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I'll be posting some useful PDFs and links to 5E resources that might come in handy for people.

Please post whatever you might have.

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Shouldn't you use the existing general?

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I don't see it in the catalog. My filters must have filtered it out for some reason. Oh well.

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I don't see one either. Pretty sure this is the general.

On topic; how competent should my squire be? The PHB says I get a squire, since I'm a knight, and I'm an Oath of Devotion Paladin, so it stands to reason we might get into battle with Evil Forces or knavish rogues of some sort.
How much clout should the DM be giving my comrade-in-training?

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A hand-dandy rules summary.

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I'd say since a squire hasn't learned anything yet other than being a servant, he'd be a Commoner, Monster Manual p345.

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Mines of Phandelver monster statistics summary.

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Question: Has anyone seen a compilation of basic spell stats (range, action type, damage, etc.) into a short, concise format?

So that I don't have to dig through paragraphs of long text to figure out what a spell's Save is?

I would be eternally grateful.

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Spell list by level.

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Bard spells listed.

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Cleric spell list.

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Was the Bugbear at the end of Cragmaw Cave supposed to be a caster?

See, my party managed to get to said Bugbear without fighting through said cave. Long story short, my Half-Elf bard disguised himself as a Hobgoblin, we all rolled well on deception, and that's how the plan we'd spent equal amounts of time in and out of character (several hours in total) concocting came to fruition.

Then the Bugbear turned out to have 16 INT, be a caster, and have a staff with a single charge of Disintegrate.

Was the GM being vengeful, or were we just being Those Guys?

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Do you mean Cragmaw Castle or Cragmaw Hideout?

Cragmaw Hideout ends with a Bugbear who is not a caster.

Cragmaw Castle ends with a Bugbear who is also not a caster.

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Klarg is just a standard bugbear. Spending effort to get past stuff while avoiding combat is like the least That Guy thing I can think of, especially if you did well. Your DM deciding to thwart your efforts by buffing the enemy all to hell is That Guy as hell, though.

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The Hideout, I mean.

I just wanna know if dropping a caster on us who (luckily for us) wasted his Disintegrate on a treasonous goblin was justified.

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it might not have been justified, but buffing an encounter when you hadn't expended any real combat resources isn't out of line if he wanted to challenge you. if it was purely petty vengeance then dick move.

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Okay, good to know.

Even without the Disintegrate, Klarg soaked up everything we could throw at him... but he ended up dying from fire damage.

Our Cleric had pushed him onto the bonfire and he never thought to step out of it, you see.

That is the only reason my unconscious, 7-max-health Bard did not die.

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Druid spell list.

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http donjon.bin.sh
http www lastgaspgrimoire com/generators/choose-your-own-generator/

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Eldritch Knight spell list.

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>lastgaspgrimoire com/generators/choose-your-own-generator/
That's good, but what is a Reaction Roll?

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Paladin spell list.

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Ranger spell list.

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That resource isn't edition-specific. Reaction rolls have been used in various editions (and retro-clones) to determine how NPCs deal with player characters.

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Explain further please. What does a 6 for a reaction roll mean?

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Sorceror spell list.

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Depends on the game version. In AD&D it's a percentile roll, so a 06 would be "hostile, immediate action" whereas a 26 would be "Uncertain but 55% prone toward negative."

The Basic Red Box I grew up with (I think the OSR folks call it the first part of the BECMI rules) with 2d6 for reaction, so a 6 would mean you roll again with an equal change of "attack," "leave," or "friendly."

I'm sure there are at least a couple other variations floating around.

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Wizard spell list.

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Warlock spell list.

This concludes the 90 hours of community service I had to perform for my manslaughter charge. Thank you and good night.

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Arcane Trickster here, what's the difference between taking Blade Ward and just Dodging? Is True Strike useful for me? I know I will be taking Prestidigitation.

Sweet, just what I was looking for.

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You are a credit to the community. Now we just need to get an unofficial SRD up and running.

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What is HD?

>SPENDING HD WHILE STABILIZED: Not in the rules but clarifed by the designers: a stabilized PC (i.e. at 0 hp) can spend HD (if he has any remaining) after a 1 hour short rest even though the PC will regain 1HP after 1d4 hours

This pdf has nothing explaining what HD is before that point and I'm a little confused as to what it is.

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HD = hit dice. Player characters get one every level, each one based on the size of the class they take that level. At the end of a short rest, you can spend your HD to roll it + con modifier and heal by that amount. You regain half your total HD minimum 1 when you take a long rest.

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Hit Dice. The die you roll per level of your class, varies according to class, eg d8 for a Paladin.

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I think there was one but it got Cease & Desisted by WOTC.

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can you hit while grappling?
can you hit the grappled creature?
what about when you're holding a 2handed weapon?
or any weapon that seems strange to use that close?

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Crib sheet.

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On what grounds, I wonder? Maybe it wasn't hosted in the US?

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Hit dice

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Do the rules say you can't? No. They say no such thing. I find your attempts at pedantry adorable.

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>can you hit while grappling?
>can you hit the grappled creature?
>what about when you're holding a 2handed weapon?
No, as you need a free hand in order to grapple and you need both hands to wield a 2h weapon at all.
>or any weapon that seems strange to use that close?
There are no rules for it, it'd have to be a case-by-case basis thing.

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Core books:


Use the Subject field next time.

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"Grapple" in D&D essentially means reaching out and getting a handhold on an enemy(or npc, I guess) to restrain them. Think of the typical hockey fight.

While grappling a guy, you can drag him around, hit him with a one handed weapon, attack someone else with a one handed weapon, etc.

Go grab one of your friends by the collar, and see what you can do. Then, do that in D&D

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just wanna be sure about this monk i'm making. seems pretty weird thinking about using say a whip less than 2ft away

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They haven't put out their open licensing agreement for the new edition yet. Its not currently legal to produce and distribute independant 5e material

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Is it just me or is the variant of human that resembles 3.5 human stupid strong? +1 to two different, bonus skill, bonus feat? That seems way strong.

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thanks m8s

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Nonsense. Under US law you cannot copyright games, the titles of games, the ideas of those games, or the methods of play. Maybe there was a trademark violation?

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Lol wut

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Compared to other races that get free proficiencies, skill proficiencies, *the ability to reroll 1s on d20 rolls*, armor proficiencies, damage resistance, the ability to see in darkness, etc. it's fine.

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It falls under intellectual Property

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>*the ability to reroll 1s on d20 rolls*
Hobbits confirmed for OP.

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But under them DMCA, all a big-business "content owner" like Hasbro has to do is subtly gesture in your direction and your website provider will shut down your shit instantly, even if they are utterly without merit.

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What kind of intellectual property? There are basically three kinds of intellectual property: Copyright, which doesn't apply to the actual rules, Patent, which doesn't appear to be claimed by WotC in the books themselves, and Trademark, which I see claimed for the name but not the contents.

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>For example, the text matter describing the rules of the game or the pictorial matter appearing on the gameboard or container may be registrable.

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Anon that's more or less saying you can't copyright hopscotch, but you can copyright Warhammer. The difference being you're not copyrighting a ruleset and name for said rulesets mechanics, but the story, pictures, and IP that it entails.

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Under DMCA all you have to do is file a counter-claim and the host is supposed to let your stuff back up. This basically allows the claimant to suss out your identity for a direct lawsuit and get the host out of the way for legal purposes.

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So you can publish Warhammer without their fluff or art and it's 100% kosher. Exactly what a 5e SRD should be.

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If they would have advantage or you can't see the attacker, or think you'll be targeted by multiple enemies (especially if they make multiple attacks), then Blade Ward is great. Really undervalued.

Depending on how your DM treats combat context or narrative, people may react differently towards Blade Ward and Dodge.

True Strike guarantees crit damage if you hit, and makes it more likely to land a hit or crit. Or, neutralizes disadvantage you might have to attack. I think it's probably most useful with an Arcane Trickster, especially because it's a 100% silent spell (only somatic components).

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The mechanics aren't copyrighted is what I got, so yeah it can be a complete clone and be legal, as long as you don't use the wording from the manual or any diagrams. Kind of like how you can make a minecraft clone without copying the programming or taking the name.

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Alright guys, I may or may not have based a Chaotic NeutralWood Elf Rogue on Joseph Joestar. I'm planning on going Arcane Trickster to replicate being a Hamon user, and I need help picking spells.

For Cantrips I'm taking Mage Hand because it's mandatory and awesome, and Shocking Grasp because Hamon Overdrive.
Would Shocking Grasp proc disadvantage or opportunity attacks because I'm technically casting a spell in melee range? And could I easily convince the DM to be able to electrify say a ball and chain, and use it like an extension of the spell to boost the range to a melee weapon with reach or about 10ft?
For the 3rd cantrip I'm torn between Dancing Lights, Ray of Frost, and True Strike.
Dancing Lights is both fabulous and pretty useful, but has a material cost and a torch can do the same job.
Ray of Frost is a good 1d8 ranged spell and I'm probably gonna drop a short bow so I can cast with one hand and strike with a sword, so the ranged attack is nice.
True Strike is the epitome of the combat value of "Your next line is...!" but being a rogue I'll usually have advantage on my targets, however it does help the team out.

