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Captain's Drive:



Incomprehensible Gibberish:

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BOOM. And I'm on it, today.

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Ya'll's are going to die.

Except me.

I just get more gnarly scars.

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I really wasn't expecting anyone to notice the bacon smell thing, let alone use it as some sort of weird advisor.

I think there's only one other thing in there people haven't spotted. Hopefully no one does, because fuck knows what sort of asspull I'll manage to explain it.

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I'm suicidal enough to try it without breaking the artifact.

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You gonna weigh in on peoples confusion and frustration over the Deadlight? The whole narrative overlay vs. branching choice? I'd like to hear your side on it.

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If you're getting your ass handed to you, you can always fall back and break it mid-jump. That's how I'd look at it if I didn't bust that fucker open at the beginning.

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I will say that I might have tried too hard to make the intro be dramatic and make the jump seem challenging, given the entire chorus of 'IM DIE HERE' that's been going on. I'll be adding this to part one when I find a place I'm happy cramming it in.


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> Red starts using CC as a morality gauge.
> She thinks that worse smell = more good.
> Gradually Red loses sight of her own morality and only bases it on what makes CC smell bad.
> She soon becomes spess mehreen, purging all for the slightest infraction.

> Several universes away, Konatanon also begins her inevitable slide into crazy batshit supervillainy, steadily becoming more and more khay-osh.

> One day, they are fated to meet.

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That drama wasn't the problem; I think most of us liked that. It's the lack of clarification of who and what you are, and what the Deadlight is that caused the consternation. Especially in light of how big of an impact that decision makes on part 2.

The Deadlight looked like a plot device, but when you stated that it wasn't and then I found out that it was, it left a WTF taste in my mouth.

Its a good jump, I like it. I don't know how survivable it is unpowered, but your clarification may cause me to revisit my build and jump parts 2 and 3. I'll say that much.

Sidebar: will it be possible to do part 3 without making it an end jump? I'd like to jump Tenchi for my close, but this questline has me interested.

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also this, this is a valid option. I never thought about it, but there's no reason you couldn't do it. I never said you had once chance to break the Deadlight.

Chances are, when I said that it was just a plot device. I was making things up on the spot a fair bit typing up part 2.

I am .. yeah, I'll do four endings I think. Deadlight gone normal jump, deadlight intanct normal, deadlight gone end jump and deadlight intact end jump.

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With this in mind...

Silent Hill is going to be FUN.

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>Space Marine
>Not Sister of Battle

Report to your local Commissar for purging.

But in all seriousness, I'm not going to rely on her THAT much. But if she's there, I may as well get some use out of her. I'll simply be double-checking my decisions if she says anything side from "WOR-SHEEP KHAY-OHS" or some stuff. A coalmine canary, nothing more.

Of course, the main issue is that I took this AFTER Asura's Wrath, so the tribes building a temple to me will be... problematic when they see my powers growing. Hence, a plan. Instead of keeping their prayer energy/any lust energies to myself, I'll store them in Mantra Canisters. With Gaia Class, they'll have more around as they breed, and that means more energy over time. Store it until the Chaos forces arrive.

Then unleash it. Bolstered shields, defenses, siege weapons, the works. All along with robot grunts moving forward to soften the forces. I'll do what I can to make sure the Light of Terra and as many of its inhabitants as possible can survive.

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Ugh. . .you dick. . .

Is there going to be a drawback where Aliens decide to just fucking blast the town, killing you unless you can escape in time?

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Comedy in myy build I pledge myself to the Chaos God Necoho, the God of Atheism reply.

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Any Type Moon stuff? I can't find anything.

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Ghostbusters now with capstone Perks And one less redundancy.

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>Both Red and Konata going Crazy
>Meanwhile I'm riding around attacking Evil Guys with the intention of Redeeming them constantly
>Then getting them to repent their evil and fix what they fucked up


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Winner of the voting was 8-bit dystopia,Billy and Howard will be the side project I work on to keep myself From getting clogged up Creatively.

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There will be Aliens. That drawback will give you a time limit.

And also, by default, everyone will get a personal Pursuer. Pyramid Head was specific to Sunderland's issues, so you won't get Pyramid Head. But you will get your variation of him.

And he will be unstoppable. By himself, he will simply not stop respawning. And as a basic ability, your Pursuer will have complete control over the Otherworld labyrinth you find yourself in. Complete control, complete access to every crime, trial, tribulation, and sacrifice you made up until that point.

But a drawback will make him worse. Every time he is struck down, he will come back stronger. Access to more of what makes up you.

Oh, and for those of you who have Companions? They'll have their own Pursuers and bullshit to deal with in Silent Hill. Because THIS IS FUN FOR EVERYONE.

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I could swear there was one

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WIP section. Though as it stands, it's a bit clusterfuck-y. If there's anyone who could do a better job at it (whether splitting it into different jumps or organizing things better, etc), I imagine they're more than welcome to since I haven't seen the original creator around for a while.

>implying riding around like that won't get Khorne's attention
>implying he won't send more 'evil guys' to make you fight more
>implying you won't be addicted to the rush of blood and victory, thus sealing your fate

Khorne represents Justice, you know.

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>Pyramid Head was specific to Sunderland's issues, so you won't get Pyramid Head. But you will get your variation of him.
Fucking thank you. Putting Pyramid Head in the movie and Homecoming made no sense. I get that he's a cool design, but we don't need to shove him into everything. Something personalized works so much better. Will there be guidelines for what sort of Pursuer we get, or is the potential range of repressed psychological issues too large to give more advice than "Make it symbolic"?

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Too many psychological issues and hang-ups to make any good guideline for a Pursuer.

Just know that the fucker won't stay dead, and acts as a general Puppeteer for any section of the Otherworld it's in. Beyond that?

Go ham on it.

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Red I'm not even going to be fighting the Bad Guys in 40k
JUSTICE is best served by not being on the front lines at times.
I'm going to be shoving non-warp FTL down the Admec's throats and waking up Emps

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Because they did so well the first time.

Smartest thing to do is fine a cure for autism first, because fucking hell does the emperor not understand how people work.

>> No.37109804

Oh I've got that already
But we need the fucker's raw psionic power, and his outright authority, if we are even going to BEGIN to un-fuck the Imperium
Otherwise I'll have to fight off Inquisition every five minutes, and that's no good.

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Cool. Okay, my issues as a jumper (I've used perks to thoroughly scour away any issues I have now) would probably revolve around how I leave all these worlds behind. Every decade I change my life drastically, abandoning all but a few people I manage to bring along. So I see my Pursuer as being not one entity, but an entire pack of indistinct figures chasing after me. Not aggressively, necessarily, but with a desperate need to find me and make me pay attention to them that leads to them harming me as I struggle to get away. Make it a symbol of how I fear I'm treating people as nothing more than supporting characters in my story rather than individuals in their own right. They'd be kind of like the Raw Shocks from Shattered Memories, only less goofy looking and MUCH smarter.

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>And Type-moon Magecraft BLATANTLY works within the laws of Physics. This is a stated fact of the setting. The only Magic that breaks physics is shit only known to a few rare people. Magic doesn't even interfere with technology, Mages are just stupidly traditionalist.

Type-Moon magecraft actually blatantly /disregards/ physics. Anything it does can theoretically be reproduced by nature or science, but magecraft ignores pesky things like gravity and conservation of energy in the effects it produces.

So yeah, breaks physics every single time it is used.

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What are some of the more outlandish ideas you've had for jumps?

Something I was thinking about doing is a "build-a-jump," where CP is spent to design the world and set its theme and genre. I'd still need to figure out what this jump would actually give you to take to other worlds though.

This also got me conceptualizing a much more meta, and probably less accepted, "opposite day" jump, wherein you'd spend ten years as a disembodied observer while Jumpchan borrowed your abilities and had an adventure.

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what the fuck is jumpchain?

>> No.37110500

A more metal version of jump rope.

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Guys. Important question about the Erfworld Jump
The "new side" option base on 4chan

Where is Yotsuba in this equation? Is she a Warlord? One of the Casters?

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If you don't smash the Deadlight, you don't get any CP, right?

>> No.37110648


You're basically sent on an adventure to various settings by a bored multidimensional god, ten years each "Jump". At the beginning of each Jump you're usually given 1000 Choice Points to spend on various perks and items, though you can take drawbacks (extra challenges) for more points if you need them. At the end of every jump you can choose to either go back home, stay in that world, or go to the next Jump. While you're on this adventure, time freezes back home and any Jump you've been too in the past, so you don't have to worry about "going missing" back home or anything like that.

The drive has all the Jumps made so far, though the Pokemon is first since it's canonically the beginning of your adventure. You could go somewhere else for your first Jump, but you won't be able to go to Pokemon Trainer if you do. After Pokemon Trainer, you can choose to go to any other Jump, though a lower power one works better since you have less risk of dying.

Oh yeah, if you die, you just lose and get sent back home with all your stuff instead of actually dying.

Does that about cover the basics everybody?

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Say does smashing the Deadlight mindfuck you into chaos mode or is that just your attempt at writing someone who would break the deadlight?

>> No.37110746

You don't get the usual 1000 cp unless the deadlight is destroyed. I added in the different tribes as a way of gaining extra CP. Each one that you don't take as an ally you get 200 CP for, as they are hostile to you.

>> No.37110750

Fuck you, I shot Pepsi out my nose because of that.

>> No.37111161

Wow, so you have to pay for abilities and an ally with nothing but drawbacks? I wanna jump this, but I don't know how feasible it is now.

>> No.37111213

Drawbacks and complications. It's meant to be difficult, but it isn't impossible.

>> No.37111341

You know something I just thought of that might be fun? Go to Asura's Wrath and get all the Mantra tech you need, then go to DBZ and instal a Mantra Reactor inside of Hercule. An entire planet's worth of fans cheering your name is close enough to prayer, right?

>> No.37111377

>silent hill
>mfw I am going to fill this entire bottle up

>> No.37111442

You're gonna need several of those.

For this ride doesn't end. That's right, Mr. Bones has come along. Along with everyone you've condemned to eternally ride.

For this jump doesn't end. No ten years, no five years, nothing. It doesn't end until you come face to face with every crime, trial, and tribulation. And admit one thing above all.

You. Were. Wrong.

>> No.37111498

But who gets to define right and wrong? Surely the malevolent entity that fuels Silent Hill isn't the objective judge of morality here.

>> No.37111504

No you were wrong.

>> No.37111512

What are you folk using as a roll system? I've been thinking about using simple d6, but I've seen some people referencing rolling a d8. Is that home brew or is there a d8 system I'm missing?

>> No.37111524

Uh, d8 are used for rolling age and location and that's about it. If there's any rolling the individual jump will tell you.

>> No.37111600

No, I get that, but I've seen some people talking about rolling to decide how their successful their jumps are. I was wondering what system they were using. Like said, I'm used to simple d6 but if there's something else out there I wouldn't mind checking that out.

>> No.37111612

What if we've already done that? I've slowly become something very much like a Buddha, and at least in theory should be at peace with all the things I've done. Does Silent Hill torture me anyway?

>> No.37111639

Naw, some of us in IRC have been doing that to settle things any time we're not sure we'd survive in a jump. It's not really official at all.

This is going to break me if I ever take it.

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You spend eternity in a room with a single edlerly vaguely asian man. He doesn't say anything but when you try to get his attention he opens his eyes, smiles slightly and nods at you.

The only other thing in the room is a windowsill with a bowl of peaches resting on it.

Feel free to contemplate them.

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So in Asura Cryin', does what demon magic feeds on depend on the contracter or the contracted? Say, if I'm male and contracted to a female, do I eat her memories because of my gender, or do I eat her emotions because of her gender?

>> No.37111656


You can grab a few friends who often have different outlooks or opinions than you, then just sit down and try to objectively figure out what bad shit you've done and haven't atoned for.

>> No.37111661

I just writefag
I don't bother rolling beyond what in a CYOA itself

>> No.37111693

Stop making jumps to kill me!

I had to scour Arrakis, it was the only way to keep the galaxy from being reliant on worm ass.

I did nothing wrong.

>> No.37111696

Aw. I wanted to play Cloudball.

>> No.37111702

Alternately, you get stuck in a room full of weeaboo undergraduates who spend eternity asking you to teach them your secret technique.

>> No.37111729

That is just evil anon.

>> No.37111746

If you're worried about getting killed, you could make a Mr. Roger's Neighborhood jump so you can have someone teach you soul purity.

>> No.37111755

He is not, no. Because good luck getting that guy to agree on anything other than HORROR AND MURDER. However, the realm itself had it's purpose until The Order fucked things up and said entity just made Silent Hill worse.

The town itself will be the judge. The malevolent entity will make things worse. And for those of you who like planet-cracking, the town won't be so easily destroyed.

Then you'll have an easier time of it. But even Buddha had some things stuck behind the curtain. The entity lodged in Silent Hill will absolutely try to torture you, because said entity's a complete asshole.


