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You missed a link to the last thread. You're ruining the natural order!

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So deadlight smashers, how do you deal with Cultist post-jump? Going to drop her in Ravenloft? Gonna take her out of jump just to kill her one last time? Going to try to redeem her? Or will you just be leaving her behind as it's no longer your problem?

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>why not 8-bit Theater?

I just don't know it as well, really. It's been a while since I read it.

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Well then. My vote's for OOTS.

I'd vote for Adventure Quest, but I'm still kind of bitter at the setting because of some of the later patches

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Leave her behind.

Her role in Light of Terra for me is as a coalmine canary. If I can't get rid of her, I'll utilize her in the most non-interacting method I can muster. Trying to take her advice seems very unwise, and likewise if she doesn't want to go six feet away from me then she's going to pull her weight whether she wants to or not.

After the jump is over and I've paid my proper respects to Hooligan (which I still kind of feel guilty over), I take off. To attempt to kill Cultist-Chan one last time or eradicate her means the Chaos Gods have the last laugh. For Hooligan's sake, that will not happen.

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What happened to Adventure Quest?

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Wow, really? I would think the way to deal with Cultist-chan would be to take her along with you as a companion and then leave her forever in the void between planes where companions are left when not in play. That way, even Chaos doesn't get to have her. You've simply removed her from the setting.

Although I guess some minions of Chaos might actually thank you for that, so. It's really an either/or situation.

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While I don't intend to go to the Light of Terra, I would *probably* try to redeem her in a place where there are friendly gods I can get help from. Failing that, I could at least hope to redirect her towards Sheogorath rather than Chaos.


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Oh that's just it. Plenty of chaos minions would THANK me for taking them away from their dark gods, Tzeentch minions in particular. Plus the more they're around me, the greater the risk of corruption.

It's far more pragmatic and sensible to just leave them in their own pit to rot.

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Oh, it's still chugging along. And now all the next things are paid for with Z-Tokens (see: IRL money). Which is frankly a slap in the face to anyone who bought a Guardian account.

Meanwhile: Thanks to the latest patches, a great deal of monsters became ridiculously OP unless you happened to have grinded your way into the wealth needed to purchase the elite equipment that can let you hold your own against them. You now need to grind your way through a mob to acquire the Dragonslayer sword, and either leave yourself at the RNG's mercy or fight stupidly broken enemies. Don't even get me started on how useless the vast majority of classes have become.

Two words: Magical stasis. It solves everything.

Well, that /might/ amuse Malal a little but the other four will be chaosblocked and that's the important thing

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My plan is to kill her and use If It Bleeds to make sure she stays dead. Then use resurrection magic to bring back my companion. Finally, use Behold My Final Form (On The Path to Enlightenment) to cleanse the Chaos taint from the world I land on. Of course, I doubt it will actually be something so casual. I'm not so arrogant as to think I can completely ignore the power of the Warp. I'll have to put a lot of effort into it. But if the Chaos Gods are going to try to punish me for reclaiming my powers, they'll have to deal with the consequences of earning my wrath.

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As long as Chaos can't reach out of its universe, fixing her should be easy.

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My understanding of the wording was your companion was gone forever if you break the orb. Please tell me if I'm wrong and there's nothing explicitly stopping me from dumping some of Andraste's Ashes on the dead husk of my companion, or killing cultist-chan permanently-or at least preventing her from following me to the next jump

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The Chaos gods could have claimed your companions soul if it has one. I am guessing.

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I'll take it back, then. Won't be easy, but it won't be the first time I've stolen a soul back from Hell. Besides, imagine how much more tsundere it would make Carwyn for you. Not only did you prove you're more than a baka mon'keigh, you rescued their soul from being eaten by Slaanesh. Kind of hard to say "it's not like I like you or anything" after that, though I'm sure they still will.

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Doubt it will be possible. The Chaos Gods don't generally let people just walk into their domain, and they are almost guaranteed to be stronger than you.

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There's nothing there to ressurect. Whatever passed for their soul/consciousness/operating system was burned up to fuel the arrival of your new best friend.

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They are stronger than you,, nothing in the entirety of jump chain will give you power to Stand against them.

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No, but if you scraped some of her off the wall you might be able to clone her.

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Darn. Okay, well, I can at least still give Chaos a black eye for thinking they could kill one of my friends and not suffer any repercussions for it.

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TTGL should if it ever exists. Regardless, direct combat is stupid. They're much more easily beaten because of how... malleable they are. They're a gestalt, and you can control what makes them up.

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That could work but how are you sure that the clone would be the same person?

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Cloning something that was ground zero for a warp portal seems like it would go wrong really badly.

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How far down that existential rabbit hole do you want to go?

Where's your sense of adventure? Plus, I imagine you could cleanse the sample with Magical Purification from GMG

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That would be an end jump. Meaning that anything to do with 40k would be Post-Spark, which is best not to get into.

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>using out-of-jump methods to fight and/or purge chaos
This anon gets it.

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Part of me wants to jump 40k as my end jump just to unleash the Pink Tide on 40k. Music, moe, and pastel magic e'rewhere.

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Don't forget to splice them with kaiju DNA, equip them each with a cyborg hindu godbody and grant them Lumen Sage powers!

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Convert her into a servitor, while she was still alive and concious. Skip the lobotomy. Then dump her on nearest Forge World before skidattling out.

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I've got a standardized upgrade package for them to increase survivability and utility. No Kaiju DNA, though: Kitsune.

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Terrifying and adorable. I may have to augment a few like that.

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>diluting perfectly sexy Kaiju with filthy Kitsune DNA

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Someone tell me, is there a good perk for combining horrible monsters with giant battleships? I have a technorganic theme going on, and recently I noticed that I have purchased both several giant monsters (as well as taken samples from others for splicing), and several ships/airplanes/spaceships and other assorted vehicles. I think it would be fitting to fuse all of these.

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Can't really think of a perk specifically for it, but Geneforge's Reshaping, some science, and some mechanical perks should help with it.

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Duct Tape Fusion, from Invader Zim, is exactly what you want. The downside is that you have to survive 10 years in the world of Invader Zim.

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But won't they all be covered in tape and unwieldy?

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Well, if you took Kencolle and grabbed your ship girls as companions then you've got subjects to research with and on. There's no clear cut path to what you're asking, I think, but if you combine a couple of different jumps you should be able to get there eventually.

You'll need a shit ton of science and magic, though.

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I'm pretty sure that unlike the duct tape aliens, the perk actually lets you combine things. Otherwise it's kind of a waste of points. However, if you don't agree, you could go with Chimera Science in the Mother jump. That also lets you fuse monster and machine into one. Or you could go to the Transformers jump an figure out the technorganic reformatting process and use it on your monster. There are lots of options available.

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Three words: Kaiju Power Armor

>> No.37128215

Mecha Godzilla!

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So a few things.

1. How useful is super study buddy? Like it says "people who study with you, including yourself, don't need to sleep as long as you're learning", but does that include research as well?
2. I notice scientists don't get any free items. Why is that?

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Yeah, study buddy seems kinda bad? It's a little confusing.

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Quick question: What is the relationship with the Egyptian Gods and the magician background in the still-being-worked-on PErcy Jackson jump? The two didn't seem to have any relationship, and at some point I want to hang out with the Egyptian Gods and do Egyptian stuff.

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One better: Kaiju Shipgirl with Kencolle armor.

The weapons on the shipgirl armor are small, person sized, but once they fire the shells size up to their BB sized weapons. Now apply that same principle to larger weapons and mount them onto a Kaiju sized combatant.


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Question about the Percy Jackson jump/setting, which gods are legit there? Egyptian gods? Norse gods? Japanese? Aztec? Christian even? or just Roman/Greek?
Also which gods are the strongest there?

>> No.37129221

And remember,Waddle Dees Count as one companion for purposes of import. You can have a small army of Kaiju Shipgirls At your command.

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The creator said that the Egyptian Gods hang out in Magicians heads and give them sweet power for doing stuff related to their goals.

Apparently all Gods are real, just that I think the Percy Jackson really only deals with Greco-Roman Gods mostly. Apparently the Greek Gods have different personalities than their Roman counterparts even if they are the same deity. They're effectively split into two personas. With Romans being more warlike.

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In the previous thread, it was stated that monotheistic religions are hands off. IT also said that you can build your own pantheon, so yes, all of those pantheons are up for grabs.

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I've been abusing that pretty heavily. I also gave them sea squirt surgery base in Terra Formars like Bao does, so they've been growing in number. At this point I've got a few hundred thousand.

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Isn't that a bit... you know, bullshit?

That's like saying you can import an army of spliced up gods with undying loyalty to wreck everything all for a low low cost. That's horrendously imbalanced.

>> No.37129337

>balance talk.

Oh dear, here we go again. You should know better than to argue with this guy Red considering the shitstorm he started with the FISS nonsense.

>> No.37129359

...fair point. However, I SHOULD point out one more thing. Brows made the Kirby Jump, so if anything the Waddle-Dee thing should be decided by them. I'll drop it from there.

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The perk itself gives you a bunch of weak and nearly useless piles of pudge. If they become anything else then it's from abuse of imports and skills from other jumps. So if it's bullshit, then multiple jumps and a combination of perks is what did it, which is what you do for fun too.

One sided much.

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For what it's worth, I don't import them for new skills that often. I mainly got it so that I could import them as Reyvateils in Ar Tonelico to fix Viela Tower's situation of having relatively few Reyvatiel. They're not actually that tough, all things considered. I want them as companions, not unstoppable warrior gods. Mostly, when I do bring them into battle it's for aesthetic purposes. They've all got intangibility, so I treat them less as an army and more as the attendant spirits that herald my arrival.

>> No.37129435

>Multiple thread shitstorm
>IRC chat-logs involving shit-posters on both sides of the IRC-thread war
>Tera outright demanding a public apology over a comment made by Red involving a perk.
>Red over-stepping boundaries because thread would've still turned into shit.

