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Still very miffed I can't have my pet luna moth. Like the only pet perk I ever bothered with.

>> No.37162226


. . .Shit, I don't want to separate anyone from their pet.

What have I done. . ?

>> No.37162251

Make the pet free for Witch origin.


>> No.37162276


Done and done.

>> No.37162299

Thank you.

Now back to figuring out if God-Emperor of Jurai or The OTHER Chousin one is more fatal.

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I come bearing tribute form space battles gentlemen.

Traveller Jump: http://pastebin.com/Ts5k1vi9

>> No.37162354

I agree with >>37162251

Familiars are cool. Perhaps an additional purchase could give us the knowledge on how to make more? I want some tattoo familiars like Medusa.

>> No.37162361

Soul Eater Jump 1.4 "Pet Friendly" Edition is now in the Public Access Folder.

. . .I hope this does not confuse the Captain.

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>Portal manifestation now requires a human shaped butt

Crap, my butt is butt shaped.

>> No.37162402

What is Traveller?

>> No.37162427

Don't know anything about traveller, but that looks interesting. Needs fleshing out with a lot more fluff, but I always say that.

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Old sci-fi RPG, pretty cool setting. The game itself was infamous for its lifepath character creation method that meant it was possible to die before play even began. Such was incredibly rare, but it became a meme of sorts.

>> No.37162455


Ah, don't worry too much about that. If you're a Witch then you can go to the Witch Realm and ask around there, doesn't seem like knowledge like that would be "too" too hard to find. If you don't want to do the butt dance then you can travel with a younger Witch. By Witch law or something the youngest one in the group has to do the butt dance to open the portal to the Witch's Realm.

Yes it is weird, Mabaa the head of the witches is getting on in years and losing her mind a bit in funny ways.

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I'm disappointed in you /tg/.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traveller_(role-playing_game)

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Times like this I wish I had independent access to the character creator.

>> No.37162488

I'd vote God-Emperor. With The Other Chousin one you can manipulate your way through, you don't necessarily have to duke it out with any omnipotenti or quasi-omnipotent beings. God-Emperor is asking for a fight with a god, maybe with a capital G, and his empire.

>> No.37162505

Apologizes for my newfagness.

>> No.37162528

Note that PDF uploading is still broken. Does anyone know who to poke about this to get a fix?

>> No.37162548

Email moot, mention something on the feedback page, complain at moot's twitter, then join the official IRC and complain some before they kick you.

>> No.37162594

Tokimi as a waifu probably isn't worth all of the dead, oh well. Guess I've been chousin.

>> No.37162711


I just had to upload mine to the public access folder on the drive and tell people it was there. That's all we can do at the moment I guess.

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Quick question about the Naruto jump, does the +100 from Fanfic count against the 600 limit if we spend that 100 to choose a fanfic? It seems like it would, the way it's written, but I'm hoping it doesn't.

>> No.37162825


I think you would be fine.

>> No.37162845

It would. Your still using the CP you gain, so it counts towards the limit.

>> No.37162899


Soul Eater 1.4
> Location: Village of Shin [Rolled4]
> Origin: Witch (Cat) [-200CP]
> Age: 9 [Rolled1]
> Portal Manifestation [Get a Freebie!]
> Madness Wavelength [-200CP]
> Soul Perception [-200CP]
> Magic Manipulation [Get a Freebie!]
> Uplift [-400CP]
> Pointy Witch Hat [Get a Freebie!]
> Animal Familiar (Cat) [Get a Freebie!]
> Excalibur~ [Get a Freebie?]

I'm a witch. A somewhat friendly witch! But still a witch.
Also an incredibly YOUNG witch. Jesus. Loliwitch.
Stop saying witch.

I am followed around by Excalibur, and in no way attempt to wield him, ever, which means that I pay attention to zero of his little rules. Like, he just follows me around and I kindof ignore him most of the time.
I might still make him coffee with cream in the mornings, though, because I do like him. He is funny.

I might do research on the construction process of demon weapons while I'm here.

And on a related note, I was seriously thinking about going to Soul Eater in Arthurian Times for my King Arthur Jump, just so that me and Ex will have a history when I show up here. Also, it seems like a thing not a lot of people would do.
I may be completely mad.

>> No.37162958

Got it. I left feedback on that page; hopefully that'll help.

If it helps, I read the fan-verse option you want as reducing it to a +0 CP 'freebie' drawback, not a +100 CP drawback and a 100 CP choice. Remember that there's no one who can really tell you no on this, so if you feel good making that choice, go for it!

>> No.37162977

>>if you feel good making that choice, go for it!
>sheryl crow intensifies

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>> No.37163055

No it doesn't. It's just a freebie I put in after finding out how many godamn fanfics there are for the series. I figure at least a few people have to read the damn things.
Also, I frequently lurk (and post) in the threads I just drop my handle. So if anybody ever has questions just ask them. I'll probably see them.

>> No.37163122

>So if anybody ever has questions just ask them. I'll probably see them.
Why has God abandoned me?

>> No.37163141

You upgraded to jump-chan.

>> No.37163175

Say, what measurement system does your Jumper use when confronted by people who care?

Me, I'll use cubits.

And watch the looks on their faces when I can measure atomic lengths in cubits.

>> No.37163208

Okay, then, one directly related to the conversation at hand: Some of the perks, mostly the bloodline ones, imply details about the back story. What happens if I use Fan-verse to go to a world where those details aren't true? Like, say I use it to go a world where that dumb "The Rinnegan is the fusion of Senju and Uchiha bloodlines" thing isn't true. What does that do to me if I then take the Rinnegan? Am I allowed to portray my back story as not having anything to do with those clans, even though I had to purchase membership in them to take the Rinnegan in the first place?

>> No.37163213

I was going to say teaspoon, but I'm going to have to change to shillings

>> No.37163230

You're too sober son. What did you think the sacramental wine is for?

>> No.37163238

Nanometers, so everything sounds huge.

>> No.37163244

I invented my own. Then I used Accepted Cultural Norms from Tenchi Muyo to force everyone around me to use it. They don't really know it, but they're so afraid of looking stupid in front of me that they use it anyway.

>> No.37163265

I think mostly when there is some reason to state measurements that aren't relevant for others to implement I may actually use measurements based upon the dimensions of the people I am speaking to.

>> No.37163278

Metric. Pulling weird measurement shenanigans is unhelpful, and the prefix system allows me to give reasonable measurements for things on differing scales.

I don't really care if other people use it or not, but my own tech, at least, is standardized on a sensible system.

>> No.37163300

Enjoy your temperature system that's inferior for usage in day-to-day life.

>> No.37163305

So long as you are still following all the stipulations in the jump, yes. Just don't be that guy that is all 'I went to fanverse, so I only have to spend 200 CP on Rinnegan' or something. I'd also like to express vague interest in which fanfic you're planning on using.

>> No.37163368

>mfw we almost have the exact same build

-Background: Witch (800CP) -All female with magic, huh? Count me in! Going with a Koi Fish theme. Empowerment!
-The Face (Free) -Maximum disgust engaged. I'll have a use for this face somewhere. I'm sure I will.
-Ripper (700CP) -Unorthodox combat pattern, more agility, and blade fingers? Awwww yes.
-Portal Manifestation (Free) -I... what? NOPE. NOT USING IT. CAN'T PAY ME ENOUGH.
-Levitation (600CP) (Discount) -I can flyyyyy! I never thought I'd have use for the Harry Potter broom again.
-Soul Perception (400CP) -I get to see SOULS. Along with prior analysis/perception perks, I'm gonna know everything.
-Magic Manipulation (Free) -NOW WE'RE TALKING. More coding to the program!
-Uplift (0CP) (Discount) -Wait. So no more corruptive influence, MORE power, and gadget creation? That's AWESOME.
-Pointy Witch Hat (Free) -Awwwww yes, we're going to be STYLISH now. Koi Fish Witch reporting in!
-Animal Familiar (Free) -My Koi Fish of the seeeaaaas!
Dice Rolls: The Moon, 14 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Wait... so Konata's a cat and I'm a fish....

EITHER WAY. Levitate, get a move on and explore the world to see what I can do. Maybe experiment some with my magic.

>> No.37163379

>0 - Water is freezing
>0-10 A bit cold eh
>10-19 Cool summer nights
>20-25 Comfortable Summer
>25-35 Why the fuck is it so hot out
>35-45 Jesus fuck sound the heat alert
>45-50 Probably a state of emergency
>50 - 99 If this isn't the interior of an oven something is horribly wrong
>100 - Water boils.

>> No.37163387

I live in Canada. It's what everyone else here uses, and what I grew up using. I don't really get the point of Fahrenheit; water seems a less arbitrary baseline than those used to define Fahrenheit.

>> No.37163404

Yep, inferior to determining specific temperatures at human relevant levels.

>> No.37163418

Don't worry, I'll still pay the points. As for which fanfic, I haven't decided yet. Just that it will be one started before the Fourth Ninja World War plot point started, because that arc lasted the entire rest of the series and I want to do something else with my time. It was two hundred chapters of nothing but one long drawn-out fight with occasional flashbacks that added nothing to the story. And since that was when the "Senju and Uchiha are the descendents of the Sage" thing was established, I'd wind up not having to deal with that as an origin story.

>> No.37163434

>25-35 Why the fuck is it so hot out
>35-45 Jesus fuck sound the heat alert
>45-50 Probably a state of emergency

The hell do you live that these are so hot?

>> No.37163437

How so?

>> No.37163445

>-Portal Manifestation (Free) -I... what? NOPE. NOT USING IT. CAN'T PAY ME ENOUGH.
I don't get it. Why does no one want to twerk their way into another dimension? That sounds hilarious.

>> No.37163463

Less exact without having to resort to decimal points. Anyway, metric is otherwise superior, I just prefer Fahrenheit for day-to-day usage.

>> No.37163466

I dropped the series shortly after the WW 4 started. After the Pein fight it quickly went to shit in my opinion.

>> No.37163468

Someplace metrificated where 20 is something around room temperature.

Retooled build incoming!

>> No.37163479

>twerk their way into another dimension
... So, was Sir Mix-A-Lot a witch or a witch instructor?

>> No.37163486

Because none of us like doing that and none of us thinks it's funny.

It's also worth noting that the portal is made through your body. So it's implied the portal is made with your ass.

>> No.37163489

I was looking over the Minecraft jump updates, and was interested in Minefactory Reloaded until I got to "you have to kill things and use their lifeforce to power your creations." At this point I swore to never use such evil technology, but then I noticed the monster spawner...

Is it morally acceptable to mass murder soulless, evil, flesh devouring monsters to power your magitech?

>> No.37163498

Your opinion anon, the rest of the world thinks celsius is better.

>> No.37163510

You mean Creepers?

>> No.37163516

Rest of the world is probably enamored with the superior length and volume measurements.

>> No.37163541

Much agreed. But I still read it out of some sense of masochism. It was incredibly infuriating, but having something inconsequential to direct your anger at can be kind of fun, you know?

>> No.37163542

If I did it, I'd probably use zombies or skeletons, actually. There's less chance of them exploding.

>> No.37163548


>> No.37163553

That's nice for water, but Fahrenheit you can tell how hot or cold it is on scale of 0-100 based on normal everyday stuff. If it's 100F outside it's hot. If it's 120F stay inside. Likewise if it's 0F you know it's freezing cold and need to stay warm. Likewise if it's -20F stay inside!

It's not great for much else than outside temperature.

>> No.37163555

Note that Minecraft-issue Monster Spawners produce monsters with souls, as evidenced by the fact that you can harvest them with a Soul Shard. It's only the monsters released from Soul Cages that are actually 'soulless'.

>> No.37163570

See, I agree with all of that except for Celsius when it's used for day-to-day measurements in a normal person's life.