This is a good option aye. You have little-to-nothing to figure out, so you're spent left to try and find that one thing. And then boom.

And be warned, those of you who go 'BUT WHAT ABOUT ANIMAL CROSSING'. FOr despite YOUR lack of internal conflict, there's still the matter of plain repentance. You will not trump the town with just one thing, ooooh no. We having none of that. However, the perk will certainly help.

>> No.37111757

Silent Hill is suffering.

>> No.37111772

If i remember right males when contracted use their own memories to fuel their magic while females use their human contractor's emotions to fuel theirs.

>> No.37111781

Also. There will be one 'level' per jump. And you'll have enemies themed around each jump, as well as your MYRIAD of issues.

>> No.37111803

Males sure get a shit deal there. Good thing I'm a shapeshifter and can be whichever is most convenient.

>> No.37111810

It does beg the question though: is the torture in SH self imposed or cosmically dictated?

Does anyone have part 2 of Terra? It's not in the drive.

>> No.37111822

Here: http://i.4cdn.org/tg/1420048199361.pdf

>> No.37111827

... Hello fucking hard mode.

>> No.37111841

Meh, I can't take this jump. Silent Hill is going to try and convince me I was wrong to genocide all those elves in LoTR and I refuse to agree with that.

>> No.37111854

They really do. Though it's really just a question of whether you want to lose something important yourself or take something important away from someone else.

>> No.37111860

A level per jump? Man, this is going to take a while. Almost tempts me to take Silent Hill as an early jump, get it out of the way. Sure, I'll have a lot less power to survive it's trials, but I'll also have a lot less issues to work through. And really, if you can survive Silent Hill, it would probably make you better equipped psychologically for jumping. Might be worth it.

>> No.37111885

Someone else obvy. 'Specially when you're like me and value memories above almost anything else.

>> No.37111887

Can we not do the hurr durr elf genocide is justified thing, just now? It's too early in the year for that shit.

>> No.37111929

I'm not saying it's justified, I'm just saying that I don't want to be forced to accept that it wasn't.

>> No.37112226

Too pure.

>> No.37112332

The idea I was using for my gauntlet (in-progress) was increasing costs on perks and diminishing returns on drawbacks. And taking all the drawbacks would still leave you short handed on all the best perks.

>> No.37112333

So is one of the drawbacks that we have to go to Homecoming/Downpour?

>> No.37112339

Who did the Bubblegum Crisis jump?

>> No.37112355

Updated version of VTR Jump, I realized I didn't have discounts for the attributes. Now I do. Also I moved Vampire Clans up to near the front the Jump.

>> No.37112364

Seems dumb, frankly. We really don't need anything that tries to enforce jump order and tier.

>> No.37112444

There's a bubblegum crisis?

>> No.37112506

Someone posted a pastebin link a thread or two back.


>> No.37112731

If your interested in rolling and are looking for suggestions on what to roll, I used the Game master emulator for my Terra Formas jump. It worked... alright. Well it turned out better than the jump itself for me.
Anyways there is no rolling necessary as people have said it's purely optional.

>> No.37112777

>corrupting influence

How exactly does that "taint" occur? If, say, >>37109417 were to take it would everything and everyone be corrupted into their ideal of justice? Or is it more a mini-Chaos God kind of perk?

>you've condemned yourself to eternity with CC at your side
>a constant reminder of the friend you lost

Ouch. Your suffering /almost/ approaches my pain of being BEING CONFINED TO THE PHYSICAL FORM for the duration of my stay. Even after going full Necron, I'd seriously have to fight off the temptation to smash that smug little orb and recover my full glory.

And that's why you crazy kids who still want to have a sense of right and wrong need to take Exemplar from Mass Effect as well as Happy and Content from PS238. I checked with tera, and the latter makes you /half/ as happy as the (unaffordable) happiness perk in Slice of Life.

>> No.37112824

>Read perk
>I like it
>Become slaves to your will
That is not JUSTICE. They must choose JUSTICE of their own volition. I only fight people who actively harm others, and that's to make them stop. I try to make them see JUSTICE if possible.

>> No.37112855

>And that's why you crazy kids who still want to have a sense of right and wrong need to take Exemplar from Mass Effect as well as Happy and Content from PS238
I have a shit-ton of Willpower perks, and even made a wish on a Genie in the Disney jump that I would pursue my ideals and not have them corrupted during my journey.

I shall not lose my sense of Right and Wrong.

>> No.37112888

Only the weak enforce their happiness and morality through magic perks instead of obtaining them through their own power.

>> No.37113053

It's going to be a real pain in the fucking ass. And admittedly a bit of a morale loss for me. I'll have to find a way to persevere, but... yeah. The fact that Hooligan died. When I found out that was on me, I wasn't exactly happy with Chaos. But just giving up would make her death a meaningless one, and I won't let Cultist-Chan or Chaos have the last laugh.

>> No.37113098

Cultist-Chan will laugh at anything with more than three colours.

>> No.37113126

Newfag here why is this Cultist-Chan that seems to be disliked so much?

>> No.37113130

>>you've condemned yourself to eternity with CC at your side
Wait, what? I thought CC was just there for the duration of the jump. Did someone rule she fucking follows you out of universe?

>> No.37113170

It's not dislike for everyone, but for most it's just that she's annoying and aligned with Chaos and always trying to get you to align with Chaos.

>> No.37113183

She was a character that was created in a drawthread, she got fleshed out as being an incredibly useless but enthusiastic chaos worshipper.

I'm prolly going to say you can leave her behind, mostly because I'm not quite cruel enough to make people keep her.

>> No.37113253

>I'm prolly going to say you can leave her behind
Good. I was already thinking of ways of turning her into a sentient slurry, so I could safely store her in some tupperwear in a dark refridgerator somewhere.

>> No.37113258

I'd want to keep her if I could be sure she'd be cut off from her gods in other universes. Then she can be, well, fixed.

Then again I'm not sure how screwed I am in this jump, Chaos wise, from being a magic caster in Warhams Fantasy. They got a bit of a power up over the eons and magics a lot less safe.

>> No.37113284

I'm going to introduce her to Schrodinger from Hellsing. It's going to be the best thing ever.

>> No.37113368

That was me. Got a question?

>> No.37113446

It's awesome, when are you gonna declare it finished and .PDF it?

>> No.37113460

Also, time for Bloodlines.

Drawbacks: To Be Continued, Frenzied, Gehenna (1600). "A couple of years" is more than enough time than I need to start constructing an orbital network of hovering fortresses based on Ar Tonelico towers, TWCB brainwave arrays, Dead Space weapons systems, Tenchi science/Spark power systems, pre-Lord of Light era fortifications and so on. To say nothing of raising armies of the dead, breaching the Nevernever and Infernal for reinforcements, mobilising my travelling state of Cybermen, unleashing the midgets, bringing to life yet more minions with Smithy's Army-which will be constructed with principles resembling the Necrons' power systems.

Drop-In, Age 27, Ventrue.

Tal'Mahe'Ra Blade (1400). Yet another blade to be duct tape'd into fusion with my Z-Saber
Sauloscept (1100). Something of an inventor's good luck charm, but-it actually works!
Fridge of Blood (1000). It's going to be a challenging 10 years, after all
Inspection (800). In case some uppity Prince pulls a fast one
Fortitude-Level 5 (300). I don't have time to burn to death, dammit!
Sneaking (200). For getting around the other bloodlines while preparing to cancel Gehenna
Finance (0). Unusable here, but might as well stack this

Like Old Ones, the trick to fighting Antediluvians is to finding and hitting them hard before they can wake. Ravnos is getting a nice Fiendfyre bath before it can revive from Torpor, Tzimisce and Gangrel will get hit with a grey goo nanoswarm through which I shall channel Hellsing-brand holy magic /and/ Hamon-and as for Set/Lasombra, I'm going to have to set up a /very/ precise hit with the Discordia Cannon. Under normal circumstances I'd just nuke the planet from orbit-but given Cain pretty much doesn't want to make trouble unless provoked I'd rather resolve this situation without having to confront him.

>> No.37113855

>bubblegum crisis


-Background: Knight Saber (800CP) -A wandering knight of this city!
-Tactics (600CP) -Let's get myself up to speed on some skills.
-Hardsuit Pilot (Free) -Let it begin!
-Grease Monkey (300CP) -Tools for the job!
-Leon's Own Luck (0CP) -Stacking those luck perks!
-Master of War (-300CP) (Discount) -Wait, so whatever I pilot does MORE and performs better? Yessss.
-Apartment (Free) -I may as well! Just a place to keep appearances.
-Motorcycle (Free) -Likewise, keeping appearances.
-Workshop (-400CP) -Attaching to a hideout, transferring everything later.
-Underground Hideout (-600CP) -I like my privacy, thank you very much.
-Saber Suit (Free) -Electronic Warfare! And I'm cannibalizing this into my Reploid armor.
-Suit: Anti-Boomer Gun (Free) -Nothing wrong with a bit of extra 'oomph' to things.
-Suit: Particle Rifle (Free) -Now we're cooking with gas!
-Suit: ECM/ECCM System (Free) -The bread and butter. With this, my dark work begins.
-Suit: Jump Assist (Free) -Go farther!
-At First, You Had My Curiosity (-300CP)
-Now You Have My Attention (0CP)
Dice Rolls: USSD National HQ,
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I have no idea who Quincy and Largo are! Aside the fact that one's a CEO and the other is a technological nightmare who's under delusions. So I'm just gonna go by the seat of my pants, gather/scan all kinds of tech, and use the insane tech I already have to just wander the city! Try to keep peace, try not to die, and see what happens.

>> No.37114457

Babylon 5 Anon thinks it's awesome? Heh, holy shit. Wasn't expecting that.

I'll write up an intro for it this weekend and post the pdf when I do.

>> No.37116066 [SPOILER] 

It's coming.

>> No.37116083

Neigh, it's not.

>> No.37116127

A third avatar jump will let us get closer to bending all 4 elements.

>> No.37116146

>I believe the jumper can save the world

>> No.37116153


>> No.37116170

First off, excellent job on the Light of Terra jumps. I was wondering though, when you lose all your abilities, does that include everything you've gained while jumping? I understand regeneration, bending, and the more exotic abilities are out, but does that include knowledge boosters and the like? Like tactics, easily understanding tech, general things that a normal human could eventually come by?

Side note: What I like most about your jump is the inclusion of companions and a general objective. I know you can really grab most people as a companion, but I prefer it the way you do. Just figured I'd put that out there.

>> No.37116368

Personally, I picked up all the elements before going to Avatar, so that together with Into the Inferno I could justify any claims that I was an "emergency second Avatar" sent when the normal one had been inactive for too long without being returned to the wheel of reincarnation. I've got the spiritualism skills (and ability to lie my ass off to cover any holes in the story) to pull it off, too.

>> No.37116503

Wouldn't Raava just tell Aang that you're bullshitting everyone?

>> No.37116600

Raava doesn't communicate with the Avatar, she's just sort of there in the background of their mind. Besides, I land there five years before Aang wakes up, even if she did do something more than vague premonitions I'd have solved the plot by the time he's around to tell anyone I'm lying.

>> No.37116617

Aang might know your bullshitting, but with enough charisma and lying perks, you can convince everyone else.

>> No.37116707

>Fluff for Slayers mentions Jumpchan plays poker with the Lord of Nightmares
>Presumably, Jumpchan also plays with other, similar beings
>Fluff for MST3K says Forester won you in a poker game

I find myself with a sudden desire to espouse the evils of gambling to Jumpchan.

>> No.37116915

>yfw luck perks are all over
>yfw dice rolls exist in nearly every Jump

What if there's a betting pool on how many Jumps we'll make it through as we speak?

>> No.37116971

Is there a chart or something specifying the diminishing return rate?

I've gotten pretty detailed about some of my powers and I want to try and find the end result.

>> No.37116983


>> No.37117195

So did some work on the Percy Jackson jump. Not much so far but I figured I'd get some stuff out for critiques. As is here are my summaries of what the perk lines will be based around:
Drop-In: Fate and the more esoteric abilities, capstone is oracle
Monster: swapping out humanity for increased power or abilities, running theme of getting more powerful the less human you are
Magician: Egyptian sorcery with maybe some alternatives thrown in for kicks and to allow for more diverse builds (am considering having a few separate options for each tier with only getting discounts on one)
Greek: being the truly stand out unstoppable hero, capstone is likely going to be curse of Achiles.
Roman: More group focused demigods, while not quite as powerful as the Greeks by themselves they get various perks suited for leading groups. May just make the origin demigod and do something similar to the proposed mid-level magician perks.
Will do up a supplement of gods with sample boons and granted abilities, Jump Chan will not be included but I'm fine with people improvising their own gods of appropriate power levels. Only one I'm flat out banning completely is YWHW and his friends.
I'm off to collapse but will do my best to answer questions once I wake up.