Both sides got covered in shit. I'm just sayin', don't try to argue with the guy when he sparks a multi-thread flame war. It's like arguing with the pyromaniac when he has a lit molotov in his hand, it won't end well.

>> No.37129439

Yes and no.

Whatever you do to augment them, at their core, they're still Waddle Dees... relatively incompetent minion-types from the Dream World, formed more the idea of loyal servants than from anything else. You can do various things to make them stronger and better, but they'll always be mooks.

On the other hand, you'll be able to make them pretty impressive mooks, given enough time and effort. After all, mook-tier Kaiju are still Kaiju, as even the wimpy baby-type Kaiju that the army can mop up easily enough on its own are still a force that takes an army to deal with. As such, you can certainly empower them to the point that they'll be able to wipe any lesser mooks off the field without much trouble. Singularly impressive threats will probably be able to fight through them, but that's what you (and your other Companions) are for.

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This is a good way to approach it.

But we're in /jc/. There's no point in trying to limit them except by fanwank. Which is why we should never have multiplayer.

>> No.37129457

I'm saying they're both at blame for that, so don't just paint him as the only bad guy in that situation.

>> No.37129502

Eugh, it did come across that way. My bad.

However, the guy does have a history of sparking shit-fests. My point was, just let him fanwank because trying to argue with him will end poorly for everyone involved.

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You're still doing it anon, you're still being one-sided. Just drop it.

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How's dat jump goin

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My general reaction is that since the Waddle Dees count as one companion for the purposes of importing they consolidate into a single being when imported and have the horde of Waddle Dees as an alt form.
Magicians are by default aligned with the Egyptian pantheon. So yes you can go off and be Egyptian completely ignoring the philandering dickbags that make up the Greek side of things. Do note however that until awhile into the jump the House of Life (the overarching organization of Egyptian Magicians) considers hosting a god to be heretical and wrong and will at least try to exorcise the god and at worst kill you.
At very least Egyptian, Greek and some Native American. I'm probably going to whip up improvised fluff for the Aesir. As for strength the hints are that the Egyptian and Greeks wound up in a stalemate and effectively wound up in an agreement not to interfere with eachother.

Riordan is avoiding touching implications about Abramahic faiths being true or not to avoid controversy and I feel it's wise to stick with it. As for the others I've got no clue but am fine with people making stuff up. Any pantheons from other jumps you've done can be imported to have retroactively existed with similar seclusion from the other pantheons as you get with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Also there are some slight implications that while the various gods are distinct from eachother the Titans are at least partially the same across pantheons. The Egyptian protagonists delivering a message between the Egyptian embodiments of the Earth and Sky may have been what stirred Gaia from her slumber to cause trouble for the Greeks.

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Let's us drop it before there is a flame war okay folks? yes it is kind of an abuse, So Red has a point. I just think it's fun to find these abuses. Let's not have drama.

>> No.37129639

That's not invalid. "The rules don't prevent this" is always a reasonable thing to say. The only question is, does that make your story more or less interesting?

Personally, I avoid doing single-companion Imports for my Waddle Dees, and assume various limitations on their part that are hard to overcome, even with perks. My first jump after Kirby happened to be MGS, so I imported them as soldiers there, and I did it again in Platoon (incidentally making me the leader of a Corps-level force, not a Platoon-level one). As such, I assume that I can treat them as equivalent to well-trained human soldiers, in any combat that arises. That said, I consider that I can't push them too much further than that without breaking things; as Dream World natives, they have more of a collective identity than an individual one, and that identity needs to be pretty tightly defined in order to keep them effective at any given task. 'Soldier' is something that works for them, but they won't be able to handle the kind of Jack of All Trades thing that I or my other Companions can without just sinking back into a blur of mediocrity.

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Have you considered Gods from modern fiction? i.e the Cthulhu mythos,Forty K, The Slender man,The Prince with 10,000 enemies,Darkseid,Sacrier,Etc.

>> No.37129709

At that point, could we even consider Chuck Norris?

>> No.37129719

Not him, but I'd personally rule nothing that's a non-standard god.

Also nowhere is Slendermins a god.

>> No.37129744

So how does the idea of "life force" work? I've been doing some reading on Egyptian magic on the Kane Chronicles Wiki, and it seems like the ability to perform magic is connected to this. If I have health regeneration, does this mean that I regenerate my "life force" as well?

>> No.37129745

Not my jump, not my decision. mainly I was thinking It might be fun to include gods from Other jumps. Besides Chuck Norris is superior to any God,That wouldn't be balanced.

>> No.37129755

Yeah no. That's pretty stupid. He isn't a god, and don't be one of those idiots that likes those jokes.

>> No.37129785

Added a bit more, actually. I'll have a release later tonight.

I've decided to fold the Bow into Diamond Tools, and make 'Unbreaking' a free part of that, since nobody really wants to pay lots of CP for magic tools that'll have worn away into uselessness before you've left the jump.

Similarly, I haven't seen any builds buy the Wither, so I'm upping the CP value of it to +1000; after all, even if you are able to handle it, it'll still wreck your base pretty badly on a monthly basis.

Also, one new perk (wording tentative, feedback requested):
MineFactory Reloaded (600, Requires Lore of Alex, Buildcraft, and IndustrialCraft): Your understanding of magic is complete. To you, magic is engineering, and can be automated and reproduced on an Industrial scale... at a considerable cost in life, as this sort of magi-tech runs not merely on Electricity, but also on the life Essence extracted from the bodies of the dying. This liquid Essence permits the manufacture of potions and enchanted items on an automated assembly line, or the breakdown of enchanted items into Essence and component materials. This can even extend to potions and enchanted items from other universes, provided you have mastered the relevant techniques, and have enough of the required raw materials to make automation worthwhile.

>> No.37129813

So is that making the bow worse or more expensive or something?

>> No.37129828

See, I took it to work the other way around, that my importing them as companions allowed them to differentiate and become more individualized. Exposure to the wonders of the multiverse has caused them to blossom into full people, not just abstract concepts. That said, I personally don't want them as an army, so I don't feel like this would make them unbalanced. I avoid choices for imports that make them too powerful. Instead, I want to have a community of friends to be part of, so that there's an element of continuity in my life no matter where I go. I take imports that makes them better able to make their own lives in the extradimensional space I've provided them within my Ar Tonelico tower. Builders, artists, farmers...these are the things I make my Waddle Dees into. My intent is that eventually I'll have a whole world in there, that I can check in on whenever I need a rest from the aventuring.

>> No.37129834

I like it. It's absolutely evil industry to the point where you'd make Sauron and Morgoth proud.

>> No.37129838

I compiled a list of up to date stuff that's on the drive, so that you can randomize your Jumps. It's nothing pretty and will quickly be out of date.

>> No.37129936

I forgot to mention I didn't add Pokemon Mystery Dungeon because I figured most people would take it as their second Jump, or not at all.

>> No.37130072

Yup, as I ment you can import a pantheon from another jump you've done for 200 cp. The Outer Gods from Cthulu I'd say fall under more in the area of Titans and even then it's stretching things slightly. As for the others yes you could get New Genesis and Apokalips imported as a pantheon and the Chaos Gods work as well. Effectively if they're what approximates gods in their setting it's generally okay so long as they're not omnipotent and run at least partially on worship, imported pantheons are assumed to be on about even footing with the already existing ones.
I'd say it more falls along the lines of stamina than HP. So you'd be looking more for endurance perks than regeneration ones. It's admittedly been awhile since I read the books for that side so I might be misremembering some stuff. As is I'll probably reread them to help refresh myself on the magic system and all that.

>> No.37130135

If you took the Bow without the other Tools, it's an extra 50 CP. I'll reword the various enchantments to make the tradeoff a little more worthwhile, though.

It can be, yeah. Other fun things you can do with Minefactory's Essence:
Herd monsters onto a conveyor belt and grind them into a liquid meat paste with the Slaughterhouse, and then recombine the meat and essence into different monsters (a lossy process, but potentially quite customizable).
Alchemically convert large quantities of excess biomass into BioFuel, which can be efficiently burned to keep your electrical needs supplied.
Conjure large quantities of lava outright (at a significant cost in Essence and Electricity), perfect for use in horrible deathtraps.
Extract the zombie plague from the bodies of defeated zombies, then weaponize the resulting biohazardous serum.
Incidentally generate large amounts of horrible and toxic pollution, like you're some kind of Captain Planet villain.

>> No.37130300

Looting and polluting, is not the way.

>> No.37130370

Wasn't there some sort of Dinosaur/ Jurassic Park Jump in the works?

>> No.37130379

>Pliskin and Da Boyz Wifout Borderz

I see what you did Babylon.

>> No.37130401

>Not Looting and Polluting
What are ya a grot?

>> No.37130412

Meh. I'm hoping to go a more neutral route in Captain Planet.

That route being "hey guess what guys? Infinite clean energy. You're welcome."

It'll take a lot of work over a lot of Jumps, but oh many, everyone's faces when.

Also, note to self: give Doctor Blight a hug. Who knows, might actually solve something.

>> No.37130421

Make sure he takes a bath first.

>> No.37130453

>mfw I can make it rain indoors

Shower time, I guess?

Oh man I'm glad I took Evercleansed.

>> No.37130544

>Not doing a Captain Planet jump purely for the enjoyment of hero cuckolding Captain Planet.
Don't get me wrong, solving the energy crisis is a good thing. It's one of my main goals for jumping. But being able to make Emerald Mullet irrelevant? That shits priceless.

>> No.37130633

Can we get the chinese as well? I would personally like to continue my sun wukong theme further.

>> No.37130676


I think I'd go more along WakfuAnon's route, but even more proactive. I'll show everyone how to build clean factories with zero emissions that run off freaking salt water and pump out giant profits bigger than any polluting factory can muster. I'll show them the power of free energy. I'll build a REVERSE Mako Reactor that actually pumps the world with MORE LIFE ENERGY, just for shits and giggles. And then when I've rendered all previous industry obsolete and turned the planet into a giant tree hugging hippie commune, I'll smack the Planeteers over the back of the head with a sock full of pennies and steal their rings.