>> No.37163585

Eh, it really is more dependant ton where you live. If your home is often hotter, you'll be much more used to said heats. vice versa for cold.

>> No.37163589

>Thinking Zombies are just souls trapped in dead corpses wishing to be freed.
You monster.
Nah but seriously how can you use the lifeforce of something with no soul?

>> No.37163590

Implied nothing.

>> No.37163604

See >>37163486, it's something you cannot pay me enough to do. I can find different ways to make portals that doesn't involve waving my ass to people.

>> No.37163606

FUCK Made a mistake I meant Aren't not Art

>> No.37163609

As I recall, 0 under Fahrenheit was originally the point at which brine will start to turn into sludge.

>> No.37163616

I mean with your ass. As in the portal involves your butthole as the focus.

>> No.37163618

I think everybody on 4chan knows exactly where you're coming from.

>> No.37163621

There are 12 Months in a year, 28-31 days in a month, unlimited numbers for years currently up to 2015.

Looking at numbers wise it's easy to see that, it goes smallest to biggest.

>> No.37163634

What, really? 20 is a reasonable indoor temperature, 25+ is warm; 10 is comfortably cool, 0 is freezing, and at various sub-zero temperatures, you need to wear extra layers of clothing. It's only problematic if you're not familiar with using it.

>> No.37163638

I thought lifeforce and soul were two separate things, that was how I intended to do it.

If they're the same thing, I'll just put the points into something else.

>> No.37163640

Oh, then no, next page just shows the portal opening where she was writing.

>> No.37163654


Was not expecting as much attention from what amounts to a relatively minor update, that being said, I see the butt portals still plague many a Witch.

For this, I am sorry.

>> No.37163655

>basing a person's height on multiples of the size of a single body part rather than tiny decimals of the Earth's circumference

>> No.37163660

It really depends on the salinity.

>> No.37163664

You can also see that celsius goes from the smallest unit of time to the largest, which makes about as much sense. It all boils down to what you were raised with.

>> No.37163671

Go ahead and harvest them. Just because they have souls doesn't mean they have meaningful souls. It takes more than a soul to make something a person, harvesting it from mindless beasts shouldn't count as a sin.

>> No.37163699

>mfw this is basically the point of white Soul Gems in TES

>> No.37163701

Celsius is based off of water, that's fine for when you want to boil some water. However for everyday life that same scale could be used for Freaking Cold to Freaking Hot, 0-100 scale.

>> No.37163715


I don't think it's really funny at all, because it's just more juvenile perverted japanese humor that I've seen in everything japan does ever, but I'm also shameless enough that I could use it to get into some places I'm not supposed to be able to get to. Teleporting is teleporting, after all.

I mean, I could totally see myself building some kind of underground stronghold with no entrances or exits, and the only way to get in or out is via teleportation or digging through half a mile of dirt and stone. Or even using it to just zip right by some defenses into someone's place that they totally thought was a completely defense'd location.

It's too slow to really have any practical combat use or anything, though, and I'd prefer to only do it when nobody's around to ask what the fuck.
The major thing is for some reason I just DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TELEPORTING POWERS. I don't even know why the hell that is.
But yeah, once I figure something else out, it's going into that pile of "things I never use ever because it's stupid".

>> No.37163742

Fist, it really is dependant on what you were brought up with. People that grow up with celsius will be able to judge it much better and vice versa. Whether it starts at 0 is irelevant for everyday usage if you've grown up having everything described in those terms.

>> No.37163769

Better argument is how individual celcius units are larger than individual farenheit ones so it's less exact.

Anyway, this conversation is tired. Let's talk about butt writing.

>> No.37163868

Why do souls even have value anyway?

>> No.37163966

Good question.

I don't have an answer for you, but soul harvesting has a sinister evil aura, and I personally don't do it, in the same sense as I stay away from other evil-type powers.

Harvesting Essence isn't quite the same, but it remains a gray area regardless. Minefactory is borderline-evil tech; however handy it may be to automate the process, it's at least as sinister as TES enchanting.

>> No.37163993


Unholy Heights Jumpchain. Pastebin since 4chan hates PDFs currently. Needs drawbacks. Suggestions and criticism are welcome of you have them.

>> No.37164009

Is it really, though? What's so evil about using the souls of spiders or creepers as raw material? It's not like they're sapient beings capable of suffering. Even the zombies and skeletons are probably morally neutral to use, given that they don't appear to be the undead remains of people so much as spontaneously-generated monsters resembling the undead.

>> No.37164035

Well that's one way to prevent people barging in uninvited. Who'd think to spell out "WITCH" in Japanese Kanji with your butt?

>> No.37164070

Eh, producing life, even unintelligent life, just to use it as fuel is kinda grey. It isn't outright evil if your using spiders of undead, but it certainly isn't good. It's something noone has a good answer for, and is a rather touchy subject. Just do what you think is right.

>> No.37164129

Creating life to serve as fuel is what human civilization is based on. It's not the equivalent of plant farming, seeing how they do have some degree of sentience, but certainly no worse than fish farming. I personally have no problem with it.

>> No.37164130

There's reason to believe that Minecraft Zombies are dead people; you'll note that Villagers become Zombies if killed by Zombies.
The answer to the 'soul' question ultimately revolves around ideas like "What is a soul, anyways?" and "What happens to a soul after I use it to do a thing?"
My personal thoughts are that it's similar to Soulsteel from Exalted; souls are the immortal essence of the creatures they came from, containing at least a remnant of that creature's memories and personality. If the soul gets made into a thing, it is trapped and tormented within that thing forever. That might not be true in any given setting, of course, but if it is true, it's a plausible argument against using even the souls of animals for things.

Recommendation: drop the PDF in the 'new jumps here' section. It'll be seen to soon enough.

>> No.37164155

I already did drop the pdf in the folder. Just felt bad not at least linking to the jump itself so i made a pastebin for it.

>> No.37164177

On a sidenote, kudos for the idea. It looks like a nice little vacation area (except for the damn hero raids).

>> No.37164178

Villagers don't become Zombies, they become Zombie Villagers. It's a different mob type entirely. Notably, one that can be converted back into a regular villager with potions. You can't do that with regular Zombies. That leads me to believe that the Zombies aren't the reanimated remains of people, they're just something shaped like a person.

>> No.37164199

Yes, but we don't use souls as fuel. There are plenty of people who'd find that morally reprehensible, even for animals.
As >>37164130 points out, we don't really know for sure, cause we can't interact with them in real life.

>> No.37164263

Hey guy who did the Symphonia jump, the new version of Stitch in Time is bad. Only lasting as long as you meditate means it's pretty much useless in its intended usage in a fight. You can't stand still for ten seconds to make a sword float without being killed, and ten seconds isn't long enough for the risk to have been worth it. The mere fact that time can't be stored renders it mostly unusable.

>> No.37164272

I really like this jump. It sounds like it would be fun and there are some damn useful things to purchase here. Nice job.

>> No.37164294

Thanks. Though this doesn't have to be a vacation jump since you have the option to try to conquer the world. Though some jumpers might consider that a vacation.

>> No.37164301

You could link to the file in the drive; PDFs are somewhat more readable than a pastebin, especially if you've done any formatting work at all.

There seems to be an awful lot of companion options, and I suspect people won't want more than one or two of them. On the other hand, they'd make reasonable alt forms, especially since they all seem to have a perk-type bonus. Any chance of a perk that'd let you buy one of those forms (and the relevant special ability) for yourself?

>> No.37164311

Eh... a lot of this seems off. The drop-in capstone seems a bit meta as does the Help Desk for the angel, the Angel capstone needs some better descriptions as otherwise it's "I make EVERY item twice as good".

Other than that, it wouldn't hurt to have some other non-background perks? Small stuff like being able to repair things easier, or able to accommodate for any unique things your tenants may need, or even being able to better prepare your apartment (and by proxy, the knowledge to bolster your other homes) with defenses that can help you ward off enemies.

It's got potential, but needs some working.

>> No.37164450

Or, instead of killing things and wondering what a soul is, you could just upgrade the stuff with that perk from Sugarbowl that makes tech ecologically friendly. I would think that would let you make it run without needing souls or killing.

>> No.37164534

So to dumb this down a bit.

I should probably restrict the dropin capstone to monsters from this jump.

Tweak the description for Helping Board so it doesn't mention stuff from other boards.

Slightly nerf the angel capstone so people can't instantly boost every item they have.

And maybe add some unaligned perks.

That's what you're suggesting correct or am i misinterpreting something?

>> No.37164541

Also, your new version of Pact Maker is also bad. The way you have it phrased right now, the summons are only as powerful as the endurance and energy you've given them from your own. So basically, they're weaker than you by a fair bit, and therefor can't do anything you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

So the question here is obviously, why would you summon them at all, especially when you have to make oaths to them, since they can't be any stronger than you or do anything you can't by the nature of the perk? The summons in the game were Sheena's overlimit and were more powerful than her other techniques, so this really makes no sense. As it is, they aren't even as good as regular magic.

>> No.37164565

You know that you can make your items better using Animal Crossing right? Jesus fuck it's like you don't even pay attention to the jumps you've gone through when you say stupid shit.

>> No.37164588

She's not suggesting a nerf you antagonistic ingrate. Just a better description. Seriously.

>> No.37164615

You can make them better in small increments at incredible cost. That's different from "everything I have is twice as good because I say so". Not to say I mind, I'm personally fine with the perk as it is now. I just think you're making a false equivalency.

>> No.37164621

To monsters from this jump, maybe. Or even just a limit of how big the monsters can be, that would help out a fair amount.


If anything maybe something like a time limit on how many items you can boost at a time, or even something like "when you let go, the effect is lost". As it is now it's pretty abuseable (I could just say "I make my Bow and Arrows twice as awesome" and bad things happen).


That more or less sums it up, yeah. I would normally be a bit iffy on the Demon capstone, but really it leaves enough space to work with that it seems fine. Especially since it seems that the demons normally have initial loyalty to their own Hell King? Or am I misinterpreting that?

>> No.37164625

>Anon thinks I owe her anything.

>> No.37164643

I'd rule that it'd excuse you from the polluting aspects of Minefactory (Slime production and such), but you'll still need something to die to produce Essence. That said, it probably makes the process more efficient... so you might try running it off the 'natural' deaths of mayflies or something. If that works, you'll be able to get by with running a large insect farm near your essence harvester.

Expect this to be less efficient than a proper mob grinder, of course, but you can make up for that to some degree by scaling up your farms and installing more harvesters.

>> No.37164645

>time limit
Please don't. I don't care if there's an item limit, but cool downs are fucking awful.

>> No.37164663

If the demons already have a demon king that they serve, and even then they might do what you say if you're intimidating or charismatic enough. independent demons are free game though.

>> No.37164672

Rememeber how I promised a build?

77. Soul Eater

- Death City (rolled)
- 14 years old (rolled)
- Witch (Irukandji) [800 left]
- The Face [Free]
- Levitation [Discount Witch] [700 left]
- Portal Manifestation [Free Witch] (Good thing I've got an old Vault jumpsuit I could modify!)
- Magic Manipulation [Free Witch] (HAHA POISON MAGIC TIEM) (Sting-Sting-Ring-A-Zing!)
- Uplift [Discount Witch] [300 left]
- Pointy Witch Hat [Free Witch]
- Animal Familar [Free Witch]
- Obsession (Elevator Music) [500 left] (WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG)
- Witch Companion Import [300 left] (Elodie's a witch now! She has magic that won't kill her! I think I'll make her a gecko witch...)
- Companion Partners Import [100 left] (My Nakama from One Piece is now a Meister, and my Exceed from Fairy Tail is now a Demon Weapon!)
- Death's List [0 left]
- Move On

Plan: Don't go nuts, and don't get reaped. No seriously don't die. Otherwise? TRAINING TIME.