And for spells I'm probably going to take Disguise Self, Color Spray for maximum fabulous, and most likely Fog Cloud to maximize sneaking around and backstabbing things.

I'm not trying to be 100% Joseph, but if anyone has any ideas for spells and cantrips to use instead of the listed ones, I'd appreciate the feedback immensely.

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>True Strike guarantees crit damage if you hit,

D'oh, meant sneak attack.

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Hi /tg/, this is gonna be a stupid question because i'm kind of new on this but well, i want to buy the D&D book but i dont know if 3.5e, 4e or 5e... what are the differences? which is better? which books will have to buy to start?

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Just play 5e. It's the most fun.

All you need is the Player's Handbook. As you go on, getting the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual will help you put together games and run them.

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You're going to get a wide variety of answers depending on who's on /tg/ at the moment. The various versions of D&D vary from each other in great many ways that greatly influence how play unfolds.

As for the books you need, in any version since 3rd, you'll want the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide.

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start with 5. most people will say 3.5.

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There are pros and cons to each edition:
3.5 has, by far, the most optional material (splatbooks), but is no longer supported. It also has some balance issues, and depending on your group you need a lot of experience as a player to do well. If you want to go with this edition, I'd pick up Pathfinder instead - it's just DnD 3.5 with the serial numbers filed off and some minor improvements.

4e is by far the most balanced edition (at least in my opinion). It's strong point is it's streamlined tactical combat, though some believe other areas suffer. It wasn't very popular, so a group may be hard to find.

5e is the newest, and takes some good ideas from both of it's predecessors (and earlier editions). It's reasonably balanced, but not as samey as 4e can be.

For any edition, all you need as a player is the Player's Handbook (or, for Pathfinder, the Core Rulebook).

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Go with 5e.

If you want to be a part of the Weekly Encounters program at a LGS they will be using 5e. 5e is the latest release so it will also have the most new players looking for more to join in, providing a good opportunity to get a foot in the door.

If you want a fast-paced action/tactical romp then go with 4e, but do avoid the Essentials 4e. It is a good physical system for strategy/synergy/tactics style play.

If you are tired of this mortal coil and plan to commit suicide in the next few weeks go with 3.5e as it will hasten your journey to sweet release.

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Anyone happen to know off the top of their heads any cool tricks you can do with a bead of force? I'm thinking chucking the one pound bubble it makes into the air as high as you can before the effect wears off and watching the big bad fall to their deaths, but other than that no ideas.

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Or you can Be A Man and go B/X or BECMI

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Put your buddy into it on once side of a heavily-trapped corridor and give him a good shove toward the other side. Let all the poison darts and spears and crushing stones and magic shit bounce off harmlessly.

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>Everyone into the hamster ball of invulnerability!

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Fuck if I know but the d20 system open gaming license and the controversial 4e game system license are things that exist. Maybe you should catch up on your post bachelor studies Mr.copyright lawyer.

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last time i checked, you do not get disadvantage for casting spells in melee range. Only if it is a RANGED spell cast in melee range. Shocking grasp is a melee attack (I think), so it should be a normal attack.

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>what's the difference between taking Blade Ward and just Dodging?
It's the age old question of "Do I take a 10% chance to dodge, or a 10% reduction of damage?" Over 10 attacks, the damage you save is the same. But each has their own benefits. Being able to ignore an attack with high percent chance is nice, but sometimes, that's not going to help. It depends on the situation on hand.

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Oh go fuck yourself. It's the DM's job to make things challenging and make sure you have stuff to play that night. Considering everything they skipped, it's not even a proportional judgement. On the whole, things were still way easier for them.

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Anyone notice any spells (especially illusion or enchantment oriented) from previous editions not being present in 5e?

>> No.37119332

Considering the hundreds and hundreds of spells that were in 2nd edition, yeah. There are plenty missing. This is not a bad thing.

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This one. The pdf I have of the PHB doesn't have this page, so I couldn't copypaste that one.

You should actually study law instead of making theories up.

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I know they're claiming copyright. The US government says they can't copyright games. Are you suggesting that WotC gets to fabricate copyright law from whole cloth?

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this needs to have a xp multiplication table.

>> No.37119526

The "actual rules" might not be protected, but the way they're represented in the PHB and the artwork and fluff associated with them are. You could go ahead and make a game that is 5e with all the fluff removed or changed, but you can't (legally) reproduce their work wholesale and sell it or give it away.

>> No.37119559

They have a right to their information. They are providing information on how to play a game. If you reproduce their information in a way that would be deemed close enough to be a copy of their information, then yeah, they can completely sue your ass off.

If you're just speaking, or teaching someone else how to play a game you know how to play, then they can't touch you.

>What if I post material that happens to teach someone else how to play a game using my own words

Very legal grey area that I wouldn't recommend going down, friend. It would definitely be enough for them to get you into court to force you to defend yourself, and unless you're a millionaire with all the free time in the world, the fees, both in time AND money, are going to put you out of house and home.

As for TECHINCAL correctness, then it is possible to interpret that there is no copyright on the actual game rules, but it would be a ridiculous battle to prove and not one worth your time. You basically would have to rewrite the entire set of rules without using a SINGLE one of their keywords, like Advantage, the elemental damage they use and the way they use it, monster names not pulled wholesale out of myths, etc.

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Go fuck YOURSELF. If the players are able to outsmart the DM and/or the module, punishing them for it is literally as full retard as you can go. This idea that you need combat for D&D to be at all fun or challenging is fucking stupid, and the DM giving the bugbear what pretty much amounts to a one-shot kill weapon because they thought outside the box is fucking stupid. I would seriously walk if I knew that kind of shit is happening, because if the challenge was averted by player's being smart and doing something that an actual GOOD ROLEPLAYER would do (avoid combat, because the people you play certainly DO NOT WANT TO GET THEMSELVES KILLED FIGHTING IF THEY DON'T NEED TO).

I run a weekly B/X game and to be honest, I agree that the players need to be challenged. However, if the players are able to get around my obstacles by using something that I didn't see coming, I don't put a fucking dragon in the next room because they avoided them. They should actively ATTEMPT to avoid anything and everything that isn't absolutely necessary to their goal, and I would commend them for doing this so that I do NOT make the same mistake twice. This is how you should go about things; making your encounters more difficult to bypass from experience, thus actively engaging your players in finding new ways to avoid getting into trouble, and all in all improving both the level of gameplay of the DM and the PCs. Throwing a huge fucking bad guy at the PCs because they were smart is almost virtually as That Guy as you can get, and if you think otherwise, you are the malignant cancer that is eating away at the quality of ANY RPG community.

>> No.37119656

I second this.

When my players do something awesome, they get rewarded, not subject to Schrodinger's Monster.

>> No.37119709

I agree with this guy. I really hate DMs who just try to antagonize the players as much as possible instead of letting them execute smart plans that SHOULD work.

My current DM is really good, but he has a problem of making NPC interactions a thorn in our sides.

>You killed that goblin! The NPC girl looks at you in disgust
>You avoided the fight! The NPC girl thinks you're a coward
>You fought and spared the bandit! The NPC girl thinks you're weak
>Oh hey, those NPCs that ran into battle to help you without you asking? Yeah, the enemy got to go first and kills them both. The blood is on YOUR hands! Everyone hates you now!

Seriously, Brian, we're level 5. Can't we have SOMEONE start telling us how cool we are instead of being responsible for mini-holocosts every two seconds?

>> No.37119776

They own the word "advantage?" Interesting. Wouldn't prior art negate any such claim? Like anything containing that term published before last year?

>> No.37119855

Err, no, they don't own the WORD itself. They own the context in which it is used in.

Example: They obviously don't own the words Dungeons or Dragons, nor the ampersand. However, Dungeons & Dragons, when used in that order, obviously refer to the property that is D&D, (and they do actually own a copyright on the little Dragon design they have for the ampersand that they use). So you can say Dungeons. You can say Dragons. You can & as much as you like. You say Dungeons & Dragons, and you better bring out the lube.

So, you can say advantage, but you can't say something like "Advantage allows you to roll 2d20 and take the higher roll!". The mechanic of 2d20 keep 1 is obviously a game rule, and it's been in many games before, and will after with copycats running towards their printing press, but calling such a mechanic Advantage would be the time to bring out the lube because now you're infringing their information.


>> No.37119885

Loot question: What do you think of a big ol' tome that gives you Advantage on a specific knowledge skill anytime you make the check - provided you spend 10 minutes referencing the book? Overpowered?

>> No.37119893

Does 5e say anything about elves being able to grow beards?

>> No.37119895


Could you guys help me out a bit? I'm trying to be very choosy with my spell selection per level, and my character has both:

>secret aspirations of lichdom
>excessive paranoia

So which spells should I take through level 20? What are creative uses for other spells for the paranoid wizard?

I already have the basics like Alarm, Glyph of Warding, etc.

>> No.37119921

I... think so? I seem to remember it mentioning that they may have beards and such.

>> No.37119923

Elves can't. Half-Elves can. Setting-specific fluff may change this.