>> No.37130873

>I'll smack the Planeteers over the back of the head with a sock full of pennies and steal their rings.
Konata the Clown when?

>> No.37130942

Wait, is someone working on a Captain Planet jump?

>> No.37131030

yer mum

>> No.37131077

It was brought up a while back.

>> No.37131205

Hey, are you ever going to finish Danny Phantom jump?

The one on the drive is listed as v0.1, and there's no flight or intangibility powers, which are... kind of essential to being a ghost.

>> No.37131238

Those are implied to be innate to your condition.

>> No.37131241

>mfw didn't remove version numbers after forgetting to update said version numbers

>mfw never mentioned that ghosts and half-ghosts get flight/intang free with the altform

>> No.37131302

The words 'flight' and 'intangibility' are not mentioned at any point in the entire document.

And then you made Invisibility and Over Shadowing paid powers- in series those were standard to all ghosts and hybrids.

I like the 'mortal' paths, don't get me wrong, but you zigzag with the ghost part, and I have no way of knowing what's 'standard' and what isn't- DP ghosts are supposed to have invisibility and over shadowing as standard powers, for example, in addition to some minor shapeshifting (moving organs, making holes through body, stretching self out).

>> No.37131316


>> No.37131318

Addressed to wrong person, oops!

Wakfu, if you touch it up, thank you kindly.

>> No.37131356

Looking at it again? Yeah, that was kind of a mess on my part. Do you think I should just roll said standard powers into the price of the Backgrounds and bump up the price accordingly, or what?

>> No.37131379

>thank you kindly.

>> No.37131554

Yes- being a Ghost or Hybrid is a Big Deal, for all that the result was normally comical. Standard ghost load out would be neat and tidy, with Hybrids having to go through growing pains seems appropriate. You pay for unique powers like cyro, pyro, electrokinesis and so on.

>> No.37131616

Will Coyote be an option, cause' I'll be all over that- having that as my patron will be awesome.

>> No.37131689

I'm kinda fine with it as is, personally. Especially because I'd have to redo my whole build if you start jacking up prices.
You could always go the lazy route and just make a note of which powers are "standard", and then if we want to have a ghost or half-ghost who is unnaturally shittier than most normal ghosts, well, that's on us.

>> No.37131706

Drop In allows you to choose whatever patron you want if I am remembering correctly.

>> No.37131708

Yeah, I really don't want to have to deal with things being more expensive because I really had to agonize and move shit around to be able to afford what I wanted.

>> No.37131750

Yeah, flight, intangibility, invisibility, and overshadowing are all "standard" ghost powers.

An expensive ghost ability could be a generic power boost type deal or something.

>> No.37131765

Like I said last night, I hid a few little references here and there. Some are more hidden than others.

>> No.37131774

Frankly I'd rather skip out on shitty abilities I don't want like overshadowing for a lower price.

>> No.37131790

Just roll them in.

>> No.37131797

Please don't.

>> No.37131828

Whelp. After the Light of Terra and all the shitstorm it has to offer... it's time to settle down. Do some exploring! Get some research done. Relax a bunch! Maybe find a fi-... wait, no. I don't want a fiance. Who are you people?

Wait a minute...


(Tenchi Muyo: Slice of Life)
-Background: Supertech-Mago-Scientist (900CP) -Right. After years in that infested hellhole, I need to relax.
-Trained in the Old Ways (800CP) -SCIENCE! I like outside the box thinking.
-Civvy Savvy (600CP) -I also like adapting to thinks. Because seriously, adaptations.
-Simple Scientific Solution (Free) -SCIENCE!!! Seriously, this will let me maintain things much easier.
-Technobabel Fish (500CP) (Discount) -Being able to understand any terminology is a very good thing.
-Super Study Buddy (300CP) (Discount) -Learning without pause! Increase my potential!
-Overcoming Sample Bias (0CP) (Discount) -I have all manners of understanding now! Yesss.
-Subspace Onsen (-100CP) -Ooooh yes. I'm gonna enjoy this SO. MUCH.
-Control Cube (-200CP) -Replicate it. Place it on my tech. Ooooh yes.
-Matter Conversion Apparatus (-400CP) (Discount) -Oh this is going to make life gooood.
-Hopeless Suitor (-200CP)
-Multiple Spouses (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 610 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

(Tenchi Muyo: Space Opera)
-Background: Supertech-Mago-Scientist (Carried Over) -After a bit of a warm-up, time to explore the cosmos!
-The Maddest Science Yet! (400CP) (Discount) -SCIIIIEEEEENCE.
-Living Technology (200CP) -Understanding AIs and sentient machines will be quite the boon!
-Smiling Goddess Leaves (-200CP) -Getting myself a Jurian Tree Seed? Splicing with the Avatar trees for FUN.
-Living Starship (-600CP) -And off I go into spaaaaace! Adorable little critter!
-Holographic Computer (-800CP) -And a multidimensional computer! Time to get to work.
-Wanted (Dead or Alive) (-700CP)
-Hopeless Suitor (-500CP)
-Multiple Spouses (-300CP)
-Hunted (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 620 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>> No.37131861


So that's three for and two against. Anyone else wanna chime in?

>> No.37131883

Heavy doubt.

>> No.37131917

Because the powers are normal for every ghost, put them in and don't change the price.

>> No.37131918

RIGHT. So I'm TRYING to relax on Earth, do some experiments, maybe see if I can figure some shit out. Then for WHATEVER REASON a bunch of people decide "These people need to marry a brainiac! That girl over there looks right!"

All while the families ignore that I'm an asexual.

It becomes a mix between hanging out with everyone and herding cats as everyone starts screaming their heads off. Occasionally some nerdy guy near a lake and I talk about our issues. Shit's crazy.

Then after ten years I go "FUCK IT ALL" and accidentally discover this living spaceship that had a single Jurian tree seed inside... turns out it was stolen. WHOOPS. So now everyone is along for the ride as I go from planet to planet, avoiding the law as a bounty is placed on my head, and some asshole ends up finding out about me because Tomoki probably thought "you know what would be awesome? Cutting her open and seeing if she can find a god" and tipped them off.

Oh yeah. This is going to be EVENTFUL and I will probably go mad.

>> No.37131926

Seriously, don't do it. Let us customize our ghosts. Not everyone wants the exact same powers, and everything would be way too expensive to buy if we're forced into it.

>> No.37132231

Alright, Jumpers!

Tell me about the first time you took SAN damage.

>> No.37132260

First time I had to fight a giant monster, no doubt. First time going into a serious battle like that is bound to scare the bejesus out of anybody.

>> No.37132487

Don't increase the prices, roll invisibility and overshadowing into the "standard" abilities and come up with a new ability to replace them in the list.

>> No.37132556

Light of Terra time!

LOW POWER! The Deadlight will not be destroyed.

Shas'ui Ko'el, Tau Pathfinder.

Been Jumping for centuries and developed as a hand to hand fighter specialising in hammers, so ranged support wont hurt.

Kin of Iron - They probably don't know much anymore, but it's better than nothing.

Void Walkers - trying to do something different than the other builds I've seen. These guys will be spectacular commandos.

Enemies (+600 CP)
Wargars, Redeemers, Pale Sons.

Aquil Lejen I'm leaving neutral.

Xeno Horrificus + 200 CP

Melee Training - 150 cp
No hammers available, so I need a speed boost on mastering a new weapon.

Hell's Teeth pattern Chainsword - 150 CP

Iron Jaw - 250 CP
Not the usual 'get tough' perk, but it does give your insidey parts a shield.

Double Team - 150 CP
We work really well together, that was the plan all along.

Heavy Flamer - 100 CP
Not my favourite weapon, but it's all I can afford.

The Plan:
The Void Walkers can get pretty much anywhere via the ruined outer hulls, so with a Tau Pathfinder and his drones leading them they stage a series of fake raids to get the Wargars fighting the Pale Sons who are now convinced the mutants are coming to kill them.

Meanwhile I'll be running like hell from a bunch of madmen with chainsaws in a frantic attempt to lead them into either of the Pale Sons or the Wargars, or with luck a really big fight between the two. That should get some breathing room and taking over and 'civilising' the survivors of the Wargars for manpower will help.

>> No.37132563

You mean aside from the entirety of Pokemon Jump, where I kept wondering if I had died, if this was some sort of shitty afterlife, or if I had always been a Pokemon Trainer, if I had hit my head or had a bad dream because of all the trauma of losing my leg, if I'd ever been "me", or if the me that I had thought to have been me was all just an illusion? You mean besides when I kept wondering if I was going to wake up in some other bed, or causality would break, because I wasn't sure if what I knew was real anymore? Or even that I was myself? You mean besides the time I stood on top of the Cliff Caves in Johto and thought about throwing myself off just to see if I'd wake up, but I pussed out at the last second because I decided that I was afraid the dream was better than the reality? You mean besides during that whole ten years where I was afraid to even talk to people because I was pretty sure I was mentally unstable just because I had these thoughts? You mean besides all that?

I dunno.
Ravenloft kinda sucked, because I had to go from being somewhat proactive back to doing basically nothing for ten years.
They don't even have good libraries over there.
It was boring as shit.

>> No.37132580

Whatever happens don't change the price. If flight and Intangibility were supposed to be standard that really needs to be made more clear. Also, I can't actually remember too many ghosts with overshadowing.

>> No.37132588


Then in Full Metal Alchemist. Where I could not speak at all. While knowing the true nature of the government and realizing they were TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT.


It's kind of been going downhill from there. Slowly gaining and losing SAN.

>> No.37132678

Is anyone working on the Jade Empire Jump? Right now it feels kind of incomplete, there are pieces that just cut off, and some explanations are really convoluted.

>> No.37132684

Persona was my second jump, because I wanted to get some psychological stability before I went off anywhere else. I wound up having to get it the hard way. Fucking shadows, man.

>> No.37132687

Let's see. Pokemon, where I was caught between acceptance, am I a butterfree dreaming he was a man, and is this like John Carter of Mars.