Here's a hint - when my plan is "don't die," there's the general sense that I don't know what I'm doing. Also I don't even know if this math is correct. I checked five times, but it could still be wrong.

>> No.37164675

Admittedly I'm just throwing out options for that, it could just as easily be something else. I want it to stay, but a better description would be amazing for it.

>> No.37164686

Every time you open your mouth is the same shit. Nerf nerf nerf all the fucking time. Why don't you go do something instead of bitching at other people's jumps?

>> No.37164688

I have a question about Okami Brush Gods:

How does accruing devotion/prayer work outside of Okami? Is our power reduced in jumps where no one know us? Are we constantly having to gain devotees in every jump to regain power? Or, does the amount of devotees we have "carry over" from jump to jump- if we get 20 devotees in Okami then move on is would the power from those 20 be "locked in", so to speak?

>> No.37164692

Okay yeah, that's what I thought it was. That makes sense!

>> No.37164704

Oh look. You're back. Long time no see, angry anon.

>> No.37164727


>> No.37164734

So salty man, just have some tea and cool down. Chillax.

>> No.37164749

Wrong one, I'm the one from before him. I'm fine with her whenever she isn't acting like this, unlike him he wants her gone permanently.

>> No.37164807

>i'm totally not the anon that was acting the exact same way before
Uh-huh. Sure buddy.

>> No.37164832

Whatever you say, anon. If it makes you happy to ignore the truth.

>> No.37164876

Man I don't even care, whenever she suggests something to be nerfed I save the version I like instead of the final version unless I agree on the specific nerf.

>> No.37164907

It doesn't read like it was a nerf more like it's just a bit meta.
I don't see how that could seen as a nerf.

>> No.37164916

Don't blame you for that, but that doesn't mean that when she gives bad advice it shouldn't be countered.

>> No.37164941

>grandfather clause grandfather clause!
And like that any credibility you had went out the window.

>> No.37164949


So much salt.

Like, this is getting into Salt Elemental territory.

No use arguing with them. Even if it's a simple reword, they'll cry "NERFED IT'S USELESS NOW." We've lost entire threads to shitstorms about this shit.

>> No.37164961

You realise that bad advice is entirely your own opinion right? You are not anymore correct than she is, and don't be so arrogant as to think otherwise.

>> No.37164966

Another question about Okami: What will it take to reach the "true god" threshold needed for Natural Nature to kick in? Does it do anything if you go to a jump that doesn't have gods? What makes this so powerful a skill?

>> No.37164976

But anon, clearly he's in the right here because everything Red suggests is a nerf!

Even if it's just a simple wording suggestion to make things more clarified.

>> No.37164990

Alright let's not start any shit here.
Question to JC How do you deal with Boredom when jumping? I am sure there will be times when you are bored out of your mind.

>> No.37164992

Worst part of it is how she gets so much support each time from what I think are her IRC friends posting as anons. It's just ridiculous that they suck up to her. I have way more problems with her ass kissers than I do her.

>> No.37165010

So, a question to take us off this topic: Mages in Raildex often base their themes around mythology or folklore. As a jumper, you have the myths of far more cultures than any normal mage would have to draw from. What cultures' myths do you think would make for the best mage themes?

>> No.37165021

>Simple wording

>> No.37165025


(Looks up what that Jellyfish can do.)

. . .You're an evil, evil person Wakfu.

>> No.37165031

I took a perk that explicitly makes me immune to boredom. Kind of cheating, I know, but it was bundled in with other perks I wanted anyway (Book of the Month Club in the Persona jump, very nice) so I figured I might as well.

>> No.37165048

>Muh Salt
>Muh Autism

Seriously guys I'm not mad, I just prefer playing my single player imaginary multiversal adventures with more powerful skills than others such as Red obviously prefer. Its just fun for me.

>> No.37165061

I'm just laughing at how quickly both sides start flinging shit. Both the IRCers and the anti-IRCers.

Both of ya'll's really need to get your rectums checked.

Not that anon, but there was a post literally right after going "okay maybe a bad idea on time limit."

>> No.37165080

You have to love a toxin whose symptoms include "a sense of impending doom". Irukandji Syndrome is nothing to fuck with.

>> No.37165094 [DELETED] 

>i'm not mad guys
>i'm gonna scream at how Red's the IRC queen and a horrible bitch who rustles my jimmies
>but i'm not mad

>> No.37165142 [DELETED] 


I'm not that Anon and I apologize if I've given that impression.

>> No.37165155

In this case it's really them since they all kinda lept into to post really similar insults and defenses of Red, and how they refuse to actually acknowledge that someone disagrees with them or consider that Red might be wrong.

Like you people do know that defense drones inspire more hate against her? People see when you do this.
You're not allowed to have fun unless it agrees with what Red finds fun, clearly.

>> No.37165168


That is the specific evil part that I was looking at, yeah. Make someone feel like it's the end of the world for weeks while enduring incredible pain. . .that's fucked up.

>> No.37165179 [DELETED] 

Whether you are or aren't at least you're polite about it, which is a welcome relief.

>> No.37165187

Alright kids, chill the fuck out. We've got a few topics posted to try and drag us off this damn topic.

Both sides are guilty of being in extremes. Both sides are equally as guilty of giving good suggestions. We're all fucking faggots. Chill the fuck out.

I say again chill the fuck out.

>> No.37165196

>I'm the Man-Witch in Soul Eater
>I still need to do the ass thing.
Welp, this will be amusing

>> No.37165246

Just because people don't agree with you, doesn't mean they are defense drones. All it means is that they don't share your opinion anon. Besides, accusing people of shit without any proof is pointless and just asking for trouble.

>> No.37165267

Drop it, we're gonna lose another thread to this argumentative shit.

>> No.37165276

Difference between disagreement and just jumping to her defense, every time, over anything.

And hey, there's no point in this argument, because I know how it is, and I don't want you to waste your breath trying to tell me that's not. Won't work, no point.

>> No.37165326


Okay i think i patched some things up or atleast made them alittle less OP. Pastebin is in the above post.

>> No.37165329

Here's a question to get our minds focused.

Do you have any pet's in your jump anons? What are they?

>> No.37165351


When you feel like cutting loose and ruining someone's day or just showing off power as a deterrent, what do you look like?

What is your ULTIMATE FORM?

>> No.37165363

>Ten of them
Isn't that stupidly excessive? For double power? Why don't you hit them with ten of them? Where the fuck are you going to get ten of a useful item? Think about this shit. That's awful.

>> No.37165364

A Dragons, a Basilisk, and a Phoenix.

The dragon is from A Song of Ice and Fire Jump while the Basilisk & Phoenix are from the Harry Potter Jump.

>> No.37165371

So far I've got one Tofu from Wakfu.

After the disaster that was LLTQ, I figured the little bird could try to help lift spirits. The companions love the little guy. I? Was at the bar. Drinking my woes away.

I'm not kidding when I said we were going to out-drink Tony Stark.

>> No.37165387

Lower it to three?

>> No.37165396

Do the critters I've eaten with Dark Binding count? Because if so, pic related are some of the things I've eaten so far.

I'll let them out to fight or to use as a mount, and I keep them happy by letting taste what I'm eating and manifesting them every once in a while.

>> No.37165401

I don't have one, with the amount of electricity I will be putting out I won't actually be visible anyway.

>> No.37165421

Seems much better. The angel thing is a lot more interesting this way as well.

Be imaginative anon, that's what your here for. For instance, Minecraft has a replicating function.

>> No.37165439

Two, at most.
You mean the cheat mode? And this perk should be useful on its own, not only with another perk, for fuck's sake.

>> No.37165451

Hrm... okay I think needing multiples of the same item is a bit too far. Even something like unique weapons from each jump means it's going to be exceptionally difficult to use that perk. I do like that you clarified how it affects the item, but needing multiple of the same item greatly lowers its possibilities. So a bit too far in requirements there.

I like the other perks as well! The defense perk being 600CP... maybe? I dunno, what do other anons think?

>> No.37165456

I have taken every mental perk, every fear inducing buff, every charisma and influence skill, all of the organizational manipulation and universe-specific knowledge ability available. Money, resources, followers and equipmental are all mine.

My final form?

I am bureaucracy incarnate. Look upon me and despair.

>> No.37165477

It is useful. Perhaps it could use a little lowering, but no more than 3-5 items. There are plenty of ways to make more items that do not need other perks, unless you plan to copy unique stuff

>> No.37165482

Dragon Wings
Nine Fox-Tails
Extra set of arms ripping out of my sides
Maybe multiple heads, depending on if I go with Hydra for my boss-mode form in SAO or not.
Just for the basics

>> No.37165492

A giant made of light, complete with a thunderous boast:


>> No.37165515

It's not. You know that everything useful is some enchanted or super special whatsit that you can't just buy in a store?

>> No.37165520

Maybe... maybe you should not talk and just look intimidating. You might find that more effective. Maybe.

>> No.37165547

If he's a god he gets to talk like a god anon.

>> No.37165553

Not him
But some of us like the sound of our own voices.
I'm going to be talking a lot and boasting, and having fun. Because the idea of running around as a scene stealing jack-ass is fun as hell.

>> No.37165557

You know you can actually make said enchanted stuff? There are plenty of ways. That stuff had to be made somehow in the first place, so surely there is a way to do so.

>> No.37165581


sports jump, added some items.

Drop ins have a capstone now.

Will work on more later after work.

>> No.37165583

Yeah let me just spend years making an enchanted spoon so I can scoop coffee twice as well. Why the fuck am I not using two spoons again?

>> No.37165609

Why would it take years? Are you that bad at magic anon?

>> No.37165620

At least hire a speech writer, then? Or some public speaking and creativity perks.

All I'm saying is that it would be a shame to spend millenia building power and becoming this big luminous THING, only to lose the impact due to poor JRPG/Gaiderware writing. That's all I'm saying.

>> No.37165651

> When you feel like cutting loose and ruining someone's day or just showing off power as a deterrent,
That'd be the massive storms and tidal waves I summon out of --
> what do you look like?
Oh. Eh, I'd hardly consider it my Ultimate Form, but I just go Kitsune form in that case. Having my tails out to power my water magic really helps speed things along, y'know?
I don't really think it's even my most defensible, it's just got a lot of easy power to throw around. So it's more like my "fuck it" form.

So, yeah, I basically go full fluffy tail.
Bet you're happy, huh?

>> No.37165657

It doesn't take that long to craft a masterwork spoon of scooping. It takes at most a few hours to craft it(from ore, if you don't use magic for the crafting bit), an hour at most to enchant it using some of the better enchanting methods, and two days to recover from using soulfire to enhance the enchantment.

>> No.37165659

If your that big and powerful, I don't think people are gonna be pointing out that you make bad speeches.

>> No.37165660

Its less talking and more roaring. I'm leveraging all my various voice powers to howl it out as a physical attack and telekinetically roaring it into their minds as well.

>> No.37165683

Two days? On a fucking spoon. You can easily see how this is terrible when you always have a limited timeframe.

>> No.37165701

Honestly? Just being a demon and unleashing AW's Vajra form. That's it. I don't really need any fancy shit, if they don't want to run from that then it's not really my problem.

While you CAN make enchanted items and upgrade things that way (and even cut down on the time to create enchanted items using all manners of perks), the problem is there will be people who want to upgrade something really difficult. Maybe it's a unique item they picked up somewhere. Maybe it's this abomination of a tool they've been crafting for some time. Or maybe they just never picked up any crafting skills and have no means to make something like that.

Other anons may be a bit more forward about it, but the point remains that what people want to use it for will clash with that requirement a great deal. Should it still be pricey? Yes. Should it be this difficult to upgrade an item that's close to someone that may be unique? Not really, I think that it could be toned down a bit.

