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>The dungeon looks like this

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Yeah, and?

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I punch my DM in the face

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Thanks for sharing.

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Are we playing Planescape? Because there's no entrance or exit.

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I cast scry to look for an exit. Then I cast teleport.

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No, there's one near the bottom right and one near the top left (both are slightly in from the corner) It's just hard to see them since they're so small.

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And where is the boss?

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The boss moves and actually cornering it is the goal for the party.

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The dungeon IS the boss. What, you thought those comments from the townsfolk about giant mimics were just supposed to be a joke?

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Soooo I don't even have to go in?
I just stand outside and summon meteors to crash it.

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All those walls and I bet you didn't even make them immune to magic, chucklenuts. Give me a long rest and I'll have seven ways to deal with them, four of which leave no trace.

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I redirect a stream towards the entrance to navigate the maze.

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I lost it.

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it fills up entire maze. now you need to get underwater gear/ spells.

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You seem not to understand, the flow eventually reaches the exit and moves through.

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Wouldn't it be easier to just follow the left hand wall? You can get through ANY maze, eventually, by placing your left had on the left wall and following it.

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show me the exit on that pic

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The maze actually looks pretty easy to solve if you have the map of it. You just split into smaller chunks and isolate the ones that are on the path you need to take.

See the attached pic:
- You start one side and have to cross the red line to get to the other. The red line only has a single gap so you know you must go through that one
- Split one half, orange line, one gap, another waypoint
- Repeat until you get down to sufficiently small chunks that the route through becomes apparent.

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Basically this.

The Party Mage has a short temper and hates confusing mazes, so chances are first chance he gets he will just magically nuke all of it.

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>You can get through ANY maze, eventually, by placing your left had on the left wall and following it.

I'm told some circular mazes don't work this way.

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You'll get out eventually. Even if it's just through the entrance I guess?

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literally autism

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hahaha nice

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Not if the exit is a staircase in the middle.

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You would still get out. However, if you set up a staircase or ramp that took the person down to a lower (or higher) level that did not have an exit then they would be screwed. Unless at some future point they went back up (down) the staircase.

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To expand on this you can iterate through it as follows, increasing resolution of maze only where it's relevant.

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Are you legitimately autistic?

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Leaving the relevant section as follows.

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I sometimes wonder.

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perhaps he is simply smart? not all people are like you.

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>implying that "smart" and "taking the time to do trivially unimportant and time-wasting things" are the same thing

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>"taking the time to do trivially unimportant and time-wasting things"
>says anon while on 4chan

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You need the first to do the other.
> "do trivially unimportant and time-wasting things"
is subjective, plus >>37159720

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Not necessarily. Give monkeys enough time and they could write Shakespeare.

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Not on purpose, which is the point

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Then solve the maze in a shorted time.

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>those walls look petty flimsy, we just break though them

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>Be DM
>Dungeon looks like that
I am so allowing the players to play Wrecking Crew, just carve a straight path through and disturb everything living between the walls.

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yeah, I dunno about that shit. Here's my solution.

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>DM notifies you that the passageways are a mile wide.

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With words, I assume.

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Nazis? Nazis!!!


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You can clearly just walk around the outside of that one

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Wouldn't all the paths fill up though? I fail to see how that would help you.

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The current would primarily drag you through the maze as the sealed routes prevent the flow.

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the DM informs you that puppies are in the dead ends.

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Not the guy who suggested it but I've never liked dogs particularly so...

Besides, surely they'd all be dead from being away from their mother by now anyway?

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What source of water is going to be large enough to fill the entirety of the maze with more than a puddle, let alone enough to comfortably drag you through the maze, yet small enough not to drown your weighted down adventurers? Rapids aren't the easiest things to stay afloat in.

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>"taking the time to do trivially unimportant and time-wasting things"

maybe it took him mere seconds to realize this? maybe he is that smart?

you stressing oh so hard, that his intellect is same as yours only makes you an autist

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Dunno, I presumed magic was involved somewhere along the way. Magic water source, magic breathing spells, magic cushions to alleviate the slamming into the walls...

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>maybe it took him mere seconds to realize this? maybe he is that smart?
He created several different images to explain his method over the period of like 20 minutes.

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>he spent all 20 minutes realising and drawing at the same time

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I'm not stressing. I made a "are you autistic" memejoke and then someone came in and white knighted for him, calling him smarter than me, an unsubstantiated statement.

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I may be mistaken, but I believe the "trivially unimportant and time-wasting things" are referring to the fact that he spent 20 minutes drawing these images, not because he knew a solution.

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>the DM describes the rooms instead of just drawing the map.

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Yeah. It's one thing to notice the solution right then and there, but it's another thing to take the time to draw the maps. I didn't mean to offend anyone, it just seemed like an incredibly autistic thing to do. The kind of thing aspies do in there free time and all that jazz. I thought it was cool, but at the same time it seemed pretty autistic.

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He was cool enough to share it, it's a quite interesting approach

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As the person who did it I am inclined to agree. I just have a love of neat diagrams.

For the record I don't consider myself autistic, though it's not like I've been diagnosed one way or the other. That said, I do occasionally see what can be thought of autistic traits manifest.

Like posting on 4chan.

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>Like posting on 4chan.
I'll never understand why people call communicating with others over the internet "autistic". One of the most flagrant misuses of the word.