Then possibly after the ten years is up and I realise, no, this is really happening.

Then the first time I have to kill someone.

Then the first time I start planning genocides.

Then the whole "Absorb people into my body through Dark Binding and Prototype, then Dominance to keep sense of self, then try to either reform or reeducate them" because I only go after bad folks, WHICH STILL DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY!

>> No.37132786

It was posted like two days ago.

>> No.37132835

I took Ar Tonaleico as my 3rd jump- having 700+ years of memories shoved into my brain took me on a wild ride.

A few weeks later I finally had everything sorted out, but that was with the help of my pokemon team, 2 of which had mental connections to me and a third was a psychic type.

Together they helped me put my head on straight after an existential crisis.

>> No.37132941

As a continuation of this post:

I like to imagine that after that first jump, I became absolutely unflappable. Nothing phases me, because nothing compares to the massive existential crisis involved with thinking you might have never existed. Seeing a shoggoth is peanuts to that. I have one as a pet. His name is Shuggy. He rides in my backpack.
I've had some panic moments, usually revolving around the "holy shit I'm going to die" variety, but never again have I had a moment of "I don't even know what's real anymore!"
If weirdness happens, it is immediately attributed to Jumpchan fuckery.
"Well, the reason for that is probably because the multiverse is stupid and shit makes no sense. Deal with it." That's it.

Unless you count the gradual descent into Spiral Nemesis, but I consider that to be more a corruption of priorities and manicism than actual SAN damage.

There is... ONE jump where I slipped, though.
And that was in Naruto. Because I took the Fanfic option, "Dreaming of Sunshine".
And somewhere after the point I went totally fucking batshit crazy after Master Pein died, I started laughing at Shikako, like, CRAZY fucking laughter, and I could not stop, and I just kept screaming, "YOU'RE JUST LIKE ME. YOU'RE JUST LIKE MEEEEE."

Man, that lead to some fun conversations. My companions were freaked right the fuck out, I can tell you.

>> No.37132967

What jumps allow you to do Magitech? I know Banjo-Kazooie lets you, but what other jumps give you this option?

>> No.37133010

Oh dear god.... *Shudders* my first san damage was Acreus. He was investigating some goings on with Missingno it turns out was the manifestation of a eldritch abomination. Unfortunately unknowingly I was being used by it and Acreus detected it's presence on me so it popped up behind me reached in and started to examine the very core of my being (my soul if you will) he quickly realized I was just a jumper and left me lying there twitching in a fetal position on the ground with out a word. I was physically unharmed but... it took me a bit to recover from that. He later apologized after saving my life and obliterating the entity known as missingno. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy... er afterwords but it wasn't a very fun experience.

>> No.37133023

Harry Potter, Mahou Sensei Negima, Final Fantasy (mako reactors) and Danny Phantom (runs things on ectotech)

>> No.37133053


Part 2!

Shas'O Ko'El gets a promotion and a XV109 Y'vahra Battlesuit because it's the tankiest thing available, and heavy armoured support I lack.

THE WORLD: (I shall call it Pallens)
Hellworld + 3 TP
Bad Batch File + 2 TP
Mars Pattern Command - 3 TP
Geocore - 2 TP
Friendly Natives - 3 TP
Unfriendly Natives + 3 TP

Imperial Guard + 600 CP

Defensive Tactics - 300 CP
I like to turtle, and if the IG has to kill me they are going to have to take the offensive, and that gives me a much better chance to survive.

Military Modernisation - 300 CP
Humans, abhumans, tau and Zoats, getting them all properly equipped will be a nightmare but so very worth it.

Cultural Monopolisation - 200 CP
I'll probably need this due to how many groups I have.

Catastrophe recovery - 200 CP
Hellworld. Enough Said.

Literacy Program - 300 CP
Not so important with all the Tau techs about, but still. Education is important in the long term.

Pollution Standards - 200 CP
We are living in a giant ice cave, we can't afford to pollute it. That and the extra resources will be important.

Civilian Infrastructure - 100 CP
We are building a civilisation here after all.

The Worlds surface will be a toxic hell, the ice caves underground will be habitable, and here we will fight. Lots of ambushes and grinding them down bit by bit, traps and every last nasty surprise we can cook up. Right when they think they have us finally pinned down, I roll an armoured company right up their flaccid assholes.

>> No.37133127

Much like everyone else, Pokemon, though in my case its not so much gradual SAN damage as it is a complete, instant mental collapse. In a sense, its kinda like what konatanon ranted on about >>37132563, but collapsed all within the first few hours until my current life's psyche snaps like a rice cake and the psyche I've had suppressed in the back of my head since childhood that I had to give up in the name of 'growing up' comes to the forefront to take over. Due to the fact that I have a certain amount of knowledge of the multiverse that I cannot confirm in this life that has been at least somewhat proven true by being in the chain, the crash will be inevitable. Depending on the degree of complete and utter mindfucked vindication that my current psyche snaps under, this can be either a clean transfer that I'll walk away from like water rolling off a ducks back, or a VERY messy one that leaves me sifting through the burnt down, bombed-out wreckage of my mind for years.

Regardless of how messy the transition is, the person I am now will likely be dead, and the person I had to stop being in order to become him will be allowed to live again. All SAN damage that comes afterwards in any world will be peanuts to the pure, reality-collapsing, soul-rending mindfuckery I was just purified in.

An old man dies. A young boy lives.
Fair Trade

>> No.37133146

Harry Potter, Spyro, and a few others I don't know off the top of my head.

>> No.37133186

Gargoyles has a magitech perk.

>> No.37133228

I did pretty much the same thing in Naruto. I plan on hitting up Shikako for sealing advice, and I now plan on podding her, shenanigans will be had, that's for sure.

>> No.37133277

Wasn't there a Lovecraft-themed jump? I can't seem to find it on the drive.

>> No.37133287

Buy the individual powers to keep them after the jump (free/discount if you bought Half-Ghost or Ghost).

>> No.37133301

You can only get them as a ghost already though, that solution is unwanted and unnecessary.

>> No.37133319


>> No.37133344

Still a pastebin, as far as I know

>> No.37133347

> Podding Shikako
That almost seems cruel.
Yanking that poor girl away from her family AGAIN after she'd worked so hard to fit in and get used to everything and FIX everything for me so that I don't HAVE to.
After everything she'd been through.
No. Even if I had pods, I'd never be that cruel.

I'm just going to antagonize the hell out of her and fill her with fear about what'll happen when she dies.

>> No.37133355

Thank you

>> No.37133858

Not Pokemon, in my case, because I started in Generic Magical Girl.

The "Is this really happening, or did I just go insane?" crisis comes first, but it's eclipsed by the second one, which is getting handed a very large amount of power, with the opportunity to get more by causing bad things to happen.

I'm talking about Drawbacks. I took "It Never Stops!" and "Fighting Real Monsters", rationalizing that if this is a world where demons can randomly appear and attack people ANYWAYS, I might as well take them all on while I'm here and solve the problem for good. Even if that's not actually true, and it's instead true that I'm literally increasing the amount of evil in the world with those drawbacks, a choice like that triggers the fanatical utilitarian in me, the part that can justify any cost or sacrifice, if I think it'll do more good.

That's how my chain starts; I get to lead a war against Hell with an army of child soldiers. Throughout that war, when anything bad happens, to me, or to my many allies, or to random bystanders caught in the crossfire, I'm stuck with the certain knowledge that it's my fault.

Things actually go quite poorly in that jump; and it becomes less a matter of 'saving the world' and more of 'staying alive'; and even that is a narrow thing. I have to make some nasty compromises to manage it, and the weight of it stays with me. In one sense, everything I do in each world is an attempt to make up for the devil's bargain I made in my first jump.

>> No.37133929

>mfw reading these.

>> No.37133949

Yeah, these people are kinda edgy and whiny to be honest. Not everything needs to be some dark tragic past jeez.

>> No.37134020

I think we undead now.

>> No.37134023


>> No.37134236

Jumpers, who is your waifu/husbando?

>> No.37134244

My very own clone.

>> No.37134267

Well I have a male Gardevoir that could fill both counts. However as it turns out the companions that I am closest to are my Aegislash, who apparently turned out to be my closest adviser, and my Guide from Legend of Zelda who is bound to a sword(well whipsword). So apparently I waifu swords.

>> No.37134269

Rival from yugioh, what can I say opposites attract

>> No.37134517

Anyone else going for badass and scarred instead of super pretty face like most seem to?

>> No.37134547

Idiot scars are pretty, pretty fucking cool.

>> No.37134549

>Idiot scars

>> No.37134557

Does it strike anyone else as wrong that the Techni jump's not-Washu background is worse than the Negima jump's not-Washu perk?

>> No.37134593

Kind of half and half, actually. It's a fine balance between rogueish charm and aristocratic elegance-with a side order of intimidation-but I try.

>> No.37134636

Yup, you can go with patrons from other Pantheons than your default ones (for the origins that have one). I'm thinking of handling defaults as more of a fixed discount on the appropriate pantheon (and even then only Demigods and Magicians will have a default).

>> No.37134639

Currently I think the only appearance perks I have are an awesome beard from Warhammer and basic body buffs from various Jumps.

I'm still trying to go with a simple farmer persona. Don't need to stand out.

Then again the idea of scarred badass sounds good too.

>> No.37134745

Take in account -for story's sake at least- that on the first jump, should you chose a "new memories" background, you wake up on a new full blown life with all the memories to go with it. Its the first an so far only time it happens how could smoeone know?

In other unrelated news: Drop-in masterace for the win

>> No.37134856

Better question: How did you convince them to follow you through the multiverse?

I mentally refluff the beauty perks to match my ideal of beauty, which includes scars and badassery and pretty. So, it's some combination of the two.

>> No.37134941

None really thinks too hard about that.

Pokemon and pets are easy but most other characters have stuf on their world.

If anything, you could convince the evil/dark knight types sayin they could get power out of this (of course informing them that should anything happen to you they get nothing back) but yeah... not many would go on a decades long new life tripp leaving everyting behind. Unless they want to escape their world/reality/life...