>> No.37165721 [DELETED] 

Christ anon, it doesn't take that long to make a fucking spoon. Why would you need a goddamn spoon anyway? Is your mental retardation so bad that you need someone else to feed you?

>> No.37165728

Know what? Argue with >>37165701

>> No.37165748

Good thing jumpchain isn't multiplayer, because I'm fully planning on giving a great many villians some speaking and writing lessons.

>> No.37165753 [DELETED] 

Nah, It's more fun with an idiot like you. Red at least gives a logical fucking argument.

>> No.37165764 [DELETED] 

Damn son, you just outright admit you're baiting people.

>> No.37165867

You're kidding right? People love to take a swing at power. Its one of the oldest and most respected uses of art and comedy.

It's not enough to be "big and powerful"; you need to be smart. Either that as >>37165660 suggested you can just roar. But roared dialogue, even when psionically broadcasted, kudos on that, will earn a snicker if its poorly written or delivered.

That is an admirable goal. Good on you.

>> No.37165923

I was thinking more along the lines of what regular people would do when faced with a monster the size of a mountain. They aren't likely to stand around and mock said beast.

>> No.37165924

>my final form

Pray to Osamodas I'll never need it.

>storms and tidal waves

Dangit Konata I wanted to do that.


My box jellfish familiar, my Rohirrim Horse, a Giant Rhinoceros Beetle, a Dragoturkey, a Cold One, and an Erdlu so far.

>> No.37165928

>The Growth of the Juggernaut
I was gonna go skill before but now FFFFFFFFFFfffffffff...
that's a good perk man

>> No.37165981

Career Model Jump

You didn't even know you needed this.

>> No.37166004

All those skills are great. That's a great jump.

>> No.37166022

Somefaggit, could you clarify something for me? The Juggernaut perk increases your skill as you keep fighting, but would you eventually collapse from exhaustion? Or does this grant enhanced stamina in addition?

>> No.37166030

... Fluffy tailed underwear model? Fluffy tailed underwear model.

>> No.37166039

No kidding.

I just saw "The Fear of the Weak"

I need this to stack with all the fear perks and such I've picked up.

My opponents need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

>> No.37166041

>Vanity levels: 1000%

I need this.

>> No.37166104

I head very quickly in the opposite direction. When I am not something completely ridiculous and showy, people should be nervous.

>> No.37166131

>Drop in discounts are all Zoolander references
I kek'd

>> No.37166167

>People take you as seriously as you require
Dear lord in heaven this is powerful. And Fun.
I do so love my dramatics

Thank you anon

>> No.37166204


>Take Career Model Jump
>Drop In, maxed out
>Take Lovecraft Jump
>Investigaor, maxed out
Zoolander vs. Cthulhu... FIGHT!!!

>> No.37166358

>I love all of the perks
>All of them

Never before have I seen a jump that only had perks I like

>> No.37166479

You're a fan of Nobody Dies, I take it?

>> No.37166542

...I have finally found my calling.

>> No.37166622

So, what happens if I dump 1600 points into Hand Model and designate my thick Kitsune tails as the aspect enhanced? ... Do I break the universe?

>> No.37166626

That is amazing.

>> No.37166636

Same as I always do.

>> No.37166730

So, Wage Hiking Scuuuum basically turns the world into Jojo sans stands? I'm down.

>> No.37166771

"Break the universe", no.

Your tails do, however, gain transcendent godlike beauty, and everyone who sees you will want to touch fluffy tail.

>> No.37166790

But that's what fluffy tails do already by nature of being fluffy tails

>> No.37166803

You're acting like fluffy tails don't do that by default.

>> No.37166839


I've met folks who don't like fluffy ANYTHING.

True story.

>> No.37166845

Ah, but there's a difference in intensity. Instead of merely encouraging casual interest, you radiate a madness-inducing compulsion. Everyone who sees you must Touch Fluffy Tail.

That might be more attention than you want.

>> No.37166859

I have too, but he's a guy who honestly has autism and channeling the hate he feels for how his mom doesn't take care of the dog in the house. So he doesn't count.

>> No.37166860

So, Kitsune tails already make people want to touch and transcend beauty, does that mean disguised Satan Kitsune's tails, >>37166622, create some sort of singularity?

>> No.37166926

Any sport at all? I'm tempted to take chess. Also, what sort of limits are there on Ability of the Gods? Can you only use it to natural limits for your body ("potential left to achieve"), and does it only apply to physical things and not skill?

>> No.37166952

You become an Eldrich Afluffination? Or would that be a Fluffrich Abomination?

>> No.37167013

>Taking Chess
>Not chess boxing

>> No.37167053

Nah, you just cause everyone who sees you to develop an unhealthy fascination with that particular part of your anatomy... such that if they can't get to you to Touch Fluffy Tail, they will probably develop some kind of weird fetish.

Model world being model world, walking around like that (and in particular, appearing like that on widely-broadcast media) will probably cause tails to become a standard fashion accessory, like the entire world is some kind of furry convention.

>> No.37167057

Brush Gods are cool. Speaking of, can anyone answer these two questions please?


>> No.37167129

>Model world being model world, walking around like that (and in particular, appearing like that on widely-broadcast media) will probably cause tails to become a standard fashion accessory, like the entire world is some kind of furry convention.
And that is how I introduce QS's nekko virus. I make it desirable, then I make it available.

>> No.37167147

So... I become the Madness of Fluffy?
And Excalibur is the Madness of Rage...
... my god...

>> No.37167206

All the things. On both.

>> No.37167233

I'm tempted to say you can keep it, in that I don't like the idea of you being stripped of your Brush God powers when you leave the world, but at the same time it's annoying to think of how high it should scale. I don't like caps.

Maybe an (Ancient Japanese) city or so. Gods like Kazegami can do their thing when they only have a wide recognition in a single village, so that's probably a sane level for it. If you go to a setting without gods, then of course you can keep using your power, same as always.

It's powerful because it gives you innate control of your element/aspect. You can perform it without needing to draw. It's also more powerful, in that you can create wider and larger effects than someone just using a technique. I think I used a wave as an example, whereas Ammy's water technique ammounts to a fireman's hose.

>> No.37167344

Between Asura, Okami, and Populous a jumper can be a prayer powered malestrom. Kinda makes me want a FR jump just to fuck with the gods there.

>> No.37167354

Alright, cool. I now plan on spreading small alters in my likeness in jumps that cure minor wounds and invigorate people and that give a boosted effect to those tho pray to me. It's an easy way to gain some minor devotion.

Another question: "Devotional" magnifies the effects of people's veneration right? So does that mean I can get more power from people's devotion, or is it that people are more drawn to give "devotion" to me?

>> No.37167391

This seems like a cut-and-dried case of http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GodsNeedPrayerBadly
Given that you don't have access to past jumps during the chain due to temporal shenanigans, I'd be inclined to suggest that it's not like you've lost worshippers, just that they aren't able to give you any more power than they already have. So it's not like you lose your powers immediately, just that you'll be unable to properly recharge until you do something to attract veneration/respect in the new worlds you pass through, and you'll generally only have access to a single world at a time for power-gathering, so if you slack off on your godding (and don't take up a compatible hobby like superheroism), you won't have much god power in that world for the duration. That said, once you complete your chain, the time lock dissipates, and you'll suddenly be bathed in the adoration and prayer of all your followers from all your jumps, and your power level will immediately shoot up.

Seem like a reasonable solution to the problem?

>> No.37167406

>a jumper can be a prayer powered malestrom
There's a reason I dumped all my points in Generic Magical Girl into extra allies.

>> No.37167459

Not to mention that "Tribe of One" Drawback from Dark Sun that makes all your companions dwell within you, meaning you don't have to worry about the range restriction for Mantra generation. You've got a planetary-scale civilization with you at all times.

>> No.37167498

Right. The madness has taken hold. I will be glamorous.

-Background: Model (900CP) -Remember all those appearance perks? It's gonna be snazzy.
-Jet Set Schedule (Free) -OH MY WORD YES. This is amazing. Simply amazing.
-Hand Modelx4 (700CP) -So my eyes are amazing, my abs are perfect, I've got dat ass, and always perfect teeth. YES.
-Touch of Glam (650CP) -ALWAYS PRETTY. ALL THE TIME.
-Natural Make-Up Artist (550CP) -I'm just awesome with it.
-Hidden Depths (Free) -Who knew that bombtastic redhead enjoyed science so much?
-Bikini Bod (450CP) (Discount) -Always the right outfit, and they're never bad on me. YES.
-Strut Your Stuff (250CP) (Discount) -Combine this with prior posing perks. I am fucking FABULOUS.
-Tailor Made (150CP) -Combine this with the Dune perk and now it shall all be amazing.
-Makeover Montage (-250CP) -Oh. Oh this. It's gonna be SWEET.
-Designer Item (Free) -My fancy hat. You're more awesome if you have a fancy hat.
-Dry-Cleaning Hangars (-300CP) (Discount) -Making sure everything is clean when I need it!
-Glam Digs (-400CP) (Discount) -Ooooh yes. I am the HIGHLIGHT of the party.
-Fashion Label (-600CP) -And now I'm also pretty darned rich. I am now amazing.
-Wage-Hiking Scuuuuum! (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (New York), 23 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'm stacking these with a shitton of other perks by now. With how many times I've taken appearance and stuff to enhance my hair/skin/chest/whatnot? And the wonders of having absolute control of my body with the glories of JOJO POSING?

I think I can do it. The price I pay for my vanity.

>> No.37167500

Tie those in with Abomination, and you've got generations of powerful rulers in your head.

... Shit just got real, didn't it?

>> No.37167514

Nah, it mostly amounts to making people more grateful for what you do. So it's not that x amount of prayer is now worth more, but that people are prone to give you more sincere prayer. Also applies to just plain gratitude. Everyone's more gracious.

No. In game, Praise doesn't go away if 'spent'. It can only be expended in ways that increase you innately, like boosting your health bars and stuff. Otherwise it's always there no matter how much you use your powers. So that says to me that Praise and faith are a constant for you once obtained.

>> No.37167600

I propose that we have available to us the highest amount of worshipers we acquire in any one jump, but that they're not additive. So if a jumper converts 1000 people in jump A, 5000 in jump B and 3000 in jump C, he'd have 1000 worshipers during jump A, and 5000 in jumps B and C. That way your situation never gets worse, but if you want an increase in power you have to try to beat your previous record from scratch in ten years. Which would make for a nice challenge now that I think about it.

>> No.37167613

They ain't necessarily going to be praying to you anon, and they will be taking over your body too. Not to mention you can only have 8 active companions at a time.

>> No.37167637

>Forgetting Lord of Light that makes people acknowledge you as a God of X if you bought the right perk, just at the mere sight of you

Delicious combos anon

>> No.37167670

>Forgetting Hellsing Vampirism
>Make Familiars in your body, people you've butchered over the millennia, worship you

>> No.37167689

Eight active companions. The ones living in your head hardly count as active. And ideally I woul have already gotten them to worship me and not take over. Though >>37167670 has a better way to do it, I admit.

>> No.37167690

That's fucking retarded, anon. All you'd have to do is either mindslave an entire populace or create your own race of rapidly breeding servitors, find a jump that gives you a drawback that keeps you there, then wait and become a god.

>> No.37167715

Warehouse supplements allow companions not deployed in universe to traipse around the warehouse. Just make sure they make it to prayer time in the morning and throw a little praise your way over the course of the day. BOOM. Prayer tanks are full.

>> No.37167752

Hmm. That's not consistent with the wording you used (how they need devotion and prayer to fuel their powers, which wither away if that's not available), which is somewhat confusing. I figure that it's less a case of "spending finite energy, which then goes away" as "fumes in the metaphysical tank keeping you going for a bit before your power starts to wear off due to being stuck in the time bubble of a world where no one knows you're a god".