>> No.37117246

>improvising gods of appropriate power levels

>inb4 sons of Akatosh, daughters of Cra, grandchildren of the Sun, and friggin' Sensei

>> No.37117290

So basically, Monotheistic gods are banned right?

>> No.37117293

Well that's embarrassing, forgot to link the very WIP paste. All perks are rough drafts and subject to change. Perks may be subject to change.
Also looking for suggestions for items and drawbacks. I'm thinking having you being key to prophecies with alarming frequency as a 300 and maybe various degrees of gods disliking you for various amounts (100 for one annoyed with you, 200 actively hating you, and for 600 an entire pantheon out for your blood.

>> No.37117312

>Drop-In: Fate and the more esoteric abilities, capstone is oracle
Hrm... Welp, time to make use of all those Soundtrack options and have White Rabbit play whenever I'm using the tools of the trade.

>> No.37117315

Curse of Achilles? You don't mean the invulnerability thing right? Cause that is way, way too strong, even with the weakness.

>> No.37117318

Yup, full on omnipotent ones as well. Other than that I'll probably be letting things be largely free range with maybe a minor fee for imports.

>> No.37117355

You, uh, might wanna clarify whether the Chaos Gods fall under that.

I've actually read a fanfic where a son of Tzeentch shows up at Camp Half-Bood.

>> No.37117359

>Jump Chan will not be included but I'm fine with people improvising their own gods of appropriate power levels.
I can work with this.

>> No.37117379

>dem spoilers
No one autists like crossover fans autist.

>> No.37117432

It's physical invulnerability and some enhancement of abilities in exchange for having a spot where a scratch can kill you as well as inflaming any mental flaws you might have. I don't know, might just go for a huge general boost to all divine abilities instead. Stuff like being able to call natural disasters and similarly grand expressions of power.

>> No.37117454

>Improvising gods is allowed
>Decide to worship yourself from the Smite Jump, or maybe Lord of Light or Asura's Wrath

>> No.37117483

Yeah, physical invulnerability seems like too much , even with the ankle thing, it just has too much potential for abuse.. The closest we've got in other jumps is something solely limited to magic.

>> No.37117516

Have you read the Negima jump? Physical invulnerability as >>37117432 described isn't a bad or even unbalanced capstone at all.

>> No.37117526

I'm probably going to include as part of import requirements that you've been in a jump with that God active in the setting. So yeah so long as you do Light of Terra or Warhammer Fantasy first. They will probably get some other pantheons aligned against them fairly quickly though.

>> No.37117541

Negima also leaves you vulnerable to physical, psychic, hell even supernatural damage. It only affects magic, while this would cover way more than that.

>> No.37117580


And child of Slaanesh builds in 3, 2, 1...

Please note that pic related is hyperbole for comedic effect.

>> No.37117588

And this would leave you vulnerable to psychic, magic, hell even supernatural damage. It only effects physical, so there's no reason to chicken little.

>> No.37117613

No, physical invulnerability covers anything that deals physical damage, which covers anything that does not attack the mind or soul. So most magic and supernatural beings wouldn't scratch you. So only psychic attacks would be left unaffected

>> No.37117618

40k is a bit like Charlie Sheen. It feels like it has to stick its dick into everything, and it stopped being funny years ago.

>> No.37117656

I wouldn't know that, since I know nothing about Charlie Sheen.

>> No.37117686

Except that most games, and lets call a spade a spade, /jc/ is a game, count supernatural creatures damage as magical and physical in nature.

Stop trying to nerf the creator before he's even put anything on paper. Stop being reactionary. He's been around for a minute, has built a jump or two if memory serves, so he knows what he has to avoid. Stop doomsaying.

>> No.37117694

In the Last Airbender Jump I took:

Bending Arts (100) +firebending
Maneuverable Bender (100) +natural aptitude for enhancing movement with element, better bending on-the-go
Utilitarian Bender (200) +day-to-day bending, increased ability to precision bend
Combat Bender (200) +unusually skilled, can incorporate bending into different martial arts forms
Bending Genius (600) +colored fire, enhances all bending perks, mastery of element with little effort
Lightningbending (400) +generated by separating positive and negative energy in body with peace of mind

Could I conceivably solo Ozai? I figure I can sling around lightning pretty easily once I get some practice in, all those "calm-under-fire" perks will definitely come into their own.

>> No.37117785

>banning YWHW

It's like you don't like fun.

>> No.37117819

There are a lot of ways to spell fun, but YWHW ain't one of them.

>> No.37117855

I' don't think we ever saw enough of Ozai to get an accurate read on his combat abilities. I mean, when he fought Aang he had the power boost from the comet, and Zuko was able to easily redirect his lightning attack when he faced him.

Personally, I wouldn't risk it just because Ozai would pull out some cheap trick or bring in reinforcements, and I'm saying that as a guy who took Bloodbending.

>> No.37117866

>not wanting to be the bbegs' bbeg

>> No.37117867

Maybe you could use a nerfed version that gets his ass handed to him by iron chariots?

>> No.37117896

Fine with me.

>> No.37118064

No, it's stupid. It makes a huge number of jumps effectively unlosable.

>> No.37118139

So do many capstone perks. Inter-jump balance isn't a valid excuse for nerfing. This is particularly true when the object of the nerf makes complete sense in-universe.

Like I said, let the creator work it and then evaluate it. But throwing a fit beforehand is just sorry.

>> No.37118187

sorry, but physical invulnerability is just as stupid as the magical immunity is from negima is

it basically makes you timmy on the fucking playground who throws up his hands and goes "nuh-uh, i have an everything-proof shield"

it's not fun

>> No.37118204

This is far, far worse than any other capstone. A fucking end-jump doesn't offer this shit. This makes any jump without magic or psionics unlosable, and that is a large amount of them. The very idea of this should be nixed straight away. Inter-jump balance is a perfectly valid excuse when it is this severe.

>> No.37118247

Pic related.

See, it's one thing to say you don't like a perk, but antagonism generally tends to not go over well around here.

>> No.37118282

>Inter-jump balance is a perfectly valid excuse when it is this severe.
Excepting that it has been state again and again that it is never something to consider. Unless your argument is that because of this ability this jump is now so OP that it should be an end-jump, your argument has nothing to stand on.

>it's not fun
So don't take it. /jc/ is single player, so the Timmy argument makes no sense. There are plenty of jumpers who exercise self restraint when there's something that doesn't fit with their play style. Some won't use souls, some won't take perks that make them gods. If you don't like something, don't use it.

But again, I argue that we let the jump creator make his jump and then we evaluate it. All this handflapping is just bullshit. We need new and more content, so we need to allow creators to create.

>> No.37118295

I second this. There's an obscene amount of jumps that don't use any magic or psionics at all... and as a result, it makes a fair amount of jumps incapable of failing. Even most people who use magic will utilize a fair amount of physical damage, and so it would be a very very unbalanced option.

Last I checked there wasn't a capstone that let you win 70+ jumps. But that may be me being biased, as there's a great deal of jumps that don't even touch on magic.

>> No.37118297

If the invulnerability isn't absolute invulnerability, meaning as long as you're hit hard enough on the 'invulnerable' bits you can be damaged, it should be fine.

>> No.37118357

>Last I checked there wasn't a capstone that let you win 70+ jumps. But that may be me being biased, as there's a great deal of jumps that don't even touch on magic.
And in those jumps, any of the multitude of capstone magic perks is more or less an I Win button. You have an avenue of attack that no one can defend against. You have resources that no one else can use.

Again, as I've said since Merch dropped his idea and we started talking about this, let's let the creator make his jump and evaluate it based off of whats actually written down, as opposed to a chorus of Doom Pauls.

>> No.37118382

correction: it's not fun when someone brags a whole bunch about how he wins jumpchain forever because he's immune to fucking everything

i am trying to pre-empt juvenile dickwaving contests, that is how the timmy argument is relevant

>> No.37118436

Except it's still not relevant, because you can just ignore him. His experience of /jc/ is not yours. If he wants to spam X to win: more power to him. We're all playing this differently.

MoeAnon likes to use Prototype to eat his way to victory: perfectly valid.

Red likes to cobble together shit from across multiple jumps to create victory-machines: pefectly valid.

How others /jc/ doesn't effect how you /jc/. Let people play how they want to play. Let creators create.

>> No.37118515

No. But it leads to a situation (unless the other capstones offer something equally bullshit) where you would be intentionally gimping yourself if you don't take it. And that's not good.

>> No.37118549

>something doesn't affect you, so you should ignore it

you're right anon, i SHOULD remove my sense of empathy and become a cold, unfeeling machine

/jc/ is about making cool stories and someone who boasts that he's won jumpchain because he's immune to everything is wrong, because jumpchan would get super fucking bored and toss him back home to be boring and invincible

however this argument would make a massive shitstorm that would take up an entire thread

thusly, i am arguing now that it should not exist at all in order to avoid a worse argument in the future

>> No.37118634

>you would be intentionally gimping yourself if you don't take it.
You're still thinking like multiplayer. There are plenty of jumps where I haven't taken a capstone, and I know I'm not alone in that. Your jump is your experience, and you build it how you want to drive it. The capstone might be powerful, sure, but if it doesn't fit how you want to play that jump and you aren't playing against another player: who cares?

>you're right anon, i SHOULD remove my sense of empathy and become a cold, unfeeling machine
I genuinely wonder if we're speaking the same language, because I don't know how you got that from what I said.

What you're describing happened in MR, and those of us that were there are actuely aware of that. Which is why people freak out about multiplayer. And your argument would be completely valid in and for multiplayer.

Jumpchain isn't multiplayer; it's single player only. Your concerns are valid; your argument is not.

>> No.37118686

>victory machines

Ah, not quite true. I like creating for the sake of it and seeing how far I can go. There's still PLENTY of jumps where I have a challenge and end up with a risk of failure. If I didn't have that and could just brush through everything ever, it would be boring as hell for me.

>> No.37118704

okay whatever but if this perk happens and there's a massive shitstorm about it then don't say i didn't warn you

also: it'd be less offensive if you had no idea where your weak spot is, and it moved to a random location each jump, forcing you to fight like every point was your weak spot.

>> No.37118726

I feel like there are better power eating perks than prototype.

>> No.37118783

Didn't mean to come across as you powergaming, I get your sense of fun and I always enjoy your writeups. I was just trying to get across that two jumpers can have two very different playstyles and both be valid.

>also: it'd be less offensive if you had no idea where your weak spot is, and it moved to a random location each jump, forcing you to fight like every point was your weak spot.
That. THAT is the sort of comment that helps! Figure out how to make a thing work. Give the creator feedback so he can create. Make /jc/ better by way of diverse jumps and builds. That is exactly the kind of comment I've been arguing for, albeit obliquely.

Meh, maybe there are but MoeAnon likes Prototype. I'm ambivalient, that isn't how I play, but his jumps are fucking awesome.

>> No.37118787

Prototype is one of the more versatile ones, at least for biological targets. It's also simpler to use.

>> No.37118818

Diverse jumps are fine. One that is blatantly superior to over half the other jumps because of a single perk? That isn't. You might as well give people save states while your at it.

>> No.37118903

If there is an argument, it'll probably go down like every other argument about power

"Hey, this is a bit OP, Mind stepping it back a notch?"
>Don't listen to him. It's fine. Let people play how they want to
"Yeah. But still, it's a bit bullshit. Can you please do something about it?"
And so on until the bump limit.

Some things may be exaggerated a bit.

>> No.37118931

Save states were removed for a completely different reason. Powergaming may have been part of it, but it wasn't the bulk of it and it wasn't by any stretch the deciding factor in their removal.

Come on, now.

>> No.37119007

So... for jumps that potentially last longer than a human life span like potentially Tropico. How do you keep your companions young and healthy? I know there are ways to keep yourself from aging but I am curious to hear what other people do.

>> No.37119045

Solid question. I usually take companions whose primary forms are ageless or long lived, but I'd be interested to see how others handle it.

>> No.37119048


I figure by the time I get to Tropico, I'll be radiating enough bullshit immortality magic that some of it will rub off on my companions.
Plus, you know, splicing some elf genes in when they're not looking.

>> No.37119068

Blood Bonds from the Bloodlines or Masquerade Jumps. Alternatively the Age changing device from The Kids Next Door Jump.

>> No.37119072

Agelessness is part of the standard Pink Tide Enhancement Program. Good question, though.

>> No.37119076

Absolute invulnerability is a bad idea. At least make it that it can be beaten with a hard enough hit.

Also, if you do take that, you should make all other durability perks in the weak spot moot. You should be more vulnerable in that area than a regular human.

Anyway, your decision. Just don't screw other stuff over by making it absolute invulnerability, no questions asked. Or change it to your other perk.

>> No.37119097

My build focuses on a lot of biotech. If I can't turn someone functionally immortal, something has gone very wrong.