>> No.37135615

so basically you're Blue da ba dee da ba dai?

>> No.37135712

Fuck you Kanons. Now I got that song stuck into my head again.

>> No.37135718

If you where green would you die?

>> No.37135837

Perk interaction question time for the creator of the Asura's Wrath jump: Could I use This Is, In Fact, My Final Form from SAO together with THIS IS MY FINAL FORM (On The Path To Enlightenment) to only partially wreck the world? I like the "leaves behind new purified land" bit, but don't want to apply it to an entire planet. Ideally I'd like to be able to use it to trigger undersea volcanic eruptions to produce new land masses. I've got plans for expanding my little Tropico archipelago into something bigger for when I import it to other worlds using Tropical Retreat. I need a total livable surface area at least as large as the United Kingdom for what I have in mind.

>> No.37135934

Don't think SAO lets you lessen flaws like that. Even then, The AW is just a power you temporarily borrow from the planet, it isn't actually an alternate form.

>> No.37135969

Darn. I'll have to find some other way to increase its area, then. My plan is to steal Orb's thunder when I get to the Gundam jump. I fully intend on taking F.U.K.U.D.A just to break the Cosmic Era setting over my knee. I figured having a powerful island nation with their own space launch mega-structure, widespread biotech augmentation and mobile suit technology would go a long way towards getting Orb to shut up about MUH NEUTRALITY.

>> No.37136099

I wouldn't put it that harshly.

Summary of my mental process while going through Pokemon
>"Is this a dream? Am I really dead?"
>Feel depressed and confused
>Go along with things because I don't want to make the situation worse.
>Start to have fun.
>Old memories begin to shift to the back of my head.
>Begin to embrace my new life and new home.
>Still reminisce about earth and my old life occasionally.
>Eventually I accept who I am now and move on.

Every once in a while for a specific jump, yes. Overall, no.

Zoroark waifu.
My story is that I met her while she was disguised as a human during the Pokemon trainer jump, she decided to become my companion, and I managed to convince her to stay with me after I discovered her secret.
Also, I wouldn't have to convince them to travel with me across the multiverse, they'd be begging to come along.

Can I still use Jumpchan as my chosen diety?

>> No.37136115

Eh, I'd ask her if she wanted to go.

Actually, can use pods for companions? I'm going to get a 9th companion, and I want to have them active, and I have an extra pod- I was wondering If I could put my companion into a pod instead of having them shunted into null-space or whatever.

Would that be allowed?

>> No.37136125

I think the limit's 8 companions for a reason. If you want them podded, just don't take them as a companion in the first place.

>> No.37136133

Well, the ally of gouhma perks pretty heavily imply that you can communicate with the consciousness of the planet. If you are on the right planet and you are willing to fanwank it, you could just ask the world for more land. Or you could stack earth manipulation magic and abilities until you can do the legwork yourself.

>> No.37136138

Podcompanions act like companions for imports, so it's not like he's asking to do something overpowered.

>> No.37136152

My Wailord partner from PMD.

Or more accurately I'm her waifu.

>> No.37136154

He's trying to get more than the limit of 8 companions. It's a rule for a reason.

>> No.37136160

Pod companions can be used over the eight limit already, that's part of why pods are so expensive.

>> No.37136167

Yes, but those are podded characters. They are separate from companions.

>> No.37136187

They act exactly like companions except they take a week to respawn instead of a day and don't have to obey the companion limit. To get someone in a pod you just have to fanwank, you don't even need to purchase them. However, he's already purchased a character, and wants to put them in a pod. Yes, this is so he can have 9 people out at once, but this is what a podded character can do already, for free. Tell me again how this is overpowered or a big deal?

>> No.37136197

Because you aren't meant ot have more than 8 companions at once? That's a pretty explicit rule.

>> No.37136199

QS specifically stated at one point that you could assign a normal companion to a pod to get around the 8 companion limit at some point a while ago, actually.

>> No.37136213

Podded characters can exceed eight companions already. They can be imported and function exactly like companions. What in the fuck even, it's like you aren't reading my posts.

>> No.37136223


Right now I have 2 active pods and a full compliment of companions, so that's 10 I can have out at a time. (2 pod, 8 companion)

I have 4 empty pods and am getting a 9th companion, so I was wondering if I could put that 9th companion into an empty pod so I can keep them active.

Whether the people in these extra pods are companions or not, the max limit of companions I can have is still fixed. (pods + 8 companion slots)

>> No.37136226

Podded characters aren't companions retard. Your abusing the rules for power, you wanna do it? Fine, go ahead.

>> No.37136244

>Podded characters aren't companions retard.
They can be imported as companions in a jump. That is, they can accumulate backgrounds and personal powers like a companion can. There's no difference, except that you have to buy companions while pod companions are free with fanwank. Then there's what >>37136199 is saying, which you just ignored. Last reply, after this I'm going to assume you're trolling me or something.

>> No.37136258

OK, maybe there's some miss-communication:

Companions are limited to 8 out at a time.

Pod-Companions can be out at the same time as regular "Companions". The limit on Pod-Companions is however many pods you bought.

They respawn at different rates, but otherwise work the same.

So, if you have 8 companions and 1 pod-companion, you can have 9 active people at the same time.

>> No.37136290

The problem is that this effectively means you can have 9 normal companions at once. Putting normal companions into pods is just trying to get around this rule, there is no other reason you would do this. Sure, you can if you want, but I personally don't think it's right.

>> No.37136309

What is the difference between normal companions and pod companions anon? What do you imagine it to be? Because as stated in the rules, the only difference is that it takes them a week to respawn instead of two days if they're killed.

>> No.37136321

>people actually listening to QS

Wait, did I step into Bizzaro-/jc/? When the hell did jumpers actually start listening to what he says?

>> No.37136326

You aren;t using pod companions though, you are just using 9 normal companions.

>> No.37136328

Oh stop shitposting, people listen to him all the time. Seriously, get over the buttrage of what happened in like fucking October.

>> No.37136334

Only when it suits them anon.

>> No.37136337

Not that guy, but I'm surprised.

If you actually are allowed to do that, you gain a small advantage. Not too big, mind you, but it's there.

Companion slots and podpanion slots are almost the same, except for a few differences, like a difference in respawn times. However, the important difference is those eight companion slots can be swapped out with different companions, while podpanions have to always take up their pod slot. Why? Because regular companions stay in stasis, while podpanions go home if they're swapped out.

So what happens when you put a companion into a pod? You get the same amount of people active at once, so there shouldn't be any difference, right?

Wrong. When you put a companion into a pod, and swap him out later, he reverts to becoming a normal companion. You essentially have 8 + 1 flexible companion slots, and x - 1 inflexible podpanion slots. You thus gain an increase in versatility in your team, as that pod can have companions swapped in and out of it, instead of just having one non-companion in it at all times.

You pay for it with a small increase in respawn time, which really isn't much considering the increased versatility you have.

>> No.37136338

What is the difference between pod companions and regular companions?

>> No.37136346

Look at

>> No.37136367

So there's no functional difference, you're just whining about different companions being able to be in the pod. Wow, you might as well throw a cry baby fit that your fire burns at 4001 degrees instead of just 4000. Super OP.

>> No.37136373

I think you need to see >>37136334, anon. Have you seen what happens any time QS says anything on a ruling? Shitstorms start, people scream their heads off, and unless it directly benefits their power no one listens.

You say it's buttrage, but there's something to be said about precedence.

>> No.37136377

The difference was clearly laid out by a kindly anon and you don't have anything but insults to fall back on.

>> No.37136387

>I don't like it when people listen to QS when it doesn't fit MY agenda and MY opinions!
Yeah okay.

>> No.37136396

It's such a slight difference it's irrelevant and the fact that you gave no solid information before leads me to believe you HAD no legitimate claim until that guy obsessed over it until he found a loophole.

>> No.37136434

Wow, man. I just looked at it for half a minute after some other guy pointed it out and that loophole just dawned on me. Telling me that I obsessed over it is a complete misrepresentation.

Calm down man. Chill.

>> No.37136478

> unless it directly benefits their power no one listens

Speak for yourself, anon. QS generally has a pretty good handle on things, so I generally follow his guidelines, unless I've got a really good reason to do otherwise.

As noted above, I'm using KOTOR's suggestion of starting in GMG instead of Pokemon; that one small change really affects the dynamics of my team. That's the only major difference I'm using in my chain, and it's more a flavour thing than a power thing.

>> No.37136491

The problem isn't you minecraft, it's that a large and/or vocal portion of jumpers ignore QS like that. Its one of the reasons shitstorms get so bad sometimes.

>> No.37136497

Yo MC, that guy bitches like that every thread. I honestly don't think he's actually trying to express his opinion and indeed doesn't adapt it to the times or the current events, 'cause it's been months since something like that happened. So frankly, either he wants a fight or he just wants to complain, so he shouldn't be given attention.

>> No.37136515

Then why are you both bringing him up again and insulting him? Just leave it alone bro.

>> No.37136525

Man, I was leaving sleeping dogs lie after earlier, I just wanted to warn off MC from responding to that kind of thing in the future.

>> No.37136637

I don't necessarily subscribe to the "Don't respond to trolls", theory. After all, if all that's going on in the thread is negativity, that itself constitutes a victory for the troll.

Silence is certainly better than more negativity and that-anon-bashing, but a positive and on-topic response is even better, IMO.

>> No.37136665

Feeding them makes them reply more and encourages them to do it more often.

>> No.37136677

A reasonable response encourages such in return, not everyone that disagrees with you is a troll anon, and it is best not to assume such a thing. People ignoring others will just lead to a lack of good discussion.

>> No.37136687

I can't agree enough with this sentiment. Treating people like trolls encourages them to troll more; treating them as civilized human beings with opinions that differ from yours encourages them to act the part.

>> No.37136693

I have never seen a set of more naive replies. So ignoring this parade of bait taking dumbos.