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Because moaning and acting like a retard with another retard as your only form of communication makes you just as much of a retard.

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Oy Vey!

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Because MEMES. Also, because "Extremely Escapistic" is sometimes not enough to stress the point.

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You know, you could set a whole campaign in this maze if you went about it right.

Have sections of the maze be either little monster lairs, gang turfs, or small settlements and theme it around different powers in the maze getting organized and trying to claim the maze for themselves. Have it so that there are no entrances and exits, the walls can be carved into but have indestructable supports, and have teleporting magic only allow teleportation within the maze.

All of the denizens of the maze were forcefully brought there against their will, but whoever owns the maze no only gets to leave, but gets their greatest wish granted.

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That's a whole lot of projecting.

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Fund it.

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>one anon finds an efficient, logical solution to a complex problem and explains it for the benefit of others who may need it one day
>another anon calls him a freak with too much free time
Are you sure you don't want these grapes, mister fox?

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But what if the exit is a door that needs to be opened?

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That is basically one flavor of the old-school megadungeon concept.

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OP confirmed for Hitler

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What would be a giant crab's greatest wish?

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I never used that word, but I would love some grapes, mister faggot. Also, finish reading the conversation before you accuse people of using words that weren't used. The conclusion was that 4chan is the home of autism.

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Wizard looks sheepish for getting everyone lost in a flooded maze.

That.. actually sounds really cool, a kinda civ builder. Dangit, now I wanna run that...

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Even if he was, I'd have him in my adventuring party any day. We'd have a serious advantage in fighting minotaurs.

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That no other crab escapes.

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>Not narrating entirely through interpretive dance
I shiggy diggy doo

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Would there be deer prancing around the maze, or mushroom patches growing in damp corners? What would anyone eat or drink?

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>solving a puzzle with a simple and effective method is considered autistic
>on the fucking traditional games board
Site get's shittier every day.

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This is like another shoah

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Simple solution : smash the walls.

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A labyrinth doesn't need a solution. A labyrinth is only one path.

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Has anyone tried an autofill in MS Paint on the empty space? I would, but on my phone.

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Totally an ancient dungeon. It's full of so many artifacts

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>queue three or four computer explosions across the nation

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That's the wrong way around faggot.

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>Adventure-seeker Killy in the Cyber Dungeon quest!

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I was going to say this.

Allow your players to do this if they manage to think of it.

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Huh. That's weird.

If you fill it in, you can see that half the maze isn't even accessible.

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top left or bottom right, your choice.

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MRW the DM pulls out this map.

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Too obvious.

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Thanks for my next campaign map.

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Fuck mazes.

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Yes, it's all connected.

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The thumbnail for that looks WEIRD.

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Smashing around won't do you much good if you don't know what direction the exit is in.

>> No.37161551

but with smashing you just make your own exit.

>> No.37161897

If you just want out, you could simply not enter in the first place.

There's probably some significance to where the exit leads - as opposed to going through just any outer wall.

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there is only one entrance. why would someone do this.

>> No.37162006

If the exit leads to an outdoor location, it's probably visible from the exit you carved.

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Well played. You cock.

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It doesn't look like a dungeon, it looks like you pissed off the Lady of Pain.

>> No.37162291

If the whole thing's aboveground there's probably some reason you're not just going around it, too. For example, someone you need a favor from has challenged you to solved it. It's up to your own judgement to decide if it would be wise wo wreck their precious hedge maze that they're obviously proud of.

If it's underground, then fact that youve pierced through a few meters of solid rock either means you've reached the outer wall or just a part of the maze with thicker walls.

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5 floors like this are gonna be my next campaign.

they get dropped in the middle and have to find their way out

>> No.37162571

Do you WANT your players to start smashing walls?

>> No.37162679

they're free to try. but it's all deep underground, built out of heavy stone

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Sure, nearly ran in sometimes, but I diddit.


Because Im bored and penniless. fuk u op

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Have the top and bottom connect, each time they cross that boundary the dungeon gets mirrored. Every other time on the Y-axis and every other on the X-axis.

Start with only three levels. Add in the fourth once they'd gone through enough levels in one direction to return to the original reflection. It retroactively exists in the direction the came from, too.

Unlocking the fifth level involves tracing a specific pattern throughout the four levels and their mirrored forms.

Solving the fifth level opens the exit back in the room they started in, releases new, more powerful monsters all over and triggers the self-destruct sequence.

>> No.37162791

you could have saved yourself a lot of time using his method.

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Hey guys, someone said dungeon maps?

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Where's the fun in that. I went in, penetrated, and saw the light at the end. Worked. took around 10 minutes, anyway

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My sides are gone

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I think it would be cool if you could do a 'slow fill' so that one can see the fill color spreading through the maze like dye in a pipe system. :)

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great now just get me 8 of these with 6 uniform entrace/exits and I can link them together in a looping hypercube net.

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I can't do that, I can do this though.

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Or if you don't want to be a TOTAL faggot, have breaking walls be a feature. Namely the difficulty of breaking through the walls inside the dungeon from one room to another is low but every time you break a wall, the difficulty of breaking the wall rises until it becomes all but impossible.

Then reveal at the end the dungeon was a living thing and its walls getting more difficult to break through was it responding to the damage of an infection, ie the players.

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That's basically the World's Greatest Dungeon's shtick, isn't it?