>> No.37119145

Primarily? I bit my companions as a werewolf in Hellsing. Asides from that there are redundancies in the forms of magitech.

>> No.37119156

I was under the impression that so long as you live, your companions will scale with you relative to the age they were when you acquired them, granting them pseudo-immortality by proxy.

However, if that's not the case, the fact that most of my companions are pokemon (and the fact that, even in canon, they tend to out-live humans) and my few non-pokemon companions I take are either already immortal or can fend for themselves (Dante, Alucard, etc) means I probably don't have to worry about it. Worse comes to worse, I can always geneforge splice them with some longevity, but even so, my combination of dark sun's Tribe of One drawback and my stands ability to disconnect my soul (and, by extension, any soul within me) and create a life construct around it means I'm already my companions phylactery.

>> No.37119170

Can I import my erkanoplane as my "ship" in Uncharted Waters? Pic related.

>> No.37119190

Speaking of Uncharted Waters, it's not upon the drive. Does anyone have the file?

>> No.37119253

I asked the jump maker a longass time ago, and it turns out that in Inukami the Kitsune genetics can be isolated and spliced into people.

I just give my companions fluffy tails, power multipliers and millenia long lifespans in one fell swoop.

>> No.37119290

Fluffy magic is best magic.

>> No.37119325

Indeed. Things get decidedly more fluffy when I decide to bring out the big guns and start going all world of cardboard on people.

Gotta love making your own ultimate form.

>> No.37119328

That is awesome .I was thinking of doing that or angel/demon/dragon dna splicing before hand but you can consider that idea stolen. Fluffy tails all around!

>> No.37119361

Huh, here's the copy I have.

>> No.37119370

"Is that a boy or a girl?"
>"I'm not sure, but he's adorable. Look at the little tails!"
"Wait.. what is he..."
"Did a Disney plush just caber toss a building at that guy?"
>"I wanna go home."

>> No.37119420

By keeping them frozen in time, I do a lot of jumps solo. Though after a certain point in time I just modify them with my magic to make them immortal.

>> No.37119421


>> No.37119470

More than that, I use it in other situations too. In JJBA, where I plan on living from the beginning of the series to the end, I'm offering the splice to Speedwagon. He no longer needs die of old age, instead having fun with me as we manage the Speedwagon Foundation and go exploring for relics on behalf of the Joestar Family.

It sees use in other jumps too. Basically, if a setting has someone who I quantify as "like, the nicest guy", I offer them fluffy longevity.

Doctor Light, for example, gets to live on into the X era to see the results of his creation and potentially cure the Maverick Virus. Also ensures Rock and Roll get to stick around and we can keep on ADVENTURE-ing in the future jumps.

Certain people deserve to live longer, and I think their ability to remain a relative constant in the timeline for a while can improve things.

Better living through fluffy-tailed longevity.

>> No.37119508

Didn't Speedwagon die of a heart attack?

>> No.37119515

>It sees use in other jumps too. Basically, if a setting has someone who I quantify as "like, the nicest guy", I offer them fluffy longevity.
... Kitsune Deadpool when?

>> No.37119555

i don't think deadpool counts as "the nicest guy" in marvel

also, he doesn't need the help

>> No.37119556

I said I was going to do it! Prepare yourselves!

V0.1 1/1/15
It begins!
Todo List:
Develop 600cp Perk for Psycho
Create More Items

>> No.37119566

10/10 - Game of the Year, IGN

>> No.37119576

He is however, the bestest guy in marvel.

>> No.37119578

guh, forgot the jump.

>> No.37119594

Naw son, you got it all wrong.

Kitsune Power Girl. Unstoppable.

>> No.37119619

Fair enough. I realize some of my stuff CAN be seen as powergamey (Digital Pun-Pun, anyone?), but I like things to be all about the exploration and the things I can do rather than "I stomp this and win". What can I see? What foods can I taste? What magic can I uncover, treasures and ruins I can explore?

It's all about the experience and what I can learn. Power comes secondary.

>> No.37119622

Damn son, this looks pretty cool.

>> No.37119633

Looks great so far.

>> No.37119654

Aww yiss. Build incoming shortly.

>> No.37119670

I actually have a very specific layout.

>Kitsune zoan form on top of the normal altform for bigger and fluffier tails
>Grossly Incandescent from Dark Souls to start glowing to signify how pissed off I am.
>Unstoppable Guardian from Gargoyles to start intimidating people as the irises in my eyes start shining like miniature blue suns.
>And finally, Kanka from Negima to fuse Kitsune Nine Tailed 256x soul driven power with Thousand Master mana pool to start overflowing with sheer energy, glowing brighter, and levitating off the ground.
>Start smiting shit with energy blasts.

Meanwhile I just start acting a little bit insane to complete the effect.


At the age of 89. It was old age induced. He doesn't need to have it end that way.

>> No.37119675

why doesn't she just use her byakugan
why does she need binoculars

>> No.37119770

Kanka is an interesting move; I hadn't thought of that. But I grab Chao and Thousand Master in Negima, so I can't. But even so I like to keep my chi, psionics, and magic pulling from different pools. I like the ability to rotate skills and fight longer as opposed to hitting harder.

Also, I maximize my Kitsune potential by taking any and all wisdom, judgement and knowledge perks I can. Since Kitsune power comes from wisdom, I figure that's a solid way to boost that pool.

Fun build, though!

>> No.37119800

Too far away?

>> No.37119833

>making your own ultimate form
Yesssss. Very much so.

...funny enough... I was sorta-kinda planning something around this. While it would mostly be demonic stuff going from DMC and onward (so places like Buffy, Bayonetta, Asura Cryin', and any place of the sort), I would sample all kinds of draconic or angelic creatures IF POSSIBLE (while Bayo angels are easily sampled, Raildex angels are the exact opposite). I really do like the idea of being able to custom tailor my own 'true form' as it were.

Being able to tailor it due to your fighting style is also a plus.

>> No.37119886

Byakugan is better than binoculars though.

>> No.37119889

It's here.
Now I can finally go to sleep.

>> No.37119894

I didn't take thousand master because I made "no absolute immunities" one of my restrictions for the run. Less "everything-proof shield" and more "Dodge EVERYTHING."

Thing is I also as a conscious build decision almost never USE magic outside of very specific circumstances. Since Requip was mostly replaced with DMC's weapon swapping, all I really use the mana pool for is Aera for sprouting wings as a flight method and Armor Requip for swapping into heavy power armor when in a pinch. Otherwise it pretty much just sits there unused, so I might as well actually bring it to bear when necessary. I focus on chi/ki/aura/spirit/soul/bullshit way more than magic. Fit the theme a bit better I thought. Less mage, more spirit energy.

Totally spec'ing wisdom perks though, alongside taunting and shit. Trickster Kitsune all the way.

>> No.37119920

Aww, yeah. Another new jump baby. Looks badass KOTOR.

>> No.37119942

Thousand Master boosts your magic Quicksilver, Twilight Imperium is the immunity to magic.

>> No.37119957

Thousand Master was the magic buff; Twilight Imperium was the immunity.

I like to spec to dodge over tank, too. Thats how I play, and it makes more sense for a magitech Kitsune build.

>Trickster Kitsune all the way.
Fuck yeah.

>> No.37119960

Twilight Imperium is the 'all magic immune' perk.

>> No.37119972

Yep. Yep.


>> No.37119988

Black Lagoon
Age: 22
Gender: Female
location: PT Boat - Not sure if this was a good roll. But
I ain't gonna cheat.
Background: Lady - Swedish mobsters are a thing, right?

SAP's: World of Badass (50) - I guess I'm little miss badass.
Gunshow (100) - Good thing this is a thing. Because I'm not normally intimidating at all.
Counting Time (Free) - Not sure how useful this will be. Maybe it'll prevent me from looking like an idiot who kicks grenades right when they explode.
Hardboiled Operator (150) - I love it when a plan comes together.
Do svidaniya (300) - It fits with the overall image I want to cultivate

Gear: Badass Threads (50) - I think I'm going to stick to classy clothes. You know, clothes that make a statement...
Unassuming Gear (50) - ...But for everything else, there's sneaki breeki
Preferred Weapon (100) - Again with the statements.
Arsenal (200) - Naturally. It's less I'm going to have to steal.

Aww shit.

>> No.37120059

Oh yes, oh yes indeed. There will be SO MANY shenanigans. I'm also debating about podding Balalaika- interdimensional Hotel Moscow is a go!

>> No.37120109


More seriously, the jump is really light on Items and Drawbacks, so I'm open to suggestions!

>> No.37120114

>50cp - Unassuming Gear (Discount Civilian, Lord/Lady)
>You stand out in the grime of the city by having either a really slick suit, straight out of a heroic
bloodshed flick, or a more classic middleclass getup. Either way, you don’t fit into the riot of
tropical colors, tactical webbing and sweat stains.
Unassuming gear that don't fit in? Are you sure you have the right title for this?

>> No.37120133

>J.C Avatar Cyoa: 1150CP

•Omaticaya Clan territory-(Rolled 4)



>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)


2.Avatar Gear-(Free)
3.Computer Tablet-(Free)
4.Companion Import-(200cp)
5.SA-2 Samson-(300cp)
6.Link Shack-(500cp)

1.Romantic Subplot-(+50cp)
2.Going native-(+100cp)

•Move On
1st order of business is to sort out the issues between the RDA and the Na'vi. I'm going to explain exactly why humanity needs the unobtanium and all the other valuable minerals found on Pandora. Hopefully the Na'vi will understand at let us excavate a few areas, (With the promise that they'll be restored after we're done.) and hopefully I can convince the RDA to not be complete monsters and betray the Na'vi.

Also, I'm going to explain to every Human traitor why they're a complete retard, and that them leaving to join the Na'vi is only making the situation worse. If they want to defect peacefully after we've secured the moon and stabilized the situation, then that's fine, but otherwise they're only putting themselves and everyone else around them in danger, and forcing the RDA to take more drastic measures.

If everything works out, by time Jack arrives the whole situation should be completely calm and I'll be sipping with tea with Sigourney weaver.

>> No.37120141

Burn and purge lads and lasses
Burn and Purge

>> No.37120144

There's barely anything to buy.

>> No.37120161

It is a rough draft~ I'll rethink the name.

>> No.37120188

There's barely anything worth buying in Avatar.

>> No.37120214

You're speaking my language.

>> No.37120318

Ah yes.
This world.

This is the world that can't even get catgirls right.

I plan on fixing that, in the same style I fixed Terraformars. Splicing and Technology.

The Catgirl Exosuit Army will engage in glorious combat against the filthy tribals.

We get the unobtainium. All of it.

>> No.37120352

Damn. Father Fluff siding against the pseudo-nekkos? I didn't see that coming.

>> No.37120426

...huh. Color me surprised.

>> No.37120427

-Background: Scientist (950CP) -Well here I am on Pan-FUCKING-Dora! Time to learn!
-Avatar (Free) -Study it, then take samples of an actual Na'Vi.
Skills: Piloting (850CP) -How did I even GET my license as a pilot? Whatever.
-Skills: Analytical (Free) -Time to study!
-Skills: Medicine (Free) -Time to be a doctor as well!
-Skills: Repair (800CP) (Discount) -And now I can succeed here.
-Exopack (Free) -Oh this will be so useful, you have no idea. JUST IN CASE.
-Avatar Gear (Free) -I'll at least look somewhat decent.
-Computer Tablet (Free) -Some extra tech may be nice.
-Link Shack (300CP) -The RDA can go fuck itself, I operate on my own!
-SA-2 Samson (0CP) -And now I have the means to get from place to place!
Dice Rolls: Tipani Clan Territory, 32 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So since by now I have SHITTON of mining perks, my plan for here is simple. Avoid the conflict, sample/take notes of all the flora and fauna I can manage, and proceed to mine plenty of Unobtainium for myself. All while avoiding annoying the natives... or at least avoiding pissing them off.

This will be a strange one. But I am completely okay with taking it easy this time around. Genocide is boring, let's just take a vacation!

>> No.37120527

For drawbacks:

You can have one faction pissed off at you- Chang's triads, Balalaika's Hotel Moscow, etc. You could have this worth 100 and be able to be taken multiple times

You can have ALL the factions pissed off at you, criminal and otherwise. This could be 600 points as now all the criminal elements and police agencies of the world, or maybe just Roanapour, hate you.

Freak Parade could be another- someone sends psychos to kill you every once in a while- they tend to have gimmicks and a total disregard for colateral damage. 300 points.

Alcoholic or Always in the bar when it gets destroyed. 50/100 points.

Feel free to use any of these for whatever price makes the most sense.