Divinations and Necromancy. The best defense is knowing what your enemy is going to do before he does; the best offense is sending his animate corpse back to eat his family.

>> No.37119964

sounds reasonable for a tome of lore due to the 10 min stipulation.

>> No.37119974

Just wondering. I've always believed that they don't, but I didn't know if that had been mentioned in the new edition.

>> No.37119990

Not really.

>> No.37119992

>NPC girl keeps insulting you regardless of what you do
Sounds like she's a brat. What she really wants is for you to bend her over the nearest table and show her who's boss.

>> No.37120006

I say it's a little ridiculous, actually. Why would there be a knowledge check if they just had a book? In that situation, I would actually just say "it's in the book, so you know it".

The way I run knowledge checks is the player is trying to remember that information off of the top of their head out in the open, like in the middle of a dungeon. If the player is at home with their reference materials on the subject, or if they are in the library, then they can just take the time to refresh themselves. I mean, it doesn't make sense, right? They can flip open the book to the page, but they still can't remember what the AC of an Adult Red Dragon is? The information is right there!

It also explains weird rolls, like the Wizard failing an Arcana check, but the Barbarian succeeded.

>Wizard, you know you learned this in school, but it was only mentioned in passing and wasn't very important to you. You would have to go home and look at your old texbooks.
>Barbarian, you happen to know this, because it matches up with folklore passed through your tribe about the dark arts. You don't know the fancy Wizardy terms that Wizard would know, but you know how it functions.

Think about WHY they're rolling. IS there a chance of failure, and would that failure have to do with the roll? A failed knowledge roll means they don't know it or understand it. Failing to find it in a book would be perception, and what kind of jackass would make you roll for that? It's a book!

>> No.37120023

You don't get XP multiplied, the XP multiplication is for purposes of calculating -how tough- an encounter will be only, not for how many XP the PCs get.

>> No.37120040

No, that's basically how he runs all of his NPCs. He loves the whole "heroes are actually bumbling fools" gag. He's a great DM, and I love the bit too, but damn it, just once I wanna be the cool guy.

>> No.37120057

> Divinations and Necromancy. The best defense is knowing what your enemy is going to do before he does; the best offense is sending his animate corpse back to eat his family.

That's what I figured. Suggested build to accomplish this? If you don't mind helping.

>> No.37120100

What are your hopes/wishes for upcoming supplements, /tg/? Realistic or otherwise.

>> No.37120153

I'd like wizard schools of magic to have variant progression trees.

>> No.37120178

Hmmm . . . maybe an auto-success on all checks below a certain DC if they spend enough time referencing the book? I'd increase the time to about an hour in this case.
Honestly both of these potential books are likely going to be sold.

Assuming you're a wizard? Divination specialist is great for 'just as planned' shenanigans, but Necromancy gives you tougher undead and the ability to heal when you kill a target with a non-cantrip spell. The latter is probably better if you're gonig to focus on minions, but I'd take the former in all other cases - the healing is rather situational.

>> No.37120187


Yep, that should about cover it.

>> No.37120191

More fighter subclasses. A Tome of Battle-style class. Lots and lots of setting guides. A PF-style summoner class that isn't broken. New, memorable adventures that aren't rehashes of old one (like Temple of Elemental Evil being remade, again).

>> No.37120193

And taking the necromancy school was my first thought, but divination makes sense too.

>> No.37120206

Missed this post. I'm hpyed for Eberron and Spelljammer. I loved Eberron in 3.5/4e and can't wait for it to come back. I've never played a Spelljammer game, but the idea really appeals to me.

>> No.37120260

Go 5e, making characters is simple, you dont need 20 books to run it, and it encourages roleplaying without being heavy-handed.

>> No.37120277

I'm about to run an Eberron 5e game I'm stoked for the campaign setting!

For now I get by on home brew like keith bakers not really official warforged. I even made a special Silver Flame cleric domain for one of my players!

>> No.37120319

Divination is good if you play up his paranoia, too. Have him spy on everyone he can, even the party. Especially the party.

>> No.37120322

>I'd increase the time to about an hour in this case.

So here's my follow up question to that.

Why? Why make it an hour? It's not unrealistic, but what exactly do you need to make such limitations on it for? What are you hoping to circumvent? The way I see it, unless the knowledge in the book is how to stop every thing in an upcoming dungeon, or how to fight every monster in the world, I see no reason for there to be a strict limit on the book like that. If they're flipping through for information, they can just glance at the page for keywords and flip to the next page, right?

Basically what I'm asking here is, why are you setting a limit on such a specific set of knowledge checks?

>> No.37120333

Would abjuration spells help out too, or should I not spread too thin? From a self defense perspective?

>> No.37120417

The books in question are:
Arcana as it relates to dragons
Nature as it relates to plant life
Both of which are pretty broad topics. I suppose if I narrow their areas a bit I'd feel more comfortable with the auto-success idea.

The original adventure had them give a +2 bonus on the related checks, effectively letting the character reference them and piece together an answer from both the book and their own knowledge. Since numerical bonuses are no longer a thing, I was going with advantage for that.

You should always pick up some generally useful spells, no matter what your wizard specialty is. If you're planning on having a lair, Guards and Wards is great. Also, things like Sheild, Mage Armor, and Protection from Evil and Good can be generally useful.

>> No.37120519

Ah, alright, since they're such broad topics, I can see your reasoning. I think what I would do in this case would be this:

>If a character spends a short rest reading this book, then until the next short/long rest, they have advantage on all checks related to [X subject]. If the player spends 10 minutes paging through the book after such a short rest, they can auto-succeed on the knowledge check instead.

You can provide disincentives to prevent them from just carrying it with them and auto-succeeding by making them encumbered from carrying it.

However, if they have to travel around with these books for the adventures and it is very necessary, then you can also increase the time, such as making the advantage part 8 hours (no long rest), and the auto-success a short rest with the book after the advantage is gained. Which would mean they can auto-succeed on one item per long rest.

Also, to note, I find that a +2 bonus for having a book about a subject is stupid. Just letting you know.

>> No.37120537

Planescape and Spelljammer. Mearls said on an AMA that they're coming. I know that's far from official, but damn it I'm excited anyway.

>> No.37120545

>(no long rest)
*a long rest

>> No.37120574

Better ranger subclasses. An new class that encompasses alchemist and artificer (or rolling them into existing classes. I'd be fine with adding a "metal" cleric and a alchemist wizard), a mounted combat fighter and paladin, more warlock stuff, more sorcerer bloodlines, more barbarian options.

Generally, just more of everything. also spelljammer

>> No.37120597

That actually makes a lot of sense. I think I'll go with it. Thanks!

>> No.37120598

More Arcane-Martial hybrid classes like Hexblade and Arcane Archer.

>> No.37120610


>> No.37120651

For anyone wanting to run Legacy of the Crystal Shard like I am.


>> No.37120756

I'd like to see some more domains added. The eight we have doesn't feel like enough to represent the various gods. Like gods of luck get lumped into the Trickery domain, and a lot of evil gods just get Death by default.

>> No.37120782

Gunslinger is my jam. But I don't think they'll ever release an official Gunslinger class, so how about something more reasonable?

Maybe... more Sorcerous Origins?

>> No.37120829

>Sounds like she's a brat. What she really wants is for you to bend her over the nearest table and show her who's boss.
. . . with a spanking?

>> No.37120866

that would be cool, deity specific ones would be badass. I made one for my players cleric in our upcoming game.

>> No.37120867


>> No.37120916

do you still add abil mod to unarmed strikes done as a bonus action? seems pretty unfair to me, even though it's to my benefit.

and just to be sure, prof bonus applies to atk rolls only, not dmg rolls, yes?

>> No.37120920

If your DM is willing to house rule in a Firearms Expert feat (i.e. Crossbow Expert for guns) a Fighter could be a good gun-slinging character.

>> No.37120943


>> No.37121011

Anyone have the pdf for OP's book?
Dungeon Master's Guide?

>> No.37121048

Look over here, 'ese

>> No.37121300

So I decided to make a character with a shortsword, but I am having trouble seeing what I can do with my free hand. Can I attack with the sword and grab someone/something? Can I stab and punch or pick up a lamp and use it together for a double attack?

>> No.37121363

I had a dream I met Arya from game of thrones, and I told her she looked like a real life hobbit and she got mad.

>> No.37121365


>> No.37121402

How about a mechanic where, at level 4 for example, you can increase an ability score by 2, take a feat, or gain a magic item (from a list of pre-approved items such as +1 weap/armor, striding boots, wand, etc.)?

>> No.37121409

Yeah, I don't see why not. You could swing on chandeliers, flip over tables to use as cover, and throw stuff at enemies, too.

>> No.37121415

um you hold a rose in it

>> No.37121453

But what if I run into a scoundrel who knocks it away!?

I'm still new to DnD, can I do something like swing on a chandeliver and attack in the same turn? Most of my experience comes from vidya, so I apologize if I sound dumb.