>> No.37163178

No, actually, you can't. If the maze has loops, then that technique fails.

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>anon acts as if "autistic" was an insult
>on the fucking traditional games board

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I'm not quite sure why, but that is really satisfying to watch. Thanks anon!

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I have an adamantine pickaxe, a 30 STR and no desire to sleep for the next two days.

We Minecraft now.

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WLD's shtick is shoehorning in a bunch of shit that doesn't need to be there.

>> No.37163620

Some mothafuckin' new tires, good roads, and the blessing of the mothafuckin' crab godess.

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Welcome to Swedish LARP.
I wish I was joking, but I'm only very slightly exaggerating. If you ever go to Fastaval, watch for the Swedish games and don't get roped into them - you'll end up narrating the feeling of helplessness in a single mother with cancer through being moved into poses by the GM.
Literally not kidding.

>> No.37163723

Whilst I've never been at a swedish larp, I do know about such stories.

Also the larp about danish hobos who were gonna pour out the ashes of one of their hobo friends. It involved walking and living like a hobo for 3 days. full immersion.

>> No.37163818

The roleplaying scene here in Denmark is rather split. The "Swedish" scene tends to be more theater/indie art than roleplay, and to be perfectly honest they're a bunch of pretentious, socially inbred killjoys taking pleasure only in sniping each others' reputations. They swarm all over perfectly good roleplaying conventions, for example Fastaval.
Then there's people like my group, which still venerates pizza, energy drinks and chips, playing in ratlike nests with ketchup-spattered furniture, far from human eyes.

>> No.37163928

You should try to mix, friend. New blood and ideas (in moderation ofcourse) bring fantastic ideas.

>> No.37163998

What do you think we tried?
Some new blood just isn't worth it, and sometimes, the old stuff is what you like the best.
We've tried the new ideas, and we thought they sucked (well, most of them).
We tried playing with new people, and urgh oh God no I don't want to meet those people ever again.
In the end, after trying new things at Fastaval, we returned to our pizza-munching oWoD, and it was glorious and good.

>> No.37164098

Well, atleast you tried. Very well, game on my friend.

>> No.37164142

Those statements are not incompatible, my friend.

>> No.37164227

I really don't like the tendency of some roleplayers to think that the newest is the best. Nowadays, so much material either tries to capture the feeling of the old stuff (and does it in an artificial, clumsy and hipsterish way) or tries to redefine the boundaries of roleplaying (which turns it into a different hobby for different people with different interests).
Denmark is a horrible place for a grognard. We have to watch roleplaying being infiltrated by know-it-all artsy hipsters with apartments on Amager who think roleplaying is an art and not entertainment, and who can only play once every two months because they need to raise their kid (who has a name they had to file for special permission for) on macrobiotic organic brown-rice gruel.
It's almost impossible to find someone who's satisfied with how things were back in the 90's and who aren't constantly preaching health screeds and engaging in SJW activism.

>> No.37164366

Is it also impossible to find people who are in between those two sides?

raising a child (no matter how horrible you are at it) always takes precendence im my book though.

>> No.37164466

In-betweeners do exist, but there aren't many. I just think that you should have the decency to not half-ass things - either you keep on roleplaying and don't have a kid, or you quit roleplaying when you have a kid.
Roleplaying is a hobby that requires devotion and focus, at least in the classic form. These people, instead of quitting roleplaying when they're unable to follow it properly anymore, try to redefine the hobby to meet their ideas of what's important in life, and they're intolerable when faced with people who have any other ideas about what it can be.
They can call it "improvisational theater" and stop trying to snipe members from roleplaying groups, take over roleplaying cons and trying to bring social justice into roleplaying. The fact that they presume to represent Scandinavian roleplaying also rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.37164539

Depending on how deep you go down the rabbit whole, yes. Dedicating yourself to one paticular thing and becoming an expert on that thing makes you smart.

>> No.37164567

I can see why that bothers you.
I think you're wrong though. You don't have to stop roleplaying when you have children, just as you don't have to keep roleplaying without children. People change, their wants and needs change and their hobbies change with them.

You're completely true in the fact that you cannot raise a child and expect to play marathon sessions every week. But you can change your roleplaying schedule (with consent of your current groups (or you find new groups who are willing to accomodate)).

That way you don't ahve to go completely cold turkey and stop all your roleplaying once you get your girl pregnant. Also kinda what I meant by in-betweeners.

>> No.37164596

Eh, I agree. The procedure for your approuch was the more intresting, even if the most time consuming.

>> No.37164608

Legend of Grimrock'd

>> No.37164659

Except that only sort of helps because it also fills in a bunch of dead ends.

>> No.37164960

>The roleplaying scene here in Denmark is rather split. The "Swedish" scene tends to be more theater/indie art than roleplay, and to be perfectly honest they're a bunch of pretentious, socially inbred killjoys taking pleasure only in sniping each others' reputations. They swarm all over perfectly good roleplaying conventions, for example Fastaval.
And then you get a bunch of people who think this is the best idea ever and they try to reasearch this and copy and maybe improve it a bit but still doing the same.

And then you get some who think this is the best idea ever, completely missing the point and becaming the biggest retards every while trying to pretend that they are huge nordic larpers

>> No.37165262

A shaker of old bay and a bath of warm apple ale.Good lawd yes.