>> No.37120602

>Side with natives who can get a new tree and don't need unobtanium
>Or with Humans in an energy crisis and on the verge of a war like none that has been before, one that could cost billions of lives
JUSTICE demands I help Quartich

>> No.37120773

Rouge Asset
Eywa's Ire

50p Native
50p Riding
500 Link Shack
100 Markmanship
100 leadership
100 Analytical
500 Dragon Assault Ship
100 Piloting
200 Companion Import

Considering Everybody hates me. I think its a big enough Casus Belli to Conquer Everything in this planet. First conquer the clans under flag forcing them to submission. Then Probably change into human form to infiltrate and destroy RDA assets with my trusty companion THE BOSS.

Taking this Mid Late Jump After .

>> No.37120793

I have a message for Eywa.

"So help me you are going to LISTEN, rock. I have visited a THOUSAND mudballs better at their jobs than you, and THEN some. You wanna know what they didn't do? They didn't ENSLAVE THEIR ONLY NATIVE SOPHONTS. You think the Na'vi actually LIKE you? I would be doing them a FAVOR if I were to kill them ALL right this second. Because the split instant of pain they would feel is NOTHING compared to the utter DISGRACE their whole lives have been as your PUPPETS. So you are going to do one thing. You are going to let them choose their own path. Should you refuse? I am more than capable of RIPPING YOUR VERY SOUL OUT OF THIS PILE OF PEBBLES AND FLINGING IT TO THE FURTHEST REACHES OF THE COSMOS. And then? Then I will make you WATCH as the Sky People burn everything."

Pic related.

>> No.37120796

Why dont we just let humanity die on this one? I mean im pretty sure we the /jc/ community has saved humanity countless of times. Why dont we just loot this one universe and be the psychopath we all try to deny

>> No.37120812

It's like... Okay.

In Civ: Beyond Earth there are three Affinities to pick from for your colonization efforts. Earth is almost utterly fucked because of an event known as the Great Mistake.

Harmony is treehuggers, who work to splice themselves into the colonized planet's bionetwork similar to Pandora. Their victory results in them all linking together with the planet to become a form of god. Their tech base is mostly bio-organic, involving the modification of existing species to better suit them. They just leave Earth to rot.

Supremacy is mostly about the Singularity, beginning with cybernetic upgrades and ending with the colonists uploading themselves into a single massive digital consciousness and return to earth to "free the humans there from their organic bodies and bring about a new age of digital and mechanical immortality."

Purity seeks to preserve and improve upon mankind as they are. Compared to the other two, which abandon their humanity and either leave Earth to rot or erase their sense of self, Purity focuses on rebuilding the colony like earth was before the Great Mistake, working on solutions for overpopulation and resource depletion, and eventually moving the rest of humanity over to the new planet to save everyone's individuality and lives.

Of the three, I would take Purity every time. Hell, we might be able to save the original earth!

>> No.37120813

That's pretty edgy.

>> No.37120815


>> No.37120838

Yeah. It is.

I'm not going to deny that for a single second.

Something about Eywa just... just bring something out in me that little else can.

>> No.37120853

i like your style

>> No.37120884

Who are you and what have you done with Wak?

>> No.37120894

This is one jump that infuriated me beyond all belief with that stupid fucking green peace message. I'm gonna show the space elves what a real wrathful goddess looks like.

>> No.37120912



>> No.37120923

Nice. I'm going to enjoy studying and devouring Pandoran wildlife.

I'll probably send the humans back to earth in a spare spaceship with a Tower Seed and some pseudo-Towers to help solve the overpopulation/pollution/energy crisis.

Every continent gets a psudo-Tower and the main Tower Seed is planted in the ocean to clean them and coordinate the rest of the towers.

That should solve the immediate problem and give my companions time to set up small colonies and terraforming stations on Venus, Mars, Europa, the Moon, and in the asteroid belt.

That should leave Pandora free from further interference so I can study/eat in peace.

>> No.37120930

They aren't exactly exclusive though right? You can mix which you take and be primarily Purity and grab up some of the other bits. That said Purity's end goal is the best, because the other two have end goals that are basically fucked.
Fuck that, Pandora is going to meet it's less pleasant cousin, and by that I mean skags everywhere. They want biology to win? I'll give them some winning biology.

>> No.37120939

You should really calm down.

>> No.37120944

Age: 33 - Why am I so OLD?!
Location: Hell's Gate
Background: Soldier (50) - Seems to be a theme.
Body: None. Because fuck you, I can remove alium all by myself.

SAPs: Leadership (Free) - Fuck yeah! I can get people to follow me.
Marksmanship (Free) - Fuck yeah guns!
Piloting (50) - I believe I can fly!
Medicine (100) - First aid is always good.
Melee (100) - Do I get a sword? I want a sword~
Repair (100) - Can I fix it? Yes I can.
Analytical (100)

Gear: Exo-pack (Free) - Gotta breath son.
Handgun (Free) - It's a thing I guess
Tablet (50) - Does Pandora even have Internet? If so, I'm so going to shitpost on space/k/
Rifle (100) - This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine.
Survival Equipment (50)

Let's make one thing clear. I fucking HATE the Na'vi. Call me a faggot, call me a hypocrite, I don't care, but I hate them. Enough that the drawback wouldn't make much of a difference.

HOWEVER, I'm a reasonable guy. I'm not going to just up and burn everything down. Which is why I'm going to give the Na'vi an ultimatum: Humanity is getting the magical space rocks, even if we have to dig through your bodies to get there. You have a choice, you can move and we'll start mining peacefully, no blood needs to be spilled. Or, you can stay and be burned out like bees from a nest. Either way, we will get what we came for.

If they refuse (which they will, because MUH EYWA), well that's when I break out the military hardware. I *highly* doubt a Pandoran of any description is going to be able to no-sell a 120mm DU sabot. And even if they can, II have at least two battleships on my side. They won't be shrugging off magically enhanced 16 inch shells. Eywa can fuck right off and find another planet.

>> No.37120967

....That is not the path of JUSTICE

>> No.37120976

Talk about Burning pandora. /Jc/ what are the atrocities that you will forever never regret and probably be proud on doing.
Besides burning everything alive in twilight jump because we all know everybody is going to use a planet cracker in it

>> No.37120980

I'm well aware of that. Few beings in the multiverse are capable of offending me as much as Eywa does, you see, and of all of them, she's the only one I see as even being capable of responding to intimidation.

That said, I probably should calm down, I really need to sleep.

>> No.37121005

I made a little card, and on a scale of 1-10 I wrote down what was liable to kill me in the Pokemon jump. My own stupidity got a 9, lack of creativity got a 4, etc. Perks could change these numbers, but no perk could lower it more than 1. Drawbacks would raise the number of applicable flaws by how many 100 CP they were worth. Then I rolled a D20 against the most appropriate flaw to see if I succeeded in that jump. Death requires three failed jumps in a row.

It works for me, but it is convoluted.

I make a habit of regularly admitting that I deserved this and begging for more. Silent Hill is really going to get me off.

>> No.37121008

No worries Wakfu, I'm the same way.

For the most part, I'm a pretty laid back guy. But damn if Avatar doesn't bring out my inner rage monster.

>> No.37121029

Am I the only one planning on using my perks (charisma, science, and magic) to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement between the Na'vi and humanity?

>> No.37121087

Good Fucking Luck. The Navi are basically Space Elves, while the humans are motivated by their dying planet.

>> No.37121126

Always bet on fluffy.

>> No.37121131

I am JUSTICE Anon. I pursue JUSTICE for reasons I have stated in a previous thread.
But I'll be honest, while part of me does cry out at the lack of JUSTICE at the fact humanity is sent off to kill itself in a massive civil war over energy, because we NEED that unobtanium bad, is the "good" ending.
I just hate the themes of the film, and the planet, in general. And Want to see it burn.

I am purposely leaving this near the end of my jumps. I'm gonna go hog-wild. No holding back. No playing games. Just Burn and Purge

Avatar(James Cameran Version) Universe
Rolled for 32
I'll keep my body, thanks
Rolled for Omaticaya Clan territory
Discount Leadership
Discount Acrobatics
Discount Marksmanship
Discount Piloting
Discount Repair
Discount Archery
Discount Melee
Discount Riding
Free Exopack
Leonopteryz Fuck you, I've got your mythic creature
Dragon Assault Ship Could use it to improve my Mobile Air Base
Fuck it, I've got 400 points to spare, get me another Leonopteryz for a mating pair

Dropped Connection+200 The fuck do I care?
Us or Them+200 My Attitude already
Eywa's Ire+300 I'm gonna earn this anyway, so fuck it

>> No.37121140


>> No.37121168

No, I'm not a total dick. If peace can be found it is infinitely preferable to war. That said, I'm not going to let humanity fuck up someone else's planet just because they ruined their own, so I really hope that works out.

>> No.37121171

I'm sure I've done "worse" but the two that come to mind for me is reenacting Judgment Day in Assassins Creed and having Arrakis play the role of Alderaan in Dune.

>> No.37121207

Pffft. Too easy. I'm way prettier than Pocahontas.

>> No.37121211

Twenty bucks on fluffy!

>> No.37121222

That's the thing. There IS no alternative.

The Aliums both can't and won't move. Culturally, they are too tied to their tree to uproot themselves, even if it's a VASTLY superior option than the alternative.
The humans are in a position where they can't afford to NOT grab the space rocks. Sure, it'll damage the planet some. But a slightly damaged planet dnd a homeless tribe is much better than the billions of people starving and suffocating back on Earf. One tribe's feelings versus potentially an entire civilization dying, Which is more important?

>> No.37121364

1. Never said I was leaving them to figure out on their own.
2. The deposit under the tree is the largest one they've found, not the only one, and not necessarily the largest one that exists.
3. Might be a bit parnoid but the guy in charge of this is an unscrupulous business tycoon, so we're probably looking less at Earth 2.0 and more a planet spaceballs.
4. I could probably fix whatever they fucked up with just my own power.

>> No.37121405

>he deposit under the tree is the largest one they've found, not the only one, and not necessarily the largest one that exists.
They have only found unobtanium in any signifigant amount on that planet

All large pockets are found under the Trees in general, with small pockets in the floating mountains

>> No.37121408

Nobody like the person that whines and bitches at other people's fun all the time either, like you've been doing lately.

>> No.37121458

No, earht is explicitly fucked. It's in the fluff, but Earth is extremely over-populated and polluted. Unobtanium is a powerful and clean energy source. They need it to prevent an energy civil war.

>> No.37121528

>They need it to prevent an energy civil war.
Unless you've been refining your energy tech for a few thousand years and you can show them a better way to do business.

>> No.37121558

The elf slaughter in LoTR. A universe with a species that humans are innately completely inferior to and that all the angels of god favor above all others who get a free pass to live in heaven on Earth forever. It pisses me off a lot, so they deserve some punishment.

>> No.37121574

Ah high school, so glad that's over with.

>> No.37121586

Try 30, bucko. I could be your dad if I was like that one brazillian kid.

>> No.37121604

If you're 30 and you're still packing that teen angst, then, buddy, you need to get out more.

>> No.37121638

This is the cornerstone of my plan. I'm gonna use the ally of gohma perks to pretend I work for Eywa. Then I'll teach them magic or something so they don't need the crazy moon rocks.

Everybody wins.

>> No.37121644

It aint angst cap, I'm just in the opportunity to solve an unfair unbalance in a world during a jump. Make things better for the humans. If you think I'm bad you should probably be whining about all the people above who are gonna genocide the Na'vi.

>> No.37121717

Na'vi genocide is lazy, but I get it. Humanity needs resources and the Na'vi are blocking the aquisition of said resources. Its about survival. The Na'vi can move, humans can't find Unobtanium elsewhere.

Your genocide, though, is pure fedora. Its about being angry at the cosmos and inflicting pain to make yourself feel better. It's just sad.

Yeah, there are some great energy sources available to pass on. Negima and Tonelico both provide great ways to power a civilization.

>> No.37121724

As is the Arc reactor I helped Stark redesign, or the enchanted kinetic generator I made for the hell of it, and I can fix the pollution problem with a single vial of bio-engineered goodness, or nanites, take your pick.

>> No.37121751

>This is unfair!
>But how can I fix things?
>I know, I'll just kill everyone!

>> No.37121764

Pretty much.

>> No.37121778

Those didn't exist within the world, and not everyone will have that stuff. It also needs to power an entire planet of futuristic tech

>> No.37121782

I thought that was about hipsterism. Has that insult basically been watered down and applied to everything to the point where it means nothing? I think so.

Hey, blame Eru for the natural order being unfair. It's a very human thing to force the world into benefiting them instead. I'm sure you yourself have absolutely no plan to benefit humanity in LoTR or to help them for slights past. Your loyalty to your species is weak.

Nah, not humans and dwarves. Elves are already on the way out and can't really die in the first place. Know what happens when they die? They get sent to the halls of mandos temporarily, and after a certain period they're allowed to return to life in Valinor. You're not even really killing the fuckers so much as spiting the Valar's favorite pets for a century.