>> No.37121479

>I'm still new to DnD, can I do something like swing on a chandeliver and attack in the same turn? Most of my experience comes from vidya, so I apologize if I sound dumb.
A round (during 1 round, everyone gets 1 turn) lasts 6 seconds. So you could swing on a chandelier one turn, then attack the next. Swinging on a chandelier would take an action and an Acrobatics check, so no, you typically couldn't do both in one turn, unless you are a fighter with action surge.

>> No.37121499

I dunno, I could see chandelier-swinging as part of that turn's movement.

>> No.37121539

Maybe, it's up to the DM. Chris Perkins allowed something similar in the latest Penny Arcade live game. It wouldn't break anything, just make a quick acrobatics check as part of your movement, if the DM allows.

>> No.37121589

My general rule is that if you want to make an unusual movement, the relevant skill check is part of the move action (so swinging on a chandelier or vaulting over tables, that sort of thing). You still can't move more than your speed, but it keeps doing interesting stuff from fucking up the action economy.

>> No.37121622

If i remember correctly you can jump up to your move speed per turn (making the appropriate checks of course)
you can climb at half speed
and jumping up on top of an object takes like and extra 5 or 10 ft
All during movement too

>> No.37121637

hmm, this could work, if you made a short list of non-OP magic items sorted by level...

>> No.37121707

I'd would be an interesting thing to see but you'd really be wasting the rare chance to increase your stats or gain a feat for something that you can buy

>> No.37121752

So I have a paladin in the campaign I'm playing and I'm looking forward to Find Steed at lvl 5 (seeing Thranduil on his amazing elk was kind of the inspiration for making the paladin part of the character)
But I have a question about the creature subtypes in 5e. Find steed and find familiar both give/change your creature's subtype to celestial fey or fiend, and I was wondering if this actually has any intrinsic stat effects. Other editions had templates which gave certain benefits like darkvision and such. I haven't found an equivalent or any mention of if or what effects these would have in 5e. Is it basically just which target specific spells it would be vulnerable to? I wouldn't be surprised if that's all it is for now at least, but I'd kind of like a secondary confirmation and possibly suggestions of what would be reasonable minor things to add for the typings if there is no official word.

Also thanks for all those spell list PDFs. Those look perfect for speeding up what I've spent the most time jumping back and forth in the handbook looking at.

>> No.37121755

Something like this? It would allow the fighter/rogue to get that perfect magic item without having to pay the high price/find someone to make it. I like it.

>> No.37122034

Here's the word from the Monster Manual:
>A monster's type speaks to its fundamental nature. Certain spells, magic items, class features, and other effects in the game interact in special ways with creatures of a particular type.
>For example, an arrow of dragon slaying deals extra damage not only to dragons but also other creatures of the dragon type, such as dragon turtles and wyverns.
>The game includes the following monster types, which have no rules of their own.

>> No.37122051

They'll trigger effects like Detect Evil and Good/Protection From Evil and Good, since those are keyed to specific creature types instead of alignment. They might also qualify for certain magic items or other things that specifically require a creature of those types.

Outside of these, not really.

>> No.37122096

So if I wanted to play a halfling fighter archer, I could use a light crossbow (d8) but I'd have to take the crossbow feat to attack more than once per turn with it?

>> No.37122109

Yes, although honestly it'd be easier to forgo the feat in favor of Sharpshooter and a shortbow. The average damage difference is (3.5 for 1d6 vs. 4.5 for 1d8) and getting sharpshooter early will make you a ranged killing machine, especially with the archery fighting style.

>> No.37122168

ah closure! thank you very much!

I do have one other question that I don't think will be an issue because I'm sure the DM can just use reasonable logic or we can do some silly workaround, but:
Oath of the Ancients Channel Divinity Turn the Faithless fears all fey and fiends in a 30 foot radius. If my mount is fey as my elf paladin wants, in the rules, that use of channel divinity would scare my own mount which would be... unwanted.
I figure you could either work the rule of being able to target your mount with self targeting things to give it some sort of protection from it or something.
Otherwise the workaround would be to just cover his ears just before speaking the fear words. :P

>> No.37122169

since im a halfling and can't use longbows, my DM is willing to give me the crossbow feat for free at level 1. so i might do that, then take the sharpshooter feat at level 4.

>> No.37122209

naw on second thought I think you're right. ill just take the shortbow so no special feats are in order, and ill take the sharpshooter feat at level 4. besides, the perfect art i found has the guy using a shortbow

>> No.37122268

>Human druid (Forgotten Realms)
>Follower of Chaunea, Circle of the Land, Pastoral
>Folk Hero, saved farms from wildfires and droughts
>Focuses on healing/helping
Thoughts? He's still low level, so I made his heroic deeds a bit less amazing (something that could've been done with a level 1 spell). I basically want a druid that isn't an antisocial hippie.

>> No.37122284

sounds fun, what's his name?

>> No.37122310

Still trying to figure something out that fits the setting without sounding like someone choking on a bagel.

>> No.37122341

Valen Morrow
Darrus Jek
Marcus Farrow
Jace Corven
Grayson Creed

>> No.37122377

Haha, thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm going to make him from Damara (they seem to need the agricultural assistance) and give him something Norse. Not even sure I want to give him a last name, how common would that be in the Forgotten Realms?

>> No.37122396

I now want to make a character who was literally named by their dad choking on a bagel when asked what to name the kid.

>> No.37122399

it would be fine, id say.

>> No.37122425

Make the dad actually choke and die on the bagel afterwards, and you immediately got half an orphan's background!

And a reason to intensely loathe bagels.

>> No.37122433

Also the bagel choking was fatal and that's why they actually went though with naming the kid after some gibberish. It was his father's last words after all.

I saved this because I want to make sure to remember it.

>> No.37122689

Player's Handbook page 204:
A cone extends in a direction you choose from its point of origin. A cone’s width at a given point along its length is equal to that point’s distance from the point of origin. A cone’s area of effect specifies its maximum length. A cone’s point of origin is not included in the cone’s area of effect, unless you decide otherwise.

>A cone’s point of origin is not included in the cone’s area of effect, unless you decide otherwise.

What the hell does this mean? Can I cast cone of cold like in the pic?

>> No.37122717

No, it's just their fucking stupid notation - The Cone of Cold's area is "Self:Cone" meaning that it originates from you and fires off in a cone. You have the option of hitting yourself - So you are not in the Area of Effect despite being the origination point, unless you want to be.

>> No.37122814

>You have the option of hitting yourself
This sounds dumber than it actually can be.

>> No.37122939

in the potential case that you are casting a cone that is beneficial in some way. I don't know if a spell like this exists in the rules yet, but I assume that's why they worded it that way.

Thoughts based on object oriented programming thought process
When working with terminology and concepts that can be recycled a lot it's important to make them flexible so you don't have to come up with a whole new term for an almost identical concept.

>> No.37122959

>Cone of Minor Air-Conditioning

>> No.37123376

>Cone of Pleasant Smells
>Orb of Ice Cream
>Giggle Bolt

>> No.37123517

>Ray of Refridgeration
>Tasha's Mild Chuckle
>Mordenkainen's Respectable Middle-Class Apartment

>> No.37123544

If you aren't playing the variant magic item rule whereby you have to use identify spell or figure it out then you are a gaylord

>> No.37123561

You asked for it.

>> No.37123571

You are a dumb fucker

>> No.37123603

As I'm sure my lazy ass group (what didn't even make their own characters untill I sat them down and made them) haven't read the rules, those will be insanely useful.

>> No.37123706


I think that they tried to cut down the amount of domains for simplicity. Maybe they will release sourcebooks that deal with deity and faith.

>> No.37123716


-An Unearthed-Arcana-type book full of variant rules and excess crunch for retards like me who like that stuff.
-A few not-entirely-combat-oriented classes like in FantasyCraft, a dedicated Arcane/Martial class and the return of NPC classes
-A gritty, pulpy, mid-level magic new campaign setting heavily flavored by real world history and cultures (basically Hyboria with Elves and Dwarves)
-A 5E version of d20 Conan
-A 5E version of Testament

>> No.37123745

Seems reasonable. Hopefully the DM won't get all weird and insist on a qt girl squire. That could seriously rain on my chivalry parade (literally, since I'd have to sleep outside of the two-man tent we'd "share.")

>> No.37123772

Samwise Gamgee will fucken smack ur gob m8

>> No.37123780


Sam's got the Lucky feat too.

Level 4 Gardener nigga, step to him ya get fucked up

>> No.37123785

You should've just fucking raped her, m8.

Tame dissent by taming booty.

>> No.37123791

>I think that they tried to cut down the amount of domains for simplicity.

i don't think it's that, i think the number of domains was limited by the fact they made them subclasses. the cleric (along with the wizard) already has the most subclasses, it would be lopsided if they had even more (and a strain on design resources).

they might have been better off if they had made domains seperate from the cleric's subclasses.

>> No.37123798

For some bizarre reason, elves can't, but a half-elf can.

I don't really get it, since shaving could be super popular amongst elves to accomplish whatever silly effect the writers had in mind, but they made it a Physical Law of Elvishness.

>> No.37123804


5e is industry supported, attracting new and old players alike, and more likely to be used for gaming sessions at LGS, clubs and whatever. I'd go with 5e.