Do any of you use extra limbs? Do you run around with octoarms or somehow integrate wings into your combat style? Seems like a lot of people just stick with being humanoid despite all the options they have.

>> No.37136712

It's these kind of dismissive insults that encourages the behaviour you hate so much. Stop being a part of it and act polite for once.

>> No.37136723

I figure that I'll grow them in the midst of combat if there's a reason. Extra arms, bladed appendages, you get the idea.

>> No.37136747

Did you seriously just call people dumbos?

>> No.37136754

>extra limbs

I might make some out of water.

>> No.37136773

I have prehensile hair from Toriko, but other than multi-tasking it doesn't really get a lot of play.

>> No.37136775

That's effective, I always thought it would look silly though. Ice yeah, water is kinda meh in appearance.

>> No.37136796

Unless fluffy tail counts, I don't generally use extra limbs.

I picked up flight from Marvel, at the same time as shapeshifting, so I've been assuming that I need wings to fly... but that's more for manoeuvrability than for lift, since the sort of wings that a human can grow really aren't enough to fly at superspeed.

With shapeshifting in general, I suppose I could grow extra limbs at whim, but they aren't really relevant to my combat styles. At range, I normally use magic, which doesn't reward extra limbs; in-close, I use specific martial forms (CQC and HF Blade swordsmanship) which were designed for a humanoid body pattern. I suppose it's theoretically possible that more perfect martial forms might be devised to make optimal use of extra limbs, but I don't find that particular pursuit to be an efficient use of my time. Given that my martial style is still based almost entirely on MGR, I don't feel capable of inventing new styles on my own yet, anyways. It might be worth considering after I have a few more martial arts themed jumps under my belt, though.

>> No.37136806

I WAS going to take one in Asura's Wrath, but then I realized with my build that I didn't need a multi-limbed form. With the Hindu Godly Body, a Mantra Reactor, and a simple Vajra form... I was already at maximum Mantra level.

The most I'd probably do is add a sweet tail when I create my demonic body. Because it'd just complete the image.

>> No.37136818

Personally? I never took extra limbs, they seem largely pointless for my build. Just used telekinesis. It's not limited by physical biology or movement, and I don't intend to get into any fights that would require possible extra limbs.

>> No.37136844

Yes, actually.
One of my alternate forms has wings. And talons. I use it to gain the height advantage in urban battlefields. And occasionally to eliminate sentries.

>> No.37136865

Hey guys want to see something really shitty that I typed up right quick?

I know we've already got the one, but I think that one had enough focus on one part that this would still work.

>> No.37136889

Perhaps you should try fleshing it out more, as it is , it's only a plan and we have no real idea of whether you can make it good or not. Put some descriptions in and then bring it here so we can judge it.

You could also just check for interest before hand, both here and in IRC, to make sure people would accept it and not potentially waste your time.

>> No.37136891


>> No.37136894

Why not give it a focus? Either on the 3D game universe or on the classic games (which would have more overlap with the current, though). Maybe for the later branching out into sidegames like Dr. Mario.

>> No.37136899

Well you certainly weren't lying when you described it.

>> No.37136901

He doesn't need the IRC's approval and you should stop trying to encourage jump makers to leave the thread and hide in that hidey hole.

>> No.37136919

I said both dingus, because IRC allows quick talking, but the thread is where the majority of people are. Stop having such a knee-jerk reaction.

>> No.37136931

I use them when they are convenient
Tail/s are useful for quick strikes and tripping up enemy. Also as an additional focusing point for magic
Wings are mostly used for flying, but could be used as a quick and dirty shield.
Extra set of arms is when I want to use four swords, or beat someone's fucking face in with Machamp level strength

I stay with humanoid the majority of the time because I like playing with enemies and I like playing by the rules of the universe I'm in. But I'll pull out extra limbs if needed.

>> No.37136936

Don't argue with him. He's trying to start stupid shit that doesn't need to be started. He's being a complete retard by being unnecessarily hostile.

>> No.37136940

Both is largely a lie, your intent is to encourage them isolating themselves. The post timer doesn't make it any slower here.

>> No.37136941

We kinda already have one

>> No.37136952

He said he was aware anon. That said, that's the Mario RPG jump. If he made a 3D Mario or Classic Mario jump it should end up being different. Or maybe even a series following the modern Mario RPG series universe (possibly including Paper Mario stuff) which would end up VERY different.

>> No.37136953

How would you know what my intent is? I only suggested, and I mentioned both. Stop being so touchy. If you are just going to assume I'm lying, you might as well fuck off because I don't have the patience to argue any further.

>> No.37136954

I think this is for regular Mario and Luigi's mansion not RPG

>> No.37136957

>Do any of you use extra limbs?
Extra limbs always seemed awkward to me. Now, I'll work the shit out of my nine tails, but extra limbs on my torso just don't seem as helpful. Particularly in light of the fact that I always take psionics, so I've got plenty of TK at my disposal.

>> No.37136966

Well i don't personally but one of my companions uses their tails to hide weapons. Swords, knives, spears, all that stuff. In battle they shoot them out of their tail in addition to the weapon/s they're wielding in their hands.

>> No.37136972

Because it's pretty clear from the current behavior and posting habits of the people that go there that they hardly spend time in the thread.

>> No.37136976

Perhaps there is a reason for that?

>> No.37136981

Oh, I do. I just post as an anon most of the time. Many others do the same.

Reploid here, by the way.

>> No.37136986

Stop arguing with him anon. He's trying to get a reaction because we haven't had an anti-IRC shitfest in forever and this guy's one of those that gets a hard-on from hate.

>> No.37136990

Yes, because they like to hide and isolate themselves in their group of same-minded people.

>> No.37136997

No, I'm just very bothered by people being encouraged to spend all their time there.

>> No.37137005

Damn. And here I thought everyone had gotten over the mindless IRC hate.

>> No.37137011

>we haven't had an anti-IRC shitfest in forever
Eh. We are due, then. Uhh, how does this go again?

Rabble, rabble, pitchfork, IRC, rabble, rabble, torch.

>> No.37137016

Please just ignore him. It's just going to start shit otherwise. We don't need another IRC shitstorm.

>> No.37137026

Jesus. H. Christ. Stop fueling the bottom-feeder's crusade. Let him rot and stop responding to him.

Wait we had pitchforks? I always thought it was bad jpegs and torches.

>> No.37137035

There is no mindlessness. Haven't you noticed how barely any of them post here? Or how slow the thread has been lately when some anons aren't making a shitstorm? It has to be because they've started only posting about things there, since they all haven't obviously left. It's very frustrating to know that and then having people encourage other jump makers to go there and hurting thread activity more.

>> No.37137049

/tg/ trolls are funded by the calendar year, and no the fiscal year. New year, so we've got all kinds of money to spend.

Keep your receipts!

>> No.37137054

Perhaps they just don't post with their names? So they can say what they want without it tarnishing their reputation? Like literally any other anon on 4chan?

>> No.37137058

Worlds you'll never quite get used to, /jc/?

Alternatively, places your companions just do NOT want to go?

>> No.37137059

That wouldn't explain the activity drop.

>> No.37137060

I have always believed that one should use the name field sparingly. Hence, I never use it unless it's a discussion for which I need to identify myself.

Others too feel the same way. Just because there are no namefags posting doesn't mean that there are no ircfags posting.

>> No.37137070

Ravenloft is an obvious for me

>> No.37137077

Holidays. Activity always drops. We still have spurts of nonsense, like right now with your attempt at stirring hostility like an autistic fuck.

>> No.37137078

Activity drop?

>> No.37137084

Threads have way less posting than they did before Christmas.

>> No.37137089

Ravenloft was pretty shitty. I rolled Dementlieu, so it was low population density, not a lot of monsters, backwards politics and shitty weather. Honestly, it was like Northern England but with a couple of random encounters.

It was horrible.

>> No.37137094

Gee, I wonder why.

>> No.37137096

Ravenloft and the other DnD one.
Naruto. And really most other Shonen.
Dead Space.

>> No.37137102

It's after Christmas.

>> No.37137103

Particularly grimdark worlds. I'm hear to have a wacky multiversal adventure and some places just keep trying to throw off my groove.

>> No.37137105

The holidays are still going though.

>> No.37137107

Elona, no matter how long i spend there i don't think i'll get used to eating little girl jerky. Or the risk of every swing of my sword summoning an army of dragons.

>> No.37137111

How so? Next Holiday isn't until mid February.

>> No.37137113

Hello Kuzco when did you get here?

>> No.37137120

Summer Holidays?

>> No.37137124

>It's after Christmas.
Either you're that autistic or you're just stretching. Stop.

Shounen is death. The only two shounen that I've ever been able to stand were Negima and Kenshin.

>> No.37137125

In January?

>> No.37137129

You do know there are other countries in the world right? Please don't be this dumb.

>> No.37137141

I very much doubt the majority of posters here are from South America and Africa, or even Australia.

>> No.37137147

Southern hemisphere, mate.

>> No.37137153

Your making baseless assumptions anon, time to give up.

>> No.37137164

American website in English, most people here are North American and European. To think otherwise is stretching.

>> No.37137178

If you haven't themed your jumper after a emperor's new groove character then I am highly disappointed in you.

>> No.37137183

What? Since when? YOu have literally nothing other then circumstantial evidence. This website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Hell, one anon is from fucking china and he can get on here.

>> No.37137192

ITT: Americans thinking that they're the center of the world

>> No.37137203

/k/ had a fun thread with a guy in Sadr City who was prepping his house for ISIS a few months ago.

>> No.37137208

You know, I have kind of been getting a Yzma vibe from Komatanon.

>> No.37137210

Since it was made? Where do you think the majority of the English speaking population is? I'm not saying there aren't people here from the southern hemisphere, I'm saying they're not going to be the majority.

Where do you think moot is from anon? Where do you think most English speakers come from? It's not Brazil or South Africa that's for sure.

>> No.37137214

That's what I've been saying, every Jumper needs their Kronk.

>> No.37137230

Sure, it's more likely. But not certain, especially since you are complaining about a small group of people who make jumps.