That said, if you have a better idea for handling management of god power over the chain, I'm interested to see it. I'm inclined to feel that being a fully-empowered god in any given world should require you to be seen as a god by the locals, but if you'd rather it be entirely a matter of increasing innate capability, that works too. It'd just help to have the wording clarified to reflect that, if that's what you mean to suggest.

>> No.37167818

SO, which gods do you guys plan on importing into the Percy Jackson jump? We've got people planning on Amaterasu and Coyote so far, any others?

How do you think they'll interact with the Greek Parthenon once you inevitably get into shenanigans and drag them into interacting.

>> No.37167860

>which gods do you guys plan on importing into the Percy Jackson jump
No gods. I'm going in as the child of the Platonic Form of Wisdom.

BOOM. Platonism: all ovah yo face!

>> No.37167889

I want to bring the Twelve with me. It is my duty to Osamodas, and to Goultard.

How will they interact, you ask? Well, I know Pandawa and Dionysus will hit it off well...

Also, thanks to recent events in the MMO and OVA's, I get to see Yugo again.

>> No.37167942

>then wait and become a god.
You're already a god. Not weighing in on if I support what he said or not, but Brush Gods are actual factual gods.
Because they do need it, but they can't expend it. It's lost when the people don't believe in gods, but someone who has given praise to and believes in you as a god? You can't spend that.

I despite the idea of stripping people's powers from them, so there really is little to no chance I'm going to support that interpretation.

>> No.37167984

>dat pic
For the Emp'daaaawwwww.

>> No.37168046

Why does this make me think of Zoolander?

>> No.37168069

What is this, a jump for ants?

>> No.37168073

Because it's stuffed to the brim with zoolander references?

>> No.37168084


Model - 100
Jet Set Schedule - Free
Hand Modelx20 (Keratin) - 1000
Hidden Depths - Free
Bikini Body (Discount Model) - 100
Strut Your Stuff (Discount Model) - 200
Designer Item - Free
Dry-Cleaning Hangers (Discount Model) - 50
Glam Digs (Discount Model) - 100
The Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Discount Model) - 50
(Natural Makeup Artist + Tailor Made)
But Why? + 100
Rival + 100
Stalkerazzi + 200
No Sense Of Style + 200

>> No.37168150

That's fair enough.

Given that that's your intention, it'd be helpful to replace 'fuel' in Devotional with something like 'grow'; the former implies a limited pool of energy that needs refilling, while the latter implies what you've stated here: permanent increases to your capability.

>> No.37168160

I- That- I can't believe I hadn't thought of that. Sweet lord, seeing Ecaflip troll people would be worth the jump alone, Pandawa and Dionysus's shenanigans would be the stuff of, well, legend.

>> No.37168415

I'm /almost/ tempted to bring in an Old Deus, just to see how they'd react to being in a world without the 10 Pledges

Be sure to ask Yugo /what the hell was he thinking/ when he made Eliotropes

>> No.37168621

Can If It Bleeds be emulated by Lord of Light's Eightfold Path?

>> No.37168623


>tfw we podded Ammy and Jibril
>tfw Odin, Solaire and Glorificus are among my companions
>tfw Lord of Light and Okami backgrounds

We reject the Greek Pantheon and substitute our own

>> No.37168710

I start glowing and crackling with huge amounts of electricity.
My eyes begin to burn with a bright light.
My muscle mass increases by twofold, shredding my outer clothing, which burns away in the electricity.
Air gets dragged down from above me and flows outwards across the ground rapidly, kicking up dust and rocks.
The speed of this increases, and i start emitting flame from my body which mixes with the dust and dirt, creating a burning hot wind.
simultaneously, i use several perks to emit an aura which unleashes a deep, primal fear in any nearby.
Then i top it off with a super-creepy smile which does the same as the fear aura.

Then it all stops at the same time, and my body returns to normal with an audible *pop*
Then i instantly grow taller than the eiffel tower and step on them unceremoniously.

>> No.37168719

I want to say The 8 Guardian Generals to see what would happen, but that would probably get crazy really fast. Especially if you take that perk that lets you be a deity's child. I'm sure THAT would be really fun.

Or, the Egyptian Gods from Yugioh. It'd be fun explaining why my gods are playing cards.

>> No.37168735

To an extent maybe. If It Bleeds is meant to permanently take immortal stuff and the like down. Eightfold path probably lets you damage or maybe even kill, but it isn't going to perma-kill things.

>> No.37168748

I don't really have one, I just look human the whole time.

It's not terribly impressive, but whatever.

>> No.37168777

Oh hell yes. I'm going to be Asura's daughter just to see what it leads to. That's going to be great.

>> No.37168886

What jump is If It Bleeds from?

>> No.37168892

Today is a day for Crime

Black Lagoon v0.2

v.2 1/4/15
Added Drawbacks
Added Cool Boat and Office Gear
Added Crazy Doesn’t Mean Wrong

Jump is Functional as of v0.2 - all perks and gear is in place for test builds.
Todo: Examine Crazy Doesn’t Mean Wrong for bugs.

>> No.37168976

80's Action Movie, IIRC

>> No.37169027

>Not bringing in Tet

>> No.37169036

80s Action Movie. As written it lets you kill anything and make it stick so long as you do it up close and personal with small arms or melee. The creator's said, though. that it actually extends to any means of killing, so long as you actually fight it instead of slaughter it. That doesn't mean you can't be massively overpowered, just that it has to at least have a chance to fight back. So no sniping unless you're in a duel with another sniper, or no orbital bombardment unless they have an anti-orbital artillery battery. The fight doesn't have to be fair, but it has to be a fight. Assassinations and murders aren't the action movie hero way.

>> No.37169054

It leads to lots of sadness. Sadness and rage.

>> No.37169200

Addendum- Origin costs: Civvie and Smuggler are 50cp, Lord/Lady and Psycho are 100cp

>> No.37169220

Probably gonna wait until a mythical image version to update. Gotta figure out how to do background images and find a nice paper one. And a font, which always sucks.

>> No.37169258

You mean the same old deus who nearly destroyed their own world over a competition and ended up losing to a child-like deity who didn't even compete.

>> No.37169262

Drawback: Wage-Hiking Scuuuuuuum! Oh dear, an entire reality of basic bitches. Such is life in jumpchain

Paris, Age 20

Designer (1500). OKAY, so we have no innate experience with commercial fashion design. However, we do have experience with taking over the world, so we'll just get to work splicing up some modified Life Fibers for everyone.

Jewelry Box (Free). Yay, we can...curse these and distribute them to my enemies? Really drawing a blank here
Fashion Label (1400). At least we'll never go poor again?
Tailor Made (Free). We're not exactly sure how a necrontech midget robot master can look "aesthetically pleasing" but okay?
Piano Key Necktie (1300). Hey, you know what's in this year? WORSHIPPING YOUR NEW GOD
Makeover Montage (1100). It's like we're somehow weaponising the essence of JoJo jump
Jet Set Schedule (Free). Oh hey, that's actually useful!
Touch of Glam (1000). We just know some of our companions go in for impractical outfits sometimes (we're looking at you Morathi) so we might as well stop them from cutting themselves on their own edge

Spending the remaining CP on Hand Model: Tentacles (0) for regeneration purposes. WHO'S THE INCOMPREHENSIBLE HORROR NOW NYARLATHOTEP?! HA!

At the end of my stay, we shall unveil our Final Form and descend upon this world like an incandescent apocalypse. There is a realm of fabulous style far beyond mortal comprehension, an existence of pure class and panache too great for the human soul to experience. In our magnanimity, we shall transmit the inherent fabulous essence of JoJo with Life Fibers as our vector, into the four corners of this world.

>> No.37169286

Credit where it's do, one of them invented Jibril. That's a plus in my book.

>> No.37169361

ASA what are you doing.

>> No.37169369

That pun is giving me san loss.

>> No.37169388

It leads to Zeus crying in a corner somewhere, castrated
It leads to Ares trying to change his purview to God of Diplomacy
It leads to Poseidon being shamed and yelled at until he goes home and becomes a family man

It leads to every other pantheon on Earth shitting themselves and trying to stop you when Asura starts learning about world mythologies here

>anon becomes a cute girl to unleash global war

Such is life in jumpchain

>> No.37169415

Anyone else here having problems with 4chan PDF?

>> No.37169443

There's been trouble with it since last night i think.

>> No.37169444

True, just don't forget she's powerful enough to wipe out all of humanity by herself, and she'd do it in a heartbeat if you asked.

>> No.37169480

Email moot, report it in feedback, bitch at his twitter, bitch in the 4chan irc. Needs to get their asses on it.

>> No.37169482


Career Model
> Location: Sidney [Rolled6]
> Age: 18 [Rolled1]
> Origin: Designer [-100CP]
> Jet Set Schedule [Get a Freebie!]
> Hand Model (Fluffy Tail) x5 [-250]
> Touch of Glam [-50CP]
> Natural Makeup Artist [-100CP]
> Hidden Depths [-100CP]
> Bikini Bod [-200CP]
> Tailor Made [Get a Freebie!]
> Piano Key Necktie [-100CP]
> Makeover Montage [-200CP]
> Studio Makeup [-50CP]
> Super-Scope And Lenses [-100CP]
> Jewelry Box [Get a Freebie!]
> Invisible Needle And Thread [-50CP]
> It's In The Contract [+200CP]
> Rival [+100CP]


"It's In The Contract?" "Humiliating?" I'm sorry, Jump-chan, but you're forgetting who you're talking to. I'm in on the joke. And I now have the power to turn whatever batshit thing you'd have me do into a month long fad.
And then I'll have a dinner date with my rival, and I'll gloat about how I got everyone to wear bobbing dildo hats.

Also, my outfits are always great, I've got a ton of things to add a zing to any product, my surveillance systems just got a huge upgrade, and my tails are very, very fluffy.

So, so fluffy.

>> No.37169508

> 20 stacks of attractive tentacles

Are you TRYING to inflict weird fetishes on people, ASA?

>> No.37169561

That picture just makes me want to import Galactus and see what happens, he isn't that bad really and maybe I'll get a tiny smidgen of the Power Cosmic.

>> No.37169594

>he isn't that bad really
>Fuck you guys, it isn't my dad's fault he has to eat planets! He's a great guy!

>> No.37169623

>mfw Galactus waits until the ten year mark to eat every planet you jump to

>> No.37169668

Doesn't he eat planets because he'll release the energy into the next universe or is that wrong?

>> No.37169670

>tentacle model
Tentacles. Oh jeez.


-Background: Lady (900CP) -We're awesome now.
-World of Badass (850CP) -And now I am all the awesome.
-Gun-Show (750CP) -Sometimes a little boasting can at least get some situations avoided.
-Book Smarts (650CP) -Keeping a reminder of all my talents will help me out!
-Two-Hands (550CP) -I am just that AMAZING. ME.
-Counting Time (Free) -TICK TOCK, MOTHERFUCKER.
-Hardboiled Operator (100CP) (Discount) -Gentlemen, this plan will go flawlessly. Here's why.
-Dasvidaniya (-200CP) (Discount) -I think it's time to pull out my Code Geass costume again.
-Serious Style (Free) -You see this suit? I means I am serious fucking business.
-Preferred Weapon (-250CP) (Discount) -It's a very snazzy set of pistols. I like two-fisting.
-Office (-400CP) (Discount) -Gentlemen, my EMPIRE. It may look like an office building, but it is a NEXUS.
-Hit-Listed (-300CP)
-Most Wanted (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Back Room at the Yellow Flag, 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I just strut in one day and take over EVERYTHING. Badass redhead in a fancy suit, perfectly capable of wrecking the rabble herself. BITCH YOU THINK YOU SCARE ME? I'VE STARED INTO THE WARP.

And then I just try to be the most cheerful amazon while organizing crime.