>> No.37121805

Then why. What's the point? If it's just pointless spite, then why bother?

>> No.37121825

I need something to do.

>> No.37121847


>> No.37121856

Spite is the point, the rest is just window dressing. He wants to break shit, likely because he's never done it before, but he doesn't want to admit it. It's sad.

The fedora comment was to how much your rants resemble the talking-point, manufactured atheism of the internet.

And you aren't uplifting humanity, you're just lowering the playing playing field. If you really wanted to help humanity, and spite Eru and the elves, you'd out and out elevate humans through the use of tech. Let humans jump ahead of everyone else without Eru, his magic, or special bloodlines. Let the other races come to humanity for help and guidance.

But you don't want that. You just want to smash, but you feel like you need to have justification for it.

As said, it's sad.

>> No.37121888

See, you're wrong in that you think I bother coming up with justifications when killing is all I do want to do. I don't. This time, there's something righteous to be done. It's not killing for its own sake.

>Let the other races come to humanity for help and guidance.
You're about fifty years away from 99.9% of the remaining elves fleeing Middle Earth. That aint happening, and Eru doesn't give a shit because Middle Earth is our Earth and humans gaining powerful technology is the future anyway.

>> No.37121923

>This time, there's something righteous to be done. It's not killing for its own sake
Okay, lemmie go ahead and quote you.
>Know what happens when they die? They get sent to the halls of mandos temporarily, and after a certain period they're allowed to return to life in Valinor. You're not even really killing the fuckers so much as spiting the Valar's favorite pets for a century

Where's the righteousness? What's the point? Like, back when we were talking about znt you had a point with killing the elves in the middle east, assuming there's only one elf killer, because that saved humanity. This is just you being a dick.

>> No.37121935

Not with the right perk. Then he can kill them and they stay dead. Or he transmutes them into philopshers stones.

>> No.37121985

He's a little kid with a magnifying glass. Odds are he got shat on his whole life, so this is how he deals. Had a kid in my squad like that, picked on alot and read too much 40k. Real fucking wierdo when you talked to him.

Let him rub it out to elf death. Let his comments rot.

>> No.37122007

Motherfucker, I'm trying to understand this. I'm not being polite, but I'm asking questions.You're just insulting him, so stop posting unless you have something real to say or ask.

>> No.37122062

It's really about showing the Valar that they were wrong for spiting humanity. For ignoring them, refusing to teach or help them except for one group that sacrificed their lives for elves, and showing favoritism to the elves. Running their pets out to show that humans ARE superior in arms and in body, and then building humanity into glory to show them that humans are superior in mind and in works to the elves. The elf war is because I want to show up the elves ENTIRELY, not just in part, but to show humans can be better in all ways. The Valar are going to learn.

Damn son, all that projection.

Ha, thanks. This guy is freaking the hell out over this, and if it wasn't for him launching immediately into insults because for some reason this really offends him, there wouldn't even be an argument since I was only responding to a question.

>> No.37122103

For posterity, Asura's Wrath V0.6

Version 0.6 1/1/15
Clarified Discounts
Fixed Typos

Jump is 100% functional!

>> No.37122121


>> No.37122135

Except you are going to be doing this jump after quite a few jumps. So you'll come in, the powerful inhuman creature that you'll have to be, and spite the elves. You'll refuse to teach or help elves excepting possibly traitors while showing favoritism towards the humans. Do you get my point? Not to mention you'll be doing all this with the power afforded to you by a powerful benefactor god. Not to mention, again, that according to you all the elves are leaving in fifty years, so there's no point! No righteousness! Just you being a dick.
>Not fully armed and operational

>> No.37122161

I tip my hat to you for taking the opportunity I missed.

And in other news, Tenchi Muyo Jump is on v0.9, also fully functional and ready for builds.

V0.9 1/2/15
Sealed up a loophole in the interaction of Smiling Goddess Leaves and Living Ship.
Clarified Discount Limits.
Minor formatting.

>> No.37122181

Yeah, I'm the superpowered freak. But doesn't that make me a match for the extremely old and superpowered elves like Galadriel and her ring? I'm not doing this singlehandedly, I want to build up an army of humans to serve as the main force and eventually the core of any society I build afterwards. I also don't believe there's any chance an elf would want to learn from me at any point, or that they'd even pretend to ask.

And yes, I get your point. I'm the special divine patron for humans. But isn't that evening things up? The elves have eight of them, and they're on the order of moving continents and changing the nature of entire planets. I'm not taking LoTR THAT late. So not only am I one, but I am inferior in pure might to the Valar. Even were I not, being the patron of humanity is only making things 'fair', so to speak, in that I'm taking that mentor role the Valar never took for humans.

The point is to show them humans aren't inferior to elves, to break a little arrogance and show the Valar to be in the wrong for the favoritism. If the elves leave there's no way to prove the superior might and body point.

>> No.37122223

What's the point of proving it? You aren't proving anything to the humans since it'l be your technology and works that'll do the legwork. You aren't proving to the elves or Valar because they're leaving. And the humans will go on to be perfectly fine, they don't need any mentors.

You aren't proving the humans are better, you just want to prove the your better. Is that it? Or am I missing what you're saying?
Tip my hat is an obnoxious phrase, don't use it.

>> No.37122231

Question about the notes at the end. You state that you can import as many companions as you have for the endgame, but only 8 will be at full power. Can you flesh that out a little more?

Also for disrupting the Chousin Experiment, Tenchi's death is not required, right? All you have to do is render him unable to ascend.

>> No.37122262

I will make a note to clarify this come next version- but it is currently functional (and I don't expect lots of people to be taking the endgame jump soon).

As for the Chousin Experiment- that is correct, you do not need to kill Tenchi. You instead need to prevent him from essentially surpassing 10 Light Hawk Wings (the maximum extradimensional energy supported by the universe).

Technically you need to stop /anyone/ from reaching that point, but Tenchi's the only real contender.

>> No.37122266

The Valar still watch the world, or they're supposed to be. The only one of those who seems to take his job seriously is Ulmo really. So yeah, they're going to see what happens.

I'll restrain my technology to what's replicable, otherwise there's no point in giving it to them.

The humans may not need the mentors, but they can't live up to the works of the elves, so the elves will always have that point over them unless I teach the humans.

How am I proving that I'm better when the other guys are all continent destroying aspects of the mind of god? That's impossible this early on in a chain. Is your view that humans would be better off without a mentor because they achieved everything on their own? That's a valid enough view, and even Finrod espouses it in the Athrabeth, but to me, it's as much about showing it.

>> No.37122293

But doesn't he technically have the potential so long as he's alive? Wouldn't putting some type of time limit on it, longer than 10 years obviously, make for a clearer victory condition?

Love the jump, by the way.

>> No.37122331

Alive, Mostly alive, mostly dead, in stasis, locked in a time loop/lotus eater dream/convinced that he doesn't need to ascend...

Mind you I'll go into clarifying it more, but it's deliberately meant to be open-ended.

>> No.37122383

>I'll restrain my technology to what's replicable, otherwise there's no point in giving it to them.
They'res no point in it at all, if the goal is to make a point. They didn't make or do anything, that's all you.
>The humans may not need the mentors, but they can't live up to the works of the elves, so the elves will always have that point over them unless I teach the humans.
What point? There's no point! No one cares that the elves did something really cool that one time, because all the elves are leaving.
>How am I proving that I'm better when the other guys are all continent destroying aspects of the mind of god?
I'm gonna be straight with you. The sum total of my tolkien experience was the movies a couple of years ago. I don't know what this means. And I don't really want to know unless it's relevant.
> it's as much about showing it
Speaking of, why do you get to decide this? Who chose to be swept up in a massive army, indoctrinated into hating elves, and spent to fight and die wiping them out? It sure as fuck wouldn't be any of the humans.

>> No.37122412

Would it be possible to empower Tenchi so much that he doesn't need the light hawk wings? Say if you made him strong enough to face Z without having to rely on them? Would that start the count?

>> No.37122417

>They didn't make or do anything
Nor did the elves, at first. How they grow from what I taught them is what determines that.

>No one cares.
Elves and Valar care.

>I don't really want to know.
Eh, that's fine. I'd of launched into a thing about how Ulmo is an okay Valar and Manwe a jerk and a bunch of other stuff that's a tangent.

>Who chose to be swept up in a massive army, indoctrinated into hating elves, and spent to fight and die wiping them out?
Whoever makes the choice to follow me. I'm not using brainwashing, but I do have stacked charsima and other such diplomacy perks that should convince humans to follow. Humanity is ever jealous, and the Easterlings and Haradrim themselves are men who are easily stirred into war with elves and the Free Peoples.

>> No.37122439

Oh shit, here we go.

>Age: 30
WHY AM I SO BALD. I mean old.
>Identity: Drop-In
Because when everyone goes "how the fuck did you get here? It's physically impossible for us to have a stowaway, and wearing Armani?" I can go "Fuck you, that's how. Also why."
>Body: Not purchased.
Because I intend to abuse the fuck out of my shapeshifting and survive-every-environment-ever perks to at least LOOK like the natives and survive, when necessary.
>Location: Hell's Gate
Which saves me a lot of walking. Bonus points if I appear in front of the colonel.
>[800] Skills: Leadership, Analytical, Medicine (2 x 100)
Because it never hurts to stack more brains and more medical knowledge.
>[500] SA-2 Samson
Honestly this is mostly for utilitarian use.
>[0] Dragon Assault Ship
This isn't meant for combat, this is a dropship! Putting those weapons on here is disappointing. Still, I'll stick it in the basement.

So, the first thing we do is tech up. Room-temperature superconductors? Sure, I've got that, no problem. Here's how you make it, in fact give me a week and I'll give you a small factory that can make them.

Wait, what do you mean Earth's fucked? Well, tell you what, here's how everyone in the 'verse terraformed their planets. Terraforming Terra is kind of ironic, but hell, you should do it, and here's how to build up your technological base to reach that point.

Wait, what do you mean diseases are running rampant? Here, have some medical knowledge you know what I'll just give you everything from Firefly, just promise me to rename the company to Blue Sun.

Wait, why are you in a wheelchair, marine? Boop! Healed. Because FUCK YOUR PLOT, SON. Also your job was to create peace, not start a war, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go stretch my legs and diplomance the natives because James Cameron is a fucking twat and there are no wolves to be dancing with on this rock.

Wait, what do you mean the planet is a pseudo-sapient intelligent network? HACKING TIME.

>> No.37122447

Oh I was wondering who the fuck you were, and now I understand you just cut off the first part of your name for some reason.

>> No.37122457

Crux is more... in tune with what I have become.

>> No.37122468

Alright, It's 2 in the morning for me and I'm pretty sure we've hit the point were we'll just be shouting at each other for the rest of the night. So I'm out. I still don't like you but you do what you feel like.

>> No.37122519

Alternately you could just make a deal with Tenchi to take out Z.

>> No.37122574

Well, your objective is to prevent the Chousin from proving/disproving that there is a Greater God Than They.

So basically you need to ensure they never realize the existence of Jumpchan or the greater chain. (This is a joke).

More seriously, as long as you can somehow prevent their experiment from giving results, you win. I will do my best to elaborate on that further to make it clearer~

>> No.37122659

Why did you just make up the Daeva weakness?

>> No.37122803


So... the Ultimatum Perks are basically a reward for trolling the Chousin on Jump-chan's behalf?

>> No.37122850

Cosmic troll is best troll.

>> No.37122853

Quite possibly!

>> No.37122978

Stuff that you've gone out and shed blood, sweat and tears to learn elsewhere is fine. It's about you being the hero, not hiding behind a mountain of someone elses magic powers. That said, it is meant to be low power, assuming you take the low power version, so going 'I learn DETHPOWAH from anime waifu #2426' isn't really fitting the theme of the jump.

You do keep all your memories and experience, and you got it pretty much perfectly when you said general things a normal human can come by.

I've been keeping a document with the effects of stuff here:

Yes! This man, he understands! Fuck Arrakis.

>> No.37123031

"The OTHER Chousin One (Takes up both drawback slots)." - what two slots? leftover from previous version?

>> No.37123192

It's version 0.9 for a reason! Good catch and thank you very much!

>> No.37123352

tenchi muyo jump a good.
dat holographic computer and control cube.
i bought four holographic computers.

>> No.37123358

I like how I have a dozen ways that basically make my blood both poison AND crack. What I got in my veins is just ridiculous.

>> No.37123371

i know what you mean.
i'm pretty sure my blood is one of the most toxic substances in the multiverse at this point.
too bad nobody'll ever get to touch it, since it happens to have the best containment system in the multiverse as well - my body.

>> No.37123650

We-no, I...approve. I really shouldn't, but that sentiment /is/ what drove myself to become this after Ravenloft, far back in the past.

Around RE, we started develping a serum to prevent aging by stopping telomere decay. Around Geneforge (6 or so jumps later) we started adapting it to different species. Though it's kind of a moot point ever since we acquired the City of Heaven...