>> No.37165713

Where did you get that map?
I usually use Donjon to generate dungeons, but I like the unusual shapes in this one

>> No.37165807

>>>/pol/ pls go

>> No.37166190

This does not always work.

>> No.37166434

A smaller version of it was posted in the previous 'crazy dungeon' thread some weeks ago. I tracked it down because it looked awesome, and found the full-sized version on some guy's personal D&D blog. He used the generator and some custom touches to edit it and made it into a full-sized poster.

He did not make it into a game though because he's still apparently working on filling out the contents for each room.

>> No.37167229

If the exits and entrances are all on the outsides of the map and you start following the rule as soon as you enter the maze, it does work. The "islands" thing people keep talking about only occurs when there are exits or entrances anywhere besides the map border.

In fact, no matter how many exits or entrances there are on the map border, if you treat them as wall as you pass them, you are guaranteed to pass them all once, then return to where you started.

Just remember that whichever hand you use, the entrance itself should be the first thing you touch with it. As in, if you walk in the door and are immediately given a choice of more than one direction to follow, don't start on a wall that's not touching the door.

>> No.37167291

he didn't fill in the maze, he filled in either side, so the edge between the two is the path that should be taken. plus even if it's not exact, it is still eliminating a large portion of the maze.

>> No.37170423

I was hoping there was a generator with all that stuff already added, but at least it's given me some ideas for how to make the dungeon maps more lively

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Interesting, but that isn't where the knight starts. How does he get to that square?

>> No.37173877

That's... Bizarre.

You should make some kind of scary face appear 40 seconds in.

>> No.37173929


I'm imagining the hallways just flooding with blood like that one scene in The Shining.

>> No.37174154

Excellent. Thanks, friend.

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>> No.37174361

>Each square represents one mile
>Each room is a different environment with a different group of small creatures
>Some clans of creatures expand across multiple rooms
Whole thing ends up being small scale, fantasy Blame!

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>> No.37174549
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There was a dungeon much like this in FFXI.

Every 15 mins or so it would also instantaneously shift its format/slide its walls.

Was fucking hilarious cause no one knew it was doing that and fucking up all their maps all the time. Everyone thought it was secret teleports or something shfting them around. I knew secret and would watch newbs dying to mobs in there in despair and I didn't say shit to no one.

>> No.37174597

There is one, trivial problem.
A maze could be filled with traps and illusions, making it impossible to navigate in such a simple way.
Tesseract maze anyone?

>> No.37174778

The maze is at the bottom of the ocean and every wall is load bearing.

>> No.37174953
File: 486 KB, 565x342, out.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37175038
File: 15 KB, 250x250, Holy Crackers!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit!

What'd you use?

>> No.37175085

seconding, I too would like to know what program you are using to make these maze fillers, it could be useful as a way to force players to move faster, indicate the color is acid or lava. have it move in turns

>> No.37175097
File: 31 KB, 513x513, solved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37175218
File: 1.86 MB, 2024x2024, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37175291

Actually played a 3.5 campaign one time where our party was traveling through the astral plane and accidentally ended up in the Abyss. Specifically the Endless Maze. We used a map like this for reference and spent at least five sessions trying to escape. Made for a pretty atmospheric campaign, actually. We did have to kill and eat one of our party members for lack of food. He wasn't too happy about it, but he re-rolled as soon as we got out.

>> No.37175371

but theres no rooms its all corridors that cant possibly work

>> No.37175380

i see no /pol/ here anon

>> No.37175410

why would that be such a bad thing anon if it is autism its autism focused towards something good

>> No.37175417

Based paintbucket tool.

>> No.37175433

but then the corners would take ages to turn and im pretty sure all the passages would be stupidly long to but i may be wrong on that one

>> No.37175489

god lord theres words in that maze

>> No.37175509


>> No.37175523

>We did have to kill and eat one of our party members for lack of food. He wasn't too happy about it, but he re-rolled as soon as we got out.
That's great.
How did you determine who to eat?
Did he look like he had the most meat on him or was he just the least able to defend himself.
Or possibly voluntarily sacrificed himself because that's just how noble of a person he was?

>> No.37175543

it was probably the Kender, he was brought with for emergency rations in the first place.

>> No.37175567

The very first thing I thought when seeing the OP image was 'is this a labyrinth made entirely out of swastikas?' Then I looked closer.

>> No.37175642

i cant decide if its cooler on the small or large scale

>> No.37175795

I feel like I should show you something equally as neat in exchange for your work.

>> No.37175861


decanters of endless water. never leave home without them

>> No.37175935
File: 557 KB, 1574x1794, 1417573764151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You think to small

>> No.37175940

Thats basically the plot of Blame/Biomega

>> No.37176091

>- You start one side and have to cross the red line to get to the other. The red line only has a single gap so you know you must go through that one

That's not at all guaranteed for all mazes though - your solution doesn't generalize.

>> No.37176278

>Have the top and bottom connect, each time they cross that boundary the dungeon gets mirrored. Every other time on the Y-axis and every other on the X-axis.
>Start with only three levels. Add in the fourth once they'd gone through enough levels in one direction to return to the original reflection. It retroactively exists in the direction the came from, too.
>Unlocking the fifth level involves tracing a specific pattern throughout the four levels and their mirrored forms.
>Solving the fifth level opens the exit back in the room they started in, releases new, more powerful monsters all over and triggers the self-destruct sequence.