>> No.37123811

Thanks for the insult. I thought they changed the spell so a wizard could generate the point of origin in the area of effect of the cone. Not a far-fetched idea I presume.

You're mean.

>> No.37123824

>looked like a hobbit

Showfag detected, begone foul demon!

>> No.37123838

A) Hold a shield
B) Be a monk, use the free hand for sick kung fu shit
C) Hold a knife
D) Cast spells

>> No.37123857


Sounds like a nice guy. How old is he at the beginning of the campaign?

Does he have any living relatives? Old friends (fuzzy or otherwise?) Maybe a sweetheart on a farm somewhere?

>> No.37123875

>implying he wasn't a paladin

>> No.37123889

>shaving could be super popular amongst elves
>tfw no Roman elves

>> No.37123898


I like the idea. There are so many edgy grimdark faggot characters in D&D, that a genuine, salt of the earth, good guy is a refreshing change of pace.

>> No.37123966

Both sharpshooter and crossbow expert are really beneficial for a halfling fighter. Sharpshooter has the obvious benefits of better accuracy at range and better damage when you have good accuracy.

Crossbow Expert makes all your ranged attacks perfectly usable in melee and gives a great defense/offense blend with the bonus action hand crossbow attack while letting you carry a shield. Because you no longer get disadvantage for having an enemy in melee range, you can even get advantage against prone enemies the same way melee fighters can. Become the world's smallest riot cop, with a big shield and a small pistol.

TL:DR Sharpshooter is great, also get Crossbow Expert if you want to rapid fire a hand crossbow.

>> No.37124095

So how good is Shadow Monk compared to the others? I absolutely adore it as a concept, and with a two level dip into Warlock to get Magical Darkvision, and a three level dip into Rogue for the Assassin crits, it seems like it can be a really great class.

Is it worth taking the multi-classes, or is it just a lot of faffing about?

>> No.37124169

not the original guy you were talking to, but you are a fucking retard

>> No.37124181

Why is she so perfect, /tg/?

>> No.37124187

A friend is making a crossbow rogue in an upcoming game.

Any sort of good support character I can make for that? If not, I want to make an oathbreaker paladin so we can be lowlifes together.

>> No.37124210

Thats pretty much the perfect support actually. Do an Oathbreaker Paladin with a shield, and sentinel. You can tank and provide sneak attacks for your Rogue buddy, and if they try to get to him, you can stop them in their tracks.

>> No.37124214


Brawling, pit-fighter type. You guys are "fixers" for the local crime boss, up until his mysterious disappearance.

>> No.37124221

When I first read the PHB I remember liking the Shadow Monk, but I don't see anyone playing them. I'm about to start a (hopefully) long campaign and wanted to play one, how do they fare? My group is heavy on RP and doesn't care about min/maxing, so as long as they're not outright terrible I think I will be playing one.

>> No.37124224

Um, Oathbreaker paladin is like...full-undead legions and shit. That's pretty far past lowlife into Dark Lord of Evil territory.

I hope your buddy is prepared, is all I'm saying.

I would say just go battlemaster fighter and be a mercenary thug or something instead, personally, to have thematic synergy with lowlife crook. Oathbreaker is just 2Bitch-King4This.

>> No.37124249

I'm greatly enjoying my Monk so far. I haven't gotten to level 3 yet, but its already great fun.

You can (please correct me if I'm wrong) dual wield a quarter-staff for 1d8 damage, and make bonus martial arts attacks as a bonus action at level one, and at level 2 you can do three attacks per round with your ki.

And you can move 80ft per round at level 2, so you can become Sanic if you really want. The Shadow Monks ability to move at insane speeds, stay invisible in the darkness, and teleport between dark areas, also means they are one of the best stealthers in the entire game.

>> No.37124282

Excellent. We shall do the crimes.

>> No.37124302

Well, level 1 isn't very Dark Lord, that's more level 7 and up. Though if I ever run a game, I do plan on any Oathbreaker Paladin or Necromancer in the party already being le Dark Lord who the locals attempt to placate.

>> No.37124320

I guess that's fair. Those abilities just seem pretty unambiguous and bleak. I mean, skellies and shit? That's pretty intense.

>> No.37124337

Folk Hero could potentially be winner of the Biggest Pumpkin award three years running.

>> No.37124380

Why? They changed a lot of things in the spell system. The thing I said was a possibility.

I thought /tg/ was more mature than an average board. Insulting people without a proper explanation seems childish to me.

>> No.37124385


Yes at early level until level 11 is pretty good. At level 11 you can switch to weaker magic weapon like magic dagger or go full unarmed.

>> No.37124456

>I thought /tg/ was more mature than an average board. Insulting people without a proper explanation seems childish to me.
Yea believe it or not, we hate stupid questions and dumb fucking retards here too, just like everywhere else. Seriously, that drawing. You ignore the obvious interpretation to present that? My 8 year old daughter understood burning hands/cone of cold perfectly, intuitively. You are stupider than an 8 year old.

>> No.37124484

>This is how I play CE rogues

>> No.37124501

I walked past the actress once in a KFC. So there's my claim to fame.

>> No.37124503

If he focuses on healing, why not make his background more of a search and rescue type of fellow? "Is that Mcdruid? Didn't he save the baker's daughter from wolves when she got lost in the forest?" "Didn't he heal your ankle after you broke it?" "Mcdruid has always been here for us!"

>> No.37124505

Look fella, I've been playing RPG since 1995. I know damn well how to cast burning hands, color spray or cone of cold. I lost the track of D&D after 3.5e and got my hands on 5e a couple of days ago and I won't stand random people calling me retard for no reason.

By the way don't use the word "we" it makes you look like a retard. Also I hope your daughter gets leukemia.

>> No.37124546

Here's some art. If you like it I can remove the arcane runes on the bottom so he looks more druid-like.

>> No.37124552


Getting shadow jump seems like it would be really useful for getting around and utility. I could also see it being useful fr combat because you get advantage if you surprise someone from a shadow jump.

I think two shadow monks fighting would look really cool since they'd both be constantly shadow jumping to try and punch each other in the back of the head while also trying to didge each other.

>> No.37124556

>for no reason
>scrolls up and looks at drawing again
If the shoe fits...

>> No.37124570

>I won't stand random people calling me retard for no reason
>By the way don't use the word "we" it makes you look like a retard
holy shit bro

>> No.37124582

Please do so, I'd appericate it. :)

>> No.37124599


>> No.37124606

Sorry I'm no Van Gogh, but you could have responded like a human being like this guy>>37122717 did. Instead you chose to insult me.

1) He's not me.
2) Eye for an eye. Heacted immature, I acted immature.

This is my last post in this shit-flinging contest, don't bother to reply.

>> No.37124682

cleaned it up as much as I could. hope it works for you.

>> No.37124697

Go fuck your mother. I know you're reading this.

>> No.37124709

that's very professional!! you should pat yourself on the pack

>> No.37124762

>you will never fuck McDruid
>you will never bear his child

Why live?

>> No.37124772

I had an idea for an Eldritch Knight with Two Weapon Mastery. He has a battleaxe and a handaxe that he throws around and then recalls to his hand whilst casting spells and chopping people.

>> No.37124794

>pat yourself on the pack

>> No.37124804

>I'm still new to DnD, can I do something like swing on a chandeliver and attack in the same turn? Most of my experience comes from vidya, so I apologize if I sound dumb.
You don't sound dumb; that is a very good question.

Basic rule is, tell your DM what you want to do and he'll make a ruling about how much you can get done in a turn. Generally, in a turn you get one action and can also move up to your speed. That movement can be walking, jumping, climbing, crawling, whatever (but stuff like crawling and climbing normally goes half-speed). So I'd say yes, you can swing from a chandelier as part of your movement: make a Dexterity check to try it out, and if you succeed maybe you get advantage on your attack or something, and if you fail you stumble and get disadvantage (or fall on your face and need to spend half your movement to stand up again).

One other thing to keep in mind here: the rogue subclass thief gives you the Fast Hands power, which lets you use your bonus action every turn to "use an item." That can be a lot of interesting things, like tipping over a bookshelf on someone, tossing out a bag of caltrops, drinking a potion, whatever. Good stuff for a swashbuckler type.

>> No.37124824

That's it, pat that package of yours...Mmmmhmmm...

>> No.37124891

I'd pick one or the other for multiclassing. (Personally I like the look of the warlock multiclass, because Hex is great for monk DPR.)

>> No.37125072

Skeleton race when?

>> No.37125096

I have a question!

Let's sat I am a fighter with a one handed crossbow and the tavern brawler feat.

Can I shoot a dude then punch a different dude with my other hand and attempt to grapple?

Also can I punch one dude attempt to grapple, fail, punch again with my other hand and attempt to grapple.

Lastly can I punch succeed the grape and punch with my other hand?

Oh one more. Can i grappel two guys and kick a bitch?

>> No.37125097

Already in the DMG.

>> No.37125211

In my campagin, body snatching aliens (probably intellect devourers) with Laser guns are invading my Renaissance fantasy dnd world. My players will be cool with it, but how do I make the genre nix not tacky? Does anybody have experience with it?