Ah yes, the ONE setting where spiral energy isn't concentrated in humans.

Drop-In, Age 26

Rolled Hell's Gate.

Leadership+Analytical (900). Very redundant, yet still worthy of being stacked.
Link Shack (Free). Welp. Between this and Terra Formars I'm definately not short on labs
Exopack (Free). Well, uh. Nice souvenir?
Dragon Assault Ship (400). Perhaps the only worthwhile thing reverse engineering here
Leonopteryx (0). Other than this thing, just to fuck with the ecosystem by cloning it

For once the conflict isn't actually universe threatening. Except-in the long term, if the Na'vi somehow figure out how to do that fancy-schmancy industrial revolution thing they could potentially be far, far worse as a spiral race than humanity.

So we're going to approach Colonel Quaritch and give him access to some Dune forcefields, some Dead Space-type "mining tools", self-replicating ammo tech hailing from Raildex and a few plasmids for improving the survival rate of his men amongst other things. Enough to enable humanity to secure a foothold on Pandora, and kill off, say, a hypothetical mass swarming of native lifeforms, but not enough to jumpstart the galactic empire of humanity. I'll arm humanity with weapons from a dozen worlds, but if they deserve life let them stand for themselves

Apart from that? I'll just relocate and do like >>37120427. I won't start shit with Eywa unless it provokes me.

But if it does-let's just say I hear Fiendfyre burns /really/ well...

>> No.37123669

Your vacation is the doom of humanity.

>> No.37123705

Looking really good! One suggestion though, can you go with what most jumpchains with andriods/cyborgs do and let the jumper revert back to a human if they want at the end of 10 years, but allowed to keep their abilities with nanomachines or biomedical fuckery?

>> No.37123820

Raildex has self-replicating ammo tech? I don't see any in it.

>> No.37123834

He possibly means those automatically created plastic bullets one of the guns uses. If not, there's a lot of tech in academy city beyond what you can buy in the jump.

>> No.37123851

Hey Reploid, the Weaponisation perk calls the Doctor origin a 'Student'.

>> No.37123880

Wait-I don't recognise this setting! Oh Jump-Chan, what have you gotten me into...

Drawbacks: Now I Have Your Attention, Angel's Kiss (1500). We suppose it's only natural for some punk /pretender/ to be attracted by genuine divinity. In order to entertain our benefactor, we'll just have to let this Priss down gently, maybe find her someone else to get involved with. This will probably be much easier than dealing with that psycho stalker we keep bumping into.

...wow, that sentence came out weirder than we though it would.


Super-Boomer (1100). We have no idea what a Boomer actually is, but you're right Jump-Chan: Humanity IS overrated!

Free pick? Let's get to WIZ Laboratories, maybe we can try building some Robot Masters just to keep my skills sharp (yes I have a perk for that, but still)

Fusion Boomer (800). Hopefully, this'll cover anything too indigestible for Savage Salvage
Master of War (200). We gots a giant fighting robot, might as well make get the most out of it
Knighto Saber, Sanjo! (0). As a thank-you to Solaire and The Boss for hard work cancelling the apocalypse in Bloodlines.

>> No.37123919

So just to clarify on Percy Jackson style Curse of Achiles it makes you ny-indestructible and gives you a decent boost to your combat abilities in exchange for inflaming any mental flaws you might have, making one point on you effectively instantly kill you if they get a good hit on it (your choice of where, has to be on outside and trying to remove it kills you), and just flat out wrecking your stamina in a fight. You can still die from various mundane means (most notably exhaustion, asphyxiation, and dehydration) so while it grants you a major boost it also has severe drawbacks. While you'll be unstoppable in battle for as long as you can still hold your sword one lucky hit or simply a sufficiently drawn out battle is all it will take for things to go wrong. Effectively you've overclocked your body a great deal so while your ability in battle has improved greatly your ability to keep fighting for longer periods drops a great deal.

As for the structure of the jump I'm thinking I'll consolidate demigod and just have multiple levels where there are two perks but you only get a discount on one.

>> No.37123933

Man that's the worst perk. Perks with drawbacks just make me not want anything to do with it.

>> No.37123979

>Megaman jump says the basic plasma buster is useful.
>No charge.
>The single most frustrating thing in any Megaman game is trying to kill something with regular plasma blasts.
Yeah no, basic plasma buster is junk.

>> No.37124010

That seems like a stretch. It's plastic bullets, for only one weapon. If you can replicate it for others, well, good job.

Fixed that in the drive

Mega Man can't do it in games 1, 2, 9, and 10. And he/it still wrecks shit. Besides, it's cheap at times, a freebie at others, and upgradeable for just 100CP more, . Wouldn't call it junk.

>> No.37124031

2 Questions:

Is prayer explicitly prayer, or would people pinning their hopes on you be enough? Like, as a hypothetical example, let's say I'm in a superhero jump and a crowd starts chanting my name while I'm fighting a bad guy. Is that close enough to prayer to give me a power boost?

What are the qualifiers for having a soul? I'm asking because I was wondering how feasible it would be to use minion creation perks to whip up instant worshipers.

>> No.37124036

Yeah, and those games are really frustrating when you can't lean on the other weapons. That said, don't mind me, I'm just rolling the eyes.

>> No.37124051

The main appeal of it was to have a basic weapon capable of damaging robots without destroying their IC Chip. Though if you want a charge/rapid fire, it's just 100CP more. For charge and rapid fire, it's 300CP total.

>> No.37124065

So what? This would obviously overwrite Any stamina or durability perks right?

Secondly, this defence can be bypassed outright with enough force right? Or are we gonna be tanking superman?

To be honest, it feels like you should just pick another perk. This one just really gives off bad vibes. It either nerfs you massively or gives you an insane boost, depending on whether you are a melee or ranged fighter

>> No.37124079

I wish I could ban the word 'Superman' from any and all discussion.

>> No.37124083

Prayer needs to be sufficiently ritual behavior. Random cheering wouldn't do it, but if you got an entire stadium to do a goofy sports ritual, that'd count as prayer.

In your example, you'd tap into any emotions your crowd is feeling that matches your choice Mantra Association, selected from the list. The idea is you want to be good at encouraging people at feeling something or feeling something on your behalf.

In other ways, look at it like this: If your Mantra is Wrath, you can get power from everyone feeling angry within 10 miles of you. That can be... quite a lot. I might have to adjust that actually, but that's how it currently works.

>> No.37124093

Why? He is the best known hero, and it is more convenient to use him. It is a valid point nonetheless.

>> No.37124100

Because he's both used as a sort of hyperbolic strawman to both dismiss and to back up an argument's side.

>> No.37124102

Poll for /jc/. Just how minmaxed are you? Do yo


>> No.37124111

Was meant to type "Do you take it easy at the beginning or jump right into the high powered settings?" before I accidentally posted.

Ah well. Don't think that warrants a delete and repost.

>> No.37124112

Would you prefer I use Thor? Goku? The Hulk? Sentry? It remains the same point no matter who I use, it just makes it easier for people to understand.

>> No.37124121

I'd rather you not just say 'This sucks because Superman'.

>> No.37124192

I didn't say that. Your being overly sensitive. It's perfectly justified to ask if there are limits on this invulnerability, and superman is an easy example

>> No.37124248

When you say outside does that mean on the outside of my body (no choosing tongue) or can't be covered by armour?
Seems like too many drawbacks for what is a high cost perk as it is, if it was just the weak spot then it would be fine but the mental flaws and stamina decrease makes it very unappealing to me.

I'm a scumlord who has only seen the not so good films so I have to ask what can the magicians do in the setting? Also do they play an important role at all or are they sidelined a lot?

>> No.37124289

I'd say it can be supplemented with stamina perks to help reduce quite how tiring it is but it will tend to still plain wear you out and eat through resources quickly. Durability will not help protect the weak point but there's nothing preventing you from wearing armor over it for example. Also while you won't be damaged you don't suddenly become immovable so Superman can just play ball with you until you start whipping out the magic. As is this will be an 800 point capstone for demigods (A Legion Banner being the alternative capstone). And besides with some work and meta knowledge it's relatively simple to achieve so making it a perk serves the secondary purpose of restraining how you get it, because otherwise you'll have people trying to pick it up for free.

For reference the other capstones I'm planning are:
Drop-in: Oracle, which comes with built in true seeing. Maybe some other benefits as well.

Monster: Being one of the truly mythical and unique specimens, you're The Hydra instead of a hydra for example, gets you a massive boost to your monstrous abilities and gives heavy resistance to mundane damage. Maybe gain method of your choice for creating lesser monsters with similar abilities to your monstrous form.

Magician: Either learning how best to fight and bind gods and those of divine descent or getting a fragment of your divine patron in your head that can grant you the ability to use some of their abilities, with the potency of the abilities depending on how well you and the fragment's goals line up at the time.

Demigod: Getting one of the banners of the Legions, giving substantial buffs to all those who follow you into battle as well as having some extra bonuses dependent on your patron.

This is getting counterbalanced by the various prophecies and that most of the gods are dicks. And did I mention that the various monsters you kill will eventually be back after a year or two at most bearing grudges?

>> No.37124303

Can I get neither? This perk is shit and I don't play companion builds.

>> No.37124336

Just because something is a perk doesn't mean people can't get it freely silly. I bought a glock in a jump, doesn't mean every random ass gang member won't have one in his saggy jeans.

>> No.37124343

Perks combinations don't give you absolute invulnerability though, without a fair bit of creativity, and even then not to this extent.
It is simply too much, even with the drawbacks. The fact that you can train some of the drawbacks off or cover the weak point? Hell, this makes a large amount of jumps into unlosable scenarios since there are many jumps with only physical damage, and you can just make your weak spot your perineum or something.
Just give the other perk only, if someone wants invulnerability, they should be creative enough to figure out something on their own, not get it handed to them.
While Inter Jump balance isn't completely vital, you should at least have the respect to not trivialise other jumps like this.

>> No.37124355

The legion banner seems like more of an item to me. Perhaps that boost to divine abilities could work better?

Whatever it is, the achilles perk is shit. It's either too good or too bad.

>> No.37124357

This is just stupid. I have super powered magic shields a billion ways, this WWII setting now can't touch me. Ban all magic shields! I have magic immunity, this setting all about magic fights is now child's play. Ban all magic resistance!

The perk isn't too powerful, but the drawbacks do make it something I'd never want.

>> No.37124365

Two things. One, he's combining origins here. The banner is from the Roman path. Also, fuck the banner, it's shit and I don't want it to be the only cap.

Two, any high powered setting trivializes all the low powered ones. That is not a valid argument.

>> No.37124381

>monster capstone

>> No.37124387

Its World War 2? What do you expect? I'm talking about stuff like making Halo and mass effect easy, along with most sci fi settings. Any setting with neither magic nor psionics is fucked. At least magic shields can be overcome with enough power, this can't.

Magic Immunity is much more specific. Jumps that have magic also have physical damage but the same cannot be said in reverse.

Giving you outright invulnerability is so blatantly stupid. It is on the same level as that Save state bullshit. Don't do it, ever.

>> No.37124400

>I'm talking about stuff like making Halo and mass effect easy
Also known as Magic Shields

>Any setting with neither magic nor psionics is fucked.
Kind of like what happens when you take your high powered magic and psionics into those jumps, huh?

>Waah waah save states.
Oh just shut up about them, I'm sick of hearing about these.

>> No.37124403

It doesn't just trivialise low power stuff, anything without some form of magic or psionics is now largely harmless. This includes high powered sci fi like Halo and Mass Effect. Meaning that yes, it is a perfectly valid argument.

>> No.37124410

>High powered sci-fi.
Anon, their laser guns and shit aren't high powered compared to any kind of magic.

>> No.37124414

Interjump balance was thrown out the window ages ago, certain jumps already trivialise others such as becoming a God in Lord of Light and a bunch of other high tier jumps.

Pick a different background then?

>> No.37124418

Pretty sure the weak point would be greatly affected by explosives.

>> No.37124422

Tell me then, what magic shields are you using that are so unbreakable?

Same as above

I don't give a fuck. This is a ridiculous perk that shouldn't even be thought of.

>> No.37124428

Doesn't need to be unbreakable, it needs to be able to take a laser or a bullet. That's most of them right there.

>> No.37124433

What? And how about stronger weapons? Like planet cracking shit? You still haven't given a specific example either.

>> No.37124441

Just a question, how would this work with Roman demigods? Because the minute you step into the Tiber, for example, it washes away. Ruling that it doesn't doesn't help either, as people will ask questions.

Maybe you could internalise the Legion Banner. Or maybe you could just grant enhanced divine abilities.

>> No.37124445

Not to this extent, those still allow the possibility of harm, this removes it except for one area that you can protect anyway.