I once had a dungeon in behind a sealed door, with pus-yellow crystals growing through the cracks and a terrible smell of tar or warm pitch to ward away the unwary. Behind: A hypercube dungeon. When the players finally cornered the weird far-realm beast that had made this terrible lair, I did not run the battle on squares but pulled out a Martian Chess grid that I had printed off at work earlier.

>> No.37176325

>I really don't like the tendency of some roleplayers to think that the newest is the best. Nowadays, so much material either tries to capture the feeling of the old stuff (and does it in an artificial, clumsy and hipsterish way) or tries to redefine the boundaries of roleplaying (which turns it into a different hobby for different people with different interests).
>Denmark is a horrible place for a grognard. We have to watch roleplaying being infiltrated by know-it-all artsy hipsters with apartments on Amager who think roleplaying is an art and not entertainment, and who can only play once every two months because they need to raise their kid (who has a name they had to file for special permission for) on macrobiotic organic brown-rice gruel.
>It's almost impossible to find someone who's satisfied with how things were back in the 90's and who aren't constantly preaching health screeds and engaging in SJW activism.


Well there's your fucking problem you half-swede.

(I kid, I kid, my boss is Swedish don't fire me fjällabe.)

Ok but that aside: Denmark is a great place for a grognard if you do things the grognard way: Introduce your own new players. Or is the scene in CPH so poisoned with hipsters that you cannot find non-hipster people to play with?

>> No.37176515

Wait, so the "double" room has a door that leads to that tesseract's center, but the "center" room does NOT have a door that leads to the double room?

Look, multidimensional geometry is weird and all, but not so weird that it has one-way doors.

>> No.37176580

>one way doors
you mean a door with only one handle?

>> No.37176619

I mean something that doesn't actually exist IRL or in standard geometry.

>> No.37176682

Kruskal/Prim mazes are conceptually pleasing because the masses of short dead ends confuse the eye more, but I find depth-first search algorithms tend to give more visually satisfying results.

>> No.37177224

>who has a name they had to file for special permission for
Wait, what?

>> No.37177251

Spotted it in a second too.

>> No.37177425

"We split up."

>> No.37177489

Whelp, time to follow the right wall.

>> No.37177529

No room for monsters above average size.

>> No.37177545
File: 145 KB, 915x562, Contact your local Dabus to retrieve this image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw thats just a normal sidewalk in Sigil

>> No.37177581

Several European countries require parents to either choose a name from a (admittedly) large approved list, or file a admission of naming rights.
France had this until just a couple of years ago I'm pretty sure.

>> No.37177588

What the fuck? I knew european countries had some shitty laws, but seriously, what the fuck?

>> No.37177605

Cast Blink and start running as none of those walls are 5ft thick

>> No.37177617

Honestly, I wish more countries had it.
Then there would be less kids called "Apple" or "PrinceWilliam" or "Xofira" etc. etc.
No joke, one of my employees name is "Abcd" Pronounced AB-SEE-DEE.
I think getting permission for stupid and honestly, abusive names is perfectly reasonable.

>> No.37177673
File: 78 KB, 517x323, 1415590784908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apple and North come to mind as ridiculous names. Not to mention ghetto-fabulous people naming their kids ridiculous shit. There is a group of sisters that I went to school with who were all named after various alcohols. Chardonnay, Everclear (pronounced Eve-er-claire, if you ask her ), and some other multi-syllable one that I didn't get to meet personally. They had a brother named Jack and I really think he got lucky out of the lot of them.

>mfw I thought their names were just funny nicknames they went by until one day my mom, who works in the welfare office, was complaining about a local woman who named all her children after drinks so her paperwork looked like a bar menu

>> No.37177691

Making sure some idiot doensn't name their kid FuckingCunt sounds pretty reasonable to me. It's only a question of whether this is done pre-emptively or if the social services have to take the parents into court to have the name changed(which is apparently how things are done in the US).

>> No.37177705

Odd, but I'd say not really all that annoying.
Different, but not like it's abusive or anything.
Yeah, that's pretty much Le-a tier.

>> No.37177771

>>Different, but not like it's abusive or anything.
It's pronounced GO-FER, don't even ask how the parents worked that out.

>> No.37177831

Yeah, in the US, child protective services shows up if a kid gets named something abusive. I remember one case in particular where some guy named his kids things like Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation. I think he also claimed he was the literal spawn of satan and worshiped the devil, too.

A list of acceptable names wouldn't really work in the US for various reasons, the biggest ones probably being the really diverse population (imagine the shitstorm if the approved names list didn't include every single traditional Pakistani name or something, or the shitstorm from others over the inclusion of such names--it would be a fucking mess) and the fact that that kind of law makes the average US citizen immediately think of an Orwellian dystopia where the government has absolute control over every aspect of people's lives. That shit just wouldn't fly here ever.

>> No.37177859

>pronounced GO-FER
Hahaha what the fuck? That's fucking hilarious. I'd say allow that just simply because I want to see what kind of life that kid ends up having.

>> No.37177871

me and my friend made a maze generator for minecraft many years ago. Could take any 2d maze image and load it in. Was hillarious making the most insane mazes ever.

>> No.37177939
File: 37 KB, 513x513, Mazious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a lot shorter than my solution, but could you emulate this effect outside of paint?