>> No.37125226

Can I be a skeleton Knight Paladin of Devotion with skeletal retainers and a skeletal squire?

>> No.37125368

Okay, here's the deal. You get only one bonus action per round. So if you attack a guy, you can EITHER use your bonus action to attempt a grapple (because Tavern Brawler) or to shoot someone with your hand crossbow (because Crossbow Expert). But check the wording on Crossbow Expert: I'm pretty sure you don't get that bonus action shot unless you attack with a one-handed weapon first, and your fist doesn't count.

If you are level 5+ and have multiple attacks, you can trade any of those attacks for a grapple attempt (just like anyone can without feats). So at level 5 you could attempt a grapple (first attack), punch (extra attack), and then grapple again (bonus action).

>> No.37125424


>Drawing a sword, bringing out a potion is a free action now.
>You can declare nonlethal damage without penalty now.

Yes. YEEEESSSSS! I can now indefinitely play a class that never intentionally kills. Also, my DM who thought getting Quick Draw as a weapon enhancement is overpowered/problematic can suck it.

>> No.37125445

Two levels in a class that doesn't mesh particularly well with Monk seems very expensive just to insure against magic darkness. It's also kinda weird from a fluff perspective. "I bound myself to a dangerous otherworldly being to gain power. . . but only a little power. I'm not really that committed to the relationship." I'd just take a race with normal darkvision and call that good enough.

The Rogue levels on the other hand should synergize very nicely with a sneaky Monk build. Sneak Attack and Cunning Action will both be very helpful.

>> No.37125451

Ah alright, see I was under the impression that since you could do a one-two punch on a single turn then you could do both, but you are right I missed the fact that bonus actions are one per turn always

>> No.37125473

I don't see why not. Keep in mind they take some not inconsiderable penalties to mental scores and can't talk.

>> No.37125553

>Sir Skellington and his faithful squire Jon Bones of Femursburgh

Absolutely worth it

>> No.37125557

Depends on your DM. The skeleton stats in the DMG are intended to be used for NPCs.

>> No.37125701

5e is strictly better than 3.5e except content, but a lot of really bad stuff is NOT better than a little good stuff, especially in a game where making your own shit is easy as hell.

4e is a completely different game.

>> No.37125724

Is 5E good for a beginner group?

I got a few friends who want to try and I volunteered to DM, is this a good edition to start?

>> No.37125755


Not if the enemy is behind you, and you can either take the hit or have the right energy resistance/immunity.

You can also commit sodoku.

>> No.37125767

>Joseph Joestar
>Not chaotic good

>> No.37125796

Bayonet proficiency, should I put it under Martial, Martial + Rogue/Bard, or Simple. I've thought about improvised weapons but it would probably be more appropriate for musket-butting.

>> No.37125904

I would say it is, since you can all read through the fresh rules together and have a steady basis for when expansion material hits. Lots of encouragement for inventing your own stuff too, background-wise.

>> No.37125964

Dark Moon monks use chakras like Xena, what would the stats be on that? 1d6 light thrown/finesse melee?

>> No.37125976

>flavour for warlock/monk

"I have seen the infinite glory of the beings beyond the stars. My body is not ready."

>> No.37126171

Yes, very much so

>> No.37126224

I'm running a bit of the Starter Set tonight, which will be my first time with 5E. Thankfully, the spell lists are a bit more condensed than in previous editions, but are there any spells I should suggest that the Cleric and Wizard prepare, in case they're a bit unsure?

Further, if we are starting at 8:30 PM, is the end of the cave a reasonable end point (factoring in the delay that usually comes with people new to RPGs)?

>> No.37126228

Auppenser the Sleeping God of Psionics is awakening and return to Toril, and his celestial servants have chosen you and invested you with his power to spread word of his coming.

>> No.37126239

Yes. It gets much more done with fewer rules than any previous version of the game and there's a free "shareware" basic pdf version available online that's fully compatible with the rest of the game.

>> No.37126246

pregen cleric is a life, so prepare heals? wizard needs mage armor/shield and an aoe, like burning hands

>> No.37126250

Or just any anime ever. You're a ninja with evil magic. Fuck, the warlock looks like it was designed with Naruto in mind, what with the 40 vision- and eye-related invocations.

>> No.37126300

As someone who started DMing for a group of friends that include someone completely new to tabletop RPGs, and a Pathfinder player, it sure is

>> No.37126371

Any one have any cool inspirations for their characters? I thinking about making a character based on Jago from Killer Instinct, still undecided yet though

>> No.37126518

fulgore had a gun in his head, nigga was pro as fuck, i bet u scrubs didnt know

>> No.37126656

It's not a new thing

The dragonlance books were always going on about that one half elf's beard when they wanted to point out how unusual he was

>> No.37126714

I'm thinking about creating a character inspired by the setting from Space Dandy episode 18. (The big Fish is Huge, Baby)
Probably something like a ranger with favored enemy aquatic and sailor background. Using longbow, javelin and dagger as weapons
Travelling the world as kind of a Monster Hunter searching for some sweet monster trophies.

>> No.37126743

Hunter Ranger, use Pike and Javelin. Take Collossus slayer at 3rd level.


>> No.37126749

>I'm thinking about creating a character inspired by the setting from Space Dandy episode 18.
if this is what you spend your time thinking about, i think maybe you should go outside and get some fresh air, bro

>> No.37126751


>Implying you can have a warforged that can turn his head into a giant gatling gun, in medieval times.

>> No.37126770

I know it isn't new, but it's pretty bizarre.

>> No.37126790

>talking shit about Space Dandy

That was a fun show that didn't even require any kind of in-depth background, Anon. It aired on fucking Toonami.

Hardly grounds to talk shit and say someone needs to get out more.

>> No.37126803

I'm planning a Final Fantasy themed 5e game for my group and I really want to write up a Dragoon and Dark Knight archetype for my players, likely for the fighter class. Dragoon should be easy, just some movement, spear, and jump-related class features.

Dark Knight might be a problem. I'm not sure if/how to handle HP-consuming abilities, since that's what the dark knight is known for. The general gist of dark knights is that they use their own life force to fuel their devastating attacks, but I don't know the game's flow or how readily-available healing is to balance it yet.

If the dark knight's HP-consuming abilities are too costly, he could burn himself out in a few rounds of combat and need constant healing. If they're not costly enough, he'll be stomping everything with minimal repercussion. Any advice?

>> No.37126859

>warforged's head splits open
>giant motherfucking wand of fireballs unfolds
>motherfuckers dancin' in the flame for all time


>> No.37126900

"how many dice would I need to roll to confirm that my monk pulls off a 30+ hit ultra combo?"

>> No.37126905

Evoker wizards get such an ability at high-levels. Once per day, they can make a spell do maximum damage for free. Every additional time they attempt this, they take necrotic damage, to the tune of 2d12 per spell level initially, plus 1d12 per spell level per attempt after that.

Now THAT is far too costly for repeated use, but something like 'take 1d6 necrotic damage to maximize your weapon damage dice' seems OK to me.

>> No.37126918

>spits at your feet

>> No.37126925

First-time DM running a small group of 3 friends through the Starter Pack adventure. Thinking about adding a DMPC/recurring NPC to supplement the small party size, and as an exercise in character creation.

Players are a dwarf barbarian, half-elf bard, halfling ranger. Thinking of writing up a quixotic paladin or cleric as a heal-bot that shows up and runs off as/if needed. Any suggestions on party make-up or running the adventure?

>> No.37126930

now I have to make a dragoon homebrew, since they were always my favorite

>> No.37126937

>unzips katana

>> No.37126940

I hate to leech, but can you provide with a link to said documents?

Or the full thing...?

>> No.37126948

If elves could grow beards, they couldn't use facial hair as a visual cue that a pointy eared guy is in fact a half-elf.

>> No.37126956

Those same Dragonlance books eventually did have an elf with a long beard, but that was to establish that he was really fucking old.

>> No.37126983

I just treat is as the ability to grow a full beard and a matter of fashion when I run games. At most elves will have tasteful moustaches, half-elves who want to distance themselves will have beards for cultural reasons. It's not that hard to reinterpret shit unless you've got serious issues with how language works.

>> No.37127041

1. How compatible are the D&D Next adventures with the D&D 5E rules?

2. Are there any published short, self-contained dungeon crawl adventures? For the sake of getting a new group right into the fun for a session or two.

>> No.37127065

Not a bad starting point, and it fits with how Darkness worked in Final Fantasy IV DS. Thanks!

>> No.37127077

It's on the official D&D website.


>> No.37127081

There's an NPC that the players rescue in the cave that you could modify to be the heal-bot.

>> No.37127082

Why not just have Sildar Hallwinter accompany them? He has plenty of motivation to do so and he's a reasonably powerful companion. Just have him tank damage and say very little, that way he won't overshadow the player characters.

>> No.37127162

How would you handle the Dragoon jump mechanic?

>> No.37127173


Yeah, that's probably the best solution. I just wanted a character of my own so they can level alongside the party and/or disappear if he's not needed. I guess an ideal would be a member of Hallwinter's order is waiting on him in town, who's a little too enthusiastic about adventuring.