>> No.37169711

Galactus actually does have a kid, so you could do it. If you're anything like her, instead of eating worlds you'll wind up eating diseases. Galacta sates her hunger for genocide by hunting down and entirely consuming strains of bioweapon. Keeps her hunger in check and is good for the world. It helps that she's not nearly as big or powerful as her dad, though, means she doesn't need as much to eat. Or at least, she didn't until she got pregnant. Turns out world-eaters reproduce asexually, and Dad never told her. her pregnancy cravings were a bitch to deal with.

>> No.37169726

Something like that. He gets to be god next universe basically. Point is, he doesn't deserve it, and his existence murders untold trillions each year. He's a horrible person and a horrible being and I don't care that he has to do it.

>> No.37169744



>> No.37169759

That's really dumb. But that's kind of to be expected from marvel.

>> No.37169767

He's going to remake the universe after the current one's destruction. Do you want entropy to win anon? Because that's how you let entropy win.

>> No.37169785

Doesn't matter, he kills a universe's worth of people to make it happen, there's no net benefit.

>> No.37169790


>> No.37169807

I've got a few plans to deal with that.

>> No.37169825

I'd like to see Anti-spiral accidentally slay Galactus or something. He thinks the spiral is bad? Wait until he sees the Cancerverse.

>> No.37169830

For those of you who took the Modelling Jump, there's a small update:

Photographer, Model and Designer are now 50cp

50cp - Closet Full of Ties/Room of Shoes (Free Drop-in)
A dapper tie or the hottest strappy heels are just what anyone needs to complete an outfit, and you have a never-ending supply. Wherever you sleep, your closet will have the right incidental accessories to complete an outfit; ties, belts, shoes, ribbons, gloves- the only limit is no precious metals or gems.

>> No.37169858

>world of badass ladies
>I'm male

holy fuck as written our very existence makes Revy some sort of godslaying Exalted character. We dread to think what Balalaika is like in this reality.

Speaking of Balalaika-we kind of look like a male version of her in human form, because Jump-Chan seems intent on me rolling Russia a whole bunch.

Drawbacks: Freak Show, Most Wanted (1600). The universe isn't at risk, let's have a little fun!

Lord, Age 20.

Rolled Hotel Moscow lobby. Well hello there, our alternate universe genderbent self.

Counting Time (Free). It's like knocking someone off a bike: You never forget how to do it
Hardboiled Operator (1450). Let's see how far we can stretch this with "Carve out our own criminal organization"
Dasvidanya (1150). Not fucking with Hotel Moscow, Black Lagoon or the Lovelace household, but there's bound to be oppurtunities somewhere
Existence is not Living (550). Just to screw with people some more
Serious Style (Free). So serious you have no idea
Aerialist (100). To the point where we start /every/ serious gunfight by jumping out of a window
Gun-Show (0). And with a little illusion magic, we'll be able to pull this off with the infinite bottle of vodka we chug from all the time

You know what really worries us about that endnote? /We are immune to physical damage in Rakshasa form/ and it boggles our minds how all the ladies are out-badassing us. At least we have
plenty of female companions too...

Trying to expand my divine purview to cover Fabulousness as well as Time and Stasis, why?

>> No.37169914

Since you're here, any thoughts on the 'stacking hand model' discussion?

(It started here)

>> No.37169915

See >>37169200, you're 100 points over budget. But not a bad gig at all!

>> No.37169916


>> No.37169961

Frankly, that forced drawback for males is really stupid.

>> No.37169966

NO! No and get your mind out of the gutter, we're fanwanking it more as wholesome cthulhu-style eldritch SAN loss and none of you can stop us!

Ahem, Tentacle GOD OF FASHION thank you


Alas, I jumped Marvel and DC waaaay back before when I was just another cyborg ninja midget scientist Jumper-and not a divine collective consciousness. So that's going to be put on hold for post-Spark shenanigans.

>> No.37169967

It's a purely aesthetic effect, and I like to think that there is only a maximum amount of pretty that people can comprehend before other perks.

Ballpark though? Every time you buy it, your chosen trait is half-again as appealing as it was before.

>> No.37170003

Imagine, an entire universe so overgrown with life and growth that the universe universe is a cancerous lump if living flesh. It bulges at the seams, there is hardly any space left for anything but more life. Nothing dies, yet even the space itself is somehow filled with flesh. Also a Cthulhu is behind it.

>> No.37170013

>wholesome cthulhu-style eldritch SAN loss



Anti-Spiral, you have inspired porn stars everywhere. In fact, the general quality of it has skyrocketed. As one of millions, I would like to thank you.

>> No.37170025

I wouldn't so much call it a drawback as merely a funny way to invoke the trappings of the setting.

Badass, for reference, is highly subjective- I didn't say they would have the exact same powers as you or be 'better' than you. They'd just look/act more badass than you.

It's all a matter of style~

>> No.37170045

It's a drawback. If you're a male, everyone with a vagina is better than you. Presumably forever since it's bundled with a perk, no matter where you go. It's a forced drawback.

>> No.37170072

Also, you know that when a universe has a fatal or otherwise detrimental aspect that's only a product of fluff, not a stated rule of the universe, that it's usually a regular drawback? For points?

>> No.37170074

Listen, Galactus is honestly an honorable guy stuck in a really shitty situation that has to make tough decisions. It's not like he hasn't tried to get rid of the Hunger before, but that usually goes terribly.

And It could be way worse. Pic related.

>> No.37170085

No one's forcing you to buy the perk, Anon.

>> No.37170097

That doesn't mean it isn't dumb, anon.

>> No.37170106

Not better, just cooler. Ya need to calm down.

>> No.37170113

>Hundreds if not thousands of years old
>Punches world ending horrors before breakfast
>Frequently breaks the Laws of Thermodynamics
>Freaked out over whether your plumbing is indoor or outdoor
Anon... Maybe jumping just isn't for you.

>> No.37170115

Gah. Yer right, we don't need Gun Show anyway when we can just do illusions real good

Personally we think Book Smarts is a tad redundant when that's, like, rule 1 of being a competant Jumper. Also,

>not becoming a criminal mastermind infamous for ending gunfights with a bow

Oh, that sounds much more reasonable. Then again, it also sounds like the system is inherently broken and reality needs some fine-tuning

>> No.37170134

Better than you at being cool.
My jumper is female 70% of the time. I just think this is stupid to force.

>> No.37170138

Oh, also?

Nyaruko is happy that you went and made your tentacles all nice and fabulous. Let the implications of that sink in~

>> No.37170157

I'm not sure. Since stacking is supposed to have less and less returns, I'd say something like more then 3 is probably a waste, no? Its amusing to think about but better spent elsewhere.

>> No.37170189

That is a fair point! Then it's fair to assume that you get diminishing returns on each purchase. Like 2x, 1.5x, etc, all the way down however far you like.

>> No.37170202

That looks both hilarious and horrifying, what the fuck happened in that storyline or was it a dream? At least it wasn't Carnage on there.

>> No.37170250

Yeah, I'm trying to math it right now. Give me a sec to figure out the crunch.

>> No.37170255

We're...actually not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed. On the one hand, we were afraid of showing up and becoming the rival of Essence 7 Solar Exalt Balalaika, who has also manufactured the chemical spray needed to repel Rakshasa energy patterns.

On the other hand...that's actually pretty amazing and badass.

We never changed gender. It's partly because we never really felt the need, partly because we enjoy screwing with expectations in setting like Generic Magical girl or FFT and partly because that degenerate Nyarlathotep does it all the time. And we don't want to be like Nyarlathotep even though it's a little too late for that


fuck you we'll place an embargo on Japan with our super designer powers just to stop that eventuality from ever occuring

>> No.37170257

>implying I don't do that anyway
>implying I don't carry my bow with me everywhere
>implying that when I want to show off I fire a bow and erase an attack helicopter
Just because I don't mention it doesn't mean I'm not doing it.

Also, it seems you've finally realized that it's time to style yourself up. Get your game face on, emphasize your strong traits for when you finally settle down with the love of your life. Nyaruko-san comes for you.

>> No.37170269

Idk being male or female is part your crucial identity. When changing bodies as often you do, it's nice to have something solid to rely back on.

>> No.37170314

It was ___________________Mysterio being a dick.

>> No.37170323

>place an embargo on Japan

Ah, so you want the industry to be mostly underground? And from the sounds of it, it'll be higher quality because of the attention you've shown to it!

And you act like Japan will be the only one. You've inspired millions, my tentacled brother. You will have entire pages of the internet dedicated to interactions between tentacles based off of your eldritch form, both recorded and drawn. And animated. THE WORKS.

Germany. Russia. America. The entire world's seedy underbelly has grown a fondness for tentacles now. You have started something beautiful.

Nyaruko-chan is pleased. And also can't wait to get some of her tentacles up in those tentacles. WHIIIIIICH people would be more than happy to illustrate.

>> No.37170324


Also we can shapeshift, we don't /need/ to have tentacles

>> No.37170342

He's tried a lot of times to reduce his hunger. I think one the biggest was if Thor gave up Asgard or it's magic it would feed Galactus for millions of years or something.

I think Thor or it was Odin, one then said no.

>> No.37170343

Oh, AntiSpiral-Kun~ ... those tentacles of yours are really quite captivating... you don't mind if I think of them while I stroke my fluffy tails, do you...?

>> No.37170359

IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU. No matter what form you take, tentacles will be your fate.

>> No.37170372

But they're your charm point! How can you abandon your charm point like that?

>> No.37170399

So uh, yeah. What happens if I give Galactus Gourmet cells?

>> No.37170407

>everyone teasing ASA about the tentacles

Aw, c'mon, give the abomination a break, why don'cha?

Let's talk about people your Jumper should have listened to, but didn't.

>> No.37170409

>You're comfortable with your current plumbing?
>Lol get on my level cisscum
>Cis males should all just suffer

>> No.37170410

I've been playing with a Hunter x Hunter jump, though it's not complete yet.
Would anyone like to see the WIP version and make some comments?

Pricing right now is just whatever popped into my head at the time, so nothing's really final.

>> No.37170416

Heya, just popped out of IRC to congratulate you on revitalizing the tentacle porn industry. And then to shame you for shacking up with Nyaruko. The hell man.

>> No.37170434

Yeah, you really should've thought that one through BEFORE you spent an entire thousand points on having supernaturally attractive tentacles. There are those who find that kind of thing sexy, and you're just encouraging them.

>> No.37170436


>> No.37170442

Probably nothing, as entertaining as it is to think otherwise. His hunger far surpasses that mere physical cells can possess. He's pretty much made of pure Appetite Energy already.

>> No.37170456

I'm not sure if Galactus is organic. Isn't he like energy or something?

Generally if it comes down to being an organic creature then it could probably benefit.

>> No.37170474

>Also, thanks to recent events in the MMO and OVA's, I get to see Yugo again.

>> No.37170501

Yes! Please! I'd love to see what you have in store for us.

I'd be glad to share some ideas too.

>> No.37170503

That's good to hear-

>style yourself up

By radiating holy/anti-magic 24/7, creating ritual circles for repelling eldritch abominations and inscribing Norse runes on ourself to rebound all forms of attack, sure

>game face on

You mean the Granzeboma? Sure, reverse engineering Gauss rifles is proving tricky without the native materials so far but we'll work on making it Demonbane-worthy

>strong traits

Like we divine control over Stasis and Time? Anything to stall the Crawling Chaos while we ready our strongest attacks.


This is why we carry a runcible gun on our person at all time, and also why we've been Sword Planting many, many forks.

No NO the new religion we'll set up will combine elements of Puritanism with Sikhism and all our Life Fiber clothes will dampen peoples' sex drives and we'll psionically order them to forget it over the TV YOU'RE RUINING MY FUN ANON

>> No.37170520

You don't know about Eliotropes, Kanons?

See, uh. Yugo kinda... briefly became a god using the Dofus.