>> No.37177966
File: 241 KB, 453x901, 1417063092082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>maze generator
>never thought this would exist
>google it
>in fact, this exist

Oh, god. I'm such a happy anon right now. My dream is fullfilled.
Here, take this picture as a gesture of my gratitude.

>> No.37178040
File: 93 KB, 619x371, 20 years in the cubes, yuropoor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Requesting an unapproved name for your new juve
20 years in the kook-cubes, creep.

>> No.37178054

>maze generator
>never thought this would exist

Are you a time traveler from 1992?

>> No.37178081

This doesn't look like it's made out of clean right angles from a distance. The thumbnail makes it weirdly higgledy-piggledy. Good design, I guess

>> No.37178083

I just love mazes so much.... But I'm not smart enough to creat one by myself.
But I kept trying.....
I'm a bad person and I should feel bad about it.

>> No.37178423

You can't read. The double rooms have a SWITCH that moves you to the center room, not a door. Bottom-left is a SWITCH.

>> No.37178452

What is a switch? (English is not my first language, and none of the definitions I know make sense in this context.)

>> No.37178455

There's a mistake there you know.
Purple Top is supposed to go to Red Bottom, not Red Top.

>> No.37178487

Some sort of button or lever. But no, a switch doesn't normally move people

It's a magic cube, so I guess it just teleports you.

It's one way because to get to the double room you have to go in one direction twice. If you're just in the middle you can't do that.

>> No.37178556

thank you.

>> No.37178573
File: 118 KB, 700x469, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The entrance to the maze looks like this.

>> No.37178582

>It's a magic cube, so I guess it just teleports you.
I guess I have to accept that. But a properly built 5-dimensional hypertesseract wouldn't need teleporters. Every tesseract should share its eight cubes with eight other tesseracts.

>> No.37178612

Rogue existed since 1980.

>> No.37178622

This board is about roleplaying, quests, cyoas, and porn. Why would you think its about your maze gobshite?

>> No.37178638

Fucking hate it when the DM does that. Draw it on the fucking map, its what the fucking minis are for.

If I miss another fucking secret door just because you can't be assed to draw the map instead of fucking describing bullshit...

>> No.37178646

>but, but it's off-topic!
Quite the non-sequitur.

>> No.37178656

>I was only MEMEing to be retarded!

>> No.37178667

The concept of building a 3D maze (because in the end both the Tesseract and the Hyper-Tesseract Dungeon are just 3D mazes) out of 4 or 5D objects is inherently based on simplification.

The Tesseract Dungeon isn't shaped like a Tesseract, it's shaped like a Tesseract unfolded into 3D.

The Hyper-Tesseract Dungeon is not shaped like a Hyper Tesseract, but once more like a Hyper Tesseract unfolded into 3D.

The remaining paths between the rooms are added in ad hoc.

Now if you want to argue that it's the same you also have to argue that the following is a cube:


>> No.37178715

Even an unfolded shape doesn't need one-way teleporters when it's allowed to use arbitrary doors.

>> No.37178738

From the two-dimensional creature's point of view it is.

>> No.37178758

No, it really isn't.

>> No.37178772

FUCK YOU. "New blood is good hurf hurf" Fuck off you big bang watching fuckass.

What is good in life?
A stack of books worth $400 to win with!
A stack of cards worth $400 to win with!
Cheeto stained furniture in the basement with no girls allowed and Frank Fazetta pinups on the wall! No mary sues, no bullshit, just fucking awesome!

Now any shitfag with an internet connection thinks they're a nerd. Filthy posers.

>> No.37178782

If you say "this side is connected to *this* side" and so on, then yes, it is. It behaves in every way like a cube, and a 2D explorer would marvel at its alien geometry. It's just a different way to depict it.

>> No.37178826
File: 239 KB, 814x1050, Tesseract Dungeon 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Tesseract Dungeon isn't shaped like a Tesseract, it's shaped like a Tesseract unfolded into 3D.
I don't know what shitty version of the tesseract dungeon you've been using. The tesseract dungeon IS shaped like a tesseract. As a three-dimensional creature stuck on the inside of it, you can't see it in all its glory, but that doesn't change reality.

>> No.37178838
File: 123 KB, 1218x644, tesseract dungeon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posted the wrong picture, though I guess that works too.

>> No.37178850

Fuck, when did we start playing Daggerfall again?

>> No.37178862

Clever. I like it!

>> No.37178931

Haha, I had the exact same idea when I first saw OP's pic. Didn't know it was a legit maze strategy though.

>> No.37179006

I don't like mazes.

>> No.37179025
File: 1.91 MB, 2638x2637, hexeract.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's also this.

>> No.37179094

I'm playing age of worms with a group of four. My players are

>Rogue who is terribad at combat. Ready to abandon everyone at any moment because it's 'in character', despite that it makes everything a massive pain in the ass
>Cleric who doesn't know what a domain is. He's not a very attentive player, but he's getting better
>New guy 1. May have experience. Made a rogue.
>New guy 2. Named his character after the police officer that shot that black guy and started all the riots. Fighter.

So in the next session they're going to take on a three part dungeon.

>Part 1
A very organized group of Hextorites who train rigorously, who have an entire plan set up where the PCs are led to a killzone. Should the PCs fall for it, there will be three priests casting, 3 archers shooting into room while undead pour in. DC 22 to climb the 20 foot walls.