>> No.37124460

>Like planet cracking shit
You know that's going to kill you anyway? The energy or projectile force isn't going to avoid your weakpoint, it'll either blast apart what's under you or the force with wrap around to your ankle or just the plain air/force shockwaves will kill you.

Alright, magic shields in NGNL are capable of easily taking nukes. That was from Jibril, but you want to be able to take bullets, that's a lot easier to do.

Look, I don't like the perk either, but your argument is just wrong.

>> No.37124479

Alright, I admit I was wrong, in some respects. It still is far too overpowered. If it was capable of being bypassed by sufficient force, I'd have no problem with it.

>> No.37124481

But you'd still be fucked by stuff that high tier with the Achilles heel perk anyway so I'm not seeing a problem there.
Also it would be easy to make armour that makes you invincible just by using the Viking Saga jump.

>> No.37124490

It's not, is the thing. Not with the weakpoint and definitely not with the bajimillion drawbacks he put on it.

Twilight Imperium doesn't work that way. And combined with the inherent weakpoint and the 50 drawbacks it comes with, then it wouldn't even be worth 300 points let alone 800.

>> No.37124506

Twilight Imperium is also specifically confined to magic. A mage could still just chuck a rock at you. This lets you get smacked by people who can break planets with no problem, and the drawbacks can be reduced. The weakpoint is also small and your opponent is unlikely to know about it.

>> No.37124518

It does say ny indestructible so it seems like enough force could get by it, I'd like an example of what could still hurt you if anything can that is.

Honestly I'm surprised that no one objected to Razzle Dazzle offering immunity to cutting, piercing and stabbing attacks for fairly cheap. I'm sure there's a kinetic immunity perk in a jump somewhere too...

>> No.37124520

Perhaps you should clarify Merchant-

-How big is this weak spot? What kind of attack would hurt? What is the minimum force?

-Would area of effects such as explosions hit it?

-What about magic that takes a physical form, such as elemental spells?

>> No.37124521

Wow a rock, wonder what could stop that. Magic shield.

>with no problem
Did I not just go on a spiel telling you about force, shockwaves, energy wrapping around, and the simple fact that what's under you is going to get torn apart and any shrapnel can and will tear apart your weakpoint? Holy shit.

Here's the thing. Your complaints are silly. That's why we're arguing. However, we both don't like the perk. So if you can just say "Whatever" instead of trying to prove a silly point, we can just agree it should be replaced, and there won't need to be a discussion about why.

>> No.37124535

It says 'incredibly resilient', not absolutely resilient. This does not imply absolute invulnerability.

>> No.37124560

>In fact, any and every form of magic simply cannot effect you unless you will it to do so. Blasts of force hit you and do nothing, and while fireballs may threaten your clothes you will not even feel the heat.

>> No.37124566

Ugh, you know this is just gonna end up with a bunch of anons who go "YOU CAN"T ME, IM INVULNERABLE" to everything right?

>> No.37124571

No, because this isn't multiplayer and nobody gets into that kind of argument. Are you in the wrong thread?

>> No.37124577

Complete immunity to something that can't be bypassed isn't a thing that should be put in, and I assume most thought it was exaggerating. I certainly did think that something sharp enough, or burns through it like a lightsaber could bypass it.

>> No.37124583

People are always going to pull that kinda stuff anon, I'm talking about how they'll react to other jumps with it, not multiplayer. Just seems like more trouble than it's worth.

>> No.37124587

>isn't a thing that should be put in
Twilight Imperium.

Also, Logia Fruits from One Piece. Hell, Buggy isn't even a logia and he's immune to being cut.

>> No.37124589

I interpreted this as talking about the different kinds of magic, not the strength of it. Granted, I could be wrong, but I do think that there's always a point where something just ignores that immunity.

>> No.37124597

Who cares what someone says happens in their jump? Christ.

>> No.37124604

Magic isn't as omnipresent as Physical damage.

Logia can be bypassed by both elemental weaknesses and Haki or any energy equivalent to haki.

>> No.37124605

You can interpret how you want, but the power says any and every form of magic simply cannot effect you, point blank.

>> No.37124616

Logia Fruits, Imagine Breaker, and the like all have their own downsides to them. Not being able to react fast enough or being unable to negate it fast enough are some examples of limitations.

Twilight Imperium, well, I have nothing to say to that.

>> No.37124619

There are ways around that you know? Enhancing your physical body with magic and then hitting someone, or using telekinesis to throw pre-existing objects at people.

>> No.37124620

Guess what can bypass both Twilight Imperium and this Achiles thing even if you're stacking them? Haki or any energy equivalent. Guess what bypasses the Razzle Dazzle thing? Haki or any energy equivalent. Also any sort of blunt damage, which is the easiest kind of damage to supply. Your fists do that.

>> No.37124632

Haki wouldn't bypass physical invulnerability dumbass. There is no evidence that it would do so.

>> No.37124633

So? Wasn't denying that, I was just telling you that it makes you immune to magical damage. That's physical damage.

>> No.37124643

I was pointing out that there are still ways of using magic to damage you, just not directly.

>> No.37124644

It's fucking weaponized willpower. It's like aura or ki, which is what bypasses it.

>> No.37124659

I know, it's just that I wasn't debating that.

Also psychic powers.

Anyway this is the stupidest thing. We're not even arguing about this perk anymore. None of us like it, so what the fuck are we doing?

>> No.37124660

So? This gives you immunity to physical damage, which is what haki does.

>> No.37124673

Whatever, aura, ki, psychic power, depending on your definition maybe lasers too because that's not physical force. See >>37124659 , this argument is just completely stupid and we're all stupid for getting tied up into it since we don't want the perk anyway. Why argue about why when we all want it replaced? Waste of breath.

>> No.37124680

>Thinking Lasers aren't physical
You aren't actually this dumb right?

>> No.37124685

You're stupid!

>> No.37124693

Honestly? I've found setting a starting jump(and some rules for yourself) and then random-rolling where you're going next can produce some interesting results.

>> No.37124704

Depends on your definition. Does physical damage include light and heat, and any other natural phenomenon, or does it only include physical force exerted on your body (so punches, kicks, slashes, stabs, blah blah). Anyway, this is a tangent, seriously.

Nuh uh.

>> No.37124721

Movement, energy, calories, whatever, but not breath.

Photons aren't matter, and produce no physical force.

Physical force mate

>> No.37124734

Man, even just by that Achiles is a lot weaker as a perk, since that's another weakness to it. But yeah, it's too drawback heavy to be balanced against the other perks to be worth it, it's like shooting yourself in the foot.

>> No.37124753

>Photons aren't matter, and produce no physical force.
Wrong on both counts, they are a particle with a non-zero mass, and do apply a force when emitted, absorbed, or reflected.

>> No.37124765

This should probably be nixed. With the drawbacks? It's too bad compared to the other stuff and shoots you in the foot. Without any of the drawbacks? It is way to strong.

>> No.37124778

Photons having a mass of zero is actually one of their defining traits.

>> No.37124809

Photons have no rest mass, but they can exert a small amount of force due to radiation pressure.

Even then, this does not explain the damage lasers do. They damage because they burn, not because they exert force. The transference of heat (kinetic energy of molecules) is responsible for the breaking of molecular bonds, not the negligible amount of force produced.

>> No.37124812

Regardless, this per would protect against physical damage of any kind, rather than just force

>> No.37124822

That's open to interpretation.

Also, everyone here has agreed they don't want the perk. Stop trying to argue about why, because it doesn't matter. You're just arguing for the sake of it.

>> No.37124831

Wouldn't be immune to transference of heat mean you die because your body temperature gradually drops to absolute zero?

>> No.37124843

Exactly, which is why physical damage counting as heat would just be dumb

>> No.37124942

By the time you're getting hit with planet crackers you'll be taking a major hit to stamina and quite possibly getting thrown around elsewhere. So while you won't be killed by the attack that doesn't mean you'll be in any shape to return fire even assuming an attack of that scale doesn't get through whatever defenses you've got on your weak spot.
If you're talking combining the legendary armor from Viking Saga with the Curse of Achiles I personally would say that the armor views the curse as a not increasing your durability since it's more just focusing your weakness in one spot.
About the size of your palm, the three examples we have are left armpit, point on small of back opposite belly button, and (obviously) the heel. Yes area of effect stuff can hit it, and you resist the physical portion of the spells, while you could for example take a fireball to the face and keep going (assuming it doesn't hit your weakpoint) but stuff like time slows or other esoteric stuff still affects you.

>> No.37124959

Honestly man, you should probably get rid of it. Noone seems to want it and it's only causing fights

>> No.37124961

Meh, even the people that don't think it's overpowered aren't really okay with it because of how many drawbacks it comes with. It's just hurting yourself. It's probably best to think of something else.

>> No.37124981

Nigh-invulnerability doesn't mean being immune to planet crackers. It'd still crack you.

Also, what he said. It's not a good idea.

>> No.37125074

The thing is I feel it should probably be a perk if for no other reason than to limit fanwanking getting it and ensure that people remember the drawbacks. Effectively by making it clear that you need the perk to survive the process of bathing in the Styx I'm trying to limit it some. Also I'm thinking of making it 6-800 no discounts and replacing the capstone. Also especially large amounts of force can possibly bypass it by simply hitting hard enough that the weak point is affected despite not being directly hit. (Yeah I admit saying you could survive planet crackers was a bit of a goof)

>> No.37125100

Just make a note at the end of the jump that says you can't gain it through the styx or any other way. It's messy but better than offering this at all.

>> No.37125196

Making it a perk doesn't stop people from getting something from a jump. Never has.

>> No.37125382

So why does the Brothers and Sisters companion import in Megaman give my companion a lobotomy and a forced personality change?

>> No.37125420

It's meant to turn them into a rival character for you, hence the proto man reference. It also gives them near equal power to you in terms of the megaman jump

>> No.37125436

But it forced them into being someone else and your rival no matter who they were or what their goals were before. Seems like a cosmic lobotomy to me.

>> No.37125464

What I'm saying is that I'm making it a perk and making it clear that attempting to replicate it without the perk is a bad idea to control access to it. It's one of those things that while technically possible to attain shouldn't be simple to obtain as some jumper just deciding that he's durable enough that he can totally just go wading in the Styx by himself to get it.

This way I can avoid complaints of it being outright impossible to get while limiting it and making it clear that it's not the sort of thing that you necessarily want to pick up so that you don't have everyone picking up free ny-invulnerability in my jump. It's already going to be on the higher end of the power scale but I'm trying to avoid giving out freebies that invalidate a great deal of perks. This way the Curse of Achiles is relatively quantified and it can be made clear just what disadvantages it has and what its limits are.

>> No.37125471

Don't like it? Don't take it then, you aren't forced to and there are other companion options. It is a personality change not a lobotomy.

>> No.37125475

Just make it a 800-1000 point non discount if you're set on that.

>> No.37125482

A forced personality change is a lobotomy though, and the original goal of said treatment. Also, the import options are origin restricted, so yeah.

>> No.37125483

You could fluff it as Jump-chan asking the companion to play this role for a year or so. No lobotomy or personality changes need to be involved, just acting.

Alternatively, if you want it to be genuine, sure.

>> No.37125503

Just make it impossible to get full stop. There is precedent, the Katekyo Hitman jump limited access to the strongest power completely. There is no need to allow it at all. This power invalidates a lot of stuff, even with the drawbacks, so it might be best to just not give it. If people are the type to ignore the drawbacks of getting it in jump, then they would likely to do it with the perk version as well.

>> No.37125506

In my mind, jump-chan isn't an active Coyote entity. Just seems lame that the only way to import a companion is via lobotomy.

>> No.37125519

To be fair, Red admitted it was a mistake not to include a way to get those death flames. She thought people would be upset if a perk or whatever to get them made your background so that you had died. This was ages ago, of course.

Also, your idea that 'invalidate' means a damn thing when high powered jumps do it for low ones already is still dumb.

>> No.37125522

If you really want otherwise, just fanwank it. Or pick a different origin. Not everything will be the way you want it to be.

>> No.37125530


>> No.37125537

Let's not have another argument. Most of the thread has already said that it shouldn't be offered at all. It's stupid, confusing and does more harm than good.

>> No.37125545

Oh yeah, we're all agreed there.

>> No.37125589

I'll allow you to import companions using the 'further companions' rule without this.

Or just, you know, ignore the bit about the rival? If you don't like it so much?

>> No.37125608

So, in brief -

1. Slayers Jump Backgrounds Edition soon!

2. I'm wondering on a few things after that - Runescape, Adventurequest, or OOTS?

3. Ninjago, which I started out at about the same time as Chima, is taking a lot longer than expected for some reason due to shortage of perks for all but one Origin. So, uh. There's that.

>> No.37125616

How expensive backgrounds gonna be? I'm probably gonna have to cut out one of my flavor perks if there's no magic discounts or anything.

>> No.37125619

Why not 8-bit Theatre? Or is that too powerful?

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