>> No.37127224

Hex is a great deal of bonus damage for a monk. I just think there's too much conflict between bonus actions and requiring concentration for a lot of options already to really recommend it. Rather than getting Devil Sight, just cover your darkness or stop concentrating on it. Actually, all the spells granted by way of the shadow seem to have really strong effects.

>If any of this spell's area overlaps with an area of light created by a spell of 2nd levei or lower, the spell that created the light is dispelled.
Darkness automatically dispells any Dancing Lights, Light, Faerie Fire, Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Moonbeam, Produce Flame that get anywhere near the area. Be very careful with it or you'll piss off your own party's casters too.
>Any creature or object entirely inside the sphere is immune to thunder damage... Casting a spell that includes a verbal component is impossible there.
In case you piss off your party's casters by dispelling their favorite attack magic, this way you don't have to hear them complain about it. As a bonus, you can also screw with the bard.
Pass Without Trace
>For the duration, each creature you choose within 30 feet of you (including you) has a +10 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
Suddenly, the whole party is ninjas. Lasts up to an hour.

If misused, these spells can seriously fuck up a party. If well used, these spells can seriously fuck up a DM.

Both rogue and warlock have great synergy with the way of shadow, and way of shadow also looks like a good dip for extra attacks for some classes. Neither dip is required, and I can't recommend doing both together.

>> No.37127233


Swordmage, Warlord, Shaman.

Three of my favorite classes.

>> No.37127253

Realistically, this.

In my dreams, updated and expanded Green Books.

>> No.37127279

>Darkness dispelling flame blade, flaming sphere, moonbeam, etc.
. . . I know it works by RAW but for some reason that seems ridiculous. I expect it'll be errata'd eventually.

>> No.37127314

I suspect the devs think of the Eldritch Knight and Battle Master as the Swordmage or Warlord of 5e.

>> No.37127325

The visual of darkness snuffing out flames and lights near it is quite compelling, but I'm not sure if it shouldn't have to at least cover them, and not just overlap with any of the light they shed.

>> No.37127376


The big issue with the Eldrich knight vs Swordmage is well...integration. The Swordmage used his magic to enhance his swordplay. He wasn't 'A fighter with some extra spells too'. He was a teleporting, sword bursting sword-swinger setting his blade alight with magic.

>> No.37127381

Champion is the slayer. Battle Master is the fighter. There is no warlord. The current swordmage-alikes all fail at being lightly armored. These are all Spellswords. Swordmage wasn't a core class to be included in the PHB anyway, so if I expect it to show up later.

>> No.37127596

Art post

>> No.37127612


>> No.37127613

The Battle Master has several support abilities. Including Commander's Strike, which does essentially the same thing as the Warlord at-will of the same name.

>> No.37127630

Anon from >>37126925, >>37127173 again.

How do you deal with feats? My barbarian player has confirmed he wants to be a wrestler, so he'll definitely need Grappler and Tavern Brawler. Would giving my characters three feats from the beginning make them too overpowered?

Also, having trouble finding skills in the PHB

>> No.37127649

>Would giving my characters three feats from the beginning make them too overpowered?
of course

skills are under Using Ability Scores towards the end

>> No.37127680


>-A few not-entirely-combat-oriented classes

ADnD had a few like that, and you could easily transplant them directly in as a sort of NPC class.

It was in the Specialists & Sages book, things like Cartographers and such.


Dark Sword
>The Dark Knight has learned a highly destructive technique that requires a painful sacrifice to perform. A number of times per day equal to his Constitution modifier, he may sacrifice up to a quarter of his total health (rounded down), and deal twice that amount of necrotic damage to all creatures in a 15-ft cone centered on himself.
>If using this ability causes the Dark Knight to drop below 0 hit points, he loses consciousness and ends his turn with one failed death save check.

As for healing in 5e, it's a simple matter. A long rest restores all health lost, and Fighters have a thing that allows them to regain some health in the middle of a fight. I think it's called Second Wind?

Either way, it's all good.

>> No.37127747

Three feats? Yeah, that's wait too much. Some people have talked about handing out a single free feat at level one, and it always starts an argument about whether or not that would be overpowered.

>> No.37127756

it would btw

>> No.37127757

Yeah, dumb question. Let me rephrase:

Would giving my players a choice of feats at first level make the game more *enjoyable* without removing all semblance of challenge?

>> No.37127758

>and your fist doesn't count
Why wouldn't it? An unarmed strike is considered a one-handed simple melee weapon everywhere else, so I think it would definitely apply.

I mean, sure, the DM may decide otherwise semi-arbitrarily, as per usual, but I don't see a reason why he can't which is suggested in the rules.

>> No.37127790

Well, let's see.

The normal jumping rules state that for a long jump, you need to move at least 10 feet first, then you can cover a number of feet horizontally as your Strength score. The distance is halved from a standing start. For high jumps, it's a 10 foot move first, then a number of feet vertically equal to 3+Strength modifier (halved on a standing start).

Monks get a couple jump-based abilities that might be worth stealing: Step of the Wind (2nd level) lets the monk spend 1 ki point to Disengage or Dash as a bonus action, and it doubles jumping distance. Slow Fall (4th level) lets them use a reaction to reduce falling damage by an amount equal to 5x monk level. The fighter archetype Champion also gets an ability called Remarkable Athlete (7th level), but the only relevant thing it does is adds your Strength modifier to the number of feet you cover in a running long jump.

For the dragoon, since jumping high is kind of their entire thing, I'd steal Slow Fall in its entirety, and let them add their entire Fighter level to the height and distance they can cover in long and high jumps, and allow them to make full long and high jumps from a standing position.

For their actual Jump attack, you might consider stealing from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords. The Tiger Claw discipline had a lot of leaping attacks that required Jump checks against the target's AC, followed by a regular attack with bonus damage and sometimes other effects. You could easily change it to a Strength (Athletics) skill check, which in this case shouldn't have much trouble keeping up with enemy AC.

>> No.37127824

don't do it bro, follow the rules

>> No.37127840

nice essay nerd

>> No.37127855


>> No.37127894

Character Concept: A woman with no class or skills, shes just smoking hot and has a rude pair of titties and everyone wants to have sex with her so bad everyone obeys her and she rules the world.

>> No.37127954

what are some spells from older editions you are hoping to see reprinted? I am hoping to indomitable (reduced to 1 hp if you would be reduced to zero)

>> No.37127955

It was more common within settings. Ravenloft had the arcanist, which is a somewhat gimped Dual Specialist with a forgotten lore obsession, Darksun had the Merchant, which was a Caravan master, Birthright had the Guilder, which was a Hanseatic patrician/Italian banker style rogue, and the Magician, another dual specialist caster with the intent of being mostly NPC class (but not as bad as 3.5 NPC classes), which was the only arcane class for humans who didn't have divine bloodlines.

>> No.37127971

Great, thanks broseph.

>> No.37127975

>No house rules in Grognard edition
You wot, mate

>> No.37127995

If she has no class or skills good luck even ruling a brothel. I suggest you grow up.

>> No.37128000

There are better systems then dnd to run delusional whore.

>> No.37128056

I mean I'm inclined to agree, and wouldn't be considering it if one of my players was adamant about playing atypically. Again, he's made it clear he wants to play in the fashion of Macho Man, which means unarmed strikes, grappling, and body slams.

As an ad-hoc solution, I've got him set up as a Barbarian with the Eagle aspect. I'd normally be willing to let the players pick up feats as they reach them, but the first attribute increase for barbs is level 4, which for a 1-5 campaign feels a little late-coming. If I drop it to one, I feel Tavern Brawler might be the best choice.

Also, trying to homebrew a suplex attack for the character. Basic idea is applying fall damage to a grappled creature, treating the attack as a 10 foot minimum drop. Add additional fall damage w/ height, player is injured as well after a fall of 10 feet

>> No.37128086


Eh, fair point.

Either way, here's the book I was talking about.


>> No.37128097

want to play an ice-based character, for some reason. anyone have any character concepts or hell, even a race, to use? maybe a follower of Auril or a creature from the Feywild who wandered here? An ice sorcerer or maybe a warlock? Here's the art.

>> No.37128179

I believe one of the Dragonborns get Ice breath and a resistance to it. You could easily fluff a PC as being a Mountie and being trained further in using Ice to his/her advantage

>> No.37128190


Just be a human sorcerer descended from an ice dragon or some shit. Throw out ice puns left and right.

>> No.37128194

Depends on what feats the players take. Polearm Master + Sentinel can drastically reduce the challenge of melee enemies.

>> No.37128205

I dunno, I've run LMoP several times and I've rewritten most of the dungeons and enemies several times. A bugbear caster at the end just seems ludicrous though. The DM has freedom to change things on the fly, but a bugbear wizard... C'mon, the Spider is supposed to be the scary caster in that series, not the subservient brutes he has working for him.

>> No.37128231

polearm master + sentinel is so good that it has become a must take. Melee characters who take it are just straight up better than those who don't. It is one of the big imbalances of the game. I challenge anybody to show me a better use of 2 ability score increases than getting polearm master and sentinel for a martial character.