>Part 2
Basically underdark barbarians who steal away the party's light sources and womp on them. Following this, they will allow the party to climb halfway down a 200 foot cave cliff before opening up on them with arrows and javelins from another cliff.

>Part 3
A labyrinth filled with kenku who know all the secret passages, jumping the party and leading them to traps.

Following this, a half made monster demi-god wannabe who will get pissed when he finds out his cultists are dead.

The party is fucked if I follow through with everything.

>> No.37179437

I used to get yelled at by my players all the time because all of my dungeons ended up being labyrinths, even when I was trying to make them halfway simple.

>> No.37180202

What do people eat in any mythic underworld?

There are beings in the Greek hell, right? Harpies, at the very least. What do they eat?

Answer: They do not necessarily need to eat. The orcs that live there have been spawned there by the musty darkness. Guardsmen must occasionally visit the sewers of the greater cities and expunge the goblins there. Sages say that one could theoretically create a goblin by placing a corpse in a barrel, loosely covering it with dirt, and leaving it in a dark basement for a month- but who wants a goblin?

The historical name for this school of thought is "abiogenesis" and was the dominant mode of thought for "how things come to be" in the real world for many thousands of years.

>> No.37180230

That is obvious and why the hell did I never think of that?

>> No.37180290
File: 331 KB, 517x768, 1419788045174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37180345
File: 74 KB, 500x386, 2450820-lyingcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No joke, one of my employees name is "Abcd" Pronounced AB-SEE-DEE.
"Le-a tier" is right.

>> No.37180379

Thats what "black culture" gets you.

>> No.37180614

that's, unfortunately, a true stereotype, though it's not always common, I've got a black buddy who's named Norman.

>> No.37180673

Abiogenesis is a distinct question from "what do they eat". People thought flies spontaneously appeared on rotting meat, but they still knew what flies eat.

>> No.37180730
File: 809 KB, 996x968, dungeon 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 my lvl 1 dungeon /tg/
>Memory-based puzzles
>Swinging guilotines
>Collapsing bridges
>Players must retrieve keys to open exit room
>Keys hidden around map
>Secret shortcuts
>Room with a pit that has chains over it
>Chains can be swung on as a move action to retrieve key on a pedestal in the middle of pit
>Door to boss room is sentient, must be made to laugh in-character to open.

I also really hope none of them see this.

>> No.37180927

We're not friends anymore, you and I. I'd lasted YEARS, at least.

>> No.37180944

Some black people know that white is right, too.

>> No.37180993

Fort Boyard/10
Also, what is this, a dungeon for ants?

>> No.37181013

some ethnic people realize having a white sounding name makes it easier to get a job.

>> No.37181041
File: 1.41 MB, 1513x828, dungeon 1 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're screenshots, so they can only be so large. Still need to pick some monsters for a few rooms if you've got some ideas. The dungeon is themed after the Tarot Major Arcana of 'The Fool' if that helps.

>> No.37181057

The only thing that doesn't generalize is the convenience of it.

It's simply a mechanism to tell you what sections you have to check next. It's a parallelizable algorithm operates by splitting the maze into increasingly small sections, discarding some as not relevant.

>> No.37181086

Fuck yeah, time to play some Mazes and Minotaurs!

I get to be Theseus!

>> No.37181171
File: 2.58 MB, 1920x1080, latest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The dungeon is themed after the Tarot Major Arcana of 'The Fool' if that helps
Silent Hill 2 did it right. First some skeletons attack the party, then have a corridor of skeletons hanging on the walls in the Fool's pose who DON't attack the party phrases "Hey, wanna hang out, sweetie?" or "Nothing to see here, just hanging there" are optional and depend on the tone of your game.

>> No.37181216


>There Are 328 Human People Named “Abcde” in the United States

>> No.37181264

Oy Vey the Goyim Know!

>> No.37181272

The game is set after the rapture, the PCs wake up in coffins after the end of the world inside a tomb. Other enemies in the tomb are mostly others who woke back up and have been trapped so long that they've essentially just gone nuts, trying to figure out one of the dungeon puzzles. The "boss" at the end of the dungeon has bee 'dragging' a helpless girl through the dungeon, but really the girl is part of the boss like an angler fish's lantern. The boss is 'the fool' who must be made to laugh to enter his room. Enemies is the end room and trying to slowly recall jokes like zombies while they attack the party.

>> No.37181317

10/10, would play.

>> No.37181342

This thread is pure gold.

>> No.37181840

Well at least they get called first in alphabetical distributions. Which is a much bigger lead in life than you'd think.

>> No.37181894
File: 10 KB, 260x194, he's right you know, morgan freeman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37181923

Not only is this visually super cool, it gives you a lot of insight into the algorithm that generated the maze - look at the way it fills in in regularly-sized square blocks.

Looks like the algorithm divided the maze into a 4x4 grid, decided how those big squares would connect, and then subdivided those blocks smaller and smaller until it got to the desired scale.

So that "find the walls" algorithm that anon posted earlier with a series of diagrams is basically just running the generation algorithm in reverse.

>> No.37181945

Well... there's people called Aaron ...

>> No.37182026

I've always wanted to design a shifting maze, but I've never quite figured out a way to do it. I suppose I could just think of it as a (looping?) three-dimensional maze that you're constantly scrolling through, but I need to figure out some way to make it clever. There ought to be some way to easily escape the maze once you've worked out the pattern.