>> No.37170555

>implying social justice
Not even like that, Anon. Just pointing out how much people in the thread are willing to change, and what all they're willing to do and become, but fucking with the plumbing is usually where people freak out.

It just always strikes me as funny.

>> No.37170559


Probably nothing special at this moment.
I'm only 63 episodes into rewatching the series, and i'm adding things as i watch.

The finished jump might not even work remotely the same way it does now.

>> No.37170569

>Everyone has forgotten that the Hunger is an interdimensional entity that would devour the world if Galactus didn't hold it back

>> No.37170592

Look, you're the one who decided to sink a thousand points into nothing but making your tentacles attractive and desirable. You have no one to blame but yourself for this.

>> No.37170603

Awww, getting the basics of a household together! Good to hear you'll like shacking up with Nyaruko, Anti-Spiral.

And think of all the money you'll be raking in from the royalties, because they won't use any generic tentacled monster in their films and drawings. Oooh no, it will all be dedications to YOU.

Once again. You have revitalized an industry that was mostly dragging it's feet. And at the same time, revitalized the world economy twice-over! Think about the good that's done for the world!

>> No.37170609

I like being male
I have never been male for any jump
I have never taken an option that forces me to be female, the closest I came was Strike Witches and Witch in Soul Eater, and those let me stay male for a small price.
The idea of being forced to take a drawback because I want to remain male is fucking stupid.

>> No.37170624

Sure! Well...funnily enough, Alucard. We were really gung-ho about transhumanism once upon a time, and while we don't regret it at all, well, with great power comes great responsibility. We might have lived a more fulfilled life if we'd retained a human soul, who knows?


NO SUCH THING, alt forms exist! We don't need no stinking charm point, and we've already fanwanked the charm effect to be more akin to a religious experience! Sexual feelings a shit

Konata pls, don't you have a buddy-cop sitcom to go back to

Sure, go ahead!

>> No.37170634

I have never not been male for any jump*
Minor typo

>> No.37170639

You could have prevented this, ASA.

You were warned.

>> No.37170649

Please explain?

>> No.37170676

So you're going to languish in a human form while your true glory is hidden? Yeah no, not gonna work. The people need their glorious tentacles.

You have made this bed, now it is time to sleep in it. SLEEP IN THE TENTACLED BED. And also note that you've also forced a good many shops to carry new themed products based on your new tentacles.

Yeah, that's right. You know what I mean.

>> No.37170710

I agree with this. Just saying.

>> No.37170721

See >>37170624 we just wanted the improved regeneration effect...

Reading the creator's comments, I just figured it was no more of a drawback than being a trap magical girl in Generic Magical Girl/Madoka was (i.e. a few odd looks), since it's mostly just a stylistic change.

Yeah well, a household can't exist if we DESTROY IT FROM ORBIT WITH THE DISCORDIA CANNON

>> No.37170751

>A religious experience
whatever you say
this sure SPIRALED out of control didn't it?

>> No.37170762

>being a trap magical girl in Generic Magical Girl/Madoka was
I remember the guy saying you could choose to be a magical boy. With rather than being a trap, you had a more conventional "boy" variant of a magical girl outfit
No dress, no frills, no Trap

>> No.37170772

Carlos I know that is you. You little shit.

>> No.37170776

I thought that's what you meant. Well, for the BL jump you're going to have to decide what's more important: power or identity.

Those types of decisions make for good, fun rp and story. Embrace challenges, Anon.

>> No.37170788

No, he outright says they're cooler. Definitely absolutely. Not the same as just being weird.

>> No.37170789


Wait, I thought you were all about stasis, ASA. Since when were you into Chaos?

>> No.37170792

I like you.

>> No.37170812

It really doesn't make interesting 'rp' or story to just say 'lol you're a man so you suck and are automatically less cool than all women!'. Just sounds like your fetish at that point.

>> No.37170822

>Yeah well, a household can't exist if we DESTROY IT FROM ORBIT WITH THE DISCORDIA CANNON

>using the Discordia Cannon to warp the terrain with CHAOS.

Oh, so you're gonna make the area nice and beautiful for you and your new lover! That's nice.

It seems we were wrong about the Anti-Spiral guys! He's not actually such a dick, he's just bad at communication! We're sorry for judging you before, Mister Tentacles!

Also, Japan loves you. You realize. You've outdone their greatest artists by just existing.

>> No.37170828

How about this?
I don't take the jump, because it's a fucking stupid decision made for stupid reasons.
Just like the shit Aliens anon tried to pull with "you lose all memories of the Aliens franchise upon entering the jump, period." to "preserve the flavor of the universe"
No, fuck you. It's stupid

>> No.37170843

And it sounds like you have an inferiority complex. Good thing we're both wrong.

>> No.37170857

If that drawback is causing so much trouble why not make it a +0 drawback?

>> No.37170872

If it's not your fetish, that doesn't stop it from being a stupid decision and a forced drawback for no justifiable reason or gain.

For fucks sake, this is part of a perk, not only does this stupidity last as long as this dumb jump does, it lasts FOREVER, through the chain into perpetuity.

>> No.37170878

>Everyone of the opposite gender than you is automatically better than you
>Saying this is stupid means you have an inferiority complex
Wow, you sir win the Retard award.

>> No.37170893

>tfw Drawbacks are, by rule, supposed to fade after a Jump.

>Like vampires being weak to sunlight

>> No.37170898

No they're not. Only drawbacks listed in the drawback section do. Innate aspects of powers do not.

>> No.37170904

There's been plenty of males that are equally bad ass then the main females. I think the last bit should be removed. They're bad ass normal types, with a bit of Charles Atlas Superpowers. Only Rock was shown to be less bad ass. However that's changed slowly as he's become more and more corrupted, and using his brilliance to put together Xanathos Gambits. He's the "Face" to Revvy's "Street Samurai".

>> No.37170910

You could just ignore it, you know. It does seem pretty arbitrary.

>> No.37170930

I might as well ignore the background and perk costs too. And the drawback limits. And the location roll. Yeah that's a good idea, let's just start ignoring all the rules because anon wants to force a stupid drawback.

>> No.37170942

That doesn't fade
At all
Only Drawbacks in the Drawback section fade away.
That's why there are 100+ plans to find ways around Vampiric weaknesses

I don't ignore the rules of a jump. I'll complain they're bullshit but I don't just ignore rules, that defeats the whole point.
If there is a jump with utter bullshit that the maker doesn't get rid of, I just don't take the jump.

>> No.37170948

We...picked up a lot of not necessarily Anti-Spiral stuff from way, way back when we were still sort of similar to IRL me. Suffice to say the a) being the Anti-Spiral is a conscious decision on our part rather than something that arose naturally and we're constantly repressing our Spiral origins to channel them into constructive goals and b) this isn't even the least appropriate perk in our arsenal...

Slaanesh confirmed for Carlos


Really? Oh well. Eh, doesn't really bother me considering in Ar Tonelico you need to be a girl to do all the cool tower goddess stuff, and being a male Gria (which we totally did) costs 50 CP too.


...did you miss the bit whereweI just sticked with our Rakshasa form? That's plenty glorious enough for us

>> No.37170950

HAH, like that's stopped you people before. I'm remembering several threads dedicated to you guys going "WELL I'M IGNORING THIS THAT AND THE OTHER THING SO SCREW YOU."

What stops you from ignoring this one?

>> No.37170971

There's a difference in between ignoring somebody's autism and ignoring all the rules of the game you're playing.

>> No.37170972

>you people
Yeah no, stop projecting, stop accusing people of being your bogeyman.

>> No.37171005

Yeah, but the autism in this case is enforced by the jump maker. I don't feel comfortable ignoring what a jump says even if it's dumb.

>> No.37171016

>in Ar Tonelico you need to be a girl to do all the cool tower goddess stuff, and being a male Gria (which we totally did) costs 50 CP too.
That's different
Both of them.
In Ar Tonelico it's a power only accessible to women, like Slayer in the Buffy jump
It's annoying, but it works within the Laws of the universe.
Paying 50 extra CP to be Male in a jump? Same thing, weird and annoying, but acceptable
Forcing a rule where "all women are better than you" on a PERK if you take it as a male? That is bullshit.

>> No.37171042

In Ar Tonelico you can literally buy all of the powers an Origin has, you just don't get the background and discount. You aren't reduced or lessened or even inferior just because you're male.

>> No.37171052

Sometimes drawbacks inherent to perks fade. Like how Devil Fruit users are no longer paralyzed by water after the One Piece jump, they just can't use their powers when submerged. It's up to the individual author. If he were to put a proviso saying "This only applies to the world of Black Lagoon", would that help?

>> No.37171074

It wouldn't make it less stupid that it's forced during the jump. It makes it less bad but it doesn't stop the original issue.

>> No.37171084

See >>37170942
I've never ignored the rules of a jump
I'll refuse to take a jump if the bullshit gets to be too much. But I never ignore the rules.

No, it's still a stupid thing to add to a PERK. It only got worse that it follows you to other jumps. But the fact that something makes you weaker than every female in the setting is put in as a PERK instead of an optional Drawback is bullshit.

>> No.37171087

Theeeen why attach the glory to your tentacles unless you wanted something like this to happen.

Unless you wanted such lavish attention and detail to be applied to every contour and surface of your tentacles.

>> No.37171104

Fair enough.
It IS really arbitrary though. I've seen some of the series and it seems like being a boss isn't confined to a single gender. Would you consider changing it? Or mind explaining why you won't?

>> No.37171139

I thought it only made you inferior to them in the things Black Lagoon deals with. Like, it won't give them superior magic to yours, because there isn't any magic in Black Lagoon for them to be better at than you. So you'll still be stronger than them unless you've been avoiding superpowers for some reason, you just won't be as action hero-y. Which still sucks, I can understand if you don't like that. It's entirely possible that this rule ruins your particular build. I guess I'm just being pedantic.

>> No.37171151


World of Badass and World of Badass Ladies are aesthetic perks, that's pretty much all they are. You take them, and you can look/act more badass. Women just happen to look 'more' badass in a tongue in cheek sort of way.

That's my intent. That's why I wrote it the way I did with the glib humor. It's not meant to say that women are going to automatically scale to your level of power, they just look and act awesome doing whatever they do.

It's like everyone having 'cool guys don't look at explosions', and ladies getting a rider that says 'dramatic wind for hair-flipping'. That's all it does.

>> No.37171183

Better at being cooler, just or not, still stupid. Core issue here.

So what? You don't think it's stupid to force it on people? To make it so women, not only during this jump but throughout the omniverse, are all cooler and more badass than you just because you're a man? Why are you forcing that drawback on what's supposed to be a perk?

>> No.37171201

But anon, having a mythical girl looking better than them ruins their power fantasy. How can they claim to be awesome if a girl looks more awesome than them?

>> No.37171210

Why not make it optional?

>> No.37171219

What power fantasy? I play a woman. My power fantasy is being a badass woman. My power fantasy isn't interrupted here, it's just fucking stupid.

>> No.37171222

Even if it didn't fuck up my playstyle, which it does since I like playing by the rules of the universe I'm in unless necessary, I would still hate it.
Because it's a drawback prettied up as a Perk that you need to pay for.

Then you worded it extremely poorly. I still dislike it since it's supposedly a perk but acts more like a drawback for men. But it's no where near as bad as it was before.
I'd argue for making a 0-point Drawback, like other jumps have done for similar things.

>> No.37171294

Hold on, doesn't that only hold true for the duration of the jump? It says "the ladies of Ronapeur and the criminal underworld" so I thought it was just supposed to be an in-jump theme of sorts rather than applying indefinately.

>> No.37171308

Fair enough!

My end goal is 'Funny'. Not 'Disruptive'.

>> No.37171317

>the criminal underworld
Would mean women in any criminal underworld in future jumps you go to.