>> No.37137233

>rar rar rar IRC is a massive shitstain for taking away things
>but it's the holidays
>fuck holidays, they need to post stuff here
>but it's a whole planet, people come from everywhere
>fuck you, i'm american so everyone else must be american like me, fuck what anyone says
>but you're insulting them, why would they post?

Glad to see /jc/ is still like this in the following year.

So let's change topics while we can. Is there a signature move your Jumper has? Any particular attack they like to use, or a signature method of finishing a battle, or even just something like a particular way they like to announce themselves in a battle?

>> No.37137244

Everyone thinks that, don't even try to deny it.

>> No.37137247

Riding in on my massive kaiju, usually breaking through the wall ala Kool Aid man.

>> No.37137258

We should go with the more likely conclusion unless evidence is provided otherwise.
You have read nothing I said. My issue is with them posting here less. And it's not even an American thing, it's the entire North American continent, as well as all of Europe. That's where the majority of english speakers are, so of course the majority is going to be from there.

>> No.37137259

Don't be a dick. It's bad enough we have one person trying to start shit in this thread.

>> No.37137267

So what does everyone think of reforming the fucking lannisters. Specifically tywin, to make him use his plotting and scheming for good.

>> No.37137276

Yo, where's those anons telling me you're supposed to engage people and talk to them like human beings instead of calling troll? Where are y'all at in this mess?

>> No.37137282

The Kansas City Shuffle.

Charisma builds and con skills, FTW.

>> No.37137292

But you have nothing more than circumstantial evidence idiot. We aren't talking about the whole damn site here, just a small group of people who use IRC. They still post in here, they just don't always use their names. Why is this so hard to understand?

Even if we admit you are right about where people come from, and we aren't, there are always going to be lulls in activity. The whole world (This includes america, surprisingly enough) had both Christmas and the New year very recently, not to mention that jumps aren't going to be pumped out every day. They have lives as well you greedy twit.

>> No.37137295

I'm in a dystopian underwater city in the 1950's. I have to worry about crazy mutants, the threat of drowning, and being captured or possibly killed by one of the psychopathic people in charge here.

Ultra high level setting, plus I know next to nothing about the plot. I'm only going here near the very end of my journey, after I have like, 90 jumps under my belt.

At first I didn't realize what this place was, but then I started reading about it. I got more and more horrified as I meant on, and when I got to Giygas I just went, NOPE. So this jump is not even on my list.

Not looking forward to a lot of stuff I'll have to survive here.

Only going here to fill out my list. I am purging the virus as soon as I arrive.

>> No.37137298

No im just trying to point out that most people do not take into account that there are other people in the world. America always gets shit for it but everyone does it. Its a bit more obvious with americans cause many do not speak another language so most of them dont realize when someone is typing in English from another country but other nations do it as well.

>> No.37137299

Nah. I'm not into "signature attacks" much
I have an insane flair for the dramatic and will make a constant show out of fucking everything because it's fun.
But I'm bored too easily by doing the same thing over and over again.

>> No.37137302

>fuck you, i'm american so everyone else must be american like me, fuck what anyone says
To be fair, there are probably a lot more 'Claps and Bongs than any other nations.

But no. I don't really have a special of signature anything. Though I find myself using variations of "JUST SHOOT THE FUCKER" enough that it might as well be a catchphrase or battle cry.

>> No.37137308

Anon, maybe you're the reason why jump-makers post less lately.

Why would anyone want to post when they have people shitting on them like this? Why would anyone come back when there's people disrespecting them over and over for any of the things they say or do? When even the slightest deviancy from your delusional little world causes you to autism like nothing else?

We already lost Jojo-anon because of how people spurged like crazy in October, and you're trying to bring this up again. The problem isn't the jump-makers, anon. The problem is YOU.

>> No.37137311

There are always some exceptions, and this topic has always started shit before. Which is why most people are trying to ignore it. It is surprisingly polite however, and there isn't too much namecalling yet.

>> No.37137327

I know, but this anon is playing it straight, and we are already dealing with one argument, we don't need that as well.

>> No.37137329

The most probable solution is what's tried first.

Because activity dropped. If they were posting as anons then that wouldn't have changed.

And this 'lull' has been going on for weeks. It's not about them making jumps, it's about just plain discussion, question and answer, all of that. When's the last time there's been a real discussion here involving any of them? The fact that you think I'm asking for more jump is your own projection, I'm talking about bog-standard thread activity.

>> No.37137330

>reforming the fucking lannisters
Meh. Never really be into blondes, more a fan of redheads. The Lannisters don't do anything for me.

>> No.37137349

Call me a huge weeb, but I genuinely think the Rasenshuriken from Naruto is a cool special attack. I made sure to learn that one while I was there. Well, technically I had to invent it on my own, because I have a pathological need to beat protagonists at their own game.

>> No.37137350

Nobody is being attacked except for the person trying to encourage people to hide out there.

>> No.37137352

Whether you like it or not, discussion is easier when you don't have to wait a minute to post, and wehn you can't hide behind Anonymity.

Besides, the threads aren't exactly a pleasant environment, as has been proven with jump-makers constantly being shit on, by people like you.

>> No.37137360

Unlikely. Tywin is pretty unrepentantly evil, as is Cersei
But then I'm Cersei and Robert's True-Born Son.

>> No.37137363

Well considering for how long the lannisters end up in power and the fact i treat my jumps like im flat gone after 10 years i feel like making sure the balance of power i leave behind is not totally fucked. Also saving the fucking starks from themselves.

>> No.37137368

Anonymity or not doesn't effect how easy it is to post since there's a quoting function, and the post timer for tg is barely longer than it takes to type a worthwhile post. So that's a falsity.

Nobody is shitting on a jump maker right now.

>> No.37137384

If in progress jumps are posted to the thread, and final jumps are posted to the thread, then what does it matter, the only person who posts finished jumps is stupid dog.

>> No.37137391

But you are by shitting on them about how the threads aren't going as fast as you want them to go. During the Holidays, no less.

People have lives, you know. It's scary I know, but family exists.

>> No.37137396

Stop responding to him, it's only causing an unnecessary argument.

Look, whether you like it or not. You can't do anything about it. So shut up and stop whining.

>> No.37137402

People like you attacking the thread at any chance are probably why you get people pissed at your IRC.

>> No.37137407

Honestly, half kidding jokes about supporting families based off of asthetic aside, I'd let the Lannisters and the Starks die. Might even help things along. Westeros needs sanity, and I think the best bet for the kingdom is House Tyrell.

>> No.37137411

Holidays are over.
That anon can stop trying to make people go there instead of here.

>> No.37137416

>Holidays are over.
On Monday they are, sure.

>> No.37137426

Son, Noone iis trying to force anyone to go anywhere but you.

>> No.37137437

See >>37136889

>> No.37137438

Why are you namefagging? You're contributing absolutely nothing right now.

>> No.37137445

I make jumps. Only reason I bothered chiming up is because I get sick of people doing that, otherwise I've ignore this conversation.

>> No.37137447

That anon only suggested using both avenues to check interest, he never told him to go there and stay. That is just you interpreting things that aren't there. Please just stop this already, it is shitting up the thread.

>> No.37137486

Fair enough. I thought saltyanon decided to namefag. Pardon me.

>> No.37137489

Personally, I've got an HF Blade that channels my Conduit powers (Neon for speed), and all the martial skills from MGR to use it with. Simple combo, but it allows me to be as anti-materiel as I need to be, yet without taking any lives if I don't want to.

As such, I can rush in with super-speed, disarm everyone, knock everyone out, wreck all their equipment, and be off again. In moments, since I really am THAT fast.

>> No.37137496

It'll keep spiraling down, but yes, why not move on. Words put into my mouth are all they're interested in discussing now.

>> No.37137538

>Never really be into blondes, more a fan of redheads.
My gentleman of african descent.

>> No.37137549

Poor baby.

>> No.37137553

>Westeros needs sanity, and I think the best bet for the kingdom is House Tyrell.
Preach the Reach.

>> No.37137672

None of you use extra limbs in battle, alright, that's fair. What do you do to beef up your limbs then? Perks aren't the only way to go about it, you know. Do you use magic to give yourself literal iron knuckles? Grow spikes? Anyone do that?

>> No.37137694

I'm big on growing spikes, yeah. I rarely use weapons unless I need to blend in, otherwise I just grow a blade as needed. I like the idea of being able to grow a spike or blade from any striking surface, giving me more versatility in cutting implements than just holding one would give.

>> No.37137696

Thirteen minutes. Not a bad refractory period, /jc/. You been working out?

>> No.37137708

Power armour. Two busters with every single upgrade available on the ends, including both weapon copy systems. Said copied weapons include anything from beam sabers to spikes and brass knuckles. Also, one arm detaches and shoots out at enemies, propelled by rockets.

>> No.37137712

Sena (Delphox from PMD)
Felicia (Thief from Magi)

>> No.37137732

What's the X copy system offer that the Classic doesn't, anyway? I know the value in having double the space, but I think that's it.

>> No.37137734

Like I said, I play in the rules of the universe I'm in unless I need to pull out other stuff to win.
Then I start doing crazy shit like covering my limbs in flame or Shaping myself to make myself even stronger

>> No.37137746

Yeah, man. Been doing a pretty basic strength routine, with a bit of accessory work to accompany the compounds. I've gotten a bit of a strength base, so I'll be working out with a friend to try a more bodybuilding focused routine for a month. I'll probably go back to my old routine afterwards though, just to milk out all the gains from it. After that, I don't know. Madcow 5x5, Texas Method, or should I just go for a brosplit?

>> No.37137757

Classic is a lot weaker. You don't get as much ammo, power, and you certainly don't get to pick and choose what weapon you get. X has a higher ammo cap, weapons at full power, and you can pick and choose.

>> No.37137774

Got a devil arm arm. Looking at my description of my dmc jump, I described it as "Like I stole an arm from koth of the hammer."