>> No.37128236

Ok, didn't read the disintegrate part yet. Your DM is a dick.

>> No.37128327

How good is the divination wizard? I've heard people rave about Portent being fantastic...

>> No.37128376

If your Portent roll is bad, replace an enemy's attack roll with it. If it's good, help an ally. It's win win, and one of the best features of any wizard school.

>> No.37128398

>Is somehow so hot that literally everyone is desperate to fuck her
>Has no skills or abilities to defend herself with

Sounds like she's going to end up as a sex slave. Though she might still be important to world politics, in the sense that she's a highly coveted possession kings might fight over.

>> No.37128431

Play a fortune teller girl from Amn. Her wagon gets destroyed by the party, and by the gods she's coming along until you can pay her back. You oafs, her whole life was in that wagon!

>> No.37128557

Try Craig's list for random sex with other guys in parking lots and quit posting this wankery here.

>> No.37128660

I like this, is she named 'Misty' by chance?

>> No.37128691

What if it's something like a 10 or an 11?

>> No.37128822

Your portents are undecisive.

>> No.37128955

Shall I make a new thread?

>> No.37129033

So since 5E seems to really adopt Forgotten Realms as the standard setting, I want to know more about it. What's a good starting point?

>> No.37129047

Damn, good to know. I was wondering which weapon to go with for my Paladin of Devotion.

>> No.37129093

No. Feats are some of the coolest things you get for leveling up. Don't give your players extra dessert before they eat their vegetables.

>> No.37129095

Seconding this question.

One of the D&D Adventurer's League guide has a few suggestions, but I'm not sure what to go for. I hear the 4E Campaign Setting book was bad and should be avoided?

>> No.37129110

>Raping intensifies

>> No.37129197

Forgotten Realms is just a mishmash of all the settings that any DM can come up with. Unless you're neck deep in the books, it really shouldn't come up.

As for 4e's Point of Light's setting, it might actually be a good starting point. Instead of having to learn everything about the setting, just say that there was a lot of trouble that went down about 100 years ago with all the magical kingdoms and people, that's why there are so many 'dungeons' to clear out and beasties running about.

>> No.37129198

Name my Diviner, /tg/

>> No.37129211

Tits Palmer

>> No.37129226

Janice Ellverene.

Or Juicy McTits.

>> No.37129246

Oh but I want it to come up. I love knowing a lot of rather useless details about a setting that the NPC's can refer to to make the world seem rich.

So how would one begin getting neck deep in the book?

>> No.37129268

Treasure Hunt, the first module.

>> No.37129269

Taylor Swift

>> No.37129338

In this day and age, just use the wiki.


If there's anything in particular you like, just go ahead and look at the source and it'll send you to some book you can read.

This part from me should be taken with a massive mountain of salt as I'll just be parroting /tg/'s remarks, but a lot of actors that might interact with the PC's are usually crazy over powered. There were more than a few remarks in the 4e threads where people mentioned being happy about losing a lot of them and not having to worry about their players trying to get them to show up for them.

>> No.37129376

Oops, I thought you meant to start a game.
Google 'Candlekeep'
Also there is a Forgotten Realms Wiki

>> No.37129380

Again, >>37129246 and I are in a similar situation.

I generally enjoy reading fantasy and encyclopaedia type books anyway, and it's nice to have details from an established world rather than having to consistently improvize everything myself.

That said it is nice to leave blanks, so I don't care about the adventures of Drizzt or whatever. "Waterdeep is a big city" might be enough for me to work from, but I'd also like to tell players that their pirate treasure comes from the land of Maztica, rather than some vague thing like it's some treasure from somewhere I guess in the West.

So what do I go with? One of the 2E campaign setting books? The 3E campaign setting book?

>> No.37129399

That's kind of a tricky question right now. Every edition makes changes to the setting as the timeline moves forward, and the 5e campaign setting book hasn't come out yet.

>> No.37129441

>In this day and age, just use the wiki

Doesn't that kind of suck compared to reading a book intended for use as an RPG resource though?

I've had this problem before, e.g. with Star Wars. So-and-so was a something male from some planet who in 29 BBY ate an apple blah blah blah hundreds of words before it tells me the main point of the character, e.g. that they killed some other major character.

Even with Wikipedia this happens to me because it's all neutral rather than tailored to what I'm looking for. I guess it's a "problem" with wikis in general.

Also if I can help it, I want a dead tree book just because.

>> No.37129470


Well we know there's this Sundering event happening in novels and comics, and we've had clues through some adventures about how the timeline has advanced (I think it's been 10 or 15 years since 4E?)

Hasn't someone came up with a changelog of major events? Why hasn't Wizards? It sucks that they expect people to run their games in this setting when they don't have all the information they need. Something like a Basic Campaign Setting to supplement the Basic Rules would be nice.

>> No.37129606

I just read Brimstone Angels, fun enough with some insights into the FR cosmology.

Also consider the trilogy by R A Salvatore about Drizzt leaving the Underdark. (Too lazy to google.)

>> No.37129626

I get ya. I love the dead tree format too. However, the Forgotten Realms have been built up over years of books and a LARGE number of books. Find something you like in the wiki and then read the book to learn more.

You'll probably see that soon enough. Nice and easy way for HASBRO to make some more money.

>> No.37129643

qt McCute

>> No.37129692

The 2e grey box, also just about every D&D PC game released since Baldur's Gate is in the Forgotten Realms with PS:T being the noticeable exception.

>> No.37129696

Madame Tzila Raviv

>> No.37129728

The Dark Elf trilogy (Homeland, Exile and Sojourn) are not amazing but make for tolerable light reading. Ignore the rest of the Drizzt books, they're unreadable crap.

>> No.37129772

What background would you use for a fortune teller? She is able to glimpse the future, and might use spell slots and actual divination spells for well paying clients, but she always uses mumbo jumbo and minor illusion to fleece the rubes.

>> No.37129855

Ed Greenwood has a series of articles on the WotC site all about the history and details from the Forgotten Realms. Much of it is quite broad or historical, but they're usually pretty interesting regardless.

dnd.wizards.com/articles, select Forging the Realms in the 'narrow by' box.

>> No.37129880

That is literally Charlatan, Page 128 of the PHB. She runs those Crystal Ball scams at street fairs and stuff.

My character does similar. She has a legitimate job, but spends weekends and free time running those little sleight of hands scam where you have to pick which cup has the ball. The more people put down, the riskier she gets as she starts using Mage Hand and Prestidigitation to mess with people. She tells them this up front, so it isn't 100% cheating.

>> No.37130021

I say make your own. Take the Entertainer's "By Popular Demand" feature, Insight, Deception, a language of your choice, and cards. Yes, it's a gaming set, but tarot decks used to be for card games before being linked to occultism.

If not cards, then either an instrument or craft kit if you feel that either would make sense. Or, another language.

>> No.37130029

I didn't play the starter set myself but came in and saw the end of it before starting my character the next week,
but I would say: no, you probably/definitely wont get to the end of the cave in one session starting at that time. I don't know how much the DM added to their adventure or how much extra roleplaying time they spent but it took them at least like 3 or so sessions to get through it going from 7-11 pm.
Especially with you and probably the players being new to 5th, there's probably going to be a decent amount of looking up rules and stuff. Of course if you want to speed it along you can always do what I approve of of just DM picking how something works until the end of the session and figuring it out later.
I'm pretty sure the starter thing pretty easily fills at least 2 fourish hour sessions as you're all learning stuff.

Also note both for yourself and the players: 5th ed adventures seems to be pretty brutal at 1st level at least. I think in just about all the 5e stuff I've seen played, at least one or two people drop unconscious in each session.
My character is the only one I've seen actually die though. :(

>> No.37130151

This is why I never warmed to backgrounds. She won't have one. She's just a damned wizard from Amn who adventures and tells fortunes on the side. There, that's her fucking background!

>> No.37130167

The moment someone finds a way to heal themselves with elemental damage things are going to get cray cray.

>> No.37130284

Right, and you're free to pick the feature and skills that make sense from that background.

You're making it into a big deal, when it's not. Just think for twelve seconds, pick the things you need to pick, and there, that's her background.

>> No.37130326

Here she is, now all I need is a name...

>> No.37130372


>> No.37130591

>No Insight
>No Deception

How did she even do her job?

>> No.37130635

Because i am Mcdruid!

>> No.37130896

About to fall off of the Catalog, new thread.


>> No.37131190

Thats an npc whore. Adjust your concept
>Ask your GM what races are common and what are considered exotic where you are playng. Human setting? play elf. dwarven setting? play halfling.
>Make your character be foreign by design
>Rogue, Assassin archtype
>inspiring leader feat or magic initiate bard [vicious mockery, blade ward, charm person] (1st lvl if human, 4th if not)
>choose skills that aren't really classroom learned (persuasion, deception, perception)
>choose entertainer or noble background if going for well known type character
>Choose charlatan for an up and comer type character with no known reputation (false identity makes it easy to run if need by)
>have your character act naïve, but be manipulative.

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