>> No.37171325

Perks are constant. Regardless, it'd be stupid even if it was restricted to the jump.

It isn't even how that universe works. There are plenty of badass men.

>> No.37171344

I thought you had a human soul. In fact I thought you had lots of them.

>> No.37171358

A Compromise is found!

>> No.37171381

Good. I am a bit annoyed it went on this long, since the second post complaining about it mentioned drawbacks, but whatever, it's over.

>> No.37171390

Why can't Males & Females be equal in fantasy? Why should one be more "bad ass" than the other?

What I don't like about the perk is that it forces men to be inferior to women, just because. I wouldn't of liked it if males were empowered more than females. Also my companions are bad asses, but they shouldn't be more bad ass than me. I'm the Jumper, they're the sidekicks. Male, Female, Neuter, doesn't matter they're the companions to our Doctor.

>> No.37171405

Manyfist, please don't argue with that asshole. The jump maker is apparently making it a 0 point drawback. Just move on.

>> No.37171410

So, leaving aside this latest argument, a question: Does Aerialist apply to piloting a flying vehicle? That could have some cool usefulness in Ace Combat or Macross if it does.

>> No.37171423


I have no idea as to a new wording yet, but I mostly want to preserve the 'joke' that in a world where everyone is sufficiently badass, and by taking it, women have an (amusingly portrayed) perk based upon it.

At the end of the day, my goal is to get people smirking. Nothing else.

>> No.37171427

Don't you have JoJoxRed fanfic to be writing?

The argument was settled.

>> No.37171443

Perk? Make it a 0 point drawback. Keep the phrasing.

>> No.37171464

Sorry guys, was taking care of something what's going o-


>> No.37171479



You've saved yourself for now, ASA, but they'll be back.

>> No.37171509

There's nothing that says a bodiless creature of pure energy can't have tentacles. Wispy prominences of essence flickering out, probing, penetrating, and finally electrifying. Oh my, yes.

>> No.37171524

Thank you, anon. I was trying to think of a way to phrase it. After all, people's tastes do vary in wild, wild ways.

>> No.37171562

I'll admit that "perks are constant" are why I didn't actually take any vampire perks at first (later when I learned better it was just kind of too late to change my build but eh). Might've taken a selective reading of "in this jump" to mean the writer was implying it only lasted for the duration of the jump.

Can't see why so many people care tbh, loads of perks have far-reaching consequences. Like Abomination.

Technically, Alucard might have a few too from his younger days. Our ORIGINAL soul on the other hand is...pretty much the Death Spiral Field at this point. But like, spiritually.

[shapeshifting intensifies]

>> No.37171590

Because abomination doesn't force inferiority on you for being a male and picking it. Let's drop it though, it's apparently settled. Though the last thing the jump maker said has got me worried that they're still going to try to force it onto a perk, we'll have to wait and see.

>> No.37171681

If it's a 0pt drawback that's more acceptable.

Why would I do that? Jojo left, Red is cool.

>> No.37171682

So hey, anon posted a Hunter x Hunter jump for feedback in


Why not help him?

>> No.37171734

It's already been updated slightly.

-increased price of heaven's arena to 400 from 200
-added hunter license as a separate item
-fixed some typos

I'll be adding more information on how nen works later, including an image depicting where all the nen traits sit in relation to eachother, so you can see how difficult other abilities would be to learn.

>> No.37171735

Look mate. I'm just trying to get the argument done with. Your shtick was fanfic, so I went with what I remember.

If you don't do JoJoxRed fanfic anymore, my apologies. I dunno who's involved anymore besides JoJo being gone, yeah.

>> No.37171778

Sorry, I think we all got distracted. Bad of us. Looking at this jump now, seems pretty cool. So we can be one of the Chimera Ants? That's awesome. I'm gonna be Neferpitou, get that ridiculously long En.

>> No.37171835 [SPOILER] 

That's the thing, you'll have to roll for it.
You might get pitou, you might get cheetu.

Or if you're unlucky,... Pic related.
The nen abilities you get also depend on who you become.

>> No.37171871

Oh, I misread, I thought you could spend to choose like you usually can with rolling. Darn. Well, maybe I won't take that.

>> No.37171887

No, that's good.
I may add the ability to choose who you want for a far higher price, like 1200cp.

>> No.37171898

>like 1200cp.

>> No.37171937

Becoming a chimera ant is really nice, so there either needs to be some risk, like >>37171835
or a high cost.

Remember, you're also getting your nen unlocked right away and a unique nen ability for free out of it.

>> No.37171979

Could you clarify exactly what the Satotz Stride looks like? I'm not sure what you mean by "almost like a moonwalk but different", does it have any beneficial effects or is it aesthetic?

Nen techniques look alright, as long as you can add more of a selection. I'm not familiar with the setting, but how do Chimera Ants justify 700 CP?

Is Rhythem echo a nen technique?

For Nen Gamer, can you be killed inside the video game, or are you limited by its rules? Can you take anything out, or manipulate the game to an extent?

What species is Mike?

Finally, why are drawbacks limited to 670 CP specifically or is that a typo?

>> No.37171984

Well, you get a unique ability with some of them. Not all of the Chimera Ants with Nen had developed theirs yet.

>> No.37172009

+0cp - Always Someone Cooler (Requires World of Badass)
Despite being a badass in a world of badasses, there’s always someone who’s just a little bit cooler than you. The difference is subtle, and in the long run it doesn’t amount to much, but it certainly makes life more interesting.

+0cp - World of Badass Ladies (Requires Always Someone Cooler)
By some cosmic roll of the dice, the ladies who surround you are more badass than you to an incredulous, comedic level. They kick more ass, chew more bubblegum, dual wield more and all that jazz.
Unlike most drawbacks, this effect applies to you if you happen to be a lady in this jump. You may also treat this drawback as perk after the jump, affecting lady companions, not that you mind having more badass ladyfriends, right?
In all other ways this is a purely aesthetic effect, and simply makes life more interesting.

>> No.37172025

Seems fine.

>> No.37172059

That should more or less quell the shitstorm.

>> No.37172085

Looks alright to me.


Also, just to clarify-either Trained or Forced Nen will enable you to fight with your nen right?

Also Beast Tamer and Hypnotic Needles feel like they belong in one perk, are there any other unique abilities you might consider replacing them with?

>> No.37172105

Has the DOA jump been updated? The last version posted didn't have the Ninja tree completed.

>> No.37172117

It's just an aesthetic change.
I can't seem to find a video of it.

Rythem echo does not use nen.
Nen gamer ejects you from the game if you die.
mike is a dog the size of a bus.
drawbacks are limited to 670 specifically because i'm a dick.
the unique nen abilities table is not complete yet. there will be at least eight to choose from.

>> No.37172123

DOA jump? Mind reposting that, I missed that one

>> No.37172149

I don't have it otherwise I would. It was shaping up to be fun, though. Got the feel of the world right. The drawbacks made me laugh.

>> No.37172166

both trained and forced nen will allow you to use your nen normally, just after different periods of time.

beast tamer only works on animals, while hypnotic needles only work on humans. they also function differently in how they are used.

>> No.37172168

I haven't thought of a 600cp perk for Ninjas yet, open to suggestions.

>> No.37172169

>specifically because I'm a dick

Well, the other explanations are reasonable but-well. You don't need to me to tell you why I disagree with that design choice right?

>> No.37172198

It's because there's a 25cp choice, and i wanted to tickle people's autism. I'll probably change it, though.

>> No.37172216

Maybe take something from Ninja Gaiden, considering that they crossover all the time?

>> No.37172217

Conservation of Ninjutsu - You can summon X number of clones, the sum total power of said clones will be equal to your own power level.

Something to that effect.

>> No.37172245

My wording is shitty, but does that make sense? Like, if you summon two clones then they'll be 33% of your power level. Three would be 25%. So on and so on.

>> No.37172256

Also, since i can't seem to find a video of it, i'll try to make a .gif.
although i suck at it.

>> No.37172279


Hmm, Maybe!

>> No.37172325

Just a quick comment about Hand Model before I head to bed.

If I did my math properly then taking Hand Model 20 times only gives about a x5.5 boost to something.

Its really not worth taking more then 4 times per Part for a x5.

Thats assuming each purchase is half the power of the last. If not then go ahead and stack it to kingdom come; otherwise, just choose 5 Parts to give boosts if you are buying 20.

>> No.37172358

Meh, I rolled Emitter. Seems like they haven't shown any character that's good at or does anything interesting with it.

>> No.37172368

So... four times for a specific batch of tentacles? Then repeat for other batches?

>> No.37172392

I think that's fair, though for the sake of argument, it should work on bilateral symmetry or nearest equivalent.

I.E. it works on both hands, both sides of the face, chest, arms, etc.

Better to say that if you take it, it applies unilaterally to 'feature', not 'One limb'.

>> No.37172483

I dunno, it'd be kind funny to dump 200cp into your left pec and nothing into your right. Like, depending on the angle and how you stand, people find you attractive or meh.

>> No.37172510

Sorry, it's not the best example or the best .gif
It looks really weird from most angles.

>> No.37172546

You could combine it with other powers to greater effect, though.
Zeno's Dragon Lance is a good example of an emitter ability.

>> No.37172556


>> No.37172562

Wiki says that's all Transmutation.

>> No.37172587

Really? Huh, emitters suck.
B-But you could do something similar!

>> No.37172605

Probably not. I'm looking at all of this and the only things I'm seeing are an exploding soccer ball and teleported punches.

>> No.37172627

Er.. Uh...
Ki Blasts?
holy shit emitters suck

>> No.37173065

Life magic is lame magic.

>> No.37173085

Death magic is to edgy.

>> No.37173092

Fire magic is cool.

>> No.37173107

I'd call it kinda hot.

>> No.37173125

Might as well use Aura and pretend it was nen or something. Won't be able to tell the difference.

>> No.37173126

Plant magic is, like.... wait, are those cheetos?

>> No.37173150

Magic Magic (the magic of manipulating magic) is the most magnificent magic.

>> No.37173177

Even I know that's the lamest choice of all!

>> No.37173195

Almost as lame as choosing to be a late night talk show host.

>> No.37173231

Gonna need a senzu for that one

>> No.37173234

Fluffy Magic is truly the greatest magic of all.
It's like all other Magic but better.

>> No.37173248

Doesn't work underwater.

>> No.37173257


>> No.37173262

>not casting FIST

Do you even Muscle Wizard, anons?

>> No.37173266

Just cast a spell to make yourself superhydrophobic. Don't bother getting wet.

>> No.37173268

It's not as bad as metamagic (the magic of manipulating meta) or metamagic magic (the magic of manipulating metamagic).

>> No.37173317

I've been meaning to ask this question. If something is sufficiently hydrophobic and dropped in water, will it have an air bubble form around it and float or will it sink?

>> No.37173373

It depends on density, just like with non-hydrophobic materials. It's just that it won't absorb any water to make it heavier, leaving it entirely dependent on the object itself.

>> No.37173404

Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

>> No.37173405

Was literally about to answer with >>37173373 BUT on the Discworld in canon there is a tribe of hydrophobes who are so afraid of water they can hover around on top of it. Discworld physics are wonky like that.

I can't wait to jump there whenever Marvel Anon finishes discworld jump

>> No.37173433

No air bubble would form around most objects, because only the surface is hydrophobic and their isn't anywhere for the air to be trapped. Even if the design was such that air pockets would form you would basically have to design something specifically for that purpose, which is normally way less efficient that just making it buoyant in more conventional ways.

>> No.37173583

I updated Erfworld to try and give Warlords/Drop In a comparable use to Casters. Have fun!

>> No.37173704


>> No.37173727

Yeah it's hilarious because he doesn't even know he's done something special.

>> No.37173755

I have several questions about the 4-chan side if you don't mind

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