>> No.37137775

I plan on combining the dwarven runes from VS and the will tattoos from Fable. Shape some runes on muh bod that are sexy and functional. Big glowing badass punch wizard.

Best split. Remember your HIIT brah, remember your HIIT.

>> No.37137786

I have a cyborg form, which uses mechanical limbs; it's obviously inhuman, but it's also inhumanly fast and tough without the need to spend mana on self-buffs, allowing me to devote my magic to other worthy causes, like rapid teleportation.

I don't do anything super-special with the limbs themselves beyond 'replace them with superior metal in that specific combat mode', though.

The one part of me that I consistently tweak heavily is my eyes; I almost never use organic eyes, preferring instead to replace them with an advanced sensor package that takes full advantage of all the miniaturization and sensor capacity I can get from all the jumps I've been through. The result only looks like ordinary eyeballs.

>> No.37137808

>freaky ass crafted eyes
Now I kinda wanna see a Beholder Jumper

>> No.37137847

Eye don't think that's a good idea.

>> No.37137882

Put a lid on it.

>> No.37137895

Yeah, I started down that road in Transmetropolitan, where 'replace my eyes with a fancy computer system' seemed a more reasonable concession to my transhuman obsession than going foglet and losing at Jumpchain. I've kept it up ever since.

>> No.37137896

At this point what HAVEN'T I done to improve myself?

Tons of working out along with infinite softcaps, plenty of chi/magic to bolster myself (whether placing spells upon myself or enchanting tattoos), a disgustingly powerful power armor by combining all the Megaman bodies as armor (along with assimilating tech from other things), Savage Salvage to eat technology to take on traits, splicing myself with a Geneforge/Lord of Light/Elona hybrid machine to bolster myself with whatever I wanted from all the genetic samples I took, cybernetics from Deus Ex/Asura's Wrath...

Really, my beefing techniques are more or less "oh that looks shiny, I kind of want it". I'm fairly certain at some point I went overboard. Pic related.

>> No.37137914

Eye don't see why you need to be offended. Does the sight of a bad pun offend you?

>> No.37137919

Power Armor, Magic, Technosorcery, Cybernetics, Psychokinesis. I got plenty of ways to bring the hurt in melee, but I tend stick in the back and control my enemies via Psionics and Magic alone. When situation calls for it, I will go into melee. However that's my bodyguard's job. She's fast, and benefited from a lot of physical perks. So if an enemy manages to get past my army of cheap robots, and my elite unit of expensive robots, they'll have deal with me. Which won't be pretty.

>> No.37137934

Poor abridged popo, all depressed because of no Kami.

>> No.37137951

Keep it up, and you're going to get the lash or get socket.

>> No.37138004

Do you look fleshy at all or are you Ms. Robo? Or mix of?

>> No.37138067

Funny enough, I try to look 100% fleshy from an outside point of view. Any tech I assimilate into myself should be on the inside, only showing if I open my arm or something to show it.

I like having the ability to feel, and the ability to go around in public. So replacing myself completely with metal goes against that.

>> No.37138316

>I like having the ability to feel, and the ability to go around in public.
So, where do you live again? 'Cause where I'm from we don't have 8 foot tall curvy, atheltic goddesses just walking around.

Seriously willing to move.

>> No.37138362

Mace is probably stupider than Ned. At least Ned was good during the war.

>> No.37138428

>Mace is probably stupider than Ned.
True, but Mace while Mace is the head of Tyrell, he isn't the one running it. I think everyone knows that, maybe even him.

>At least Ned was good during the war.
Also true, but >muh honor characters irritate the shit out of me. Personal honor is great, but not at the expense of others.

>> No.37138505

Aren't you worried about an EMP, getting hacked or something like that?

That's why I always avoid cybernetics.

>> No.37138601

>ONLY 8ft tall
Yeah, this is like... around 212 jumps now. So I can get anywhere from 6ft to 160ft. Kaiju form can get over seven thousand feet tall... and that's not including using stored Mantra to further increase it.

Things have changed.

>> No.37138602

Thanks to a combination of DMC Devil arm arms and Demonologist I now have 10 arms spliced to my body from various demons. Combine that with Envy from FMA so I now have said arms hidden within my body for when I need them.

>> No.37138641

Mace was really the only one pushing for Margaery to be queen though and even Olenna couldn't dissuade him. I think he actually does throw his weight around quite a bit.

Also the entire point of Ned's story was that he didn't put his personal honour ahead of his family and got fucked for it. The main stupid honourable thing he did (telling Cersei to run) was basically so that a couple of innocent kids wouldn't get put to death. For me, that's a level of honourable I'm happy to work with really. He's pretty much competent and reliable unless you ask him to kill kids or be responsible for killing kids.

>> No.37138707

POTUS Jump has begun production.

Are you bad enough dude to get elected President of the United States (and not get impeached)?

>> No.37138720

EMP is only really problematic if you can't into shielding, and I feel confident that I'm a good enough technician to keep me mostly safe from that at this point. Like, if a nuke or something goes off in close-ish proximity, or I get shot in the head by some kind of bullshit focused EMP projector, I might be blinded for a second or two, but I expect to be back up pretty quickly, as opposed to 'permanently blinded and in need of replacements'.

My cyborg form is much more reliant on tech, and is probably somewhat more vulnerable, but the materials science and microelectronic design I'm using should be sufficient to keep me safe from anything but the most directly-targeted attacks.

As for hacking, I've got "Can Stop the Signal" from Firefly and "Radical" from Cowboy Bebop, so I'm a god-tier hacker twice over. If someone can beat me and my systems at the hacking game, they deserve to.

>> No.37138771

Ninja drawback pls

>> No.37138884

How long does the Madoka time stop last for?

>> No.37138965

The jump text lightly implies it's limited use with a recovery time, but in the actual setting it seems to run off your MP meter with a massive cost per second.

>> No.37138999

Can we have a companion be our running mate?

>> No.37139065

Two questions.
Are there any other perks similar to Loyal Retainers from Kirby? Like you get a small army of servants, but they aren't fit for combat?
Also, I've been stacking tech perks, so would a small scale genophage at least HELP in Terra Formars?

>> No.37139092

Whatever happened to that one armed guy?

>> No.37139105

He's still around.

>> No.37139121

Haven't seen him in days though. Wondering what happened with that character of his.

>> No.37139166

Holidays, man. Combine that with his job and there's going to be a lull in activity.

Plus he's working on another jump, so there's that too.

>> No.37139187

Eh, Homura is holding it for a couple minutes and only takes a few seconds to recharge. If it is powered by mana, you should reach her level by the end of the jump or you could have some other mana pool. Unless you take the great potential thing.

>> No.37139188

Genophage the johj? Yeah, that'd work great. I wouldn't trust it to work for very long given the crazy adaption, but it'd put a dent in their numbers.

>> No.37139256

So if I took Genki in Strike Witches I'm pretty much set then?

>> No.37139302

Exactly. I figured I wouldn't use it right away, maybe mass a large amount of firepower or something. Try to stay hidden to prevent them from adapting to us. Then I could activate the genophage and eliminate whatevers left.

>> No.37139343

A full on sterility plague should get around that.

>> No.37139423

To an extent, you aren't going to be stopping time for hours, unless you've been stacking shittons of mana boosting stuff, but a few minutes is definitely reasonable.

>> No.37139437

Johji don't breed like that anon.

>> No.37139444


>> No.37139505

What is the extent of their powers? I haven't watched/read anything other than their wikia. Is sterility definitely going to stop their numbers from growing? And is the anime worth a watch?

>> No.37139522

Are you doing a House of Cards thing? I've been kicking that around in my head.

>> No.37139581

Doubt sterility would, they seem to reproduce asexually.

>> No.37139587

Anime is pure shit, the censoring messes things up. Go to mangareader and read it.

Johj powers are... varied. They can be super fast/strong, they can fight with their head being damaged (there's something in center of mass you gotta break for them to die), and they're obscenely resistant to fire and other things.

That's WITHOUT ganking other bug stuff/the corpses of mosaic surgery candidates to take the powers for their own. So they can get pretty bullshit. It's more or less the only world where complete murderhoboing genocide is the moral imperative.

>> No.37139614

They have the organ cockroaches have that lets them survive decapitation and they can basically ignore small arms fire. They can also fly and can learn to use new technology or adapt to new things insanely fast.

>> No.37139634

>murderhoboing genocide is the moral imperative.
Pax is always an option.

>> No.37139667


>> No.37139702

>unleashing the Pax on the Johjs
>risking an outbreak of Reaver-Johjs
>letting the Reaver-Johjs multiply expotentially
>you now have a planet of Reaver-Johjs

You fucked up.

>> No.37139725

It would run into the same problem as the genophage, in that it would affect a portion of them, but they would quickly evolve to resist it.

>> No.37139729

Are there any biopowers they can't duplicate? Like, are they limited to bugs?
What's the "correct" choice of powers in-jump to deal with this bullshit?

>> No.37139740

Paxilon Hydrochlorate. An aerosolized social sedative. It encourages relaxation in the populace. There are some side effects, but it's a small manageable percentage of the population.

>> No.37139776

They've been shown to work with anything that the Mosaic Organ Surgery can utilize. So more or less anything biological... I'm not sure if 'bribed the doctor' would fall under it, but probably.

They can also learn technology pretty quick.

So really, your best bet is to blitz them and annihilate them to the extent of being unable to make eggs, or unleashing Magic as they won't ever be able to adapt to that.

>> No.37139810

What if I make a gaseous form of Victoria Woods mind control? Then have her gather them all in one place and have them just sit there while The rest of the team goes to town. On a related note, is it possible to get Zurvans essence/dna from Starcraft? Of all the aliens I've looked at (not much) he seems to be the best choice.

>> No.37139827

Remember how quick they adapted to the original gas? Not a good idea.

>> No.37139877

Not really? That wouldn't be a bad idea, mind you, I've just never watched it.

I'm in the IRC room if you want to collaborate.

>> No.37139912

I do not. I'm the guy that has only looked over the wiki page. But I guess thats out of the question. Thanks for the heads up regardless.

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