Ooh, idea! Maybe a knight's-move - the maze is divided into 64 square sections, and no matter where you are in the maze or what step of the shift you're on, it'll always be possible to find your way to the four squares a knight's-move away on one of the steps of the shift. This means that you can, if you know how, work your way to any point in the maze by following a knight's tour.

Not sure if this is possible to do, but I think it may be implementable.

>> No.37182469

>Spend weeks trekking through the massive maze, fighting monsters and crazed men who lost their way
>After three weeks of this, a loud sound fills the halls
>Suddenly a rush of water roars through every corridor of the maze
>When the torrent settles and the water levels out, the maze has now been flooded thigh deep in water, only a few portions of the maze are dry as they are raised up a bit
>Now the maze has water monsters and the party has to deal with the issues of wading through water constantly

>> No.37182534

>First in alphabetical distributions
God bless America

>> No.37182571

>Not naming your kids "0000", or "~"

>> No.37183244

>not "Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--"

>> No.37183287

"tilde" (I assume it's not silent) is not that bad of a name.

>> No.37183340

Wrong Crustacean.


>> No.37183657

Thanks doc

>> No.37185283

Through a former job I have had to deal with lots of families with legal problems over the phone. One of my coworkers started a list of the ridiculous names of children in these families. Unfortunately I can only remember three. Green Forest, Tremendous Johnson, and the crowning jewel of the list, Dark Nocturnal Agony.

>> No.37185334

>"No, no, it's silent."
>"Oh. So your name is..."

>> No.37185481
File: 39 KB, 513x513, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May I have a cookie?

>> No.37185628

We ever get word on what anon used to do this?

>> No.37185760
File: 228 KB, 800x531, maze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to run >>37160958 in pic related.

>> No.37188440

This is a good enough place to ask.
I'm thinking of running a dungeon for 5e using the random dungeon tables.
What I want to do is have it so that when a door is shut, the room it leads to changes.
Rolling an additional d100 and on a 1 the room is the exit to the dungeon.

Does this sound like an annoying idea?
Or should I just think up rooms on the fly, which is easy enough for a simple dungeon?
I'm trying to lead my group away from map-based dungeons, because they have a hard time in towns and shit where things aren't represented on maps with squares. And creating a map for everything is very painful.

>> No.37189264

Sorry to disappoint, but it's a not-very-user-friendly script I threw together: http://pastebin.com/my8ggDmx

Right now it only creates animated gifs from the commandline, and probably only on Linux. I'll have to see about making a browser-based version that can go frame-by-frame. Otherwise, you might be able to do something similar with a cellular automaton program like Golly?

>> No.37189511


>> No.37189686

It was this property of the maze that I noticed and used for the algorithm

>> No.37190320

Sounds like you're begging for the party to camp the first door they find with readied actions, closing and re-opening them until they hit the jackpot.

Make doors require and consume keys, put one in each room, strike off rooms as they're completed.

>> No.37193100

Stay bosnian cheer-up kid.

>> No.37193130

What if I instead had creatures come in from other doors in the room?
A group of goblins stuck in there, just running from room to room trying to find a way out, stumbles into the room behind the players.
A swarm of rats scurry through the door, and they look hungry
Ribbit, Oh fuck a giant toad!
Oh hey, this guy just wants to sell us stuff... why does an apple cost thirty gold?

>> No.37193211

>being moved into poses by the GM.
I åssume you meån being fåecålly påssed thröugh the GM by interpretive dånce?

>> No.37193596

>not Ma~a pronounced Matilda

>> No.37193736

Oh god that's just sick.

>> No.37194211

Wouldn't it just be Ma~, then?

>> No.37194254


Only if you want it pronounced "Matilde," if you want "Matilda" you need the a.

>> No.37194635

>Have a set of rooms, each with a door or several
>Doors that always close behind you
>Each door has a list of three other door they can lead to, none of them ever go two ways. Whenever the party goes through a door, all doors switch to the next destination on the list.

Just make sure every room is connected.

>> No.37194920
File: 199 KB, 450x642, Nanoha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like my solution more

>> No.37195391

Well he /finishes/ on a starter knight position, so it's backtraced probably, or something like that.

>> No.37195530

If it was an actual dungeon in an actual game.
And I would have by some (probably magical) means obtained this exacting map.

Those voids would be the most damn ominous thing.
Especially the one in the upper right.

I mean, something made that dungeon.
Something that set out to fill in as much space as possible.
Something that could make a dungeon of that scale.

And that something DID. NOT. GO. THERE.

>> No.37195755

It would be so very difficult to tell where you were.
How would you do it?
Walk through some rooms and try to find where that pattern is? Like, right (square room) forward (square room) left (circle room) forward (rectangle)?

>> No.37195800

Yeah. You'd probably need to go a couple rooms in every direction too.

>> No.37196713

what about the bigger one in the center?

>> No.37196746

"I stared at the void, and It blinked"

>> No.37196765

I mean the biggest one in centre-top-slightly-to-the-right.

>> No.37196780

derp, of course thats the one you meant, what the sodding hell is actually there though?

>> No.37196995

It's a cotton candy lined shaft that leads to a circus full of clowns.

>> No.37197019

due see >>37196746

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