968

But the first post that mentioned it did so painting it as shit. Everyone else either called it average or okay, which in 4chan terminology is "THIS IS FUCKING PERFECT", I guess.

>> No.37206973

You...can't seriously be this stupid can you?

>> No.37206981

Not at all, you dense little shit. I'm saying the story was written with sex scenes in mind, so replacing JUST the sex and not the context they're in comes off as worse than just leaving the sex in.

As stupid as it is to stop in a shack in the middle of enemy territory to engage in tantric rituals to give Saber enough magical energy to be able to take on Berserker, it's even worse to stop in a shack in the middle of enemy territory to do a ritual to turn on Saber's mana generator powered by a fucking dragon in her soul to give her enough magical energy to take on Berserker.

>> No.37206986

Or awesome, which is still a far cry from perfect, or deep.

>> No.37207075

See >>37201180
The whole post was nothing but gushing over how unique and compelling Fate is.

>> No.37207102

That was in response to the first post calling it shit.

It says ONCE that Fate is "awesome". And then says nothing else about it. That's some gushing, eh?

>> No.37207122

Re-read this time without retard goggles.

>>"Thinking Fate is Type-B

It's neither Type-A nor Type-B.
It's Type-Moon.

And, it's actually pretty awesome. Try Fate/zero if you didn't like Fate Stay/night."

Everything else is about anime in general.

>> No.37207142

Them why didn't it come first? And how am I the one trying too hard when you're defending a fetish VN?

>> No.37207175

It was a cash grab port to PS2 with voices and added scenes.

>> No.37207215

Because you keep making stuff up.

And "fetish"... really?
Only a single storyline out of three has fetish shit in it, and even that's more body-horror than fapbait..

>> No.37207222

Because it's a doujin game sells a lot more when it has porn. Once it started to become popular enough to earn an anime adaptation without porn, they realized they could make even MORE money by releasing a non-porn version of the game on a major console.

>> No.37207225

Exactly my point.

>> No.37207286

Could you perhaps spell out yuor point, hard to red between the lines with all this bitter vitriol and bias being sprayed in my eyes.

>> No.37207339

It didn't come first because this happens with ALMOST LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE VISUAL NOVEL RELEASE.

>> No.37207350

I like elf ears

>> No.37207358

Mostly due to the time. The main reason they changed Arthur around was due to thinking the market wouldn't buy it. So the sex scenes was mostly thrown in because it might make more money. Which shows considering they are the worst part of the game.

It's far from the selling point however.

>> No.37207372

If the only appeal of the VN was the porn, how would a version released with the porn removed even work as a cash grab?

>> No.37207393


>> No.37207413

Actually that second version seems pretty damn cool. Let's go with that one.

Or we can just go play Exalted: Alchemicals and Exalted: Dragonblooded and go save Creation/Autocthon together.

>> No.37207470
File: 86 KB, 700x840, 1352744171544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not a tittymonster

Sure, she isn't Passionlip, but she has some pretty big tits.

>> No.37207698

>isn't DFC
>therefore tittymonster
Shit man, breasts are a continuum not binary.

>> No.37207783

No, that's exactly how it works

>> No.37208134

Truly the worst fetish.

>> No.37208486

Lady Arthur is totally the selling point.

>> No.37208534

You were the one calling her a tittymonster. Everyone else just said she has big breasts.

>> No.37208873


>> No.37208984
File: 129 KB, 650x920, plotting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37209155

So we went from the troubles of oversized elf ears to the merits and de-merits of type-moon and the tit-sizes of its cast.

People keep telling me /tg/ changed, but threads like these remind me that /tg/ never really changes.

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